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  1. mshsu

    Convict Lake opener - Monsters!

    Crazy weather opening morning at convict. It was completely blown out early on. But we got lucky and scored our limits with twin jumbo kickers. Fun stuff!
  2. mshsu

    Should current registration sticker say 19 or 21?

    Hey guys, are current registration stickers labeled as 19 or 21? I have 19 on mine but I can't remember if those are the current ones are not. I know they renew every odd numbered year.
  3. mshsu

    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    Hey guys, I went to do some work on the boat and found out that the motor won't raise up. Its a Honda 90 4 stroke 2008. I can hear a faint click and I can see it's drawing some amps bc the battery volt changes, but there's no actual motor noise on the hydraulic lift. My problem now is that I...
  4. mshsu

    Cat 7/10 quick report

    Hey guys. Short report for those heading out. We fished all up and down the front side and it was wide open calico bass at every spot. Probably the best bass fishing I've had at Cat in years. Nice quality too. Some pesky barracuda also. We hooked only 1 yellow but it absolutely smoked us...
  5. mshsu

    Catalina 6/12 Yellow fever

    Launched at 5am and got some decent medium sized sardines at San Pedro bait. Headed over to hop around the front side and try our luck. You had to work at it, but there were decent numbers of yellows all over the front side. Some nice grade ones too. Slow trolling was a good way to locate...
  6. mshsu

    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Got some info from one of my buddies last night and launched at 5am from South Shore Long Beach for some mid channel paddy hopping. Bait from Nachos was lively but very small sardines. Great conditions and in no time we were mid channel - I spot the first paddy and its a bitchin one with birds...
  7. mshsu

    SoCal rockfish fillet regulations?

    Hey guys, Can’t seem to find the regulations on Rockfish fillets in SoCal. I go primarily out of Long Beach. Are there limitations to filleting rockfish on the water? Does the skin have to stay on? Thanks
  8. mshsu

    8/18 Catalina Dodo and Yellows

    Hey guys, Took my old man with me and launched the 17ft skiff out of South Shores at 5am. Got a scoop of small crappy dines from Nachos. The crossing was pretty snotty with a short period wind chop. Made it about 3/4 of the way there and found a nice kelp paddy. The old man proceeds to...
  9. mshsu

    Catalina 8/25

    Hey guys, Quick report here to get the info out there. I fished the front side of Cat this morning working from Indian Rock to the West End. Steady pick of mixed grade yellows from 4lbs to 12lbs. Bonita and Bass were at every spot and pretty good grade. San Pedro bait had some really...
  10. mshsu

    Catalina 8-10 quick report

    Hey guys, I hit up Cat solo this AM. Launched at 5AM and got some okay dines from Nachos. Then headed over to the frontside and was soon joined by literally the entire fleet. Decent action all morning. Ended up getting 3 yellows all under 10 pounds along with the usual mix of...
  11. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    On Sat last week, I was drinking by myself (again) and I came up with a plan to get one of these big boys that have been around. It's rare that we get a legit shot at the bigger bluefin in local waters. By local, I mean comfortable operating distance for a 17ft skiff. I had the perfect plan...
  12. mshsu

    Opener 2016

    Hey guys, We just got back after another great opener. Left way early Friday AM and hit up lone pine sand trap for nothing. Then we fished the owens outside of bishop for a few decent rainbows. Finally hit up pleasant valley res for nada. Super croweded everywhere! Friday night we just...
  13. mshsu

    Long Beach season opener shakedown 4/6

    Hey guys, After an outstanding fishing season last year, the boat's been sitting in my backyard for the entire winter time. Inspired by Tunaslam's great recent report on killing the reds, I decided it was time to finally start of this new fishing season - especially since the bluefin are...
  14. mshsu

    ELITE 7 Chirp versus Garmin 74dv Chirp

    Hey everyone, I'm upgrading and I'm trying to decide between the Lowrance Elite7 Chirp versus the Garmin 74dv Chirp. Any thoughts? Also with the Elite 7, should I go with the 83/200 or 50/200 transducers? I fish SoCal and would like to get tuna schools in open water as well as meter for...
  15. mshsu

    Offshore 9/9 Dana point WFO

    Quick report from work: Left Dana at 5:30 this morning. Bait line was short and the sardines were excellent. Best condition bait all year and it turned out to be useless. See below. Headed to general vicinity of the 279. At 7:00 am, 2 miles east of the 279, I found a nice big kelp with...
  16. mshsu

    Offshore Late 9/5 report

    Hey guys, A buddy and I went out of Oceanside on 9/5. Good bait, but it was a long slow boat ride. We saw countless empty kelps. Baited a few breezers for nothing. Tried trolling to no avail. Finally called it quits around 1PM. Then on the way home saw a nice kelp with birds on it...
  17. mshsu

    Question: where can I park trailer for 1 week in San Diego

    Hi guys, I will be launching my 17ft skiff at either point loma or one of the san diego bay launch ramps for 1 week in late september. I'm renting a house down in coronado that has a boat dock but no trailer parking. Does one of the launch ramps allow me to park my car and trailer there...
  18. mshsu

    Long Beach Quick Report 8/26

    Hey guys, Quick report since I've got work. Mediocre sardines at San Pedro bait, but that's been par for the course recently. Did a quick look offshore outside the rigs, but didn't see much. 150 was dead early in the AM. Then hit up the 105 and green buoy areas with flylined and...
  19. mshsu

    Offshore El Nino Fishing Video Report - Tuna and Dodos

    Here is a little video I put together. Watch it in HD with sound to get the full effect. The Mahi footage is cool. Small fish, but fun to fight on 15lb test and great on the BBQ! Ming
  20. mshsu

    Help with my fishfinder

    Hey guys, I just bought an boat that has a Garmin 400c fish finder installed. Once I get past 400ft, the fish finder can no longer read the bottom and shows lots of interference. The specs say the max depth is 1500ft. It has dual frequency 50/200. My questions: 1) Is this normal for...
  21. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 8/19 WFO

    Hey guys, Decided to launch from Oceanside at 4:30AM. Bait line was short and the deans were great. Headed out 12 miles and drifted a kelp with birds on it. Started out going 2 for 4 on doritos and then it turned into straight yellowfin 20-30lb'ers. They were biting both chunk and...
  22. mshsu

    Newport Tuna?

    Saw that the Newport boats really nailed the tuna today. Anyone know what area they are fishing? I've been launching out of Oceanside, but it would be great to launch closer to LA. Feel free to PM me. Thanks, Ming
  23. mshsu

    8/14 long beach near limit

    Quick report - fished the shoe and 150 for near limits. Sardines on flyline and dropper loop. Fun local fishing once again! Love El nino!!! Now its time for hamachi sashimi. Ming
  24. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 8/12

    Took my new old boat out for her 2nd voyage. The first time out I got a nice yellowtail at the Horseshoe. This time, I decided to trailer it down to oceanside for a previously good tuna bite. Well, it was a slow morning, but I ended up going 1 for 3 by fishing the working terns. 40lb class...
  25. mshsu

    Help with trip planning.

    Hey guys, I've never fished Alaska before, but I've been wanting to go forever. This year, I finally have the time to get up there for a week. I have the 3rd week of June as vacation. I'm looking for a place where you can rent a house, have guided/unguided boat fishing, and most...
  26. mshsu

    Convict Lake late season report 11/1-4

    Hey all, Just wanted to report on an awesome trip up to Convict. Wife and I headed up the 395 on Thursday for our annual trip to fish the Fall Derby. For those who haven't done it before, the prizes are great and it's fairly easy to place (even the 60th place gets a prize). It is also one of...
  27. mshsu

    Convict Lake and Owens River 8/24-25

    Hey guys, Got a chance to fish up in Mammoth this weekend and it was great! We just love going up there and enjoying the fun fishing and beautiful scenery. Here's the quick fish report: Convict Lake: Slooowwww....probably the slowest fishing I ever had there. We fished there for a couple of...
  28. mshsu

    How to fish a paddy?

    Hey guys, I fish out of Marina del Rey and don't get much experience with fishing paddys. What's the best technique? Do I stay far away and set up a drift, or do I drive toward the paddy and cut the engines a reasonable distance away? When I'm fishing, how far away should I be from the...