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  1. trunk777

    single ready to mingle. shogun 6/4-6/12

    who is ready?
  2. trunk777

    covid on long range boats

    what happens if a few days after returning from a trip someone on your boat test positive? has anyone experienced this? does the landing contact you?
  3. trunk777

    shogun 10 day 10/5-10/15

    anyone on here going?
  4. trunk777

    Offshore just stay home

    this will be a lot better faster if you do!
  5. trunk777

    best cal star 8 foot rod

    for a talica 10 fishing 40# go
  6. trunk777

    why penn

    you finally make a reel i want to buy.and then you back order them for four months with no end in sight of getting one. 12visx silver.WTF ill buy shimano!!!!!!!
  7. trunk777

    PV in may

    looking for hotel recomendations close to harbor going on the apollo.
  8. trunk777

    reel confused

    whats the best reel for fishin 80# at the lupe.having a 800xxh built looking for suggestions?
  9. trunk777

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    i went on a overnight tuesday fishing wednesday. fishing for this time of year was good boat got 50 or so yellows and a monster 50 to 60 pound whitesea bass. that he would not of caught without crew help. guy is given JP money 180$.hands deck hand 20$.goes to pay tab and tells the guy i took...
  10. trunk777

    Guadalupe was very slow

    I have fish this island 17 times now and I have never seen it this slow. it was not because of lack of fish I don't know what was going on they were basically eating red crabs andTrumpetfish there was acres of them puddle and I've never seen it before it was pretty awesome to see 60 to 120...
  11. trunk777

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    what wahoo jig or bomb has been working well on these past recent trips I'm going on a nine day on the shogunThursday and I would just like a little bit of insight
  12. trunk777

    nine foot rod suggestion

    plan on pairing with trinadad 30a mostly for surface iron
  13. trunk777

    guadalupe big fish

    ive heard it both ways fishing big fish.what is your take on fish over it best to have some mono or straight tie 25 feet of flurocarbon as a top shot to spectra?
  14. trunk777

    private charter on the fortune 1 spot

    2 1/2 day only 18 peeps meals included leaves oct 1 returns oct 4 680$
  15. trunk777

    where da fish at

    leaving mission bay headed towards 182/181/209 does that sound like a good plan if not help us out consider me a homeless guy on the freeway asking for spare change
  16. trunk777

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    if your a bussiness owner/charter operater dont come on a public forum and tell the customer how tip you or what is approprriate you will get a tip based on your service not your suggestion! i think 20% is appropriate is this the norm?
  17. trunk777

    first 15 day trip in jan hook segguestions

  18. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    i have fished many boats and worked on a few.never had such a bad time on a SD boat than yesterday.the fishing was not good yesterday but driving around basically the 277 area from 7 till 2 is not a good choice in my opinion.4$ beers and 7$ breakfast burritos did not help.i understand that the...
  19. trunk777


    Going end of oct is it open now
  20. trunk777


    any bait boats at catalina??????????
  21. trunk777

    dana point

    is the bait barge open 24/7 on the weekends
  22. trunk777

    fishing dana wednesday

    if any one has numbers for all that yellowfin it would sure help..
  23. trunk777

    6 day on pacific queen in oct.

    never fished this boat anyone have any good or bad things to say about it
  24. trunk777

    277,267 info

    any kelps holding fish on 277,267. going sunday looking for info
  25. trunk777

    6 day on the appolo

    leaving friday on the appolo hows the boat . and does anyone have any fresh info?:lux: :cheers:
  26. trunk777

    fluro to mono

    what the best knot to attatch fluro/mono