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  1. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    Does anybody happen to have a prop off an Evenrude or Johnson 200 hp or similar laying around they want to get rid of??? Or rent me for the weekend? I spun mine yesterday and I've already played for the lobster tourney
  2. jspana

    Zodiac MKII

    Selling my Dinghy. This thing has surf launched and conquered the high sierras. It's a later 80s or early 90s ish. Like 10' inside maybe 13 total. Has a 25hp mercury and hauls the mail. It's not some cheap tender this is rated for 40hp and 1300 lbs!. Marine leftover. It folds up into 2 bags and...
  3. jspana

    Long Beach and surrounding

    Launched outta Davies @7am. Headed to Izors, small 1 footers close but no biggie. Izors was a parking lot, the slimesticks have overrun it and most of the fleet were there. We floated around with them and picked up 1 short on a Hookup. Last week we got a few on spoons but they didnt want those...
  4. jspana

    Window repair company

    I'm getting geared up to paint my boat and need to have the windows removed the reinstalled with new gaskets/seals. Anyone reccomend a guy?
  5. jspana

    Bait out of NB

    Been a while since I tried to make macs out of Newport harbor, can you still get em right out the mouth of the harbor or does anyone have any info would be greatly appreciated..
  6. jspana

    Hydrolic Trim Tabs

    Insta Trim Boat Leveler Trim Tabs. I just dont have the room below deck so I need to get electric instead. They work fine, no issues. Will need some wiring but I cut it so you can see where it all goes. And some longer hoses but that's normal for the install. Tabs measure 8" x 12" .. would...
  7. jspana

    4 Blade Stsinless Prop

    Was intended for an Alpha 1 may fit others. Made by CHP (cannot find much info on them) stamped with a 16 which I assume is the pitch. Was bought for a 25' bayliner trophy hardtop with a 350 motor. So if you have similar it should work out. Or if you know this is what you need then bam your set!
  8. jspana

    Promar 10 Hoop nets

    10 promar hoop nets all but 1 are rigged. Ready for a milk jug and a glow stick. Make those frozen mackerel turn into gold in October! 150 obo.. maybe trade for a kill bag
  9. jspana

    Late run outta Dana

    The boys wanted to take me fishing for fathers day so I said why not.. Got a pretty late start and hit the water around 11am.. Just Me, My 8yr old and my 3yr old. We dropped the boat in the water and my 8yr old ran the ropes and walked her off the trailer.. by the time i parked it was tied up...
  10. jspana

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    I have a Pilot house and the sides are pretty thin.. I want to glue some 1\2" star broad to the inside in strategic places to mount things to (vhf hand held, jig holder, etc.) Nothing real heavy or anything. Any suggestions? I know through bolting it would be the best way but i just don't want...
  11. jspana

    Free electronics package

    >>>>>>>>>>>> G O N E <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Yup... you read that right! FREE FREE FREE! Garmin color chartplotter fish finder combo and a JRC Radar. All working and all parts included. Let's be real tho.. it's some older stuff I just upgraded to a simrad. Lol but hey if it helps you...
  12. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Hey guys, Finally planning on making the run to Catalina on the 2nd (weather prevailing of course). I am an experienced boater, on my 2nd ocean boat 22' C Hawk pilot house. Usually fish locally LB, Dana etc. Been out to the 150 and the rigs, I know not all that far out really. Boat has 55gal...
  13. jspana

    Mobile bunk repair at the dock

    Anyone know of a guy that can re do bunks at the launch ramp? Hopefully Davies in long beach. Or hell any of you guys want to do it! ??
  14. jspana

    transfering waypoints

    Anyone know how to convert the older Raymarine .FSH file to the new standard .GPX? Ive tried a few converters but cant get them to work.
  15. jspana

    175 evenrude vro outboard motor

    Pulling this off the new to us boat. It has good compression checked by my mechanic. It needs a fuel pump to run, and there has been water in the lower end and the trim is shot. Good for parts or could re build. $500 obo
  16. jspana

    DP up to Salt Creek 7-15

    Fished the pipe for 1 small calico and a sand dab, then headed to the kelp. Grabbed a mix of short bass, 1 whitefish and a really small sculpin. Big macs were thick everywhere, 6-10in all day with mixed in sardines. Moved up and hit salt creek kelp for 1 small bass and a beast calico on the...
  17. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Time to sell the boat.. 1991 ish Bayliner Trophy walk around cuddy cabbin. recent repower with a 2005 mercury optimax 150 efi. Smog legal in all cali waters! 2k in service just done to motor, injectors, coils, triggers etc. New batteries too. She is ready for this Island YT season! Holds 82...
  18. jspana

    Free pile of GPS and fish finder crap

    The unit wont power up anymore.. was working when removed so I dunno.. also has the GPS and 2 Sounders. Must take all and yeah free to the first one @ my door..
  19. jspana

    Mercury scan tool

    Does anyone have a scan tool to read a 2005 optimax 150? or know where to get one?? Im in 9175 and can pay some cash and beer in trade for time! Thanx..
  20. jspana

    Raymarine A65 Gps

    My a65 classic is not getting gps signal, I have a raystar 120 antenna but am not getting any signal. I soldered the connector on by color matching all the wires but its not working. Any advice its greatly welcome. Maybe I have the wrong antenna? First raymarine unit so im learning as i go.
  21. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Going to camp on the beach just north of pureto penasco in April.. I will be bringing my Zodiac and beach launching it.. looking for any advice on what paper work I will need and any odd rules or regulations I may be missing.. Also, not looking for specific spots or anything but general areas...
  22. jspana

    local 1/2 day afternoon..

    A couple buddies and I took the kids out on a 1/2 day trip on the Clemente yesterday. Our little ones are 5,6,7yrs old so not much fishing done by dads.. First off, my hats off to the Dana Warf sport fishing setup in general, Never have we had a bad trip outta this landing. Sundays Kids fish...
  23. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    So my boy is 5yrs old but can land a fish like no other.. He can surf fish and hangs bass and trout all day also pulls in carp up to 15lb .. I have a travala 6.6" med med that im handing down to him to fish the rail on our ocean boat and on charters.. I paired it with an ambassador 6000 for now...
  24. jspana

    Went way up north to Jalama

    Aside from some of the best burgers ive ever had, We got into some great perch action. On Thursday about an hour into the uphill tide we found a perch highway in the sand and with any size camo sand worm or the little blood worms in the sand, we got bit. Braid and floro was a big help out there...
  25. jspana

    2005 optimax 150 wiring

    So Im Swapping out my Force for the optimax! big time come up. . On the wiring, the opti was only running a tach on the donor boat and thats it.. I have the motor on the boat now and the key is all wired up and it runs but I only have wires for a tach in the harness.. there are a few others...
  26. jspana

    Dana to newport

    Went all for it on Saturday.. Hit the rocks by the ocean institute first but the jetty was closed so we fished the rail just inside the brake wall, go ta few short bites from little butts on the LC but none stuck. You could see the fish swim up and hit the lure, pretty cool. orange and bronze...
  27. jspana

    WTB: 25 - 40hp motor Tiller controls

    Is what it is, I need it for the zodiac.. old and cheap are welcom as long as it runs good.. I also have a bitchen 16hp to trade or whatever. Hit me up thanx
  28. jspana

    Good Times on the River

    Took the family and close family friends out the the Colorado river this week. Cali side down by the Bluewater dam. Had a house rented with a private dock so you know theres gonna be some fishing! I have never had this many fish on the river while not on a boat so I had to post up a report. Go...
  29. jspana

    WTB Raymarine RS12 or Equivalent

    I have an A65 Classic and am looking for a gps antenna for it, I know the RS12 will work with it but I think others will also. If you have one that you know will work hit me up I need it. Thanx.
  30. jspana

    Doheny Beach

    Hit up the beach for some Halibut but got skunked. Worked the whole shore for 4 hrs for nada.. Saw a couple other guys out there with the same results.. Mostly low and incoming tide, maybe the temps were off? Who knows. Lucky crafts, X raps & big hammers, even sand worms.. no love.
  31. jspana

    Patching holes in transom

    Hey guys, I'm re powering and my old holes do not line up.. the boat I pulled thr motor off just had globs of 5200 in its extra holes? I'm not going that route, what is the tried and true method for patching 4 1/2" holes in fiberglass over wood?? I've seen many ; Pure resin Resin mixed w/saw...
  32. jspana

    Force 150hp

    Got a good running 1991 force 150 for sale, This is built by mercury not Chrystler, its the better of the force motors. Only has 375hrs on it! just did all the fuel lines and carbs got cleaned and synced and new plugs, voltage regulator and fuel pump diaphragms. This motor has served us well...
  33. jspana

    trash can bait tank

    Got a custom made, High end, Rubbermaid bait tank! Looks great on the boat, can disguise itself as a waste receptical, Has all the fittings and a nice size hole in the lid to scoop those precious dines outta!.. Well yeah I think its a steal of a deal in a trade for a beer or two.. lol Its obo...
  34. jspana

    lowrance 337c transducer

    I know I know its an older unit, but hey it came with the boat and I have other "issues" that need my money first. Well I like Lowrance units (Have one on the lake boat) and will buy a bigger fancy touch one when the money comes up but for now mine isnt reading crap between the top noise and the...
  35. jspana

    Ice near long beach

    He guys, going out of south Shore tomorrow @6am where is a good place for ice down there??