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  1. bass_blaster

    1st Gen Penn International Torque 200

    For sale, local in San Diego if you want to pay cash, otherwise I can ship. PayPal friends and family or add the 4% Reel is in really good shape, just not doing much salt anymore. Last service was done by Kens Custom Reels (about 5 years ago) and it’s been used once since then (last year). It...
  2. bass_blaster

    Waaay Purple (again)

    Beautiful work all the way around.
  3. bass_blaster

    UC Viper 76 and GP Mega 80 by Jake (a.k. Cow Man)

    Very nice artwork indeed. Those are awesome. Well done.
  4. bass_blaster

    CalStar with Fuji hardware

    Awesome work as always.
  5. bass_blaster

    I HATE the "new" type rod handles

    I prefer split grips for most of my bass gear, fresh or salt. I think it adds a little bit to the feel of the rod and also gives a little more canvas in the split section for me to do what I enjoy: threadwork. For most of my tuna/heavy salt stuff I stick to pretty standard solid rear grips...
  6. bass_blaster

    My worst nightmare Voodoo Rods Ruby Red Nylon

    completely agree. Every time I’m starting a new build I source all the parts I can from them. Gotta support the good guys.
  7. bass_blaster

    Megladon Blank and Twin Power 10k

    Where in SD are you located? I’m local and interested in checking out the blank for a two piece heavy swimbait build. If it fits the bill and is still available I’ll pay your asking.
  8. bass_blaster

    Blue Seeker CJBF80H for Dan

    Yep. Dan is a smart guy. Sometimes I think about quitting rod building and just paying you for my personal rods instead...
  9. bass_blaster

    Brown Sarape calstar 100mag

    Stunning man. Such clean work.
  10. bass_blaster


    Fuji K series is a good place to start.
  11. bass_blaster

    Looking for rod builder..

    Hah! That’s what I said 10 or 11 years ago and now I’ll never stop.
  12. bass_blaster

    Torsas $450 each Talica Calais DC

    Where are you located? Interested in the Calais.
  13. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid 888mh Swimbait Stick

    Thanks, but no, not for sale. This is just where we come to post our creations and see what others are making.
  14. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid 888mh Swimbait Stick

    This will probably be my last one for a little while. Baby boy due in a couple weeks and I’ve gotta kick myself out of my shop to make room. Since I like neon I went ahead and put all of them on this rod. Other parts are Fuji K-series titanium guides and ACS reel seat, and American Tackle G2...
  15. bass_blaster

    Shimano Trinidad 16DC $1,200

    hype and a little bit of rarity.
  16. bass_blaster

    Phenix black diamond 809XHJ swimbait rod

    Found more of my neon thread again. This blank is by far my favorite heavy swimbait set up to build. Fishes the heavy stuff nice, can work some of the smaller stuff (-4oz), and then can go play offshore with tuna. Used Fuji K-series guides and x-wrap over cork tape for the grips.
  17. bass_blaster

    Very impressive grip system from American tackle

    Those look sweet man, I’ll give them a try for sure. On those grips how many arbors do you guys recommend for securing them to the blank?
  18. bass_blaster

    Very impressive grip system from American tackle

    Nice build. Ive done one with their G2 system and I actually really liked it as well. I did the split grips for a bait casting frog rod. very comfortable, looks great, easy to install.
  19. bass_blaster

    What size thread

    I did one or two rods with D when I started. Haven’t touch it in about ten years now. I use all size A. Just like the way it looks and for the type of rods I make I can do two layers of A and things are still low profile enough for my liking. Nothing against Size D, I just never had the desire...
  20. bass_blaster

    Calcutta Conquest 200, 300

    Got what I needed. Thank you.
  21. bass_blaster

    Effect of cutting 4" - 6" off the butt end?

    Essentially it’ll move the shut off point back 6” Closer to the reel if you do that. In addition, it would also decrease the “power” of the rod. Not familiar with the tilefish but like others have said, unless you’re specifically intending to change the action and cutting it gets you wall at you...
  22. bass_blaster

    Three Lamiglas Bass Rods

    Came out great. What are those reel seats? Looks like they have a small grip section built in.
  23. bass_blaster

    Calcutta Conquest 200, 300

    Interested in seeing if anybody local in SD has any of the older model and/or newer model Conquests in decent shape. I’d prefer a 200 but open to another 300. Looking for something in good shape. I’ve got cash and located in San Diego. Thanks.
  24. bass_blaster

    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    Really nice for number one man. It looks really good, be proud of it and smash some fish now.
  25. bass_blaster

    Seeker CEX Ulua 100H rewrap & FIRST BIG FISH

    Nice man! That’s what it’s all about and then some.
  26. bass_blaster

    Back to my neon roots. Phenix Ultra MBX

    Thank you gentlemen. It was a fun build, I actually really liked those carbon grips.
  27. bass_blaster

    Back to my neon roots. Phenix Ultra MBX

    All Fuji NOCP thread (teal, chartreuse, black). American Tackle carbon split grip, Matagi matte slate reel seat. Used a set of the CRB LZR guides, they’re actually pretty good for the price.
  28. bass_blaster

    Guide ratings on inshore builds?

    As stated above, MXNs will be plenty, and will also keep the action of the rods more true than heavier guides when casting and working baits and such. I’ve used the TIMXN on a few builds for heavy swimbait fishing in freshwater and buttoned down shallow calico stuff in saltwater and never an...
  29. bass_blaster

    Minnkota Terrova 24v Trolling Motor

    Looking to sell as-is for $300 or so. Been offered more than that if I’d ship, but trying to deal local. Still can’t find the remote in the garage. Moved to a new place in August and must have found a really stupid spot for it. Again, if/when I find that whoever buys the motor gets it for free.
  30. bass_blaster

    Minnkota Terrova 24v Trolling Motor

    Bump. Would even consider trades for things that won’t take up room in the garage.
  31. bass_blaster

    Minnkota Terrova 24v Trolling Motor

    First of all, located in San Diego, so local deals only. I’ve got a ~2014 Minnkota trolling motor that was on my old bass boat previously. IT IS IN NEED OF SERVICE. Backstory: it worked fine for a long time, then started having issues with internal transducer in the motor housing. Took...
  32. bass_blaster

    Low Profile Reels - Freshwater or Saltwater

    Sent a text regarding the 200TE GT
  33. bass_blaster

    North Fork Composite Salmon Rod

    I like everything about that build. Those grips are awesome too.
  34. bass_blaster

    800M for Brian

    You are in a league of your own man. The amount of artistry on your builds is just next level. That thing is awesome.
  35. bass_blaster

    Twitching Rod (First Build)

    It’ll still catch fish. Take some better pics of the tiger and it might be easier for us to see what happened and help our. From what I can tell it doesn’t look bad but maybe has some straight lines that you don’t like?
  36. bass_blaster

    Another heavy swimbait rod Phenix 909xhj

    hah. I sure did. I’ll make up for it on the next one, I promise!
  37. bass_blaster

    Another heavy swimbait rod Phenix 909xhj

    Got a Phenix 909XHJ blank, trimmed about 4” off the but to make action slightly less fast and also so the rod can fit safely inside the cab of my truck if needed. Fuji MNSGs, Alps Aluminum trigger seat. Long-ish throop wrap with black/silver/blue metallic on bottom and black on top.
  38. bass_blaster

    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    Wow. That’s an awesome build. Such clean work. Nicely done.
  39. bass_blaster

    VC-2-7’6” 20-40.

    Very very cool. That’s a great looking build and cross-wrap.
  40. bass_blaster

    Because it Gets addicting SB Honey Ullua

    You’ll be fine doing those and black on bottom. Then do black with two sacrificials on top. It’ll come out good. Also, if you have the time and you’re curious, you can always practice on a dowel or scrap blank.
  41. bass_blaster

    Because it Gets addicting SB Honey Ullua

    Looks like it’s coming along. For tigers, it’s definitely no rule, but my typical MO to get good results is to use my high contrast and/or bright colors on bottom (I almost always do 3 threads), and I do three threads on top and the one I keep for the tiger effect is typically the same as the...
  42. bass_blaster

    Blue CJBF80 & 80H

    Those are awesome. Great work. Love the color combo.
  43. bass_blaster

    Seeker Pinhead 8' PH-36

    Looks good. The 36 is one of my favorite rods too.
  44. bass_blaster


    Very nice work. Those look awesome.
  45. bass_blaster

    Phenix XXH swimbait setup.

    Thanks gentlemen. I think the handle fades alone we’re about 8 hours or so for me, but I’m happy with the end result. One thing that helped was writing down a chart of the thread numbers so that I didn’t lose my place/count. Kept things nice and symmetrical.
  46. bass_blaster

    Phenix XXH swimbait setup.

    Finally done. Fades all over the handle area. Going to use it for heavy baits in fresh and salt, especially now that we can start getting back out there.
  47. bass_blaster

    Difference action Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Vs Phenix Black Diamond

    Yep. Hybrids are typically going to be faster.
  48. bass_blaster

    Varmac G-lite Blanks

    Bump. $80 for both blanks.
  49. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    Bump. Launch ramps open now fellas.
  50. bass_blaster

    Novice builder

    I’ll start, but by no means am I a pro. Just a 10+ year hobby for me. Straight line: I spin the blank faster and try to use good brushes. If I slip up, I use a paper towel with acetone or alcohol that I use to clean the edge. Thinner epoxy:you can use Flex Coat Lite or warm up your epoxy to...
  51. bass_blaster

    Varmac G-lite Blanks

    Bump. $90 for both blanks.
  52. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    Bump. $500. Just the good mojo alone with this reel is worth $300.
  53. bass_blaster

    Varmac G-lite Blanks

    Bump. Somebody needs some quarantine projects.
  54. bass_blaster

    3 FOR MIKE

    Wow. Lucky guy. Those are awesome.
  55. bass_blaster

    Failure due to wrapping guides without underwrap

    my thoughts as well, and there are a ton of factory rods that are single wrapped. Was just curious if anybody has either had or witnessed a failure due to the rubbing, and potentially scratching, of the guide on the blank.
  56. bass_blaster

    Failure due to wrapping guides without underwrap

    Just curious if anybody here has ever experienced a failure on a build where you wrapped guides directly onto the blank without an underwrap. I’ve only been at it 10 years and about 60 builds, and zero failures, but obviously my sample size is pretty small. I typically do a lot of heavier stuff...
  57. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    Bump. Tuna and yellowtail killer. Crank em in at high speed.
  58. bass_blaster

    Varmac G-lite Blanks

    Bump. Easy way to come into a couple decent blanks on the cheap. Price drop: $90 for both.
  59. bass_blaster

    Quarantine GP 900 Reaper

    That’s easy to look at. Nice work.
  60. bass_blaster

    Varmac G-lite Blanks

    I’ve got a couple Varmac G-Lite blanks I got at Squidco a year or more ago and they’ve just been sitting. No idea when I’ll get to them so Maybe someone else can get better use. I’m in San Diego (La Mesa area). Asking $100 face to face for both blanks. I took the label off the smaller one but...
  61. bass_blaster

    Rod creaking sound help

    not necessarily. Depending on how it’s made, there could be a layer of thread/epoxy under the guide feet or it could be directly on the blank. I’ve seen it before, and only when directly into the blank. Basically you just have tiny air gaps in there from the build process. Big enough gap where...
  62. bass_blaster

    Couple Varmac G-Lite blanks for sale

    Posting them here before I try the classifieds. I’ve got a couple Varmac G-Lite blanks I got at Squidco a year or more ago and they’ve just been sitting. No idea when I’ll get to them so Maybe someone else can get better use. I’m in San Diego (La Mesa area). Asking $100 face to face for both...
  63. bass_blaster

    Rod creaking sound help

    Probably a gap between the guide foot and the blank and it’s rubbing there. Basically the epoxy might not have filled all the gaps and now there’s a small rubbing spot. May or may not be an issue, only time will tell unless you really want to redo it. Can always crank the tunes up and then you...
  64. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    Bump. Price drop, $550.
  65. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    yeah it was an awesome reel when I was doing more ocean fishing. On the 8-day trip it did heavy duty as my yo-yo reel as well when we were at Alijos rocks. Yellowtail up to 30lbs and it handled them all like a champ, plus it’s just plain nice to fish with.
  66. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    I’ve got a good condition Torsa 20 that isn’t getting any love. Spooled up completely with daiwa metered braid, 80lb. Works great, hasn’t been used since service (by Kens Custom Reels or Squidco, can’t remember), which was in 2011 after I took it on my 8-day trip. Tag from service is in the box...
  67. bass_blaster


    Looks good. A lot of clean threadwork on there and nice finish work.
  68. bass_blaster

    Experimental Neon Tiger Wrap

    Wrap looks good from what I can tell and it seems like it might have so much movement it tripped up the focus of your camera. Either way, nice work, I’m all about the bright colors.
  69. bass_blaster

    Shrink wrap right on the blank??

    How do you really feel about turksheads? kidding aside, you can always do just a small one inch or so section of smooth heat shrink over the x-tube to blank transition. InsteD of an ugly turkshead.
  70. bass_blaster

    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    I think you might have me confused with someone else? either way, the bright one is the neon yellow ProWrap colorfast from mudhole. It’s actually pretty nice thread to work with and wraps really consistent. Only potential issue is that the size A prowrap is a good amount thicker than the size A...
  71. bass_blaster

    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    Just finished up this split grip fade wrap. My longest one to date. Don’t know how the pros can do this stuff at a fast enough pace to make money, took me about 4 hours start to finish with some minor distractions in between and still have to clean it up.
  72. bass_blaster


    Looks good. Nice color combo and clean work.
  73. bass_blaster


    Check out Moon.
  74. bass_blaster

    Fuji K series question

    While I doubt they’re intended for 60lb outfits, id imagine they’ll work if you wrap them sturdy enough. Like suggested, Fuji HBSG would be my go to for that rating but if you take care of your gear I think you’ll be just fine with the Ks.
  75. bass_blaster

    Shakari 8025

    Came out super nice.
  76. bass_blaster

    United Composites Reaper

    How much of a noob ass are you? That looks great!
  77. bass_blaster

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    Thanks. Normally I do them right and roll/tuck but I’m this case I just cut the middle section out and left everything else as it was. It’s a personal rod so I was ok having it that way.
  78. bass_blaster

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    Finished it up. Came out ok. Didn’t like the first iteration of the handle on this rod so cut out a section and turned it to split grip with the abalone. Used the 3M 77 adhesive. One thing that helped for install was doing the double-cut method and then wrapping over it with thread to really...
  79. bass_blaster

    Blackout 100j

    Looks deadly. Nice work.
  80. bass_blaster

    Some new Quarantine builds

    Nice looking builds. Really clean work and that orange cross wrap is nice to look at.
  81. bass_blaster

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    Perfect. Thanks. I actually found the instructions on their site a few minutes ago too and it mentions the same method you described.
  82. bass_blaster

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    I was digging through my stuff and I found an old sheet of the Abalone Veneer stuff that acid rod used to sell. It’s still in good shape, never even opened it and then forgot I had it for several years. Anyways, any tips on how to install the material? Was going to use it in the split grip...
  83. bass_blaster

    Good news?

    Anybody heard specifics about launching a kayak into SD Bay?
  84. bass_blaster

    Thread size question -- starting out

    I use size A for everything currently, mainly because I like the way the inlays and details look with smaller thread. If you are new and going to use A, make sure to take care of your guide feet with a dremel or grinder and then you won’t have a problem climbing up. If you want to use C or D...
  85. bass_blaster

    Online ordering

    Avoid getbitoutdoors! Actually, do what you want but look in this forum and do some research on people getting their CC info stolen shortly after shopping there. I was one of the numerous victims of that and there were quite a few others. They took my CC info, used that to access my online...
  86. bass_blaster


    Great! Thanks for the info sir!
  87. bass_blaster


    What’s the blank OD at the butt on the reaper? Thinking of getting one and I want to put a 20mm alps trigger seat on it.
  88. bass_blaster

    Reels, Abu Revo Toro NaCl50, 13 Concept A3, Quantum Iron 300PT

    Bump. Quantum still around. $80 local pick up in San Diego. I’m in the La Mesa area.
  89. bass_blaster


    What’s the blank taper like and what’s the butt OD? Would it be a decent blank to build for the large swimbait game or is it built specifically for surface iron/bait fishing? Looking for a 9’ rod for baits in the 6-8oz range mostly, but some up to 10oz.
  90. bass_blaster

    Daiwa Saltiga 20HA BNIB/ Shimano Calcutta 86XH/ Calstar BT610 Custom Rod

    Where you located? Might be interest in the 809XH blank.
  91. bass_blaster

    Jigstick guides

  92. bass_blaster

    Reels, Abu Revo Toro NaCl50, 13 Concept A3, Quantum Iron 300PT

    Bump. Quantum still available. $90 if it’s someone local in San Diego.
  93. bass_blaster

    Reels, Abu Revo Toro NaCl50, 13 Concept A3, Quantum Iron 300PT

    Abu and A3 both gone. Quantum still available.
  94. bass_blaster

    Shimano Bantam MGL BNIB

    Thank you sir. Can’t wait to use it.
  95. bass_blaster

    Shimano Bantam MGL BNIB

    I’ll take it, I’m local. Pm inbound.
  96. bass_blaster

    Reels, Abu Revo Toro NaCl50, 13 Concept A3, Quantum Iron 300PT

    Shit, sorry. $150 for the Abu. $100 for each of the A3/Quantum.
  97. bass_blaster

    Reels, Abu Revo Toro NaCl50, 13 Concept A3, Quantum Iron 300PT

    All lightly used. With boxes and everything that came with them. Quantum and Abu loaded with 65lb braid, A3 has 20lb mono. Also, Abu and A3 each have power handles and double-paddles. prefer local sale in San Diego, located in la Mesa.
  98. bass_blaster

    Help with length of wrap on a tuna rail rod.

    It’s only going to add to aesthetics and not performance so do what you think looks good. On a nice lightweight bass rod I do as little as I can get away with. On my heavier tuna stuff I typically have done about 1/2” max extra outside the guide feet. That being said, I’ve got a couple rods...
  99. bass_blaster

    Shimano Calcutta conquest 200dc 2019

    I believe I have a curado e5. Also a curado DC. And cash.
  100. bass_blaster

    Syndicate build

    I’m liking that tiger. Looks like it would have some sweet movement. Good work.
  101. bass_blaster


    Very clean work.
  102. bass_blaster

    My 2019 builds

    Good lookin work.
  103. bass_blaster

    2020 Donation Rod

    Very nice work. That wrap sounds like a lot of work but it sure looks worth the time.
  104. bass_blaster


    If this didn’t sell I can take it off your hands. I got the Conquest 300/IMX from you recently off SU
  105. bass_blaster

    Phenix Black diamond 700ML with formal attire

    Did this black/white/silver to throw larger jerkbaits in fresh and salt water along with smaller swimbaits. Some carbon/aluminum accents and matagi pearl white reel seat. Titanium Alps guides. Can’t see it in the pics but I put a little pearl pigment in the finish on the white guides. Probably...
  106. bass_blaster

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Nothing wrong with those. Nice work.
  107. bass_blaster

    Wood Grain Seeker ESM7650 (pic heavy)

    That’s awesome. Really cool work.
  108. bass_blaster

    First time wrapping...

    Not only clean for a 1st wrap, that’s clean work for any wrap.
  109. bass_blaster

    #3 calstar unibutt

    Is that one of the leather foregrips? If so how do you like it? Nice looking build.
  110. bass_blaster

    Calstar 6455L

    Very very nice. That’ll make em happy.
  111. bass_blaster

    Rail Dawgs Available

    Whereabouts in SD for local pickup? I’m in the Mt Helix area off 94 and Avocado.
  112. bass_blaster

    Varmac VCBG 3-7 Seahawks Theme

    Nice looking build. Can’t go wrong with those colors.
  113. bass_blaster

    Rail Dawgs Available

    I got a heavy 3x blank that could use one so I’ll pick one up shortly. Always easy ordering from Voodoo.
  114. bass_blaster

    New to building...

    Nice and clean for a first build. Way better than mine was.
  115. bass_blaster

    80 MONSTER

    Those guide wraps are killer! Sweet build.
  116. bass_blaster

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Hell yeah man, that came out great! Really clean work.
  117. bass_blaster

    Mudhole cork tape

    I’ve done mudhole for a lot of things (including cork tape) and haven’t ever had an issue. Their cork tape is fine and I’d say typically I’m putting x-flock over it but from time to time it’s exposed. I’ve also bought cork tape from Squidco and haven’t had any issues with that either.
  118. bass_blaster

    Ralphie (A Christmas Story) weave

    Always amazing and second to none. Insanely clean work.
  119. bass_blaster

    TAC 80 TAC 90

    So clean. Nice work man.
  120. bass_blaster

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    Really nice build. That tiger is poppin in the light, looks awesome!
  121. bass_blaster

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Thank you everybody. Team Sency, as far as tips on the fades, the best advice I could give is to take it slow and count the wraps. Also, make sure you have a numerical pattern to keep track of things so they look even. For instance on the longer fades I’ll do things in increments of say 10...
  122. bass_blaster

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Finished the latest build. Full rear grip with x-tube over cork tape. Fuji PSS reel seat and MNSG guide set. With my set up it’s a pain to do fades with all the color changes but I’m pretty stoked with how this came out so it was worth all the work. Blank is an 8’-2” XXH model. Should be good...
  123. bass_blaster

    1st of 3 for Chef Cosmo in Ensenada

    Nice rod and cool story.
  124. bass_blaster

    Phenix M1 for my pops

    Nice work. How do you like that blank?
  125. bass_blaster

    SS ULUA 93H

    If you want a nice reel for hucking iron I love my older penn torque star drag. Got it not long after they first came out. Haven’t used the new ones but I’d imagine they aren’t bad either. I also love my Trinidad 20a but I mainly use it on a 8-ft live bait rod.
  126. bass_blaster

    Gods and Warriors rods 5-9

    Awesome work man. That fade turned out great. I like the gold trimmed inlays too, cool effect.
  127. bass_blaster

    CE800Mega build

    Like a pack of skittles. Nice work.
  128. bass_blaster

    Patriotic viper

    Amazing work. Those guide wraps are killer
  129. bass_blaster

    HNSG gunsmoke size 10 needed

    I actually think I might at home from an old build. I’ll PM you my number and I can check tonight. Are they discontinued? If not then I’ve had decent luck with Fuji stuff from mudhole and another place I like to shop now is Voodoo. Their customer service is second to none and they might be able...
  130. bass_blaster


    Very very nice. Looks fishy.
  131. bass_blaster


    Looks awesome. I had a hiatus from here for a while, whatever happened to Capt G?
  132. bass_blaster

    Black and Tan skinny butt "again"

    Very clean. Nice work.
  133. bass_blaster

    Another Phenix Swimbait rod. 8’, 20-50lb

    Just finished another personal rod. Split carbon rear grips with a tiger to mimic the color shifting reel seat. Titanium Alps guides for the first time. It’ll be fishing with me in the bay tomorrow so I’ll know how I like it soon enough. Blank is from a run that Phenix was doing for a bigger...
  134. bass_blaster

    United Composites CP 80HP

    Great work as always. Didn’t realize they were going out of business but after swinging by there a couple times this year I’m not surprised. I had pretty poor service both times and just for kicks I was looking through their Charkbait custom rods they had. Not sure who makes those POS rods but...
  135. bass_blaster

    Phenix 809xhj Swimbait Setup. Blacked out.

    Made this for my brother. He likes all his shit boring black/black so I’m only allowed to use color sparingly. It’ll be throwing anything from heavy a-rigs in the salt to large Swimbaits in freshwater. Titanium Fuji k-series guides and x-wrap over cork.
  136. bass_blaster

    Credit card fraud and GetBit Outdoors

    Great. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, my card had a long night. After that first charge it was used about 6 or 7 more times from France to Italy to the east coast and then in San Francisco. All cancelled and everything is good with the CC company, but annoying and unnecessary.
  137. bass_blaster

    Credit card fraud and GetBit Outdoors

    Also, now that I mention that, I’ve been using GetBit for all my alps guides needs. What other vendors are decent for getting Alps components? I’ve got a few builds coming up that I’ll need some Ti-MXNs for.
  138. bass_blaster

    Credit card fraud and GetBit Outdoors

    I thought perhaps I was lucky since it had been a few weeks since my order and nothing had happened. I was wrong, just had ~$220 fraudulent charge on my credit card from France. Fix your shit GetBit, my money will go elsewhere now.
  139. bass_blaster

    Credit card fraud and GetBit Outdoors

    Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered from them last week so I’ll keep an eye on my card.
  140. bass_blaster

    Flex coat high build Vs. ?

    Flex Coat High Build, Lite build if I’m concerned with weight/thickness on a lighter rod, and DII. Bullard DII is probably my favorite to use thus far.
  141. bass_blaster

    Grinding down salt water guide feet'

    I use pliers to hold the guide and then grind with a dremel. Mainly because it’s the only tool I have. So far it’s worked out fine by me but eventually it would be nice to get a bench top grinder.
  142. bass_blaster

    Custom rod blank?

    I’ve shipped in PVC and bubble wrap/paper before. I don’t ship often but I’ve felt the safest doing that.
  143. bass_blaster

    Phenix Swimbait Rod, 7-8 mh with carbon fiber galore

    first time trying this style of build with all the aluminum bits and carbon fiber grips. Wanted to put a Ryoga on it also and at ECBT they had a matching Carbon fiber/purple handle so I figured it was only right. Going to be using this for my lighter Swimbait stuff mainly in the salt but also in...
  144. bass_blaster

    Olive Branch Fade Wrap

    Simply insane. Love it. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to produce a rod with that level of detail. Great work.
  145. bass_blaster

    Does anyone have this Gudebrod HT metallic thread?

    I don’t have that one either. Sorry. I thought I saw one but it’s the Electra version (9534). Good luck.
  146. bass_blaster

    Does anyone have this Gudebrod HT metallic thread?

    I think I’ve got one but I’ll have to check when I get home around 7pm. If I do have it I’m located in La Mesa. Although I guess even if I don’t have it I’m still located in La Mesa.
  147. bass_blaster

    2006 Skeeter SL-210 Fish-n-ski

    I have a great shape 2006 Skeeter Fish and Ski bass boat. It currently has about 270 hours on a yamaha vmax 200. The boat cruises 50 easy and top speed with just me and fishing gear in it was 62. It also has professionally installed (by previous owner) Hamby's keel guard on the bottom. The...
  148. bass_blaster

    2010 Ranger Z21 Comanche IntraCoastal $34,000

    Glad it’s gone, that was getting tempting
  149. bass_blaster


    I already posted on this thread but since then had another great experience. I had put together an order for a matagi seat and some carbon fiber/aluminum bits to make it fancy. Casey noticed what I was trying to do but I had selected some parts that wouldnt work right. He emailed me quickly...
  150. bass_blaster

    Minn Kota Terrova Foot Pedal Issue

    Thanks. I actually did a little more digging and found a useful compatibility chart on the MK website. Not sure how I missed that before but now it all makes sense. Time to get another foot pedal.
  151. bass_blaster

    Minn Kota Terrova Foot Pedal Issue

    So I had an older terrova with ipilot (2015 model) and internal transducer and it ended up taking a crap. I bought a brand new Riptide Terrova to replace it (no ipilot) and now the foot pedal I had on my old motor doesnt work with the new one. The Bluetooth fob works fine with the new one so I...
  152. bass_blaster

    Grim Reaper weave completed

    Wow. That’s unreal. Roughly how many hours is it to create that piece of art?
  153. bass_blaster


    Another vote of confidence for them. I placed an order on a Saturday night and had it delivered on Tuesday along with the hand written note. Great service for sure.
  154. bass_blaster

    Batson FHS Raffle Rod Rainshadow RCJB 84XXH with all Alps/Batson components

    Super quality threadwork there. Those guides came out great! Spacing is spot on.
  155. bass_blaster

    Some rods in the works

    Some awesome fade work there. Clean as a whistle. Nice job for sure.
  156. bass_blaster

    Guide question for new Super Seeker 2x4 build

    I used to use turbo guides (Fuji and amtak) and Ive since gone to HBSGs on everything heavy I make. Never had an issue with them. Can’t say the same for Turbos.
  157. bass_blaster

    Opinions on choice of there any reason to use anything other than Fuji?

    I’ve had great luck with Fuji for the most part so I prefer to use them. One issue I have had with their guides though is the ease at which the CMNSGs rust in saltwater use. My bass gear fishes both fresh/salt water and I out those guides on a couple personal rods. Won’t do that ever again. I...
  158. bass_blaster

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I do all my bass gear in bright colors with the same pattern on the guides. Gotta love the Bullard Brite thread.
  159. bass_blaster

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I’ve always used the graduated mixing cups and I always do 5cc of each part to mix quantities. Never more, never less. If I need more I just do multiple batches and split up my work. I’ll keep using them but I’ll definitely buy the mixer and I already ordered...
  160. bass_blaster

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    After I made the initial post I took the rod with me to work (after it had already dried overnight) and I let it sit in my truck in the sun all day. I’d say it was about 90% good after that. I kept the house at 74 when I got home and actually took the rod fishing today because the finish was...
  161. bass_blaster

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    Thanks for the responses guys. I haven’t changed anything with my mixing process in years so don’t know why it’s such an issue now but I’ll definitely try the syringes and see how that goes. I keep my house at 68 normally and 70 when I’m doing epoxy so not sure if that’s contributing or not...
  162. bass_blaster

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    I've been having some trouble with the last couple batches of Flex Coat High Build not hardening all the way. I'd say I've got about a 30% failure rate lately in which it will "set up" a bit but it's still softer than it should be and I can easily presser my finger nail into it without much...
  163. bass_blaster


    How about holding a beer with the bass. Mods didn't respond in time for my fishing session tonight with my brother so here's him with a Wee Heavy and a calico. If your a non-drinker soda will do.
  164. bass_blaster

    Late Wall Report

    Nice work. What size line/leader you like using when you're fishing the wall up there?
  165. bass_blaster

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Awesome rig. Keep up the good work.
  166. bass_blaster

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    That's an awesome rig man. Looks capable of bass destruction for sure.
  167. bass_blaster

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Nice work. Post up some more pics of the boat setup. Looks like an awesome rig.
  168. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session. New PB Calico almost 9lbs

    Yup, 3/8. It seems like sometimes the bass are keyed in on smaller baits but last night they we're doing alright at eating various sizes of rubber food. Here's another picture of her.
  169. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session. New PB Calico almost 9lbs

    The calico fishing has been good for my brother lately in the evening and I had to miss the last two trips so I was feeling left out. We made it out there this evening though and had a decent pick on bass along with a couple halibut that we're also released. Got the big girl on a small makerel...
  170. bass_blaster

    cheap 7.62x51 at College Grove Walmart

    At the Walmart in College grove they have a lot of ZQ 7.62 for 9.97 per box. Cheapest I've seen in a while and I picked up 5.
  171. bass_blaster

    Offshore Pride 8/28 - 8/29 - Another "Epic" adventure

    We had decent mid-size sardines. 20 to 25lb was best for BFT. Once the YFT went full speed it didn't matter what size line. Hooks for BFT were smaller, #2 mostly, some guys used #1. For the YFT I used mainly 2/0 hooks and 20/30/40 pound line.
  172. bass_blaster

    Offshore Pride 8/28 - 8/29 - Another "Epic" adventure

    Nice fishing with you Mike. That was truly an awesome trip.
  173. bass_blaster

    Offshore Yellowfin Wide 182-43 Friday 22 Aug

    Nice work man. Awesome fI rat picture too with the BD Salute.
  174. bass_blaster

    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    You always have good reports. Nice work man.
  175. bass_blaster

    Offshore 07/19 - 9 mile and 182 areas, nada for us

    Yeah it was tough. I wanted to keep going west and south but with the brother so sick and water seeming to get colder as I went west I decided against going even farther from home. Oh well, it's always nice to get off land for a while.
  176. bass_blaster

    Offshore 07/19 - 9 mile and 182 areas, nada for us

    I know, BS without pics but we really did manage to not catch anything. Got a nice early start and boat in the water by 3:30am. Headed out to the 9 and put the trollers in at grey light and puttered about. Then went to 182 area around 7:15 for a while. My brother got really sea-sick (it was...
  177. bass_blaster

    No shooting due to fire danger -- blm land

    I called the Ranger out in the area that manages Ocotillo and Yuha basin and the Yuha area was plenty open. I went there this past Saturday and it was great. My first time on BLM land and we had a blast. Nothing to catch on fire out in the desert like that so I can understand how it stays open...
  178. bass_blaster

    Question about Shooting Location out in the Ocotillo area

    Thanks. I came across one of those maps but not that actually site you gave the link to. That helped. I plan to call the ranger station tomorrow so I can get some more specific details. I'll be driving out early in the AM ahead of my group so I want to be able to tell them exactly where I'm...
  179. bass_blaster

    Question about Shooting Location out in the Ocotillo area

    Hey Guys, I'm heading out to the Ocotillo area next Saturday for my 30th birthday and will be going with some friends to shoot for the morning. I plan on heading out early and being there by 8am to get a location. I've got a map of the BLM land out there and from what I can gather you have to...
  180. bass_blaster

    Evening Calico Session 05-03-14 (got some pigs)

    Bass grow slowly so those fish have been big for a while. I don't think regs had anything to do with it. We've been working hard and have a decent system and every once in a while we get some toads. Even a broken clock is right twice a day...
  181. bass_blaster

    Evening Calico Session 05-03-14 (got some pigs)

    Sorry about the pics. They we're up for a while, not sure what happened. Here they are. First is the 6, then a few pics of the fat girl. She was nice a full. My cousin doesn't really know how to hold fish properly for pictures so I also threw in a pic of my brother holding it with the white...
  182. bass_blaster

    Metal-Rubber-Plastic 4/30

    You guys killed it. Nice work.
  183. bass_blaster

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    Nice work. I haven't fished there in 5 years or more. I need to make it back one of these days. I miss the epic topwater bites during summer/fall.
  184. bass_blaster

    Evening Calico Session 05-03-14 (got some pigs)

    Finally got back to trying the evening Calico fishing and it paid off nicely today. My brother and I took our younger cousin with us. He only fishes when we take him and it's been almost a year so he was excited to get back out. We started around the kelp off Pt Loma and had a steady pick on...
  185. bass_blaster

    Alps Trigger seat source

    Thanks for the tip Bill. Suidco had one last one left and I just picked it up earlier this evening. Also I talked with them and Joey said he can get anything ALPS/Batson that I would need so I'll probably end up doing that in the future. Thanks Grant, I'll check them out on future orders as well.
  186. bass_blaster

    Alps Trigger seat source

    Thanks for the help. I'll check with them tomorrow and let you know if I still need help.
  187. bass_blaster

    Alps Trigger seat source

    Where else can you find ALPS single trigger seats online? I'm looking for a size 16 in black or blue and would like to get it quickly. If anyone has an extra in SD let me know and I'll take it off your hands for a fair price.
  188. bass_blaster

    Cabelas deal on some Hornady Z-Max 7.62 x 39

    In case you need some nice 7.62x39 for cheap, cabelas has the Hornady Zombie stuff for 13.99...
  189. bass_blaster

    cabelos has some 22lr

    I like cabelos
  190. bass_blaster

    1K rounds .223 Brass $349.95 Free shipping

    Nice find. I just bought another 10/22 and am going to buy parts for that so my near term gun budget is shot.
  191. bass_blaster

    Gun Porn

    Finished her tonight. Enjoy. Below are the parts. Franklin Armory Billet Lower RRA Lower Parts Kit Magpul ACS Stock (mil-spec) Parallax Tactical Buffer Tube (mil-spec) Parallax Tactical Extreme Mk V Upper (cerakoted in burnt bronze) NiB Bolt Carrier Group LWRC Skirmish BUIS Bushnell AR Optics...
  192. bass_blaster

    Gun Porn

    I'll play. Sig SP2022 Springfield 1911A1 Loaded Ruger 10/22 DPMS with 20" Bull Upper Remington 870 Almost finished AR Build in FDE (16" Parallax PXT Extreme Mark V Upper is getting Cerakoted now) My first gun purchase was the DPMS that started as an Oracle and then I added the Bull 20 upper...
  193. bass_blaster

    Is Tula ammo any good?

    I like the Herters you can get on Cabelas more. But that's just because my AR likes it more. The last time I ran Tula I had some feeding issues and Cabelas usually has a decent stock of Herters and it runs better for me. Sometimes on sale for $5/box.
  194. bass_blaster

    For Sale: Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport 16" - CA Compliant - $1200

    What a steal!!! Someone jump on this! Maybe sweeten the deal with some $1/rd .223?
  195. bass_blaster

    22 LR Ammo

    Most weekdays I get up early around 5am and check Cabelas. About once every couple weeks I get lucky and find some available or back-orderable. Place the order and then in 5 days or so I have it at my door. Works great but you gotta be quick. After that I go to the gym and then go to work. It's...
  196. bass_blaster

    SB374 shot down!

    all of the Internet. I'm on my phone otherwise I would paste the letter in here.
  197. bass_blaster

    SB374 shot down!

    Vetoed by the Governor. Now I can finish building my AR without aggravation. Or at least as much aggravation.
  198. bass_blaster

    No more Powder at gun shows

    And anti-Obama stickers. Come on, don't forget the stickers.
  199. bass_blaster

    wtf is this new ban?

    this is more or less exactly what I was thinking.
  200. bass_blaster

    wtf is this new ban?

    I don't disagree with you but just curious why you think it would have such a drastic effect on non-hunting ammo? I don't hunt but I love shooting so pardon my ignorance. As a side note, I bought a Stripped lower on my lunch break today. I've been wanting to build another AR from scratch and...
  201. bass_blaster

    wtf is this new ban?

    seeing as how that bill only applies to ammo for hunting, do you really think it will impact ammo price/availability that much?
  202. bass_blaster

    SB 374 Question

    Since the latest revision to SB-374 does NOT include rimfire rifles (at least this is my understanding), then those of us with 10/22's are safe for now. My question is this: could a 223/5.56 rimfire cartridge be developed? Or even develop AR's to shoot 7.62x54R? It might be a stupid question...
  203. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Walmart in College Grove had a nice sized pile of remington Thunderbolt 22lr when I was there a few minutes ago. $2.27 for 50 rds. 3 box limit still. - - - Updated - - - Walmart in College Grove had a nice sized pile of remington Thunderbolt 22lr when I was there a few minutes ago. $2.27 for...
  204. bass_blaster


    Why on earth would you sell all your stuff? Are you wearing 2 tinfoil hats today?
  205. bass_blaster

    Ammo is starting to come down

    22 is still a pain but it seems like most everything else is coming back in supply and down in price. It's easy now to find .223/5.56 for .40 to .50 per round for brass so it's funny looking at Craigslist seeing all the ass-heads still trying to get .70 to .80 per round. It'll be nice to see all...
  206. bass_blaster

    3 Days of Fun

    Tough life. Nice lookin feesh.
  207. bass_blaster

    Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    Awesome pictures and trip. Why the fuck am I working?
  208. bass_blaster

    Show me your BASS...

    From the last couple months. My brother is the skinny fucker.
  209. bass_blaster

    C&R vs. Keeping

    I don't catch bass so I've never had the dilemma.
  210. bass_blaster

    Marlin on the Nine

    The winged tuna was probably just an Opal. (Deep water cousin of the Opal-Eye) Maybe a midshipman too. All kidding aside, nice work on all accounts. I need to get my ass out there.
  211. bass_blaster

    Curado 300 vs Lexa 300 vs Toro NaCI

    Took the NaCl 50 out Saturday for calico fishing and it performed great. For calico fishing I would definitely have to say it was noticeably stronger than the other reels I have (curado 200/300, calcutta, and Okuma Cedros). Very good drag, really smooth and strong crank(biggest calico was only...
  212. bass_blaster

    Curado 300 vs Lexa 300 vs Toro NaCI

    I've got several curados and Calcuttas and have enjoyed them all. That being said, I just got home with a new revo NaCl to give the Revo lineup a try. Seems like a tank of a reel but it won't get used until tomorrow evening. Till then it looks purdy in the man-cave.
  213. bass_blaster

    45 vs 44

    This guy explains it well.... .45 acp Guns and The People Who Carry Them (Full Video) - YouTube
  214. bass_blaster

    Big Opah

    Holy crap man, awesome job! What a bitchin trip for your buddy too.
  215. bass_blaster

    First Bass of the Day

    Holy shit man. Nice work. What a trophy.
  216. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp. 7-3-13. Mystery bass but no bigguns

    Fished Pt. Loma again for a few hours yesterday evening. Nothing great in terms of quantity or size but we did have a pretty steady pick on Calicos again near the surface. It's crazy how much busting they're doing right at sunset and we picked off a few casting to the boils. Only thing of...
  217. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session 06-28-2013. 8.25lb Calico

    Heading out to Point Loma kelp again this even to keep milking the gravy train. Our last 3 trips in a row have all had a 5lb+ with the 6.25 an 8.25 being the bigguns. Anybody else going to be out there this evening? We'll launch from SI around 6 and fish till about 8:30 or so.
  218. bass_blaster


    NIce work. That tore up thumb sure is a good problem to have.
  219. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session 06-28-2013. 8.25lb Calico

    Also, for what it's worth; the black/red viejos was given to me by Corey at Day at the Docks this year. I was buying about $50 worth of baits from him and he tossed in several extras for free that he thought I should try. If you know him tell him the generosity is appreciated. Good way to do...
  220. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session 06-28-2013. 8.25lb Calico

    Made another evening trek today to Pt. Loma kelp beds after work. Got out there around 5:30 and fished until about 8:30pm or so drifting through the kelp. All in all it was a nice evening with steady pickins on the bass and some of the other kelp critters. Some of them we're near the bottom...
  221. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Cabelas has some 9mm in stock or those who need it. Remington mega packs for $80. 250 rounds. Also a good assortment of 45acp. I've been keeping my eye on Cabelas and and have been finding a deal every week or so. Just had two hits in a row on 22lr.
  222. bass_blaster

    Why 380 Auto?

    Concealability, that makes sense. Thanks.
  223. bass_blaster

    Why 380 Auto?

    Just out of curiosity, why do some people prefer the 380 to something like 9mm? It seems like 380 Auto is: 1) More expensive than 9mm 2) Less Available than 9mm and in less pistol choices 3) Less powerful cartridge
  224. bass_blaster

    Finally got my first 1911

    Here she is boys. Looks sexy sittin in the safe. Took her out shooting and I was pleasantly surprised with accuracy and overall performance. I put 100 rounds through it and then took it home and cleaned it up nice. There were no malfunctions of any kind which isn't saying much since it was only...
  225. bass_blaster

    Finally got my first 1911

    Thanks. I've read a lot about Wilson Combat mags. They seem to be the standard. I picked up the gun Wednesday, hoping to shoot it tomorrow.
  226. bass_blaster

    Finally got my first 1911

    Glad to hear. I pick it up on Wednesday after 5:03 pm.
  227. bass_blaster

    Sighting in a new AR

    Nice rig. How do you like the PRS stock? Been thinking about putting one on mine. As far as steel case goes, my rifle has trouble with it(DPMS) but my friend has a M&P sport and his eats it like candy. I heard polishing the feed ramp can help but I haven't tried that yet.
  228. bass_blaster

    Good Bassin: Pt. Loma Kelp, Afternoon/Evening Session 052513

    15 and 20. Sometimes higher but usually those are it. The pig ate 20lb.
  229. bass_blaster

    Good Bassin: Pt. Loma Kelp, Afternoon/Evening Session 052513

    We decided to change things up and fish the afternoon/evening bite instead of going in the AM. I'm glad we did. Steady pick on the Calicos both deep and near the surface. They also tended to hit the swimbaits more on the reel up than on the drop. We used some weedless MC Swimbaits along with...
  230. bass_blaster

    Finally got my first 1911

    Purchased a Springfield 1911 A1 Loaded Stainless on Friday. A little under $1K. Better deals can be found online but I enjoyed the opportunity to purchase face to face and not deal with getting it shipped to an FFL. Anybody here got experience with one? I had been debating between a few...
  231. bass_blaster

    California - AB711 Bans Lead Ammo - passed

    It's banning the ammo from hunting, but not in general correct? I.e., all the ammo will still be in stores but we can't shoot critters with it? Still sucks but just trying to find some sort of positive.
  232. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Agreed. late night and early AM Cabelas has been my go-to. It's always nice too that the shipping is reasonable and before I know it theres a box o' bullets at the door.
  233. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    I'll count my stash tonight. Might be able to sell you some of my 22lr at less than "Ass-Rape" prices. I work in Escondido and live in La Mesa so maybe meet off the 15 if you're interested.
  234. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Cabelas has 22lr right now. Just ordered the Winchester m-22 for $50. Came out to $58 shipped for 1000 rounds.
  235. bass_blaster

    $50 for CCI Mini Mag .22lr

    Yup. Cabelas and BassPro have been good to me lately. :hali_olutta: If you hate your money then go look on Cheaper than Dirt
  236. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Good lookin out. Picked up 5 boxes of the HPs. $43 shipped to La Mesa.
  237. bass_blaster

    ar upper complete

    That aint bad at all with the BCG. has some for sale as well. Most of theirs don't include the BCG but sometimes they have BCGs in stock you can get also.
  238. bass_blaster

    380 Auto 8 boxes

    Are the bullets gold?!
  239. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Some decent and in-stock 9mm and 45acp at Cabelas. Not sure how long itll last. Fiocchi Handgun Ammunition : Cabela's
  240. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    I've still got about 3500 rounds of 22lr so I'll keep shooting them until I find some 22lr in-store or with cheaper shipping. I've talked to a few retailers and they feel like ammo is starting to come in better as well as some of the popular firearms. Seems like there might be a light at the...
  241. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Thanks for posting. I've got a lot of 22lr but it's still hard to pass this up. The $19 shipping estimate is what kills it for me a little bit. Sure could use some HV stuff though... Tuff decision.
  242. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    For what it's worth, Turners in San Marcos had some .223 American Eagle(the black box stuff) in stock today for $13/box. I went there around 1pm and they had quite a bit of the AE and they also had a lot of Federal 55gr Varmint rounds for $26/box. Not great but if you're still desperate and...
  243. bass_blaster

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    22lr CCI AR Tactical in stock at NatchezSS. Steep shipping cost to SD ($18)but in stock right now at $27/box of 375. I have some of this and love it in my 10/22...
  244. bass_blaster

    4/18 FUn with bass

    3rd picture down is bad ass.
  245. bass_blaster

    This is not good for California

    But then will I(or others) be able to use my gun that I "made" in public without having to worry about getting it confiscated or getting myself in trouble? That's the part that I would want to avoid.
  246. bass_blaster

    This is not good for California

    Assuming they go through with mandatory registration of "assault weapons" how does that affect guys that made their own AR's from 80% lowers? I've got an 80% on order that I'm supposed to get in May but how does someone register a weapon without a serial # or manufacturer so that they don't find...
  247. bass_blaster

    Midnight run.. Not the movie

    Nice work. Sure beats fishing from a keyboard like I have to do when I can't fish. Once a week just doesn't seem to be enough.
  248. bass_blaster

    AR15 M4 upper for Varmint upper

    Deal is done. Thanks Matt.
  249. bass_blaster

    AR15 M4 upper for Varmint upper

    Thanks man. Meeting up with Matt on Wednesday to get his but if that doesn't work for any reason I'll let you know.
  250. bass_blaster

    AR15 M4 upper for Varmint upper

    That's exactly what I'm looking for. Ill call you today as soon as I get a chance. Thanks.
  251. bass_blaster

    30 minute fling after prt test

    Nice job on the butt. That'll taste good as some fish-n-chips.
  252. bass_blaster

    25.5 inch sandy

    If you count in reverse from 12" it looks like the fish has a 2" or 3" head start or so on the tape measure. Also looks like it ends at 22". Could be my eyes that suck though. Looks like you got a good bass but I'm not sure what planet you would have to be on where that's 25.5".
  253. bass_blaster

    AR15 M4 upper for Varmint upper

    I'd have to think about it. This is the only one I have so I'd rather trade. If I'm able to find a varmint upper to buy for a reasonable price I'll let you know though.
  254. bass_blaster

    AR15 M4 upper for Varmint upper

    I would like to trade my Upper assembly that I've added a Midwest Industries free float quad rail to for a 20" varmint upper. I'll be keeping the scope and the grip-pod. I'm interested in a stainless bull barrel upper assembly in good shape. I've got about 1,000 rounds through this one and...
  255. bass_blaster

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    I got 50rd boxes of the same Tulamo steel case 9mm in November/December for $9.99. $10/box of 50 and now $140 for a box of 100 is a 600% increase from what it was recently. Crazy. Just an FYI for SD people, Discount Gun Mart still has 9mm for $18.99 and also today they had some 50rd boxes...
  256. bass_blaster

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Hurry guys! Cheaper than Dirt now has 100rd (yes, one hundred round) packs of Tulamo steel 9mm for only $139.59. What a deal! I wonder how many boxes they'll actually sell at that price. Also I wonder how a dumbass that would pay that much...
  257. bass_blaster

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Even more crazy if they're serious on Cheaper than Dirt. Here's some 50rd boxes of 9mm for $69.99. Here's their other 9mm ammo. What a steal!
  258. bass_blaster

    80% lower build

    Post some pictures when you're done with it. I just got an 80% ordered last week and I'm going to be making a pistol out of it. Should be fun.
  259. bass_blaster

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    That's just the retail price on Cheaper than Dirt. It can easily be found cheaper which is why it's surprising people keep buying it from them. Oh well, soon enough the consumers will figure it out.
  260. bass_blaster

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Now they are doing .223/5.56 for either $1.50 or $2.00 per round. What a joke.
  261. bass_blaster

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Rediculous. I've been crossing places off my list of companies I'll do business with in terms of gun/ammo purchases. This place was crossed off a while ago.
  262. bass_blaster

    Sig SP2022 - anyone got one?

    I got one as my first pistol about 2 or 3 months ago. I love it so far. Very accurate, and not a single issue with it. I haven't done anything with mine yet. I went shooting with a friend who has a Sig P229 and he said that he liked the SP2022 a lot more and that it was more accurate than his...
  263. bass_blaster

    LJ 3/25

    Nice work on the checker pig. Those viejos swimbaits are awesome.
  264. bass_blaster

    Got Lucky Today 03-13-2013

    That was my first thought. Cool, I was just curious. As long as it works for you that's what matters.
  265. bass_blaster

    Got Lucky Today 03-13-2013

    No disrespect, but why is your scope mounted like that?
  266. bass_blaster

    If you're desperate for .223, some in stock.

    Natchez has some right now. Two different types of PMC X-Tac for 12.99 and 13.99 per box. I got a deal on some 9mm from them last week and it actually shipped quickly and arrived yesterday so might be worth looking into. Not sure how long it will last though...
  267. bass_blaster

    Chinese SKS at Turners San Marcos

    They were fairly dirty but all in one piece and didn't look like they were too beat up. If they we're a decent find then they're probably long gone by now.
  268. bass_blaster

    Chinese SKS at Turners San Marcos

    Just an FYI, they had a couple there yesterday for $269. Not sure if that's a good price or not but those seem popular these days so just throwing it out there. Don't know if they still have them today but they we're in stock around lunch time yesterday.
  269. bass_blaster

    US Senate proposed ban DOA

    Yup, that's the sad part. At least I'll have the option of selling my AR to people in another state if things here get rediculous for AR owners.
  270. bass_blaster

    Meet Jenny

  271. bass_blaster


    Haven't been able to check into it much lately, but have any of the proposals that involve deleting the "grandfathering" been passed with the other stuff that was mentioned?
  272. bass_blaster


    I like that shop. Glad it's close to home.
  273. bass_blaster

    Del Mar Gun show

    What were the ammo prices like?
  274. bass_blaster

    Del Mar Gun show

    Got there a little before 8:30. Stood in the huge ticket line wrapping around the parking lot for a little over an hour. Wasn't even close to the front of the ticket line(which is the first of two insanely long lines) and decided to leave and go shooting at P2K. It was a fucking zoo...
  275. bass_blaster

    Want to buy ammo? You better not be mad!!

    “It’s about getting people to think, really, about how much ammunition they need,” If I have to take a fucking anger management course I'm going to be stockpiling the shit out of ammo on the first "happy" purchase so I don't have to deal with that kind of crap. What a joke. 6 months ago I...
  276. bass_blaster


    Not the highest prices I've seen. Oh well. I've got enough at the current moment to be selective with what I'll spend.
  277. bass_blaster

    Posting Danger off Zuniga Jetty San Diego Harbor

    There's been one out there longer than that. I've seen one out there while fishing the jetty for calicos since late January.
  278. bass_blaster

    10/22 at the range (SBRGC)

    Finally took my 10/22 outdoors today to shoot at 50 and 100 yds. Overall the gun worked great and didn't have any issues. The first picture is my gun. 10/22 with Hogue Chile Green Overmoulded stock, Green Mountain .920" x 20" bull barrel, Blackhawk Bipod, Nikon scope. (Next thing to change is...
  279. bass_blaster

    Holy crap!!! 1600 buck-a-roos

    I just went to Turners on my lunch and they had a couple sitting there. One guy there was getting ready to buy, fuckin crazy. Now's a shitty time to be on the "demanding" side of "supply and demand". Luckily I got my AR last may, no way I'd be getting one now with $1/pc ammo and a $1500 price...
  280. bass_blaster

    New Weedless Head! Pic Heavy!!

    Nice lookin. Something new to fill up some extra tackle trays...
  281. bass_blaster

    4 guns

    No shit. I was at Walmart by work in Escondido/San Marcos and they had plenty of 50-packs of Winchester 40S&W for $19. Cheaper than most 9mm now. Go figure...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  282. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calicos

    Made by Western Plastics. If you're in SD you can get them at Anglers Arsenal. Easy for me since that's down the street from where I live. I think other places carry them too.
  283. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calicos

    Cut out the front of the bow rail. If you're looking forward in the boat it's about 20" wide or so that we took out from the middle.
  284. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calicos

    Hunted down some Calico's off the Pt. Loma Kelp. Most came on swimbaits with Warbait heads fishing deeper (50-70ft) and close to the bottom. Only had one or two near the surface. Also saw a grey whale right on the edge of the kelp puddling around and there was a ton of large fin bait in the...
  285. bass_blaster

    Minnesota Weapons ban

    Based on reading that even a ruger 10/22 will be deemed an assault weapon. Or any other semiautomatic 22 with more than 7 rounds. Fuckin lame.
  286. bass_blaster

    Ruger Mini 14

    X2. Look around online to get an idea of price range for it. If you have a gun and don't want it, now is a great time to give it up since they're going for a premium.
  287. bass_blaster

    AR Lowers at Turners

    yes, metal stripped lower. Couldn't tell if it was forged or milled as I just saw the picture at the cash register and asked the girl working about it.
  288. bass_blaster

    AR Lowers at Turners

    Metal. And sorry, I mis-stated when I wrote "complete". What I should have said is 100% (not the 80% type). Sorry for the confusion, hope it didn't get anybody too excited.
  289. bass_blaster

    AR Lowers at Turners

    Was just at the Turner's in Escondido and they had AR Lower Recievers (complete) for $159.99. They said they we're in stock as well in case anybody wants one for less than what scalpers are selling em for. I believe they we're Franklin Armory brand or something like that. Just a heads up.
  290. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    I'd like to get something like that also so I can still play with my AR. I'll have to check into that. I've seen the CMMG bolt conversions but hadn't seen complete uppers. I assume it's made so that it can mount directly on your stock AR 5.56 lower?
  291. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    I've got about 2400 rounds of 22lr. Not sure how low I'll take my stash but we'll see.
  292. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    It's been a while but I finally got around to putting a bi-pod and sling on it. I've taken her out shooting 4 times now and not a single fuss. Best gun money I've spent so far especially with the shitty AR/Ammo situation. Damn fun gun to shoot with.
  293. bass_blaster

    Smith & Wesson AR-15 for sale in San Diego

    Interesting. Based on last time I looked at AR prices $1000 for that set-up ain't too bad. DGM on Morena had a used AR on sale for $1200 or so and it didn't last more than a day. Wasn't as nice as this one either. It will be nice if prices start coming down but I won't hold my breath too...
  294. bass_blaster

    to all you ...

    It's a hollow point dedicated for use only on Halloween. I believe they look like candy corn, not sure though.
  295. bass_blaster

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    Seems like demand is still nuts for .223 but I was just at Discount Gun Mart on Morena and they've had quite a bit in stock for $20 per box. They also had a lot of 9mm for $19 per box of 50. Aint cheap but at least people aren't still panic buying as fast as they had been at those crazy prices...
  296. bass_blaster

    .223 Winchester Hollowpoints for 22LR

    Ammo traded to Brad. Good luck on your trip.
  297. bass_blaster

    .223 Winchester Hollowpoints for 22LR

    I've got a full box of 40 Winchester CXP-1 varmint hollow points that I'd like to trade for some 22LR ammo (no subsonic stuff and no bare lead). They're 3600 fps and 45gr bullets. When I got these before shit got crazy it was $30 at walmart for the 40 rounds. Fair trade for $30 worth of 22lr...
  298. bass_blaster

    I have a question for you pros !

    I've got a magazine full of Hornady Hollowpoints for my 9mm. Pretty much everything I've read/heard about home defense ammo for a pistol regardless of caliber is that hollow point is tops. For my 12-ga I did a lot of reading on the subject and some people recommended using #4 shot(sizable...
  299. bass_blaster

    Another lizard guys, really? 3/5

    Awesome picture. That sums up fishing in the bay at times if you can't escape the lizards. Even makes a dog bored as hell.
  300. bass_blaster

    to all you ...

    HEY! gimme back my foil hat!!!
  301. bass_blaster

    556 ammo instock. $11/20rds Winchester Shipped

    Just so you guys know, I called them this morning to check on my order and it's been out of stock for a while, it just didn't show on the website. I cancelled mine today as they don't know how long the back-order is so if you're expecting it soon and you ordered it recently you might want to...
  302. bass_blaster

    556 ammo instock. $11/20rds Winchester Shipped

    Good lookin out. Ordered some. Hopefully it really is in stock. That'll be a nice score. Thanks man.
  303. bass_blaster

    Ammo buying gone wild

    B.S. without pics. :hali_olutta:
  304. bass_blaster

    Which AR?

    Sucks that you have to buy them at today's prices but I've been happy with my DPMS Oracle. Not one single issue other than when I was shooting really crappy steel case WPA ammo. The cases we're somewhat "sticky" in the magazines and nearly always jammed after the first shot. Other than that not...
  305. bass_blaster

    Sig P2202 9mm experiences?

    Found the pistol at Discount Gun Mart on Morena and they had quite a bit of ammo as well. No mags tho. Amman wasn't cheap though, $19 per box of 50.
  306. bass_blaster

    Sig P2202 9mm experiences?

    Thanks for the response man. Was mainly just comparing it to other Semi-auto pistols in my price range. Of the ones I could locate in-store the Sig was the most comfy and had solid reviews. Glad to know it's good bang for the bucks. Trying to save up some bucks so I can get a 1911 this year.
  307. bass_blaster

    Sig P2202 9mm experiences?

    Just got a Sig P2202 in 9mm yesterday. (paid for it yesterday, pick it up the 31st). After reading reviews and looking at a lot of other pistols I decided it was a good value, especially for my 1st pistol. Paid $449 for it and had been comparing it to the Springfield XD, M&P, and Ruger...
  308. bass_blaster

    Savage 24 O/U 223/20ga Combo Gun

    That's cool as hell man. Like the way you have it painted too. Good luck with the sale.
  309. bass_blaster

    AR15 DPMS ca legal

    Nowadays if you can find one probably $1500 or so. Definately not a buyers market.
  310. bass_blaster

    m&p 15 and accessories price?

    The dude above is probably right. Figure out whatever you paid for all the stuff retail, then determine what you think YOU would have paid for it all used (in present condition) based on that. Then go ahead and double that number and your probably close. Figure you got like $1500 retail in...
  311. bass_blaster

    Del mar trying end the gun show 6pm tonight

    Agreed. No need for tinfoil hats just yet.
  312. bass_blaster

    SD bay am session

    Good job man. Me and my brother were out there this morning and had a really tuff day. You smoked us for sure.
  313. bass_blaster

    heres a stud jersey shore surf rod 12' 6-16oz

    Damn man, awesome looking rod. I love the red fade to black. Really nice piece.
  314. bass_blaster

    NFC MB739IM BD result

    Nice work man. You packed a lot of quality stuff onto that thing.
  315. bass_blaster

    Fish Memorial, No Joke

    I'm at a loss for words.
  316. bass_blaster

    Saiga 12 help

    Enjoy. I was at P2K a few weeks back and I was using my brothers new AR. In the lane next to us there were a couple guys and one of them had a Saiga 12. As I looked down the lane through the red dot I could hear their Saiga going rapid fire and all of a sudden all I see is confetti. Seems...
  317. bass_blaster

    OH dear this does not sound good

    I'm down with new limits. The only time I keep bass anyways is if one get's wrapped up bad or hooked really deep or something like that. I honestly think it's been almost 2 years since I've kept a sand bass so this won't affect me much other than maybe the possibility to catch and release more...
  318. bass_blaster

    San Diego Anglers, Bay Bass Tournament, Sat Jan 26, 2013

    I think it's $135 per team. I'm in it again with my brother. Looking forward to it, always a fun day.
  319. bass_blaster

    My new arms...

    Nice pieces. Really nice safe too. That's something I need to look into as I acquire more "stuff".
  320. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Well guys, picked up the 10/22 at Turners in Escondido today and got home after work and went to town with it. Here's the before and after pics. All I replaced was the stock and barrel added the Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 scope. Possible shooting after fishing tomorrow to see how she does. Thanks for...
  321. bass_blaster

    As CA goes so does the Country

    Yup. My brother got a Wyndam Weaponry AR about a month ago for $800. Saw one last week on a flyer at Turners that it was on sale for $999. Same exact gun, basic AR, optics ready, no iron sights. I got mine in May for about $630 for a DPMS Oracle. I'll be interested to see what it's going for...
  322. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Will do. Between practice for the S.D.A. Open Bay Bass Trournament and other shit I might not be shooting a ton until after the 26th of Jan but we'll see. Still hopeful for the next couple of weekends. What ranges do you prefer in SD? I live down in La Mesa and work in Escondido. Looks and...
  323. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Will do. Thinking about P2K or South Bay Rod and Gun Club this weekend. Picked up another Nikon Pro Staff 3-9x40 today so the gun is all I have left to get. I use the same Nikon on my AR and I've been really happy with it for the $$$ so got the same thing for the Ruger.
  324. bass_blaster

    N.Y. Newspaper publishes gun owner's info

    That should make shit interesting for them. It's funny when people on the extremes of either side show just how retarded they are and end up shooting themselves in the foot.
  325. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    I paid for the 10/22 last Monday so I go to pick it up tomorrow evening. I just got the regular black synthetic with painted receiver and blued barrel. Already purchased an aftermarket Hogue Ruber Over Moulded stock in Chile Green(or whatever they call it) and blued Green Mountain 20" bull...
  326. bass_blaster

    Fuji HBSIC guides

    So far I've ground down every single guide foot I've put on.
  327. bass_blaster

    San Clemente Island Calicos **Video**

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing. San Clemente is definitely on my list of places to go but I'm gonna need a bigger boat... That distance with a 17-ft CC sounds a little nasty.
  328. bass_blaster

    5.56 magazines

    X2. What a steal.
  329. bass_blaster

    OTI 80# Tuna Sniper "Jig n' Pop"

    Very nice work. Hopefully the owner get's to tug on something large with it and put it to use. Looks damn nice.
  330. bass_blaster


    Nice work man. Gotta love red and black.
  331. bass_blaster

    Whoseajiggawhaaaat?? OTI 200gm

    Really nice build man. Top quality work. Just curious why you decided to do the fore-grip with the spacer like that? Eliminate weight where you don't hold it?
  332. bass_blaster

    Good firearm shop in the SD area?

    I like Fine Firearms in La Mesa as it's only a mile or so from my house. Also Turners is pretty decent if you know what you want but lately they've been busy as hell. I go to both the Escondido location by my work as well as the Clairemont location. Parallax Tactical has a lot of cool shit...
  333. bass_blaster

    Phenix M1's

    Nice sticks man. Those look lethal.
  334. bass_blaster

    Sign this pro gun petition

    The fact that the mother WITH AN UNSTABLE CHILD THAT SHE WAS ALREADY HAVING PROBLEMS WITH had guns readily availble to him is irresponsible and stupid. I'm sure she never expected him to do this, but making them available sure does nothing to deter a situation like this. If there are any other...
  335. bass_blaster

    Stealth Rod

    Really cool work. That thing is put together very well.
  336. bass_blaster

    80% lower??

    My friend got his kit and did it at Ares Armor in Oceanside. I haven't used the gun yet but he has and likes it a lot. I think total he spent less than $1K on his build.
  337. bass_blaster

    Jungle Camo

    Very cool work. I like the gold guides with the green wraps. Nice tiger also.
  338. bass_blaster

    Another tiger

    Nice work. I'm diggin the guide wraps. Looks super clean.
  339. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    I looked at those a lot also but decided on the 10/22 because of all the options I have with it, it's reputation, and I already have an AR. The M&P was probably my second choice though.
  340. bass_blaster

    Mates Burple tiger

    Very nice. That turned out fantastic.
  341. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    That's pretty much exactly what I'm going after. My barrel is a black 20" bull barrel and the stock is the same as yours but chile green instead of tan. Thanks for showing it. Looks awesome. How do you like the carbon fiber barrel?
  342. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Close to the top model shown on that link but I'm going with a 20" barrel and a Hogue stock that's semi-camo colored. It's about $229 for the gun, Just paid $109 for the barrel on sale, and the stock is $70. Last bits will be a scope, scope mounts, and any 10/22 specific tools/parts I need to do...
  343. bass_blaster

    Calstar GF700L

    Very cool man. I'm diggin the way you put together the handle assembly. As usual, the threadwork is damn nice.
  344. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Well, I think I've got it figured out. Thanks for the responses. Going to buy the base model 10/22 and get the Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock and a .920" barrel for it. I'll come in a little above $500 after it's all said and done but it's hard to go against the Ruger reputation for the 22...
  345. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Went to the Escondido Turner's today to look at some in person but they only had a couple 10/22's in stock. They had the all-black with a blued 20" barrel for $279 or $269. Felt pretty good. They also had the smaller model which just feels too small when I hold it. Gonna go by some more shops...
  346. bass_blaster

    JT's work in action!

    The second picture is awesome. The blood on the hand makes the rod look even more bad ass. Cool to see it on the water tuggin on a tuner fish.
  347. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    Thanks for the replies guys. Thanks for the suggestion of the 597. One thing that I'm not extactic about with the 10/22 is how small it is so I'll definitely take a look at the 597. Not sure which model that is but I had been looking at the standard 10/22, the Deluxe, and the Ruger 10/22...
  348. bass_blaster

    Some of my latest builds

    A lot of nice work there man. I'm sure you'll get some repeat customers out of it. I see you are in Shreveport. I had a pleasure of travelling there for work back in April or so and liked it a lot. I was bored at my hotel and looked up fishing stores in the area. Little did I know there was a...
  349. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    OK, I have an AR15 and a Remington 870 and I'm getting ready to get an all around fun plinking gun in 22LR so I can shoot a lot of rounds without breaking the bank. So far I've looked at the following 1) HK MP5-SD 22 2) Ruger 10/22 3) Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Those are the only...
  350. bass_blaster

    Happy Accident

    Looks bitchin.
  351. bass_blaster

    My first weave...what a pile

    Practice makes perfect. Not to brag, but I'm pretty sure I could do a shittier weave than that...:hali_olutta:
  352. bass_blaster

    Mini Trollers

    Nice work. Red and Black never gets old.
  353. bass_blaster

    Mr. T Shark

    Damn man, nice work on Mr. T. That'll help fill the freezer.
  354. bass_blaster

    Split Personality

    Damn man, that's a hell of a build! Those guide wraps are really cool plus all the handle work is bad ass too.
  355. bass_blaster

    Trinidad 16na and Phenix PHD 760h

    If possible, try out the Phenix Hybrid 809XH. It's rated heavier than the 760H (30-80 vs. 20-60) but given the extra 6 inches, I find mine to be VERY versatile. On my 8 Day trip I used this set-up quite a bit(with a Trinidad 20A) and even handled some hefty bluefin on it (50lb was my biggest)...
  356. bass_blaster

    UC AR751TP

    Nice clean build. Nottin wrong with that.
  357. bass_blaster

    Trinidad 16na and Phenix PHD 760h

    I've had a couple 760H hybrids, 760x2h, and an809XH. I've fished my 760H( un-sanded version) with 40lb on a BX2-500 and when in a bluefin flurry stepped up to 50 and buttoned down harder. Rod still had life in it.
  358. bass_blaster

    Rainshadow CB80H

    Nice build. I really like the base wrap with the scales and spiral. Looking classy.
  359. bass_blaster

    445 lb Yellowfin Tuna

    I build really crappy rods but I'm pretty good at standing around next to a big ass tuna that I didn't catch. Here's the huge one off the Excel this morning. 445lbs. What a beast.
  360. bass_blaster

    Bob Costas

    I've never gotten a gun for Christmas. Are you adopting? I'm pretty hefty though so your grocery bills will go up...
  361. bass_blaster

    Show in Texas

    That would be a fun one to go to and that time of year might actually work for me. hmmmmm
  362. bass_blaster

    Rookie question

    Negative. Unless you have some other types of thread mixed in (i.e. nylon or Madeira) that do require it.
  363. bass_blaster

    Kermit rod

    Nice work on all fronts man. Very nice gesture to see.
  364. bass_blaster

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    That bass in your picture looks bigger than my truck. But anyways, I only do SW bass now but I often throw pretty large swimbaits and my go to reel is a curado 300 and my favorite rod is a Phenix Hybrid Ultra Swimbait 790H. Or you can go for the regular black diamond 800H.
  365. bass_blaster

    Phenix Rod choices for Lexa 300hs-p

    Yup. Go with the 809.
  366. bass_blaster

    Bob Costas

    I agree. Drugs are illiegal and because of that nobody uses them and they don't hurt anybody. That's why when I was playing disc golf at Kit Carson park last week a gentlemen that I met there pulled out a 3-ounce bag of weed and proceeded to smoke a huge joint for 9 out of the 18 holes. It...
  367. bass_blaster

    Stolen Deposit

    Here's a link to it. Enjoy. It should have the seminar schedule on it. If not you can just look up the ICRBE show seminar schedule. I'm pasting it from my iPhone so hopefully it works.
  368. bass_blaster

    Vertical jigger rebuild

    Looks really good man. I'm sure itll work a lot better than the previous version.
  369. bass_blaster

    Stolen Deposit

    Sounds like he might have some unhappy guests at his seminar if they are able to make their way to the show...
  370. bass_blaster

    Question: Long Range HD spinning rod

    No problem. It's Purple EVA. I think I ended up getting it from mudhole because everywhere else was out and I also wanted Grey, they had both in stock.
  371. bass_blaster

    Question: Long Range HD spinning rod

    Heres a link to a Temple Reef BD200 that I made over a year ago. Really nice rod to chuck poppers with. At least from this you can see it loaded and figure if its heavy enough for what you want. They also have a BD300. I used 60lb hollow JB with casting wind-on leaders of 80 and 100 lb mono...
  372. bass_blaster

    Stolen Deposit

    I was waiting for something like this to pop up.
  373. bass_blaster

    Best Jig Stick Seeker SJ90F

    You packed a lot of nice techniques on there. Really good work. I'm diggin the colors too.
  374. bass_blaster

    Phenix & UC

    Nice looking builds. Cool dog too.
  375. bass_blaster

    Colts vs. Packers

    Sometimes it makes me feel bad how clean of a rod you can build. I always remember never to look at your pictures in my rod wrapping room. I don't want my rods to all feel ugly... Really nice work man. Always surprised how you can make a "simple" job so damn nice.
  376. bass_blaster

    Where to buy 223/5.56 bulk?

    Just found this today at 300 rounds of PMC .223 for $99 (with a storage box). Not too shabby compared to what I've been seeing at Walmart and other places...
  377. bass_blaster

    Stolen Deposit

    Beats me if he has health issues or not. I've never met him but admired his work on here for quite a while. In recent times though pretty much everything said about the guy seems pretty damn shady and negative. There's many talented builders on here that I would use if I ever stopped making my...
  378. bass_blaster

    Where to buy 223/5.56 bulk?

    I just learned a little something. Thanks. There we're decent deals on it at the last gun show in del mar and there's another one coming up on the 8th. "bulk" to me is when I buy more than 200 rds in a day, so I don't really know shit:hali_olutta:
  379. bass_blaster

    Calstar 610 w/mermaid wrap

    Damn man, turning out some nice work.
  380. bass_blaster

    First Tiger Wrap.

    Really nice build. That thing is bright as hell, just my style.
  381. bass_blaster

    Phenix PHD809XH for wahoo

    Awesome work man. It's nice that you matched the decal color to the wraps also. Clean build job.
  382. bass_blaster

    The "Webspinner Wrap"......

    Really cool wrap man. Very very neat idea. It'll be cool to see how you make it evolve in the future.
  383. bass_blaster

    june 8 day fishing trip

    In 2011 I did a June 11th-19th 8 day on the Indy. As far as fishing goes the more experienced guys said it was average for the most part, nothing crazy. On the way down to the rocks we fished bluefin for two days with decent success. Then fished the rocks for a day. Then worked our way back...
  384. bass_blaster

    Suggestions on good conventional reel and rod

    Used Avet's are dirt cheap on here. I know because I sold all mine at a pretty steep loss. They work great though especially for the money. For trips like 1.5 day or so you could just get a single speed MXL for pretty cheap and it'll work great. As far as rods go that depends if you like...
  385. bass_blaster

    Big, Bigger, Biggest....

    stellar work as always. Those rods will git-r-done.
  386. bass_blaster

    United Composites CP70HP Mega

    Nice build. I approve of purple.
  387. bass_blaster

    No name bass stick

    Very nice work.
  388. bass_blaster

    Calstar 700MH

    Sounds repetitive at this point but really nice work Jim. Turning out some really nice builds as always.
  389. bass_blaster

    OTI Tuna Sniper for a Shimano Tranx

    Nice work on those. Really nice craftsmanship.
  390. bass_blaster

    Made in Germany

    Wow! Really sleek builds.
  391. bass_blaster

    Teramar Rebuild

    Nice work. Gave that thing a new lease on life.
  392. bass_blaster

    Murder in Downey

    Fuck man, that thing is killer! really cool work and put together very well.
  393. bass_blaster

    Rail Dawg season has begun

    Not too shabby. Looks like someone is going to be busy.
  394. bass_blaster

    PHENIX PHD809HX with tiger and weave handle

    Very nice execution. Clean handle work and really clean thread work too.
  395. bass_blaster

    Tres' Abyss

    those look ready for damage. Nice work. I especially like the thread ramps. Still can't get mine to come out with that shape but I'm working on it...
  396. bass_blaster

    "Cloning" a Seeker......

    You made a good thing better. Nice work.
  397. bass_blaster

    Got my first blanks today

    Told you about tackle day man, definitely some good deals to be had there. Glad you scored. I ended up fishing instead...
  398. bass_blaster

    9' 10wt conversion

    Fancy grips man. Nice job.
  399. bass_blaster

    Pair of Calstars

    Nice work. Cool cross wraps on those.
  400. bass_blaster

    What is the best way to fasten paracord to the rod butt?

    Is it related to this post? Looks like you got screwed a few ways on these. Hopefully you get them in working order soon. At least here you have a good resource of people to help you get them...
  401. bass_blaster

    Blue Blac Silver Tiger

    Beautiful work man. I dont see any reason why he wouldn't like that. Really nice threadwork.
  402. bass_blaster

    Phenix 886L Spinner

    Thanks guys. Also, in case anyone cares, there's a free photo editing app for Iphones you can get that can do some cool things. Here's an example of one of the above images that I edited with it. The app is called Aviary.
  403. bass_blaster

    Phenix 886L Spinner

    Use away. I didn't invent those colors. I just like my rods to be gaudy. Yup. 3 coats of CPExtra. Keeps it the brightest.
  404. bass_blaster

    What is the best way to fasten paracord to the rod butt?

    You don't plan on using that builder again do you? At least here you can get some advice to fix that build. Good luck getting it in working order.
  405. bass_blaster

    Supercow on a Raildawg

    Damn that's a fatty. Nice work.
  406. bass_blaster

    Phenix 886L Spinner

    Finally finished this one up. Wrapped myself a bay bass spinner with a Phenix 886L blank (trimmed 3" off the tip and 2" off the butt). Used a fancy ALPS reel seat which is actually really comfy. Guides are Pac Bay Purple Nylon with Bullard Brite Green over the top. Trim and inlays are...
  407. bass_blaster

    BD Test Stick

    Sick ass rod man. That marbling section looks really sweet.
  408. bass_blaster

    What is the best way to fasten paracord to the rod butt?

    You can put cork tape underneath to raise it up but if possible take that POS back to the builder.:hali_olutta: I don't do a lot of cord-wrap grips but when I do I put little bits of epoxy underneath the cord to hold it in place (not enough to squeeze through). Then on the ends I do x-flock...
  409. bass_blaster

    LSU (the sequel) & a pair of Fleur De Lis

    Cool builds. A lot of nice work. Those tiger grips are sweet!
  410. bass_blaster

    Blank recommendations for my first rod

    You're in San Diego. WAIT until Tackle Day at Fisherman's landing and try to score on some of the blanks they usually have on sale there. I've gotten some nice super seeker blanks there for $50 so you could get 2 for you're budget. Also I'm sure there will be some talented rod builders there...
  411. bass_blaster


    Holy shit! That's a monster!
  412. bass_blaster

    Good ol' E-Glass 6460XH & 970 Calstars......

    Dayum. that's a shit load of branching. Tidy work.
  413. bass_blaster

    United Composites Zeus-3

    Very cool. Sounds like price ain't bad either.
  414. bass_blaster

    Batson Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    Holy shit man. Really good work. Quality from start to finish.
  415. bass_blaster

    And with this I bid you adeau

    Nice work. Have fun in PV.
  416. bass_blaster

    27' 2006 Sea Pro Center Console w/ twin 225 4 Strokes

    The OP is from January 2010. Boats probably gone by now.
  417. bass_blaster

    Tiger Wrap FAIL!

    X2. Also gudebrod NCP yellow (I forget which number) has always been the worst for me on that.
  418. bass_blaster

    Shikari Ultra Light

    Thats a quality build man. Looks really good!
  419. bass_blaster

    Rail Rod for the Batson Collection

    Sweet looking build and really cool photo for the wrap.
  420. bass_blaster

    3x5 Blank

    That's a nice heavy meat stick. I could get it to help pull out the shitty palm trees I planted in my backyard... Good luck with the sale, I'm sure somebody will pick it up as big fish season closes in.
  421. bass_blaster

    calstar 6455

    Looks good. Neat idea with the grips too.
  422. bass_blaster

    Something I've been playing around with

    Looks pretty damn slick. A lot of routes you can go with a technique like that also. Cool work.
  423. bass_blaster

    Phenix swimbait

    Always with the cross wrap excellence. Nice work.
  424. bass_blaster


    Nice range of colors. Nice rods to have especially if on a tight budget.
  425. bass_blaster

    Blackhole 3rd generation cow killer Rail Dawg

    Beautiful work. Looks like serious business.
  426. bass_blaster

    United Composites US 78 Mega

    Those gold scales are poppin. Nice work man. Looks ready to do some damage.
  427. bass_blaster

    Guide query

  428. bass_blaster

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    Pile of stinky :shithappens: If they ride for free that's fine with me, but it's a priveledge, not a perk and not an excuse to piss off those that are paying the bills. My first job was at Subway. I ate free sandwiches while at work, but not right in front of a customer that was paying for...
  429. bass_blaster

    Guide query

    I believe you can get the K-Series in Titanium which would be optimal. I have used MNSG and SVSG on spinning rods and I would definitely go for MNSG over the SVSG (flanged ring insert on the MN and K Series). Be that as it may, I have never had a ring pop out of an SVSG either (or any other...
  430. bass_blaster


    Not a problem at all. I've had longer than that between one coat and then sanding and fixing it. One word of caution on the sanding, careful if your existing layer has any bubbles because when you sand they will fill with dust and look white when you coat over them. I did that on a black...
  431. bass_blaster

    Calstar 800XH photo wrap

    Nice looking rod Bill. That's good that you invented photography so that you could make the other best rod in the world. (next to the hippo rod)
  432. bass_blaster

    Hippo Head Tuna Rod

    Best rod building thread ever on BD. Nice work Randy. Holy shit.:rofl:
  433. bass_blaster

    Had a couple built

    Nice looking rods and really nice components. As far as price, my guess is those cost a lot of duckets... If you enjoy them, then duckets well spent. Armbreaker rods?
  434. bass_blaster

    Fishwraps Finished

    Those look great. Love the fish with the black background. Nice job on te goo as well. I hope your new term for "epoxy" catches on. I like "goo" much better.
  435. bass_blaster

    Looking for an Experienced Electrician

    Cool. I'll talk to them tomorrow and see if we still have another opening. If so I can send you the full job description if you'd like to take a look. Thanks man. I'll check into it.
  436. bass_blaster

    Looking for an Experienced Electrician

    Bump. I think we hired one on Friday but might still be looking for a second one in case anybody is still out there. I guess it's a good sign if there aren't a shit load of good electricians out of work though.
  437. bass_blaster

    Couple of "Redheads"

    Fuckin glass man. Geez. Unreal quality of finish. You could have wrapped those with turd-colored thread and they would look awesome.
  438. bass_blaster

    Black Hole Jigger

    Nice looking build. Very cool split grip section.
  439. bass_blaster

    How long should it take to make 2 custom rods

    I jokingly thought that earlier.
  440. bass_blaster

    Please help

    I'd go for 10 guides. The 20 or 25 thing depends on you're guide train you set up but also what reel you're using. Tall reel go for 25. Low profile go for 20.
  441. bass_blaster

    Hot of the dryer today...

    Looks nice and light. Cool build.
  442. bass_blaster

    Looking for an Experienced Electrician

    Hey Guys, Not sure what forum to stick this in but I'm hoping some people see it here. Anyways, I work for an Alternative Fuels company in San Diego and we have an urgent need for a highly experienced electrician. I work there as an Electrical/Controls Engineer. You'd have to be willing to...
  443. bass_blaster

    Batson Rainshadow Spinner

    Cleanest threadwork ive ever seen. No surprise coming from you though. Awesome job.
  444. bass_blaster

    A gaggle of IGFA 180s

    Nice work. That's a lot of heavy artillery.
  445. bass_blaster

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    Nice rig man. You weren't kidding about the rod holders. Looks like a fishing machine.
  446. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    Bump. OBO? Humor me. I'm trying to sell this stuff BEFORE I buy more toys.
  447. bass_blaster

    Rail Dawg 770XXH

    Nice build. I still gotta get my Phenix 700X3H to you for the rail dawg treatment. Haven't been building much lately though and that's #3 on the list.
  448. bass_blaster

    Wahoo Jr Composite Heavy

    Nice work Richie. The Saints would love it too.
  449. bass_blaster

    Restored 36' Hatteras diesel

    Looks like a lot of boat for that money. I gotta keep my eyes out for something like that in 5 years or so.
  450. bass_blaster

    Grumpy Yellowtail rods.

    Really cool work Doc. Top of the class!
  451. bass_blaster

    3 over 400#

    It's because of all the great MPAs we have in so cal. It has made the food supply so abundant that smaller forage fish are going all the way down to the zone and fattening up all the tuna. Either that or Obama.
  452. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    Bump again. $140 on the rod $380 on the reel (full of JB Hollow 60)
  453. bass_blaster

    Nuthin' Fancy

    That's real purdy. Really nice color on the underwrap.
  454. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    Back up top. Still available.:hali_olutta:
  455. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    What the hell. Another price drop bump. $140 for the rod. $380 for the reel.
  456. bass_blaster

    SuperSeeker 80XH

    Really nice work man. Clean job and really good looking build.
  457. bass_blaster

    2 more Catalina Classics

    Really nice build. Those colors go really well together and the decal came out cool too.
  458. bass_blaster

    Calstar GF800MAG

    Nice work man. Might be a nice blank on it's own but you sure did make a sweet looking rod out of it.
  459. bass_blaster

    Old Dogs learn new tricks.

    Nice work Doc. You also win the award for coolest shorts.
  460. bass_blaster

    Heading out Sat 9/8 Where do I go 4 Dorado

    Not East. I have nothing useful to add but good luck on your adventure, I wish I was going fishing instead of to another wedding...
  461. bass_blaster

    Trulines and cord weave

    Nice wraps and cord work. Looks really good.
  462. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    I was drinking a little and googled "Paul Watson stupid" and that was my favorite one. I'll be putting it back to something fishing related though. I guess it's kind of like going to a gun range in Texas with an Obama shirt as a joke, not really that funny.
  463. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    Bump. Final price drop on the rod. $150 for the Super Seeker, $400 for the Accurate.
  464. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    BUMP BUMP. $160 for the rod. $400 for the reel.
  465. bass_blaster

    Bumps in the epoxy

    Easy enough fix. Trim it down smooth, light re-coat. You could even add thread on top of your re-coat and that will disguise any bubbles that are too deep to trim/sand out. Not bad for a first build. I never posted my first build, with good reason. It sucked.:hali_olutta:
  466. bass_blaster

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios

    I haven't used a Revo or Helios but I do have several Curado 300s and an Okuma Cedros baitcaster. I love the Okuma. I would go for the Cedros way before the Helios as its made for the salt. All that said, everyone I know that's used a revo likes it so I'd pick the revo over the Helios as well.
  467. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    bump bump:2gunsfiring_v1::rofl:
  468. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    Another bump. $160 for the rod and $400 for the reel?
  469. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    Bump. Price drop. 180 for the rod and 425 for the reel?
  470. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    I have a custom wrapped (by me) green super seeker 36 (old school action blank). Deckhand style grips with and neon green/blue wrapping. Tiger wrap for the decorative section. Fuji Hardloy guides. This rod was finished around a month ago and has never been fished. Brand new. I also have an...
  471. bass_blaster

    Offshore Friday 8/24/12. Fished the 182 for some Paddy Yellows

    Seas were choppy in some areas but not bad. Cloudy and cold most of the day. About 15 kts. It was still dark heading out so we don't go much faster than that when it is. By the time we stopped about 8 miles out or so at least half was dead.
  472. bass_blaster

    Offshore Friday 8/24/12. Fished the 182 for some Paddy Yellows

    Started relatively early launching at 4ish at Dana Landing. Picked up some nice shitty bait and made our way to the 182. Saw a few paddies during early grey around 9-mile but they were vacant. As we approached the 182 we came upon our only productive paddy of the day. Pulled 7 yellowtail off...
  473. bass_blaster

    Fished 182 and Upper Nine 8/20/2012

    Thanks for the report. Headed that way Friday.
  474. bass_blaster

    Phenix 760X2H

    really nice work. That blank does have a really nice feel to it.
  475. bass_blaster

    United Composite MAW rods

    Really nice looking set of rods. Nice work.
  476. bass_blaster

    The Heavy Yelow Gorilla 80 lbs

    Very nice detail work man. Rod looks killer.
  477. bass_blaster

    Super Seeker

    Dayum. That thing looks really nice. Super cool pattern and colors on the crosswrap.
  478. bass_blaster

    orange shark rod

    Cool work. Very clean.
  479. bass_blaster

    YT, Dorado, and Mako on paddy towards the 425

    Reall nice report. That's a cool picture of the little mako. Sounds like a nice day on the pond.
  480. bass_blaster

    A pair of Monster Mags

    Nice work Bill. Looks like stormy water with the marbling.
  481. bass_blaster

    Rainshadow XSB842 Spinner

    Epic build Randy. Great work. That thing looks flawless.
  482. bass_blaster


    Awesome build man. Your work is always really clean.
  483. bass_blaster

    Favorite top water iron fur some so cal tuna and dodo's

    Tuna top water iron: don't know, I've only caught tuna on the heavies in blue/chrome and chrome. Dodo: mint/white, green sardine, birdshit/scrambled egg, blue/white. If you find the right spot of Dodo's they really don't give a shit. If they seem picky or there's just a couple my first...
  484. bass_blaster

    Latest Projects

    Very clean work man. Especially if you're just starting out. That's a cool pattern you did for the diamond wrap.
  485. bass_blaster

    United Composites Wahoo Jr, Rod assembly

    That's bad ass man. Especially how he drew it out for you. Cool to see how well you made his drawing into a real fishing rod, and a nice one at that.
  486. bass_blaster


    All good advice above. Also, if you are thinking of doing A on top of A on one of your first builds I would suggest putting a light coat of finish on the underwrap before wrapping the guides on. that will save you a few advils. Also, I'm a sucker for bright thread so you might want to...
  487. bass_blaster

    A little more marbling...

    Awesome work man. I love it. Really cool what you did with the marbling area.
  488. bass_blaster

    Shikari SW909 for my friend Nacho

    As always man, fantastic work. Really cool work on the crosswrap.
  489. bass_blaster

    San Diego Bay 07-21-12, Good Bass Fishing

    It's an Okuma Cedros baitcaster and a custom Phenix swimbait rod that I made. We were in 40ft of water off Seaport Village. He got it on 8lb line also so it took a while.
  490. bass_blaster

    San Diego Bay 07-21-12, Good Bass Fishing

    Had a nice quick morning session on the bay. Fished swimbaits and grubs for a decent take on the spotties, a few nice sand bass, and my brother picked up an estimated 25/30 lb Black Sea Bass. So far we've caught three BSB in that same spot in the bay and one in another area. :hali_olutta...
  491. bass_blaster


    Nice work man, everything came out great. That handle set up looks amazing. That's my favorite SW swimbait blank right now also.
  492. bass_blaster

    Factory custom Synit 300 water camo

    Bad ass set up. Don't drop it in the water, won't be finding it.
  493. bass_blaster

    Batson Forecast RX6 Graphite SP721

    Nice work man. Looks like a long tiger wrap. Clean job.
  494. bass_blaster

    New Rod for me. Green SS-36

    Finally got a rod done for myself. Picked up a Super Seeker 36 blank at Day at the Docks a while ago and just got around to building it. Bullard Brite Green with Gudebrod Blue Nylon and Royal Blue Metallic. Fuji Hardloy guides. This will be my new 20lb bait launcher. Super nice blank. Did...
  495. bass_blaster

    bass fishing from a bay boat?

    Check out the Miami Craigslist. All sorts of cool bay boats and center consoles to look at.
  496. bass_blaster

    Need a question answered asap.

    Should be just fine on the surface iron. I've used them on my 40lb surface iron and no issues what so ever. They're strong guides and if you wrap them on well I don't see why they wouldn't work for a 50lb either. Try smashing even a light weight guide using heavy line, it's going to be tough...
  497. bass_blaster

    14 Aluminum Skiff, Camo, with Trailer

    I've got my brother's 14 foot aluminum boat up for sale. He has it located in San Diego near SDSU and we will only deal local in San Diego. 14' john boat, 20 horse Johnson motor runs good but needs new impeller, trailer is in rough shape, have titles for both. Can deliver. $400 obo. Not...
  498. bass_blaster

    Long Copper Head

    Sweet build. The snake skin work looks amazing.
  499. bass_blaster

    king of the south and chick pics!!!

    You build rods? I didn't see any. Really, though, nice work man. :hali_olutta:
  500. bass_blaster

    Phenix popping

    I think it's for harness clips but either way nice build. How do you like that blank?
  501. bass_blaster

    New builder/New builds

    really nice work man. All the rod work looks good.
  502. bass_blaster

    Matching Set

    Damn, in addition to a smokin deal on a nice boat he got some top shelf rods. Really nice work man, can't complain about that at all. really cool set.
  503. bass_blaster

    This was a fun build

    Damn, that's a classic. Nice build!
  504. bass_blaster

    Rainshadow RCLB70M

    That's a nice ass build, especially for a raffle. Photo looks great. I need to get back to alijos next year. Whoever wins that is going to have a nice rest of the trip with a top shelf custom. I think I'm going to go on Mudhole now to buy a Saltydawg/JimTrelikes build kit marketed under...
  505. bass_blaster

    A couple parrot rods

    Interesting motivation for a couple custom rods but nice builds none-the-less. Cool work.
  506. bass_blaster


    I saw that too and thought it looked funny.
  507. bass_blaster

    Solid bite in SD bay. 05-13-2012

    Not sure what exact size or brand, I threw away the package already. I got it from a guy at FHLB for $50, should have bought 3 or 4. It's about 5' diameter when it's open and he said that a lot of his customers in Miama use them on 25'+ boats so it worked great on my 17.
  508. bass_blaster

    Solid bite in SD bay. 05-13-2012

    Yup, Okuma Cedros baitcaster. Really nice reel. Smooth and strong, at least so far. Thanks. I used all Bullard thread on the rod. The black is just black but all the colors are bullard brites from They put out some heat in the sun.
  509. bass_blaster

    Cedros Island Excursion

    Damn, looks epic. Can't wait to make it down there some day.
  510. bass_blaster

    Solid bite in SD bay. 05-13-2012

    Fished the bay solo this morning from about 6:45 to 11am. The day started off weird because when I crossed over the bridge to Coronado there were police at the top and everybody was stopped about half-way to the island. Once we started moving I noticed that the police were escorting an SUV...
  511. bass_blaster

    Synit SZBFT70 Popping Rod

    Really nicely done. It's quite hard for me to make simple builds look nice. You seem to have no problem at all. That's awesome.
  512. bass_blaster

    My favorite build so far

    Nice work man. That red X-wrap came out pretty cool.
  513. bass_blaster

    Custom Stainless Sink. Just over 11' long

    That's exactly why I thought this one would be cool for my garage. When I told her I was getting an 11' sink it was cool. When she SAW an 11' sink, not so cool...
  514. bass_blaster

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    looks like a juvenile white seabass or a midshipman. Both are often confused for great whites. Seriously though, would have been an awesome time to have a video camera.
  515. bass_blaster

    Custom Stainless Sink. Just over 11' long

    Was your's stainless? Once I sell this I'd be interested in getting a smaller one that will fit better in my garage. I'll check out the restaurant place you recommended. Thanks. In terms of value I've called a few places that make them and also priced them online and for a completely welded...
  516. bass_blaster

    042212-Went searching for yellows and ended up in PL kelp

    Damn man, nice work! Looks like a really successful day. :hali_olutta:
  517. bass_blaster

    UC AR7500

    Awesome work man. Really nice job on the cross wrap.
  518. bass_blaster


    That's some nice marble work. Good job man! Really cool patters.
  519. bass_blaster

    Custom Stainless Sink. Just over 11' long

    Bump bump. OBO. Make an offer, you never know what might get accepted.
  520. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    Yeah I thought $200 for both would make them go quick but apparently I was wrong. Both of them have between $150-$200 in parts alone. Not to mention each rod is quad-wrapped. We'll see what happens. Bump bump.
  521. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    Bumpity bump. Will also consider trade for curado 300 or Calcutta 300TE. Depending on the condition of your reel either I can add cash or you can add cash. Would also trade for a Penn Torque 100.
  522. bass_blaster

    I love launch ramps

    Went for a short session to PL Kelp and Mission bay for not much. Swell was decent size, wind was still blowing in the AM, and calico fishing was slow. Went back in the bay for spotties and no love. Highlight of the trip was coming back in to find a couple that had set up camp ON (not by, or...
  523. bass_blaster

    Accurate BX-400XN, Ice Blue, $300 OBO

    Sorry guys. Reel has been sold and picked up earlier this evening.
  524. bass_blaster

    Abalone Soup, LOL!!

    Damn dude. Crazy good work. The fades on the guide wraps are sick as hell along with your abalone soup. Nice work as always.
  525. bass_blaster

    Check out Rail Dawg Juniors

    Not bad at all. A rail puppy.
  526. bass_blaster

    Accurate BX-400XN, Ice Blue, $300 OBO

    Reel is getting picked up today at 6pm so it's gone unless the buyer backs out but i've dealt with them before so they're good to go. I'll post here again when it's finally sold.
  527. bass_blaster

    MB - 04/12/12 - War before the storm

    Nice job man. Got some toad spotties!
  528. bass_blaster

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    Nice report man. I'll be out there Sunday. Can't wait. Been 3 months since I've fished the kelp. Looks like you guys did well.
  529. bass_blaster

    Spiral Wrapped Phenix Bass Rod

    Nice work. Lightweight and sensitive machine.
  530. bass_blaster

    Accurate BX-400XN, Ice Blue, $300 OBO

    reel is pending and PMs have been responded. I'll go down the line if the current buyer falls through.
  531. bass_blaster

    Accurate BX-400XN, Ice Blue, $300 OBO

    I have a great condition Ice Blue Accurate BX-400XN (6.0:1 retrieve) for sale. It is currently filled with about 300 yds of a multi-colored jigging line (PE4) that I got at JDM Tackle in Garden Grove. The line is splied at the bottom of the spool to 40lb Power Pro Hollow Ace. I can't remember...
  532. bass_blaster

    The Green Lantern strikes

    nice looking work man.
  533. bass_blaster

    one for me

    Stealth man. Looks ready to slaughter.
  534. bass_blaster

    Zebra rod

    Damn, really cool work on the crackle and grips.
  535. bass_blaster

    Phenix Popping rod & inshore

    That's some bright ass threadwork on the first one. I like it.
  536. bass_blaster

    Lami deepwater rod

    Dayum! That is some clean and intricate threadwork. Really nice job!
  537. bass_blaster


    I see another person that stashes their reels in Crown Royal bags. Just another reason to drink more Crown:hali_olutta:
  538. bass_blaster

    white dragon

    Nice work man.
  539. bass_blaster

    When is he next Bay Bass Tourny in SD??

    I'm not sure about the SWBA stuff but I always do the SD Anglers Open Bay Bass Tournament. It's every year usually at the end of January. 150 teams and altogether a fun event. It's open to Spotties, Sand Bass, and Calico's but they have a prize for biggest spotty as well as some other stuff. The...
  540. bass_blaster

    SD BASS CREW- Sunset Bassin

    Nice work man. Quick and effective.
  541. bass_blaster

    Love my new Okuma gear

    I built a Phenix Ultra Swimbait 800H and put an Okuma Cedros baitcaster on it that I got at FHLB. Awesome reel. Got to use it yesterday in the bay. For such a small size the cedros baitcaster develops a TON of smooth drag and fishes like a dream, at least yesterday it did. Don't regret that...
  542. bass_blaster

    Custom Stainless Sink. Just over 11' long

    Got this from a friend who's a plumber with the intention of putting it in my garage for fish-cleaning and other fishing related crap. After two years of having it sit in there it's time to let it go. I don't really have the space and also don't keep that many fish that I catch so I really don't...
  543. bass_blaster

    SD Bay 03-31-12, quick report

    Finally had the chance to get out and fish. Started off going for calico's at the jetty and that was slow, only got one there. Then moved over to the cable crossing on the Pt. Loma side and had a steady pick on sandies under the huge clouds of bait. Drifted from almost the top of the sub-base...
  544. bass_blaster

    Rod storage

    Horizontal wall mount for all of mine except the ugly ones that stand in the corner.
  545. bass_blaster

    San Diego Bay Sand Bass 3/24-25/12

    Nice work. Every once-in-a-while that christmas tree color will really lay the wood to them. I'm headed out saturday and will have at least one X-mas tree swimbait tied on along with plenty of other crap. Not sure if we're going to hit the PL Kelp first thing or try the jetty and then the turds.
  546. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    Bump. Price lowered to $110 each or $200 for both? Any takers?
  547. bass_blaster

    Inshore Spinner headed for VA

    That guide-wrap is really crisp man. Very very clean.
  548. bass_blaster

    Bumble Bee blanks

    Yup. I got the two I built from Gene. One is a lighter model and the other is a middle-weight. I love them both.
  549. bass_blaster

    United Composites Gladiator

    Looks good no matter how you spell it.
  550. bass_blaster

    Bumble Bee blanks

    The black came out black and the finish is smooth, what else can you ask for? Looks good. Those blanks are actually really nice. I built a couple a while back that I got from Gene and actually got to use them on my 8-day last June. Here's me at the rocks with a yellow on the other end. Can't...
  551. bass_blaster

    Phenix MBX700 Throop and a G seat

    Cool looking rod. That reel seat is insane. Really cool color on it.
  552. bass_blaster

    My first Tiger Wrap thanks to Brent

    Came out nice. Colors got really vibrant when you put some finish on top. Nice work.
  553. bass_blaster

    Seeker CJBF80H Deckhand Rod Guides

    For 40lb surface iron I currently have Fuji NSGs. You could go with those but if I had to do it again I would go MNSG or even HBSG as I like having flanged rings. The Alps XN guides are nice also, and pretty light weight.
  554. bass_blaster

    Surf rod (bottom) for U.S.A.F. soldier

    Damn, that rod is amazing. Really cool work with the photo and everything else.
  555. bass_blaster

    Marine themed rods

    Nice work. How do you like those foregrips? I've seen them and been tempted to try them but still not willing to pull the trigger.
  556. bass_blaster

    rainshadow blanks in san diego?

    Ditto. Squidco is the only place I've been that I've seen them at. They don't have a Ton of them if I remember correctly but maybe call Joey and he can tell you what he's got.
  557. bass_blaster

    New Shimano Calcutta

    Looks pretty dope but that mini star looks a little awkward. If it's easy to rotate and tighten down then it'll be cool but if it's like a normal star then itll be hard to button-down the drag with that little thing.
  558. bass_blaster

    Strange Finish Problem

    This response makes too much sense to be here... ...but I agree with it 100%.:hali_olutta: I've had the same issue a few times with both Flex Coat and DII(came out exacltly like your picture) and investigated the issue. Basically just clean it up with DNA, Soap/water as Silvia suggests, or...
  559. bass_blaster

    What do you do when?

    haha, this is way better than my suggestion. I stand corrected.
  560. bass_blaster

    What do you do when?

    I hear what you're saying. I've had times where I have some rods I can build and then everytime I sit down to do something I end up not getting started and then I just lose interest. That's generally a good time to go fishing, makes me think of all the shit I would do different with the rods...
  561. bass_blaster

    Shikari Chick Bass Rod

    Looks good. That handle set-up on there looks really comfortable and well-done man. Nice job.
  562. bass_blaster

    How Many Jigs?

    Holy shit. I gotta keep record of posts like this so my girlfriend doesn't think I have too much stuff.
  563. bass_blaster

    calico/sand bass rod

    I'm not familiar with the rainshadow bass stuff so I'm useless there. All my SW bass stuff is 8-ft or shorter but my favorites for sand bass and calicos are my Phenix Hybrid Swimbait 711mh and my GUSA 80XF. I just built a Phenix ultra swimbait 800H but haven't used it yet so no feedback.
  564. bass_blaster

    St Croix BYOB 4S70MF

    Nice build! And 3.6 oz ain't heavy at all. Interesting crackle pattern as well.
  565. bass_blaster

    What phoenix rod for 50lb bait

    I have built the hybrid 760H, 700XH, and 809XH, all for myself. I really like all of them, but the 809XH is MY favorite. If you want to make things easier on your wife the Hybrid 700XH might be better but even for being 8-ft long, the 809XH is very comfortable. On my 809 I currently have a...
  566. bass_blaster

    JT's Right Purple is sexy

    Nice work man, everything looks good, especially that weave. I like the color choice also.
  567. bass_blaster

    PEI Rod #2

    That's bad ass man. Goldmember approved. Put some diamonds on it and you'd have rappers lined up around the block to buy rods like that.
  568. bass_blaster


    Nice work going out in the weather and making good on it. Sure beats sitting inside wishing the weather didn't suck.
  569. bass_blaster

    Musandam Oman

    Looks like a pretty damn cool place to fish. Nice report man.
  570. bass_blaster

    rainshadow rcjb106mh

    Really clean work and sweet colors also. The closed crosswrap looks straight as can be.
  571. bass_blaster

    First of 3 PEI rods

    Damn those are meaty. Nice work.
  572. bass_blaster

    swim baits

    MC and Pearl. I do have some Hammers but the MCs and Pearls are my go-to.
  573. bass_blaster


    I was going to do the 2012 MC Swimbaits trip but too many weddings and other BS this year so now I'm looking at 2013. Hopefully he still does a sept. skiff trip in 2013. Talked with Cory about it at Tackle Day and and he had nothing but good things to say about the Q and also you could tell he...
  574. bass_blaster

    Phenix ods

    uh oh, now he's in the rod building forum...
  575. bass_blaster


    I would second this. On some of my bass gear I have green spectra because I use it on my own boat only but on some of my other rigs I either have white or yellow tuffline XP. The yellow stuff is awesome for following your gear. If your concerned with it being too bright you can always color a...
  576. bass_blaster

    The complaint dept LOL

    That's the spirit!:2gunsfiring_v1: In all seriousness I haven't seen it yet either but when I place my next order on Acidrod I plan on adding that to it. If it can make my rods suck less then what's another $20 or whatever it costs?
  577. bass_blaster


    Really cool job. Photo came out cool as did the dragon-scales.
  578. bass_blaster

    ATC and Fuji

    The difference for me is that I have never hesitated to recommend Fuji guides to any rods and it's all I use on my own other than some ALPS. I have never recommended ATC guides because I've heard to many negatives to make me swtich over from products that are working great. Some of their...
  579. bass_blaster

    underwrap/guide placement question

    I use thin strips of masking tape. Not because it's better than anything else, just the way I started and haven't found a reason to change yet.
  580. bass_blaster

    Giant Manta Caught

    I would get it mounted and use it as my garage door. That thing is insane, especially out of the water.
  581. bass_blaster

    Phenix 20-50

    Very nice work. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day.:hali_olutta:
  582. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    Bump. Price lowered to $115 each local pickup in SD.
  583. bass_blaster

    Guides for a ss 80h

    That looks like what I would do. Except his wrap job is much better than mine.
  584. bass_blaster

    1970s Vintage St. Croix rebuild *BEFORE & AFTER*

    Damn, really cool work and it's cool also to see the whole process with all of the before and after pics. Nicely done.
  585. bass_blaster

    Guides for a 4x4

    Fuji HBSG's and call it a day. The SiC one's aren't cheap but they look great and work even better.
  586. bass_blaster

    Build A Rod

    Yup, Saltydawg and Jim T have a video that you can order with some Trelikes SAP and it shows how to do their style of marbling, which is a kick-ass style of marbling.
  587. bass_blaster

    Gator T90XH

    Looks good! Is it me or is that rear grip really really long?
  588. bass_blaster

    Phenix T46 K2 7'1", nothing fancy

    Damn, that'll git-r-done. Really clean build.
  589. bass_blaster

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    Awesome catch and sweet picture of the T jumping. That looks bad ass man. Nice work.
  590. bass_blaster

    Need help matching a rod for my Curado 301.

    For a curado 300 I'd definitely go with the 790H. My brother has a 300dsv on the rod I built him and it's a bad ass set up. Very strong and good pulling power for fishing calicos in structure. I have the hybrid 711MH for myself and that has a 200E5.
  591. bass_blaster

    Spider-head Crack-roll

    Really cool builds. Some damn good ideas poppin out over there.
  592. bass_blaster

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 800H - Bullard Brites

    Thanks guys. Name away on the tiger color transition. I just went from using the two threads and then added in the next color and wrapped 3 for a half inch or so and then dropped the first color and so on. Make sure if you do name it that you name it something ghey. Thanks. Thanks for the...
  593. bass_blaster

    Need help matching a rod for my Curado 301.

    I'd second the thoughts on GUSA (now called United Composites). I have a few old GUSAs and have seen a lot of the new United Composite blanks and they're all awesome. At the Fred hall show I was just looking at the GUSA 80 Mag and 85 Mag and they're really nice. Also for something a little bit...
  594. bass_blaster

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 800H - Bullard Brites

    Saw these brite threads on Bullard a while back and had to order them as I enjoy making all my personal rods pretty bright and obnoxious. I did a faded tiger with all bullard brites and bullard black, starting with green, then yellow, then orange, then pink. (No forgrips on my bass rods...
  595. bass_blaster

    I cracked another one

    Nice looking crackle. I generally end up with larger cracks like yours but would like to try and get the smaller G-style cracks so I'll try messing around with thinning and brush-strokes to see what happens, thanks for the heads up. I haven't done it again since the last Phenix jigger I did...
  596. bass_blaster

    Remove hair from finish

    Re-do would be best in the long-run. I had a similar instance and I tried to take the easy way out and wasn't happy with the results so I ended up cutting off and re-doing it anyways. Spent a dime to save a nickle.
  597. bass_blaster

    FYI - Cheap Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    It comes and goes. I try to keep the website up in the background on my computer at work and just refresh every once in a while. My glasses arrived today though. Driftwood Frames with Blue Mirror 400 glass lenses and only $80. I'm stoked.
  598. bass_blaster

    trinidad 20A

    I've got a lightly used one completely filled with JB 60 hollow. I'll be at Fred Halls LB on Saturday if you want to meet there. Used it on an 8-day and a couple trips on my boat. Been serviced at Bluewater after and not used since.
  599. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    Bump, both rods still available. I'll be coming up to Fred Hall's Saturday morning if anybody wants to meet up early before the show.
  600. bass_blaster

    Phenix PHD760XH w/mermaid photo wrap-U.S. Marines colors

    Amazing build man. Really clean work and the photo wrap came out really nicely.
  601. bass_blaster

    FYI - Cheap Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Nope, steepandcheap is legit. I've ordererd there before and some guys I knew in college knew the owners.
  602. bass_blaster

    FYI - Cheap Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Not sure if anybody here goes on but lately they've been having a decent amount of Costa Del Mar sunglasses on sale for cheap. Last night I got a pair of their Cin sunglasses for $80, brand new. The website cycles through one item at a time and changes every 5-20 minutes or...
  603. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    Can't ship, but I often commute from SD to LA for work. Maybe we can work something out that way.
  604. bass_blaster


    Cool looking rod. That's a really nice neon green. Color scheme looks great!
  605. bass_blaster

    Phenix Fluke Jiggers

    Clean work. You must burn through a lot of miles of purple thread.
  606. bass_blaster

    Phenix Titan Jigging Rod

    Very nice work. Love those blanks. What kind of shell veneer did you use? Looks really clean!
  607. bass_blaster

    Couple of recent builds.

    Wow, that's some beautiful work! Really really nice on all levels.
  608. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    I have two rods for sale. 1st is a Rainshadow Trolling rod measuring about 6-6" and rated 30-80lb (model RCTB66H). It has a slick butt which makes it really easy to take out of rod holders when trolling. Fuji Turbo guides and leather foregrip. Purple aluminum reel seat and gimbal. Custom...
  609. bass_blaster

    Talica 12 or Accurate bx2 500? Need your input

    I'd go accurate. I have the 500 on a Hybrid 760H and the 600n on a 700XH. Love both of the setups. On my 760X2H I have a BX2-30 and love that as well but haven't gotten to use it yet. Th accurates are a pleasure to use with a fish on the other end.
  610. bass_blaster

    Bay Fishin'

    Nice job. Definitely a small price to pay to live in a place like this. Nice fishing. I'm going to try to make it out there tomorrow.
  611. bass_blaster

    Glow in the dark G-Urushi

    Awesome work. That urushi looks incredible. Nothing like it man.
  612. bass_blaster

    New stick inspired by JT and Salty Dawg...............

    Really nice work on the first rod. Cool to see 50 other rods lined up also, that's a lot of work.
  613. bass_blaster

    Phenix K2 Build

    Clean work. Those K2s are light as hell man. Good looking builds.
  614. bass_blaster

    Zero "rest" since Texas.............

    crazy work man. You've done more since the show than I've done in the last year.
  615. bass_blaster

    Golden Dragon Feather inlay

    really nice work man, that came out great. Love the feather work.
  616. bass_blaster

    Accent/trim bands in the middle of an underwrap

    That's what I attempted to describe. I'll try to post a few pics if I can get to some.
  617. bass_blaster

    Accent/trim bands in the middle of an underwrap

    I assume your talking inlays where there is maybe 4 or 5 of the inlay color next to eachother? This is how I do it. Add in your thread underneath your wrap thread as you normally would for an inlay. Once secured (i sometimes to 5 to 6 wraps), then manually wrap your inlay in REVERSE...
  618. bass_blaster

    Phenix 4X rail rod

    Clean build. Once again you find a way to make cold shrink look good.
  619. bass_blaster

    Double Wrap

    There's different ways to do it and I'll explain what I do. If by double wrap you mean one layer under the guide and one over, then the inlays will either be in the underwrap or guidewrap. If it's a heavier weight rod I try to make things easy on myself and put finish over the underwrap if...
  620. bass_blaster

    Super Seeker

    Excellent crosswrap man, really clean work!
  621. bass_blaster

    Calstar Grafighter GF 700M

    There's a lot of nice work in that build man. I like the way you've shaped the grips also. I've been shaping some EVA lately and it hasn't turned out that nice. I like the Bullard Brite thread too. I'm currently building a bass rod with bullard black and the rest is bullard brites. Really cool...
  622. bass_blaster

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid

    Buying the factory rods and having the gimbals and reel seats replaced would probably be the most expensive option. Their factory rods aren't cheap so adding a builders labor and extra parts on top would be pretty steep I would think. There's a builder on here that's in Vegas but I'm sure...
  623. bass_blaster

    Fuel Surcharges

    My fuel surcharge last June was like $20/day if I remember correct. That was an 8-day. A charge of $300 for a 5-day seems a little steep but better safe than sorry, so bring some extra cash.
  624. bass_blaster

    Photos of the presentation at the TCRBS

    That's cool to see. Couldn't pay me enough to do what the military does so they deserve whatever kudos come their way. Nice work putting together the show for them.
  625. bass_blaster

    Phenix Abyss PSX 807 12-30 Custom Rod

    That looks like a rod that Rooster built. Fucking steal for $150, good luck on the sale.
  626. bass_blaster


    Amazing job. all the work looks great. Really cool stuff you did with the threadwork on the reel seat and the gimbal.
  627. bass_blaster

    White MHX for sister, Japanese touch....

    Very cool work. Those carbon fiber grips are a really cool touch.
  628. bass_blaster

    Point Loma Kelp 2/23. PB Calico!!

    Nice fish. Glad to see Pt Loma is putting out. Looks like a nice way to spend a day.
  629. bass_blaster

    is this Accurate?

    Might want to wait until Fred Hall show in Long Beach and make the trek down there. Good place to compare all sorts of stuff and maybe you'll find out more about Accurate's plans if you ask them there. I have 4 Accurate BX2's and I like them, but for the price, I might opt for one of the...
  630. bass_blaster


    That's a dope spider wrap. 14 feet is a long ass build, that should give you plenty of room to work with.
  631. bass_blaster

    AR751T By United Composites

    Nice looking build! Really cool crosswrap.
  632. bass_blaster

    Wedding Present Spinners

    Those look great. I can totally see how working with those guides would be a pain in the ass. I really like what you did with the grips also.
  633. bass_blaster

    Twenty Xtra Heavy Largemouth Bass Rod

    Bad ass! The black dragon scale wrap is dope, as is everything else. What pound spectra do you guys throw on these huge ass swimbait rods and what sort of reel would you put on a 20XH? That thing is a beast for sure. Nice work.
  634. bass_blaster


    You should coin that term and put it on t-shirts.:hali_olutta:
  635. bass_blaster

    A documentary on molluscs.

    Came out cool. I looked at the pictures before I read anything so I was worried when I saw the second picture but quickly I realized what it was that you were doing. Nice work though.
  636. bass_blaster

    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Nice ass build! Really good work for the soldiers.
  637. bass_blaster

    Jim Trelikes Grip install On Bloody decks

    Used this method last night putting on a couple EVA grips and I messed some of it up but knowing what I did wrong I know it's going to save a lot of time when I do some more grips tomorrow the right way. Good trick to know, that's for sure.
  638. bass_blaster

    My Soldiers Contribution to the TCRBS....

    Amazing. All the olive branch work on the spiral wrap is bad ass.
  639. bass_blaster

    "Big or Small...Save em' All"

    Awesome work for a good cause.
  640. bass_blaster

    Couple of new ones in progress............

    Nice work. I love the green one. Looks great.
  641. bass_blaster

    And the bullshit continues

    If you could add a Tuna Tower with separate controls up top to that kayak I might be interested. I've been looking for a kayak to get me to Alijos from SD and that just might do the trick.
  642. bass_blaster

    about to start rod buliding

    For sure check out I've also gotten certain things from mudhole and also get a lot of stuff from Squidco in SD. The Fred Hall shows are coming up and I've scored good deals on blanks there which comes in handy if you want to make a nice rod on a budget. Last year I got some...
  643. bass_blaster

    tips for apply epoxy?

    X12 If you've seen the rods that Randy builds you would definitely want your finish work to come out like his. It's hard to not mess with it after you see minor imperfections but I have noticed that the more I mess with it the worse it comes out.
  644. bass_blaster

    Reels for Kids, Pick Up In San Diego.

    Not a problem. I hope they get some good use out of it. Much better in their hands than sitting in my garage collecting dust.