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    Do you mount your fire extinguisher - Parker 2320

    If so, where do you mount? Looking for ideas. thanks fam.
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    Rods and Reels in Irvine

    Hi Fam! I have some gear I am looking to sell before the new season. Please let me know if you are interested. Have references if needed. RODS: Lightly used Calstar 700 L - S - $ 175 once used Shimano Terez 700H - $200 Custom Rainshadow RCLB 79 ML - no name - $200 Used Truline 4x - $125...
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    Catalina Lobster 1/30

    Went out with the pops to the front side of cat on Saturday. Left Newport around 2 and got to the island 4:30. Set up our first set at 5 pm, got stopped by DF&W as I set my first soak. Happy to see them out there, and they were thorough in checking cards being filled out and such. beautiful...
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    Removing swine wrap / replace with reel seat and hypalon

    Hi Fam, anyone know of someone who would do this kind of work? By the way, seine wrap not swine... Stupid autocorrect. seems like a PITA.
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    Catalina Squid? . ?

    Anyone hear of squid showing at Cat after the winds?
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    Offshore 371 / 390 / upper hidden 11/20/20

    Left shelter island at 4:30 and picked up 2 scoops at the bait dock hoping to chum up a school of yft. Got to south of the 371 at 7 am headed towards upper hidden and meter marked some big tuna at 8 am. stopped the boat and watched them crash up on micros. Not crazy volume but groups of maybe 6...
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    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Awesome to see Penn get into the low profile game. Couple thoughts: 1) I feel like the 400 size is equivalent to about a 300 size vs the tranx and the lexa. 2) no power handle configuration 3) levelwind disengages while in free, but engaged while drag is taking out. kinda different. Seems to...
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    Catalina 11/15

    Fished Catalina on 11/15. Left Newport harbor with a scoop and half of decent dines from the bait barge at 5:30 am. I asked the barge when they are done and they are gone Nov 20th just FYI. water was glassy calm on the way out to the island and very calm. Made 28 mph out the the east end...
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    Review - Parker 2320 from West Coast Marine

    Hi Fam, I wanted to share my experience with a purchase of a 2320 with Kevin Kelly at West Coast Marine. I know it’s been said many times here, but I have to say, I had an amazing and kinda crazy experience purchasing this rig. I don’t even want to really go into detail about some of ways...
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    Favorite aluminum polish for rocket launchers?

    Been using mother’s mag, but seeing if anyone else has any recommendations? thanks!
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    New Phenix Titan Long Fall - Irvine

    TJX-L710ML PE 1-4 100-300g jig weight 20-65 lbs $275 New with tags and carry case in Irvine. Thanks! Eddy.
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    Torium hg to pg

    Hey fam, Does anyone know if I can swap the main gear and pinion from the PG version to the HG version? Would just buy the PG but I’m left handed.
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    Gear for sale in Irvine ca

    Been shedding some gear I don’t use and this is the last round of it. please let me know if you have any questions: new: -Shimano Trinidad 20 dc - no box or clamp $1200 -Sold -black accurate valiant 400L 2 speed - laced with 50 lbs Jerry brown (white) to 30 yards top shot izorline 30 lbs xxx...
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    Shimano Terez 70xmh 40-80 pearl white conventional

    Hi all I got a terez I never use and I know some people like the color. $225 in Irvine ca Thank you!
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    Selling Rods and Reels in Irvine

    Getting rid of the rest of the gear: New Reels: Daiwa Lexa 300 HD 300XSL-P left handed - $175 - Sold Shimano Tekota 501 w/ 300 yards Izor 50 Braid - left handed - $150 Shimano Torium 20HG-L w/ 350 yards Izor 65 Braid - Left handed - $180 - Sold Shimano Baitrunner 8000D - $150 Daiwa Lexa 400 WN...
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    Selling some gear Irvine ca

    New: Rainshadow rclb70m 20-50 $150 - SOLD Daiwa Proteus 76mhf $150 - SOLD Shimano ocea plugger jdm 2015 83 pe6 spinning $350 - SOLD Phenix abyss 809 spinning $125 - SOLD Phenix Black Diamond 700ML Spinning 10-30 $175 -SOLD Daiwa saltist 5000 w/ 65 izor braid $150 -SOLD Penn fathom 25ld2lh -...