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    Cryptocurrency Bubble or here to stay?

    Tomorrow (4/20) is Doge day and the plan is to push the value to .69 per Doge. It is currently around .30/.40.
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    Cryptocurrency Bubble or here to stay?

    It is the future - you can either get on board now and make some $$ or wait until it's in place - your choice. I look upon it as reading SST's, currents & Chloro charts to find the best fishing...same concept on following cryptocurrency valuations. My son-in-law bought 2 Bitcoin last year...
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    Cryptocurrency Bubble or here to stay?

    Pocketed $$ day trading Dogecoin the last couple days...
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    Winter doldrums making me a tad stir craszy

    And it's going to rain for a couple days this week...snow at my place in the Socal mts. Wednesday.
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    Not a good week for me

    In 2017 we lost 3 pets (2 cats and a dog) in a 7 day period. It was (and still is to a degree) heartbreaking.
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    Used wheel/tire assembly

    I need to make a grinder stand and need a totally worn out wheel with an equally worn out tire. I used to have several of these but they didn't make it to the new house in Warner Springs. Send me a message if have one of these gems laying around.
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    GME stock the time is now

    That's an $8 stock that will eventually wither away to nothing.
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    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    Well after getting my friend to clear all stored trip data the unit seems fine. I never gave this any thought since I always clear my tracks after every trip. Gary had about 3 years worth on his system.
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    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    Thanks! We will give a shot tomorrow.
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    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    My bud has this unit in his bass boat and it works great about 70% of the time. It actually sort of just freezes up and stutters along for a bit and then needs to be turned off and restarted. Anyone have any ideas? It's out of warranty, of course.
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    Steering cable stuck at outboard end

    I had this happen on one of my boats - I used a 4" cutoff wheel in my angle grinder and cut the cable getting it out of the way. I was able to get a good angle to be able to pound the cable end out of the tilt tube. I would up replacing the tilt tube with a stainless one.
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    She's legal

    We are on 1.25 acres but just shoot sub-sonic stuff (480 fps) so we don't piss the neighbors off. The sub-sonic stuff doesn't have enough power to work in a semi-auto though. I had a drum flow in from Yuma...
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    Who here rolls their own joints?

    I no longer partake but I still enjoy growing.
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    She's legal

    I've been afraid to take mine out shooting so far.
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    She's legal

    I'm curious to hear how you like the 110 round 10/22 mag.
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    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Yep, our heeler nips the back of my legs all the time!
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    She's legal

    Here's a pic of my pet dog Wylie - he likes to chase the roadrunners around the yard.
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    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Love the's our 2 year old Lily.
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    New Montana house

    Wow! What a project! That's an awesome build.
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    Identify this wood?

    Looks like a cottonwood tree to me.
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    Abandon Boats - Salvage or Junk

    The worst one I've done was a riveted aluminum. The owner had figured since the boat was conductive he could use it to be the ground. Virtually every rivet needed replacing.
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    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    I believe there was one fish over 1000 lbs...
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    Gifting lobsters

    Anybody can purchase local lobsters - as many as they want and can store them however they want.
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    All my bug gear is for sale - $500

    Lot's of interest/offers (10) and I believe this is sold to Glenn (Hismosa) - if it falls through I'll move to the next in line.
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    All my bug gear is for sale - $500

    Includes electric puller with modified Folbe block that makes it easier to land the rope in the block, 11 Promar 32" ambush nets with 75' of commercial rope, 20+ bait tubes with commercial clips - all buckets, bait chopper with round bucket insert, extra batteries for LED float lights, bug...
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    Reprinting Mexican Fishing Lic

    I always buy mine at the online Mex site - best price and you get a .pdf of your actual license.
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    Skin splitting on my finger after saltwater fishing

    O'Keeffe's Working hands - it's magic. Repaired this split on my index finger in short order.
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    SKB 7100 or 7200 with launchers

    I have one $160 - I'm located in Warner Springs.
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    Heavy, clunky reels....I really did like my MXL 2-speed though. I'm all Penn Fathoms these days!

    Heavy, clunky reels....I really did like my MXL 2-speed though. I'm all Penn Fathoms these days!
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    2009 Yamaha F115XTR not starting. Could use some ideas

    I thinking the shut-off lanyard....look for the most suspect first.
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    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    $383 pesos...
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    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Wow, this has been quite the rabbit hole!
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    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Same boat for sure - look at the cutout behind the seating area in the two pics - no two are ever alike as these are freehand. They are the same in yours and the insurance pic. Even the rust stains are the same.
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    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Porterhouse steaks hunted down in the freezer getting a flame sear on the pellet grill.
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    Cannot buy ammo?

    My son-in-law & his friend (both San Diegans) shopped there no problem. Maybe it's changed in the last couple weeks.
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    Cannot buy ammo?

    It wasn't a problem at 2 different stores a couple weeks ago. My brother lives in Yuma and and stocked up - he doesn't have a hunting license....
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    New boat for use in so cal

    That's sure got a lot of "stuff" on it!
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    Cheapest fuel?

    $1.89 in San Diego county
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    Cannot buy ammo?

    Drive to problem
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    Back in the drink..

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    Lost a 60lb'er , need to loss more.

    NSNG - No Sugar, No Grains...
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    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Heading south past Mag Bay.
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    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Ribeyes on the flame-sear equipped pellet grill. Pulled pork on the standard pellet grill. I hunted these down at the local butcher.
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    I've been fishing the broomtails there since they were 12" fish a couple years ago. Most fish are released. The one that Cristian is holding away from his body hasn't yet started to develop the "broom" in the tail. K & M guys release these fish. Broomtail were common off San Diego when I was...
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    Kitty in the yard!

    Lot's of turkeys, quail, rabbits, a few coyotes, deer and the occasional bobcat. No mountain lions yet but it's only a matter of time!
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    Kitty in the yard!

    Not much humanity in my neck of the woods - Reservation land on one side and Warner Ranch land on the other.
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    ALL GONE!!
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    Kitty in the yard!

    I tried that but it didn't work.
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    Kitty in the yard!

    Hanging out in the fireplace room watching TV and this guy comes through the yard! We managed to snap a few not-so-good pics.
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    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    Yuma, AZ
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    N 95 masks

    I found these in my garage a couple days ago.
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    Spring Turkey San Diego

    Found 3 of these in our yard...along with turkeys.
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    Gonzaga in April

    I was planning on being in Gonzaga right now...just sitting here in Warner Springs watching the snow fall...
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    Freezer emergency

    I had the opposite issue when the door was left open..
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    Help!! Building permit help in San Diego

    Just talked to Yusef Husseiny (realtor) and he suggested I just cut it into 2 buildings at 120 sqft so no permit needed. I just got a hold of my contractor and that's what's going to happen. Thanks for all the help/suggestions!
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    Mexico Fishing License

    Talking about it but not yet happening.
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    Help!! Building permit help in San Diego

    We recently bought a property in Warner Springs (San Diego county) and just found out that the 350 sqft shed has a code violation for no permit. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction? This is a brand new a real shame to tear it down. As a last resort I may seek legal...
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    Mexico Fishing License

    Easy and the best price you'll find. 733 pesos - $38.75
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    Smallest spinning reel ever made
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    Pacific Islander

    With the demise of the Chief the Pacific Islander is now under new management. FB link:,d,P-R&eid=ARCYqokzFTg32ydn773Xoqj1jcINz0aCDc--yBk67nhWApz5h4oy3WqhmD_KwG16FsCQGeMxzeplRLCI For non-FB folks: Chief Sportfishing Hope everything had a...
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    Propane Smoker

    OK - pork belly burnt ends...BFT belly smoking away.
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    9.90LBS Spotted Bay Bass from 2004? Maybe

    Close up...catch these at BoLA when fishing somewhat deep. This is a different fish than the OP. The fish in the original post is commonly referred to as Cabrilla which sometimes is used for a few different members of the grouper family.
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    Two Speed Star Drag Reel

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    Sand bass and Halibut spots in San Diego?

    It used to be really good and most likely still is but we quit fishing it 4 years ago. Here's a pic of the last time we fished it.
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    Marina Salina Rosarito

    La Salina is the only marina between the border & Ensenada.
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    brand new samsung galaxy s9

    I'll take it if you'll ship it to San Diego - on my dime, of course.
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    Post lobster catch processing...

    I leave them in the bait tank until morning...later in the season when it starts to get colder I put them in a 5 gallon bucket(s) in the garage - no water in the tank or the buckets.
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    2016 Thresher 21' CC

    Easy - go to edit and select thread tools in the upper right.
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    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    I came in with 11 nets last night...left one on the dock.
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    Bugs sd bay 10/6

    On my first pull I realized we had no light....this was about 40 mins after dark.
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    Bugs sd bay 10/6

    Did you hear me on the radio looking for a flashlight?
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    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    The Chief began its service as the H&M 85 and was the first "long range" vessel in the San Diego fleet. I have fond (and some not so) memories on this boat.
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    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Seems to be that smaller (100 lb) gorilla sized stuff....I wouldn't go.
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    Offshore Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    I just got back from a 1.5 on the Ranger 85 and the burrito's are worth every bit of 3 pages!
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    Anyone from East County want to go bugging tonight/tomorrow?

    I want to go bugging - Boat is full of fuel & I have bait. Need someone to come over and help get gear loaded and double check we have everything. Send me a PM.
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    Nothing for sale here

    Free fitty
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    Nothing for sale here

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    How to Change Post from “For Sale” to “Sold”

    Select thread tools at the upper right of your post...easy.
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    Ranger 85 1.5 day leaving Monday 9/30

    Anybody going on this trip?
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    any other Deuce owners here?

    Cruised around the highlands of Vietnam in one of those!
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    Small smoker for beginners

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    What happened to the Chief

    H&M 85
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    Offshore Deep Drop Swords

    Decker is around 2 hours in so far...
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    Offshore Deep Drop Swords

    Decker is on one right now.
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    The high density plastic makes it easy to drill/tap - Notice how the block is ground down to allow the rope unrestricted access to the roller.
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    Those big batteries are long gone. I traded them for a single battery that runs a few things in the garage off the small solar bank. For the boat I now run a grp 27 on the starting side and grp 29 for the the house...marine batteries of course.
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    Here's a pic of my setup - I made the mount to work out of the jigstick rod holder - I like having the work area on the front platform as I can see what's going on from the console - notice how the Folbe block is modified to make hitting it with the rope much easier.
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    My setup is wired with 10 ga. wire into the group 29 house battery so it's getting charged throughout the night.
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    she gone123

    Where are you located in San Diego?
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    They are virtually identical.
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    I got this one: The one I used to have was Ace. Swapped out the blocks on both haulers to a Folbe.
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    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    Venmo IS your research...
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    BFT bellies

    On the pellet grill with a smoke tube assist. Following Yanni's recipe:
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    Dorian and the Bahamas

    I used to live in Freeport, Grand Bahama and it appears that the condo on the waterway in Lucaya is pretty wasted...sad
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    Graftech Inshore for Sale (One ‘light’, one ‘heavy’)

    What's the line rating on the heavier one? Is this a trigger stick or a regular reel seat?
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    Bed bugs on boats

    I haven't been following this thread but did Jason finally get rid of his bed bugs?
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    Well, looks like no fishing tomorrow for me

    Tomorrow at 8am Waves from the west 7' @ 9 seconds - increasing to 8' in the afternoon Wind 12 kts from the west increasing to 14 kts in the afternoon Do-able but a little much for an old guy in a 17' CC!
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    Penn fathom 25N & 15 2 speed

    15 is $172.00 at Amazon...
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    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs
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    Selling my parker 2018 2820 145,000

    I'm guessing Massachusetts.
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    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Whew! I was planning to come check it out when it was in San Diego. Someone buy this please as I'm extremely tempted!
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    The morning after a hot tuna bite

    Dirt track racing going on at Barona...
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    Nothing for sale here

    Nothing for sale here
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    Offshore 9/1

    Coco Loco is a Mexican sportboat out of Ensenada. Mexicans have a totally different attitude about fishing and share their spots freely and expect you to do the same when you are fishing their waters.
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    Saturated flotation foam.

    My boat was the same way....totally removed the deck and any nasty foam, replaced one stringer and a bulkhead, replaced the missing foam with high density marine 2-part pour foam - it was great fun leveling the foam off manually! I had a new 60 gallon custom keel tank built and installed new...
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    US Mexican Borders on Garmin

    Yes, the Garmin base map has it as well as the upgraded charts.
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    Getting Bait Early

    San Diego bait is available 24-7 - always has been.
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    Offshore 279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    We did the southern loop on Monday...302/226 - a lot of boats in what I can best describe as "walleye" colored water. We headed 16 miles north to the 182 and then back to SD Bay - 86 miles, 24 gallons of fuel. The only exciting thing to happen was running into a Mola on our way out at 6 am...
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    Magical place for sure! I usually do at least 2+ trips every year.
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    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    "It would probably be best if you deleted your post so you don't look foolish" Too late!
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    Garmin Chirp and Clear View

    Check for a software update?
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    Penn Fathom 15 LD2

    $185.90 delivered from Amazon...Yeah, I got one.
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    Lots of them still around in the upper Cortez....not the huge ones though.
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    2nd generation Fathoms will be released soon...
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    Who's fishing tomorrow (Friday 8/22)?

    Who is headed out in the AM?
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    Yellow fin US waters

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    Yellow fin US waters

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    Mexican fishing license

    I live in San Diego and get my online license here:
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    HELP! I need a REEFRUNNER by Invader Boats Logos or stickers, or at least a picture they ......

    Need to have an inverted one so the marlin is facing forward on both sides of the boat...
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    Mexican fishing license

    Got my yearly last month for $38.
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    Chief vs Condor for a 1.5 Day

    I've got quite a bit of time on both boats and they are both good choices. I would give the nod to the Condor though.
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    Carl & Sue's Surf Perch Derby! San Quintin

    Great job! I see LOTS of familiar faces!
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    Offshore 8/19 Yellowfin Were Scarce

    We were there and it sucked for us also...long way in a 17' CC. Did 90 miles on 22 gallons...4.09 nmpg
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    What jigs are hot?
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    As if I needed More Projects: ‘73 Bronco

    NV4500 in a manual trans with a granny 1st gear and an OD 5th gear. I installed one in my rockcrawler CJ-7
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    Another "What's this" thread -- clear gelatinous tubes with red dots - Horseshoe Kelp

    Captain Jeff's wheelhouse suppositories are my guess.
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    Offshore Dodo day

    Decided to go check out the ridge today - the 3 of us launched at Dana and set a course for the corner...turned at the ridge and worked up to the 182. Found ONE paddy...Rich tosses a Colt Sniper and is on a yellowtail immediately. I'm watching as a school of dodo's follows it to the gaff. We...
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    Anyone going out on Monday 8/12 and wanna Buddy Boat?

    Plan to check out the 182 area tomorrow.
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    Camalu White Sea Bass

    Yes it is. The hotel is on the bluff overlooking the launch ramp.
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    Camalu White Sea Bass

    The launch ramp at Camalu...
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    Seastar 1.7 helm pump

    Great deal & brain-dead simple to reseal...
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    question: Temporary Boat Importation for Mexico

    Probably better to ask on an actual Mexican Govt. site as the conflicting OPINIONS you are going to get here will make you even more confused.
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    San Quintin whores

    Appears to be a pic on a boat run by Josh Temple out of Puerto Vallarta.
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    Rpt.-07-31-19 San Quintin WSB.

    Yep...a few miles south in Papalote...
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    Where to fish next?

    I'm leaving solo tomorrow on a clandestine fishing adventure...I will be stopping in SQ for a bit as I have some business there.
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    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    Yamaha says the inline 4 cylinder weighs 487 lbs for a 25" shaft model.
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    My bilge pump got to work overtime last week. Heading to the Coronado's the boat just felt sluggish and after attempting various trims it became obvious that there was water in the bilge, a LOT of water! I ran the bilge pump for a solid 15 minutes. This is a pic of my washdown pump strainer...
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    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    Get a good dash camera - they tend to avoid the shakedown if you have video.
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    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    Fuel pump - ethanol in the fuel eats the rubber away in the fuel pump diaphragm making it porous and obviously leads to fuel delivery issues.
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    Share a boat at San Quintin

    Cristian Catian...
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    Okuma Komodo 471P

    Good deal! Shipping to San Diego?
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    Reduced.... Owner and Mustad Hooks

    Are these the Mike Long signature series?
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    My semi-free boat

    Old news...the boat in this post is now your avatar!
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    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    Get it wet, toss in dryer until about halfway dry - put on hanger and pull the wrinkles out - let dry on hanger.
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    I'm totally ready to truck is down though.
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    Daggett's sport fishing..Bahia de los angeles

    Thanks for looking! It's no problem as most Mexican documents I had stored on my home computer. All is good now.
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    Daggett's sport fishing..Bahia de los angeles

    Save me a seat in October!
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    BOLA first trip of the year !

    I'll be joining the party in October as well!
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    82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean
  151. Bottom Line


    I lost my Wetwillybiz document wallet sometime during my trip to BoLA last week. It contained fishing license(s), Nautical FMM & boat/trailer registration. The licenses & FMM are no big deal as I have pdf's of these. I will have to take my boat & trailer "pinks" to AAA to get new...
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    New Shimano Speedmaster II LD 2-Speed

    Trying to capture some of the Fathom market...competition is a good thing!
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    Sunrise at Bahia de Los Angeles

    You'll have a great time - It's pretty much wide open right now.
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    FYI Mexican fishing licenses and annual biosphere permits are available

    OK, finally got it...thanks for the help!
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    FYI Mexican fishing licenses and annual biosphere permits are available

    OK, went to the site, paid my $$ they mail you the biosphere bracelet?
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    Sunrise at Bahia de Los Angeles

    Heidi V of Daggetts fleet catching the morning rays along with bait.
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    Tranx 300 or Tranx 400?

    Okuma Komodo 463P. It's a 450 sized reel, built like a tank (stainless gears) and has 30 lbs of drag. I have a Lexa 300 and a 400 HS-P also.
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    They see me trolling

    Boat ride with Enrique from Campo Daggetts to the launch ramp at 5:30 am
  159. Bottom Line

    Rainshadow RCTB70XXH 50-130#

    What part of San Diego?
  160. Bottom Line

    Online Mexican Fishing License Q:

    I just go here like I've done for many years - this year it was $733 pesos ($38). You get a .pdf file of your issues...ever.
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    Yet another "what do we need to fish MX" thread

    Perfect, catch fish, have fun.
  162. Bottom Line

    1978 GMC Suburban

    350cc? Going to be real tough to tow much.
  163. Bottom Line

    Keel rash

    Repair the gelcoat and put a Keelguard on it.
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    BOLA 06-30 thru 07-02

    We saw you guys....great couple days fishing for us as well.
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    Nothing to see here

  166. Bottom Line


    It was a good couple days for sure!
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    Daggett's sport fishing..Bahia de los angeles

    A couple from Wednesday with Enrique...Rich with a 32 and me with a 28...all done by 9:30 so we went cabrilla fishing and wasn't disappointed!
  168. Bottom Line

    Share a boat at BOLA

    Fishing is as good as it gets - here's a 32 and 28 from today
  169. Bottom Line

    Share a boat at BOLA

    I'm fishing July 5th with Eddy at Garcias pangas in SQ.
  170. Bottom Line

    Evinrude XD100

    Seems like anything I want is in another county!
  171. Bottom Line

    UC Swinbait Fanatic

    Do you ever get down to San Diego?
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    From DFW: Additionally, publicly owned jetties or breakwaters that are connected to land, as described above, that have free unrestricted access for the general public and whose purpose it is to form the most seaward protective boundary of an ocean harbor are public piers
  173. Bottom Line

    Share a boat at BOLA

    I'll be there this coming Monday (July 1st) - Was looking for one more person but I'm thinking we now have it covered for fishing the 2nd & 3rd.
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    The jetties at Mission bay where this fish was caught qualify.
  175. Bottom Line

    Boston whaler outrage-12,900

    Looks to be 100 based on the 100 decal on it..
  176. Bottom Line

    Horrible news!! RIP my brother Kevin Martin from Tornado Sportfishing

    Damn, how sad! I lost my brother in Mexico last month so I know the pain.
  177. Bottom Line


    Jetty fishermen don't need a fishing license and are most likely ignorant of the excuse though. BSB are quite plentiful off our coast now - at least more so than 40 years ago.
  178. Bottom Line

    SD piers open 24 hours?

    Shelter Island pier in San Diego Bay
  179. Bottom Line

    Dolphin hooked on cedar plug trolling

    I've had them eat everything but the head when trolling 10 lb YFT for blue marlin off Kona..Smart as hell!
  180. Bottom Line

    cool emergency rescue device

    It doesn't appear to actually have "gotten off the ground" as of yet and is still being developed per their Facebook post dated last year.
  181. Bottom Line

    Best gutting & filleting knife/knives

    I use a variety of knives - the wood handled Forshners are close to 38 years old - the black & red plastic handled ones (Victorinox/Forshner) are newer and the blue one is a Kershaw that has surprisingly found an honored place as my kitchen go-to.
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    Getting Mexican fishing license will be harder to get now

    The 2 Mexican sites above have them online for $38...
  183. Bottom Line

    Getting Mexican fishing license will be harder to get now

    I just got mine here as usual - $38 for a year The site above works fine as well but your $$ are earmarked for BCS and I do most of my fishing in BCN
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    Mexican waters?

    Went through Mexicali?
  185. Bottom Line

    StingRay Hydrofoil

    If you were close driving distance I'd buy it...I'm in Santee
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    the biggest leopard grouper i've ever seen,bola,6/18/19.

    Bringing the full arsenal of old man heavier gear this time... The only non-2 speed is my cabrilla reel (Okuma Komodo)
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    Pics from the first Yellowtail ShootOut back in 2007

    Pics of the super rare longfin yellowtail tuna! Sadly, a few folks that are no longer with us...
  188. Bottom Line

    the biggest leopard grouper i've ever seen,bola,6/18/19.

    Wow!! Headed your way pretty soon with some cabrilla candy.
  189. Bottom Line

    Bahía de los Ángeles 6/15-6/17

    the 30th to the 4th at Daggetts...see you there!
  190. Bottom Line

    PENN FTH40NLD2 W spectra

    Where are you located? Will you ship?
  191. Bottom Line

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Mine was doing the same thing - this plate from Garmin solved the issue.
  192. Bottom Line

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Mexican foul.
  193. Bottom Line

    Garmin Echomap plus

    Pretty sure it comes packaged with a GT23M-TM
  194. Bottom Line

    BOLA 6/8-6/11

    Be there on July with Alfredo Diaz on the 2nd and Enrique Dagget on the 3rd!
  195. Bottom Line

    Offshore Line to line knot vs. Swivel for mono to flouro connection

    No, I use a large enough one so this doesn't happen.
  196. Bottom Line

    Offshore Line to line knot vs. Swivel for mono to flouro connection

    I fish my jig/stickbait rods setup this way - use about a 4' piece of 60/80 fluoro.
  197. Bottom Line

    Threaded Hose / Tinned Marine 14AWG Romex

    Damn, I need all that hose but Canyon Lake is a bit far!
  198. Bottom Line

    bola- need 1 person, fishing june 30th-july2nd

    Probably see you there....Arriving July with Juan Cook the 2nd and Enrique the 3rd. Staying at Daggetts also - AND we have an open spot both days also!
  199. Bottom Line

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    Lily getting ready to do some digging...
  200. Bottom Line

    Offshore Grand opening sale at Turners El Cajon today!!

    Bought a few things & hung out with Carl a bit yesterday.
  201. Bottom Line

    United Composites Invictus 7" rail road Almost New Used 1 time

    7 inch rod is going to be tough to fish with.
  202. Bottom Line

    Dog food by pallet

    That's a lot of dog food.
  203. Bottom Line

    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Thanks for the info and helping out "Pedro's" Pangas Rich!
  204. Bottom Line

    Catching Crawfish to Eat

    Not really sure - my son-in-law used to work for Helix water and told me about it. He said you could drive within easy walking distance.
  205. Bottom Line

    Catching Crawfish to Eat

    The creek that runs from the base of the Lake Murray dam is a great source.
  206. Bottom Line

    Catching Crawfish to Eat SD Area

    There's plenty to be had in the creek below the Lake Murray dam - up to you to figure out access.
  207. Bottom Line

    2006 mercury 15hp

    What's with the 9.9 cowling?
  208. Bottom Line

    Open spots fishing Bahia de Los Angeles with Capt. Juan Cook.

    I'll be heading back down to BoLA soon - I just spoke to Juan and here are his openings: May: 23rd to the 31st June: 4th to the 8th 19th to the 24th July: 2nd to the 12th PM me (or Juan) for details - I'm down to join your crew to help with the cost on any of the listed days.
  209. Bottom Line

    Masterbuilt Electric/digital smoker

    Funny, I just got rid of my vertical Masterbuilt smoker and got a pellet grill...wife and I were just out at a restaurant and they had 4 of the vertical Masterbuilt smokers... Pellet grills are cool but not near as smoke capable as a true smoker. Oh, and for the record all the pellets grills...
  210. Bottom Line

    Bigger handle for 40NLD2

  211. Bottom Line

    BOLA beginning of June

    Joel Prieto? BOLAjoeljr here on BD. Recent post:
  212. Bottom Line

    Bahia de los angels... have 2 spots available

    There's a gal with a place on the right by the sail roundabout that can hook you up with burritos & coffee - tell her what you need and who you're fishing with and she will meet you at the ramp - most likely launch your boat as well. She pretty much supplies many/most of the fishing boats as...
  213. Bottom Line

    Axle cotter/nut off, but tire/hub and axle washer won't come off.

    10 years+ of Baja trips on my rusty bearing Buddies...I usually check/tighten the axle shaft nuts and fill up the Bearing Buddies a few times a season. I've been medically down for the last 6+ months and even walking out to the boat was a stretch most days. I was actually shocked to see the...
  214. Bottom Line

    Axle cotter/nut off, but tire/hub and axle washer won't come off.

    Here's a pic of what I'm up new complete hubs arriving Tuesday.
  215. Bottom Line

    Garmin now shipping the new G3 Vision cards..

    I just installed the G3 update....semi-painless with Garmin Express.
  216. Bottom Line


    Find out what trailer Ali is using as his boats get towed everywhere.
  217. Bottom Line

    New LK "They See Me Trolling" Cadillac Shirt

    I've been spooled on the way to the launch ramp doing just that!
  218. Bottom Line

    April Fools Day Local Report

    Sounds a lot like our day at La Jolla yesterday. Our big catch was 5 mylar balloons & 1 plastic shopping bag...
  219. Bottom Line

    Seeking Good Rec for 6 Pack in SD

    Intrigue out of Fisherman's Landing.
  220. Bottom Line

    polarized glasses

    You'll get more sunglass opinions than "what knot is best" opinions. I'm old school and I stick with Maui Jims and Kaenons.
  221. Bottom Line

    2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Haul it down to San Quintin, Baja and I'll buy it.
  222. Bottom Line

    Bahia de Los Angeles CPT

    Enrique Daggett
  223. Bottom Line

    Fish Id SMB

    Petrale sole.
  224. Bottom Line


    See you in a couple weeks amigo - right after the SD Fred Hall show.
  225. Bottom Line

    ISO Reliable Diver To Dive For Some Bugs

    Did your boat used to be named Seven Sons?
  226. Bottom Line

    Servicing tilt/trim

    If you wind up needing it rebuilt, do yourself a favor and remove the unit yourself and take it to an industrial hydraulic repair shop - NOT a boat shop. The boat shop will install an OEM kit with a planned obsolescence of around 5-7 years. A real hydraulic shop will precisely measure and...
  227. Bottom Line

    Insurance Question

    Perhaps Bajabound
  228. Bottom Line

    Saltist 30 handle on a Lexa 400HD

    Here's an Ebay handle on my Komodo 463 - it has 2 different cutouts for different reels.
  229. Bottom Line

    Do you have a 17 or 18' Invader

    Mine isn't legible...
  230. Bottom Line

    Anyone have a Kia Soul?

    We have a 2013 Kia Soul - it's a great vehicle and quick/nimble with the 2.0 liter. I've never tried to put any rods in it though. I'm thinking a 8' rod will fit...I may check it out and report back. We will be selling it fairly soon however as the wife will need a AWD vehicle.
  231. Bottom Line

    Almost Cabrilla time!

    As soon as the winds die down - usually in late March, early April, but I heard it's supposed to be great weather right now for the next week or so. Juan Cook starts his charters there next Month.
  232. Bottom Line

    Almost Cabrilla time!

    Time to head to Gonzaga Bay real soon - I figured I'd install this new handle on my Komodo 463 SS.
  233. Bottom Line

    Cannabis stock questions

    Medmen is sure to check out how the business is run. I've tracked them for 8 months and decided against investing with them.
  234. Bottom Line

    Cannabis stock questions

    That's my attitude also!
  235. Bottom Line

    Cannabis stock questions

    At around $5.50/share HEXO has some good potential.
  236. Bottom Line

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    I remember that - Happened between Fiesta Island & Ski Beach - owner was taking a buyer for a test drive. The 29' Defiance Guadalupe rolled in the channel while coming into the bay.
  237. Bottom Line

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    Lot's of ways/materials to use. I got a can of Marine tex when I did my deck and was very easy to work with. I used it primarily to create a radius where the deck & sides meet. It was excellent at hole filling also.
  238. Bottom Line

    What makes UC rods so special

    Calstar, UC & Batson/Rainshadow - I have and like all of them. I still use my old school Seeker Classics and have one special Lamiglass that I love.
  239. Bottom Line

    Mexican Pesos

    Most likely just souvenirs now. Mexico devalued their money in 1993 and the new peso was issued with one new peso worth 1,000 of the old ones. Search through and look for the old 10 peso coins as these are around 3/4 oz of silver and worth whatever the daily rate of silver is...
  240. Bottom Line

    Fish Alert! Not so new app for your phone

  241. Bottom Line

    The H&M 85?

    Yes, it is currently the Chief here in San Diego - It was the Mascot 6, and the Big Game 90 (not sure where it gained the extra 5'). The H&M 85 was pretty much the pride of the long range fleet at one point in its storied history.
  242. Bottom Line

    401k loss

    My pot stocks are freakin' killin' it this year...
  243. Bottom Line

    401k loss

    59.5 years...I just moved my special needs brothers 401K into an IRA. Pretty much everything took a dump last quarter of 2018. Its been recovering very nicely so far this year though.
  244. Bottom Line


    In a pinch, the 5 gallon ones from Walmart can save the day. Neither Westair or Airgas in El Cajon have helium? Weird.
  245. Bottom Line

    Prop replacement advice

    Be careful as some prop manufacturers use a different thrust washer so you would have to factor this into the purchase price. If you aren't looking to change anything performance-wise then a duplicate of what you have would be OK. Since you live in San Diego I would see Ed at Propellers of...
  246. Bottom Line

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I really doubt you'd be offended by a G2 running XD100 oil - may get a very occasional smell if running the XD50. I remember the old days in the morning at the launch ramp enveloped in a blue cloud of exhaust...
  247. Bottom Line

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    All engines have a noticeable exhaust smell - my bud has a 250 Yammie 4 stroke with 4K hours that gives off a very strong exhaust smell if you're downwind.
  248. Bottom Line

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    Lake Tahoe has the most stringent emission standards in Ca. and Etecs are on their patrol boats...
  249. Bottom Line

    Rockfish in Mex

    You'll need the fish/game import form on the DFW website.
  250. Bottom Line

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I can't vouch for specific emission levels but my Etec 90 makes extremely little to zero smoke. It is definitely not your father's 2 stroke. I used to have trouble hooping with my Yammie 90 2 stroke, especially on windless nights maneuvering slowly around picking up hoops in an exhaust cloud...
  251. Bottom Line

    RIP Tony Pena

    I just saw that Tony's wife had posted of his passing. Damn, another legend gone... Posted on Facebook "Ahoy Mates, It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the sudden and unexpected passing of Tony Pena. He was a most amazing, talented, and good friend to so many. Tony enjoyed...
  252. Bottom Line


    Wow, that rock looks gnarly!!
  253. Bottom Line

    Daiwa Saltist LD 35 2-speed, w. spectra

    I don't need it, nope, no's working, I believe I've talked myself out of it! Good luck with the sale Frank.
  254. Bottom Line

    facebook marketplace hobie

    I only saw one I saw posted - $5,040
  255. Bottom Line

    Garmin now shipping units with G3 charts and GT transducers.

    Damn, I just got the G2 Vision for my unit...damn!
  256. Bottom Line

    Fish unique to southern California?

    Only native brown (trout?) fish there now.
  257. Bottom Line

    Fish unique to southern California?

    Pacific cod....supposedly as far south as Santa Monica but I haven't heard of any this far south.
  258. Bottom Line

    looking to repower my boat...

    The 2006 Etec on my boat was purchased still in the crate in 2012. I did the install myself but did take it to the dealer to do initial startup and put it in my name.
  259. Bottom Line

    Philometroide Seriolae Worn in Yellowtail and Whiteseabass (video)

    I've caught & cleaned countless local yellowtail and have never seen those worms...a few other parasites but not those things.
  260. Bottom Line

    How bout them Chargers!!

    Same old stuff - must be real tough to be a Charger fan.
  261. Bottom Line

    Power trim/tilt has blown seal

    Thanks for your assistance, its been real helpful!
  262. Bottom Line

    Power trim/tilt has blown seal

    Thanks for the info! I may just do it myself. I found it strange that the guy at Sunset really had no idea if they could do it or not and suggested I check around as he had heard of a couple local hydraulic shops doing it - he even told me that single cylinder units DO NOT have trim, only tilt...
  263. Bottom Line

    Power trim/tilt has blown seal

    My 90 Etec power trim/tilt has a blown seal - who in San Diego is good at this?
  264. Bottom Line

    "Broken" Outboard Steering

    Time for hydraulic steering - just do it.
  265. Bottom Line

    BOLA january 5 & 6

    Excellent Joel!
  266. Bottom Line

    1983 jeep cj7

    Yeah, it's hard to find an unmolested CJ anymore.
  267. Bottom Line

    Gonzaga Bay: what hard baits are effective for cabrilla?

    180 mm Toro Tamers and 150 mm Madscads get it done for me.
  268. Bottom Line

    1983 jeep cj7

    Very nice bone stock CJ!
  269. Bottom Line

    Reference for custom dash panel?

    You can get a 16" x 20" blank piece on Amazon for $80
  270. Bottom Line

    Boat sat for 2 years.

    That looks like a very fun boat! Probably pretty fast with that old school 85 HP Merc. I had one of those - 4 cylinder. The main thing is the fuel hoses and fuel pump diaphragm disintegrate with ethanol in the fuel. These have 2 carbs going to plenum manifolds. You could do the work yourself...
  271. Bottom Line

    Snow in BoLA!

    I read about snow in Catavina a couple days ago in Bajanomad forum.
  272. Bottom Line

    Be sure to get a new Fishing License!

    New 2019 license - $71.29 with 2 pole for freshwater
  273. Bottom Line

    Snow in BoLA!

    Here's a shot of snow on Mikes Mountain at Bahia de Los Angeles - Thanks for the pic Yvonne !
  274. Bottom Line

    Congrats to the OTG boys

    Off The Grid - William Ting Pics/video on Instagram.
  275. Bottom Line

    Congrats to the OTG boys

    For catching the last BFT of the year today...
  276. Bottom Line

    Fiberglassing Tools

    I used Marinetex to create a radius at the joint and sanded it smooth.
  277. Bottom Line

    Fiberglassing Tools

    When I did my deck the only places I used 1708 was tabbing in pieces. I used 4" stuff - here is a shot of the deck showing the 1708 2" up the sides and 2" on the deck.
  278. Bottom Line

    Santa brought it, so I experimented on wife's engagement ring.

    The wired should be flux-cored and not external flux. I've been running my Lincoln for many, many years and never had it jam in the liner. My MIG machine is another story as the liner needs replacing every couple years if used consistently.
  279. Bottom Line

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

    The haul out pics look like the spine (keel) is broken amidships where a sling was positioned.
  280. Bottom Line

    Offshore I went looking for local Bluefin Tuna that were rumored (video)

    Chovie bait is thick with the blue striped tuna busting them up...
  281. Bottom Line

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    I heard they were just going to surcharge every slip to pay for the ramp...
  282. Bottom Line

    Anybody heading to San Quintin?

    Solved! - I found out that a friend that lives in SQ is in Town for the holidays and will take the part down with him next week. Thanks for the suggestions and offers!
  283. Bottom Line

    Pro Gear 545 for Lexa 400HD or Komodo 463

    Kobota 463?? Maybe Komodo 463?
  284. Bottom Line

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    Went down today and got a few pics.
  285. Bottom Line

    Anybody heading to San Quintin?

    I need to get a speed sensor for my brothers Jeep down to him at Campo Lorenzo. Shoot me a message if you're headed that way and can help out.
  286. Bottom Line

    Merc xr2 problem

    It sounds like the engine is possibly mounted too high on the transom?
  287. Bottom Line

    which cell provider

    I was a Verizon customer since the mid 90's when they bought out AirTouch cellular - after my 4 person family plan with 6 gigs of data crept up to $260/mo about 18 months ago we switched to T-Mobile for $160/mo - unlimited everything. We have zero issues with T-Mobile. I spend a lot of time in...
  288. Bottom Line

    Merc xr2 problem

    Kind of tough to diagnose since you've already changed props - What about reverse?
  289. Bottom Line

    Merc xr2 problem

    Sounds like a linkage issue to me. Check your cable connections and make sure it's going into gear when you move the throttle. It's totally possible to install the cables backwards...
  290. Bottom Line

    Broken Rainshadow - Input/Advice Needed

    Wow, quite the explosion!
  291. Bottom Line

    GMG V's Traeger
  292. Bottom Line

    fiberglass deck

    When I replaced my deck, I scuff sanded the new fiberglass, laid on a coat of resin and applied crushed walnut shells to the tacky surface using a handheld fertilizer spreader. When this was semi-set up I rolled on a coat of gelcoat, applied a bit of webbing to make it look cool and covered...
  293. Bottom Line

    New - Shimano TLD30IIA and TLD50IILRSA

    Just but an old worn out TLD30II and send it to Willfish and have a great reel.
  294. Bottom Line

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    It definitely has a fuel tank under the deck - I can see the fuel fill on the port side. The tank should be around 42 gallons or so. The first pic in your above post shows a shot of the stern - look at the hull number located in the black stripe above the "182" the last couple digits will be...
  295. Bottom Line

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    The fuel tank is indeed under the deck...probably a leaky one.
  296. Bottom Line

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    The black stripe on the starboard stern above the "182" decal will tell you the year. The fuel tank is the main issue on these vintage boats. These boats had internal fuel tanks so the deck tanks tell me a story. I replaced mine and by the time I was done I had removed the entire deck...
  297. Bottom Line

    San Carlos Sonora Mexico

    Huge fun for sure!
  298. Bottom Line

    Game Cam TX

  299. Bottom Line

    Game Cam TX

    Here's a couple from my place...
  300. Bottom Line

    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    We will be spending a good amount of time at our place in San Quintin so I'll get some salt time in - also head down to BoLA a few times a year.
  301. Bottom Line

    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Looks like we are moving to the mountains in AZ - most likely get a dual console lake boat.
  302. Bottom Line

    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Same boat I had - one year newer than yours. Completely gone through with new deck, 60 gallon fuel and lot's of other goodies...
  303. Bottom Line

    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Love what you've done with the boat Grant! Unfortunately I've reached the age where I can no longer deal with the back issues that get aggravated operating a small boat so my current boat will most likely be for sale soon - this one is in great shape though...
  304. Bottom Line

    San Diego Bay Shortfin Corvina Released ( video )

    Quite a lot of those in the back bay.
  305. Bottom Line

    Black Friday Penn Reel Deals

    Wow! Those are excellent deals!
  306. Bottom Line

    2008 Evinrude E-TEC 115 Outboards

    Researching jack plates.
  307. Bottom Line

    11/12 SQ Report

    It is certainly a great place! I liked so much that I leased a spot for my brother to live and I have the trailer right next to him. I've actually spent more time down there than here in Ca. this year!
  308. Bottom Line

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Livewell

    Appears to be 43 gallons
  309. Bottom Line

    Offshore Tomahawk bluefin limits

    I see a few familiar faces in there. Nice job!
  310. Bottom Line

    2008 Evinrude E-TEC 115 Outboards

    Unfortunately I can make a 25" shaft work...Good luck selling your engine I don't think you'll have much of a problem!
  311. Bottom Line

    2008 Evinrude E-TEC 115 Outboards

    I'm guessing it has around 380 to 400 hours - it's 2006 that was installed new in 2012. I hooked to a laptop a couple years ago and it had 280 hours and I did the 300 hour service at that point. Engine is set for XD-50 but I mostly use XD-100. You buy my 90, I add some cash and buy the 115...
  312. Bottom Line

    2008 Evinrude E-TEC 115 Outboards

    Damn, I really need one of these on my boat - the 90 ETEC I have runs perfect but just isn't powerful enough for my heavy boat.
  313. Bottom Line

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Read the original post - he got the shits someplace else...He's pissed at the landing - the boat had nothing to do with it.
  314. Bottom Line

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    I fished a 2.5 day on the Tomahawk this season and was in the head at least 12+ times a day - I was a sick puppy but I manned-up and with help from the excellent crew I managed to catch a few fish and had a good time in spite of it all.
  315. Bottom Line

    32 people on the T Bird tomorrow night. Get your Dykes ready.

    Yeah, I saw the pic of him & Leah on the beach south of the border yesterday...won't be running the trip for sure...
  316. Bottom Line

    Torpedo bottom fishing lead, various sizes in 20 lb lots

    I want (15) 12oz and (15) 16oz torpedos Mikey.
  317. Bottom Line

    Question for San Quintin trip

    If you want some light tackle fun bring some squid and a 4 lb trout rod - walk the shoreline past Don Eddies at low tide and fish a dropper loop with #6 or #8 hooks - small piece of squid - pretty much get bit every cast, mostly bonefish but a really fun battle on light gear.
  318. Bottom Line

    SOLD! 1989 Gregor Seahawk

    Maybe change the title status to "sold" - it's in the drop down menu..
  319. Bottom Line

    Question for San Quintin trip

    Shore fishing can be productive - lot's of bonefish in the back bay along with corvina. The area around Molino Viejo/Old Mill & Don Eddies holds some decent juvenile broomtail grouper when the bait is there - catch and release please.
  320. Bottom Line

    Reel box’s

    I have a shelf of them also.
  321. Bottom Line

    Reel box’s

    Only on reels that have value that I may be selling at some point - there's a bunch of people that feel this is important for some reason.
  322. Bottom Line

    BAJA, BAHIA ASUNCIÓN Beach house for sale

    I've seen Udo's place and at $75K it's a steal!
  323. Bottom Line

    CC 17’ boat

    Good luck with your search!
  324. Bottom Line

    Coronado Islands Seaforth San Diego Nov 1

    I saw that the Condor out of Fishermans is planning a BFT only trip. It doesn't say it on their website but I saw Scott post it on FB. Here's what he said: "This Friday nights 1.5 day trip is now a big Bluefin tuna trip!!! @condor.sportfishing We have had an amazing run on the yft and dorado...
  325. Bottom Line

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    I've had all my hats do this except my HUK Kryptek one - it gets sweaty/stained and a fresh water rinse and it's back to normal.
  326. Bottom Line

    I bought a couple Reliable kill bags from them - no issues.
  327. Bottom Line

    Garmin's new G3 card will have Navionics integration

    Damn...I just installed the G2 vision.
  328. Bottom Line

    Bola is going right now!

    Los Machos was the spot on Saturday - Remedios was going off on Sunday - dropper loop fish at 200'. Did some shore casting for cabrilla in less than stellar areas and managed 4 or 5 - water has the usual "stain" nearshore and clear outside. The road was fine with a few rough spots around...
  329. Bottom Line

    Komodo SS Users

    I specifically got it for fishing cabrilla in the sea of Cortes - Gonzaga bay/BoLA and points south. We toss large hard baits - usually 7.9" Toro Tamers from Charkbait or 150mm Madscads from Nomad Design Tackle. I have tossed iron with it but haven't given it much time.
  330. Bottom Line

    Komodo SS Users

    Exact same setup I have. It is a beast that casts excellent!
  331. Bottom Line

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    I've caught them like that. The only thing I could come up with that the bug is possibly going through some biologic changes prior to molting. I may be off base though. I did cook one up and the meat was visually unappetizing and sort of crumbly...
  332. Bottom Line

    Komodo SS Users

    I've got my 463 SS on a UC Stickbait 30-60 7' 11" rod. Reel is spooled with straight 80 lb braid.
  333. Bottom Line

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Attessa IV pic - this vessel has been periodically anchored in SD Bay off Harbor island for a year or so.
  334. Bottom Line

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler? SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Several people were injured, one critically, Friday night when a yacht and a sport-fishing boat collided in the Pacific Ocean near the U.S. and Mexico border...
  335. Bottom Line

    can anyone report on gonzaga?

    Not sure if you can view this but there are detailed reports from folks on the ground here:
  336. Bottom Line

    BOLA October 19-20

    Good meeting and chatting Dave - we killed them on Sunday at Remedios as Los Machos was dead.
  337. Bottom Line

    Bola is going right now!

    Fished with Enrique Daggett and Juan Cook today - super quick limits on the larger models with perfect weather!
  338. Bottom Line

    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    My neighbor here in San Quintin calls me over to get my opinion on a boat he's thinking of buying. It's a 1999 2310 with a low hour 225 Yamaha OX66 2 stroke fuel injected outboard. It has full but dated Furuno electronics and an excellent bait system. I told him I would buy it if he doesn't-...
  339. Bottom Line

    San Diego to LA Bay Road Conditions 10.09.18 Mex 1

    Thanks for the update - headed down in the morning...
  340. Bottom Line

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    Pretty sure I'll be there but don't really have a schedule - not sure where we are staying at the moment - maybe Daggetts, but I just got a call from the guy that I sold our place to and was told I was welcome to stay there - how cool! I've got a handheld if I remember to bring it...
  341. Bottom Line

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    I'm heading to SQ and BoLA - leaving this Thursday (10/11) and plan to stay until 10/24.
  342. Bottom Line

    Small Charter suggestions
  343. Bottom Line

    October is the new September in Bahia Asuncion!

    It appears that Friday morning is the current forecast.,23.362,-114.873,5
  344. Bottom Line

    Offshore Broke down but got a couple

    Albacore for sure - long fin and huge eye...
  345. Bottom Line

    Fishing BoLA starting 10/14

    Check it out here - use the slider on the bottom to advance the days.,-115.972,5,m:evBacWB
  346. Bottom Line

    Fishing BoLA starting 10/14

    Well it looks like Hurricane/tropical storm Sergio may mess up my timeline. I'm still planning on heading down as far as San Quintin and hang out and see what happens. I'm retired so it's no big deal...
  347. Bottom Line

    Lobster buoy GO ID marking

    I print out labels on my label maker and wrap them around the loop of rope at the top of the buoy - easy.
  348. Bottom Line

    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    Uh Oh...somebody is catching on....
  349. Bottom Line

    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    This one tasted awesome and I cooked it just the way Jasper suggested.
  350. Bottom Line

    SI Launch Ramp due date

    Pepper Park in National City, J Street in Chula Vista or possibly Coronado.
  351. Bottom Line

    lobster trap puller

    Good meeting you Travis - go catch some bugs!
  352. Bottom Line

    Fishing BoLA starting 10/14

    Yep - Very busy with selling a house and I'm too beat to talk to anyone!
  353. Bottom Line

    Fishing BoLA starting 10/14

    Yeah, Juan is currently in La Bocana or on the way - then he is going to Mag Bay and back to BoLA on the 13th. Now I think about it I doubt Juan was able to make it south with the storm. He is probably hunkered down in BoLA.
  354. Bottom Line

    Fishing BoLA starting 10/14

    Headed down on the 13th to hook up with Juan Cook. I am retired and have no set schedule. I'll most likely be leaving San Diego the 10th and stay at our place in San Quintin and then head south on the 13th. If anyone wants to join me and doesn't have a schedule send me a PM.
  355. Bottom Line

    9 Day BoLA trip with my Dad 10/15-10/24

    Great fishing! Headed down on the 13th to hook up with Juan Cook and fish a few days myself. I'll most likely be leaving on the 10th and stay at our place in San Quintin and then head south on the 13th. If anyone wants to join me and doesn't have a schedule send me a PM.
  356. Bottom Line

    Best sub $1K FF, Lowrance or not?

    Shots of my Garmin ducer mounting - this unit is similar size to the totalscan
  357. Bottom Line

    Gonzaga fishing charter

    No tuna at Gonzaga...
  358. Bottom Line

    Offshore YFT limits on the Intrigue 9/30

    Scott running the boat & Melissa doing the hostess thing in the galley - great combo!
  359. Bottom Line

    Sufficient power

    Marginal, in my opinion.
  360. Bottom Line

    Penn Reels for Sale! New in Box

    Any 30LD2's left? I'm definitely a buyer.
  361. Bottom Line

    Fuel in my Bilge

    Simply stated a situation where I got fuel in the bilge. Not high yet.
  362. Bottom Line

    Fuel in my Bilge

    Quite a few years ago on my previous boat I was at the gas station filling up and noticed a lot of fuel coming out of the drain plug - quick inspection revealed my fuel filter had rusted through. I pay a LOT more attention to filter change-outs now!
  363. Bottom Line

    installed new pump no it surges on off l

    Mine's a bit different but the concept is the same - it sets the spacing between the pressure bladder and the micro switch. You may have to mess with it before you figure out the right spot - best way is to remove the hose from the thru-hull and gravity feed the pump while the adjustment screw...
  364. Bottom Line

    Fishing Deckhand Needed (no pay just fishing)

    I've got the same situation going on - thinking of just selling the boat but can't bring myself to list it!
  365. Bottom Line

    installed new pump no it surges on off l

    See my explanation above, seriously, it's the problem and very easy to fix.
  366. Bottom Line

    installed new pump no it surges on off l

    Sounds like the pressure switch needs to be adjusted. There should be a tiny allen head adjustment screw. My $6 switch went bad and I had to adjust the new one to get it to work right.
  367. Bottom Line

    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    Wow, scary stuff!
  368. Bottom Line

    Nordstar boats

    Wow! Those boats look excellent!
  369. Bottom Line

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    I've got an old school Penn 9/0 filled with 80 lb Dacron on a Daiwa full roller rod with a gunwale plate for $200 but I'm in San Diego and I don't want to ship it.
  370. Bottom Line

    Where but fresh large squid in San Diego
  371. Bottom Line

    New, to me, money pit!! 94 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    Beautiful boat! Those Oceanrunners are VERY thirsty...mine only got 1 NMPG..
  372. Bottom Line

    Mexican License Fees

    Depends on peso fluctuations - I get a yearly on the Mex license site - the last purchase was in June/2018 and it cost $37.18 (700 pesos) for a full year.
  373. Bottom Line

    Offshore 9-18 9- hidden to hide me

    Post it on Youtube and link it here.. We were out there Monday and it wasn't totally terrible but it was certainly uncomfortable!
  374. Bottom Line

    Offshore DP 209 no fish report

    I certainly feel your pain! We did 72 miles in my 17' CC on Monday - my back still hurts.
  375. Bottom Line

    Offshore 9-18 9- hidden to hide me

    Nice Dodo! Monday (9/17) weather was the same except we were in a 17' CC.
  376. Bottom Line

    Solas Stainless 4 blade prop

    Hubbed for what engine? I see it's 15 spline.
  377. Bottom Line

    Aluminum Boat Parking San Diego Area

    So I'm guessing the kid didn't get a spot to store his boat...
  378. Bottom Line

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    We ALL can do our part...please pick up the trash. I know it's sometimes a PITA when the crap is out of your path but just make it part of your daily plan and in a short time your crew will be spotting the crap along with the paddies.
  379. Bottom Line

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Nope, I'm old school and prefer to find my own fish. If I wanted Fishdope info it's only a phone call away.
  380. Bottom Line

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Here's our track - I was going to run towards the corner but the water sucked so I opted to run the edge of the ridge - eventually got tired of the lifeless green water and headed EAST (ENE to be correct) to the 9.
  381. Bottom Line

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    The paddies we found were in a long 3+ mile line in a current break that collected lot's of debris. The paddy that had the dodo was in clean Yeah, we saw you...Rich says "Look a spotter plane" - I said, "probably that gaylord Jason". I am calling BS on the loaded kelps & foamer tuna - not in...
  382. Bottom Line

    Fort Bragg 9/16

    Nice catch! I had the same issue in 1998 on my 23' CC with a 200 hp Johnson - could not get the boat on plane so we wound up slabbing about 40 of the 65+ albacore we had and then just barely got it to plane. Fun Times!
  383. Bottom Line

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Here's a breakdown of the dumping regulations - note that plastic is NEVER allowed.
  384. Bottom Line

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    We launched out of Dana Landing around 5:45 - got bait and made some macs out by the jetty. Decided to head to LJ in hopes of getting a few YT's....wasn't happening so we headed off at a 240 heading for about 18 miles...water was an off-color greenish at 71 degrees. We found about 40 kelp...
  385. Bottom Line

    Bahia de Los Angeles Update?

    Plan to head down possibly around the 10th of Oct.
  386. Bottom Line

    14" dia. x 17" pitch 13 spline aluminum prop - $35

    This was on my 17' CC with a 90 hp Etec. My boat is too heavy for this prop.
  387. Bottom Line


    Lots of rats at our place - built a huge nest in my RV engine bay - chewed through most of the vacuum lines. I got 2 of the pricks last night which brings me to 4 for the week so far - I toss them in the ditch behind the house and the crows make off with them. I'll most likely get at least...
  388. Bottom Line

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    Didn't seem to bother them.
  389. Bottom Line

    Best store bought fillet knife for the money

    Forshners/Victorinox & a Kershaw - many years of service on these tools.
  390. Bottom Line

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    I remember we were out albacore fishing in my 23' CC with 5 of us and the water in the bait tank became "electrified" making it impossible to reach in and get a chovie. Pretty funny watching the "manly" guys puss out trying to get a bait! Somehow, even though the Rule 1100 was functioning, it...
  391. Bottom Line

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    I never could get a Rule 1100 to last a season...
  392. Bottom Line

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    Headed down south myself soon - I'm sure you'll get the engine issue resolved in time to have a great trip!
  393. Bottom Line

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    Yes, the hose from the crankcase fitting is the "pulse" line. There will also be reed plates between the carbs & engine block - these are essentially one-way valves. If one is slightly screwed up it can let crankcase pressure escape and thus lower your "pulse" pressure to the fuel pump.
  394. Bottom Line

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    All 2 stroke outboards (even HPDI) rely on crankcase pulsations to actuate the fuel pump diaphragm.
  395. Bottom Line

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    Well all I can think of now is an engine crankcase leak - check the gasket where the fuel pump mounts to the case. I'm thinking at lower rpms there isn't enough crankcase pressure to operate the pump.
  396. Bottom Line

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    Did you replace the fuel pump diaphragm?
  397. Bottom Line

    Building the ultimate workshop wood and metal. Need your input.

    Crap! With my impending move I've gotten rid of some quality metal working stuff...
  398. Bottom Line

    Tribute to a very special man & fisherman. Please watch this Video

    Wow, great! Many very good memories!
  399. Bottom Line

    Hydraulic Steering kits I also got the 1/2" stuff for the hydraulic hoses.
  400. Bottom Line

    Offshore 2005 Fish Report, a look back

    I've been listening to you guys on the VHF for many years...
  401. Bottom Line

    FMM passenger log. HELP PLEASE

    Sent you an email...
  402. Bottom Line

    Spun Hub on my prop

    I visited Ed myself today....great experience as usual.
  403. Bottom Line

    Mexican fishing license question??

    The link that Dan posted routes your $$ to Baja Sur. I'd rather have my $$ go to Baja Norte. I have been using the link Jason posted for many years - you save the .pdf to your computer/phone and print out as many as you like - I usually print 3 so I have one in several areas (truck, boat...
  404. Bottom Line

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    The stick steering isn't hydraulic? All the ones the guys used to have on the lake boats back in the day were hydraulic. I'd be interested to see the mechanics of how your steering works! Seriously, I would.
  405. Bottom Line

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    Here's a decent deal on a good helm:
  406. Bottom Line

    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    Yep, scouting out places in the AZ. mountains. Boat is moving to our place in San Quintin...bug gear will be for sale mid bug season.
  407. Bottom Line

    Shaver Lake 8-31-18

    That's pretty damned cool! Thanks for posting!
  408. Bottom Line

    Hydraulic Steering kits

    I just finished installing a Seastar (formerly Teleflex) helm with a pro cylinder - pretty much brain-dead easy to install & bleed the system.
  409. Bottom Line

    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    Damn, Pepper Park launch again this season. It adds close to 20 miles to my bug nights. This is my last bug season and was really hoping for SI to be open...
  410. Bottom Line

    Bait pump help...older Rule 700

    Nothing serviceable - what usually happens is the impeller separates from the shaft so the motor still runs but no water is pumped. Buy a new one.
  411. Bottom Line

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Making bait in the dark at the NEL tower off South mission...
  412. Bottom Line

    Leaning post build...after many other tasks

    Decent looking spool gun aluminum welds! I need a backrest on my bait tank/leaning/tackle station....may have to get some tube and bend it up.
  413. Bottom Line

    Overnight boat main deck bunks

    Condor has a couple.
  414. Bottom Line

    Rod reye epair

    I have Squidco do mine - inexpensive and fairly quick turnaround.
  415. Bottom Line

    Offshore Did not expect this

    Sounds like my season so far - if you want a good day just find out when I'm not going...
  416. Bottom Line

    Large size skb tackle box

    I kind of doubt it after almost 3 years...
  417. Bottom Line

    Recommend Good 4 or 6 Pack for Big BFT
  418. Bottom Line

    Fuel prices on the water from here to Magdelena

    Talk to Juan & Shari Arce (blowhole on BD) they have been transporting fuel from the Pemex station in town and out to vessels via panga at Bahia Asuncion at a very reasonable price.
  419. Bottom Line

    I am new to this and could use a bit of advice !

    You'll need to head way south for sailfish - tow your boat down to East Cape, Baja...
  420. Bottom Line

    Offshore Second-hand report

    From the Seaforth site - Poseidon Overnight 40 Yellowfin Tuna, 50 Skipjack Tuna
  421. Bottom Line

    The next fish fry 9-15-18

    HUGE whitefish!
  422. Bottom Line

    Dorado on a paddie yesterday

    10 in Ca. waters - 2 in Mex waters.
  423. Bottom Line

    Dorado on a paddie yesterday

    You must of had a lot of people on your boat with a 2 fish limit.
  424. Bottom Line

    passport visa permits

    Yeah, I hear you! TIP (Temporary Import Permit) was intended to stop the practice of boats going south to be sold and wind up undocumented in Mexico. The only time you are required to have them is when you trailer across the border or if you make port anywhere in Mexico. Just crossing on a...
  425. Bottom Line

    passport visa permits

    I have a TIP but only take it with me when I tow down.
  426. Bottom Line

    passport visa permits

    I have not been checked - I'm sure others here have though and hopefully they will share their experience. If you read the website it states it is affiliated with the govt & military and handles their $$ transactions. The Mexican military only wants to see that you have paid your fees. The...
  427. Bottom Line

    Johnson or Yamaha???

    I had a 1998 Ocean Runner 200 HP on my 23' CC - great engine except for the 1 NMPG part.
  428. Bottom Line

    Mitch's Seafood is ridiculous!

    My wife & I have been going there for years and it was one of our favorite places. A couple months ago we went expecting it to be wasn't. We went back a few weeks later figuring they just had a bad day and it was worse than before. I'm really sad to say this as we always looked...
  429. Bottom Line

    Swim step ladder

    Where are you located?
  430. Bottom Line

    The next fish fry 9-15-18

    Really cool thing to do!
  431. Bottom Line

    passport visa permits

    You will always need a Mex license while in their waters - the FMM (visa) is only within 12 miles of the coast. The site I posted has an English tab to click on but it still has a few areas that are in Spanish. Send me a message and I can send you a copy of my filled out form if you want. the...
  432. Bottom Line

    passport visa permits

    Mex license, passport and if fishing within 12 miles of the beach go to this site and pay for yourself & crew. It's fairly easy - It states that this is single entry but that is not the case as you can get it for up to 180 days.
  433. Bottom Line

    Garmin 742XS issue

    So I'm not the only one with this issue! I have no problem paying for better charts but I really wanted Navionics and according to Garmin they won't be available until sometime next year. Looks like I'll be headed to West Marine. Thanks for the input!
  434. Bottom Line

    Garmin 742XS issue

    Thanks, I appreciate it. The Garmin tech I was chatting with had never seen it before either.
  435. Bottom Line

    Offshore TIP in 7 days

    Sounds about right.
  436. Bottom Line

    Garmin 742XS issue

    OK, updated the MFD software from version 10 to change. Updated the world base map (large download & time consuming) & no change. I'm thinking Garmin is going to have to fix it. Thanks for your help!
  437. Bottom Line

    Garmin 742XS issue

    My system is brand new and downloading/updating the charts did no good. Garmin is supposed to get back with me with a solution, hopefully soon.
  438. Bottom Line

    Garmin 742XS issue

    The large gray area should be displaying the same as the area above it - it is totally blanked out.
  439. Bottom Line

    Best way to renew a passport?

    Got my passbook & card in 10 business days...easy
  440. Bottom Line

    Garmin 742XS issue

    So I installed a new Garmin 742xs and am dialing it in. I was out last Monday below the 425 and the factory installed worldwide base map has issues. I got an online chat going with Garmin and tech Keith initially told me that I did not purchase better charts (duh). He asked for the...
  441. Bottom Line

    Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    It was a sad time when we stopped going to the desert with our toys. Someone is going to be very happy with your old toys...
  442. Bottom Line

    Condor 1.5 Day - 6.16.18

    Yeah, it's a new operation but knowing Scott it's top-notch. Not sure on the crew.
  443. Bottom Line

    Condor 1.5 Day - 6.16.18

    Jimmy is running the boat most trips and does a great job. Scott still runs the boat occasionally but has bought a 50' Mikelson that I will be checking out soon.
  444. Bottom Line

    Recommendations for 4 Pack or 6 Pack Charter
  445. Bottom Line

    I was pretty much keyed in on tossing Nomad Design Madscads for the Cabrilla.

    I was pretty much keyed in on tossing Nomad Design Madscads for the Cabrilla.
  446. Bottom Line

    Mexican navy shuts down all fishing in BOLA?

    Go there & fish...have a great time!
  447. Bottom Line

    two turns to strb., one to port...steering issue

    This was the deciding factor to go hydraulic for me - I really didn't want to remove the engine again. Got out the 4.5" cutoff wheel and sawed the cable in 2 places. It felt real good to toss the POS in the trash along with the QCII Teleflex helm.
  448. Bottom Line

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Olukai's for me - the arch support was immediately noticible. They are holding up real well after daily use for about 16 months now.
  449. Bottom Line

    Lower 9 mile bank in relation to Coronados
  450. Bottom Line

    Seastar HH-5271 helm & HC-5345 cylinder

    Sold... Prefer local sale - Possibly open to trades. Helm has been cleaned and has new seals. Piston & rod has been replaced on the cylinder and is as new. Sold...
  451. Bottom Line

    Century 17 Center Console

    He's got a sticker on the corner - looks like an eagle.
  452. Bottom Line

    two turns to strb., one to port...steering issue

    Does your boat have rack & pinion cable steering or the QCII rotary?
  453. Bottom Line

    two turns to strb., one to port...steering issue

    Go hydraulic - I just did and it's a whole new world of piloting a small skiff.
  454. Bottom Line

    Salty Experience Needed!!!

    Nice boat - I'm sure you'll get some competent offers.
  455. Bottom Line

    Offshore 93 miles and a dodo

    Headed south, stopped at North Coronado for nothing - decided to head down to SKR for the YT bite but as we were crossing the middle grounds I gazed south and couldn't resist. We motored SW of the 425 and found the Mex fleet towing quite a few pens. Not much happening so decided to head to...
  456. Bottom Line

    Starting a new adventure

    Cook on a sportboat...
  457. Bottom Line

    Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H Conventional Rod used once very nice! $200 FINAL PRICE DROP!

    Looks to be a trigger stick to me - 3rd pic up from the bottom.
  458. Bottom Line

    Lowrance HDS9 Gen3 and Airmar TM260

    Be sure to update your software from the Lowrance site - it's easy and free. The older version doesn't support some newer transducers.
  459. Bottom Line

    Bogo Sabiki Rods

    Great deal.
  460. Bottom Line

    2320 transom thickness for thru-hull

    Depends how much Bondo they used...
  461. Bottom Line

    Fueling in Santee/Lakeside

    I-8 to 125 North to Mission Gorge - turn right and turn right again into the car wash - spend 5-6 bucks getting the boat clean and then back on Mission Gorge to Carlton Hills Blvd to the Arco. This has been my routine for a long time. All that's left to do at the house is flush the engine and...
  462. Bottom Line

    1 foot @ 7 second intervals ??? is showing 4' at 10 seconds right now at the Coronado islands.,32.534,-116.943,11,m:ezeacTH Just for grins I checked out the hurricane off Baja - 33' out of the east at 11 seconds...
  463. Bottom Line


    Sold....Ha! That was easy...
  464. Bottom Line

    Best LR boat/trip for an inexperenced friend

    This would be my choice.
  465. Bottom Line


    $100 delivered...scratch that...$80 delivered and that's my final offer!
  466. Bottom Line

    Road report to San Quintin?

    Construction on the large hill climb south of Santo Tomas is the only issue that I know of. It appears they are adding another lane going up the hill which will be a very good thing.
  467. Bottom Line

    Offshore Went south got a fee

    I want to hear more about this stripper!
  468. Bottom Line

    Offshore Long boat ride 8/2

    I'm thinking it's the new stainless Viper prop that getting you the mileage... we did a 60 mile round trip on Monday and burned 18 gallons but we were loaded heavy with 3 people (one big guy), 60 gallons of fuel, 80 lbs ice, 30 gallon bait and gear - poor engine was laboring for sure.
  469. Bottom Line

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    Yo-Zuri Vibe
  470. Bottom Line

    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    I had a similar thing happen to my Reliable bag - called them and they sent me a whole new piece gratis!
  471. Bottom Line

    Enrique..Daggett's sportfishing july 2018

    Excellent Enrique! Thanks again for pulling my truck out of the sand!
  472. Bottom Line

    REDUCED 14' Klamath, Strong Merc 20, Pacific Trailer

    Nice El Cap bass! Maybe San V though...
  473. Bottom Line

    2 speed repair in San Diego

    Glenn at the Reel Connection in I.B.
  474. Bottom Line

    Distance on water from Gonzaga to BOLA

    We did it a couple months ago when my friend was moving his charter operation from Gonzaga to BoLA.
  475. Bottom Line


    Launch out of Mission Bay, either at Dana Landing or South Shores east of Sea World - both places have bathrooms. Bait can be had In Quivira Basin at Everingham Bros on your left just before you enter the channel. No washdowns anywhere that I know of...
  476. Bottom Line

    Distance on water from Gonzaga to BOLA

    It's close to 90 miles if you visit Refugio on the way down...
  477. Bottom Line

    Sonar Question - is TotalScan enough?

    The modern MFD's are amazing regardless of the brand. I'm a Garmin guy so I opted for a 742XS with a gigantic transom mount transducer - I don't remember offhand which model but it's essentially Garmins version of a Totalscan. Unfortunately the largest MFD my console would handle is a 7" model...
  478. Bottom Line


    Crap, I always miss the great trips! I'm headed down pretty soon though..
  479. Bottom Line


    A lot going on right now but I'm certainly interested!
  480. Bottom Line

    New Blue Seas panel

  481. Bottom Line

    Offshore SCI Bluefin 7/25 and 7/26

    I was just messing with you - I'm sure we all knew what you meant!
  482. Bottom Line

    Offshore SCI Bluefin 7/25 and 7/26

    I'm guessing you meant 7/25 & 7/26...
  483. Bottom Line

    New Blue Seas panel

    Unfortunately, not much visible Grant - I know the hull is rated for 150 HP though...
  484. Bottom Line

    Starter set up

    Seeker Classic American series rod - (about $80) & a Shimano TLD Star 15/30 (about 50 - $80). These are my loaner outfits and work very well for most fish we encounter.
  485. Bottom Line

    New Blue Seas panel

    All done! Here's a pic of the nasty cutout piece for the new switch panel and one of the pretty steering ram. I still need to install protective sleeves around the hydraulic hoses...they are on order and will arrive soon. I run a combo group 24 starting battery and a group 29 house - plenty...
  486. Bottom Line

    Recommendations for a 4 pack charter SD/OC
  487. Bottom Line

    90hp for a 17' montauk

    Here you go.
  488. Bottom Line

    RIP Nicolas "Duffy" Fudge
  489. Bottom Line

    Yamaha Outboard motor 90HP with all wiring & binnacle $3350

    Great outboard for sure. I've had outboards all my life and nothing (not even my current 90 Etec) was as good as the 90 Yamaha.
  490. Bottom Line


    That one next to the rail rod is calling me....
  491. Bottom Line

    Which SD 6 Pack?

    Scott Meisel (owner/captain of Condor) just added a 50' Mikelson that will be running out of Fisherman's landing real soon -
  492. Bottom Line

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    Truth is stranger than fiction - it was none other than Jacques Cousteau who coined the name yellowtail tuna before most of you on this board were born.
  493. Bottom Line

    New Blue Seas panel

    Finally got rid of my very old mismatched switches and installed a new panel - serviced the batteries while I was at it. All I have left to do is tidy up the wire loom under the console and finish up the new hydraulic steering install (85% done) and I'm good to go. Too hot to be outside...
  494. Bottom Line

    Shelter Island ramp pics 7/20/18

    We were down at SI getting some boat stuff done and decided to check on ramp progress. They have a coffer dam in place while they are prepping/pouring the ramp.
  495. Bottom Line

    Good App for MPAs?

    FishLegal...not sure about iPhone app though.
  496. Bottom Line

    Carryall Turf II gas powered utility Cart - $1,700

    Runs but has been sitting for a few years - will need fuel system drained & carb cleaned. New tires and battery. Located in La Mesa. $1,700
  497. Bottom Line

    Shimano I need a 3rd party repair for shimano

    Glenn Pamaran at the Reel Connection in Imperial Beach (San Diego) does my reel repair on Shimano stuff that Shimano no longer services.
  498. Bottom Line

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    I did it precisely like the video - problem is mine never got to the point where the wheel reached a stopping point in either direction. I'm not surprised as the inside of the helm was totally packed with brown sorta Vasoline looking gunk...I'm going to completely clean it as soon as the wife...
  499. Bottom Line

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    Cylinder was fine and is now on a Yamaha powered Parker in Mexico - helm is currently in pieces in my garage - it was completely sludged up beyond belief. It is a fairly simple device and should be good after a through cleaning and new seals installed.
  500. Bottom Line

    outkast fishing

    I've gotten several items from them with no issues at all.
  501. Bottom Line

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    I did mine exactly like the steering wheel has NO stopping point and spins freely in either direction leading me to believe the check valve(s) are letting fluid bypass so very little pressure builds up. I go back and can easily move the engine lock to lock by hand with only a tiny...
  502. Bottom Line

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    Yes we did - several times over a 3 hour period - very frustrating!
  503. Bottom Line

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    Check valves is what I meant to say - there's one at each hose connection - these are adjustable and I'm pretty sure they are allowing fluid to flow freely and what is causing the issue.
  504. Bottom Line


    Hey, "ALL CAPS DUDE" when are we going fishing?
  505. Bottom Line


    There's a 166 lb BFT at the end of this line...don't use the harness lugs and it will be fine.
  506. Bottom Line

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    I'm doing a hydraulic steering install on my boat - I bought a used 1.7 helm and a new Seastar outboard cylinder. Everything is installed and I can't get it to work - system is bled but helm develops very little pressure. I'm thinking the relief valves are stuck and allowing fluid to bypass in...
  507. Bottom Line


    I don't care, that was just past shit. What I do care about is my damned hydraulic steering install is kicking my ass....going to have to tear the helm apart and free up the pressure's going to be very messy I'm thinking.
  508. Bottom Line

    Yeah, I made the trip from Gonzaga to BoLA on the Parker. I really didn't get much fishing in...

    Yeah, I made the trip from Gonzaga to BoLA on the Parker. I really didn't get much fishing in with the jigs as we were zeroed in on Cabrilla but I did get a few fish at Guadalupe reef on the way in. Your lures swim surprisingly well for a heavy lure - I like them!
  509. Bottom Line

    BFT steaks on the grill

    Simply garlic & herb seasoning with olive oil.
  510. Bottom Line

    What’s your weekend gameplan?

    Getting my newly installed Seastar steering to work is my plan. I don't fish weekends.
  511. Bottom Line

    BFT steaks on the grill

    Lightly seared of course
  512. Bottom Line

    Dead head lures

    I used these fishing with Juan last month in BoLA.
  513. Bottom Line

    Offshore Rpt.-1.5 day Prowler fishing 07-11-18

    Sounds like my 1.5 day on the Condor - we got 2 fish (and several lost) in the morning dark and nothing after that. We got a few hookups on light line later in the day that went bye-bye quickly. I was next to a guy that had a Tranx 500 that was spooled in about 8 seconds - another guy had a...
  514. Bottom Line

    Offshore Just returned - Condor 1.5 day

    Glow Flat Fall 250's in the dark is what worked..
  515. Bottom Line

    Offshore Just returned - Condor 1.5 day

    Just got home after a 1.5 day on the Condor with 10 passengers.. Short & sweet we hooked 12 or so fish and boated 2.. a 166 & 210. Captain Jimmy & crew worked their asses off and we had several great blow-ups of 200+ fish displays throughout the day.
  516. Bottom Line

    Man cave is a mess!

    Haha! The wife also piles stuff in the space unfortunately.
  517. Bottom Line

    Ensenada offshore report?

    We fished it on the Tomahawk on Monday & Tuesday. There's lots of willing YFT about 20 miles out.
  518. Bottom Line

    Man cave is a mess!

    Lots of good stories behind these stickers.
  519. Bottom Line

    Man cave is a mess!

    Got it covered Bill, although access is a bit of an issue!
  520. Bottom Line

    Man cave is a mess!

    It is kettle cooked root vegetables and it's pretty good. I am on a restricted carb way of eating so no potato chips for me. Between low-carb & no sugar I've knocked off close to 50 lbs in the last 2 years.
  521. Bottom Line

    Man cave is a mess!

    A bunch of the stuff piling up is from you Frank! You are complicit in my mess...
  522. Bottom Line

    Man cave is a mess!

    I am totally overrun with stuff - there's a few projects in the piles of stuff. Hydraulic steering, Blue Sea Systems 8 gang breaker panel, & a new 4 blade stainless prop are the obvious ones.
  523. Bottom Line

    ....Meanwhile in Norway

    Need the super-ultralight for that one!
  524. Bottom Line

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Raea the Queensland Heeler. Bottom pic is when we brought her home last year.
  525. Bottom Line

    N9 to LJ

    Harbor seal - seldom a pest like sea lions are.
  526. Bottom Line

    Casting a Penn Fathom 40 NLD

    It is a lever drag so you'll need an educated thumb for casting. This size reel isn't really good at casting, especially for sardine bait.
  527. Bottom Line

    How's the Condor

    Scott just got in from Montana and just took over running the boat for the season. We were fishing the WON tournament last week & hooked quite a few decent BFT. We turned in 5 fish 77 to 82 lbs or so for weigh-in. The NLA had big fish at 88 lbs. I believe we had 18 BFT total for 26 anglers -...
  528. Bottom Line

    SKB 7100 $185

    Ha! Funny guy. I really don't need it but for some reason I'm drawn to it. Yeah, I'm a buyer today at $160. I don't need any yellowtail tuna...
  529. Bottom Line

    San Felipe - 7/6/2018 Report

    Perhaps a Green Jack:
  530. Bottom Line

    SKB 7100 $185

    Fish looks a lot like tuna....
  531. Bottom Line

    Nados 7/7/18

    Wow! You fished the future and it was good! Tomorrow is 7/7/18.
  532. Bottom Line

    ONE more tail

    Go here & fill out your info - put in the # of passengers, select the start & end dates that equal 180 days and pay your fee. The only issue I had is I attempted to input my passport card # but the site wants your passbook number, I have both so it's no issue...
  533. Bottom Line

    what weather APPs or web sites are good/accurate??

    X2 on I have it on my desktop & my phone.
  534. Bottom Line

    Looking for 30 lb. bait rod a 300-sized baitcaster
  535. Bottom Line

    Offshore Short Report 6/30, 7/4 and Good Popper Bite Video

    Ha! I used to have an 18' tin boat called the Rough Rider!
  536. Bottom Line

    How's the Condor

    I was on the Condor last Friday and had an excellent time - I did have to learn new crew faces - crew member Scott was the only guy I recognized other than Scott the owner/captain. Oops...I forgot Matt...
  537. Bottom Line

    Offshore Tomahawk 2.5 Day Killing Spree

    I second this! I was on the trip and was quite impressed all the way around with this operation!
  538. Bottom Line

    Lost shaft at Dana Point Ramp

    I was getting into my buds truck at the Shelter Island launch ramp & my wallet fell out - I was bummed and started the process of cancelling my credit/debit cards. I get a call the next day while I was at work from a young lady that says she has my wallet and we arrange to meet at her place of...
  539. Bottom Line

    Offshore 2.5 day on the Tomahawk - YFT

    Yeah south down around the double 220 - fish were 12 to perhaps 20+ lbs. There's a lot of small groups of fish busting up balls of small bait. It was cool to see them exploding on the poppers. Good news is the YFT would readily eat trolled lures of all types.
  540. Bottom Line

    Offshore 2.5 day on the Tomahawk - YFT

    Just got in - great boat, captain & crew. I don't have the final fish count but we we got plenty of smaller grade paddy yellows, a couple small grade (30 lb?) BFT and a good showing on the YFT.
  541. Bottom Line

    $400 2.5 day on Tomahawk leaving tonight

    Damn, beat me to it...I was just going to send a message. I'm down if the spots open
  542. Bottom Line

    $400 2.5 day on Tomahawk leaving tonight

    I can't believe nobody has taken this offer. I'm really tempted....wife says go but...what time are you assembling at Seaforth?
  543. Bottom Line

    Offshore 6/30/18 Tuna Report

    Certainly is tonnage of fish down that way.
  544. Bottom Line

    Penn Fathom 25 or 30?

    I couldn't decide either so I got (2) 25NLD2's, a 30LD2 and a 40 NLD2 and dumped my Avets.
  545. Bottom Line

    Factory sold seeker sold black steel graphite 6470h

    Every time I see something I want it's always north of me....damn!
  546. Bottom Line


    It was a fun time and our boat checked in 5 fish for weigh-in between 77 & 82 lbs which landed 4th place in the boat standings. The New Lo-an had a great team and I believe topped the field with a fish in the 88 lb range. I couldn't get bit on 40 lb so I switched to 30 and got bit...
  547. Bottom Line


    Yeah, I'm bringing 5 as well - 30,40,50 bait & a 60lb stickbait rod with a tiny Komodo 463 with 80 lb. The last rod is a 40 lb backup with a 25NLD2 all braid.
  548. Bottom Line

    How many motor hours are too much?

    When I was down in Gonzaga Bay last month we serviced Juan's 250 Yamaha on his Parker (spark plugs, filters, oil and lower unit) - I believe it has around 4,400 hours. We fired it up out of the water and although it smoked a bit it still runs strong. The smoke wasn't noticeable once we were...
  549. Bottom Line

    Penn International 30 w/clamp, Penn international 30-80 Trolling Rod

    "Asking $1750 obo" - seems just a bit steep to me....
  550. Bottom Line


    Condor for me.
  551. Bottom Line

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    Funny shit there! I'm totally with you on the knot thing.
  552. Bottom Line

    San Quintin 15th report

    Very wet here in SQ this morning...
  553. Bottom Line

    This Cabrilla was all over it!

    Another shot of Captain Juan with a beautiful cabrilla. Sardine pattern Madscad.
  554. Bottom Line

    Juan Cook is at it again

    Tossing a Nomad Design Madscad at willing Cabrilla
  555. Bottom Line

    Sawtail grouper with Juan Cook at Bahia de Los Angeles

    Fished a couple days with Juan (5/28 & 5/29) fishing was slow by Bahia standards but we caught decent yellowtail, some killer sized Cabrilla & this sawtail grouper.
  556. Bottom Line

    I need a ride from BoLA to San Quintin on the 30th.

    I'm helping Juan move his boat from Gonzaga Bay to BoLA on the 27th and will be fishing on the 28th also. My ride fell through so I need to head to SQ on the 30th. If you have room I'll pay the fuel bill.
  557. Bottom Line

    BOLA report 5-15

    I was there the 17th through the 20th and the wind kept us off the water. I made the trip to Gonzaga on the 21st but it was limits of wind also. I'm back in San Quintin now and will be heading back to Gonzaga on the 26th to join a bud in moving his boat down to BoLA. I believe I may be cursed.
  558. Bottom Line

    San quintin recent reports?

    San Quintin is cool & windy right now. I am In BoLA now - the wind has been keeping the boats on the trailers. The fleet did made it out yesterday though and targeted South La Guarda - I spoke with Enrique Daggett and said fishing was terrible - lots of fish around but not interested in...
  559. Bottom Line

    Round trip to San Quintin - BoLA - Gonzaga Bay - BoLA - San Quintin

    Road trip in the morning to drop my brother off at our place in San Quintin, then head to BoLA on Thursday to fish with Woody (Mas Olas) & Enrique Daggett on Friday. Plan to hang out a couple days and head to Gonzaga Bay and fish with Juan Cook on the 22nd. I'll probably hang out for a couple...
  560. Bottom Line

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    I'm still curious what happened to the Liberty Station boat ramp they promised. The location is perfect with tons of parking but the area just sits there....
  561. Bottom Line

    BOLA May 21-22

    I may be there on the 17th...stay a few days and then possibly Gonzaga.
  562. Bottom Line

    Nomad Madscad Lures

    Striker is in Louisiana - Nomad now has a U.S. distribution point at 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE, USA. I believe Striker was the first distributor here in the states and I'm sure they work closely with Nomad.
  563. Bottom Line

    Nomad Madscad Lures

    Looks like they now have a location in the U.S. -
  564. Bottom Line

    Fishing License Plate

    My bud has the CA. plate "GOBENDO"
  565. Bottom Line

    Evinrude/ Johnson props

    I've got a 3 blade 17" pitch SS Viper that came off my engine - nice prop but my boat is way too heavy for the 90 HP to turn it. You're welcome to try it out on your boat and if it works we can maybe make a deal.
  566. Bottom Line

    Evinrude/ Johnson props

    That SS prop would look real good on my 90 Etec...
  567. Bottom Line

    Don't fall for this email scam! I almost paid the guy.

    We've all already seen your jerk-off video.
  568. Bottom Line

    Nomad Madscad Lures
  569. Bottom Line

    madscad in gonzaga bay.

    This place carries Nomad Design Tackle:
  570. Bottom Line

    madscad in gonzaga bay.

    Good job Juan - see you soon amigo.
  571. Bottom Line


    Excellent report Rich!
  572. Bottom Line

    San Quintin info!

    Old Mill is good & I've stayed there many times - I prefer Don Eddie's but I'm friends with the owner so I'm sorta biased.
  573. Bottom Line

    Point Magu Naval Base

    You're correct but there are listings for Point Hueneme as in Point Hueneme Lighthouse...I think folks get "point" & "port" mixed up - easy to do I suppose. I vote for...
  574. Bottom Line

    Point Magu Naval Base

    As long as were doing spell's Point/Port Hueneme
  575. Bottom Line

    Yamaha outboard help?

    Figure out the length and check Ebay - this is one of those times you don't buy used stuff. I got mine from a marine dealer in Washington state.
  576. Bottom Line

    Any recommendations on a boat detailer?

    Skip at Reflections on Prospect does a great job.
  577. Bottom Line

    4/20 stupid fishing

  578. Bottom Line

    26' Wilson with twin Honda 250s and cucumber dive permit
  579. Bottom Line

    Boot stripe?

    Skip at Reflections in Santee is the guy.
  580. Bottom Line

    96 225 ox66 2 cycle oil in the intake

    Bad piston/rings.
  581. Bottom Line

    or trade Mint unlocked Samsung S7

    Where are you located?
  582. Bottom Line

    or trade Mint unlocked Samsung S7

    32 GB I assume? I may be interested.
  583. Bottom Line

    Penn fathoms centrifugal braking..

    The "brakes" are on the spool on the "non business" side of the reel - left side for a right handed reel.
  584. Bottom Line

    Penn fathoms centrifugal braking..

    Not a feature on lever drag reels.
  585. Bottom Line

    And the insanity continues !

    Got ANOTHER 25NLD2 from Woodbury and a 40NLD2 off Ebay. I certainly don't need any more gear.
  586. Bottom Line

    Avet MXL 5.8 - Gunmetal - $140

    I will be out of town until April 5th. I will respond to messages when in cell range.
  587. Bottom Line

    26' Wilson with twin Honda 250s and cucumber dive permit
  588. Bottom Line

    NIB Lexa 400HS-P with Phoenix Rod REDUCED $300

    Good meeting you Jeff - see you down south! Hope you can get the Alaska trip booked.
  589. Bottom Line

    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    It's all relative - way back gas was 25 cents a gallon and at my first job I made $1.25/hr. So for an hours work I could buy 5 gallons of fuel. How much fuel can you buy now for an hours work? I'm thinking anyone that can afford a boat makes well above $15/hr.
  590. Bottom Line

    Avet HX 5/2 - $270

    Gunmetal Avet HX 5/2 - 80 braid with 50 topshot. Located about 15 miles east of San Diego in Santee.
  591. Bottom Line

    NIB Lexa 400HS-P with Phoenix Rod REDUCED $300

    Crap, I missed this one. I just dropped $$$ on a new Komodo 450 SS and a UC stickbait rod - I would have been all over this if I was paying attention.
  592. Bottom Line

    Portable truck/car garage

    I'll take it if you're local to San Diego.
  593. Bottom Line

    Fathom 40NLD2 Drag/Freespool Issue

    No sense taking this any further - design has nothing to do with it.
  594. Bottom Line

    Fathom 40NLD2 Drag/Freespool Issue

    This happened to my 25NLD2 - it does not simply "fall off" - It actually unscrews and falls off. Since it appears to be somewhat common I'm assuming it wasn't tightened correctly at the factory - hardly a "design flaw" This was corrected with a tiny bit of locktite and proper tightening.
  595. Bottom Line

    Savage Gear Freestyler Stick Bait

    Most likely 50% off during Fred Hall show dates...
  596. Bottom Line

    Avet MXL 5.8 - Gunmetal - $140

    Price drop to $140 firm.
  597. Bottom Line

    LEXA 400 x4 $150

    I'll take the PWR (pic 3rd from the bottom) shipped to San Diego.
  598. Bottom Line

    Anyone headed to Gonzaga Bay?

    I need to get a bag of lures down to Papa Fernandez camp.
  599. Bottom Line

    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    Check out what Charkbait on Midway has - they are dealing during both Fred Hall shows.
  600. Bottom Line

    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    Bought a bag (8) of stick baits that were normally $13 for $6.50/ea. Thinking of heading back and getting a UC stick bait rod (7'8" - 60lb) and Okuma Komodo spooled up with 85 braid for fishing grouper in Gonzaga/BoLA. Also got some VMC 7/0 inline hooks to replace the trebles on the stickbaits.
  601. Bottom Line

    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    My great deal was shopping at Charkbait in San Diego and getting up to 50% off on lots of stuff.
  602. Bottom Line

    Lobster hoop netting?

    Nope - do not offer ANY assistance - no driving the boat, nothing at all.
  603. Bottom Line

    ebay 20% off site wide

    $186.80 - Penn Fathom 40NLD2 shipped to my door.
  604. Bottom Line

    Nomad Design Madscad getting it done in Gonzaga Bay.

    Here's a pic Captain Juan Cook just sent me from Gonzaga Bay of a very nice Leopard Grouper.
  605. Bottom Line

    ACE line hauler. Rent or Buy.

    Just buy my lobster gear:
  606. Bottom Line

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    Need to find the OP and sock him up...
  607. Bottom Line

    Aluminum Engine Bracket $300

    Where are you located?
  608. Bottom Line

    anyone use paypal?

    I've been using it a LOT for years and never had an issue.