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  1. waldocod

    Calstar Blanks in Washington

    Is there a shop that sells Calstar Blanks? I live in Hansville but will drive to find the one I need
  2. waldocod

    Calstar Blanks in Washington State

    Anyone know if there is a place in Washington that sells Calstar blanks? I live in Hansville (Kitsap County) but I don’t mind driving to find one
  3. waldocod

    Girls Day!

    Got the grandkids in on a hot rockfish bite on trout gear. They had a blast!
  4. waldocod

    Tollman Skiff

  5. waldocod

    Halibut/Tuna Trolling set up

    TICA Alaskan Big Game Rod rated 50-100 lb line. Shimano TLD20 loaded with 80 lb line. Only used a few times.$185 cash. Located in Hansville.
  6. waldocod

    TICA Alaskan Big Game Rod

    Used one season. Rated 50-100 lb test. 4’8”. Be ready for upcoming Halibut season/Albacore trolling. $95
  7. waldocod

    Volcanic Reef 1980

    For some reason, I saved this strip of meter paper when I was running rockcod trips to the Volcano. High spot is 104 fathoms. Fished as deep as 120 fathoms. Even found a log book entry. Pushing 40 years ago. How awesome to be able make a drop on it now!
  8. waldocod

    Scotty Receptacle Wiring

    It looks like the bare wires just push in. Is that correct or are there special terminal connectors? Thanks!
  9. waldocod

    Catalina Catch from 1901

    Somehow, someway, fish could actually be caught without using fluorocarbon, braid and 2 speed reels! Probably used knuckle buster reels back then.
  10. waldocod

    R.P. from the Carnival Inspiration

    Saw the Royal Polaris leaving Ensenada while on a cruise this week. Kinda cool shot from up high. The Shogun was next in line for Guadalupe check-in.
  11. waldocod

    Record Halibut in Alaska
  12. waldocod

    I.D. This!!!!

    I’ll take this picture over to the ADFG office on Monday but thought I’d post this here until then! Yes, this is for real. Caught in 100’ of water in Homer last week.
  13. waldocod

    A Few Oldies

    You might have to expand to see the lettering on some of these
  14. waldocod

    Back in the Day

  15. waldocod

    2016 F250 Super Duty

  16. waldocod

    Freshwater Soft Baits and Jig Heads

    Lots of assorted softbaits and jig heads. $40 obo plus $15 shipping (if reqd.)
  17. waldocod

    Surface and Yo Yo Jigs

    A collection of 80+ classic single and treble hook Salas, Tady , and some misc. jigs. Most hooks in good shape but some will need to be replaced. $100 plus $15.00 shipping. PM me for additional info.
  18. waldocod

    Coonstripe Info

    I got some pots with 1/2” mesh at a yard sale to try for Coonstripe in area 9. Looks like it opens June 1st. I haven’t found anyone in my area (Hansville) that fishes for these. Just wondering if anyone has tried for these in this general area. As usual, not asking for specific spots. Thanks!
  19. waldocod

    Ace Line Hauler

    I thought I saw a post somewhere for the Brutus plus 40 pot puller for $450. I just can't remember where. Does anyone recall this post? Thanks!
  20. waldocod

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

  21. waldocod

    Tipping guideline for all inclusive packages

    I have a trip booked for an all inclusive lodge for 5 days of fishing in Sitka. What is the general consensus for tipping? I was thinking of tipping the captain daily and the lodge staff at the end of the trip. What do you think? Thanks!
  22. waldocod

    Old fishing gear found!

    I was going through my storage space yesterday and found a bunch of Penn Surfmasters and old Jigmasters. Also a bunch of Zukers and other asst. trolling gear. Don't have much use for them up here in Utah but don't know if anyone is interested in all this old school stuff.