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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    400+ yards of 100# PP Been on 1 boat ride, PRACTICALLY NEW - never hung a fish on it or even got the line wet - duplicate setup so selling this 1. Comes with everything pictured - sorry no box or manual (tossed them). $615 CASH I will offer FREE FedEx OVERNIGHT shipping if you pay via VENMO...
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    1/4" galvanized anchor chain 50'+

    WM4 marking - should be West Marine's house branded G4 I believe? I got 60'+ continuous - no connections. Calling it 50' to be safe. $65 cash? Located: Orange
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    Mighty Max ML4D AGM battery: 12 volt 200 Amp Hr

    ** NEW ** Never used or installed *** Just sitting on my bench being charged by my Noco Genius charger for the past 6 months. I purchased new - so yes I'm the original owner. Again, never installed, just been sitting on my charger Location: Orange Price: $324 CASH or Venmo
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    UFP Dexter DB 35 calipers: WITH PADS (new old stock)

    Have a couple sets laying around from a prior project, never used. Still new, never mounted. I have both ZINC & ALUMINUM. eEach caliper comes complete with caliper, brake pads & mounting bolts - ALL NEW OLD STOCK. Location: Orange Price: $45/each caliper. Got a few SETS of Alum & Zincs
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    Parker 2320 bench - excellent condition

    Bought it for a project but going a different direction. Looking to get what I paid $475 (pretty sure that's what I paid for it). Came off a 2019 Parker 2320. Comes with factory outlet & tackle storage box. White centers w Grey edges. Dusty in pic but it's in very good/excellent condition...
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    Fulton F2 3,200 lb 2 speed winch FW3200101NIB

    New in SEALED box w all hardware. Bought and kept too long so can't return. $120 cash Orange near 91 & 57 frwy
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    BRAND NEW IN BOX - NEVER INSTALLED: went a different direction and no longer needed. Pro Combi Q Quasi Sine Wave Brand: Sterling Power Model: PCBQ122500 Price: $475 cash Location: Orange, CA
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Brand new, never used. Tire Diameter: 15" Rim Width: 6" Rim Finish: Galvanized Lug Pattern: 6 on 5.5", 4 1/4" Center Hole Load Capacity: 2,600 LBS * Valve Stem Included Price: $350 for all 6! Location: Orange or Ontario
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    Gray bunk carpeting 70' x 15"

    New, never used. 70 foot roll 15" wide - perfect for those 2" x 6" bunks. Bought from Pacific $50 Location: Orange or Ontario
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    PAIR: boat trailer bunk boards 2" x 6" x 9.5'

    BRAND NEW pair, accidentally had the wrong size made so selling them - too short for my trailers. Custom made by: Pacific Trailer NEW Douglas Fir 2" x 6" x 9.5' long FULLY wrapped on ALL 4 sides w/ dark gray marine grade carpet (20 oz weight carpet). $100 for the pair Location: Orange or...
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    Item SOLD Thanks BD

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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    Brand new, never mounted. ALL 6 for $300 cash! Location: Orange
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    NEW 15" tires (ST225/75R15) & rims (6 lugs)

    Brand new pair: 2 NEW wheels 2 NEW tires New, never been mounted. Location: Orange Price: $330 cash for everything!
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 w/ braid

    Comes with box and papers. Recently purchased but looking to go a different direction. 100 lb white braid w/ ~50 yards of 50 lb mono topshot. I can see 1 very small scratch on top of reel, otherwise can pass as new. Looking for 400/500 tranx or lexa or ...??
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    SS C S/B Ulua 100 - 10' 25 - 50 #

    Can probably pass as new. Purchased from Sam @ Islands ~3 months ago - never got to throw it, going different direction. FACTORY WRAP S/B here! Location: Orange Looking for 400/500 reels: tranx, lexa ...? LMK what you got. Prefer new or near new equipment. Straight trade or trade + cash...
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    SS 270, 670, 870 or 970 ....

    LMK if you've got a pair you're willing to part w/. Looking for excellent/new condition. Thanks for looking.
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    Cousins 7107T

    Looking for new or near new condition ... LMK if you got 1 ....
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    Phenix PSW 908MH

    Prefer new/unused condition. LMK if you got 1 ...
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    Kodiak brake calipers: 250 SS, 250 DAC & 225 DAC

    Cleaning out my shed - ALL new & UNUSED. Never mounted. REASON FOR SELLING: didnt use, wrong ones, or went dfferent direction. LOCATION: Orange, CA ITEM 1: KODIAK 225 10"-12" S-Cad Disc Brake Caliper Assembly #DBC-225-DAC: includes (2) DACRAMENT calipers, (2) Stainless Caliper pins w/ thread...
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    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    I'm reading the Shurflo 1500 and 2000 (possibly other Shurflo models - but these 2 models have the capacity I need) have anti-airlock capabilities? Experience anyone? Currently running Rule 1600 bronze base but periodic airlocks can cause bug issues as we all know ....
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    Complete axle conversion: Kodiak 12" brake set-up

    Everything pictured = 1 set. I have TWO sets NOTE: you will need to purchase 2 inner bearings, 2 outer bearings & 2 grease seals to install the kit. ~$30 worth of parts. BRAND NEW - was going to do on my 2 trailers but going a different direction so not needed. Location: Orange or Ontario...
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    Offshore DP -> 267/279 -> 209 -> 312 NADA

    Launched DP @ 5 AM - good amount of boats launching, everyone played nice. Waited ~30 mins for bait ... off we went. Swells were BIG heading to 267/279, had to keep it under 19 ... No meter marks, no birds, no surface bait of any sort, no surface activity .... Saw 1 good sized patty @ 209 -...
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    Friday: 08/07 ....?

    Anyone contemplating ...???
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    New 16" galvanzied rims. 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    BRAND NEW, NEVER USED - Never even mounted tires on .... Paid $480 not more than a few weeks ago Selling all 4 as a single lot at this time - not looking to separate. Location: Orange, CA. Price: $350 OBO for all 4 rims Website specs: 16" 6-Lug Galvanized Trailer Wheel/Rim Rim Pattern...
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    4 NEW ST235 80 R16 tires

    100% New, never mounted. Went different direction. Paid ~$775 not more than a few weeks ago for them. Location: Orange $500 for all 4 - not looking to separate at this time. Specs from website: Radial Trailer Tire, ST235/80R-16" Load Range E Radial Trailer Tires Specifically designed to...
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    Dexter 20K 3" drop coupler

    Make: Dexter Model: DX20EX Location: Orange or Ontario Yes comes w/ backup solenoid - everything is BRAND NEW. This is the BOLT ON model, NOT the weld on model. Went a different direction, dont need. $400 OBO? Some technical data: 2 5/16" Ball Zinc Plated Bolts over 3" wide trailer tongues...
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    Dico 10 coupling needs 2 5/16" ball. 3" drop

    Removed from Pacific trailer, but it'll work w/ any 3" channel trailer. I needed a straight, no drop, tongue. Coupler Model: Dico Model 10 Ratings: 10K lb Gross Load Capacity w/ 800 lb tongue Brakes: model is for DISC brakes Solenoid: BRAND NEW Make: Dexter Model: 054-140-122 12 VDC Location...
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    SS Ulua 93H or Mag 95J

    I prefer factory wrapped in excellent if not new condition. LMK what you got! I got cash, nothing to trade.
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    Boat rod holder - 2 pcs

    Dimensions are approximate - let me know if you want more specific measurements. Mounts on hardtop. Ideal scenario would be on either side of a center mounted radar dome etc. I'm going with 2 continuous row holders so no longer needed. Yes, a little dirty but stainless steel 316 construction...
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    PENN 30 VISX w/ Calstar GFGR 770XXH combo

    Penn 30 VISX: BNIB. Never been spooled. Comes w everything pictured. Yes clamp is new, never used. Only taken out to check contents Calstar Grafighter GFGR 770 XXH. Rod has been on a 2 of boat rides? It could EASILY pass as new. Decided to go a different route so I'm selling the setup...
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    Penn Fathom 30 or 40 Lever Drag 2 speed

    Looking for newer, if not new. LMK if you got one??? Thanks.
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    BNIB Talica 20ii w/ Power Braid

    I've got BNIB w clamps, box, tools and all. Comes w/ ~450 yards of Power Pro Maxcuatro 100 lb braid (white). Everything is new, never used. Decided it was redundant as I have a 30 VISX so looking to trade. Looking for 12ii, fathom 25, torque 25, or ...? Itd have to be reel + cash on your end...
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    Shimano Tranx 400HG - Orange County

    Looking for NIB, mint condition, or similar ... LMK. Cash Buyer here, nothing to trade. Sorry.
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    Dana Point: Nest webcam link?

    Anyone have the link? Saw it on a precuous thread .... now cant find it anymore.
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    C-Map 4D Chart NA-D024: West Coast & Hawaii

    Looking for the card if anyone has it.
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    Offshore Long Beach Bait - selling bait?

    Saw the EB post and got me thinking ... is Nacho selling bait still?
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    50G fiberglass bait tank

    Inlet:: 3/4" Outlet: 1" Capacity: 50G Location: Orange, CA Price: $450 Only hardware that comes w/ the tank are the pictured mounts. *** NO HOSES, PUMPS CLAMPS etc *** Dimensions: 40" (wide) x 30" (tall) x 20" (deep). Upgraded to bigger tank so dont have a need for this anymore.
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    Bait: live squid availability??

    Anyone know if any of the barges or CAT boats have squid available???
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    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    Getting sick of these 'cheap' 12V bait pumps failing. Contemplating running a saltwater 120V pump instead - I have experience w/ reef tanks so familiar w/ these pumps. Will be running off my inverter 2500W continuous & 4600W peak (I only have a microwave connected to this inverter). Also...
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    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    I'm curious what everyone is rocking out there! Pics would be much appreciated!!
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    FloScan - no longer in business???

    What fuel monitoring system are you guys looking into for engines that dont provide fuel burn data??? I believe FloScan shut their doors ... no longer in business.
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    BEP Marine 901V 8 circuit 12 volt contour switch panel

    Bought new but ended up going a different direction. Comes w negative bus bar. Everything new in retail packaging. $140 cash - I can ship (free expedited FedEx) for BD members.
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    Radar dome repair??

    Cracked my dome. I believe it's made of plastic ... anyone have a place to repair it? Koden radar dome. Maybe they're standard and I can buy a replacement from Simrad, Raytheon, etc.? Older model so dont think they're still being made.
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    50 qt Pelican coolers @ Home Depot

    Just passing along the info .... I believe it's a 1 day sale only ... online.
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    Volvo DP 290 Transom Shield Assembly P/N 867949

    Extra shield I had and dont need. Comes EXACTLY as pictured - nothing else is included ONLY WHATS PICTURED. $275 OBO Live in Orange Work in Ontario Either city or location in between there works for me.
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    Battery set-up

    For those w/ twin engines and dedicated batteries for EACH engine PLUS a house battery (in other words 3 battery banks in all) what's your setup? How do you charge the house w/o having to manually switch over? I'm thinking about the Blue Seas "Add a Battery" setup which auto detects voltage and...
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    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    Looking for 100' spool? Anyone have a good source/price for this stuff? 12 gauge - 3 wire: round or flat, no preference either way?
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    Sulastic spring experience??

    Anyone have experience w/ these on their pickups? Pictured are the ones for F250s ... They claim to SIGNIFICANTLY improve ride quality w/o compromising payload or towing.
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    Bait pumps ...

    What brand of bait pumps do you guys run?? Fairly short head length so not too concerned about GPH drop b/c of head length. More concerned about reliability and longevity ...
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    Looking for Custom Fuel Tank builder

    Anyone have "a guy" either in Orange County or a neighboring county they can reccomend? Boat is on a trailer and can be trailered to vendor's shop. Thanks.
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    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Was always thinking D6-370 but a bug has been planted ... why not look at Yanmar???? No a QSB is NOT an option... I HATE engine boxes and will 'sacrifice' for a flush deck. Anyone have experience w Yanmar repower? Who'd you do it w/? What's a 'comparable' Yanmar engine to the D6-370?? I am...
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    What's a 'rail rod'

    Sorry for the newbie question ... can someone please educate me?
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    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    Brand new, never spooled. $500. I only have the reel. NO accessories. NO clamp. NO box. I PREFER in person cash but MAY consider shipping. IF I ship, itll be FREE using FedEx Standard Overnight. For sale LOCALLY for now .... purchased from a fellow BD-er but won't be fishing for a while so...
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    Parker 2820

    Got a buddy who's looking pretty seriously for one. LMK if you've got one, know someone etc.
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    Penn TRQ25N (single speed) & Talica 25 II (2 speed)

    Looking for NEW. LMK whatcha got, I have cash, nothing to trade. Thanks.
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    Avet reel models: seriously confused

    I'm sure someone has asked before but I cant find it .... What's the difference in the various models??? Is there a single source I can go to (ie YouTube video, website that has a comparison chart, etc) that explains the various differences amongst the models...
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    PAIR of Okuma Makaira 50W

    Looking for 2, NIB preferred. LMK what you have, cash in hand.
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    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I got a '87 Farallon 27'. In the process of fully restoring her (repowering, etc.) I'd love to see others out there!!
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    Farallon: window replacement

    So I'm replacing my sliding window .... maybe I dont have to have the EXACT same thing but you guys aware of vendors that sell these things - almost impossible for me to find. I am open to glass-work to accomodate the new slightly different sized windows - just haven't been able to find a...
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    Volvo D6-370 Diesel stern drive

    Mods, if not correct forum, please move. Doing a repower and looking for a new old inventory set-up. D6-370 diesel stern drive ... LMK if you either have 1 or know of someone w/ 1?? I prefer new or VERY low hours ... Thanks
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    Farallon 32

    If you know someone w/ one OR you have one ... LMK! Thanks 714 383 1106 - text or call