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    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Hi guys. Question for you what would be a good rod to match with a Penn Fathom 30LD2. I usually like to fish 30lb, and I want a good all around round for offshore, be it patty fishing or WFO tuna. Something with a good backbone, but responsive. Thoughts? Thanks Kris
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    Pride: Boat Question

    Good Morning All. I fished the Pride 5-6 years ago, and I can't remember if they have outlets near the bunks. Since, then I need to use a CPAP. Does anyone know? Yes, I sent a message to the boat and I am waiting for a response, but I don't want to lose the chance to go on nice trip. Thanks Kris
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Thanks for the write up. It was very informative, I may pull the trigger on this. How has it held up these last few months? Thanks Kris
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    Offshore Welcome To The Foam Show Video. Pac Voy 7/6-7/7

    Great Video! It was interesting to see the Vagabond so close. Dave, puts together some great trips. Thanks for sharing!
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    Any Open Spots Departing 9/13/2019

    Hi Guys! I will be down in San Diego for work and I am seeing if anyone has an open spot on their Charter for either a 1.5 or 2 Day departing on 9/13/2019. Already checked the landings Pac Queen is already full and the Pacifica is the only other boat for that weekend, currently.... Thanks in...
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    Pacific Voyager 2-Day 6/1 & 6/2

    How did you guys do?
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    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    FYI Oh the possibilities!!
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    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    Looking Good! Bunk selection has been day of.
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    Offshore Aztec 2-Day PB's All Around

    Yeah, that was a great trip.
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    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    I appreciate all the feedback. I have learned a few things and have some great ideas of where to look. I thought I would share what I found. This looks interesting, I just wish I could see it in a store. Any thoughts? Funny thing I found it for the same price but on a photo website, with a...
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    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    I have taken my daughters (12 and 13)on overnights and up to 1.5 trips. I use Bonine and CVS makes a generic that also works very , but I stick with bonine. The reason I like Bonine is it is 24 hrs for 1-2 pills and I usually give the night before we even get on the boat. It is already in their...
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    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    Hi All. My tackle bag finally died, so I need a new one. I had a top load one, but I have gotten to the point I am tired of pulling it out from the rack. So, I am looking for suggestions. I already looked online at the Shimano Borona, Calcutta and a few others. On my last trip, when my bag...
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    Cool Underwear

    LOL Hey, hey as I am a sweaty guy, I know your pain and this post speaks to me. Has nothing to do with fishing just has to do with activities, hiking, running, even working in the yard on a hot day. My preference Hanes X-temp. They now have a cheaper version, I get for my son. He works in a...
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    A Rookie and a Drunk

    LOL I have saved that pictured from the original story and it will live on forever on this site and of course the internet!
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    Offshore 24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    That is awful!!! Look at that poor guy!!
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    Offshore 8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Great Report! That is one way to tire out your kids! Great job!
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    Offshore 182 and more... What happened to the bite!?!

    LOL, that isn't a dig. I read that if YOU AREN"T Tito you are just unlucky!
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    Offshore Ten Hrs later...

    I am looking forward to the longer report! Awesome teamwork by your buddy!
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    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day - 7/2/15 BFT, YFT and YT!

    Great Report and Info. Gotta love light loads! Thanks Kris
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    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    LOL Will, their be a weigh in first?
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    Need a Harpoon!

    LOL Was it the deckhand, that stated "You have to be quick on the poon" See what happens when you get so excited! Thanks for the report!
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    Yellowtail Fish Wars LA (Video)

    LOL OUCH!! Hmmm, maybe you can get a drone (and attach a basket to it) that you can fly over to the party boats and order food and beer and fly it back to your boat? Aaah, I thought I was being funny, but it is real!
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    Offshore Pacific Voyager 3 day

    Great Report! Thanks for the tips. Heading out on a 2 day in two weeks on that boat. The boat is excellent all around.
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    Offshore Tribute Tuna

    Nice Report. Looks like they are starting to bite a little more, and not be so picky like they usually are. hehe
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    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    Just a few more weeks until my 2 day...not soon enough!
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    My next Charter

    Hi Chuck. Sorry, you are going through that. I believe your communication was there. It was quite clear what time the boat was scheduled to leave. I know that putting together a charter takes a lot of time and upfront money as a deposit, which I don't think everyone is aware of. As an angler...
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    Offshore Rpt.-Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip 05-25-15

    That's a tough way to scratch for some fish. Excellent report and pics. Thanks kris
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    Wow!! I think the use of "Big" is misleading. That's a monster!!! Congrats!
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    1 day or 1.5 day

    With the last bit of info. New anglers to offshore experience. Better go overnight and the Pride is a great boat. Bonine is your friend. Ooh meant to add the boat will fillet for a fee, so a nice ice chest should work for you.
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    Offshore Pacific Voyager JRI Custom Lure trip to SCI

    Same here. As always a great trip on the pacific voyager, it really helped having a great group that Chuck brought together. thanks for the jigs! As for the rock fishing, not much pressure on them as the majority were trying to get yellows, but for those that tried, it was easy pickings.
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    Pacific Voyager JRI Jigs 1.5 day trip Final Update.

    Finally here! Looking forward to meeting new people. We are leaving so early, I will bring some dessert.
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    JRI Jigs sponsored 1.5 Day Trip May 1 and 2- Pac Voyager

    Hi Chuck. I see a few bunks are claimed. If we are doing assigned bunks, could I please have 14B, for #14? Thanks kris
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    JRI Jigs sponsored 1.5 Day Trip May 1 and 2- Pac Voyager

    Thanks Chuck. Wasn't me, but I may shoot it out to one of my friends to see if they are interested. Thanks Kris. The check is in the mail. Oh yeah!
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    JRI Jigs sponsored 1.5 Day Trip May 1 and 2- Pac Voyager

    Hi Chuck. I sent a PM yesterday, and wanted to see if I could get on the list. I see #14, but I wasn't sure if that was me...? Let me know Thansk Kris
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    *Yearbook* Jan 1st - Dec. 31st 2014 Bring it!

    Taking my daughter on her first overnight trip on the Pride in July. She had a great time and she limited on yellows! I can't wait until next year.
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    TidyBowl Boat Strikes Again

    LMAO! I had to clean the water off my laptop after I spit it out laughing. Hopefully, this thread is updated through the winter with older photos. This was just last week...
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    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    OPAH!! Dont let this beat the opah thread. :) We aren't done fishing this season.
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    Offshore 1 1/2 day on the Seeker 09-08-14

    I appreciate your report. Get the kids out early! I know my daughter is now hooked after her overnight trip. Good Job DAD! Thanks!
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 3/4 day 8/29th

    I am thinking on jumping on their trip next week. So, still enough room with 43 people? Thanks Kris
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    Offshore Pride 8/28 - 8/29 - Another "Epic" adventure

    Damm! Great report. The pride and crew always deliver. Thanks for the report. Thanks Kris
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    4 or 6 pack Openings on 9/5/14

    Thanks for the quick reply! LOL!! with the hot fishing everyone is booked.
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    4 or 6 pack Openings on 9/5/14

    Hey Guys. I already looked at Season's website and they are already booked for that day. I use to use Paradigm Shift out of Dana Landing, but they are no longer doing charters (which is to bad I had some great trips with them). Anybody have a 3/4 day charter or point me in the right direction...
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    Post-op day 2 fishing

    I had it done. However, it all depends on you and the doctor you have. I was up and running by day 3 doing yard work. However, I wouldn't suggest it. My buddy had it done and it was 2 weeks for him...
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    Looking for 1.5-2 day trip leaving from SD August 29-31

    As the other person suggested contact Dave. I have gone on his earlier trips last month. Dave is a great Chartermaster and you can't beat the Pride. A FEW OPEN SPOTS LEFT FOR A PRIDE 2-DAY TRIP LIMITED LOAD 15...
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    Looking for 1.5 or 2 day 8/1 Overnight spots open on the Pride
  46. deskjet1120

    Offshore Grande Slaughterfest

    Awesome! Thanks for the report!
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    First trip for a 13 year old

    FYI I am taking my 11 yr old.
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    Offshore Voyager 1.5 6/22 tuna 'n jellos at 70 miles

    Thanks for the report and the tips. Much Appreciated. Can't wait until Friday!!
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    Offshore Pac Voy!

    Thanks for the report and info. Can't go wrong with the Pacific Voyager! 2 more weeks and I am on a 2 day on the boat. Can't wait!
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    I can't believe you are going to make! OPAH!
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    Offshore Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    Thanks for the report. I was wondering how you guys did. Thanks Kris
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    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Great Pics and thanks for the updated tackle info!
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    Great Report. Thank you! I'm on the Pac Voyager on a 2 day in a few weeks. I can't wait!!!
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    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Amazing! Ron, thanks for the pics and the info. I can't wait for my 2 day. Where they eating large line? Thanks kris
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    Malahini 5/16 way late

    Awesome! Nice Job! IMO, that would be a great new Avatar.
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    Any 2 day Charter tuna trip leaving fri night in Aug, Sept, or Oct?

    Hehe, I've already started planning. Pride is a great boat to get out on.
  57. deskjet1120

    Offshore 9-29 302 LONG FINS on this one & a pot patty

    Hehe, that is what I would of said. Oh that's nothing go back to bed. Awesome Catch though! Thanks for sharing!
  58. deskjet1120

    Offshore Old Glory 9/24/13 Eddie fishtaco

    Thanks for the report. I have been wondering about that boat. I was thinking about hoping on one of their 1.5 trips next month that's listed on their website. Was their a fuel charge and mandatory food plan (of course I plan on verifying before I book)? Thanks Kris
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    Any Open Spots on a private charter 8/2 or 8/3?

    Hey guys. I am going to either jump on the Aztec or New Lo-an, next weekend, but before I made that commitment I wanted to know if anyone has any open spots on a private charter for an overnight or preferably a 1.5 day trip. Thanks Kris
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    Offshore Jumbo Blufin

    Great report! Can't go wrong with the pacific voyager.
  61. deskjet1120

    Offshore Yellowtail, Blue fin on Pacific Voyager 6/27/13 thru 6/29/13

    Hehe, talking about half ass. Made the executive decision to just be lazy and throw all the bluefin in the smoker, instead of cutting and using the foodsaver. You both are correct it is much better without the bloodline. As for the bellies, I prefer to keep the skin on so I don't worry about it...
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    Offshore Yellowtail, Blue fin on Pacific Voyager 6/27/13 thru 6/29/13

    Let me say Excellent. Using mission st hefeweizen in the water pan does add some good flavor. My kids already started in on the bellies, ummm buttery goodness. :rolleyes:
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    Offshore Yellowtail, Blue fin on Pacific Voyager 6/27/13 thru 6/29/13

    Hi All. I didn't see a report so I thought I would do a brief writeup. I was able to get on Dave B's (great chartermaster by the way) limited load trip with 18 anglers. We head approx. 130 miles south and I believe 40 miles offshore ( I could be easily mistaken on that). Patty hoping first thing...
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    Offshore ocean oddysey 6/14 1.5 bluefin and yellows

    Nice Report. Looking forward to my trip next week. Nice video also "Ah come on", I think we have all been there. It made it to the boat :)
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    Great report and looked like you guys had a blast! Thanks Kris
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    Offshore Blue fin in 1.5 day

    Woot!. two day on the pac voyager in 3 weeks!
  67. deskjet1120

    Rusty hooks use or toss ?

    Reminds me of the trip I took on the Jig Strike and the Captain's lucky hook. I thought I would need a tetanus shot just from looking at the hook. He stated it's my lucky hook, attached a bait, threw it out hooked up and passed it off to me and said works every time. Just make sure it is sharp.
  68. deskjet1120


    Well Dave. I am looking forward to meeting you! Thanks Kris
  69. deskjet1120

    Offshore First string out of H&M

    Ditto. Captain and crew are excellent and want to make sure you have a good time!
  70. deskjet1120

    Offshore Limits of Rockies on a 1 1/2 day trip on the "Old Glory" 2.16.13

    Great Report as always. Sounds like a great trip! Hey, is that a soda fountain? Thanks Kris
  71. deskjet1120

    Fortune 2-15-13

    Darn!! I just went two weeks ago. If you can get on the Fortune go for it (it has enough rail space). Crew and captain are great. Food is good and they give a lot. Crew was constantly running around helping all the anglers without being asked, great customer service. Agree with other poster...
  72. deskjet1120

    Offshore Colnett limits of humongous red on the "Fortune" 2.2.13

    Great Report and Pics (especially the jackpot ling)!! I was on the trip also, weather was amazing, captain and crew were great, always there to help. Food was good as was the company. Hopefully, I can get out before they move up to 22nd street landing. Looking forward to the next trip.
  73. deskjet1120

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Let it Die Let It Die Let it Die
  74. deskjet1120

    Dinghy Lobsters in Long Beach

    Hehe. I love the notes from my kids. But seriously though. What did you name it?
  75. deskjet1120

    Any open Spots on Charter leaving 10/18/12?

    Hi Guys. It looks like I will be able to swing one last tuna trip this season. I was wondering if anyone has any open spots on a 1.5 charter leaving on 10/18/12 (I see a few 2.5 days trips, but my schedule won't allow for those). I do see the Prowler leaving for a 1.5 day trip and will...
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    Offshore Constitution 1.5 day 9/28-9/30

    LOL!! Umm, I don't do moaning sounds, but I do have it up and say. WOW!! look at that trip and I wish I was out there and I am so jealous! Sometimes, I win sometimes I don't. This time I won, just need to find a trip....that fits with my schedule this month...Doh!!
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    Offshore 3 days...

    Great Report and pics!! Oh man that was 30 years ago, I guess age would be right? hehe LOLLOL
  78. deskjet1120

    Offshore Rpt-Sun-09-23-12 Finding the Magic Kelp at D220.

    As always a great!!! And great pics!!! I can't wait until I grow up and have more money! Thanks Kris
  79. deskjet1120

    Offshore 976-Tuna with the Eclipse: 9/16-18

    Excellent Report! I need to get back out there! Thanks Kris
  80. deskjet1120

    Offshore 1010 Trench / WFO Albies 09/15

    Nice! Thanks for the report.
  81. deskjet1120

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day 9/5 - 9/7 - Late Report

    Great report. Thanks for sharing the tips. The PQ is a great boat.
  82. deskjet1120

    Offshore Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    Holy Moly!!! Great Report and Awesome pics! Congrats!
  83. deskjet1120

    Offshore fishin was good the "Dominator" 9.3,4.12

    Nice Haul!! Great Pics and thanks for the report. I have been wondering about that boat. Thanks Kris
  84. deskjet1120

    Offshore 9/3/12 Pacific Queen WFO Yt and Dodo's!

    Nice job! On a good boat. I hope I can get on them again soon. nice video and thanks for the report.
  85. deskjet1120

    Offshore Pacific Queen Carnage

    Great Report. It was my first time on the Pacific Queen and I got my first blue fins (1 really nice toad and a few "babies" hehe). I have to agree it didn't feel like 34 people. That was one of my concerns, but the boat was super fishy all around so I thought we had a lot of space even when the...
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    Offshore 2 Day Eclipse

    Great report! Thanks for the tips. Also for the boat info. I have been wondering about them. Thanks Kris
  87. deskjet1120

    Overnight: Dolphin 3 or Pacific Queen?

    Just got off the PQ from a 1.5 day trip. I would go with the PQ. Captain, crew and boat are super fishy.
  88. deskjet1120

    Jig Strike Info

    I have only fished the boat once with Captain Terry (spelling?) and Bubba as the deckhand a few years ago and I did very well and the captain was super helpful casting out, passing off his lucky rusty hook and helping everyone hook fish. Having a preference for a small number of people I liked...
  89. deskjet1120

    New Lo-An ?

    Hi Guys. I am thinking on jumping on the Thursday 8/23/12 1.5 trip and would like some info. I searched the reports and I see that the Captain and Crew are super fishy and do pretty well consistently (as to expect as this is fishing). I am quite sure this is going to sound pretty stupid, but my...
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    Offshore CONDOR=Grand Slam carnage 8/7 insane!!

    WOW!! What a great trip! Thanks for the report. Also thanks for sharing the photos. The first and last one show how much energy you expended. hehe must of had a good night's sleep.
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    Offshore Rpt-Wed.-08-01-12 Aztec Tuna and Tails!

    As always a great report! Thanks for the info!
  92. deskjet1120

    Offshore CONDOR, Dorado, Bluefin,Big Yellows 7/19

    Ummmmm...sweet sweet dodo. I hope I catch one (or more) this year. Thanks for the report and luckily no major injury!. Thanks
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    Offshore Late Report - First String 3-day We found the Yellowfin!

    Sounds like a great trip. A lirttle bit of everything. Good job. I'mjealous
  94. deskjet1120

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 2.5 day 7/14-7/17

    Damm! What a great trip. Thanks for the tips.
  95. deskjet1120

    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    Wow!! Congrats and nice report. Hopefully they will be their on my next trip!!
  96. deskjet1120

    Relentless Sportfishing

    X2 Unfortunately, that was what I heard last month at the landing. That's to bad. I really liked that boat.
  97. deskjet1120

    Constitution 1.5 2/17-2/19

    :food-smiley-014:Hi All. I was lucky to get on the Constitution trip to Colonet. My first time on the boat and it won't be my last. I'll be keeping an eye on their schedule. It was an all inclusive trip and it was well worth it. The crew was top notch and it seemed everyone had a great time...
  98. deskjet1120

    INDIAN 1-1/2 day trip Feb 18th open spots

    Thanks for the Info!! I hope to put that to use on the constitution this weekend.
  99. deskjet1120

    Colnett/Lingcod and Quality Reds

    Hi Cory. I am on the 2/17 trip. Question, are all the trips leaving at 5pm (which would be awesome)? I ask because the website says 7pm departure. Thanks Kris
  100. deskjet1120

    Can Anyone Recommend a good Guide for fishing SD Bay

    My 2cents. You may want to look at Paradigm Shift Charters out of Mission Bay. The captain Scott Leon specializes in saltwater fly fishing. He is very cool and fun to fish with. His boat hauls ass!
  101. deskjet1120

    Offshore 2/4/12 On the Constitution

    I saw that deal and I booked for 2/17/12. Looking forward to getting out. What's the suggestion on tackle and weight? What worked best? Thanks Kris
  102. deskjet1120

    Trip opinion

    LOL!! No Sh*t! I actually called yesterday and they gave me the info regarding meals and permits and the expected fuel surcharge and I was just about to call to reserve. Oh well!
  103. deskjet1120

    Top Gun 80

    Hi All. Just a quick question on the Top Gun 80. I am looking at one of their trips with 25 anglers. The question I have which I am sure will seem odd is the deck large enough to not feel crowded? I know that is weird. I am use to 17 people or less on smaller boats, i.e relentless, coral sea...
  104. deskjet1120

    Offshore BFT go stupid 160mi down

    WOW!! hehe What a problem to have. Congrats!!! The Relentless is an awesome boat with an amazing captain and crew. Joel always goes the distance. Hopefully, they put some open trips up, they are hard to get on. Thanks for the report!
  105. deskjet1120

    Offshore BG90 1.5

    I appreciate your honest report. All that information is what you have to take into consideration in planning your trips. Thanks
  106. deskjet1120

    8/24 Wednesday 2 day - $395

    How many on the trip? Thanks Kris
  107. deskjet1120

    Offshore Need help picking a 1.5 day boat

    The Aztec is a good boat, went out last year on a private charter. I am thinking of going out myself on Wednesday. Not to make it worse in regards to choices, but the Coral Sea (I have been on it before) is going out of H&M Landing for a 1.5 day on Wednesday leaving at 6pm (I'll take that extra...
  108. deskjet1120

    Offshore Apollo 8-13-11 Two Day Carnage!!

    Great JOB!!! Thanks for the great report.
  109. deskjet1120

    Offshore Rpt- 2.5 day 08-14-11 Tails, YFT, BFT to 80 lbs.

    WoW! Great job and thanks for the report!
  110. deskjet1120

    Offshore Relentless 1.5 day report

    Was on the same trip with my buddy Mark. That was one long ride, even though only two fish were caught. It was a great time and the 2 hour dark boat ride added to the fun. Relentless is always a great ride. FYI....wearing 3 transderm patches probably not the best idea. That poor bastard!!:eyepoppin
  111. deskjet1120

    Offshore INDIAN1-1/2 day trip report 7/6

    Great report! Thanks for the update. As for that deal that is amazing! If I wasn't booked on another boat I would jump on that immediately! Hopefully, you offer that again. Thanks
  112. deskjet1120

    Passports required at the Nados?

    IN addition, just an FYI. DON'T pay to get it expedited. I went overseas earlier this year and paid for expediting my passport, but not my kids. Ummm extra $60 i believe and my kids passport came the day after mine. WTF! They turn then around pretty fast, but check at your local post office for...
  113. deskjet1120

    Passports required at the Nados?

    Well for those of you that have them. A passport card will also work I believe. U.S. Passport Card Print Email PURPOSE The U.S. Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from...
  114. deskjet1120

    Offshore Kelp Paddy Yt's and a surprise BFT

    Great Going!! Looking forward to going out!
  115. deskjet1120

    Aboard the New Seaforth 1/2 day, I guess it's time to smoke some berry

    :drool:Nice report. Care to share your smoker recipe?
  116. deskjet1120

    Offshore Bluefin at 160 miles

    :) I heard the same report. Crossing my fingers! I'm on the Relentless for a 1.5 day trip in a few weeks and I hope their closer!!!
  117. deskjet1120

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    I'm glad that you were able to get that dropped. Hopefully your buddies take a copy of the letter and show them to either CDFG and/or the Judge. Tell them Good luck!
  118. deskjet1120

    1.5 trip 9/24-25 limited to 17

    Sounds like a great deal. Question though for clarification, boat is a 1.5 day trip leaving 9/23 (?) fishing 9/24 returning 9/25 correct? Meals included? Thanks Kris
  119. deskjet1120

    Great Friends and Great Fishin on the KILLBOX

    I read it, but I guess not clearly. My eyes. Ouch!
  120. deskjet1120

    Nice day on the Mexican 9, non stop rock fishing

    Nice Job! You're making me jealous.
  121. deskjet1120

    The season's a ways off, load 1.5 boats?

    Hi ALL. I know that it is still pretty early, but as I start to saving, for this season I wanted to get some insight on limited load boats out of San Diego. I am looking at loads of 20 or less. This past season I was able to get on the Relentless (18 passengers), which was a great boat...
  122. deskjet1120

    Newport half day for $20

    Cool! Thanks for passing that on. I wanted to take the kids out over their break. Happy Holidays!
  123. deskjet1120

    Any 1.5 day ultralimited boats leaving 9/3/10?

    Hi Guys. My wife gave me a pass labor day weekend to not visit the inlaws :hali_olutta:, so I am going fishing. I found the Coral Sea has a ultra limited load leaving 9/3 and coming back 9/5. I just fished that boat on 7/23 and I had a great experience (see previous post) and if I can't find any...
  124. deskjet1120

    Need a 4-pack charter or similar

    My.02 is Paradigm Shift Charters. With 4 people the cost isn't to bad. The Captain is Scott Leon out of Dana Landing. Good Luck!
  125. deskjet1120

    Offshore Coral Sea 1.5 Rtn 7/25/10

    First time on the Sea Coral Ultra Limited Load of 17. Great Crew and a great bunch of guys. Fishing was slow in the morning, but picked up in the afternoon and evening. I believe the final count was 33 Albacore and 1 bluefin. The albacore seemed to like the small anchovies and sardines. I got 1...
  126. deskjet1120

    Jig Strike or Cortez

    Fished the Jig Strike at the end of last season. Based on that trip I am already planning to go out a few times on that boat this season. Small boat, but super helpful crew and they get on the fish. Make sure you get their early if you go on the Jig Strike. The last 4 bunks suck! One extra perk...
  127. deskjet1120

    Offshore H&M Jig Strike 1.5 day

    That was my first trip on the Jig Strike, crew was very helpful and the best part was the people on the boat. Everyone was laid back, friendly and helpful. I can't wait for my next trip!