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    Used wheel/tire assembly

    I need to make a grinder stand and need a totally worn out wheel with an equally worn out tire. I used to have several of these but they didn't make it to the new house in Warner Springs. Send me a message if have one of these gems laying around.
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    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    My bud has this unit in his bass boat and it works great about 70% of the time. It actually sort of just freezes up and stutters along for a bit and then needs to be turned off and restarted. Anyone have any ideas? It's out of warranty, of course.
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    All my bug gear is for sale - $500

    Includes electric puller with modified Folbe block that makes it easier to land the rope in the block, 11 Promar 32" ambush nets with 75' of commercial rope, 20+ bait tubes with commercial clips - all buckets, bait chopper with round bucket insert, extra batteries for LED float lights, bug...
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    Kitty in the yard!

    Hanging out in the fireplace room watching TV and this guy comes through the yard! We managed to snap a few not-so-good pics.
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    Help!! Building permit help in San Diego

    We recently bought a property in Warner Springs (San Diego county) and just found out that the 350 sqft shed has a code violation for no permit. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction? This is a brand new a real shame to tear it down. As a last resort I may seek legal...
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    Pacific Islander

    With the demise of the Chief the Pacific Islander is now under new management. FB link:,d,P-R&eid=ARCYqokzFTg32ydn773Xoqj1jcINz0aCDc--yBk67nhWApz5h4oy3WqhmD_KwG16FsCQGeMxzeplRLCI For non-FB folks: Chief Sportfishing Hope everything had a...
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    Anyone from East County want to go bugging tonight/tomorrow?

    I want to go bugging - Boat is full of fuel & I have bait. Need someone to come over and help get gear loaded and double check we have everything. Send me a PM.
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    Nothing for sale here

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    Ranger 85 1.5 day leaving Monday 9/30

    Anybody going on this trip?
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    BFT bellies

    On the pellet grill with a smoke tube assist. Following Yanni's recipe:
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    Well, looks like no fishing tomorrow for me

    Tomorrow at 8am Waves from the west 7' @ 9 seconds - increasing to 8' in the afternoon Wind 12 kts from the west increasing to 14 kts in the afternoon Do-able but a little much for an old guy in a 17' CC!
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    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs
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    Nothing for sale here

    Nothing for sale here
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    Penn Fathom 15 LD2

    $185.90 delivered from Amazon...Yeah, I got one.
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    Who's fishing tomorrow (Friday 8/22)?

    Who is headed out in the AM?
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    Offshore Dodo day

    Decided to go check out the ridge today - the 3 of us launched at Dana and set a course for the corner...turned at the ridge and worked up to the 182. Found ONE paddy...Rich tosses a Colt Sniper and is on a yellowtail immediately. I'm watching as a school of dodo's follows it to the gaff. We...
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    I lost my Wetwillybiz document wallet sometime during my trip to BoLA last week. It contained fishing license(s), Nautical FMM & boat/trailer registration. The licenses & FMM are no big deal as I have pdf's of these. I will have to take my boat & trailer "pinks" to AAA to get new...
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    Sunrise at Bahia de Los Angeles

    Heidi V of Daggetts fleet catching the morning rays along with bait.
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    They see me trolling

    Boat ride with Enrique from Campo Daggetts to the launch ramp at 5:30 am
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    Nothing to see here

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    Open spots fishing Bahia de Los Angeles with Capt. Juan Cook.

    I'll be heading back down to BoLA soon - I just spoke to Juan and here are his openings: May: 23rd to the 31st June: 4th to the 8th 19th to the 24th July: 2nd to the 12th PM me (or Juan) for details - I'm down to join your crew to help with the cost on any of the listed days.
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    Almost Cabrilla time!

    Time to head to Gonzaga Bay real soon - I figured I'd install this new handle on my Komodo 463 SS.
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    RIP Tony Pena

    I just saw that Tony's wife had posted of his passing. Damn, another legend gone... Posted on Facebook "Ahoy Mates, It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the sudden and unexpected passing of Tony Pena. He was a most amazing, talented, and good friend to so many. Tony enjoyed...
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    Power trim/tilt has blown seal

    My 90 Etec power trim/tilt has a blown seal - who in San Diego is good at this?
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    Snow in BoLA!

    Here's a shot of snow on Mikes Mountain at Bahia de Los Angeles - Thanks for the pic Yvonne !
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    Congrats to the OTG boys

    For catching the last BFT of the year today...
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    Anybody heading to San Quintin?

    I need to get a speed sensor for my brothers Jeep down to him at Campo Lorenzo. Shoot me a message if you're headed that way and can help out.
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    Bola is going right now!

    Fished with Enrique Daggett and Juan Cook today - super quick limits on the larger models with perfect weather!
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    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    My neighbor here in San Quintin calls me over to get my opinion on a boat he's thinking of buying. It's a 1999 2310 with a low hour 225 Yamaha OX66 2 stroke fuel injected outboard. It has full but dated Furuno electronics and an excellent bait system. I told him I would buy it if he doesn't-...
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    Fishing BoLA starting 10/14

    Headed down on the 13th to hook up with Juan Cook. I am retired and have no set schedule. I'll most likely be leaving San Diego the 10th and stay at our place in San Quintin and then head south on the 13th. If anyone wants to join me and doesn't have a schedule send me a PM.
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    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    We launched out of Dana Landing around 5:45 - got bait and made some macs out by the jetty. Decided to head to LJ in hopes of getting a few YT's....wasn't happening so we headed off at a 240 heading for about 18 miles...water was an off-color greenish at 71 degrees. We found about 40 kelp...
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    14" dia. x 17" pitch 13 spline aluminum prop - $35

    This was on my 17' CC with a 90 hp Etec. My boat is too heavy for this prop.
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    Garmin 742XS issue

    So I installed a new Garmin 742xs and am dialing it in. I was out last Monday below the 425 and the factory installed worldwide base map has issues. I got an online chat going with Garmin and tech Keith initially told me that I did not purchase better charts (duh). He asked for the...
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    Seastar HH-5271 helm & HC-5345 cylinder

    Sold... Prefer local sale - Possibly open to trades. Helm has been cleaned and has new seals. Piston & rod has been replaced on the cylinder and is as new. Sold...
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    Offshore 93 miles and a dodo

    Headed south, stopped at North Coronado for nothing - decided to head down to SKR for the YT bite but as we were crossing the middle grounds I gazed south and couldn't resist. We motored SW of the 425 and found the Mex fleet towing quite a few pens. Not much happening so decided to head to...
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    RIP Nicolas "Duffy" Fudge
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    New Blue Seas panel

    Finally got rid of my very old mismatched switches and installed a new panel - serviced the batteries while I was at it. All I have left to do is tidy up the wire loom under the console and finish up the new hydraulic steering install (85% done) and I'm good to go. Too hot to be outside...
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    Shelter Island ramp pics 7/20/18

    We were down at SI getting some boat stuff done and decided to check on ramp progress. They have a coffer dam in place while they are prepping/pouring the ramp.
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    Carryall Turf II gas powered utility Cart - $1,700

    Runs but has been sitting for a few years - will need fuel system drained & carb cleaned. New tires and battery. Located in La Mesa. $1,700
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    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    I'm doing a hydraulic steering install on my boat - I bought a used 1.7 helm and a new Seastar outboard cylinder. Everything is installed and I can't get it to work - system is bled but helm develops very little pressure. I'm thinking the relief valves are stuck and allowing fluid to bypass in...
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    BFT steaks on the grill

    Lightly seared of course
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    Offshore Just returned - Condor 1.5 day

    Just got home after a 1.5 day on the Condor with 10 passengers.. Short & sweet we hooked 12 or so fish and boated 2.. a 166 & 210. Captain Jimmy & crew worked their asses off and we had several great blow-ups of 200+ fish displays throughout the day.
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    Man cave is a mess!

    I am totally overrun with stuff - there's a few projects in the piles of stuff. Hydraulic steering, Blue Sea Systems 8 gang breaker panel, & a new 4 blade stainless prop are the obvious ones.
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    Offshore 2.5 day on the Tomahawk - YFT

    Just got in - great boat, captain & crew. I don't have the final fish count but we we got plenty of smaller grade paddy yellows, a couple small grade (30 lb?) BFT and a good showing on the YFT.
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    This Cabrilla was all over it!

    Another shot of Captain Juan with a beautiful cabrilla. Sardine pattern Madscad.
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    Juan Cook is at it again

    Tossing a Nomad Design Madscad at willing Cabrilla
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    Sawtail grouper with Juan Cook at Bahia de Los Angeles

    Fished a couple days with Juan (5/28 & 5/29) fishing was slow by Bahia standards but we caught decent yellowtail, some killer sized Cabrilla & this sawtail grouper.
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    I need a ride from BoLA to San Quintin on the 30th.

    I'm helping Juan move his boat from Gonzaga Bay to BoLA on the 27th and will be fishing on the 28th also. My ride fell through so I need to head to SQ on the 30th. If you have room I'll pay the fuel bill.
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    Round trip to San Quintin - BoLA - Gonzaga Bay - BoLA - San Quintin

    Road trip in the morning to drop my brother off at our place in San Quintin, then head to BoLA on Thursday to fish with Woody (Mas Olas) & Enrique Daggett on Friday. Plan to hang out a couple days and head to Gonzaga Bay and fish with Juan Cook on the 22nd. I'll probably hang out for a couple...
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    Avet HX 5/2 - $270

    Gunmetal Avet HX 5/2 - 80 braid with 50 topshot. Located about 15 miles east of San Diego in Santee.
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    Anyone headed to Gonzaga Bay?

    I need to get a bag of lures down to Papa Fernandez camp.
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    Nomad Design Madscad getting it done in Gonzaga Bay.

    Here's a pic Captain Juan Cook just sent me from Gonzaga Bay of a very nice Leopard Grouper.
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    Avet MXL 5.8 - Gunmetal - $140

    Real decent shape - 65 Braid with 60 yards (or so) 30 lb topshot.
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    Heading to SQ

    For some of this action at Ostiones Guerrero, Bahia Falsa, San Quintin.
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    Anyone headed to San Quintin?

    I've got some (small) items that I would like to get dropped off at Don Eddie's.
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    I've got a couple projects to do

    Seastar hydraulic steering & Blue Sea Systems 8 switch panel with breakers. Anybody want to help?
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    Broomtails from the beach in San Quintin.

    Stopped at Don Eddie's in San Quintin looking at properties a few days ago. I had some time to kill so I tossed a few swimbaits around resulting in a full-speed bite on baby Broomies - VERY aggressive and great fun on 10 lb!
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    Heading down to Bahia Asuncion

    Plan to leave early Thursday for a week or so.
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    WTB transportation car

    Need a decent vehicle for daughter - something in the 2K range or thereabouts...
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    Waypoint transfer

    What is the easiest way to get the waypoints from my Garmin 178C to my new Garmin 742xs? Is there someone or a business in town that can make this happen? I know I can just sit down and input them but I'm lazy & would rather pay someone to do it.
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    11/19 - Found hoopnet - SD Bay

    Identify and it's yours
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    Garmin 942xs or 1040xs?

    It is way past time to upgrade my GPS/sounder and I've narrowed it down to these units. This is on a 17' CC. the 9" unit is touchscreen the 10" keypad entry. Which one would you get?
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    GPSmap 942xs or 1040xs?

    Posted in wrong spot - now posted in Boat Electronics.
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    Floor mat

    My wife picked up an anti-fatigue mat at Costco that I was planning to cut-to-fit in the space between my leaning post/bait tank/tackle station & the center console. I am looking for insight from someone that's cut one to fit and if it's open foam that becomes a sponge when wet. The...
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    Looks like they found my lobster attractant...

    This is some demented crap.
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    The Big Bay was on fire yesterday!

    Got on the water around 3:00 pm with the goal to make macs for hoop bait - no macs so we bought dines and had time to kill...despite terrible conditions pretty much every thing that made it close to the bottom was inhaled. Many fish were keepers or close to it. Here's a couple pics of Rich...
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    Getting real close to bug season

    Who is this guy??
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    Lipstick on a pig - reviving a classic buggy

    I am helping my neighbor convert an old ball joint Chenowth buggy to a mid-travel suspension. Here's the beginning pics of this adventure.
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    Custom bridge...

    OK...I've driven by this often & decided it was too good not to share.
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    Offshore 78 miles for zip 8/14

    I'm tired and my back hurts.
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    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Just saw a pic on FB of a 250 & 290 lb BSB's that Igor Galvan got today. I'd post the pic but don't have permission....sorry! If you have FB, do a search for Igor Galvan Jimenez
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    I got out-fished at San Vicente today...

    Bald eagle is still the champ!
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    Fathom 25NLD2 - 2 speed button falls off

    Reel has very little use. It will stay in place but is easily removed with fingers...anyone else have this issue?
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    Got some Nomad Design DTX Minnows...

    Fedex delivered these beauties from Australia.
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    Updated boat ho list?

    Just wondering if we have a current list...I want to fish weekdays - LJ or offshore. I'm in east county (Santee) so someone local would be ideal. Reply here or send me a PM.
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    Decorating Interstate 8 East

    I didn't like the life preservers or the storage bag....upgrade time!
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    Just got my yearly Mex fishing license online

    The devalued peso resulted in a cost of $33.64 - decent bargain.
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    Quagga mussel sticker at AAA?

    I wanting to take my boat freshwater fishing but didn't get the mussel sticker. I really don't want to do the DMV and was wondering if anyone had gotten it at AAA .
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    224 on the Royal Star today

    My long time fishing bud Steve (Hammer) got this nice 224 lb YFT on the Star today.
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    Fished El Cap today

    Pretty slow fishing - we managed 5 fish with this one from Gary being significantly larger than the rest...
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    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down Coast Guard rescues 26 people from sinking boat near Coronado Islands Posted: Sep 03, 2016 11:29 AM PDTUpdated: Sep 03, 2016 11:41 AM PDT SAN DIEGO (CNS) - More than two dozen people on board a 63-foot...
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    Update on the San Quintin & U.S. sportboats situation

    Here's the Facebook link to the meeting between the San Quintin fishermen & the Mexican officials.
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    San Vicente opening Sept 22, 2016

    Fuck Ticketmaster
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    What type of fish is this?

    I realize it's a grouper but I'm not real sure of what specific type.
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    Need 2 non working 8' VHF antennas

    I'm setting up some backwoods east county outriggers and need two 8' vhf antennas. Send me a message if you have one or two...
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    Silver Avet SX 6/4 MC - SOLD!

    Sold - Thanks Jason!
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    Anyone want to fish El Cap tomorrow?

    All 3 of my go-to guys can't make it. The plan is to work structure from an anchored boat - crawdads & plastics. Plan to leave the house around 6:30 am - Boat is a 14' Valco with the proper equipment. Shoot me a PM...
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    Ignore this

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    Pic of the Coronado Islands taken from La Jolla during light offshore wind.

    We fished LJ last week and I snapped a few pics of the islands distorted by the smog - I've seen it more pronounced in the past but never got a pic.
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    Garmin loses lawsuit

    I went to purchase a Garmin product at West Marine that has DownVu technology and they told me they are not currently selling Garmin products with this feature. I did a search and came up with this...
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    Vaping stuff - Gone!

    Figured I'd check here before I toss this stuff... 1 liter PG/VG 18 mg nicotine unflavored base 5 batteries numerous tanks (some new), atomizers & some e-juice experiments that I made. I haven't smoked a cigarette in 3 years and that's a real good thing! Pick up in Santee
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    WTB Shimano Torium 20HG

    Like the title says - I realize I can get one from Joey at Squidco spooled with braid for around $230 + tax but was just thinking someone may have one they are wanting to sell for a bit less - San Diego county would be a plus.
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    WTT Ruger convertable 22LR/22MAG 6.5" for Avet MXL 6/4 Raptor

    Like the title says - trade my Ruger pistol for your MXL Raptor. This is a very fun pistol but I just don't use it so it's got to go!
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    Sport Marine Tech, Hydrofoil, SE Sport 200, Black

    I found this hydrofoil in my boat stuff - local pickup in San Diego - $25. It was on a 75 HP Merc and it appears that it would fit my 90 Etec.
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    Brady beats NFL
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    One month til bug season

    October 3rd is the opener (Friday night at midnight). I do not have a regular hoop pulling person, if you're looking for a workout, send me a message.
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    Fished LJ today (8/31)

    Nice bait, real tough south wind, 2 YT's on deck - 24 total miles, 6 gallons burned. We were cleaning fish in the bay and this guy cruised by showing off his new bling.... Another stylin' shot!
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    O'side bait dock hours?

    Was wondering what the bait hours are - I'm assuming they are not 24/7 since there's rarely any fish up that way!
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    Offshore 8/17 - Really rough day in the 17' CC

    we launched at MB around 6:15 am and head over to get bait - the EBBCO vessel 'Rival' is there filling the receivers - I was happy to see this as of last night they were reporting no bait. W are 4th in line and it takes close to 45 mins for everyone to get organized and load a HUGE scoop of...
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    Crap! Forgot to get some XD-50 oil and I want to fish tomorrow

    Edit: Found a gallon of Quicksilver HDI synthetic...for $60! I promise myself to never run out again! At least we're fishing I'm hoping EB Mission Bay has some bait.
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    Daiwa 600H - Sold

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    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    I was really rooting for this guy to get this fish but it was not meant to be....
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    Offshore Real decent day for us....finally!

    Fished today (8/10) at 23 miles on a 270 heading out of MB - all you wanted YFT. We were the 3rd or 4th boat on the (HUGE) spot and the number grew to over 30 boats when we left around 1:00 pm. Chunk & sardines got it done.
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    Shipping a rod?

    What is the best way to ship a rod - San Diego to SFV? I have the heavy cardboard tube that I'll cut down to match the short (67") rod but I'm more interested in the cost....UPS? USPS, FEDEX?
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    Paul Hebert of 'Wicked Tuna' facing fraud charges.
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    Shimano Attaching Tranx to cork taped rod

    I'm replacing my Newell with a Tranx on my jig stick. What is the best/preferred method of attaching this reel?
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    Who's fishing SD tomorrow 7/30?

    I was considering a run for local YFT tomorrow. The moon phase is totally wrong, swell is up and I haven't checked the wind....who else is going?
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    (3) Champion QC12PEPB plugs for Etec engines

    I have 3 new plugs that would not index in my engine - $15 for all
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    I wonder how the offshore weather is today?

    It totally sucks here at my place!
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    Offshore 8 miles off of Del Mar

    Took my bro & his wife for a cruise today - caught a couple small yellows & a decent YFT. We didn't weigh the fish but I'm guessing at LEAST 35 lbs. It was 39" long - the crappy pic shows it on the 32" long cutting board... Weather was OK to good - large swell at times, water varied 69 to 70...
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    Marine grade wire

    So I've installed my washdown system and I was really sure when I rewired the boat a couple years ago that I had at least one extra circuit available for bilge accessories - well, no I don't... Does anyone in the SD area have a 15' piece of 12 or 14 gauge marine wire? I'll bring beer!
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    Daily Double slug

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    Washdown installation

    I'm really tired of using a bucket and need to install a raw water washdown system on the boat. I have pretty much everything I need but really can't figure out the best pump location. I plan to use the extra port on my bait pump for the water supply. My question is how much suction pressure...
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    Offshore BFT at the point 6_24

    3.5 miles off Point keeps getting better! Shot of the boat with new jig stick rod holder - this is around 9:30 am at the SI dock ready to go - this early morning stuff is tough! Brice on a BFT BFT at the cutting table Video of our location - Brice doing what he does...
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    Headed out tomorrow 6/24

    I'm a glutton for punishment! Plan to stay somewhat local - Bottom Line on 72.
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    Offshore This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    Many spots of YFT showing today - We had our chances but to put it bluntly, we simply sucked with 2 break-offs and no fish boated.
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    Going tomorrow 6/22

    Well after my "swing for the fence" plan only got us to 1st base on the YFT, we are heading out tomorrow for the more local BFT. Plan to launch out of South Shores, Mission Bay. Bottom Line on 72
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    Offshore Sat 6/20 report

    Headed to the 302 and dumped a tail on a trashcan lid sized paddy - worked our way towards the 182 for one YFT on the green/gold CD-14. We headed outside the corner and a couple miles north and saw tonnage of YFT - they were swimming 15' below the boat in full view and refused anything offered...
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    Fishing tomorrow 6/20

    I seldom do this on a weekend but we'll be out with you googans tomorrow - Bottom Line on 72 until it starts driving me crazy. I get to check out my new gee-whiz radio! When I ask for a radio check I expect nothing but respect....yep! Maybe Ambusher (Jim) will talk to me!
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    Fishing tomorrow (6/19)

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    EBBCO at work this morning

    We were down in IB this morning and watched the Rival doing a set - hopefully loaded up on sardines! Also - check out the size of the sand crab!
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    Offshore Close range BFT

    Fishing with Captain Brice today - We got a late start- left the MB bait receiver around noonish - sardines are being rationed and expect only a pass or so. We didn't really have a plan but were geared up to toss iron, fish halibut or possibly head out a little bit. I opted to point the boat...
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    Bait bag & 15" wheel

    Doing some clean up and this stuff needs to go - wheel is 15" with 5 lug on 4.5" bolt circle. Bait tank was on the boat when it lived in BoLA - it was great for keeping about 20 macs in. The bait bag mtg. brackets are still on the boat and are yours for the taking. This stuff will be in the...
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    Tsunami yellowtail

    They called them Japanese yellowtail jacks but they sure look familiar! Watch the video....
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    Generator swap

    I needed to replace the genset in the RV, so after much procrastination I asked my neighbor Rich to help me make it happen! This required a bit of fabrication since the new unit is contained in a sound enclosure so airflow had to be accounted for in the new mount. This unit is so much quieter...
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    Mex fishing license online....again

    After being down for about 2 years it appears that the license site is again operational. I'll check it out when my current license expires in July....hope it stays up that long!
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    My turn

    Went searching for halibut off IB today & caught this little guy.
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    Who is this young guy with a limit of bugs?

    I seem to remember him...
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    What Chicago thinks of Cutler
  133. Bottom Line

    My wife picks up cool stuff for me.

    My game shirt for tomorrow.
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    WTF is this?

    Twice today I've gotten this high security alert. Category: Intrusion Prevention Date & Time: 11/11/2014 1:54:12 PM Risk: High Activity: An intrusion attempt by was blocked Status: Blocked Recommended Action: No Action Required IPS Alert Name : Web Attack: Red Exploit Kit...
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    Stop whining Rivers, you look stupid

    It's embarrassing to watch his sideline rants - seriously.
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    The flag

    OK, so I lost the bet and have to have a charger flag on my vehicle for a week. I was considering a rainbow flag as well but figured the charger flag is sort of an all-in-one.
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    Cedros Island flooding pics

    Cedros has been hit hard by what was once Hurricane Simon - here's some recent pics.
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    Harbor Marine?

    Has anyone actually gone to Harbor Marine now that it's moved to Hancock Street? I need to get some bug supplies but get no answer on the phone - maybe closed Mondays? I did a search for Harbor Marine Supplies (old name on India St) and found the Harbor Marine listing on Hancock with same...
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    Megalodon captured?
  140. Bottom Line

    Anybody interested in making a trip to BoLA?

    I want to head down to our place in BoLA to check out the place after the storm and bring the generator down. I plan on leaving 10/2 (Thursday) and returning on 10/12 (Sunday). Not taking the boat this trip and may leave BoLA early to spend a few days in San Quintin. Send me a message if...
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    Offshore 9/22 - I guess this qualifies as offshore

    Late start - My neighbor Rich & I cleared the point around 7:00 am with an awesome scoop of dines - found a dinky paddy and was all done by 9:00 am - US waters - you can see the point in the trolling pic. As we passed near the paddy all 4 lines went off - a micro-tail, a small bonito, a YFT and...
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    Los Cabos resort info

    Here's a link to many/most of the resorts and their status.
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    BoLA pics

    Current pics from BoLA.....very sad to see.
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    Which one of you Clairemont guys is selling fish? Fish Blue fin & Yellow fin tuna Vacuum sealed bags one pound bags $5. per pound cash only
  145. Bottom Line

    Update on (now) tropical storm Norbert

    It appears we may get some rain but not much else. Phoenix got record rainfall - close to 3" and is flooded in the usual places. Chris Dunn is out fishing and his city is under water! Here's a link to the situation in Phoenix...
  146. Bottom Line

    9/1 - Heading out in the AM - Cancelled due to wind!

    Not exactly sure where but am leaning south. We should be at the SI ramp around 4:30 am or so.
  147. Bottom Line

    More wahoo?

    Rumor says 2 more hoo caught today....we'll see I suppose!
  148. Bottom Line

    5 rescued from sinking vessel - Anybody we know?
  149. Bottom Line

    T-top storage

    It's time to replace/upgrade the worn out T-Bag. I only store life jackets but really like the mesh pockets in the back for small stuff. So the question is what's working for you? Oh yeah, the T-Bag jokes are way old!
  150. Bottom Line

    Portuguese man o' war

    On our 1.5 day we encountered thousands of juvenile portuguese man o' war. I netted a couple and checked them out - these were juveniles and just starting to grow tentacles. Anyone else see these? They looked like a massive flotilla of tiny sailing vessels...
  151. Bottom Line

    Check out this 2016 Super Duty prototype burning to the ground!
  152. Bottom Line

    WTB - Kill bag

    Ideally a 24 X 60 would be the best fit in the skiff.
  153. Bottom Line

    Offshore Today (8/4) was excellent offshore!

    Stopped on terns about 19 miles into our destination of the 302. All you want decent sized YFT's. All done by 8:30. Left my camera in the truck console. I do have pics of us cleaning fish in the bay if you insist. Excellent scoop of dines from EB Beautiful conditions - water was 69.3 where...
  154. Bottom Line

    Time for us to go - again!

    The boat is full of fuel, all systems checked, tackle selected and checked, Mex license purchased, meals/drinks figured out, hatch replaced that the dodo blew out and boat & truck strategically parked for an early morning departure. Plan to be at the SD Bay receiver around 5:00 AM or so - Most...
  155. Bottom Line

    Current fuel price in Baja

    From the Bajanomad website - courtesy of Antonio, Baja Cactus Motel, El Rosario: Fuel prices in Baja, effective August 2nd, 2014... Fuel prices for August 2nd, 2014... Magna.............$ 12.95 pesos per liter Premium..........$ 13.67 pesos per liter Diesel..............$ 13.50 pesos per...
  156. Bottom Line

    Navionics for your phone/tablet

    When I was out fishing last week one of the guys showed me a really cool app for phones & tablets from Navionics. It essentially turns your GPS equipped device into a chartplotter. Cool stuff for $10!
  157. Bottom Line

    Charkbait has shipped my Halco Max 130's!

    Just got a Fedex notification that they are on their way. I ordered 4 of these a couple weeks ago at the $12.49 price.
  158. Bottom Line

    Need a wheelchair ramp built - Pics added

    As the title says - Location is Nagel St in La Mesa near Grossmont Hospital. This will be an addition to the wood porch - currently 2 (9") steps that my Mom can no longer negotiate. ADA compliance not legally required but is a good guideline - I'm pretty sure the space will not allow an 18'...
  159. Bottom Line

    Camera in the bait tank

    Took a few pics of the bait tank - love the patterns & color on the greenies.
  160. Bottom Line

    Offshore 7/20 was different but still a good day

    Motored out to US waters last night arriving at our spot around 3:30 am. Was hoping to corral some BFT around the boat during the night but was not happening. We trolled our asses off in 71/72 deg water with all the right stuff for nada. We finally found a small bush that produced some fish -...
  161. Bottom Line

    Yellowfin tuna the next target?

    Mexico is reviewing its policy on the management of YFT...this page is translated so it's a bit funky... SAGARPA sets Fisheries Management Plan for yellowfin tuna in the Mexican Pacific Ocean Mexico City, July 16, 2014...
  162. Bottom Line

    Offshore Decent day close to home

    My neighbor Rich & I headed to a spot about 5 miles west of North Coronado and were all done by 9:00 am. We had 2 jig stops for 3 fish - all the rest were on the excellent scoop of sardines from EB - 2nd jig strike came as we were pulling up on what appeared to be a micro-paddy - after we were...
  163. Bottom Line

    Decent day at the Coronado's

    Cleared the bay around 6:00am with my buddy Bill on Brice's real nice 226 Grady - we decided to suppliment our sardines with some greenies so around the point it was - greenies were scarce and we only got a few but spanish macs were thick - we got about 30 pieces with only 10 or so being decent...
  164. Bottom Line

    Any interest in Penn 9/0 Rockfish outfits?

    I've got 2 real decent 9/0 rockfish outfits that I'm thinking I won't ever use. Is there any market for these? I'm just attempting to gauge interest before I take pics and post them in the classifieds. I guess I could take them to our place in BoLA and deep drop with them but that sounds like...
  165. Bottom Line

    Penn 9/0 rockfish outfit value

    I have 2 Penn 9/0 rockfish outfits - dacron, rail plates, power handles & roller/stripper rods. I'm thinking I may never fish with these again and was curious if there's a market for them.
  166. Bottom Line

    Looking for calico reel suggestions

    I've fished Calcuttas since they came out & Abu's before that. It's time to try something new. I'm thinking low profile, must cast at least as well as a Calcutta 250TE and have at least 15 lbs of drag. What is the go-to reel that will stand up to salt water? This will be paired with a 7'...
  167. Bottom Line

    Tons of $$ headed my way!

    Read this suckas! Bf Bur To Apr 26 at 1:44 PM My Dear One I am Mrs.Gloria Amon, The Head of file Department in Bank of Africa. I seek your assistance and i assured of your capability to champion this business opportunity to remit $18.2 million U.S.A dollars. Into your account if you are...
  168. Bottom Line

    Penn 506HS w/Accurate frame & 501

    Both reels will need new/upgraded drags & new line. 506HS - $80 501 $25 Prices are OBO - I need a VHF antenna and will consider trades Pick up in San Diego
  169. Bottom Line

    A trip to the beauty salon

    It was time to try to get the 1984 oxidized hull to shine a bit. I dropped it off at Reflections in Santee for the makeover. This boat most likely has never been deep polished so I wasn't expecting miracles. Skip & Nick worked magic and 2 days later I was hauling it home...
  170. Bottom Line

    Peetz reels

    When my bro-in-law (Stew) was down from Vancouver Island getting experimental cancer treatment about 7 years ago he gave me a Peetz reel - 6" model. I figured it was just a conversation piece but recently searched online and discovered that not only are they still being made but there is a...
  171. Bottom Line

    WTB - Seeker A270-7

    I'm looking to get a couple of these rods.
  172. Bottom Line

    Sardines are back!

    At least for now
  173. Bottom Line

    Saudi drift fails

    Crazy stuff...
  174. Bottom Line

    More El Nino info

    Not sure what this means but this winter has been WAY different than any my old ass can remember.
  175. Bottom Line

    Viva El Nino!

    We can only hope this is the way it goes.
  176. Bottom Line

    Floor leveling?

    I need someone that can level the floor at my Mom's house in La Mesa. It currently has gaps between the walls & floor. It is an old house with a crawl space. I've been down there many years ago and seem to remember screw jack devices as floor supports. Anybody do this kind of work or know...
  177. Bottom Line

    Garmin sports camera

    Anyone have one of these? Looks like a really good unit.
  178. Bottom Line

    Yay! A 'Recent Posts' button!

    Much better - now make it easier to post decent pics - I've got a gaggle of reels to sell.
  179. Bottom Line

    Super "Bowl"

    Should be interesting!
  180. Bottom Line

    Kellen Winslow Jr....really?

    This is messed up.
  181. Bottom Line

    No NFC Championship tickets to be sold in Ca?

    Seems strange to me
  182. Bottom Line

    My wife is a Charger fan and

    sends me this crap via Facebook.
  183. Bottom Line


    OK, I live in San Diego so winterizing a boat isn't what it's really called. I don't plan on using the fishing boat for about 5 months and have the batteries charged & on a float charger. The engine (90 HP Etec) has been run & lubed. My question pertains to the full tank (60 gallons) of fuel...
  184. Bottom Line

    What brand of hull is this?

    This is for sale on another forum and it's listed as a West Marine. I KNOW that it isn't a West Marine - anyone have any guesses or knowledge?
  185. Bottom Line

    Entry level shop help needed

    We are a CNC machining & weld shop and are looking to hire an entry level person to do general shop clean-up & parts running. Duties would include some assembly/boxing of parts & deliveries/pickup of parts from suppliers or customers. I figure there's got to be some kid sitting around playing...
  186. Bottom Line

    Beach Bob - BoLA

    Robert Aleckna AKA Beach Bob (my neighbor in Bahia) of Bahia de Los Angeles has been transported to UCSD Hillcrest and is in poor condition. Here is a statement from someone in the know: "As of this writing beach Bob is now on a ventilator and in ICU. He's nonresponsive and it seems that his...
  187. Bottom Line

    Plane missing in Baja Sur

    It appears that an ASG (Aeroservicios Guerrero) plane has gone down in Baja. Not much info yet. This is the same plane we were on last month on our Cedros trip. MEXICO CITY — A small plane carrying at least 14 people has gone missing in the Mexican state of Baja California, emergency...
  188. Bottom Line

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Monday Night Football & turkey! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh yeah...Go Colts!
  189. Bottom Line

    I need a cheap VHF

    I need one for my bug boat - nothing fancy, just something that works...
  190. Bottom Line

    Damn, PITA to get the bug boat ready!

    I screwed up and left the bug boat at a friends for the off-season. Out of sight, out of mind. Pulled it to the shop to change out a steering cable and discovered the engine was frozen up. Pulled the plugs and after some spray lube was able to get it to turn. At this point I considered just...
  191. Bottom Line

    Getting the bug boat ready

    So I hauled the lobster skiff to work on Monday to replace the steering cable. In the process of pulling the engine off I reached up and tried to turn the flywheel by hand and it was solid! Damn, pulled the plugs and found rust on the bottom 2 cylinders of the 4 cyl 1982 Mercury. I squirted...
  192. Bottom Line

    Bayfair tickets

    I have (4) free Bayfair super passes (includes pit entry) for tomorrows finale on Mission Bay - pick up in Santee. It was a pretty good show today. Shoot me a PM if you want them.
  193. Bottom Line

    Still looking for a full-time welder/fabricator

    We are currently looking for someone that can MIG weld - Dual Shield & TIG experience is a plus but not required. Flexible hours with part time a possibility. Company is 74 Weld Inc. on Mission Gorge Road in San Diego. Email me at [email protected]
  194. Bottom Line

    Looks like someone was a little early for bug season

    SAN DIEGO (CNS) - The body of a male diver was found submerged under the West Mission Bay Bridge early Tuesday, authorities said. A boater called lifeguards shortly after 5 a.m. to say he had seen a light floating under the bridge and when lifeguards went to investigate they found the deceased...
  195. Bottom Line

    Booked a spot to Cedros

    Just booked a spot on the WON Cedros trip on the 20th - they had a cancellation and I jumped on it. I'm thinking I'm going to like this....
  196. Bottom Line

    5 NFL teams guaranteed to lose their opening game

    Seems like a good call to me....
  197. Bottom Line

    AR-15 Bullet button kits

    Just checking to see if there's any interest in these - complete kit, black anodized - $15 We completed a manufacturing run and have a few extra kits - figured I'd check here before we wholesale to local gun shops. Just checked - we have the springs & magnets on order - should be here by the...
  198. Bottom Line

    Point Loma & SD Bay

    I took a friend & his wife out today - mostly a shakedown for the boat. Got a scoop of monstrous deens at EB that lasted all day. We started outside the bay about a mile short of the Whistler - nothing (high tide slack). We moved around quite a bit and tried various spots around the point...
  199. Bottom Line

    Pedasi, Panama

    Well my bro Dave & his gal Steph landed in Panama City a few hours ago and posted some pics as they drove over the canal. They are on an expeditionary trip looking for retirement possibilities. Based on their reports, I may decide to make this my new home also. I anticipate lots of info/pics...
  200. Bottom Line

    Check this badass RZR video out!

    RJ Anderson makes record-breaking UTV jump | Fox News
  201. Bottom Line

    Anyone headed to Washington from San Diego?

    I know this is a longshot but I'd like to get a package of frozen stuff to Brinnon, Wa. Some folks up that way seriously hooked us up with some dungies and I'd like to get a special shipment sent their way. Shoot me a PM if you're headed that way and able to keep something frozen!
  202. Bottom Line

    Fish ID please

    We found this little guy on the beach about 200 miles north of San Francisco (Caspar, actually). My brain tells me it's a calico (kelp bass) but I didn't think they ranged that far north.
  203. Bottom Line

    Oh Canada!

    We are in an RV park just outside of Banff in Canada...I'm on my 2nd rum & coke and staring out at the snow covered Canadian Rockies. I love being retired! Headed to Vancouver Island, then port Angeles - not sure of the plan after that...
  204. Bottom Line

    Damn it, this is funny!

    nekked man weener gone bye bye
  205. Bottom Line

    We are out!

    Leaving tomorrow for a month-long RV trip to Canada. I realize that I'm missing the start of a great Socal season but I'll make up for it in August. An extended stay at our place in BoLA in late Sept. is also planned. This retirement stuff is hard work!
  206. Bottom Line

    Now this is funny!

    How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - YouTube
  207. Bottom Line

    Boat capsizes off La Jolla

    3 rescued off La Jolla coast - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - WATCH NEWS 8 AT 5 P.M. FOR A LIVE REPORT ON THIS BREAKING NEWS STORY. SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Three people had to be rescued Saturday after their boat overturned off the coast of La Jolla. The accident...
  208. Bottom Line

    Goodbye Tebow

    Tebow era over in New York after Jets waive QB - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - NEW YORK (AP) — Tim Tebow was waived by the Jets on Monday, the end of an unsuccessful one-season experiment in New York. Coach Rex Ryan said in a statement put out by the team...
  209. Bottom Line

    Fuel hose

    I realize it's probably a long shot but I'm currently replacing the fuel fill & vent hoses and need about 5' of 1.5" of fill hose and another 5' of 5/8" vent hose. With all the boat work that goes on here, maybe someone has stuff left over from a build, otherwise it's off to West Marine. I'm...
  210. Bottom Line

    It's official!

    I officially retired yesterday - a bunch of friends joined me for dinner/drinks at Bongiovanni's in Flinn Springs and it was excellent. I'm headed out to the side yard today to get the fishing boat ready and plan to do the necessary work to mothball the lobster boat until the season starts in...
  211. Bottom Line

    Season opener

    Relatives in Manitoba sent me this....
  212. Bottom Line

    My turn!

    I have elected to retire after 33 years & 9 months at Solar Turbines - it's been a long strange trip indeed! Talked to the Social Security lady today and got everything set up. It's going to be...
  213. Bottom Line


    I want these!
  214. Bottom Line

    The family

    I was lucky to have both my brothers and mom over to celebrate Thanksgiving & my b-day. Mom will turn 86 in a few weeks and I was really glad she could make it. We had lobster appetizers, turkey & prime rib - it was truly an outstanding day! I'm the bearded old fart.
  215. Bottom Line

    Finally, after 46 years!

    I can now say that I'm tobacco free! I am coming up on the 2 week mark and can say that I will never smoke tobacco again. The real test came when I went buggin' and didn't have any smokes on board - you smokers know what I mean.
  216. Bottom Line

    17-18' boat trailer

    I was going to rework this trailer into a utility trailer but plans have changed. The trailer is in decent shape. I have no paperwork for this - the boat is free.... The boat has no engine or fuel tank and is ready for the landfill - disposal fee is $75. $150
  217. Bottom Line

    10 keeps - one hoop

    The most legal bugs in one net I've ever done.
  218. Bottom Line

    Capsized boat - one missing off Mission Beach SAN DIEGO - A man is missing Monday after falling out of a boat near Mission Beach. The initial call about the boat being in distress came in at 12:30 a.m. Ten minutes later, authorities received another...
  219. Bottom Line

    Awesome dogs need a home

    Our next door neighbors are moving out to take care of elderly family members and are not able to take their dogs with them. These dogs are 5 years old, in great health, shots, micro-chipped and are excellent natured with everybody, especially kids. PM me if you can offer one or both of...
  220. Bottom Line

    Offshore Where the hell did this weather come from?

    I knew we were expecting a swell from the tropical cyclone in the western pacific but I wasn't expecting the freakin' wind! All was good heading out - great heavy half scoop of bait that lasted all day - went out to the 230 and headed SE from there. We caught/released a couple dink YT's from...
  221. Bottom Line

    Offshore Big Bird scores limits on YFT

    Hammer just called me and said Scotty called in at 11:30 this morning reporting limits of YFT! We've been waiting for this for a long time... "1130: The Condor called in with a wide open Yellowfin bite, limits (120)for 24 anglers already. " The Condor rocks!
  222. Bottom Line

    La Salina

    My bro & I are thinking of trailering the boat down to La Salina this Friday. The plan is to put the boat in a slip, get a room at the hotel, hang out in the bar & go fishing. I'm thinking we can make macs outside the jetty and head south from there. This would knock a solid 40+ miles off...
  223. Bottom Line

    Don Eddie's

    On our recent BoLA trip we stayed at the Old Mill - I noticed that Don Eddie's next door seemed to have some life so we checked it out. Don's son Tony & friend Juanita are working hard to bring the place back after the fire and Don's passing. They have built a HUGE bar/restaurant & party room...
  224. Bottom Line

    The MPG is in on the 90 ETec

    The engine did 353 nautical miles for the 6 days of fishing at BoLA on 65 gallons of fuel giving us 5.43 NMPG. Everything worked perfect on the boat rebuild, never had an issue with anything - - I am a real happy guy! I added a lot of weight to the 17' Invader in the rebuild including a 60...
  225. Bottom Line

    VHF antenna

    I'm looking for a serviceable VHF antenna. In my remodel of the Invader I mistakenly cut the antenna wire and scrapped the old antenna. At this point any old antenna will do!
  226. Bottom Line

    Current BoLA conditions

    Just checked the webcam for BoLA. A little moisture and fog... Water temps are looking perfect... 3 more weeks and we are there!
  227. Bottom Line

    Invader is ready for the season

    I've been spending huge amounts of time getting one of the Invaders ready to go to BoLA on June 23rd. This project started last August when the boat was stripped down and the deck removed. Pulled out the leaking 42 gal fuel tank and had Vince at American Tanks build a custom 60 gallon one...
  228. Bottom Line

    Mobile marine mechanic needed in San Diego

    I have a 90 HP Etec that needs to be started for the first time - needs to be put into the 10 hour break in mode. PM me if you can do this.
  229. Bottom Line

    What would you do?

    You are captain of the vessel and you head to the bridge at 5:00am for the the morning shift – the 3 crew are in their bunks. You're almost to your destination just west of the 1067 at about 73 miles – you turn, set a course for the 238 and head down from up top to set the troll...
  230. Bottom Line

    Damn, the vehicle just exploded!<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P>
  231. Bottom Line

    Again Ryan? really?
  232. Bottom Line

    Retirement is getting near - Thinking of Panama

    My brother & I are seriously thinking of retiring in Panama. What info do you guys have that live there? I'm thinking we may opt for a higher elevation area that is reasonably close to the water. Please PM me with any useful info. Thanks!
  233. Bottom Line

    Fish & Game Commissioner shoots big cat

    And the uproar begins...Sorry about the link to the lame website..
  234. Bottom Line

    King of the Hammers crash

    My friend took this video of the Trail Gear rig having a bad day. Here's a link to my friends rig doing some shock tuning...
  235. Bottom Line

    XD-50 or XD-100?

    After some unplanned down time on rigging the other Invader, it appears that I'll be ready in the next month to start the 90 HP Etec for the first time. I'm wondering what oil folks are running and why? I'm leaning toward the XD-100 from the get-go but just want some real world feedback from...
  236. Bottom Line

    Winchester Defender model 1300 value

    I'm trying to figure out what this is worth. It was my Dad's and I'm pretty sure it's very lightly used (possibly never fired) and is pretty much in as-new condition. I have no use for it and will most likely sell it.
  237. Bottom Line

    Ace line hauler & Promar Ambush nets

    A long-time friend of mine really wants to go buggin' with me but since he's an old fart (61, like me) he isn't up to 55' plus pulls with my flat nets. He's offered to outfit one of my boats with an Ace line hauler and Promar Ambush nets. This is WAY out of character for me being 'old school'...
  238. Bottom Line

    I can't take it anymore!

    Got all my gear ready to go - I have been waiting for the down south stuff long enough - I have to go fishing. Heading out in a few to put some fuel in the little boat and head to the PL kelp. Bottom Line on 72 if you're out...
  239. Bottom Line

    Zarco heading south today

    I realize the fishings slow but we're jonesing to get on the water. Plan is to launch around noon, bait up and head south - not sure where we'll wind up but we have the range to go deep. Hope to be back at the ramp by Monday evening... Going to try to get Dennis (Aluminator) on the radio and...
  240. Bottom Line

    Bahia de Los Angeles random pics

    Just got back from 2 weeks in BoLA - here's some random pics, yes, we caught lots of fish and had a blast.
  241. Bottom Line

    A couple projects

    Here's some pics of a Polaris Rzr cage we just finished and a baja Bug that we are working on...
  242. Bottom Line

    3rd Place Raiders............... heading for the cellar thread

    It's about time!
  243. Bottom Line

    It is time

    That is all
  244. Bottom Line

    Genuine Yamaha prop

    13 1/2" diameter X 15" pitch. 15 spline - $60 This was used briefly as a test prop and didn't work out on my boat.
  245. Bottom Line

    Adolfs bad day

    Adolphs Bad Day... Video
  246. Bottom Line

    1979 CJ7

    Here's the link to the makeover in 2001 It has a D/44 Front with Lockrite (4.56 gears) Full Floating AMC 20 rear with Powertrax no-slip, Fresh AMC 360 (passes Ca. smog great), York onboard air, HS9500 Warn winch, NV4500 trans, D/300 T-case, 35" BFG's...
  247. Bottom Line

    Anybody with a truck want to make a trip BoLA?

    We have decided to bring the boat back from Bola and fish it here this summer. I don't trust my old Jeep Cherokee to make the run. I'm thinking a quick trip with maybe a couple days on the water if the boat runs (it's been sitting for about 10 months). PM or reply here. Boat is a 17' Invader...
  248. Bottom Line

    Bahia de Los Angeles forum

    Mia has expanded her Bahia info site with a nice forum - check it out at: Bahia de los Angeles - Bahia de los Angeles Forum Link to her info site:
  249. Bottom Line

    I had no idea that so many boats ended up on the jetty rocks!

    Stimulus funds drive repair of Mission Bay jetty
  250. Bottom Line

    Found this in the garage

    It is an Ambassadeur SIX reel in great shape - drag is perfect and doesn't have much rash - I have no clue where I got this...Anybody have any info on these? I'm thinking it would be an excellent halibut reel, if I fished for halibut.
  251. Bottom Line

    Picked up a Glacier Bay!

    Rides real smooth and handles the shit real well!
  252. Bottom Line

    Halloween at our place

    As some of you know - My wife Deb is big into Halloween - this years theme is Michael Myers from the Halloween movie series. Here is a shot of where we are at today...there is much more to do but the main theme is set. On the big night we set up the fire pit on the driveway and dress up to hand...
  253. Bottom Line

    Jeep AMC 20 widetrack housing

    This housing has been re-tubed with 1/2" thick D.O.M. tube - this one will not bend. $250.00
  254. Bottom Line

    Detroit Locker for Jeep AMC 20

    Detroit Softlocker - the full carrier good one - setup with 4.56 gears - very limited use - 2 trips $250.00
  255. Bottom Line


    We need Brandon (Saluki) to review these.
  256. Bottom Line

    Offshore Long run south with a surprise

    We ran Zarco 85 miles south on Friday evening. Fishing was slow for us in that zone and we wound up getting our fish around the 60 mile mark on kelps at (31.40, 117.27) & 31.48, 117.27) with all you want small YFT, nice size dodo's and smallish yellowtail. Jason was working a Megabait deep on a...
  257. Bottom Line

    A great Sunday

    1) The "old guy" Mark martin wins the Nascar race. 2) The Raiders beat KC. 3) The Chargettes lose. It's going to be a very good week.
  258. Bottom Line

    Offshore Just got in from the 1067/Dumper

    Decent fishing - not great. 4 on board got 10 YT, 3 dodo's & 5 YFT. Water was sloppy with wind chop and mixed 3' & 6' swell and varied in temp 65.5 to 67.2. Weather got better on the way in as we got close to the islands. Headed out again tomorrow night.
  259. Bottom Line

    WOW! Lightning & thunder!

    Major lightning & thunder at our place in Santee - Lightning just struck a nearby hill & it's blazing!
  260. Bottom Line

    Offshore Why I take days off in the middle of the week

    31.40 117.19 = about 59 miles south.
  261. Bottom Line

    Brief safe

    Figure this is a good place to store your valuables on a long range trip. I make my own, so I probably wouldn't buy these....
  262. Bottom Line

    Leaning post

    36" wide x 18" deep - height is adjustable - needs new upholstery - $100 OBO. Pick up in Santee, Ca. SOLD!
  263. Bottom Line

    Whaler guys....

    Not sure how this happens...
  264. Bottom Line


    I have a leaning post I want to sell but when I get to the "Terms of use" page there is no "I accept"...only "I decline". How in the hell do I go about posting in the classifieds?
  265. Bottom Line

    EBBCO boat in close

    Spent last week at Silver Strand in the RV - Deb got a series of shots of the Rival up REAL tight to the beach looking for sardines. This is not an optical illusion, they were this close!
  266. Bottom Line

    Hot down south!

    Damned hot in BoLA!
  267. Bottom Line

    Getting ready

    Headed down to Jason's in a bit to ready the boat - probably launch around 10:00 pm - never was able to find a 5th person, so the 4 of us it is! Zarco on 72.
  268. Bottom Line

    Mexican weather girls

    Damn...Karla Luna is hot! 10 chicas del clima mexicanas que aumentan la temperatura - El Universal - El Grfico
  269. Bottom Line

    We are out

    BoLA bound right now. I'll try to post some info while I'm there.
  270. Bottom Line

    It won't be long now folks

  271. Bottom Line

    Lost Saluki is found

    Animal shelter seeks owner of Saudi Arabian Saluki
  272. Bottom Line

    Offshore Maiden voyage for the Zarco

    We loaded up Jason's 26' Blackman and headed south Friday night for the maiden voyage - onboard were Jason (Zarco), his 15 year old son Anthony and Jason (LEEDOG). Our target was the upper finger - I was questioning our decision to head out as we were in sloppy water and a south wind as we...
  273. Bottom Line

    Shameless Nicaragua plug

    This is my buddies place - check it out if you're planning a trip down that way. Palermo Hotel and Resort at Villas De Palermo - Nicaragua hotel, san juan del sur hotel, Nicaragua resort, Nicaragua rental, Nicaragua lodging, san juan del sur lodging, san juan del sur rental, san juan del sur...
  274. Bottom Line

    Jason is a real plumber!

    Snapped these beauties yesterday during the sea trial of Jason's Blackman.
  275. Bottom Line

    John Hillstrand

    My buddy was cruising through the Catamaran Hotel this weekend and as luck would have it wound up in the lounge - met up with Jonathan Hillstrand from the "Time Bandit" and proceeded to BS and down a few. That is all...
  276. Bottom Line

    Luci goes under the knife

    Our Queensland Heeler Luci went in for ACL surgery on Thursday - for $3,500 she had a titanium plate installed and 2 tendons reattached. Here's some pics of her happily gnawing on a bull's dick.
  277. Bottom Line

    In need of a VHF antenna

    I need an antenna for the VHF at our place in BoLA - does not need to be fancy! Everyone down there communicates via VHF since there isn't phone service. I'm sure someone in the San Diego area has an old POS antenna laying around their garage.
  278. Bottom Line

    Mex fishing license online - update

    As most of you know there has been some problems with the online purchase of Mex licenses. I finally have a copy of my fishing license that was e-mailed to me today by Hector Higuera from the tourism dept. He has mailed the original to my home address. Hector says the website is still...
  279. Bottom Line

    Progress update on Jason's 26' Blackman

    Today a milestone was reached. Jason (Zarco) and Jason (LEEDOG) have worked countless hours replacing all plumbing & wiring and today the engine and outdrive was ready to be installed - I showed up to document the process. The engine fired right up...If all goes as planned this vessel may be...
  280. Bottom Line

    The boat is home

    And got the A/C installed, fixed the water leak in the trailer and got the generator setup in the shed - good to get everything in place so all we have to do is pack clothes & gear for the next trip this summer. Here's a few random pics from our trip earlier in the month. This was a work trip...
  281. Bottom Line

    PLK 5/25

    Been working on the boat and decided to to do a shakedown trip even with this wicked cold that has had me down for the last 3 days. We worked from the point down to the green tank tossing cranks at the edge of the kelp and into the alleys - Rich caught most of the fish as I opted to position the...
  282. Bottom Line

    I want to see pics of the 65 lb WSB!

    Heard of a toad WSB at I.B. today - I want to see the pics....
  283. Bottom Line

    BD at the races

    The modified made it up to Barona last Sat night - finished 3rd in a 15 car field - check out the Brand H graphics!
  284. Bottom Line

    BoLA bound

    Headed down to our place Sunday morning - sure have an assload of work to do this week...I'm pretty sure the boat is ready for it's new home - spent about $500 and many, many hours getting it in shape. We'll be down there from the 3rd to the 13th so if you're down that way stop by and visit - we...
  285. Bottom Line

    VHF Antenna mount?

    Just about got the Invader ready for it's trip south - had it out doing a field test and noticed the damn antenna mount is cracked - it's one of those crappy plastic ones. Does anybody have one taking up space? I figured I'd ask here before I do the trip to Worst Marine.
  286. Bottom Line

    Anybody interested?

    I bought this boat new in 1989 - it is a Sunbird 173. I fished it for 9 years and upgraded. The boat is an excellent kelp/islands boat and has fished the 302/371/425 countless times. Is is setup with a Kodiak 22 gal bait system, Todd swingback seat and has a 1994 100 HP Evinrude. The...
  287. Bottom Line

    Garmin GPSMAP 178C

    Does anyone have one of these? One came with the boat we picked up last month and I just installed it on my boat. It is virtually new with only 28 miles total trip time and has the socal/mex Bluechart card. I was just wanting to hear from someone that has had one for a while.
  288. Bottom Line

    Vicodin is my friend

    Was doing some custom metal work yesterday and had a run in with my chop saw - basically smashed my left hand fingers - broke the middle one and have stitches through the cuticle in an effort to retain the fingernail. Orthopedic surgeon is my next stop. Just when I have so much boat work...
  289. Bottom Line

    The project begins

    Just went with Jason (Zarco) to get his new boat - snapped these pics at my place. Jason has all the running gear and should be able to have this on the water for tuna season.
  290. Bottom Line

    Yakkers in the water

    Went bugging in the bay last night - a bit windy at sundown and then got nice - I noticed a couple yakkers working just south of me but I was busy setting nets and bs'ing with Jason - a while later the wind picked up in a big way - whitecaps and totally uncomfortable...we heard someone yell but...
  291. Bottom Line

    Now here is something unique!

    Unique Cave Home over 15,000 sf. Beautiful setting - eBay (item 330306913609 end time Mar-11-09 18:19:49 PDT)
  292. Bottom Line

    Anybody missing this?

  293. Bottom Line

    Hank Aaron once again the King? - Report: MLB Chief Might Reinstate Hank Aaron as Home Run King, Suspend Alex Rodriguez - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
  294. Bottom Line

    Mercury Mechanic needed

    I have a 75 HP Merc 2-stroke that needs the tilt tube replaced. We did everything we knew to remove the steering cable but it was frozen in the tube - wound up cutting the cable and got it removed from the boat but the piece is still stuck in the tilt tube. I just need a new tilt tube...
  295. Bottom Line

    Another boat in the family

    I just went with my brother and towed this nice-ass boat home for him. We are currently cleaning it up and charging the batteries. It's soon headed to our place in BoLA where it will live out the rest of it's days. Sure is gonna be nice to not have to tow a boat down every time! Price was...
  296. Bottom Line

    DFG rule that I wasn't aware of

    I was talking to the F&G folks at the SI launch ramp while I was waiting for my bugging partner to show up Thurs afternoon. Discussed several things but one thing that I didn't know was that Ca. regulations now apply to fish being brought back from Mex. No BSB & undersize Lingcod, etc. The DFG...
  297. Bottom Line

    Happy bug man

    I believe Troy is a happy guy!
  298. Bottom Line

    Lost a net

    Well I guess it was finally my turn to lose a net last night - SD Bay. Standard commercial float with 2 yellow reflective bands - "Bottom Line" & e-mail addy on buoy in faded blue Sharpie - cheapo purple/blue glowstick on buoy.
  299. Bottom Line

    Boarded by Coast Guard

    The Coasties came by while were hooping last night to do an inspection. A young guy & gal that neither couldn't have been any older than 24. They were VERY professional/courteous. We asked about their boat (RIB) with the (3) 275 HP outboards - the guy says it tops out around 80 knots - damn...
  300. Bottom Line

    Decent night

    Just got in - Jason (zarco) & I finished up at 10:00 pm - met up with a couple old friends and shot the shit for a bit. Good night and decent quality bugs - tossed a couple back also.
  301. Bottom Line

    So tell us whatcha caught Arnie

    Rumor has it that Arnie (AFry) had an unusual catch last night - do tell Arnie!
  302. Bottom Line

    Ford, Navistar to go their separate ways

    From Automotive News. This could mean a new engine for the Super Duty as early as the 2010 models released this fall. Rumors say Ford is already working on an in-house 6.7L V8 diesel for the F-Series Super Duty line. Ford, Navistar settle engine dispute, end contract Engine maker will...
  303. Bottom Line


    A young strong fellow/babe with a shellfish allergy to pull nets.:rofl:
  304. Bottom Line

    Pricey bluefin - Premium Tuna Fetches Over $100,000 at Auction - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News
  305. Bottom Line


    It's been many years since a sculpin got me - last night was not so lucky for me. I was removing one from a net with needle-nose pliers and it flipped just right and sunk a spine into the middle joint on my right hand middle finger. After enduring pain for about 45 minutes we headed in to Arnie...
  306. Bottom Line

    Sorry Rudolph

    I think Sarah's hot...
  307. Bottom Line

    OK, who was it..

    That lost a bait tube on the way to the launch ramp today? Suspicious package creates traffic nightmare near airport
  308. Bottom Line

    Finishing up a tough year

    One more wake-up and no more work 'til Jan 5th! Oh yeah...they are ALL paid days... The bad: This has probably been the toughest year of my life with a chronic health issue that has plagued my mobility and had me in pain enough to to affect my attitude in a most negative way. After many...
  309. Bottom Line

    2009 Sportfishing Calendar

    I just got mine and it has an awesome shot of Corb with a nice Thetis yellowtail - also David Choate has a full page with a Seeker stuff!
  310. Bottom Line

    So I've ben working out and

    asked Deb to get a pic of me - NO, I'm not Brandon's new avatar!
  311. Bottom Line

    A gallon of gas for less than a buck?

    Damn, seems hard to imagine... - Oil to Plunge Below $25 Next Year, Merrill Lynch Says - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
  312. Bottom Line

    Patriot is for sale

    Damn! This boat was always loads of fun - I remember when they loaded it up with "dancers" from the local clubs and headed out to meet the fleet returning from Hawaii - they didn't do their research though - the trip from Hawaii was a family trip and quite a few folks were offended. They used...
  313. Bottom Line

    How I cut bugs

    I realize that most of you that go hooping regularly know this but I'm thinking that new folks may find this of use. The following series of pics shows how I cut/clean my bug catch. The first thing is to icewater down my catch - it takes the frisky out of them in about 10 minutes and makes it...
  314. Bottom Line

    Jason kills it...

    He got his PB bug - 7 lbs - even got a smile out of him! The mission was to get him some bugs for a family get together tomorrow - we set the gear just before sunset and finished up nice limits by 10:00 pm. Jerod & Arnie were great company tonight also!
  315. Bottom Line

    It's overcast & cold today

    Just put the boat away from bugging Thurs & Friday - cold this morning, no sun. Work has me real busy this time of year so even though I have plenty of vacation time on the books, I can't take it. In times like these I go to this webcam and daydream. I'm hoping to be there soon...This webcam...
  316. Bottom Line

    Birthday beer!

    Well today I turned 58, didn't plan it - it just happened. A couple friends stopped by and dropped off gifts today - one was a case of Newcastle Brown Ale and the other was an interesting case of beer consisting of a 6 pack each of Steinlager, Fat Tire, Stone pale Ale & Leinenkugel Summer Wheat...
  317. Bottom Line

    Zarco & the bugs

    Took my buddy Jason (Zarco) out for an evening bug session. Good night to be out hooping - easy limits by 8:30pm
  318. Bottom Line

    Titans at Bears

    I think it's time to have no unbeaten teams in the league. Bears 24 - Titans 17
  319. Bottom Line

    Lobster sex

    I've noticed that virtually ALL of the bugs we've gotten so far this season are female, in fact I believe there has only been 2 keeper male lobster on my boat so far and both of these were small. Anyone else pay attention to the sex of their bugs? In past seasons virtually all of the large...
  320. Bottom Line

    Paying dues night

    Took Jason (Zarco) out last night and worked our butts off for 7 legals. I suppose it was time for us to be humbled. No matter how much I think I know, there are ALWAYS lessons to be learned in fishing & elsewhere in life. Nevertheless, a beautiful/fun night on the water with a good bud.
  321. Bottom Line

    Deb loves Halloween

    My wife Deb absolutely loves hallowen and does a different theme each year - this year it's scarecrows (sorta).
  322. Bottom Line

    What's happening with Diamond Jim?

    The guy was a regular and I enjoyed his posts but haven't seen anything from him in a while - anyone know what's up?
  323. Bottom Line

    I love my Flip friends!

    So I take my lobster bodies over to my friend Amor's. She is extremely happy to get them and says "I don't understand why you always give me the best part of lobster" - I said no problem! As I was leaving she says "hey, you want some lumpia"? Hell yes I say! She hooks me up with 3 different...
  324. Bottom Line

    Went buggin'

    Caught some
  325. Bottom Line

    And I have to work...

    A few folks left yesterday and my bro & I were supposed to be going also. This is a really busy end of the year for me at work and there was no way to make it...DAMN! The webcam is about 3 miles from our place. gecko
  326. Bottom Line


    The evening started off well...ending was even better. This shot was taken fairly early in the evening - I didn't get a shot of the fatties we added later - you'll just have to take my word for it. Tried a new spot in the vicinity of Point Loma - damn, those commercial traps are a minefield at...
  327. Bottom Line

    Just filled the tow vehicle up

    at Costco - $2.61/gal...about time. Crude dropped again today despite Venezuela & Iran trying to get OPEC to cut production...
  328. Bottom Line

    Need young strong guy to pull hoops

    Yep, sounds gay but I want to hoop tonight and need a puller. This is not something that most old farts are capable of - I will be working deep water and launching from SD bay - PM me if you wanna go.
  329. Bottom Line

    GM & Chrysler to merge? Ford Done?

    Things are a changin' > News > AP News
  330. Bottom Line

    Need a TV repair person!

    We have a 60" rear projection Phillips unit that has the color convergence out. This happened during a power outage. I've checked online and pretty sure I know what the problem is except that I lack the skills to do it myself. The fix involves removing a board and removing the 3 IC chips that...
  331. Bottom Line

    Headed to the bay soon

    Well, no luck in finding anyone that wanted to go so I'm headed out solo - Gonna fish around the bay and hoop this evening - looks like an easy incoming tide from 6:00 pm til midnight. See you on the water - I MAY have my radio on - Bottom Line on 72
  332. Bottom Line

    SD bay Hali

    My friend Amor got this 34 lb halibut in SD bay on Monday - her personal best! I think I'm going bay fishing tomorrow...
  333. Bottom Line

    Chargers at Raiders?

    Nobody is watching this or what? Cuda? Hotrod? anybody?
  334. Bottom Line

    Who wants to join me fishing inshore tomorrow?

    Well after reading todays offshore reports I've decided to just fish local - after all, the boat is hooked up & ready to go and I have the day off work! Anybody care to join me? This is gonna be a real cheap trip - bait, maybe 10 gallons of fuel and a 12 pack of beer...
  335. Bottom Line

    Heading out Friday - need one brave soul!

    I plan to fish south Friday and would like to find someone to share costs with. This person will need to have a valid Mex license, bring no more than 3 bait rods (I have trollers) and travel light since my boat is extremely limited on storage - Plan is to work the upper finger bank - I'm...
  336. Bottom Line

    Sunday Trifecta?

    Well, 2.5 out of 3 is OK by me... 1) Raider win - check 2) Earnhardt Jr. win - Top 5 will sorta work - semi-check 3) Charger loss - check - I'll take it but the Chargers got robbed in a big way. The smart/lucky folks went fishing today...sniff, I couldn't make it..
  337. Bottom Line

    Boats for!

    Damn, I imagine some very nice boats are sitting on the bottom. Hurricane Ike sure tore the place up.
  338. Bottom Line

    Offshore We sure tried hard

    Launched at SI around 6:15 am - plan was to work the north 9 and surrounding areas which is exactly what we did. No fish until we found the dolphins - our bait was terrible today so we couldn't get anything to go - trolled rapalas (CD-14's in sardine pattern) next to and in front of the pods and...
  339. Bottom Line

    Offshore Big fish at MAW

    Here is a shot of the 41 lb 1 oz albie that took big fish honors/prizes at the Make A Wish (MAW) tourney this past Sat.
  340. Bottom Line

    1st place in MAW

    My friend & fishing buddy Richard Negron just called me from the MAW awards to let me know that his 41 lb albacore was good for 1st place! Way to go Richard!
  341. Bottom Line

    I want to fish tomorrow

    This is very rare that I find myself without a fishing partner but I really want to fish yellowfin tomorrow. The plan is to launch around 10:00 am or so from SI, get a half scoop of bait and work the 9 mile. We will be fishing from my 17' Invader with a 90 Yamaha so the fuel costs shouldn't...
  342. Bottom Line

    Offshore A gentleman's trip

    Launched around 11:30am - took off for the north 9 - got our 1st fish around 12:45 - no dolphins, just breaking fish on tern birds. We got 9 in the boat by 2:00pm and called it a day - there is a LOT of tuna there! The fish eagerly take Rapala CD-14's in the sardine pattern. We trolled up to a...
  343. Bottom Line

    Animated weather map

    wxloop wv_east_enhanced 12
  344. Bottom Line

    They're stacking them up.

    I work right at SD bay and have been noticing that the 2 piers by our place are starting to get loaded up with lobster traps...almost time folks!
  345. Bottom Line

    Offshore Jason's first dodo

    We left SI around 3:45am and set a course for the 182 - arrived just at the earliest gray light and spotted a paddy - I figured we wer golden but after working it for an hour we moved on - found another not far off and Jason got his first ever dodo and a fairly good one at that. Caught one...
  346. Bottom Line

    What a yacht!

    PRINCESS MARIANA - Luxury Motor Yacht This yacht is currently in San Diego and is moored near the Star of India. It's worth checking out if you're near the area. I did a search and it's owned by the current richest guy on the planet - He owns the Mexican cell phone business. Oh yeah, it's...
  347. Bottom Line

    Offshore Somewhat of a tough day

    Waiting in the long ass bait line was tough, getting kinda beat up all day in the less than ideal conditions was tough also - but the fish didn't care and sacrificed themselves well. 5 or 6 quality tails to 16 to 31 lbs countless micro-dodes and about 10 or so we kept for the 3 of us. We...
  348. Bottom Line

    Heading out tomorrow 8/7

    Got a crew together and heading out in the AM.. Bottom Line on 72
  349. Bottom Line

    How real men catch a marlin

    YouTube - The REAL Helicopter Fishing clip
  350. Bottom Line

    Offshore Quick report for Saturday

    Took my friends Rich & Keith for an excursion. Launched at 3:45am Sat from S.I. - headed to the 371, picked up one small albacore before the place got too crowded for me - decision was made to head south - we wound up about 5 miles southwest of the 425 and Rich got these 2 beauties on a paddy...
  351. Bottom Line

    Damn! This is harsh! > News > Metro -- Man killed by Harbor Police after fight on boat <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=462 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD rowSpan=2></TD><TD> <!---- BEGIN STORY TITLE ------>Man killed by Harbor Police after fight on boat<!---- END STORY TITLE...
  352. Bottom Line

    Anyone we know?

    Newsblog | Disabled fishing boat gets help July 19, 2008 <!---------- <table align="right" width=140><tr><td><TABLE WIDTH=140 CELLSPACING=1><TR><TD BGCOLOR="#000066" ALIGN="center">Recent Entries</TD></TR><TR><TD ALIGN="center"></TD></TR></TABLE> Body found in river SEDC boss: "I know...
  353. Bottom Line

    10 speed parts

    Son's 10 speed took a dump and could use a few parts - mostly gear related bits and a chain - anyone got any old 10 speeds laying around they want to part with?
  354. Bottom Line

    The mother of all sculpin

    My brother picked up this monster sculpin a few days ago in Mex...
  355. Bottom Line

    2 more days

    I tried without success to find someone to join us but it appears to be just my bro Cliff & me. We will be at Gecko Saturday the 28th through Friday July 5th. Bottom Line on ch 72. PM If anyone wants to go...
  356. Bottom Line

    This can't be good.

    The Gulf's Growing 'Dead Zone' - TIME
  357. Bottom Line

    Offshore Damn it...

    30 miles south, asses kicked & gonna have to buy fish...
  358. Bottom Line

    Kick ass night at Barona Raceway

    We kicked ass at Barona again this past Sat - this is our 2nd win in a row - we won't get 3 though since we are fishing the YT Shootout on the 21st. It was really cool when Rich was giving his victory speech and as he was calling out his sponsors, a fairly substantial roar was heard from the...
  359. Bottom Line

    Who wants to go to BoLA?

    My brother Cliff & I are headed to BoLA on the 28th of the month and the couple guys that were going to go bailed. The main problem is that I don't trust my tow vehicle and don't have the $$ to replace the front track bar before we go. Cliff bought the place at Gecko that was for sale here and...
  360. Bottom Line

    No respect!

    I open an adult beverage and head for the patio secure in the knowledge that I'm gonna relax in my favorite chair...well Bobby the fat cat wasn't having any of it....yep, I headed to another spot....
  361. Bottom Line

    Rich & the calico's

    We decided to fish to celebrate our win at Barona last Sat... Calico fishing was very good - probably 50 or so fish for a 5 hour session - all fish on crankbaits & all but 7 were released. Here's a couple shots of Rich (Modified Rich on BD) showing off...
  362. Bottom Line

    The end of the world?

    Just busted my dog & cat making out...
  363. Bottom Line

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    My brother Cliff & I are thinking we're probably going to be heading down to BoLA within the next 3 weeks to check out the place he bought. I was just checking the wind there and crap, it's gusting to 45 right now! No place is fun in that kind of wind.... gecko
  364. Bottom Line

    HJ & the calico's

    Some of you may have seen my post about wanting to get out but the kid had my tow vehicle....well John showed up with a tow vehicle and off we went - got on the water just after noon - had a blast! At least a 50 fish day - nothing big, just plenty of them. There's even a "Vince" shot of me with...
  365. Bottom Line

    Damn it!

    Damn it! I was just out sitting on the patio at work staring at the bay – the conditions are perfect for a kelp bed calico trip. I was psyching myself up to take a half day off and then realized the kid has my tow vehicle! Crap! Anyone want to cruise out to Santee and tow my boat to Shelter...
  366. Bottom Line

    Cali's on crank

    My bro Dave is visiting from Havasu so we decided to head out to toss cranks at the bass - weather was sorta crappy and SST was around 60 - sorta cold for the action we were after but I had a bag of TJW's just in case...we really had to work for the 25 or so fish we got but it was a blast...
  367. Bottom Line

    It is finally time!

    Due to personal issues and Tommy having a supply of excellent eats, I haven't taken my boat out this year...I know, I know! I did clean it out well and have started it every 2-3 weeks since the last time we went buggin'. Well my bro is in town from Havasu and wants to stick some calico's - no...
  368. Bottom Line

    I wonder what effect this will have... - Homeland Security to Unveil Plan to Guard Against Small Boat Attacks - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum Homeland Security to Unveil Plan to Guard Against Small Boat Attacks WASHINGTON — As boating season approaches, the Bush administration...
  369. Bottom Line

    BD racecar is running tonight...

    We will heading up to Barona Speedway to race the #22 alcohol modified tonight. We have put a lot of work into prep and hopefully our bad luck streak is over! C'mon up and check out the races - it's cheap ($10) and it's a BYOB and BBQ type of place. Barona Speedway 1/4 mile Dirt Track Racing
  370. Bottom Line

    OK...who is it...

    pranew fragirtor
  371. Bottom Line

    Brian and his race car

    We spent yesterday getting Brian's mini-dwarf race car build underway. Spent a couple hours laying it out in chalk on the driveway and started the build. The team: Rich - weldor & general fab Sam - planner & general fab Nate - general fab Chris - Brian's dad & general fab Brian - the boss &...
  372. Bottom Line

    Deb's b-day....burp!

    Deb's b-day so I stopped by to see Tommy for some goodies. No bacon either....
  373. Bottom Line

    Free Danforth style anchor

    This was used on my buddies 23' deck boat - it is like new. Pickup in Santee
  374. Bottom Line

    Big boat down in AK > News > Nation -- Coast Guard: 4 dead, 1 missing, 42 rescued from sinking fishing boat off Alaska > News > Nation -- Coast Guard: 4 dead, 1 missing, 42 rescued from sinking fishing boat off Alaska coast
  375. Bottom Line

    Elder down

    I get a call yesterday afternoon from my brother who lives with my 81 year old mother in La Mesa..."Hey bro, Mom fell out of bed last night and I can't get her up" How long has she been laying there, I ask. "About 20 hours". WTF?! I proceeded to ream his ass for not calling me sooner and had him...
  376. Bottom Line

    A not so good raceday

    The good news is after a lot of setup changes we nailed it for the track in Imperial Valley - this is a 1/2 mile fast ass track with top competitors making the show. We started 5th in our heat race and within 2 laps were in a pack of 3 cars that was leaving the field - we were just in the...
  377. Bottom Line

    Heading out!

    All packed up and leaving for Truckhaven Hills near the Salton sea for our annual TDS Desert Safari get-together. Save me some fish & bugs! Steve on CB ch5
  378. Bottom Line

    New racecar fabrication forum!

    For all you racecar fabricators and wannabe's, we have started a new forum dedicated to circle track racing fabrication and moderated by yours truly... Check it out at Circle Track Tech
  379. Bottom Line

    You pick a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

    Well, we qualified 9th in a field of 24 cars - track was the muddiest. stickyest we'd ever seen...after MAJOR setup changes to accommodate the track conditions we headed out in the 3rd spot in the first 10 lap heat race - by lap 5 we were contesting for the lead and as we exited turn 4 something...
  380. Bottom Line

    Racecar gets a 'hoo!

    We've been getting the car ready for the first race of the season this weekend - added some finishing touches tonight before heading to Perris tomorrow for a Friday & Saturday show!
  381. Bottom Line

    Bill finally scores on the AA

    My buddy Bill Salyer has been frustrated for a few years on his long range adventures - seems like every trip he went on was the "bad" one. Well he is currently on the AA's last trip of the season (14.5 day) and scored him a gorilla. Looks like I'll be cleaning fish next week.... American...
  382. Bottom Line

    Bad day

    glumbert for the wii
  383. Bottom Line

    There must be truckloads of $$ in Africa

    Because I get about one of these "offers" every week... CONFIDENTIAL PROPOSAL FROM. MR buhari zongo THE CHIEF AUDITOR INCHARGE, AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (ADB). OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA FASO. WEST AFRICA. My Good Friend, How are you doing together with your family? I guessed all is well. My...
  384. Bottom Line

    So Arnie stops by

    Arnie came by today to get some salmon heads on his way to hoopin' - got a couple pics of his cool new ride!
  385. Bottom Line

    Free salmon heads

  386. Bottom Line

    Super Bowl food

    Just put the ribs on for a slooowww (2 + hours) cook. Got some monster shrimp that are being wrapped with New Mexico peppers....lot's of other stuff too! Cases of beer (Stone & Newcastle), Captain Morgan and Gray's going to be a great afternoon.
  387. Bottom Line

    My cube at the factory

    Took these shots of my work area yesterday....kinda boring, I suppose.. I'm sure somebody has some cool shots of where they spend their day..
  388. Bottom Line

    More crazy Jeep stuff from the iceland crew

    This is some crazy video from their CD - these guys definately have balls of freakin' steel!
  389. Bottom Line

    What's in the fridge?

    OK I'm bored and took a shot of the garage fridge - looks like Corona, Molson Canadian, Sierra nevada, Sam Adams, Newcastle and a few Salvadoran San Lucas beers...
  390. Bottom Line

    This guy is a STUD

    Damn, he really wanted to play real bad - enough to take a chance at totally ruining his knee. > San Diego Chargers -- Rivers played on knee with ACL 'totally gone'
  391. Bottom Line

    Speaking of jobs

    The following employment opportunities are available at Solar Turbines Incorporated, a World Leader in Designing, Manufacturing and Servicing Industrial Gas Turbine Power System Solutions for the Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industries. Solar Turbines is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Solar...
  392. Bottom Line

    Gonna be real cold in New England

    Just checked the weather for this weekend in Boston. Looks like the Chargers better bring their woolies! Gillette Stadium (National Football League Weather) : Weather Underground
  393. Bottom Line


    My neighbor (Modified Rich) & I fished Poway yesterday - saw Kevan cruising around also. Kastmasters & Thomas Bouyants did the trick.
  394. Bottom Line

    Christmas $$ & stuff

    Been working evenings with a couple friends to get this wrought iron railing done for this weekend. Threw in a couple other pics of stuff going on as well...enjoy!
  395. Bottom Line


    Picked up a couple lbs of Opah from Tommy today. I've never had opah before and had no clue how to prepare it so I went with a standard finin' method - Cut it into 3 pieces (it was a large great cut) and put it in a bag with olive oil, a little season salt & garlic powder. These were thick...
  396. Bottom Line

    Ceramic insert

    I have an old Penn rod that has a missing ceramic inset in one of the guides - is there a way to replace the insert without replacing the guide? Is there anyone in the SD area that can do this?
  397. Bottom Line

    Baja 1000 stuff

    Here's a couple of the contingency gals in Ensenada...check out my home boy on the left checkin' 'em out!
  398. Bottom Line

    Solar Turbines is hiring

    As the price of fuel increases the search for oil intensifies and the demand for our products is at an all time high. Solar has job openings across the board.
  399. Bottom Line

    Cool discovery

    I was helping Deb put away the Halloween stuff this morning and quite a bit of rearrangement was required to fit the stuff in the rafters above the garage...during this process we wound up inspecting the containers that have been up there for years. One plastic container was very heavy and...
  400. Bottom Line

    Need a couple 17" CRT monitors

    Both of my kids monitors died and I'm not ready to lay out the $$ for LCD's (and neither are they apparently!). Anyone got any laying around taking up space? I used to have a few of them but got tired of them being in the way so off to the recycle center they went.
  401. Bottom Line

    Expensive homes sliding away

    Seems like the earth is shifting atop Mount Soledad.... | The San Diego Union-Tribune | San Diego news, California and national news
  402. Bottom Line

    Working weekend

    I teamed up with my buddy Quinn and we fabbed up this cusom Jeep rollcage this weekend - this was a fun project since the frame & aluminum body are new. Had to do some cutting, fabbing & welding on the tub floor to fit the drivetrain. Did the custom bumper/tire carrier as well...
  403. Bottom Line

    Sign of the times?

    Where have all the hunters gone? -
  404. Bottom Line


    Kinda looks like Arnie on a bad night...... - Texas Woman Claims to Have Found Mythical 'Chupacabra' - Science News | Current Articles
  405. Bottom Line


    Headed down to the Condor for an overnighter - leaving in a few...
  406. Bottom Line

    Ok - who was it?

    Around 5:00 am this morning on I-8 west near 70th street exit a boat came loose from the tow vehicle - it appeared to be about a 20' CC.
  407. Bottom Line

    It was soooo good yesterday so I'm doing it again!

    I had planned to head offshore today but reliable info has the fish just out of my range so we decided to do the inshore thing again. We will be targeting calicos around Point Loma. "Bottom Line" on 72
  408. Bottom Line

    WFO Calico's today

    Cleared the point around Noon and had action throughout the whole day - fish were foaming on bait balls. The two of us easily caught over 100 fish. Here's a few pics...
  409. Bottom Line

    Who is this?

    I figure there is a reasonable chance that someone on here knows this person. San Diego Metro News | -- Kayaker found boatless on beach near Sunset Cliffs after night at sea
  410. Bottom Line

    Offshore 3 for 7 - we suck!

    In less than ideal conditions we managed to put 3 nice albies in the box out of the 7 we hooked. hooked 3 bait fish with 2 coming unbuttoned - lost one jig fish at the gaff and another with fouled lines during a double jig strike. The sea conditions were real tough in a 17' boat. We fished 2...
  411. Bottom Line

    Fish ID

    Buddy caught this in LA Bay last week - anyone know what it is?
  412. Bottom Line

    Local checkers trip

    Since I can't head offshore today we decided to hit the PL kelp - should launch from SI around 10 to 11ish this morning. Bottom Line on 72.
  413. Bottom Line

    Offshore Condor report 6/25

    Just got in from an overnighter on the Condor - 12 of us on a 90' boat got 40 albacore to 27 lbs and 2 yellowtail. We had the high count for the one day boats. There was plenty of fishing room! Weather was pretty crappy heading out last night and continued windy through the morning with about...
  414. Bottom Line

    Just got the call!

    Leaving on the Condor tonight to fish the longfins/BFT's!
  415. Bottom Line

    RIP Stewart

    My wifes brother Stewart passed away this morning - fucking prostate cancer. The Canadian doctors gave him 6 months to live....5 years ago! We got him setup with an experimental treatment here in San Diego that gave him 2+ years of quality life which was a real blessing. We are making...
  416. Bottom Line

    BD & Noah's at the track

    Took the car to the track to get some testing time in - a few issues (tossed a driveshaft & melted the HEI coil) but all is well for it's debut on the 16th.
  417. Bottom Line

    Offshore Condor report

    Buddy just got me on the Nextel - He just got in from a 2.5 day on the Condor - boat catch was 7 bluefin to 35 lbs and 64 YT. Jackpot fish (35 lb BFT) was caught by a female angler on 20 lb. I'm headed to his place right now to get me a chunk of bluefin for dinner tonight.
  418. Bottom Line

    What I've been up to

    As some of you know I do custom metal work as a hobby. Lately I've been helping my neighbor convert an asphalt car to a dirt track one (alcohol modified). There were quite a few modifications that needed to be done but I won't bore you with the details - the main item was to remove the 16 gallon...
  419. Bottom Line

    6 pack charters in San Diego?

    A guy at work has business associates in town in a couple weeks and they want to go fishing. Anyone got a hookup or can recommend an operation? This would be for a mid-week 3/4 or full day trip.
  420. Bottom Line

    I feel a half day coming on

    Well I've had all of this work stuff I can handle - headed home RIGHT NOW to hook up the boat and fish the checkers off Pt. Loma. Bottom Line on 72
  421. Bottom Line

    Fun calico day

    Left work early and hit the Point loma kelp for some good to better calico fishing. We probably caught 50+ fish - kept some and released most. Spotted Hooookup & Smudge in Jerod's sweet new Triumph CC and stopped by to say hi - looked like they were catching just fine as well. Here's a couple...
  422. Bottom Line

    Screw it! I'm going fishing..

    Both of the guys that were supposed to show up at my place today to do various projects have bailed on me so I'm gonna hook the boat up and head out to PL kelp solo. Plan on fishing (hopefully topwater) for Calicos - Probably only fish til 2:30 or so. I've obviously got a spot for someone to go...
  423. Bottom Line

    150 people on a 25' boat?

    Crazy shit indeed. Boat flips in shark-infested water; dozens missing -
  424. Bottom Line

    4-25 LJ report

    Hit LJ early today with Arnie - it was a really nice day to be on the water but the fishing was not good for us. The upside is that I got to cruise in Arnie's Sea Cat and we did manage a few Calico's.
  425. Bottom Line


    It was yummy!
  426. Bottom Line

    Boat work day tomorrow!

    Got a few guys coming over to do boat work at my place in Santee tomorrow - gotta do a water pump & thermostats on a Johnson 100 and may get to removing the leg on my Yammy 90 and replacing the top gearbox seals under the water pump. Should be lot's of suds and probably something on the grill so...
  427. Bottom Line

    Saturday was a working day

    My bro Cliff is semi-disabled and finds it tough to manhandle his yak from on top of his Cherokee so I had this old rusty trailer around that I took the good parts from and whipped him out a custom yak trailer. Between him & I we have two yaks a 16' tandem and an 11' single. I made the trailer...
  428. Bottom Line


    Anyone see the very thick fog bank coming in? It was coming over Coronado and was hitting downtown as I was leaving work at 2:30 - this is the really thick stuff, so if you're going out tonight either watch your radar or stay home if you don't have one!
  429. Bottom Line

    Wouldn't ya know...

    Going buggin' tonight, Deb gets everything ready at home for me...I get home and go get the boat..and then the call comes....sorry dude, I can't make it tonight...Grrrr, crap, damn it! I wanted to bug tonight...oh well, I suppose everything is ready to go tomorrow!
  430. Bottom Line

    Headed east for the weekend

    Took the family & Jeep to the desert for the weekend - went to a place close to the Salton Sea called Truckhaven Hills. We'll be back to buggin' next week and may just call the season good - really want to get out for some rockfish and this buggin' addiction is ruining my weekends! Here's a...
  431. Bottom Line

    Who remembers when...

    Berkeley stuff was the lowest quality crap that pretty much only K-Mart carried? I didn't have a lot of $$ as a kid (still don't actually) and all I could afford was the cheapie stuff at K-Mart...Trilene line & an assorment of the worst terminal tackle fishing buddies made fun of me...
  432. Bottom Line

    SD - 21 bug salute!

    We had an awesome buggin' night - limits with quite a few fatties. Here's Steve & Jim crawlin' with 'em!
  433. Bottom Line

    Addicted to buggin'

    I didn't intend to get addicted to buggin' - most seasons we work til the weather gets cold and call it good. This season we've gone at least once a week since the season began. I like lobster but really don't eat it very often (maybe 7 times since the season began). My friends & neighbors...
  434. Bottom Line

    Windy bug evening on the bay

    Decided to take today off after buggin' last night - got my buddy Terry out on SD bay with me on a windy cool night. Action was fast with 8 bugs by 7:45. It then slowed waaay down and we scratched 5 more by 11:30.
  435. Bottom Line

    Mo bugs...

    3 of us did the SD bay bug thing last night. Worked one spot for 6 bugs and moved and got 10 in the new spot - a few quality ones in the mix.
  436. Bottom Line

    New guy & visitor - SD Bay

    Took an old friend on his first buggin' trip last night - it was a slow night for us but that wasn't indicative of the fishing since others had a better catch - oh well! Here's a shot of Jim with a very nice bug and a friendly visitor that stopped by a couple times during the evening.
  437. Bottom Line

    Gonna hit the bay tonight

    Plan to launch at SI around 4:30 in search of the bugs. Bottom Line on 72.
  438. Bottom Line

    How the hell does this happen?

    Pretty weird one...
  439. Bottom Line

    Monster hermit, mini bug & octopus

    Caught these cuties last weekend while buggin....biggest damned hermit crab I've ever seen and one of the smallest bugs we've got - I'm surprised it stayed in the net. Steve managed an octopus on the plastic. Sure was an interesting evening even if the buggin' wasn't that great.
  440. Bottom Line

    Don't do this at work

    YouTube - Dude gets caught while jerking off at work!
  441. Bottom Line

    What Boston REALLY thinks about the Chargers

    I found this interesting reading - even agreed with some of it....enjoy. - Sports Coverage
  442. Bottom Line

    SD bay 1/9/06

    Short story - 7 nice bugs for us and off the water by 10:00 pm. Long story: To the ASSHAT that ran over my gear - I have a pretty good idea who you are and I'm sure I'll run into you shortly. I realize that accidents happen but you cut my gear loose and didn't even tell me! All you had to do...
  443. Bottom Line

    Long night with good friends and new friends

    Spent last night on SD bay looking for the bugs - Had my usual partner Steve and had another good friend Kenny along. It was a very slow night as most of the posts I've seen would suggest. We managed 7 good to very good (3 lb) critters. The highlight of the evening was meeting up with Arnie...
  444. Bottom Line

    Headed out again this afternoon

    My regular hoopin' buddy returned from North Carolina last night and wants to fish/hoop tonight. Looks like we'll be launching at SI around 3:00pm or so - give me a buzz on ch 72 if anyone is out and wants to BS.
  445. Bottom Line

    SD bugs - 12/28

    Went bugging with Jason (Zarco) and got a couple pretty good limits last night. Saw a couple BDers out that also had decent limits. First pic is Jason with a couple decent bugs - the last pics are of my limit taken this morning.
  446. Bottom Line

    Last night's bugs/fish

    Managed 5 bugs last night - pretty slow but the fishing was great. Here's a few shots of my neighbor Rich with the results.
  447. Bottom Line

    SD bugs again

    We worked hard and managed 12 last night - nothing really large but still a respectable catch. Caught quite a few shorts last night. Here's my buddy Steve with a couple of the crawdads and a shot of a very tired me with our catch.
  448. Bottom Line

    Anyone going bugging tonight?

    We'll be out there - looks like the weather is gonna suck with gusty winds to 30 mph after midnight forecast - hopefully we'll be all done before then! Bottom Line on 72
  449. Bottom Line

    Headed to the launch ramp right now

    Plan on hooping the bay tonight. Bottom Line on 72
  450. Bottom Line

    Ice Fishing!

    and watching the game to boot!
  451. Bottom Line

    Tough night on SD Bay

    Well after many stellar lobster trips this season we got our asses handed to us last night. We managed only 10 with a few 3 pounders as the big ones. We stayed out til 2:00 am to boot....yawn... A friend of ours (Mike) was out in his 9' inflatable kick boat and got and an easy, early limit of...
  452. Bottom Line

    Headed out again this afternoon

    We'll be launching at SI around 2:00 pm to do some bass fishing and hoop-netting tonight. Bottom Line on 72
  453. Bottom Line

    Yesterdays lunch

    I got invited to a steak lunch at work yesterday - as long as I brought the lobsters! There was 8 of us so I brought 4 tails - there was plenty for all.
  454. Bottom Line

    Striped bass?

    Did anyone read in the San Diego Union about a 22 lb striped bass that was caught at El Capitan? I wasn't aware that stripers were even in the lake.
  455. Bottom Line

    Limits of good bugs - San Diego

    Got pretty darn good limits of bugs last night - all finished by 11:00 pm. My buddy Steve likes them crawling on him...
  456. Bottom Line

    Bugs - 12-1 - San Diego

    Got limits of bugs last night, nothing spectacular sizewise though (a few of them were maybe 3 or so lbs)
  457. Bottom Line

    Headed out now

    To SD bay & vicinity for some more buggin' - Bottom Line on 72
  458. Bottom Line

    SD Bay bug report - 11/24

    Went out for a short night buggin - nothing spectacular - got 9 with several around 3lbs or so. I'd post a pic but I'm guessing y'all are pretty tired of seeing bug pics.
  459. Bottom Line

    WFO SD bay bug madness

    Title says it all - We caught limits of nice bugs with some real bigs ones in the mix. We reached limits and actually were swapping out the smaller ones on our last pull.
  460. Bottom Line

    T-day buggin' - SD bay

    Looks like we are heading out this evening for another bug session. Should be quiet out on the water tonight.
  461. Bottom Line

    History revisited

    As Deb & I were driving home from my b-day sushi dinner I spied a buggy in a driveway 2 streets up from my place. I had to stop to check it out since it sparked a memory in my sake-soaked brain.... What I discovered was a car that I built in 1977-78 to compete in the 100 yard sand drags. We...
  462. Bottom Line

    11/21 - buggin' SD bay

    We will be out harrassing the bugs on the bay tonight. Bottom Line on 72
  463. Bottom Line

    A few more SD bay bug - 11/18

    We went out for a short night and caught these 8 bugs - nothing spectacular but a good evening on the water.
  464. Bottom Line

    SD bay buggin' 11/17

    Managed 12 last night before the fog rolled in - one was a really nice one around 6 or 7 lbs. Only pulled up 3 shorts which makes it nice.
  465. Bottom Line

    Buggin' SD bay tonight

    We'll be on the water around 4:00 pm - Bottom Line on 72
  466. Bottom Line

    More SD bay bugs

    Only got 12 - nothing spectacular this trip.
  467. Bottom Line

    Lobster love - SD bay 11/03

    Wound up with 11 - all "no measure" types with one close to 4 lbs leading the pack...
  468. Bottom Line

    Watch out for these in your neighborhood

    Sent the girls out tonight to terrorize the 'hood...
  469. Bottom Line

    Hoopnet materials?

    I need to make some new hoopnets and it seems my rebar supplier has moved (JL Davison) - they were in Lakeside but I couldn't find a phone number...I dunno! Anyway, does anybody know where I can get 36" and 18" rebar circles in 1/2" diameter material?
  470. Bottom Line

    Last night's bugs

    Went to SD bay for 7 bugs last night - real nice night to be on the water.
  471. Bottom Line

    Leaving now for SD bay

    Got the hoops loaded and a bit of fishing gear on board - should be at the launch by 4:15 or so. Plan to head out to the whistler and maybe make some hoop bait. Bottom Line on 72.
  472. Bottom Line

    Damn...the Raiders may actually win a game!

    They are leading Arizona 22 to 3 as I write this. This isn't the same Arizona team that ALMOST whipped Chicago's ass last week.
  473. Bottom Line

    hoopin' SD Bay tonight 10/20

    Looks like the boat is good to go after a complete disassembly/reassembly of the carbs this morning - seems to run great now. Anyway, we'll be getting down there early (4:00 pm or so) with the hopes of making a little bait out by the whistler or bell buoy. Bottom line on 72.
  474. Bottom Line

    Huh? $600 for 2 engines?

    Gotta be a catch....but just may be a smokin' deal.. 2 225 hp mercurys
  475. Bottom Line

    American Angler

    The Angler is returning from a 10 day on this coming Wednesday (10/11) with an estimated eta of around 8:30 am. A very good friend of mine is on this trip and I usually take a half day off work to help him cut fish. This time I'm thinking of taking the whole day off and watching the boat...
  476. Bottom Line

    Hoopin' tonight

    Leaving Santee in a few minutes - headed for SI - Bottom Line on 72.
  477. Bottom Line


    This was posted on another forum by a buddy of mine - he got this shot down in Cozumel. Some guy decided, at depth, that he needed to shit, so he whipped off his gear, yanked down his wetsuit, inverted, and let 'er rip! Perhaps one too many tacos in Cozumel... LOL
  478. Bottom Line

    Strong back wanted - hoops a plus

    I have a great boat to hoop net from but my hooping partner is still running a sport boat til the end of the season. I'm looking for someone that knows hooping - I have 7 medium depth nets (to 35') so another 3 nets would be a plus. We can launch from either SI or MB - let me know. I can go...
  479. Bottom Line

    Ever had one of these in your spread?

    This was taken between Manzanillo & PV - there was 3 of them and came along side and under the boat.
  480. Bottom Line

    This should be a real fun time > News > Metro -- New rules for bay during Fleet Week parade SIGNONSANDIEGO NEWS SERVICES 1:41 p.m. September 29, 2006 <!--- BODYTEXT --->SAN DIEGO &#8211; Boating restrictions will be in effect for Saturday's annual Fleet Week Sea and Air Parade in San Diego Bay...
  481. Bottom Line

    What a sunset!

    Just took this out front of the house in Santee - Makes me want to be out on the water.
  482. Bottom Line

    Thanks to BD!

    When I was in my late 20's & early 30's I used to fish with a buddy named Keith - we really used to have a great time and catch LOT'S of great fish together. As often happens life gets in the way of a lot of friendships and we lost touch. I've looked for him with internet searches and checked...
  483. Bottom Line

    Friday 9/22 trip

    Plan on heading out from SI around 5:00 am - not exactly sure which direction I'm headed but most likely shoot the gap between the 182 & 302. I have room for one to join me - keep in mind this is on a 17' boat so creature comforts are in your dreams! Shoot me a PM if you want to join me.
  484. Bottom Line

    Offshore A total humiliating ass-kicking

    84 nautical miles of somtimes rough ocean in my 17 footer (doesn't take much in a 17' boat) and I didn't catch crap. I was in the right area and probably could have asked nicely and moved in on a bite but that's not for me. This is the 2nd trip in a row that I've been blanked and it really...
  485. Bottom Line

    Heading out 9/15

    Plan on heading out to somewhere between the 182 & 230 spot tomorrow - looks like I'll be solo unless someone wants to join me - I 'll be taking my 17' Invader out - it's great on gas but slim on comfort. Probably be leaving out of Shelter Island around 6:00 am or so. PM me if ya wanna go!
  486. Bottom Line

    View from work

    Thought it might be fun to post a pic of where you work. Here is a shot of San Diego Bay taken from my work.
  487. Bottom Line

    Offshore It's TRUE!

    Heard there was a hot - Limit style YFT bite outside the 182! Yahoo...about time!
  488. Bottom Line

    Need a new windshield for my CC

    Somebody put their ass through my windshield while attempting to gain a better paddy spotting vantage point... Does anyone know where in San Diego I can get a new one fabricated?
  489. Bottom Line

    Offshore 17' boat, 3 guys, 110 miles, 36 gallons of fuel = NO FISH

    Damn it! After 6 very sucessful trips I suppose it was my turn. We left SI around 6:00 am - got a scoop of worthless sardines at EB and headed out to the bell buoy and made all the mini-macs we wanted. Headed out on a 240 heading for 16 miles, put the carp lures out and punched in the 371 -...
  490. Bottom Line

    Puerto La Salina?

    Has anyone ventured down to La Salina in a boat? I was thinking this may be a fun trip in the 17 footer if there was a slip and a place to sleep.
  491. Bottom Line

    White marlin in Cabo?

    Has anyone ever heard of a white marlin being caught in Cabo/East Cape? I realize this species isn't supposed to live in the Pacific but I did in fact catch about a 70 lb one about 10 years ago. I am POSITIVE it was a white marlin - I am just curious if anyone has heard of this happening in...
  492. Bottom Line

    A little R&R at Silver Strand

    We are headed down to Silver Strand with the RV today - I managed to pack a few rods in and plan on some surf fishing - anyone got any tips? I've heard that Berkley makes some killer pre-fab baits....I usually just run a dropper setup with sand crabs/pismo clams or just toss a crappie jig/swim...
  493. Bottom Line

    Offshore More tails & dodo's....yawn...

    Set a course for the 182 out of San Diego - made it out to about 16 miles and found a nice paddy for a few dodo's. A couple boats came by and asked if they could join us - I said sure since they were really cool on their approach & all...We left soon after, headed south and found a pretty small...
  494. Bottom Line

    Offshore 2 newbs - 2 cherries broken!

    I was at work Thursday (7/27) and I semi-jokingly said let's go fishing to a co-worker - he said he'd call me - I was thinking yeah right...well he called and after a trip to Santee to get the boat while he went to Alpine to get his stuff we hit the water at noon. Got bait and headed in the...
  495. Bottom Line

    Beware of unlicensed charters

    This website is being pimped on Craigslist - I'm sure these are nice folks - I'm also sure they are in violation of the law...
  496. Bottom Line

    Got it done!

    Just finished assembling my 90 Yammie after a rebuild and need to field test it....took tomorrow off but looks like I'm solo since I didn't finish the engine in time for my fishing buddy to give notice at work. I'm not sure what I'm going after tomorrow since I need to do a break-in on the new...
  497. Bottom Line

    Excellent customer service

    I needed pistons for my Yammie and contacted Propelled Marine in La Habra this last Friday - I spoke with a knowledgeable and polite guy that told my parts would be delivered on Monday. Not only were they delivered as promised but the price and ease of dealing with company is great...
  498. Bottom Line

    I NEED to fish!

    I siezed a piston in the Yammie on the 5th day at BOLA a couple weeks ago. Got it all torn down, discovered the problem and sent my block to the shop to see if the seized cylinder would hone back to std dice, so today I ordered my new .020" over pistons and should have them this coming...
  499. Bottom Line

    My semi-free boat

    Here is a shot of my new (to me) 17' Invader. I've been storing this boat at my place and the owner said I may as well have it since he doesn't use it!
  500. Bottom Line

    Another new guy

    Hello, I'm Steve from San Diego checking in - I've been fishing local waters for close to 50 years. I currently have a 17' Invader center console. We just returned from 9 days at LA Bay and am looking forward to chasing some local tuna. Some of you may know me from my boat(s) name which is...