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  1. Jim n Texas

    NRA, worth joining?

    Quit being gullible with the NRA. I supported those bastards for almost 40 years. The last 20 were a total waste. But think as you will especially while living in California.
  2. Jim n Texas

    NRA, worth joining?

    I thank my lucky stars my dad didn't sign me up for Lifetime. FK the NRA!
  3. Jim n Texas

    Why I don’t buy dillon

    Yep it’s the Tesla of loading and that ain't a good thing.
  4. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    Coat of Tung oil added to check for imperfections. I need to inlet the stock and cut back the top of the grip area before proceeding.
  5. Jim n Texas

    Two new old calibers

    No shit! I was thinking the same. You’d of laughed if you saw me pulling the trigger for the first time. Ready? Aim, turn head arch back and Fire!
  6. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    If not available one would need to be made. Most any wood worker should be able to duplicate and modify a right hand stock. Looks like it mounts through the grip like a T/C or AR.
  7. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    I still need to get and install a recoil pad and inlet the stock. The forend is all done.
  8. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    Here she is just needs final finish sanding and a few coats of Tung oil then a bit of 0000 steel wool and a good rub down with a cotton rag to bring out the luster.
  9. Jim n Texas

    Two new old calibers

    I thought it would have more recoil than it does. I've shot both 120s and 140s through it. I will be focusing on the 120s for hunting deer and pigs here in TX. I believe the faster 120s will expand better at the lower velocities of the 14” barrel. I had a 10” 300 savage that was dreadful to...
  10. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    Thanks again for the deal really thought I’d be doing this sooner but life happens. Gonna use the other blank for a Browning AB3 in 243.
  11. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    Adding tip and cap with aluminum spacers.
  12. Jim n Texas

    Making another rifle stock.

    I bought a couple blanks from someone here. Can’t remember who? It’s been a few years. Anyway I promised to post pics of what I’m doing. Heres the first one. The piece was too small and I thought it was worthless but I was able to squeeze a pattern on and then add a piece to the grip cap area.😁...
  13. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 1897

    Sorry it sold quick!
  14. Jim n Texas

    Two new old calibers

    Got a couple new barrels to add to the T/C lineup. Left to Right 22 hornet loaded. 30/30 case parent to the 7/30 waters. 30/30 ran through 7/30 die. Fireformed and reloaded. 7/30 waters. 243 for comparison.
  15. Jim n Texas

    Forked horn parade

    The state of Komiefornia disagrees with you.
  16. Jim n Texas


    Managed to successfully order one on line.😎😎😎 I’m looking for a nice 243. You’re looking for cash to buy Ammo AR Glock 1911 No interest in Remington or Savage. Yes you must ship it. I’ll pay.
  17. Jim n Texas

    Suggestions on doing a pig euro mount

    I left it outside in the dirt for one month. Dawn soap boil Peroxide boil. You will need to do some picking and scraping inside.
  18. Jim n Texas

    Remington Filing for Bankruptcy

    Worth a try for the Indians. Maybe they can fix what the retards ruined.
  19. Jim n Texas

    Purchase ammo in Montana, privately ship to Brother

    Cheating the system Will get you in jail.
  20. Jim n Texas

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    I buy mine at my loading bench. It’s Better, Faster, More accurate, and way cheaper.
  21. Jim n Texas

    Stay away from RTIC coolers

    Meanwhile Coleman and Igloo are still the Best Buy.
  22. Jim n Texas

    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    243 will suffice for anything up to Elk but not recommended for the latter. Check ballistics of the 6mm you’ll be hooked.
  23. Jim n Texas

    holy crap trap shooting is expensive

    How much was that last fishing trip?
  24. Jim n Texas

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Trump train is Rollin Thunder! 2020-2024
  25. Jim n Texas

    Don't vote Democrat.

    I stand Firm on my reply.
  26. Jim n Texas

    no trespassing!

    I have a Noose and the sign says one size fits all.
  27. Jim n Texas

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Americans vote Republican.
  28. Jim n Texas

    Euro mount done

  29. Jim n Texas

    243 imp

    1897 has been Sold Pre 64 Winchester 308 has been Sold Let’s get this one a new home.😁
  30. Jim n Texas

    Wood or metal riser for recurve ?

    Wood is always good. I have three recurved in all wood.
  31. Jim n Texas

    Euro mount done

    Did my Euro mount today. I set it outside for a few weeks and let the bugs do their thing. Worked out well. Boiled in Dawn dish soap and water then hit it with the pressure washer a couple times. Then boiled in a 40-60 mixture of peroxide and water then rinse and walla!
  32. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 1897

    Thanks Curtis but it’s long gone.
  33. Jim n Texas

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Not rubbing it in but you do have choices.
  34. Jim n Texas

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    In good Ol Texas you can purchase a gun at a yard sale. Driveway, Parking lot, or at a local gun store and still be done and shooting it in 15 minutes. Or go pig hunting for free!
  35. Jim n Texas

    243 imp

    Trades open for gun and scope as shown for an M1A Gun itself for a nice standard 243 for deer hunting. “NO” Remingtons
  36. Jim n Texas

    243 imp

    Yes I still have this. If you or you know someone that might be interested let them see it. Savage 243 Ackley Top loader holds 4 rounds No bottom metal Shoots great On the heavy side 11lbs Dies included but No scope. $930 shipped to your FFL
  37. Jim n Texas

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    Everybody gonna die.
  38. Jim n Texas

    Tues range time

    Took the Savage for a spin today. 243 Ackley 6 shot 100 yard group with an ooops. Not my personal best but age is taking it’s toll on me. Don’t let people tell you Savages suck. Well at least their accuracy can be good.😉 100 gr Sierra BT 42 gr H 414 FC brass WW primers
  39. Jim n Texas

    Thinking about Musk Ox

    Grizzly or Dall/Stone sheep in Alaska or Canada is my dream hunt.
  40. Jim n Texas

    7 BR brass

    I'm looking all over. I have the dies to reform but I prefer to use original brass with correct head stamp.
  41. Jim n Texas

    7 BR brass

    Looking for some 7mm BR brass in any amount. Can buy or trade other brass.
  42. Jim n Texas

    Reloading Question

    There is No secret answer. Every rifle and cartridge are different. Start at mid level and go from there as long as you don’t go over MAX don’t worry about pressures. Seating depth to the lands is your friend for good accuracy.
  43. Jim n Texas

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    I shoot a Winchester 101 over and under and love it for all upland shooting. I don’t shoot ducks. I would like to have a semi but liked the 870 better.
  44. Jim n Texas

    Texas deer

    Thanks I’m in East TX Deer came from Huntsville.
  45. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock

    Short action 243-308 Take off never used $60 shipped
  46. Jim n Texas

    Christmas Coues Deer

    Congrats! Nice deer
  47. Jim n Texas

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Weatherby Franchi Tristar Stoger
  48. Jim n Texas

    Texas deer

    Actually wasn’t that bad destroyed the lungs and liver.
  49. Jim n Texas

    Texas deer

    Finally pulled the trigger on a Texas whitetail. Been letting them all walk even the Does. I hate dressing them out. But here he is. Weatherby Vanguard in 308 and a hand loaded 150 gr Sierra Gameking bullet. I hit his right shoulder He was pretty much facing me Reason for large exit rearward.
  50. Jim n Texas

    Hey fellow BD'ers.

    Hands on or in a class beats the hell out of reading or you tubing.
  51. Jim n Texas

    New bill introduction

    I don’t care to follow dipshits like him.
  52. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 1897

    Still available.
  53. Jim n Texas

    F thieves!

    No it does not but when you put the two subjects together it even worse.
  54. Jim n Texas


    Private property.
  55. Jim n Texas


    Either out of range for the Bow or on the wrong side of the fence when rifle in hand. Crap!crap!crap!
  56. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243

    Da-yum Thanks Santa!
  57. Jim n Texas


    Need a Deerkey for dinner. One nice one out of range. But hey I saw him and saw a nicer one last night. Makes it all worthwhile.
  58. Jim n Texas

    New Bullets

    He makes them And sells them they are his design. Google the business name. I’ve never tried them and in fact I haven’t talked to him in about 12 or so years.
  59. Jim n Texas

    New Bullets

    I’ve hand loaded for about 30 years now. Although I have shot copper bullets for accuracy testing I have chosen to use what I have used for many years Cup n core bullets for all my hunting needs. Reason I have no desire to figure it all out again ie great loads for many calibers. Cup and core...
  60. Jim n Texas

    New Bullets

    For those of you not planning to leave This Komiefornia country look at these bullets. They look pretty promising and yes they are kali approved.
  61. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243

    243 Ackley imp Top loader No floor plate No removable mag Scope and mounts Not included Rifle and 3 piece die set only $880 shipped and insured To your FFL
  62. Jim n Texas

    Walmart clearing out all handgun ammo...9mm [email protected]/round

    My Wallyworlds are good to go. But even if I don’t buy ammo.
  63. Jim n Texas

    Learning the hard way

    You are hunting a very pressured area. Head south next year.
  64. Jim n Texas

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    Go against the grain and get. 25-06. Just know that anything from 243 up through the 300 Weatherby is fine for anything California has to offer and then some.
  65. Jim n Texas

    224 Valkyrie????

    The 6.8 is lack luster go with any 6.5 or the 224 V.
  66. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    Bottom Dollar $800+$30 for shipping
  67. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    Back up for sale or trade.
  68. Jim n Texas

    Keen county quail

    It’s called by the seat of your pants and it’s not for everyone. Especially with today’s society.
  69. Jim n Texas

    Keen county quail

    Check out Tehachapi a place called Twin Oaks. You’ll have to figure out how to get past the private property’s. But once you do you’ll be in the birds.
  70. Jim n Texas

    Just my luck

    Not yet it’s the last day of archery. And this stand is over a small opening. I’ll use it on the open hayfields.
  71. Jim n Texas

    Just my luck

    29* in a tree stand and this is what I get. A little spike and a young doe.
  72. Jim n Texas

    Guided Hog Hunt?

    Piss poor management and deep pockets within that.
  73. Jim n Texas

    Chickens walking by my stand... Shootem?

    I used to carry a sling shot when I hunted California.
  74. Jim n Texas

    Chickens walking by my stand... Shootem?

    Shoot them they are farm animals.
  75. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    And it’s one that is to be cherished while carrying it in the woods or desert and stalking Big game.
  76. Jim n Texas


    Only if You shoot them in a period shotgun. Wink
  77. Jim n Texas

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    I’m ready and I’m gonna play it just like the Walking dead.
  78. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    243 bolt gun AR Mini 14-30
  79. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    Curio and Relic applies if Cali still acknowledges it.
  80. Jim n Texas

    How do you measure MOA?

    I like it when you can’t measure center to center due to all shots are in one hole a little larger than caliber.[ATTAC]
  81. Jim n Texas

    Muzzleloader Advice

    I’m using Powerbelt bullets.
  82. Jim n Texas

    Any Savage 99 collectors here

    I want a 250-3000 or a 284
  83. Jim n Texas

    How do you measure MOA?

    If holes are touching call it good.
  84. Jim n Texas

    Pre 64—-308

    Winchester featherweight in 308 Manufacturing date is 1952 $850 or trade for 243 and cash (((((((((Rifle SOLD)))))))))
  85. Jim n Texas

    Quality scoped bolt action

    I want that Forbes but low on cash. That thing is a Smoking deal!
  86. Jim n Texas

    Muzzleloader Advice

    Yep on the non lead and re sighting. Couldn’t tell what to use I never played the California copper game. Even when I was a there.
  87. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 1897

    Hammer back and Pew! Pew! Pew! Coolest shotgun ever created
  88. Jim n Texas


    You missed the fact.
  89. Jim n Texas

    Guided Hog Hunt?

    And there’s that..
  90. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 1897

    SOLD elsewhere.
  91. Jim n Texas

    Muzzleloader Advice

    CVA or Thompson Center.
  92. Jim n Texas


    We never had gun issues until the AR and the AK became hugely popular. Truth! Ponder that.
  93. Jim n Texas

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    RIP. Can someone give some info what happened to Mike.
  94. Jim n Texas

    Thoughts on a sporterized Springfield 1903?

    An elevated stand is a better way to shoot pigs in most of Texas. IMO
  95. Jim n Texas

    Thoughts on a sporterized Springfield 1903?

    Sporterized a few myself. Nice rifles but they are on the heavy side.
  96. Jim n Texas

    Archery time is coming

    Deer and pigs I can take 5 deer per year and pigs 24-7-365
  97. Jim n Texas

    Archery time is coming

    Got a new used bow and just replaced the string and got a tune up. Ready to rock out to 40ish yards. Only has a 3 pin but I can cheat too. Been rocking the recurve with no success as of yet. So it’s time to stretch the distance. Bad shoulder helps none for either type bow.
  98. Jim n Texas

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    Cabela’s and Bass pro have some nice boots. Some rebranded and some made to their specs. I just ordered a light weight pair for bow season from Cabela’s.
  99. Jim n Texas

    Who’s going for The opener ?

    Everyone goes that’s why it’s best to sit it out. Unless you can get onto private property’s.
  100. Jim n Texas

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    Going on 5 years on one pair of Rocky boots. Sole fell of my $300 Danners twice. FK danners.
  101. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 imp

    Added to trade for Compound bow and cash Found a bow so this trade is Moot!
  102. Jim n Texas

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Just LUCK lots of it. Good luck!
  103. Jim n Texas

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Right there is your problem. You choose to stay in a state No Army of people can fix. You just don’t want your Freedom as much as others. Oh and you’ve excuse after excuse. Have fun!
  104. Jim n Texas

    Secure gun storage now a law

    There is a very good alternative. MOVE!
  105. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 imp

    You can shoot standard 243 in this all day long. Just Incase you don’t reload. But save the fired brass by chance you decide to load or have someone that can. This is a Sub MOA shooter.
  106. Jim n Texas

    or Trade, Gun Collection, Benelli, Browning, Smith and Wesson and Many More

    No Problem but after 7 pages of bumps I thought I could help ya out on that upcoming hunt you mentioned.
  107. Jim n Texas

    or Trade, Gun Collection, Benelli, Browning, Smith and Wesson and Many More

    I’ll give you $200 for the Optima Pro shipped to TX.
  108. Jim n Texas

    300 WSM

    Sako-Tikka has been around too long to not be thinking right.
  109. Jim n Texas

    300 WSM

    Get a Weatherby Mark V and any 300 and don’t worry about the so called short bolt throw. You’ll never wish you had it.
  110. Jim n Texas

    Gun Safe

    Harbor Freight or Costco.
  111. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 imp

    $1000+$40 shipping to FFL Stock blank, inletting, shaping and finish alone would cost this much.
  112. Jim n Texas

    What do you guys do with coyotes?

    Same thing I do with jacks.
  113. Jim n Texas

    Progressive or non progressive press

    RCBS. Load one at a time and enjoy the labors. You’ll more than likely Never have a failure or Squib as some like to call it. Besides fine tuning is where it’s at and that Can’t be done progressively.
  114. Jim n Texas

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    243 on up just pick one none are better than the other for the average Joe shooting within 300 yards.
  115. Jim n Texas

    Weatherby moves from CA to WY

    Smartest thing anyone could do is to leave the state that hates its native residents.
  116. Jim n Texas

    Texas Bass

    These are some average bass from this pond. Huntsville TX.
  117. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 imp

    243 Ackley imp. Gun, scope, dies and brass. $1100 +$40 for shipping to your FFL Also open to trades. Looking for a standard weight 243 “No Remingtons” AR in 223, 6.5 Grendel, 300 blackout M1A Mini 30 or 14 Colt SAA clones
  118. Jim n Texas

    or Sale Melvin Forbes 20B NULA Ultralight .308 Winchester

    I’ll do a straight up trade for my custom Savage 243 imp. You ship I’ll ship.
  119. Jim n Texas

    Dick's, their name says it all

    Bothers me none.
  120. Jim n Texas

    End of rifle season

    Official last day of rifle season and it was a no go but have until Jan 20 for blackpowder. Maybe?
  121. Jim n Texas

    Custom Savage 243

    $850 rifle only + shipping @ $25 to your FFL
  122. Jim n Texas

    Recommendation for Bison Meat Hunt

    Farm raised and wild are two totally different creatures.
  123. Jim n Texas

    Recommendation for Bison Meat Hunt

    Bar none. Crazy woman bison
  124. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock/ Howa

    Short action Howa or Weatherby Vanguard. Like new cond and never used. Pillar bedding and rubber coatedgreat stock over plain Tupperware or if you want to save your wooden stock from F ups. $60 firm. Shipping is $12.
  125. Jim n Texas

    Entry hunting rifle

    Check out the T/C Compass it has an adjustable trigger, 4-5 round mag depending on caliber, 5R rifling, aluminum pillars in a cheap stock, 60 degree bolt lift, and great reviews $50 gift card makes it a great value. Check the reviews. I’m getting a 243 And picked it over the Ruger American. This...
  126. Jim n Texas

    Cool TX buck

    My son in law took his first buck yesterday, hunt took place from an elevated stand set within about a 4 acre clearing in the woods. Buck came out from around a very large oak tree with tons of underbrush. As soon as I saw the horns I whispered hey shoot that dude not even telling him where it...
  127. Jim n Texas

    Trying to Hunt Wild Pig

    On that trip your odds of pig hunting are Slim to none. Coyotes yes!
  128. Jim n Texas

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Fantastic deer, Awesome make of rifle, Great caliber, Great picture
  129. Jim n Texas

    Bambi vs 300wm

    Dead is dead and that’s what’s it’s all about.
  130. Jim n Texas

    Bambi vs 300wm

    40 yard shot?
  131. Jim n Texas

    Entry hunting rifle

    270 with 150s is great Elk gun if you handload you can step up to 160 Nosler partitions and shoot the largest Elk.
  132. Jim n Texas

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    I won’t be holding my breath on that one.
  133. Jim n Texas

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    Review, cops knock on your door and you answer with gun drawn. Darwin movement Next!
  134. Jim n Texas

    Texas deer stand

    Yes it’s cold in east Texas.
  135. Jim n Texas

    This little piggy

    Lol yeah I really have no use for a suppressor. Beside imo they look stupid add length and cost as much as a good rifle. My ear muffs work fine
  136. Jim n Texas

    Custom Savage 243

    Bump! Sale or trade let’s talk Lowered pricing
  137. Jim n Texas

    what to do with 5.56 ammo

    Get a bolt gun and be done.
  138. Jim n Texas

    This little piggy

    Didn't make it to the market. About 200 lbs boar spine shot DRT! 70 ish yards from a ground blind Weatherby 308 Leupold VX 3 fixed 6x Hand loaded 165 gr Nosler solid base. “old schoolers” 46.5 gr W748 Fed brass WLR primers
  139. Jim n Texas

    Entry hunting rifle

    Vanguard, Tikka 270 will do it all
  140. Jim n Texas

    Youth Rifle Combo?

    Weatherby makes a youth gun with spacers you can install as he grows. 243 or 6.5 Creedmoor.
  141. Jim n Texas

    Large mouth in Texas

    More from elsewhere.
  142. Jim n Texas

    Large mouth in Texas

    On a farm in Huntsville Texas
  143. Jim n Texas

    Custom Savage 243

    Hmmm. I did several while living in Komieland. Handguns may be hard though. Anyway take care.
  144. Jim n Texas

    Custom Savage 243

    I guess it's either ugly or everyone's into heavy projectiles.
  145. Jim n Texas

    CartridgeCalls will now be carried by Dicks Sporting goods

    I shop Dicks because with their coupons and internet deals no body can beat their prices. Fishing stuff Only. I really don't give a shit about their stance on guns. There are millions of anti gun companies and if you boycot them all you'll just make it tough on yourself for shopping. Last...
  146. Jim n Texas

    Custom Savage 243

    Savage 10 short action 243 Ackley Improved 40* Yes it will shoot standard 243 ammo Target/Varmint Savage varmint barrel reamed to the IMP version Twist rate = 1 in 9.25 will shoot 100 grainers maybe 105's 25'' fluted barrel+ brake Large bolt knob custom barrel lug Stock trigger One off custom...
  147. Jim n Texas

    Using and Ozone Generator for hunting

    With all the.products on the market why would one choose to lug an Ozone machine around. I worked on fire and flood repair and you don't want to spend time breathing what the machine puts out.
  148. Jim n Texas

    Beautiful Custom Stock blanks

    I'll take all three pieces per PM.
  149. Jim n Texas

    Deer camp 2018

    Preping the feeder. Waiting for opener as I plan to walk this year screw that sitting and waiting crap.
  150. Jim n Texas

    Yeti and its anti 2A position

    ^^^ just got a 13 fishing concepts A at Dicks for $120, hate them but I couldn't pass on the reel deal. Their gun policies don't bother me they lose more than us on the deal.
  151. Jim n Texas

    Favorite Brand Predator Calls?

    Hand made calls or my old skool Jonny Stewarts. Never fail to bring something in.
  152. Jim n Texas

    What is your dream gun?

    1st generation Colt SAA 5" barrel, nice grips in 45Colt. Unmolested
  153. Jim n Texas

    Gun for my son

    CZ bolt action 22 rifle, add a scope later.
  154. Jim n Texas

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    I'm just going to go to Acadamy Sports and get all my tags on one license. No draw no bullshit.
  155. Jim n Texas

    Winchestermodel 94

    It's a side mount and if drilled and tapped value of rifle is Gone.
  156. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock/Howa

    Only my ignorance! Sorry it's a short action 308/243
  157. Jim n Texas

    Hogue stock/Howa

    Howa/Weatherby Vanguard hogue stock,short action 308/243, SOLD!!!
  158. Jim n Texas

    SKS build poll

    Leave as intended, anything else looks like dog shit!
  159. Jim n Texas

    Chad Gierlich poached deer in Yosemite sent to jail

    !00% yes you should. You knowingly broke the law. Stupid games win great prizes They should also be imprisoned,life long ban of hunting anywhere on top of probation when released.
  160. Jim n Texas

    Just wondering if...

    Nope, I left that retarded state so not to have to play games or be attached to the puppeteers. I'm FREE! and have all the ammo anyone could ask for.:frehya2:
  161. Jim n Texas

    LAX amo

    Lol, I moved to Texas there is ammo everywhere and its cheaper.
  162. Jim n Texas

    LAX amo

    I shot 1000 of their reloaded 9mm 115 grain ammo without a single flaw. Never bpught anymore though.
  163. Jim n Texas

    Texas hog

    First Texas hog while deer hunting. Pre64 Winchester, 308, 165Nosler BT=DRT Approx 80yards.
  164. Jim n Texas

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    Non game animal use what you want.
  165. Jim n Texas

    Arizona elk success

    Very nice! Congrats to both. I love that area.
  166. Jim n Texas

    Simple question

    Screw the shotgun any handgun you can comfortably handle. Magnums are not advisable.
  167. Jim n Texas

    Cabelas bull shit mailer, total lie

    Bullshit or not, california sucks and they all know it. I would never buy ammo or components from the highest priced stores anyway.
  168. Jim n Texas

    28 nosler for sale

    Title was misleading.
  169. Jim n Texas


    Got away
  170. Jim n Texas

    Eastern Sierra Bear help

    Screw Mammoth all together head for the owens valley anywhere west of 395 holds good Bear. Try Onion Valley not at the top but from the valley up 3/4 of the way there. Too many people/hikers any higher. Hint, 7 pines
  171. Jim n Texas

    First Texas Deer hunt

    We are shooting muzzleloaders not shooting anything inside of 50 yards. only trying bows opening of archery. Thanks for the concern/tips
  172. Jim n Texas

    First Texas Deer hunt

  173. Jim n Texas

    First Texas Deer hunt

    It's more covered than it looks. I studied the placement for two days before putting it there. That sunny patch behind the stand will be a small food plot as well as several out front and along a fence line. Remember it's Texas there are millions of deer. Besides it's a hard transition from a...
  174. Jim n Texas

    First Texas Deer hunt

    Yes but that severly disrupts my viewing. I predict the deer will come in from three sides. Im doing a little archery but mostly old school muxxle loader. I will be wrapping the basket with camo. Ps there is a pond right behind the trees with the dam at that end the deer water there. Cant see...
  175. Jim n Texas

    First Texas Deer hunt

    Well got a 200 acre property to hunt and fish. First we picked a location for a stand and feeder. This spot looks over a large part of good land with trees at three sides, fence lines and plenty of water. Owner cut hay and I gave him a hand since we got the lease for Free! We were able to bag a...
  176. Jim n Texas

    Muzzleloader recommendations

    I stick with the real deal, Repro's anyway an Old CVA and a T/C Hawken. Son in law and I will be using them this year for whitetails.
  177. Jim n Texas

    New addition to the house

    Great deer! only problem you have now is you will probably never be able to Top that one. Challenge is on. LOL
  178. Jim n Texas


    PM'd ya with a little info. Hope it helps. Good luck.
  179. Jim n Texas

    5x4 D12 mount 2016

    I see it that's cool. we call those Cheaters. 4x4 with a cheater
  180. Jim n Texas

    5x4 D12 mount 2016

    Very nice but I'm only seeing a 4x4. I have chased a few bucks in that area just never made a connection.
  181. Jim n Texas

    Dove, Texas

    double post I hate cell phones
  182. Jim n Texas

    Dove, Texas

    Well it started great before first light we could see the siloetes flying across the field when shooting time came BAM! Not to many birds we only had a few holdovers stay behind due to the Hurricane Harvey deal. Our area was doomed. However tbet did well in the Austin through Dallas area and I'm...
  183. Jim n Texas

    Kuiu? need reviews on packs

    I have tried a bunch and always turn back to my $200 Crooked horn pack, in fact it's all I own now.
  184. Jim n Texas

    Texas Deer hunting.

    Got my license for Dove shooting but with our hurricane Harvey coming in it will most likely not take place. Oh well my license includes "5 - FIVE" whitetail deer tags and pigs are FREE!.:frehya2:
  185. Jim n Texas

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    I blew out 2 pairs of USA made Danner Elk hunters in three years, step down to try some Rockies and 5 years later I'm still wearing them.
  186. Jim n Texas

    Rifle Scopes

    Well we tried to help you but you went in the opposite direction as from low budget to bottom of the barrel.
  187. Jim n Texas

    Big Bear (Lake) Neighborhood Watch

    Don't shoot it, it's one of three in the whole damn mountain range probably. LOL
  188. Jim n Texas

    Rifle Scopes

    Look at the lower end Nikons they are better than the lower end Vortex line.
  189. Jim n Texas

    Remington 783 .308?

    Whole different ball game I paid $99 for my 870's it's just what they cost then from now. They were never considered Cheap guns. Won't comment on the Glock because I would never own one regardless. It's not so much the plastic it's the quality of the cheap plastic and the crap internal parts...
  190. Jim n Texas

    Remington 783 .308?

    I don't know what you reading but seriously use the search button over at Cal Guns One thing though calguns is very biased towards Remington 700 due to the tacticool trends and that even 7-11 and Big lots carries parts for them. LOL Remington has made I believe 3 crappy entry level rifles and...
  191. Jim n Texas

    Remington 783 .308?

    History shows the remington low end rifles are JUNK! even the Save Axis is a better buy. The Ruger American gets good marks and most owners own more than one. But remember if you buy cheap you'll always have cheap. $100 more puts you on a nice rifle if you look around. Basic Remington, Savage...
  192. Jim n Texas

    Remington 783 .308?

    The Ruger American is a better deal and a semi heavy barrel is what the Predator model has.
  193. Jim n Texas

    Oldest rifle you own

  194. Jim n Texas

    Oldest rifle you own

    Winchester 94 Pre 64 =1955 Winchester M70 =1951 Winchester 62 just old and cool =1936 Winchester 1897 = 1912 Winchester 101= 1967 for
  195. Jim n Texas

    Moving with Firearms & Ammo

    I bought a Jobox and mounted in my truck. Ammo and guns, some guns had to go in tbe truck ran out of room. Moving co. Said NO ammo, gun powder, fuel, combustables. Sold the box when I got to my new state. Good luck.
  196. Jim n Texas

    New to SOCAL, looking for pheasant

    Check out a place up north a bit, Woodlake California.
  197. Jim n Texas

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    In reality it could take several hunting trips guided or not, pay per hunt or not, public land or private before you even shoot something much less fill a freezer. Go out of state and increase your odds significantly.
  198. Jim n Texas

    If you register a gun as AW, can you hunt with it?

    They have no say so about it.
  199. Jim n Texas

    If you register a gun as AW, can you hunt with it?

    You can hunt with anything as long as it meets appropriate cartridge parameters for species of game to be taken. For Yotes and such bring what you have.
  200. Jim n Texas

    Pros and cons of registering?

    Sell them all or move to a free state. No way would I own a FUGLY featureless or register anything.
  201. Jim n Texas

    CA 2017 hunting draw results are in, what did you score?

    Monache meadows is a joke and has been hunted out for years. Everyone hunts that area as well as cow canyon if you've heard of that. Hunt the front East side of the zone. Also look at Haiwee flats I believe that is in your zone.
  202. Jim n Texas

    CA 2017 hunting draw results are in, what did you score?

    TEXAS baby! no draw no wait. Buy a license deer stamp, make some friends that own land and go shoot 5 deer and all the hogs and varmints you can. Hunt low land, Seriously give it a try.
  203. Jim n Texas

    BB Ban Back

    In the mean time other States love people and their firearms. Visit or move to one soon. Best thing you will ever do.
  204. Jim n Texas

    Chrome Plated vs Nickel Plated 1911's...?

    Nickle is one of the process stages of chrome. I would choose Nickle over chrome it's more forgiving for wear.
  205. Jim n Texas

    Advice on selling small collection of 9 rifles/ shotguns

    Calguns, BD, armslist
  206. Jim n Texas

    Any Serious Gunstock Makers Out There?

    Sent you a PM
  207. Jim n Texas

    Need a silver scope

    Nice scope but 56mm is out of my league.
  208. Jim n Texas

    Advice on selling small collection of 9 rifles/ shotguns

    Very hard to sell as a LOT unless you just want to dump them Cheap! sell separate and add that you will ship, It's very easy to do at a UPS HUB buyer pays all fees. If you don't ship you lose 50% or more of your buyers. Experience.
  209. Jim n Texas

    Need a silver scope

    Leupold vx2 or vx3, older Bushnell elite,,Burris,,Weaver V16 3x9x40 on up to 4x16. MUST be silver.
  210. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a B&C stock---Vanguard short action

    Need a stock 308-short action, non tactical type.
  211. Jim n Texas

    Savage arms 308 feedback/advice

    In the end you will need to modify that Remington to make as good as most any other rifle. Truth! You now have a lot more cash spent for nothing. IMO and for many others as well.
  212. Jim n Texas

    D16 Giant

    Nice deer but it looks like it's from elsewhere other than D-16. But things happen!
  213. Jim n Texas

    Question for reloaders

    normal wear load it and shoot.
  214. Jim n Texas

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    As calguns would say a glock and three 30 round mags. LOL, seriously been there done that many times over. Shotgun and or 44 mag or 45 colt or larger.
  215. Jim n Texas

    Ca Best Bear Zones

    San Gorgonio mountains you may even get to gawk at some sheep.
  216. Jim n Texas

    300 WSM - Contemplating getting one

    Re barrel your 06 to a 338-06 or a 35 Whelan
  217. Jim n Texas

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    $500-$700 in California they are a bit hard to sell. I traded mine with a $600 value.
  218. Jim n Texas

    Weatherby Choice

    The accumark is a heavy rifle, I prefer the Weather mark or the past Fibermark, 257 or plain Jane 270
  219. Jim n Texas

    No bolts

    Did you ask if they would give you a bolt for demonstration?
  220. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 97

  221. Jim n Texas

    Sierras guide service

    A Sierra Guide will cost you $1500 and up with NO guarantee of a Deer. Two days is not enough for a Deer hunt on public land, yes you could get lucky but fat chance on that you really need a week.
  222. Jim n Texas

    Shooting Chrony with tripod

    Why is this still here? great setup.
  223. Jim n Texas

    Question; 300 Blackout, '06, .308

    Rethink the 243.
  224. Jim n Texas

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Just like with guns they won't sell to a Californian.
  225. Jim n Texas

    Savage 22-250

    Thanks Mike but I had to give up ocean fishing so I have no need for the reel. But good trade offer.
  226. Jim n Texas

    Make up my Mind

    That 270 WSM will work as good as a 300 Win mag in my book. here is a chart for recoil. Good luck with the Hunt.
  227. Jim n Texas

    Make up my Mind

    Porting is ok if you don't mind going deaf, if you get it get a removable brake and a thread cap for when not in use. Limbsaver works well, Mercury tube a bit over rated. If a guided hunt make sure your guide knows of a brake he just may tell you "not on my watch".
  228. Jim n Texas

    Make up my Mind

    What are you planning to hunt with it? and have you shot a 300 before?
  229. Jim n Texas

    Make up my Mind

    OEM Sako rings, this gun is an early 80's model in 30-06 it used to be my favorite rifle, took my nicest deer with it from G-3. I've retired the rifle and hunt with my pre 64 Winchester 308 and Weatherby MarkV 257. I was going to rechamber this to 300 Win mag but the bolt could not be opened up...
  230. Jim n Texas

    Make up my Mind

    AV action is as Sako as any other. 300 Weatherby ammo is a bit costlier yes and a bit more potent but if you think you need it then get it if you handload you can tone it down if desired.
  231. Jim n Texas

    .308 for elk????

    308, 165-168 grain bullets if not a Cali hunt go lead.
  232. Jim n Texas

    Savage 22-250

    Savage Predator / full camo / heavy barrel / large bolt knob 22-250 LA / OC $800 rifle, one mag and scope / Nikon Buckmaster 4x12x40..$750 $675 rifle, one mag, only..$625 May include 55 grain copper Bullets, once fired brass for reloading. Only trades would be UBERTI / Colt clone SAA...
  233. Jim n Texas

    Smith &Wesson Model 36---2" barrel

  234. Jim n Texas

    online site for Leupold scopes?

    Personal thing and they tried to screw me on a trade. They are no where near as cheap as many others though they claim they are or 110% money back only if you can prove you found something cheaper. Why hassle it just buy cheaper elsewhere.
  235. Jim n Texas

    online site for Leupold scopes?

    SWFA sucks! avoid them.
  236. Jim n Texas

    Martin Hunter Bow

    Damn that's a great bow for that price.
  237. Jim n Texas

    WOOL hunting gear

  238. Jim n Texas

    WOOL hunting gear

    fuck it!
  239. Jim n Texas

    Lapping Scope Rings?

    I have lapped three pairs and only one of those pair showed any removal of material or coating. In my case not worth the time. But you never know unless you try it.
  240. Jim n Texas

    online site for Leupold scopes?

    Optics planet but insist that they do a visual of stock on hand before you give them your card # yes that means you have to call to order.
  241. Jim n Texas

    Remington 710 Sportsman .243??

    It's a POS! Get the Ruger American or a Savage 10.
  242. Jim n Texas

    Snub nose perfecta

    Got this for $270 though I gave the Lady $300 it was still a great deal on a nice gun.
  243. Jim n Texas

    Snub nose perfecta

    Just DROS'D this little pup, 38 special. Super cool gun still in OEM box from about 1955ish.
  244. Jim n Texas

    Butch's Bore Shine

    I've been using EEZOX for about 16 years and I love it, low Oder but some say it's a bit toxic, well fuck just don't drink it then.
  245. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a snub nose

    All is good, I have the same phobia towards Glocks. LOL
  246. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a snub nose

    There's always a few bad ones from every maker. My sister has a light weight and it shoots every time, lock up is as good as any Smith, Ruger. Besides things can be fixed.
  247. Jim n Texas

    Loooking for 9mm or 40mm ammo

    Found plenty at a lower price on Cal Guns still some left.
  248. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a snub nose

    Taurus 85 or other, Rossi, S&W or similar. $300 or less . WooooHooooo! scored a sweet deal on a 1955 S&W 36 in original box. for less than $300, no shit!
  249. Jim n Texas

    Question; 300 Blackout, '06, .308

    243 and check out a Weatherby Vanguard, wood or plastic they are great guns. Rugers are nice as well
  250. Jim n Texas

    Loooking for 9mm or 40mm ammo

    Looking for 500 + - rounds of name brand ammo FMJ, no reloads. $120 per 500 this weekend. FOUND elsewhere, Thanks
  251. Jim n Texas

    was there any doubt in your mind?

    The asshole got what he wanted, 15 minutes of fame, too bad the others didn't follow suit.
  252. Jim n Texas

    .223 vs 5.56???

    Spend $100 and have your rifle chamber hit with a Wylde reamer and shoot both.
  253. Jim n Texas

    Shooting table

    Yeah I removed them, only had the one table left and those who said they wanted one all flaked.
  254. Jim n Texas

    Shooting table

    24" x 14" x 48" and 35" tall. legs run $40+ high grade wood is $35+ per sheet or $20+ for 1/4 sheets for a one table deal, Box of screws $5, bottle of glue $5, finish as desired $10 and up. I router all edges of the top and the bottom supports for a nice detail finish. I finished my personal one...
  255. Jim n Texas

    Shooting table

    ebay or Amazon two different sizes available.
  256. Jim n Texas

    Shooting table

    I can make more when I return from Texas on the 21st. PM me as it takes a couple days to get the legs and make one up. Prices start at $115.
  257. Jim n Texas

    Shooting table

    I made a few of these and sold them here and there I had enough material to make one more. Legs got a sprinkle of over spray from paint but it will clean up if you must. in Whittier.
  258. Jim n Texas

    Noob question about reloading

    It doesn't matter what they were fired in as long as you full length size them you can shoot them in any 308 chamber. NO two chambers are identical unless they are custom reamed by the same reamer from the same Gun Smith. IMO... I've been handloading for about 29 years.
  259. Jim n Texas

    Barrel Brake in?

    You are just wasting ammo, Shoot it, keep it cool, clean it and be done. I am lucky enough have owned some high end custom made rifles from some of the best. NONE go through a break in regiment as none is required by the builders. If I believed it did something special I would most definitely do...
  260. Jim n Texas

    TRADE-- Ruger 44 Mag --TRADE

  261. Jim n Texas

    Alaskan Caribou hunt video

    Very very cool, I was once going to do a Caribou hunt but life got the best of me and it never worked out. Thanks for sharing.
  262. Jim n Texas

    Montana Elk-2015

    That's a nice Bull.
  263. Jim n Texas

    CZ SP01----- FOR TRADE

    Gun has been traded.
  264. Jim n Texas

    Breaking it in.

  265. Jim n Texas

    Finally drew G6

    That is a nice deer and the place in which the hunt took place is worth half the hunt.
  266. Jim n Texas

    New Varmint Rifle

    22-250 you can load down or use it as is, They never made a better critter cartridge and it will do great for Pronghorn and Deer if needed.
  267. Jim n Texas

    Ruger 10/22

    You have got sooooo much to learn. Sorry I can't help you! in fact probably know one could. GOOGLE is your friend on anything 10-22 I bought my first one two weeks after they came out but you probably weren't even on the face of the earth at the time. I've been around the block and learned as I...
  268. Jim n Texas

    Ruger 10/22

    Yeah its what you know not what you think but with a reply like yours I know you don't know! and yeah I'm laughing my ass off.
  269. Jim n Texas

    Ruger 10/22

    None of the new ones are worth $100, the old ones pre plastic are the ones that will hold value and continue to rise. I wouldn't even consider a new one for any reason and the take down is a joke!
  270. Jim n Texas

    A few last deer handleing question?

    Keep it as cool as possible, shade is good. Wrap it up for travel hang it in your garage an process it in due time no need to get it done ASAP!!!!!! within a couple hours. Leaving over night or two days is fine.
  271. Jim n Texas

    Sell/Trade---Ruger Blackhawk 44

    Anyone? anything? Price lowered to $500 for one week, trade value still the same.
  272. Jim n Texas

    Scope removal for storage ARGUMENT...

    TOTAL waste of time and energy, her x was anal.
  273. Jim n Texas

    FS: Ruger SR556-VT

    I'll trade you a Glow stick.:D
  274. Jim n Texas

    Sell/Trade---Ruger Blackhawk 44

    PM'd with pic of wood grips.
  275. Jim n Texas

    For Sale-Vintage 25 Cal Pistol Italian Made, $100

    I believe you can not ship off roster handguns to or from California.
  276. Jim n Texas

    Sell/Trade---Ruger Blackhawk 44

    Other trades welcome let me know what you have.
  277. Jim n Texas

    Sell/Trade---Ruger Blackhawk 44

    Traded elsewhere, Thanks for looking.
  278. Jim n Texas

    Got one!

    Very nice, eye guards don't count in the west they just add flair! Whatcha shootin/rifle?
  279. Jim n Texas

    Questions for those who have a 7mm Rem Mag

    Compromise and get a 280 Ackley improved.
  280. Jim n Texas

    When you hunt alone, and you F up....and you are in Africa. Oh shit.

    Never cared for TV hunting.
  281. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a low cost Revolver

    Looking for a camp gun nothing nice just needs to be a good shooter. willing to spend around $350 I also have an old J.C.Higgins 12 gauge for partial trade if interested? it isn't pretty but it's a good shooter. Looking for anything in Caliber=38 -357- 45 colt- 44 special Prefer 3-5" barrel but...
  282. Jim n Texas

    Bird dog training costs

    I trained my lab by dong the real hunt, actually I was a lucky fucker and she just did it by herself, No she's not a pro grade bird dog she is my companion but was one hell of a bird/Rabbit dog. She even tracked a Deer for me though I knew where it was she lead the way and went right to it about...
  283. Jim n Texas


    if you want to go the other direction East, look into the Newberry Springs area. That's all I got.
  284. Jim n Texas

    What say you........

    I would bet a bunch that is a lion. I have seen many and quite a few up close actually to close twice being stalked is a scary ordeal. Look at the shoulder and or hip as well as the girth of the tail, also the shape of the head at how wide the flat it is. It isn't a Kitty kitty and it certainly...
  285. Jim n Texas

    5.56 ammo question

    You have a gun, optic or shooter problem, fix that and don't worry about the ammo just yet.
  286. Jim n Texas


    I saw you guys up there and yes that's the way the guys work it up there, they take you where you could have driven your truck.
  287. Jim n Texas

    What say you........

    Bob cats don't have long tails. Small Lion.
  288. Jim n Texas

    Help on choosing a good 300 winchester magnum rifle! This will be my next 2 rifles in 280 Ackley and 22-250 The Closer model suits me fine.
  289. Jim n Texas

    Wts. Shooting bench

    Removed for lack of interest.
  290. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    Couple more pics of grip and close up of action section.
  291. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    Yes it is a Savage action and a take off Savage Varmint barrel swap, kinda fancy for a Savage :imdumb: but hey I only own the one Savage so why not? Caliber is 243 Ackley improved, re-chamber from standard version.
  292. Jim n Texas

    7mm mag Ammo Recommendation

    If your going to hunt California try every non lead crap ammo you can find and pick the best for your rifle. Consider loading your own!!!!!!!!!!
  293. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    Thanks guy's just thought I would share, I am very pleased with the results it's been a while since I've done anything like this.
  294. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    Curley maple, yes I did I also used a Router, Dremel tool, Coping saw, drum sanders and lots of sand paper. Finish is Automotive high gloss Poly.
  295. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    Well the rough cut was done by a stock duplicator as in the second pic from above, I did the reshaping of the butt stock, grip, fore arm and applied the stain and finish also stippled the grip. The entire forarm section from the grip out to the tip was 2 1/2" wide that's how I achieved the...
  296. Jim n Texas

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    The transformation finally took place, Tada!
  297. Jim n Texas

    Help on choosing a good 300 winchester magnum rifle!

    Not very knowledgeable guides in my opinion, A good guide knows more than just where the animals are.
  298. Jim n Texas

    Help on choosing a good 300 winchester magnum rifle!

    7mm making pencil holes versus the 308 caliber. This is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Bullet construction would be the blame for that not caliber.
  299. Jim n Texas

    Wilderness Unlimited (W U)

  300. Jim n Texas

    Wilderness Unlimited (W U)

    Research it, you may change your thoughts? It's a whole lot of HYPE and not so much Game.
  301. Jim n Texas

    Fish and GAME office heads up

    Oregon, Idaho , Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Canada and many more will cater to your needs I'm sure!
  302. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a 1911,,9mm or CZ 75,,9mm

    Anyone have a spare or need some cash for new fishing gear perhaps? ................NEVER MIND I found one today.....................
  303. Jim n Texas

    Tag reporting

    They are controlling you, don't be a victim!
  304. Jim n Texas

    Cartridge display board

    They were placed with earthquake putty but they are no longer. I took it all apart a while back so they are just placed there for the photos and can paced as desired.
  305. Jim n Texas

    Cartridge display board

    No longer displaying this and it's in the way, it's a cool conversation piece and fun to add different cartridges you find, this has some pretty cool ones even a couple from the Chocolate Mountains. WITHDRAWN
  306. Jim n Texas

    Game hauler/cart

    No longer hunting the Anti state so I'm selling the game cart. Home made, light weight, strong and compact. All you need and nothing more to haul Deer or Pigs or small Bear. WITHDRAWN
  307. Jim n Texas

    .223 ammo for trade?

    Thanks, too far from me.
  308. Jim n Texas

    2015 CA Big Game Digest is out

    This will be year #3 I won't be spending my money to hunt an anti hunter/firearm state and support their salaries. Fuck-em hard!
  309. Jim n Texas

    Barnes Copper Bullet FAIL

    It's not a fail if your game dies and when you don't have to track it down, that said you couldn't pay me to use a copper bullet on a big game animal. I lost two pigs from Tejon so between the Barnes bullets and Tejon being in condor zone I won't be shooting or hunting with or there ever...
  310. Jim n Texas

    Float tube "round"

    Like new, no leaks, I'll look for a pic, It's mostly grey and blue.
  311. Jim n Texas

    Float tube "round"

    Great cond, used three times and in box $25 with fins. FTF Whittier area?
  312. Jim n Texas

    Is there such a thing as a low cost elk hunt?

    Oregon Outfitter tags and a drop camp.
  313. Jim n Texas

    700lb Hog in NC....... I call BS........

    This is funny shit right here.
  314. Jim n Texas

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?
  315. Jim n Texas

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    Just buy one of these from Magnum research.
  316. Jim n Texas

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    Chukar, always knew of these birds but never really had a desire to chase them and try for a shot then one cool afternoon while hunting in Tehachapi near the little town of Caliente I came across a whole covey of them perched out on an outcropping and said to myself I can go up the back side and...
  317. Jim n Texas

    WTS 6.5x284 brass

    All SOLD!
  318. Jim n Texas

    AZ bucks hitting the ground

    That is freakin awesome! they don't make many like that one.
  319. Jim n Texas

    Getting a new barrel, but which caliber?

    I think it's been a long while since anyone won a championship shooting a 308. They will do 1000 but others will do it way better.
  320. Jim n Texas

    Getting a new barrel, but which caliber?

    Don't put too much emphasis on 5r it's not magic.
  321. Jim n Texas

    Getting a new barrel, but which caliber?

    The 7mm08 and the 308 are two peas in a pod really, go 243 or 260 a twist of 1 in 8 or 1 in 9 is perfectly fine for a 243.
  322. Jim n Texas

    Getting a new barrel, but which caliber?

    Projectiles are really easy to get right now do it and get them soon which ever you choose. I just picked up 2000 224 projectiles and 1000 257 projectiles from Calguns and Nosler pro shop.
  323. Jim n Texas

    Getting a new barrel, but which caliber?

    243 all the way, covers everything from squirrels to Yotes/Cats, large Deer and any Pig that walks.
  324. Jim n Texas

    Idaho Wolf Derby?!? I'm in!

    People just need to chill!
  325. Jim n Texas

    It was just to tempting!

    So here it goes.
  326. Jim n Texas

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    Just soup no tags this year. I opted out for numerous reasons.
  327. Jim n Texas

    Small dings

    Wood worker for too many years, if the dings chipped or opened the finish then steam will penetrate and it can turn the clear coat to a whitish blah and you can't fix that properly unless you strip the whole thing. Leave it be or refinish the whole stock and ding it up again and again. It's...
  328. Jim n Texas

    What caliber would you buy?

    7mm Remington
  329. Jim n Texas

    Tagged out

    Congrats, That's a great deer, I got that tag back in 2002 got a 26" 3x3 with a cheater and like yours no eye guards. I see lots of big forkies up there it was real hard for me not to take one, after all was said and done I regret not doing it. I like the unusual type deer forkies, 1x3's, club...
  330. Jim n Texas

    CDFW Deer Hunter Opinion Survey

    I did not waste my time to inform them what they should already know and or be doing.
  331. Jim n Texas

    Gut hook/Game Zipper

    They suck!
  332. Jim n Texas


    This state is ANTI hunting and getting worse. Spend your money elsewhere they will love you for it and actually put your $$ towards wildlife and not just in their pockets.
  333. Jim n Texas

    Ok, who does Glamis on Thanksgiving weekend?

    I did Glamis from the 1970 on through late 80's, got to be too much of a big drunken party, too damn dangerous! Sold all my toys.
  334. Jim n Texas

    Coyote Help

    The Bad lands out behind the town of Niland and a bit north. Actually anywhere out there and don't hesitate to hunt the fields. Where there is vegetables and water there are rabbits, where there are rabbits there are Coyotes. The Canals are good produces as well.
  335. Jim n Texas

    Remington Recall

    If you are a victim of this you are 100% better off by replacing the trigger a quality unit such as a Timney or Jewel or Rifle Basix rather then let Remington put another POS on it, not to mention the time they will have your rifle for the process. Could be many months due to the number of...
  336. Jim n Texas

    Remington Recall

    Happily not a victim of this brand.:shithappens::D
  337. Jim n Texas

    250 Savage Ackley///243 Winchester reloading dies

    250 Savage Ackley improved 40* 2 die set, RCBS $60-$66 shipped THIS SET IS SOLD! 243 Winchester 2 die set, RCBS $20-$26 shipped
  338. Jim n Texas

    This will definitely hurt the jerky business...

    He is not your normal kind of person.
  339. Jim n Texas

    Montana Buck Down

    Beautiful Deer, great job!
  340. Jim n Texas


    With the amount of mature nice racked Deer I see here on this forum unlike a few others I frequent. For a bunch of fisherman you guys know your shit when it comes to Hunting. LOL
  341. Jim n Texas

    looking for some help, on some drawing info for a few states !

    Some of theses states have OTC tags as well as guaranteed outfitter tags they cost a bit more but no hassle, no wait, no worries. The Outfiiters/Guides get them for you. Try this one
  342. Jim n Texas

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    Well thanks a lot everyone I will look up all of the suggestions posted. Glad I asked because I probably would have gotten him something not so great for the purpose.
  343. Jim n Texas

    250 Savage Ackley Imp. die set.

    250 IMP 40* RCBS 2 die set in great cond. $66 tyd Here's a reason for that custom build you've been thinking about.
  344. Jim n Texas

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    My Son-n-law lives in near Houston Texas and fishes quite a bit both lake and Ocean he stated that he needs a fishing jacket and it has to be water repellent or water proof, What are you guys using. Christmas is coming and I would like to get him something Budget $100-$150 Than you.
  345. Jim n Texas

    Trophy deer locally?

    Problem is the amount of hunters that hunt the areas you guys are talking about, put them together on any given day and they can all hold hands from one end of the zone to the next. Trophy Deer are where you are not.
  346. Jim n Texas

    Good job Hunters!!

    I'm gonna try one outing for Bear in the Independence area I have stumbled on a great little valley that holds a few, problem is it's a long shot and a hard walk out up hill. I have a Game cart but it's not like a ATV so I may need to coheres a local guy for some help if I connect with one.
  347. Jim n Texas

    Good job Hunters!!

    I do not drink, I'm not down on myself, Bummed? that I am. I live to hunt and unfortunately I have a bad heart and this was a bad year for me, Reason for the post is I am genuinely happy for those who were successful at getting their trophy or just meat for the freezer. I enjoy reading the posts...
  348. Jim n Texas

    Good job Hunters!!

    Congratulations to all that have taken Deer and Elk and Sheep thus far this year and good luck to the remaining Hunters still pursuing their animals. Unfortunately I had to pass on hunting all species this year so no good times afield for me. Maybe next year.
  349. Jim n Texas

    I farted in my wallet

    So now I have gas money!
  350. Jim n Texas

    Ruger & Smith& Wesson Semi Auto's no more in CA

    These are the first two that are no more, I will bet more will follow They have had enough of the loser state, can you blame them?
  351. Jim n Texas

    308 Brass

    I'll give you $25 but instead of shipping just mail them. Seriously!:boobies:
  352. Jim n Texas

    WTS--7.35 Carcano ammo

    I have 53 rounds of Carcano in original boxes and strip clips. $ 45 FTF Whittier area.
  353. Jim n Texas

    Pizza and Pussy...

    As long as both are hot-n- fresh I'll it eat, old and cold not so much.:p:
  354. Jim n Texas

    Compact Carry .40

    M&P - or one of these.
  355. Jim n Texas


    I've decided I'm just going to sit here on the curb and wait like I do for the Brown truck to bring me gifts........................................oh wait that don't work so well, dammit guys!
  356. Jim n Texas


    Just crap!
  357. Jim n Texas


    What did I miss? is it gone or what? I need a fix.
  358. Jim n Texas

    Full choke or Mod for dove

    Modified or Improved for sure, Though I like full choke due to I generally take long shot's versus shots inside the norm.
  359. Jim n Texas

    Adventure Pass-4 days til DONE

    I never bought one of those and never got a ticket.:D
  360. Jim n Texas

    What Muzzle Loader do you use?

    I use Lyman and CVA Hawkens rifles, percussion models 50 - 54 caliber, no scopes just irons.
  361. Jim n Texas

    What's the proper way to paint vinyl fence

    It will always look good from my house.;)
  362. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Met with Mike down in SD to pick this up it's pretty darn cool I am fine tuning it just to make some very minor adjustments I don't want to alter it too much since it was made by someone else. I'll get some pics up soon. Thank's Mike for the whole deal and it was good to meet you and chat a bit.
  363. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Well heading to San Diego on Sat to pick this thing up from Mike, he sent me some pics and it looks pretty cool! I'll post some pics when it all comes together. Thanks for following.
  364. Jim n Texas

    Penn Sabre $20

    Sorry! forgot about this and it sold Sunday. Didn't mean to keep anyone hanging. Jim
  365. Jim n Texas

    Reloader 15--------WTT

    One pound of R15 would like to trade for H1000 or H4831 or even H4350.
  366. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Just got news something was finished and I we are making arrangements to pick it up. I will post pics of it ASAP after receiving. Thanks soooo much to Mike.
  367. Jim n Texas

    Penn Sabre $20

    it's black, lol I'll attempt to get one.
  368. Jim n Texas

    Penn Sabre $20

    Penn Sabre p880c 8' 15-30# medium action, X wrap over cork grip, great shape. $20 local only----SOLD
  369. Jim n Texas

    What's the proper way to paint vinyl fence

    If your fence is individual panels like tongue and groove, every single panel is it's own they will twist, bend, expand and contract in all of the ways plastic, Vinyl, composite, ect, ect do your primer and your paint won't tolerate it more then two or three times. You will see torn, chipped...
  370. Jim n Texas

    Need a band

    Kinda late but for future reference try these guys Pat is a good family friend. HOME PAGE!lickitty-splitt-bio/c1wv0
  371. Jim n Texas

    What's the proper way to paint vinyl fence

    Painter since 1979, just IMO I would not paint a vinyl fence at all.
  372. Jim n Texas

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    Once again Cali got non of my money. Fkem
  373. Jim n Texas

    The last round you'll ever need???

    I wouldn't even consider it much less run it through one of my guns. HYPE!
  374. Jim n Texas

    What caliber next???

    The 17 WSM is a real neat cartridge, problem is the Savage rifles are having real issues so I would hold out on this one.
  375. Jim n Texas

    What caliber next???

    Read this and then apply it to what ever your use for the gun also look up what it can do with lighter bullets for varmints.
  376. Jim n Texas

    What caliber next???

    17 HMR is a nice little cartridge but everyone should own a 243.
  377. Jim n Texas

    A lady walks into a bar…

    That's not a joke, it's Brilliance!
  378. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Thank you for the replies guy's this is a very special time for my daughter right now, she is holding on to a friendship she has lost through the Son and Mother of her friend. This will in no doubt bring tears and big smiles to those that are in need. Mike, I can not Thank you enough for what...
  379. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Damn man! that is just above and beyond, I can't believe they would do that. Ok, How about this, I am a Painter by trade and old one at that but none the less I would like to do some work for exchange if I can, be it for you or for Sector-9 if they can do this. I showed this reply to my...
  380. Jim n Texas


    Well it was made from 1967-1980 something so if not by now who knows I guess?..:D
  381. Jim n Texas


    Does not pertain to the 788 designation.
  382. Jim n Texas


    Great rifle even though I'm not a Remington fan the 788 is a keeper.
  383. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Thank you very much for the effort you have put in to try to help, That is worth a million in itself!
  384. Jim n Texas

    very proud of my girl!!!

    Be very proud!!!:D a child like that is becoming a rarity.
  385. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    She says just a small table of sorts and she's thinking 6 decks total I'm going to have her draw a picture so I can get a better grasp of what she want's as I have to build it. I'm thinking one for a bench/seat as well.
  386. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Hey that would be great new works very well, my daughter tried a to get some help from a place called Broken Bones but the owner declined! Thank you for your reply and any effort put in. Jim
  387. Jim n Texas

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Short story, my Daughters best friend lost her life to a brain aneurism this year. This girl has a 3 year son that loves skateboards and my daughter wants to make him a skate board deck table and seat for his room, I think it will take 7 decks to complete the project. If anyone has an old or...
  388. Jim n Texas

    Anyone else

    Out of state over the counter or outfitter tags.
  389. Jim n Texas

    boots again

    Comfort is all that is needed in a boot for your intended terrain. Big $$$$$ can't buy everything.
  390. Jim n Texas

    Home built varmint caller

    You would hate to see mine it's a boxed up Cassette recorder and speaker, It has worked for over 25 years, But I still prefer mouth calls over anything else.
  391. Jim n Texas

    what is this?

    It's a Martini in a small caliber and nothing more really. The actions were once a commodity for custom builds but not so much these days.
  392. Jim n Texas

    Copper bullet failure.

    Depends on situation really..;)
  393. Jim n Texas

    Copper bullet failure.

    Had the same result's and two pass through's from 200ish yards and no Pigs to locate both stopped bleeding quickly. I'm not a believer in pencil holes for killing power I no longer use copper.
  394. Jim n Texas

    Honda ridgeline feedback?

    Just know that they are cars and not trucks in any way.
  395. Jim n Texas

    CA, AZ, NV bear hunt help needed

    6 ft 300 lbs is a skinny ass Bear. 300lbs is a good size Pig
  396. Jim n Texas

    Saudi drift fails

    That's a lot of STUPID dead people!
  397. Jim n Texas

    i'm stressing out over deer tags

    When you take a good Deer from D-12 or D-17 you've hunted your ass off and on the D-17 I'm not talking about the resident Midhills Deer. That's all, Oh for you Oregon hunters look into getting a tag for Christmas Valley!
  398. Jim n Texas

    Varmit Calibers

    Get a 223 and use light loads for now, you can reproduce most of the smaller calibers with a 223.
  399. Jim n Texas

    CA, AZ, NV bear hunt help needed

    There are plenty of Bears from before Lone Pine all the way up to the upper Nevada border and don't over look the White/Inyo mountains either. The later the season the better they are super easy to see in the snow.
  400. Jim n Texas

    2014 Tags are available online

    I will be hunting a hunter friendly state again.
  401. Jim n Texas

    Does the price of fuel hurt your time in the field?

    Yeah it's like that!........we need a face palm smiley.
  402. Jim n Texas

    Does the price of fuel hurt your time in the field?

    I hunt I don't drive around.
  403. Jim n Texas

    FREE stuff!

    pending to middleofnowhere.
  404. Jim n Texas

    FREE stuff!

    Got 2 things to give to who ever needs them. 1 pair of Bibbs, natural gear camo, size=med, new 1 heavy long sleeve shirt, mossy oak Duck blind camo, size= medium, new just pay flat rate shipping probably $12 each
  405. Jim n Texas

    Two rods

    One more go round, great extra or loaner rod.
  406. Jim n Texas

    Two rods

    Penn still available.
  407. Jim n Texas

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    Your missing the obvious, there are more choices abound other than a Glock......:Beat_Them
  408. Jim n Texas

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    Really, you would pay a home depot laborer $124-$150 a day! There are thousands of skilled Americans that don't make that, pay one of them. One thing I will give you however on the rods, they are Ken-kores and they have a following but not at $500 maybe 1/2 that with the custom wrap.
  409. Jim n Texas

    Two rods

    Seeker by Hook-em 7' 12-30# great rod=SOLD pending funds. honey color 2nd from left Penn/Sabre 8' 15-30# = $20 black in color 1st at left
  410. Jim n Texas

    does tejon still do pig hunts on the south side

    I've heard they have some shit going on right now and it will open later this year.
  411. Jim n Texas

    Assorted hooks

    Waiting on reply from Sonny, and then I'll let you guy's know. Thanks! SOLD!!!!
  412. Jim n Texas

    Assorted hooks

    Take the lot for $15 shipping will be $6 extra. SOLD to first reply.
  413. Jim n Texas

    Milk crate rod holder and Rod belt

    Homemade rod and tackle box holder holder and izorline rod belt, take both for $15 Firm, pick up only, Whittier area. SOLD to Ray pending $$
  414. Jim n Texas

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    What area? Lot's of Elk around Payson.
  415. Jim n Texas

    Panties on the airplane

    Three beautiful black ladies were getting ready to take a plane trip for the very first time. The first lady said, 'I don't know bout y'all, but I'm gunna put me on sum hot pink panties beefo' I gets on dat plane.' Why you gonna wear dem fo?' the other two asked. The first replied, 'Cause, if...
  416. Jim n Texas

    Saw a LOL bumper sticker today.

    This is what it read. Imports are like tampons every pussy has one.
  417. Jim n Texas

    Fly fishing vest/FREE

    It's yours, check PM.
  418. Jim n Texas

    Fly fishing vest/FREE

    Columbia sports wear, size Medium, good condition. just pay $8 shipping
  419. Jim n Texas

    Anybody got a CVA Hawkens .50 cal for sale?

    Black powder can ship to your home, no FFL needed,cost would be roughly $23=$28 UPS
  420. Jim n Texas

    Anybody got a CVA Hawkens .50 cal for sale?

    There has been a few ML's on Calguns lately.
  421. Jim n Texas

    WTS: Pro Mag BUIS

    Flip up aperture sight for AR made by Pro Mag. $40
  422. Jim n Texas


    This would be the finest shotgun someone could buy for this price!
  423. Jim n Texas

    Melting Edges (Removing Sharp Edges) On New SS Rifle

    Assorted small files. Don't get Dremel tool happy!
  424. Jim n Texas

    Penn 975/Seeker 12-30#/Penn Sabre15-30#

    Seeker is the orange honey colored rod, Penn is the black one. Penn 975 cs with brand new 40# spectra and 20#izorline topshot=$150 Seeker by Hook-em 12-30#=$30 Penn Sabre 15-30#=$25
  425. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    This would have been cool last year but now not so much. Thanks anyway!
  426. Jim n Texas

    Green super Seeker D-8 20-50#

    From my other add SS D-8 20-50# Custom wrap, Alps guides, Deckhand really clean rod $OLD
  427. Jim n Texas

    Peeing from a bridge

    Two guys pissen off a bridge over a river, 1st guy says damn the water is cold! 2nd guy say's ya it's deep too!!!
  428. Jim n Texas

    Suggestions for an affordable bolt action

    Weatherby Vanguard. Pick a caliber!
  429. Jim n Texas

    Colt Light Rifle-------------Bolt gun

    I need to sell one of my rifles to replace another that got stolen by C&S Sports in Woodland California after sending it in for warranty work. Colt Light Rifle, caliber 270 Win, custom painted syn stock, one piece Talley rings and bases. Older Leupold Vari X II..4x12-40 scope low round count...
  430. Jim n Texas

    Rossi 357/38

    Rossi SOLD on calguns pending funds.
  431. Jim n Texas

    Rossi 357/38

    Rossi 971 357/38 $300 LA/OC border Will I ship: F-NO 4" barrel, blued steel, wood grips Round count less than 50 rounds, REALLY! Wood grips have been altered to include finger grooves. Bad idea good execution except for grip alteration this gun looks new. No box, no...
  432. Jim n Texas

    What's your take?

    Good looking girl doing whats she's entitled to do, End of story.
  433. Jim n Texas

    What to do with Springfield 1903

    Use the iron sights or get another rifle.
  434. Jim n Texas

    wts> Weatherby Mark V 300

    I need to sell this rifle but it needs a good home, It's a Japan made Mark-V Deluxe, caliber is Weatherby 300 mag. RIFLE SOLD!
  435. Jim n Texas

    In need of an opinion

    280 Ackley if your looking at 7mm.
  436. Jim n Texas

    gun repair???
  437. Jim n Texas

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    Son in law had a brand new reel ,Capt said tuff Shit we can't do anything about it. WTF nothing?
  438. Jim n Texas

    new hunting blind check this out..pretty cool

    Been around for some time now, lets call it a shooting blind for there is not much hunting actually involved. IMO
  439. Jim n Texas

    9/15 Monster Idaho Buck

    Holy shit! that's a great Buck, Congrats.
  440. Jim n Texas

    Hand painted rifle stocks.

  441. Jim n Texas

    WTS: Suzuki DRZ 400 E

  442. Jim n Texas


    Tejon is a hell of a hunt for being just outside of LA, and it's HUGE, with high odds of seeing Deer,Antelope,Bear,Elk,Cougar and all kinds of varmints. Best hunting in the West. Camping is primitive but the cabins are first rate. I like it here when it snows.
  443. Jim n Texas

    do not buy fishtrap iron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep I have 4 of these all missing the ring and hook along with the fish.
  444. Jim n Texas

    High Desert Dove?

    Newberry Springs is better than Cady as is the Mojave river just before Cady, since the dry river has always been a flight path though the area, you just need to know how to get into it. ;) My Father,Uncle and I were good friends with the care takers of Camp Cady back in the 50'-70's at one...
  445. Jim n Texas

    WTS: Suzuki DRZ 400 E

  446. Jim n Texas

    45 vs 44

    300 grain cast, 45 long colt....not 45 acp. My guns are Ruger black hawks.
  447. Jim n Texas

    Worst galley cook ever, business killer!

    Not naming the boat leaves a BIG void.;(
  448. Jim n Texas

    Elk Hunt Help

    Popcorn time.
  449. Jim n Texas

    Gun Smith

    Not the south Bay but one of the best around.
  450. Jim n Texas

    45 vs 44

    I have one of each and prefer the 45 Colt using 300gr cast bullets at approx, 1100-1150 fps.
  451. Jim n Texas

    Thompson Center Venture Rifle RECALL...AGAIN!

    This is what happens when a company like S&W takes charge a Great company like T/C. Just saying.
  452. Jim n Texas

    Quarter bores, aka....25 calibers

    What's cool about them? they will do just as they were intended to do and more. From the little 250-3000 Savage,257 Roberts,25-06,25-284,25WSM,and then the Weatherby 257 Mag. The 250 and the 257 rob are pretty close in performance with the edge going to the Rob, the 25-06 gets it's payload...
  453. Jim n Texas


    That guy is STUPID in more than one way.
  454. Jim n Texas

    Couple of things for trade, maybe sell

    Let me when you might sell and for what price for the chest and the Smoker.
  455. Jim n Texas

    ammo/45acp/12gauge slugs

    Trade for 12 gauge shot shells 7 1/2 @5boxes Or sell all for $35 local only.: 45 acp is a box of 50, 230 gr,ball
  456. Jim n Texas

    Really want to catch a White sea bass

    Put me on a boat and or local, this is on my bucket list.
  457. Jim n Texas

    WTT/WTS 45acp and 12 gauge slugs

    Buy my shit guy's, geeze lueeze.........:picknose: - - - Updated - - - Buy my shit guy's, geeze lueeze.........:picknose:
  458. Jim n Texas

    No Shipping ??? Really ???

    But, but, but, What if I burn my toast or sumpin. Sometimes shipping just ain't worth it besides what if your printer is busted or out of paper. Things happen and by the way wheres the butter?
  459. Jim n Texas

    Still have it/WOOD

    Someone needs to buy this and do it justice. $250 cash or trade at a $275 value on decent Fishing stuff,Seekers,Avets,Progear,Penn, Other Will ship for $25. Price is firm so don't ask.
  460. Jim n Texas

    WTT/WTS 45acp and 12 gauge slugs

    Two boxes of Super X rifled slugs 5 rounds per box, trade for (2) boxes of 7 1/2 shotshells One box of 1967 45 acp Match ammo, box is in great shape 50 round box, trade for (4) boxes of 7 1/2 shotshells. will sell all for $35 within 5 miles of Whittier.
  461. Jim n Texas

    Dove opener

    We, the two of us limited while still eating breakfast on the tail gate of my truck last year, kinda ruined the morning shoot. Birds were coming into a single water trough that overflows and creates a small pond, great shooting till gets warm high 90's or so.;) only hunted two day's.
  462. Jim n Texas

    Dove opener

    One and only, been hunting there for 45 years.
  463. Jim n Texas

    Dove opener

    There is no agriculture Anywhere near the MNP. Its 100%desert
  464. Jim n Texas

    Dove opener

    MNP not many hunters and usually tons of birds. Best I can do tho, you'll have to find them yourselves, hint....... water is everything.
  465. Jim n Texas

    Rod racks for garage ceiling

    Vinyl covered J-hooks for hanging bikes, mount two 2x4's on flat at your choice of distance apart. Pre drill and screw in 2 J-hooks in line with each other and BAM! done deal. I cut mine to 6' and place J-hooks approximately 3" apart for easy in and out of rods. I you leave reels attached you'll...
  466. Jim n Texas

    Protesting Bear Tags this Year?

    Nope, I'm going hunting regardless, snooze you loose
  467. Jim n Texas

    243 Factory ammo for sale.

    I can text a pic if necessary, Silver box red,white & blue stripe and in a green stripe it says Posi feed, Yugo yes. AMMO SOLD today!
  468. Jim n Texas

    Shotgun smith. Heads up!

    If anyone needs some scattergun work or even basic rifle work here is a great guy. Not affiliated at all just a customer.R & D Custom Barrel - Shotgun Repair and Modifications Barrels, Chokes, Choke Tubes, Pads, Forcing Cones & Sights
  469. Jim n Texas

    243 Factory ammo for sale.

    BUMP it up and I'll take $65 or trade for Trolling rod or reel.
  470. Jim n Texas

    Deer Tag dilemma.....

    YEP I see that, well now you know what get's me excited!!!!!!! I got the G-3 ten years ago and took a 27" 3x3 yeah there were bigger bucks but this one was mine.:)
  471. Jim n Texas

    Deer Tag dilemma.....

    G13 is a coveted tag, spend all your efforts on that area such as scouting, asking questions from locals and DFG,COP'S,DWP, ect any deer from there will outweigh any of you other choices in zones you have listed here.
  472. Jim n Texas

    WTB 300 win mag

    There is a really nice Ruger #1 on Calguns with or without ammo at a very good price.
  473. Jim n Texas

    243 Factory ammo for sale.

    I have 4 boxes of Hansen Cartridge Co, ammo 243 100 grain soft point in original boxes. I will take $80 for the lot,Lowered to $70 or trade for a trolling reel like a TLD or a trolling rod prefer Seeker's but? for local use only nothing too heavy. AMMO SOLD!!!!
  474. Jim n Texas

    Diawa Sealine 20 SHA

    REEL SOLD to Skikari103
  475. Jim n Texas

    Diawa Sealine 20 SHA

    Just bought this for my Son-n-law but he beat me to the punch, so it's not needed I already have two others, got it from a member here, you can have it for what I just paid this week. It's full of Mono probably 20#.Gear ratio is 6.1:1, $70 clams firm. OK OK $60 just for Fathers day......;)...
  476. Jim n Texas

    What age did you start fishing?

    Can't tell ya my age but it was sometime back in 1967.
  477. Jim n Texas

    Shore rod holder.

    I have this and have no need for it, it's a Strike Master holder and it extends from 33" to 52", it's got to be worth oh I don't have any freaking clue. very local only. SOLD to someone else.:)
  478. Jim n Texas

    Military foot trunk

    Threw it in the trash.
  479. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    Last chance to get my $$$ and spend it at your will. BUMP
  480. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    Don't don't don't... don't you forget about me......
  481. Jim n Texas

    High End Spinners....

    I run 25# mono on a Penn 6500 and have boated lots of 20#-30# tuna and a ton of Barries and a few Dorado. I take it on every trip.They are quite capable and you don't need high end.
  482. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    Thank you, but I really want to stay under 9' and it has to be green.
  483. Jim n Texas

    Release Reels

    So is it me or what? I cant seem to find an actual price point, street price on these reels.
  484. Jim n Texas

    Release Reels

    jcm, what about additional colors that would be one sexy reel in matte black....:)
  485. Jim n Texas

    Any Lake Arrowhead tips?

    Lake Craparrowood sucks,don't even waste your time. If you want to catch fish go to Green Valley lake, small quaint and most of the time lot's of fish.
  486. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    Bump it up, got some replies for blanks but really need a complete rod.
  487. Jim n Texas

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead rod.

    If you got sucked into an impulse buy on one of those cheap POS Seeker Pinhead rods and are now wondering what to do with it, well I got news for ya, I will buy it from you and give you a reason to go buy something else that you might really think you need and must have. You can thank me by...
  488. Jim n Texas

    Full Conversion Accuplates Penn "99"

    Not to offend but I'll do $100 plus $20 for shipping just for the kinda cool factor....
  489. Jim n Texas

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    No favorites, I like what works on a given day.
  490. Jim n Texas

    Which Rifle Scope for 30-06?

    Just for clarification reasons... A scope does not gather light it merely transmits light, though the light is enhanced through the quality of glass and coatings and good glass and coatings far out weigh any and all high power settings, high Magnification does NOT make a scope brighter.
  491. Jim n Texas

    Which Rifle Scope for 30-06?

    For $300 it would be hard to beat a Leupold VX-2 3x9-40, Nikon Monarch or a Minox, check for the Minox on SWFA sample list.
  492. Jim n Texas

    Guys at work want to go fishing

    droe, thanks for the link looks good but San Diego won't work for this one.
  493. Jim n Texas

    Guys at work want to go fishing

    Got a question hope you have an easy answer, I have 15-18 guys mostly rookies who want to go fishing, I told them I would look in to it, so should I book a (charter) ie expensive or just book everyone on a cattle barge,ie cheaper, each is willing to go no more than $100, less is better. Any and...
  494. Jim n Texas

    California - AB711 Bans Lead Ammo - passed

    I'll bet my house it won't get any further then it is right now. I know it will get shot down, pun intended.
  495. Jim n Texas

    California - AB711 Bans Lead Ammo - passed

    Easy fix, I know it cost a bit more but boycott this FckD state and hunt elswhere, in the long run it's actually cheaper and your odds are far greater to be successful.
  496. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamp

    Thanks,for the link, got one....:D
  497. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamp

    Thanks but the stock clamp just aint working well with a deckhand handle it's bolts have to be set into extensions making it weak. Thanks. I have not had any luck with finding it in stock.
  498. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamp

    Bumity bump with a BIG effin lump!
  499. Jim n Texas


    Segregation is good.
  500. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamp

    I need a Tiburon reel clamp for a medium size reel/Torium 16.:D
  501. Jim n Texas

    Thoughts on Winchester 70 Featherweight

    Is there anything else? 1951-52 308 featherweight.
  502. Jim n Texas

    7-8 ft. spinning rod

    Spinning rod for the OP.
  503. Jim n Texas

    7-8 ft. spinning rod

    If you happen to come to the border of OC and LA I have a Fenwick Saltist you can have for free. offer only good for the OP, don't ask for a free rod guy's.
  504. Jim n Texas

    Anyone do rod work for others?

    I am in need of someone to cut down a rod for me, all the shops seem to be busy all the time,I am in Whittier but can travel a bit.
  505. Jim n Texas

    Sale and or trade

    Good stuff! LOL, I could not change the title here so I placed another ad but it must be over priced cuz it ain't gettin any action.
  506. Jim n Texas

    G-USA 10 mag

    1 more go round then it gets cut down.
  507. Jim n Texas

    Rules on selling/giving mounted heads?

    I think if you have the accompanying species game tag you can give it away. For non native animals I don't think it matters.
  508. Jim n Texas

    G-USA 10 mag

    This is a nice rod bump.
  509. Jim n Texas

    G-USA 10 mag

    I have a custom Graphite USA 10 mag 15-30 fast action with X-wrap grip no reel seat, color is gray with blue wrapping and black Fuji guides. PM for more info and a pic. asking $200 or trade for a Seeker Pin head 8' 15-30 or similar and $25 cash
  510. Jim n Texas

    Sale and or trade

    relisted with new title.
  511. Jim n Texas

    My friend could use some help.

    Good to hear, my talk offer still stands just in case, you never know?
  512. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 barrel

    Yeah I'm just trying to save some cash...and Shilen does nothing for me I would get something else which I probably should just do anyways.. Thanks for the link though.:)
  513. Jim n Texas

    My friend could use some help.

    I'm a Heart patient myself Two bypasses and recently a Stent, if he needs someone to talk to let me know,VIA pm, nothing like talking with someone who's been there.
  514. Jim n Texas

    Savage 243 barrel

    I am looking for a varmint contour 243 barrel for a Savage 110-111 small shank. Blued or stainless. Must be like new no more than a couple hundred rounds through it. OEM or aftermarket. Anyone?
  515. Jim n Texas

    Reloaders check in thread

    223,22-250,243,250 Savage Ackley,25-284,257 Weatherby,270,308,30-06 currently used to be eight others. RCBS single stage,rcbs 10-10 scale,Forster trimmer and various hand prepping tools. 1x1
  516. Jim n Texas

    Escort Shotguns

    Take a look at the Tristar lineup it's in the same price range and it's a great gun as well as the Weatherby SA08, Don't know much on the Escort line but they look pretty good. Check out there may be something there about them?
  517. Jim n Texas

    15 rnd rebuild kit for Taurus92-99/Beretta92

    I have one 15 rnd rebuild kit SOLD!
  518. Jim n Texas

    257 Weatherby brass for 308 cal bullet's

    BRASS has been traded Thanks.
  519. Jim n Texas


    Alamo jewlery and loan in Covina on Azusa blvd $60 to receive and $35 for DROS $95 total your in and out in less than 15 minutes. They will receive from FFL and private party.
  520. Jim n Texas

    to all you ...

    I feel sorry for so many....actually no I don't!LOL
  521. Jim n Texas

    to all you ...

  522. Jim n Texas

    to all you ...

    OP, Am I related to you?.......;)
  523. Jim n Texas

    308 Nosler Ballistic tip bullets

    Back up for sale due to miss communication with buyer!...I have one bag of 165 gr Nosler Ballistic tip bullets @ 100 pcs. $45 takes them. FTF in Whittier or close to it. Bullets have been traded..:)
  524. Jim n Texas

    Daisy BB rifle-Retro

    Saw one of these in the Gene Autry museum today, should I raise the price...;)
  525. Jim n Texas

    Daisy BB rifle-Retro

    I have an old Daisy #25 BB rifle it's a single pump/cock operation. Has good power and shoots good. Go retro or get it for your Kid. looking for $50 FTF Price roll back. WAS=$50 Now just $49.50...;) Or trade for two-three boxes of 130-140 grain 270 ammo or...
  526. Jim n Texas

    Flat dolly cart

    Great shape ready for use for whatever you need it for.removable handle, 24"x42" 750# load rating 5" hard rubber wheels. $40 firm local only.
  527. Jim n Texas

    Pig hunting question

    Big horn is just farm Animals. Do not go there. Tejon is great if you have $500 to spend or check out
  528. Jim n Texas

    Savage Barrel=243

    I'm looking for a Savage barrel in 243 must be Varmint or Tactical contour, length 24"-26", blue or stainless new or slightly used, nothing worn out. Also need Go-noGO gauge and smooth barrel nut spanner wrench, I will buy any or all of these. I will have a bone stock sporter weight 22-250...
  529. Jim n Texas

    Winchester 223 ammo

    9x20=180 pm me if still interested, ammo just listed elsewhere as well. Ammo still available as of 1/1/13
  530. Jim n Texas


    If your looking for hunting ammo I have a few boxes I'll sell ya, Winchester super X 55 grain. pm, me if interested
  531. Jim n Texas


    PS, there is lots-o-ammo for sale on Calguns.
  532. Jim n Texas


    The trick is to always be supplied just buy two or three boxes a month and you will be set. Or reload and stock supplies the same way. I've not needed to buy either in over 20 years, tho I pick up powder bullets and primers now and then just cuz.
  533. Jim n Texas

    Sale or trade.30-30 dies and 45-70 bullets

    I have a lightly used set of LEE 3 die set for 30-30 Win $20 and about 200 home cast bullets for a 45-70 they are approx 405,450,500 grain non lubed bullets alloy lead mix unknown? $25 or trade any or all for 270/277 130-140 grain bullets and or Dies
  534. Jim n Texas

    hunting knife rec Get the top shelf stuff or keep guessing at it.
  535. Jim n Texas

    Savage .270

    Savage now offers a package rifle wearing a Nikon scope it's a whole lot better than the bottom self Bushnell they were using. The Nikon is a servicable scope. Tho I would would just get a plain rifle and get an upgraded scope. PS you can get a heck of a deal on last years Weatherby Vanguard...
  536. Jim n Texas

    Tejon ranch ?

    Other than maybe you got skunked from lack of know how if you have actually ever been, but from your statement I believe you have not, can you please elaborate. The Tejon Ranch is as good as Pig hunting gets other than being on a large private ranch with no other hunters at all.
  537. Jim n Texas

    Over and Under or Side by Side the best?

    A side-x-side is sometimes hard for people to shoot or should I say hit their intended target with, something about being more familier with looking at a single barrel. I personally dont know? I like em both.
  538. Jim n Texas

    What gets the tag?

    Taxidermist will always ask for the tags, they have to. I can see maybe showing a butcher your tag but no EFIN way would I let them have it.
  539. Jim n Texas

    What gets the tag?

    In Cali and most other states the tag stays with the so called trophy.. ie.. Head,hide,Antlers no matter the game. I have never left nor been asked by a butcher for tag info but then only been killing creatures for 35 years. I dont blame you for wanting a good definite answer tho being a non...
  540. Jim n Texas

    5x8 Trailer

    Lower price or trade for ammo
  541. Jim n Texas


    Theres a good reason your not finding any! There are a couple that have Farm pigs,various Goats, sometimes real small Bison. But do you really want to be that guy?:jig:
  542. Jim n Texas

    Which do you shoot?

    You will not get in trouble for shooting a wet Sow it's just not a great thing to do for the little ones but shit happens sometimes. Good luck that place is great been hunting it for some time now. Glad it's back up and running.
  543. Jim n Texas

    The "one" pistol?

    SAA 45 Colt, yep just hit what your shootin at and all will be good, it's not a not spray-n-pray game.
  544. Jim n Texas

    5x8 Trailer

    Sent some pm's and pics, sorry for lagging on this.
  545. Jim n Texas

    5x8 Trailer

  546. Jim n Texas

    God I Hate these things....

    It's a Lion track, tho people place too much negativity on the lions we need to have them to keep in check.....Flame on
  547. Jim n Texas


    Just locate any Spring and sit near by over looking, you will see Sheep.
  548. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    Price lowered to $75 Sun 10/28 only. SOLD
  549. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    I see you looking, and next year you will want this rod! know you will, so just get it. CALSTAR
  550. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    Who's dat? price now $99...;)
  551. Jim n Texas


    NEWELL R332-5 $130 not negotiable. SOLD! in two minutes
  552. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    Peek a boo!
  553. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    ^^^ never responded^^^Still here, needs a new home and it's only $100...added pic of cork handle
  554. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    Weekend bump! previous buyer flaked.
  555. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    :boobies::boobies::boobies:One more try!
  556. Jim n Texas

    Calstar 9'

    I have this West coast 690J 20-40 great shape except cork looks used..$75 SUN 10/28 only SOLD LA/OC area.
  557. Jim n Texas

    Maple rifle blank

    retracted <FIELDSET class=fieldset><LEGEND>Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND> </FIELDSET>
  558. Jim n Texas

    I have pretty hard WOOD!

    OK well a rifle blank that is, it's Fiddleback/Curly Maple and it has nice grain on both sides took me a while to find it. It has one coat of finish on one side and I sanded the other just to see what it looked like bare. My project has been grounded so Cash is king. I want what I paid for it...
  559. Jim n Texas

    Will we go to a draw for tags?

    The whole system is a piece of crap. I gave up on Cali when they changed to the point system knowing all a long it would only get worse. Before that I put in for 21 yrs straight. Elk,Pronghorn,Sheep, every year. Never drew and now forget it. SOOOOO much easier to get out of state non resident...
  560. Jim n Texas

    SEARCH for missing person

    Well SAD SAD news. This guy was found Deceased near his truck just out of New Berry Springs, seems he highsided his truck got out and fell and hit his head on a rock.This is what I read posted on CalGuns. May he ...RIP
  561. Jim n Texas

    SEARCH for missing person

    Some inside info from his Friend but nothing + on the search or his where-abouts.
  562. Jim n Texas

    SEARCH for missing person

    I lifted this from another Forum. Hunter Ed Instructor Paul Nies missing near Barstow CA. He went out coyote hunting near the Barstow area on Tues morning & has not returned. He is 73 & requires dialisys 3 times a week, & meds. Black 4-door 2008 Toyota Tacoma w California Disabled Person...
  563. Jim n Texas

    Rifle questions

    well nevermind.
  564. Jim n Texas

    Rifle questions

    Weatherby Vanguard in 308 it has become my gotoo rifle, though it's been moded it has always shot great. Guaranteed .99 or less at 100 yrds, mine has done less than 1/2 that several times but I handload for all. 25-06 or 270 or 308 or 30-06 is all that is needed for Big game animals except...
  565. Jim n Texas

    Glenfield Marlin .22 LR

    Kinna lost interest this late in the game!.......know what I mean?
  566. Jim n Texas

    Rock Fishing Poll

    No rock fishing for me.
  567. Jim n Texas

    Reel clamps

    Hey guy's what is a good reel clamp for a Torium 16 and a deck hand rod. The post's and extensions for the stocker seem small and weak and I have heard they do break...looking at the Tiburon unit or how about the Cork puppy? Thanks in advance....
  568. Jim n Texas

    PLEASE!!! Stop deleting prices when an item is sold!

    Agreed! the asking price serves as a basis for everyone interested. ADDED: note don't pm sellers with just (Call me)XXX-222-5555...
  569. Jim n Texas

    Shimano tackle bag

    Everybody lost interest?............:jig:
  570. Jim n Texas

    Shimano tackle bag

    Sorry, it's a soft shell with a hard plastic frame for the trays/boxes
  571. Jim n Texas

    Shimano tackle bag

    SOLD pending funds I have a Shimano tackle bag for sale. I got in a deal but it's too large for my liking, it measures 15"high x 24" wide x10" deep, holds four 9x14 trays included, has reel compartment on top and two large side pockets and carry strap Is it worth $40-obo to someone?......Oh...
  572. Jim n Texas

    NEO Waders/float tube

    Second one more time..
  573. Jim n Texas


    Tackle SOLD pending funds on Sat. Going to first PM
  574. Jim n Texas


    Not willing to part out, it all must go, forgot to put the hooks in the pic I will add that after work they are good hooks tho.
  575. Jim n Texas


    SOLD PF......Here is some stuff Tady45's,Salas,Fish trap,Rapalas,Hammers,Lead heads various swim baits. 120 or so pcs not including leadheads.Various hooks as well couple hundred, size 1 through 3/0. plus a couple throw ins added. Asking $120 OBO, u pick up. (selling as used tho some new)
  576. Jim n Texas

    Davey's Locker 3/4 day Freelance

    It's dated 2010 what the experation date???
  577. Jim n Texas

    9 custom rods for sale

    Damn, that green and yellow one is.................well...............:boobies:
  578. Jim n Texas

    NEO Waders/float tube

    :picknose:One more time.....
  579. Jim n Texas

    Sitka Gear 90% jacket

    Payment plan? say $25 pr week.. ;)...Damn those are nice jackets but I cant give up my wool just yet.
  580. Jim n Texas

    Rod cut down

  581. Jim n Texas

    NEO Waders/float tube

    Cabelas 5mm neo waders size MED like new used five times. Old skool Creek Co. float tube great cond, no leaks same use as waders, fins too. All for $70....or trade for trolling rod of same value....anybody? aint gonna get a trolling rod am I....:(....... cash is good
  582. Jim n Texas

    Glenfield Marlin .22 LR

    OP, I would like to see a pic of the CVA Hawken and a price, Or please PM me for an email addy......thanks JIM
  583. Jim n Texas

    Ruger Bisley 44 mag

    Replies sent Thanks for the offers. :skullbone
  584. Jim n Texas

    Ruger Bisley 44 mag

    Pm'd you the S# and info.
  585. Jim n Texas

    Ruger Bisley 44 mag

    Matt, thanks Ryan sorry! BUMP 2'sday
  586. Jim n Texas

    Ruger Bisley 44 mag

    This sale will end on Sun 7/1 [OK pulling the plug here] I'll be keeping it.....:confused:
  587. Jim n Texas

    Seeker Custom Rods

    Thank you Steve. Beautiful rod. Someone needs to jump on the 9" green Seeker or one of the others for sale.
  588. Jim n Texas

    7mm / .270 Debate

    ^^^ The 340 is on my wish list. But just to keep the pot simmering awhile longer I will toss in the 6.5-284 or any 6.5 for that matter a small bore cartridge that deserves more attention....:eyepoppin
  589. Jim n Texas

    7mm / .270 Debate

    Nothing KILLS deader than a 257 Weatherby...........the debate is over!...;) not really it's just a cool cartridge.
  590. Jim n Texas

    WTS, SAKO 30-06

  591. Jim n Texas

    TRADE=Calico Special 9'

    Rod TRADED Thank you very much!
  592. Jim n Texas

    TRADE=Calico Special 9'

    It would have to be enough to replace it! Let's see if a trade comes forth...
  593. Jim n Texas

    TRADE=Calico Special 9'

    Rod has been traded guys.
  594. Jim n Texas

    WTS, SAKO 30-06

    BTT, One hell of deal!
  595. Jim n Texas

    Torium 16

    Thanks Steve, great reel great deal!
  596. Jim n Texas

    Penn senator,Sabre rod,Fenwick & antiques

    Gotta be someone?.............:repost:
  597. Jim n Texas

    Torium 16

    pm'd ya I'll take it!
  598. Jim n Texas

    WTS, SAKO 30-06

    Sako 30-06 AV model. Made in early-mid 80's less than 400 rounds fired, Stock has been refinished with a grip cap & forend tip added, OEM rings included. Price is $1100.00 + dros, firm. For BD guy's I will throw in Die's and Brass as well. I would consider a trade for a nice 243 in either a...
  599. Jim n Texas

    Penn senator,Sabre rod,Fenwick & antiques

    I have a Penn 3/0 Senator. a Penn Sabre 7' 15-40#. A Fenwick Salt stick spinng rod sss 70m 12-30# 1, Senator=$50 2, Sabre=$25 3, Above together=$60 4, Fenwick=$20 ANTIQUES are gone!
  600. Jim n Texas

    NEW Shimano Reels Never Used

    I'll take the Torium 20 if still available....;) pm sent I'm out!:Bawling_e
  601. Jim n Texas

    Seeker Custom Rods

    PM sent. and a bump!
  602. Jim n Texas

    NEWELL R332-5

    I'll take it.