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    Hello I will take 275$ if you want. I am in San Pedro and could meet you at my house or yours. I...

    Hello I will take 275$ if you want. I am in San Pedro and could meet you at my house or yours. I would prefer cash if thats alright. Im Lee Shepherd 714 206 0340 I Pray that your health goes well.
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    Big white ice chest asking 50$ 714 206 0340 Lee in san pedro. 4 or 5 feet ice chest. Boat size.
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    Avet HX Mc cast 2 speed blue

    300 $ This reel is loaded with 80% spooled 80lb spectra room for topshots. No Trades for fish gear thanks.714 206 0340 Lee in San Pedro
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    Moon phases

    okay with me to fish at night.
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    Seeker G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4 ARW

    \\\Seeker Black Steel Graphite Series All Roller Rod. 80 (100) 150 LB. 450$$. Only
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    Seeker G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4 ARW

    Seeker G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4 ARW Seeker Black Steel Graphite Series All Roller Rod. 80 (100) 150 LB. 450$$. Only caught one fish, just like new condition. I can send pics via cellphone text. I am in San Pedro CA . 562 277 7266
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    That guy!

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    Offshore Insane tuna day yesterday 15th throwing a jig.

    no guarantees in LIFE, take jig -fishing for example...
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    Shogun vs. Dominator Thread

    thanks for the report.
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    Offshore CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    Thanks for posting, Go ahead and say whatever you like; It's O.K., We're in America.
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    Offshore 1 1/2 day on the Cortez 6-14

    #2 hooks yikes, aww what can you do ? make bait then. I'll bring my sabiki ?
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    San Diego Bait Barge ever move?

    Very interesting subject.
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    Offshore Blue Horizon 6/4

    How kind of you sir. ---GREY POUPON LIKES THIS !!!
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    El Nino What's the deal....

    2 Dorado in Mexico Per Day. 10 in U.S.A. El Nino is happening. Usually Dorado are stupid fish.
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    How best to spool braid.

    Keep catching, when the line digs into the spool and gets buried down in and busts , That's why you need more tension , so for sure it wont happen, just try not to squeeze and deform the spool .
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    Haters can hate but the Condor is great!

    reality bites sometimes.
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    Offshore 9/14-15 2 dayer aboard the PacVoy

    Marc was a captain of The Aztec last year? and that was a great trip.
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    Avet HX 5/2 Bearings

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    Used xtra tuf boots??!?

    BIG 5 Sporting goods. Like 25$ But Made in China of course, Saves you some $$.
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    ringed or non ringed

    Great post Mr. Choate. Ha Ha !!!
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    That guy!

    Fun Times Dave.
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    Who's on the Independence July 10th - 14th?

    So What gear should you bring for that 4 day trip ? I haven't heard alot about line size and hooks tackle that is reccomended. I guess 60-20 lbs flyline 2/0 hooks and some Irons.
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    Jackpot Shenanigans

    Not always, but once is all it takes.
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    ringed or non ringed

    That goes for me also. Size Matters!!!
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    Bad Bait?

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    si bueno
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    Pacific Star 2-Day 6/22-6/23

    Glad you made it back without any problems.
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    How fat is too fat?

    Jeff, You really are a nice guy but unless you admit that you are really writing about yourself, then our therapy sessions really are just a complete waste of time for each of us. Please stop hiding the truth and learn how to love yor fatness [email protected]!!!
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    How fat is too fat?

    Dan hernandez the american dream maker. Wonderful job DAN!!!! And that's not just because you are a financial contributor to this glorious community of fishing friendly folks that buy advertised products, It has nothing to do with money whatsoever.
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    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Nice, eat those fish and be happy!!!
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    Condor 7-1-13 to 7-3-13 anyone planning to go?

    Bait is......? Great or shitty?
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    Auto Painter needed

    MAMACITA ​likes this
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    That guy!

    I just shit all over the toilet seat and make a GOD AWFUL MESS IN THE BATHROOM. Hey You want to cast over me ? Then I'm going to re-decorate the head in the same aww fuck you get away attitude!!!
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    Offshore Paddy BS

    Call them to come but explain to them they have to do it "YOUR WAY" or you won't share.
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    How's The Bait in Point loma?

    We are really itching to get out but are we going to get great bait or hell no? San Diego point loma Navy politics aside are we going to get great bait or naw?
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    Anyone seen this watercar yet?

    police chase 5:00 news !!!! Now let's watch that.
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    (Help) Tuff Butt Casting Seam.

    You can re surface the mold do they blend and shut off better, good luck!!
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    Smoking on a boat

    but if I have to hear that kind of language sprinkled into every goddamn sentence I'm just going to QUOTE; LMFAO
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    Condor or Grande

    More ice
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    Royal Star passenger rescued

    OH Crappa!! Bad day, really should be assiasted if that old I would think twice now, just be safe and also enjoy the fishing in a healthy attitude.
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    Rod racks for garage ceiling

    Good posts man.
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    Offshore Is July too early for Tuna on a 1 day trip?

    It sounds too good to be true, and therefore surely it would happen if only you truly believe, Then tap your heels together 3 times blah blah
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    Looking 4 The perfect live bait reel..!!

    Albacore Albacore Albacore
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    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    pound the shit out of them all day and make them eat !!! Heck yeah !! ALL DAY POUNDING !!!
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    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    If you need money then ask, otherwise let me fish and forget about your lowsy financial situation on my vacation. Did my buidiness when I bought a ticket, now is fishing time, NOT B OF A !!!
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    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    Why that's nobody else's buisiness except your own, now just go, that you even paid to go tha asking price is enough. The extra money that you give is all a gift my good man.
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    moved to classifieds. sorry gone
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    Yellows going off in La Jolla

    Too bad I like it though!!!!!!!!!!
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    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    cry all ye that are left at the dock
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    CHEST FREEZER for sale $100

    sorry gone
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    CHEST FREEZER for sale $100

    sorry gone
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    Rod Maintenance

    It really won't catch more fish with scratches or not. You are really neat person so have fun, why not do a custom paint job?
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    Pick surface irons that swim

    Remember that polarized glasses help you see into the water, To see if your speed is leting it swim well.
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    How far can you flyline a sardine

    I try to cast into the spot where the chum that is being tossed over is landing.
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    Tips for flyline Sardine?

    Always is spanking the water with bait ill advised.
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    Quadrajet carb problems on my 305 chevy

    Try re-rebuilding the carb.
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    Dorado Skin Color

    Too scientifically exact. Just get the blue in there a little more smoothly, It looks like chipped paint or splotches instead of the Beauty Tri-color (Plus more) Dorado fish. Almost there though I would say, If this is a marketing test er whatever.
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    Clarion starting to produce again

    Spool Me!!!
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    Visit from Jehova Witness

    Repent you fucking sinners!!!! --GOD likes this!!
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    Spreading Sickness on LR

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    And now, shades of gay LOL

    PULL ON IT !!!! HARDER!!!
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    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    I'll seckund da aatt my ferreeund, frend.
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    Clean Pipe Live

    NICE BABY!!!
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    Need Help and Opinions!

    The 1st clue is.......... Do you have even the slightest doubt? Do you want to drown? Fishing, drowning, it's all part of the sport. SHIT HAPPENS!!!
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    Need Help and Opinions!

    Bring a book to read. It will take you forever on that boat.
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    Chargers kick the living shit out of the Steelers thread

    Their Uniforms are "almost" too-gay. Don't you agree?
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    Knot to Kinky

    Pliers!!, ... My good man, Pliers!!! Now, off to it.
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    retired low income

    That's what I call a real friend. FREE FISHING TRIPS !!!!!!!! GAS ASS or GRASS !!!!1 Nobody rides for free ?
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    Post's like this have ruined what "The true meaning of fishing" really is all about. SANTA LIKES THIS !!!!!!
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    Not a dick measuring contest but.

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    Cat problem

    YOH JOEY !!!! How much 'Ya bench?????
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    like it for bluefin, albacore 30 lb. etc.
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    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    mustad !!! A million reasons why.......
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    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    NO POLITICS YOU NO GOOD BIG MOUTH FRUNKHARDS!!! It's sunday and I wanna see fishing happy stories and relaxing pleasant times. NOT YOU SELF DESCRIBED FRUSTRATED HEADS, SHUT THE HELL UP!!1 NO POLITICS!!!!
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    Best Wahoo Bomb reel?

    I get wahoo with my fork, THE REELS JUST FOR LOOKS, PALS!!!!
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    Prehistoric Rod Lathe

    and away we go
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    Retard in the harbor

    You mock the pelican? SOMEDAY YOU"LL PAY!!!!!
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    accurate ball handle for boss magnum

    Kens reels in oceanside, Cals and son in Duarte.
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    Thats sex weather, Just ask Granpa!!!
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    Wow, why do you work so hard? You must take a vacation.
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    PFD For 13 Year Old In CA

    He must wear it until he's too old to drown.
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    Red Rooster at the HB ?

    SO, The Dodgers could win Baseball Games last year, Now look.....
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    Red Rooster at the HB ?

    Rich guys get all the good trips. Who wants to cast over, tangle, elbow jab, foot stepped on dinky yellowtail ? Anyone? God Bless America!!!
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    drag setting

    Easy Does it. Just keep trying, you will get one, hopefully nice and big.
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    100# Mono to 12/0 hook for live bait

    You can crimp while your drunk. Just as good as, or better than, if you , OR anybody else can, than if your still sober. I wouldn't lie.
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    How many "dead-heads"....

    You're THAT GUY! Wow, do I remember you.
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    How many "dead-heads"....

    ssttoppp ittt !!!!
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    all cool you think they are ready then.
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    fishin soon, reports tepid

    the boat will go where its best.
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    Who is the best Fisherman you have been able to fish with?

    THAT GUY That Guy - LIKES THIS!!
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    Like sticking a needle in a haystack. --MORON BILL LIKES THIS!!!
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    Newbie needs advice on tackle for 2 day trip

    Just fell apart !!! GOOOOOLLLLY SARGE!!!!! --GO-GAY-MORE PILE LIKES THIS!!!!!
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    Taking care of Tuna...minimum ice for prime meat

    Yes Thar little smelly sack, it is best removed then cleaned up before putting in the cooler.
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    Red Rooster III 5-Day 8/11-8/16 (Tons of Pics)

    Very Nice report.
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    Spectra on Baitcast reel?

    Just Obey And do As YOU ARE TOLD !!! --The SHAH OF IRAN LIKES THIS!!
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    Newbie needs advice on tackle for 2 day trip

    OH How nice of you to notice. --"THE BUTLER WHO DID IT" LIKES THIS!!!
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

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    Offshore Grande 1 1/2 Thurs. 8-16-12

    Combat Tuna Veteran!!!!! Dead fish all over the deck. Awesome !!!!!!! -Rambo LIKES THIS!!!
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    Offshore 8/17 Bluefin Tuna

    Bien.Amigo. -Juan Valdez LIKES THIS!!
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    Offshore New Lo An 1 & 1/2 day on Mon 08/13/12

    nice tips, thanks for the info bud.
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    Spotties in long beach

    Stay away from Long Beach. They are doing you a very big favor, unless you really want colon cancer. --MR. WHIPPLE LIKES THIS!!!
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    Politics on BD (Reminder)

    Here, here, I second the motion !!!! --STUFFY FAT ASSES LIKE THIS!!!!!
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    Need Guide Repaired

    15$$ Job ??? Not too shabby --LOU GOLDBERG LIKES THIS !!!!!
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    Moe, Curly or Larry, Who are you? ---SHEMP LIKES THIS!!!
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    Offshore Limits-

    But when I do, I drink Dos Equis!!!! Stay Thirsty My Friends!!! ---BILLY CARTER LIKES THIS!!!!
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    Wow, The Captain gets another atta boy. That sounds like the system isn't broke, don't "FIX IT" scenario. Mexico is "F'ed UP" but we will bring them into fiscal submission once and for all.
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    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

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    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

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    UN Herlpful replies ? O.K. Here goes- Buy your own boat, Stay home, Stop whining here, Oh and My All Time Fave Steve- It.s all about the commerradierre not the catching !!!! Yeah, Lotta money these days, catching so-so. Next time , always go back.
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    Pt. Loma 8-11-12

    Im so happy.
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    Offshore 2-Day on The Fortune Rocked!

    ZZZZZZZZ!!!! Luv Ya Guys!!!
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    How many fish did you get? Or does that matter , ? maybe you were just there for the commeradierre? 9Spell that word right and win a prize) LIMITS ?
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    overnighter aztec or outer limits ?

    Aztec is a GreAT CREW This Year!!!
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    Who's going out tonight?

    BUSTED!!!!! Not very hard to figure that out out.
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    how to clean eisen glass

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    Don't bother you are going in may, FAGGEDABOUTIT!!!
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    Offshore Top Gun 80 & First String

    Beef brisket and a pair of socks, He will hand deliver your sardines for that. But he may be a bitch to everyone else!!!
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    Offshore What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING! on The Intrepid. 1st full day of fishing on a New year 10 day and a free return trip. (Watching Choate farm more than one was an added bonus)
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    Offshore Top Gun 80 & First String

    1st and 2nd post, and a gooder!!!
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    Offshore Saturday Hidden Bank, etc

    No duh!!! YOU STAY HOME !!!
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    Offshore Top Gun 80 & First String

    Tell lots of mexican and white racist jokes. It's a vacation not another day at the office!!! Laugh and have great time. Be comfortable , Give the 2nd captain a pair of socks and a hairbrush. he likes gifts but doesn't have time to go shopping. Stay the hell out of your stateroom and man the...
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    Spectra life

    That is conditional. New spectra will break too. Think about peeling off 100 yards, then look closely at what is still on there. The history / abuse etc. is that the top is most damaged knicks tangles etc. Get hollow splice and you will never feel the connection, having fresh on the top is a...
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    Offshore Saturday Hidden Bank, etc

    OH RIGHT!!! Hey everyone, don't go fishing tommorow, Just stay away and ,,,,, Because I'm your friend and I want to go out of my way to warn you to stay away!!!!! I'M MR. HELPFUL HEEE HEEE !!!Crap, Did you just try to piss on our backs and then open an umbrella?
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    Samspost New never used

    Why didn't you use it ?
  127. S

    Using Lucanus and Butterfly systems?

    They all work sometime. Just stay out of tangles with me and you'll be alright.
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    Freedom on hot WSB bite.

    Spank 976-F.U.NA Dicks in the hand while typing ? No wonder so many typos!!!!
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    Pacific Voyager 2 Day July 6+7

    Dykes, Lick n stick , over and under, Slimy cudas, I really want to get hooked up !!!
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    Ruby Red

    Excellent Quality Artwork. I couldn't even use that on the water. I would like to ask you about wether it would just be easier to start a new rod, rather than a re-build. Isn't a re-build more work actualy? Tear down then rebuild ? Cheaper than buying a new blank ?
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    Charger fans!

    I hear the Center Position is available, Wanna Play ?? -Chaz Bono Likes This !!!!
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    Next Rod & Weave Tease

    You ARE experienced! -Jimi Hendrix Likes This!!!!
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    Fuel Surcharges

    SHUT UP YOU INFIDELS!!!! - Arab Sheik likes this
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    Gas grass or rice ?
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    Custom Seeker 2/4

    We need to get a herpes test ? hint- alot of bumps ??? About the rod, 7-1/2 ft. with "Rollers", yeah but what are you gonna do ?
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    What's the total length ?
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    Pacific Voyager 2 Day July 6+7

    How did someone even start to use dikes to remove hooks ? ( As a last resort; Okay) Dikes are made to cut through steel.Not to hold it while you twist them!!!! Pliers are made to hold on to steel. Needle nose for deep holes like a fishes throat. IDIOTS ARE TAKING HOOKS OUT WITH DIKES !!!! NO...
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    6/20 6/27 Excel Trip

    I'm staying the hell away from there, Going NORTH up to AK for a week.
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    Puff - Puff - Pass - Jayhawks........

    Prescription, Why you went to medical school too?
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    Westport July 4th week roll call

    I'm staying the hell away from there, Going NORTH up to AK for a week.
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    Thank you to All who Purchased My Items

    No problem, let us know if there is anything else.
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    How do you catch fish and get skunk'd at the same time...

    One rolled on my cigarette and I didn't want to waste it so I'm wasted!!!
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    6/20 6/27 Excel Trip

  144. S

    Fishing Huntington Flats... ???

    "City of Long Beach" un-fishy boat !!!!
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    Fishing Charters

    Long Beach, POOR TRASH , in the water, on the water. It's petty bullshit money anyway, I like to keep all of it, That is what it's meant for. Tipping is as if I didn't win jack. If I loose the J.P. as usual, I still will tip the same. Jackpot is for the people by the people, crew has nothing to...
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    6/20 6/27 Excel Trip

    Call 911 ? , Hey Steve- Dont worry about it !~!!!!
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    MLPA forces divorce

    So how much money will make it go away ? I'll make an appointment now.
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    First Overnight trip, San Clemente island

    Don't let anyone know that you've never done this. Don't accept the Captains private tour of the wheelhouse, unless you like Hairy old men rubbing their hands on your backside while you hold the wheel. Better bring an emergency SPLIFF just in case the fish aren't biting.
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    Oxnard at Deep Hole 6-14-12

    It's good not be Gay ? -CHAZ BONO DOES OR DOES NOT LIKE THIS!!!!
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    Cedros Isalnd June 9-12

    REALLY NICE !!!!
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    Missing boat Erik found in Sea of Cortez

    You don't know the real story, What happened was STUPID!!! (That is the opposite of SMART)
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    top shot length

    20feet max. If you have hollow. If a knot, just the rod length if you can cast spectra. If you can't . 50 feet or longer than a cast of squid plus a few re-ties. Boat length is always a great way to go if undecided.
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    Damaged laptop Windows Help

    Sure, Slap it with an open hand 3 times really fast. It always works with the T.V. or the kids or THE DRUNKS !!!
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    ROLL CALL: June 29th RRIII 8-day "Tuna & Tails"

    I'm not going, O.K. Don't worry. Have a great time. Bring ALCHOHOL!!!!
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    Who makes the best hooks?

    Give me a DAM Break !!!! What hooks are best ??? Not an expert like the rest of us I se,,,,, BYE THE WAY, I'm Getting into real estate . SO-What House is the best ??? -TIM ALLEN LIKES THIS!!!
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    Volaris Shuttle

    ADIOS !!! Hope that it works out. BRING CASH $$$$$$ SENOR .
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    Missing boat Erik found in Sea of Cortez

    What a MEXICAN DISASTER!!!! Those poor guys didn't stand a chance. STUPID!!!!!
  158. S


    Go "F" yourself!!!!! WElcome to MY WORLD!!!! Take that Pole and Beat it!!!! We Make ALOT OF MONEY!!!! You FOOLS pay to "TRY" to get 5 fish ??? YOU ALL ARE THE WEAK !!!! -SEINER OWNERS LIKES THIS!!!!
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    Oxnard at Deep Hole 6-14-12

    Psychadelics amd fish hooks do not mix!!!! You need to put new film in your camera man!!! -JAPANEESE NUCLEAR SCIENTIST LIKES THIS!!!
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    Ghost shrimp in SD?

    Next to the Jack Daniels supplier. You guys in Cali call it a liker stoar. -NOBODY LIKES THIS!!!!
  161. S

    Bait barge ???

    I'll be fishing not shopping !!!! Cool, The bait will be moving, the fishing season is starting to look good. Let's be positive and spend alot of money. - GOV. JERRY BROWN LIKES THIS!!!!
  162. S

    Thinking outside the box

    EXCEL !!! We like it !!!!
  163. S

    Bait barge ???

    So, What happened to the MOVING OF THE BAIT BARGE ??? Any NEWS ???:Dynamite:
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    Cal's Blueprinting ATD's Why?

    The spool sleeve is a great improvement. Bearings change is needed only if the bearings are old and worn, but the sleeve helps alot.
  165. S

    Out of Retirement !!!!

  166. S

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge!

    This Bait re-locate makes me irate !! it's not the Navy I hate, Just the ill fate, doesn't sound great, we'll just have to wait, see if this can work out or just masterbait. please send an E-Mail, go save the whales, Pot smokin rappin jaws just a flappin Get screwed by another, Go "F" ya '...
  167. S

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda ......
  168. S

    Info on the Indy?

  169. S

    All good things must come to pass

    Ahh! Have fun!!!
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    This is for the idiot that ran through the seabass fleet at 30 knots...

    He's a Bully, He's a Bully, Hey Hey, Bully there !!! Please get him away !!! - PEE WEE HERMAN Likes This !!!
  171. S


    no need to apologize, think about it. you were better off misreading this. it seemed more interesting when using the modified albright, i was going to start practicing that one, but now? uni to uni. but that one still breaks right? thanks alot!!!
  172. S

    This is for the idiot that ran through the seabass fleet at 30 knots...

    Let's remember that I am always right behind you!!!! That is where I am happiest.
  173. S

    Tuna Spotter

    Could have compromised and bought a seaplane, (Just sayin) -ANNOYING GUY LIKES THIS!!
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    WSB. Tip of the week

  175. S

    WSB. Tip of the week

    That hurt my feelings, ASSHOLE!!! - RON KOVACH LIKES THIS
  176. S

    Info On RailDawgs

    Great Post. - DICK CLARK LIKES THIS !!!
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    More Soft Steel line testing results

    Can I buy it at a tackle shop ? Big 5, walmart . Turners etc.? Or is it only from you ur the internet? Baja fish gear ?
  178. S

    Info On RailDawgs

    Thanks for the solid. We will pass it on.
  179. S

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    He uses rubber play things alot, ever wonder why???
  180. S

    Saluki and I are leaving BD......

    You are such a Constipated Drama Queen!!! -Rosie O'Donnel LIKES THIS!!!!!!
  181. S

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Money talks, bullshit walks!!! It's all about the comerraderie and making friends???? - 976-GAY F,U, na LIKES THIS !!!!
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    100Lb. Jerry brown Vs. Izoreline

    Casting would be better with which one ? I have Izor solid and it is like casting a rope, But a decent distance can be achieved, but it's a real nail biter if you're gonna birdnest. Only can peel off at a certain speed, exceed this speed limit ( trying for a little more distance) and OOOPS ...
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    Twilight tonight

    Beer thirty? Fish called and said that they want plenty of squid, so don't be late!! -AUNT BEA LIKES THIS!
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    long beach 5-27-12

    Oh Yeah. -- KID SEA BASS REALLY REALLY LIKES THIS !! (You know who you are) " Halibut4me " aka: KID SEABASS!!! LMFAO
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    Top Shot......Mono vs. Fluoro????

    Spectra, hollow is best when you splice vs. any kind of knot. Mono vs. flouro, every trip is different, but price seems to be the real comparison there, Casting, tangles, your desire to go with short vs long, do you want to set up before you get on the boat and heve plenty long to last the whole...
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    Yellowtail surface iron reel ???

    More so, It's the "caster", not the "castee", that seperates the good from the bad and the ugly. Like sex, not always are the good looking gals good at sex!! - Henceforth as mentioned earlier, get a used one, try it, get rid of it, get another, until you can make a truly equal and experienced...
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    excel 15 day 5/10-5/25

    Oh Donna, Oh Donna. -Frankie Valie LIKES THIS
  188. S

    Fresh One on a Custom Downrigger Rod

    oh yeah, uh-huh, just like that, ahh yess, go do it again. ugh ugh yeah oh yeah. -John Holmes LIKS THIS!
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    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    bully bully bully!!! Let's get 'em.
  190. S

    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    masterbate. then re-post. it works everytime.
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 puts first bluefin on the boat 5/26

    So far just one fish, that could be a really nice trip. We will stand by for the latest updates. Thanks for "LOOK BOSS THE PLANE, THE PLANE!!!
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    clap clap clap smiles. Stevie Wonder likes this!!
  193. S

    how much drag

    Blow up ?,,,,, NoT!!!!!
  194. S

    14ft. Ladder asking 200$

  195. S

    Travel time.

    Batman and Robin Likes This!!
  196. S

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    Clyde Likes This!!! (Right turn Clyde)
  197. S

    SD Police / Border Patrol

    John Lennon Likes This!!!
  198. S

    Yellows on "Pacific Voyager" 4.28.12

    Note to self: 1)Bring Sunglasses., 2) Stop smoking Weed all night and get some sleep. Thanks for the Good advice!!
  199. S

    Searching for Yellowtail... went home with ? (Part 2)

  200. S

    FREEDOM SBI Tomorrow Night Departure (4/30)

    Philadelphia FREEDOM !!! ELTON likes this!!!
  201. S

    Mexican Visa Questions

  202. S

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    You better stop laughing, Now, I mean it. Who gives a SHIT? Typically, Nobody really gives a crap anyway, But You are controversial, That's what really matters!!!, Nextime, pose likw hercules and hold that runt over your head and like you conquered the wild little beast, Poor Kid, You will make...
  203. S

    SD Police / Border Patrol

    VIVA !!! VIVA!!! USA IS NUMBER 1 !!!!
  204. S

    Avet lost & found (22) of my reels!

    WHO GIVES A SHIT ? Aint my problem.
  205. S

    BloodyHooker boat

    My Grandma likes this!
  206. S

    New Lo-An

    All true, except.... Sometimes the boat will have some dickheads that will go fishing on it, That just depends on who is going, not unlike many other boats, There is always some A-Holes, Let's just have fun as much as possible, The good boats always get A-Holes on them,some times I avoid the...
  207. S

    Tiagra 16

    My suggestion is to buy a computer and go look for a fishing website, Then if you can find one, try to ask someone how to use it, Just sayin IMHO. (OH , nevermind)
  208. S

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    sum hung guy, Likes This!
  209. S

    Franks gone MAD!!! CL SdD ad.

    Now that is reel cute!!!
  210. S

    Travel time.

    Yeah, you need to go on THE SAN DIEGO 3/4 day and get some yellowtail, Less travel but it is worth the money.
  211. S

    Tip of the week FOR BAIT FISHING

    Thank You Einstein, Now let's get back to the stupid people......
  212. S


    NO BUENO !!!
  213. S

    Were is kona mike

    I know a good trout with Eggplant recipe, PM for the details.
  214. S

    Were is kona mike

    Mike has never cooked eggplant, Please Don't go there Dude!!!!
  215. S

    How trouble free are Avet reels?

    OK, That excuse will be allowed, just don't think we forgot . Smile/
  216. S

    How trouble free are Avet reels?

    Good price, for the quality.
  217. S

    Seen any GOOD ASS Lately?

    I'm tired of the same old porn, Does anyone know of some new fresh ass shots ? I'm reall ytrying to find some new talented ass, if that doesn't make sense ? You haven't had a good piece of ass then!:evilimu::evilimu:
  218. S

    Caught at San Nick???

  219. S

    Were is kona mike

    Thanks alot Pal. Always grateful for the help, Youre the Best!
  220. S

    swim baits

    LIve Bait. Fagedda bow dat.
  221. S

    Were is kona mike

    He is Looking for Seabass , That Is my best guess.
  222. S

    fishing info site or political bashing site?

    Yeah, We should put a stop to the A-HOLES THAT JUST COMPLAIN !!! That's What we should do !!!!!!!!!!!! Too many A-Holes Complaining !!!!!!I mean There are a lot of A-Holes that complain, Way Way Too many !!!!
  223. S

    clean your cuts!!

    your company buys your fishing supplies? making up words for stealing doesn't make it funny or OK!<!-- google_ad_section_end --> :supergay:
  224. S

    Raptor Break-in

    I would say , go ahead and do your thing, It won't hurt the reel, and you may feel more secure and confident knowing that the reel was Dry land tested before you pay money get out in the water and realize something isn't working right. So test it out, You won't hurt it.
  225. S

    clean your cuts!!

    Get your roomate to suck out the poison before you go to bed, Nuff said.
  226. S

    1st week of November 8 day on the Independence.

    Booze, They have beer but you need to bring your own booze, for 8 days. Oh yeah , I almost forgot, you should bring Flourocarbon 40 lb. and some 3/0 and 2/0 hooks.
  227. S

    Cat overnight trip

    You should probably go alot more, That sounds like you enloy doing it, I want you to get a limit of Seabass and a few other fish also, Please keep fishing as much as you can, You will have a very happy outlook on life and I will be happy to read about your fun trips, Thanks again for taking the...
  228. S

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Spank me really ????:shithappens: WTF ????
  229. S

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Spank me harder you nasty girl!!!!:shithappens:WTF?????
  230. S

    Soft Steel and Tony Garza

    I would describe it as soft, but yet strong as steel. The name is confusing, I know, but that's just MY HONEST OPINION, Oh Yeah .....JUST SAYIN.......Blah Blah, fishing as a death match sport ??
  231. S

    SOFT STEEL is back

    Is it the samre name or is it just the same line as before? Is it better now or what?
  232. S

    Seeker Blue Steel

    Who can do a titty wrap ? I want an erotic fishing pole wrapped, does anyone have some already ?
  233. S

    The banned list game

    So , let's play a game about banned members. because the good guys really enjoy banning more than reading the dull repititious crap abut look, I caught a fish or what is better> This or that? Now who cares ??
  234. S

    Taking an RV across the border

    better yet, learn to speak mexican, We bring our Gardener down there with us and we always save alot of money than when he doesn't go.
  235. S

    Soft Steel and Tony Garza

    Charkbait ? I buy mine from the Gal there. She is really nice too.
  236. S

    rod building stores in socal

    Take some good advice, most guys are like me, Full of Ideas and no real time to do it. Make a good schedule and keep busy with your hobby, You can do it a very long time and it will just get better with time.
  237. S

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    Great, Honey hole . I am thinking that is where you fished at? Maybe in a few years he will get a Wahoo or a Dorado. Some day is coming.
  238. S

    Windy bounce balling Butt!

    Awww, You had such a tough day going fishing, Maybe we can call my grandma and she can make you some jello to make you feel better. JUST KIDDING, Heck yeah some trips are TOUGH, but those are what the writers call paying your dues, besides, anyone can make jello, but grandma's is always better.
  239. S

    New BloodyDeck Rule!

    I will pass on the phrase " Shut the f up ", It's what I first learned on B.D.
  240. S

    Bringing whole fish home

    Wipe up your mess :Dynamite::hali_olutta::shithappens::shithappens::shithappens::shithappens:
  241. S

    Spirit of Adventure

    Oh, I am getting this boat mixed up with THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR ?, Isn't that one out of buisiness? Spirit of adventure looks like it, the boats size and shape ?
  242. S

    To My Dear Wife...

    ha Ha
  243. S

    Nanotechnology Vs. Seekers NEW! NunyaTechnology?

    wow new fishing poles, very exciting I'll stand by for further updates, jeepers, I'm all shakey now....
  244. S

    Introduction Message from PENN

    Question, Are Penn reels Made in USA using only USA parts?
  245. S

    Bringing whole fish home

    She is the owner, Julio the fillet man takes the bus. That is America.
  246. S

    200 Wahoo, Plugged Again

  247. S

    Bringing whole fish home

    CLASSICS TODAY FOLKS, JUST CLASSIC!!!!!!:2gunsfiring_v1::waglleybooty:
  248. S

    Here We Go

    I love Dave !!!!!!!!!!
  249. S

    Will it be windy Saturday?

    Its all fun and games until your boat sinks.
  250. S

    Here We Go

    HA !!!!!!!
  251. S

    430lb Yellowfin!!!!!!!!

    sure, we can even put flames on it.
  252. S

    Here We Go

    OMG, 10 hours ? Are you bringing your Long Rod ?? I wanna see you casting , reeling in, casting reeling in, no soaking or bottom fishing then.
  253. S

    Q105 large jacket

    Hee Hee, I can't post it, I'll get the boot this time for sure, Maybe someone else ???
  254. S

    Fishing the surface iron...

    No, really ?? Tell me you are joking.
  255. S


    There is his love, there is his love, he says you're an asshole, and there is his love....
  256. S

    455lb Yellowfin!!!!!!!!

    My head is rolling too!!!!!!!!!! 455 lbs ???? Or is that B.S. ? Looks like a 430 now, so the head weighs 25 lbs derfman? Eet makka me mad you cut offa de big fishes head ya know!!! MAMA MIA !!!
  257. S

    Long Range Cow fishing tips Part 1

    Murphy's Law.
  258. S


    Where is the Love? Where is the Love? Did you really want to hurt me ? Did you really want to make me cry? Love is never asking why!!! Precious dreams are all around us, Smile and the world smiles at you, Catching fish is just a bonus, but when you buy a visa it's priceless. Hey, light that thing!!!
  259. S

    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    Rubber biscuit for Tuna.
  260. S

    Warranties for custom rods

    The first post was referring to Capt G. Not you, but we are all entitled to our own opinion. Now, about SEEKER-I think that they are too good to the average guy, but I don't run the company and never will, so I guess I'll just have to be happily surprised with their excellent sevice. That is...
  261. S

    Fishing the surface iron...

    That made my day, I'm a nice guy, I just act like an a-hole because being nice is so boring.
  262. S

    Electric Reels

    Read the first post, It's a damn joke, O.K. big man ? Sometime grown ups know when to use cuss words. Sorry if you want something else out of it.
  263. S

    Fishing the surface iron...

    And I get warnings about my posts? WTF?:rofl:
  264. S

    Is your Autopilot Reliable???

    That scares the shit out of me, I thought they had to be as or better than going by sight, crap, you're gonna die someday.
  265. S

    Electric Reels

    I thought that they were illegal ? Go ahead and buy one and fish like hell. I agree, btw FUCK YOU TOO !!!!!!
  266. S

    Cutting trips short....???

    i believe it's up to a vote on a drunken crowd, that is already been decided and is voted on just for appearances sakes. Usually only a day early so big deal, But I have been on plenty of trips that I wish would come in early, because the fishing is just SHITTY. I mean a three day trip that...
  267. S

    Warranties for custom rods

    He wants someone to hop on the i call B.S. bandwagon, but lets just let this pass as yeah, sometimes good things are happening, even if we don't expect it. That's just My honest good for nothing 2 cents philosophy that is purely useless.
  268. S

    Intrepid question

    And a thank you to you too. Isn't this nice?
  269. S

    Long Range Cow fishing tips Part 1

    Now we are finding out what is and what should never be.
  270. S

    repainted a surface iron

    Ha Ha, That's what I'll do then.
  271. S

    Vertical Jigging Rail Rod for Cows?

    Surface Iron for COWS, That's where tha real show is. IMHO
  272. S

    Intrepid question

    Thanks for the report, Great work.
  273. S

    $elling Avet 2nd's because....

    I was curious about why they are sold as blems, if it's just a color combination, shouldn't they cost more?:hali_olutta:
  274. S

    INDIAN rough day on the ocean 1/18

    The fish are just a bonus, Great group and plenty of commeraderie, You just need to go out in a fishing boat to get that you know. Sorry about the Mew permits laws and closing down the really good MLPA spots, but we will still get in a boat and get together for the more important things like...
  275. S

    Anyone know about the FV Fortune?

    BRUCE, I don't know you, Are The Burritoes TASTY??? I like those .
  276. S


    That place is where you need to go, If you like that sort of thing, Most of these other crappy tackle shops just want to do buisiness and earn profits, They don't even have ice to freshen up your drinks!!! Who would go there, no BOOZE, and they are all nice and uppity about would you like to to...
  277. S

    Reel Seat Problems

    GOOD NITE!!!!!
  278. S

    Lure-Making 101/102 Who Dunnit?

    Sunny, bright, cool, warm, nature changes and fish are in nature. So, there is no repeats, each day is a new one.
  279. S

    Blank selection

    Sounds like the owner need to buy another fence. Put this one in deeper.
  280. S

    repainted a surface iron

    I was hoping that was how you could do it. The brazing seems like too much involvment for me. I'd rather toss it in the trash. I have a few Irons that need hooks, puting on a new one with pliers is worth it. I know, I will not use them for big tellow tails or wahoo, just junk fish (Fun times)...
  281. S

    Lure-Making 101/102 Who Dunnit?

    I like to buy the lures that I don't already have. Well, I think that changing the looks, types, sizes etc. is how you find out what's going to get bit on that trip. As some flap jaws already worn out saying says "It's all about timing conditions, put your time in at the rail, Blah Blah", I...
  282. S

    Reel Seat Problems

    What, is the show over ? We were just getting it started!!!! Too civilized.
  283. S

    repainted a surface iron

    When you replaced the hook, how did you get the ring through it ? Did you open the hook's eye, or cut open the ring and braze it closed?
  284. S

    First batch of 2012

  285. S


    Why don't we just get drunk and ........?
  286. S

    Need Spectra/ Braid Input

    Don't get the waxy or died colored kinds. They stick together.
  287. S

    Indian Trip Wednesday?

    SOLD OUT, YOU DID IT CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The BEER IS on RON EVERYBODY!!!!
  288. S

    Intrepid question

    MAY BILL FORGIVE YOU DANNY!!! WRONG AGAIN!!!! And now todays Math test answers: 1) :shithappens: + :shithappens: = DANNY
  289. S

    Superbowl Predictions

    HER A$$ - MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!!! We are all winners brahsky !!1
  290. S

    Intrepid question

    and may GOD FORGIVE YOU DANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRONG AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!:shithappens:
  291. S

    Need Spectra/ Braid Input

    Go to a tackle shop, try Baja Fish Gear in Lomita, CA. Buy some needles for splicing and hollo spectra for making nail knots top shot leaders. It's really easy and simple to do. BAJA FISH GEAR in Lomita, CA. Talk to the guys on the phone, they can ship you a reel already set up, if you ship the...
  292. S

    Daytime Swordfish In SoCal

    I like to eat Swordfish, That was on my bucket list, and still is. I'll get one and stuff it and put it on the wall, that and a Grizzly bear, wish me luck.
  293. S

    This mex permit thing is screwie

    Did OBAMA Masterbate in college? What do you really know anyhow??????????? The answer is YES !!! I read it in the Paper.
  294. S

    My Packers are going to crush the Giants

    Packed their own FUDGE HOLES with each other's tongues and then shit them back out into each others mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start amoking Crack because you are not going to get over this for a long time BEEAAACH!!
  295. S

    Custom grips

    Blowed Me AWAY !!
  296. S

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Tim Tebow Phenomenon

    Do you think that there will be alot of drunk and stoned people in Denver who could give shit ?????????? Yeah, you're reading about one right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  297. S

    Want to buy a pro gear 255 handle

    Just tough it out or ask someone at Ken's Tackle in O-Syde.
  298. S


    Tax write off is about to expire. (BTW, did he hire Retards?)
  299. S

    7-Day 2012 Fall Trip Gear Recommendations

    that is all good, you are all ready to go .
  300. S

    Torium 16 with Bright Green Spectra ?

    Andre, available always at your local WAL MART!!!!
  301. S


    He should have already closed it 3 years ago.
  302. S

    CITY OF LONG BEACH 1/2 DAY 1-6-12

    So what do you guys do after you get your limits? Smoke stogies and drink martini's while you Sun tan on the upper deck ?
  303. S

    9 Wahoo

    GLORY BE!!!!!!!!!!
  304. S

    Mexican fishing lic. makes history!!!

    Now go sink your boat, screw the mlpa!!!!!!!!! Drive your car off a cliff if gas goes up ????
  305. S

    Makaira disappointment... desperate for input...

    Why didn't you say that before Okie Man ? That's a little late now, Yeah, like there will be a next time. Thanks anyway. ......That was just a mini rant, I'm getting tired.
  306. S

    Makaira disappointment... desperate for input...

    Yeah, you screwed up but OKUMA will let it pass this time. Listen, You better figure out what the heck you are doing wrong, YOU ARE SCARING PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!
  307. S

    Headed to Cabo sunday. Any tips?

    Get Cuban Cigars for friends !!!!!!!!!!! Don't buy those souveniers, they are made in China anyway, even the Sea shells and wood carvings. T-shirts clothes hats even some inexpensive jewelry (from a real jewelry store)is O.K. but most of it is fake crap too. Fishing is fun but Sex in Cabo is better.
  308. S

    CITY OF LONG BEACH 1/2 DAY 1-4-12

    Eat at your own risk. Great to catch .
  309. S

    border Crossing

    GPS doesn't do Mexican?
  310. S

    Excel Super Cow

    That was going to be my fish, Dang it GAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  311. S

    Fishing in the Backyard

    I think that you're special.
  312. S

    Vigilantes....err.... "Volunteers" Ready To Help Enforce MPA'S

    bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
  313. S

    Why the narrow fort Jigging

    Supposedly a Narrow reel isn't the best distance casting reel, As compared to a normal or a wider reel. The width or size helps keep the inertia (spinning ) going on longer. UUmm well not that you absolutely need that , but for long distance casting , Irons throwing, the narrow has a less...
  314. S

    12/31/11 - Freedom San Nic trip

    How is the food????????
  315. S


    Mexico is a shithole. Don't you agree? Even the Mexicans don't want to be there!!!!!! This is TRUE and not a Racist rant, They need a fence and guards to keep them all from getting the hell pout out of that Fucked up SHITHOLE of a country. The Ocean is Natural, The only thing that isn't a...
  316. S

    Vigilantes....err.... "Volunteers" Ready To Help Enforce MPA'S

    Gee, I guess if I had a million dollars, this never would have happened. I will buy a sticker and make the Law go back to legalize weed and fishing. What I really want is another cool rubber bracelet thinggy, I'm so politically inactive I just can't stand myself. Blah Blah Blah.
  317. S

    12-31-11 Long Beach Breakwall

    better luck next year.
  318. S

    Old war pics.....

    Cool, I've seen where they used inflatable tanks and Jeeps on the battlefgields and fake balsa wood Ships on the seas. We used alot of fake radio communications to go with it. This was a big part of the Invasion of Normandy tactics, by Britain and USA. In the German battles in Thick Forest...
  319. S

    Making loop for fluoro leader

    Good night John Boy.
  320. S

    Who makes the best hooks?

    All of the above hook brands mentioned here have also been tagged as THE WORST HOOKS in many other posts. That is a true fact. These types of Posts are ambiguous , just like using that word "ambiguous". (it is a matter of fancy made BULLSHIT, that can never be made into any true sense)
  321. S

    another 2011 buoy battle

    I don't care about judging, I just looks like a full load, are you no limit in Hawaii, or is there a commercial lisence needed for that large amount on a days trip? Very much wish that I could have been there.
  322. S

    Yellowfin in range

    Save some fish, eat a Taco.
  323. S

    Help on rod selection

    Who has ever broken a guide off when pulling on a fish or sawed through the steel when fishing spectra ? (Not counting Superman or the Hulk, O.K.?) Now, put you hands down and answer this, HOOS YOUR DADDY??? Geez rocket science class starts next week, gotta goooooo, (another gay way of ending a...
  324. S

    Making loop for fluoro leader

    Hollow to hollow Splice, you need a needle everytime. Most reliable. pre made hollow with a spliced loop on each end, No needles, just undo or cut the top shot and wind on a new one, Get a needle, with 100 and up hollow, even a half- Moron can do it, ask the crew to show you how $$$$
  325. S

    A Jew and a Muslim Go fishing on a Christmas Day

    Please , we have too many pills for this kind of mentality to continue. You need help, please see a Doctor.
  326. S

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    You are blatently a disturbed individual, Please stay out of California.
  327. S

    Royal Polaris...?

    Christmas at Last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  328. S

    I found my dream job

    did you just hear that ? don't look, it hides when you look.
  329. S

    I found my dream job

    I am gonna BBQ your A$$, Government Paranoid Masterbaiters!!!!!!!!! (Because they fish with bait, and the Government is full of Masters degrees) ( and they are parents, of nerds, (Para-Noid) ? (Please stop following me)
  330. S

    Rail fishing history?

    Catching a heavy fish is just that , heavy, that and alot of fillets. Quanity is what makes a real good time out on the water, not one cow (maybe) for a couple thousand $$. Been there , done that.
  331. S

    Rail fishing history?

    The fish got bigger and the trips got more expensive, Lot's of competition, and Wahoodad finally got old and weak, J.K> (so now its a Great thing), kind of like Okuma Brand, Things change. Hypersensitives need not respond.
  332. S


    That's a really sly cat.
  333. S

    Floating Terds in San Diego Bay and north of Scripps

    IT HAPPENED AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!:finger::finger::finger::finger:
  334. S

    Floating Terds in San Diego Bay and north of Scripps

    DID YOU SEE THIS POST ?????????????
  335. S

    Saltwater Our Derby Curse is Broken!!

    There is a fish story being told here. WOW
  336. S

    Guide Compliment For Railrods

    I think RAILDOG can't get get any gayer, standard or acid, why is one anymore gayer tyhan the other? Anyone in California care to respond ? ( we need an experts take on the subject )
  337. S

    Bluefin Vs. Yellowfin

    Yeah, sci-fi guy knows all about his, but he prefers to use his talents eating pretzels and drinking stale warm beer instead of building rocket ships for NASA. Can we kill this POLL ?????????
  338. S

    Offshore Prowler report 9/10

    I always bring girlie books and alchohol. Fishing is only good for an hour or two at best, and that's if they are even biting, that's alot of girlie book / alchohol downtime if you ask me. Just have a better trip with my girlie books and alchohol, no matter how bad the fishing is.
  339. S

    How to open Split rings?

    Sharp knife works the best
  340. S

    Fewer and fewer tackle shops

    Save the Rusty Hook ? Shut up and Buy something!!!!!!!!
  341. S

    Avet freespool

    well, I am shocked again, thanks for the new discovery.
  342. S

    Floating Terds in San Diego Bay and north of Scripps

    Then go shit in the backyard, it works for me when it's "Need a minute to put on my make-up time", P.S. bring T.P. , or "waddle" to the garden hose to clean-up.
  343. S

    Tackle check?

    As a precautionary measure, It's called fishing, so just in case it's like the usual trips that I always get stuck on, remember to sneak on board a few girlie books and bring plenty of alchohol, ya' know, Just sayin'.
  344. S

    Oceanside to 209 to San O

    Glad I stayed home, Thanks for the report.
  345. S

    Mechanic in Seattle ???

    What is the Bad guy's name, The one to avoid?????????
  346. S

    LA river

    After fishing you can all shoot heroin and swap stories under the bridge. Makes for some nice weekend entertainment in between waiting in the welfare lines.
  347. S

    tuna in overnight range?

    Does it matter ? Looks like you pulled the trigger and are going on an overnighter. Just go and find out, it's called fishing not automatic tuna retrieval systems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A.T.R.S) it doesn't exist yet.
  348. S

    Offshore Top Gun80 8/14-8/16

    + food, gas, permits, taxes and Were back on The Big Game 90 all over. I call B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!
  349. S

    Offshore Top Gun80 8/14-8/16

    Bringing your ex-cop buddy this year, I advise that you do, (Just to keep an eye on you!!!!). Want a good tip ? try hogging the stern rail, It is where you get the best bait. Bring the captain a pair of socks,(New or used is O.K.) he doesn't remember to bring them usually.Let the Asians cast...
  350. S

    Offshore Bluefin, Yellowfin tuna and yellowtail...

    You better tell her to add on the mex permits and fuel surcharges.........( and the crew expects a 15% gratuity). Just sayin'
  351. S

    Offshore New Lo Ann 7/23/11

    Dizzle shyzzee, I just can't ever get on the right friggin trip, I have been skunked every gamp time !!!!!! You are a fishing PRO!!!!!!!!!!
  352. S

    Outridder trip yesterday to San Clemente Is.

    Why do you fish with a bucktail?, Nobody that I know ever really uses them. I guess that you did well with them, but I only hear about them just from you. Who here has ever used a B 52 bucktail?
  353. S

    RED ROOSTER THREE 6/24 -7/2

    At least it happened when you were getting off, not on, Let us hope that you can heal fast.
  354. S

    Passports now MANDATORY!

  355. S

    Getting Bit by Brandon Hayward

    I won't buy one. I'm a cheap son of a gun. Brandon can be a great writer if he just only gave a free book instead of a profit making trist. IMHO
  356. S

    Good schools of bluefin close!

    MR. Limpet will distract them while we go back to fish school.
  357. S

    Sunday fishing

    Take a good look at the Islands, just sayin.
  358. S

    Good schools of bluefin close!

    Don't tell anyone yet, We want to get at them without some jerks doing the CROWD THING, So kindly go away.
  359. S

    Striping line off reels

    Stuck in 1970.
  360. S

    Offshore Best blue fin catch of the season so far...

  361. S

    Amy Winehouse found dead...

    You would still do her!!!!!!!
  362. S

    excel 10% deal

    Doradoes having Sex with Al's boys, Now That is worth $3k
  363. S

    Offshore Condor Overnight 7/16 A tale of Seiners...with a couple tails

    True, but Mankind doesn't live on Bluefin alone, So albeit against nature, it's soon to be an undoing that can't naturally be stopped. Tough sheets I guess.
  364. S

    looking for a newell p322 and p332

    I took mine back to Turners with a broken reel seat, and a broken dog thing before that, They are still there if you want it.
  365. S

    Pick a good live bait and use a circle hook

    What is a slimy bait ?
  366. S

    Need Info on Vonnys Fleet

    Bring a handgun and never go anywhere without it, JMHO
  367. S


    I am an ASSHOLE, SO Please excuse me MR. I think someone cares,,,, NOT!!!!
  368. S

    fishing careers?

    If you had an all nude female model-deckhand charter boat going, I would like to be business partner $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  369. S

    excel 10% deal

    I read rip off so let's go on to the next post !!!!!!!JUST KIDDING,
  370. S

    Prices reduced on Red Rooster!

    That's easy for you to say,you are not a poor old sick man like the rest of us who worked hard all of our lives and can't afford our medicine, let alone some 15% tip on top of a huge 300$ per day fishing (NOT CATCHING) trip. That's IMHO!!!!!
  371. S

    Legend 2 Day Leaving Sunday 7/17-7/19

    WE fish for Yellowtail si or no?
  372. S

    Prices reduced on Red Rooster!

    I think this is done already..........
  373. S

    Offshore 45 tons of BFT wrapped yesterday 6/5/11

    WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  374. S

    Offshore BIGEYE

    Liar Liar , Pants on fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIACHH!!!!
  375. S

    Shogun on the BFT

    Another apology well deserved, BLESS HER SOUL.
  376. S

    Offshore Pacific Voyager Report

    What drag should be good for 20lb line and then for 25lb, and 30lb? I'm used to thinking 25% of line test rated. Some guys say they feel until the line starts to stretch, then back off a click. I usually do it by feel but with a drag scale is 25% the proper setting?
  377. S

    Offshore BFT 80 miles out of San Diego!!

    Hell yes tgere are BLUEFIN, Want me to stick it's head up your ass? Then would you believe it? Not very easy to see when you have them jumping right out of the water. Forget it, I'll just eat it, your ASS is safe with me.
  378. S

    Vagabond 5day

    Thanks, Great Job.
  379. S

    BlueFin Tuna at 200 miles

    IN the water, Always look in the water.
  380. S

    SOUTHERN CAL 6-10-11 AM

    Good, Kill Those Poisoned things and get them out of the ECOSYSTEM PRONTO !!!!!!!!!!
  381. S


    Let's just Bullshit on our computers and to Hell with the fish!!!!!!!
  382. S

    Yellows on half day boat.

    Can't we all just be friends and love our neighborrs? Even the Mexican ones.
  383. S

    Not safe to eat

    Me either, I don't believe that, they would outlaw boats then would'nt they?
  384. S

    Go Canucks!

    Ears are tender and good to chew on.
  385. S

    Not safe to eat

    That's news?????? You missed The Cuda kids post didn't you? Hint- catch photograph and release, Cancer isn't worth it, Jack-in-the-box is also on that poster. I seen it along with the "albino gilled baracuda" at the Long Beach Marina Parking lot.
  386. S

    Rates in Panama

    Jolly good 'Ol Chap.
  387. S

    Yellows on half day boat.

    Using the Landings people count Calculator the formulas are as follows......Add it up, and multiply by BLAA BLAA, then that's a full boat. Need a Gunnysack ???????????
  388. S

    SD Bay 6-1

    Jolly Good show matey.
  389. S

    LONG RANGE $3000?

    Don't go to Panama, or Costa Rica, You will just get spoiled and San Diego will seem like a big Zoo crowd, with a Long Boat ride instead of cool fun World's best fishing adventures !!
  390. S


    <!-- google_ad_section_end --> No pics? I call B.S.
  391. S

    Doc's trip

    That was a very nice trip at first. But thinking of anyone being out on a boat on sunday deserves to be in an insane asylum or work for The Islander.
  392. S


    I think the BS is if you ate it. Take a picture of your stool tommorow, lets get all CSI again. Best post i've seen in awhile, only here on B.D.
  393. S

    did i make a good a good buy?

    That was the best priced for an unassembled boat going these days, so yes, good buy.
  394. S

    Albacore Caught On Journey South!

    Me want go fish.
  395. S

    Why is the Independence fishing local islands?

    The Indy has a nice captain. I like him because he doesn't yell at the customers if they lose a fish.
  396. S

    I went to the bar

    Mastercard or visa ?
  397. S

    Inexpensive Rod for Avet JX

    This is a great question. I however cannot answer it in a public forum.
  398. S

    Freshwater Ugly Stick Pole from Costco

    Burn it, them things is all filled with spooks in em. Dan Hernandez is the DEVIL!!!!!
  399. S

    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    I bet it was the WSB of a lifetime dude!!!!!!!! Too bad.
  400. S

    Which LR Boat is faster??

    The RRIII is fastest. Or usually runs the fastest, I asked Capt. Kevin Osbourne on his 1st year on Intrepid. His boat is better, but the RRIII will get there faster. We were slower traveling but we went to the right place.
  401. S

    Warm water moving north!!! Tuna

    Puff puff pass
  402. S


    10-4 over and out
  403. S

    SMB 5/21 chasing the barracuda

    Lets kill all them cudas soon.
  404. S

    Tailhunter's May 14th, 2011 La Paz and La Arenas Fleet Reports

    LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm your dorkiest fan JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  405. S

    Yellowtail in Ensenada

    Im getting wood dude!!!!!!!!
  406. S

    Ensenada fish Reports (Updated Daily)

    We all can pat you on the back when we see you, but it is really important to see these fish counts in your area. Karma will work itself out, thanks, Nothing important for me to say other than It is important to see these fish counts updated as the fishing is going to pick up immediately.
  407. S

    Aliso water temp increasing...

    Yeah, cross your fingers for real, Don't just say it, really cross your fingers and say I want some Great Fishing on my trip. Now buy some Lottery tickets and have unprotected "ears." Not ,
  408. S

    pete grey

    I can fix your back (Hee Heee)
  409. S

    SCI - Must be time to pre-fish???

    I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!!!
  410. S

    Need to vent....

    That's why I buy my rods at the store. JMHO .
  411. S

    pete grey

    There is nothing to talk about I guess. Need to know anything , just post up, you will get answers. Pete Grey is gone fishing????????(But not catching obviously)
  412. S

    Aliso water temp increasing...

    Not until Colnett at the end of the month, just sit back and relax, it will rock hard this year!!!!!!!!!
  413. S

    Moderator Help

    Did he inhale ?
  414. S

    Best size "Longer Length" Rod for Lure Launching?

    Ask The guy at Wal-Mart, they have some Long ones.
  415. S


    Eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  416. S

    Offshore Japan Radiation in our Offshore Waters?

    Yeah, Radiiation, So what the f are you going to do now?????????? Kill Tuna anyway!!!!!!!
  417. S

    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    Read all you want, sitting in your chair!!!!!!!! When you got one on your "Big Pole", all hell goes out the window and you shit a brick and hopefully there is a decent deckhand that like you and is in the mood to get put you eyes back in your head and calm you down and get you all nice a preety...
  418. S

    BG90 is ready just in time for the Sea Bass

    They have a girl on that boat too, hope that don't ruin your trip Ron.
  419. S

    All tackle aside...

    Gas Money.
  420. S

    Yellowtail going off

    UHH, The Yellowtail are going off up here and so are the wives . But coffee grinders well, they are always there when you care so little about fishing the right way and just want to punish the boats deckies and other passengers. Like when a guy in a wheelchair is waiting at the bus stop and you...
  421. S

    BG90 is ready just in time for the Sea Bass

    Time to get on a tight line and sleep overnight and wake up and grab a rod, FISH ON FRESH ONES !!!
  422. S

    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    It's alot more funner when they go out on a long run, and you get them. I wouldn't worry about getting spooled as mush as I would about pulling to hard too early. It's like sex, we are all doing it for that last few moments, but getting there is alot of fun !!!!
  423. S


    Blody decks, we don't need to kiss ass if we don't agree, !!!!!! No WIMPS !!! Just good clean MAN TALK!!! Balls with hair on them!!!
  424. S

    Cow tuna question

    Drag pressure on a nearly empty spool (Line way out there) is alot stronger than when the line is out only a few yards. Therfore, at "strike" or "Early on in the fight" the drag lever position is not pushed up closer to full; until later on, when the fish is closer to the boat, then the lever...
  425. S

    Are roller guides needed for trolling/dropper loop?

    I think for trolling, roller guides are doing what they were designed for, reduced friction on fast moving line. And being used all season long, I only cut the last 3-6 feet of my trolling line, I use a long mono topshot, 80 lb. I keep the same line all all season long unless something terrible...
  426. S

    40 lb Rig? Calstar 6470 discontinued?

    Stepped up the price too, I'm a cheap old fart and it's a 40lb test line go I feel alright with just a plain galss graphite rod, For long jig sticks and really big tuna fishing these are specialized rods do make a hell of a difference but for small to average bait fishing a good reel with drags...
  427. S

    Offshore BFT and ablies at 200 miles

    So who cares? Fish are not invisible, Iv'e seen them jumping all over each other right in front of my line and nobody got any fish, so a meter mark in mexican waters. Who CARES????
  428. S

    Offshore Great day for reds and lings

    Where does this boat leave from, what landing?
  429. S

    BD Rod Builders & AcidRod - Feeding the Hungry!

    I am always willing to help the poor.
  430. S

    60-80# reel

    The price is in ratio to the quality. What do you want to spend ? What you get out of it = What you put into it.
  431. S

    Seeker 2x4 vs Calstar 770??

    Cows, cows,cows,cows,cows,cows,cows,cows,cows.
  432. S

    Seeker 2x4 vs Calstar 770??

    Long Rod = PAIN. More difficult to untangle. Casting farther, yes. Clearing the boats obstructions, yes. Something "new" DEFINITELY !!! 2 x 4 Not the strongest rod either.
  433. S

    Spring Trip Heavy Reel

    30 doesnt Haveto be on an all roller rod, probably a 7 ft. 50-90 lb. Calstar if you have the $$. But, why worry about the rod, more worry about the correct reel. Brand of rod Mfg. isn't as important as the reel mfgr., IMHO . As long as it doesn't break and is rated for the line test, get what...
  434. S

    The Cow Count

    I think they aren't so tasty. yellowfin tuna is 3rd. rate.
  435. S

    Here's a subject nobody wants to talk about: Handoffs!

    Hand off this thread !!!!
  436. S

    Spring Trip Heavy Reel

    Like an Axe vs. a steaknife? Handgrenade vs. a shotgun?
  437. S

    Avet LX 2 speed

    I guess thats why they call me, SCRUBBER !!!
  438. S

    Rod for SX

    Take spazoid's advice, he won't steer you wrong!!1
  439. S

    Independence staterooms and ride

    Thanks for the grammar check. I thought that too.
  440. S

    The Cow Count

    It's more fun killing it and giving it away than just letting it swim away? There is no need to kill every fish is there?
  441. S

    Independence staterooms and ride

    HUH? I have no beef with the Indy, great boat, great food, great crew. But when I see BULLSHIT, I gotta call BULLSHIT! Wha ? Who ?? ME ??? That hurts my feelings you guys. What, they don't allow deadheads no more? (OOOPS!)
  442. S


    millions $$ To invest in Design??? HA HA!! , You are in real estate aren't you? Either that or a High School teacher . With Modern Computer design, 10k more like. Ever take one apart? HELLO !!!
  443. S

    Rod for SX

    I can think of 25 rods. You could be here all day and still not go wrong.Some think it's just a 30 lb line or less reel, that covers alot of rods to match !!!Buy the most expensive, it means that its better, just ask the guy who sells them.
  444. S

    Avet Other Gear

    Hats, definitely need an Avet hat.
  445. S

    Avet LX 2 speed

    unglue it.
  446. S

    That tube of oil that comes with Avet reels...

    lube in a tube. don't put it on your drags .
  447. S

    The Cow Count

    Eat that ? Hell, what can a guy do with 800lbs of tuna? Start thinking with you "Big Head" Catch and release, why not let it go and let someone else have it? Catch a really big one, but whats the point of Gaffing it? Becoming a Gentleman far impresses onesself so much more, than anyone else ever...
  448. S


    brass vs aluminum? In saltwater, better with brass. Brass's metallurgic compounds are a little more denser, (solid) than aluminum also. Thats why tere aren't too many brass airplanes, too heavy. But a stronger more solid crimp, and will not become affected by saltwater as easilly as aluminum...
  449. S

    Spring Trip Heavy Reel

    Don't bring an 80 sized reel, that is unless you never use spectra line. (My God) , should bring 25lb up to 100/130 figure it out. A reel size30? yes big enough. 50? uhh, sure, hopefully that will get used. Do Make yourself confident, but please, Try Spectra line, it can...
  450. S

    Okay (another newbie)...

    start on an overnight boat, like you would with anything new. Take in a little at a time, you need to get a start and graduate up towards better. you will be more accepted and at ease if you have some experience under your belt before going on an 8-day trip your first season. The fishing on the...
  451. S

    Independence staterooms and ride

    That will be a great boat, not because it is the "best boat", but because it has the "Most Experienced Captains" in the fleet. Not necessarily the Best, just the "Most Experienced". There is no "Flawless" Sportfishing boat. Like you , and like everyone else, we are the best at some things and...
  452. S

    Moon Phases

    Jeff, fish don't turn into werewolfs, that only happens in movies.
  453. S

    Here's a subject nobody wants to talk about: Handoffs!

    Balls are sweaty, stomachs growling, no sex for the last 6 days, spent 1,000$ on fishing gear, here stranger that I just met, " hold my rod, I'm going to make a phone call to my parents!!" 1 Now that's Big Gayme fishing folks !!! Oh, wouldn't you rather die on a fishing boat than in a phone...
  454. S

    $elling Avet 2nd's because....

    Where are the Accurats "BLEMS" ? In the shitcan my friends, in the shitcan. (Not for $ALE)
  455. S

    Here's a subject nobody wants to talk about: Handoffs!

    I've seen a few rods go out of "Dudes" hands and into the deep Pacific Ocean, (Where they still remain). I would rather pin on a bait and cast out "Dudes" pole, then feed out line and get the bait swimming, Then a hand off of his own pole, But I can hardly let go of my own stick to even the...
  456. S

    $elling Avet 2nd's because....

    I was looking and saw these reels last nite !!!
  457. S

    Just off deployment...everything has changed and I need help!

    Bonito (but big) around Catalina.
  458. S

    BLANK ABOUT A BLANK (hee hee)

    O.K. Great , & Thanks for the help
  459. S

    BLANK ABOUT A BLANK (hee hee)

    Who was Graphite USA nemed before? I won a blank on a raffle on the Legend sportboat a few years back, i scraped my money together and need it wrapped. I forgot who made this blank, I think it was Graphite USA, Hastings / What are they called now, as at the time they were going out of buisness...
  460. S

    Swivel on PL68?

    Torpedoed sardine? Do you think that could work?