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  1. fisherman from

    down loading illegally

    My son got caught down loading music and movies..anybody have this trouble before..he wasnt distibuting anything just personal listening and watching
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    does anyone know if nacho has anchovies...i wanna launch from Davies,not pedro
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    Anybody do welding,i need someone to help me out,,,broke bracket that hold bottom board for boat to sit on...thanks
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    how about those LIONS

    the DETROIT LIONS just put on a clinic on how to get into the the just beaten down the chargers.....they just swept the afc west...didnt seam like the chargers were fighting for a playoff spot...they just got bent over and reamed....congrats Jim Swartz on taking the lions to the...
  5. fisherman from


    what a great game,,,losing the whole game we rally back with 5mins to go..sorry raiders fans had to do it....:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::finger::finger:
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    GREW A SET!!

    finally grew a set and took the monark out past the wall,took my primo,and hit up the kelp out past point fermin,,,i was able to get in the kelp,i purchased a trolling motor and we were buried in the kelp.we were directly in front of the lil land slide area..i was throwing nothing but...
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    curado 201e7 LhR

    anybody looking to sell one hit me up..
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    hows the fog been,,,,i want to take my wife out for some relaxtion DR.s orders....looking to launch from davies or cabrillo for some wall action......any info will be great...
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    how about DA LIONS!

    how about that MNF....cutler was running for his life all night,,,the lions D was many penalties,but its aggresive,physical and in your face,,,,,looked like cutler wanted to quit in the 1st QTR,,but he hung in there and took his punishment....what can you say about the...
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    san pedro bait barge

    does anybody know if there selling live anchovies...taking the lil ones out and want to get a half scoop.
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    finally was able to make it out,,,i get tired of reading all these bass reports and Im not part of it...i havent took my boat out,tube,or just wade it honey do's are complete,now its my turn....decided to order up some spinnerbaits,i never tried them,so it was time to add to my lil...
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    tube and on foot nph

    went out yesterday morning hoping to get some spottie action since i havent been to the harbor for more then a month...took the tube and it has been even longer since i took out the floatie..was in the water by ten for no action,,,ran into a fellow tuber and he said the tide was about to swing...
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    well today launched out of cabrillo hoping for a good day at the wasnt that great.but still had a blast!first cast of the day and im rewarded with this brute!!.then my primo hooks up!!.we fished on for a couple more hrs on the outside,but didnt produce jack!!!! primo said lets...
  14. fisherman from

    BEE STING!!!

    co worker of mine asked if i would like to join him at one of his spots down in san pedro.....pick up my lil cousin,and my cousin said he wants to try some ghost shrimp,on the way there and my cousin went to scratch his chin,and got stung by a bee!!!!i was laughing my ass off.:rofl:well anyways...
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    found an excuse to hit the harbor,and boy did it pay off!!!!!.slappped on the chigga claw,smothered that bad boy with the butter and went to work!!!first up was this guy.seems like the spots were in very shallow,the tide was going out,hit up an old spot i havent fished in awhile...then i started...
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    chigga please!

    got tired of reading all the bass reports,and the wifey was pissed at me,and i dont know why!.so i said fuck it,im going to the harbor and get my line stretched.and i hope i beat the rain,well on my way it opened up on me and i continued my march....thanks to the fishing gods,it stopped when i...
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    puro creatures

    got tired of throwin the big hammers,wanted to switch it up a lil..found some creature baits at the local fishing hardware store,and had to snatch them up....soked them in butter,and walked the harbor for a bit.swung a missed quit a few,would pull in my creature and it would be barely hangin...
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    motor issue

    got a lil prob.....boat starts and idles good.just when i going from one fishing spot to the next,and turn motor off,for like a half hour,when i go to start,it seems like its not getting gas...takes awhile to start,on it letting me know time for carb rebuild or what???? any help...
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    carrot styx????

    i was offered a carrot styx,,,just wanted some info on how these rods preform.are all the rods made to take the salt.i heard you cant use spectra..whats the up and downs of these rods,,,,any info would be appreciated....thanks
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    tubin solo (lab)

    i work all week ,and read bloody deck reports during the week.whick suck,because i get the itch to get out there sling some plastics.friday is here and im gone throw the tube in the back of the truck,and rods and lil assortment of plastics.this night just was catching the grumps,no spotts,and...
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    bangin on the wall!!

    my lil cousin hit me up and he said he wanted to school me on some wall fishing.i would not pass this chance up for nada!!!well anyways he got his ass whooped out there,fishing was a lil slow, but he got skunked.i caught a nice rattler,nice sized checker,and sandie,and a couple of perch,all on...
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    i need some help from the bloody decks..i have a cousin thats into fishing as much as i am,but just doesnt have the money to buy rods and reels,he finds thing at the swapmeet,or he uses the rods and reels that i have.his wife called me the other day,and said she saved up a 100 bucks.and she...
  23. fisherman from

    first timer

    ok fellas picked up a teramar rod 20-40 lb range,want to start learning and catching wsb,tuna locally..what type of reel do you guys recommend for this rod.i want to hopefully sling some irons and the inkers when possible.any help would be appreciated...also the budget is around 150-250 max.
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    firts night hoopin

    had a hard time finding someone to go hoopin with since i went on a thursday,but runnin solo suits me just fine!!.more beer for me :hali_olutta:.went to my super secret,topp hush hush area,know as the lb breakwall.dropped first nets right b4 sunset and let them soak atleast for an hour.1st pull...
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    quality over quantity anyday!!!!

    got a call from boy fishbones,that he wasnt gonna be able to go with me on the plan b Newport Harbor here i come.walked the island for no love,so took the ferry over to the other side sun was setting,and someone turned on the switch...enjoy the porn..there was plenty more but all...
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    slow day

    launched out of cabrillo,hoping to work point fermin,but the swell was too a lil scoop of dines and chovies,and worked the wall.i was putting 2chovies and casted right next to the rocks.set the rod down and started to work the big hammers with the second rod,i the corner of my eye i see...
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    hit up my lil cousin and asked if he was down for a wall mission,and of course he was.we launched from davies,i was using zoom fluke white ice with strips of squid,and my lil cousin like fly lining live ghost shrimp,and heres the result of that.. aand her is a chunky sargo off of the...
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    butt in nph on the tube

    finally fixed the computer and so here you go.tried out the B h swimmies not to much of a fan bbuuutttt,proof is in the pics! ...thanks for readin.fisherman from long beach
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    monark bass boat

    i need some advice how to polish up my boat its a 16ftr monark and i want it to shine on the sat for a long time b4 i bought it.just real dull lookin,i want to bring out the metal flake(old school),just the way i like it.any info would be appreciated
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    my rods

    i started my own lil collection of custom wrapped rods here is a super seeker76sf 12-25.heres another 1 its a shakari rod sb 703 10-17.its wrapped for my football team the DETROIT LIONS thats right i said detroit lions.tiger wrappedim on my way of being a tackle whore yes sir.thanks for readin
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    late intro

    sorry fellas i jumped in on this forum like i knew everybody.i didnt inroduce myself.a lil something about me,im from the city of long beach,my dad started me young fishing the queen mary.and ive been fishing ever since.i have a lil arsenal of weapons to chase the feeesh.i have a blue monark...