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  1. John Argiso

    Offshore Mid week report

    Outer channel islands holding som nice slug yellowtail! And as we were going from one to another, we ended up chasing 100 lb. bluefin for hours before giving up and going for more yellowtail. Water at island was 63.5 and mid islands it was 70 where the tuna were! And pretty blue, I could see...
  2. John Argiso

    Different island, same results! Big yellows out there!

    Well, it's a little quiet in tuna town, but there's some slug yellowtail to be had. Spent a couple days at one of our islands this last weekend and we didn't see a fish under 30 lbs. Now is the time to get some if you like the big Jack's! And on a side note, Saturday we had the big boys blow...
  3. John Argiso

    Slug yellows, and a bluefin

    Found some outstanding fall yellows at Clemente on Friday. Came back Saturday morning and found the 289 and 181 devoid of life! Launched out of Newport.
  4. John Argiso

    Getting bigger

    Got some nice fish this week. Super fun trip and spectacular conditions!!
  5. John Argiso

    Ok, maybe not SO overrated!

    Nice local fish, a lil closer to home than the Maria's!
  6. John Argiso

    Tuna are overrated!

    Don't get me wrong, because I love shooting them, buuuuttt, Man this wahoo is tasty! They are THICK out there right now with over 100 fish seen over two days diving. Ended up with eight up to 61 lbs. So good right now. And water is 77-78 degrees, blue and 50+ vis!!
  7. John Argiso

    Channel Islands 9-24

    Jammed out to Capa with a buddy and found nice 68-69 degree water and NO swell. Vis was good and we dove hard at 5 or 6 different spots por nada! didn't even see a fish. Ran outside of Cruz 5-8 miles and up the coast hoping to see some of the tuna that had been reported recently but just a whole...
  8. John Argiso

    Island Bluefin

    Did a overnight trip Saturday and Sunday and man was it fun. Water was a lil cool at 60 degrees but nice and blue. The yellows ran from 10 to 31 lbs. and we took 20 amongst 7 guys, and I shot 7, including a 30 and the 31. Heard a ton of croaking, so I grabbed my 3 band 60 inch gun and headed...
  9. John Argiso

    Nice grade yellows at Channel Islands

    Am up north for a lil work, and a buddy got me out this last week before the wind blew. Water was pretty blue, 61-62 degrees and fishey. We got to the spot around 8:00 and left at 1, with 8 fish in the bags. 7 yellows and a seabass. yellows went from 15-25+, and the seabass weighed 30 lbs. It...
  10. John Argiso

    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

    So, I am sitting in La Cruz Huanacaxtle, just north of Puerto Vallarta and taking a break from shooting yellowfin and snapper day after day. Air temps have been 85-90 EVERY day and water is blue and 77-78 degrees at THE spot. Looking down the list of threads it's pretty evident in the big...
  11. John Argiso

    Offshore,Inshore,? How about a lil of both!

    Spent a day diving the rock for some nice yellowfin to 50 lbs, then headed to el morro the next day where the snapper were thick. It's so good right now!
  12. John Argiso


    Same spot as the previous post of mine. Didn't see any tuna today, but there were some quality yellow's around! Dove a spot at Nic today and was a lil disappointed. Only took one fish there ( maybe 20 lbs. ) as the water was really hazy and the current was pretty non existent. The Freedom set up...
  13. John Argiso

    Island Tuna-and I dont mean Coranados!

    First of all I will not name the specific Island but here is my report. Man, what a day. Got a late start yesterday, as I had just picked up my new trailer for the Conquest, and had to deal with that first. Left CIH around 11 and was in the water by 1. Remember now, this is DIVING. Water on the...
  14. John Argiso

    Channel Islands Slam!

    Even though I am a freediver and spearfisherman I do have a few buddies that toss the Iron, so this is for them. (and for the rest of you that like a lil fish porn)! Dove the C.I. and hit it early on the upcoming tide. Water was 65 degrees and pretty blue with vis up to 40 feet. There were a few...