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  1. 2Rotten

    Help me round my quiver SD YT & BFT

    Not so very far in the winter, I'm a Snow Bird and live about 5-hours away in Arizona right now. Head back to Oregon late May in time for deep water Halibut then Albacore!
  2. 2Rotten

    Help me round my quiver SD YT & BFT

    60/80 is the minimum sweet spot if you happen to hit the bigger fish. The rest of your quiver will handle 30/40/50 work. I just picked up an 8'0" UC RGP Terminator, rated 30-80#, I love it. Excellent casting, light and loads of lifting power, just right for a Fathom or Torque 40 nld2. I'm...
  3. 2Rotten

    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    On my upcoming 4-Day on Shogun May 19-23 I'm bringing everything from 25# fluoro up to 200#... Everything from my Tilefish Jr/Torque 25 up to my Viper/Mak 20. Jigs from 80 grams up to 500 grams. Hooks from size 4 up to 6/0. And I'm still SURE there is something I'm gonna Want but not Have!
  4. 2Rotten

    Pacific Queen Preperation

    My 2 cents worth, you need a 60# topshot rig for daytime flatfalls/knife jigs + a 60/80 rig for sinker rig + an 80/100 rig for night time flat falls. I'm going on Shogun May 19-23 watch for my trip report I will provide as much detail as possible good/bad/ugly!
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    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    Nice report thanks for sharing!
  6. 2Rotten

    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Great report Thanks! I'm heading out on Shogun May 19-23 Can't Wait!
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    I like the Owner Ringed Offshore Bait Hook. Very strong. I carry size 2 - 6/0
  8. 2Rotten

    Live Bait Sinker Rig for Bluefin

    In my experience the clinch knot can slip when using fluorocarbon leader material. I use the San Diego Jam knot. Several others are good too. Over 80# I prefer to use a crimp.
  9. 2Rotten

    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    I used to run a Penn Fathom 25 nld2 on my Zeus 3 jigging stick... Last fall the deck hand on New Lo-An shook his head and said I should upgrade it to the 40 nld2 (which I did). Of course the BFT were running big and mean but not hungry that day. Of the 3 big fish we hooked, only 1 ended well...
  10. 2Rotten

    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    Thanks for the reply BFCurly. Gonna bring all 7, move the Fathom 40 nld2 from the GP Terminator to the Predator, give it a little better chance on a big'un than the Fathom 30/2. Ordered a Mak 15T SEa for the GP Terminator, this will be my #1 60# rig. Use the Centaur/Mak 16 w/80# leader for...
  11. 2Rotten

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 4/19-4/21

    From Polaris Supreme website: "by Captain Aliyar Nabi, 4-21-2021 We just got tied up from a 1.5 Day. We had a pretty good trip out there and ended with 28 Bluefin Tuna from 30-110 pounds. We saw a really good sign of fish out there, so that's pretty encouraging. We did see some of that bigger...
  12. 2Rotten

    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    My quiver, Light to Heavy: UC Tilefish Jr + Torque 25 nld2 - 30# UC Terminator + Torque 30/2 - 40# UC Predator + Fathom 30/2 - 50# UC GP Terminator + Fathom 40 nld2 - 60# UC Centaur + Mak 16 SEa - 80# UC Viper + Mak 20 SEa - 100# UC Zeus 3 + Fathom 40 nld2 - 60# (Knife Jigs) Questions: (1) Is 7...
  13. 2Rotten

    King's Depth

    All the answers above are good. In my experience shallow is often good very early; top 20'. With more light close to bottom is usually good for Chinook (assuming you have down riggers). Exception is late season outside the jetties, almost always catch Chinooks very near the bottom regardless of...
  14. 2Rotten

    60# UC rod

    Yep 8'0" RGP Terminator. Mine is paired with a Fathom 40 nld2 loaded with 80# metered braid. Light and powerful.
  15. 2Rotten

    80# Rod Suggestions

    I have a 8'0" UC RGP Terminator paired with a Penn Fathom 40 nld2 loaded with 80# braid love it light powerful great 60/80# stick. Also have a 7'6" UC Centaur loads of power doesn't cast a sardine as well as the Terminator and it is comparatively heavy. Strong 80/light 100# stick. Between the 2...
  16. 2Rotten

    8’ rod for 30

    As others have posted above, I have a 7'6" UC Tilefish Jr. that I love for 30#. However... you want an 8' stick. My 8'0" UC Terminator is a bad-ass 40# stick, but the rod rating is 30 - 60# and it casts a 'dine really well. Definitely worth a look.
  17. 2Rotten

    UC bent rods

    Here is a pic of my UC Zeus 3 speed jigging stick lifting an 18# tackle bag.
  18. 2Rotten

    Reading fish finder for rockfish

    Rock fish show up on my Garmin units as individual specks; I'm in Arizona for the winter so I can't attach an image. Chirp is your friend. Clearly differentiated from the bottom. Note: ling cod don't have swim bladders, and, like Halibut, typically don't show up on the FF. They do often hang out...
  19. 2Rotten

    Offshore 4/14 Shogun 1.5 Report

    Thanks for taking the time to report. Bad luck on the timing. Thanks for the "Heads Up" (Conk; get it? Ha Ha) about the top bunk. Are these assigned first signed up/first choice, or do you have to get in line early to get a bottom bunk? I'm heading out on Shogun May 19-23 for my first trip on...
  20. 2Rotten

    Flat Fall jigging set-up?

    I like a good 2-speed reel for big tuna vs. a single-speed 5.2/1 gear ratio reel. In the sub-$300 range I like the Penn Fathom 60 ld2. Better still would be a large frame Penn VISX 16 or Okuma Makaira 16, just in case the BFT are running Big. Good luck!
  21. 2Rotten

    A Little Sample: Shogun 4/12

    Excellent! Thanks for the details. I'm on Shogun May 19-23 Can't Wait!
  22. 2Rotten

    which slow pitch jigging rod UC Zeus, UC Challeger Xtreme or Blackhole CapeCod

    I have a Zeus 3 jigging rod, love it. Can't compare to the other rods you mention, but it has a lot of lifting power. I use it for +/- 200 G jigs, for BFT I don't "Speed Jig" like I do for Albacore (I live in Oregon, get to fish San Diego 1 or 2 times a year); kind of a controlled speed jig...
  23. 2Rotten

    Salmon mooching rig?

    Mono better than braid because of the stretch factor; gives you a cushion when fighting a salmon with barbless hooks. If you have a reel loaded with braid that you like, just put a 50' mono topshot on it. I like 25-30# mono, gives you a buffer if lines cross (inevitably, they will). Reduces...
  24. 2Rotten

    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply Chilidip! Very helpful. I had the Assist Hooks up front on my trip last November, Captain Markus NLA suggested I move them to the back LOL. The assist hooks are on the welded ring at the bottom of the swivel (hard to see in the picture). I don't weld, but the...
  25. 2Rotten

    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    Excellent early season bite! Out-of-Stater here, probably a dumb question but here goes... I booked a 4-Day on the Shogun May 19-23. Previously I have fished 2.75 day trips on New Lo-An in October and November. Is the earlier season Night Bite on the same size Flat Fall jigs? I have SK Zebra...
  26. 2Rotten

    Offshore Am I missing something here

    I booked a 4-day on Shogun May 19-23 High Hopes!
  27. 2Rotten

    Starter Rod Combos For Multi Day Trips

    Buy once, cry once. My experience on 3-day trips, and a friend's experience on 10-12 day trips, indicates that the rental rods are sometimes a mixed bag at best.... The recommendations below are the choices I made a couple of years ago when I found myself in your situation (fished many years in...
  28. 2Rotten


    Hi Jamie I will take 6 assorted colors of your JRI 66 jigs, with the pair of free special edition DW-1 jigs. If you can mail them to Arizona!
  29. 2Rotten

    Intrepid 3 Day, April 15-18

    BFT and YT if they are biting... Rock fish otherwise. Intrepid has been doing a ton of work this off-season boat should be pristine! Look forward to your report
  30. 2Rotten

    Trolling With Circles

    I would help more if I could; I spend my winters in Arizona away from all my fishing gear in Oregon... There is no particular size or brand, I would use a Circle Hook of about the same size as a 7/0 Mustad 7691 for Albacore. If trolling a Cedar Plug use a swivel to create some clearance at the...
  31. 2Rotten

    Trolling With Circles

    I have caught bunches of Albacore and Salmon with circle hooks while trolling. They work. Advantage: if a troll fish hits a lure with a "C" hook but doesn't stick, it doesn't feel the point of a "J" hook and is likely to come back and take it for good next time. Captain Fred Archer proved this...
  32. 2Rotten

    Offshore Old Glory 3/12 roll call. Anyone on this one?

    Nice job! BFT gonna be chewing soon!
  33. 2Rotten

    Offshore Old Glory 3/12 roll call. Anyone on this one?

    Kill'em! I'm on Shogun for a 4-Day in late May, hoping to get lucky!
  34. 2Rotten

    New water coming in. Looks like we got some warm in the mix. Curious if anyone going out

    Butterfly 57.6, Tanner 56.4, Cortez 56.1. Warmest water I found on Terrafin offshore was 59.3. Yesterday's satellite images.
  35. 2Rotten

    30# rod choice for fly lining / casting sardines

    I have the 7'6" Tilefish Jr., love it for 30#. Casts a 'dine great and has all the lifting power you will ever want for 30# leader, I caught a 60# BFT on it last year did a fine job. Think it would do 40# in a pinch, although I have other sticks for 40.
  36. 2Rotten

    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    One of my Fathom 40 nld2 sits on my bigger Tuna jig stick, a UC Zeus 3. Loaded with 80# metered braid. My other Fathom 40 nld2 rides on my 8'0" UC Premium Terminator, also loaded with 80# braid, for sinker rig and fly-lining 60-80#.
  37. 2Rotten

    FIVE RIGS: Don't leave the dock without them!

    I'm kinda new at this, but... because of the mixed size schools, I opted for a bit more line capacity, on my 30 and 40# rigs. I use a Torque 25/2 on my 7'6" UC Tilefish Jr for 30# and a Torque 30 on my 8'0" UC Terminator for 40#. I know the spool weight is slightly heavier resulting in more drag...
  38. 2Rotten

    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Wow Fun Soda! I just booked a 4-Day on Shogun May 19-23 and I'm stoked! Get to try the new Viper and Premium Terminator I picked up this sale season 8-)
  39. 2Rotten

    BAIT - will this work for Halibut?

    Rod and Amy Oregon Halibut
  40. 2Rotten

    BAIT - will this work for Halibut?

    In Oregon the 8" Gulp Grubs in white are my top producer, tipped with a 4" slice of tuna belly. California Halibut are smaller, but I would think the concept would be similar. Something with some wiggle, some scent, and good flavor when they suck it in.
  41. 2Rotten

    60-80lb rod options

    Not responsive to OP re 7'6", but I just picked up a 8'0" UC Premium Terminator for 60/80 sinker rig/fly line and I absolutely love it! Very light, tons of lifting power, and casts a 4" swim bait tail very nicely. Here is the link, similar conversation/recommendations to what you are getting on...
  42. 2Rotten

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    Sorry, I'm in Arizona for the winter. Retired guy/Snow Bird. I do my San Diego fishing from our home in Arizona only 5-hour drive not 17! So, most of my heavier gear lives here in Arizona permanently... But, the Viper feels Amazing!
  43. 2Rotten

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    7'6" UC Viper arrived today, Wow! I threw a Mak 16 on it for fun and reeled a 35# propane tank off the ground, that stick is a Beast! Hoping to hop on a BFT trip in April or May to really test it out
  44. 2Rotten

    UC Predator US vs GP

    I have the standard and the GP Terminator, haven't fished the GP stick yet but it is significantly lighter and more powerful (when tied to a tree!) than the standard model. Like them both A Lot! I'm using the standard Terminator for 40# fly line 'dines with a Torque 30ld2 and the GP Terminator...
  45. 2Rotten

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    Thanks for all the good thoughts. I pulled the trigger today, 7'6" UC Viper, 15% off at Bob Sands. Gonna put a Mak 20 Special Edition on it. Pretty sure I want 130# braid on this rig, since I have 100# braid on my Centaur/Mak 16 combo.
  46. 2Rotten


    Just picked up a 7'6" UC Viper, great price! Thanks Jamie!
  47. 2Rotten

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    I have a Trinidad 16N loaded with 50# braid would this work well for Wahoo bombs/jigs? Too small? I have 3 Fathom 40 nld2 lever drags, kinda hate to purchase a star drag in the same size... Have also considered my coffee grinder for this mission; an OTI Tuna Sniper w/ Saragosa 25000 loaded with...
  48. 2Rotten

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    Going on my first Long Range trip along with Amy (wife of 34 years!). I have done a couple 2.75 day trips on the New Lo-An, love your So Cal style of fishing (we fish A Lot in Oregon; it is nothing like your fisheries!). Been building my quiver, pretty happy with my 30 through 80: UC Tilefish...
  49. 2Rotten

    Indy 16 day

    Good luck! Looking forward to your reports.
  50. 2Rotten

    UC Rods - Elite Composite vs. GUSA Premium

    I just picked up an 8'0" UC RGP Terminator, like it a Lot but haven't had an opportunity to fish it yet. Loads of power, very light weight, casts a 4" swim bait tail (my practice for tossing 'dines) very well. Think it's my very favorite new stick!!!
  51. 2Rotten

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    I am fishing a 25 nld2 on my 7'6" Tilefish Jr. and absolutely love it. Haven't hooked anything really big on it yet, biggest is 60# BFT and the rod/reel combo handled it easily. Very nice casting, loads of power for this line class, excellent balance.
  52. 2Rotten


    Factory 7'6" stick. Love it!
  53. 2Rotten

    Kids smile

    My 6-year-old friend Torin with his first Halibut. From my boat last summer in Oregon. And yes, he did reel it up all by himself!
  54. 2Rotten


    Mak 16 SEa with 530 yards of solid 100# braid, 15 yards 100# fluoro to FF bridle. This rig does get a little heavy if you fish it hard for several hours; lately it seems the bites come both on the drop and on the crank; vary the speed of the retrieve. However, with the size of the BFT this past...
  55. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    Received my 80 RGP Terminator today, Love It! Mounted my Penn Fathom 40 nld2 on it, casts a 4" swim bait tail very well in the pond. Hooked it to a tree and put 25# of drag on it, wow! Lots of power in this stick. Maybe April/May if I have my Covid vaccine I can hop a BFT charter and really test...
  56. 2Rotten

    Indy 11 day fishing report

    Wow! That is one generous hand-off! Sorry the Big-Un chewed through. Amy and I are doing our first-ever long range trip (10-day) on the Intrepid in October 2021 Can't Wait!
  57. 2Rotten

    RP 12-8 to 12-15 - a brief post with lessons learned.

    You're back! Good job Loc, glad your hand healed up. I'm with you on wishing for more offshore, not inshore. The anticipation of Mr. Big always keeps me focused and happy at the rail!
  58. 2Rotten

    What rod to match with new Saltiga 40 2sp

    8'0" UC Terminator (for 40 - 50#) or 8'0" UC Terminator Premium (for 40 - 80#). I have the standard Terminator with a Penn Torque 30/2, and like it so much I just purchased the Terminator Premium to use with a Fathom 40 nld2 to use with 60 - 80# leader. Love these sticks!
  59. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    Done! 8'0" RGP Terminator. Jamie @ Bob Sands gave me a great Black Friday deal :-)
  60. 2Rotten

    50lb Braided line suggestions

    I have been using white Jerry Brown line for quite a few years, no issues ever. Casts well on spinning reels. 50# is what I use the most of up in Oregon, bottom fish, albacore, salmon. 60# for deep water Pacific Halibut. 80# and 100# on my heavier San Diego rigs.
  61. 2Rotten

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    I tested Blue Label, Premier and Yo-Zuri Pink. I think I'm just knot-challenged when it comes to fluorocarbon. I've had Albacore break 30# fluoro on the first run, with 14# of drag using 30# fluoro, breaking at the knot (not often, but it has happened...) This past sesaon in Oregon I tested the...
  62. 2Rotten

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    Your results are on average better than mine... 25# was the most I could get with Seaguar 30#, often it broke around 21-22#. Using San Diego Jam. I tried several other reportedly strong knots as well, with similar results. The Okuma fluoro-stretch is the only fluorocarbon leader (out of 4...
  63. 2Rotten

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    I believe the OP was talking about knot strength of the different brands of fluorocarbon, not necessarily line strength.
  64. 2Rotten

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    I have tested the San Diego Jam knot with the Okuma Softsteel Fluoro-Stretch leader multiple times, test is dead lifting lead weight, I get 100% rating nearly every time. The knot strength of this stretchable fluorocarbon is every bit as good as monofilament and measurably better than any of the...
  65. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    Sounds like the RGP Terminator is in the sweet spot for a stealthy 80# rig. I sure like my standard Terminator. Thanks for all the input Guys!
  66. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    I saw Jamie's comments, not disputing, Jamie is super knowledgeable and helpful. I don't understand though... The 80 RGP Predator blank is heavier according to the UC Catalog than the 80 RGP Terminator. The Predator and the Terminator share the same butt section, distinguishing characteristic...
  67. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    Don't know, Centaur has only caught a couple Oregon Pacific Halibut up to 48#. Other than that the stick is a virgin... Fished it a lot w/Flat Falls, Sinker Rigs and some Fly Line on my recent 2.75 day on the New Lo-An but never got bit.
  68. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    Mostly 25#, up to 30# for the end game. I fish 30# on my Centaur/Mak 16.
  69. 2Rotten

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    I want to fill the gap between my 7'6" Predator and my 7'6" Centaur. I really like my (non-premium) 8'0" Terminator, and am strongly leaning toward another 8'0" stick. Candidates: RGP80 Premium Predator, 8'0", 50 - 100# rating RGP80 Premium Terminator, 8'0", 30 - 80# rating CX80 Raptor (blank)...
  70. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Charter Trip Report 2.75 Day 11/14 - 11/17

    Yep. Been fishing for 55 years, and I run dozens of trips each year on my own boat in Oregon. I love them all, even when the results come tough. There is a little disappointment when it happens on the "Once a year" type of trips, but like always, I love being out there on the chase.
  71. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Charter Trip Report 2.75 Day 11/14 - 11/17

    I should never post when I am tired! Yes, it was Rick Hale who caught the large BFT.
  72. 2Rotten

    FG Knot Performance

    Been using the FG knot for quite a while, no failures. I did have a Rizzuto finishing knot come loose one time, while sitting in my garage in the rod rack. Kind of funny really! Since then I cinch the finish down a little tighter. I have used the FG for everything from 20# up to 100#.
  73. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Charter Trip Report 2.75 Day 11/14 - 11/17

    I chartered the entire boat for the second year in a row, fished with 18 Oregon buddies plus one buddy who drove over from Wyoming. Last year's trip we nailed the conditions, boated about 150 Tuna over 5,000 pounds total including big fish of 328# on the kite. This year I was a bit nervous about...
  74. 2Rotten

    Offshore Sd storm

    New Lo-An boated 16 BFT up to 220# on an over-nighter that docked today. Our 2.75 day Oregon Charter on New Lo-An leaves Saturday Noon can't wait!
  75. 2Rotten

    300 Gram SK Zebra Glow Jig - Rigging

    Thanks for the reminder! And, yes! We have been making our Flying Fish rigs using 400# Big Game, and we have all the stuff. We are planning to fish frozen flyers under Balloons this trip.
  76. 2Rotten

    300 Gram SK Zebra Glow Jig - Rigging

    Chris Sattler and Chris Nave are on our trip. After seeing these responses and checking a few other sources I am going with 400# Big Game mono for rigging the SK jigs. Likely to use the same terminal rigging as in the Flat Fall pic above, using 2 Monster Sabiki Glow assist hooks on top and a...
  77. 2Rotten

    300 Gram SK Zebra Glow Jig - Rigging

    I have read lots about rigging Flat Falls for night fishing for Big BFT. Haven't seen a lot about rigging the big SK jigs. Is it the same? Are people sticking with the factory hooks? (9/0). How about attaching Monster Sabiki Glow Assist hooks on top, and a single 9/0 Jobu hook on the bottom? My...
  78. 2Rotten


    My 100# set-up is a Mak 16 SEa on a UC Centaur. Hoping this rig gets a work-out in 2 weeks (Chartered the New Lo-An with 19 buddies for a 2.75 day heading out 11/14!)
  79. 2Rotten

    Floro other than seaguar?

    I bought some of the Okuma Soft Steel Fluoro-Stretch leader material last spring. In testing I experienced significantly stronger knot strength than with either Yo-Zuri or Seaguar. My test knot was San Diego Jam, my test was lifting lead until break. The Soft Steel leader achieved 20-25%...
  80. 2Rotten

    FG Knot Expiration Date - Do you retie?

    As mentioned above, if you are fishing livies, change it. As much because of the memory/coil slowing down your 'dine as any other reason. For a jig rod not really a problem.
  81. 2Rotten

    Which UC rod for Penn Fathom 25nld2?

    I have my Torque 25nld2 on a 7'6" Tilefish Jr. and like it a lot! But, I use it mainly for 30# leader. I have a Fathom 30/2 on a 7'6" UC 76HP that I like a lot for 40#, and a Torque 30/2 on an 8'0" Terminator that I Love for 40#. All good choices, this is what I like.
  82. 2Rotten

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Great write up Danny and Great Job Team! Nice Fish!
  83. 2Rotten

    First LR Trip for Rod & Amy 2021

    Booked! 10-Day Variety Trip to Alijos and The Ridge on the Intrepid with my girl Amy, Wife these past 34 years. October 2 - 12, 2021. Gonna be Epic! Thanks for all the great suggestions!
  84. 2Rotten

    Will October be the month

    A friend just returned from a 2.5 day on the New Lo-An, BFT limits for passengers and crew. Just 1 YFT. Last November our 2.75 day NLA charter produced over 6,000 pounds of mixed BFT/YFT. I'm not thinking things are winding down just yet...
  85. 2Rotten

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    7'6" UC Tilefish Jr. paired with a Penn Torque 25NLD/2. Light, smooth, powerful (33# max drag, not that you would with a 30# rig) casts great amazing free spool.
  86. 2Rotten

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Quick report after a summer of fishing fluoro-stretch leader material for Halibut, Ling Cod, Albacore Tuna and Salmon in Oregon. I like it a lot. Not a single knot issue all summer. No fish lost to abraded leader. This is what I will be using for my 3-day Tuna trip on the New Lo-An this November.
  87. 2Rotten

    Top shot for BFT

    Captain Adam on the New Lo-An last November recommended minimum 15 - 25 feet fluoro direct connect to braid. His reasoning is that BFT can sometimes see the braid when using short top shots. I took Adam's advice, landed 13 Tuna the first day fly-lining. My friend on the same trip did not get bit...
  88. 2Rotten

    Offshore DP to SCI 7/30 Report

    Nice job of adjusting your tactics. Up here where I live (Oregon) it often seems like the snottier weather really turns on the Albacore troll bite.
  89. 2Rotten

    Offshore The little whaler that could

    Nice Job Stud!!! Way To Go!
  90. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo An 1.5

    Sweet! Really like fishing on the New Lo-An, they are Blue Fin Fishy!
  91. 2Rotten

    Nomad DTX Minnow 120 - Won't Troll at 6-7 Knots

    Ripped and SWBM you are both right. I have fished diving plugs with a sinker in front, always solves the running problem, just more crap to deal with when the bite goes on and you are up to your ankles in flopping Albacore. I was hoping the "Auto-Tune" feature of the DTX Minnow would keep it...
  92. 2Rotten

    Nomad DTX Minnow 120 - Won't Troll at 6-7 Knots

    Yes, those models are rated for faster trolling. Albacore in Oregon typically eat smaller prey; match the hatch; I was trying to keep the lure profile from getting too large. The DTX140 would probably work, but would essentially be the same size as the Rapala X-Rap 20 I already have. Can you...
  93. 2Rotten

    Heavier rod?

    Agree with Surf Goose, fish that size better to upsize entire set-up. If they will bite 40# they will probably bite 50# and you have a better chance of landing that 100+ pound BFT. Lots of Sinker Rig fish being hit lately, 60# or 80# rig better for this. Fish deep won't be as leader shy compared...
  94. 2Rotten

    Nomad DTX Minnow 120 - Won't Troll at 6-7 Knots

    I live in Oregon and fish Albacore Tuna a bunch. Purchased a couple of the DTX Minnows in size 120 to try this season. Knew from the Nomad web site that they were not high-speed troll lures but thought I would give them a shot... No bueno, between 5 and 6 knots they lose stability and start...
  95. 2Rotten

    Offshore Great Trip on New LoAnn

    Yep love the New Lo-An chartered the whole boat in November, just me and 19 friends! Great crew, great captains, great times!
  96. 2Rotten

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Obvious, but if your 'dine doesn't swim down and/or out Fast almost immediately, flip it off and try another 'dine. Don't waste time on a weak swimmer. Review the "10 Stupid Things to NOT Catch Fish" article here on BD Chit Chat section.
  97. 2Rotten

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    One of my favorite recipes, the Cilantro Basil Tuna Rub. I usually go a little heavier on the fresh grated ginger. Yum! 3 cloves of minced garlic 3 Tablespoons of red chili paste or Sriracha Sauce 2 Tablespoons fresh minced cilantro 2 Tablespoons fresh minced basil 1 Tablespoon fresh grated...
  98. 2Rotten

    Offshore Rod and reel type

    I'm with Woodeneye, I like all the details. Also helpful hearing about the "casualties", the types of gear that didn't work out on the BFT trips.
  99. 2Rotten

    Woefully Underprepared - 60lb to 100lb Tuna

    Are you looking for a 'dine set-up? Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 is hard to beat for the price, and light enough to fish all day. The Avex EXW50/2 is a 67 ounce reel vs. 27 ounces for the Fathom 40. Mine is spooled with 500 yards of 80# JB line. Put 30' of 50# or 60# fluoro on top and you are set...
  100. 2Rotten

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    50# braid main line for everything albacore up here for me; dead bait, jigs, troll gear. 30/40/50 is most typical for leader on diving plugs (usually X-Raps for most boats). Some go as heavy as 80# on their diving plugs, but it is harder to keep them swimming straight with the heavier leader...
  101. 2Rotten


    The Centaur will be heavy in your hand, and not cast 'dines well. 80 Predator or Raptor (mentioned above) are both better choices for that reel/line combo. Not that I don't love my Centaur though! My Centaur wears a Mak 16 SEa loaded with 500 yards of 100# braid. My 40NLD/2 loaded with 80# braid...
  102. 2Rotten

    Torin and the Sea Beast: A Six-Year Old's First Halibut Adventure

    Excited! Mom (Virginia) and Dad (George) are Finally taking me Halibut fishing with their friend Rod (on his boat Sun Dog). Can't wait! Get to bed early - can't sleep! Gotta make sure Mom & Dad don't sleep in! 12:00; Mom! It's 12:00! Is it time to get up yet??? We're staying with Grandma over at...
  103. 2Rotten

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    No, light line not necessary at all. All my standard troll gear (clones, cedar plugs, Archer Bars) is on much heavier gear (typically 130#). Diving plugs (X-Raps until this season; DTX Minnows are New to me) work better with lighter leader, run deeper and straighter. I troll to get a hit or find...
  104. 2Rotten

    Offshore NLA, 6/11 an

    Awesome dude! 2 BFT both triple-digits!
  105. 2Rotten

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Tuna (Albacore) will be here (Oregon ) in another week or three... Just tied up a couple poles with 50# braid, 40# Soft Steel leader, and DTX 120 Minnows, 1 in Sardine and 1 in Phantom. These DTX Minnows look Great, hope they work as well as they look!
  106. 2Rotten

    Got a question? I’m going to have fun on this 6/14 New Lo Ann trip. Opinions appreciated!

    My trip on the New Lo-An last November was very fun and successful, nobody tried night crawlers but we had excellent success using 20' fluoro leaders and size 4 Mutu circle hooks. Our 2.75 day limited load trip sent 4,800# of Tuna to Five-Star
  107. 2Rotten

    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    Captain Adam on the New Lo-An recommended 20' fluoro top shots over braid, no mono. The longer top shot provides more stealth, Adam was concerned the picky BFT might see the fluoro/braid connection if your fluoro leader was too short. This set up was very successful on my 2.75 day last fall
  108. 2Rotten

    Small circle hooks... what works??

    Yep this. Standard #4 Mutu circle, not the "Light" ones. Captain Adam (New Lo-An) recommended this on last year's BFT/YFT combo trip, they worked great. They actually bit 40# pretty well too (it was Seaguar Premier, which is a "thin" diameter 40# line).
  109. 2Rotten

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    I bought some 30# and 40# Soft Steel Fluoro-stretch. Arrived this morning, did a super quick and non-scientific knot strength test in my garage. Using a simple San Diego Jam knot with 30# leader (I'm not claiming to be a great knot person, but I have caught a bunch of fish with this knot), I got...
  110. 2Rotten

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    Amy got me an 8' UC Terminator for my Birthday (January), love it! Jamie at Bob Sands gave us a great price. I paired it with a new Penn Torque 30/2, great deal $436 with free shipping from Amazon (reel is back up to $579 now). Was all set to try it out on the April 17 BFT Special trip on the...
  111. 2Rotten

    30 & 40 lb tuna rod advice???

    7'6" UC Tilefish Jr is excellent for 30/40# leader live bait. Mine is paired with a Penn Torque 25nld2. Plenty of power and sensitivity, plenty light weight, love this combo.
  112. 2Rotten

    Offshore Trip cancellation 3/18

    I'm booked on the New Lo-An BFT special April 17... Fingers crossed but I'm not liking my chances right now...
  113. 2Rotten

    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    Just booked the April 17 1.5 day Limited Load BFT Special on the New Lo-An, Fingers Crossed!
  114. 2Rotten

    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    Hey Mike, Pharmdoc and I may do a trip in late March/early April, I'm keeping an eye on things from Arizona. Will let you know if things heat up and we pull the trigger on a 1.5 or 2 day trip. Rod
  115. 2Rotten

    First LR Trip for Rod & Amy 2021

    Thanks everyone for the help, really like that about BD. Bunch of folks that really know what's going on 🍺
  116. 2Rotten

    Question about IGFA rod rating

    This pic is a UC Centaur lifting a 32# propane tank
  117. 2Rotten

    Question about IGFA rod rating

    Put a stout reel on each rod and see which rods can reasonably lift 20# of lead without over-taxing the rod. You will feel and see it when your rod starts shutting off.
  118. 2Rotten

    First LR Trip for Rod & Amy 2021

    I have done a couple of trips on the New Lo-An for bft/yft, 1.5 and 2.75 days. Nothing Long Range. Amy and I have done A Lot of fishing Mexico, Costa Rica etc. We fish Oregon a lot, have our own boat, catch hundreds of Albacore and dozens of Halibut/Salmon/Ling Cod each year. But, we have never...
  119. 2Rotten

    Shout out to Jamie at Bob Sands

    Yep Jamie is The Best! Love this guy, hope he comes up and fishes with us this summer in Oregon! Jamie set me up with great pricing on multiple UC Rods and a Mak 16 /SEa, love them all.
  120. 2Rotten

    FTH II 25N SD P

    I use 50# JB (450 yards) and 60# JB (400 yards) to a short top shot on my Fathom 25 nld2. I couldn't imagine using 100# braid on that reel, but I probably just do not understand your mission. I do know that fishing deep water Halibut with 80# braid it is Very Hard to break your line if you snag...
  121. 2Rotten

    Spreader Bars, Birds Daisy Chains & BFT

    I used to be pro staff for Captain Fred and the old Archer Super Bars. Caught piles of Albacore up in Oregon on Archer Bars, finished Second Over-All one year in the Oregon Tuna Classic. Not much experience in So Cal, did use them with friends in Cabo a bit, worked well. Single troll lures...
  122. 2Rotten

    Why Do You Put 80 lb. Braid on a Penn Fathom 40nld2?

    I got almost 500 yards of 80# JB solid on my 40nld2. I spooled it with 80 to give me more abrasion resistance in case of rubs against the hull if the fish swims under the boat, and more survivability if caught up in a tangle. I fish this with 60# fluoro but could bump up to 80# if needed. I have...
  123. 2Rotten

    Wife Got Me a UC Terminator For My Birthday!

    Wow gotta love that woman! Really like the new stick, can't wait to use it! Casts a swim bait on a hook longer than my other sticks, as much back end power as my Predator but a softer tip. Think this is going to be an excellent 40/50 stick with a Penn Torque 30/2 loaded with 65# braid. Jamie at...
  124. 2Rotten

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Sorry to take a week to respond. I Got my rods/reels back out of storage to double check what I posted, and confirm how these rod/reel combos "balanced". The UC Tilefish Jr with the Penn Torque 25 nld2 balances 1 inch onto the fore grip. Very comfortable to hold and crank. This is my 30/40#...
  125. 2Rotten

    40lb test tackle suggestions

    You can use the same set-up for live bait 40# and light trolling (assume you are talking private boat trolling - not on a large Charter). Suggest you take a hard look at the Fathom 30/2, it will hold about 100 more yards of 65# braid than the 25nld2 and only weighs half an ounce more. I have and...
  126. 2Rotten


    I have the 7'6" Centaur with a Mak 16, perfect for 80 and will push to 100 if needed. Do not have the Viper but believe it would be too much for true 80# work.
  127. 2Rotten

    60lb Setup-Mak 15-Speedmaster 2, Avet LX?

    Torque 40 nld2 or Mak 15T. Personal preference, I like my Torque and my Mak better than my Avet.
  128. 2Rotten

    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    65# braid as others have recommended. 7'6" UC Predator would be an excellent stick for this line class, recommended at 50-80# line. I use mine for 50# it will definitely fish more ### if the opportunity presents.
  129. 2Rotten

    Best rail mount rod holders for trout/striper trolling

    Take a look at the Burnewiin rod holders. I have them on my North River Seahawk, use them for everything from Salmon to Tuna to Halibut. Very strong and reliable, excellent adjustability. Rail mounts are RD 300. Rod holders are RH5710.
  130. 2Rotten

    50# setup recommendation

    7'6" UC Predator, 500 yards of 60# JB Solid, FG knot to 15-20 feet of 50# fluoro. This rod is light in the hand and has excellent lift and recoil, I fished it for large Oregon Halibut last season bouncing a 3# cannon ball, flawless.
  131. 2Rotten

    50# setup recommendation

    Torque 25 NLD/2 for 40, Torque 30/2 for 50. I used both these reels on a recent BFT/YFT trip really liked them! I use a Fathom 40 NLD/2 for 60#, it is definitely bigger/heavier than I would want to use all day for fishing 50#.
  132. 2Rotten

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    If they fit your budget try out the UC Tilefish Jr. or the UC GUSA 76HP. I used both the 30/2 and the 25/nld2 with these rods and they balanced just right. Plenty of backbone to catch big Oregon Halibut last summer, and they were perfect on my recent BFT/YFT trip fishing sardines. Powerful...
  133. 2Rotten


    Yep Jamie is terrific to work with. He helped me and my friend Aaron with excellent information and great pricing!
  134. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Trip Report 2.75 Day Nov 12-15 Loads of BFT/YFT and a Super Cow!

    These are Aaron's jigs. They are Black Dog Eclipse jigs, 150 grams, Blue Chrome on one side, Glow on the other. Unfortunately Black Dog went out of business... There was a nice Tuna caught on a Colt Sniper burned back to the boat. Nothing at night, on any jig or on bait, not through lack of...
  135. 2Rotten

    Offshore Epidemic BFT Virus strikes Oregonians II

    Nice write-up Danny, Fun! Really glad you hopped on with us. Hope you can make next year's trip, already booked the whole boat again. November 14 - 17, New Moon is November 14. Should be Good!
  136. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Trip Report 2.75 Day Nov 12-15 Loads of BFT/YFT and a Super Cow!

    Captain Adam on the left, Pete on right. Adam is super cool and fun to fish with!
  137. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Trip Report 2.75 Day Nov 12-15 Loads of BFT/YFT and a Super Cow!

    Is this the "Pic or it didn't happen" shot? Pete is 6'4" for reference.
  138. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo-An Trip Report 2.75 Day Nov 12-15 Loads of BFT/YFT and a Super Cow!

    My first BD trip report, I will try to give basics first then a few personal details/observations. Pics maybe tomorrow/just got back home a bit ago long drive. A bunch of us from (mostly) Oregon chartered the entire boat - Fun! Believe we fished in the general vicinity of The Butterfly, roughly...
  139. 2Rotten

    Offshore 11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Nice job Mike you guys set the bar pretty high :D we head out November 12 - 15 Can't Wait!
  140. 2Rotten

    Looking for a new heavy rod and reel

    I was in similar place last season picked up a 7'6" UC Centaur with a Mak 16Sea. Loaded with almost 500 yards of 100# JB solid. Excellent 80# rig think it will hold up just fine to100# work if needed. Rig was too much for 50# Halibut in Oregon last summer hoping to hook a larger Tuna with it...
  141. 2Rotten

    Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019 Is On!

    The Tunumpkin!
  142. 2Rotten

    Offshore Missed our chance Bluefin west of the 277

    Nice report! I like the "reel like a madman" part. Keep that reel in High Gear!
  143. 2Rotten

    Heavy Rig for BFT Night Flat Falls - Top Shot or Not?

    Thanks! Good info. Makes sense on the line suggestion, but the jigs are already rigged.
  144. 2Rotten

    Heavy Rig for BFT Night Flat Falls - Top Shot or Not?

    400# welded rings ball bearing swivel on top with Jinkai stainless loop protectors and a long Jinkai crimp. 5' Seaguar Premier 200# fluoro another long crimp and stainless loop protector to 400# swivel with the extra, large welded ring on top for Assist Hooks. Here I use 2 Owner Monster Assist...
  145. 2Rotten

    Heavy Rig for BFT Night Flat Falls - Top Shot or Not?

    A bunch of us mostly Oregon boys are heading out next month on a 2.75 day on the New Lo-An. I have glow Flat Falls 200 grams and up for night fishing, rigged with heavy hooks and 5' of 200# Seaguar Premier leader. My heavy rig is a 7'6" UC Centaur with a Mak 16 loaded with almost 500 yards of...
  146. 2Rotten

    So I guess I'll sell?

    Loc, don't sell! You will be stronger next year. I will take you Halibut and Albacore fishing in Oregon. Make smarter decision next summer.
  147. 2Rotten

    Daisy chain

    If you are making your own Daisy Chains vs. buying off the shelf take a look at the Jumping Daisy Chains (Google this), they create more fuss and spray in your chain, hopefully pull more fish into your spread. I know they work well for Albacore.
  148. 2Rotten

    Offshore 2.5 this weekend. Any point to bringing 50/60?

    Agree with most of the above. Fish your 50/60 during grey light, especially if you happen to park on a mixed grade school. I'm bringing 30, 40, 50, 60 and 100# rigs on my 2.75 day next month on New Lo-An.
  149. 2Rotten

    Sinker Fish

    Nice! Ling Cod bite an armed 16 ounce torpedo sinker really well, wouldn't have thought of it for Tuna!
  150. 2Rotten

    Rail rod and Mak suggestions

    More info! Are you talking about fly lining 'dines? "Big Blues" as in "Kite"? Night fishing flat falls? My heavy for the "Bigs" is a UC Centaur with a Makaira 16 SEa loaded with 100# JB line.
  151. 2Rotten

    Offshore Any advice for a 2.75 day trip on the New Lo Ann?

    Good luck Mike we are 2 weeks behind you! I fished a 1.5 day on the New Lo-An last year. Make certain everyone knows where to start their drift. Last year it was bow or stern per Captain's instructions, and shuffle along following your bait towards the center. On our trip a few guys consistently...
  152. 2Rotten

    Small smoker for beginners

    Big Chief smoker if you want to do much quantity, 450 watt vs. 250 watt, it can handle 50# vs. 25#. Been using this for 20+ years. Easy and convenient.
  153. 2Rotten

    Calstar 700H capability

    I have a Calstar 700H paired with a Penn Fathom 40nld2 with 80#, it has just a touch more power than my 7'6" UC Predator paired with an Avet HX with 60# braid. 60# leader = Calstar, 50# leader = Predator.
  154. 2Rotten

    Looking for some knowledge - Trolling for tuna

    Give this man a prize! Most important is to troll where the Tuna are. Spread is secondary. This from Oregon fishing for Albacore, take it as you like. We have caught 280 Albacore on 6 trips this season, probably half on the troll. We Fish Cedar Plugs farthest back and outside (about 100 feet)...
  155. 2Rotten

    Albacore and Bluefin

    Best Albacore year here in Oregon for a while, I am a Sport boat and we have 260 Albies in just 6 trips this season! About half on the troll, the rest with the motors off on jigs and dead bait (IQF Anchovies)
  156. 2Rotten

    Opinions for a new spinning reel

    Just a smidge over your price range, but I have a Van Staal VR200 I like a lot that holds 400 yards of 50# braid, gets a bunch of drag, completely sealed/submersible/bullet proof.
  157. 2Rotten

    The best Conventional for 60lbs

    You're right, my bad... The "mission" I read was "Flat Fall" and I got stupid.
  158. 2Rotten

    43 intel? Anyone out there today?

    There have been 3 Dorado caught off Oregon this past week!
  159. 2Rotten

    Avet jx raptor vs penn fathom ld40-2peed

    Depends on how much line capacity you want. Fathom 40 nld2 has half again more capacity than the JX, probably compares better with an Avet HX/2 Raptor. I have the Fathom nld2 and the Avet HX/2, I prefer the feel of the HX in my hand, not quite as tall. Specs are comparable. Avet is more...
  160. 2Rotten

    The best Conventional for 60lbs

    Penn 16 VSX or Mak 16 Sea. For Big Fish. Penn Torque 40nld2 if you want a medium frame reel with higher gear ratios, versatile, but probably not the best choice for the described mission...
  161. 2Rotten

    Mystery Fish ..

    Yes, I am happy to share Beth! She does absolutely perfect canned Tuna. Lives in Junction City, is retired and absolutely loves to can Tuna! Let me know if you want contact info.
  162. 2Rotten

    Mystery Fish ..

    Some days we catch half or more of our fish on Individual Quick Frozen anchovies. Fly lined, drifted behind the boat on a small sinker, and under a bobber (like Chinook fishing eggs in tidewater).
  163. 2Rotten

    Mystery Fish ..

    I used to have a "Harem" of (mostly) women who would can my tuna on shares. 5 years ago Beth (who did the very best job) asked if she could do them all - Hell Yeah! I give Beth loins ready to can, we pay for our own jars, 2 jars for me/1 jar for Beth. Works great!
  164. 2Rotten

    Mystery Fish ..

    I fish for fun, no commercial license. Lots of peanuts with a few big'uns first trip. My share (I split evenly with crew) was 5 x 2 gallon bags full of Tuna loins. A few for dinner the rest for the canner!
  165. 2Rotten

    Mystery Fish ..

    Albacore bite is Silly off Oregon right now... 4 of us fished 38 miles off Winchester Bay on Wednesday, in fish from the start of our first troll, finished with 67 Albacore and headed in before 3:00, no more ice or room... About half on the troll, half on jigs on the slide and while...
  166. 2Rotten

    Offshore 7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    I have had good luck with the Gamakatsu 4x treble hook. Don't forget to upgrade the split rings as well, Owner Hyper Wire around size 9 (170#) should be good.
  167. 2Rotten

    Keeping Dungeness Crab Alive

    Possibly non-responsive to the OP, but I clean my crab when I land them, if there isn't time to steam them right there then I put them on ice and steam them at home. Steam them for 17 minutes, using ocean water if possible. Been doing it this way for years (we catch literally hundreds of...
  168. 2Rotten

    Albacore season

    OK, so I missed it by a Full Month! Took 3 friends out today 7/31 for my first Albacore run of 2019. We launced from Winchester Bay, Oregon and caught 67 Albacore. About half troll fish, half with jigs on the slide and drifting. Fun!
  169. 2Rotten

    Torque 25ld2 Rod Recommendation

    I have my Torque 25nld2 loaded with 60# braid and plan to use it with 40# fluoro on my UC 76 HP (30-50# rating). This combo had plenty of power for Oregon deep water Halibut last month and is a pleasure to fish! Will try it on Albacore this week, but it will be a lot of rod for our little Tuna...
  170. 2Rotten

    Split rings and pliers

    Nailed it. Owner Rings and HPA split ring pliers
  171. 2Rotten

    Tiagra 16 for flat falls

    Should be fine with 80# for flat fall jigs. Has about the same capacity as my Penn Fathom 40nld2, 500 or a bit more yards of 80#. Personally I plan to go a little bigger just in case Elvis makes an appearance, my flat fall set-up is a Mak 16 with 100# braid on a 7'6" UC Centaur.
  172. 2Rotten

    Spinning Reel 30-40 LB range

    Shimano Spheros is a very good spinning reel, I have 4 in different sizes. Basically a Saragosa for less $$$. Google Alan Hawk Spheros for an in depth review.
  173. 2Rotten

    Thoughts on heavy popping setup

    I have an 8' 40-60# rated OTI Tuna Sniper with a Van Staal VR200 that I plan to use for popper/stick bait fishing. Not trying to hi-jack, but is this sufficient for the BFT being landed now? Line capacity is about 400 yards of 50# braid, the VR200 can make 20# of drag easily.
  174. 2Rotten

    Torgugas with Capt Yuri jigging setup.

    50# braid and 40# top shot (10-20 yards) would be about right for this combo, based on the type of fishing that I do. YMMV
  175. 2Rotten

    Which rod for Penn 40nld2?

    Nailed it. I have the 76 Predator that I fish 50 on, the 80 Predator gets you more power. The 70 or 76 Raptor would also be great choices, albeit a bit heavier rod, particularly if you plan to primarily fish the rail. I got just over 500 yards of 80# JB Line on my Penn Fathom 40nld2 and plan...
  176. 2Rotten

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    Brilliant! I'm planning to use my Torque 25nld2 for 30# top shots, and hope to do Half as Well!
  177. 2Rotten

    Insoles for Xtra Tuff Fishing Boots

    I use the Dr. Scholls inserts on top of the factory insoles, they are not full-length. Does not make my boots feel tight. I am using them in my court shoes for Pickleball too, without removing the stock insoles. Big improvement for me.
  178. 2Rotten

    Rod for Penn Fathom 25n

    I got a UC Rus 76 HP for 40# and I like it a lot. Couple bucks more than your budget... I haven't fished it for big Tuna yet but it did really well bouncing a 3# cannon ball catching big Oregon Halibut this season.
  179. 2Rotten

    Insoles for Xtra Tuff Fishing Boots

    I found that my feet were getting sore after being on the boat for a full day. Much as I like my Xtra Tuff boots, they don't have squat for insole support. So, I bit the bullet and stepped on one of those Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit machines in the local Walmart. $49 for the recommended insole. Wow...
  180. 2Rotten

    Trolling speeds

    First, understand that I live in Oregon, and catch a lot of Albacore. Not BFT, not YFT. Then, to answer your question: X-Raps, 4.5 - 5 kph Trolled swim baits, 4 - 4.5 kph Feathers, clones and wood, 5.5 - 6.5 kph Archer Bars (RIP, Fred!) will troll well at any speed. FWIW my favorite spreader...
  181. 2Rotten

    Offshore Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    3 words Wow Wow Wow!!! My gal Amy ❤️ plenty tough but she Never ate the heart!!!
  182. 2Rotten

    best STRONG circle hook for blue fin?

    I like the Charlie Brown circle hooks, they are hand forged and very strong. I have them in 1/0 through 4/0 and one package of 12/0! (Just in case Elvis makes an appearance)
  183. 2Rotten

    Rod for Slammer III 8500HS

    One more vote for the United Composites Elite RCE 700 XXH (Spinning). The available Alps reel seat should handle your Slammer 8500 no problem. Another thought would be to see if Bob Sands Tackle would make a 7'6" Predator in a spinner with a sturdy reel seat, they do semi-customs that look...
  184. 2Rotten

    Need help matching a reel..

    What is she going to use it for? I have 5 Shimano Trevala jig rods, excellent for Flat Side jigs, very good for bottom fish and ling cod. That reel would pair nicely with a Medium or Medium Heavy. If she wants an all-around high quality spinning rod the UC Elite RCE 700XH Spinning in 7' is...
  185. 2Rotten

    Hx raptor rod

    I have a 7'6" Predator that I pair with a standard HX/2 with 60# braid for 50# leader, like it a lot, only caught Oregon Halibut so far but a very capable 50# stick. The 8' Predator is rated up to 80# line, probably a better choice for your HX Raptor. I also have a 7'6" Centaur paired with a...
  186. 2Rotten

    Fathom reels

    Ditto Cago and OneDay, really like my 7'6" UC Predator. I loaded my 40nld2 with 500 yards of 80# Jerry Brown line.
  187. 2Rotten

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    One question bugged me overnight... I was wondering if a shorter length of mono would have a similar amount of stretch (perceived "squishiness") as a somewhat longer length of fluoro. Bingo! Turns out (for this limited test) that 15 yards of 50# mono feels and tests almost exactly the same as 20...
  188. 2Rotten

    Line to leader system?

    Brilliant! I just did a similar test, 20 yards of 50# Mono and Fluoro. Brief write-up is in Chit Chat, since it wasn't a fishing report... Short version, mono was a little squishier, but both had sufficient stretch for my needs. I will not be using any Braid to Mono to Fluoro rigs; eliminate one...
  189. 2Rotten

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    Sorry Tom, never occurred to me to do a break test. If there are many more questions over the next day or 2 I will repeat the test with a little more scientific discipline... According to web sites the diameters are identical; 0.71mm
  190. 2Rotten

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    Yes, I noticed but did not measure, a little permanent stretch in both leaders. With about 5 firm (rapid) and prolonged pulls. This was a 5-minute test just to prove it to myself, sorry, not a very scientific experiment...
  191. 2Rotten

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    Been seeing lots of threads asking/recommending about different braid-to-mono, braid-to-fluoro, and braid-to-mono-to-fluoro solutions for 'dine fishing Tuna. Finally had to test it myself... I made 2 - 20 yard leaders with a loop on each end, one of 50# Big Game mono, the other using 50#...
  192. 2Rotten

    Albacore season

    Sun Dog within 2 weeks... Out of Charleston Oregon. Last 2 seasons were both plugged boat in late June there. Starting on the troll then converting to chum and jigs.
  193. 2Rotten

    Reel for grinding balls

    I probably won't put that heavy of a load on the Torque very often, just felt like catching something on my new Rod/Reel combo and my BFT trip isn't until November. It will certainly get some Albacore action starting around the end of this month! The Tekota 700s (I have 4) and the Avet HX/2s...
  194. 2Rotten

    stun gun for halibut

    All Halibut on my boat 40# and up get the harpoon. Been doing it for years, it's a ton of fun! Kinda brings out the inner Caveman in me I guess. Center of mass about 1" behind the gill plate is a good target.
  195. 2Rotten

    Reel for grinding balls

    We use 3# balls all the time for Oregon Halibut. An Avet HX/2 is just about perfect. The Shimano Tekota 700 works very well. Last week I tried my new Penn Torque 25nld2 on a UC Predator, worked like a champ.
  196. 2Rotten

    Best 2-Speed Lever Drag

    How about 2 rods/reels? Can't do it with just one! #1: 7'6" UC Predator with Avet HX/2 with 60# Izor braid. This would be my 50# leader set-up, probably get the most use #2: 7'6" UC Centaur with Mak 16 with 100# JB braid. Night and grey light, and (if we're lucky) really big'uns day time 'dine...
  197. 2Rotten

    First 1.5 gear check

    Great start to your quiver! I am targeting the same basic trip, doing a 2.75 on the New Lo-An. I picked up a 7'6" UC Predator for 50#, haven't fished Tuna with it yet, but it was excellent for Oregon deep water Halibut 3# of lead and a 60# fish. I picked up a 7'6" UC Centaur for 80/100# work...
  198. 2Rotten

    Offshore 2.5 day trip advice

    Depends... What you chasing? I am partial to the New Lo-An!
  199. 2Rotten

    Best boat for 1.5 day BFT?

    New Lo-An! Lots of talent and they really have the BFT dialed.
  200. 2Rotten

    What do you think it weighs???

    Sure! I'll play! Live weight 85#, guessing the fish length based upon the height of your buddy then going to the length/weight chart.
  201. 2Rotten

    Bait sticks for BFT

    For 30# I have a UC Tilefish Jr paired with a Penn Torque 25nld2. The Tilefish Jr has great power/lift for a 30# stick For 40# I have a UC 76 HP, but the new 8' Terminator (Monster (soft) tip, Predator (powerful) butt) sure looks Amazing. I pair my 76 HP with a Penn Fathom 30/2
  202. 2Rotten

    Goto Knife Sharpener

    Work Sharp 100%. Just go easy, don't overheat your knives and don't take too much metal off. Buy additional Fine belts, these are all I use once the knives are sharp. A good steel will bring back the edge once you have sharpened them with the Work Sharp. Every third trip or so I use the fine...
  203. 2Rotten

    Fathom 25NLD single speed

    I use my Fathom 30 lever drag reels for Oregon Albacore mostly, no need for the second gear there.
  204. 2Rotten

    Braid breaking point

    A friend got some counterfeit PowerPro DepthFinder braid a couple of years ago, didn't even look like the real thing, broke at about half the rating. Also from Amazon...
  205. 2Rotten

    Looking for input on set ups for bluefin

    I'm in the "same boat", doing a 2.75 day BFT trip on New Lo-An this year. I have: UC 76 HP with a Fathom 30 nld2 for 40# UC 76 Predator with an Avet HX/2 for 50# Calstar 770H with a Fathom 40 nld2 for 60# UC 76 Centaur with a Mak 16 Sea for Flat Falls
  206. 2Rotten

    Help with a new 50lb set up

    I picked up a 7'6" UC Predator for my 50# stick, haven't made it Tuna fishing yet but it worked perfectly on a 45# Halibut and bounced a 3# lead ball just fine. Lots of power.
  207. 2Rotten

    Replacement Gimbal Cap For my UC RUS80 Wahoo Rod

    Measure the diameter of your gimbal, then go to any hardware store and purchase a 4-pack of rubber chair leg caps. They work better (for me) than the originals, and they are very inexpensive. If necessary, a wrap of duct tape around the outside will keep the cap from coming off in a tube rod...
  208. 2Rotten

    Royal Star June 7

    Good luck Mark! I'll be adding a couple more Halibut to the freezer that week. 4 - 5 more weeks and we'll have the Albacore back for the summer!
  209. 2Rotten

    Offshore New Lo An

    I fished the New Lo-An on a 1.5 day last fall, had a blast! Boat limit on BFT. Bring a good variety of hooks and fluoro leaders. "J" hooks sizes 1 & 2. Circle hooks sizes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0. Fluoro 25, 30, 40, and 50#. Bring blinders and ear plugs for the ride out and back. Bring a "Heavy"...
  210. 2Rotten

    What rod for Makaira 16

    So... I just had to do it! Halibut opener here, Friday I caught a 45# fish on the new Predator, really fun good rod for this type of fishing. Saturday I broke out the Centaur, 40# Halibut even with a 3# sinker could barely load the pole up at all! Gonna have to put that beast away until my BFT...
  211. 2Rotten

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Have fun, keep a great attitude, be grateful for the opportunity to share a day on the water.
  212. 2Rotten

    What rod for Makaira 16

    :cool: Ha Ha Yes you are right, even a 100# Pacific Halibut is going to feel a little sorry for itself if it plays with my new Centaur
  213. 2Rotten

    What rod for Makaira 16

    I just picked up a 7'6" UC Centaur for my Mak 16 from Jamie at Bob Sands, great price and love the rod. Gonna try it out on Oregon Halibut next week just for fun, since my BFT trip isn't until November.
  214. 2Rotten

    Good BFT on the Condor

    In Oregon the Albacore get lots of attitude when they are feeding heavily on krill, sometimes even snapping tuna cord (hand lines). Maybe red crabs are similar, big protein boost with little effort expended by the Tuna.
  215. 2Rotten

    UC Terminator rod / blank

    Great Rod Great Price, just right for fly lining those BFT right now!
  216. 2Rotten

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    When my flat side jig stops on the way down it makes my socks go Up and Down! (Tuna fishing)
  217. 2Rotten

    looking for a (spinning)rod for Mak 10K

    I like the United Composite rods, their Elite series is available in spinning rods with six models, all 7' long, ranging from 12-25# up to 50-80#. List price $260.
  218. 2Rotten

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    Thank you for your service. This will depend somewhat on how you like to fish. If trolling is your thing, then outriggers will get lines out into the cleaner water. However, they are a pain if you want to fish the slide much, and try to get a bait or jig stop going off your troll hit.
  219. 2Rotten

    Seaguar Gold

    Nice work! Very good knot tying also!
  220. 2Rotten

    Foamer Rig Options

    For chasing jumpers in Oregon I use an 8' OTI Tuna Sniper with an 8000 size spinning reel with 50# braid. Usually I'm tossing a Flat Fall or Colt Sniper jig. The advantage of a spinning rig for targeting surface fish in front of the boat (sport boats) is that the angle isn't always perfect, and...
  221. 2Rotten


    I got a nice price on my 7'6" UC Centaur Thanks Jamie/Bob Sands!
  222. 2Rotten

    FG knot vs RP knot

    According to some online tests and my personal knot testing I have found the RP knot to be about 65%. The FG knot, tied right, is a strong 90% knot. Last summer I performed my own knot wars at home, the RP knot broke first 10 of 10. I like the FG knot with the Rizutto finish. I am "knot" arguing...
  223. 2Rotten

    Rod Suggestion For 16VISX

    Jamie thanks for the great real-world explanation, really enjoy your posts.
  224. 2Rotten

    Fathom reels

    I have the 30 ld2, used it last fall successfully on schoolie BFT with 50# JB solid and 30# fluoro top shot. We catch a Lot of Albacore in Oregon with Fathom 30 (single speed) reels, very nice.
  225. 2Rotten

    Fish 3 times the line test

    500# white sturgeon on 80# braid in the Columbia River -> 6x the line test. Not off-shore though, so it doesn't count.
  226. 2Rotten

    RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19, Part 4, Lessons learned

    Beautiful write-up Loc, can't wait to meet you up in Oregon and chase some fish together!
  227. 2Rotten

    UV Charging, One Hand and the Rail

    How does this compare to the Rapala Charge 'n Glow? Any thoughts?
  228. 2Rotten

    Trolling Hook Choice

    I use the 7691 stainless hook for all my Albacore trolling lures except X-Raps and Cedar Plugs. I think they work better than double hooks, except if you are using hand lines. Be sure to sharpen before first use.
  229. 2Rotten

    Halibut drifting tips

    Oregon Halibut may be a little different... My best rig is a 6" Gulp Glow Grub threaded onto a large circle hook with a 5" slice of Tuna belly trailer. I like windy days, just increase weight as needed to keep a good line angle. In Oregon it is not uncommon to fish up to 48 ounces; deep water...
  230. 2Rotten

    The hate is real

    I use spinning reels for ripping jigs in Oregon for Albacore. I prefer the lower center of gravity, and no matter the angle of the cast or how crowded the cockpit you never get a backlash. Very efficient Albacore reels.
  231. 2Rotten

    Lighter Leader and Bigger Tuna - Rail Tips and Equipment - Newbie Questions

    Hi all, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts! I have spent so many hours reading up here, and on the search tool, Great Site! I think I will build up the foregrip on the Calstar 770H to 18", and fish the UC rods the way they came. Still pondering the next stick for the quiver...
  232. 2Rotten

    Lighter Leader and Bigger Tuna - Rail Tips and Equipment - Newbie Questions

    DC61 good points thanks for sharing. My reels are all 2-speeds loaded with Spectra in very good condition. Lee (Keta) is going on this trip with me, and he does outstanding reel tuning. My reels are Penn Fathom 25nld2 & Fathom 30 ld2 with loads of 50#, Avet HX/2 filled with 60# and a Fathom...
  233. 2Rotten

    Lighter Leader and Bigger Tuna - Rail Tips and Equipment - Newbie Questions

    Fwiw I am 61 and in pretty good shape. For Albies I rip jigs all day long, and don't quit until we are plugged or it is getting seriously late (sometimes Dark and we come in with the electronics). I love fishing!
  234. 2Rotten

    Lighter Leader and Bigger Tuna - Rail Tips and Equipment - Newbie Questions

    Thanks for the feedback guys, my boat pulls in 200-300 Albacore each year mostly on jigs and dead bait with the engines off but I am a Newb when it comes to rail fishing for bigger Tuna
  235. 2Rotten

    Lighter Leader and Bigger Tuna - Rail Tips and Equipment - Newbie Questions

    Leader sizes 25-30-40-50 & 60#. BFT sizes - sometimes you just don't know. Getting ready for a 3-day on the New Lo-An this November, and hopefully more and longer trips in the future. I have started assembling my quiver, currently have a UC Tilefish Jr. for 25 - 30#, a UC RUS 76HP for 40 - 50#...
  236. 2Rotten

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Really enjoying your Live Updates Soda, thanks!
  237. 2Rotten

    Penn Fathom 40 lever drag; 2 Speed Reviews

    I got a good deal on a used Calstar 770H. Should fish 60# leader great, 80# when it has to...
  238. 2Rotten

    Penn Fathom 40 lever drag; 2 Speed Reviews

    I purchased one for the same mission, haven't had a chance to fish it yet. Mine took 530 yards of JB Solid 80# line; plenty of capacity.
  239. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    We are going to share fish. We fish a lot together in Oregon for various species, I am hoping everyone will do what they can to maximize total boat tonnage... Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and experiences, I think the tips in this thread will help us on our trip to possibly shorten our...
  240. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    Yes! Land-locked in Arizona for the winter may as well think about Tuna anyway! No more fishing for me until Halibut opens up again in May.
  241. 2Rotten

    If you had to start over...

    Probably depends on budget and how often you plan to do long range trips. Daiwa Proteus rail rods half the cost of UC rail rods, Penn Fathoms half the cost of Torques. Personally I like to buy just once; my skinny quiver has UC rods and I plan to pick up more.
  242. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    Brilliant! Seriously helpful thanks!
  243. 2Rotten

    United Composite 7'6" Viper and Avet HXW5/3 Raptor

    Great combo very fair price. Wish I lived closer/in Arizona for the winter...
  244. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    This is exactly why I was wondering if it was worth while having others reel in their jigs when someone hooked a big one... Sounds like a question for Adam or Markus
  245. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    Would only do this if Captain told the whole group that the boat would fish better with fewer than 22 jigs going down. Group will come up with group rules. If anyone turns into That Guy then they will have some splaining to do. When I did the New Lo-An for a 1.5 day last November there were a...
  246. 2Rotten

    Triangle Demon Circle Hooks?

    Basspro has a clear, expandable image of this hook if you want to see what they look like
  247. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    We fish together a lot, and often try multiple styles/colors early to find out what the Albacore want that day. Anyone that doesn't play nice doesn't get invited for next year's trip :cheers:
  248. 2Rotten

    Boat Strategies Flat Falls for BFT

    22 of us from Oregon have chartered the New Lo-An for 2.75 days November 12-15. This trip starts on the Full Moon, and I anticipate we will fish Glow Flat Falls in the dark and grey light. We have the opportunity to fish cooperatively, since we all fish Tuna together in Oregon. First question...
  249. 2Rotten

    15% - 40% OFF ROD, 10% OFF REEL SALE

    Great sale super customer service! I received a helpful response almost immediately. Thanks Bob Sands.
  250. 2Rotten

    New rod blank from United Composites

    Probably my fault Sorry! I just bought a 7'6" Tilefish Jr. to use as my 30# live bait rod, and was wondering how others were using this rod.
  251. 2Rotten

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    Thanks makes sense. Total newbie to this type of fishing. Last month I did a 1.5 day on the New Lo-An, caught 2 Modest BFT. So much fun a bunch of us Oregonians went in together and booked the New Lo-An (the whole boat) for a 3-day next November can't wait!
  252. 2Rotten

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    Rod rating is up to 100# line (Mfg. decal on blank). Got a good deal/used. Will try it on Halibut in Oregon before my 3-day trip on New Lo-An next November. Thanks for the feedback.
  253. 2Rotten

    New rod blank from United Composites

    I picked up a Tilefish Jr. On a Black Friday sale. Haven't fished it yet. Plan to use it mainly as my 30# live bait rig with a Fathom 25NLD2. Will also see duty in Oregon fishing IQF anchovies (dead bait) for Albacore. Any thoughts/feedback from people who have used this stick?
  254. 2Rotten

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    I recently loaded 530 yards of 80# Jerry Brown line onto my Fathom 40nld2. Full spool all the way to the gold. Plan to use it on a Calstar 770H for fishing flat fall jigs on 3-Day BFT trips.
  255. 2Rotten

    Penn Reels for Sale! New in Box

    Please cancel this request.
  256. 2Rotten

    Black Friday Penn Reel Deals

    I would like to order a FTH40NLD2 $205 including shipping is a Great Deal!
  257. 2Rotten

    Custom Seeker CJBF65 30-40

    What is length overall?
  258. 2Rotten

    Penn Reels for Sale! New in Box

    I would like to order one of the FTH40NLD2 Thanks!
  259. 2Rotten


    I have a pair of the Redwood Coast spreader bars, workmanship and materials are outstanding. No, I am not pro staff for anyone, I just like their product. Rod
  260. 2Rotten

    Albacore Trolling Rigs?

    I fish mostly Albacore Tuna in Oregon. Last season was my first fishing Archer Bars, they were very effective. We caught 162 Albacore, and the 4.75" Black/Purple Ruckus-Raisers and 4.75" Black/Purple MeatBall Bars were by far the most productive. Good luck!
  261. 2Rotten

    Planning a trip to Cabo what month, where?

    If you're planning your trip mostly around fishing, be sure to check the moons before you make reservations. New Moon and Full Moon can be poor fishing. Good luck!
  262. 2Rotten

    2 Shimano Tekota 700's (Barely Used)

    Hey Cory, these are just what I was looking for, I just dropped the check in the mail box, you should get it Saturday or Monday latest. Thanks! Rod
  263. 2Rotten

    2 Shimano Tekota 700's (Barely Used)

    Sent you a PM, would like to see a picture if possible.
  264. 2Rotten

    Back-to-Back Tuna and Salmon

    Great job Chris! Two weeks ago at Garibaldi I caught Tuna and a Yellowtail on my 3" black/green Spider, using an inline trolling sinker. These Spiders are very versatile!
  265. 2Rotten

    Late season Longfins off Little Italy

    Thanks for the report Bud, I'm fishing this Friday with Dan (HugeDuckFan) in G-Town, what a huge thrill!
  266. 2Rotten

    SuperBar Oregon Tuna Classic Prep Week-End!

    It's no secret that Team GLL is just 20-points out of First Place in the 2010 Oregon Tuna Classic competition with one event to go. What better time to invite my nephew Zack up to Oregon to chase Tuna and fine tune strategy and tactics? Newport Friday 8/20 Zack and I fished with Don Hines on...
  267. 2Rotten

    SuperBar OTC Report

    Hey Mike, I'm Thrilled to be taking Crap from one of the top West Coast Tuna Dudes! This has been an amazing ride. Do I think I have anything to show or prove to a Pro like you? Not even! However, I have been running Fred Archer's tactics and gear, and it has been working pretty well for me so...
  268. 2Rotten

    SuperBar OTC Report

    Crap! Don't tell any of the other OTC boats about the Toad until after August 28!
  269. 2Rotten

    SuperBar OTC Report

    Hi Gil I read about the Toad in Captain Fred Archer's e-Book "SuperBar Bible". I'm off to work now, but I will post instructions and a photo tonight for how to make your own Toad. Captain Fred really just wants to help us anglers catch more and bigger fish - so he freely shares how to make...
  270. 2Rotten

    Spreader Bar Question

    See my recent post from a 24-fish day fishing out of Newport, Oregon. There are several photos showing different styles of SuperBars. My favorite is the 4.75" Black/Purple in either MeatBall Bar or...
  271. 2Rotten

    OTC in Newport

    I captained my first OTC event this year, what a class operation! Three cheers for the volunteers for running an awesome event! Ocean conditions were tough, 7' swells w/3 - 4' wind waves on an 8 second period. We ran 63-miles in this slop before we found any decent color/temp breaks. This only...