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    nice video water ski

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    Boat Racing...........The Trailer

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    Launching Part 51

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    Thrills of Buying a Boat

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    Launching a boat

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    Beluga Whale in San Diego Ca?

    Found this today.........................
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    Side car or Side boat?

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    Avalon, Catalina Island, Ca 1050's

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    Barbless hook fishing.

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    What Happened to Softscience boat shoes?

    Just went to order new wet shoes and Softscience corp is gone? Anyone had the scoop?
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    Fisherman's Warehouse Long Beach California

    Found this old photo.
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    Shark Bait
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    Please ground your boat
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    Shelter Cove June 24th-26th

    24th: A tad bumpy, but warm, stayed closed to the cove scratch bite on Salmon 15# was the biggest. Also some huge Blacks....I mean really big. 25th: Slightly bumpy a tad cooler same results as Monday the 24th. but added a Ling....24" small for the area. 26th: Should of brought the wake...
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    Eagle takes a Swimming Lesson

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    1437 Engineering company Launches a boat

    It seems like a whole lot of equipment to do it this way..............
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    Stingray Stings

    While on another sports website I found this article regarding stingray stings, maybe this might help someone: How to Treat Should you get stung, flush the wound while still in the water to remove spine and tissue fragments. Contrary to the popular folklore belief, rinsing the wound with...
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    Above & Below photos/vid via Drone

    Found this interesting
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    Lobster Story!

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    Launching boats the right way

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    Fish Dinner

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    New post is in Chinese

    How do I get English back?
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    Throwback Thursday

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    Puppy and Otter

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    Turbo Tax Ad

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    New Most Popular Lure!

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    Seaqualizer Maintenance

    One of the Christmas gifts I yielded was the Seaqualizer bottom fish release mechanism. I have never used one before but the first thing I noticed is that is all metal construction, thus prone to corrosion. There is no information on the package but I am assuming that rinsing at the end of...
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    Found a Good Salmon Fishing River

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    Tree Buck!

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    Pyramid Lake Nevada Oct 4-6

    Fishing was good to great for Cutthroat Trout! Almost no wind, jigging caught most of the fish range was 16"-34" ..........30 to 40 a rod. Could not get a really big one this time but fun was had.
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    Error Code 004

    Every time I move from my facebook page to BD Forums page on my computer using my quick tabs bar I get this error code 404? Anyone else? Oops title says 004 I meant 404
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    Found These New Fishing Shoes Anyone Try Them

    My Oluai's where comfortable but only lasted 1/2 season before the mesh top wore through. I just found these and they look promising, has anyone tried yet? They are made by SoftScience
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    Just for Grins

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    For All the DIYer's

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    Go F___________your self

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    Aquaworld bait tank parts

    Maybe we need a parts section on this site. I have tried contacting Aquaworld Products regarding a broken part on my bait tank with no email address that works that is listed on their site. Does anyone know if they are still in business? The model I have I believe to their UT-29 a 22.5 gallon...
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    Loading MLPA Maps to Furuno

    I have the Furuno GP1870F combo plotter/fish finder with the West Coast/Hawaii 4D Map chip in it. Do I just pull out the map chip and plug into my computer and download MLPA map area to existing West coast map? And if so do I get the MLPA maps from the DFG or C-Map.
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    Super Late Shelter Cove Report

    I have been busy working a lot lately, but had a chance to sneak over at get some fishing in at Shelter Cove last week with good success, man I hate that road into it.. We stayed at a house I designed at Shelter Cove and had not seen it yet for a friend of ours Larry and Cathy and got 2 days of...
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    Rental Equipment Fisherman's Landing San Diego

    Every year we charter the Pegasus for Labor day weekend, it is the usual same bunch of guys that go every year. However this year we a newbie. Is it best to rent the equipment a Fisherman's Landing or other places down there or see if the boat has equipment for use? We are on a 2 1/2 day...
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    Things that make you wet your pants
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    Cute Little Girl Changes Paper into Bird

    Not sure if this is okay.........
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    If your fans of Humble Pie.......this link is a good one...fastforward thought the BS
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    What is the BLS feature on the Spinfisher

    Hey Steve I was checking out the Penn Website and found that on the 6500 series of he Spinfisher series they have a BLS function as well as the LL. I know the LL designates the live bait function but what is the BLS function, I could not find it anywhere on the Web site?
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    Fisherman Speared

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    Offshore Labor Day Weekend Report

    Just got back from a 2 1/2 day fishing trip aboard the Pegasus out of Fisherman's Landing. Got to the Landing early enough on Friday to walk down to the Shelter Island launch ramp to catch the Boat parade with all kinds of old sailing vessels which was cool to watch. Later that day Jason the...
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    Wasteful Old People

    Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older lady that she should bring her own grocery bags, because plastic bags are not good for the environment. The woman apologized to the young girl and explained, "We didn't have this 'green thing' back in my earlier days." The...
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    Impala Boat!

    Found this image of facebook.
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    Pacific Beach Hot Heat

    Found this video of a guy fishing the Pier in Pacific Beach that got angry because a drone kept buzzing around........see how he solved the issue.
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    Sometimes When

    Sometimes when the fish aren't biting you and your buds go to church to share a bottle and pray.
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    This is Why Cars are Better

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    Mexican Weather Reports

    I find the visual aspects of the Mexican weather reports to be much better that our local stations.
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    National Geographic Photo Finalist

    One of the photos in the National Geographic Photo Contest
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    Late Report for July 27th through 30th from Alamitos Bay

    Got back from a fishing trip from Long Beach California. On Monday I was anxious to get out and try my new Furuno GP1870F unit, it was late in the day around 3pm but I just wanted to try out the new system. Put in my $12 for ramp fees but a comedy of errors forced use to leave because I had...
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    Feeders for Cats or Dogs when you have a Raccoon problem!

    I have been having trouble with raccoon's eating our pets food while we are gone. I came across this site that has a lot of great ideas..........hope this helps!
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    Help with Map card for Furuno

    I have decided to purchase the Furuno GP1870f combo fishfinder/map unit. I doing some research it appears it takes the SD 4DMax map card. I have found a mapping system on C-Map Jeppesen that looks compatible. However I an not sure this one is the best or even if I have another option? Does...
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    Another Terrorist Joke

    Two terrorists are in a locker room taking a shower after their bomb making class, when one notices the other has a huge cork stuck in his ass. "If you do not mind me saying," said the second terrorists, "that cork looks very uncomfortable. Why do you not take it out?" "I regret I cannot"...
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    Bet This Kid is Stoked!

    Just caught this article on this young mans smile hit both of his ears!
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    Kieth Poe was on Bill Boyce Cali Edition

    Watching my fishing shows this morning, one of them is Bil Boyce's new show. Bill is with a Mako shark expert by the name of Keith Poe! They launched out of Alamitos Bay and head to the backside of Catalina and proceed to chum and get a small Mako. I just mention this because Keith used to be...
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    Trophy Points

    So yesterday I have an alert notification when I open the New Posts section under forums. It informs me that I received 20 trophy points for the following reason; Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff Your content has been liked 250 times. Does any know what this is about???
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    New Point Break
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    Bird Fishing

    I found this vid of a couple of guys ice fishing in Pennsylvania, crazy!
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    Men Are Just Happier People

    Men Are Just Happier People What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack... You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt...
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    Women Rush to North Dakota

    Yesterday morning on my Yahoo News internet home page there was a story about what every state was best at or good for...........see link if you are interested. What caught my eye was this...
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    Crafty Crab
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    Some BDer's Fishing and Enjoying the Outdoors;_ylt=A2KIo9iuOPJUYF8As_H7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByN2RnbHFoBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMw--?p=angry+tiger+007&vid=65d65898a034d7a8f6db10aab74c50a2&l=4%3A27&
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    1997 Honda 9.9A

    I have looked on Craigslist, iBoat, throw-aways and am trying to determine how much a 97' Honda 9.9 4-stroke motor would be worth?? It is a pull start, tiller with a regular shaft length........the thing does not have a scratch on it and he claims it has just over 300hrs.
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    Red Neck Calamari

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    Maybe Political, But Maybe we Need a Change..........Outboard Motors

    One of the threads that is posting on this site is once again trying to find a stolen outboard motor. Our policing system surely has more pressing issues than trying to track down an outboard motor. Maybe it is time to require registration of outboards??? I know..........more government...
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    Why Do I Get Redirected on BD

    Is anyone else getting redirected to another last re-direct was...
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    LIke Dude.......Where Did Our Avatars Go?

    Avatars are missing on all threads?
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    Sex from Different Perspectives
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    Good Salesman

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    Skipping Rocks...........Cool Sound
  77. DoubletroubleII

    Who's the Boss

    Angry Sealion
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    AHI 2NA Red SUV on 80

    The wife and I were headed to our son's house on Hwy 80 just east of Nut Tree area Saturday Oct 11th when She spot a red SUV with the License Plate AHI 2NA..........tried to get your attention but you must of been day dreaming in the traffic...LOL
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    An Old College Buddies Daughter Enters the Music Buisness

    So about 4 or 5 years ago Diane my wife and I are sitting in a little bar in Avalon on Catalina Island. We are are listening to a young girl who is singing at a karaoke thingy and she is awesome, put everyone else that got up to shame. While we are listening to her sing some guy reaches through...
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    Is BD Going to Give Birth to a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest?

    Is BD Going to Give Birth to a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest?
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    Worst Retirement Decorations Ever

    Worst Retirement Decorations Ever
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    Good Morning Mods..........I bet your going to have fun cleaning up

    It appears some wacko has posted illegal documents all over your site :(
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    Offshore Pegasis Friday the 29th~1st

    Well I finally made it down San Diego way for a fishing trip..........and what a trip! We got to Fisherman's Landing late Friday around 4:00pm and started to unload the trucks that drove down from the Placerville area in NorCal that had our tackle, ice-chests, beverages and clothes bags to get...
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    Wing Suiter Meets His End

    The below link shows how one of the Red Bull wing suiters meets his end :(
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    Would you let him..........or just watch.

    Would you let him..........or just watch.
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    Once You Have Finished All The Beer

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    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    Found this article about a great white shark that had a tracking device and the tracking device was found washed up on a beach. They downloaded the tracking device and it showed all of a sudden the temperature raised quickly while it was descending to over 1,900 feet deep............take a...
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    New Bloodydeck's Senior Bar Soon to Open

    Bloodydeck's Seniors Bar
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    Senior Moments ~ The Song
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    Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 vs. Today.
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    The French are at it Again!

    I dis-owned them as an ally during the sales from 61 to 72 to N.V. & Camb. and now! Another non-political heads up for another site and/or board.
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    Like Dude....your post "New Thread" is gone from almost every Threading but this one?

    Starting a new thread on most of boards is not happening because the "New Tread" button is missing
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    Goblin Shark.......... What do you think

    Caught this article of a Goblin Shark off of Key the West.............I am not sure hang drying them is a proper course of action before the release
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    Cello Playing at its Finest!

    Check these guys out if you are into music and new different ways to make an old sound new.........I thought these guys rocked the cello! Don't be fooled by the beginning it gets into some hardcore cello playing......they absolutely destroy the strands on their bows playing so hard...
  95. DoubletroubleII

    Travel Rod

    Recently I bought the Penn Spinfisher 6500LL live liner spin-fishing reel. I have a couple of 1 piece rods for it, but I want to add a travel rod. I fly from NorCal to Socal on a regular basis and still have several old friends that live down there, plus some family. I have an extra Spool and...
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    Lake Trout Record Under Dispute ~ 1 Fish Over Limit
  97. DoubletroubleII

    Here ya go.

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    "It's only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you realize that there is always a way to solve problems without using violence. "
  99. DoubletroubleII

    Bull Frog

    A woman went into a store to buy her husband a pet for his birthday. After looking around, she found that all the pets were very expensive. She told the clerk she wanted to buy a pet, but she didn't want to spend a fortune. "Well," said the clerk, "I have a very large bullfrog. They say it's...
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    Why the Stalker Button?

    I am going through my profile stuff and there is selection called "People you Follow".........hmmmm why would I use that? I notice that I have (1) follower......I must be popular :D I am sure it is a mistake because it is someone I have never heard of before? How do I get rid of it, so I can...
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    Travel Rod Nomad NT-S-703M-MH

    I have been looking for a travel rod for my Spinfisher 6500LL spinning reel. And like the looks and options the Nomad travel rods offer. But I like to see, feel and bend a rod myself before purchase. The closest metropolitan area I live near is Sacramento and that is 45 miles away, I travel...
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    New Toy SSV6500LL Spinfisher V with Question

    The wife and I ended up at the Sacramento Outdoorsmen Show at Cal Expo yesterday and had a great time, my birthday is the last day of year and the wife wanted to take me shopping. Met a lot of people we have not seen in a long time. My lust item, for my birthday, was a saltwater spinning reel...
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    19 Photos.....1 Second before Disaster

    I found 19 Photos.....1 Second before Disaster...
  104. DoubletroubleII

    Conjoined Grey Whales

    Seems like it happens to everything.
  105. DoubletroubleII

    Thing I Can't Do Anymore

    Great vid of some great stunts
  106. DoubletroubleII

    WWII Jap Sub

    One of the Japanese monster subs discovered off of Hawaii.
  107. DoubletroubleII

    Happy Halloween
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    Okay stair guys..........I know you are out there. My client saw this stair well and wanted me to replicate it in their new office building............any ideas how it was done?
  110. DoubletroubleII

    Jaguar Gets His Gator
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    John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd take Brian Wilson Surfing 1976
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  114. DoubletroubleII

    Here is a Close Call.....Marlin vs Man

    I hate when this happens!
  115. DoubletroubleII

    Killa Whale....Or How to Keep Yourself Amused for Hours
  116. DoubletroubleII

    Sad Day for One of Our Best Friends

    As some of my of heard those of us in NorCal/Placerville area have fires around us. Yesterday I receive a call from one our best friends that their 100 year + old Victorian Home was burned to ground in the Diamond Springs fire. I have know Larry and Kathy Patterson for over 25 years and our...
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    Good Money Spent

    Here is a tad of news. A guy and his family boat sinks off the coast of Chile trying reach a small island to get away from government interference that controls religion. He manages to borrow $10K from the U.S. State Department to get back to the United States were they are from. Down side...
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    Has anyone seen this Honda Ad?...........Kinda Cool!
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    Bucks Lake, Plumas County

    Just got back from Bucks Lake, west of Quincey. Fishing was fair to good. Water temperture ranged from 72 degrees to 74 degrees with a medium breeze during the middle of the afternoon. Water was low and murky green. Caught a bunch of rainbows, browns and some Mackinaw, nothing was big...
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    How Many Doctors Does it Take to Remove a Lightbulb

  121. DoubletroubleII

    Delta Stripers

    The wife and I got out late Friday and stayed until early Sunday to do some fishing in the Delta, we fished mostly the Sherman Lake area. Water was in the mid 70's, wind was 15 to 30 knots, much stronger than the forecast led us to believe. We caught tons of schoolie stripers and a few...
  122. DoubletroubleII

    Berkley Flats/San Fran Halibut

    Does anyone know if the Halibut are moving yet in the Berkley Flats or S.F. area yet? Is there live bait available at Berkley Flats or surrounding area?
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    BD Saving the Waist Line!

    Wow..........I don't know if anyone else has noticed but the sidebar ads on both sides of the forums threads seem to be much larger than I remember! Now when I look at my Avatar, with the narrowed down forums column, I look like I used too 20 years ago! Thank you BD!...........your diet plan...
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    Four Pilots Named in the San Francisco Air Crash!
  125. DoubletroubleII

    Miss the Coast

    Sometimes I really miss living on the coast. Yesterday it got to 105 degrees here in Placerville, so the wife and I stayed snug in the house with the A/C keeping us at nice 78 degrees. Then at 2:30 pm our power goes out, by 5:00 the house got to 85 degrees, hour later topped out @ 87 degrees...
  126. DoubletroubleII

    Long Beach Area ~ Anything?

    Looks like I will be in the Long Beach area within the next couple of days and promised my great nephew next time I came down he could drive our boat again, he is hooked. He also wants to go fishing, and I was wondering if anything is biting in the general area to go hunt. He is 6 years old...
  127. DoubletroubleII

    San Onofre Closure

    10News - San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant to shut down - - News After the all the damage to the Nuclear Plant in Japan at the oceans edge, I for one are not sad to see San Onofre go! I am not against nuclear power, it is just that there are some areas that can present added risk.
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    Record Mako?;_ylt=ArFh3xE7.bnNaSdBz7pMVAAJVux_;_ylu=X3oDMTJhN2ltZWsyBG1pdANBVFQgMyBTdG9yeSBKdW1ib3Ryb24gSG9tZSBDYWNoZWQEcG9zAzI3BHNlYwNNZWRpYUF0dFdpZGdldHJvbkFzc2VtYmx5;_ylg=X3oDMTFkcW51ZGliBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBH...
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    20#-#30 Saltwater Spinning Reel

    Hi Steve, I have never used a spinning reel for saltwater, but am thinking about getting one. Price is a factor, so what I am thinking is to get a #30 line class reel (#10 drag?) but purchase an extra spool that I could quickly change out for #20 line. What would you recommend in the Penn...
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    New posts section

    Today for the first time I can not forward under the New Posts section to the next page? I cleared my cookies, ran my 3 virus software programs, restarted my computer......all for nothing? Anyone else having this problem today?
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    3 Knuckle Heads Arrested....1 Charged

    I have been following the story of the 3 young girls in Cleveland that were abducted and raped for 10 years. They find 3 brothers in the house, but only 1 of them gets charged and held. Question: How do you live or visit a brother for 10 years and not suspect he has 3 children in his house...
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    Delta Stripers

    Spent the last week going through the boat, fixed a few things and wanted to try it out. So Friday the wife got of work early and we made our way down to B&W Resort for our launch. We didn't get there until about 6:00p.m. so we had little time to fish before we started looking for our sleep...
  133. DoubletroubleII

    Taking a Deer at Walmart

    Taking a whitetail with handgun
  134. DoubletroubleII

    What a Great Guy!

    Found this vid of a barber in Los Angeles who I would like to know.
  135. DoubletroubleII


    This Apollo Mission was a big deal when I was a boy........found it kind of cool to reminisce.
  136. DoubletroubleII

    The Day it Rained at Bikini Island 1946

    Some nice photos of our first underwater nuclear blast!
  137. DoubletroubleII

    Cool Divers Picture

    I did not take this shot but found it on the web....thought it was pretty cool!
  138. DoubletroubleII

    Magic Apples

  139. DoubletroubleII


    Both of those are nice looking units
  140. DoubletroubleII

    Top Hooker

    A new T.V. series that will start to air next summer is going to be located in who is involved captains>
  141. DoubletroubleII

    Successful Remodel

    A Successful Remodel A friend of mine just installed some strobe lights in his bedroom. He says the sex is the same, but his wife looks like she's moving now!
  142. DoubletroubleII

    Huell Howser Dies

    Liked his shows..........even though he was.....
  143. DoubletroubleII

    How To Properly Stack Firewood

    My neighbors and I got into a little wood staking contest.........who do you think did the best job?
  144. DoubletroubleII

    Can not Forward to next page

    Is anyone else having the problem of no being able to forward to the next page? I also can not make a "Like" tag on a thread....I get an "Error Occurred" pop up?
  145. DoubletroubleII

    Why Grandfathers are Different

    Why Grandfathers are different: Why Grandfathers are different: Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Grandmothers and Grandfathers? Well, here it is: There was this loving grandfather who always made a special effort to spend time with his son's family on weekends. Every...
  146. DoubletroubleII

    Catfish Catching Birds

    Catfish catching birds
  147. DoubletroubleII

    Turkey Call
  148. DoubletroubleII

    Fish Weight Loss

    No......this thread is not about how a lot of the younger fish are obese and need to loose weight. This thread is about fish stories! How much weight have you had a 10 pound fish lose by sitting in the ice chest for the coarse of the day. The reason why I ask is I have a buddy who caught a...
  149. DoubletroubleII

    The World's Toughest Bridge

    The world's toughest bridge is in Durham, North Carolina.
  150. DoubletroubleII

    The Rise & Fall of Deep-fried Turkey

    I posted this elsewhere I thought but can not find it now. William Shatner explains his love and fall of the modern deepfyer for turkeys...
  151. DoubletroubleII

    Employee of the Month

    EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH A young guy from Wisconsin moves to Florida and goes to a big 'everything-under-one-roof' department store looking for a job. The Manager says, 'Do you have any sales experience?' The kid says 'Yeah, I was a salesman back in Wisconsin...' Well, the boss liked the kid...
  152. DoubletroubleII

    Offshore Late Report

    So I had to get some work done on my front headed to my sisters office to start the process of replacing a tooth I damaged as a kid and now has given up the ghost. On the 10th we loaded up with bait just outside of Alamitos Bay Long Beach, bait was good lasted all day! Got a tip...
  153. DoubletroubleII

    How we got to Mars
  154. DoubletroubleII

    Boat antics
  155. DoubletroubleII

    Ice Fishing
  156. DoubletroubleII


  157. DoubletroubleII

    The Cow, Ant and an "Old Fart"

    The Cow, Ant and an "Old Fart" A cow, an ant and an old fart are debating on who is the greatest of the three of them. The cow said, "I give 20 quarts of milk every day and that's why I am the greatest!" The ant said, "I work day and night, summer and winter, I can carry 52 times...
  158. DoubletroubleII

    So What Happens to Squid Listening to iPod

    I found this.......kind of is a close-up of a squids skin while an iPod is playing. Click the link towards the bottom to see vid where is says "They appear to prefer bass." Click here to watch the video.
  159. DoubletroubleII

    Python Cake

    Was not sure were to put this but it sure looks cool!
  160. DoubletroubleII

    Things Long Boards can't do
  161. DoubletroubleII

    Here's Johnny
  162. DoubletroubleII

    Offshore Catalina to San Clemente July 29th to Aug 1st

    Just got back from don't know why. Took off from the ranch in Placerville for Long Beach to visit mom & sis & kids for a bit...and get some fishing in. We arrived the 26th in Long Beach, called one of my old friends and headed to Charkbait on Friday to get...
  163. DoubletroubleII

    Catalina Bait

    We are hooking up the boat and coming down south to visit some friends and fish around Catalina/San Clemente islands, we will be leaving from Long Beach on Sunday the 29th to head over to Avalon. How do I locate the bait boats over there......I know it will most likely be squid. Is there a...
  164. DoubletroubleII

    BD SWAG is the Best!

    I just wanted to say what a great experience I had with my first BD SWAG purchase. Awhile back I ordered a T-Shirt and the 3 sticker pack from BD. I wanted 2 of them be the type and the other BD Outdoors type. When I received them they were all type. So I...
  165. DoubletroubleII

    Delta Fishing

    The wife and I spent Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th in the Delta. The water was very high all 3 days with a monster algae bloom going on...water temps ranged from 71 to 81.....wind varied from 2 mph to about 15, but mostly calm. We caught only a couple of schoolie stripers and a couple...
  166. DoubletroubleII

    Here is a hair raiser with a Great White

    Here is a vid of 2 divers and a great white shark.......the shark gets too close for my liking!
  167. DoubletroubleII

    Aluminum Hull Owners ~ Advise ~ Live well Scoop

    Okay......received my Marelon® bait scoop from Forespar today and was a little disappointed. 1. When I went to the Forespar website they had a picture of the scoop strainer. As you can see the threads on the picture indicates the threads extend from the end of the nipple to the base...
  168. DoubletroubleII

    BD Stickers

    I received my BD T-shirt and stickers today in the mail. :) Question; I am assuming on the stickers, that I peel off the waxed backing piece then locate on boat or truck and then I peel off the front paper after I have pressed the image on the paint or glass? There were no instructions...
  169. DoubletroubleII

    800+ Mako out of MDR!

    This caught my eye, a 800+ Mako caught 15 miles west of Marina Del Rey.....the boat was too small to carry it so they towed it back! Click below to see vid.
  170. DoubletroubleII

    50 Reels in 50 days

    I entered the contest and received an email back telling me I could see the results of the contest using following link? But when I press the link I get a "You are not authorized to access this page" message. Anyone else have this issue with...
  171. DoubletroubleII

    I found Jesus!

    I was just sitting down when I found jesus!
  172. DoubletroubleII

    Dear John for Soldier

  173. DoubletroubleII

    So this guy jumps from 2,400 feet

    So this guy jumps from 2,400 feet from a helicopter and lives without a parachute!..........why? I am not sure....but makes a descent vid!
  174. DoubletroubleII

    Apples that Taste Like Pussy

    Are you looking for a magic apple!
  175. DoubletroubleII

    I like cats

  176. DoubletroubleII

    Blonde Pilot

  177. DoubletroubleII

    Captain G Riding a Motorcycle

    Captain G Riding a Motorcycle
  178. DoubletroubleII

    Shark Whisperer

    This pretty cool....the thing at the end wild.......I swear this shark cums just before she stand him on end.
  179. DoubletroubleII

    Alcoholism Test!

    This is a test to determine if you are an alcoholic If you saw the bar sign, you are an alcoholic .
  180. DoubletroubleII

    I Need Money!
  181. DoubletroubleII

    Stevens 5200 double barrel 12ga.

    I was at the folks house going through some stuff of my father's, who passed away a few years back, and found a Stevens shot gun. I am guessing it was made in the 60's. I want to give it to my youngest son, 28 y.o., but I have a problem. I can not locate the serial number on it? Does...
  182. DoubletroubleII

    Baiting Deer Sign

  183. DoubletroubleII

    You Might of Had too Much to Drink if.......
  184. DoubletroubleII

    Using anchor to catch fish

    There might be a new technique in catch Manta Rays..........
  185. DoubletroubleII

    New Blue Fin Record?......NZ

    738 pounds of Blue Fin!
  186. DoubletroubleII

    Ugliest Fish in the World!

    Minnesota holds its "Ugliest Fish in the World" contest......below is a link to judge for yourself.
  187. DoubletroubleII

    Aging Optimist

  188. DoubletroubleII

    Finally Swim-fins for Women!

    Tired of flopping around in men's style swim-fins ladies? Well some designer has answered your prayers!
  189. DoubletroubleII

    Most Grueling Motocross Race

    I did not know where to put this thread, since BD doesn't have a motocross here it is! The most incredible aspect of the recent King of the Motos motorcycle race, Held outside of Barstow California, is not that only six of 21 riders managed to complete the grueling 65-mile...
  190. DoubletroubleII

    Just When You Thought They Ran Out of Ideas for Movies

    Just when you thought they ran out of ideas for movies................ "Salmon Fishing in Yemen!" See trailer..........looks like a winner!
  191. DoubletroubleII


    Boyfriend goes vegan ~ Found this.......weird for PETA Make sure to watch the video!
  192. DoubletroubleII

    Huli Cat Nearly Capsizes at Mavericks

    While shooting a movie the Huli Cat nearly meets its end at Mavericks.
  193. DoubletroubleII

    For Sale........Chandelier....Woman's Delight

    Times are getting tough around here and we are having to sell off some of our things. The deal here is that my wife wanted me to sell some of my fishing equipment, but I said we both have to make sacrifices. So she has to get rid of one of her prized possessions, frankly I can't stand the...
  194. DoubletroubleII

    Surfing with a Dolphin

    This would be pretty cool........surfing with the dolphins!
  195. DoubletroubleII

    Attention Moderators

    I just happen to accidently browse the girly pictures in the BOTD board and the the thread started by "Seriola Killer" titled Goodnight All..........has Malware attached to it......according to my brand new computer with Microsoft Security Essentials.
  196. DoubletroubleII

    New 2012 Ford!

    The New 2012 Ford Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing the Renault 'Clio' and the Ford 'Taurus' they have designed the 'Clitaurus'.. It comes in pink, and the average male car thief won't be able to find it - let alone turn it on...
  197. DoubletroubleII

    New Michelin Tires

    They have been testing these for several years now. Resilient Tech was developing them for the military application. Amazing new tires......................... Michelin Tires... Absolutely SCARY looking... Look for 'em in August. These tires are made in South Carolina , USA ...
  198. DoubletroubleII

    Gobal Warming

    Proof once more Global Warming is occurring!
  199. DoubletroubleII

    just saw this and figured Id post it (pic)

    That symbol usually indicates a picture download was attempted.
  200. DoubletroubleII

    Soothing Music and a Great White

    Sit back listen to the music and enjoy..........then tell me you wouldn't have filled your wet-suit with piss!
  201. DoubletroubleII

    So ya want to swim like a Dolpin
  202. DoubletroubleII

    Archery~Keep Your Eye on the Target

  203. DoubletroubleII

    Electric Car Back-up System

  204. DoubletroubleII

    Women's Self Defense Tatics

  205. DoubletroubleII

    Napa River

    Last August my wife and I took our boat up the Napa River to Downtown Napa. To our surprise we noticed new pilings. We asked here on this site but no one from the Napa area was sure of what was going on. I just learned that the city of Napa has approved a new day docking area and wants it...
  206. DoubletroubleII

    Scientists Crossbreed Fish with Banana

    Scientists Crossbreed Fish with Banana for easier eating.
  207. DoubletroubleII

    Fishing for Bucks

  208. DoubletroubleII

    New Big Wave Record in Portugal

    Garrett McNamara claims to have made surfing history by riding the largest wave ever successfully negotiated, during a tow-surfing session Tuesday off the coast of Nazare, a small fishing town 70 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal. The wave face measured "about 90 feet."...
  209. DoubletroubleII

    Kayaker's and Surfer Girl

    Kayaker's and Surfer girl almost become whale bait. <iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  210. DoubletroubleII

    Pro Surfers Scared to Compete

    In a surf competition out of San Francisco some surfers in a competition were scared to compete.
  211. DoubletroubleII

    Trials & Son on Bike....way cool
  212. DoubletroubleII

    Fishin' with god's friend

  213. DoubletroubleII

    Diver Dan

    When I was just boy.......Diver Dan was the thing to watch!
  214. DoubletroubleII

    Peta sues park for enslaving killer whales Has anyone else seen this? PETA sues Marine World for enslaving killer whales, siting the 13 amendment does not specify only humans for slavery to be illegal! What a bunch of crock.......better let loose your...
  215. DoubletroubleII

    So your out fishin'.........

    .....and you wonder geez I have a new son so I circumcise or not?
  216. DoubletroubleII

    Happy Halloween from Mom & Dad

  217. DoubletroubleII

    A Hooker in Vegas

    A Hooker in Las Vegas A guy is walking the strip in Las Vegas and a fantastic-looking Vegas hooker catches his eye. He strikes up a conversation and eventually asks the hooker, "How much do you charge?" The Hooker replies, "It starts at $500 for a hand-job." The guy says,"$500...
  218. DoubletroubleII

    Not Quite BOTD!

    The Miss USA Pageant was held at the Theatre for the Performing Arts in Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas , Nevada on June 19, 2011. It was the 60th anniversary of this show. As in the past, contestants are graded on beauty, charm, poise, skills, and their ability to respond to questions...
  219. DoubletroubleII

    So you think you can climb
  220. DoubletroubleII

    Pyramid Lake....Nevada......Opener!

    Just got back from the Pyramid Lake Opener......had a good time! My good friend Bob and I arrive at the lake on Friday afternoon, Sept. 30th, the day before the opener on the 1st, to get an early start the next day. About 4:30 pm on Friday we are sitting in the bar at Crosby Lodge, getting...
  221. DoubletroubleII

    Pyramid Lake....Nevada

    Any other BDer's going on October 1st the opener? My 21st year in a to love it!
  222. DoubletroubleII

    Aussie Fishin'

    The guys down under sure take some crazy risks when fishin'
  223. DoubletroubleII

    Light Style!

    I searched for the appropriate place to put this but this site doesn't have a forum for site comments.........only saying this so I don't get too much "Nice Fishing Chit-Chat Dude!" But I just found that under the "forums" button on the top of the page that the last listing is "Light Style"...
  224. DoubletroubleII

    Lobster Cycle

  225. DoubletroubleII

    VHF Sending problems

    I have a Apelco VHF radio that is about 13 years old and has worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago. I can receive well but sending transmission is weak. Before I change out the radio I feel I should test the antenna. Does places like radio shack have testing equipment. I only ask this...
  226. DoubletroubleII

    Have you lite up your night surfing

    This looked pretty cool!
  227. DoubletroubleII

    Surf Dog....Get Ready for a Smile
  228. DoubletroubleII

    Chupcabra Captured

    As many of you are catching fish that can not be identified and they usually turn out to be a Chupcabra...........below is a link of one that was caught on video so you can identify it!
  229. DoubletroubleII

    Catalina live bait

    We are going to be in Avalon from Tues, July 26th through Friday July 29th. We normally launch from Davies in Long Beach as it is the closest to my folks house and we usually pick up bait just outside the channel on our way out. But the live bait doesn't last for more than a day. Is there a...
  230. DoubletroubleII

    Delta Report June 30th ~ July 3rd

    Finally got out on the water, launched at B&W Resort. Fished mostly Decker Island, but also worked Napa River a bit. We were using frozen anchovies from Hap's Bait. Fishing was slow, but we had a good time..........a few pictures for view.
  231. DoubletroubleII

    Swim Faster

  232. DoubletroubleII

    Salmon are like Seals

  233. DoubletroubleII

    Men are like dogs

  234. DoubletroubleII

    Porpoise Tatoo

  235. DoubletroubleII

    Shark Jumping Surfer
  236. DoubletroubleII

    AT&T TV

    After another year of record setting snow my wife and I are getting tired of satilite TV, and are looking at AT&T TV via the internet. Does anyone have this and how do you like or dislike it? Right know all my TV's are linked through coxial cable. If I get internet TV I can see how I will...
  237. DoubletroubleII

    Today's Funnies

    Fishing Resort for Dickheads The Truth For the God Fearing Folks Having a Bad Day.......Think Twice
  238. DoubletroubleII

    Jet Powered Surfboard

    Caught this on the internet news..........only $4,500!
  239. DoubletroubleII

    More Funnies

  240. DoubletroubleII

    A Couple of Funnies

  241. DoubletroubleII

    Odd Craig's List Boat Listings

    Been looking at a few boats and I can't decide which one is best?
  242. DoubletroubleII

    What makes a good beer?

  243. DoubletroubleII

    So What is the Longest Ride on a Wave?

    Check this guy out in Panama........3 hours and 55 minutes...41.3 miles of ride!
  244. DoubletroubleII

    Super Moon

    On March 19th the moon will come closer to the earth than it has in 18 years. I am assuming that means super high tides. For you low lying beach folk that means possible flooding especially if high surf arrives at the same time. Just out of interest do any of you make special fishing trips...
  245. DoubletroubleII

    A few to amuze

  246. DoubletroubleII

    San Diego Glow things?

    Something has had me bugging me for awhile now, when my wife and I were staying in San Diego about 2 years ago. We had towed our boat down to San Diego bay to do some fishing and we were staying at the Chula Vista RV park, way in the back of the bay. One early evening, sun was down but just...
  247. DoubletroubleII

    Closed or Limited Fishing Restrictions

    I was reading the thread, on this site, about fishing the oil rigs out of Long Beach and something occured to me. Is there a site were a fisherman can go to see where all the closed areas or areas that are limited in some way to view before a fishing trip is planned? I would hate to get a...
  248. DoubletroubleII

    Tracer to Pacific Quest

    Hi ho everyone, Every year a group of 12 of us from the Placerville area in NorCal charter a boat for 2 days out of San Diego in June. For the last 3 years we have been on the Tracer with Tommy Scherl, Tommy has always produced good for us as far as fishing goes. I am not the person that...
  249. DoubletroubleII

    Wave Skiing

    Found this little tid-bit......kind of different. Chuck Patterson stuns surfing world by skiing massive waves
  250. DoubletroubleII

    Took Our Horse Down for a Swim

    Our horse was getting a little dirty so we decided to outfit her to be safe. What lifejacket size do you feel would be right for her?
  251. DoubletroubleII

    Miss Dairy Queen

    Below is a picture of our new "Miss Dairy Queen".
  252. DoubletroubleII

    On Going Gulf Spill Complaints

    Found this on the internet news today, seems like some in the gulf still are not happy. Man on knees begs Ken Feinberg for help
  253. DoubletroubleII

    F-35 Take!

    Read this before you watch the video!!! This is unbelievable! F-35 unintentional loop at takeoff; a real "check your laundry" event. This guy clearly has brass balls and you know the sailors on the flight deck had a cow when they saw this unfold in front of them. A well-trained US...
  254. DoubletroubleII

    Guess how old the oldest Lobster is?

    If you guessed less than 100're wrong! Who Knew? - Yahoo! News
  255. DoubletroubleII

    Pellet gun/pistol ~ For Christmas

    About a year ago my faithful fishing partner Riley died, a 115 pound yellow lab love that dog. Right now we don't want to train another lab with our remodel going on and things all over the place. But since she died the critters have been staking their claim! I am on the edge of town, we live...
  256. DoubletroubleII

    Cool Stunts and Stuff

    From BFD to Wow! YouTube - PEOPLE ARE AWESOME
  257. DoubletroubleII

    Bisbee's Black & Blue Team misses jackpot

    Just found this, a team with a 800+ Marlin just misses deadline Anglers with giant marlin lose race against clock, miss epic payday
  258. DoubletroubleII

    Pyramid Lake Nevada Opener

    Just got back from Pyramid Lake Opener and had a great time with some awesome fishing, sorry no pictures ~ dead battery. We got there on Thursday, September 30th to get our rooms and set up. The weather was in the low 90's with no wind. On Friday, October 1st we set out at first light. We...
  259. DoubletroubleII

    Avatar Help

    I deleted my bobcat in a net avatar to put in a new avatar selected from my computer. My new avatar is 125 x 100 pixel and 13.8kb but it the control panel under avatar won't take it? It also won't allow me to put my old bobcat avatar back up either? It seemed like there was a place for...
  260. DoubletroubleII

    Guitar Boat

    Here is a guitar boat for the strummers in here.
  261. DoubletroubleII

    Perko Battery Selectors

    I was reading, here on BD, an article on bilge pumps and how regular maintenance is important. Twice a year I go through my boat with Corrosion-X and spray away at not only all electrical connections, pin connectors, fuses, bus bars, terimals but also on the interior of my outboard motor under...
  262. DoubletroubleII

    The Husband Store vs. The Wife Store

    <TABLE style="MARGIN-LEFT: 46.65pt; mso-cellspacing: 0in; mso-padding-alt: 0in 0in 0in 0in" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM: #ece9d8; BORDER-LEFT: #ece9d8; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0in; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; PADDING-LEFT: 0in; PADDING-RIGHT: 0in...
  263. DoubletroubleII

    Mackerel Fragrance

    Hope this is not too Scandalous Sorry can't get link to work
  264. DoubletroubleII

    Why you shouldn't pass in median strip

    Cruiser cam catches 100 mph crash
  265. DoubletroubleII

    World's longest surf board

    Neco Padaratz of Brazil rides the world's longest surfboard at 40 feet long. Brags to all his girlfriends about how long his stick is.
  266. DoubletroubleII

    Song that sums it up

    Don't know if this has been posted before YouTube - Dad Life (Father's Day Opening 2010)
  267. DoubletroubleII

    Burlag Bags

    I have to admit I don't fish on charter boats too often. I posted a report on Offshore SoCal thread along with pictures. One of the pictures showed burlap bags hanging around the bait tank. I had more than one comment on the burlap a not a good way type of respose. 20 years...
  268. DoubletroubleII

    Offshore Fishing report for July 22nd & 23rd

    Boarded the Tracer on Wednesday the 21st and Tommy got us going about 6:00 p.m. on our way to our target area at Colnett. Started fishing at first light on the 22nd and trolled for several hours before we got our first hit, an albacore going about 25lbs. Threw out the live bait but no luck on...
  269. DoubletroubleII

    On the slide?

    Fishing my own boat most of the time I don't worry about a lot of other people on a boat to get tangled with while casting out lures or bait. But soon I will be down in the S.D. area on a 2 1/2 day trip for tuna.......we hope! On this site I see a reference to "On the slide", I am assuming...
  270. DoubletroubleII

    Cannon Sealer

    Just lookin' for information. My up/down toggle switch on my 10 year old electric Cannon downrigger stopped working in the up mode. So I took the dang thing apart, filled the toggle with corrosionX worked it back and forth and works again! While taking the case apart I noticed...
  271. DoubletroubleII

    You are going to believe this incident!

    What a weekend….and what a funny and odd true story we heard. My wife and I were in Chico this last weekend for the graduation of our godson from Chico State. After the graduation we went to a graduation party at our friends house. There we ran into an old acquaintance named Jan that we have...
  272. DoubletroubleII

    Honda's New U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype

    Sure would be staggering home! YouTube - U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype
  273. DoubletroubleII

    Bongs Big Wave Awards

    Some really big surf shots here! XXL Big Wave Awards 2010
  274. DoubletroubleII

    Old Newport surf film

    Don't know if this has been up yet but here it is anyway! YouTube - master_sequence_internet_seq.flv
  275. DoubletroubleII

    Avalon Casino Building

    I was just on the Avalon web cam site and noticed that the whole thing is covered in scaffolding and protection screen. Does anyone happen to know what they are doing? Is it just painting or is it a structural/seismic retrofit?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  276. DoubletroubleII

    I know many of us hate seals......

    but when you don't wear your favorite salmon scented cologne or perfume see what can happen. Elephant Seal
  277. DoubletroubleII

    Naples Florida

    Hi Florida fisherman, I currently live in Northern California, but a buddy of mine recently took a job in Naples he is a pilot. I have a free place to stay and was wondering about the fish species available in the area. From internet information I see that Tuna, yellow tail and dorado are...
  278. DoubletroubleII

    Coast Guard Boat hits anchored Private boat

    Just wondering, this morning on the news here in NorCal was a story about a coast guard boat that hit an anchored private boat in Mission Bay. Is there any further information out there about this? Evidently it happened last night during a lighted christmas boat parade.
  279. DoubletroubleII

    5th wheel top

    My mom is in her late 70's, and since my father's passing, she has decided to keep their 5th wheel trailer, but it needs a new top or roof. She lives in the Long Beach area, does anyone know of a good reasonable place to have this done? I will be down there over the up coming holidays and...
  280. DoubletroubleII

    Question: Pyramid Lake Nevada

    Are there going to be an BDer's at the October 1st trout opener at Pyramid Lake, Nevada?
  281. DoubletroubleII

    No Report on Pyramid Lake Nevada

    No report here as of yet, but I am curious any BDer's going to the opener at Pyramid Lake, Nevada on October 1st?
  282. DoubletroubleII

    Avalon 9/14 through 9/17

    My wife and I are spending a few days on Catalina 9/14 thru 9/17. We have learned that the Zane Grey Marlin Tournament is happening while we are there. We are also going to do some fishing ourselves on our boat. Question; Looking at the web site for the Marlin tournment, we can't find out what...
  283. DoubletroubleII

    Fish Report Tracer with Tommy

    Hi ho guys and gals, Just returned from a fishing trip on the Tracer, we left the harbor Wednesday the 22nd of July and returned Friday night the 24th. I am a little late because I stayed a bit and visited some friends and haven't had a chance to get back to this great site! First off I...
  284. DoubletroubleII

    Spectra to Flurocarbon Line Connection

    I am new to spectra line. What is the best connection/knot between #85 solid spectra line to #50 fluorocarban fishing line? And do you have a diagram or know where there is a site that shows that connection?
  285. DoubletroubleII

    Tracer out of San Diego

    Hey guys I have a couple of questions. A group of us from Placerville area in northern California have booked out the Tracer out of San Diego from July 22nd to the 24th. Hopefully we will be targeting some tuna, but a Dorado and/or Yellowtail would be nice as well. I'd like some feedback on...
  286. DoubletroubleII

    Breakfast Deer

    YouTube - Breakfast In Texas with wild Deer
  287. DoubletroubleII

    Tuna Tubes

    I was pouring over the classified ads and saw a pair of Tuna tubes for sale, what the heck do you use these for?
  288. DoubletroubleII

    Newbie with Story about Pyramid Lake

    Hi all fellow fisherman & fisherwomen, I'm new to this wonder site and wanted to share something with you. Below is a story about a fishing trip I had at Pyramid Lake Nevada, about 45 minutes north of Sparks, Nevada. If you type in my name Greg Wasky on your search engine you will get an...
  289. DoubletroubleII

    Avalon Freezer Storage

    I don't need this information real quick, but my wife and live in NorCal but travel to SoCal in the summer for a little fishing and R&R. Since I grew up in Long Beach, I used to fish alot around Catalina and/or San Clemente islands, and plan to stay this summer in Avalon for about 5 days. I...
  290. DoubletroubleII

    Halibut in S.F. Bay?

    When is the best time for halibut in San Fransisco Bay? Is there any halibut in the Bay during winter?