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    Ford Ranger Rims

    Have a set of good condition 14x6 Ford rims from a 1994 Ranger. 5x4.5 bolt pattern. 47k miles on them.
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    What size brush do you all prefer?

    I've been using the yellow disposables but just tried a $.50 1/2" hair brush and found it was way faster/easier for me. What do you all prefer? With the half inch:
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    Roddancer Threadmaster ONE

    Decided to give this finish a shot because I read some good things about it. I've had very mixed results but mostly poor. It bubbles badly and if any heat is applied, hardens and seals in the bubbles rather than popping them. It hazed over blue and began to delam after the first trip out on one...
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    I call it the "half an olive branch". Didn't even notice until an hour later when I went to put finish on it.
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    Cane Rod Coating

    Mostly for shits, I'm making a rod out of a perfect piece of 8' Calcutta I have. It has a good, parabolic action but is strong as hell from what I can tell. I want to coat it with something along the lines of urethane, just not sure which. Any specific products that would work well for this...
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    Yellooowwsss 4/3

    Got out on my buddy's 15' Gregor for a morning run and stuck this 34lb pig on the minty fresh 45. Saw tons of other hookups, no others landed. The fish are brutes. 65lb braid to 30lb mono. On a small bird school away from the fleet. Couldn't really see shore with the fog but somewhere around...
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    La Jolla tackle shops?

    Are there any in the area or on the way from Poway that I don't know about? Looking to pick up some irons early morning before we hop on the yaks because my iron box is in my car at the mechanics.
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    Calcutta Gaff!

    I was wandering the docks down at H&M, skipping docks for spotties and the captain of a boat that escapes me at the moment saw me eyeing a stack of calcutta beside the boat. We talked and he ended up giving my friend and I 5 pieces of cane for helping him do a few things! Just wanted to point...
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    No name blanks at FH show?

    I picked up 3 blanks for $40 from Squidco at the FH show to make into bay/chovie sticks. Anyone have any idea what brand they are? Guys at the booth didn't know. They are tough and have a good action, just curious on the manufacturer. 7' 15-25lb E-Glass
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    800m vs ISWB946

    Looking at one of these blanks to go with a Lexa 400. It will be used for 6oz iron at max most likely, but I would like to be able to throw the really light jigs well. I've fished the ISWB945 and love it, but when moving up a class, would the 800m serve me better? Any better suggestions...
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    Came as a spare with the new boat. All damage cosmetic. Seems to be aluminum. Maybe those numbers on top mean something to you, I have no clue what it denotes. 17 pitch? Not sure what used props go for so maybe $50? Was fitted to a Bravo 2 out drive and has never seen saltwater. 8587400476 -...
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    Quantum Cabo CNW20PTS

    $75 (150 brand new right now). 8587400476 - Tanner 7.5/10 cosmetic. 9.5/10 mechanical only because it isn't brand new. Great trolling reel, use it mostly for slow trolling inshore and dropper loop/yoyo iron. Great free spool. Has some 30#+ yellows to it's name. Loaded with 65# braid...
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    (2) Dual Fender Holders

    Came with the new boat but I have no use for them. Stainless, new condition, never touched saltwater. No need to take pictures as they are exactly the same as new ones. Cheapest I can find them are $60 on eBay:
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    Boat Storage

    We are looking to upgrade to a 21-24ft pilot house or walk around. Well, HOA is pulling their typical shit and we don't have a place to store a boat larger than 19ft and rather shallow vee. Does anyone know of a cheap place to store a 21-24ft boat on the trailer? I'm not looking to spend the...
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    La Paz vs San Quintin

    Looking to book a trip to either one but am torn between the two. I will be going with one other friend and would like to fish 3-4 out of the 5 days. La Paz seems to be better for fishing as far as I can see. Any input? Any hotel/fishing guide recommendations? Thanks, Tanner.
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    Offshore Shitty day, but here's some info.

    Started the day with two blown switches and a half scoop of pathetic anchovies. Should've known it was going to go downhill there and then, lol. We headed out to the North end of the 9 but were stopped short by yellows boiling just 4 miles from MB. We pulled up to a big paddy in the middle of...
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    Rainshadow for Inshore use.

    After looking through a bunch of models I've decided that the ISWB945 and ISWB946 are probably my best options. I generally throw lures no heavier than 3.5oz but often times the heavier tips are helpful for fishing the kelp. Are these the blanks I should be looking at? Between the two, which...
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    Fiberglass Repair

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    YT on poppers?

    When fish are hitting the surface and most people are throwing iron, would it be effective to use a popper? I haven't seen any YT caught on it in US waters or the Nados but I don't see why it wouldn't work when they are charging bait. I'd like to try my Halco Roosta Popper. Anyone have...
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    Smoking deal.

    Someone on another forum posted this, thought I'd pass it along. Amazing deal. Buy a G. Loomis, get a free Curado I. Save $180 on a fantastic combo for bass, fresh or salt. No affiliation.
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    Textured EVA?

    I went to replace some cord on a foregrip and realized that the imprint it left on the EVA underneath it feels/looks awesome! Do you think it will stay imprinted or will it eventually rise and level?
  22. tanner.s

    Replacing a Through Hull

    I've watched some videos and read some articles and it looks like a pain in the ass to do through a couple little deck plates. Does anyone have recommendations for a shop? If you have had a through hull replaced, what was the cost? My boat has been taking on about 3" of water an hour and this...
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    Metal Tip-Top

    I have a tendency to smash the inserts in my tip-tops. Is there any negative to using inserts all the way up and using a metal tip installed with 5 min. epoxy and covered in a wrap? Thanks, Tanner.
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    What to pair with a Lexa 300?

    I'm looking for a fairly cheap, heavy calico rod that can handle the occasional smaller Yellowtail or big Bonito. I've found a few options that look fairly good: -Okuma Guide Select -Okuma Shadow Stalker -Daiwa DX -Lamisglas X-11 I'm leaning towards the DX because I can get a few at that...
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    2015 WSB

    Forgot to post two weeks ago. Somewhere between LJ and Mexico. Had a few bites but only one stuck for my friend. Bites on 40# and this one landed on 30# mono. Dropping sardines on marks.
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    Surface Iron Reel to match a 90j

    Looking to buy a narrow reel for surface iron fishing under $250. So far, the best two seem like the Torium 16 and the Fathom 25n. Which reels do you all use? One other thought, my Avet SX clamp didn't fit on the rod when I was messing with it, do these narrow reel clamps usually fit a big rod...
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    First Build Completed :: Calstar 90j

    Almost ready to fish, needs a dab of epoxy on one guide where there is some semi-exposed thread that I missed with the second coat but it is finished besides. This was a school and personal project and was alot of fun, definitely building my own rods from here forward. I also was too excited...
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    Finish Troubles

    Bumped the table and the felt from the rod holder spun on the drying finish, what's my best option here? Should I scrape it off while it's wet or wait for it to dry and plane it off with a razor? Thanks, Tanner.
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    Sealing Hatches

    I have a few bilge access hatches in the aft end of my boat that need to be redone. The gasket that was in it is just a hair over 1/16" and round, can't seem to find it anywhere online or in shops. Anyone know where I could find some?
  30. tanner.s

    First build - Calstar 90j

    After lurking here for a month or two I decided to call around and look for a blank. Took seven calls to find someone with this blank in stock, ended up being Dana Landing. Spent about two hours tinkering with inlays and cord, nothing fancy yet. This is what I've come up with so far. Going to...
  31. tanner.s

    Buying Blanks Locally

    Where, in San Diego, would be my best bet for finding a Calstar 90J blank? Don't have time to have it ordered to a shop, is this a common blank for shops to carry? First thought was Charkbait, but I would have to have it special ordered. Thanks, Tanner.
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    Turk's Head Tightening Issue

    If this has been asked previously, I couldn't find it through searching. I learned how to do a simple (5x7 I think) Turk's Head, but when I tighten it to an object, no matter how careful I am, I get this crossing problem. Can't figure out what I am doing to cause this, and once I notice...
  33. tanner.s

    Calstar 90j VS Calstar 900m

    Looking at a bunch of blanks and was wondering the difference in these two. Which, in your opinion, is better for throwing 3-6oz of surface iron? I am looking at other manufacturers, but was curious on the difference in these two. Thanks, Tanner.
  34. tanner.s

    Messing With Cord

    Bored today, just messing with some cord. Anyone have interesting things they've done with cord wraps? Wrapped a little Ugly Stik I use for throwing anchovies on light line.
  35. tanner.s

    Deckhand Grip Cord

    Can I use the white cord listed here for a butt wrap, or must it be black tarred cord? I plan on coating it with varnish to seal it, is that enough? I'd really like to make the grip white.
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    La Jolla Yellows :: 9/13/14

    Got to the launch at 9AM, grabbed 40 pounds of 'optimistic ice', a really nice half scoop of lively dines, and headed to La Jolla. We trolled around with all of the other boats and got a few Bonita but it wasn't what we were looking for, so we headed out away from the pack, South along the kelp...
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    Reel to pair with a Calstar 850M?

    I am currently wrapping my first jigstick and was looking at some different reels that would cast iron well. Looking for a small reel to spool with spectra and run a 35lb topshot on. Budget is about $180. Could I potentially use a Lexa 400? Or would a Torium 16 or similar be the ticket?
  38. tanner.s

    Guide sizes for a Calstar 850m?

    Titles says it all, I am lost on what size to go. I figured it would look something like: 20-16-12-?-?-?-?-?-? Thanks, Tanner.