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  1. Salmonater

    WTB GL2 1265S

    Looking for the above rod.
  2. Salmonater

    WTT for a 1143/1163

    I'm looking for the above rod, I have a 1161 with very light use, or will buy one outright for $200.00
  3. Salmonater

    Flir/Raymarine sold
  4. Salmonater

    New NGK Spark Plugs

    These are the recommended plugs for a Yamaha 250 and 300. 12 ea. for $60.00
  5. Salmonater

    Grunden Baldor rain bibs

    Size large, I've worn these 6-8 times. They have some stains and grime on them, no tears or leaks. Selling because these are backup and just don't fit me well. $50.00
  6. Salmonater

    Saltwater Series II stainless props

    Almost new set of props, 9 out of 10. $600.00
  7. Salmonater

    Boat Sinks
  8. Salmonater

    Big surf at Long Beach

  9. Salmonater

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    Who's got them? What brand? Are they worth it. Pros and Cons, anything to look for.
  10. Salmonater

    Check This Out

    I had this over in the boat Ho section with no reponse. I thought I would try it here. Jeff Norwood Age: 65 Boat: FV Salmonater Insland: Big Island, Kona area Days available: 1-10-18 thru 1-22-17, can fish multiple days Ref: Look on the Washington Forum Experience:, Been captaining my own boat...
  11. Salmonater

    Avet MXJ with MagCast

    This reel is 5 years old and has been serviced every year. $140.00 with line. This reel is $250.00 new See below post.
  12. Salmonater

    Johnson Bilge and Bait Pumps

    I have 2 Johnson Bilge Pumps, and 1 Livewell/Bait Tank Pump. All items are brand new. Retail on Bilge Pumps is $85.00 ea., will sell for $45.00 ea.[/IMG Retail on Bait Pump is $115.00, will sell for $75.00
  13. Salmonater

    PhotoBucket Alternative

    Anyone come up with replacement program for posting pictures.
  14. Salmonater

    Globalstar Sat Phone

    Used 3 times, this is a almost new up to date phone. $300.00 <img src="">
  15. Salmonater

    Qcove Breakaway Flashers

    SOLD I have 15 of these for sale. Buyer take all for $75.00 Click on the link below. <img src="">
  16. Salmonater

    Bluefin Boredom

    So I'm bored and started reliving old memorys.
  17. Salmonater

    Tuna Gear, Lamiglas and Shimano

    2 ea. Lamiglass Tri-flex rods, BL7030 C 7'..........$130.00 ea., retail is $225.00 These rods have 4 years use on them, and have some boat rash. Here's a link. 2 ea. Shimano Torium 16HG, high...
  18. Salmonater

    Help me scratch an itch

    I have the time, and the money. Where can i go catch some Yellowfin Tuna, without going on a long range boat, or learning how to speak spanish?
  19. Salmonater

    Cannister Life Raft With Hydrostatic Release $1000.00
  20. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    I'm familiar with Lifeproof, are there any other viable options? Something that isn't as heavy or bulky, but still waterproof, and afford protection from being dropped? Thanks in advance
  21. Salmonater

    Set of Yamaha 4.2L 250's

    Left and right hand motors, selling as a set. 2015 3 years of warranty left 600 hours 30" shafts Book is $30,000.00, asking $26,000.00
  22. Salmonater

    Some Tuna Action

  23. Salmonater

    Rough Water WTC

    Short clip i just got. Fished as long as we could and had to come in pretty hot to make the deadline. Winds out of the south at 30knots on my wind meter, we are running SE at 20 knots. Turn the volumn up to get the full effect.
  24. Salmonater

    Robot Tuna
  25. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I let the cat out of the bag on Kdubinwa’s 25’ OS build and i didn’t want to hijack is thread so I though I would share a little more. Well I’ve been working on a new build since spring and this is the final design...
  26. Salmonater

    20# Downrigger Mold

    Looking to purchase a 20# mold with a fin. I talked to do-it and they don't sell one. Any ideas or sources?