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    Referral request: painting aluminum windshield

    I'm looking for someone to paint the windshield on my boat- it's got awlgrip with crappy prep and is starting to bubble and flake. Looking for someone in the Huntington / Long Beach area who can strip it down and do all new prep work - in slip greatly preferred, because if I'm hauling out I'll...
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    Catalina 7/24

    Took a few friends over yesterday and fished the front side, starting at the can dumps and working up to hen rock. Started out with a bang, literally - we slow trolled into the can dumps and just south of the lover's cove closure something ripped off a blue mac pattern xrap 30. The strike...
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    PVC Zodiac dinghy repair - worth the effort?

    I've got a neighbor who offered me his old Zodiac dinghy for a case of cheap beer. It's stored inside and inflated, but is made from PVC and has a seam separating where the tube meets the bottom at the bow (right at the tip of the inflatable keel). Is there any hope of fixing this with some...