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  1. DODGERS27

    Tranx 200hg

    Anyone have one that they’re looking to get rid of?
  2. DODGERS27

    30 to 35 gallon bait tank

    Any one have a 30 gallon bait tank for sale? Lmk thanks
  3. DODGERS27

    Calstar WCDH 90J-C

    Anyone have one forsale let me know Cal-Star West Coast Series WCDH-90J Rater 30-60#
  4. DODGERS27

    Anyone need a ho for 10/11/19?

    Axel on my trailer broke so stuck on shore lmk if anyone needs help with gas and bait for tomorrow to get on some yellowfin 10/11/19 Thanks
  5. DODGERS27

    Shimano Trinidad 10a

    Have a shimano Trinidad 10a only been on one boat ride 10/10 condition comes with the box no braid Only looking to trade for a Trinidad 14a or a tranx 500 Send me a text for pictures and if ur interested in trading 657-293-3617
  6. DODGERS27

    Trinidad 20/16a Tiburon clamp

    Let me know if u got one forsale
  7. DODGERS27

    Acr Electronics GlobalFix EPIRB

    Anyone have one for sale?
  8. DODGERS27

    What length shifter/throttle cable for 17ft CC?

    I need to replace the shifter and throttle cable on my boat but dont know what length cables do I need? Should I get 11, 12, or 13ft? My boats a 17ft trophy center console
  9. DODGERS27

    Penn 535 like new

    I have a like new penn 535 graphite frame reel comes with clamp Pm me ur number for pics $60 pick up in santa ana
  10. DODGERS27

    Seatow or BoatU.S. ?

    Just got a boat and looking to get a membership with one of these companies Which one do u prefer and why?
  11. DODGERS27

    14ft valco aluminum boat

    Hey guys I have a 14ft valco boat, no trailer, and no motor. Boat only Boat has a small dent in the front dosent effect it at all, I bought this boat to fix it up for a bay boat but decided to get a bigger boat. I'm just trying to get what I payed for it. $250 and its yours. P.s. dont know...
  12. DODGERS27

    Shimano Why is my tranx 500 making this sound?

    My tranx 500 is making a grinding whistling sound when I reel and in freespool, the grinding slows my spool a little. Anyone know what wrong with it?
  13. DODGERS27

    Anyone live in mission viejo?

    Hey my names Brandon I'm trying to fish this Saturday at lake mission viejo can anyone that lives there give me permission to fish it? If u can that would be awesome If not thanks anyways Please let me know if anyone can get me in thanks
  14. DODGERS27

    WTB: cousins raze 7'3 heavy

    Please let me know if u have one
  15. DODGERS27

    WTB: shimano crucial 7'3h

    Please let me now if u have one
  16. DODGERS27

    How is a calstar GFDH900H for throwing surface iron?

    I already have a calstar 90j that I use to throw the iron and I love it I wanted another rod for throwing the iron and I was thinking about getting GFDH900H How is it for throwing surface iron?
  17. DODGERS27

    Where to buy swimbait materials?

    I want to start making my own swimbaits Does anyone know where to buy the eye rings and the joints for a glide bait?
  18. DODGERS27

    WTB: calstar 690j gg

    Let me know if u have one for sale? PM only
  19. DODGERS27

    WTB: Shimano Teramar Inshore TMCX80H

    Please let me know if u have one for sale Looking for a Shimano Teramar Inshore Casting Rods TMCX80H 8Ft 15 to 30lb PM ONLY
  20. DODGERS27

    Palos verdes cliffs calico bass fishing?

    Has anyone fished Palos verses cliffs for calicos lately? Please let me know if u have any info
  21. DODGERS27

    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    Hello BDers i wanted to ask this question, is there spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX? Please let me know if u have any info about it
  22. DODGERS27

    WTB:phenix black diamond 909xh

    Let me know if u have one for sale Looking for deckhand 909xh
  23. DODGERS27

    Avet mxl 4.5.1

    I have a great condition avet mxl 4.5.1 9/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically it has 65lb braid and 40lb mono top shot $150 I'm having trouble posting pics so pm me ur number and ill send u pics
  24. DODGERS27

    Cousins 90j as a surface iron rod?

    Does anyone use a cousins 90j 30-50lb for throwing tady 45s?, how do u like it and how does it load up? And do u think it will be a good surface iron rod?
  25. DODGERS27

    Shore fishing mazatlan mexico?

    I am planning to go to mazatlan mx in april, I was wondering what I can catch from the beach in april? Please let me know if u know
  26. DODGERS27

    Does spiral wrapped rods decrease ur casting distance?

    Ive seen guys on sport boats with spiral wrapped rods but ive always wondered if it affects ur cast. Let me know if they affect ur cast or if its the same?
  27. DODGERS27

    Avet lx 2 speed vs penn fathom 40 2 speed?

    Im debating on which reel to get avet lx or penn fathom 40 for live bait for these bigger bluefin. I heard they are both good but which one should i get i want to use it for bigger bluefin but i also want to use it for yoyo fishing for yellowtail. Which one would u recommend?
  28. DODGERS27

    Shimano Which curado for spotted bay bass?

    Im going to get a curado 200I, but which gear ratio should I get 7.2.1 or 6.3.1? I'm going to be using it for spotted bay bass so I'm mostly going to be throwing swimbaits.
  29. DODGERS27

    WTB:phenix black diamond 909xh 25-60lb

    Let me know if u have one for sale
  30. DODGERS27

    Rod for shimano tranx?

    I just bought a tranx and I'm not sure what rod to get for it I'm thinking a 9ft I'm going to be using it for throwing surface iron , let me know what u guys recommend.
  31. DODGERS27

    Shimano Shimano trinidad 30a clamp ?

    I just bought a trinidad 30a and I'm looking to put a permanent clamp on it. Do u have any idea for what kind of clamp ?
  32. DODGERS27

    Vonnys fleet?

    Has anyone gone out of vonnys fleet recently and do u know what they are catching right know ?
  33. DODGERS27

    What size shimano colt sniper ?

    Im going on a trip next weekened out of Ensenada MX and they are catching yellowfin tuna up to 35lbs what size and color colt sniper should i use ?
  34. DODGERS27

    Will a Phenix Abyss PSX-909 handle 100lb bluefin ?

    I just bought a Phenix Abyss PSX-909 20-50 and i was wondering if i get into a school of blue fin in the 60lb range and i end up hooking into one of the bigger ones in the 100lb range will this rod be able to handle it ?
  35. DODGERS27

    Want to take my son fishing for his 15 birthday on july 16

    Hi I want to take my son fishing for his birthday on july 16 i was wondering if any private boat owners are going for yellowtail i will help pay for gas or bait. Thank u