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  1. Fish_kid

    Boat ideas - help me spend money

    I loved my Arima Sea Ranger 17... I think it fits in most garage doors... I had a skip tower on it, which we liked a lot... if you got the soft top, it folds down for less height in the garage... Mukilteo has the docks out for part of the year, though, so if we ever get blackmouth back, you...
  2. Fish_kid

    Fishing The Pacific Northwest – An Intro

    Do we have to take a shot every time we see @Cornfed's picture in that article???
  3. Fish_kid

    2022 Blackmouth

    I understand people being frustrated with the current sport fishing opportunities in Washington. I know I am. I'm not sure that I agree with some of the opinions and conclusions that are being given, though... I'm not sure Den has met Ron, but am pretty sure he hasn't had a calm conversation...
  4. Fish_kid

    Apollo March 9-13 late report

    Looks like @halibut herb got into some nice fish!
  5. Fish_kid

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Are you saying that @TheWoman is not an adult???
  6. Fish_kid


    Ditto... got one since the Parker has one... count em one... cup holder...
  7. Fish_kid

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    I agree with Shari... option 2... chinook catch in the ocean does have some impacts on Puget Sound chinook, and choosing the high ocean option has cut inside fisheries in past years...
  8. Fish_kid

    Slick Bunks

    I think I will be upgrading to Surfix... my Pacific trailer has carpet wrapped 2x6’s... if I wanted to also replace the wood, should I recarpet and then do Surfix? Or raw wood or varnished and then Surfix???
  9. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    They don’t take anything off the Interwebs into account. A good number of their bios are also sport anglers themselves.
  10. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    Monday is the last day. It closes at 12:01 am on Tuesday to save the other half of the impacts for March when fish are bigger and there should be lass shakers around... The test boat guys aren’t superhuman... saw them hang one or both rods and probably a downrigger ball on Blakely Rock...
  11. Fish_kid

    Bass Pro/Cabella’s Buying Sportman’s Warehouse

    Wasn't Sportsman's Warehouse the one that was selling knock off Silver Horde products made in China? Coho Killers and the like... taking income from a local company... good riddance!
  12. Fish_kid

    FRESH ONE!!!!

    Congrats Steve! Glad all are healthy!
  13. Fish_kid

    Dang! Hopefully this gets cleaned up.

    The other thread is pretty light on "facts"... hopefully some will come out and the community can react appropriately to factual information...
  14. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Kodak TUNA Trip 9 21

    I took a pair of bolt cutters, sprayed some WD on them, then sealed them with my vacuum packer. Carry them next to the first aid kit. Used them a couple months ago and had to repackage them...
  15. Fish_kid

    Beckman Net

    Pm sent
  16. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Tuna 8/29

    Dude!!! Nice job!
  17. Fish_kid

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    I am thinking that the F14 still puts me in the small boat crowd and my old 17 ft Arima put me in the crazy crowd :-) I think part of the answer is to see if you can do it. The pride of doing it yourself. In my Arima we took three trips and caught one tuna. We had a fuel plan and if you had...
  18. Fish_kid

    Test tank

    Don't you need excuses to take the Mugwump out anyways? Seems like the better solution and you might get a fish to boot...
  19. Fish_kid

    Westport 6-20

    52 over 19 if I can read the sonar through the raindrops :-)
  20. Fish_kid

    Getting Pay Back?

    So just to maybe give folks a different way to look at the facts... it was 3X and went to 2x... but that was 15 fish last year, they asked for 45 this year and went down to 30 C&S fish in the end... not supporting or justifying it, just not wanting people to think they were taking thousands...
  21. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Little underwater action

    Now that is awesome social distancing :-)
  22. Fish_kid

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Feel better, Swanny! I have been wrestling with hitting the SJI or not... calm waters today and tomorrow... being solo is social distancing... fish are there... I think you and others are convincing me to stay home. Heard something on TV that we should all act like we are a carrier and...
  23. Fish_kid

    Ice-fish capacity

    I'm a neophyte offshore, but I had heard, and do, a pound of ice per pound of fish... some used for the bleed bucket slurry, a slurry in my kill bag, then rest for coolers...
  24. Fish_kid

    Fishin' Luhrs Replacement

    Dude! Awesome looking ride...!
  25. Fish_kid

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    Shouldn't the feathers be white??? Anybody who squirts red and green stuff has a real problem...
  26. Fish_kid

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Jason - my daughter did HMB for 4 years... had a blast, made lots of friends quick, which helps at the U... got to go to Hawaii, Alaska and China...
  27. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 8/25 Ilawco Tuna

    The adage I have heard from folks on BD and other places is a pound of ice per pound of fish... I carry 240 pounds, so about 12 fish...
  28. Fish_kid

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    I am so confused... how did this morph from cutting the corner and past people coming into the marina to crashing bait stops...?
  29. Fish_kid

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    I'm signed up and planning to attend. Won't make the liar's session Friday night, but hope all have good clean fun :-) See you at the docks! And I didn't put my bait tank in last year, as it doesn't have a viewing window, but we just filled a medium cooler with lake water and left the lid...
  30. Fish_kid

    Cast 4 Kids

    Just did the registration...
  31. Fish_kid

    Fish storage

    Is that an Ugly Bayliner creation?
  32. Fish_kid

    Trolling Rod Storage?

    Underway? Or just for storage? Rocket Launcher works great on the water...
  33. Fish_kid

    Kill or no kill

    Multiple photos and measure so I can get a fiberglass replica made, then release!
  34. Fish_kid

    Saltwater First Tuna Trip a BUST!

    Nice! Way safer to cross the Columbia Bar than an open bow Maxum :-) Good luck getting back in the game. Sounds like it might be a good year.
  35. Fish_kid

    Saltwater First Tuna Trip a BUST!

    I think he means that shops are backed up and he can't get it worked for a couple of weeks... Tim - curious... what model of Maxum do you have, or is your boat just from Maxxum Marine?
  36. Fish_kid

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    All is well with the world again!
  37. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Surprsing at CQ

    Awesome trip! Looks like nice water, too!
  38. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Took a kid from Kirkland Sturgeon fishing today!

    That first one has a defective nose!
  39. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    If you have your boat over there and are fishing for lakers, wrap plugs with a pikeminnow fillet...
  40. Fish_kid

    Cast 4 Kids

    I am in... just gotta go to the website and register...
  41. Fish_kid

    Cornet Bay Parking

    Shouldn't be too bad... if the lot fills up they open up the road and you have to drive to the end of it, then park on the right/water side coming back. I expect lots of folks will be in A9/10 so maybe not crowded like a halibut day...
  42. Fish_kid

    Radar Wedge

    Upgrading from the old Furuno to a Lowrance 4G tied to the rest of my system... the Furuno has no wedge and I find that I don't get great forward coverage while on plane... Do you have a wedge on your radar pedestal, and what size? 2, 4 or 6 degrees? Thanks!
  43. Fish_kid

    Boat Painting Question

    PM @Omakase
  44. Fish_kid

    We pick up hitchhikers!

    Proof that gluttony is a sin and will get you killed ;-)
  45. Fish_kid

    Del Stephens interview

    That was a good watch/listen...
  46. Fish_kid

    Lake WA perch question

    And Kenzmad can help you dial in :-)
  47. Fish_kid

    One time at band camp 2011

    Little bit of jackpole action going on!
  48. Fish_kid

    F'ing chipmunk

    I think that is a Douglas squirrel... native species in the PNW... screw up many deer or elk hunts with their chatter at intruders... clearly from the photographic evidence that one od'ed on alcohol...
  49. Fish_kid

    Starboard bait table

    So did your table just sit in the scotty mounts on the transom? Not sure how you can swivel it around backwards to lock it in with two of them... Sorry if I don't get it...
  50. Fish_kid

    Tactical Strike heading to the Hali holes

    Sorry you can't go, but appreciate you supporting a good cause! Not sure I could let somebody else run my baby without me... Rest up for summer so you can enjoy it!
  51. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Elliott Bay Spot Shrimp

    Nice job, Kai! Happy family :-)
  52. Fish_kid

    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    And here is the motor pick... had it raised from the 2nd hole to the 3rd hole a couple of years ago. .
  53. Fish_kid

    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    sorry the picture from my tablet isn't super clear... the instructions also had me install it on TOP of the cavitation plate...
  54. Fish_kid

    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    Looks like it is an M9 Grey for Yamaha 4 Stroke...
  55. Fish_kid

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Really sorry to hear that, Norm!!! Hope you are feeling better for summer salmon and September C.A.S.T.!
  56. Fish_kid

    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    I think 2120's or Parkers in general do well with Permatrims... Mine made a big difference in handing. I also raised the motor one hole, but that's a Yami F150...
  57. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Opening day!

    Good job, Dad!
  58. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A7 north salmon

    Nice job, Den! looks like the water was pretty good for you as well!
  59. Fish_kid

    Any word on shrimp dates?

    Rumor has it May 11th due to the tides on the 4th... not agreed with the comanagers yet...
  60. Fish_kid

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    Erik and others, I think Lake WA is usually the first Saturday in September... same day as the Edmonds Coho Derby... lots of folks can/do support the derby, so I choose the kids... I have done the one on the dock the first Saturday of June for a number of years and it is chaos and something...
  61. Fish_kid

    Just waiting and waiting

    Sleep is under rated ;-) Glad everything is going well!
  62. Fish_kid

    Just waiting and waiting

    Hang in there, man! Best of luck to her... keep the kids busy, which will keep you busy :-)
  63. Fish_kid

    Salmon season setting is starting

    Puget Sound Angers Ocean Anglers Chapter does send a contingent to the meetings to represent the private, trailerable boat crowd... I think Genie Aye Paul is one of the folks who gives his time and support to that effort...
  64. Fish_kid

    Salmon season setting is starting

    I will be at the same meetings as Dan...
  65. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A great afternoon on the beach

    Nope... A strong, great drinking beer from Eberg...
  66. Fish_kid

    Stiches replacement...hmmm

    Saline??? That's what the fireball or moonshine is for... ;-)
  67. Fish_kid

    Might wanna throw one in

    Dammnnn! Remind me to fish near you guys. Way to be prepared!
  68. Fish_kid

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Dammmnnn, Goat!!! Sometimes I think you just like to build things and play with your toys!!!
  69. Fish_kid

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    Dave is always a man of few words ;-) I am not always good at channeling Ron but will give it a Go... I am a supporter of both PSA and CCA. On many occasions their goals are in alignment, on this one, they may be at odds... Gillnets are not selective for wild fish versus hatchery fish. They...
  70. Fish_kid

    Tekota 300LC Reel

    Text sent.
  71. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Whidbey Keystone Launch or Cornett Bay

    A couple of problems with Washington Park if solo... no protection from a north wind... next trailer in line operation means you usually drop a guy off and circle around until your trailer is next in line... solo boater clogs it up... Easy enough to run from Cornet to most of the places you...
  72. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Whidbey Keystone Launch or Cornett Bay

    Cornet Bay is a great launch, especially if you are solo. Not a secret, but try the flat outside of Thatcher Pass on the outgoing... spoons in the dirt! Good luck.
  73. Fish_kid

    2120 Radar Pedestal Issue

    Thanks, Will! I ended up having to cut an access port, as my interior light is way forward. For temporary use, I have used fender washers as a backing. I had thought about and will be getting some backing plates like you have and upgrade it to that. Also planning on replacing the powder coated...
  74. Fish_kid

    2120 Radar Pedestal Issue

    Got back to the ramp yesterday after a bumpy, but not unsafe day... and noticed that my radome was flopping loose and one of the bolts was just lying on the roof... on further analysis today, it looks like the pedestal was attached with three machine bolts, all coated in caulking, and a lag or...
  75. Fish_kid

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Merry Holidays! Happy Christmas! Wishing you all salmon and tuna in the New Year!
  76. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Hell is pretty damn cold

    Fishing with strange women, Lawrence??? You know that might get you in trouble at home, right??? We usually grill steelhead just like a salmon...
  77. Fish_kid

    Rocket Launchers for Parker 2320

    I have an 8 slot launcher made by UglyBayliner Steve in Washington (probably who A-K is referring to)... It is awesome, but I would like 2 or 3 more slots, even on my 2120... So I think 7 is too small.... my $0.02...
  78. Fish_kid

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    Put on your rain gear, get strapped in, and only hit the wave tops as you fly out there... didn't see mention of a bait tank, though... more than twice what I bought my first house for...
  79. Fish_kid

    Parker video?

    Keeping above the fray... The tank placement was purposeful... It's a 22 gallon tank. The seating config in Parkers has a 2 or 3 person bench seat on the port side... so I have the kicker and let's say 500 pounds of people on the port side and less than 200 pounds plus the bait tank on the...
  80. Fish_kid

    Parker 2120 center rod holder

    How does she run with the new 200? and is it a 4 cyl like the F150XB from Yammy? or a 6 cylinder?
  81. Fish_kid

    Parker video?

    So we have gotten better about getting the troll rods back up in a rocket launcher. The 2120 doesn't have a huge deck, so it is crowded... the bleed barrel is outside the splash rail and not an issue. The bait tank is anchored on the gunwhale, and also makes a good seat for driving with the...
  82. Fish_kid

    Parker video?

    This is a trip back in 2015 in my 2120 out of Westport for albacore... probably 42-45 mile run out in snotty seas... I think that day was something like 5ft at 9 seconds with a 1-2ft wind chop on top... it was hard to stand up out there, but the boat handled the trip out fine with bait and...
  83. Fish_kid

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    That sucks, Eli...
  84. Fish_kid

    Need to Read....Crazy fishery ideas/myths

    This should be required viewing for everybody on the Orca Task force, and it wouldn't be bad to get some of this on the daily news for the public.... Very balanced and science based!!!
  85. Fish_kid

    2019 area 7 chinook fishery

    And it should be pointed out that the author of the post on PSA is well connected and on the task force, so a credible source.
  86. Fish_kid

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Don't go there, Waterdog... last year the bass guys had some big smallmouth and lots of fish, but we had more fun!
  87. Fish_kid

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    I will miss the Friday night BBQ... Sorry! Gotta help set up the Edmonds Coho Derby stuff... Will also launch around 6:30am... @jamie - do we have a final word on worms for the event?
  88. Fish_kid

    Washdown pump replacement

    Thanks, Eli! I already bought the 4gpm pump last year and have been sitting on it... I also worry about amps... the factory 3gpm took up to 5 amps... the 4gpm says 15 amps... not sure if a bigger one would be even more amps... not sure if it would toast wiring or the breaker, etc...
  89. Fish_kid

    Washdown pump replacement

    Thanks, Eli! I have business travel this week, but will be ordering some plug components... replacing the stock 3gpm to a shurflo 4gpm...
  90. Fish_kid

    Washdown pump replacement

    Anybody got a crimper for those solid Deutsch pins?
  91. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Kingston 8-12

    Somebody is running an old Penn 209...! Cool!
  92. Fish_kid

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    And probably a Clorox bottle as well... hee hee...
  93. Fish_kid

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Laurence was more successful last year with the slip bobbers than I was with just a sinker and hook... the semi bass guys were running drop shot sinkers and a hook with worm... I was researching this on the interwebs, and I think the bead is supposed to go between the stop and the bobber, not...
  94. Fish_kid

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Entered as well... Kept meaning to do this but put it off... Bummer it's the same day as the Edmonds Coho Derby... Jamie - Are you doing a group worm purchase again? Or just use the ones they had? If you are buying, I will kick in some $...
  95. Fish_kid

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    Sounds awesome, Justin! Good luck! Wishing you prosperity and happiness!
  96. Fish_kid

    Prayers for the Mason's

    Oh, shit... hope they recover quickly! I think he drives a big truck. Hopefully it saved them!
  97. Fish_kid

    WTB - Half sheet of Starboard

    There is a TAP in Bellevue near where Lowe's used to be...
  98. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Took home some $

    Very nice, Kevin. Congrats!
  99. Fish_kid

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Thanks Patrick! I will have to try that.
  100. Fish_kid

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Is anybody running tuna cord on the end of stainless steel cable??? If so, how would you do that??? I still run cable and have a black box... laugh if you like, but I believe ;-)
  101. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Neah Still Putting Out

    Yummy! Nice job out there!
  102. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Flat Water Salmon

    Very nice! Many charters around you?
  103. Fish_kid

    @wdlfbio Found your new boat

    How would you like to pay for filling up an 800 gallon fuel tank... ouch!!!
  104. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Mason's (Olsons) Sekiu Resort---sold to WDFW??

    Brandon might sell the docks and launch but would keep the store, cabins, etc. Win win as he gets rid of the maintenance headaches of the docks, and WDFW provides all year access to the area.
  105. Fish_kid

    Floor Screw Length

    Hey gang! Mounting a pot puller on my 2120... anybody know what length of fasteners to use on the deck near the sidewall so I don't damage anything below? Thanks!
  106. Fish_kid

    Tuff Trailers/Vault Bearing System

    I have the Vault system on my Pacific trailer... also going strong after 5 years. One thing I would recommend is getting a tube of the hybrid grease/oil... you will need it if you have to do a repair, and you can't buy it most places... even if you have a shop replace brakes or something...
  107. Fish_kid

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    You could also call LFS in Ballard and see if they have any in stock or can get some shipped down from Bellingham... they carry less of the recreational stuff than Bellingham does...
  108. Fish_kid

    2013 Parker 2320 wipers

    Sweet! I think I'll pick some up!
  109. Fish_kid

    Cant find info on live bait regs

    The sand dabs used for bait count against your daily limit... tickets have been issued in the past...
  110. Fish_kid

    WTC reborne

    Norm and Carrie for mayor!!!
  111. Fish_kid

    2013 Parker 2320 wipers

    Brian, So are you thinking of just pulling the blades out of those and not replacing the whole wiper?
  112. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    Sorry to hear that, Jamie. Wishing you peace and strength.
  113. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 4 Fun

    We fished that same stretch of water the opening weekend of the season back on March 15th and had about the same luck on salmon... a couple of 23 inchers for two days of fishing. Nice job on the white meat!
  114. Fish_kid

    This isn't good...

  115. Fish_kid

    WTB Bait Tank 25-35 Gallon

    Steve - when I got mine, the West Marine brand were actually Kodiaks with a West Marine sticker slapped on it... still had all the Kodiak markings. It was much cheaper from WM than any price I could find online for a Kodiak. Delivered to the WM store with no shipping cost...
  116. Fish_kid

    Hands Free Dauller Plate

    It is a better hands free add on for the Ace Line Hauler... made in Canada and sold direct from the manufacturer... the bulldog works by spring load and forcing the rope into the main wheel of the hauler... mine mostly works... the Dualler plate is a solid metal plate that basically turns...
  117. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Update - contacted Anchor Marine and they reached out to Travelers... sounds like the system mis-quoted it and didn't weigh in my credit score... New price is $507... couple bucks less than last year...
  118. Fish_kid

    Monroe Sportsman Show Seminars

    We've pretty much locked in the seminars for this year. I am still trying to get one or two more and will update this post if we solidify anything... Seminars this year will be about the same place in the show, but will be near the beer garden... which is also away from the archery range... I...
  119. Fish_kid

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Lawrence, Custom Prescriptions in Bellevue And my prescription says 2 shots in one nostril every 8 hours... if not a bad day, I sometimes take one or none for a second dose while on the water...
  120. Fish_kid

    Coastguard Cocktail

    I am getting the spray from a compounding pharmacy in Bellevue and last summer it was 40 bucks. Stevens pharmacy in Cali, where Lawrence told me he gets it, gave me what to ask the doc for... works well for me and more controllable than the patch.
  121. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Yacht policies are more for what is included, like Chtucker said... my Parker 2120 certainly doesn't get mistaken for a yacht... I fish WP and go further offshore than the boat policies cover, which was like 3 miles if I remember... I fished further than that in my Arima! I get the $1M...
  122. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Thanks, Jay!!! Will do...
  123. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Larry2 I think it is descrimination against Parkers!!!
  124. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Jason, There is a difference between a boat policy and a yacht policy...stuff like coverage offshore, etc... I know the yacht ones are more dollars, but they are right for what I/we do... so if you only do the sound and stuff, a boat policy might be right and you should shop for price... I...
  125. Fish_kid

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Anybody else seeing their boat insurance rates skyrocket this year??? My policy is with Travelers, originally through Pete at Anchor... I haven't changed the agreed value on the policy ($60K) and haven't had a claim ever, but it jumped from $536 to $721 this year... if my math is right, that's...
  126. Fish_kid

    Aluminum braces?

    Way to go, Goat!!!
  127. Fish_kid

    No Job to big for Benjamin

    But I thought you were getting a tool which will take the nasty bottom paint off the F14...??
  128. Fish_kid

    WTB: Macs Prop Saver for Yamaha T9.9

    Or come to the Monroe Sportsman's Show and buy a new one from them... They had a booth last year where I got mine, and I think they are coming back this year...
  129. Fish_kid

    Which ACR unit?

    Yes. Both are registered... I just had to renew the older one... that's important, so they know who to call and verify you are really on the water... more likely they send the cavalry if they know you are really out there!
  130. Fish_kid

    Which ACR unit?

    x2 I have one on my inflatable life vest, and another in the ditch bag with a handheld vhf with DSC...
  131. Fish_kid

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    At Forecast Meeting this week I asked Ron Warren about this. WDFW is not planning to purchase the whole resort... just the ramp and parking areas. This allows Brandon to focus on the store and resort and frees him from maintaining the ramp and infrastructure. It provides public ramp access...
  132. Fish_kid

    Ocean Tamer 20% coupon

    Mine arrived today!!! Man - I need to scrub the deck...
  133. Fish_kid

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    Steve - haven't had an issue with mine... it's a 2014... I do trailer it in the down position... up to retrieve, then lower it as we prep the boat for the road... I do want to get an iTroll for it, and will be hooking it up to my Fell MOB unit... haven't done either upgrade yet...
  134. Fish_kid

    Sonic hub

    ... and it means the crew can change the music from the second station while the Captain is busy up at the helm... :frehya2:
  135. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    You need to have an Oregon license and leave from an Oregon port to fish Oregon rules...
  136. Fish_kid

    Seastar Kicker Tiebar

    Or ask @DaveJohson at Kitsap Marina... he's the wizard on those tiebars...
  137. Fish_kid

    Help with Link8

    Thanks Kevin! I'll look into that...
  138. Fish_kid

    Help with Link8

    So now that Don's issue is resolved... mine is different... My Link8 works well... shows AIS fine... but the damn thing kicks from 68 back to 16 periodically and goes to the weather report. If you click the channel knob down one, it goes to 67 and the weather report stops, but comes back at...
  139. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Deep southend report

    Nice job, Steve! Hope the weather was good and the trip relaxing!!!
  140. Fish_kid

    Another Group buy

    Sorry you got slapped down, Curt. It saved me some cash so I appreciate it!
  141. Fish_kid

    Ocean Tamer 20% coupon

    Thanks Curt! Now I have to choose a color combo!
  142. Fish_kid

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    Listening to the conference call now with WDFW explaining things to the Commission... the presentation is linked off the main WDFW page... in page 39 of the pitch it talks about what fisheries changes would have needed to be made at the current population levels IF they had to use the current...
  143. Fish_kid

    Permatrim for 2120 with F150?

    Kevin - mine is top mounted and also works very well...
  144. Fish_kid

    Kicker Bracket

    The one on the F14 was made by SaltBoss... was on it wen I bought it, but is a solid bracket and they are local...
  145. Fish_kid

    Ocean Tamer Bean Bag Group Order

    Curt - I think I would be in for one. Tom
  146. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Rod/Reel Advise

    I really like the Shimano Talora rods for downrigger fishing, so I'd keep that... I might want a slightly stiffer rod for divers than I would for loading up on a downrigger... I also really like the Shimano Tekota reels with line counters... really helpful for divers, but also just to know how...
  147. Fish_kid

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    I use the Scotty holders with adapters on top of the swivel mounts for tuna trolling and halibut as well... Never had an issue, but it's been a few years since we've hooked up with a jumbo halibut... And like you, I'm chicken to put a downrigger rod into the holders on the arm of my 2106's...
  148. Fish_kid

    Merry Christmas to Us

    You're going to need a bigger bait tank, Steve!!! Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  149. Fish_kid

    To quote my dear departed mother's annual holiday message.....

    Merry Christmas, Dan and Gary! My Mom passed away seven years ago today. We've always thought she wanted to be in Heaven for Christmas Day!
  150. Fish_kid

    Half off Saltigas, Curado, Calcutta at WM

    And this weekend is Triple Points for WM Advantage members...
  151. Fish_kid

    December is starting off pretty good

    Heck... Why not try it out tomorrow... PZZ176-020200- Coastal Waters From Point Grenville To Cape Shoalwater 10 To 60 Nm- 855 AM PST Fri Dec 1 2017 ...SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 4 PM PST THIS AFTERNOON... ...SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY FOR HAZARDOUS SEAS IN EFFECT FROM 4 PM PST THIS...
  152. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    Got another mailing from C.A.S.T. today... they are trolling for donations... but you can ignore that and look at the video... It focuses around EMZBUDDY and Tristan. Nicely done video and very good production!!! Drum roll please! Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, November 28th and we can't...
  153. Fish_kid

    Keep the Shakers Down

    I am hearing that test boats are encountering lots of shakers in Area 9 and10. And that even the keepers are a couple of inches smaller on average than last year. Also hearing charter captains switching to 5 inch plugs to keep the shakers off. Probably a good idea. Good luck out there! I hope...
  154. Fish_kid

    Saltwater SeaSport Tuna

    Don't cross that line... You can't go back :finger:
  155. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Squid

    Actually Van (Kamehameha) is really good at it and spoke last year at Sno-King PSA... they have it dialed in from a boat.
  156. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Another nice morning at Westpoint

    Nice job, Kai! I crossed paths with you a couple of times out there. That whaler looks awesome, and it looked like the kids were having fun. Beautiful flat day on the water. I ended up getting two silvers around the yellow buoy off West Point around lunch time.
  157. Fish_kid

    Avet reel difference???

    Yup... The two I bought from you are back from Avet after maintenance, loaded with new braid and ready to rock and roll!!!
  158. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    Got this in my latest newsletter from CAST... "Impact was profound. It took me outside of the mostly negative world I am used to and let me see life through the eyes of kids who live in the moment. It filled me with hope and reminded me why I do what I do. There is no possible way anyone can go...
  159. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Beautiful Day at West Point

    I also had a very nice day yesterday out of Shilsole. Didn't fish as far south as you did. Mostly did donuts and figure eights away from the crowds in 500 fow or so. Qcove flasher and Army Truck Grand Slam Bucktail were the ticket. Done by 11:00 and had time to take a run into Sinclair Inlet...
  160. Fish_kid

    2320 SL Pilot house floor

    So how scrubbable is that stuff??? Or how easy is it to clean after a tuna trip???
  161. Fish_kid

    Saltwater More video w rookies

    When I get everything working, I actually run a camera on the roof pointed at the back deck, and have the second one in the chest harness to get a different view. The problem I usually have then is forgetting to turn that camera on when the action gets hot... Doh!
  162. Fish_kid

    Saltwater More video w rookies

    Nice Job!!! Dude... You need to get a chest mount for that GoPro... the baseball cap gets you dizzy watching it. At least while I am fishing, my head moves around much more than my torso...
  163. Fish_kid


    We also slid by the Lumacat in the boat I was on Saturday... We set up way away from you and all of a sudden we were way too close and I thought we were going to hit you, but everybody just said hello as we drifted past you. Felt like we were trolling for salmon at Mid Channel or Humpy Hollow...
  164. Fish_kid

    Saltwater HDS9 HELP

    I have the Totalscan transducer on mine and like it, but as others have said, it doesn't seem to help much for what I do.
  165. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    So to add to what others have said... I had a really good time Saturday. I actually had a little trouble sleeping Friday night with anticipation of the trip, worry that I would be able to catch fish, etc. Thank you to folks on this thread who suggested snacks, etc to keep the kids entertained...
  166. Fish_kid

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Also - are you guys going to clean fish for folks or fillet??? what do you do with a perch ;-) I have a portable fillet table like they used to use for the June event on the docks...
  167. Fish_kid

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    I think I am going to bring some Big Hammer swim bait tails for the kids to play with and take home. My kids always liked playing with them...
  168. Fish_kid

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    So guys, Bait tank in (live well) or out for more deck space? And is anybody thinking of trolling for cuts? or better to anchor for perch and get a rod in the kid's hands?
  169. Fish_kid

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Just checked with the boss. I'm in. Volunteered at the kid's fishing event for a number of years, but my Arima wasn't big enough to do this event.
  170. Fish_kid

    Recommendation for Lodge in CAN or AK

    Jay -how was your trip? Nice water and lots of fish, I hope!!!
  171. Fish_kid

    Lots of tuna teamwork

    On days like this I hate my job :finger: Where are the carnage pictures to make me feel even worse...?
  172. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Sekiu Fun 8/26-8/27

    Looks like an awesome trip! Way to Go!
  173. Fish_kid

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    Totally agree, Laurence... You just have a much bigger fuel tank on the cat than I do on my little Parker :-)
  174. Fish_kid

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    I wish you guys would stop thrashing about here on BD and go do something to bring the tuna about 15 miles closer so I can go play :frehya2: Seriously... this sort of thread is sounding like the middle of frickin winter...
  175. Fish_kid

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    Actually I don't think Dave is the brain child on this, and the e-mail I have seen says he thinks it's a stupid idea... Not sure where it came from...
  176. Fish_kid

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    Having the confirmation number is intended to show that you had intent to fish in Canada if you show up at the dock with fish that are not legal for that port. Otherwise the only way Enforcement could handle it cleanly would be to go back to the old rule that you could not land salmon at a...
  177. Fish_kid

    Saltwater WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    Awesome job, Todd! A warrior taking out warriors!!!!!
  178. Fish_kid

    Saltwater WTC Weekend 2017

    Foul... This picture was taken Friday night BEFORE all the tuna mayhem. Nelly and I are talking in the background, though I am obscured by a thumb... LOL Awesome job, though. Nice to see Lumacat all bloody!
  179. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Pics are fixed, few kings from the other night after work.

    Right On!!! That is why we push so hard each year to keep Area 7 non-selective as much as we can... Fraser River piggies!!!
  180. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport Salmon 7/29

    Nice job Steve and Betty!!! Looks like I made the wrong location choice... Area 9 was ssssllllooooowwww.
  181. Fish_kid

    Area 9 quota

    The catch per angler drops rapidly in Area 9 after the first few days... for example on the opener, they estimate 2437 anglers retained 1091 Chinook, but on 7/23 1200 anglers retained 190 Chinook... so it dropped way off, and if you estimate 200 fish per day going forward, we get into...
  182. Fish_kid

    Questions, Parker 2120

    We fish 4 or 5 for salmon, 3 for tuna (with a bait tank and lots of ice).
  183. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Four men took my virginity this weekend

    Maybe it's just my old eyes... but I thought Justin's avatar was one picture with everything he loves in life... a woman, a dog and boat :-)
  184. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Four men took my virginity this weekend

    Who's Boat? Yours or Goat's? Say goodbye to your bankroll, probably the woman in your avatar... Welcome to the dark side :-)
  185. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Kali experience

    So the second to last picture... that's included because of the small rockfish? or because of the nice person in the Xtratuffs???:-)
  186. Fish_kid

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    Got this notice today from the Department... the looming State Government shutdown that would start Saturday... Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if this sticks, folks will need to make a value judgment whether to fish this weekend or not. My understanding is that Enforcement is NOT...
  187. Fish_kid

    So it dawned on me......

    Got Fish... Standing by on 68...
  188. Fish_kid

    Mac's prop saver

    Dang Eric! I bought one from Mac's at the Monroe Sportsman's Show. Otherwise I'd take it...
  189. Fish_kid

    Parker 2120 Trim Tab Upgrade

    I haven't yet had a chance to redo my mpg and rpm study, but have taken two shrimp trips with moderately heavy loads. It "feels" like I can use less tabs now than I used to... and it feels like I am getting higher cruising speeds. I think the fins work by forcing the oncoming water over the...
  190. Fish_kid


    Nice, Goat!!! That will at least get you one day's worth of ice for tuna town. Save you some bucks each trip!
  191. Fish_kid

    Life of Starter batteries on boats

    I wonder if the answers would be different depending on intended usage of the boat??? I think a dead battery is costlier and more concerning every mile that you are offshore...would make me more conservative and try to replace before an issue occurs...
  192. Fish_kid

    Area 7

    Hmmm.. The interwebs lists Andy as a whale watching captain Maya’s Legacy Whale Watching rescuing kayakers and also a salmon charter captain just starting a charter operation in the SJI...
  193. Fish_kid

    (Early) Tuna Temp Map, May 22 - 24

    Not to throw "cold water" on the daydreaming... but...
  194. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Northend Report

    Most excellent!!! so that's what a halibut looks like... I've almost forgotten here in the Straits...
  195. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Chelan/kokanee fishing

    Eric - bummer you missed my talk at Sno-King PSA on Thursday... I covered both of those topics. pm me with e-mail and I'll try to send you the ppt file.
  196. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Bob - We run at least 45 minute soaks and usually closer to one hour... your mileage may vary... gives the little critters longer to get in your pot. We try to have about 1/4 of a bait cup left by that time also.
  197. Fish_kid

    Man down.

    Laurence - I had asked my wife if I could get this when this post came out, and she said it would be a good Father's Day gift. That's getting closer... SO can/should it be connected to both main and kicker motors??? and is that easy to do??? Thanks.
  198. Fish_kid

    A little Love from the South

    Nice to see the Fishin' Luhrs slaying fish on the other coast!!!!!
  199. Fish_kid

    Saltwater So this happened

    That's why we harpoon anything that looks even medium size... good practice for the fish of a lifetime, and they sometimes grow as they get near the boat... better to be ready and practiced...
  200. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Wow... I feel pretty good hearing other's stories... we shrimped out of Everett and our 400th shrimp hit the deck/bucket around 9:45, and we rail dumped a couple of pots... had to change bait this year due to old style no longer available, but it worked okay. Tom
  201. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    How come you didn't take your big boat, Greg???
  202. Fish_kid

    Retirement Plans

    I think a 4x8 platform with railing and a wheelchair plus occupant would be very top heavy and tippy. I think for disabled access and safety you need something pretty solid and steady even in a small lake.
  203. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Ma7

    I'm launching at Cornet Bay and blasting west... See you out there :-)
  204. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Ma7

    Word from the Department is that both participation and success went way up in the last two weeks, burning through quota faster than had been anticipated. Heard it was like 0.5 fish per angler lately... I think I feel a sick day coming on Friday... cough... cough...
  205. Fish_kid

    163 mph boat ride

    I'm so glad Vance is back to an avatar I can look at without barfing!!! LOL
  206. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Walleye in lake Samamish and gill nets in Lake WA and Sammish

    Probably what is eating all the salmon smolts before they can migrate out to sea...
  207. Fish_kid

    Boat decals

    X2 on Benjamin... ReelHooker on BD... His business is in Bellevue...
  208. Fish_kid

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    2nd Thursday of the month starts approx. 6:30 pm (people are usually chatting and talking fish by/before 6:30 and we usually start the actual meeting soon thereafter) Edmonds Senior Center - 220 Railroad Avenue in Edmonds
  209. Fish_kid

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    Yup. Ron will be talking about how to catch halibut... Come on down/up!
  210. Fish_kid

    Fish-N-Mate rod holder

    If you have a bunch of rods sticking straight up on the transom, it will complicate fighting fish... especially the tuna shuffle...
  211. Fish_kid

    Any North of Falcon information?

    I'm not down in Sacramento this year, so probably not hearing everything. My understanding is that they have made progress on coho issues and are working on Nooksack and Lake Wa chinook.
  212. Fish_kid

    One drowned three rescued in Columbia capsize

    Especially bad in the Columbia Gorge... It's basically a big wind tunnel with nowhere to hide... waves can build all the way up from Gresham or so to there... Prayers for the family and the survivors.
  213. Fish_kid

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    Patrick - Thank you so much for a great presentation! Sorry we had some bugs with the sound system and eager folks trying to help fix them!!! You presented nuggets of information on how to make great tasting meals from the freshest seafood possible, that which we catch ourselves!!! Thank you...
  214. Fish_kid

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    We had a fairly good day today. Enough people going through for the exhibitors but enough space and time to talk with people and not feel pushed. And if anybody has lots of cash around and wants to "loan" me enough for the fully loaded Allied, I'd appreciate it :-) Hope to see lots of folks up...
  215. Fish_kid

    Boat insurance?

    Me too...
  216. Fish_kid

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    Seminar Schedule for the Show Friday April 7th – 6:00 pm Halibut Behavior with Steve Kaimmer Halibut fisherman and retired halibut biologist Steve Kaimmer joins us to share his videos on how halibut strike baits. Steve adds his professional experience to the videos, taken while he worked...
  217. Fish_kid

    Saltwater MA 10 en Fuego

    Hmmm.. What day is today, again??? Nice fish, though! Love those Rhys Davis heads with anchovies!
  218. Fish_kid

    Adding another boat for Thursday thru Sunday!

    Might as well start the boat naming thread now...
  219. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Anyone fishing possession?

    The remove the docks at Mukilteo each winter to keep from having storms destroy them. You need to drive the extra bit to Everett and launch up there.
  220. Fish_kid

    Parker 2120 Trim Tab Upgrade

    One of the projects I have had on the back burner for a while was increasing the size or effectiveness of my trim tabs. I really didn't want anything which would take up more space along the transom, though. At the Seattle Boat Show last year, I talked to a vendor of Lenco and Bennett who...
  221. Fish_kid

    Nice day for a swim

    The fish checker mentioned that someone had fallen in the water when we talked to him today. Glad all is okay! We encountered it too... slip sliding carefully down the dock while putting the boat in... then creeping through the dense fog until we had cleared the river and out a bit... Other...
  222. Fish_kid

    BD MMSI List.

    Kamen - I need to PM you my new one for the F-14... I think the list still has my Arima...
  223. Fish_kid

    Anybody going to the

    For the NOF 1 meeting... "usually" there is a combined session at the beginning of the day from 9 to 10 or 11... then break out into commercial and recreational discussions... recreational broken into regions...
  224. Fish_kid

    Ocean Salmon

    I understand concern on Coho, but Chinook looks pretty good... Option 1 Chinook and Option 2 or 3 for Coho???
  225. Fish_kid

    What do you want for Westport salmon - Tell them now

    Betty - I like the new moniker and your avatar picture - always a sucker for a pic of a cute woman in raingear with a big fish Hope Steve is feeling better! We have to get out for tuna this summer!
  226. Fish_kid

    Croc Stores Closing

    Some of you, who shall not be named, better get out there and stock up... :finger:
  227. Fish_kid

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Okay... Way late to the party, and not a FBer... but how about Fast Forward since it can't have Pussy or Reel in the name :-)
  228. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A9 Fatty

    There are no fish in Area 9... Nice job, Kurt!
  229. Fish_kid

    Goatram love!

    Yea... He's gotta do something about that driveway :finger: I tried to back the F14 up it with my little RAM 1500 and the boat tried to push me off the hillside. We had to block everything up and switch to Goat's 3500 to get her up the hill for a rocket launcher repair...
  230. Fish_kid

    Calling All Video Experts....

    Miles - are you still using Go Pro's? Or do you have something fancier with zoom, etc???
  231. Fish_kid

    Calling All Video Experts....

    I don't think the Go Pro 2 has wireless. Go Pro 3 and above does... With the Go Pro 2, you just kind of have to point it and experiment. I stopped using a baseball cap mount because I got dizzy watching it... your head moves a lot when you fish... I like a chest mount for one perspective. I...
  232. Fish_kid

    Cannister Life Raft With Hydrostatic Release

    What year/when will it need re-pack and cert? Ever been out of the canister?
  233. Fish_kid

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    So if you are 6'7" tall, I think sleeping in either the Parker 2120 or 2320 will be difficult... Maybe ask Eli Ledbed6... I think he's pretty tall... The cabin is the same in both 2120 and 2320... I'm only 5'7" and have to sleep kind of on a diagonal in the front berth... But you can get a...
  234. Fish_kid

    Need Temporary Live Well

    Ben, Not sure what kind of pump I'd need and how the pickup would work. BTW: How many gallons is it? Is there e any type of cooler conversion? When I'm done, I would still have a nice insulated cooler. Jay Dang - Sorry Jay - if it was just through June or something, mine is a 22 gallon...
  235. Fish_kid

    Need Temporary Live Well

    Jay - are you looking to borrow one or buy one?
  236. Fish_kid

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    So I just had occasion to talk to my doctor, who is located I the same complex as this pharmacy... talked to them before visiting the doc, and they say they can make the nasal spray when I showed them the note from Stevens Rx... I now have a scrip for it and will be having them make it for...
  237. Fish_kid

    Nisqually Closed to all

    I kind of have mixed feelings about that news story... if I remember correctly, the Nisqually River is one of the rivers that has been fished over it's exploitation target for the last 3 or 4 years on Chinook. In all those years, the Tribes took more fish than they modeled in NOF to get to the...
  238. Fish_kid

    Swap meet

    Can we bring Barbie poles? Non Qcove flashers???
  239. Fish_kid

    Please be on the look out.

    I am glad there is a happy ending! Prayers that she and your family can find peace and move forward.
  240. Fish_kid

    Power Tech Shout out

    Thanks Todd. I was wondering if the RH one would fit my F150... I wanna try and find the right 4 blade to hang on it for ocean loads...
  241. Fish_kid

    Power Tech Shout out

    Todd - Are they from your old Yammies?
  242. Fish_kid

    Bent Over by WDFW AGAIN!

    Actually that is exactly what happened in A9... The Department met with the Salmon Advisors and told us they estimate there was approx. 45 days of fishing left in the quota... We elected to back schedule tat from the ending of the season to get better weather and a chance at bigger fish and...
  243. Fish_kid

    Seastar Kicker Cable Tie Bar

    I absolutely love mine... Thank you to Dave Johnson at Kitsap Marine!!! I'll try to take a picture of that bracket when I am out tomorrow... cool thing on boats with small notch transoms like my old Arima or my current Parker is tat you can loop the cable around the notch...
  244. Fish_kid

    The Journey

    And then the website repeats myself... Doh!
  245. Fish_kid

    The Journey

    I can't believe that this thread has more replies than Sawed Off's old one about disrespecting women :finger:
  246. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Everett Area Blackmouth

    Not many fishing reports lately... seems everybody is settling into the winter posting/whining mode :finger: I've taken two trips lately into 8.2 and 8.1. Fished on the Whidbey side both times. Here's video from last Saturday... Qcove flashers in Nuclear Crush and Killer Crush trailing...
  247. Fish_kid

    Never thought this would happen

    Ugh... Sorry to hear that Benjamin :-( That sucks!
  248. Fish_kid

    MNF 12-15

    Dude needs to watch Russell more... the goal is to run for a first down, then slide without getting hit... not run for a touchdown and/or get hit... I wonder why there wasn't a penalty, though... Seemed like the first contact was helmet to helmet???
  249. Fish_kid

    Family traditions and secret recipes.

    Dad always made the pies on our house... Mom cooked pretty much everything else, and us kids did the cookies (cuz we ate them all)... but hand made pie crust with a pastry cutter was all Dad! Sure miss him! And I agree Dan - you gotta pass along the tradtions...
  250. Fish_kid

    NR 27'

    Dammit... we love to spend other people's money :finger: Benjamin - I'll Ho for you on either the 27 or the 33!!!
  251. Fish_kid

    My Parker 2120

    Nice! Are you going to keep the little splash guard removed? Or replace it with something better??? I've been contemplating doing something about that...
  252. Fish_kid

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    So one of the ways to stop them or make it harder is to have real facts and data to use in the decisions... I know others have bashed it, but that is why PSA is proposing/supporting the $10 fee and the separate halibut punch card... keeps them from extrapolating to a large population of folks...
  253. Fish_kid

    Saltwater MA 11 Daylight Squidding

    Slack tide to get that deep? Anchored or drifting? Nice job! Way easier boating in the day time...
  254. Fish_kid

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    So I checked with Stevens Rx on what to tell my doc for the nasal spray... Reply is below... Good afternoon! Doctor needs to call in Scopolamine 2mg/mL spray #10mL use 2 sprays (0.4mg) to 1 nostril Q8H. The price is $120.00. Have a nice day!
  255. Fish_kid

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    You shouldn't piss off @TheWoman like that... she might kick your ass!
  256. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    I've pulled the tuna gear and the bait tank out of the boat :-(
  257. Fish_kid

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    That's correct, Goat! We will monitor impacts with the Department... If we still have some left towards the end of a season, we can open up to 2 fish limit like is done in the ocean...
  258. Fish_kid

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    Man... sometimes I hate to wade into the bloody, shark infested waters... :frehya2: First, I understand your sentiment, Gary. And I agree with the general flavor of the comments. It feels like we have been squeezed down to nothingness... I do, though, want to make a couple of points...
  259. Fish_kid

    My Parker 2120

    Dude! Nice! Did you get an angled rooftop mast for the radar? I've found that mine, which is flat, makes it so that I have trouble seeing forward on radar when on a plane... if I ever replace the radar, I'll get the angled mast...
  260. Fish_kid

    NFL commercial

    Dammm... that's no way to treat a lady... a 2320 no less... Dude deserves his in-laws!!!
  261. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Squid everywhere

    Wanted to thank Kamehameha (Van) and his friend for coming to PSA Sno-King last night and sharing their knowledge on squidding! I think I learned that I need a new light setup... Now if the weather would only cooperate :-)
  262. Fish_kid

    Breaker for Scotty HP downriggers

    I have a blue seas 6 breaker set up on the port stern. I have two 30 amp breakers for the Scotty 2106's and a spare 30... then two 40's at the bottom closest to the positive terminal, one for the puller and a spare... the documentation for the breaker says it can't support a 40, but blue seas...
  263. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    Nice job, Mark! Guess I won't pull the bait tank out of the boat just yet :-)
  264. Fish_kid

    My Parker 2120

    Are you worried at all about weight distribution? When I get three guys on that side and only me on the driver's side, I have to run almost full tabs on one side to level the boat out... if you add another 200 pounds on that side, it might be hard to level out... it's also one of the reasons...
  265. Fish_kid

    My Parker 2120

    Or the kids seat at the kitchen table or patio table??? LOL
  266. Fish_kid

    An awesome day!

    Way to go, Dad! Thanks for your service!
  267. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Tuna and elk....Friday and saturday...

    NNNiiiicccceeeee!!!!! Those Kali boys will be jealous... there's no tuna or elk down there :cheers:
  268. Fish_kid

    Saltwater What do you do when your livewell breaks down?

    Nice way to make lemonade!!! In the past I have hooked the washdown hose into my bait tank to try and save bait... I have a hose fitting where the hose goes into the tank anyways... I have a transom pickup with a Rule 800gph on it and lost two pumps in two trips with that setup... The other...
  269. Fish_kid

    WDFW data breach update.

    Matt - I think it means that they didn't lose your SSN#... that's the difference in the letters... I wonder we some SSN's are affected and some aren't???
  270. Fish_kid

    Taller portable cleaning table

    I think that is what Garrett (Too Many Hobbies) does if I remember correctly... portable table and some pvc pipe to slip on the end of the legs.
  271. Fish_kid

    WDFW data breach update.

    My letter says that my full SSN "may have been subject to unauthorized access" and because of that they are providing credit monitoring... Bummer!
  272. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Late Labor Day Tuna Report

    Did a one day fly and die trip on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, but just finished editing down some video last night... Fished with Paul and Dana out of the F-14. Had a small issue getting bait as Villia had to clean a bunch of dead ones out of the pens before he gave us a scoop. Our bait...
  273. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport newbie

    My eyes always have trouble with the colors on swellwatch, but that's where I was looking... looked like Sunday morning was 6 ft at 9 seconds plus maybe a foot of waves on top... long slog to go 40 miles loaded down in my boat...
  274. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport newbie

    Saturday is not looking like a good "tide" (we don't say weather here) day for a tuna trip, much less a first one... even Sunday doesn't look like much fun... And I've not heard of many/any folks running out to Grays Canyon this year... as Miles says... Look at Guide Canyon...
  275. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Tuna blood stains

    Then I don't even want to know what Tang does to human insides... but I always loved hot tang when camping!!!
  276. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport 9/16 Well it finally happened

    Welcome to the dark side!!! Mark and team run a great trip!!!
  277. Fish_kid

    My Parker 2120

    Thank you! Thinking of a 4 blade for when loaded down for tuna :-)
  278. Fish_kid

    My Parker 2120

    What brand of prop, please... thinking of the same need for my F150... Thanks!
  279. Fish_kid

    ELK or TUNA Friday?

    Greg - We are contemplating a run for tuna Friday... One day fly and die :-)
  280. Fish_kid

    Bad Monday for the Lady Lillian

    I think the one listing on Saturday had a green hull, and when we launched people were actively working on the port side of the hull... ladders and everything...
  281. Fish_kid

    Saltwater WP Tuna

    Ouch! I have always grabbed doggies by the nose to perform the unhooking ritual om them... haven't had the balls to try it on a blue shark, though...
  282. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Sometimes the cat gets the tuna

    That's interesting Laurence...I think we started at the same kelp paddy at 35 over 50... I'm sure we got a later start than you, so we probably weren't on scene until around 11:00... We saw the paddy and threw a couple of swimbaits at it, but nothing... I was seeing some bait down around 40...
  283. Fish_kid

    Saltwater West coast Tuna

    Nice job! Gotta love knee deep in tuna!
  284. Fish_kid

    Who will be out Saturday?

    Quan - That's about when we were planning to cross as well...
  285. Fish_kid

    Who will be out Saturday?

    We're contemplating a trip...
  286. Fish_kid

    Saltwater My mama told me there would be days like this

    Nice job! And I like the way you tell the stories :-)
  287. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Sum fun chit

    So given that you all are veterans of this gig... you should know the deal... pics or it didn't happen... which really means that the rest of us are jealous and need to get our fix looking at the fish porn... Wish I could have gone... I was home swapping our old smallish freezer for a new...
  288. Fish_kid

    A tuna shoutout

    Norm - you should have kept the one that you successfully bid on during the auction Sat night... that was a tuna reel LOL But kudos to you for donating it back and providing support to the vets :appl:
  289. Fish_kid

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Eli's home brew made the wait for dinner much more pleasant :-)
  290. Fish_kid

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    Benjamin - I just back the trailer down the ramp on MI under the I90 bridge...put on my hip boots, hop in the boat and run both motors for 5-10 minutes... turn off and head home... Coming home from WP yesterday, I was flushed and finished before I pulled in the drive way :-)
  291. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Wtc tuna update

    There are no tuna in Washington right now...
  292. Fish_kid

    MA7 Crabbing

    Swanny, I don't expect them to open MA7W back up for spot prawns, as they are closing it for hitting the quota for the area... Seems with nothing else to do and double limits, a bunch of folks went shrimping up there... scuttlebutt I hear from that advisory board (I'm not on it) is that the...
  293. Fish_kid

    Spinning reel line WP Alby's

    I have 40 pound Power Pro on my Spinfisher V 6500's with a topshot of 40# flouro... like them a lot! But I'm kind of a lighter line guy than some folks... If you have more than one of them, put different color braid on them so you can untangle easier if needed...
  294. Fish_kid


    Brock - What brand and model are the SS 15 x 17's??? I wanna do some experimenting on my F150... Thanks!
  295. Fish_kid

    PSA needs your help on July 30. Please help us support Sportfishing-Skokomish River

    We know it's right during the height of salmon and tuna season... but numbers are what's going to make this work!
  296. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Baker Lk Opener

    Okay... You officially get to fish too much... WP, Baker, what else... I'm jealous. Nice job! Those are great fun on steelhead gear...
  297. Fish_kid


    I thought you were taking the pictures, Dave...
  298. Fish_kid


    And a big thank you to the guys and Jaime for taking time out of the project to do a repair on my rocket launcher and trailer!!! It was a bit of an adventure as my 1500 doesn't have enough weight to push the F-14 backwards up the hill to Goat's shop and we had to change trucks mid-way up the hill.
  299. Fish_kid

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    It's under the BIA Indian Permit...
  300. Fish_kid

    BD Special Report

    Dammit... work sucks... thanks for the video... now I'm twitching...
  301. Fish_kid

    Shot this, need a recipe

    Nice job, Travis!!!!! What part of the state did you get it in???
  302. Fish_kid

    Tuna are here!!!!

    Hmmm.... about 45 miles out???
  303. Fish_kid

    Tuna are here!!!!

    Way to go Mark!!! Too bad the picture isn't clear enough to show the coords on the Raymarine... that would settle the OR vs WA question 8-)
  304. Fish_kid

    PFDs are a lot easier to wear than trying to swim

    And you need to have a PLB attached to your inflatable life jacket if you are fishing alone...
  305. Fish_kid

    Lake Chelan

    Allen - I'd rather eat kokanee than lake trout... ;-) But if you do try the lake trout, we had better luck if we skinned it before grilling. Otherwise the fillet's curl up and taste more fishy... Hope you get some hot weather to play in :-)
  306. Fish_kid

    Lake Chelan

    Second picture is off Rocky Point... good spot for kokanee... Take your rockfish descending device with you if you want to do catch and release on the lakers... It works... just keep what you need and let the others go...
  307. Fish_kid

    Lake Chelan

    Stop by Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee on your way over, and get Rick Graybill's guide to Lake Chelan. I jig for them, lots of people troll... Some of the techniques have changed since Rick wrote the guide, but it's the maps that you want... Kokanee should be biting well when you are there...
  308. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Island Shrimp - 6/11

    Took a trip Saturday with TomS, John and Marco out to Area 7W for some shrimp action. Chanced it a bit with the forecast, but looking at the digital forecast, figured we could skirt the Strait and find some areas out of the wind to drop pots. Questioned our judgement a bit as we launched amid...
  309. Fish_kid

    DCW Go big or go home!

    I stand by my earlier comments... Goat is the KING of overbuilding!!! :worship:
  310. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Lake Chelan Chinook

    If you are planning on catch and release for the macks, you should take a descender... either the Shelton or Seaqualizer, etc... sometimes the medium size macks have trouble with their swim bladder, but you can descend them back down and feel better about it... Last time I fished there, I had...
  311. Fish_kid


    We've got camping reservations for two weekends on the books so far... one of them is WTC weekend, though we are not entered...
  312. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Lake Chelan Chinook

    From my experience, hooking one or two in ten years of summer vacations... you are right... do the mackinaw thing and you may luck into one... if you get Rick Graybill's old book on Chelan, he had location data, and it is a little different spots than for lakers... Good luck!
  313. Fish_kid

    Need pot puller help

    So says the KING of overbuilding LOLLOLLOL
  314. Fish_kid

    3,056 in A9, 1,395 in MA10!

    You can still take an unmarked Chinook in August and September, bot only one Chinook total in those months...
  315. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Meanwhile in the Puget Sound...

    Diggin' the girls stripey gloves! Nice job Dad!
  316. Fish_kid

    BD Salute and Shrimping

    I should have done that, too... worth the money to save the time... My bro-in-law and I are both named Tom and his CB handle back in the day was Tomcat. We used to call my Arima the Tomcat some times... but the wife didn't like that name since we're both married (to sisters), so F-14 was...
  317. Fish_kid

    BD Salute and Shrimping

    Sorry. Eli!!! Did you already have your boat in the water or something?
  318. Fish_kid

    BD Salute and Shrimping

    My apologies to the brutha in the black pickup who recognized my boat art, rolled down his window and gave me the salute as we were driving North on I5 to Everett Saturday!!! I blame 2 nights straight of 3-4 hours of sleep for not responding :finger: We did get a chuckle as Tom and I explained...
  319. Fish_kid

    Kelli Ann got her artwork installed.

    PM BenjaminN here on BD...
  320. Fish_kid

    What do you do when fishing is closed for the season?

    So Matt... will you be able to fish Baker Lake with it??? I predict/hope/pray we will have a season in Baker Lake... There is ZERO chance of impacting a chinook salmon in the lake... won't get the river season, but we should push for the lake season... You wouldn't have to camp on the shore...
  321. Fish_kid

    Dinner Tonight

    I'm not sure about "over-playing their hand"... I think it's more around saying they were going to catch 1,000 fish in a given fishery and then taking way more than that without taking action to correct it (like we do when we have the emergency closures)... some Tribes have a documented...
  322. Fish_kid

    Dinner Tonight

    We had another call with the Department today... They told us the meeting with the Tribes was more of the same yesterday... theater, intimidation and unreasonable proposals from the Puyallups... They also told us that the Department is looking at all fisheries which impact chinook salmon and...
  323. Fish_kid

    moving to sequim area

    You could/should also look into the North Olympic Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers... Good place to meet other fisher-folks... learn from the locals... support your rights to fish...
  324. Fish_kid

    Dinner Tonight

    Yup... Really sad... it's down to just the Puyallups and Muckleshoots not wanting to play ball on the Puyallup River Chinook... Other Tribes have helped out and negotiated and want to get a deal... NOAA is on the Tribes about going over their planned impacts on Puyallup the last four...
  325. Fish_kid

    Dinner Tonight

    With all the down news on salmon seasons and off-season whining going on... thought I needed to lighten the mood :finger: My turn for dinner tonight, so cranked up the Boston, thawed some tuna and went to town... Tuna marinated in Trader Joe's Honey Thyme Vinaigrette then grilled on the...
  326. Fish_kid

    Rule 800gph transom mount bait pump

    Stacy - I'll take it... need the spare... will PM my phone number... Thanks!
  327. Fish_kid

    Kona update 4/24/16

    Looks like you guys are staying "upcountry"...
  328. Fish_kid

    Happy B-Day You Old Goat

    Tuna? Tastes like tuna??? Happy Birthday!
  329. Fish_kid

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    As of right now... no fishing in Puget Sound INCLUDES no fishing in the rivers or other freshwater for salmon... Tribal and Non-Tribal... But lots of folks are working lots of angles so the final outcome may vary from this...
  330. Fish_kid

    New Boat Graphics

    Yeah... I didn't name the boat the Tomcat... tried to skirt the rules a bit with the team name on the boat... and did catch some heck for it ;-)
  331. Fish_kid

    New Boat Graphics

    Vance - he said he had your logo printed... I saw it in the shop... rock on!!!
  332. Fish_kid

    New Boat Graphics

    I've been missing a lot of the status calls on the mess down in Vancouver due to work... but tonight I had a much better excuse :D Benjamin N dropped by and installed the logos we had been working on for the F-14... and Woo hoo! Thanks Benjamin!
  333. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Shake down

    Diggin' that gaff handle!!!
  334. Fish_kid

    Securing a kayak to your boat?

    Lemme guess... you're gonna take a kayak out to tuna town and try a kayak on a bait stop??? I think that would be a kick!!!
  335. Fish_kid

    Bait tank

    The West Marine brand tanks are actually Kodiak's with a WM sticker placed upon them... you also get free shipping to the store, which will save you some coin... I have the Proflow 22 for my little boat... Totally agree with the larger pump comments... most good bait tanks fill from the...
  336. Fish_kid

    Hannah's short bill

    Awesome! That looks like it was from a pretty small boat... not one of the big charters... I love Kona!
  337. Fish_kid

    Any NOF updates

    x2 what Dan said!!! In years past, I've been a vocal participant. Not much to say this year. We all agree that we need to put the fish first, and make sure that our Co-managers do the same. Pat is doing well representing us. If the Co-managers don't agree to an equitable framework for...
  338. Fish_kid

    Reliable Kill bag

    If Miles doesn't, I will...
  339. Fish_kid

    Any NOF updates

    The Mill Creek meeting was more sparsely attended than in previous years, probably due to the current situation... not much chance of proposing new fisheries this year... The Department presented some of the same slides from the forecast meeting and NOF#1. They should have new models at NOF#2...
  340. Fish_kid

    Why the rear helms?

    If you could aggregate some of most of the comments here, you'd get my feelings... Before buying this boat, I would not have wanted or paid extra for a second station... but this boat already had one on it. After having it, I won't buy another one without it... Awesome for shrimping and...
  341. Fish_kid

    Data behind WDFW closure

    You are correct about Bonneville Dam numbers... down but not super bad. Problem on the Big C is early coho stocks, down from 494k last year to 143k this year... Bigger issue is the coastal rivers... all are WAY down from last year's forecast... only 69k wild coho expected back to the whole...
  342. Fish_kid

    Wdfw elected official

    Whoops... Duplicate post... Man I hate trying to use BD when it is busy at night...
  343. Fish_kid

    Wdfw elected official

    The gillnets do contribute to the problem, as they selectively target the larger salmon. Smaller salmon have fewer, smaller eggs, both of which hurt future salmon populations. Larger fish can also be said to have greater genetic fitness, as they are more successful in current environmental...
  344. Fish_kid

    Wdfw elected official

    James, Multiple levels and complexities to your question... I think everybody on BD WA feels like bad things are coming and we want to do something about it... but how best to help...? I'm going to take your post at face value, not as a troll, given the way it is worded... Same comment from...
  345. Fish_kid

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    I don't think I have ever seen Option 3 chosen... there have been a number of years where we "wanted" them to pick option 3 for the ocean, as it would have made things easier inside Puget Sound by reducing impacts on some key stocks... but they never have... That being said, this is also the...
  346. Fish_kid

    Share Parker gel coat?

    I could use a little bit as well... need to repair the old antenna holes now that my antennas are on my UB rocket launcher.
  347. Fish_kid

    I pulled the trigger…

    Gawd, I hope Winter gets over soon...:finger: Welcome to the Parker family, Andy! Hopefully UglyBayliner will be back in the game soon... he has a rocket launcher pattern for a 2120/2320 roof and did Eli's and mine... And BenjaminN can hook you up with some graphics for the sides... Tom
  348. Fish_kid

    You cranky bastards need some fish porn

    Looks like a nice trip, Steve! Much better than gray and rain and no salmon :p
  349. Fish_kid


    Kevin Lanier at KC Sportfishing is Fishin' Luhrs here on BD. Not a cattle boat, but nice express tuna charter with live bait... he and Mark can also do salmon trips.
  350. Fish_kid

    Ocean Salmon Forecast meet today

    If memory serves, you had it pretty dialed in, Matt :-) You'll catch yours and be out of the way, chillin back in camp before most people show up...
  351. Fish_kid

    Ocean Salmon Forecast meet today

    I think Kevin is talking about coho quota on the coast... I was so depressed after the meeting, I don't remember everything... I went to the Puget Sound Recreational breakout... The lone bright spot seems to be Baker Lake sockeye... sockeye are notoriously variable and hard to forecast, but...
  352. Fish_kid

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    So a couple of thoughts... I am now much more prepared than I ever used to be for bad things happening on the water mainly thanks to you guys on BD, what I have learned here, and people's general attitude that you need to be prepared, try to self rescue, be ready to aid, etc... I like the idea...
  353. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Rosario

    Way to persevere, Kurt!!! Sounds like the repair facility got some 'splaining to do!!! Maybe a trip to Hawaii for your troubles :-)
  354. Fish_kid

    WDFW closing MA 6 blackmouth

    Thanks Travis! So the issue in Area 6 was shakers... and really shakers in December, not October... of the 1800 fish mentioned above, only about 10% of those were legal, marked fish... another 7% or so were legal, unmarked fish (released, but with some mortality) and the rest were shakers...
  355. Fish_kid

    Quality Tuna Belt Combination Suggestions.

    Grunden's belt... Victorinox 4" knife (will take your finger off easily, so be careful) and black knife sheath all from LFS... Charkbait pliers/cutters attached to holster by leash...
  356. Fish_kid

    Another lawsuit filed effecting Wa state hatcheries, sign this also

    Anybody know how this differs from the "other" drive recently posted here... they seem to be both from the same group... first one seems to send e-mail to legislators... this one signs a petition??? Do both???
  357. Fish_kid

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    I've wondered about that... wouldn't the water pressure push the door against the rails and keep it from moving, just like a normal door? pressure outside greater than pressure inside... or is it different on a slider???
  358. Fish_kid

    Marine Non skid deck paint--opinions ???

    from the Kiwigrip website... How much will a liter cover? Stock Answer: Each liter covers 2 square meters (about 20 square feet). Application is very thick – about 2 to 3 mm (a little less than 1/8 inch). A 4-liter pail will generally be sufficient for a 30 foot sailboat. Better, though less...
  359. Fish_kid

    Boat Show Report

    Coordinates or it didn't happen :D
  360. Fish_kid

    Marine Non skid deck paint--opinions ???

    I think I got mine at Fisheries Supply... in their paint area...
  361. Fish_kid

    Crap happens

    Glad everyone is okay! Nice job by the Coasties taking care of everybody and also the boat!!!
  362. Fish_kid

    Weather is nice but it sucks to be here

    He's even got a spotting scope on the deck to help spot the wildlife...
  363. Fish_kid

    Upgrade my Penns

    Thanks Goat!
  364. Fish_kid

    Upgrade my Penns

    What booth/vendor has them on sale??? Going to the show Saturday and might have to have another one follow me home...
  365. Fish_kid

    Swim Baits

    Surprised nobody has made the comment yet about all the Cali boys offering advice on the Washington Board... Guess it is slow down there. I'm not an expert by any means, but we've also used 1 1/2 oz for 4" and 2 oz for 5" big hammers...
  366. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 9 chinook

    F-14 should be out tomorrow on 16/68... launching out of Everett... Tom
  367. Fish_kid

    SJI Area 7 at 62%. ?

    Not to hijack this thread back to the original topic... :rolleyes: But I checked the last estimated catch numbers I saw from the Department... dated 1/10... We are indeed close to 62% of the modeled impacts... and it is the sub-legal categories where we are running hot... Carry on...
  368. Fish_kid

    The Saga Of The Broken Hand

    Holy Moley!!! Good thing tuna season is still a ways away... Good luck on your recovery!!! We gave the rocket launcher lights a good workout trying for squid a couple of weekends ago... They worked well... the bbq worked awesome... the heater worked... the beer worked... the squid did not...
  369. Fish_kid

    Area 9 Blackmouth Opener

    Decision is made... Area 9 will open as scheduled on January 16th! The data shows that with moderate impacts we make it through the April season end... with high impacts we may hit the quota in the first week of April... I would suggest people try to fish like the test boats... if you are...
  370. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Squid everywhere

    Anybody fishing Elliott Bay tomorrow??? I think we are giving it a GO...
  371. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Nice job, Kurt! Hope you guys had a heater on board!!!
  372. Fish_kid

    Best gift ever

    Yummy! Merry Christmas, everybody! Wishing you a fishy 2016!!!!!
  373. Fish_kid

    Our new little Tuna Town Companion

    Is Addie's BD name Sawed-dust?
  374. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Hey Travis! Happy Holidays! The Department upped the number of impacts which were allocated to the winter A7 fishery this year, and believes it will last for the duration... the bad weather and low success in the two derbies probably helps, as does this crappy weather... I hope to put a...
  375. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Vashon Island Squid

    Nobody commented yet on the Titan IPA... too cold for beer for me... need a hot drink :) And thanks for the location info in the other thread!!! A bit far south for me, but probably helpful for the southenders...
  376. Fish_kid

    Alki Squid?

    That's what I figured... Thank you! Merry Christmas! I launched my trusty old Arima at Mukilteo with the docks out once... with all the pillars there and no docks, I felt like I was at Normandy on D-Day coming in :finger:
  377. Fish_kid

    Alki Squid?

    Did you launch at Redondo or Armeni? Not sure I want to try launching Redondo this time of year, and am not down there enough to know if it's okay...
  378. Fish_kid

    I'm a Granpa

    Is one month old too young for his first Avet for Xmas??? Congrats!
  379. Fish_kid


    Steve - very sorry for your loss. His suffering is over. My Mom died on Christmas eve in 2010 and we figure she wanted to celebrate Christmas in heaven. Your father-in-law will just get there a little early...
  380. Fish_kid

    PSA Sno-King presents Rugged Justice with our yearly members Smoked Salmon Contest Thursday Dec 10

    I enjoyed the talk last night... learned a bit about shellfish enforcement and the situation the Enforcement team is in... Was kind of hoping for more of bloopers and behind the scenes stuff on the Rugged Justice show... what they could tell, but didn't make it into the shows... Also...
  381. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 2015 Best Moments

    That last one gets saved to show his fiancée some day, right??? :D And I thought that expensive boats like Grady's came with real bathrooms...
  382. Fish_kid

    Want to help informing WDFW that are serious about protecting our

    I think supporting this is a no brainer... Point No Point is often a sheltered place to fish in the winter and actually have a pretty good chance at a fish... It's a place where you can mooch or you can troll, though please exercise the proper etiquette for the method you choose... there are...
  383. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 2015 Best Moments

    Yet another example of why we try hard to keep the summer king fishery non-selective in Area 7 to give folks a chance at nice Fraser piggies :-). Awesome experience, as Travis mentioned...
  384. Fish_kid

    Anyone check sailflow for this weekend?

    Be safe and good luck, everybody!!!
  385. Fish_kid

    craigsslist scam.. this is good

    The interwebs thinks he's a British actor/writer... Peter Bowker is a British playwright and screenwriter. He is best known for the television serials Blackpool, a musical drama about a shady casino owner; Occupation, which follows three military servicemen...
  386. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Squid everywhere

    Quan - How did you get the cross hatch pattern on the squid pieces??? Looks kind of cool!!!
  387. Fish_kid

    What is it!

    You retired guys get to go fishing too often...:finger:
  388. Fish_kid

    Want to help informing WDFW that are serious about protecting our

    Matt, I haven't seem that note... From Norm, I presume??? Which part is the quote??? the bold text??? If I read that right, he's saying that the residents who live around PNP don't want the launch... tribes don't want the launch... but we recreational anglers (Norm and his club included)...
  389. Fish_kid

    Dowrigger Braid Question

    Oh, Lord... It's going to be a long, wet Winter... :finger: I still run cable because I DO believe in the Black Box... And I have heard when Bill Dever (sp?) was at PSA that he uses a "poacher's knot" between the braid and the tuna cord, which goes through the pulley fine and triggers the...
  390. Fish_kid

    Fried Calamari

    Awesome, Patrick!!! Yummy! Any other approaches to squid than deep fried???
  391. Fish_kid

    Anyone need free crab bait this weekend?

    Dang... Wish I could go... I hope you didn't get in trouble for having that stuff on the carpet... I think my wife would shoot me just cuz it might tip over or something :finger:
  392. Fish_kid

    Are your lights up yet?

    Okay... now that's just being mean...
  393. Fish_kid

    Are your lights up yet?

    Corona and Xmas lights and bbq... gotta love it!!! I better get started, too...
  394. Fish_kid

    GoPro Battery Needed

    Terry - If things don't work out with STGChamby, I also have a 2 battery you could check with... I'm in Kirkland if you get down this way... On the Wasabi batteries - at least for My GoPro3's, I have found they do NOT last as long as the factory ones... I'm going to try the Brunton All Day...
  395. Fish_kid

    Well, this sucks!

    We actually didn't touch on Area 7 at all... I was surprised... talking to other advisors, the Department has increased the impacts they have allocated to Area 7 and expects the season to run it's course, even with the two derbies that first weekend... The discussion centered around what...
  396. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Crab Thieves MA 11

    I like Swanny's idea, and used to do something similar... I tied the pots shut with some old 50# tuff line that was speckled black/white and I figured nobody would have that on their boat... but make sure you have the rot cord so it still works... my current pots have the rot cord in the lid...
  397. Fish_kid

    Saltwater ARSC's FINAL 2015 TUNA TRIP 11/4/15

    That looks like pretty good water for November... Looks like two charlies on one boat and zero on the other... It had to end some day... Christmas albacore anybody :-)
  398. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 10 Appletree Cove

    It's past... :-(
  399. Fish_kid


    Oh, man... from the title, I thought you were telling us about your love life... and I really didn't need to know... :frehya2: Nice looking start to the boat!!! Hopefully you are going to get another wrap on this boat so we can tell it's you from a distance :D
  400. Fish_kid

    Need Xmas ideas 6 and 13 yr old nephews

    Hard to beat Chelan... you can catch tons of kokanee and lake trout... you can go to Slide Waters... you can probably tow a tube behind the Cat... I have friends that camp at the State Park each summer... I think they have moorage... you can go up in the hills and shoot (not exactly sure...
  401. Fish_kid

    Well, this sucks!

    Thanks Gary! I try to avoid derbies like the plague... a derby ticket in my pocket usually means a skunk or shakers... Jay mentioned the Resurrection Derby... what's the other one???
  402. Fish_kid

    Well, this sucks!

    Thanks Jay! I might head up to your neck of the woods this weekend.
  403. Fish_kid

    Well, this sucks!

    So "we" in this case is the members of the Sportfishing Advisory Board... And while I agree with some of your thoughts, the Department is trying to do what they can within what has been agreed to for the year... so they are making the effort to come North and meet with us to hear our thoughts...
  404. Fish_kid

    Well, this sucks!

    Hey guys... We have a meeting with the Department next week to discuss blackmouth seasons, and I fully expect Area 7 to come up... Are you guys in favor of dropping to a one fish limit up there right off the bat to try and extend the season length??? How about something a bit more painful...
  405. Fish_kid

    Pesky deer

    Awesome! Now you just gotta bump in to them during shooting hours!!!
  406. Fish_kid

    Pesky deer

    So what are the rules on baiting for deer??? do you have to hunt away from the bait site? Or can you put a tree stand right there?
  407. Fish_kid

    Well, this sucks!

    Kind of a good news, bad news story... lots of shakers being encountered in Area 10, which is different than the last few years... so hopefully that bodes well for future blackmouth seasons... but it sucks that Area 10 is closing again, on the heels of the summer screw job...
  408. Fish_kid

    Is this a good buy

    I'm with Justin... there should be more come available over the winter and around the Boat Shows... I had the 17 foot Sea Ranger with a 4 stroke 90 and trim tabs on it... that was a very nice setup and the trim tabs stopped most of the slapping Greg talked about above... it fished 2 people...
  409. Fish_kid

    Tommy's Article on Dead Bait

    Same issue with my transom mount pump... at speed it will actually keep the tank about 3/4 full with the pump turned off... but we were slogging out, so no joy... when my pump burned out, it's not easily replaceable in the field, so we did run the washdown hose to the bait tank and it worked...
  410. Fish_kid

    Simple Tuna Recipe Needed

    Remnants from dinner tonight... rubbed the medallions in light olive oil and a 'citrus an savory' rub from Freddies... the into the Traeger! and yes... they are cooked most of the way through... Very yummy!!! Dang it... I am getting Tommy's itch again...
  411. Fish_kid

    Tommy's Article on Dead Bait

    Based upon the saga of fishing with T2ShortB on the Got Fish...
  412. Fish_kid

    Halloween costume

    5 or 6 knives... all that stuff clanking together as you walk... no wonder you don't get any elk :finger: Gotta go light and quiet, don cha know...
  413. Fish_kid

    New tuna platform anyone !!

    No fish wells and a pretty wet ride...
  414. Fish_kid

    Simple Tuna Recipe Needed

    I use Montreal Steak Seasoning instead of the salt and pepper.. but the test of the recipe is the same, though I need a bigger bottle of beer or a glass of red wine :D
  415. Fish_kid

    Crummy Start to my day!!! my 1997 Luhrs Sank at the dock

    Oh, No!!! Had you sold it and the new buyer was also selling? Or still yours???
  416. Fish_kid

    Some video!

    Awesome video!!! Controlled mayhem!!!
  417. Fish_kid

    Saltwater CONSUMED.....

    Gotta like the Herb and Christie mobile :D Awesome trip!!!!
  418. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Sun 10/4 Tuna

    Uh - oh... Don't let Sawed Off hear about this one... We'll have another 500 post thread on our hands... winter is coming to the northwest!
  419. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 9/26 Tuna

    Others have commented on the weather and finicky fish last weekend... Took me a while to get the video edited down... sorry it's noisy... the roof cam picks up all the rods and gaff clanking in my awesome rocket launcher from UB :-) One day fly and die trip... pretty hard on my old, out of...
  420. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A9 Silvers 10/2

    Definitely a big silver... you can see the white gum line... nice hook nose! Keep on fishing with Dad! Good memories there :-)
  421. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Got Fish working hard for some meat.... a few vids as well 9-26-15

    Ditto... I got a transom mounted pump system from which I think is one sales channel for Todd Enterprises, who also makes Kodiak... On our first trip, the pump, a Rule 800 gph, crapped out after an hour and we lost the bait... This past weekend I had gotten another Rule...
  422. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Scratched 3

    We also scratched out three fish on Saturday for two guys... Probably lost another 10 or more... Thanks to Kevin (FishinLuhrs) for giving me starting numbers, and to Todd and Tommy for calling me further out to where the fish were. My transom mount bait pump with a new Rule 800 gph pump...
  423. Fish_kid

    Westport-First time

    Good luck! There should be silvers around. Don't try to cut the sunken jetty on your first trip... slug it out and follow the buoy line... Sounds like you have most of the safety and slack water stuff understood! I love to fish herring/anchovy in helmets out there, either with a rotator...
  424. Fish_kid

    Need Tuna

    Holy Crap! Nice boat... I guess when you have a boat that nice, the guys here won't give you shit about the girlfriend picture requirement... :finger:
  425. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Tuna and Salmon trips...... it doesn't get any better than this

    Awesome season, Kevin! Pretty good work for a retired guy :-)
  426. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Finally hit the jackpot

    Nice job, Kurt! Looks like Patrick and Co put you on the fish for sure!!! Sounds like it was a bumpy day for the smaller boats today.
  427. Fish_kid

    TUNA Buddy Boat Sat?

    Garrett - I think we are in for Sat as well...
  428. Fish_kid

    Who recognizes my new avatar?

    So the "twitter" woman was a classic beauty??? :frehya2:
  429. Fish_kid


    I'm really sorry to hear that Steve :( I lost both my parents to colon cancer. It's kind of a sucky road. Hospice helped a lot in both cases. We'll keep your family in our prayers. On a happier note, we got my rocket launcher out to tuna town fully loaded!!! Ended up with 8 before we had...
  430. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Greenhorn Tuna Trip

    Popcorn popping :finger:
  431. Fish_kid

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    Okay... so for next year, your challenge is to get your deer from the kayak!!! That is one well used Sube!
  432. Fish_kid

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    you need to get airbags for the shocks to support when you have that much weight in the back!!!:frehya2:
  433. Fish_kid

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    The cloud in this pic looks like a dragon... maybe it's a sign the guy will get bad karma... or maybe that he'd get rightfully flamed here :finger:
  434. Fish_kid

    Drastic Change in Westport weather

    So... combination of long honey-do list, my back acting up and the wife not being happy at the prospect of me heading to WP for the weekend means I have told my crew to stand down from a trip to tuna town on Sunday :( And I'm going to be super grumpy this weekend! :mad:
  435. Fish_kid


    We're looking at a run Saturday or Sunday...
  436. Fish_kid

    Kicker mounting

    I was totally thinking of doing the Seastar system for my Parker, given that EZ-Steer isn't going to work, and TR-1 is too pricy for right now... BUT Given the custom Salt Boss kicker bracket I have, the kicker is 16 inches over but 22 inches BACK... looking at the Seastar chart, the closest...
  437. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    A pretty good tribute, I think...
  438. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Last Minute Tuna Railfest

    Awesome! And on Lake Pacifica, no less!!! Man, I hate work some times :finger:
  439. Fish_kid

    Westport Tuna Video

    Nice video! I like the action and the after photos... Somebody needs new yellow rain gear, or even better, white Grundens :-)
  440. Fish_kid

    Dad update - bad

    X2... no excuses now...
  441. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Poped cherries

    I was wondering how you Poped a cherry and if it was a new drink or a blessing I didn't know about...
  442. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Tuna and salmon 8/15-16

    Similar problem for us Saturday... one scoop in a Kodiak PF22... didn't last long even before my pump crapped out...
  443. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Anybody salmon fishing Westport (UPDATE REPORT ADDED)

    We fished Sunday off South Beach but a little deeper water and also did pretty good... one king and five silvers... also lost a nice king near the boat... we did see others fishing in more shallow, but didn't veture in there. Everything on hardware - the Kevin Lanier special worked the...
  444. Fish_kid

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, August 15, BBQ

    Best dinner I have had in Westport for a number of years :-) Mostly due to the company, but just sayin...
  445. Fish_kid

    Stainless Rod Holders for Fish_Kid

    I meant to take pictures of the launcher all full with tuner sticks... will have to see if my crew took any... We hit salmon Frday, Tuna and bbq Saturday and samon on Sunday... Steve did a quality job, and I am grateful for him making a special trip to install it before I headed to WP for...
  446. Fish_kid

    Dad update - bad

    Very sorry to hear that outcome, Laurence. Thoughts and prayers for you and your whole family and his friends.
  447. Fish_kid

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Todd - Thanks for your candor! I've been trying to figure out how to get more ice into my little Parker, and hearing your story, I'm going to dial it back for a couple of trips and get some experience with my boat/motor/load combo first... Tom
  448. Fish_kid

    Resisting the Tuna urge

    For tuna you are too close to Kevin... For salmon, just about right :-) Nice job!
  449. Fish_kid

    Trevala where

    Isn't Sportsmen's Warehouse the place that was selling the knockoff Silver Horde products?? Taking away Northwest jobs and stealing design from a local business??? If so, I'd avoid them...
  450. Fish_kid

    Livewell /Baitwell

    That's where I bought mine. I bought the 700gph but the pump it came with is actually an 800gph Rule pump. Only weirdness was that their webste talks about product being shipped direct from the factory, and you won't know anything about shipping until the factory ships... the factory is...
  451. Fish_kid

    crabbing closed from Columbia to the Queets river!

    So isn't that now BOTH North and South of WP closed for crab??? Maybe it will be a little bit easier to fish in shallow now...
  452. Fish_kid

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

    My second station is mounted to the rear of the pilot house, not free standing on the gunnel like that one... but it's awesome for shrimping, crabbing, trolling etc as you can run the boat from there... for people a little bit taller than me, they can also run on plane from there too with good...
  453. Fish_kid

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

    Hey hey... no Parker bashing... no need to start the whole Parker/Defiance thing again or anything like that... there are fish out there to catch this time of year :finger:
  454. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Tuna cherry was a bloody porn too!

    What's the deal with the shrimp??? Nice post, and yes, I am jealous of your shop!
  455. Fish_kid

    Livewell /Baitwell

    Wow. Impressive plugs... I was just going to wire it to a Scotty male plug and use a downrigger plug for wiring... Anybody see an issue with that idea???
  456. Fish_kid

    I won

    Interestingly though, after entering the contest, I am now receiving ad email or spam from Gaffer... anybody else?
  457. Fish_kid

    Line spool machine in Westport

    Maybe there should be a separate prize at WTC for boats that only use Barbie rods :-)
  458. Fish_kid

    Livewell /Baitwell

    Same for me... I got a PF22 for about the same $ less than other websites... shipped free to West Marine... Kodiak tank with a WM sticker on it. The pumps, though, were cheaper other places than West Marine. I got an 800 gph transom mount which is supposed to arrive this week!
  459. Fish_kid

    Westport Tuna Video

    Fricking' awesome!!!!
  460. Fish_kid

    San Juans camping/cruising info needed

    Justin - I like Jones as well, though probably pretty full this time of year.
  461. Fish_kid


    I can imagine getting that huge fish up to your small skiff and going... "now wtf do I do???" If it dies and starts to sink, nothing he could have done about it... tow it live all the way back??? Good thing Bomboy was close by with da big boat :-)
  462. Fish_kid

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    Thanks Mark! I'll double check... I just saw the full boxes of 100 on the shelf when I was zipping through there trying to get stuff for my bait tank install...
  463. Fish_kid

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    Anybody know where to buy smaller packages of 95170's? Sea-mar just had like a 100 pk...
  464. Fish_kid


    You are missing the pic of you with tears in your eyes after she disappears over the hill :-)
  465. Fish_kid

    MA9 MSF Math

    We got an email from the Department that there is not enough quota left to support any additional days... but we did not go over the quota.
  466. Fish_kid


    Sounds like an awesome trip!
  467. Fish_kid

    Saltwater So easy an 11 yo can do it

    Awesome family outing!!!!!
  468. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport Birthday Fishing

    124.58??? do you mean 46.58??? Sounds like you found the fish!!!
  469. Fish_kid

    A9 Quota status - Saturday

    I missed today's call but got an update from Ryan at WDFW... looks like there is enough quota left to cover this weekend... emergency rule update is in work... stand by!
  470. Fish_kid

    This should buff out

    Two guys and teenage girls... maybe alcohol was involved or they were distracted...
  471. Fish_kid

    Saltwater MA11 - the skunk is off the boat

    And the new boat looks so nice and shiny!!!
  472. Fish_kid

    A9 Quota status - Saturday

    Guys - I understand the feeling that we got screwed this year... but please save your anger etc for the chief negotiator and upper leadership who did the deed, rather than for the Department staff which did provide them with a package that worked, and is now still trying to professionally...
  473. Fish_kid

    A9 Quota status - Saturday

    Hey gang! Just got the daily update to the Advisors that we are about 50% through the quota after yesterday. Kudos to the Department staff for crunching the numbers over the weekend. We will discuss probable outcomes with them Monday. Don't expect a bag limit drop. We talked that as a group...
  474. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 9 7/18

    Nice first post. Go Dawgs!
  475. Fish_kid

    westport launch ramp

    Troy - We got slightly hassled pulling out on Father's Day... they wouldn't give me "their" sticker because they didn't think my boat numbers were spaced out enough... they checked us as we were pulling out for the day, and followed us up to dry land... So technical question before I tell...
  476. Fish_kid

    Kelli Ann gets some bling

    Can't wait for UB to install mine :-)
  477. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport 7 8

    Were you guys thinking you had to release wild Chinook?
  478. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Team Offshore northwest July 9th

    Awesome! Sounds like most folks are running past the fish!!!
  479. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 7/5

    Is that the 'karate chop' fish cleaning method in the last pic??? Nice job!
  480. Fish_kid

    New Use for Coho's

    Where is Chef Patrick when we need him :-) He'd know how to make it...
  481. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    Bump... price drop from $15K to $13.5K
  482. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    Dropping price from $15000 to $13500.
  483. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    Ready to fish in Washington :-)
  484. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    bump... I think people are too busy out fishing... This is ready to fish :-)
  485. Fish_kid

    Possible open seats

    What time are people thinking of crossing the bar??? We will be there and fish Sat and Sun...
  486. Fish_kid

    Pray for Goatram

    Must be a lot of calcification going on in Murphy's junk for it to show up on the x-ray that well... I think that makes it not work very well! :finger:
  487. Fish_kid

    28 gallon Kodiak bait tank $175

    Hmmm... I was hoping for something in the Northwest so I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping...
  488. Fish_kid

    28 gallon Kodiak bait tank $175

    Andy - where are you located, please?
  489. Fish_kid

    Pray for Goatram

    Good luck Goat! Here's hoping to see you and the Miss Eliza out there soon :-)
  490. Fish_kid

    Shout Out to Defiance Marine

    Sweet! Looks great Ryan! I think I'll have to get a smaler tank for the F14...
  491. Fish_kid

    Recommend 3 Mooching setups please

    X2 on the Tekota 300LC... that's what I have and like for salmon and lake trout... I have the 500LC's on my trolling rods...
  492. Fish_kid

    Westport this weekend

    So that makes it sound like we will be able to fish the shallow water to the south without worrying about crab pots... Whee! Now if some bait would just show up close to shore...
  493. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    Hey Gang! I don't know how to have a posting appear in two places.. so here's the link to the Washington Classifieds Ad for my boat... Widening the reach of the ad, I hope :-) Thanks! Tom
  494. Fish_kid

    Pivoting Spare Tire Carrier Question

    I need to get a spare tire carrier for the F14's trailer, a Pacific trailer... I also need some way to move it when disconnected, as it now has just a non-wheeled jack and is too heavy to lift the tongue and move it. Pacific sells this spare tire carrier which pivots down and supports the weight...
  495. Fish_kid

    Sticker holder upgrade

    Justin... the inline 4 is awesome... same weight as my F150 but 50 more hp... If you need to downsize motors, I'll trade you ;-)
  496. Fish_kid

    Sticker holder upgrade

    Holy Shit, Justin! Nice choice! That will be an awesome boat!!!
  497. Fish_kid


    Awesome job, Tommy!!!!! And you look like you are losing weight, dude! Better drink more beer :-)
  498. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Landing 80 pound halibut from a kayak

    That is f'ing Old Man and the Sea badass!!! Nice job! I'm kind of with Laurence, though... let it struggle for a while away from the yak on a float... then cut the gills and let it die away from the yak on the float... a hook in the foot or leg when it was thrashing at the boat would be a...
  499. Fish_kid

    Fish or die tees and hoodies

    No worries! Thanks for doing this! I guess I'll go for the black one, too... Size Large, please.
  500. Fish_kid

    Fish or die tees and hoodies

    What color(s) were you thinking of??? I think I'll take one hoodie...
  501. Fish_kid

    SOLD - 17' Arima Sea Ranger with Skip Tower

    1991 Arima Sea Ranger I purchased from the original owner in 1994. It has been stored indoors since I bought it. This is a well used, well loved and pretty well taken care of fish killing machine with somewhere north of 500 legal salmon to it's credit. In Action: Main power - 2011 Mercury...
  502. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Goldrush 5/23 Report

    Sweet! The water looked pretty nice in that pic with the lingcod!!!
  503. Fish_kid

    19' Arima Sea Ranger 23K

    Ouch... that seems high... I guess I should up what I was thinking of asking for the Tomcat :-)
  504. Fish_kid


    The prez out at Olympic Penn PSA and others pitched something like that to the WDFW this year and were not successful... We need to keep trying, and put extreme pressure on Heather Reed to make it happen... It's a safety issue, and a fishery quality issue...
  505. Fish_kid

    Saltwater San Juan shrimp and ling

    Nice job! Did you have to sort through a bunch of smaller lings for a keeper?
  506. Fish_kid

    Help with Shrimp Preparation

    Did you pop the heads off or keep them whole??? We pop the heads off between rounds in the boat and then I also rinse them in cold water and re-bag them once we get home... But I'm not an expert shrimper or a chef...
  507. Fish_kid

    Halibut Fishing

    Go back to Alaska and do that again... :-) No halibut around here...
  508. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Thanks Craig! Did you get your props in town or online??? I'm hoping to find some place local so I can try a few on for size...
  509. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Thanks Garrett!!! I thought so, too (on the fish and the rpm's :-) )... It's due for a 400 hour checkup, so I was gonna ask about it when it was in for service...
  510. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Took 3 guys from work out this afternoon on Lake Wa... 4 guys in the boat handled pretty much the same as with 2 guys, so that is encouraging... wot was 5300 rpm (seems low) and 31.0 mph... cruised well at 4400 and maybe 22-24mph... did notice that the permatrim and cav plate were like 2-3...
  511. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    I do have a Permatrim on it that I got right after buying the boat. Don't know if it makes a huge difference...
  512. Fish_kid

    Somehow local news cares about salmon.....

    NWCN Chanel 2 had part of the blurb, no pic of Dan, but went on to say that sport fishers thought Tribal politics were to blame or something to that effect...
  513. Fish_kid


    Awesome pics there!!! I see five or 6 limits of shrimp in your future :-)
  514. Fish_kid

    Somehow local news cares about salmon.....

    Pretty benign cut of your comments, Dan! No slams on anybody or pointing the finger (your choice of which one) where it belongs... Nothing offensive there, just pointing out you will be economically impacted by that low snow pack and low chinook returns :-)
  515. Fish_kid


    Pete got me hooked up with a policy today. Took the time to explain and compare a bunch of stuff with me and play what if games on coverage... Thanks Pete!
  516. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Yup... still has the wimpy factory trim tabs on it... I think the ones on my little Arima were bigger... I was wondering if I could leave the actuators in place and just have them slightly off center on bigger tabs, but moving them to stay centered is probably more sound... I've read "all"...
  517. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Swede - I think I need more trips in the Parker and maybe tweak some things before I can fully answer... my thoughts at this point... my Arima was a nimble little fighter plane... my Parker is a heavy bomber :-) My Arima would definitely pop up onto plane... you could tell when it reached...
  518. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Spring Comes to the Parker

    Was able to sneak out with TomStG on Sunday to give Area 9 one last go before it closes. Still don't have too many pics, but we fished from my new Parker 2120... Lots of things to get tweaked just right on that before WP this summer... Launched at Everett and have to get used to putting more...
  519. Fish_kid

    A little project today!!!

    He can't say that online or somebody will set the WSP on him to collect the tax...
  520. Fish_kid

    Removing Bottom Paint

    Probably not... we'll probably stick with Fish Kid... for radio purposes My wife didn't like the idea of naming the new boat the Tom Cat or Tomcat 2 given the sexual connotation... never mind it's been the unofficial name of the Arima for 20 years and was actually my bro-in-law and main...
  521. Fish_kid

    Removing Bottom Paint

    Thanks Guys! Yes... it's a new boat for me, and Yes... I'm tardy in getting some pics taken and posted... Hoping to have it ready for shrimp, though I may fish in the PSA derby this weekend in it... Sounds like I wait a year or two and see how it goes...
  522. Fish_kid

    Removing Bottom Paint

    Hey Gang! The previous owner of my new Parker kept it in a slip each summer, so he put a nice, new coat of bottom paint on it to get it ready for this summer... I trailer and don't want the drag or look of it... Is there a way to remove it without thrashing the hull? I've looked at Bioblast...
  523. Fish_kid

    Downrigger mounting

    So the burnewiin bases and the Scotty inserts run about $350 each... so kind of pricey... I just put new Scotty bases on my new Parker... didn't seal or protect underneath the block on the fiberglass... I don't plan on moving them... got some starboard scraps from Tap plastic for backing...
  524. Fish_kid


    Holy Crap! Nice ride! Nice job convincing the finance committee!!!
  525. Fish_kid

    How many pounds of preset drag on your tuna trolling rods

    Man, I wish summer would hurry up and get here... WWWWWaaaaaayyyyy too many cranky people here on BD lately :finger:
  526. Fish_kid

    Saltwater New PB blackmouth!

    F'n A!!!!! Nice fish :-)
  527. Fish_kid

    1/2 Tote Source

    :frehya2:Will your kayak float that much weight???
  528. Fish_kid


    Eli, What model and brand of led's are those... I think I'll go with the same ones...
  529. Fish_kid

    Black Box by Pro Troll New in box

    Damn... Wish I'd seen this last week... Just bought one for my new boat for about the same price you paid...
  530. Fish_kid

    Shrimp questions

    For the kayak gig, you might want to think about Area 7 West, where it is open longer and the "derby mentality" from only 2 open days doesn't come into play... you could pick a day with better currents and have less other boats around... definitely need the Ladners up there with the...
  531. Fish_kid


    I gotta have some time to take some pics and stuff... read manuals... adjust trailer brakes... loads of fun stuff to do...
  532. Fish_kid


    2012... Just got it home :-)
  533. Fish_kid


    Eli and UB... I wonder if the roof pattern for my 2120 is the same as the 2320??? I might be interested in one that holds a few less rods :-)
  534. Fish_kid

    North of Falcon forecasts

    Constraining stocks for Puget Sound Chinook this year appear to be Stilly, Skagit, Dungeness and Mid-Hood Canal... Lake Washington also looks pretty low...
  535. Fish_kid

    NOF today... Looks like the Ocean will be the place to be this Summer!!!!!

    I thought salmon were "trash fish" to you...:frehya2:
  536. Fish_kid

    Bic C, 900,200 fall Chinook this year

    See Kevin's post with the thoughts from today... Ocean should be good... lots of Spring Creek fish, which show off of Wesport...
  537. Fish_kid

    Bic C, 900,200 fall Chinook this year

    The forecast meeting is tomorrow in Olympia... so we should know what to expect after that... Stay Tuned!!!
  538. Fish_kid


    Thanks for the info :-)
  539. Fish_kid

    Looking for Defiance 250ex on westcoast.

    Shoot Cornfed a PM... I think he is getting ready to sell his tuna killer and upsize...
  540. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Lake Chelan 2015 Kokanee

    I haven't seen them that thick when we go in the summer, so I've only tried trolling... I think that the fishing pressure on the lakers is finally reducing the number of big ones that feed on kokes, and the kokes are increasing in number and size as a result... woohoo!!!!
  541. Fish_kid

    Parker question

    Take a look at Samohr's 2320 with a 250 on it on this site... Took a ride on it Saturday and it runs well.
  542. Fish_kid

    New Fishin' Luhrs Launch report and I need your opinions

    Swap it... It made it easier for us to find you and follow you to the fish :-)
  543. Fish_kid

    Sold the boat....kind of sad now

    That's really funny, Matt! I think I understand how you feel... I just "looked" at another boat this weekend and I kind of feel like I violated my boat :-( we've been through a lot together...
  544. Fish_kid

    2007 Parker 2320

    Thanks Stacy. See you tomorrow!
  545. Fish_kid

    Seattle boat observations today!

    How did you choose which model of Viking to get??? The Coastal is cheaper, but doesn't have all the features of the RescYou Pro...
  546. Fish_kid

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    Thanks, Tommy!!! Nice talk tonight. It was fun with a small crowd. Also nice to meet T2shortB off the water. Can't wait for summer now!!!
  547. Fish_kid

    Freshwater Lake Chelan 2015 Kokanee

    In my little Arima ;-) on Chelan I run ultra light spinning rods with 6 lb. test and they are a blast. Use the Cannon light white releases or even better are Sep's Kokanee releases and they can pull it off the clip. You can use a 2pole endorsement on Chelan, so we stack and sometimes have 4...
  548. Fish_kid

    2007 Parker 2320

    Selling because...?
  549. Fish_kid


    Major Bummersville... The Department did not have time to schedule a conference call with the Advisors yesterday, but did brief some of us individually on where the numbers were at (90% of quota as of the end of last week, expecting to be at 100% by the end of this weekend) and tell us that...
  550. Fish_kid

    O/T Seahawks Game

    Hell of a finish!!!!!
  551. Fish_kid

    Who We Are

    Very cool Tommie!
  552. Fish_kid

    Saltwater San Juan Report

    Took a solo trip to the Islands on Saturday. Fished with a ton of other boats at Lopez Pass for a little bit, then headed inside, lost one near Thatcher Pass, then headed out to Salmon Bank, where I know a bit more what I am doing. :-) First pass got a nice 12 pounder out there... hardware...
  553. Fish_kid

    Saltwater South Sound to San Juan Islands

    The video of this trip is awesome... I stumbled across it on Youtube...
  554. Fish_kid

    Who's down for a blackmouth run in the A.M.?

    I thought you had radar on that Cadillac of yours... Good luck!!
  555. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Christmas Eve Area 10 BM

    Nice job Ryan and Dave!!! That looks like a huge dance floor on the new boat!!! Time to hit the boat show for the life raft and other tuner gear!!!
  556. Fish_kid

    Saltwater South Sound to San Juan Islands

    Saturday looks like an Arima!
  557. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Resurrection derby

    Good job Goat and Dave!!! Dave looks cold. Hopefully you guys got some Irish coffee or something to warm you up at the end of the day!!!
  558. Fish_kid

    Saltwater MA 10 is (NOT) shakerland...

    Ter, Thanks for manning up :) Matt is fishing in salt water, and the rule there is it just can't come inside the gunwhale of the boat... You can even have them "on" the gunwhale... I do voluntary trip reports and the Department wants the length of the fish, so they gave me a sticker to put...
  559. Fish_kid

    Scotty downrigger Wiring - which battery?

    Erik - Just my $0.02 I've had trouble finding the bulb ones lately, especially in the 30 and 40 amps I need for the downriggers and puller. I also seem to pull one end off of them once in a while when I go to check on one in the inline holders... and with the blade ones, I think you can see...
  560. Fish_kid

    TUNA Trip ??

    You guys are all smoking dope, right??? I think that's legal in Washington now... :finger: Time to focus on chum, blackmouth and critters... leave the tuna to grow up for next year :-) and make sure you are all safely alive for next year as well...
  561. Fish_kid

    Scotty downrigger Wiring - which battery?

    Ryan - I have the kicker and downriggers tied to battery number 2, so that the kicker is charging the battery the downriggers are on like was mentioned above (and they can't draw down battery one)... then I have an a/b/both switch for the main and electronics to both batteries... I have 12...
  562. Fish_kid

    Saltwater MA 10 is shakerland

    I agree with a number of things that have been said in this thread... and maybe can add a bit more info... 1). This topic has been argued before on BD... seems like almost every season or so... 2) After the NOF dust settles each year, all the fisheries are documented in the List Of Approved...
  563. Fish_kid

    Saltwater EPIC TUNA Trip Oct 9

    I think "epic" is appropriate!!! Nice job!!!
  564. Fish_kid

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Todd - I just had Defiance put the Insta-Trim tabs put on my Arima... saw the dial in one of the pics... I'm now thinking I want to get the Add-on Tab Locators which show what state each tab is in (up/down)... you might want to take a look at those as long as you are playing with stuff... I...
  565. Fish_kid

    scaling salmon

    I do the same as Matt, but my scaler is 9 beer caps in a 3*3 pattern on a piece of Lucite, so I get to drink 3 more beers than he does to make one . I usually scale them on the boat before we gut and gill them... I use the hose occasionally to further clean up before I fillet...
  566. Fish_kid

    Smoked Tuna

    So I got a Traeger this year, but have used a Brinkmann gas smoker in the past... The Brinkmann produced lots of smoke and a nice "glaze" on my smoked fish... With the Traeger I'm seeing much less smoke... is that expected and fish still turns out yummy? Or do I need to adjust something???
  567. Fish_kid

    Personal challenge to all Captains

    They go pretty darn quick... a couple of seconds, maybe... I always wanted to run off the end of the dock with one on at Chelan, but the approx. $25 price for re-arming the auto-inflates always stopped me... then I accidentally slipped off the Mercer Island dock while flushing motors last...
  568. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Some September lovin' in A7

    Also goes to show why we have been fighting to keep Area 7 open to wild chinook retention in the summer. There is a real chance at some nice Fraser River kings out there late in the season (see my avatar :)). Unique opportunity inside the Sound!!! Way to go, Blake!
  569. Fish_kid

    Carign for your Feesh

    Goat, Is that basically forcing water into the kidney? Hard to tell from my tablet screen.
  570. Fish_kid

    Westport - thanks Goatram & FogDucker

    Those are badass looking rods and I could even overlook the colors... Go Dawgs!!!
  571. Fish_kid

    Looking into getting scopace compounded

    That was gonna be my question, too... wouldn't you want to play around with the dosage so you didn't have to eat them all day on the boat? Maybe one the night before and one before hitting the boat...? I think I need to see the Doc and upgrade from the patch...
  572. Fish_kid

    Westport for "anything goes"

    On Saturday the action on North Beach was in 30 feet of water just south of the Casino... mostly silvers but some kings in the mix. Most of our hits came on a Qcove Green Dragon flasher with a green splatterback Ace Hi Fly 36 inches back on flouro... next most popular was herring in a helmet...
  573. Fish_kid

    Mercury Smart Craft Gauges

    X2 I. Also use the fuel burn feature a lot. And anywhere we troll on the main, like Westport, it is great and provides pretty granular control in 10rpm increments. Mine is on a 90hlrse 4stroke.
  574. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Area 9

    Very nice!!! We hear from the Department that they expect Area 9 will stay open until the end of the season (15th)!
  575. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Why's my "Native" Chinook got a chip in it's head?

    Not true. Look at Mpizzle's answer... He's a biologist, and right in this case... It's part of the science...
  576. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Wp tuna Sunday

    Glad to hear Garrett got a tuna fix. He sounded in a bad way... Hope the weather is better this weekend!!!
  577. Fish_kid

    What Ever Happened to All The Sockeye?

    Just saw numbers from the Department that over 80% of the sockeye are "diverting" on the inside passage and NOT coming thru Washngton waters... darn it!!!
  578. Fish_kid

    Bait stops

    I hear mola mola are super chewy and not very tasty... better to just admire their looks! :)
  579. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Scar Fish

    Surgery after an alien abduction...
  580. Fish_kid

    Adding 2nd station

    Larry still sells Osprey, the last time I checked. Good guy! He will take care of you! As Goat mentioned, he recently got a spot on the Fish & Wildlife Commission to help the fish and fishers! Tom
  581. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport 8/2

    Gotta love that Arima fish box!!!
  582. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 7/26

    Sorry we didn't hook up with you out there. We headed to the numbers we had talked, but could not raise you on the radio. Veered straight west about 7 miles from the numbers and trolled nw. Trolled and trolled but no joy. Ended up with the folks fishing north, which ended up giving us a...
  583. Fish_kid

    Trolling spread question

    How about speeds, you guys??? Yesterday was pretty tough fishing for us and I wonder if we were trolling too slow...
  584. Fish_kid

    Who is on the hunt for Tuna Saturday?

    Yup... We're pulling the trigger! Probably heading out a little later than most folks...
  585. Fish_kid


    But if you are looking for any sort of meaningful relationship advice from this motley crew...
  586. Fish_kid


    What took you so long to figure that out... :-)
  587. Fish_kid

    Boat Ramp Follies

    Hmmm... I thought it was a "Charlie Foxtrot", not a "Kilo Foxtrot"... Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot - Out :)
  588. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Puget Sound Salmon Seasons- Report your Catch!

    Alan - please let me know where you have seen these mortality figures published. Thank you! I thought the release mortality number for sport caught adult fish was more like 20% in the model.
  589. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Puget Sound Salmon Seasons- Report your Catch!

    SgtDemoDad - Good point... It was more this other thread: and others like it which surface after NOF or after an early closure which Ryley was responding to...
  590. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Humility we all need it

    Ouch!!! So I guess my method of grabbing them by the nose with thumb and fingers to unhook them might also not be wise...
  591. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Puget Sound Salmon Seasons- Report your Catch!

    Boy... Some times I debate whether to wade into these threads or not... But I think the attacks on Ryley are unwarranted. Frankly I find it a bit cowardly to just attack some one or call them names rather than offer a coherent, thought out counter argument supported by facts, etc... What I...
  592. Fish_kid

    Saltwater WP Tuna 7/11 with Mark Coleman

    Mark's so good, even Cougars can catch fish on his boat... :finger:
  593. Fish_kid

    Earliest to get a 20' Boat over the Grays Harbor Bar Saturday?

    Steve - We're planning on crossing close to 7:45-ish... give me a shout.
  594. Fish_kid

    Albacore Tuna Charter

    Thanks for your service and good luck with the tuna!!!
  595. Fish_kid

    KiwiGrip Deck Paint Project

    Greg, How much did you use to cover that much area??? Did you buy a gallon or quarts? I'm thinking I need to do that to my deck. Thanks -Tom
  596. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Westport 6/15

    Nice job Steve! Rough water, huh?
  597. Fish_kid

    Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin at PSA Sno-King Thurs 6/12

    Sorry I couldn't make it last night, guys!!! My youngest child is graduating from high school, so we had to go to an event last night... dang it!!!
  598. Fish_kid


    Can't speak from experience, but I think these kokes from Lake Chelan, 12-17 inches, are bigger than most BD'ers manhood!!! :finger: :D
  599. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Kayak guys had an epic Halibut opener!

    That is whacked!!! Good job!!! :appl:
  600. Fish_kid

    Line counter on downrigger reel

    I have a gaggle of Tekota 600LC's... They are very handy for getting the flasher exactly 20 feet behind the downrigger clip every time... they are good for newbies to see if they are gaining line (some don't get the whole clicker thing)... I can also strip the mono off them and use for...
  601. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Where are the Strait butt reports?

    We stayed home due to weather concerns... launching tomorrow out of Sequim... are you heading out tomorrow?
  602. Fish_kid

    Shrimp Wed

    We pulled 4 limits from Area 8.2 on Wednesday by 11:30 with some newbies on the crew... mix of jumbos and smaller sizes... Tried again today out in the Strait and got the absolute snot kicked out of us. Calm when we set pots and 5-6 footers as we pulled them an hour later... Decided by pot...
  603. Fish_kid

    Saltwater New Movie featuring San Juan Sammy

    Hey Sammy! Did you use the same mount/rig for the camera that you used for halibut? Or do you have something on the cable like a Trollpro??? Cool video!
  604. Fish_kid

    for NW BDer's

    You missed the earlier thread on glowing albacore... :finger: But as a former scientist, I can tell you that a sample size of 26 doesn't mean squat except for politically motivated or grant seeking endeavors... now if they were talking 2,600 or 26,000 albacore, then it would have more...
  605. Fish_kid

    Latest sampling results of glowing albacore

    Ouch!!! :-) Usually people are skewering me for being that far off shore in my boat... Now you are telling me I don't get out there enough!!! I know... I need all of you to contact my wife/swmbo/cfo and tell her the necessity of me getting a bigger boat... Yeah... that'll change her...
  606. Fish_kid

    Looking at this years regs, ?

    the "adult portion" is more for fresh water where you can get bonus jacks... once you have retained your adult salmon, you cannot keep fishing "for jacks"... you have to stop...
  607. Fish_kid

    Latest sampling results of glowing albacore

    I had my last package of tuna from last year tonight for dinner... Guess I'm gonna start glowing LOL
  608. Fish_kid

    Been too long since posting, but Still fishing! Includes fish porn.

    Nice job getting the family out on the water! Good luck with the halibut!
  609. Fish_kid

    Cool Boat

    Whale Watching boat??? That oughta' fly...
  610. Fish_kid

    Do I really need a Harpoon?

    This is what we do... unless it's little, nothing comes in the boat until it's dead... also it is good to practice on the little or medium size ones so you are confident if you ever get a real barn door!!! I would not want to lose the fish of a lifetime at the boat... practice makes better :-)
  611. Fish_kid


    So which speakers are talking at what time during the day??? I must have missed that in the ads and posts so far...
  612. Fish_kid

    1st go pro camera. Any tips?

    I think the method of attaching right to the ball will have turbulence issues, and also I'd worry about damaging the housing. There is a couple of threads on the web about using 2 inch PVC pipe, and a professional product based upon that idea called Trollpro. I'm playing around with a couple...
  613. Fish_kid

    1st go pro camera. Any tips?

    Jamie, x2 or 3 on the extra batteries... I also got the Wasabi brand 2 battery and charger set. The battery seems to last for 2-3 hours... so I carry the 2 extra and can go all day... having the wifi turned on so you can use either the remote or the phone app sucks battery quicker, so I...
  614. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Canadian salmon and spot prawns

    Terry - we did it yesterday as well... piece of cake to call in... and you only have to do it once a day even if you go back and forth a couple of times...
  615. Fish_kid

    Saltwater area 7 blackmouth

    Took a pass yesterday in the south end of A7 as we headed west for Canada... had one hit, which a guest of mine fought well to the boat and we found an extra fin... 36 inches and estimated 25 pounds... We were using 20# flouro leader, which the fish didn't seem to mind... and a Qcove Nuclear...
  616. Fish_kid

    April 10 Win a $1200 shrimp pot puller

    I think Blackvelvet will probably win it, but I'll come and buy some tickets to see if I can prevent him from doing it :D
  617. Fish_kid

    Saltwater Canadian salmon and spot prawns

    Looks like you had awesome water!
  618. Fish_kid

    North of Falcon - Puget Sound Update

    Wow, Mark! Sorry I didn't recognize you... where were you sitting... I was in the second row on the right. I think Ron mis-spoke about the regs last night... I would still expect them to cover just a year like normal... May 1 thru April 30... I think they will still pick option 1 or 2...
  619. Fish_kid

    What does Salmon Forecast mean for San Juans

    I was going to say that Jermz post sounded like a challenge I was up to taking :finger: But now I think the correct approach is just to follow blackmouther and blackvelvet around LOL
  620. Fish_kid

    North of Falcon - Puget Sound Update

    So Thompson coho shook out like this... we got three options matching the three ocean options under consideration... these numbers are from Option 1, the high ocean option... Alaska 0.2% Oregon and South 0.1% Treaty troll Area 3 0.1% Treaty troll Area 4 3.9% SJI Treaty Net 0.6% Puget Sound...
  621. Fish_kid

    What does Salmon Forecast mean for San Juans

    Thanks Carl! We'll give it a go!
  622. Fish_kid

    What does Salmon Forecast mean for San Juans

    Carl - how do you guys catch them up there in BC???
  623. Fish_kid

    What does Salmon Forecast mean for San Juans

    Thanks Mark! You beat me to posting the same info here... I started a new thread before I saw this!!! Tom
  624. Fish_kid

    North of Falcon - Puget Sound Update

    The fisrt North of Falcon meeting took place yesterday in Olympia. Here's some talking points from the day... There are some more regional meetings coming up... One in Mill Creek this Saturday which will probably focus on Central Sound issues. There are others planned for the coast and South...
  625. Fish_kid

    What does Salmon Forecast mean for San Juans

    Good put, Travis!!! And we still gotta figure out how to catch up to 4 sockeye per person out there on the west side this summer...:eek:
  626. Fish_kid

    wdfw petition

    Totally agree with Fishinnut!!! Both of those guys are doing what is best for the public and the resource.
  627. Fish_kid

    Die hard blackmouth fisherman.

    And on the 42nd day, the Lord created hard tops and propane heaters... :)
  628. Fish_kid

    NOF Starts Tomorrow

    Rick - That's our idea/intent :-) We felt we should make the limit the same between the two areas so folks wouldn't start in 9 then move south to 10 after catching one fish... we felt that if we said it was one fish in July and then 2 fish in August that there would be a second "derby...
  629. Fish_kid

    Big runs of Columbia River chinook, PUGET SOUND MENTIONED AS WELL

    Travis - the agreement on sharing basically has been interpreted that the Tribal and non-Tribal fisheries each get 50% of the harvestable numbers of salmon, not the total forecast returns. I know that it's not even close to perfect. In some places the comparisons are made river by river... in...
  630. Fish_kid

    NOF Starts Tomorrow

    Thanks Kevin! Here's a bit of what I remember and some general thoughts from the Puget Sound room... The Department talked about the status of the Puget Sound Harvest Mgmt Plan... Right now we run out of ESA coverage from NOAA Fisheries at the end of March or April, and if the Department and...
  631. Fish_kid

    Big runs of Columbia River chinook, PUGET SOUND MENTIONED AS WELL

    Me thinks Travis is trolling :) One thing not mentioned above is that there is a thought of a two SOCKEYE bonus limit during the summer in Areas 5-7 to give our anglers a chance at some of those 23 M sockeye going to the Frasier... Anybody know how to reliably catch sockeye in the salt?????
  632. Fish_kid

    Chef Patrick Recipe

    Looks like a yummy ling cod recipe!!! I'll have to go to PSA Sno-King next month for the ling cod talk so I can try it out :-) Way to go Chef Patrick - a feature article :appl:
  633. Fish_kid

    Area 7 going to one fish limit

    Just so folks know the data... all categories were higher than planned... people are just running in to more fish in A7 than planned... legal, sub-legal, marked and unmarked
  634. Fish_kid

    What's Your Favorite QCove Flasher Colors for the Ocean?

    I'd also go with Green Dragon and Nuclear Crush, followed by Killer Crush.
  635. Fish_kid

    Why barbless?

    Sub-legal chinook... consistency... ease of public compliance... ease of enforcement... probably more...
  636. Fish_kid

    Reduced Bag Limit in Area 9 Winter MSF

    The 1676 includes both the winter periods... Before Christmas and after. It's based upon the fish checker reports, with voluntary trip reports and sometimes experience from the WDFW test boat to help validate the numbers. If memory serves, Point No Point was pretty hot in November, and folks...
  637. Fish_kid

    Reduced Bag Limit in Area 9 Winter MSF

    Hey Gang! I haven't seen anybody else jump on with this news, so I thought I would pass it along. The Department had a phone call with the Advisors on Friday to discuss running up on the number of legal chinook encounters in the winter fishery. Those of us on the phone preferred to try and...
  638. Fish_kid

    ZWing device

    Sorry to hear about your dog, Matt! Maybe see you in the Strait in May!
  639. Fish_kid

    ZWing device

    Based upon the replies above, I wonder if folks are looking at the "downrigger alternative" at the bottom of the page or the Zwing at the top... It says that the Zwing is to replace the weight on a dowrigger... Maybe I just don't get it?
  640. Fish_kid

    PSA Sno-King ,John Keizer " Maximize your electronics" Jan 9- win Scotty 2106 ($700)

    I'll be bringing in my old 337C DF... Hope John has some new tricks for it :)
  641. Fish_kid

    Back home after a glorious 101 days at sea.. Merry Christmas you sorry bastards!

    Welcome Back, Todd! Happy New Year! Hope to run into you out in A10 again chasing some fish!
  642. Fish_kid

    Saltwater A9 Blackmouth Friday!

    Nice job, Matt! Looks like you beat the winds and nasty weather!
  643. Fish_kid

    Saltwater area 9 Sunday 11/24

    We got 2 blackmouth in the Sno-King Derby and same deal... one was nice and red and the other more whitish... didn't notice a smell... both tasted good once bbqed or smoked...
  644. Fish_kid

    Back in the hotshop

    Man, Garrett!!! Those look awesome...
  645. Fish_kid

    Saltwater KONA BABY!!

    No Shit... I really needed a good fish story... Way Awesome!!!
  646. Fish_kid

    Saltwater PSA Sno-King Members' & Guests Derby RESULTS

    We felt pretty good about getting two of the fish in my boat especially since Fishtale2 had like 5 of the 17 on their boat full of folks :finger: Not the best conditions for my little boat out there most of the day, but at least we had pretty smooth sailing from Edmonds back up to Everett...
  647. Fish_kid

    IMPORTANT - WDFW seeks nominations to Puget Sound Salmon Sportfishing Advisory Group

    I have asked to remain on the Board/put my name in for nomination... I don't think endorsing is necessary or how the process would handle that... In the past the Department has picked from the nominations they receive. I try to represent Area 7 through 10 which is mostly where I fish and talk to...
  648. Fish_kid

    Saltwater 10-25-13 WP Tuna

    I hope the cancer is behind your family now... icky, awful stuff...