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    Raymarine A60 finder/gps combo, complete

    Howdy yall. I just got a bigger unit on my skiff so I am selling this one. Fully functional and complete. Comes with GPS antenna, screen, transom mount ducer, power cable, fishfinder module, and the cables to connect all the unit. Works great. Shows me fish and shows me how to get home...
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    Raymarine Transducer/ transom/ p66? or similar

    I just got a raymarine c80 with a dsm 300. Its not the newest machine for sure but the screen is nice and big and I am excited. My old P58 doesnt plug into the DSM 300. Does anybody have a transducer I can buy? Its for a small cheap boat so I dont need something that is swordfish capable. Thanks
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    90 HP Honda, load of parts for sale

    SOLD- Thanks BD. I dont even own the motor any but uncovered a box of parts in my shed. It was an early 2000's carb-ed version. Price- $50 or a fishing reel, I am kinda flexible . I tried to get a good picture showing the part numbers.
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    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    Howdy folks. I have a 15 ft skiff with a 40 hp tiller on the back. Not a mega yacht I know. It has one of those red 6 gallon style tanks you see at West Marine. I want a few more gallons and I get a little nervous watching it wiggle/swell..... I also dont like having to always remember to...
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    Considering the Simrad Cruise 7, really want good bathymetery

    Hey Yall, I have a 15 skiff w a tiller on it just so you know where I am coming from. I fish in Santa Cruz CA and almost never deeper than 200 ft. Currently I have a Raymarine A 60 that is plenty old and tired in my opinion. I am attracted by the $349 price from Worst Marine for the 7...
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    WTB- Truck, dont need anything fancy

    I am getting ready to retire my 2005 F150. Looking for options and maybe one of yall has something. I have a 12 mile per way daily commute. And a 15 ft skiff I keep in the water most of the time but would like to travel around with her. Budget, I don't really know, depends on the truck for...
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    Looking for outboard mounting advice/ videos

    I am about to install a 40 hp outboard to my skiff. Just got the transom re done so there are no holes in it 'yet.' Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Should I over drill the holes and fill w thickened resin and then re drill? Hang the motor on and then drill so I am sure...
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    15ft Sorenson- Catamaran- Project

    I have enjoyed looking at other peoples boats and re-builds for years. So here is my amateur attempt. Hopefully it can provide a little distraction to somebody out there while they are at their desks and supposed to be doing work one day. I found a 15 ft Sorenson hull on C List and made...
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    15 ft skiff deal

    Not mine, nor is the description in the add accurate. But a pressure washer and a motor and it would be a lot of fun. Good luck boys and girls.
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    40-80 HP Tiller Outboard

    Looking for a good running tiller outboard for a skiff project. Happy with a 4 stroke or clean running Etec. Let me know what you have. Budget flexible. Darren
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    Where to get Fish Trap Swim baits

    I am looking to get some white pearl 4.5 " swim baits but having a hard time finding em. It seems like walmart has Channel Islands Chovy and Alibaba wants my social security number for a qoute. Barry are you out there?
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    WTB- Sorenson 15 or 16

    Howdy friends from up north. I just missed out on a Sorenson 15. If you know of anyone that might be available I would appreciate it a lot. Does not need a motor either. Thanks for the extra help with this. I always thought my next boat was going to be longer but I am already at the...
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Sold Sold Sold, Thanks Price Drop: $12,000, I want to start shopping for my next boat so I am ready for next year Boats History: The boat came from Maine. I first saw it on C list 5-6 years ago. Don't ask why I was searching Maine's C list but I am addicted. Somebody else bought it shipped...
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    Shout out to Lowrance

    I noticed that the transducer mount for my Hook 7 had corroded and my ducer was just hanging by the wire last time I hauled it. Sent a pic and email to Lowrance. Day later they answered my email and asked for my serial #. They then said it was out of warranty but we will send you a new...
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    40 ft Rybovich, not mine $2500

    Just saw this craigslist add. Somebody tell Ali to buy it. I am sure he could be convinced
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    Radon / Wilson Console, zero affiliation

    Just saw this add on c list. I bet it could save someone a lot of sanding, maybe.
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    Looking for bumper advice, Tacoma

    I am asking on behalf of a buddies wife. He has a 2018 and has been thinking about getting a metal front bumper. He is serving overseas and his current truck has a loose/messed up plastic stock bumper. Toyota Warranty said that they would not touch it. Thus it seems to make better sense to...
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    WTB- Cheaper camping trailer or pop up

    My 3 person family and I are thinking out testing out trailer camping. Would like to start with a cheaper one to see if it works for us. I drive a v8 f 150 so nothing massive please. If you have one you don't use or know of one that fits my bill please let me know. Darren
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    Honda lower unit service question (DIY)

    Howdy friends I am looking for some advice hopefully, ( Yes, I do have the manual too!). I pulled my lower unit on my Honda 2003 90 HP. I did all the usual water pump stuff and re-installed the lower unit. The part where I need help is it seems like when I tested it in the driveway on the...
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    Wet Slip Bayrunner question

    I dont have much aluminum boat experience so I thought I would check here. Somebody in my neighborhood is selling a nice looking 1986 21 ft bayrunner with a small bracket and good honda 90 on it. I have heard that Santa Cruz harbor can be "hot." If I get this boat is a wet slip a bad idea...
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    Infant Life Jackets?

    Hey friends, I have an eight month old daughter who cant wait to get out on my skiff. She is about twenty five pounds. Does anyone have any experience on jackets that fit and function like they should. Thanks I am a first time Dad. Darren
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    How to clean egg stains of gel coat?

    The title says it all. I have my skiff parked in front of my house and it was hit by about three eggs a while ago. The grey gel coat still has some raw/sunburnt egg stains on it. I am looking for ideas on how to clean the suspect stains from the factory diamond shaped non skid. Thanks guys.
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    Looking for a mobile mechanic to do a pre- purchase motor inspection, Long Beach

    I just put in an offer on a center console with a Volvo 4.3 gxi- e. The boat is 250 miles from my house. Therefore, I want to hire a mechanic to look it over and make sure it is worth my drive. I think I would prefer a "mechanic" to an inspector because then I am having a true professional...
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    Questions about a Blackman 20ft CC

    Hey Friends. I am getting ready to make a long drive to look at a Blackman 20 Fish Machine. I have read all that I can find about them and was hoping for some info from the unofficial brain trust around here. The boat is a 1975 the inboard and outdrive are 2000 both Volvo. With about 300...
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    Clogged Drain on a '89 Radoncraft

    Hey Boat Guys, I have a 1989 radoncraft bahia 16. My newest problem is that the drain that runs from the fish holds in the bow to the bilge in the back is clogged. I tried a coat hanger, hose nozzle and a small narrow fish tape. The clog feels to be about in the middle of the ship...
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    19 foot orgeon dory for sale , $4000 Quick Version- I am selling my ready to fish 19 foot oregon dory because my wife told me that we should get a bigger boat. It has a yamaha 40 2 stroke that runs well and cheaply. The boat also has great color electronics and all...
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    BD Brothers near Dunnelon

    Hey my friends I am from California and looking at a boat in your area. Wondering if anybody here lives near this town and could/ would assist me in checking out a boat. Thanks. Darren . Feel free to pm or call me. 8589456627