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    It looks like all the California areas are lumped into one section now. Terrible 😡
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    Monday Cod Run

    Make a drop on Volcanic Reef
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    Long Range photos, lets see them

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    Saltwater Maybe the best day ever

    Great report and pictures. It’s so nice to see those smiling faces not covered by those stupid masks 👍
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    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    Back in the 70’s, my buddy and I were fishing the P.V. coastline in December in a 12’ Sears Gamefisher boat. The weather came up and we were heading home downswell when one broke over the stern and completely flipped the boat bow over stern. We both bailed out. I had on hip boots and luckily was...
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    how long to Catalina?

    Depends on which part of the island u go to
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    Calstar Blanks in Washington

    Thanks for that. Mud hole has the full line but I was hoping to check it out in person
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    Calstar Blanks in Washington

    Is there a shop that sells Calstar Blanks? I live in Hansville but will drive to find the one I need
  9. waldocod

    Calstar Blanks in Washington State

    Anyone know if there is a place in Washington that sells Calstar blanks? I live in Hansville (Kitsap County) but I don’t mind driving to find one
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    Masks or no masks.

    Unless there are undercover Covid police on the boat!
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    Running Halibut Charter out of Homer till Labor Day.

    What slip # are you in this year Bill?
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    Girls Day!

    We’ve been getting some nice Halibut as well!
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    Girls Day!

    It’s a Red Irish Lord. We also get the big, nasty Irish Lords as well!
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    Girls Day!

    It’s a 22’ Sea Legend
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    Girls Day!

    In Area 3A, 5 pelagic rockfish, such as these Black Rockfish.
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    Girls Day!

    I thought you would like the boat😂
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    Girls Day!

    Got the grandkids on a hot rockfish bite on trout gear. They had a blast!
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    Girls Day!

    Got the grandkids in on a hot rockfish bite on trout gear. They had a blast!
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    SoCal deck hand work

    That’s how I got started. Went out as a passenger and got to know the crew. Then offered to scrub the boat at the dock. After that I rode as a pinhead for 2 years scrubbing the boat, cleaning the puke in the heads and unhooking fish for passengers. My pay was getting to fish for tomcod at the...
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    Tollman Skiff

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    2021 Trip to Alaska Recommendation - Family of 7 including a 2 year old

    Once you get off the plane, you are taken care of the entire trip! And the food is xlnt there.
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    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    I made the mistake of throwing the iron on 40 lb and hooked a Bigeye during an Albacore bite that worked me over for 3 hours. Hook pulled. I feel your pain
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    First time fishing Alaska

    Last year, my wife and I got 6 Halibut over 100lbs in our boat. All in under 40’ of water. Sure a lot nicer than that 700’ stuff in Sitka!
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    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Considering they are blaming Covid on nearly every death in the world, I also can’t see going death free for 14 days
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    ID these hooks please

    I’ve got a bunch of those too. Back in the 80’s. Can’t remember the kind either!
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    let’s see your personal best

    PB Squid
  27. waldocod

    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    Looks like I won’t be bringing the boat back from Alaska any time soon.
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    Back when we could keep Cow Cod
  29. waldocod


    Family time on the Arima!
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    Fishing closure statewide

    Do we really trust China to give us truthful data? I sure wouldn’t.
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    Holy crap.

    I got an Instagram from the Slammer at Deep Sea Charters in Westport. Rhett shut his operation down until the end of March or until further notice.
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    Elfin Cove question

    That’s exactly what I just read in the Homer News. Pretty sure the private boat rules haven’t changed but I guess I’ll find out in the regulation booklet when I get up there.
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    Fish death

  34. waldocod

    Halibut/Tuna Trolling set up

    TICA Alaskan Big Game Rod rated 50-100 lb line. Shimano TLD20 loaded with 80 lb line. Only used a few times.$185 cash. Located in Hansville.
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    WTB Old rods

    Contact me when you’re in the Washington area. I have Fenwick, Lamiglass and Sabre rods. Plus a lot of older reels.
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    TICA Alaskan Big Game Rod

    If you need a reel with it, I can add on a Shimano TLD 20 for $100 more. So $195 for the set up.
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    Lift pole albacore video

    I got to work in the racks a few times in the 60’s. Man, what a rush!
  38. waldocod

    TICA Alaskan Big Game Rod

    Used one season. Rated 50-100 lb test. 4’8”. Be ready for upcoming Halibut season/Albacore trolling. $95
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    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    When I was in high school, we’d hang out on my friends boat in the marina on weekends. I remember the clanging of sailboat riggings at night in the wind drove me nuts
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    Sharing some good fish photos

    Your guess is as good as mine!
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    Fishing Legends

    It’s cool to hear about the barracuda fishing with feathers. It was a real art to fish them. I learned from some great guys back in the 60’s. The set up was a Penn 259 on a Calcutta (bamboo) rod with barrel (bell) guides. We fished hand tied hex head feathers (silky chicken feathers wrapped with...
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    Volcanic Reef 1980

    For some reason, I saved this strip of meter paper when I was running rockcod trips to the Volcano. High spot is 104 fathoms. Fished as deep as 120 fathoms. Even found a log book entry. Pushing 40 years ago. How awesome to be able make a drop on it now!
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    Offshore One stop limits 11/11

    These are the days you cherish when all the stars align.Looks like you were fishing on a lake out there!
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    105 FOOT BOATS

    She sees some pretty nasty weather. I didn’t see her at the dock until the end of the summer. You don’t have to go very far offshore in Alaska to get your butt kicked. I went down to the dock and she was pretty beat up, cosmetic wise. But still very seaworthy.
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    105 FOOT BOATS

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    Scotty Receptacle Wiring

    Oh man, I’m a dork. I didn’t even think about those side screws! Sucks to be old lol! Thanks!
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    Scotty Receptacle Wiring

    It looks like the bare wires just push in. Is that correct or are there special terminal connectors? Thanks!
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    Tuna on whales?

    Back in the Albacore days, it was common practice to make a trolling pass behind whales. It was a proven technique that usually paid off. Unless u get too close to one with a calf! This was one pissed off whale!
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    Commercial Netters in Elliott Bay

    They were netting the hell out the area just north of Hood Canal Bridge over the weekend right in front of the house
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    Catalina Catch from 1901

    1905 Catalina
  51. waldocod

    Catalina Catch from 1901

    Somehow, someway, fish could actually be caught without using fluorocarbon, braid and 2 speed reels! Probably used knuckle buster reels back then.
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    Offshore Outer limits 2day

    Back in the day of running Sportboats, my absolute worst loads were on Friday night twilight trips in San Pedro when all the workers from Todd Shipyard would come out. Lots of stoned, drunk , fighting assholes on those trips. If Smartphones has been around, the Port Police would have been on...
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    1 Fisherman dead in Unalaska crash of plane flying from Anchorage that injured 10 others

    This was my view flying to Fairbanks last winter on RAVN
  54. waldocod

    Seward/Homer Charters?

    Try Josh Brooks at Brooks Alaskan Adventure in Homer.
  55. waldocod

    Offshore Sonar It Works!!!!!

    Hey Danny... tell Pam that Wally says Hi!
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    R.P. from the Carnival Inspiration

    What color would be best? Plenty of choices were available on the cruise ship lol!
  57. waldocod

    R.P. from the Carnival Inspiration

    I was hoping I could get away with trolling a boatline off the stern while I was in the hot tub
  58. waldocod

    R.P. from the Carnival Inspiration

    Saw the Royal Polaris leaving Ensenada while on a cruise this week. Kinda cool shot from up high. The Shogun was next in line for Guadalupe check-in.
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    Yankee Capts The King of Queens 8/19 to 8/22

    Outstanding report and pics!
  60. waldocod

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    Even back then, it was a great deal! Sometimes if the Voyager was full, they’d use the Cutty Sark as a backup boat.
  61. waldocod

    Dream trip or just dreaming???

    Have you checked on shipping costs yet? We fished all summer in Homer and shipped fish to family and friends. It ain’t cheap from Alaska. We got a deal on it and it was around $200 / 50 lb box.
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    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    The “Sacramento” was anchored over deeper water. We also caught lots of Salmon Grouper. Also, when the Bluefin were around, we’d get them off that barge as well. The “California” and “C Coaster” were in shallower water. We’d get sand bass, sculpin, bonito and some halibut off those
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    White Sea Bass, Yellows and more at Catalina 09/01

    Looks like some happy campers there! And awesome weather!
  64. waldocod

    Record Halibut in Alaska
  65. waldocod

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    We had a close encounter in Canada on the way to Alaska. Thought it was going to demolish the mirror!
  66. waldocod

    Saltwater Tuna

    Good job! How did u plumb in your bait tank? PM me if you want!
  67. waldocod

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s (can’t exactly remember the exact year),there was a big influx of salmon off of Newport Beach just outside the pier. The sportboats were actually targeting them and running salmon specials. When I was running 3/4 day out of 22nd St., we even got a few off the...
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    Boat insurance

    PM sent
  69. waldocod

    90 anglers WTF

    Ok, that’s why I’ve seen 180 anglers listed. They list it at full day but it would make sense that it’s 2 half days combined
  70. waldocod

    90 anglers WTF

    Check out the passenger counts on the New Del Mar out of MDR! Over 100 on lots of trips
  71. waldocod

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    We were getting ready to leave on a Mothership trip from San Felipe a few years ago. We were waiting for 1 passenger to show up. He finally did after being ticketed 3 times for allegedly running stop signs in a 1 mile stretch! I personally looked for those signs and only found 1 and that one...
  72. waldocod

    Kenai Reds

    Yes, some of the guys there are dip netting and snagging in China Poot but that’s slowing down. Most guys I talked to the last few days brought their fish over from the Kenai.
  73. waldocod

    Kenai Reds

    The fish cleaning tables in Homer are full of guys coming back from the Kenai loaded with Reds
  74. waldocod

    What's the limit on Pelagic Rays? 7/27 report

    Those are nasty critters. Found them when fishing the giant Albies in 1984
  75. waldocod

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    I’ve noticed the New Del Mar has been carrying over 100 people on some trips. Amazing that you can attract that many people catching tiny rockfish. They have really perfected their marketing to the tourist industry!
  76. waldocod

    Do yellowtail eat the chunk?

    Caught many on strip bonito
  77. waldocod

    Advice needed: setting up a small boat with 2 downriggers

    I had 2 clamp on Big Jon downriggers on my 12’ Gregor for Kokanee. They were perfect and well built. Don’t know if they still make them though.
  78. waldocod

    I.D. This!!!!

    It was actually “caught” by some friends we met up here. I told them I would put it out to the group for identification!
  79. waldocod

    Cat 7/21

    Back side of the east end past Church Rk. Can’t miss them when you see them. 3 big V notches on the side of the island
  80. waldocod

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Very cool! Looks like he’s loving that boat burger!
  81. waldocod

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Too much to list. However, one really fun day was on the Sea Fisher out of Hermosa. $7 for am half day and $3 for the re-ride. Caught 5 halibut off the pier waiting for the boat. Limit of Calico Bass on the am trip, limit of Sand Bass on the pm trip. Early ‘70’s. I ran boats for 25 years from...
  82. waldocod

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    I can relate! That sucker really hurt...almost as bad as the shingles itself!
  83. waldocod

    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    Remember it well! Brought back lots of memories seeing the bait sled. It was great when the New Sunbeam would spill some bait at the receiver and we’d get a wide open bonito bite. Also fished off the docks back by the tie ups using white jap head feathers swishing them in figure 8’s. Killer...
  84. waldocod

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    Great choice for a boat! We’ve been fishing the crap out of ours (31 trips so far since Memorial Day) up in Alaska this summer. Have fun!
  85. waldocod

    Catalina Report for July 7th

    Very nice Dan! There are some chunky bass there
  86. waldocod

    I.D. This!!!!

    I’ll take this picture over to the ADFG office on Monday but thought I’d post this here until then! Yes, this is for real. Caught in 100’ of water in Homer last week.
  87. waldocod

    Icy Bay Lodge trip, AK in 2019

    I’ve had the harpoon dart rip out while tied off to a big Halibut. So now we just buoy it and let the drag of the buoy tire it out.
  88. waldocod

    Sitka -- Great Fishing Great Place -- weird size limits (slots) suck

    The trip we did out of Sitka a few years ago had a slot limit. Either the halibut had to be smallish by Alaska standards , about 25 lbs. or humongously big! We had to throw back a bunch of 60 to 100 lb. fish. As far as lings, we were incredibly lucky to get limits of lings in the slot. The lodge...
  89. waldocod

    Saltwater Neah Bay 27-30 June

    We were jokingly complaining to Belinda that after catching halibut in Alaska that bigger fish boxes were needed in the Sea Legend lol! Hard to get the bigger ones in without their tails sticking out!
  90. waldocod

    Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28

    I am so glad I spend my summers in Homer. 2 halibut , any size , every day....period. No silly regs or games.
  91. waldocod

    WDFW Crabbing dates SCREWED US ALL AGAIN -

    We don’t even keep our boat in Washington anymore. We just fish all summer with it in Alaska and just keep it in storage until the next summer.
  92. waldocod

    Halibut Day Trip Recommendations out of Seward

    Nope, no big halibut in Homer!
  93. waldocod

    Parsley's report; king salmon off the shore in Homer!

    Looks like you’re in the Nick Dudiak fishing hole
  94. waldocod

    Saltwater Elliott Bay Shrimp

    nothing that a change of who runs oregon California and Washington wont cure....I take it that Hillary is your girlfriend and fauxahontas is your side slut Funny Jamie....I was going to post the EXACT same reply.... doug....go away, you're an ass-hat and an annoyance..I feel sorry for you...
  95. waldocod

    Any old guys remember her?

    Sitting in Homer, AK last summer
  96. waldocod

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Got it all day yesterday! Few times today
  97. waldocod

    Saltwater Shrimpin ain’t easy

    Looks like u had some great helpers! Yes, the weather and shrimping was awesome yesterday for us as well.
  98. waldocod

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    I’ve always liked the lines of those Bertram 31’s. Fished on one in Hawaii and it is one awesome boat , even in sporty weather. Ditch the fighting chair, install a bait tank and give the albacore hell!
  99. waldocod

    Need help with fish mounts

    Tom, it looks like King Sailfish Taxidermy has a decent selection. Mostly east coast but they had a good amount of west coast mounts available
  100. waldocod

    A Few Oldies

    Yep, the green bomber and squid was the hot ticket for calico and sand bass back then. Before that, it was that skirted Jed Welsh Breakwater Special
  101. waldocod

    A Few Oldies

    Yes, a Homicide 7
  102. waldocod

    A Few Oldies

    You might have to expand to see the lettering on some of these
  103. waldocod

    Sunday 3/10 rockfish

    Looks like a few nice Chilipepers in there!
  104. waldocod

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    I moved to Washington from Utah to get away from the snow. Unfortunately, it found me!
  105. waldocod

    Back in the Day

    I find it interesting that there’s no Hood Canal Bridge on the drawing. Just the location of the collasped bridge. The article was written in 1981 between the time it sunk and when it was rebuilt.
  106. waldocod

    Back in the Day

  107. waldocod

    Cold Weather Boat Prep

    Pretty damn chilly this morning with that windchill as well!
  108. waldocod

    trailer weight distribution reminder

    5000 miles round trip this summer. No problem!
  109. waldocod

    Stolen toy hauler

    We’ve had a rash of stolen kickers in our neighborhood. Most were parked right in the driveways! It’s bad enough they steal the engines but they cut the gas lines and steering cables as well. Even a locked cable wasn’t stopping them.
  110. waldocod

    Show your Bloody Deck

    When halibut go nuts!!
  111. waldocod

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Enjoy your common interests together. Life is short!
  112. waldocod

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    While in Homer, Alaska this summer, we heard numerous boats hailing other boats on 16 their intentions in close proximity situations. That sure saved a lot of stress and possible close calls or worse.
  113. waldocod

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Ha ha! Maybe it got frisky with a salmon passing by lol!
  114. waldocod

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    We caught a halibut in Homer this summer with pink meat. No one, not even the Alaska Fish and Game nor the processor had ever seen one. Picture shows the normal color below the pink ones.
  115. waldocod

    2016 F250 Super Duty

  116. waldocod

    Sea trial/fishing trip with 3 WSB. 3 reds, Ling and bunch of mixed rock cods

    We did good on the halibut. We fished a total of 50 days and had friends and family out on a number of trips. Took advantage of the beautiful weather! Ended up with 6 fish over 100lbs. We were down on ramp 4 . Saw your boat for sale just down from our transient dock. We’re back home in...
  117. waldocod

    Sea trial/fishing trip with 3 WSB. 3 reds, Ling and bunch of mixed rock cods

    Hey Bill! Did you sell the boat in Homer you had up for sale? I saw it for a few weeks in that lot on the spit and then it was gone. I’d see people looking at it when I’d drive by.
  118. waldocod

    Trolling for Fraser Sockeye

    You might have to carry 4 landing nets lol!!!
  119. waldocod

    Best Fish Eats

    My wife’s deep fried shrimp and halibut caught on our boat just hours before!
  120. waldocod

    Anyone know what this is???

    The Sargo bites back in the early ‘70s were epic. Not sure if has ever happened since. It was only for one summer. Was working on the Sharpshooter back then. Hen Rk. at Catalina was the spot. Green bomber and squid in the dark. Even caught a golden sargo. Just like the occasional golden grouper...
  121. waldocod

    Anchorage Charter Recomendations

    Brooks Alaskan Adventures in Homer. Year round fishing
  122. waldocod

    Offshore Big YFT

    Bigeye Tuna
  123. waldocod

    Offshore Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    Having worked and ran sport boats for 25 years back in the ‘70’s to the ‘90’s , I have had just a few incidents. If it happens at the dock, I would call the port police. That’s easy. At sea, different story. Most of it was alcohol related. If the boat had a bunk room, had to tie the persons...
  124. waldocod

    Oceanside to the Barn Kelp

    I never worried too much about the tide until this summer in Homer!
  125. waldocod

    Tuna rods built by Yo’s tackle

    I still have my 270 from 1978. Loved that stick
  126. waldocod

    Alaskan Anglers Inn

    Great pictures! Thank you for posting!
  127. waldocod

    My 28’ boat or yours Homer AK or nearby

    Hi Bill! We are leaving for Homer tomorrow. Be there in about a week. Once we get settled, I’ll look you up.
  128. waldocod

    Sculpin off MDR

    Rockfish are in the Sebastes family. Not the same as Scorpaenidae family. But rockfish spines are mildly poisonous and do hurt.
  129. waldocod

    Freshwater Soft Baits and Jig Heads

    Lots of assorted softbaits and jig heads. $40 obo plus $15 shipping (if reqd.)
  130. waldocod

    Surface and Yo Yo Jigs

    A collection of 80+ classic single and treble hook Salas, Tady , and some misc. jigs. Most hooks in good shape but some will need to be replaced. $100 plus $15.00 shipping. PM me for additional info.
  131. waldocod

    Coonstripe Info

    Damn! I hope I look at it from the correct end. Is that the left antenna looking from the head end or the tail end?
  132. waldocod

    Coonstripe Info

    Thank you! That gives me a good starting point. And not too far of a run.
  133. waldocod

    Coonstripe Info

    I got some pots with 1/2” mesh at a yard sale to try for Coonstripe in area 9. Looks like it opens June 1st. I haven’t found anyone in my area (Hansville) that fishes for these. Just wondering if anyone has tried for these in this general area. As usual, not asking for specific spots. Thanks!
  134. waldocod

    Saltwater Easy limits!

    We had similar success. Done after 2 pots!
  135. waldocod

    What happened to Malihini?

    Actually, it was Pacific Landing
  136. waldocod

    Fishing Venice april 21-25

    1400 hp will get you out there fast!
  137. waldocod

    Fishing the 'Lion' of March

    Popeye Catalufa
  138. waldocod

    La Salina 2/17 angler needed

    Bill, PM sent
  139. waldocod

    LB/Izors 1/14-15

    It’s a Black Croaker
  140. waldocod

    Boy this looks like fun

    Certain landings have run Sand Dab specials for years. The first one I remember was on the “Pierpoint” years ago out of Pierpoint Landing. I even ran some in the ‘80’s out of 22nd Street. A hundred per person was not uncommon. Some restaurants serve them and they are pretty yummy and quite...
  141. waldocod

    Fishing in Jamaica?

    Jamaica was one of our cruise stops. Our taxi driver basically stood guard for us when we stopped and shopped.
  142. waldocod

    FYI Costco has their FOODSAVER on sale 99.00 newest model

    Thanks for posting this. I was looking to get a new one
  143. waldocod

    Black Friday with Tails & Big Bones

    Very cool release in the water! Well done
  144. waldocod

    Ace Line Hauler

    I thought I saw a post somewhere for the Brutus plus 40 pot puller for $450. I just can't remember where. Does anyone recall this post? Thanks!
  145. waldocod

    Boothbay Maine

    It's a beautiful place! Fished there in the fall quite a few years ago for cod and haddock. Don't forget to have some lobster rolls!
  146. waldocod

    Any Long Rangers who Fished Frontier Lodge in Sitka?

    I was in Sitka last August. The silvers were big and fat. The first day was flat calm and were able to get to the hot area. The next few days were windy but we filled in the count with lots of rockfish, lingcod and halibut. The lingcod slot is tough but we managed limits, which is not very...
  147. waldocod

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

    In talking to the locals, it sounds like the guys made a good living doing research. Gold and diamond exploration, etc. They also cleaned up a lot of abandoned WW2 equipment off some of the uninhabited Aleutian Islands. I'd be curious how much they ended up buying it for.
  148. waldocod

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

    It sounded like they repaired all the issues and is once again USCG certified.
  149. waldocod

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

  150. waldocod

    Sitka Kingfisher Charters / Let's Talk Hookup Report

    I'm headed up there in August. If you don't mind, could u give me a general tipping guideline. Do you tip daily or at the end of the trip? Thanks!
  151. waldocod

    Grande Alaska Fishing Lodge Fish Report

    A day without rain in Seward makes it a successful day right off the bat lol!!!
  152. waldocod

    Offshore Lifestyle 3/4 Day

    Most of the phones now have many different modes where you can get awesome effects like those
  153. waldocod

    Offshore Chief 1-1/2 day Collonett Jan 3rd

    HeyMike! Where in Utah do u live. I'm up in Ogden
  154. waldocod

    Newort Kids trip: Seals 9 - Kids 0

    I wonder if my commercial seal abatement permit from the '80's is still valid lol!
  155. waldocod

    Tipping guideline for all inclusive packages

    Ha ha! I think I'll skip the never ending ediqutte thread and go with bosco since that's the lodge I'm booked at. Thanks for the info!
  156. waldocod

    Tipping guideline for all inclusive packages

    I have a trip booked for an all inclusive lodge for 5 days of fishing in Sitka. What is the general consensus for tipping? I was thinking of tipping the captain daily and the lodge staff at the end of the trip. What do you think? Thanks!
  157. waldocod

    Imperial Beach Sportfishing...

    I used to fish the Sea Fisher out of Hermosa back on the 60's. $3.50 for half day and .50 for a re-ride
  158. waldocod

    Seaforth Jackpot Passes? 1967

    Interesting info. I have a Qualifier 105 jig along with a bunch of other odd ball jigs.
  159. waldocod

    sportboat name changes

    Reel Special is now the Royal Pacifico in Ensenada
  160. waldocod

    sportboat name changes

    Before Redondo, I ran it out of Queens Wharf for Don Ashley after he brought it up from San Diego
  161. waldocod

    Offshore Top Gun 80 2 1/2 day Fishing still great at Cortez Banks

    I've seen thousands of albacore , both commercial and sportfishing them in my life and never saw one with any markings like a yellowfin or anything close.
  162. waldocod

    Offshore Ranger 85 - Oct 9th - 12th - Late Post

    Even a Shortbill Spearfish to boot!
  163. waldocod

    Old fishing gear found!

    I was going through my storage space yesterday and found a bunch of Penn Surfmasters and old Jigmasters. Also a bunch of Zukers and other asst. trolling gear. Don't have much use for them up here in Utah but don't know if anyone is interested in all this old school stuff.
  164. waldocod

    Fish ID

  165. waldocod

    first time tuna run more of a story then a report

    Poor guy. Gets beat up for catching small yellows.If he had caught big yellows, he probably would have gotten slammed for keeping the breeders.
  166. waldocod

    LATE REPORT! KM skipper BIRD

    Can we get the shirts online?
  167. waldocod

    Options, Spectra, or Tailchaser?

    When I worked on the Fury in Dana Pt. in the '80's, Dave was running the Sea Horse. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe his Dad owned the landing at the time. So he's been around the business for a very long time
  168. waldocod

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    Not really a dangerous story but a funny man overboad incident. I was decking on the Grande in 1977. We were at SBI fishing in a ripping current. I was up on the tank and saw a guy go over the rail. He didn't fall, he jumped. He was casting and the rod flew out of his hands so he jumped in after...
  169. waldocod

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    Back in the '80s, I was running the Sea Sport for Tom Durr out of Ports 'O Call. We took the boat up to Pt. Hueneme for the spring. I was down at the Deep Hole fishing in a pretty good swell. If you ever fished that skinny mother, you know how much it rolled in the trough. I ran that boat for 6...
  170. waldocod

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    After running sportboats for 15 years, a few trips come to mind. I was running the Sea Spray out of Queens Wharf in 1987 on a double half day. In the morning , we were fishing the Horseshoe and I noticed I was having trouble controlling the boat in the chum circle. It felt like we were only on...
  171. waldocod

    Bank Perch

    I think there's lots of nicknames for rockfish out there. Back in the day, that's what we called them. Who know's now!!! We used to call Mexican Rockfish an Arkansas Traveller or Arkansas Black. Where the hell did that come from LOL!!! I fished commercial hook and line rockcod for 3 seasons. We...
  172. waldocod

    Bank Perch

    Bank Perch is a Speckled Rockfish. Floridas are Redstripe Rockfish
  173. waldocod

    The Indian - Post your photos

    It was the Indian from the time it was built. I decked on it a few times. It was luxury back then. Really a sweet ride. Still is!
  174. waldocod

    The Indian - Post your photos

    The first picture is the Indian in the background at 22nd St. around 1971. She sure has been well taken care of for over 40 years This is around when Izor first had it built. The second picture shows her at 22nd St. a few years later when Bud Lovette owned the boat.
  175. waldocod

    SMB Rockin'&Rattlin'.....

    If the eyes are bugging out above the head , it looks like a C-O Turbot, judging by the round blotch on the back.
  176. waldocod

    Commercial squid boats

    Good thing you didn't see the backside of Catalina during the WSB bite or the crowds at the Tuna pens.
  177. waldocod

    30 Chinook Salmon on the Pursuit?

    Although unlikely (being that it was a Catalina), salmon runs used to happen. We had some decent salmon fishing off Newport some years and I still have pics of really nice kings caught locally near the Horseshoe while running the Sea Sport.
  178. waldocod

    The Del Mar 8/21/11!!!

    The fish you need an i.d. for is a calico rockfish
  179. waldocod

    Offshore fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    Those bearings are from the L.A. Light. We were still at Ports 'o Call at the time. I'll have to look but I think our best day was in the 20's. Pat Jackson ran the boat on that day and I was 2nd ticket. Our biggest was 75 lbs. I think the Liberty had the biggest one somewhere around 80 lbs. A...
  180. waldocod

    More from the 80s

    Sent ya a pm
  181. waldocod

    More from the 80s

    I've just been lurking around a little bit. Most of those pics should probably have been posted in another forum instead of the Long Range posts. Hope I didn't hijack. Been restoring some old Hodaka motorcycles lately.
  182. waldocod

    More from the 80s

    1984 Albacore
  183. waldocod

    More from the 80s

  184. waldocod

    More from the 80s

    Old Stuff
  185. waldocod

    Offshore San Clemente Island "Tackle Box"

    I used to run sportboats back when the Bluefin were plentiful on the backside.We were kicked out of those hot areas from Pyramid Cove up to China Pt. more times than I could count due to shelling the island, sometimes right in the middle of a bite. Same goes for Northwest Harbor.They have been...
  186. waldocod

    San Felipe question

    There is a federale check point at the turn off to Ensenada. I always get stopped. The only time they went through all my stuff is when I came through at night ( which is not a good idea), but I have never had anything taken.They really appreciate the ice cold drinks I give them. That check...
  187. waldocod

    planning a trip to the south pacific, when is the best time???

    For fishing off the rocks, check out the "some of my best captures" thread!
  188. waldocod

    Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico - Mothership Charter - December 2007 - 8 Fishing Days

    Careful on these fishing/diving (tank, not snorkeling)trips.There have been conflicts in the past where the spots that are anchored up on are dive spots and fisherman are on a spot with no gamefish and vice versa.I was on one of these trips where the boat would anchor up over a pretty little...
  189. waldocod

    Humboldt Squid

    Hey Ian, Get your Dad to buy you a plane ticket and come on out and catch one.Not only will you have the beak but some great pics to show your buddies!