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  1. JoshInSD

    Fellow BDer Catches Virus

    I’ve gone viral, but thankfully in a good way. It’s been a fun ride.
  2. JoshInSD

    Fogless Fun

    Opted to stay local, and turns out that wasn’t such a bad idea due to all the fog offshore today. Although fog can’t stop @longboard85 from limiting out, ever! Anyhow, haven’t been able to fish much this season, so was quite thrilled when this sea rug appeared on the end of my line. Went 37”...
  3. JoshInSD

    WTB Newer Yamaha 150 or 175

    Getting tired of cruising at 18-20 with my 115 and would like to get to 30kts ++. Anyone have a lead on a newer mechanical Yamaha f150 or f175 (or f200).
  4. JoshInSD

    Fish ID 5.15.2020

    Any thoughts? (Black spot on gill plate looks like Jack Mackerel but body pattern throws me off) Caught off Coronado Islands.
  5. JoshInSD

    Home school on a boat
  6. JoshInSD

    Lab grown yellowtail !? Local foodtech startup BlueNalu earned industry clout with its lab-created yellowtail product, which can be served raw, acidified or cooked
  7. JoshInSD

    10 Stupid Things to NOT To Catch Fish - by Larry Brown

    This is one of the best resources I’ve come across for offshore fishing tips. Required reading for anyone on my boat! The Ten Most Stupid Things (We) Anglers Do To Not Catch Fish By Larry Brown I used to love Letterman’s lists of the 10...
  8. JoshInSD

    News: Pegasus picks up SEALs off capsized boat Lucky guys. Wonder if they got to fish all day on the Pegasus before they returned them to the harbor tonight. (Searched to see if a post already done for this...
  9. JoshInSD

    Why I’m so happy to fish my own boat

    This picture says it all. Fish hanging with spider web forming... (Sent by my friend/boat partner who decided to hop on a charter for ‘fun’ this week)
  10. JoshInSD

    Offshore At Least We Caught Some - 9-6

    Typed a whole summary then lost it.. so here’s the important info. 425 on the numbers (but we got there too late to really load up). Evening bite was slow (for us) near the 302. 30# with 1/0 hook worked fine.
  11. JoshInSD

    Accurate clicker not working/loose. Fixable?

    Check the video. My clicker has been getting looser and looser and today it doesn’t work at all. What’s the fix? Thank You
  12. JoshInSD

    Suspicious rod/reel for sale at Shelter Island

    Pulling out of the parking area guy on a bike offers to sell this to me. I snapped a different photo of his face if anyone had this combo stolen. He also had a little spinner with him.
  13. JoshInSD

    Mackerel Magnet Ho Appreciation Trip - 8/9

    Locked in the mating position (evidence of the elusive Yellowtail Tuna) Baby Fish Jesus lucky charm Pre gaff swim by Took our sexiest hoes for an ultra limited load islands/offshore combo Friday 8/9 sojourn. Full report 3 Anglers 3 YT (to 18#) (2 more lost to sea lions) 1 YFT 18# (1 more...
  14. JoshInSD

    Mackerel Man is Back! - 7/22 Coronados

    Mackerel Man is back and is enjoying his summer! Same story as you’ve all been reading, but the bite turned back on Monday with exceptional weather and light traffic. Anchored up at the middle grounds and steadily picked off some nice ones on the flylined sardines. Nothing fancy or difficult...
  15. JoshInSD

    Coronados Friday - YT

    Report for 6/21. Launched at 5:45. Was misting and overcast most of the day. Worked all around north island and didn’t see much life. Worked down through middle grounds and it was a little more promising but nothing. Went down to lee of S Island and seemed to be a bit fishier. A few random marks...
  16. JoshInSD

    Whale breaches near skiff

    How cool would this be!
  17. JoshInSD

    Bluefin INSIDE San Diego Bay!

    Ok, that was clickbait.. but this isn’t: US’ first tuna hatchery planned for San Diego Bay
  18. JoshInSD

    Worse than Sea Lions?

  19. JoshInSD

    Plano 3700 Tackle Bag at Costco

    Saw this at Costco - Comes with 3 large boxes plus 1 medium box - also a hat and buff ( Picture of the hat and bath is in the bag you purchase as I noticed several of the bags were open in those items were missing)
  20. JoshInSD

    Fileting Tuna - Japanese style

    another over the top filet job. Especially starting around 21:00 when they get into the lesser used parts.
  21. JoshInSD

    Fileting Yellowtail - Japanese style

    This video takes it to another level.
  22. JoshInSD

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    Well, at least the styrofoam ones!
  23. JoshInSD

    January rockfish - 1/4/19

    Haven’t been able to get on the water for 2+ months so didn’t mind cranking up from 400-700 feet. S9 area (ie. Mexico). Water 60ish. Super clean with good signs of life (porpoise birds). No top water fish signals however. (3 anglers aboard). Squid strips only. Side note: first time on new...
  24. JoshInSD

    Vacmaster (two available cheap)

    Found these online. Pretty good deal. If I didn’t own one I would be all over it. He said he would take $25 off these prices too. $499 new one $350 slightly used one
  25. JoshInSD

    nICE Cooler at Dixieline for sale 22qt

    Just came across this sale item. Didn’t buy one but figured I’d pass it on. Regular price $120.
  26. JoshInSD

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    Just stumbled upon this. Very well made and only $60. Comparable to the Yeti flip 18 that is $300. Buy at Costco and you get a lifetime warranty, lifetime money back. Seems hard to beat!!
  27. JoshInSD

    Offshore 9/12 - Raging Rapids

    NNE WIND + SW swell = welcome to the wet ride at the water park. The morning looked promising but that didn’t last. Found a small kelp with even smaller dorado on them. 90 minute salt water neti pot on the way back.
  28. JoshInSD

    Lost hoops - San Diego bay

    So we went 6/10 last night out of the big bay. We found only 6 of the hoops we set. 4 lost hoops in one set! All promar ambush style hoops. The harbor police was even helping us find them as they drifted to mid-channel. It was in hindsight poor execution on my part and the conditions were...
  29. JoshInSD

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500P

    Ocea Jigger 1500P Japanese model, loaded with Shimano PE - $185
  30. JoshInSD

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    Personally I’m an advocate of releasing these VERY SLOW growing fish. What about you all?
  31. JoshInSD

    NEW Phenix Megaladon S760H

    Phenix Megaladon S760H Popping rod Used once, never had a fish on it. $290 (retail $340) Length 7'6 2 pcs Braided Line PE 7-10 Taper Action Heavy Guides Fuji KWSG Reel Seat/Handle DPSSD-LD/High Density EVA
  32. JoshInSD

    Bubba Blade on Amazon PRIME DAY

    Big discount today. Bubba Blade 9 Inch Stiff Fillet Knife Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Non-Stick 2mm Thick Blade with Beveled Edge Sushi Chef Style for Fishing and Hunting BB1-9S Lots of Star Brite cleaning products on sale too.
  33. JoshInSD

    7/9 - Inshore & Offshore Tour

    Lauchbed from MCRD at 5:15 and got some really crappy 3-4” sardines that all rolled by 10am even in the calm seas. Went to the islands first to pick off some yellows before they head offshore, we got 6 on the boat plus 4 bones and ran out of live bait by 10:30. They will still biting half dead...
  34. JoshInSD

    6/29 - Organized Coronados Chaos

    It’s no secret that the Coronados are hot right now, for a little while longer at least, until these fish head offshore. For now however they were not afraid to bite amid the eddy wind and cross swell combined with 20-30 boats in a concentrated area. Plenty of yellows to go around, along with a...
  35. JoshInSD

    Offshore 6/20 - 3Bs at the Knoll (wrong kind of blue)

    Short: Bait, Blue Shark & Balloons Longer: BFT trip 45 miles southwest (total trip 115 miles today). Water >64, low wind, but very little bird or surface signals. Spearos around us got 4+ Cows but we couldn’t get them to go no matter what. Flat fall, live bait, surface irons, trolling, slow...
  36. JoshInSD

    Stella 8000PG (2008)

    Stella 8000PG Super clean From Japan $500 SPECS
  37. JoshInSD

    Stella 20000PG (2008)

    2008 Stella 20000PG Loaded with 350 yards of PE8 (=110lb. Braid) Super clean The reel can handle a cow if your back can! $600
  38. JoshInSD

    Deck Box 150 gallon

    Looking for a deck box, large 150 gallon size. Something like the LIFETIME or Keter brand. In San Diego. Thanks
  39. JoshInSD

    Which color works best?

    My wife is gonna have the final decision (duh!) but I’m just curious what the consensus is. Which color accent works best?? (For umbrellas, cushions, pillows, etc)
  40. JoshInSD

    6/4 - Day Late, 7 YT Short

    Missed the first “wide open” yellowtai bite by a day, but didn’t miss the 50 boats that were there Sunday. Ended up with 3 YT (8#, 9#, 18# - 7 fish short of Mexican limits) and a few rock fish. Had fun at middle grounds pulling on some PIG Calicos. Many calico caught and released 4-6+#, on the...
  41. JoshInSD

    Spinning rod for Stella 5000

    Opted to keep one of the Stella’s I’ve been selling. Keeping the 5000XG. Looking for a rod to pair it with. Something like the.. Hercules SHS-80H 7’6” to 8’6” range Line 25-60 range (or PE 3-5)
  42. JoshInSD

    NEW JB hollow 200lb 150 yards

    Bought it, just don’t know why. Paid $35+. Brand new. Selling for $30.
  43. JoshInSD

    SKB 7100 $185

    small SKB box, just don’t use it anymore. includes 3 SKB plastic boxes. $200
  44. JoshInSD

    Mamiya Marfix J System (rare Japanese Jigger)

    This is a solid Japanese made reel! Really well built with spool brake on side plate. Built for huge fish. Mamiya Marfix J System - $325 Line capacity PE6 480m PE 5 560 PE 4 740m
  45. JoshInSD

    Old thread 1500

  46. JoshInSD

    ‘08 Shimano Stella 8000 and 20000

    All meticulously maintained and recently serviced at the Shimano factory in Japan. If you’re interested in any of these models let me know ASAP! 2008 Models. PHOTOS IN POST BELOW AVAILABLE 20000PG 08Stella w 350 yards PE8 $600 8000PG 08Stella $500 8000PG 08Stella $500 OceaJigger scorpion...
  47. JoshInSD

    My “new” Shimano 2-Speed

    Still out here in Japan. Posted this in the Shimano section but not too many of you regulars visit that area. Found this cool Shimano 2 speed level wind, lever drag. Impeccable condition and only $20! I think it’ll work nicely for some as a dedicated bottom fishing reel. Now, what line to load...
  48. JoshInSD

    Shimano Shimano digitana SLS5000

    Just stumbled across this old Shimano reel in Tokyo. Immaculate condition. Digital counter, not an electric reel. Two speed, level wind, lever drag. Me thinks this may make a good dedicated bottom fishing rig. Anyone come across these before?? Any market for this? Line Capacity PE / #10/300m...
  49. JoshInSD

    Zero to Hero

    I used to come home from a day on the water and they would be surprised if there was any fish, now I get letters written like this. Does it get any better? Illustration: apparently I am asking her for help with my fish, and she says no way. Translated: “me and my daddy’s fish”
  50. JoshInSD

    Sonar fish

    Based on everyone’s experience, what do you make of these marks? I wasn’t able to catch any here so I can’t verify a correct answer, but would be great to try and learn so I know better next time.
  51. JoshInSD

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    Mackerel Man and I did a team building trip down south today. We worked well together clearing the troller for the dropper loop, and the yo-yo rod for the surface iron rod. In the end we managed 1 8# bonito on the troll, one 8# YT on the yo-yo (scrambled egg heavy), several decent reds, a PB...
  52. JoshInSD

    Fred Hall - come meet a local celebrity!

    Free autographs from Ali. The kids love him! And he loves the attention! :D
  53. JoshInSD

    3/12 - Lots of color except Yellow

    Did a big loop down to Rockpile, SKR, S Island, N Island. Worked the area pretty good. Lots of bait (sardines) and decent meter marks but no yellows. Settled for another full load of red, coppers, whites, a ling, sculpin and another sanddab. Released a small sheepshead, many 4 inch rockfish and...
  54. JoshInSD

    3/5 - 7 species day

    Fun day on the water, catching fish! Winds were stronger than forecast, especially the morning winds east of the islands. Fairly strong offshore winds mixing it up. Switched to Northerly as forecast but never really laid down as much as I would have hoped. Put 60 miles in today, and ended up...
  55. JoshInSD

    OKUMA: Hi Perormance

    Just sayin.
  56. JoshInSD

    2/12 - Wet & Wild Mexican Rockfishing

    Knew the weather wasn’t going to be ideal but opted to go anyhow. Suited up in full Deadliest Catch orange Grundens and hit the Mission Bay harbor mouth by 5:20. Macs aplenty and had 20 small ones with a few big ones mixed in. Worked La Jolla for a few hours on the dropper loop and yo-yo to no...
  57. JoshInSD

    2/2 - Vermilions, Coppers, Square Spots, Boccaccio and more

    2018 opener. After a few hours north of the border opted to head south and salvage a tough day. Didn’t take long to fill the hold with a nice assortment of fairly nice sized rockfish and a single large bottom caught mackerel to make some Japanese style salted mackerel. - stomachs filled with...
  58. JoshInSD

    FoodSaver bags

    Upgraded to the Vacmaster and no longer need these bags. Probably $40+ worth of bags here. I’m in San Diego, near SDSU. Sell, trade chest freezer, whatever. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy these bags, go buy the Vacmaster. Retail - food vac bag rolls $23 - zipper bags $6 - gameSaver bags...
  59. JoshInSD

    WTShare - Vacmaster bags

    Loving my Vacmaster VP215 and want to get some additional bag sizes without spending $100 a box (albeit you get 1,000 bags for $100 so it’s cheap relatively speaking). I need the 10”x13” bags (4mm). Anyone already have a box they want to sell a portion of, or anyone want to go in on a box...
  60. JoshInSD

    Boat/Fishing Logs

    (Posted over at "Boating Discussion" but don't think there is high traffic there. Sorry Sueno) Does anyone use any phone Apps to track their maintenance schedule, enter trip logs/notes/photos, fuel consumption, other costs, etc? I've downloaded and tried half a dozen of them but they are too...
  61. JoshInSD

    WTB Anchor and Rode Package for 21' Boat

    Lost my anchor and rode package on recent trip, looking to replace but don't want to fork over $ to West Marine. Looking for roughly 8# ANCHOR, GALVANIZED CHAIN and ROPE roughly with these specs below. In San Diego. Thank you.
  62. JoshInSD

    Offshore Successful Solo Sojourn - 11/15

    Mackerel Man was getting landsick and needed to spend some time in the water so we left 5am out of Mission Bay. Bait was mixed good (w 2 mini macs) 3-5" dines and we headed south on a 170 heading for Mexico. Worked the flats NE of the islands for nothing/ no marks/no birds. Headed to N Island...
  63. JoshInSD

    Offshore South and Solo - 11/6

    Opted against making a big effort to find a crew and with the earlier sunrise timed my launch just before nautical twilight (no radar). Launched from Mission with a bright moon and headed down to get bait from SD Bay. It was good but honestly didn't seem much better than the bait a few weeks ago...
  64. JoshInSD

    Offshore Just enough rope + BFT - 10/23

    Short: 3 for 4 on BFT (15#, 20#, 20#) off the anchor several miles south of S Island. Plus 5 bonito. 20# flouro to #2 hook. Sardines from Mission Bay. Nose hook and butt hook. Threw a few chunks every 30-45 seconds for 4 hours. Lost one 30-40# grade at the boat. Saw a few other boats in our...
  65. JoshInSD

    Shimano Where to buy Ocea EX8 braid?

    Have some of this on my stella that I brought back from Japan and love this line. Anyone know where to buy it domestically, as I'm not going back to Japan for another few months at least. I see some on Amazon and eBay but those appear to just be shipped from Japan...
  66. JoshInSD

    Offshore V for Vendetta - 9/28

    Short Version: 3 YFT in Mexican waters on butt hooked sardines, 25# flouro 1/0 circle hook. Unabridged Version Was lucky enough to be early on the recent YFT bite on Sept 11th, then proceeded to nearly strike out last week even with fish boiling all around the boat. Weather lined up today and...
  67. JoshInSD

    Offshore Narrowly avoided a skunk - 9/18

    Launched from Mission Bay at 4:45. No line for bait, but it was crap. Red eyed and missing scales. Would be the downfall for the day. Headed out to the 117.30 line and zig zagged down a ways and then turned around and did it again. Several areas with lots of YFT, puddling, jumping, boiling...
  68. JoshInSD

    Offshore 30 Minutes of YFT Mayhem - 9/11

    Had big plans to find the yellowfin on the troll today and charted a route along the temp break south/SW of the Coronados. Trolled for hours, for a single skipjack. Finally decided that the water wasn't warming up as much as I would have liked so pulled in the trollers, skipped a a few waypoints...
  69. JoshInSD

    La Jolla - 8/26

    Lee wanted to test out the new sound system on his boat, and refill on fresh fish, so despite it being a Saturday and seeing 19 boats inline at Mission Bay bait barge we still decided to get a 1/2 scoop and head to the Yellowtail family reunion out around La Jolla. The bait was the best bait...
  70. JoshInSD

    Coronados - 8/25

    Gave away all my fish and had to load back up for the big fight Saturday night so left MCRD at 4:30, picked up a decent 1/2 scoop and headed south (rather than the parking lot of LJ). With the spread of fish from Coronados to La Jolla and north lately, wanted to try trolling a bit along the...
  71. JoshInSD

    Rod holder needed

    Want to add a few more holders and looking to find best match to our existing rod holders. Anyone have any suggestions? - round - stainless steel - 30 degree
  72. JoshInSD

    Offshore Coronados & Rockpile - 8/16

    Last chance to get out for two weeks or so, so put together a few friends, CK and Brian, for a quick trip. Thought it would be nice to try squeeze in some fishing (turned out to be catching) and a date night with my wife. Spoiler alert: it all worked out. Had the guys meet at the ramp at my...
  73. JoshInSD

    Offshore Kelping turned Trolling - 8/15

    The call for snotty seas Tuesday apparently had some charter captains cancelling their trips, others stayed home, but Lee put together another great crew on the Sofia Rose: Captain & Fillet Master Lee, myself, James, Dave and Brad. We pulled away from the slip 2am Tueday morning and picked up...
  74. JoshInSD

    Guide cleaning/restoration

    Any suggestions for bringing these guides back cosmetically as much as possible? Also, some of the chipping of the rod outer coating.
  75. JoshInSD

    WTB crows nest, belly hoop, tower

    Looking to get something like the photo below for my 21' CC (photo below as well). Can go to a contact to have it made but figured I'd see if someone else has one here already to sell or has suggestions. Thanks. This is the current t-top. Would like something like this.. Or even more simple...
  76. JoshInSD

    Offshore Kelping - 8/2 (Quality > Quantity)

    Been enjoying all the attention on the BFT as it's created several fun opportunities over the past week to take a different, less traveled path. The recent bite of small BFT at the Coronado Islands is no exception. Look, squirrel! While most everyone has been looking for the elusive squirrels...
  77. JoshInSD

    Offshore Classy Kelping - 7/26

    Had the good fortune to hop on my neighbor Lee's Riviera 37 Flybridge "Sofia Rose" for another go at this ever improving YT and Dorado bite. Joined by Aaron, Derek and David. Based on my experience Monday, Aaron's experience yesterday and some timely FishDope info, Lee and David made macs for a...
  78. JoshInSD

    Offshore Kelping - 7/24

    Thanks in advance to FishDope for providing the resources for making today possible! Correlated some charts and recent trends and decided to head south. Committed to not stopping until we hit the target numbers. Left SD Bay at 4:00am and got bait. Thank you to the guy at the barge, didn't get...
  79. JoshInSD

    Belt Creek, Montana (Montana Sporting Club)

    Only second time fly fishing, so don't know all the details about lines and gear but had a blast and here are some photos to share from the experience. Thanks to Montana Sporting Club ( at Belt Creek ( in Belt MT and Will...
  80. JoshInSD

    Offshore 7/5 182 to 226 area

    EDIT: Should be 7/6 report, not 7/5 Mission Bay straight west to 182 area. Two mile wide zig zags south all the way to near to 226 area. Lots of dolphins and good marks but couldn't get anything to go on the troll. Stopped for flatfall attempts but nothing either. Found plenty of paddies with...
  81. JoshInSD

    Shimano Ocea Plugger 83H

    Picked up the Shimano Ocea Plugger 83H at Johshuya in Tokyo. ¥46,000 tax free. Still pricey but that comes out to $420 USD. I think it will pair well with the 2008 Stella 10000XG I got. Total $700 for the pair filled with 275 yards of new Ocea braid. Stoked!! Anyone here have experience with...
  82. JoshInSD

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    Having been to Japan 15+ times over the years I have never fished before out here. So I decided this was the time! After doing some research and narrowing down the choices I was able to organize a half day (5am to 12pm) trip targeting Hiramasa (Yellowtail) out of Ohara Port, Chiba, Japan on the...
  83. JoshInSD

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    For fun we came up with a shirt for the boat. Trying to narrow down to a single choice so figured would poll the group. Thanks all.
  84. JoshInSD

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    It's easy to get lost in these shops for hours!! If anyone local in San Diego is looking for something in particular I might be able to pick it up for you at cost.
  85. JoshInSD

    Expensive reel purchase debate

    Looking to step up my gear for some bigger models and wonder... Talica 16II or Stella 14000 I know they're a different class but if you could just get one!?
  86. JoshInSD

    Oil change drain tool

    Time for the 100 hour oil change today. Saw that the palm tree had shed a nice thick sturdy frond and decided to fashion it into a drain to help funnel the oil away from the engine. Pleasantly surprised how well this turned out! Drilled a few holes as well and bungeed it in place. Going to...
  87. JoshInSD

    12/4 Limits within 2 Hours

    Warning this is NOT a post about BFT or Tanner Bank. Planned on going on the O95 to Tanner Bank but the weather wasn't looking too great (update: looks like they reported back with 19 anglers and 3 BFT) and already got the green light from my wife for an overnight trip so decided to take one...
  88. JoshInSD

    Sea Lion bodysurfing behind boat

    Couldn't help but entertain him for a second. And yes I understand I'm training him to not fear the boats, but clearly he has been well trained before last night's encounter. This is the guy who hangs out inside shelter Island launch area, nothing you can do the untrain his behavior...
  89. JoshInSD

    Local San Diego Sea Urchin

    Snuck out for a quick 30 minute dive. 40 feet of water, 59 degrees at the bottom. The kelp is growing back nicely. Picked up a few bugs but all shorts. Decided to settle on some fresh San Diego Sea Urchin/Uni. Cleaned up at home and enjoyed fresh! Great alternative to no bugs or fish.
  90. JoshInSD

    Flouro top shot length?

    For these local YFT that for this week at least prefer the light line 15-20 flouro and #2 hook... WHAT LENGTH flouro would be recommended so I don't need to use too much of my flouro spool? Also, when using light flouro does it really matter if the mono underneath is 25 or 40 or 50 or even 65#...
  91. JoshInSD

    Japanese tackle

    Just returned from a few weeks in Japan and picked up a few goodies. Hope these come in handy soon!
  92. JoshInSD

    Save your spines

    Nothing goes to waste in Japan, hopefully those of you lucky enough to get some BFT do the same. Use a spoon and take all the flesh. This was last night's dinner. $8 for this in Tokyo.
  93. JoshInSD

    Offshore Baby blue shark near the tuna pens

    still can't shake the tuna skunk, but this little bugger came up a few miles west of North Island (Coronados). Released of course.
  94. JoshInSD

    Losing irons during cast

    So I've had more broken off irons while casting than I'd like recently and I'm trying to figure out the problem. Would appreciate any suggestions. Nothing worse that seeing a new jig fly far into the distance with no line attached. I'm going to attribute these all the amateur mistakes... - I'm...
  95. JoshInSD

    Stopped by Mexican Navy at Rockpile

    Was down by the Rockpile today and was one of two boats (that I saw) stopped by a Mexican Navy vessel. They just wanted to see the following: 1) passport 2) Mexican fishing license 3) receipt for immigration (the FMM) No request for TIP or radio operators license. They were very professional...
  96. JoshInSD

    60 mile bank first time question

    Really wanting to head out to the 60 mile bank but never been. What's the smallest boat you'd consider taking out there? I've got a 22' center console with Yamaha 115. 63 gallon tank gets about 3 mpg. Cruises at around 20 kts. Is the 60 mile out of the question for a day trip? Head out early...