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    Rockcod Opener Enterprise 3/1/21

    wonder if they will let me bring my electric reel
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    Pacific Halibut season poll

    I am now since I caught first one last week and let it go since it was out of season. Really could not find any regulations in FG other than season closed.
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    March 12th weekend

    I live in Monterey and am visiting my son that live near Dana point. I fish for anything from Blue fin to sandabs, what ever is running. Have zero experience fishing southern Ca. and will either jump on party boat or private if opening. I have a 24' defiance that has gone everywhere but south. I...
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    2021 Abalone

    Price for abalone shells just went up.
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    3D Printed Crankbait

    Looks good to me, coat of clear coat epoxy and fish have no chance
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    Run to the Farallons for rockfish and crabbing!

    They used to commercial ab dive there to, they deserve metals. Been over 35 years since i been there. Limits were 5 each I think, really deep water to but not sure. I just let alot of line out till it stopped. Needed 3lb weight. Over 6 fish in the 40lb size landed on the boat My average was...
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    supercharged cedar plug

    How can they pass this one up? Good luck shaking double hooks
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    painting old jigs

    Another repaint, Still learning myself. These are all water base paints, my booth is a cardboard box. The 2 part clear coat is painted on and does not have any smell to it at all. Takes 24 hours to cure though.
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    Removing Paint off Jigs

    I just did these, cedar plugs and lures that were very wore out. I am adding a hook in middle of cedar to to complete them. Cheap airbrush and 2 part clear coat. I have 30 years of old lures to do in my retirement. I just rough sanded them and primed them for paint
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    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    even thought of a trim tab that you could mount it on. Just a peace of plywood on a hinge and lower it when needed raise when done, but lot of speculation.
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    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    there are no settings to reduce side scan noise on transom mount that I found helped. To much turbulence from boat and prop. I spent alot of time trying everything, calling support, adding the transducer to other side. I think you are stuck at slow speeds. I even thought about a rod that would...
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    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    I have a thru hull transducer on my garmin 7610 that shows everything at running speeds. Makes huge difference. Had hummingbird sidescan that was mounted on transom that would only give good shot at slow speeds, even added another transducer on other side to reduce turbulence. Helped but voted...
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    BoatUS/Vessel assist good option for SF Bay and Monterey?

    believe they are only choice, not sure of any other company doing it. If you don't have it and you are not in imminent danger coast guard will refer you to boat usa, Charges can be in the thousands depending where you are from there home port of Santa cruz.
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    300 suzuki compare to 300 yamaha

    ALso check what you do when you change oil or even check it. If you run it then drain and don't tilt and drain to that oil will add to pan. also make sure engine level and same each time you check. Makes a difference. I went thru this on my break in(200hp yamah)and over thought it. Unless water...
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    Bolinas crab spots

    crab hiding in mud to stay home
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    so probably old shots hate to say, no one has seen any sign of BF and a lot of boats went out yesterday covered alot of ground
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    Monterey Tiger Fish

    I got a couple of those, not many but there are there and rare catch for sure monterey area Yellow eyes on the other hand I release and descend at least 6 a trip and have to keep moving, what's that all about
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    Or this is a old photo to get interest, don't think pacifica can charter fishing trips and all these trips seem to be private. Even after the Instagram they would take name for possible trip. ???? who does that. He landed those fish when and where that is another mystery. No other sightings of...
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    I agree, last month they were in dirt brown 56 degree water in missive schools, no break, not blue water anywhere and they stayed in that crap for 3 weeks
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    38" Salmon Landed Sacramento King Salmon Fishing Report 9/22

    Nice, but you should only get spooled once. I had a monster once on a bass reel and got a look and he was gone, nothing I could do to slow it down. I have learned to over estimate gear now. Line capacity number one. Nice fish
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    Labor Day 2 day charter Tomahawk San Diego

    How about now any spots left
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    starting a small boat commercial fishing business

    Know the rules, read them each time you go out, Buddy did that last year, made 2 minor errors on regs and first offense, 500.00. Receipts not on boat but he had log. Next offense was 40 days in jail. Did not matter what it was it was secound offense in less than year. Also everything changes...
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    What type fish and gear needed
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    Visiting ocean side, may bring boat but need help

    I am a Monterey bay fishermen, fished albacore, rockfish, halibut but know nothing about southern california. I am either driving my boat to oceanside for week or get on cattle boat which I hate of hitchhike. Local fishermen that would like to show me ropes would be helpfull if anyone...
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    Yamaha i4 f200

    that's my engine I better check serial number. Nice engine
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    Where to find CA MPA maps

    "fish legal" map on your smart phone best, free and interactive map. Think it is on fg site or ap store
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    Bluefin our of Monterey?

    I loved to see the 150lb fish? heard one 50lb and one maybe hundred. Can't really confirm anything myself just he said she said. I went out yesterday and choppy conditions and saw no tuna life. Also lot of bulb kelp that almost spooled me
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    Any Nor Cal Salmon Opener Reports????

    no ramps open to public unless you are commercial
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    Is Rockcod season opened in NorCal?

    Some reports of enforcing shelter in place orders, If you are not of same household or alone you may get cited by sheriff. This is SF bay area, Also commercial fishing is allowed.
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    Will a Garmin 7610xsv fit in a 2520 dash with 4 gauges? The answer..

    One big long transducer that works for side scan, traditional, chirp, chirp clearview. also updated map that is pretty cool to. Easy to draw lines for 300' contour for rockfish. darken up the MPLA areas. However I also got the garmin radar and it ended up overloading my panel, I had to...
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    Will a Garmin 7610xsv fit in a 2520 dash with 4 gauges? The answer..

    I have that model, any questions let me know. I have the thru hull side scan transducer. Works pretty good but they have so many choices now. I can run at cruising speed and get great bottom 300' Have gone as far as 1500' with bottom return
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    Offshore Possible Heads-up!

    10 miles east of Catalina island, wish I had my boat. I was on Catalina express to Dana point and then a few birds then more then hundreds, then heavy feeding, then spotter plane.No one fishing near them. We saw one hundred plus lber landed near the island that he brought ashore. They are...
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    Point Sal Insanity?

    Nice, You out of morro bay somone there should be thinking Albacore, water is perfect right now
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    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Seems the fish are along the canyon edges, I simply headed west till i hit the edge of the canyon and started fishing, then looked for birds, whales, bait etc. Similar on SC side. Water 56 degrees and green so these fish don't care about warm water or blue water. No break etc. Lot of bait...
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    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    So the other problem is leader, solid hookup, 20 minute battle, chasing down, yelling pointing, seeing near surface then pop. Line chaffed. So I guess I need a floro leader to lure. At least my knot held this time. 70lb plus fish. There was no horsing in with this fish. We would not have got the...
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    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Me to, same story. If anyone finds a Yo zuri bonita lure please return it. I at least got a look at it.
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    2010 reports

    What is wrong with this site?
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    Santa Cruz Sat.

    2010 what this report doing here or is it wrong date
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    Monterey Albies

    Bet you snagged the dolphin, I had them behind my boat for awhile and they were knocking the line almost every pass, my deep divers anyway
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    Boat for Monterey

    No open boat whatever you buy, always windy and cold.
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    Garmin radar issues

    Not just the radar, garmin said fishfinder can draw as much as 5 amps, add that to the radar and all the other items you have tied to the main panel just to much I guess. Live well, hose down, flood lights, radio, misc all adds up. I ran #8 wire from batt to new panel of only 4 fuses, only 10"
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    Garmin radar issues

    I have a 2016 7610 display and 18" garmin radar. After about a year the radar seemed to fail, checked breaker, cabling, check voltage to unit and fine, few suggestions from the installer and I ended up having him replace it for a new one. Six months latter same issue " low voltage alarm"...
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    Stolen Crab Pots

    I bet you find them relocated. I have found my traps 2 months latter 3 miles from where I put them. Also FG can and does remove traps not to there specs, number wore off no cotton, etc. Had buddy get a call from them and wanted to know they had there traps and do you want them back, of course...
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    1 ling limit in 2019

    Purple Urchins really screwed up shallow fishing up and down the coast, Eating machines and most of the kelp is gone including the bulb kelp. Now everything that hid or fed on the kelp either scattered starved of learned how to survive in the deeper water. Amazing how fast they reproduce...
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    1 ling limit in 2019

    Used to be five believe it or not, Then 4. I had lings on lings last year, lings around other lings coming up, most big lings over 18 lbs had small 23" lings in their stomach. Also noticed if we were on a hot ling bite no other fish would bite, I think they were hiding or left area. Not worth...
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    Defiance Delivery Day

    I just read post, I have same boat, same engine and have put over 550 hour on it. Have same pot puller but installed myself directly to battery with in-line fuse with no issues. Been 70 miles off shore with zero issues. Had garmin installed with thru hull transducer with radar and zero issues...
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    Question for 2120 owners

    Hope you have trim tabs, Helps with so many things
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    Heading to Fort Bragg for Fridays Tuna

    How about dredge made for trolling deep, spreader bars made to splash surface, dredge simulates school fish below water line
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    Heading to Fort Bragg for Fridays Tuna

    Good luck, fish were caught on the 39 00 and from 124 44 124 56 line. Not great counts but fish were there, I got 5 with 3 lost myself, most scores between 3 and 12 fish. 60 plus run Hope not to late for info good luck
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    Fort Bragg 9/16

    We had a few in the 20lb range,guys would yell gaff or leader, leader would would yank them in no gaff, we lost maybe 5 fish. We also fish hit we keep line tight till meat lines up then dropped swimbaits in place and kept other lines out. When I slowed to about 2-3 MPH the swim baits got hit...
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    Fort Bragg 9/16

    You can filet them but must leave one patch of skin on each one, this is for all fish a general law, other than fish with specific rules. Other than cutting head off I will not 1/4 albacore on my small boat bouncing around, EVER. Cutting fingers off not going to happen in my boat. Who would...
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    Fort Bragg 9/16

    First trip to Bragg and marathon day. Drove from Pacific Grove to Fort brag at 10 PM Saturday. Get to bragg around 4:30 am. Hooked my Led light up and out in the dark at a unknown harbor I went with guys following thinking I know what I am doing. Weather flat on the way out and all day long...
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    Monterey shore or rocks help. *not report*

    download "fishlegal" from your smart phone. It is a live map of all the MPLA areas in Ca. FREE No branner and not fines ( $8,000) State loves these tickets It even works from a airplane
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    HMB tuna run

    Give it a couple weeks, water is at least 75 mile run one way, winds screwed it all up. I have not heard and any fish caught, just guys burning fuel. Temp there not blue water
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    Trolling speeds for salmon

    As Slow as boat can go for me, just barely enough to allow flasher to spin. If I could go 1.5MPH I would, but runs at 2mph sometimes to fast with currents we get
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    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    Looks like your rockfish depth is simply 360' not the Fed's waypoint contour lines you have to connect all the dots. Much easier and easier to fish.
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    Bing ling

    This is out of Monterey, sorry can't give spot up but worth posting. Had another one equal to this but a mis gaff lost it. Hitchhiker and other fish was a 22" lingcod. Rest were all 12 - 16LBs. This one 41" 25lbs
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    Monterey Salmon reports???

    The main school has moved on somewhere, Hate to say it but you should have been here the first three weeks of April. Commercial catching a fish here and there if that says anything, None fishing where fish were. Water color changed and bait has also moved. I am waiting for a fresh school to...
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    Swimbaits for Lingcods and Rockfish

    These are hand made and very durable, I have caught at least 12 lingcod on this lure and still using same one. This is really the best for fish bigger than 4lbs. I ran the hook thru it as seen and then attach it to a leader so I can use weights up to 12 0z, buddy uses just jig head to 8 0z. He...
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    Any salmon reports from port conception to ventura?

    That is good for them, usually get skunked. They stopped trolling years ago and turned to Mooching only. Six packs only way to go and trolling boats out of Santa cruz. Monterey great for cod though.
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    Santa Cruz Salmon fishing

    Tom great bet, Any six pack boat that trolls that will find something, not many though. I think any big party boat is just a boat ride, all they do is mooch. Check their opening day catches for the last few years. 1-2 per boat. Mooching has sucked the last 10 years at least. Good luck.
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    This is what heartache looks like - Ca. Delta 3.3.18

    We all have done that, sucks, Lost a 40lb plus salmon same way only he was in the net but net to small and rocked out . I got a bigger net, better yet gaff big fish.
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    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?

    Check swell conditions to, something I did not do when I started, I started in the early 90's to when no one kayaked and fished, at least when I went. I have left in no swell conditions, fished for 2 hours and the beach was impossible to land back on. I had to paddle at least 2 miles and find...
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    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?

    Many years ago I used to run the big sur river to the mouth, crush thru the waves and fish as deep in the kelp as possible in 50' water. When done with Lings, and 5lb reds I hit the sand bar for halibut, best was a 4' long butt. Boats cannot get in deep kelp and if you can find carpeted kelp get...
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    2018 Abalone Season - Closed - BS

    no idea on starfish but there are millions of urchins on our coast now, how fast can starfish reproduce then how long to get the abalone to reproduce is the next question. Abs need to be very close to each other to reproduce, seems they are scattered now in survival mode. How long has it been...
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    2018 Abalone Season - Closed - BS

    I have seen video of the small purple sea urchins. It is a carpet of none stopping reproducing nightmare. They are eating all the abalone food not just kelp, algae. They are on the entire coast now from the starfish die off that used to eat them . I lived thru the devastation from otters since...
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    How to lengthen crab pot lines

    This site has everything you need and more. 3/8" is to thick for me, takes up to much space in sport trap when you pull gear and will be harder to coil. I have both sizes. Make sure you get what you want before ordering anything on line. Depending on how rope is spooled can be challenging if...
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    Where to learn about sonar?

    Whatever you decide get thru hull transducer, night and day on difference. Also you tube brand you like, everyone shows you how it works. I have Garmin 10" and still learning how to use it after a year.
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    How to lengthen crab pot lines

    here you go, Splice it. I have 350' for 270', 220-250 at least 300'. Get the right stuff and it will coil right. Splices go thru puller with no problem. 3/8 to thick for sport gear. Good luck, crabbing sucks in monterey...
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    Parker 2320 deluxe helm chair uprade

    I went this way, but did change the seat back to original and kept suspension John deer suspension seat, $79 with seat. WOrks great. Adjusted to 300 lbs. If it works on a small tractor that can beat the crap out of you it should work for a boat that has a little give in the water. It does.
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    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    CHeck regulations for traps for sure, changes were made last year and traps must meet regs, FG will be watching and checking. Count on it. SC moss landing better crabbing than other side on canyon for some reason, Crab theft is more common than I care to say. 3 hour soak is all you need and if...
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    Any word of albi''s yet?

    It might be worth a look about 45 miles off Central monterey. Blue water coming in. I am thinking about it for Monday. Blue water and nice break 62 degree.
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    Any word of albi''s yet?

    I was ready a week ago, water came within 45 miles, then the wind and more wind that water went back out to 90 miles,
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    Point Sur giant ling hunt 10/14 ho spot open

    That was most of lings We did not take photo's. Bigger cod were boccaccio, probably 30" or more and fat, we got at least 10 of those.. Nice fish. Big vermillion maybe 8 lbs. Most fish 3-5 lbs.
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    Point Sur giant ling hunt 10/14 ho spot open

    I just fished that area today, Lings from 28" - 36" Cod from 3 lbs to 12 lbs. Full limits for 4. We had flat calm weather. Sunday seems better for sur. You don't need live bait, dead sardines or squid have been doing best, been out fishing sanddabs 3 to 1 so I stopped getting dabs for bait. I...
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    Albies at the Pioneer 8/8/17

    July 4rth we got 7 from 451, water changed since them and nothing going on to date. October may be good there. See how water changes
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    Albacore Rod Reel Set-up

    meatline 600lb test, 200lb leader
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    Why no Fish reports from Bodega or Ft Braggs

    I tried for the 3rd time out of monterey Friday Water to greenish to far off shore. I got albacore 7/4 and none last two trips. Water changed for the worst. Bragg is the only game now as far as I am concerend
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    They are perfect just underwater "MINES" I got one to and never saw it till I went back to see what the hell I just hit. 3' diameter GOt lucky no damage
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    Fort Brag Tuna Saturday

    Here is a video- Not bad all all :
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    Defiance 220 ex suspension seat

    I just installed a John deer tractor seat that is a suspension seat. Adjusts to 300 lbs. Took little bit of work to modify but works great. It sits closer to steering not based on my liking. It literally takes the bounce out of your back. I did have to cut the pedestal about 4". Also turned the...
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    Santa Cruz 8/6

    Monterey bay in my opinion is a shot in the dark. No counting about 5 years ago. They were thick and 40-75 lbs. Have not seen them since. I used squid and dead sardines, all fish were caught on sardines for some reason. All big circle hooks. Only lost one over 65lbs, broke line in middle. I...
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    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    The guy who bought my boat in september has put zero hours on it. No reason other than has not gone out yet. That is why you see boats with 100 hours on the boat and it is 15 years old. They must like the way it looks in the driveway. me 200 hours min. \
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    Anyone running out of Monterey Bay area for albacore?

    NOW again; Six packs are running now to. Check water
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    Anyone running out of Monterey Bay area for albacore?

    I was out on the 4rth to and we got 7 albacore. Fish were in a small area and scattered. The water we were fishing is all washed out now and does not look good anytime soon. It was 20 miles SW of the 451. Some guys fished it a couple weeks ago for nothing. Still early. Monterey usally...
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    Fish finder recommendation for Santa Cruz

    If you can do side scan and you like the 150' depth side scan will help. I needed it today to find structure. It clearly shows rock piles and sand bars. No guess work. I found isolated rock piles and got 5 to 12lb rock cod, got off the pile and back to dabs. I would think great fo halibut to...
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    Fish finder recommendation for Santa Cruz

    Whaterver you get have a thru hull transducer installed. I had one installed on my Garmin that has sidescan and I get perfect bottom at cruising speeds.
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    Fishing info

    I will go where the fish are, so options are wiide open. Don't know anything about where Mag bay is Where to stay, etc. Not going to mexico though, do not want to deal with federalies
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    Fishing info

    I am retired now so one of the things I would like to do is spend a week south. Anyone have information on: slips for week- cost Parking: Areas to go: I have fished Monterey bay for 40 years but know nothing about Southern ca. or how to fish for anything there. Like a hitchhiker that knows...
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    2 lings at once, crazy video.

    My daughter in law just did the same thing a couple days ago. She never caught a fish before and her first hook up was 2 lings. 26" and 28" Good story's and good report.
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    Rod for rockfish/lingcod with 1-2lbs cannon balls

    Who had cameras back then. Anyone that did those trips should remember though. I only did one, and it was rough and My new name was Ralf. My first and only trip to Farallons though. I was to sick to rebait so I dropped the yellowtail back down, yellowtail swallowed my sandab, but a ling was on...
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    Rod for rockfish/lingcod with 1-2lbs cannon balls

    Use braid for sure. Helps with bites at most depths. Rod reel depends on to many other factors I think. I have memories of deep fishing Farallons maybe 30 years ago. I got laughed at for my rig that was fine for Monterey. I ended up with sinker release and 2lb weights. My gear was to light for...
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    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    Best bet for Albacore has been coos bay in June. Have not seen a albacore in 3 years now. Seems they always get them first. 3 years ago they were only 20 miles away from Monterey.
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    Found a nice rod and reel while lobster diving last night

    I lost my best bait caster in 10' of water a few years ago in a kayak. Tipped over in swells, ran home and got mask and snorkel as quick as i could and it was already found by divers. I only heard story of happy diver that found the prize after I searched a bit. Your prize keep it. We all find...
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    Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

    Has not helped Central Ca. I have not seen a albacore in 3 years now. Water has been to warm and dirty.
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    Planning Ahead: All Depth Season Options

    Been 240' for central, but the 300' will open some new fishing for sure.
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    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    I just went thru that. Good luck. I got a great deal on My boat. Extras were all on the boat and less than anything on the market. I got lucky. end of the year and boat had been on the lot for months. If not for this boat I was going to order a basic boat with nothing but motor and install...
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    Boat loan

    How about Equity line? teaser rate of 2% for one year then adjustable. Been 3 % for years now. Paid off now but good deal at the time and you do get to write it off. That's where i got my boat name E-liner.
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    Boat Recommendations

    Looks like good bay boat, I used a monark bass boat for years in the bay. Fine, just cold and pick you days. Never to far from coast tough. Wind picks up to quick anywhere. However Once I got a boat with a enclosure I will never go in a open boat again in the ocean.
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    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    I just purchased a defiance 220 ex with yamaha 200hp. I have owned a lot of different style boats and this one I am still trying it out. Only have 30 hours of time on it. But in windy conditions did well, 10 - 15 mph no problem. Cruises at 27 mph 4000 rpm at 3.3 mpg in calm weather with 3...
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    4.3L mercruiser I/O hours

    I just sold a trophy with a 4.3l 2011 engine and had about 700 hours, had to put about$3,800 in service for risers, tune up, and other things. Lot of hours and hopefully this work was done. Fresh water cooling to.
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    Sanddab advice

    They are either there or not, ALso bait can't drift, keep in on the bottom and free spool, you will get more bites.They move around to so may be there a month ago and leave. I have searched for a couple hours then find hot spot. 5 minute drops move few hundred yards. If small all usually small...
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    Ling cod party boats out of Monterey or Santa Cruz late Dec

    Monterey boats really pound the local area and mostly shorts now, unless they head to big sur Lingcod not something that will be that good. I hit those area myself and takes awhile now to even get a legal one with live sandabs. My last trip got zero lingcod, trip before we went to big sur at...
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    Crabbing MB

    I gave up for awhile. My best day was nine, same areas last year was 8-15 per pot before commercial. No one doing much better. They may be hanging out in the canyons for some reason, who knows but they are not in the south side of MB. Party boats not much better along with other guys I know...
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    Largest Ling cod caught on the Central Californis Coast for 2016

    Nikki thinks that is crazy fish. (5 years old)
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    Bluefin in Monterey

    thought I seen them, then when I checked it out they were gone. This Sat though same area. Way to smart for me
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    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    Nice- Halfmoon bay and North should be great for crab
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    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    Yes Monterey, Buddy boats not much better Sat. Party boats terrible to. Not sure what's going on. One female. Either they are hunkered down from swells or going to be a bad year for MB. Check Chris fishing trips see their counts. Not good at all. Fish heads, fresh bait.
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    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    FG was pulling pots today, checking GO numbers and legal traps I bet. Thought they wanted me and went for a trap instead. By the way crabbing sucked. NOt sure why but only 5 crabs today
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    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    Should open, I am going. Make sure you know NEW regs for traps
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    Santa Cruz Offshore

    Slow troll sardines on you rigger down 75'. That is how they got them last year. 12 miles off santa cruz, believe that is right along the canyon drop. I tried last year and only got one monster blue shark, but BF were there. They are Just smarter than me. Forget albacore Good luck.
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    What would you buy ??

    Been in bigger boats of all styles and you get the crap beat out of you to in those boats to, some the guys just want to go faster in them, still hurts when they slam into and off a wave.. Slow down and pick your days. I have a small pilot house now that will go 350 miles on one tank with 4 guys...
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    Hit a mola mola.

    I got one to in clear sunny day, never saw the fin so must have been just below the surface, Boom, jerk, what the hell, check and all good go back there he was dazed about 3' in diameter. Good 30 miles off shore to. Lucky. Running about 24mph.
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    defiance 220 ex owners

    I am at the highest setting. Water is shooting up in between motor and bracket. Lot of water. Best description it looks and feels like you are pulling a skier out of the water. I thought a grabbed a crab pot at first, felt the drag. Once had enough speed to lift back of boat up it was fine...
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    defiance 220 ex owners

    What notch are you on, they have me set up on the highest one. Fin is lined with extension not bottom of boat.
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    defiance 220 ex owners

    I just purchased one with a 200 hp yamaha. One issue that seems unusual is at certain speeds the water rushes up between the end of the extended motor mount and the engine. I can see a ton of water shooting straight up, feels like pulling a sker up. I believe this is caused when the water line...
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    2004 2052 trophy pro

    SOLD_ NOW TO DELETE THREAD ??????????????????
  118. E

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Don't count on it. See them mostly off PG cypress unless full. Call first. YOu got lucky
  119. E

    2004 2052 trophy pro

    Lowered price last time
  120. E

    2004 2052 trophy pro

    I will be fishing in Monterey bay tomorrow. Anyone interested let me know and they can do a test drive. Have a feeling most are southern ca, though. thanks
  121. E

    2004 2052 trophy pro

    Not according to my machic
  122. E

    2004 2052 trophy pro

    Not good with camera- Had someone do it for me. If I figure it out I will. Just did the first run to Big sur after repairs were done. Cruises at 24 mph at 3000 RPM. Bout all I run it. I have a few bloody deck photo's but not what you want I am sure
  123. E

    2004 2052 trophy pro

    Engine had to be pulled out for service and anything that needed replaced or looked corroded I had replaced, New engine would have been a couple thousand more and nothing wrong with engine, just needed service that required engine removed. Cost includes other service done about a month before...
  124. E

    2004 2052 trophy pro

    Looks like no interest so final drop in price then I may trade it in. $13,000 Mercruiser 4.3L MPI 220 hp 2011 with about 600 hours fresh water cooling Trim tabs 85 gallon fuel tank 3 props Hummingbird 997 SI- Side imaging, mapping and navionics chip Furuno 1623 radar AM/FM radio Off shore 4 man...
  125. E

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    I realy wish it was not true,
  126. E

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    OPPS clicked wrong button Dad and son fishing from shore all morning, being watched for 4 hours, then they cast to the right not left. Out runs a MPLA officer and writes him up. Public beach that is highly used, no signs no warnings. Fined 8,000 dad, son 4,000, by the way they never caught...
  127. E

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    This is what I think of MPLA and anyone that enforces it. BULLSHIT. Now that being said: Dad and 8 year old son sone
  128. E

    Defiance 220 ex

    Any information from owners of this boat would be helpful for my decision in a month. Thinking of a 175hp yamaha. Any one MPG and range, handling windy conditions, prop size for boat, really anything would help. This is a new boat style for me. Any If I only knew before I bought the boat things...
  129. E

    Defiance 220 ex

    Take that back, 17" is as small as I have gone
  130. E

    Defiance 220 ex

    Funny no one seems to remember that simply changing pitch on your prop will give them tork needed on heavy loads. If I am crabbing with 10 traps I go to 15" pitch. Light loads and simply fishing trip I goto 4 blade 18" pitch. 3 blade 19" is the stock prop. I lost about 2 mph on same RPM but...
  131. E

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    If you are fishing from shore you do not need to have the license with you. Boat yes
  132. E

    What did you get that defiance for if you don't mind me asking. Want one by the end of the year...

    What did you get that defiance for if you don't mind me asking. Want one by the end of the year and was thinking of heading to Oregon to
  133. E

    2003 trophy pro 2052

    I have the same boat but loaded with radar, fishfinder, off shore raft, hardtop. but not san diego. Going to post it as soon as it comes out of the shop. These are decent boats and I have gone over 70 miles off shore on it. Good luck selling it. Been it the worst conditions anyone would want and...
  134. E

    Anyone deep drop for cod in Santa Cruz/north coast Area?

    Can't fish over 240' anywhere for cod. ANd closed till May
  135. E

    Albacore tuna fishing charter suggestion

    kahuna is one of the best cattle boats in Monterey bay. He does what ever he can to put you on fish. My only tuna trip with him put over 100 albacore on board. 3 years ago. But no tuna this year and salmon sucks to.
  136. E

    Monterey Stripers

    Nice, keep thinking about heading there then get lazy. A lot of nuts sleeping on that beach, some just looking for trouble. Homeless fight on Friday that someone got knifed to death in Monterey. I prefer daylight with buddies myself
  137. E

    How's your Salmon Fishing going?

    I managed one fish lost one and most boats got skunked. Some got a few. Not much for bait and the one I had had sandabs in him. Does not say alot for bait in the area for the salmon. Even the salmon are scatching for food. Monterey bay. Today not much better. Going to be another skewed up salmon...
  138. E

    Rocks and Lings

    Get a map of the area, to many ticket traps all along the coast from monterey to yankee point. $8,000 fine MPLA areas. Nothing marked all GPS. You find most of the closed areas the best fishing spots to.
  139. E

    Okay, Albacore Within Reach

    Agree 100 miles plus just wait, when that outside water pushes in the southern water crap we got it all. Hoping for a late long season of big fish. Gossip of tuna and opha at the southern line but still the 124 line. Commercial and multiday only guys.
  140. E

    albie rumors

    sparitic fish here and there, got to wait for the water at 124 your range to come inside, that is the water we are waiting for . everything else is warm water pushing up north
  141. E

    Point sur rockfish question?

    Pick your days but really you only get 10 fish and long trip. Vermilian bigger 3-7lbs. Lings same. My best spots they made MPLA's. Weather can kill it to no protection. Just past the MPLA on point lobos just as good as all they way down there. Find some sandy bars and you might get halibut...
  142. E


    The fish are in Cabo Jons backyard. He is on fire rgiht now. I went with him couple weeks ago becasue I did not want to go solo in my boat. There was no time to enjoy the moring all I did was bring fish in or set a line. My buddies in their boat were still looking for the first fish when we were...
  143. E

    Targeting Octopus

    Hollow PCV pipes seem to get a few attached to crab traps, I put some 2" pipes on bottom of traps to keep them just off bottom, both were full of octorpuss, what would a 4" pipe get? Them grab them by hand UOTE=georgegav;3294836]Unfortunately in California we can only use hook and line or grab...
  144. E

    Hmb crabbing 2 hour soak

    I did, all 3 traps are now missing from the overnight soak. To far to worry about searching. Gray/White spray paint like a seagull with my boat name and cf number. Pull them if you see them and give me a pm or give me the gps number. May be in the canyon to from surge, I was near the yellow can...
  145. E

    Hmb crabbing 2 hour soak

    Not as many crabs and to many guys go from trap to trap every day, so I have to start dropping in afternoon again and move them at daybreak if I want crab. Caught one guy after just 3 hour soak yesterday, but he says he thought it was his then left the area. 6 for that day 3 hour soak I ran...
  146. E

    Hmb crabbing 2 hour soak

    Nice Monterey- 7 traps 2 day soak- 3 crab
  147. E

    Emeryville Sportfishing Crab Combo advice?

    They will give you everything you need, your favorite med action rod is it, If I am on a cattle boat I like the front, like casting jigs and you can work both side of the boat. Lot of small six pack guys on this site that do it to. Good luck
  148. E

    Kahuna trips

    Figures- I was going then got dismal reports from everyone from MON, canceled trip with buddies at 9pm Tuesday, phone message 9:10 pm found fish. Went to bed. Next day 3 phone calls one hour fishing boat stuffed heading home. One guy came all the way from LA on Tues, Glenn really nice boat. His...
  149. E


    Terrible reports, Kahuna got 20 but sounds like jumpers but would not bite from everyone else. This is bait and small lures I think. Feeding on tiny sorties. I may run Wed and if terrible reports hit big sur for cod maybe halibut. We tossed dead bait right in the jumpers, then behind the...
  150. E


    Thinking about it, long trip though. See how Monday guys do. Just did a 65 mile run that was pretty far for me. That was my hail mary. Weather looks perfect and I would go WED. Liked 36 09 12 49 couple days ago, seems like better break, but that water is moving back out. Guide looks fishy to...
  151. E

    Kahuna Slayed!

    The guide looks good right now, to far for me
  152. E

    Tuna in NoCal

    Bring your sea sick pills, 12' swells and 10-15mph winds, 60 miles off shore. But You should get fish. Thursday anyway. Sat a little better on the swells.
  153. E

    Kahuna Slayed!

    Nice job, we were 20 miles south of you guy and heard the action, but we were pretty busy where we were all alone to. Fish all over and hungry. Glod they got into them I was thinking of chartering them for the long run but decided to bring 20 gallons instead. Perfect tan beer fish weather
  154. E

    Monterey Alba - 9/28/13

    High boat for the whole central coast Nice job
  155. E

    Albacore and rock fish!

    Great captain- Who does that for tuna?
  156. E

    Saturday looks fishable finally huh? Where to?

    Some good fishy spots south Monterey. Water temp is there and the water is clearing up and now in range. HB the water is clearer but the temp has moved out about 30 miles. Toss up. I hate the drive to HB so we may be scouting Monterey area sat. Scouting because no one has caught any fish here in...
  157. E

    this report is to make you guys down south Jelous/ Albacore

    You are correct, all the fish you want on a short trip what more can you ask for. I have to go back to 1980 for same thing, but thought that was normal. I was so wrong
  158. E

    albacore and radiation

    If I get a 200' albacore it clearly has something to do with radiation, kind of like godzella. You will get my fork length with out question.
  159. E

    Shell Beach Kayak Trip

    Area used to be loaded with urchins and abalone to but those cute sea otters are keeping them in check.
  160. E

    It's Tuna Time!

    That is a nice boat, fishing near you Wed. I thought your were commercial boat. Hell of a boat for 6 pax
  161. E

    Tuna run

    Weenie bite to west 15 miles, lot of fish caught. We got 11 but bigger scores were made all fish over 20lbs. They are finally here, although in very small spread out packs
  162. E

    Tues albacore who's going

    Only big numbers was chummin fish up same area. Couple weeks ago buddy marked lot's of fish deep but could only get one jigging 80' down. I think these fish are running deep in this colder water and maybe slower troll and even downriggers. Heard this works pretty good. If I run this week I will...
  163. E

    Tues albacore who's going

    SLOW everywhere-
  164. E

    Tuna run

    Going to be a tough year. Thanks for the report
  165. E


    The weather does not look good past Tuesday, turns to crap. Not this round anyway
  166. E


    Crap- right where I was thinking. Guess I will wait. Thanks I can't run much farther than that. Not many good commercial reports either.
  167. E


    Not about first for me it is the all the factors I need to go- Day off, small swells, wind no more than 5-15, no more than 50 miles, blue water, warm water, hopefully fish but just a decent shot at them works, no full moon unless good fish counts, last a last minute crew member the toughest to...
  168. E


    All nice and blue now starting on the 122 36 line pick you spot off Monterey when the wind gods allow
  169. E

    hot salmon action

    Funny- This is the worst salmon fishing ever for Monterey bay that I can remember and I have been fishing salmon for 30 years. They avoided our bay like the pleage
  170. E


    2 more weeks 20 miles west of weather bouy should be the spot
  171. E

    4-6 pack charter

    North Cal Sport Fishing Small 6 pack boat but he seems to always catch fish and knows where to go. Beats the cow boats any day
  172. E

    Please check and comment my Salmon Trolling Rig

    Going to be expensive with sinker releases, Wonder if they would let you run a meat stick on a party boat. (4lb weight and not release) Then you can run two leaders. Salmon are shallow there to why not dipsy divers?
  173. E


    If I can find a crew I will go, let you know if I run to latter today. Was going to do some badly needed home repairs but tuna may be calling.
  174. E


    50- 80 miles was normal runs the last few years, got spoiled with these little 25- 35 mile runs. I have done the 80's in my boat when it had a diesel, since I change motors not so far and not sure of range yet. The 10-15 mile runs this year were unheard of since the 70's I think. 50 mile run...
  175. E


    15/48 I bet is as far south is you have to go, start of blue water. Davidson is in green water
  176. E

    Round Two

    reports of slamming them at HB again, 17 miles out
  177. E

    Thursday tuna

    to far for me, even more so solo
  178. E

    Thursday tuna

    Thinking of a monterey trip, looks like 50 mile run. Warm water has moved in a bit, but like to know if anyone else will either be buddy boat or in the area. Otherwise I will make the long drive to HB
  179. E

    warm water moving back in!

    Water is off color in close for monterey, 60 there now but know no blue water. Thursday I will give it a shot somewhere. Canceled this morning HB, Full moon, off color wqater, bad reports and weather near whitecaps. Thursday better.
  180. E


    Head towards GUmdrop and from what I heard you will find them, and the fleet
  181. E


  182. E

    Kahuna on Sunday?

    Your going to get them, some good reports at 50 miles all day trip on private boat got 40, Kahuna will slam them Good luck
  183. E

    Kahuna on Sunday?

    Those bunks go quick, better run on the boat as soon as you can, only 4. If you want a chance for end of the season albacore he is your bet chance on a party boat, everyone else goes in early, they keep you out till captian is satified he did everything he could to get you fish. Our close tuna...
  184. E

    Fine for fishing in one

    Was in court for something esle and here is the poor guy that cannot speak english, pleads guilty to fishing in MPLA. Judge looks for min fine, ask prosucuter, don't know so that we don't waste anymore time fine is $1,000plus this cost and that cost I think another $200. Here is the best part-...
  185. E

    Weekend predictions

    THis one is the best so far for me, and free, you can play with settings that paid sites do for you, I have a paid site to and this one is acually better. They all get data from sattilites. Go to grid data and have fun with it Coastwatch...
  186. E

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    Does it pop when it Seals? Just kidding, looks great
  187. E

    Bing,Bang, Boom!

    I have no problem sharing numbers if I find fish, usally just about when we are done though. I have been lucky and found fish away from the main fleet this year. This has been one of the best years ever for me. Kind of funny no one in site call a couple number out, you think you are all alone...
  188. E

    Weekend predictions

    It's all over for us central ca guys, I think. Little warm water pocket has all but closed up and fish are on the move. No one could find a break anywhere, 59 was the warmest I heard on radio and the further west they went the colder it got. Take a look a SST and you see it dissappear
  189. E

    Bing,Bang, Boom!

    That is pretty darn close to where I was fishing, I was 45 25, Killer bite for about 45 minutes then nothing the rest of the morning. We went home at noon. I was alone during the crazy bite, by the time others came that was it, Water was 56 57 degree, I just fished becasue we got fish there the...
  190. E

    Mexican Flag cheapo

    I just bought an bunch that look just like that thru tailchaser. Been using similiar smaller lures this year that look just like that with great luck, The blue and white have outfished the mexican colors for me. Pretty cheap unrigged $5.00 That is a great looking lure
  191. E

    anyone heading offshore on friday?

    Plan on a 40 mile run from the harbor, semi big seas. I smaked them Thur but big swell and wind slowed things down I started on the 36 line and headed west to the break, was at 122 28 at 58 degree, got to 59 at the 34 line. Jumpers, birds lot's of life
  192. E

    anyone heading offshore on friday?

    I am fishing tomorrow let you know, Big fish still being caught in cold water, like 56 degree. Hit the 37 line and go west
  193. E

    Bankers Hours Tuna

    Nice- You got the last fish for awhile till the winds stops. I agree with the heavy gear, you don't want to play with fish when you have 5 at once and two guys on board. We still lost most of our quads with heavy gear, could not get to gear in time. Heaver the better, play on the slide
  194. E

    23 Albacore and some amazing video

    Saw this on the news last night. Some one is going to want this video. Nice job
  195. E

    Monterey Tuna 8/5/12

    Still working on best way to cool them. I aslo tried rocksalt in the ice for the first fish caught after the slush in the morning- They were frozen so much I could not clean them till the next day. Worked to good. Good ideas
  196. E

    Anyone trolling with Rapala X-Raps?

    Rapala Magnum x-rap- Got 6 of the 20 caught so far- Deepest one to 30' Have smaller ones that go one but bigger ones run better. Runs below the propwash. Only run one in the set but seems to get fish no matter what the weather is.
  197. E

    Monterey Tuna 8/2-8/3

    Numbers don't make sense- puts you 50 miles from home. unless you are at the 36 40 then west. I talked to a few guys yesterday that did Fair- 4-6 fish. Counters same some none. What a zoo in the parking lot. I am fishing Sunday. Must be crazy out there today. Think I will head south away from...
  198. E

    Tuna killers wanted!

    Even closer, how about 6 miles. GUys getting them trolling home in semi rough waters. Don't over run them like I did on thur. Had to come back 15 miles
  199. E

    Kahuna Thursday; sea sick

    I was on my boat had a good day thought I would take a nap near the end, The the yell of Fish on and I fly out of the cabin to get sea sick. Felt good all day. SHould not have layed down. Did not see any boats around me, know where you guys were. I ended up with 5 huge tuna up to 40lbs. Slow...
  200. E


    Don't forget to get a heavy enough swivel to. Pissed me off, speader bar and daisychain broken off at swivel. Was 200lb test, I say 400lb. Who knows what I had on the line
  201. E

    Offshore Kahuna sportfishing had a great day!

    I saw me in there. It was a killer day, started slow and rough, ended nice and great bite. Boat had 71 fish, I think half came on swimbaits.
  202. E

    Massive Abalone Die Off.........

    If this die off hit the deep water ab's it will take decades to come back again, everything died. The can close it leave it open either way nothing there to harvest. Hopeing this was only shallow water ab's like no deeper than 15'. When the otters raided (Herd of 200) Monterey bay in early...
  203. E

    new to Monterey and Moss Landing

    Why wouldn't you do a boating trip up here, not that far in a 30' er, probably cheaper. I got a buddy that did a Monterey to Mexico trip in a boat like mine, little 21'er The only thing we got going is fog and constant weather. With the new regs, all the MPLA areas that closed all the best...
  204. E

    Santa Cruz Tuna?

    Fish all north around HB mounds. I did the 90 mile run from Monterey. long boat ride
  205. E

    Sand Dollar Beach - Big Sur

    Cabezon. Would have very small scales mouth to grind crabs. Head close to lingcod but no big teeth
  206. E

    Big sur

    Seemed like perfect weather 85 at my house friday (salinas) No fog in site so let's cool off on perfect conditions. Started out ok but surge at ramp told me big swell. Still ok,swells were not that high but very long. About 7 miles from Sur the think fog was waiting. Got our limits of mostly...
  207. E

    I have a chance to take my skiff up to monteray is it worth it right now??

    You can fish the kelp beds from point pinos to lovers point and the rock beds just outside and get you cod. Get a map for the no fish zones for sure, to many and nothing marked, sandabs in 160 -250 from red bouy to red bouy. Better fishing in carmel but long run for a small skiff, wind can get...
  208. E

    1st Monterey Tuna

    When the weather and distance allows for it I am ready to go any time of the week. Starting to look good at the guide but still to far for me. I need perfect weather to go past 30-40 miles though.