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    What do I have here?

    lots of year ago I found a calculta reel and rod floating at the sand bass grounds. I sent the reel to Shimano and they replaced it. I think their policies and service departments have changed alot in the last 20 years though. The rod is a great one and will work real well though.
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    Another what the heck is this post

    Nautilus without its shell?
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    Need advise on starting a 6 pack charter boat in California, Los Angles area

    I can't speak for your harbor, but some of the harbors in our area do require a 'charter fee/permit" for any vessel that operates as a charter. It is some paperwork and about $1000. Maybe you could start by asking about charter permits in the individual harbors you are thinking about.
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    Neither Fish Finder Powering Up

    Also look for a hidden fuse, or missing fuse for that matter
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    Do I Need a Bait Tank in Monterey?

    Bait tanks are usefulbut you wont need a massive 8 scoop tank like the San Deigo Fleet. Live bait always works but like it was said before you gotta jig it yourself.
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    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    I have a 15 ft skiff and the sabiki rod is a life saver. Otherwise I would constantly be pulling hooks out of my sleeves and hands just from moving around my boat. Mine was $50 though I think so that helped.
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    Gardening for food and Security

    Looks like a solid Cocktail garden and then some. I wish I was closer I would grab some seeds and cuttings from ya.
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    Raymarine A60 finder/gps combo, complete

    Howdy yall. I just got a bigger unit on my skiff so I am selling this one. Fully functional and complete. Comes with GPS antenna, screen, transom mount ducer, power cable, fishfinder module, and the cables to connect all the unit. Works great. Shows me fish and shows me how to get home...
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    Crew position available aboard large San Diego based yachtfisher

    Damn that sounds like a dream, if only this came up 18 years ago.
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    Outboard height.???

    Silly question but, arent you a Valley guy? Are you test driving in salt or freshwater. I imagine the changes in density could play games with the math too.
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    Generic GPS works with most systems, Brand New. was a spare

    Great seller thanks, and really fast to post office too.
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    Homemade 20' designed off seaway

    such a cool boat, bravo to the guy or gal that built it.
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    Raymarine Transducer/ transom/ p66? or similar

    Thanks for reaching out to me. Can you give me a description or a photo of what the plug and its pins look like?
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    NIB Raymarine CPT-100 transducer

    This might work for me. What does the end of the cord look like?
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    Raymarine Transducer/ transom/ p66? or similar

    I just got a raymarine c80 with a dsm 300. Its not the newest machine for sure but the screen is nice and big and I am excited. My old P58 doesnt plug into the DSM 300. Does anybody have a transducer I can buy? Its for a small cheap boat so I dont need something that is swordfish capable. Thanks
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    Anderson 26 Pilot House

    line #7 in the sellers post " BRAND NEW Volvo DPG Outdrive ~ $15,800 value + installation (I've put 40 hours on it so far) "
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    40 feet modutect charter boat

    Always trolling/ fishing at those speeds!
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    Layout for flush mount rod holders w/pilot house?

    It seems like if you like to drift and fish you could angle the mid-ship holders towards the bow and get a wider spread. If you spend a lot of time drifting perpendicular to the current that could be cool. A shotgun one down the middle is always nice too if there is something to install it...
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    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    I teach kids in Watsonville and we use a Silouhete vinyl cutter. So easy kids can do it. I have never put a sticker on a lure but for how cheap it is if you are totally new to the game you might want to try one. Make a handful of bumper stickers for your buddies or whatever and start to...
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    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    awesome boat. Im sure there are plenty of us that dream about building a boat but benefit from hearing that it could take 3 years!
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    Fly fishing creeks vs ponds

    nah, it depends on what you are fishing for. much easier to catch, bass, crappy, blue gill in a pond on the fly rod in my opinion. Are you trout or bust?
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    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Thanks for thinking about us. Politics- a separate forum that doesn't show as new posts sounds like the perfect solution. Finding the right forum is tough- Its not always fun scrolling through the long list of forums to find boat parts for sale a few times a day. Maybe we could do it like my...
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    Storing an 1801 in SD

    Also ask for inside ties or dory ties. Your boat is shallow and if it isn't too tall there are sometimes cheap spots under gangplank and such.
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    40 feet modutect charter boat

    Great boat fished it for years, super stout.
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    90 HP Honda, load of parts for sale

    I am no expert but I think 97-03 where kinda the same motor so it should work.
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    90 HP Honda, load of parts for sale

    SOLD- Thanks BD. I dont even own the motor any but uncovered a box of parts in my shed. It was an early 2000's carb-ed version. Price- $50 or a fishing reel, I am kinda flexible . I tried to get a good picture showing the part numbers.
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    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    Its always a lively debate here. I do appreciate the dialogue. I fish ultra inshore so most days I am filling my tank with a jerry can that I carry around in the bed of my truck ( and remove to fill at the gas station!), normally I use a few gallons a day. I will use my time during the winter...
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    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    Thanks for the help and advice. Plastic above the deck it is.
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    Advice for livingston trailer

    I am in soquel, hit me up and you can see how mine sits on its trailer.
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    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    Howdy folks. I have a 15 ft skiff with a 40 hp tiller on the back. Not a mega yacht I know. It has one of those red 6 gallon style tanks you see at West Marine. I want a few more gallons and I get a little nervous watching it wiggle/swell..... I also dont like having to always remember to...
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    Advice for livingston trailer

    I have a 15.5 sorenson on a trailer with two wooden bunks. It aint perfect but if you think some photos or measurements might help let me know.
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    Sold Pacific Edge Chovy Master Bait Tank

    If i was in socal I would get it today. Its jsut the right size for me,
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    1988 18' Stringari PH

    Awesome job on that boat. I drove a few hours to see it when it was for sale originally. I passed on it but you did an amazing job. Its time to shake my piggy bank.
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    Garmin GPSmaps 6208

    I am intersted in the Garmin 6208. Just to clarify is it a fish finder/ gps combo unit? And to use the transducer do you need the 'black box thingy too' Do you have the mounting bracket for it? or was it set up for flush mount? Thanks
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    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    I still want a baby baja, that will last for thirty years like a jigmaster
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    In Search of Calcutta

    The salty old tackle shop in Morro Bay had 20 footers this year. Thats as close as I have found. Try asking the guys from Cloudburst maybe. Sorry I dont have a better answer for you.
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    Affordable/small 25lb spinning setup for 5 year old

    I started with a spinner that had the baitrunner function. That would be great for you guys cause you could set the rod in a holder and eat that pb and j and still be fishing. those are my 5 cents.
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    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Mel sold my dad and I our first salt water gear. Still have that jigmaster on a powerstick. Still have that combo.
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    Free Rod???

    Its true, they sent me a free gaff kit a few months ago.
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    Considering the Simrad Cruise 7, really want good bathymetery

    Hey Yall, I have a 15 skiff w a tiller on it just so you know where I am coming from. I fish in Santa Cruz CA and almost never deeper than 200 ft. Currently I have a Raymarine A 60 that is plenty old and tired in my opinion. I am attracted by the $349 price from Worst Marine for the 7...
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    You are invited to the next fish fry on 12-12-20

    Are you still doing that 'buffalo chix - style tuna lettuce wraps.' Sadly I am few hundred miles away but would be there if I could.
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    2012 Davidson Albi 19'

    GLWS, I have fished on one once it was awesome. Didn't feel like 19ft that was for sure. This boat ticks a lot of boxes. Sadly the comma is in the wrong position on the price for me.
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    Tranx 500 advice brake system

    is there a link for $100 off or was it a Used deal?
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    2019 ETec 150 $9500

    Looks gorgeous, Does water intrusion mean it went for a swim? or is it more like a water in the oil type issue?
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    Jerry’s Marine?

    I was there last month it was great. A true tackle shop, lots of boat gear, 20 ft calcutta bamboo, and a fresh box of donuts on the counter top. We were in town so it was well worth it.
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    Radon 15 low gunnel protection

    Gunnels so low even the Corgi looks tall. I am not sure what your idea is though. Are you thinking about raising the height of the stern railing? Or closing the gap between the pilothouse and the existing railing. On other low gunnel boats I have been on I hung onto a leaning post in the...
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    Shimano Tranx 300a w/ 65 MaxCuatro- $220

    Are you interested in shipping? I am really interested, 95073, CA. Darren
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    Fishing around Newport

    I say since you already spent plenty of thousand dollars on your boat go on a charter trip or two and pay attention to how the pros do it in your area.
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    WTB- Truck, dont need anything fancy

    Bump, I am still looking for a truck. Looking to hopefully spend a lot less than 20k. Lemme know if you got anything.
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    Maiden Voyage - 9.4.2020

    Try it again, on a greasy day. SUP fishing gets a lot easier with practice. Dont look down and you should be more stable. Also with a tiny bit of practice it should get easier. I am not sure what fins yours has but a longer fin has helped on mine.
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    Are you a puker?

    Meclizine has worked fo rme for years. I am not normally a puker but will take one before longer trips, or when I am expecting a bumpy ride. No side effects for me, just helps me fish longer.
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    I had nothing to do

    Thats a nice 'Show us your Shaping Bay Entry', from a fellow member of the Sways Brotherhood.
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    Not Mine 17' Shamrock in Mexico Anyone seen It?

    I worked w a guy who had one, I thought it was cool, It was way louder than I expected however.
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    WTB- Truck, dont need anything fancy

    I am getting ready to retire my 2005 F150. Looking for options and maybe one of yall has something. I have a 12 mile per way daily commute. And a 15 ft skiff I keep in the water most of the time but would like to travel around with her. Budget, I don't really know, depends on the truck for...
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    Phenix Hybrid 888mh Swimbait Stick

    those colors look great.
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    American Tackle Complimentary Samples!!!

    These guys are legit. They sent me a free gaff kit when I responded to a post like this last month.
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    Livingston 15.5 / warrior alert

    Its a very close relative. I think i heard a rumor that it was a disgruntled brother or cousin or something. Maybe like Rtic vs Yeti. Mine is truely stable.
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    Livingston 15.5 / warrior alert

    I have one and I love it. Thanks for sharing the link. Almost makes me wanna build up a fleet. Luckilly I don't have the time or money. If anyone has any Sorenson question hit me up.
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    How to make my boat even safer?

    I have heard that if you vaccum seal the bolt cutters they arent rusted shut in four years when you need to take a Rapala out of your right hand. I also like the sound of those fancy wireless kill switches so your boat doesnt leave you swimming some day.
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    Which Platform is More Stable, Livingston or Whaler ?

    On my 15 ft livingston clone I can fish three anglers on the same rail with zero issue or concern. I am not sure I would do that on a 15 ft whaler. I have seen 19ft livingstons out there on the interweb too.
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    Any trouble with out of state boat registration in California?

    I have been pulled over by the coast guard on the water for having the wrong year stickers on my boat. And on my old boat they were kinda hard to see due to the Radon ' splash guard bow.' So in essence LE look at stickers and numbers too.
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    New Gaff Components!

    Thanks so much Don, @American Tackle. I sent an email yesterday saying I wanted one. and I got an invoice for $0. And a tracking number. I will send pics when I finish it and when I get a chance to bloody it up.
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    So how did it run and plan? Is she bow high or nice and level?
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    SOLD!!! 155 Livingston Warrior 2014 90HP Evinrude HO

    Awesome looking boat, the photos look like they came from a brochure. GLWS
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    Stolen Boat Recovered

    Heart breaking, sorry to hear about your losses.
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    Fennel Relish

    Looks good I have some fennel taking up to much space in my planter box so I might give it a try.
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    1978 Tiderunner

    THose stern rails look awesome.
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    15.5 Livingston

    Im working on a 15 footer so I am stoked to see what you do.
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    25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard (SOLD)

    Best of luck it looks perfect. It will be a tough act to follow for your next boat.
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    Here we go again.........

    You are doing a great job. I looked at that same skiff a few months before you and realized it was too big a project but it looks like you are making good progress.
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    1969 23 ft Chris-Craft Lancer

    Thats a cool boat. Good luck.
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    New Hard Top Mount Rod Rack

    Looks beautifull. I wish I had the right boat for em.
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    Move Gas tank or Battery forward to redistribute weight?

    No actual experience but if you move the fuel tanks forward, and run them low, then you won’t have much weight just plastics shells. Good luck
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    Looking for outboard mounting advice/ videos

    I am about to install a 40 hp outboard to my skiff. Just got the transom re done so there are no holes in it 'yet.' Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Should I over drill the holes and fill w thickened resin and then re drill? Hang the motor on and then drill so I am sure...
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    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I ate it smoked from a fish market in Puerto Escondido and it was real tastey. I was down there for a wedding and bought a couple kilo chunk that included the collar and made lots of friends quickly.
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    Fun couple days at DP

    nice work, its not always easy convincing halibut to come on board. I have the teeth marks in a wetsuit to prove it.
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    A60 raymarine and vhf

    Delivered on time and everything, good seller and good price.
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    Safety Class

    I would look into chartering some six pack boats in your region. More fun than classes and you can ask a lot of questions during a 6 hour trip. Otherwise I dont know of any specific classes.
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    Gas tanks bait tank

    Sign me up. I think i want the 9 gallon tank and the bait tank. Can you get me the dimensions onthem? And is the bait tank Glass or Plastic? I am hoping to also use it as a seat. Thanks for your time. Darren
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    15ft Sorenson- Catamaran- Project

    Some more progress is happening. The transom got rebuilt from the inside. Went with ply, its a 1985 boat and I wont be drilling into the new transom like zorro with a long sword. All the work so far has been done by my buddy Joe and I am stoked to be closing in on the finish line.
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    Lexa 300HD for paddle board use

    I SUP fish w light swim baits a lot and I want to suggest looking at baitcasters too. I get a lot of bites on the sink and those are hard to connect on a spinner.
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    Calcutta gaffs

    Those look great, When the 6 footers show up I will give you a call.
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    15ft Sorenson- Catamaran- Project

    I have enjoyed looking at other peoples boats and re-builds for years. So here is my amateur attempt. Hopefully it can provide a little distraction to somebody out there while they are at their desks and supposed to be doing work one day. I found a 15 ft Sorenson hull on C List and made...
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    15 ft skiff deal

    Not mine, nor is the description in the add accurate. But a pressure washer and a motor and it would be a lot of fun. Good luck boys and girls.
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    Fish Art

    Amadeo Bachar,
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    Inflatable PFD Question

    Can you help me find the link for the $50 pfd. I am getting ready to replace my older ones.
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    Beginner to Fly Fishing looking for some direction

    Find your fly fishing club. I used mine to take years off the learning curve. It was a friendly group with extra gear, advice, and casting lessons for anyone that asked. They love beginners and fresh blood ( kind of a an older group you know). Our club even had regularly scheduled fishing...
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    50 - 70 4 stroke

    What did it cost and where did you get it?
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    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    It's like the Sasquatch or Tooth Fairy. Everyone has stories or first-hand experience but they are always too excited/distracted to take a video of it. I will second it though.
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    2007 Pacific trailer for 18 or smaller boat

    Im kinda interested. Was it set up for a livingston or is that just one sitting next to it?
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    2011 Parker 1801 - 230 hours

    I fished on this skiff on Monday. It ran great and we caught fish. Good luck.
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    SOLD-nissan 40

    Is it tiller or remote steering? Thanks and if it is remote are controls included?
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    40-80 HP Tiller Outboard

    Looking for a good running tiller outboard for a skiff project. Happy with a 4 stroke or clean running Etec. Let me know what you have. Budget flexible. Darren
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    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    I remember lusting after that posting back then. I think I remember hearing that it was garage built from a guy that "copied " a stringari. Good Luck w your hunt. For brain food check out some of Australian or NZ aluminum skiffs nowadays, they look great.
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    40 hp Honda mechanic recommendations

    I cant help you with a local mechanic but when my old Honda 90 suffered the same fate I was so excited when it got fixed. It started so quiet and smooth compared to it before hand I had to check the pee stream to see if it was on. There will be light in your tunnel just costs a few hundred to...
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    radon/radoncraft 16

    I understand I miss mine too.
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    Where to get Fish Trap Swim baits

    Thanks for the offer Mike. I can get the Big Hammer's at my shop I just prefer the 'swim' of the fish traps. And all my current ones are chewed up.
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    Where to get Fish Trap Swim baits

    I am looking to get some white pearl 4.5 " swim baits but having a hard time finding em. It seems like walmart has Channel Islands Chovy and Alibaba wants my social security number for a qoute. Barry are you out there?
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    18 FT Stringari...Center Console

    Pic upload from a stranger!
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    Here we go again.........

    Nice Score I looked at it last year but wasnt ready to pull the trigger. Such a stunning layout and friendly seller. I just didnt have time or money to fix everything.
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    WTB- Sorenson 15 or 16

    Howdy friends from up north. I just missed out on a Sorenson 15. If you know of anyone that might be available I would appreciate it a lot. Does not need a motor either. Thanks for the extra help with this. I always thought my next boat was going to be longer but I am already at the...
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    advice: looking to buy a family friendly fishing boat

    I am not sure what kind of wife or kid you have but mine really appreciate having a 4 stroke for sake of noise and smell.
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    Klamath CC Redo

    I am enjoying reading along it looks great.
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    1984 20' Blackman Center Console!

    Thanks for the Link I have so many questions, I guess I will check back in on this thread once more details arise. Looks really nice though from 10 yards.
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    SOLD $100 Shimano Calcutta 400 w/ aftermarket handle

    Cool reel I am seriously thinking about it. I have a 400 that has been on the injured reserve list for three years it might just be time to replace it.
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    Ok it ended here

    I loved seeing what you did with the other one. Keep it up.
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    My new cat.. The Mexicat

    that boat looks great, congrats. Are you doing the outrigger thing with it?
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    1983 20’ Shamrock Pilothouse, $16,000

    I would like to get some interior pics if possible? Are there any fish holds? Thanks. I am nearby too. And how many hours are on the motor?
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    Yamaha Command Link questions and other Fuel Management options?

    My access plate was offset from the sender too. I ended up with a larger hatch.
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    33 wellcraft coastal

    Damn can you guys really troll 9 rods on that beast?
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    Crystaliner 21’ $7000

    Anxiously awaiting the photos from up here in Santa Cruz
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    Japanese fillet knife

    Cool knife. Is it a Masahiro. And is it for a righty or a lefty? I think there is a difference. And any chance I could get a pic of the handle?
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    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    Dang that was deep! Must have been a good workout.
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    Parker: 2120

    Dang that thing looks like the deal of the month!
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    2003 Honda 90 Outboard

    I looked for those for a while. There used to be one in Stockton for $3500 ish. And there is also a guy in Castaic Lake that sells similar. And I think his price was $3300. I seem to remember that both of those motors were listed online on Clist for a long time for whatever that is worth...
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    1st timer flyfishing

    It sounds dumb but bring some crocs or sandals for the end of the day. If you are wearing rental waders and boots for your first time you are gonna wanna get comfy and air things out when you are done. And wear long sleeve shirts too. And bring some bottles of booze so you dont have to sit...
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    safety for tijuana border

    I was down dec 26- 31, easy peasy, Took only minutes at the border. Almost seemed easier than I remember
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    The skiff is still available. It would be great for the angler that didn't get all of the correct presents under their Christmas tree yesterday.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Here is a video from yesterday morning of me running her on the 'earmuffs' when I showed her to a neighbor. She runs great. Will happily idle for hours if you ask her too.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    I know from installing a bait tank and drilling a hole in the deck that the very strong decks is glassed heavily on top and bottom. I do not not know whats in the stringers or transom.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    I am home all day if anyone wants to check her out. I finally got a day off.
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    Parker 18’

    I have my radoncraft bahia 16 listed on here. It is pretty wide and spacious with amazing storage. Tell him about it.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    i just measured in the dark with a harbor freight tape measure so take it with a grain of salt, 21 feet long or seven feet tall.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and testimonials. It also sounds better and 'true-er' coming from someone that is not trying to sell it.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    I don't know the beam off hand but I can measure it tonight if you would like. It is a lot wider and in my opinion more stable than a friends old Hobie.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Yeah thats the plan. Haven't found it yet but gonna need the funds....
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Negative, I have the original Manufactureres Statement of Origin, and it says, Ericson Yachts, on May 11 1989. In barrington Rhode Island. Hull number CJVR1016a989.
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    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Sold Sold Sold, Thanks Price Drop: $12,000, I want to start shopping for my next boat so I am ready for next year Boats History: The boat came from Maine. I first saw it on C list 5-6 years ago. Don't ask why I was searching Maine's C list but I am addicted. Somebody else bought it shipped...
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    2011 Parker 2520

    Thats gotta be the best looking Parker in all of Clovis. Sorry to hear that you have to sell her.
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    1963 Glasspar Sunliner reborn into a pocket Lobster boat

    You got any updates on this project. I have been considering a similar glasspar type project.
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    New 25' Super Panga Custom Built Yamaha F115XB Aluminum Trailer

    Wow, almost too nice to get bloody. A gorgeous panga for sure.
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    Shout out to Lowrance

    I noticed that the transducer mount for my Hook 7 had corroded and my ducer was just hanging by the wire last time I hauled it. Sent a pic and email to Lowrance. Day later they answered my email and asked for my serial #. They then said it was out of warranty but we will send you a new...
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    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    that mounting bracket is wild too!
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    Info on 22Radoncraft wanted

    So you are saying there is a chance!!!!
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    Info on 22Radoncraft wanted

    [When I get home I think I have the original brochure. add for the Avalon too
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    Info on 22Radoncraft wanted

    I agree it looks like a radoncraft 18, also called the Avalon. I have been looking for one for a while. If you pass on it send me an email/message/call. I have the 16ft version but need bigger, w my family now. I have seen alot of them at that vintage with that old school 'Sea Bracket'...
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    Freshwater moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    I visited once the bakery had a really good orange bread, it sounds weird but it was tasty. And They have a real nice used boat part store on the waters edge. Kind of like Minnie's but a lot smaller. Wish I could be of more help but at least you have plans for your first morning there now!
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    Bayrunner 16 Parking San Diego

    Find a professor that likes fish. When I went there I found a surfing professor that let me park my 1962 travel trailer that I turned into a Shaping Shack on her land. I even got to use an extension cord of hers to shape boards there for a while. Many of the guys and gals down at Scripps...
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    Reality Check, 20ft Custom Walkaround

    Looks like a cool boat. I am sure a bunch of folks are gonna ask about hours of boat and motor, they tend to like this question. Some folks get hung on pre mix too, it is automatic oil.... And what @Goldenglory18 said more pics will save you a bunch of time.
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    40 ft Rybovich, not mine $2500

    Congrats, in lieu of a finders fee I would be happy to be a deckhand one day if the opportunity ever arrives.
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    85 crystaliner $2000 or trade

    Let me know when the reg get s worked out. I'm interested
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    85 crystaliner $2000 or trade

    Cool looking boat, is it a large storage chamber in front? Is it registered and stuff?
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    The next fish fry 9-15-18

    I have kind of switched forums but Im still well and fishing. Still living and fishing in Santa Cruz. See you in Big Sur soon I hope.
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    The next fish fry 9-15-18

    Glad to see you are still at it and going strong. I will never forget your swaylocks lettuce wraps. Darren
  145. B

    Need some bait tank expertise..

    Congrats on buying that tide runner I was real close to getting it, I just got stuck at work QUOTE="fishingsurfing, post: 4653817, member: 174379"]My bait tank is definitely not performing at optimum levels and I can't figure out why. When I am at idle or moving slowly, the bait tank appears...
  146. B

    40 ft Rybovich, not mine $2500

    Pics are up now QUOTE="Capt.C.Delany, post: 4658169, member: 174927"]Hell I will buy it, that's not the problem, whos yard and bank account are we going to use to restore it? Buying it will be the cheapest part. However, it would be bad ass when it's finished. Wish he had pics of it. I don't...
  147. B

    40 ft Rybovich, not mine $2500

    Just saw this craigslist add. Somebody tell Ali to buy it. I am sure he could be convinced
  148. B

    Bilge placement

    I know a whaler guy that mounts his through his metal trim tab. It looks real clean and he says it works perfectly. Also makes less holes in the transom. Darren
  149. B

    Blackman 20

    check out lodi clist.
  150. B

    Glass pros refit

    Im curious to hear how it runs with twin 50's. Are they enough?
  151. B

    2004 Tiderunner 195 SOLD

    Boat looks great. Where is it located? And do you know the real length of boat from tip to tip for slip stuff. Darren
  152. B

    Radon / Wilson Console, zero affiliation

    Just saw this add on c list. I bet it could save someone a lot of sanding, maybe.
  153. B

    21ft crystaliner center console Yamahaf250

    That is wild that I have been dreaming about this boat for a whole year! Good luck with her, I just dont have the funds yet. Darren
  154. B

    21 Glass Pro Pilothouse with Twin Honda 4 Strokes! Killer Deal!!!!

    Any idea how many hours are on the motors? And what year are they? I am very interested, thanks. Darren
  155. B

    Looking for bumper advice, Tacoma

    I am asking on behalf of a buddies wife. He has a 2018 and has been thinking about getting a metal front bumper. He is serving overseas and his current truck has a loose/messed up plastic stock bumper. Toyota Warranty said that they would not touch it. Thus it seems to make better sense to...
  156. B

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Looks Great John. I am on my way, what time do we leave in the morning. Darren
  157. B

    Custom 23' Aluminum Pilothouse -Honda 225 <100 hrs

    Gorgeous boat. I am going to loose sleep over it tonight.
  158. B

    21’ whaler Outrage

    Im interested, PM sent.
  159. B

    DAVIS EXPLORER, 26' Shafted Drive - Full Walkaround

    Did I see it drive through Watsonville this morning? I was gonna give a bloody decks salute but I have hand crank windows so instead I just admired it from the road.
  160. B

    Boston Whaler Pilothouse 22' For Sale

    Where is this boat? I would like to come see it? Thanks 831 515 275two
  161. B

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    Old Man and the Sea, by Hemingway was the first chapter book I read with my dad.
  162. B


    Super classy longboards, i dont need anymore but yours look great.
  163. B

    Osprey Diesel Fisherman 22' 1996 $35,000 "Price Drop of $4500" OBO

    Plenty interested. Just shaking out my daughters piggy bank to see how close I can get to the asking price. Darren
  164. B

    Santa Cruz Salmon fishing

    Joe Stoops on Chartle Charters is who i fish with. We seem to catch a lot of fish, even on the 'slow days'. He is willing to try different rigs and techniques to make it happen.
  165. B

    20’ SkipJack Open

    Thats a great looking boat. Any pics or details on the layout of the deck. Fish holds, bait tank, or just a big open dance floor w out the inboard?
  166. B

    Medical insurance in Mexico, tourist.

    I will second Binational. When I worked down there I had it. I heard that the BAJA 1000 guys really like em too.
  167. B

    1989 RadonCraft Cortez 22

    I want to come see your boat Howard. I live in town and I used to work with Sharon Clarke. eight 31 515 275two, Darren
  168. B

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    Hi Glenn I live in Soqeul and would really like to see your Cortez. Thanks
  169. B

    Fly fishing Rods & Reels

    High end prices? Or ...
  170. B

    DYI gaff for the surf

    The hawaiian kage spears have sharpened threaded rod epoxied into a handle.
  171. B

    DYI gaff for the surf

    Have you thought about a Hawaiian Kage Spear? The kayak guys use them on big fish too. I learned about them on the Nor Cal kayak site.
  172. B

    22 foot Seaway for was sold October 19th

    Is it sold yet? It's keeping me up at night.
  173. B

    Lobster taxidermy

    Look up Gurneys Freeze Dri taxidermy in Watsonville CA. He is the best. And real nice too.
  174. B

    22 foot Seaway for was sold October 19th

    I am not that familiar with diesels; What does that boat cruise at? And what is top end? Thanks
  175. B

    19 cc skiff

    Mine had a yamaha 40 precision blend. Maxed out at almost 20 which was as fast as the flat hull could handle for the most part.
  176. B

    19 foot ply glass skiff

    I had a similar 19 ft oregon dory. It had three windows and roof that overhung the steering wheel by a foot or two. It worked great and I liked it. My guess is that a full pilot house might be over kill. I might be able to find some pics of it...
  177. B

    WTB 8 inch Fillet knife Forschner/Victorinox

    I get all my knives from Owner is real friendly and knowledgable. He will answer the phone too. And their prices are good.
  178. B

    WTB- Cheaper camping trailer or pop up

    My 3 person family and I are thinking out testing out trailer camping. Would like to start with a cheaper one to see if it works for us. I drive a v8 f 150 so nothing massive please. If you have one you don't use or know of one that fits my bill please let me know. Darren
  179. B

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    Amazing job you did. It surely wins the most improved award on here.
  180. B

    2010 Ford F150 Lariat

    I know that this add is really old but, is this truck still available?
  181. B

    23 Blackman center console project

    That boat looks amazing. The paint job is so clean and shiny. That lowered engine box makes a lot of sense too. Good Luck with the sale.
  182. B

    2006 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat

    I am interested in the truck just stalling a little while I do some math. Trying to figure out how much I will get when I sell my T100.... and so on.
  183. B

    Fishing Report Ucluelet B.C. June 24, 2017

    That ling in the first pic is amazing
  184. B

    02 Ford F-150 Crewcab

    Is the truck still around? I am getting ready to replace my 20 year old t100. How long is the bed? Also I live in Santa cruz and would appreciate a heater some days. Any idea what is wrong with it. Thanks , Darren
  185. B

    Custom catamaran

    The boat and trailer look great. I think there would be a lot of people out there looking to buy a boat like that, heck I even want one and I already have a 16 ft skiff. What size motor works good on those skiffs? Darren
  186. B

    Cabo Cuddycon 216-Long Shot

    I live and fish in Santa Cruz when and where could I see your boat? Darren
  187. B

    What do you guys think of my red crab imitation?

    I would like 1/2 dozen shipped to CA 95073, I would love to fish those up here in Santa Cruz. I think they would work really well here. How much would it cost, cash, whiskey/beer. Thanks and I hope you have enough to sell. Darren
  188. B

    Olympic Inboard to Outboard Rebuild

    Thanks for posting all of the pictures. It looks like it will be a fishing machine in no time. Darren Blown up inboard $2,600. Stay far away from US Marine Engines. Their warranty and engines are CRAP Had @goatram build a custom bracket to hold main outboard, kicker, live well, and...
  189. B

    Honda lower unit service question (DIY)

    Howdy friends I am looking for some advice hopefully, ( Yes, I do have the manual too!). I pulled my lower unit on my Honda 2003 90 HP. I did all the usual water pump stuff and re-installed the lower unit. The part where I need help is it seems like when I tested it in the driveway on the...
  190. B

    Stingari - 18 ft. with Arros Dual Axle Trailer

    Thanks for the craigslist link. The pics and the price are better on craigslist.
  191. B

    Stingari - 18 ft. with Arros Dual Axle Trailer

    Can you make those bottom pics any larger. I would really like to see more of the boat. Darren
  192. B

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    That anchor roller looks great. I just checked out that link and I am plenty impressed.
  193. B

    Looking to buy a Panga Marine 22

    A commercial buddy in Santa Cruz is selling a real clean Wellcraft 18 with a Yamaha 115 for $12.5. Its on craigslist in santa cruz now. It looks like a great skiff . Darren
  194. B

    Yamaha F60 Fuel Injected Outboard Four Stroke

    Great looking ad and motor. If it was a ninety I would drive down tonight. Good luck with your sale. I just wish it was a little bigger my skiff is a bit heavy. Darren
  195. B

    Hobie Power Skiff center console/seat and 85' Johnson VRO 60hp

    I have fished next to that skiff, the motor runs great and reliable too.
  196. B


    Would you mind sharing some knowledge on the 22 footer. I live a few hours away and I have considered many times taking the time to drive up and see it. I spoke with the owner once and I am not sure what to think about it. I love that it has the dive door and an outboard but I still had a...
  197. B

    Lowrance Hook 7

    Just a bump of support. I have one on my skiff in Santa Cruz. It works well and is pretty easy. You can check it out if you want. I'm on u dock. Darren
  198. B

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Look up Chartle charters , I have fished with him for years . It's always fun. QUOTE=".40calibear, post: 4182056, member: 186435"]I haven't fished out of Santa Cruz in over ten years but I think Stagnaros sportfishing is the only option for party boat style fishing. Back then the fishing in...
  199. B

    WTB skiff or Panga

    That OC craigslist skiff looks fun to me.
  200. B

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    Good on ya for taking your daughter fishing.
  201. B

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    I got my first sailfish on a trolled iron, 20lb mono, and a basic jig master. First day on a panga in central Mex.
  202. B

    For sale - 2 60hp Suzuki outboards 2005

    Good Afternoon, are these motors still available. If so you can call or text me at 831 515 2752
  203. B

    WTS: 2012 Etec 90

    Ok Thanks for the quick reply. The search goes on....
  204. B

    WTS: 2012 Etec 90

    hi, I'm starting to shop for a fresh 90 like yours. Where is the motor located, I'm in Santa Cruz . And is it still on a boat. Or ready to slid right into my truck?
  205. B

    19 ft custom alum skiff (project)

    Thanks for the extra pictures it makes my mind spin with potential. I am still considering it in a big way.
  206. B

    19 ft custom alum skiff (project)

    Hi, I am interested in seeing and hearing more about your hull. Was it a home build or from a manufacturer? Are you able to talk, text or pm? Would really like some info on the hull and its shape, flat, v, chine? Thanks 831 5152752
  207. B

    20 foot Nokaoi fishing machine $4500

    All drama aside, dude texted and said it sold. Darren
  208. B

    20 foot Nokaoi fishing machine $4500

    I would love to learn more about this skiff. What is the layout like, deck, rod holders. Just curious about how ready to fish it is? Thanks.
  209. B

    FS Child 50-90 lb and infant PFDs**** SOLD****

    I am interested. My daughter is 25 lbs and one year old ( a good eater). Which jacket should I get. I am new to the babies on boats thing. Thanks.
  210. B

    fish and game damaged my boat

    I agree those guys come in way too hot almost all the time. They come in super hot even when I have 5 lines out in a sixteen foot skiff. Its like they think I was going to run away or something. We all see them coming from a mile a way anyways. Let me know how it goes.
  211. B

    Stringari photo collection

    I like this thread already. That black one is great looking. The blue one with the Honda would keep me happy the rest of my life.
  212. B


    That shark in the upper left corner was insane. Thanks for posting
  213. B

    24' La Paz Panga w/ Pacific Trailer

    Great Looking boat. If I could afford the extra length I would be all over it. It would not fit in my current slip and I couldn't afford to go bigger currently.
  214. B

    Wet Slip Bayrunner question

    Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to stick to fiber glassed boats for awhile. The corrosion and pinhole issues you guys speak of make buffing gel coat and chasing spider cracks sound like fun.
  215. B

    1998 Kevlacat 20' Power Cat

    Does that mean yours is for sale too? Feel free to PM me about it so we dont derail anything
  216. B

    Wet Slip Bayrunner question

    Not selling yet but I am always looking around! Next week I am going to look at it when the seller is home and see what I think. I have never fished on a metal boat but I am curious.
  217. B

    Wet Slip Bayrunner question

    Thanks for the advice. The boat is minutes from my house on a trailer soi may check it out, with a very open mind. Darren
  218. B

    Wet Slip Bayrunner question

    I dont have much aluminum boat experience so I thought I would check here. Somebody in my neighborhood is selling a nice looking 1986 21 ft bayrunner with a small bracket and good honda 90 on it. I have heard that Santa Cruz harbor can be "hot." If I get this boat is a wet slip a bad idea...
  219. B

    Infant Life Jackets?

    Hey friends, I have an eight month old daughter who cant wait to get out on my skiff. She is about twenty five pounds. Does anyone have any experience on jackets that fit and function like they should. Thanks I am a first time Dad. Darren
  220. B

    WTB geenough 17'

    Found one.... Some might say its ready for a re-power. Good luck and have fun
  221. B

    Leaning post with 30 gal bait tank/livewell

    I realize this add is six years old... Who manufactured this tank/ post? It looks perfect for my skiff Thanks. Darren I reali
  222. B

    Offshore Blue Marlin Reports Here

    That is awesome. 85 foot boat and you caught that beast on a $95 reel from Big5. Keeping it reel !
  223. B

    I would love to talk about your motor for sale. My cell is 831 515 2752, im at work but text...

    I would love to talk about your motor for sale. My cell is 831 515 2752, im at work but text is fine. Darren
  224. B

    wts 2012 Yamaha 115hp

    I am interested. Where is the motor? I am in Santa Cruz and willing to travel for the right motor. Why only 30 hours? Is it still on your boat to see it run and what not? Thanks for your time, feel free to respond in pm s or text 831 515 2752 Darren
  225. B

    Size 10 Xtratuf Boots USA Made

    Those look great I am going to check to see if my old ones are ten or elevens then I will call.
  226. B

    How to clean egg stains of gel coat?

    Thanks for the tips. I have not tried anything stronger than deck brush and boat soap. I did not want to harm any gel coat in the process.
  227. B

    40 ft Modutec Aguila heads to Mag Bay

    I too will look through the archives for photos. How is the stern rail holding up? We got the wood from a friend at Ganahl Lumber in Orange County. It was heavy as hell, walnut maybe. Will definitely take you up on the fishing offer. As I remember the bow railing was narrow and had been...
  228. B

    How to clean egg stains of gel coat?

    The title says it all. I have my skiff parked in front of my house and it was hit by about three eggs a while ago. The grey gel coat still has some raw/sunburnt egg stains on it. I am looking for ideas on how to clean the suspect stains from the factory diamond shaped non skid. Thanks guys.
  229. B

    Farallon 24 walkaround

    A dream boat for many. And it looks like its priced to sell by sunday! Have fun new owner out there.
  230. B

    Not Mine, Looks decent for the price

    Its been listed for months now. I also am slightly intrigued by it. That motor has made me not want to call on it though. Darren
  231. B

    18' Team Baja Terminator Custom

    I want it too. The boat looks great. The guy that gets it is bound to have fun fishing it.
  232. B

    New for 2016: PENN long-sleeve performance shirts

    If the shirt looked like a baby Baja I would take two immediately ! QUOTE="tunanorth, post: 3823650, member: 9038"]Short and long sleeve available 100% Polyester Tagless neck design UPF 50 protection, good for 50 washes Scent control treatments Moisture wicking treatments $39.99 MSRP...
  233. B

    40 ft Modutec Aguila heads to Mag Bay

    Great Post. I was a sea scout on this boat from age 11- 20ish. It is a great boat. We full re built it from harpoon boat to great slow fishing boat. At one point we had rod holders for 52 rods. And we could hold 48 bags of 40 pound ice in the fish hold. I remember because I would be the...
  234. B

    Looking for a new boat

    I spend lots of my spare time scouring over the options at It's not perfect but a lot more variety than clicking on the bloody decks classified tab 8 times a day. Check it out.
  235. B

    Fenwick legacy triggerstick

    Hello friend. your rod looks nice I just don't think I have seen one in real life. How long is it? And what do you use it for. Would it work to flip swim baits in the kelp?
  236. B

    20' Whaler pilothouse for sale

    Great Looking Boat. If I was a little closer and had already sold my littler skiff I would be all over it. Good Luck. Darren
  237. B

    Looking for a mobile mechanic to do a pre- purchase motor inspection, Long Beach

    I just put in an offer on a center console with a Volvo 4.3 gxi- e. The boat is 250 miles from my house. Therefore, I want to hire a mechanic to look it over and make sure it is worth my drive. I think I would prefer a "mechanic" to an inspector because then I am having a true professional...
  238. B

    Bayrunner 20 with 2008 Honda 90

    I dont know the seller, but I saw the boat in the water yesterday. I was leading a field trip in Moss Landing and saw it tied up to the gas dock. Thought it looked better in real life than in the pics. The bracket and rails looked nice and the boat floated nice and high. Not super low...
  239. B

    Questions about a Blackman 20ft CC

    Hey Friends. I am getting ready to make a long drive to look at a Blackman 20 Fish Machine. I have read all that I can find about them and was hoping for some info from the unofficial brain trust around here. The boat is a 1975 the inboard and outdrive are 2000 both Volvo. With about 300...
  240. B

    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    Maybe an odd ball request but I want a new version jigmaster. I fished my last jig master for twenty years. I think it got opened up once. It fished 20lb mono for me up and down the coast. I want the kind of penn real that doesn't have weird graphics that corrode like the newer ones...
  241. B

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    Go to amazon and buy this. It is the best twenty three bucks you can spend. My Brother in Law got one to chase yellow jackets in the wall. The video is really nice. You can even adjust the lights as you film. Just another idea
  242. B

    Let's try this again. 18' Dory rebuild......

    I fished a 19 foot Oregon dory last year. I missed the deck space . I could make it pound just like any small light boat. My boat had an old school in well. My advice is try to lay your skiff so that you can easily fish as much as the stern as possible. It was my boat and easily fishing off the...
  243. B

    Cass Tours

    I second that. I went to Baja when I was ten for my first time with my old man. Cass was good then, probably better now. The internet was barely even happening back then. Darren
  244. B

    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    Thanks Larmo. If anyone has any questions I will try to check this thread and respond. Thanks, Darren ps. Lets not let them do this in our waters, you just have to ask yourself what percentage of marine aquaculture is successfull.
  245. B

    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    Hey Guys. I used to work at Hubbs. I worked at their Mission Bay location for about a year during and after college. Then I moved with them down to Ensenada to work on their offshore project. We grew both yellowtail and striped bass. Neither of them grew very well because everybody but...
  246. B

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    I am the guy that ended up with the one that was in Maine. I did not get it first. A guy in Temecula bought then shipped it. He was nice enough to fix up the trailer too. I am in Santa Cruz and looking forward to fishing it commercially. Just need a stern rail that wont cost more than...
  247. B

    Clogged Drain on a '89 Radoncraft

    Thanks guys for the advice. Would a good bike pump do the same thing a compressor could? My tool shed is pretty small for a guy with a boat. Darren
  248. B

    Clogged Drain on a '89 Radoncraft

    Hey Boat Guys, I have a 1989 radoncraft bahia 16. My newest problem is that the drain that runs from the fish holds in the bow to the bilge in the back is clogged. I tried a coat hanger, hose nozzle and a small narrow fish tape. The clog feels to be about in the middle of the ship...
  249. B

    Stainless T-top

    Hey guy. I have a 16 foot radoncraft center console that needs a t top. How big is yours? Darren 858 945 662seven
  250. B

    Sushi Knife Recommendations?

    I have been real happy buying knives and getting advice from, the prices are good and the owner answers the phone. Go check them out. Darren
  251. B

    19 foot orgeon dory for sale , $4000

    Thanks to the world of oregon coast craigslist the boat is sold. Sold for damn near asking price. It is possible even in January, I guess. Cant wait to get to work on the new one. Darren
  252. B

    19 foot orgeon dory for sale , $4000

    Bump Worthy events, I guess. I am touching up some of the paint today with high quality easapoxy boat paint from Petit. And the trailer just got some better tires yesterday. Give me a call 8589456627
  253. B

    19 foot orgeon dory for sale , $4000

    My boss gave me a day off so I am going to detail the boat and trailer, feel free to give me call. Darren 858 945 6627
  254. B

    19' Albi

    Heads up. I saw this boat at the ship yard getting a brand new fresh bottom paint job in blue. It took a few days so I bet it was expensive, but it looks real good. Darren
  255. B

    ROCK on Capitola CA fishing

    If you plan ahead you can print out a coupon for any day of the week. Cheaper boats means you can afford to lose more lead. Darren
  256. B

    19 foot orgeon dory for sale , $4000 Quick Version- I am selling my ready to fish 19 foot oregon dory because my wife told me that we should get a bigger boat. It has a yamaha 40 2 stroke that runs well and cheaply. The boat also has great color electronics and all...
  257. B

    BD Brothers near Dunnelon

    Hey my friends I am from California and looking at a boat in your area. Wondering if anybody here lives near this town and could/ would assist me in checking out a boat. Thanks. Darren . Feel free to pm or call me. 8589456627
  258. B

    Yamaha 250 four stroke outboard

    I would love to hear more about your 225's. I am in Santa Cruz and thinking about getting a new jersey boat without motor. Motor year, hours, condition? Thanks feel free to pm me
  259. B

    1986 Stringari Skiff 18'

    I am interested in up grading from my flat bottom dory and love the look of your boat. Any chance I could see a picture of the deck ie. the fishing area. I am curious about how much space I have what with the killer engine and all. Thanks , Darren
  260. B

    Osprey 24 Fisherman Yanmar Diesel

    Heyo Rod, Did you get a chance to get her in the water? If so give me call. Darren
  261. B

    Osprey 24 Fisherman Yanmar Diesel

    I am flying into sna in the middle of the day tommorrow. Would love to see the boat. It sounds great. Thanks, Darren. 858 9456627
  262. B

    Osprey 24 Fisherman Yanmar Diesel

    Rod, This is Darren thanks for calling me back today. I am the guy coming down from Santa Cruz. Like I said I am flying into John Wayne next saturday. I would love to check out the boat if it is still around. I already have the pre-requisite wife approval and everything. Here is my...
  263. B

    Water skeeter pontoon $275 obo

    It is a long shot I know. But I have a definite buyer up north a bit. My fishing buddy here in Santa Cruz would buy that thing in a minute and give you a twelve pack of bottled beer in a heartbeat if ever come up this way with it. She would not even low ball you a penny. Thanks ...
  264. B

    Shimano Calcutta 400B & Trinidad 14

    Thanks I have been looking for a calcutta 400 I could fish off my surfboard from. I cant justify buying a new reel for all of the days I get distracted and capsize Do you have any pictures of it? How old is it? Is this the one with a level wind. Thanks a bunch. Darren