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    Big white ice chest asking 50$ 714 206 0340 Lee in san pedro. 4 or 5 feet ice chest. Boat size.
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    Avet HX Mc cast 2 speed blue

    300 $ This reel is loaded with 80% spooled 80lb spectra room for topshots. No Trades for fish gear thanks.714 206 0340 Lee in San Pedro
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    Seeker G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4 ARW

    Seeker G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4 ARW Seeker Black Steel Graphite Series All Roller Rod. 80 (100) 150 LB. 450$$. Only caught one fish, just like new condition. I can send pics via cellphone text. I am in San Pedro CA . 562 277 7266
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    How's The Bait in Point loma?

    We are really itching to get out but are we going to get great bait or hell no? San Diego point loma Navy politics aside are we going to get great bait or naw?
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    moved to classifieds. sorry gone
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    CHEST FREEZER for sale $100

    sorry gone
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    CHEST FREEZER for sale $100

    sorry gone
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    Bait barge ???

    So, What happened to the MOVING OF THE BAIT BARGE ??? Any NEWS ???:Dynamite:
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    14ft. Ladder asking 200$

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    Seen any GOOD ASS Lately?

    I'm tired of the same old porn, Does anyone know of some new fresh ass shots ? I'm reall ytrying to find some new talented ass, if that doesn't make sense ? You haven't had a good piece of ass then!:evilimu::evilimu:
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    $elling Avet 2nd's because....

    I was looking and saw these reels last nite !!!
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    BLANK ABOUT A BLANK (hee hee)

    Who was Graphite USA nemed before? I won a blank on a raffle on the Legend sportboat a few years back, i scraped my money together and need it wrapped. I forgot who made this blank, I think it was Graphite USA, Hastings / What are they called now, as at the time they were going out of buisness...