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  1. swoooll

    Recommendations for Charters out of PV - Marina Vallarta

    Hey guys, I'll be in Puerto Vallarta March 10-13. I'm looking to fish on an 8-10hr trip March 11th or the 12th, whichever is available. Any suggestions for charters out of Marina Vallarta or the surrounding area would be much appreciated. Also, there will only be two of us, if you will be in...
  2. swoooll

    FS: Accurate BX2-500 SOLD

    Selling this BX2-500. The reel has has alil boat rash on the top (clicker side). $375 OBO Local pickup in Corona or I can meet you in OC. PM me if you're interested!
  3. swoooll

    Recommendations for charter fishing in Destin, FL?

    Whats up! Im going on a trip to Destin, FL in August and I am looking for a charter to go offshore for some big game fish. Any suggestions on which Charters to go with? Thanks!
  4. swoooll

    Charter recommendations for Cancun

    Whats up guys! Im going on a trip to Cancun end of July, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on charter fishing there? Which charter/captain? Etc.
  5. swoooll

    CalStar Rods --New n Used

  6. swoooll

    Davey's Locker 3/4 day Freelance

    I don't have the time to go and use this pass, so I'm selling it for $50. Thanks! please pm.
  7. swoooll

    Avet MXL 6/4 Gun Metal

    this reel is spooled with 50lb izorline (spectra). mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 9/10 SOLD
  8. swoooll

    Penn International 50TW

    Penn reel for sale $215 OBO - this reel just got serviced and is working perfectly fine. -comestically the reel is a 7.5/10. Free ground shipping in the U.S. only. serious buyers please pm, paypal only...thanks!
  9. swoooll

    shimano reels plus sum rods

    whats up guys! i have the following used reels up for sale: - Tyrnos 20 Single Spd SOLD half the spool is loaded with 60-80lb? power pro...i forget what lb test i had it spooled with. 7/10 comestically, and 10/10 mechanically. - (2) Tekota 700 Levelwind $120 each OBO one reel has 80lb...
  10. swoooll

    Shimano Stella, Trini 40, Avet SX

    For Sale used reels: - Trinidad 40 (Gold) SOLD this reel was used 3 times and is spooled with 120lb daiwa saltiga boat spectra. comes with rod clamp. 9.5/10 cos, 10/10 mechanically. - Avet SX 6/4 Two Spd (Blk) SOLD bought this reel 4 months ago and it is in mint condition. Spooled with 65lb...
  11. swoooll

    which reel/rod to use for livebait?

    Whats up guys! Ive been fishing offshore out of venice a few times n i need to get a combo for a livebait rig. I want a reel/rod that will support 80-100lbs spectra and a mono/fluoro topshot of 60-80lbs. Any suggestions? And if u could tell me, what do yall use out here for offshore fishin...
  12. swoooll

    Avet MXL 6/4 Two SPD BLUE

    - Avet MXL 6/4 (used on 4 trips) - In mint condition - loaded with 65lb spectra (izorline) - comes with reel cover - SOLD
  13. swoooll

    Daiwa Saltiga and Trinidad (NIB)

    Saltiga LD40 2-spd for $410; and Shimano Trinidad 30a for $420. Both reels are brand new in the box. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  14. swoooll

    fishing outta venice this weekend?

    anyone going out this sunday to fish? Im looking to hop on a charter/boat and will split costs...been dying to get out there. thanks!
  15. swoooll

    how has the fishing been outta venice?

    Just moved to new orleans n been having this crazy itch to go fishing in da gulf. Looking to charter out but i wanted to know how has the fishing been out of venice? If you guys could give me more info on where to find up to date reports that would be great!
  16. swoooll

    Avet sx 5.3:1 and mxl 6/4

    - SX 5.3:1 single speed, spooled with 65lb spectra and 20lb mono on topshot. SOLD - MXL 6/4 2 speed, spooled with 65lb spectra. SOLD Both reels are black. The sx has some minor scratches but mechanically, it performs like new. The mxl was only used on a few trips and looks and performs great...
  17. swoooll

    In honolulu and looking for a boat ride...

    I just got into honolulu, oahu (waikiki beach). Me and a friend are looking for a boat ride. We will split costs with fuel/bait/beer/water/etc. We will be here from aug 10-19, and we are down to go anytime of the day and all day! We also have experience in fishing offshore in California and...