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  1. DODGERS27

    Tranx 200hg

    Anyone have one that they’re looking to get rid of?
  2. DODGERS27

    30 to 35 gallon bait tank

    Any one have a 30 gallon bait tank for sale? Lmk thanks
  3. DODGERS27

    Which rod for a tranx 500hg

    Calstar 90j gg or phenix 909xhj
  4. DODGERS27

    Calstar WCDH 90J-C

    Anyone have one forsale let me know Cal-Star West Coast Series WCDH-90J Rater 30-60#
  5. DODGERS27

    Anyone need a ho for 10/11/19?

    Axel on my trailer broke so stuck on shore lmk if anyone needs help with gas and bait for tomorrow to get on some yellowfin 10/11/19 Thanks
  6. DODGERS27

    Shimano Trinidad 10a

    Have a shimano Trinidad 10a only been on one boat ride 10/10 condition comes with the box no braid Only looking to trade for a Trinidad 14a or a tranx 500 Send me a text for pictures and if ur interested in trading 657-293-3617
  7. DODGERS27

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    I got the exact same boat Haha it's pretty nice I've taken it pretty far offshore and to Catalina
  8. DODGERS27

    Trinidad 20/16a Tiburon clamp

    Let me know if u got one forsale
  9. DODGERS27

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    This shit was funny
  10. DODGERS27

    Offshore Tuna-kakke

    Ur good with the Toro buy a small halco popper or yozuri and ur good I havent heard that they've been eating the surface iron but ur pretty much set with a halco popper or coltsniper
  11. DODGERS27

    Offshore Called others in but no one came dodo and yellows limit

    Are the macs still getting bit on the paddys or have they started biting the small sardines
  12. DODGERS27

    Offshore The 302

    Did u troll that jerkbait or were u actually casting it and working it?
  13. DODGERS27

    BOLA 7/30-8/4

    Were the dodos eating the surface iron?
  14. DODGERS27

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Pretty gay title but cool that u got on some fish
  15. DODGERS27

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    Nice fish what area were u fishing?
  16. DODGERS27

    Offshore Emergency small craft missing

    Thank God there okay, did they at least catch any fish?
  17. DODGERS27

    Catalina YellowTunas

    What area were you fishing in the front side?
  18. DODGERS27

    Acr Electronics GlobalFix EPIRB

    Anyone have one for sale?
  19. DODGERS27

    Problems Hookup baits sells some pretty good knock offs and have the replacement tubes and better hooks. I'd prefer a mc swimbait over these baits any day though
  20. DODGERS27

    Offshore Late Report 9/173/43

    35 miles offshore in a 14ft u got some balls
  21. DODGERS27

    Offshore 7/18 NW of the 43

    No those arent the miles
  22. DODGERS27

    Offshore 182 to 43 report 7/15

    Can u give us a report when u get back tomorrow? think of taking mine out tuesday
  23. DODGERS27

    Offshore 182 to 43 report 7/15

    What lure were u trolling?
  24. DODGERS27

    Shimano Shimano Tranx 500 Line Capicity

    I got 310 yrds of 65lb pp on mine
  25. DODGERS27

    Offshore 7/13 tuna report

    Did u chase them in ur 18ft starcraft?
  26. DODGERS27

    Offshore 302 to north 9

    Did u chase them in ur 17ft invader?
  27. DODGERS27

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    How much was the half scoop
  28. DODGERS27

    What length shifter/throttle cable for 17ft CC?

    I need to replace the shifter and throttle cable on my boat but dont know what length cables do I need? Should I get 11, 12, or 13ft? My boats a 17ft trophy center console
  29. DODGERS27

    Candybar, Tady 45 and Caivo jigs

    How do the cavio jigs swim?
  30. DODGERS27

    Mid August I get $5k to buy a boat...

    Get a 4 stroke motor
  31. DODGERS27

    Shimano Trinidad 16 DC.

    Hope u have at least 1k to spend on one
  32. DODGERS27

    Penn 535 like new

    What does PU mean?
  33. DODGERS27

    Homemade Poppers

    I've made a couple I drill a hole straight through the wood and drill a hole in the middle of the popper where my front hook is suppose to be then I put a 200lb swivel in there then I run a wire through the front through the whole popper. It's hard to explain
  34. DODGERS27

    Offshore Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    What area were u fishing?
  35. DODGERS27

    To the Tranx guys with the Long rods

    Oct 10 only surface iron u need
  36. DODGERS27

    6/15 Catalina

    Sorry bro never fished that reel before
  37. DODGERS27

    6/15 Catalina

    Get ur self a Trinidad 16a or 20a with a 9ft IMO go with calstar there great American made rods
  38. DODGERS27

    Same day report 6-15 Catalina

    What size x-rap were u using?
  39. DODGERS27

    Shimano Shimano Flat Falls - out of the package?

    When u go buy them at ur local tackle shop ask them to rig them for u they usually charge 10 bucks
  40. DODGERS27

    Catalina report 6/11 to 6/13 – From Barny to Bad Ass and Back Again

    What color and size sp minnow did u get the yellow on?
  41. DODGERS27

    Penn 535 like new

    Pics sent. Still available
  42. DODGERS27

    Penn 535 like new

    I have a like new penn 535 graphite frame reel comes with clamp Pm me ur number for pics $60 pick up in santa ana
  43. DODGERS27

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    Trinidad 16a on that uc
  44. DODGERS27

    Coronado Islands: 6/9/2018

    Has anyone tried fishing closer to shore/rocks for calicos?
  45. DODGERS27

    Bahia report for June 2-9.

    They're eating surface iron? Are they on bird schools?
  46. DODGERS27

    Calstar 90J or Cousins 90J ?

    Calstar of course
  47. DODGERS27

    Seatow or BoatU.S. ?

    Just got a boat and looking to get a membership with one of these companies Which one do u prefer and why?
  48. DODGERS27

    Shimano Shimano set ups

    Get a calstar GF 7470H for the talica 20ii
  49. DODGERS27

    14ft valco aluminum boat

    Bump need this thing gone need to make room for new boat
  50. DODGERS27

    What reel would u pair with a 9ft rod.

    Trinidad 16a for the uc 90 monster
  51. DODGERS27

    Surface Iron Rod ?

    Calstar 90j or 690j
  52. DODGERS27

    14ft valco aluminum boat

    What do u have for trade?
  53. DODGERS27

    14ft valco aluminum boat

    150 firm need it gone
  54. DODGERS27

    14ft valco aluminum boat

    200 come pick it up bump
  55. DODGERS27

    14ft valco aluminum boat

    Hey guys I have a 14ft valco boat, no trailer, and no motor. Boat only Boat has a small dent in the front dosent effect it at all, I bought this boat to fix it up for a bay boat but decided to get a bigger boat. I'm just trying to get what I payed for it. $250 and its yours. P.s. dont know...
  56. DODGERS27

    Avet Pro ex30 w/Shimano Terez

    U still have the curado 300ej still available ?
  57. DODGERS27

    Shimano Why is my tranx 500 making this sound?

    I dont think it's the gears because I haven't had my reel engage when I cast, maybe it's a bad bearing?
  58. DODGERS27

    Shimano Why is my tranx 500 making this sound?

    My tranx 500 is making a grinding whistling sound when I reel and in freespool, the grinding slows my spool a little. Anyone know what wrong with it?
  59. DODGERS27

    Anyone live in mission viejo?

    Hey my names Brandon I'm trying to fish this Saturday at lake mission viejo can anyone that lives there give me permission to fish it? If u can that would be awesome If not thanks anyways Please let me know if anyone can get me in thanks
  60. DODGERS27

    WTB: cousins raze 7'3 heavy

    Please let me know if u have one
  61. DODGERS27

    WTB: shimano crucial 7'3h

    Please let me now if u have one
  62. DODGERS27

    How is a calstar GFDH900H for throwing surface iron?

    I was looking to try a new rod
  63. DODGERS27

    How is a calstar GFDH900H for throwing surface iron?

    I already have a calstar 90j that I use to throw the iron and I love it I wanted another rod for throwing the iron and I was thinking about getting GFDH900H How is it for throwing surface iron?
  64. DODGERS27

    Where to buy swimbait materials?

    I want to start making my own swimbaits Does anyone know where to buy the eye rings and the joints for a glide bait?
  65. DODGERS27

    Tropical storm heading up Baja over the next few days - Beware

    Hope that storm warms up the waters down in san quintin
  66. DODGERS27

    WTB: calstar 690j gg

    Let me know if u have one for sale? PM only
  67. DODGERS27

    FS: Shimano Calstar *Price Drop

    Is the Rod still available?
  68. DODGERS27

    Bola report

    They caught a few small ones on Wednesday
  69. DODGERS27

    WTB: Shimano Teramar Inshore TMCX80H

    Bump any one have the one with cork grip
  70. DODGERS27

    WTB: Shimano Teramar Inshore TMCX80H

    Please let me know if u have one for sale Looking for a Shimano Teramar Inshore Casting Rods TMCX80H 8Ft 15 to 30lb PM ONLY
  71. DODGERS27

    Palos verdes cliffs calico bass fishing?

    Has anyone fished Palos verses cliffs for calicos lately? Please let me know if u have any info
  72. DODGERS27

    Shimano throwin iron

    Trinidad 20a and tranx 500
  73. DODGERS27

    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    Cool were u fishing from shore? And what was ur biggest u caught there?
  74. DODGERS27

    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    Thanks for the info
  75. DODGERS27

    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    Hello BDers i wanted to ask this question, is there spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX? Please let me know if u have any info about it
  76. DODGERS27

    WTB:phenix black diamond 909xh

    Let me know if u have one for sale Looking for deckhand 909xh
  77. DODGERS27

    La Jolla 5/13-14

    Nice, what rod where u using to throw the iron?
  78. DODGERS27

    Avet mxl 4.5.1

    Mostly looking for cash
  79. DODGERS27

    Avet mxl 4.5.1

    I have a great condition avet mxl 4.5.1 9/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically it has 65lb braid and 40lb mono top shot $150 I'm having trouble posting pics so pm me ur number and ill send u pics
  80. DODGERS27

    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    Get a pack of 3in zoom fluke paddle tail swimbaits in (white ice color) and a 3/8oz ball jig head or warbaits jig head
  81. DODGERS27

    Cousins 90j as a surface iron rod?

    Does anyone use a cousins 90j 30-50lb for throwing tady 45s?, how do u like it and how does it load up? And do u think it will be a good surface iron rod?
  82. DODGERS27

    Mission belle with 3 bft?

    Heard they were 20-25lbs
  83. DODGERS27

    Shore fishing mazatlan mexico?

    I am planning to go to mazatlan mx in april, I was wondering what I can catch from the beach in april? Please let me know if u know
  84. DODGERS27

    Bluefin Math

    I was on that boat with u, me and my dad got one
  85. DODGERS27

    Avet lx 2 speed vs penn fathom 40 2 speed?

    Thanks guys for ur help
  86. DODGERS27

    Anyone been on the El dorado?

    I fished it last Saturday it's a great boat, great crew and captin.
  87. DODGERS27

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    Daiwa lexa 400 hd and 400 has good cast control
  88. DODGERS27

    Local yellows (sport king/pursuit)

    I've seen pics they are all 1-3lbers
  89. DODGERS27

    Does spiral wrapped rods decrease ur casting distance?

    Ive seen guys on sport boats with spiral wrapped rods but ive always wondered if it affects ur cast. Let me know if they affect ur cast or if its the same?
  90. DODGERS27

    Avet lx 2 speed vs penn fathom 40 2 speed?

    Im debating on which reel to get avet lx or penn fathom 40 for live bait for these bigger bluefin. I heard they are both good but which one should i get i want to use it for bigger bluefin but i also want to use it for yoyo fishing for yellowtail. Which one would u recommend?
  91. DODGERS27

    Fred Hall Show; SD vs LB?

    Long beach is better
  92. DODGERS27

    Offshore 100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    I was on the boat yesterday on the el dorado i caught 100lb bluefin with my dad we caught it on a trinidad 30a and a terez rod. It took us 3 hours to bring it in.
  93. DODGERS27

    Offshore 100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Congrats, where we're u fishing tanner bank?
  94. DODGERS27

    Shimano Talica or Trinidad?

    If u like bigger bait casters go with a shimano tranx
  95. DODGERS27

    Offshore Tribute Overnight Trip Fri. 11/4

    I was on that trip with u i hooked 3 and got 2
  96. DODGERS27

    10/29 LJ Better Luck than Good

    Good video thanks for sharing
  97. DODGERS27

    Shimano Which curado for spotted bay bass?

    Im going to get a curado 200I, but which gear ratio should I get 7.2.1 or 6.3.1? I'm going to be using it for spotted bay bass so I'm mostly going to be throwing swimbaits.
  98. DODGERS27

    KastKing Braid

    I have the 65lb on my avet and trinidad and it cast good, havent had any problems
  99. DODGERS27

    Cousins 90J trade for Phenix/UC or $190

    This is a great deal it will sell fast, i would of bought this but i just bought a tranx last week
  100. DODGERS27

    WTB:phenix black diamond 909xh 25-60lb

    I already offered u $200 but u said no
  101. DODGERS27

    Shimano Black rod Clamp $40

    What reel is it for? Shimano tranx?
  102. DODGERS27

    Phenix Black Diamond 909xh

    Does it have a real seat ?
  103. DODGERS27

    Which reel for surface iron

    Tn20 is better
  104. DODGERS27

    WTB:phenix black diamond 909xh 25-60lb

    Let me know if u have one for sale
  105. DODGERS27

    Video - California Bluefin Tuna

    Sick video thanks for sharing
  106. DODGERS27

    Tiburon clamp for Tranx

    Is this still available?
  107. DODGERS27

    FS - Tiburon Reel Clamp TCU-M

    Will this fit a shimano tranx?
  108. DODGERS27

    Trinidad 14A acting funny

    Ya it's probably line is slipping
  109. DODGERS27

    Shimano tranx Calcutta 800f

    I know this an old post but is the shimano tranx still available?
  110. DODGERS27

    Rod for shimano tranx?

  111. DODGERS27

    Rod for shimano tranx?

    I just bought a tranx and I'm not sure what rod to get for it I'm thinking a 9ft I'm going to be using it for throwing surface iron , let me know what u guys recommend.
  112. DODGERS27

    Avet JX 4.1.1

    It's a nice reel I have the avet MXL 4.5.1 I GOT IT FOR $100 on craigslist its a good reel it frees pools for 3min.
  113. DODGERS27

    San Diego 9/10/16

    That's cool , congrats on the fish and good video
  114. DODGERS27

    Offshore Sea Watch 9/8 yft: late report

    Nice congrats thanks for the report
  115. DODGERS27

    Rig for a little kid..

    Get him a daiwa lexa 300 hsp its good powerful little reel it has 25lbs of drag and u can use that reel for saltwater and fresh water fishing. Ive caught yellowtail on mine so it can handle big fish.
  116. DODGERS27

    Is Helgans in Oceanside going to be a thing of the past.?

    the 3/4 day boat sucks there it use to be good when Ryan was the captain
  117. DODGERS27

    Finally going down to San Diego to fish the San Diego

    See how u do on Tuesday and if u did good go on Wednesday too if u don't do good go on Thursday and try it
  118. DODGERS27

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    Thanks for the report and congrats on the tunas
  119. DODGERS27

    Top Gun 3.5 day report

    Congrats on the big bluefin
  120. DODGERS27

    Offshore What kind of poppers?

    Get the medium size halco popper
  121. DODGERS27

    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Congrats, how many did u guys end up catching?
  122. DODGERS27

    What Happened to "Stoked on Fishing"?

    Go on youtube and look up stoked on fishing, they've posted a couple new episodes
  123. DODGERS27

    Redondo Beach WSB - 8/27

    Congrats on the fish that ceviche looks good
  124. DODGERS27

    Offshore 8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    Did u release it or keep it ?
  125. DODGERS27

    Offshore 8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    Do u have a pic of it ?
  126. DODGERS27

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    Nice YT congrats
  127. DODGERS27

    3/4 day suggestions near LA

    22nd street landing and go on the pursuit its a good boat they go to the back side of catalina island
  128. DODGERS27

    Loking for Trinidad 10a Theres one on craigslist for $280
  129. DODGERS27

    Shimano Shimano trinidad 30a clamp ?

    Can you post a link for the clamp?
  130. DODGERS27

    Shimano Shimano trinidad 30a clamp ?

    I just bought a trinidad 30a and I'm looking to put a permanent clamp on it. Do u have any idea for what kind of clamp ?
  131. DODGERS27

    Vonnys fleet?

    Has anyone gone out of vonnys fleet recently and do u know what they are catching right know ?
  132. DODGERS27

    WTS Okuma Makaira Rods

    I know this is an old post but do u still have the rods?
  133. DODGERS27

    Looking for a good place to take the kids fishing in orange County area

    Go to santa ana river lakes its a good lake to fish its $80 for 24 hour fishing and camping. And if u do go, fish levitz corner its one of the best spots to fish.
  134. DODGERS27

    What size shimano colt sniper ?

    Im going on a trip next weekened out of Ensenada MX and they are catching yellowfin tuna up to 35lbs what size and color colt sniper should i use ?
  135. DODGERS27

    Will a Phenix Abyss PSX-909 handle 100lb bluefin ?

    I just bought a Phenix Abyss PSX-909 20-50 and i was wondering if i get into a school of blue fin in the 60lb range and i end up hooking into one of the bigger ones in the 100lb range will this rod be able to handle it ?
  136. DODGERS27

    Reel for 690j

    Trinidad 20 gold
  137. DODGERS27

    Want to take my son fishing for his 15 birthday on july 16

    Hi I want to take my son fishing for his birthday on july 16 i was wondering if any private boat owners are going for yellowtail i will help pay for gas or bait. Thank u