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  1. SoCalAvet

    WTBTern 300

    Looking to buy a Accurate Tern 300 Found. Thanks
  2. SoCalAvet

    Lexa WN 400

    selling my lexa WN 400PWR-P Loaded with 50lb super slick power pro Took on one boat ride Sold. Thanks
  3. SoCalAvet

    FS Avet G2 SXJ 6/4 MC

    * New price * For Sale .. G2 SXJ 6/4 MC .. loaded with 300yrs of 50lb max quattro..fished reel only twice never caught a fish on it. *SOLD* I used it as a good alternate to the BV300.. good thing about this one that the 300 did not have is the 2 speed and the cast control. This thing puts out...
  4. SoCalAvet

    WTB Accurate 600NN 2 speed

    looking for one of these reels mentioned above.. let me know what you have. PM please Thanks
  5. SoCalAvet

    WTB Accurate 600NN 2 speed

    looking for a 600NN 2 speed... interested in any model besides the Furys. Would also consider a Avet HXJ Raptor PM me with details no thread hijack Thanks
  6. SoCalAvet

    BV2-400 ?

    Just seen that Accurate is coming out with a 400 2 speed version of the Valiant...well i know what my next reel purchase will be!
  7. SoCalAvet

    FS Avet 50 SDS - Sold.

  8. SoCalAvet

    WTB Accurate SR20

    Looking to buy a Accurate SR20 ... Let me know what you have... Thanks.
  9. SoCalAvet

    FS Accurate Valiant BV300 - $330

    Looking to sell this Valiant... this reel is like new Its filled with a little over 300yrds of 40lb braid. $330 Thanks
  10. SoCalAvet

    Blue accurates

    Does anyone know if there is a certain tackle shop that sells these blue accurate reels? I have seen them floating around a bit.... I know they were a holiday special a few years back. I know BFG has green, charkbait has red... Etc etc.... But does anyone sell blue? Thanks
  11. SoCalAvet

    7/24 On the San Diego

    Been watching the reports and decided to jump on the SD this past Sunday. Boat was loaded with 48 passengers.. majority of them were some good experienced guys and gals.. everyone worked together pretty well. Some good bait on board... about 6 inch deans mixed with some smaller 4 inch deans...
  12. SoCalAvet

    FS Avet SX MC - Red - SOLD -

    - SOLD - I have a excellent working Red SX MC for sale. It is loaded with 50lb braid. Excellent condition well taken care of scratches on it. The pictures I have up show the reel with a black foot and clamp ... The original red foot and clamp are now back on there.
  13. SoCalAvet

    WTB Accurate 400N

    looking for any accurate in a 400 narrow size ... Single speed with high gear ratio or two a speed ... Thanks.
  14. SoCalAvet

    Avet HXJ MC 2 speed- Sold

    SOLD looking to sell my Avet HXJ 5/2 with MC cast ... Reel is filled with 65lb braid ... Great reel for yoyo fishing. The reel has some spots of boat rash. See pictures. The reel works smooth , no issues. SOLD. Located in Corona CA.
  15. SoCalAvet

    FS Calcutta 400D

  16. SoCalAvet

    F/S Lexa 300 HSP - Sold

    Selling my Lexa 300 High speed with the power handle.... right hand model. Reel performs great. Filled with 50lb super slick power pro braid.
  17. SoCalAvet

    WTB Lexa400 Right hand

    Looking to buy a Lexa400 H or HSP. Let me know what you got.
  18. SoCalAvet

    WTB Avet MXL MC 2 speed

    Looking for an Avet MXL MC 2speed reel..... would like to purchase locally if possible Located in Corona CA. Thanks.
  19. SoCalAvet

    WTB Calstar 700H

    Just like the title says. No roller guides please. Let me know what you got ...thanks.
  20. SoCalAvet

    WTB Daiwa Luna 300

    Looking to buy the right hand verson of this reel. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  21. SoCalAvet

    WTB: Phenix Abyss 808

    Just as the title states ...Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  22. SoCalAvet

    WTB: Avet MXL MC, SX MC

    Looking for a black MXL MC and or a purple SX MC ... Let me know what you got ...thanks
  23. SoCalAvet

    WTB: Calstar rod 50-80lb set up

    Looking for a calstar to match up with my Avet Raptor HX. No roller guides please. Thanks.
  24. SoCalAvet

    HX Raptor - T Bar powerhandel

    I'm looking to upgrade my current stock handle on my HX raptor. Was leaning towards getting some kind of TBar Handel set up to help with those bigger grade of fish. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  25. SoCalAvet

    WTB: Avet SXJ MC

    Looking to buy one this weekend. Let me know if anyone has one for sale in the so cal area thanks.