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    Things You won’t see on Float 12

    You won’t see a pair of Tiagra 50 Wides! Everyone using Electrics now days...
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    At least learn how to mount the swivel correctly... JFC.. your not on a Grady anymore.. You're at least supposed to look like you know what you're doing now
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    Fat Ass Girl gets a new shiny Bed

    Its the Perfect look for Towing the Tin Lizzy Great job man! Might i suggest splashing some salt water all over the bed to complete the look. Too much shine as it sits.
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    Remember when this happened ?

    i remember this one..... then there was this one that went away...
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    Saltwater Wanted: Small Mesh PS Shrimp Pots

    Anyone have any of the Small Mesh Puget Sound Shrimp Pots laying around they dont use? Im thinking of trying for Coonies in the Deep South this summer, since the Spot Season is such a joke. Looking to buy a couple if anyone has any they want to get rid of. These are the 1/2 in small mesh...
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    Spot Shrimp Season

    My crystal ball says 0 days MA13 4 hours total in MA 10, 11 4 hours x 4 days in MA 12 4 days x 6 hours each in 9 But... Open Year round in MA 1, 2 3 .......:ashamed:
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    Yamaha F8 choke

    Is it part 19 in this pic? $6.79 at SIM Yamaha 6H4-41271-02-00 part # or part 22? Or $396.00 for the whole carb :) Includes new choke rod Or can of starter fluid... $3.99 You’re welcome
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    Saltwater Anything to catch in Area 13 this time of year?

    We launch in 13 then travel up to Tides Tavern in 11 for barley pops N Nachos. But dont tell anybody.
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    A LOAD of gear!!!

    dang.. i wish i saw this earlier... I'd have traded you for a barrel.
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    Weird looking aluminum cat

    dam! And here I thought an ACB was the ugliest alloy boat
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    Stay tuned...

    looks underpowered. Could this be used to fish for Tuna?
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    24' North River OS

    HA Key phrase is make a profit :) I like bidding wars!
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    24' North River OS

    Congrats on the quick sale. After seeing the prices used boats are fetching, I think im gonna hold mine a few more years and make a profit!
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    Fishing Rods Tuna/Halibut Salmon

    I'll do $200 + the LU or Just slide it back under your bed, So i know where it is after I hit a log.
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    MUSTAD Stainless Steel Double Hooks

    Box of 10 7982HS-SS 8/0 Box of 10 7982HS-SS 9/0 with Barbes! These are the Stainless Steel Mustads. The best hooks for our Trolling Clones. New in Boxes SOLD $
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    Fishing Rods Tuna/Halibut Salmon

    Thinning the pile of excess rods.. Picture1 from left to right Diawa Sealine SL EB 66 IMR 6'6" 15-30# fished as live bait rod $40 Fin Nor Offshore FNC 7040 7' 20-40# Fished as live bait rod $40 (actually about 6'10 as i replaced broke tip once) Lamaglas BFC 7'0 Heavy 20-50# Used as...
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    2009 Lance 1040 truck camper

    If you end up looking for a camper trailer, do it like a boat... Get it 2 Feet+ bigger than you think you need...
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    90/65 Jet tiller

    Well Crap.. Guess finding a 115/80 Jet is like finding a 150# BFT off the Washington coast.... Im gonna have to shelve the re-power for a few months...
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    90/65 Jet tiller

    2009 Etec 90/65 Jet Guessing 250 +/-hours. (Can verify at dealer for serious buyers) runs great, nice & loud like all 2 strokes. I’m feeling the pull to a Yamaha 115/80 4 stroke, so looking to sell this to repower. $4250
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    Build It !

    That boat is IMO the perfect easily trailerable Aluminum boat. Sweet Ride. Im Jelly!..
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Pfft..... I ponied up. Standard is single 250/300 or 2x 150's... Makes Adequate power. I walked the walk and put 2x 200's with FBW controls. plan was for a 24’er... left with a 27’er :cheers:
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    This boat is going to weigh right around 2.5-3X that of my NR. and carry probably 2x the load I carry on my NR. Seems reasonable to rig with 2x the HP that i have. Especially knowing how you like to drive. LOL If I was building the new Flagship of the Allied line, its a no brainer.
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Still time to upgrade to 425XTO's?
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    Anyone missing a T8?

    Its worth $100 $99 for the prop saver $1 scrap value for the merc
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    Anyone missing a T8?

    How much for the stolen Dewalt pressure washer?
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    Security suggestions

    Ive got Arlo wireless cameras spread thru out the compound. Re-chargable Battery lasts about 3 months, except the one that the dog constantly walks by.. that one lasts about 2 months. I have one that is about 100' from its base station and works great. I can fire up any of the 5 cameras on...
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    Ahhh hell no! Rnd2

    Leave Mr. Bojangles alone you heartless bastard!!! LOL
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    WTB primers

    Seven Million new Shooters Since March (onset of Covid Panic and toilet paper hoarding) add in some BLM & Antifa protests...errr.... rioting, vandalizing and burning cities as our liberal leaders let it happen for months, add in the Political theater and you have the perfect recipe for...
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    WTB primers

    You must not get out much. Primers, powder, brass, bullets all ammo in any caliber except large hunting calibers are out of stock. People prepping for libs attack on the 2A thats not far off. Manufacturers cant keep up with the demand.
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    Happy Tanacom Tuesday!

    FYI, If you send your Tanacom into Eric for service....... Flip for the extra couple of bucks and have him upgrade the drag washers! They are mucho better than the original ones!
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    PSA for those on a septic system

    Where Im at, the local health dept puts on a class for those of us homeowners that want to inspect our own tanks vs paying for the inspection. They offer up a cheap way to make a sludge/scum level checking tool. Simple 1/2" PVC and a rag can work well to determine levels of scum & sludge...
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    PSA for those on a septic system

    The area I live in requires an annual inspection of septic systems since i'm supposedly on sensitive land.. It requires the sludge & scum layers to be measured. So plenty of cake breaking in my neighborhood. Also in at least King, Pierce and Thurston Counties it is a requirement for the septic...
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    Freshwater Lk Wash Cut

    save a sockey smolt... eat a cut-throat. Im gonna have to make it back up there this year. Those Cutts are a lil gem in a shithole city.
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    It's elf on the shelf time

    or seattle......
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    New Cat !

    promise me you'll take the "tracker" decal off though.....
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    Single vs Twins

    27' OS
  37. Chasin' Tail

    Single vs Twins

    YES. Even when full of ice & tuna. with your options of 2x115’s or single 250, I’d go with the 250.. A 250 will perform much better. But 2x 150’s would be optimal if you want redundancy. what boat? That would help also. can you do twins & a kicker? I ran a Hewescraft for lots of years...
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    Let's talk shrimp pots

    Where we shrimp we only get 4 hours of open shrimp time.. So its the faster the better in getting shrimp into the pots. If I had all day to let pots soak, I'd probably go ladners to save storage space. Luckily i have a pretty big Deck too. that helps as well with the big Octagons.
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    Let's talk shrimp pots

    The McKay octagons do ok
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    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    Dates are all find and dandy... But how many POUNDS are we getting in 2021 and what happens to the 88,875 # of 2020 quota that we didnt get to catch?
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    Coleman Propane Lanterns + Propane

    These showed up with dads garage clean up. Ive got 4 of my own, so these are excess doomsday items.
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    Coleman Propane Lanterns + Propane

    ALL SOLD I have 4x lanterns that are New/like new. Come with plastic carrying cases ( a little dusty) Would prefer to sell as 1 package So package of 4 lanterns + 8 bottles of Propane $90 Or will separate into 2 lanterns + 4 bottles of Propane $50/ea (2 lanterns + 4 bottles) Also...
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    Meat Grinder & Turkey Fryer/Burner combo Both NiB

    Cabelas Meat Grinder New In Box (SOLD) SOLD Meet in Lacey area.
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    Aluminum Cargo Carrier (hitch mounted)

    Trailer hitch mounter cargo carrier Inside dimensions 48” x 20.5” x 6” Fits 2” receiver $50 Meet Lacey area.
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    Build It !

    Wish they offered that configuration when i had my OS built. What are you putting on it for power?
  46. Chasin' Tail

    Coho Limit Increase

    Speaking of Creel updates.. Wonder why they never updated the Sport Halibut numbers??
  47. Chasin' Tail

    Coho Limit Increase

    Yup, the tribes wanted to harvest more fish, so they threw us a bone so they could up their take of fish.....
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    WTB Dual Sport or 4x4 quad

    I sold my 20 year old 400 Kodiak for $3600 in 1 day on CL. Had 9 more emails from people wanting it. if the first guy balked.. Insane! I paid $5500 for it new 20 years ago. They are like having an aluminum boat. Run em forever and sell for a premium.
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    Preview of opening day for modern firearm season

    Vail Opening weekend For real
  50. Chasin' Tail

    no bait

    How'd the herring work out today? Heard it was Sloooooooooooo
  51. Chasin' Tail

    boat bottom width?

    You' finally admitted you needed 5" more shaft. Bravo.
  52. Chasin' Tail

    2016 27’ North River

    Man.. that's almost the perfect NROS right there!
  53. Chasin' Tail

    Need a little ATV education

    It was gone b4 you sold the tractor. but I’d have traded you straight across had I known you had a tractor 😁😲
  54. Chasin' Tail

    Need a little ATV education

    Just sold my 20 year old Kodiak 400. Only thing I ever did was change the oil annually, and a new batter about every 3 seasons.. Put 10 miles on it every Time I used it to mow my yard for the past 20 years. And also tows my little yard trailer around hauling branches & yard trimmings. Nothing...
  55. Chasin' Tail

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    IF you have warranty it should be pretty straight forward. You tell them you've checked the power cable & its not that.. so Should be as simple as them giving you a Return Authorization number, putting it in the box with a receipt of proof of purchase from an authorized retailer and mailing...
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    Saltwater Kelli ann on the kelli ann

    Is that MrFish11 bending over the rail puking in the 2nd picture? We usually give him more space on my boat LOL Sounded good all the way from 20 line west out to the 30 and beyond. We saw lots of birds and lots of jumpers in all directions where we were pounding on them. Lots of fish died...
  57. Chasin' Tail

    F*** N wind

    Its actually F*** S wind!!
  58. Chasin' Tail

    FEMA check for mariners

    That reminds me. Im due for my prostate exam.
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    Trevela and Lamiglass Rods for sale

    those trevalas were a great deal for someone. ... What is the length on the Cert Pro's? are the spinners or casting rods?
  60. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna per gallon

    Thats like calculating BlowJobs per Dollar spent on the wife.... Or the wife asking me How many Tuna per Dollars spent on my boat and gear.... Some things in life are best kept as secrets.
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    Saltwater WFO 40 fish stop on Iron!!

    They are like magic. I put a 12/0 big river hook in their heads, send them down 800’ and they turn into a halibut.
  62. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater WFO 40 fish stop on Iron!!

    Incredible wide open Bait stop. @ 50 miles from WP today 40 peanuts railed in about 15 min. 100g flatfalls were money! Hope the bigger grade of fish move in soon. :jig:
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    Saltwater 8/13 Westport tuna attempt/report

    thx for the report. I almost went for tuna yesterday too, but decided Halibut was enough fun for one day.
  64. Chasin' Tail

    Open Seat 8/13 Hali

    Its because the parka is so SLooooooooooooooow
  65. Chasin' Tail

    WTC package deal - tentative

    I was gonna sign up, But they Blocked me from their social media after I asked why they were giving last years High Dollar Custom Canned tuna to the Costal Tribes and to the Bonney Lake Fire dept, rather than donating it to the local Grays Harbor Community it was supposed to help. .
  66. Chasin' Tail

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Ive had my VP215 for 4 years. Process probably 100-150 retorts a year on it. Still going strong and I havnt killed anyone yet. I usually have 5% or so blow out in the cooking process.. Odd thing though, is its almost always one of the sides of the pouch that has the factory seal that blows.
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    WTB: 90 Tiller or Console - 4stroke

    How about an E-Tec 90/65 Jet? Tiller Low hours
  68. Chasin' Tail

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    different pitched props on each motor would have one motor working harder at the same RPM. Could be why one's economy was more as well. Hard to get a comparison on similar setups. But on the Zuke website most boats are about 8k pounds less than that cat running twins. Sweet spot for economy...
  69. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 30 July

    Holy Thirsty girl!!... My loose math has you about 190ish miles on the day. Maybe somewhere below pinned on the throttles would make the pain at the pump less.:-):frehya2:
  70. Chasin' Tail

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    a little smaller than your criteria, but probably the closest you're gonna get to your budget with an outboard less than 15 years old. Looks like its pretty well cared for boat.
  71. Chasin' Tail

    craftsman Air Compressor FS

    Works great taking up too much room in my ever shrinking Garage Space 30 gallon tank $100 SOLD I’m in Lacey area.
  72. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Fresh 2020 Poke’ Mmmmm
  73. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    I think it’s some strange attempt to claim his entire side of the boat. He does it every trip. I’m gonna just start calling him Ralph.
  74. Chasin' Tail

    Channel your inner female.....

    Buy her a Benny Bear & a Sig P365 and drop those panties. Congrats on 25 years!
  75. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Eye see what you did there.
  76. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Couldn’t stand it anymore. After putting off prospecting for early tuna a couple different times, Todays forcast was too good to pass up. pointed SW & put lines in @ 20/10.. 30 seconds after the troll rods were set 2 reels start screaming. What a great sound after 10 months! Would convert...
  77. Chasin' Tail

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

    I wouldn't salmon fish in Westport (MA2) on Friday.. Its closed on Fri/Sat. You'd need to run up north to MA3 or go South to MA1
  78. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Tuna scouting

    you didn't mention anything to me about having Fireball!! :finger:
  79. Chasin' Tail

    Spot shrimping closed....

    Raise limit to 120 in MA6 because of surplus shrimp available. Then Slam the door shut a week later, before a holiday weekend..
  80. Chasin' Tail

    north river eye candy

    Performance Data: Top speed 55 MPH @ 6000 RPM Cruise: 30 MPH @ 3600 RPM Fuel burn at cruise: 17.7 GPH combined, not bad for a 17,000 lb boat with 850HP
  81. Chasin' Tail

    The Paragon

    Looking good Kim! Paragon was one of the names I was tossing around as a boat name. Guess its back down to 2. Chasin more Tail or Titan Uranus... still TBD
  82. Chasin' Tail

    FREE- dining table, gun cabinet, tv stand etc

    These are the left overs at moms house after she’s moved out. Dinette has 6 chairs & there is 2 removable leafs. gun cab, in decent shape, has skeleton key lock. It’s probably 40+ years old. there’s also a flat screen tv that’s there too. I think it’s 36” or so. If anyone interested in it...
  83. Chasin' Tail

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    just found this on the Twanoh Park website. Twanoh State Park ◄ Back June 1, 2020 8:00 AM Parking limited during 2020 shrimp season During the 2020 shrimp season, Twanoh State Park will have limited parking...
  84. Chasin' Tail

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    Still available. Someone snap this up so I don't have to put it on Craigslist
  85. Chasin' Tail

    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    for the 1-4 days most of the state gets for shrimping, the Ace does a fine job for the $$.
  86. Chasin' Tail

    Bunch of Tuna Gear

    edit: Just noticed the plastic heads are Stamped Williamson I bought em off a guy as a part of a package deal. 3 are new Plastic heads,never fished. still have the plastic tubing over the barb 4 th one is a jet head, rigged with a single hook. This looks to be the set at BassPro...
  87. Chasin' Tail

    Bunch of Tuna Gear

    SOLD $150 for all- meet near lacey Or $160 shipped
  88. Chasin' Tail

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    No Forgot to update its Sold
  89. Chasin' Tail

    Honda Generator 4sale

    Bump Dropping to $1400 Not a tweaker model. I bought it new. I really don't want to sit on this until December and charge one of you $1800 when that big windstorm hits..
  90. Chasin' Tail

    Etec’s toast....

    As if the re-sale value wasn't already bad enough..... OUCH.
  91. Chasin' Tail

    Still Chainsaw & Lanterns

    Ive got a couple more Lanterns with the carrying cases if you got $40 burning a hole in your pocket. They'll come with propane tanks too :) …. and lots of gardening hand tools that Maria would love to have!
  92. Chasin' Tail

    Still Chainsaw & Lanterns

    STIHL MS170 Chainsaw. 16” Very light use Case included $125 3 Coleman Propane Lanterns 1 is New in Box With case Plus 3 full propane bottles. $50 for all 3
  93. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone else order some?

    Id prefer the ones with the 🖕Inslee, but cant find them anywhere
  94. Chasin' Tail

    First Tuna landed in WA 2020

    Im gonna leave mine in the Ocean for about another month or so. Then I'll pack on ice for the drive home. Will be very firm and ready to clean. Usually takes about 2 hours to clean - vacuum pack or put into retort pouches.
  95. Chasin' Tail

    Loading Ramps & cleaning table

    The smaller/inside 1/2 is 12”
  96. Chasin' Tail

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    Just an FYI, The WDFW 's official release on MA6 shrimp has it open May 28, then closed until June 1.. Then Open from June 1-13... Guess they don't want anyone shrimping on the Weekend and on a decent tide... MF'ers.
  97. Chasin' Tail

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    Should be able to fish bottomfish in MA4, and motor there from Sekiu. Such crap. Now its more obvious than we already knew.... the Tribe runs the show & WDFW just gives us lip service
  98. Chasin' Tail

    White starboard

    Would white cutting board in that dimensions work? I have some extra laying around that the price is right on
  99. Chasin' Tail

    Loading Ramps & cleaning table

    Yup It folds, You just pop off the rack
  100. Chasin' Tail

    Loading Ramps & cleaning table

    Set of steel folding ramps. Heavyduty $40 Table sold!!
  101. Chasin' Tail

    First Tuna landed in WA 2020

    They're here boys ! ! First tuna of 2020 in a Wa Port. Saddle up...
  102. Chasin' Tail

    Animal cage/crate

    could be converted into Spot Prawn Hotel.. Just sayin
  103. Chasin' Tail

    Hitch cargo carrier & trailer hitches

    Cargo carrier is 5 feet wide. $25 pair of trailer hitches $20
  104. Chasin' Tail

    Animal cage/crate

    Should work with small children too.
  105. Chasin' Tail

    Another BBQ 4 sale

    cut price in 1/2..
  106. Chasin' Tail

    Animal cage/crate

    OK, price must be too high.. How about Free and I'll throw in a rabbit cage too?
  107. Chasin' Tail

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    ^^ yup. Nice flat concrete from where it sits all the way to the 14’ garage door.
  108. Chasin' Tail

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    Look at the bright side.. Once its nestled in your house or shop, it'll be hard for the tweekers to steal it :) And yeah NW safe can move it for a fee. I have a dump trailer and can do a haul a reasonable distance, but would need lots of help with load/unload.
  109. Chasin' Tail

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    Holds up to 60 long guns. It’s a monster weighs 900# they sell for $2400 at NW Safe in Enumclaw where this was purchased. It’s in excellent condition will sell for $1300
  110. Chasin' Tail

    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    ACLU was going to make him look like a fool... so he did a quick 180
  111. Chasin' Tail

    Animal cage/crate

    Measure twice, cut once.
  112. Chasin' Tail

    Animal cage/crate

    Heavy duty. Commercial grade SS 24” Wide 28” deep 30” tall too small to fit the wife inside. $40 FREE! or Grab me a jug of Fireball at Costco
  113. Chasin' Tail

    My Covid Clean-out

    Are the green chastity belts & bondage chains spoken for?
  114. Chasin' Tail

    Honda Generator 4sale

    Dropped price..
  115. Chasin' Tail

    Another BBQ 4 sale

    New in Box.. Took picture of the box Grill2Go bbq $80 New Price $40 Located in Lacey
  116. Chasin' Tail

    Newbie boat buying?

    I sold it in 08’ Was still hearing of cracks in 2010, so yeah hopefully they beefed things up a bit by now
  117. Chasin' Tail

    Newbie boat buying?

    I used to own that same boat but with a 140 Suzuki... Which was probably only 115 HP or so as that motor was known for being light on power. Should be adequate power. With the 140 I got 4.5 mpg, could do 42mph. Pulled Tubes and wake boarders with 4 in the boat plus dragging one on the rope...
  118. Chasin' Tail

    Shop Fan

    24" Like new. $75 SOLD located in Lacey
  119. Chasin' Tail

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Now that's they way to do youre trailer lights!! never under water! MR Fish, There's your next trailer project solution
  120. Chasin' Tail

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    Throw in $40 and a Terez & I’ll deliver it.
  121. Chasin' Tail

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    Between Lacey and Ft Lewis.
  122. Chasin' Tail

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    Works great, Keeps barley pops & cold in the garage. Probably would work for White Claws too. Manufacture date 1998 $40
  123. Chasin' Tail

    CharBroil BBQ

    270 is first in line. dam, I must have priced it too low..
  124. Chasin' Tail

    CharBroil BBQ

    Almost new, used only a couple times has 3 burners + side cooker. grates are porcelain coated Will include the propane tank that’s about 90% full $100
  125. Chasin' Tail

    Spa treatment complete

    I dig the boat name.
  126. Chasin' Tail

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Im kind of shocked that they allow Commercial Crabbing in Commencement Bay.... can only imagine the toxicity of those bottom feeders there.
  127. Chasin' Tail

    Brush Mowers

    Got a couple of push behind Brush mowers that need a new home First is an older DR Brush/Grass mower. Self propelled. Not abused $500 Second is a Bearcat WT 190 Trimmer mower. Very light use on this one. $250 Buy both for $700.
  128. Chasin' Tail

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    So Seattle Waterfront & Parks are open.. Farmers markets in Seattle Open... But fishing access sites still Closed... Total BS
  129. Chasin' Tail

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    the Commies are going to be out and clean house before we get a chance to fish..
  130. Chasin' Tail

    What can we do?

    VOTE for LOREN CULP for Governor in November
  131. Chasin' Tail

    Pop ups....

    My iPhone doesn't get the pop ups, but on my PC im using MS Edge and every thread I click on has a full screen pop up I have to X out of.. Today its an ad for Bayer..
  132. Chasin' Tail

    Winchester .270 ammo

    72 rounds $50
  133. Chasin' Tail

    Honda Generator 4sale

    Honda EM5000 SX Been my house back-up for a few years. Maybe 10 total hours of run time. 0-E only Starts or 1st or 2nd pull. $1575 Price drop $1400
  134. Chasin' Tail

    Kenmore Upright Freezer 4sale

    I inherited a bigger freezer, so this one needs a new home. I think it’s a 14cuft? Frost free manufacture date of 2006 dimensions are 60” tall x 28.5” wide x 28.5 deep. $75
  135. Chasin' Tail

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    I don't think even the best suspension seats will mitigate the beatdown you get in an Arima on anything but a greasy flat day in the ocean. Virtually no deadrise and very light hull on that boat, means a great boat to fish from at drift, but brutal getting offshore, unless you keep your speeds...
  136. Chasin' Tail

    Imagine rolling in this...

    needs more rod holders
  137. Chasin' Tail

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    I guess staying off the water thru May 4th, only applies to the Non Privileged Class.
  138. Chasin' Tail

    Jack Pole

    Dam... I was about to offer up a Buck Fiddy for it...
  139. Chasin' Tail

    Trailer winch options

    I started power loading. My Winch is pretty much only used for the last 2" cinch up now.
  140. Chasin' Tail

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    I ventured out of my cave today. Had to take a family member to the airport and I made a couple pit stops on my way home. Here are some of my observations. Hit McDonalds for an egg McMuffin. Was 4 people in line ahead of me. I watched as each one of them passes a card out the window...
  141. Chasin' Tail

    Camping in Westport ? ..............Nope !!

    So what you're saying is Todd, Goat, Fog, Vance, Dave and anyone else with health issues should stay home and social distance from any possible contact with Covid, ie. take one for the team.. so everyone else can fish? Since 83% of Covid Cases in the state are located in King, Pierce, Snoho...
  142. Chasin' Tail

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    PSA 2020: Don’t be afraid to spread the Corona Virus
  143. Chasin' Tail

    OP Derby

    Let me guess..... You didn't follow the Markers out once you saw open water at John Wayne?
  144. Chasin' Tail

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    You sure its your POS truck and not the POS trailer?
  145. Chasin' Tail

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    A raft for the slow sinking boat. my advise is to wear a pfd if you are out in 6-8+ foot seas fishing in SCA’s, or crossing a shitty bar... shit will happen too fast in those conditions to deploy either type of raft. Lots of boats will float bow up if air gets trapped in the cuddy, so I...
  146. Chasin' Tail

    Mossberg Silver Reserve O/U

    Not really. Pretty much Stay south of Fife. Olympia is beautiful this time of year. You should plan a Road-Trip :)
  147. Chasin' Tail

    Mossberg Silver Reserve O/U

    Like new 20g Comes with 5 chokes 26" Barrels $450
  148. Chasin' Tail

    Sea lion in the woods!?!?

    Gotta get that fur bag back into the Cowlitz to eat some more endangered Spring Chinook..... SMH..
  149. Chasin' Tail

    Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar or Garmin GMR18 HD +

    Not a radar specific comment, but I used an Ipad as a networked device to my MFD so it could serve as sonar, chartpotter or radar... and the Ipad screen is hard to see & washes out if there is glare of any kind on the screen. not something I'd personally want to rely on if I was needing to...
  150. Chasin' Tail

    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    don't over think things. Go to Harbor Freight. Affordable roofing solutions.
  151. Chasin' Tail

    Westport WA Home with Boat/Gear Pole Barn for Sale

    rea lestate value in WP must be on the up-tick. I wish we could say the same for the Salmon Fishing!
  152. Chasin' Tail

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    You're a good Dude, Jason! If the stars line up for me this summer Im going to get some of our Wouded or Active vets out on the water.!
  153. Chasin' Tail

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    If you are fishing MA13 its weeds 99.9999% of the time. The other .0001 its a dogfish
  154. Chasin' Tail


    Dam, that’s F-Ked up! That go fund me page says they need $14k to pay for the processing.. not looking good boys! found another one where they are looking for money.. to support our hero’s.. looking at the list of donors, I see a couple of BD members. Hopefully they are just stiffing you...
  155. Chasin' Tail


    Nice Haul Team Tailwalker! Looks like Friday Harbor Salmon Classic knows how to run a Tournament! Meanwhile, Mission Outdoors spends the week at Shot Show in Vegas...
  156. Chasin' Tail


    Still no update on the delay?
  157. Chasin' Tail

    What? I can totally tow that!

    All they had to do was tell U-Haul that the Benz self identifies as a Ford F250.. Then they're good to go.
  158. Chasin' Tail

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Anyone going to the Sportsmans show today? I just heard that at the SPOT booth, they are giving away FREE SPOT X's if you sign up for 1 year of service. Curious if this is true, and if they are going to be at the Portland Show offering the same deal?? The exhibitor list says they are in...
  159. Chasin' Tail

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Most of the same outfitters for hunting/fishing in Alaska/Canada/Mexico are all the same. But I think there is more in Portland in terms of Saltwater Tackle and boat gear. Englunds and Fishermans Marine have pretty legit sales there + no tax. So my vote is Portland is better if you are...
  160. Chasin' Tail

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Buy 2 get 1 FREE Gamakatsu Hooks at the Sportco Booth! 25' Hewescraft Alaskan was $124k with twin 200 Yamahas. I only brought home the hooks.. and some twitchin jigs
  161. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Why would you say my statement is dumb? According to you, You were told they have no money, yet you think you'll get paid? And now on top of prize money they'll owe Merlinos $13k more of money that you said you were told they don't have.... how exactly does that pencil out? If you or your...
  162. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I wonder if they are gonna get paid? Or is it another bridge burned..
  163. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    testing the pic upload..
  164. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I grabbed that off the Mission outdoors page.. But that number is for "total fish weighed" so Im not sure if that was ALL the fish donated or the weight of all the fish turned in for the teams "biggest 5" … Its more than the sum of the 30 teams that are listed, but who knows for sure I...
  165. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    That seems a little steep @ $14k to process the reported 3,356 pounds of fish in the round that was donated for a charity event.
  166. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    WTF You talking about Goat?? He took 4th PLACE fishing ON HIS BOAT, with a crew of 2 guys! (HIM + 1 Guy)
  167. Chasin' Tail

    It was a great day, turned bad

    So I suppose I can wrap my head around holding funds for the payouts for the albacore until they are "inspected by our processor". But, there is no way in hell Merlino's is so backed up, they havnt been able to process the PRIZE MONEY fish for 6 months.. What is that 18 or so Albacore that...
  168. Chasin' Tail

    2020 Shrimp dates

    Im going to go out on a limb and say there will be ZERO Shrimp days in MA13, and probably a very generous 1 day season in MA 11. Just my gut instinct.
  169. Chasin' Tail

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Partick is spot on. Kingfishers have a huge taper from gunnel to the bottom of the boats. As a comparison, 29' x 9'6" Kingfisher has a 7'6" bottom 23', 25', 27' x 8'6" NROS boats have a 8' bottom. So a 1 foot wider boat at the gunnel, nets you a 6" narrower boat...
  170. Chasin' Tail

    Taps for the 'Ol Merc

    No more waking up to the smell of 2 stroke oil in the morning! Youre gonna love the F200!
  171. Chasin' Tail

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    Don't hold your breath.
  172. Chasin' Tail

    Coast Guard boat capsizes on Columbia River

    Im thinking this one, made by Metal Shark The Article says it was a Coastguard Trailerable Aids to Navigation boat (TANB). Not one of the CG's response boats
  173. Chasin' Tail

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    no doubt. Almost makes a guy want to buy glass...
  174. Chasin' Tail


    Seems a little Underpowered for a 42’ boat. Is this for tuna fishing? :Smoke_Emoticon:
  175. Chasin' Tail

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Yeah, but you’re always a little lighter on the ride in.. so that helps with economy
  176. Chasin' Tail

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Im more impressed that Yamaha can make 200 HP with 2 less cylinders than a honda that needs 6 to do the same work. As you may know, some boats like the Defiance 220 for example don't like that extra 100# hanging of their asses Seeing the Torque specs on both motors would be fun to see. All I...
  177. Chasin' Tail

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Based off your criteria of 150-200HP and only Honda/Yamaha Id have to vote for YAMAHA. In particular the Yamaha 200 over the Honda 200. 100# lighter, economical, easy layout to get to filter for maintenance, FBW controls, Great track record. If you aren't concerned with weight, you might as...
  178. Chasin' Tail

    Rod repair in OLY/Tacompton area?

    Got a couple rods that need a couple new guides and a tip. Trevala's and a Lamiglas Anyone know of someone who does them in the Tac/Oly area?
  179. Chasin' Tail

    ELK Quest

    Great read. Is that the same camper I sold you years ago?
  180. Chasin' Tail

    30 ft Boston Whaler Project Boat

    If it’s an all fresh water boat, corrosion shouldn’t be an issue.
  181. Chasin' Tail

    WTB: Used Yamaha F250 Outboard Motor, maybe F225

    How many hours on the current setup? What’s its $$/hour burn rate? (asking for a friend)
  182. Chasin' Tail

    Winter boat project - deck lights

    Blue looks pretty and all, but Red is actually the better choice to not have the light impair your night/low light vision, which is why some boats have the red light option on their inside dome lights.
  183. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Really?

    dam... $5 for a 1/2 pint!!
  184. Chasin' Tail

    Yamaha 4.2L Offshore Performance Q

    you're probably pretty solidwith the prop you picked. It all varies depending on hull. I could spin a 21P on A 24' Hewes I had. but is was light and low deadrise. on a slightly bigger Pursuit...
  185. Chasin' Tail

    Winter boat projects...

    Im Re-Powering with E-Tecs!! Kidding :hali_ruahahaha: But I do have a side marker out on the trailer fender that I need to replace and probably buff out a scratch or 5.
  186. Chasin' Tail

    Garmin thru Hull transducer

    Does that fit the GT51?
  187. Chasin' Tail

    UFP Axle Parts

    I'd probably improve on those cheapo wire crimp connectors on the light wiring too
  188. Chasin' Tail

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    me thinks the guy up on the flybridge may have made a booboo
  189. Chasin' Tail

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    After watching the E-Tec propaganda video I did a little testing of my own. Oddly, my F200 mounted on a boat that's dry weight is about 1,000# more than the CC in the video was able to plane out and also go faster than the E-tec in the video. Of course I have the proper prop on the boat...
  190. Chasin' Tail

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Surely you jest? 33' Coldwater Fridays forecast is for 2' Swells. Slack tide is 07:30 Ya, I think Patricks little tub could probably cross at Daylight w/o any issues. ;)
  191. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Nice work. I’m convinced the props you installed must raise fish.. you’ve been killin it!
  192. Chasin' Tail

    Reels, Reels and more Reels

    Could you add the gear ratios on the Avet reels.
  193. Chasin' Tail

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    ILL- Wack- ohh Still Has Bait
  194. Chasin' Tail


    Pfffft.. 425 if going single and 200's if twins :D
  195. Chasin' Tail

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    There are no tuna in WA. Go to Oregon waters
  196. Chasin' Tail

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    yup. noaa got lots better. Crossing my fingers and the bar at daylight
  197. Chasin' Tail

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    whats up with the NOAA forcast? They aren't drinking the same no wind forecast as the the other sites... o_O
  198. Chasin' Tail

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    There's a reason we call you Lil' Smokey.
  199. Chasin' Tail

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    Unless he's going for the Sausages
  200. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Pursuit of Tuna!

    Is that boat the "Alice Marie". Super sexy boat.
  201. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    Fish all over. Got our first 21 in close, right on the edge of the canyon. 700’ of water inside of the temp break. Saw a couple splashes, and stopped to take a looksie. Game on. After a couple passes over the area with no more love,we headed 5 miles farther out, crossed into warmer...
  202. Chasin' Tail

    Pair of YAMAHA SDS Reliance Props

    Bump. Still looking for a new home
  203. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater SoCal Newbie Seeks Advice

    Did you read any of the threads here in the salt water reports?
  204. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 3rd Tuna Run

    tuna bite great in the sunshine.. But its hard to catch them it they aren't there.. Its also getting close to the time of the year when the troll bite slows and it becomes more of a bait & iron show. Don't beat yourself up over 8 fish. It was still a great day to be on the water South is...
  205. Chasin' Tail

    It has happened!

    Caught on a NorthRiver The bar has been set
  206. Chasin' Tail

    Ice failure

    WPS aka wilderness packs When ordering I sent them a drawing of the inside dimensions of the fishbox. They matched it perfectly accounting for the “V” and L x W xH Back fishbox got some love too Holds ice all day. No melt off
  207. Chasin' Tail

    Ice failure

    Deck water can get into your fishbox? that don't seem right. I know my fishbox acts as a giant heat sink if its hot/sunny out. the lid being aluminum and all... So I had a killbag built to insulate it. Works amazing.
  208. Chasin' Tail

    Bait tank, last minute purchase

    Im no engineer, but bait tanks aren't usually "Plug N Play". There is some plumbing involved
  209. Chasin' Tail

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    It’s not a NR, it’s a Duckworth. But close enough.:frehya2:
  210. Chasin' Tail

    Big-ish Center consoles

    This ones for sale. I’d fill a seat anytime you needed a fishing buddy.
  211. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    SOLD. Thanks Adam. :cheers: Here’s to hoping you kill some fish the old school way.
  212. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    sending you a PM
  213. Chasin' Tail

    WTS Muzzloaders!

    Bumping back up. Only one left is the Stainless GreyHawk. Im dropping the price to $250 and adding some round balls, case, cleaning kit and supplies that I found. Practically giving this thing away.
  214. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    Pretty much how these were used. Dad used em in the early 80’s. Tomics or herring. Fished in small boats around Point Defiance & Anderson Island. Bounce the bottom & come up 10 cranks. I don’t get up that way but maybe one of the more traveled BDers would be our mule
  215. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    The perfect setup for mako & marlin Rigged with 400# cable.
  216. Chasin' Tail

    Pair of YAMAHA SDS Reliance Props

    excellent condition. Approx 80 hours on them. Stainless Reliance SDS Props 14 1/2” x 15P 1 ea of left & right rotation. Work awesome on my F200xca’s. Should also be an excellent setup on Twin 150’s. Also included are the Special SDS washers SOLD!
  217. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    BUMP Dropping price to $150 for all 4. Someone snatch these up so I don't have to put them on Craigslist.
  218. Chasin' Tail

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone

    I have followed him on Facebook for a while now. Recently he embarked on a "get off the couch expedition" Where he travelled alone from the South East corner of the country up to Alaska. In true Barta form he went at it full bore, and pushed himself right to the ragged edge and IMO beyond. A...
  219. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Race for the Blue 2019

    dam.. Terrafin tells me 66* blue water is only 28 miles out... Ive got the boat, who's gonna pony up the entrance fee?
  220. Chasin' Tail

    Hot set up for this last weekend

    Laurence knows a good plug taper when he sees it !
  221. Chasin' Tail

    Boat tow harness - any suggestions?

    with a happy ending!! No doubt
  222. Chasin' Tail

    Boat tow harness - any suggestions?

    Running out of gas 40 out? How does such a thing even happen? You’re a good dude Patrick! I may have made them paddle in.
  223. Chasin' Tail

    Weight Distribution?

    I leave mine on the cockpit inside their cage.
  224. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Loaded the boat.

    Gouch on a Clorox bottle... say it ain’t so! Corey’s bloody legs. That’s baller shit right there. Nice work fellas
  225. Chasin' Tail

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    Tumwater Costco has them too for any south enders looking..
  226. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna are here!!

    It got a little bloody, & he was baking in it. So dad, the 30 year veteran paramedic & the 5 year swimmer/lifeguard decided we had his back on the greasy ocean. And he had to pee in the jug & not out on the OS bracket. I know I know... I’m a bad capt for letting it slide.
  227. Chasin' Tail

    Yamaha T8

    I think that's an F8 not a T8
  228. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna are here!!

    Tuna fishing today was so easy an 11 year old could do it.. And the porpoise airshow was epic!
  229. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna are here!!

    Where's your Gay pride X-Rap? I know its there somewhere!
  230. Chasin' Tail

    FS - Tuna live bait hooks and Shimano Torium 20 (x2)

    That green line looks like mono.. I should know, I remember sawing you off many times with my Jerry Brown..
  231. Chasin' Tail

    FS: Two Scotty 1106 downriggers with gimbal bases

    I think you borrowed, me, my tackle, and my downriggers on that trip....
  232. Chasin' Tail

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    And I think those that are running that far North, are actually fishing IN MA3!
  233. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater FWIW 8-2 Crabbing

    last week in the ocean (MA2) I soaked a couple pots and found about 1/2 the crabs to be just a tad soft. Strange for the ocean.
  234. Chasin' Tail

    NEW UFP Hub-Rotor 6 lug

    Bump, anyone needing some bearings?
  235. Chasin' Tail

    Some tackle up for sale

    dam... steal of a deal on all that stuff
  236. Chasin' Tail

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    had to skimp somewhere to buy the 2x 200's ;)
  237. Chasin' Tail

    Nothing to get excited about here...

    YA, you need to get cracking on that problem.
  238. Chasin' Tail

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    I'll take the VP-215 that seals retorts for $800 Alex..
  239. Chasin' Tail

    More shrimps

    There are no shrimps in MA12
  240. Chasin' Tail

    F'ing chipmunk

    they are called trapline mole traps. You can get them on EBay You put them in their tunnels. Make sure they are tethered to something like a stake so the mole doesn't run off with them.
  241. Chasin' Tail

    Porta porty

    It was because the crew was telling me to kick it in reverse to help him rinse.
  242. Chasin' Tail

    Porta porty

    Yup. Your NR comes all setup. No need to over think things. Bucket or use the bracket for easy discharge. MrFish Gittin R Done
  243. Chasin' Tail

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Scene in my driveway this weekend. Boat Ho’s rig going for a ride I Vote Duramax.
  244. Chasin' Tail

    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    its gonna be a sharky year. Hooked 2 Blues this weekend on the drop. the Bigger one was about 50#. We were hoping it was a mako. Was peeling line off the Tanacom pretty good as it made its way away from the boat.
  245. Chasin' Tail

    Looking to buy a boat

    Are you going with the 9' cabin? I opted for the Std 7'cabin to get the 2' Bigger dance floor. That adds options. You can get the kinda smallish (standard) floor fishbox & 160 gallons, or do like I did and go with the 120 gallon tank & have them make the fishbox BIGGER. I think the 9'...
  246. Chasin' Tail

    Looking to buy a boat

    28knts in an Albin? LOL Put down the pipe! You must be hi as a kite
  247. Chasin' Tail

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Something still has to be off in your throttle cable or motor mounted too low causing lots of drag. You should be 5500-6000 @ Wot. With numbers similar to the test numbers defiance posted. What speed are you getting now at WOT @ 5200? Ditch the alloy prop. Try the Reliance SS props. I...
  248. Chasin' Tail

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    They won’t announce Friday until Thursday. Keeps the outsiders off the water.
  249. Chasin' Tail

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    You’re Raider should serve you well. But I’m not a fan of builders who call that type of deck self bailing. It’s very misleading IMO. Then owners a few years down the road will begin to see the results of their builders doing things 1/2 way. There’s a reason NR’s cost more than the same...
  250. Chasin' Tail

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    The entire floor is welded. Only part that isn't is the Patch over the gas tank that is sealed with sealant. On that pic I see above on page 1, those stitch welds are not watertight. Water will be able to leech behind those and under the floor, and same for the seems & edges in the various...
  251. Chasin' Tail

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    The biggest way to keep the corrosion away is to have a truly sealed deck/floor. The pics of the diamond plate floor above is not going to be water tight and eventually there will be corrosion issues under that floor.
  252. Chasin' Tail

    Albacore dip

    Float 12 is Full of them!
  253. Chasin' Tail

    I’ve heard of junk in the trunk.!!!!!!

    Nothing surprises me with those Ford guys..
  254. Chasin' Tail

    F'ing chipmunk

    This is sustenance harvest only. Im Native and don't need permits.
  255. Chasin' Tail

    F'ing chipmunk

    About like Possum, only a little more tender.
  256. Chasin' Tail

    F'ing chipmunk

    Moles are fun. This one had a bad day on Monday.
  257. Chasin' Tail

    Swinomish crabbing 8-1

    Ive always found it interesting that they ALWAYS get to crab & shrimp before we get a chance. if it was truly 50/50, we should get to go first 50% of the time.
  258. Chasin' Tail

    Twin G2 300HP ETECs - 460hrs

    you were doing 42 yesterday? There better be some VIDEO of that!!
  259. Chasin' Tail

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Jesus... I thought all you needed was a CAT to be able to stack tuna like cord wood... Now you gotta have Spotter Planes for help too...… FML....
  260. Chasin' Tail

    26 osprey repower

    C'mon man... he has 2 of em.. he'll be fine.
  261. Chasin' Tail

    WTS Muzzloaders!

    The purge continues. Only one left! 1. Investarms (made for Cabelas) .54 cal SOLD (top in pic) 2. Thompson Center "GreyHawk" Stainless/Synthetic .54 cal $275 (2nd in pic) PRICE DROPPED TO $250, and now also includes accessories in picture. 3 CVA aka. Connecticut Valley Arms "Buckhorn"...
  262. Chasin' Tail

    F'ing chipmunk

    1 escape route? Plug it off and watch him dehydrate.
  263. Chasin' Tail

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    ya, no kidding. I know the pain of watching $40 pliers go over the rail.. watching those go over, may bring a tear to ones eye. Or lots of bad words! But I guess for that kind of money, the lanyard probably wont break after 1/2 a season like most do.
  264. Chasin' Tail

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    I call BS. That's not a garage fridge, there isn't any Egg Cure die staining.
  265. Chasin' Tail

    Anybody have any experience with Garmin brushless a/p “smart” pump.

    When you say on the troll, do you mean salmon troll speeds or in the tuna realm of troll?
  266. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    Buyer changed their mind.. So Back up for sale.
  267. Chasin' Tail

    2001 18ft Super Vee

    If it had a Yamaha 4 stroke Main on it, it would sell faster..:D AND FOR 30% MORE speaking of which, where you get that kicker?? Looks like the one I had stolen in 2016 You must be getting serious about getting a big boy boat now!
  268. Chasin' Tail

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Those OFS4 props are 15.25" diameter. Not sure F150's are gonna like swinging ones that big/heavy
  269. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    I got some powerbait and Wedding band spinners?
  270. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    Spoken for....
  271. Chasin' Tail

    2nd Lot of Flashers

    Who remembers the Big Als cutter? 3 of em in this batch. $100 for all
  272. Chasin' Tail

    Salmon spoons

    mix of Canadian wonders & coyote spoons Mixed bag on condition. Old spoons, back when they came with decent Siawash hooks $40
  273. Chasin' Tail

    BuzzBombs & Small Darts

    It’s a pink year. Come & get em $40 for all
  274. Chasin' Tail

    Salmon plugs 2 lots

    first lot is the ocean plugs. Most are pretty old $30 Second is the River plugs, all sorts of Kwickfish, couple tadpollys, hotshots & a bag of spinners. $60 for all
  275. Chasin' Tail

    Meat Lines x4

    this is the last of em. So I’m pricing these as a package deal, at a crazy price. 4- meat lines 2 are setup with Alvey 725’s 1 is Alvey 505 on a Shakespeare Sturdy Stick 1- um not sure what it is, no markings. First $175 $150 gets all 4 Having a yardsale this weekend, so don’t dilly-dally
  276. Chasin' Tail

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Where do you set your trim tabs & motor trim? That could play a lot into it as well. We didn’t really discuss that. Having some tab will help plane slower. I remember years ago running out on your boat when under previous ownership. We were running next to it’s sister ship & watching that...
  277. Chasin' Tail

    Flashers & dodgers

    sent u a PM Yes I'll ship
  278. Chasin' Tail

    Flashers & dodgers

    these are currently available. Unlike the Alloy boats, these are about 1/2 of the price they sold new for in 2010.. :)
  279. Chasin' Tail

    Flashers & dodgers

    $150 for the lot.
  280. Chasin' Tail

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    it only does 50? I thought you guys said it was fast?
  281. Chasin' Tail

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    If it was White & 3' longer, had twin 200's & Garmin Electronics it would be perfect....:p GLWS.. That's the cleanest used NR ive seen for sale in a long time.
  282. Chasin' Tail

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    How is that new Capt' seat?
  283. Chasin' Tail

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Why can’t the WDFW get some money from the general fund that keeps growing at break neck speed as we get taxed to death? How much additional money will the Commercials contribute? How much will the Tribes contribute? I mean those 2 groups get 75% of the allocated resource. Do they pay 75% of...
  284. Chasin' Tail

    NEW UFP Hub-Rotor 6 lug

    Any of these pics help?
  285. Chasin' Tail

    NEW UFP Hub-Rotor 6 lug

    Bump for price drop. $50. That's about 1/3 of what they cost.
  286. Chasin' Tail

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets

    sounds like you hit the lottery. Nothing is FREE here in Washington.
  287. Chasin' Tail

    NEW UFP Hub-Rotor 6 lug

    All new in the package. Should be everything on the packing list. UFP DB-35 Hub assembly part # UFP 44214 5200# E Coated Plus all the goodies for a vault hub assembly (see pic and Packing list) $75 New fire sale price $50.00
  288. Chasin' Tail

    Fishing out of Ilwalco

    bring sea-ick pills or the patch.
  289. Chasin' Tail

    WP ice

    get there early and don't forget to give the BD 6 pack capt's a :finger: when they cut to the front of the line & fill their coolers while you wait for the next tote!:-)
  290. Chasin' Tail

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    I guess this is one more reason to run twins....:eek: Them shockwave Seats are the bomb... but.... Shit gets real @ 4:00 :eek:
  291. Chasin' Tail

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    Its sold too, pending the guy comes back on Monday with the $$$$$.!!
  292. Chasin' Tail

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    Yup it has internal tank. As well as hot water heater & internal black & grey water tank. Also can hook up straight to waterline. Same with electricity. Can run off 12v as well as 110v or generator I pulled it today at 60. Seemed plenty stable behind my 3500. Was dads camper, so I don't...
  293. Chasin' Tail

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    Had it on Craigslist, Nice young man emailed me at 7am. He said he had cash & wanted to come up ASAP. He drove up from Centralia, said he’s been looking for a nice clean truck for months, and really liked the sticker! Musta been what sealed the deal! He was about 20 & had his mom with...
  294. Chasin' Tail

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    Dads truck. Only 134k miles Auto 7.3L powerstroke. Un-molested, bone stock Brand new tires 100 miles ago ($1100) from Les Schwab And new brakes & shocks 2,000 miles ago. Got some hunting rig battle scars on the hood & a couple dents here & there.. but it is 20 years old. Runs great, no...
  295. Chasin' Tail

    Full totes available

    you don't have to wait, if you're first in line :)
  296. Chasin' Tail

    Say Goodbye to Ocean Salmon Fishing

    sounds like killins seals will help
  297. Chasin' Tail

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    Bump, reduced price.
  298. Chasin' Tail

    Raymarine/DJI Drone Tuna Tower

    NorthRiver Owners do drones with Good Music :D
  299. Chasin' Tail

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    Stop sign, and 2 pipe jigs included with full price offer....
  300. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Stolen Downriggers (Tacoma)

    Looks like a 25HP. Probably too heavy for the tweaker to carry...
  301. Chasin' Tail

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    Jayco Swift SLX 145 Dads camper trailer. Looks brand new. Been parked under cover it’s whole life. Only used a handful of times Heat AC 2 burner stove Microwave Fridge Stereo Toilet & Shower Awning Perfect easy towable trailer for smaller trucks. Reduced Price SOLD
  302. Chasin' Tail

    24’ allied

    I think youre about 2000# low Dry boat weighs 4700, 750 in motors, 1700 in trailer. Add gas & gear and your probably in the 7500-7700# range.
  303. Chasin' Tail

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    How about trade for a "Dead End Sign" or "Private Road" sign... Have ACI install it? :) I think it was either your boys or PSE who tore down our stop sign anyways!! I found it laying on the ground out there at the end of the street when they did the surveying
  304. Chasin' Tail

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    Sold. Still have the stop sign.. Make offer..
  305. Chasin' Tail

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    left some room up there in case someone wants to add a battery & EOH conversion, if they have a Ford as a tow rig
  306. Chasin' Tail

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    $950 and I'll throw in the boat and trailer for free!
  307. Chasin' Tail

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    Basically brand new EZ Loader trailer. (2018) Never seen water, except rain. 1000# capacity Made for 12-14’ boats. Also included is 10’ Smoker Craft Jon with oars. (No Title on boat) $950
  308. Chasin' Tail


    My money is on the "selective mesh size" on gillnets that greatly reduces the abundance of bigger fish in the gene pool. When I fish on local rivers that have an abundance of gillnets, the few fish that I catch above the gauntlet of nets, will mostly show signs of being able to barely fit thru...
  309. Chasin' Tail

    Pipe jigs available

    12" should get a guy more than $20.. just sayin
  310. Chasin' Tail

    Defiance 220ex repower

    looking at those specs back on page 3, It looks like the Yamaha F200 I4 would be a good setup on that boat. It weighs only 10 pounds more than the Honda 150, so no need for any hull/bracket modifications. Honda 200-225-250 all weigh in at 615# +/- so about an additional 125# over the Yamaha...
  311. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone fished out of Chile?

    Clancy was a fish Killin Machine on the Cowlitz river. He's the OG Guide on that river.. So Its no surprise that he can whack and stack on those Transplanted Kings in Chile.
  312. Chasin' Tail

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    This with an OS Bracket + twins instead of the IO would be the tits.. for trailerable fishing machine. Wish they would of offered this in a 27'er when I got mine.
  313. Chasin' Tail

    24’ allied

    What year is the boat?
  314. Chasin' Tail

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    I think this is the one Greg was talking about. Would definitely be a great dual purpose CR/Ocean boat configuration
  315. Chasin' Tail

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    How many Canadian Litre gas tank it it? Don’t penny pinch. Slap a pair of 425’s on there!:devil: Sweet ride!
  316. Chasin' Tail

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    You've come a long way from Popping your cherry on my Hewescraft Rod holders to Building full custom work on those beautiful Devlin Boats! Glad to hear youre kickin ASS on the new gig. But make sure you leave some free days in there in May-Sept for some R&R Ocean time!
  317. Chasin' Tail

    Grayland Beach Rental

    Is there parking for a boat in front of house?
  318. Chasin' Tail


    Dam.. Im out. I don't meet the mimimum beer belly girth requirement.
  319. Chasin' Tail

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    Depends on what it is, But definitely no Glocks! :)
  320. Chasin' Tail

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    Bump for Price drop + added in 2 boxes ammo.
  321. Chasin' Tail

    Truck Questions

    Buy Once Cry Once. Get the Chevy Duramax.:cheers:
  322. Chasin' Tail

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    looks like that snow mobile you sold would have come in handy. :eek:
  323. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna Forecast

    Hard temp break @ 30 miles! They should be here any day now
  324. Chasin' Tail

    Polishing Aluminum

    Flitz + rag + elbow grease. Or use a buffing wheel.
  325. Chasin' Tail

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    like new Kimber Custom Shop CDP II Under 50 rounds thru it. .45 cal Stainless Slide Tridium Night Sights Match Barrel Come to Lacey for Free FFL transfer or I’ll meet you somewhere & transfer is on your dime. $$825 Price Drop to $800 + i'll throw in 2 boxes of 230 GrainFMJ's...
  326. Chasin' Tail

    Good Price on DR balls..

    I sure wish I knew where that guy buys all his lead from....
  327. Chasin' Tail

    2 large bumbers, free

    I like big Bumbs and I cannot lie
  328. Chasin' Tail

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    Im a bit lost that you have 3 estimates, and sent them the least expensive option, and somehow without looking at your truck they sent you a check for less than your least expensive estimate?? Since they are at fault, they need to make you 100% whole. Putting knock off parts on your truck...
  329. Chasin' Tail

    Something odd about this article...

    Sounds like they're laying the groundwork to advocate for a few Million bucks to fund another Study.
  330. Chasin' Tail

    Coasties get paid

    Contrary to what the MSM pundits tell you, Republicans couldn't pass the spending bills necessary for the wall because they only had a the simple majority in the Senate. It requires 60 votes. They only had 51 votes. The simple majority works for SCOTUS nominations but not on Bill Passage...
  331. Chasin' Tail

    Coasties get paid

    I bet MOST are loving the 1 month PAID vacation... But they'll never admit it. Especially the ones who are Trump Haters ;)
  332. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I checked for you.. Same bolt pattern for the 425 as the 300... So it'll bolt right up for you! And matching White paint!
  333. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I went down to the show today. That new Alaskan was pretty sweet! Both the 25 & 27 look like big solid boats & actually compared to other boats that are that size, they are pretty well priced. The 25'r had the new 425 Yamaha on it, and man, that is one monster of a motor! The 31 NROS with...
  334. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Me either. The wife was none the wiser, until it wouldn’t fit in the garage :beerbang:
  335. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    If I was looking at buying a new Alloy boat right now, I'd take a day trip down to Portland this coming week. Jan 9-13th is the boat show down there at the Expo Center, and there is always the full assortment Brands & models of alloy boats on display all under one roof. There are always way...
  336. Chasin' Tail

    Tanacom 750

    Buy an extra Power cord too. Failure @ 700' sucks. Manual Cranking up at the 2.5:1 ratio is a LOT of turns on the handle.
  337. Chasin' Tail

    Best X-mas gift ever

    "exclusions may apply" LOL
  338. Chasin' Tail

    Christmas Communication problem

    If you need practice with working the Iron, Ive got lots of button downs that need some attention.
  339. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Hell is pretty damn cold

    Who picks out your wardrobe in the morning?
  340. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    My advise is to get that bayliner waxed & as spiffy clean as you can and prepped to sell as soon as temps warm up 65* outside.. Like 1st of May. You'll have the best chance at a decent selling price for you then, when people are thinking of going out on lakes and skiing. Unfortunately those...
  341. Chasin' Tail

    Wall Art - concealed PewPew American Flag

    A guy with some carpentry skills & tools could certainly make some boat gas money building these. Same basic design as mine
  342. Chasin' Tail

    Wall Art - concealed PewPew American Flag

    Nope, Bought it. It was an epic fiasco to actually get it. Took almost 7 months before the company shipped it to me. Long story.. Was supposed to be a gift, but didn't make it in time, so had to go with something else. I have another piece of similar artwork already and the Wife says I...
  343. Chasin' Tail

    Wall Art - concealed PewPew American Flag

    something for the Man Cave. Discretely store your freedom pellet holders in this Rustic wooden American Flag wall art. Secret compartment has magnetic lock if you decide you don’t need fast access. Includes foam that you can cut to fit snugly around various items that you’d like to...
  344. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    23' Northriver OS is the smallest that I know of with .250 bottom. Or a Pacific if you want a Center console
  345. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Sounds like you need to get your wife out on one of the 24-26 pilot house boats with a shitter... Then you'll have her blessings now and not be back here in 2 years trying to sell your searunner and move up. :cheers:. Learn from our mistakes My story: 20' Thunderjet, caught 19 tuna out of...
  346. Chasin' Tail

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    So what you're saying is there is a LOT of fluff built into Fiberglass Boats Prices.. :)
  347. Chasin' Tail

    5th wheel adapter........

    How come all the pictures show Chevy's as the tow rigs? … Asking for a friend.
  348. Chasin' Tail

    5th wheel adapter........

    Looks like he needs to flip the drop mount the other way, then its GTG.... Rookies
  349. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Sinks

    Man those survey photos showing the Wiring/Rigging under the deck, to the battery switches, bilge & aft compartment where the steering hydraulic lines are rigged looks more like what you'd expect to find on a $25k spec boat not on a $350k cruiser.
  350. Chasin' Tail

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Don't drink the water, or let them talk you into a timeshare seminar.
  351. Chasin' Tail

    Retort Bags - 8oz 1000pack

    Heck of a deal.. Wish I would have been 1st in line!
  352. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    Oh, come on! It only took him 3 Grady's to finally realize a pilothouse was the way to go! LOL. He'll probably go glass a couple more times before finally coming to his senses and getting a Tin Can!.. on a side note, theres an Osprey on CL with a fresh re-power to Twin Zukes that seems like...
  353. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Chums are fish too!

    Bank fishing along the canal. 99% probably at the hoodsport hatchery, where the chums are returning to spawn.
  354. Chasin' Tail

    A whale of a story...

    So if J, K, L are only here for 20% of the time... supposedly starving to death. Where are they the other 80% of the time? Kinda odd that the apex predator supposedly cant figure out where the food source is better and change their behavior accordingly. But hey, If we get 5 million more...
  355. Chasin' Tail

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    I knew buying aluminum was a better idea than glass. It holds value like a precious metal. Buy & hold, then sell in 8 years for what I paid for it! :beerbang:
  356. Chasin' Tail

    'Digital' open house w/ WDFW director, 11/28.

    Looks like 3 are in western WA, one in Central, one in South Central and 1 in eastern wa. Which is 1 meeting in each of the 6 WDFW regions in the state
  357. Chasin' Tail

    "Disheartening" is an Understatement

    Yup, adding insult to injury. Maybe some day the State will grow some balls and end the "co-management" fiasco. Should probably end the Casino Monopoly too.... But I digress....
  358. Chasin' Tail

    lots of new fishing gear

    Ahhh, now we can understand why you're such a delicate flower... You don't even use the approved BD navigational format! FNG's! :cheers:
  359. Chasin' Tail

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    What a crock of SHIT! Once again proves the corruption and partisanship within The States AG office, and apparently Pierce County as well. Good to see Sgt. Olsen at WDFW write his email to the Prosecutors Office and call their BS out. Gotta give that guy props for calling their asses out!
  360. Chasin' Tail

    Boat extinguishers - what do you use.

    you need either 2- type B-II extinguishers or one B-I. I have 2x of the smaller BII's. West marine. Kidde Brand.
  361. Chasin' Tail

    Salt Patrol Mexico tourney

    every year, I tell myself I need to go do this trip.... and here I sit.. Maybe next year!
  362. Chasin' Tail

    Need trailer brakes

    Yikes. How old were those brakes?
  363. Chasin' Tail

    E-TEC Jet. 90/65

    320# Too big for your sled.
  364. Chasin' Tail

    E-TEC Jet. 90/65

    I wish. Still in the sling for 4 more weeks with orders not to use that arm for anything....
  365. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Pictures

    She grew up so fast....
  366. Chasin' Tail

    E-TEC Jet. 90/65

    Kicking around adding some HP to my sled. Soooo If someone wants a great running, light weight jet, this is your huckleberry 230+\- hours Garage kept Turn key & go Motor will stay mounted on my boat-unless it sells, so can demo for serious buyers. $7200. .
  367. Chasin' Tail

    Lance Camper SOLD

    Curt, That right there is a well cared for Camper! GLWS.
  368. Chasin' Tail

    wtb 60 TO 90 HP OUTBOARD JET

    I may have something of interest. 90/65 E-Tec Tiller Jet. Has about 225 hours. Runs like a top. Its a 2008 model year. Im thinking about moving up to a 115/80. but would need to fetch a fair price on mine in order to make it pencil out.
  369. Chasin' Tail

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    A lot less than I’d like to admit! I need a PEZ Dispenser
  370. Chasin' Tail

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Love me some WFO iron bites
  371. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 9/28 JUMPERS!

    So the real question is..... when you moving up to a Coldwater ?
  372. Chasin' Tail

    New bottom blue kao

    Im a trailer queen, Those Bottoms look so good, it almost makes me want to get mine painted!
  373. Chasin' Tail

    Any tuna in WA?

    Those look like Oregon Tuna.
  374. Chasin' Tail

    The Choice

    You kids should work out a deal. Ive also got a spare set of SDS props that work awesome on the F200's, and can plane my boat out on one motor :) so if you move up Tony, I can lessen your pain at the prop a bit. They are probably the best overall prop for my boat, but I had to cave and go...
  375. Chasin' Tail

    The Choice

    Looking at the new 25/27 Alaskan, and its design differences from the 24/26, I'd venture to say it should be pretty close in weight to the NROS's. The new hull is taller, and WIDER than the previous hulls. Also adding the self bailing deck will add more structure underneath too. It should do...
  376. Chasin' Tail

    WorkSharp sharpener

    When you come by and bring me lunch next week make sure you take some dull knives home to clean up for me. I think 3-4 day turn around time would be reasonable.. :) Youre the best!!
  377. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    If I came upon an upside down boat, I'd sure as hell look around the boat & surrounding area for people in the water. Seems pretty obvious that calling the Coast Guard would be the prudent thing to do to determine the likelihood of missing persons and have more resources to aid in rescue or...
  378. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    sell the Grady in So Cal. Its cold here 9 months out of they year. You will want a boat with more protection from the elements unless you only plan on boating in the summer. Think pilothouse.
  379. Chasin' Tail

    The Choice

    I think that 25AK will be the best Tweener boat to be had. Anchoring in the big C will be a breeze. As UB Said, Id still have my 24AK if it was a self bailer. Fuel economy will be 2x of that in your grady. If you wanna keep the bare aluminum looking pretty (hull , Bracket, Rails) , put...
  380. Chasin' Tail

    Generator FREE!

    I had one of those...… Hardest starting motor I ever owned.... Starter fluid into the carb was the only way I could get it to fire.... POS Went honda and never looked back
  381. Chasin' Tail

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    No need for a holding tank if you have a nice wide OS Bracket!
  382. Chasin' Tail

    Boat down today?

    That sucks.. Hope it wasn't the BD guy I saw at CAST 4 Kids. He was a real nice guy. He had a big Trophy with twin mercs.
  383. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho Reports

    Fished MA13, saw about 30-40 coho jump in tight along the shoreline where they mill around until they eventually get netted by the Tribe. Casted a variety of spinners at them, made about 658 casts.. so A few hundred short of the usual 1000+ it takes to entice these lock jawed fish to strike...
  384. Chasin' Tail

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Would there be any role playing or whips involved? ... asking for a friend.
  385. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Yup those what was your fix for the cheap ass screws?
  386. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    The Core parts of my brakes look pretty good, so I think this one just was a bad pad. But The backing plates are not real corrosion resistant looking, so I have a feeling others could fail soon too. Not much wear on the pads. . Pretty happy with the rest of the trailer except the angle...
  387. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    So far I just replaced the pads. After inspection it looks like the pad separated from backing plate & broke off. Waiting to hear back from UPF on if they are going to send me a new rotor. The existing one was scored bad in the one side where the pad failed. This fix should get me...
  388. Chasin' Tail

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Ya, the ride up there was fun. At first it was sheer terror in their eyes. Telling me to go slow.. then I said but we don’t want “those guys” to beat us to the secret spot.. then it was go faster.. go faster!!! They loved crossing your wake when you were pulling the Crazy Ivan’s LOL Your...
  389. Chasin' Tail

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    Holy crap! Those are toads! I’m gonna have to break the Barbie rods out for the next trip! Game on baby!
  390. Chasin' Tail

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    First timer here for participating in this event. It was very heartwarming to see these kids really light up while fishing and at the awards/celebration ceremony after we got off the water. Seeing the challenges these kids and their families face every day really puts life into perspective...
  391. Chasin' Tail

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    ^^ what Jamie says. They love the belly meat of their diced up brothers. anyone have Coords? I only fished perch on that lake one time, back in 2003. I think I was somewhere North of Coulon Just south of the Bridge on the east side of Mercier Isl.
  392. Chasin' Tail

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Probably a few sockeye.... I mean cough cough kokanee in there about now if a guy was to troll a flasher real slow with red hooks and forget to put bait on the hook.
  393. Chasin' Tail

    fishing Coho without the downriggers ??

    pfft… We get doggies on jigs and hoochies... no scent needed in MA 13.
  394. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Westport-tailwalking it

    Maybe if you packed less ice, you'd get more miles on a tank... ;)
  395. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater WP Tuna is WFO

    Guy has a boat worth more than my house, and not so much as a beanbag for the deckhands...…..
  396. Chasin' Tail

    fishing Coho without the downriggers ??

    There's always sight fishing for the Squaxin Net pen coho that swim around in circles until the tribe nets most of them in MA13. They usually mill around between squaxin & Harstein Island. Sometimes the mill around Hammersly inlet, and around the Harstein Island Bridge. They'll be rolling...
  397. Chasin' Tail

    Found. Goatrams new business card

    Are those Marlin Mikes missing boots?
  398. Chasin' Tail

    Speaking of Tuna

    Looks like word is out! The Ilwaco fleet is on their way! The race is on!
  399. Chasin' Tail

    Speaking of Tuna

    Trailer to Ilwaco if you are light on Fuel/Range. There are so many fish down there its crazy. Its was off the chains down there today.
  400. Chasin' Tail

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    The 25'er is a New Hull model, I think there's only been one sold (Clemens Marine) So finding feedback on that one may be tough. I had the Less Capable 24'AK for 8 years b4 moving up to the NROS. Theres a lot of pics on the Clemens Website, so It looks like the 25'er has made some...
  401. Chasin' Tail

    Where did the tuna go!???

    I heard that Turbo Ted was WFO and was plugging the boat up north of the fleet yesterday. Same guy?
  402. Chasin' Tail

    Where did the tuna go!???

    Saw you fishing the GH @ 7ish. May I suggest heading a little farther west. :)
  403. Chasin' Tail

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    Was getting egg laden shrimp the norm? I sure hope not, that'll probably impact next years shrimping abundance
  404. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Easterm Marine looks like $1342 Including shipping. E-Trailer $1621. KodiakTrailer = $1440. That's going all stainless. (assuming that's the right replacement for my trailer, which im still checking on)
  405. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    next question. Anyone know a good installer in the Oly/Tacoma area? I think I might weigh the Pain in my back/headache factor vs Money to pay for it do get done. I was thinking Les Schwab, but im hearing they don't do Boat Trailer work.
  406. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Apparently 6 Roblees doesn't carry Kodiak or Stainless Steel.
  407. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Had a pad fall off the boat trailer so Being that I'm OCD Im thinking of just re-doing my brakes all the way around. EZ loader came with the Basic UFP discs and calipers. But Im thinking of replacing everything and going with Kodiak SS all the way around. Any opinions or sources for parts...
  408. Chasin' Tail

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    Not bitching, just wondering their methodology. And per usual it comes down to 2 things. Accommodating Law Enforcement and the Tribe instead of the recreational working man. In a nutshell that was my takeaway. So has to be tues/wed since the canal is open to crabbing the other days... Its...
  409. Chasin' Tail

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    not to mention the very low tides at launch time... and why not give us 5 hours instead of 4 if they are increasing the limit?
  410. Chasin' Tail

    SOLD Meat Line #2

    Got another Meat Line i’d Like to sell. Spooled with Stainless cable Has the highly desirable Alvey 725 reel! Was gonna ask more, But I’ll take $100 for this one. SOLD
  411. Chasin' Tail

    Some Canadian Porn

    Solid Work! Color me crazy, But that doesn't look like a salmon/food shortage in Canada Eh?
  412. Chasin' Tail

    New guy from the midwest.

    Nice Intro. Great job at selling your Grady! Around here, guys that run those are said to be assholes. I can see an aluminum Pilothouse in your future.
  413. Chasin' Tail

    SOLD Meat Line Alvey Reel

    No this one sold. But I do have another one that I'll sell for $100 (firm) It has the slightly bigger 725-C52 reel and slightly different rod. sent u a PM
  414. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    If you’re willing to drive to the south canal, I could probably make that happen.
  415. Chasin' Tail

    Unofficial WTC Results

    You spelled our name wrong. It’s Titan :) Good times!
  416. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    I bet It'll be back for sale in a few weeks at $35k!! you're giving that boat away! If they don't want the shrimp pots, I can store them at my place for you till you move back to WA...
  417. Chasin' Tail


    I'm sure I did a lot better than 27th. We turned in 5 fish. We were really just out there looking for Peanuts and other Pelagic fish to win side pots. But fishing was slow for Marlins & Bluefins. Hopefully I'll find a kelp Patty next time.
  418. Chasin' Tail


    Anyone have a list of the results and team placement beyond 1-2-3?
  419. Chasin' Tail


    Nice work Pat. Shooting the Gap at the Shotgun start was awesome. Pursuit, Tommy, Me, You all flying thru there @ 40 + was epic. Wish I had the GoPro rolling!
  420. Chasin' Tail

    Need a favor...

    I think even Larry2 should be able to make it all day on Saturdays forecast w/o puking. Your wife should be fine :)
  421. Chasin' Tail

    Tractor attachment

    Looks Like a Jackpole Platform/Basket. Goatram should be along soon to snatch that baby up!
  422. Chasin' Tail

    Sat phones input

    How's the coverage/service on globalstar now? When I looked into it a few years ago, my research showed it very spotty at times. Have they added satellites of got the kinks worked out?
  423. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Wednesday shake the cobwebs out run....

    Dam, that pic has me thinking they were in pretty close today! You can see land in the background! Nice work!
  424. Chasin' Tail

    Well That Was Fast; A9 Closes 7/23

    Gotta make sure there are thousands of surplus that make it thru to those selective GillNets.
  425. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna seat

    . . Suddenly, Im VERY happy I didn't buy a Red Duckworth, instead of a White Northriver!
  426. Chasin' Tail

    Blue Kai for sale

    That's a lot of boat for the $$$. You going Aluminum Ken?
  427. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    So what you’re sayin is you are a spitter!
  428. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    The first tuna of the summer is always Soooooo dam good!!
  429. Chasin' Tail

    @wdlfbio Found your new boat

    I burned 80 gallons on a tuna trip once.... Ugh. that was a long 185 miles.
  430. Chasin' Tail

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Im with you, I need some beanbag time this summer too.
  431. Chasin' Tail

    Tanacom Bull service

    Anyone got a fix for the cords crapping out after a couple seasons? Had to replace 2 this year. Seems the bending just behind the socket that goes into the reel is the weak point. I had added several layers of tape to "stiffen" it up there, and still had em fail.
  432. Chasin' Tail

    2014 EZ-Loader galv. Trailer

    Throw up a pic of your new trailer.. And how do you like it?
  433. Chasin' Tail

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Guess they told me.... They updated the creel on their website. Over quota in MA1,2 but still some left in the Strait & North coast.
  434. Chasin' Tail

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    They wont update the Creel numbers because they don't want us to see all the Poundage still left on the table.... just my opinion.
  435. Chasin' Tail

    Radio silence being observed

    Check to see if its on 1watt, instead of 25w for send when you TX the mic. Or is it no Bueno even if other boat is right next to you?
  436. Chasin' Tail

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    Ahh, for me its 1.5 to WP and 3.5+ at Towing speeds not including fuel/piss breaks to Lapush. If I was planning on extended days (2-3) of fishing, Lapush would be a no brainer.
  437. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Lapush 6/23

    So Jelly!
  438. Chasin' Tail

    Building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp.

    Just eat MRE's as camp food. You wont have to shit for at least 7 days.
  439. Chasin' Tail

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    You must have a shortcut to Lapush I don't know about. Westport is a easy day trip for me. Lapush is a 2 day commitment. That drive home after a day of fishing is a grind from LP. Ive always had better fishing in that other spot that's more W/NW out of LP. So was interesting to see so many...
  440. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    Ok, that's fine and dandy on sailboats or to offset a generator. But on a trailer boat?? Maybe they add it so they can inflate their "dry weight" so you overlook the thin gauge skin on their hulls or the narrow beam at the chine?
  441. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    5 feet of PVC pipe filled with Concrete? WTF?
  442. Chasin' Tail

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    Kinda weird to see you guys trailer to Lapush, and see you fishing the same water I was in fishing from Westport.
  443. Chasin' Tail

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    No mention of Nutter Butters..... & My Manhood stands at only 27'.. Guess Im OUT I'll be looking to start prospecting probably next week or so. on greasy ocean days, so I don't spill my sippy cup
  444. Chasin' Tail


    Netting 5 days a week. Wonder how many incidental Chinook and Steelhead they are going to get in their "sockeye" nets.
  445. Chasin' Tail

    The Shakes

    Many hidden talents!
  446. Chasin' Tail

    The Shakes

    Ohhh Boy!! I cant wait to see you & the Woman on a monohull, I hear glass boats are easy to rinse.. Just like The good old days :) The Woman: You: Me:
  447. Chasin' Tail

    The Shakes

    Why, You want a seat ?? Is that a Westport caught in Washington tuna or a Westport caught in Oregon tuna?
  448. Chasin' Tail

    How many of you throw a hook for pots?

    I call BS. You lose all your pots B4 U pull them. LOL
  449. Chasin' Tail

    The Shakes

    Its Almost Time!!
  450. Chasin' Tail

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    I think he just wanted to vacuum your carpets for free.
  451. Chasin' Tail

    Quileute Hotel room question

    Honda EU1000 + extension cord. You'll be good to go.
  452. Chasin' Tail

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    so does this mean that the Charters planning on running from Westport, to fish MA3 on 6/7 can no longer legally make that run? Unless of course they make port in LaPush at the end of the day before returning to Westport? But Tuna, Ling & Halibut on same day!! That could be an epic day!
  453. Chasin' Tail

    Starving killer whales

    How about instead of closing down all the sport fishing, they kill a few hundred seals/Sealions. It will have a bigger impact improving salmon numbers if there were less seals as they eat them year round. We only harvest adult salmon, and generally those with clipped adipose fins. Seals are...
  454. Chasin' Tail

    Fished the Hoh lately ?

    I hear the (T&R) fly fishing is good there!
  455. Chasin' Tail

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    My guess is a leak in one of your water pickups. Either the one to the wash down or the bait tank. Did you pull the access floor under the back panel & examine those connections? Or open the access on the OS bracjet & see if you see water tricking in around motor mounts or the bilge drain...
  456. Chasin' Tail

    Alcohol and boating

    I’ve seen the video. Doesn’t look like he did anything severe enough to lose the boat like he did. But I guess shit happens (let me try to upload it) .
  457. Chasin' Tail

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    I thought you weren’t allowed to fish across MA boundaries & land halibut in a port that’s in a closed area?? Or is it ok, since “nearshore” is still open in MA2?
  458. Chasin' Tail

    Bonar Half Tote

    That doesn’t look like a full boner. But I hear there’s a pill out there that can help u get a full boner
  459. Chasin' Tail

    Fun stuff!

  460. Chasin' Tail

    Spray-on bed liner?

    2nd this. They've done my last 2 trucks as well.
  461. Chasin' Tail

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    Ive had good luck cleaning oil with a product called "super Clean" comes in a purple jug, made by Castrol I think.. Usually Auto-Zone has it. Awesome at getting oil out of concrete. Not sure on how it plays with gelcoat. Might be easier to just sell the Parker as is, and get that Alloy...
  462. Chasin' Tail

    Fun stuff!

    Who’s been holding out on sharing the Gig Harbor Hali Coords?? Sharing is caring!
  463. Chasin' Tail

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    less wind Friday & sunday up there. Its a no brainer.
  464. Chasin' Tail

    Stand up fighting harness / plate

    Do you have any harnesses that are rigged with Outie's instead of an Innie? Asking for a friend.
  465. Chasin' Tail

    Any Garmin experts?

    That's the best way to eliminate future Lowrance headaches.
  466. Chasin' Tail

    Any Garmin experts?

    After adding a new Plotter/second station to my ride, I had a similar issue. Im all garmin plotters 7600xsv's, but running a simrad AP & heading sensor. The fix was to re-calibrate the heading sensor, and then was still a little off, so I went into the AP control settings and adjusted the...
  467. Chasin' Tail

    Well... There goes the neighborhood... New Yamaha..

    That would be a beast on the back of your boat. Im thinking Maybe Defiance will start rigging them on their Pilothouses. It would eliminate all their hydraulic steering issues...… Too soon?? :-)
  468. Chasin' Tail

    Well... There goes the neighborhood... New Yamaha..

    The wait time is about 2 1/2 years for my dream boat.... Im only 1 winning lottery ticket away, and i'll be placing my order. Well that, and moving somewhere where I can fish on it year round.
  469. Chasin' Tail

    Bonar Half Tote

    any guestimate on how much it weighs empty?
  470. Chasin' Tail

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    After sending them 2 blank catch cards, this year I smartly decided it wasn't worth paying up to drift around and pull up empty pots in MA13 anymore. I smartly Skipped the endorsement. So here's a big F-U- WDFW, you didn't get my money this year before you bent us over once more!
  471. Chasin' Tail

    Intersting Math

    Its worse that that. what % of people fished on Friday out of Neah? Bar at LaPush was pretty much closed all day, so most people only fished on Sunday.
  472. Chasin' Tail

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    As LBJ said above. MA13 took a major nose dive after the Tribes went full retard and raped the entire Nisqually reach... I call BS on the way the news release says the WDFW doesn't know why it declined. Ive talked to the Bio at WDFW that confirmed the tribal overharvest. The only thing...
  473. Chasin' Tail


    11' & blowing 20+. Probably will only eat up 10,000# of quota in each area on a day like that. Fuzzy math..
  474. Chasin' Tail

    This isn't good...

    He has a ball valve on his floor fishbox? Mine only has a drain plug. It drains below the waterline. But even if I forget the plug, the fishbox only fills about 3/4 full then levels off about 6" below the level of the floor. (makes for a great self draining livewell for crabs) I'm...
  475. Chasin' Tail

    Three McKay shrimp pots, rigged and ready to go with harness

    Which Pots are they? Small square, big square or octagons? Brian probably needs them worse than I do
  476. Chasin' Tail

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    this shows why you need to balance your load properly.
  477. Chasin' Tail

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Use a pencil.... Just sayin...;)
  478. Chasin' Tail

    Autopilot Help Please

    Wait, You're paying for "Pro Install" and they aren't doing all the sea trial/commissioning of the AP to make sure its 100% good to go? That doesn't sound very "pro" to me. Just sayin....
  479. Chasin' Tail

    Washington MMSI list

    That only works when following E-tecs
  480. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Woweye

    Sand dabs or drives to the Dry side of the state.. Washingtons Future in fishing. Time to buy a Lund before the prices go up.
  481. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Do it deeper

    Deeper and faster... I hear that a lot. Nice fish.
  482. Chasin' Tail

    Adulting Sucks

    Maybe if I ever come across a good deal on another mini sled.. But It'll cost ya!!
  483. Chasin' Tail

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    oh shit.. There goes the neighborhood!
  484. Chasin' Tail

    Adulting Sucks

    I have 2 boats, and often times feel I need to have a 3rd!! I messed up when I sold my Jon Boat/Jet combo! I regret selling it almost every day from September-March.. Hopefully someday I find that gem for a reasonable price and can have another one.
  485. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone recognize this POS

    I got the pictures from the Sherriff Office Facebook page. They took the picture of the boat after it was dumped and posted it asking for tips to help them find the POS who dumped it. Then, later they got the pic of the CRV towing it before it was dumped. Apparently taken by someone who...
  486. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone recognize this POS

    Boat numbers show no Registration with DOL Not sure why they cant track the car by its plate. I think they are hoping someone will recognize the boat & know where it was a yard ornament b4 they decided to dump it.
  487. Chasin' Tail

    Anyone recognize this POS

    Anyone recognize this boat or the car driven by this POS that dumped the boat near Johnson Creek Road in Thurston County?? The sheriffs office would love to hear from you. Their # is 360-704-2740 Car is a green Honda CRV, plate AUS5035 Case # 18-1667
  488. Chasin' Tail

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Those corrosion spots mostly look to be at the ends of running strakes. I always have wondered on bottom painted alloy how it would work with those since you can’t paint up in the tunnel. Looks like a lot of that pitting started right at the spot where the bottom paint ended.
  489. Chasin' Tail

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Only 15 boats.... Seems like an innocuous amount Well, Until I think about how may hooks/sets each of those boats deploy.
  490. Chasin' Tail

    Suzuki DF 350-300

    I'm sure those 350 Suzuki's are nice... But they aren't twin 200 Yamaha nice! :smoking33:
  491. Chasin' Tail

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Just picked up my 2018 License and there is only 4 lines for Halibut vs the 10 fish on last years catch card!! Didn’t notice it until I got home. So is this a back door way to make us buy another catch card, or is it max 4 Fish ??
  492. Chasin' Tail

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Whats the Vegas Over/Under on how long that'll last before some tweaker runs off with it? Looks killer though!
  493. Chasin' Tail

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Bentleys and a Columbia R. anchor setup, You're on your way to having a nice Riverboat.
  494. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Anyone recognize this guy??

    That Gooche Guy gets around doesn't he.. I'd probably have gloved up too.
  495. Chasin' Tail

    Who makes the rods

    Oh, THAT guy.......
  496. Chasin' Tail

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    So how was the fishing? When do we get the fishing report?
  497. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Lake Wa Cutts

    let me know how you do.
  498. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Lake Wa Cutts

    I was 12-15 feet on the wire and set the baits WAY back. Like 100' feet back. I worked the area out in front of the Cedar River & west. 80'FOW GL & Have fun
  499. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Lake Wa Cutts

    couple on Rainbow Patterned Needlefish behind the dodger you can see hanging in the 1st pic. Then also got a couple on the new Kokanee Sized Brads Cut plug.
  500. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Lake Wa Cutts

    Anyone else been out lately? I went out a couple weeks ago and hammered a few. Pretty surprised at the size of the fish. Trying to do my part in increasing outward smolt survival. But dam, $20 to launch @ Coulon is a bit steep!
  501. Chasin' Tail

    Bye bye West San Juan Chinook Fisheries!

    They need to eliminate seals/sea lions that directly compete with the whales for food...
  502. Chasin' Tail

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    I only give Numba's to the kids in Parkaaas's & Gradys... They need the help.. But if anyone has any DEEP WP ling-cod Coords... feel free to PM me.. THx :-)
  503. Chasin' Tail

    Who had trouble at the launch ramp in Ilwaco?

    I cant see how something like this could just happen..... Unless..... He was looking to move up to a Chevy Duramax ... :urno1:
  504. Chasin' Tail

    My Shoes

    I usually jump in my boat and have someone else back me down the ramp. I back off trailer with motors and wait at dock while whoever I'm with parks the truck. Do the reverse when retrieving, I powerload once trailer is in water, and have whoever I'm with attach bow to winch and tighten last...
  505. Chasin' Tail

    My Shoes

    Wait what?? I haven’t seen this beer you speak of. I might need some new friends
  506. Chasin' Tail

    Arkansas Snow Geese

    spoken like a True Surf Scoter Hunter!!
  507. Chasin' Tail

    Getting to the Tuna Grounds on the DL

    thevpossibilities are endless...
  508. Chasin' Tail

    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    it was probably written by a biologist..... just sayin
  509. Chasin' Tail

    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    2017 projection was 386,500 fish. So actual numbers in 2017 were about 100k BELOW projection. So IF their projections are right, about the same number of fish this year as what showed last year.. But they will probably cut our season, since they will base their models on 100k less...
  510. Chasin' Tail

    Area 2 butts

    Yup, I use an electric. If your daily driver was a wheelchair you would too!;) I fish A1,2,3... Don't kill the messenger. Just relaying early intel.
  511. Chasin' Tail


    Well, Its the nicest looking boat in their line-up. But, they still need to up their game and use some nicer windows/doors
  512. Chasin' Tail

    Area 2 butts

    Last I heard was test fishery was very poor south of the Queets river. Lots more fish in the north part of 3 & 4
  513. Chasin' Tail

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    It might not be as bad on your 25 as it is on the smaller motors running ethanol. If you let gas sit in the carb on the T8/9.9 it gums up over time of non-use. So what usually happens is it clogs the idle jet in the carb. I also use the ring free/stabilizer as well. Never can be too safe...
  514. Chasin' Tail

    Weekly inside storage???

    YUP XD-100 is $42/gallon. I use it in my 90/65 Jet on the lil-boat. CRAZY expensive is an understatement for 2-cycle oil.
  515. Chasin' Tail

    Value rods and reels

    I run a $70 Diawa Moocher as my main Downrigger/knucklebster setup. Works great. Several glass DR rods out there for $75-100 too. You could also look for some pro-staff hand-me-downs too if you wanna run the cool shit
  516. Chasin' Tail

    People were out fishing Saturday and yesterday? Seriously?

    You ever try swinging a fly in 20-30 mph winds?
  517. Chasin' Tail

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Do you run non-ethanol fuel? That is the elephant in the room on kicker performance issues.
  518. Chasin' Tail

    Looking for test props to borrow

    Id like to get my hands on some 15p or 17p 4 blades as well. Just to see how they run. The 27OS I test drive before buying mine had 15p HR4 Titans on it. They seemed to run well on the boat, but I’d like to run them back to back on my setup & see if there’s any improvement to be had over my...
  519. Chasin' Tail

    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    You guys are WAY over thinking things.
  520. Chasin' Tail

    WTB: Old Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick, or Tracker

    that one is sweet. Just needs a gunrack and some spotlights & you are all set
  521. Chasin' Tail

    Yamaha responds to supply shortage of large outboards

    I'm wondering if they cut back production to tool up for their next latest and greatest? Back in 2008 when I got my last boat it was impossible to find a F250. So I had to go with a Counter Rotating single F250. Or I could have waited 2-3 months for one of the new 4.2L engines that were...
  522. Chasin' Tail

    Help with Link8

    sounds like it would be easier to just switch to Garmin, so everything works.:cheers:
  523. Chasin' Tail

    Help with Link8

    Do you already have a functioning NMEA 2000 network? If so all you should have to do is add the radio to the network by adding a NMEA "T" connector to the network, then plug in the NMEA cable. You also have to connect the radio to the bottom side of the "T" and have a terminator on each end...
  524. Chasin' Tail

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    After reading your post explaining your wants "sliding door, self bailing deck".. I don't think a TJ Alexis or a Hewes 240 is going to give you those features (unless they build you a custom one off boat). Even some of the TJ Pilots don't have em.. The holes on their decks drain to the...
  525. Chasin' Tail

    New Duckworth PAC Nav 215ASAP

    What a Cute little thing! You're gonna Love that 200!
  526. Chasin' Tail

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Do you have to register for the Tourney to take a couple vets out on WTC day? Just thinking outside of the box. Wonder if there could be an option to fish some vets/donate your catch in exchange for a couple seats at the after party? Then no stress and have a fun time on the water.. Win/Win?
  527. Chasin' Tail

    iPad for year helm?

    I ran an Ipad in a lifeproof case & ram mount back at my 2nd helm using the Garmin App for a few months. Problem is the sun glare washes out the screen, so its hard to see in sunlight. I ended up moving one of my 2 MFD's that were on the dash at the front helm out back, and setup the Ipad at...
  528. Chasin' Tail

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    What was the show price on a 27' Defioance?
  529. Chasin' Tail

    F300 100hr service

    MMMM quality lube jobs.... one more reason not to buy an E-Tec :cheers:
  530. Chasin' Tail

    Halibut WTF

    The most pathetic part is the Halibut BYCATCH- waste in AK is more than our entire 2A fishery...
  531. Chasin' Tail

    My boat's turn at "Bob's Boat Bottom Spa"

    wow, what a transformation.. Especially on the OS Bracket! NICE
  532. Chasin' Tail

    F300 100hr service

    Like many hot chicks... Her Technique is a little lacking. Using dirty oil to lube the new filter? Not adding new gasket on oil drain plug? Putting lower cowling back on B4 inspecting for leaks after adding new oil? She's still young, She can be taught new tricks.
  533. Chasin' Tail

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    Coords you say? Are the keys in it? I forget are you a Keystone guy or Bush?
  534. Chasin' Tail

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    He knows how to salmon fish. You're way more work.:p:
  535. Chasin' Tail

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    If it was me, I'd start a lot more simple trips than taking dad/son or whatever combo out on the ocean for tuna. If they don't have any time on big water, it could be a shitshow for both of them.. For kids in the 10-14 age range who don't have much fishing time (ocean boat experience) under...
  536. Chasin' Tail

    That'll buff right out!!

    those aren't thru bolted..
  537. Chasin' Tail

    New Yamaha 9.9

    Feed it No Ethanol fuel and it will treat you very well
  538. Chasin' Tail

    Autopilot stupidity

    I wonder if this is what it looked like for the GlacierBay that got T-Boned by the MLB in LaPush! Scary to see that coming! Glad no one was hurt
  539. Chasin' Tail

    Looking for help - licensed captain

    Is it even Legal to let Holywood Drive?
  540. Chasin' Tail

    Jura Impressa E8 Expresso Machine Parts & Spare Filters *FREE*

    But... but.... but..... Its ELMA.... Look on the bright side, She's an Aberdeen 9
  541. Chasin' Tail

    Jura Impressa E8 Expresso Machine Parts & Spare Filters *FREE*

    Sheesh... doesn't anyone just go to the Bikini Baristas for their morning Joe anymore?
  542. Chasin' Tail

    Benelli Super Black Eagle 2

    Sounds like a plan. Unless someone else wants to offer....... $1300 :)
  543. Chasin' Tail

    Benelli Super Black Eagle 2

    Yup, 3.5" No thanks on the trade. Black guns scare me ;)
  544. Chasin' Tail

    Christmas Project!!!

    not to sidetrack, but how do you like the Jensen head unit? Ample power or do you have an amp? Have been kicking around the idea of adding some tunes to the boat. I like how easy it would be to cut a circle in the dash for install.
  545. Chasin' Tail

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    House of Pain~jump around
  546. Chasin' Tail

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    WTF.... Ive always thought you were more of an Enya kind of guy....
  547. Chasin' Tail

    Another aluminum option?

    Some of your stories are pretty sad. Its pretty bad to hear that you are spending $50, $70, $100 or even upwards of $150 Thousand dollars on your new boats, and are making it sound as if the dealerships are doing you a favor by selling you a boat. Maybe It was divine intervention when I...
  548. Chasin' Tail

    Please Support JT & Chad's fight vs Cali Lawmskers

    i support these fine young men.
  549. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Ive Seen Goats Boat..... I'll stick with my Pain-T.. :cheers:
  550. Chasin' Tail

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Looks like a scene From Tuna Town
  551. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    $50K?? Dam.. Id go with a parker if they are that much cheaper. I thought they were in the same ballpark. Spend $200 on beanbags for the crew and call it a day!
  552. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    why do you say that? Ride is similar with both boats using standard seats. Softer in the NR if optioned with suspensions... As far as I know Parker doesn't offer a suspension option from factory.
  553. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    realistically, to keep the choices similar in price, you'd need to look at the 23' NROS. I think both are in the $90-95k range New. Biggest differences would be cabin bigger in NR, Cockpit bigger in Parker. Sides taller in NR. Ride would be very similar, maybe a tad less spray in 1/4tering...
  554. Chasin' Tail

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Just get a 27' NROS and be done with it... Will keep the 2' itis away for a few extra years. Parkers are nice too, Whatever you do......don't buy a Grady.
  555. Chasin' Tail

    December is starting off pretty good

    I hope you can cast that better than you can an Avet! . And now that I think of it, you owe me a Swimbait AND $50$
  556. Chasin' Tail

    Four (4) Crab pots, with bait cages and rope

    there are no crab in WA. GLWS
  557. Chasin' Tail

    Fresh meat

    that looks a lot like a deer, only smaller. Ive seen Jackalope bigger.
  558. Chasin' Tail

    That'll buff right out!!

    one of my all time favorites:
  559. Chasin' Tail

    That'll buff right out!!

    If it wasn't for the grassy knoll in the pic, It reminds me of some of my bait stops this summer
  560. Chasin' Tail

    That'll buff right out!!

    its gonna be a long boring wet week.. Post some good "it'll buff right out" pics I'll start... Story is that it was foggy out..
  561. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    I moved from a 24' Hewescraft Alaskan (same hull as the Pacific Cruiser) to the NorthRiver. The NR hull is much more stable, efficient & better in the chop. Id get a 23' NROS over the Hewes to keep you in the same price point... Or go up to the 25'/27' if budget allows. Other big down side...
  562. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    NR has option of 120 or 160 gallon tanks. Bigger tank steals space by sacrificing the size of floor fishbox. I opted to go big fish box & small tank (120gal) Don't let those with GAS GUZZLING V6 motors scare you with stories of burning 150+ gallons of gas on a tuna run..:zelfmoord The...
  563. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    Twin 200's.......Check Upgrade to Flapper scuppers from the balls. Post build pictures, Its gonna be a long winter.
  564. Chasin' Tail

    Anybody catching any chums yet?

    Drove by the Hood today. many people lined up at the Hatchery and Netters out both North and South of there as well.. Leads me to believe there is some Toothy Critters in the area
  565. Chasin' Tail

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    I just got a Leer XQ last month for my truck. Called canopy world, and their price was about $225 more than a small but really good leer dealer in Chehalis called "Country Canopy & RV center" I opted to save some cash. Great restaurant next door to relax at while they do install & wire for...
  566. Chasin' Tail

    First time pressure canning

    I think the lid is a little loose.
  567. Chasin' Tail

    Coyote's and Pets

    Took me about 10 months for this one. I had one NFA Stamp come back in 4 months, but that was like 6 years ago. Clock starts when the ATF cashes his Check. I'm hearing the wait time is about 12 months right now for most people who submitted as a Trust. If submitted as an individual, wait...
  568. Chasin' Tail

    Coyote's and Pets

    No its a Sig MPX, made to look like a MPX. Its a real suppressor, that works really well, as it's....... wait for it..... a real suppressor. and yes it is 9mm. It is however a Pistol, that is made to look like an SBR by using a SigBrace. But I'll keep my $200 and fore-go paying for another...
  569. Chasin' Tail

    Coyote's and Pets

    Coyotes don't linger very long in my back yard.
  570. Chasin' Tail

    When Thigh Gap Isnt Enough...

    For those days when you just need that little something extra to help you spot those Jumpers......
  571. Chasin' Tail

    Quest for big boat but easily side tracked!

    Been slooooow. You'll need a kicker on that sled. Plunkers belong on the Columbia. 6 hours, 3 rods and only one high finner
  572. Chasin' Tail

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    He just needs to trade up to a 2017..... 910ft Lb :)
  573. Chasin' Tail

    Quest for big boat but easily side tracked!

    Weird, maybe its the angle. Looks like it sits lower in the front and blocks flow. The ones ive seen are on the sides & at a angle to aid in preventing blow out on turning. I have that same motor on my Thor Built (2008). Noisy as hell where it exhausts out of that side hole on the left side...
  574. Chasin' Tail

    Quest for big boat but easily side tracked!

    cool little sled. Whats the gizmo on the bottom of the shoe?
  575. Chasin' Tail


    I sat on the WDFW disabled advisory board for 3 years. After spending my life working in the private sector, I was blown away by the absolute shit show that is the Government and how shit works (meaning doesn't work). It was very frustrating to be someone who's used to getting shit done, to...
  576. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater WP Cold Water Tuna 9/27

    I know.. Water looked terrible there too!:eek: 3 blind squirrels found a couple nuts
  577. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater WP Cold Water Tuna 9/27

    I fished WP last weekend. Fish were found on the W125'20-125'22 line to the SW of Westport. There were 2 other boats working that area with me and we all were into double digits on fish. Was all run & Gun, looking for jumpers and sliding in. Picking up 1-4 fish, as they were really...
  578. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 9/29 2-pax Tuna

    I think you might need a bigger cooler.. :)
  579. Chasin' Tail

    North River Walk Around

    NR has been offering a Walk Around for a few years now. Available in the 29'er and 32'er models. They were building one when I went down to look at my build.. I would have tried to stretch for one, if they offered a 27' x 9'6" model.. But no love.
  580. Chasin' Tail

    Armstrong, Duckworth, Kingfisher, Weldcraft now all related

    Timing seems strange to me. Usually you see things like this when the economy is in a downtrend. Of course, without knowing the financials inside Armstrong, its impossible to know what the motivation was.
  581. Chasin' Tail

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Who cares about some little football Albies.... Where did that Commie hook into the Marlin... That's the Numbaas' I wanna fish
  582. Chasin' Tail

    Suzuki 300...first service

    Silly boy... Yamaha has made some changes since you ran your 2011's! No mess here.
  583. Chasin' Tail


    Just just call him Nancy.LOL
  584. Chasin' Tail

    Suzuki 300...first service

    I run Yamaha's, My seals are TIGHT... Don't need no stinkin Spray Lube. Commando for this kid.... Bareback for the Win!
  585. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Fleet of Commercials

    I'm seeing some Tuna Boats up near 47*10 x 125'50 up to about 47*15. They've been there the past several days. Seems like the same zone some of the sporties have been getting some fish the past week.
  586. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Way to slay! Is your boat 9'6"? Curious what your weight is on the trailer? And last but not least what transducer are you using on your garmin?
  587. Chasin' Tail

    WANTED: old buoys/floats/corks

    How about a newer blue commie float and a newer yellow with custom green pin stripe paint job? The price would be right :)
  588. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Combo Trip

    Pics? :cheers:
  589. Chasin' Tail

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Ice for what? There are no Tuna In Washington!
  590. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    Had them custom built to the specs I sent them for my fishbox's
  591. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    kind of crazy to go fishing on a greasy flat day in August and be the only sport boat getting ice & the only sport boat on the grounds.... I think some of you have gotten soft!! Started @ 46'25 x 125'18, with no love & worked out to 46'29 x125'28 Found some birds sitting & threw a...
  592. Chasin' Tail

    Freshwater Another Slaughter in the Big C

    Nice setup! I bet you could use a Curt class V hitch & a tuner for that D-max! Great deal on one in the classifieds!!
  593. Chasin' Tail

    launchers at last

    Sounds like you have identity issues. Not sure if you want to own a duckworth or a NR.... :gay: LOL
  594. Chasin' Tail

    Super Chip Tuner & Curt Receiver for Chevy

    One last bump and crazy price drops...
  595. Chasin' Tail

    Close Marine Areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport) to salmon fishing.

    Wavedancer touched on one part of the problem. But the biggest pile of crap is how the resource gets split. Tribe 50% Commercial 25% Sport/Charter 25% So at the end of the day, the sport fishermen and the Charters are each fighting for their part of 25%. And the...
  596. Chasin' Tail

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    Kerry wins the prize for Best looking Crew!! :urno1:
  597. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    I'm into cheap dates for my thrills. Narrower in the hips, and easier on the wallet 2.4 mpg in the ocean makes me all kinds of giddy at the gas pump after long boatrides in the pacific :)
  598. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Shout out to you Gingers in MA10,11

    HAHA, Yeah those are WAY too bright to be fish from the Dirty South.. But nice job, that just tells me there are still more on the way!
  599. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Shout out to you Gingers in MA10,11

    lots of bait. Its awesome.. They are tiny whatever they are.. about 2". Lots of times today we saw bait boiling out of the water. Not sure if it was the abundant seals, or salmon working them over.
  600. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Shout out to you Gingers in MA10,11

    4" cop car behind a green Dragon Q-Cove. Splatter back hootchies have been working also. 10' off bottom Good bait balls & marks
  601. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Shout out to you Gingers in MA10,11

    thanks for letting a few get down to MA13 :p
  602. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    MMMMMMM Yammi 200's SO SEXY !!
  603. Chasin' Tail

    Arizona Angler sets new Washington State Record out of Westport

    Sand dabs lives matter.. These came out of a kings belly last week in WP.. might be halibut.. Do these count against my daily limit? Save a sand dab.. kill blue sharks.
  604. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Westport 8-10 with Murray

    love the T-shirt too!
  605. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Ilwaco Tuna 08/09

    There are some fish around. I fished Yesterday out of WP. It was a pretty solid day, even some toads that were in the 30# class. Bring plenty of gas, because its not a short boatride to where the fish that want to come up and play are hanging out. It was cloudy/foggy all day, so maybe...
  606. Chasin' Tail

    SOLD Meat Line Alvey Reel

    Old School Puget Sound Relic. This is Dads setup from back in the day. I think there was a guy at Narrows Marina that put these rods together. Basically a downrigger & rod combined together. He says he'll take $100 for it.
  607. Chasin' Tail

    Super Chip Tuner & Curt Receiver for Chevy

    You know what they say about boys with big trucks..
  608. Chasin' Tail

    Super Chip Tuner & Curt Receiver for Chevy

    Just looked it up to see what it fits. Looks like 2001-2010 GMC/Chevy 2500 & 2500HD trucks 6'(shortbox) only
  609. Chasin' Tail

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    They need some grundens.
  610. Chasin' Tail

    EZ Loader Fender - DualAxle

    tough crowd. I know there are lots of EZ loader trailers that need a makeover. Will throw in a Yellow Buoy, Free with purchase....
  611. Chasin' Tail

    Super Chip Tuner & Curt Receiver for Chevy

    Bump... Dropped the Price(s) $100 for hitch, $75 for tuner/reader
  612. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    That thing has a serious dance floor!
  613. Chasin' Tail

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    Those Boots in the new avatar sure look a lot like Mikey's missing pair.... Just sayin.
  614. Tenor


  615. Chasin' Tail

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    Who said anything about those getting caught yesterday? Thought I had made a funny post, to Turn those frowns upside down, boys. Those tough days build character and make us appreciate the better ones that much more. (at least that's what the fireball was telling me at 0130 :) August is here...
  616. Chasin' Tail

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    There's always fish in the sea... Break out the kitten call. Brings em right to the boat
  617. Chasin' Tail

    Super Chip Tuner & Curt Receiver for Chevy

    XD Kurt Receiver Hitch for Chevy/GMC Model 15302 Class V 2400# tongue rating Spent about 1 year on my 2006 2500HD Short Box (I'm pretty sure it will fit 2001-2006's) Includes mounting bolts New Price $50 Also have Superchip Tuner. Has a couple different tunes you can run. Economy, towing...
  618. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Since I suck at Tuna

    nothing wrong with those fish,,, Best BBQ size in my mind
  619. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater 15 July tuna run on the Lumacat

    In slow motion even... I was like w h a t t h e h e l l k i n d a g a f f n o o b I e :)
  620. Chasin' Tail

    Canning Jars

    I hit sportco once in a while, but that's as far north as I usually care to venture with all that traffic stuff. I'll fish Westport on most of the Flat Ocean days :)
  621. Chasin' Tail

    EZ Loader Fender - DualAxle

    BUMP.. Price dropped to $50.. Needs new home.
  622. Chasin' Tail

    Canning Jars

    9 Dozen jars. The breakdown: 6 Dozen 1/2 pints (4 Dozen are new) 3 Dozen Pints (1dozen new) Should have rings/lids for all of them.. $50 takes all
  623. Chasin' Tail

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    Bump.. Everything is gone but the Buoys. How about $40 for the pair?
  624. Chasin' Tail

    Need transducer help

    Is the "lower limit" set to 20'? That could possibly be it.. but seems too easy to overlook Thought I smoked one of my transducers once, until I realized it was just operator error in a setting
  625. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Area 11 advices?

    catching a salmon in MA11 is like catching a Muskie.... they are a fish of 1000 casts, or 100's of hours trolling back & forth. Except for that magical 2-3 week window when they are migrating back to a local river to die in a gill net.
  626. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater WP TUNA 7/19

    See ya out there Ken!
  627. Chasin' Tail

    July 17 Tuna Map

    Who ran yesterday or today??? 1' swells in the ocean today ... was almost painful to be pulling shrimp pots in the canal instead of running offshore, but I really wanted some fresh prawns!
  628. Chasin' Tail

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    I think it's the heat. Had it happen to one of mine last month. It was the lower plug on mine. Drained oil, saved a few ounces in glass jar to look for water. Replaced oil & washers.. tightened REALLY tight. Now I watch the floor like a hawk
  629. Chasin' Tail


    There's Halibut in Ilwaco??
  630. Chasin' Tail

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    Thing is a monster! I'm not worthy
  631. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Lumacat's 1st tuna run

    Shhhhh, we're supposed to get the pic of his wife or GF before you give up the skinny on the flake ice
  632. Chasin' Tail

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    PM'd you my number to set up a p/u
  633. Chasin' Tail

    ACR PLB -- needs battery service--

    ACR ResQfix PLB Aka: PLB-300 (2897) It's over due for its battery service but I just did a self test on it, and it shows very low battery, but did get green light connecting to the 406 GPS. Looks like they want about $140 for the send in service to replace the battery. They claim this will...
  634. Chasin' Tail

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    more spring cleaning Everything is gone except these 2 buoys Yellow with painted green stripe 14" buoy $20 Polyform LD-3 blue Buoy. (It's big) $30 How about $40 for the pair?
  635. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Rough opening weekend at Westport

    Neutral? Don't go into neutral!! Nice fish !
  636. Chasin' Tail

    Saltwater Neah WOW

    nice work, Hopefully there are a few of those headed south