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    Kellygirls first

    You never know what might happen.WATCH
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    Hello I am Back

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    Cabo after Hurricane 2020

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    Cabo Baby

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    When a plan comes together!!!!

    Capt Dave, I subscribed to your site about a month ago, Your content is great. I have been fishing the local waters for my whole life out of Newport. But I am always willing to learn new things from people who have spent more time on the water than me. I have been fishing long enough to know how...
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    Swordfish.How, Where, When

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    How is This

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    How to take Children fishing

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    Check out The new site

    ANYONE that wants to take a look a lot has changed. It is bigger and better with over 150 videos . Just enter this code for free access. 11252019.
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    Fishing Legends

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    its always something

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    Offshore Sonar It Works!!!!!

    A member of my website wanted a little hands on instruction on how to use his CH 500 sonar. Well it works. Sonar is working and now Tim knows that it works. Limits of YFT in less then an hour.
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    You have got to see this.

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    I am in trouble now.

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    Check this out.

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    Offshore Chase and I

    We went fishing san clemente Island. This is all we caught. MAKE IT A GREAT DAY.
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    Part one

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    Really Good Bass

    Had full speed bass fishing on the west end of SCI.Then looked outside the Dunes area.We found Some Tuna. They wanted to eat the yummy.Got 4 out of twenty bites.Over all it was a great trip.Thanks for checking out the report .Sorry Pics Suck .But you get the point.
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    Just in case.

    If your not sure if it works.Here you go again.
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    Do not fish for boats!

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    On the Micro

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    Even if you hate Just watch

    You need to be a part
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    You may like this

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    See this and Much more at .
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    Got to fish with some buddies at Catalina.I had not been fishing for almost 12 hours so it was good to get back out.We were going to fish for yellows. So we Started at a spot that I had seen a bunch of yellows the day before. We had great expectations. But we got no love from the yellows all we...
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    Tip for the month of June

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    The legends of fishing.

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    I will be on Let's Talk Hookup

    I'll be in the studio and live on the air this Sunday from 7 AM to 9 AM. Call in for a chance to win this week's special give-away. Tune in on the Let’s Talk Hookup app or visit
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    This is a great video
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    Once again Thanks to Everyone!,,

    That came to my seminars at the Fred Hall both Long Beach and Del Mar.. Had a great time seeing everyone. That was alot of fun..In case you missed me . I will be at Day at the Docks speaking at 10am. See you there..
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    Get ready

    Almost time to start cutting.. Thank you everyone that come out to the show .Both long beach and Del Mar.Its was quite a turn out....
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    Went hopping after the show last nite limits .Bugs Up to 18 lbs three over 10.All in the harbor in oceanside..Glad to get one last trip in.
  36. Dave Hansen Free for a week....

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    Catalina Opener

    Fished the west end of Catalina. Good fishing. Got one seabass then went codding and got 22. Then bass and sheepshead next. Got 8 bass and 8 sheepshead. See you all at the show!
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    Tip of the month for Feb.

    Make sure you get your reels in for service. The back up is "reel" at most shops!!!! I have been told its a month out at most places.If you know a place that can do it faster.Please let all of us know..
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    Rainy day TV

    Go away rain!!!!
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    That's got to HURT!!

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    Rockfish Time is Near

    Check out this little clip...
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    Still Love This one

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    Fishing Marlin on the Finger

    It was a great time..Tell me if you like the video trying new editing.
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    Membership is free

    The first 20 people to PM their email gets a month subscription of for FREE!!
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    Sunset Marlins

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    This will make you smile

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    Part One trip to Cabo on Wild in Sac

    We got some great video...Stay tuned
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    This is why I love this..

    Almost as much as Bass fishing. ..
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    Finger good.

    Fished the finger today.Left dock at 7am.Made to to bank at 930am ..Weather was up but fishing was great.Boss caught 8 and his Brothers both caught one ..All done at 12noon...Pretty good fishing.
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    Dana Point very good

    All right gang I just got back from Cabo.. Fishing is in sane right now in Cabo?That being said I knew I needed to go fishing when I got home.So I looked at the report on fishdope to see what kind of bait they had at Dana point.Oh happy days for me they have 4 to 6 inch sardines.So it was off to...
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    Just a few minutes

    See The rest at
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    Offshore Dorado on the wild in sac

    . for full version...Thanks for watching....
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    LOBSTER 101

    Its almost time to dust off those hoopnets. I have just posted a four part series on how to hoopnets in So.Cal.. If you want to check it out go to Also try not to miss Let's Talk Hookup Sunday from 7am till 9am.I will be on With Steve from Promar.We will have a bunch of...
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    Catalina Calicos on wild in sac 101

    taste of bass fishing with the kids..
  55. Dave Hansen

    Catalina Calicos on wild in sac

    taste of bass fishing with the kids...
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    Offshore Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    This is pretty cool.
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    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Enjoy! Check out for more
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    Bluefin on the Kite -

    To make this a reality, instead of just a dream, log onto If you follow our step by step video series on flying the kite, this could be you.
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    Offshore Let's go fly a kite....

    It is time they are biting....The fish are bigger and are getting hungry..They have eatting most of the chovies that where all over.Now they want a rubber flying fish...Time to fly a kite...We got two over two hundred yesterday....July 16th...Check out where on Fishdope ,Check out how on...
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    What’s your weekend gameplan?

    This is the missing piece to the puzzle we call the So cal bight.... Check out my web site. The members can tell you this has changed what they catch. Along with fish Dope you will be way successful... Just posted in the Forums the game plan for this weekend July 14th 15th.. I cover Catalina...
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    Skipjack On the bare hook

    Got a limit of calicos,a sea bass,8lbcuda,And a Skipjack at Salt Creek...A-day for the books....All on the anchor in 52 feet of water...
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    Let’s talk Hookup

    Tommarow Morning from 7 to 9. I will be on the show with Pete Gray and Rock Cod Rick on Lets talk Hookup 1090am....Call in tell me what’s up....
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    Wild in Sac

    I will start running next Thursday the 21st..By far the finest 6pack charter boat in So Cal...If anyone is interested call me...My number is posted on every bathroom wall from Dana to San Diego..But Really 9493740786....Dont Forget to check the web site . It's time...
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    calicos are hitting

    Did some boat work today.The weather was great ..So I had to go fishing this afternoon..Left the bait barge at 130 with a fat scoop of the killer Chovies..Started at the pipe my son caught a nice 3 lb calico..That was the only bite we got at the pipe..Water was a clean green..Took off up to The...
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    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    Fished the upper boiler rocks at Monarch bay..Lots of bass and short cuda....Dana has very nice Chovie...It was good not wide open but it was steady...We were out shooting new videos for the website..After we got done filming we fished for a couple hours...Water is about 64 and clean...
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    Anchovies Dana Point

    Dana Point has them..Time to go fishing ..Tommarow will be fun...I love catching....Dont really like fishing...But I love catching....
  67. Dave Hansen

    Boardroom 2

    My good buddy Todd Mansur Just called..He took his group over to Catalina today...They had a good day fishing on the backside east ....They caught yellowtail, Bass, Rockfish. If you want to book a trip...Give um a call..9494965794.Full report listen to me on Fishdope....
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    What's the deal with

    My new Website is doing great nothing but positive feedback.It you want to know How, When, Where and Why..This website has it all.Along with fishdope.This is going to change what you catch..For less then a cup of coffee at Starbucks you get a 42 year career of fishing for a liven...Check out...
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    San Clemente Island report up west

    Fished The west end .Red crabs everywhere..Very good white fish in 130 feet of water..Great Reds in 300 feet water.. Good sheepshead and bass in Northwest harbor..
  70. Dave Hansen

    Grunion for Bait

    Fished Dana Point today. It was a beautiful day. Weather was probably 75°. Had a bag of grunion for bait. Water was cold...54°. Fished Three Arch Bay boiler rock for two nice bass, as seen on my Facebook live, then moved to 9th Street boiler rocks for 2 more. It was slow but fun to be out on...
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    Check out the all new spot videos...It’s a must if you fish So
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    How to fish the Yummy

    Check out the all new 3 part series on how to fish the yummy. Plus all ther other cool videos..It is a must have if you fish in So Cal..
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    If You Fish

    You need to be a part of the greatest website for So Cal fishing Info....
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    I am Back......

    I missed you guys..Was at Catalina on Wednesday..A lot of Squid at Lions Head..Good bass and Sheephead fishing. Check my new website...It will change what you catch....
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    Yoursaltwaterguide is pleased to announce a new addition to the saltwater guide team, Captain Sonny Haendiges. Sonny's expertise, local knowledge and willingness to teach, will provide an opportunity to learn how, when, where and why to catch fish in your area. Sonny, who holds a 100 ton master...
  76. Dave Hansen

    Time to Fish

    Hello everyone. This post will make some people upset.This is a report and a call to action.Today my new guide Mike Maddox was out with some clients on there Grady White.They got squid at Nachos.Took it to Catalina and so far they have 8 yellows and limits of bass and a few sheephead. The call...
  77. Dave Hansen

    Offshore BFT

    I will be at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival February 17th,18th & 19th. I'll be speaking on stage with Captain Pete Groesbeck on Saturday the18th and with Captain Todd Mansur on Sunday the 19th. We'll be sharing our tried and true techniques on fishing the kite for the big bluefin. If...
  78. Dave Hansen


    I will be at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival February 17th,18th & 19th. I'll be speaking on stage with Captain Pete Groesbeck on Saturday the 18th and with Captain Todd Mansur on Sunday the 19th. We'll be sharing our tried and true techniques on fishing the kite for the big bluefin. If...
  79. Dave Hansen

    Offshore SCI Friday

    Fished the island Friday .Sonny from Island Spirit and some of his buddies charter the Wild in Sac. The plan was yellows and Bass till noon and then fly the Kite to the 43 and see what happens. Well bass fishing was insane we released about 200. Only keep the 15 to 17 inch fish had limits of...
  80. Dave Hansen

    Offshore SCI Friday

    Fished the island Friday. Sonny, Captain of the Island Spirit, and some of his buddies charter the Wild in Sac. The plan was Yellows and Bass till noon then fly the kite to the 43 and see what happens. Well Bass fishing was insane. We released about 200 and kept the 15"to 17" fish which we had...
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    Learn How To Catch More Fish!

  82. Dave Hansen

    Offshore Got. Two

    A 272lb 254lb both on the Yummy. 272 took 9min. 254 took 12 min. Both on 200lb braid. Mak.130wide full drag.
  83. Dave Hansen

    It's Official...

    As of today, I am the THE ONLY LICENSED Saltwater GUIDE in So.Cal. Before you hire anyone, be sure and ask to see their license.
  84. Dave Hansen

    Got One

    Got my once a year WSB out of Dana Point. SHE WAS A NICE ONE.
  85. Dave Hansen

    Great Season

    Lobster season ends tonight. I am sorry to everyone who tried to go with me. We ran out of time. It was another great season lots of happy people. We did not get the monster that we are known for . We did however have plenty of great nights. Just want to let everyone know if your thinking about...
  86. Dave Hansen

    Big bug

    Sean got a nice one. This is when it starts to get Good. Let's go hooping.
  87. Dave Hansen

    Catalina going off

    My best day this year. Pat, Gail, Jon, Sara, Andy, Stephen and Luke had an outstanding day. One stop shopping - Front side, middle, in 85 feet of water. Those who know me know where. Get the details on FishDope. 28 yellows to 37lbs.
  88. Dave Hansen

    What a month

    Best June I have ever seen!!!!!
  89. Dave Hansen

    Salt Creek WSB

    Sunday fished with Kelly on our Wellcraft. Grabbed three scoops of sardines and a scoop of macks from Joe. Kept it simple and headed for Salt Creek. Good conditions so we dropped anchor in 35 ft of water at the upper end of the creek. A few short cuda boiling around. We were fishing straight...
  90. Dave Hansen

    Dana Point Kelp Patties

    Saturday I was back on the Hatteras. First trip of the year for the boss. The plan, get off the dock bright and early. So we left at 11 AM loaded 5 scoops of mixed sardines and macks. We were on are way to go bass fishing. I called Calvin on the Helena and asked him what was going on. Calvin...
  91. Dave Hansen

    Another Great Day Catalina 5/14

    Catalina is kicking out big yellows. This is unreal fishing . You got to get out there. Brian and his Dad Mike. Thanks for a great day.
  92. Dave Hansen

    good on the exiotics today

    Got 9 of these. Released all of um.
  93. Dave Hansen


    Is this a yellowtail tuna
  94. Dave Hansen

    Its on in Dana Point

    Fished the point yesterday afternoon. The bass fishing was really good. Kind of like when I was a young lad. There was a ball of bass under the boat the whole time. Easy limits for two of us in less then an hour. Also looked at a few yellowtail tunas they did not want to play. Back out to the...
  95. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the month

    Ok here we go .This is the year everyone has been hoping and praying for.That being said lets see if we can show a little etiquette this year. 1. Try not to fish for boat this year. Look for fish. They will be out there. If your looking for boats stay in the harbor. There are lots of them in...
  96. Dave Hansen

    What a great summer this winter.

    I was back at Catalina with my good friend Pat and his son and my friend Andy. We arrived at Johnsons at about 10pm Saturday night. There were more boats there then I have ever seen hooping at Catalina. I counted from Arrow Point to Johnson's... 38 boats that I could see in the dark. Well it...
  97. Dave Hansen

    catalina report

    Water was 61degrees and super clean. Fished the last three days. Its like summer time at the island. If you like catching fish, don't go to Catalina. We caught 6 yellows, limits of bass, 14 lobsters every day, limits of rockfish and 5 lings. What else do you want? It's March. Over.
  98. Dave Hansen

    Dana point Bass

    Fished a couple hours today .Got a scoop of great dines.Went to San Juan Rock.Got a limit of Bass for dinner. Water is clean even after that huge storm over the weekend. All flylined. Last session before the show.
  99. Dave Hansen


    What is your favorite way to fish for them? Iron or bait. SUNDAY IS the day.
  100. Dave Hansen

    The last one. canyon again yesterday.We got the last one. Water rolled .
  101. Dave Hansen


    We got Lucky
  102. Dave Hansen

    Bugging Cat

    It's Good . Shallow is the key.
  103. Dave Hansen

    Everywhere is Biting

    It's unreal winter.Yellows everywhere .Bass fishing is great .Lotas.bones at Catalina.Looks like maybe Ocean is back to normal.
  104. Dave Hansen

    tip of the month

    Just thought I would try this again.This is just a tip from a guy that gets to fish for a living. Please if you don't agree just PM me.What I have found is that when fishing for lobsters.The fresher the bait the better.I try to use bait that is alive before I cut it up.That being said I use...
  105. Dave Hansen

    Catalina Epic

    Guys it was good. Limits Bugs Bones and Bass.
  106. Dave Hansen

    The saltwaterguide Log for April

    This month started on the 5th on a 80 foot Ferretti with a very famous family.We also towed over a 30 foot gradywhite to fish and dive off of its only the 7th and we still have a lot of time
  107. Dave Hansen

    Full speed Crawl

    It was really really good last nite. Limits before dark. Check out pics. Back out tonite we will see.
  108. Dave Hansen

    Kelly Back on the water

    Well she begged so I took her. All she ever wants to do is fish. What is wrong with this girl?
  109. Dave Hansen

    Its Over

    What a great last three weeks. My clients had limits every trip the last three weeks of the season. Where Catalina. How hooping . What lobsters. It was another great year I just want to Thank everyone . Here are a few Pic from this year.
  110. Dave Hansen


    I spoke at the Fred Hall Show at 2pm. Got done at 3. Jumped in my Truck and met my client Scott and it was off to Catalina to do a little hooping. Got to the island as the sun went down. Nets in the water eat a couple pieces of fryed chicken. Now its time to pull first net 5 bugs 2 shorts 3...
  111. Dave Hansen

    land of giants

    No numbers. Just a few pigs.
  112. Dave Hansen

    Monster Bug

    Caught at one of my spots.
  113. Dave Hansen


    Bait! In this latest Tip of the Week I’d like to talk to you about bait. When you call me and tell me you would like to go fishing with you, the very first thing I do is ask if you have a bait tank. The reason is because Southern California is a live bait fishery. That being said let’s talk...
  114. Dave Hansen

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Fishing Those New Spots

    Last time we talked, I said I would talk about how to fish your new spots. I am going to talk about how to rig your set up. This time of year the bass (both sand and calico) have move out to deeper water. That being said, I like going to rig up a couple different ways. The first way is for...
  115. Dave Hansen

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Getting You On The Spot

    Tip of the week – Getting You On The Spot<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> When we last talked it was a lot about you putting together a bunch of new spots. Now that you have all those new spots, it’s time to learn how to fish them. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> One of the hardest things to master is the art of...
  116. Dave Hansen

    Fish Are Biting!

    Well the fishing is good. Bones at Catalina, yellows at Clemente, rockfish everywhere. If you want to know where or how to catch the fish that are biting I'm offering gift certificates again this year that make great gifts for friends, spouses, and family members. My regular price for a 10 hour...
  117. Dave Hansen

    Lobster Trip Going Friday Night $75 Deal - Dana Point -Helena

    If its what they say, it should be great hooping on Friday night. I have been telling people at my hoopnet seminars for years that weather makes for good bugging. We are going to get a little bit of weather on Friday. If you want to give hoop netting a try I will be on the Helena on Friday...
  118. Dave Hansen

    Bass Fishing Off Of Dana Point

    I had no idea what to expect but I had to go. The weather was just too nice. Last week, while I was working on the yacht I run the Wild in Sac, one of my clients, Mr John Tully, came paddling by on his SUP to say Hi. I asked him if he wanted to go fishing the next morning because the weather was...
  119. Dave Hansen


    OK, I want to revisit an old tip. We need to fish for what is biting!! I know, revolutionary, right? I wish I could catch fish on kelp paddies always - that's the easiest fishing there is and that's why so many people like it. It is hard to fish for bass and for rockfish if you don't know...
  120. Dave Hansen

    BUGZ!! Light Load in Dana Scores HUGE Numbers

    Saturday night was epic on the Helena. We had a low move in and I guess that made the Bugz want to crawl. One of my old regulars (from when I ran the LCH) called and wanted to go... so we went it was full nets all night. Lots of sorting. All in all we ended up with over 200 shorts, 11 legal...
  121. Dave Hansen

    Catalina Cod, Poor-Man's Tuna, and Mako Madness and a Salvage Job.

    On Saturday I fished Catalina. Started the day at the San Pedro Bait receiver for a couple of nice scoops of awesome anchovies. Headed straight to the back side of Catalina island. A friend had lost an anchor there a little while back and we were set to recover it. Found the spot, diver in...
  122. Dave Hansen


    Had a chance Friday night to hoop LA/LB for the first time this season. I was out there with about 50 of my closest friends / fellow hoop-netters. We caught the last one - no more bugs in Long Beach!! No, just kidding, I believe there are more. As soon as we get a new weather pattern it will...
  123. Dave Hansen

    Island Style - Fishing and Hooping Catalina

    Went to Catalina with a former client and now really good friend, two of his sons, his brother, and one of his old golf buddies. We got multi-day permits from CA DFW…. big mistake. I never catch squat when I do that, and this trip this was no exception. Got to Catalina at 8:00 PM after...
  124. Dave Hansen


    Hi Guys. Ran three trips on the Helena last week and have caught a total of 121 lobsters. Out of all those bugs there were 11 legals. 70% of the bugs are just a hair short – it makes me think the population is great. And for those that like rock crabs, we're catching plenty of legal crabs...
  125. Dave Hansen


    I am currently running hoop netting trips on the <st1:City w:st="on">Helena</st1:City> out of <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Dana</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Wharf</st1:PlaceName></st1:place> Sportfishing. Last night we had our first &#8220;official&#8221; trip and I...
  126. Dave Hansen

    Its Hoopnetting time and I'M BACK!!!

    Hi Guys, This has been the busiest season of my career and I have been away for awhile. First thing I need to do is thank all of you for helping make that possible. Since I am posting in this forum, I want to make sure that I give an report. Catalina - If you don't know or haven't heard by...
  127. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    You need to go fishing - - - Updated - - - They are biting
  128. Dave Hansen

    Last trip of the year

    I got to the area there was 38 boats. That is very cool. It is good for the industry. So we got to the spot no one there Wow cool. We end up with 11 one big one a couple 3 lbers and then the rest. Guys it has been a great year. Don't be bummed if its slow now till the end. No tide and no weather...
  129. Dave Hansen

    What is going on

    We missed or limits by 5. It's slowing down we only got 23 last nite.
  130. Dave Hansen


    7 short of limits. This was these boys first hoop net trip now they will expect this.
  131. Dave Hansen

    Sharks lots of um

    We had really good leopard shark fishing at Catalina. No sharks where killed making this post. Also we had 12 yellowfin croaker and a few Sargo.
  132. Dave Hansen

    Darn lobster

    It's still really good.
  133. Dave Hansen

    2 day Clemente

    Well it's that time of year. So I took one of my clients and his son and grandson on their 60 foot Viking to Clemente for two days of fun. We got a scoop of squid from my buddy Brian Wooley on the sum fun and two scoops of sardines.We left Dana at 5 am and we made or first drop on the cod in the...
  134. Dave Hansen

    Need a new apartment

    Anyone need a good tenent.
  135. Dave Hansen

    Limits again

    It's so good
  136. Dave Hansen

    Its that Time

    I am makeing out my calender for this year.What clubs need a speaker.if you have never seen me you need me at your club.I am selling nothing I am entertaining everyone.So look every club needs speakers I am your man.
  137. Dave Hansen


    Well it's almost time to catch some rockfish. That's right, in a couple of weeks we'll get the green light to fish the deep waters again and I am going to try to give you some tips on how to better your catch. When you get to the area where you are going to fish, it's important to know which...
  138. Dave Hansen


    Hooping – more specifically, hooping from a bigger boat. I have been hooping on all kinds of boats - from yak size to 75' yachts. And while I love to hoop, and will do it from just about any boat, I have to say I like doing it from the big boats most of all. Hooping from a larger boat...
  139. Dave Hansen

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    Private boat etiquette, where do I start? Let’s start at the bait barge…. Make sure when at the bait barge, you are treating the person there with respect and they will likely return the favor. They deserve it and they will be with you all day (in the bait tank). So we know what that means...
  140. Dave Hansen

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Etiquette…. Fisherman’s etiquette - this is near and dear to me. This is one of the main reasons why I started Captain Dave's Saltwater Guide service. I want to talk to you about how things should work when you are on a sportboat. So, when you are on one of the many sportboats on the...
  141. Dave Hansen

    Dana point

    Today was a little slow 7 sand bass,6 rockfish,but lots of smiles
  142. Dave Hansen

    Outstanding OC Bass Fishing!!

    Hi Guys. Wanted to let you know about the phenomenal bass fishing I had yesterday. It was a very cold day, but I had a regular customer who wanted to go out and fine tune a couple of his techniques and spots for the halibut. We left the Dana Point dock at 7:30a and the temp was 29...
  143. Dave Hansen


    This week I will talk to you about conditions . First , what's a condition? Well, there are lots of types of conditions - Your boat and how much bait it holds is a kind of condition. First thing I ask when you call to hire me is &#8216;how big is your boat and does it have a bait tank?&#8217...
  144. Dave Hansen

    Kellygirl's Day

    After the other day when my friend Cory and I went out and caught all those bass, Kelly asked me if i thought we might be able to fish on Saturday if I didnt have any trips scheduled. I told her that a couple of different clients wanted to book trips on Saturday but I told them that nothing is...
  145. Dave Hansen

    Busmen's Holiday

    Well, as is typical with this time of year, bookings are a little spotty right now and I had the day off. I'll tell you this, when the wind blows offshore, and there is access to live bait, there are so many fish out there (not seeing any pressure) that if you have been thinking of using me or...
  146. Dave Hansen


    This week we are going to talk about taking kids fishing. This may be the most important fishing tip that I will ever give you – TAKE A KID FISHING!! It doesn't have to be your kid (some of you don’t have kids); it can be a niece/nephew, grandchild, neighbor, co-worker’s kid, whatever...
  147. Dave Hansen

    Last Dash - Birthday Bash

    I had the opportunity to go fishing 12/28 & 12/29 with my good friend Pat and his family, to celebrate a 50th birthday. The whole thing was a surprise put together by Pat&#8217;s wife. She even managed to get his hunting buddy (first time in California) and his wife out from Missouri...
  148. Dave Hansen


    You need to fish light. The number one thing I find when I am on a new client’s boat is that he is fishing way too heavy. So what I try to do is show my customers how much better (and fun) fishing can be when you go light. More feel, more bites and better fights with the light gear. Now...
  149. Dave Hansen

    World famous jockey Tyler Baze

    Had an opportunity to take a true legend of horse racing, Tyler Baze and a couple of his buddies, out fishing on their 21 ft Defiance. Left out of Alamitas Bay in Long Beach. Our targeted species...sand dabs. Recently, Tyler had his first taste of dabs at a restaurant and was curious to know if...
  150. Dave Hansen

    First nite this year long beach

    Got a call from my buddy on the Lyonfish. Asked me if I wanted to fish lobsters in long beach. I was in! We are still on the water as I write this report. We had the nets in water by 5pm. First pull at 605 we had 7 legals up to 5 lbs. Next pull 1 2lber , 3 rd pull we got 4 legal and 5 shorts...
  151. Dave Hansen

    TIP OF THE WEEK 12/6/2012

    How to chum. First, we are talking about live bait chumming. It's important to not chum when you don't have enough bait. Sounds silly, I know, but you will be disappointed if you have to end your day early because you don’t have the bait. Make sure you take a bit of chumming into account...
  152. Dave Hansen


    Tip of the week. This is an important tip. If you own a boat you have to pay for it year round. Dock fees, storage yard, cleaning, maintenance, etc. If it just sits at your yard, or anywhere else and does no get used, it will break down, be unavailable or unreliable when you want to use it...
  153. Dave Hansen

    Happy Thankgiving

    Happy thanksgiving. Had my two boys Zac & Sean with me today, used my best friend's boat . . These boys are my life and to have them both with me made it a very happy Thanksgiving. Zac has been away up north at school for four months and Sean has been very busy with school too, so it has been...
  154. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    Sorry it has been so long, thank you all for a great season. I am sorry I could not do more to help save our passion. It certainly feels like it's all being taken away. I know, enough of that... So let's, at least for now, focus on some of the things we do have control over. This is the time...
  155. Dave Hansen

    Its that time

    Call for big discount.The fishing is still good.Lets go learn about your boat or where you fish.
  156. Dave Hansen


    <table border="0" cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td vAlign="top" width="100%"><table id="post2929328" class="tborder vbseo_like_postbit" border="0" cellSpacing="1" cellPadding="12" width="100%" align="center"><tbody><tr><td id="td_post_2929328" class="alt1"> OK, WE...
  157. Dave Hansen


    If any club needs a speaker.Let me know. Its that time of year. (949 374 0786)
  158. Dave Hansen

    San Nick Island

    Called a good client and told him the weather was getting ready to blow but if he could pull it together we could go to San Nicklaus island. The weather looked great for Tuesday, the Santa Anas were blowing. Left Newport at 10pm Monday night and ran up to see Daryl on Mary Claire for a fat scoop...
  159. Dave Hansen

    Its Time Tip of the week

    OK so I hear a lot about bait. Let me tell you guys if they are crawling the kind of bait is not important. You do need bait. That being said, I have learned over the past few years that if you use a small tube for your bait. That keeps the sea lions out and the lobsters in. The #1 thing that I...
  160. Dave Hansen

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    Well here we are again in CSL. This year its a little different than last. Last year we saw no real good water or fish untill we got down to Cabo. This year we had yellows on the first day. Next day yellows and great big calico bass at Cedros. The next day we were baiting marlin on the 23 and...
  161. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    When you're bagging fresh dead squid, make sure you don't let the squid get wet. In other words, as you take the squid from the tank put it in the bag while its still alive. Then just put the bag(s) of squid in an ice chest to thaw.
  162. Dave Hansen

    Bass, Goats and Seabass

    Alright checking back in after a day at Catalina.... Arrived at the Island at about 5a. Got two BIG scoops of squid from Darrell Wilson. Started out at a spot where we got several short WSB a couple of days ago. Water looked right, current was right, but nobody wanted to come out and play...
  163. Dave Hansen

    Point Loma

    Had the opportunity to out and fish with Mike, Kieth, Tim and Ryan on Mike's 28' Parker. Stopped by the San Diego Bait Barge where we picked up two scoops of the nicest anchovies I have ever seen (thank you Kyle and Chris aka Captains of the Bait Barge). Proceeded to where we had been...
  164. Dave Hansen

    WSB. Tip of the week

    When fishing for seabass,Don't fish for boats look for fish.I see to many boats just come driven in and never even look at there meter.Just drop anchor where ever all the other boats are.You know why there are alot of boat there because someone saw someone catch a fish and they all park around...
  165. Dave Hansen

    5/29 Specialist Ben Stevens first White Sea Bass

    We are still on the water right now going for a second fish as others are getting hooked up around us. I'm out with Specialist Ben Stevens that just came home from 2 years in Afghanistan. He's headed right back out for another 2 years after this trip. His parents wanted to take him fishing in...
  166. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    When fishing bait for Calico Bass.Its always better if you have anchovies,and lite line(12lb) works the best.
  167. Dave Hansen

    Newport to San O...

    I got a call from a gentleman named Tom who said he had been fishing out of Dana point and Newport for a couple years on his 38' Tiara with little success. Tom wanted to learn some spots. I told him that I might be able to help him out with some spots between Newport and San O. We set a date...
  168. Dave Hansen

    OK this is it

    Last deal of the spring. I have the 15th 16th 17th 22nd and 23rd open.So If you want to go fish Catalina its only 400 for the day.This will be the last deal of the spring most of june is taken. All of july is gone I have no days at all in july.So if you have been thinking about how cool it would...
  169. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    When looking at your fishfinder,The hard bottom will make a thicker echo when showing the bottom.Always look for the hard bottom,thats where they live.
  170. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    When fishing for rockfish,You away want to make sure yor fishing the highest part of the rock.That is where the best fish are.( Reds and Lings)Good Luck!!!!!!!!
  171. Dave Hansen

    Pacfic Coast sportfishing Festival

    Is the place to go to get speakers at your clubs.Its this weekend the 28th and 29th.Who is coming?
  172. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    Seminars,Who is going the the PCS festvial?It is this weekend the 28th and 29th.The whole show is seminar based.The first 5 people that come to my booth both days will receive a gift. Also the Great Todd Mansur will be speaking with me on Sunday we will be give you a few of or rockcod numbers so...
  173. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    OK I just got done reading a post about tangles.I worked on sportboats for twenty years before I took my craft on to the private boaters.If you are in a tangle you need to look at yourself.If you have contact with you bait or weight it is very hard to get tangled.So my tip of the day is no...
  174. Dave Hansen

    Dont forget

    This is the last month of the 1/2 price deal. Here's the deal: Me on your boat, all the spots you want...seriously (seabass, yellows, rockfish, halibut, sharks, marlin, pretty much anything that swims) learn how to use your electronics (any kind...GPS, radar, sonar, fish finder) boat...
  175. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week

    When fishing on a sportboat, always ask the captain how to rig up for the day. Whichever way he tells you exactly as he says to! He knows how best to catch the fish at the particiular spot he took you to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. Dave Hansen

    Happy Birthday Don Hansen

    Today is the legend Don Hansen's Bday.Happy Bday Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  177. Dave Hansen

    Tip of the week FOR BAIT FISHING

    Hello everyone!!!! No chrome hooks!! No beads!! The hooks should be bronze or black. Mustad, thin wire seems to work the best. Always make sure your hooks are the right size for your bait. Fish can see the chrome when its hooked to your bait - it reflects light, and the fish can see that and...
  178. Dave Hansen

    Dont Know

    What happen.I posted this a week ago and it was never posted.I was out on the last nite of the season with a really good client and his buddy Paul.We where on the boat Mr. Micro its a really nice well matained 46'silverton out of HH. We where out to see if we could get one more shot a some...
  179. Dave Hansen

    Thank You Everyone

    I just want to thank everyone for maken this lobster season the best ever.I was able to take you guys out on 54 trips.durning those 54 trips we caught an amazing 794 lobsters.That is an avg.of 14 per trip. We caught 7 over 10lbs 2 over 14lbs and one that was 17 3/4 lbs unreal season.I was able...
  180. Dave Hansen

    OK Everbody...

    What happened???? I put a half priced deal in December for Rockfish fishing before the it closed. I booked 20 days that month. I had to turn a lot of guys away. I told everybody I'd offer the $300 deal in March and, so far, I've only booked 2 trips. With the price of fuel these days, isn't...
  181. Dave Hansen

    Dana Angling Club Membership Meeting, March 8th

    I will be speaking at the Dana Angling Club's upcoming meeting. I will be discussing several different topics and answering questions. The meeting is open to current DAC members and as well as new prospects. Pizza and drinks will be provided by the DAC. Hope to see ya there. --Capt. Dave...
  182. Dave Hansen

    Tired of Not Catching Lobsters?

    Do you own your own boat? Have you tried hoop netting? Do you want to learn how we do it? From now until the end of the lobster season, learn how it's done for a low special price. Give me a call for details. Capt Dave Hansen 949-374-0786
  183. Dave Hansen


    OK sorry everyone I ran out of days.So from the 6th thru the 10th its only 250.00 for the day.Or to learn the lobster spots. See you on the water.
  184. Dave Hansen


    Went back out on another hoop netting trip last night in Long Beach with my client Tyler. We got my 5th bug over 10 pounds this season. We weighed the lobster on a certified market scale. Final weight was 12.4 pounds.
  185. Dave Hansen

    Here We Go

    OK if you want to Go fishing with me this weekend only I am offering 200.00.This weekend only 10 hours 200.00.Normally 500.00 so Because I have plenty of bags of fresh dead squid and I am ready to give everyone a deal this weekend.Lets Go Dave 9493740786
  186. Dave Hansen

    AS Good As it gets

    OK so we have been saying how good the fishing is Now.So lets talk about it.There is lots of squid in Dana Point and really every where.I have been fishing Dana because that where my boat is.Let me just tell you what myself and my clients have been doing to get bit. There are lots of places to...
  187. Dave Hansen


    I am available to speak at all clubs.Anyone that wants are needs a speaker I am There.If you have not heard me yet its Time.Anyone that has Please Comment.
  188. Dave Hansen


    OK here is the deal.I know some of you are tired of seeing me post.But I had to this time.Last nite Long Beach Harbor with my good friend Karl Moon.Karl wanted to know where we keep getting the big bugs he keeps seeing on here.So I took him to the spot .After a hour we had three legals and a few...
  189. Dave Hansen

    !/2 off week

    Another great week of fishing. Weather was not great but fishing was. I'm sorry to say I have no days open from now until the 1st of the year. Since many of you weren't able to take advantage of the half price deal, I'll be offering another 1/2 price deal for the month of March 2012 so the rest...
  190. Dave Hansen

    Xmas Bug

    Last nite took Bill his son Cole,My good friend Pat, and Tim Hooping.We got out of HH late went to the spot hoops in the water at about 5:30.Pulled a half hour later and we had a legal and a few shorts.Reset and had dinner.After dinner we pulled two more sets got a couple more legals and a few...
  191. Dave Hansen

    The 1/2 off deal

    OK I had four trips this week.All out of Dana the fishing right now on the coast is very good.There are lots of spots that are biten.We fished a different spot everyday and the bass,rockfish,sargo and lots of other fish wanted to play.Here is a look at the week.Still have two days open next...
  192. Dave Hansen

    1/2 price Book Now

    Before the end of the year.Fishing is good and so is the weather.Lets go fishing.Check out the pics.That could be you.
  193. Dave Hansen

    Kids Day On the Reel Viking

    I got a call from Gordon ,He asked me if I thought I could handle his sons and three of their Buddies.I said oh yea I am a kid myself.So we left the dock at 8am.The boys where very excited. We stop by the bait barge got a couple scoops of great chovies and it was off to point Loma Kelp.On the...
  194. Dave Hansen

    Reel Viking: The Long Run Home

    I was really looking forward to the run home. My son was coming for his first time every taking a boat home from Cabo. Checking the weather, we had a good window to bring the boat home. After a quick stop at the pelican rock Sean was doing back flips off the top of pelican rock for the tourists...
  195. Dave Hansen

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    Day 1 in Cabo. We left the Marina around 5 am in search of the dolphin we had been fishing the day before. Well unfortunately we ran passed them in the dark, and drug the jigs all day for nada. On the way home we found about 20 boats fishing 9 miles from the harbor, big pod of dolphin, ended up...
  196. Dave Hansen

    Reel Viking: The Long Trip to Cabo and Back

    We left San Diego July 6<SUP>th</SUP> on Gordon’s 43 ft Mickelson. Crew on board was Steve, Carlos, Rob, Gordon (owner), and Dave (captain). We left the dock about 11:30 in the morning, arrived at Marina Coral for fuel, had an early dinner, and we were on our way to Cabo. Right around ten knots...
  197. Dave Hansen

    Pending World Record

    Got a call from one of my regular clients, Tony Sabatino. He asked if I was available to go out with he and his daughter Victoria. The barracuda had been biting for the last couple of days in front of Huntington Beach and I thought it would be good opportunity for Victoria to have a chance at...
  198. Dave Hansen

    PCS Festival this weekend

    You're invited to kick off the summer fishing season with Pacfic Coast Sportfishing this coming weekend, May 21st & 22nd. They have a terrific lineup of in-depth seminars that'll change the way you fish - hosted by some of the most knowledgable captains on the coast, plus saltwater fishing...
  199. Dave Hansen

    The long ride home...

    Got home from Cabo Monday on the 43ft Mikelson, Perro Grande. My deckhand, Lionel from Cabo San Lucas, my good friend Kenny Lavoie and his son Travis and myselft brought the boat home from Cabo. Weather was horrible. We got stuck in Santa Maria Bay for 2 days. Water there was red tide and 55...
  200. Dave Hansen

    Hold My Pants!!

    Had the chance fish with one of my regular clients, Kevin Rausch and his two buddies, Jason & Mike. We headed out of Dana Point for some shallowing water rock fish and maybe a chance at some halibut. We started off fishing in 240 ft of water for the first 4 hours. Wrapped that up at 11 A.M. then...
  201. Dave Hansen

    Sorry for the late report.

    Very busy week last shows, seminars, opening week of rock fish and last couple weeks of hooping. After my opening day post, I got a call from John Bretza and his little buddy Brandon Cotton, both from OKUMA. They wanted to know if I could show them some of those spots in front of...
  202. Dave Hansen

    Opening Day

    Never did I think I'd be excited about opending day of rock fishing but it was exactly what I was looking forward to. My good buddy Chuck, aka Finseeker, told me he'd dug through his old book and had some good spots that he wanted to try and he was bringing his good friend Danny. Now both Chuck...
  203. Dave Hansen

    Kellygirl's Butt

    Ok, it was Super Bowl Sunday and Kelly was telling me that she really wanted to go fishing. Even though she's a big Steelers fan, she wasnt having a real good feeling about Big Ben and the rest of the boys going up against Aaron Rogers and the pack. She asked if there was any way we could go...
  204. Dave Hansen

    Targeting Sargo

    Since my last post, I have had quite a few people ask me how to target Sargo along the coast. Some people believe that Sargo cannot be a targeted species. I thought it would be appropriate to give a little information on how to target them. With all the squid we have locally, and at the...
  205. Dave Hansen

    Fishin' for What's Bitin'

    This time of year you've got to fish for what's biting. I would love to be able to catch Yellowfin, White Sea Bass, Yellowtail and Dorado but that's not what's biting this time of year. However, just because those fish aren't biting doesn't mean you shouldn't be fishing. A perfect example was...
  206. Dave Hansen

    Happy New Year...Bugs Were Crawlin'...

    Got a phone call to go lobster hooping with one of my regular clients and good buddy on his yacht, Mr. Micro. While we were making plans on the phone, my client asked if Kellygirl would like to tag a long. Well, you know her, she just loves to fish and was in! We left the dock in Huntington...
  207. Dave Hansen

    This was yesterday

    Dont worry be happy three more days and no cod for a while..Kelly is up north so this is as good as it gets .Sorry
  208. Dave Hansen

    Two T-Sharks & Limits of Cod

    Got a call from my good friend, Chuck (Finseeker) who asked me if I wanted to go fishing out of Dana Point today. It was pouring down rain when I woke this morning so I called Chuck at 5:30 and he said that by the looks of his radar, it was going to be clear by 8 AM. So I met Chuck at the Dana...
  209. Dave Hansen

    Hoopin' at Catalina

    Went to Catalina with one of my regular clients and his son-in-law. My clients son-in-law,David, had never been hoop netting before so I was excited to show him what it was all about. Got to Catalina at about 4:45 pm and fished one of my spots just south of the isthmus, in about 70 ft of water...
  210. Dave Hansen

    Limits at San Clemente Island

    Got a phone call from one of my regulars, Matt Murray, who asked me about the window of weather we were supposed to have this weekend. I told him that it looked like we had slight offshore coming in Saturday morning and staying through Monday morning and that it would probably be a good time to...
  211. Dave Hansen

    From Dana to San Onofre with Kelly

    Got a call this morning from one of my good friends to ask if Kelly and I wanted to go fishing today. We jumped at the opportunity since neither one of us had been fishing in 4 days. Started off at San Onofre on the short pipe to drift for halibut. There was already a boat where we wanted to be...
  212. Dave Hansen

    Great Day on the Reel Viking

    I got a call from one of my regular clients, Gordon Kovtun, who asked if I thought there were any fish to be caught. Gordon said he was willing to go the distance. If the fish were down south he wanted to go there. I suggested San Clemente Island. Knowing that if the exotics didn't want to play...
  213. Dave Hansen

    Oh what a season...

    I just want to thank everyone for another phenomenal season. I would also like to thank everyone at Bloodydecks as well as all the new friends I met through BD. I know this season was trying on a lot of us. It was hard to figure out where and what to fish for as for the lack of pelagics in our...
  214. Dave Hansen

    SCI with Sam and his Dad

    I had the opportunity to take Sam, 14 years old, and his Dad to San Clemente Island yesterday. The ocean was like a lake, flat and glassy. We made macks off the weather bouy, which is about 5 miles outside of the Vees on the way to Clemente. The only area that was open was Northwest Harbor and...
  215. Dave Hansen

    John's Personal Best

    I got a call from John Bretza from OKUMA and he asked me if I wanted to go out fishing with him, Brandon Cotton, also from OKUMA, Brandon Hayward & Mike Vaughn from WON. We wanted to target WSB on the coast. My client for that day had to cancel so I was IN! Not knowing much about catching WSB, I...
  216. Dave Hansen

    1st Time Ever!!!!!

    I got a call from one of my regular clients informing me that his grandchildren were in town. His grandchildren recently moved out here from Nebraska as they had recently become homeless due to both of their parents losing their jobs. They moved in with grandfather until circumstances improve...
  217. Dave Hansen

    Offshore We went the distance for the Albacore

    One of my regular clients, Scott Archer called me up and said he had a few days off to fish (Sun, Mon, Tues) and asked me if I'd come up with a plan to go out fishing and where. The boat, a 1990 42' Searay Express, may not sounds like much of a fishing boat, but let me tell you, Scott and his...
  218. Dave Hansen

    PCS festival

    I just want to thank everyone that made it to the PCS festival. It was great to meet you guys. What an honor it was for me to sit next to Jimmy Decker and listen to him talk about how he fishes and why he does what he does. We have different styles and I think the format worked well for...
  219. Dave Hansen

    Another day at Catalina

    It was a great week at Catalina we had limits 6 days in a row . I put up lots of pics if you look you can see where we have been fishing.IT has been the west end not to many boats and lots of fish. You must trust your spot and stick it out. If your driven around when they swim through you can...
  220. Dave Hansen

    Two Days @ Catalina

    Yesterday I went out with one of my regular clients, Scott Archer, on his boat, High Maintenance. Along with Scott was his son Matt and his nephew John. We got two scoops of squid from Daryl in front of Avalon then took off around back to all of the usual places in search of the WSB. By the...
  221. Dave Hansen

    This is what it's all about Part II

    I had the opportunity to take Tony Sabatino and his daughter, Victoria out again this past weekend on Tony's Riviera, "Jersey Devil". We were lucky enough to get squid on Friday from Darryl on the Mary Clarie. We then headed to West Cove for the afternoon. It was about a 2 - 4 ' swell with an...
  222. Dave Hansen

    This is what it's all about...

    I had the opportunity to go fishing with Tony Sabatino and his lovely daughter Victoria on his beautiful Riviera Jersey Devil. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> After doing my due diligence and checking on the weather conditions at both Catalina...
  223. Dave Hansen

    Another Great Season of Lobster Fishing

    Just want to thank everybody that had a chance to get out and go lobster fishing with me this season. I met a lot of really great guys and got to go out on a lot of real nice boats. Here's a climpse of some of the 400 lobsters we caught. Can't wait to see how this fishing season turns out...
  224. Dave Hansen

    Lobster Fishing is Good Again!!!

    I'm posting this on behalf of my good buddy, Jeff who claims he's not very computer savvy... Last night Jeff went out and fished a couple of spots that we found (Local LA). Lately, the bugs haven't been crawling there but after the recent bad weather, Jeff thought that it might be good. He...
  225. Dave Hansen

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    My good friend, Cory Camack and myself went hooping for lobster in Dana Point. Kelly's always begging me to take her out fishing or hooping and since this was a night off for me, she went with us. We fished the breakwall for four legals and lots of shorts. Cory then took us to his secret spot...
  226. Dave Hansen

    Lobster Hoopnetting in Long Beach

    The Liquid Coast Highway ran a lobster charter last night for six passengers. Left Long Beach at 5:30 p.m. Wind was blowing about 30 knots. Thank God we don't have to leave the harbor. Set our nets by 6:00 p.m. First pull was at 6:30. Got 1 spider crab, 2 rock crabs, 1 lobster and 2...
  227. Dave Hansen

    Offshore SHARKING @ the 209

    Went shark fishing yesterday. Called a couple of my swordfish buddies to find out where they were seeing the sharks. Talked to Bill over at PCS who'd been shark fishing over the weekend as well. All signs pointed to the 209. We picked up 3 chum buckets, caught a couple handfuls of mackeral...
  228. Dave Hansen

    Offshore Late Report...Weather Buoy

    Took Steve Morgan and his friends out on his 30 ft Blackwatch, the Savannah Hunter last Thursday. We started out on the outside edge of the 43. Found a pod of dolphin that were holding big time. Water temp was 68. First time we slid on the dolphin we hung a tuna. By the time we landed it, the...
  229. Dave Hansen

    Offshore Outside the 43!

    Got a chance to be back out on the Fishaholic and her owner Art Flores and three of his friends as well as Max Boessler who was the deckhand. We left Huntington Harbor at 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. We stopped by San Pedro Bait Co. to get a tank of anchoives (as you know they're eating the...
  230. Dave Hansen

    Offshore Local Offshore Fishing

    I had the opportunity to take one of my regular clients, Scott Archer, out on Friday, Sept. 11th. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> Those of you that subscribe to Fishdope may have read that I had been out all week and fishing was on the slow...
  231. Dave Hansen

    Offshore Offshore with Capt. Dave Hansen

    Had the pleasure to take Dr. David Lee and his brother John out on their 30 ft Pursuit. We started out around the 43 and worked our way toward the west butterfly. Found a nice paddy about thirteen miles from the 43. Lots of 8-10 lbs yellows. We put 5 of them on the boat and lost at least that...
  232. Dave Hansen

    Fishing Dana Point (Oops...broken bait pump)

    Had the opportunity to take Dr. David Lee and three of his friends out fishing on his brother John's 30 ft Pursuit. Met them on their boat at 6 a.m. They went to get coffee and I got the boat ready. Found out that there was no bait pump. Appartently, there was a problem with the pump and the...
  233. Dave Hansen

    My Girlfriends's 1st Yellowtail

    Went fishing today with my girlfriend on our little boat to go see this yellowtail bite that's going on along the coast of San Clemente. Started out with some boat problems and were unable to make the mackerel like I had hoped to. Not that the mackerel aren't there, we needed to get to that...
  234. Dave Hansen

    What's your favorite way to catch YellowfinTuna

    My favorite way is run and gun on the dolphins. The reason I like it is because of the adrenaline rush, when you get in front of the dolphin and everybody gets bit. THAT REALLY GETS ME OFF!!!!
  235. Dave Hansen

    Halibut fishing has been good!

    Yesterday I took my client Mark out on his 26 ft Skipjack, "My Girl". Mark wanted to learn some spots on the coast. He had been fishing for the past 20 years along the California coast and just wanted to pinpoint a few spots and better learn his electronics. We stopped at the bait barge to...
  236. Dave Hansen

    5-8 Catalina Sea Bass, Calicos and Sheephead

    Had a pretty good day yesterday with only 4 passengers on the boat. 3 white sea bass, a bunch of calicos with some around 5lbs (released the big ones) and a lot of sheephead. Weather was up at the island and bait was hard to make. Water conditions looked best on the west and frontside. There...
  237. Dave Hansen

    Liquid Coast Highway Catalina 4/25/06

    We left Pierpoint Landing at 9 o'clock Friday night with one of our regular charter masters, Charlie Brown and five of his closest friends. Our objective was to find the white sea bass that my friend Josh had located a few days before. We were on our charter boat the Liquid Coast Highway with...
  238. Dave Hansen

    April 26th-27th Need 4 more Catalina Sea Bass Overnight

    Open party trip aboard our boat the Liquid Coast Highway 46' Bertram fishing Catalina Island for Seabass. Have 2 confirmed already. Need 4 more. $350 Each includes everything but your meal. Leaving the night of April 26th fishing the 27th. Call Jeremy (714)851-4116 to book or if you...
  239. Dave Hansen

    Capt. Dave's Salt water Guide

    My Name Is Dave Hansen. I have been a sportboat captain and Yacht captain for the past 28 years. Fishing the waters from Morro Bay to Cabo san lucas.I was told by a couple members that I should post on here . I am featured in PCS mag. as one of the experts. I have spoke at lots of Sem. I take...
  240. Dave Hansen

    Captains Report

    OK so I run A sportboat day tonite the twlite boat at newport the natalius We caught 136 gaint squid in a half hour THANK YOU