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  1. Hector Garcia

    Crb wire chucks for sale

    Hey guys and gals, I have 3 CRB wire chucks for sale. Did not work for me, and I would recommend only using them for smaller weight builds. They are regularly 23$ each plus shipping, so im asking 45$ shipped for all 3. DM me or text me. 323-338-2107 -Hector
  2. Hector Garcia

    Good OG Blanks for sale

    Have a couple of blanks people may want. Pickup or delivery in the LA area or meet halfway. Weekends only. May be willing to trade for some reels. Avet LX/HX, shimano trinidad, Okuma Makaira, Talica. DM me ir text me what you have. Cash, venmo, zelle, or paypal FNF accepted. No holds unless...
  3. Hector Garcia

    Cousins blue thread color help

    I have a little bit left, and the thread number fell off a while ago. Anyone know what number it is? I believe its a pro wrap size A, just dont recall the #. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hector Garcia

    Another unknown blank.

    Tan-ish color/lemon colored blank. Butt diameter is .75in and 19mm, tip is size 12. Moderate action. Bottoms out at 10lbs of drag as you can see. Forgot to mention it is 7ft 8in. Anyone have a guess?
  5. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RCKJB606-250. 200$

    Unable to post a lot of pics due to file size. I can text closeup pics and pics of it lifting 10lbs off the floor with ease. Also text pics of the grip. Up for grabs is a Ranishadow RCKJB606-250 rod, rated 30-50lb and is 6ft 6in long. The rod was made for me, and is a simple black and silver...
  6. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Sold all. Thank you to everyone.
  7. Hector Garcia

    BHNOG and BHNNG rating

    Anyone have a rating for these? Dont use Fuji as much, and I would prefer to Use Alps sincr they have a 25 stripper, but what is the rating of the Fuji BHNOG and BHNNG? Anyone use these on anything like an 80, 100 or 130lb rod? Or keep it under 60lb?
  8. Hector Garcia

    MUDHOLE hand wrapper kit sale today for 100$

    I am not a huge fan of Mudhole or CRB products, but if someone wants to get started with a hand wrapper, and basically everything you need to get started wrapping, this is a good price. Its 100$ at
  9. Hector Garcia


    Hello everyone, and welsome to name that blank! I have a red looking, possible Truline blank. This is all that it has written on it. The rod is 7ft 7 1/4 in, butt is less than an inch thick, but didnt have time to look for my caliper today. The grip was replaced a long time ago, and colors...
  10. Hector Garcia

    Help some orphaned children please.

    My sister married a man a couple of years ago, and his family became ours. A month ago, my sister's sister in law passed away(alcoholism due to covid). She left behind 2 children, age 12 male and age 7 female. We buried her, and though the father would change his ways and care for the children...
  11. Hector Garcia

    CRB Wire Chuck

    This post is a rant, but also a warning. A couple of months ago I ordered 2 CRB wire chucks sold by mudhole. I normally go with the regular chuck, but I liked that I could basically put on a 1in to 1 1/4in blank without any worry. I did not really get a chance to use them since I was only...
  12. Hector Garcia

    Long Beach Green Glass CTSF63XXXXH

    Up for grabs is a Tangerine/Red SS CTSF63XXXXH 80-150Lb blank. This blank is uncut and is 6ft 8 1/4 in long. Certified, bonafide Green Glass. This is the perfect rod to take on trips where cows are around, and right now, they are around. Whether a 1.5 to 10 day trip, this will get shit done. 40...
  13. Hector Garcia

    RCJB84XXH custom Rail Rod 300$

    I have an RCJB84XXH 7ft, 50-100LB great 60 or 80lb rod. Rear grip is 12in, foregrip is 18in. The rear grip can be covered in heat shrink. i can easily pick up 25lb of drag on this rod. The rod has alps guides and alps forecast seat. 300$ picked up in Palmdale, 320$ shipped. -Hector 323-338-2107
  14. Hector Garcia

    Alternative to rubber feet

    In the last year, for some reason, I have gone through a ridiculous amount of the rubber feet that go on the rod wrapper(see pic). Ive tried adjusting them, ive tried cork tape, ive tried some rubber i had on hand. I dont know what causes them to disintegrate like this. I think its a combination...
  15. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB80L

    i have a Rainshadow JDGLD80L, brand new, unused. Alps guides, red cord grip, turks head, red wrapped guides with trigger pac bay seat. This rod was built to use with an Avet SXJ , or another low profile reel with 20lb. The rod is rated 15-30lb, and is made to toss anchovies and sardines. Great...
  16. Hector Garcia

    Custom Seeker LB CJBF70H E Glass

    Hey everyone, This is a custom E Glass, Long Beach Made Seeker CJBF70H or 6470H. 40(50)80lb line, but can easily handle 60lb. Rod is 7ft 3in long, uncut. Rod features hypalon rear grip, blue alps centralock reel seat, and hypalon foregrip. Rod features Alps HXN guides. Design wise, the rod...
  17. Hector Garcia

    CRB 3 rod stands

    2 stands total. One stand is used and the other is like new. Been sitting for a couple of months, so theyre a little dusty, bjt overall work great. Come as seen. No need for them anymore. Asking 35$ for both. No shipping, pickup in Palmdale or LA. No holds. Im in LA once a month, onky way to...
  18. Hector Garcia

    Double plier sheath

    Looking for a double plier sheath. Something to fit a set of Channellock pliers. Anybody have one or a good spot to get one? Would like something thats going to last a while. Prefer shipping unless youre willing to drop it off near Palmdale. Text me or DM me 323-338-2107 -Hector
  19. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    I currently have a 3 rod dryer, the CRB one, but dont like the fact that the stand is solid, and I cant move the individual dryer stand to accomodate for each individual rod. Im looking at making something similar to the Flexcoat dryer. Anyone have a DIY on one? Or does anyone have any close up...
  20. Hector Garcia

    Beat up jigs for test casting rods, or free please

    I am looking for old beat up jigs for test casting different jig sticks. I am not looking for mint condition jigs. Im looking for all sizes, all shapes, all weights. If they are free even better. Im trying to test out different rods such as my 90j, the reaper, rainshadow jig stick, ulua, ph...
  21. Hector Garcia

    Super Seeker CJBF80XH blank

    Up for grabs is an 8ft 2 3/8in long uncut Super Seeker CJBF80XH in a Red/burgundy/orange color, whatever people want to call it. Dont know what gen, but it looks new to me. Was going to wrap it with some gold to make it pop, but now dont need it. The blank is going to sit here a while as I...
  22. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Looking for a 6inX10ft schedule 40 pvc pipe. Anyone have one or know where I can get it. Really hard for me to find. I travel a lot to deliver rods and Have a 4" PVC pipe but I attached to the top of my car but since I'm delivering more and more rods weekly I need a 6" PVC pipe. Any help is...
  23. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

  24. Hector Garcia

    Seeker CSL870 15-40lb 200$

    Custom wrapped CSL870. The blank is gray colored, which leads me to believe it is a Military Grade Composite blank. The guides are alps basic guides, kind of like the fuji basic guides. Wrapped with metallic blue and black. Small Black and blue fade. No writing. Deckhand with black tuna cord and...
  25. Hector Garcia

    20-25lb conolon 8ft, seeker 7ft 15-40

    Got a custom 8ft Conolon. Was a 7ft blank and was extended to 8ft using extra blank piece. Rod has tuna cord, turks head, 10 alps guides. Rod is moderate action, and bend starts right above the grip. Pics of the bend was at 6lb of drag. 160$ I think it makes a solid 20lb jig stick...
  26. Hector Garcia

    8ft Rainshadow 15-30lb, blacked out.

    Its a Rainshadow Judge, 15-30lb, moderate action, bend is into the lower half. Wrapped in all black. Guides are Pac Bay Deep Drawn Guides. Grip is eva rear and fore. Reel seat is Pac Bay trigger seat. I think this rod makes a perfect bait rod at 15 or 20lb for throwing anchovies. Delivery...
  27. Hector Garcia

    Broomstick Rod

    I have built a couple of rods which I thought would be considered to be broomstick rods. Today at Seeker I was really intrigued by a Tac 80 that someone at Seeker thought would be a good idea to build at 7ft. It looks like they had put a tip on it and tested a bit, but didnt work out for them...
  28. Hector Garcia

    Fred Hall Rod builder application

    Anyone have the application in an email they can forward me? I messaged the facebook group and have not received it. Dont want to miss the deadline. Email [email protected]
  29. Hector Garcia

    20lb conolon blanks, 7ft can be extended

    I have 2 Conolon blanks, 7ft. Can be extended to 8ft. I extended 1 of mine using old pieces of rods i had. 30$ each blank. Can build for added costs. I would rate them at 20lb -25lb live bait rods, which could also be used as 15lb rods in a pinch. These are NOS, unused. The bend pic was...
  30. Hector Garcia

    Keeping until after fred hall.

    Keeping until after Fred Hall Show.
  31. Hector Garcia

    Dodgers Autographed Helmet

    This helmet features 19 signatures from the 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series team which was cheated out of a title. Signatures included: Coach Dave Roberts, Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson, Matt Kemp, Kike Hernandez, Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, Max Muncy, Manny Machado, Brian Dozier, MVP Cody...
  32. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow 70M

    Raffling off a Rainshadow 70M. Rear and fore Hypalon and alps forecast reel seat. The rod is wrapped in black and white and has an 8 axis chevron variation wrap. Guides are turbo guides. Check out my instagram for more info. @hectorscustomrods 12$ a spot.
  33. Hector Garcia

    R selling on instagram now.

    Custom Rainshadow 70M, 20-50 wrapped in black and white with an 8 axis chevron variation. Rod is new, unused. Turbo guides, hypalon rear and fore grips. Can also wrap the hypalon in heat shrink for 20$. Reel seat is aluminum Alps Forecast, not the centralock. Rear grip is 14in from butt cap to...
  34. Hector Garcia

    Dodgers Auto Jersey

    Joc Pederson Jersey Autographed by Joc Pederson. JSA certified. Size is XL, a little too big for me to wear. 100$ Would make a great Christmas present. See pics for details. DM or txt for more details. Hector 323-338-2107
  35. Hector Garcia

    Avet MXL black 135 shipped

    Looking to trade it as i want something for my wife to use. Another Avet of similar size. Must have MC or other magnetic brake system. Reel is spooled with 50lb power pro white. Almost all the way to the top. Dont recall how much was on there. The topshot is a short 40lb floro which may need...
  36. Hector Garcia

    Ebay Sale from 1 seller for Daiwa In case seller doesnt show through link its alpha2omega on Ebay. This seller is having a sale on Daiwa reels, unknown for how long. Not sponsored by them, i have purchased stuff from them in the past. Bought a...
  37. Hector Garcia

    Keeping for now

    No longer for sale
  38. Hector Garcia

    40$ Ultralite Garcia/Conolon

    40$ picked up, or 50 shipped in continental US. Shipped in travel tube. Used, but in great condition. See pics for specs. PM me, or txt me. I take cash, paypal(fnf or fee), zelle or venmo. Also looking for star drag reels if you want to trade. 3233382107 Hector
  39. Hector Garcia

    Seeker without inside label

    Found a Seeker blank today with an E Glass label on it. I know its an old blank because it looks like that brownish color the old Seeker blanks have. Went to look inside and no label in the butt. Went to look in the 07 and 05 catalogs and no luch finding it. It has a size 16 tip, and a .93...
  40. Hector Garcia

    Okuma Nomad Roller Bag

    Used, but in good condition. To my knowledge it has no rips on outside. Some minor hook holes in the top container spot. The top zipper has 2 zippers, but one came off, so only zips and unzips one way, but works fine. Has rollers, and can be carried as a bag. Has dividers for tackle...
  41. Hector Garcia

    LB Super Seeker Marla OSP3X 430$ shipped now

    Hector Garcia 3233382107 I have a custom Long Beach Super Seeker OSP3X. Rod has ALPS HXN guides, Forecast reel seat, 18in fore grip covered with cold shrink. Rod weighs 2lb 7oz total built with the cold shrink. Add yourself a valiant 1000 and you have a solid very light setup for cow fishing...
  42. Hector Garcia

    Calstar and 1 ultralite Garcia Conolon

    I got a couple of rods that need to go. No real use for them. Trades for blanks, or reels. Dont need anymore rods. Calstar 270-8H. 8ft 15-40lb, Custom built, unknown by who, I purchased it this way. Colors are red/gold/black. Guides are in great condition, tip could use a replacement, or a...
  43. Hector Garcia

    Shimano TLD20 missing strike button. Any problems?

    Is there any problems that can arise from not having the drag strike stop button? I attached pics. Other than that, reel is 100% new. Goes in freespool fine. Drag is fine and smooth. I dont know if its a TLD thing, but when it does go in strike the preset knob pops out. Dont know if thats...
  44. Hector Garcia

    Accurate BV2-1000

    All black Accurate BV2-1000 with 120lb braid spooled up. Warranty has not been registered yet, so you still get the 2 years from the day you feel like registering. Purchased from another BD member a while back, and never got around to using it. Now im in need of money and have to sell it asap...
  45. Hector Garcia


    Looking to get 300$ was priced at 375$ so price is firm. Call or txt me at 323-338-2107 -Hector Can paypal, cash, zelle, venmo. Live and work in Palmdale area. Willing to meet up where it would be convenient for both of us. Can only hold if payment is received. First person with the money gets...
  46. Hector Garcia

    Creating new thread once I get organized

    Thanks to the people that purchased the blanks from me. It really helped out a lot. Got my house paid in time, and hopefully next month is easier on me. Still have some things to sell and still a little behind on certain bills, which im working with the company to get sorted out, but in the...
  47. Hector Garcia

    Chocolate Sabre 530 9ft jig stick

    I have a Chocolate Sabre 530 9ft even and I believe its a 20-50 jig stick in okay condition. Could use a rewrap. Couple of bent guides on it. Cork tape is gone. The cork tape falls off when you look at it, which shows how olf it is. 150 obo located in Lake Los Angeles, but travel to LA/Long...
  48. Hector Garcia

    Stuff, updated pricing

    I live in Lake Los Angeles(look it up) I head to LA maybe once a month to every 2 months. Willing to ship up to an 8ft rod or blank. Buyer pays shipping. Txt me. 323-338-2107 If you needs pics of something else let me know. Or txt me for a faster response. Cash or paypal FnF. Rainshadow Gaff...
  49. Hector Garcia

    Another blank blah blah blah

    Found a blank that looked like it was worth a shot at getting. No marks, was told it was an old Garcia/Conolon blank. 7ft 2 1/4in long Butt is 0.080 thick Tip is a 6.5 And it flexes maybe like a 20lb max rod. Didnt get a chance to take a pic of the bend in it, but its pretty good. Also, i can...
  50. Hector Garcia

    Rail grip 18 or 20in

    Im looking around multiple sites and the longest I can find in most places is 16in. I need an 18in or 20in Hypalon grip. Live in Palmdale and would prefer someone to ship it to me, unless youre willing to meet me up here. Zip is 93591. Let me know what you have and how much shipped to me...
  51. Hector Garcia

    What is a Marla OSP 3X

    Bought an OSP 3X Blank from seeker today. Outside is an old Seeker Decal, and inside it says Marla 3X. What is a Marla 3X? Who is a Marla? Why is a Marla? Marla???
  52. Hector Garcia

    Seeker and Calstar at Turners

    I could not edit my title on the Daiwa thread. I came to the Signal Hill Turners and they have a ton of Seekers and Calrstars on clearance. Some are 100$ off msrp. Black Steels, Stealth, Inshore, Grafighters, and a couple of other ones. Didnt look at all the models. Good luck guys.
  53. Hector Garcia

    Cheap Daiwa Proteus rods at Turners

    I was just at Turners Outdoorsman and they have the Daiwa Proteus(various models) on clearance at 109+ tax. They had about 6 rods total. Bought a heavy just cause i thought i could use it. Purchased at the turner in So Cal, on Firestone blvd in Norwalk, CA. Just thought I would let you guys...
  54. Hector Garcia

    Or trade for 130lb reel(new items added)

    I live in Lake Los Angeles(look it up) I head to LA maybe once a month to every 2 months. Txt me. 323-338-2107 I am going to be building a Seeker OSP 3X Rail rod to attempt to do a tuna trip this year or setup for next year. I am looking to get something like an avet 30, 50 or any comparable...
  55. Hector Garcia

    GFGR800XL New 240$

    Brand new GFGR800XL 10-25lb, 8ft. Brand New. Paid over 300. Asking 270$ Dropped to 240$ July 9th. Txt 3233382107 Hector
  56. Hector Garcia

    Price drop Seeker TS63XXH 280$

    Up for grabs is a Custom Seeker TS63XXH. This rod would make a great rail rod. The blank is rated 50-130. 6ft Seeker. Rear grip is 12 inches, fore grip is 14 inches. Alps Centra Lock reel seat for big game reels. Tested with an avet exw30 and fit easily. Would fit a bigger reel if wanted to...
  57. Hector Garcia

    Rod Wrapper, Carriage

    I have a motor and pedal assembly to make your own wrapper. Unknown brand, but works great. 40$ Dual Thread carriage by pac bay. 40$ Hector 3233382107
  58. Hector Garcia

    Sold Pac Bay aluminum chuck

    70$. A little dirty. Works great. Dont need it anynore. Hector Garcia 3233382107
  59. Hector Garcia

    Reduced AT Viper blank, Blue. Seeker.

    Seeker STL 6060-6AR 6ft, all aftco roller rod. Brand new. Purchased with the intent to troll with it, but never did. 50(60)80 line. It would also make a great rail/tuna rod. Aluminum gimball with rubber cap. Would make a great fathers day gift. Purchased from Turners a while back. Paid Well over...
  60. Hector Garcia

    Pacific bay rod machine help

    I am having some trouble with the rubber things that go on the chuck. They seem to fall off or the chuck seems to loosten after a couple of turns. It is the aluminum chuck. I tighten it pretty good. It spins for a little bit, then the blank comes or it loosens up. Anyone have any suggestions.
  61. Hector Garcia

    Rod blank identification please

    Hey guys and gals, I picked up a blank the other day from one of the local shops. The new owner said the only thing he knew was that it was there when he bought the store. He said that his new rod builder thought it could be a seeker. Written on the blank it says 970 near the butt. It is a 7ft...
  62. Hector Garcia

    Cousins rod, lamiglas rods and seeker/lamiglas blanks for sale

    I have a cousins CPX809F for sale. 160$ Firm. Paid well over 220. 323-338-2107. Up next is 3 Lamiglas CMB841E 7ft blanks. Honey colored blanks. Lightweight. Composite blank, but the top is glass.very flexible, yet durable blanks. Asking 80$ each. Or take all 3 for 200$ I custom...
  63. Hector Garcia

    Avet EX 30/2, Cousins CPX and Abu Garcia

    Please see other thread for sale items.
  64. Hector Garcia

    unhooking a shark

    anyone have any suggestions as to how to properly unhook an 8 to 10ft shark? I usually use my pliers on anything under 7ft. But I think getting into the 8 to 10ft range would be a little harder to get pliers in the mouth. I have heard of people using bolt cutters and just clipping the hook...
  65. Hector Garcia

    Avet anti reverse problem

    I have an LX 6.0 and ordered a new anti reverse because mine was slipping with force. The one i received from Avet has like 20 teeth, while mine has around 10 teeth. The new one doesnt even grab, it allows the reel to go backwards and forwards. My question is, do you think Avet sent me the wrong...