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  1. sitonmyface

    Bodega Cowboy

    RIP Dude......shot in front of a Home Depot in Sacramento Monday night. Senseless.
  2. sitonmyface

    Saltist 40

    First model of Saltist. Used for one summer. Little boat rash on the side plate but works like brand new. Been sitting in the garage. I need goose decoys! First $75 takes it.
  3. sitonmyface

    Local Pig

    Was out on Saturday night and ran into this one at my buddies house. I kept my distance because of the razor like teeth and because she looked hungry but I managed to get a couple good pics of this ravenous sow.
  4. sitonmyface

    I want one

    Saw this at the local pond today. First time I've seen one that's not in a pic. Now he is haha
  5. sitonmyface

    Where would you go?

    My buddy had has a #35 for San Jacinto and I have a #75 for Wister. Same day of course, where would you guys go????
  6. sitonmyface

    Sea lions and our bait situation

    The guy at the Mission Bay receiver was on the radio yesterday and he had this to say about our bait situation. "If the sea lion problem doesn't get better we won't have any live bait available in a year or two." Seems that everytime the Everingham Bros. make a set they get 200-300 sea lions...
  7. sitonmyface

    Fall turkeys?

    Didn't hunt the first fall turkey season last year and I'm a rook. Got my first bird this spring but need a little dope. Obviously I'm not going to be calling them in? Do I find some birds and try to get in their path and cross my fingers?
  8. sitonmyface

    AB 962 Passed State Senate Today

    Here we go, no more than 50 rounds of handgun ammo purchases a months. It's passed the state house and senate, just one more committee to go and they start fucking us on a Second Amendment rights. Start calling your stupid fuck reps before it's too late!!!