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  1. PaDDy Killer'

    Looking for waverunner partner to fish Catalina-SoCal waters

    Try using a sea anchor for those windy days. A kayak sea anchor or maybe a little bigger one for a 14' boat will help big time without the hassle/ danger of anchoring. If your in the SF valley I have a small kayak sea anchor you can have.
  2. PaDDy Killer'

    Kill box/storage or below deck generator?

    Sounds like you probably won't get the most use out of a generator not using your a/c. How often do you really need a/c on the west coast in a smaller boat? We just put one in our family boat- 31'Cabo and are about 13k deep so far. Water got on it so it's being removed at the moment-more $$$. I...
  3. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    27", my buddy is 6'3. Nice observation all the way from Oklahoma...
  4. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    Yeah, I was tripping that he threw his anchor right on the high spot we were fishing. He had 7 guys on a 24' boat so we already knew googans were out. You guys made me feel my decision to fish sat over sunday was the right one. Thursday and Friday I was contemplating to move the trip to Sunday...
  5. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    No worries, looked like your boat as one was a ranger bass boat and was spot locked and the other full of people. Didn't piss us off as there are so many spots up there. I was also thinking about Sunday but the weather repots were a little conflicting. Sunday looked like less swell and little...
  6. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    Great report. I think we rolled to the island together most the way. I was the Parker. We started on some small reef off rosa and your buddy dumped his anchor 20' off my stern. We picked a few fish off the spot before rolling to Miguel.
  7. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    Ginger had to stay and work. Usually I take him and my other bro watches shop but he wants to get back into fishing. I think he got hooked again, lol.
  8. PaDDy Killer'

    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    First time out in way too long, with my bro and good buddies Omar & Dean, With them all being Dad's the last 4-5 years and me now expecting we had to blast out in our short weather window and time frame. We met at 4 am, all of us didn't get much sleep with the excitement of fishing. Ran up to...
  9. PaDDy Killer'

    Am I paying too much? Or not enough?

    At $300 dollars with materials he is basically building the rod for free. Sounds like you made a good friend.
  10. PaDDy Killer'

    262 upgrades

    Very nice! Now when can we see some outboards hanging off the back of one of these?
  11. PaDDy Killer'

    Weird looking aluminum cat

    I'm the minority here because I think it looks badass!
  12. PaDDy Killer'

    BAIT - will this work for Halibut?

    They haven't worked for me in the lakes.
  13. PaDDy Killer'

    3/1 Island Spirit

    Nice going Ray!
  14. PaDDy Killer'

    Bertram 28 Sportfish Flybridge For Sale 35k

    CLEAN! Pride of ownership really shows. Good luck with the sale.
  15. PaDDy Killer'

    March Full Day out of Ventura?

    Overnight if you want the best chance at big lings, reds and whitefish. But you really can't go wrong with any of the full day boats up there.
  16. PaDDy Killer'

    1988 Chris Craft Sea Hawk 213 WA

    Sick boat! Hold on till the spring comes. 12k is very reasonable.
  17. PaDDy Killer'

    GME stock the time is now

    Me too!:food-smiley-014:
  18. PaDDy Killer'

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Looks good, idk if you can squeeze another clamp on the scupper hoses?
  19. PaDDy Killer'

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    The nice thing with the extra fuel it also adds a bit of stability to the boat. I used to run my 2601 striper mostly full for that reason alone. It seemed a bit corky on the water without. Love the progress you have made, it wont be long at this pace till we see some blood on the decks!
  20. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker 2820 & 2520 Bunk Question

    Got a picture of this? I bought a cot with a built in tent for the third wheel to sleep on the deck.
  21. PaDDy Killer'

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Looks great so far, but only 83 gallons seems a bit weak with all the new potential its going to have. Great job non the less.
  22. PaDDy Killer'

    Tow vehicle Brake Pad ?

    If its a diesel silverado add a exhaust brake to the truck.
  23. PaDDy Killer'

    New Motor !

  24. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Swordfish video from the past season. My wife on the rod.

    Badass Surg! Thanks for getting me my gear so quick! Still got to come up and pickup the bouy from you and have you give me a little schooling.
  25. PaDDy Killer'

    2006 2120 build

    Right on, boat looks great. My buddies would definitely appreciate a seat like yours. Looks like a great setup you got going.
  26. PaDDy Killer'

    Trying to help give my son something I can't afford.

    RC is a great hobby but if you are tight on funds it is not the right hobby for you. Parts, batteries you name it its expensive. About the cheapest part of it is running at the track all day for $10-$20 bucks.
  27. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker 1801 vs Montauk 17

    I have a 2006 17' Montauk and its a great boat for what I use it for, hooping and freshwater fishing. I feel super safe in the unsinkable whaler against the breakwall and what not. I did take it to the 150 when the yellows were biting out of long beach while parker was being serviced. Never...
  28. PaDDy Killer'

    Twin 150's or Suzuki df350

    Twins all day! Hondas run forever, and much more peace of mind on the big blue with twins.
  29. PaDDy Killer'

    2006 2120 build

    Sick! What was in the area that you put the hatch in under the seat? Foam? Who did you use on the pedestal shock absorber?
  30. PaDDy Killer'

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    If you want less headache go with the Grady. Skipjacks are great boats but fuck outdrives!!! Fucking pain in the ass especially if you want to slip it.
  31. PaDDy Killer'

    Collonet this weekend

    Bring a 20lb-25lb setup incase there are bf tuna around. Two years ago they popped up for us on the Shogun. Lots of guys only had setups 40lb and heavier and were struggling on larger heavier setups especially since the weather was a bit nautical.
  32. PaDDy Killer'

    Stainless Roof Rack with Rod Holders $200

    Bump for a great deal for someone.
  33. PaDDy Killer'

    Lobster trap puller?

    I have the Scotty like above and it is decent. I will probably go with the Ace puller once it gives out as it is slow retrieval on the deep drops.
  34. PaDDy Killer'

    Striper 2601 Kicker motor

    High thrust Yamaha kicker, you don't need much h.p. as it is for trolling or backup to putt home. I would do the 9.9 for your 2601. I had a 8 hp on my 21' Lund and was fantastic.
  35. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina Squid? . ?

    Look for them on your meter off the bottom. Usually they are in small patches right on the bottom. Use a heavy squid jig on the bottom attached to the daisy chain squid catcher above. Lots of times you will snag an egg sack with the bottom squid jig and know you are in the right area.
  36. PaDDy Killer'

    Shimano lucanus flat fall jig

    They work great, I love using them for rockfish and lingcod on a light bass setup.
  37. PaDDy Killer'

    2009 2520 parker sld

    Beautiful boat!! How much to make me a killer seat like that for mine? Sick helm chair also!
  38. PaDDy Killer'

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    I hit a tree branch earlier this year about 15' long in the daylight. No prop damage on the ss props. I run with no lights at night besides my nav. lights. I will run my underwater transom lights as they don't impair my night vision if there is a bunch of traffic leaving the harbor. . I also...
  39. PaDDy Killer'

    Gold Trinidad

    Trinidad 40N
  40. PaDDy Killer'

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Sick Skippy!
  41. PaDDy Killer'

    Radon 15 low gunnel protection

    I think it will drift faster if you add any water protection to the gunnels. Pick your weather days and just roll it as is. At the end of the day it is still a 15' boat.
  42. PaDDy Killer'

    ARC Shad Net -

    My buddy rich has a few, he is good buddies with the owner. PM me your number.
  43. PaDDy Killer'

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    Not enough fuel or boat for me personally but I am sure guys do it. You can always go to Avalon and top off on fuel there. The weather and swell behind Clemente can be dramatically different than the front side and suck the fuel.
  44. PaDDy Killer'

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    Verizon has much better coverage then AT&T. Last year I switched over to AT&T and it is terrible compared to Verizon. Last month spending the night at SBI my buddy was watching videos on his Verizon phone while I was scrolling old emails :(
  45. PaDDy Killer'

    Bug Opener - Sat/Sun = A+

    Nice going on the bugs! We didn't do too well. Next time going to wear my MAGA hat see if that helps.
  46. PaDDy Killer'

    Lobster at Anacapa / Cruz

    Kelp ledges is a good place to start.
  47. PaDDy Killer'

    SOLD 10” Garmin 4210 $325

    the 4210 is a 10" screen. the 12" screen is the 4212.
  48. PaDDy Killer'

    9/26/20: Is this you? Oceanside Harbor

    I checked them out at the Fred Hall Show. Good value for the money it seems but how is the long term? Pounding on the hull it sounded hollow and very lightly built. Wiring? Check them out well before you pull the trigger.
  49. PaDDy Killer'

    Who can build a marlin tower in Ventura area?

    If you want clean work skip Dan Shannon. Come take a look at my Parker if you don't believe me. I will say he did great work when he was up north.
  50. PaDDy Killer'

    Not a Report -- Bait Tank Question After Report

    I had the same issue with my factory striper tank. What I used instead of the pvc pipe is an extension cord cover for outdoor use. The pipe helps but the bait still beats into it. With the extension cord cover you can drill holes to the angle you want the flow and the bait rolls right over it...
  51. PaDDy Killer'

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    Like others have said offer $200 for a seatrial. If you buy the boat have him knock off the $200. If you pass hes $200 ahead and you are thousands ahead.
  52. PaDDy Killer'

    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    Your Parker tower would suck major balls out there, completely useless. Some would say junk, slow your boat down and what not. PM me before you mistakenly move to another libitard state and I will help you remove the useless tower.
  53. PaDDy Killer'


    I rigged mine with 3' of 130 pink floro and nailed 3 on it. ProTip- Before the deckhand gaffs the fish tell him NOT to drop it on deck. This is how they get wasted most of the time. Lure is in-tack coming over the rail, once they drop the fish on deck the fish slams the lure against the deck...
  54. PaDDy Killer'

    Can the Parker 2320 SL w/ Yamaha 300hp make it to Tanner Bank?

    My buddy and I did it on his 2006 2320. It was grease like conditions and came back on fumes. I would never attempt it again without extra fuel. Also you can leave the night before and SLOWLY putt out there conserving fuel. My bro and I recently did this on my boat leaving Dana at 9pm and...
  55. PaDDy Killer'

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    Gavin sucks! Donation sent!
  56. PaDDy Killer'

    Rosecrans Roadblock

    Cops are instructed to stand down to these BLM clowns by the higher ups. Look around whats going on in the liberal states...
  57. PaDDy Killer'

    Late start but lots of laughs

    I've left best friends at the dock...
  58. PaDDy Killer'

    Gold Trini 16N

    Great jigging reel, love mine for the slow pitch jigging. Wish they still made the golds.
  59. PaDDy Killer'

    Underwater light 12 v recommendation

    I went with 3 lumitecs greens also. Work great! Also there deck lights are super badass...
  60. PaDDy Killer'

    Who handles uphill the best?

    Uphill skipjack all day but out of your list Grady.
  61. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    Tipping for me has nothing to do with the fish caught or not caught. Like so many here have said it ALL comes down to service. If the crew is doing all they can do locate fish and just make the time out as pleasurable as possible the tip will reflect the service.
  62. PaDDy Killer'

    My favorite Upgrade so far

    I have one use on mine since purchase and its great! My bro turned me onto it while hooping in winter. Really nice and uses very little power.
  63. PaDDy Killer'

    How to slow a boat down for trolling

    Trim the engine up, if it is still to fast put a small drift shoot off the side. Cheapest way to get to the slow speed. On my 17' whaler I use a 18" kayak drift shoot off the side cleat.
  64. PaDDy Killer'

    Cheap Hydraulic Fluid vs Expensive Fluid??

    I know Castaic Marine uses transmission fluid when they work on hydraulics.
  65. PaDDy Killer'

    Nomad DRX Minow

    Same here! They break slamming on the deck! I did not see one break on two 8 days in the fishes mouth. They all broke once the fish was landed on deck. I landed three on mine without issue, asking the deckhand to not put the fish on deck and pull the lure out while winding them in.
  66. PaDDy Killer'

    Big Bear Lake Help

    There is a algae bloom on the lake right now. From shore I would try and fish deeper water with a slip bobber. Trolling leadcore also can be productive.
  67. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Skipjack, Gradies, Stripers, tons of boat manufactures out there with what you are looking for. Parker is straight up bare bones. No fluffiness anywhere, exactly why I bought it. My past boat 2601 striper had all that, more stuff to maintain and go wrong.
  68. PaDDy Killer'

    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    Don't you guys know your fuel tanks grow in size once in mexico?
  69. PaDDy Killer'

    Adding to my fishing collection....

    Looks like a good start :p
  70. PaDDy Killer'

    Want to buy Okuma PCH 741XXH

    There only $225 on Amazon...
  71. PaDDy Killer'

    Rosa 6/19-6/21 & Her Fathers Day Best

    Hell yeah, Missy kicking your butt Greg! I wish I was there to witness it haha. Good fishing with you guys out there, have to do it soon!
  72. PaDDy Killer'

    Long Beach 6/17 Fishing Report

    Nice going Dan and crew!
  73. PaDDy Killer'

    Cracked Transom

    Money can fix anything....
  74. PaDDy Killer'

    LUND / Aluminum boats - your opinion??

    I had a 2002 2050 Lund Pro V with a 200 yamaha four stroke and 8 hp kicker. That boat was a kickass boat in the lakes. Overkill really, and the big high bow off the water kind of sucked for bass fishing. I tooK it in the bay a few times and it was fucking horrible. It pounded like I never could...
  75. PaDDy Killer'

    Difference all wheel and 4x4

    With a 4wd vehicle you will have low gear option on the transfer case for the ultimate traction. But since this is not a full time tow truck I would be open also with the awd suv's. My blown Silverado SS is awd and a fucken rocket with little tire slip, My chicks Lexometer and last Audi Q7 awd...
  76. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina Report 6/10

    Nice going Dan and crew.
  77. PaDDy Killer'

    Pleasant Valley Reservoir 6/6-6/7

    The best! I love there bbq, but as others mentioned there green chili beans are off the hook! I am a little pissed at myself for only bringing one 32 oz container back. Gives me a reason to go back next month to Twin Lakes? Great Alan, just what I need is another stop for my fat ass, lol. I...
  78. PaDDy Killer'

    Campgrounds, RV parks, Gyms, and Museums Opening tomorrow the 12th

    Just a heads up for those who may of not heard.
  79. PaDDy Killer'

    eastern sierras camping opening?

    Looks like tomorrow
  80. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    2016 GMC 2500 H.D. 6.0L would get 9-11 mpg with the lifted gas and my 26' Striper, with the Parker 7-9mpg. 2018 GMC Denali H.D. 6.6L Dmax 14-16 mpg with the 25' Parker
  81. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    Really? What do you think a diesel gets smart guy? 8-)
  82. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    Your clueless on a boats fuel burn. This is a smoking deal for someone, a 23' striper doesn't weigh much at all. Just to help you out his boat probably get 2-3 mpg, a truck pulling his boat 10mpg or with my diesel 15+ mpg all day, do the math.
  83. PaDDy Killer'

    (Montauk related) 14 gallon West Marine bait tank questions

    I have a 22 gallon on mine and really like how well it holds a half scoop. I think downsizing to a 14 gallon on a small boat might beat the bait. I run a 800 gph pump on mine too.
  84. PaDDy Killer'

    Pleasant Valley Reservoir 6/6-6/7

    Super last min trip with my buddy Dave. With the ocean forecast not looking not to nice for the weekend and all the bullshit on the local news I needed a break temporary break from it all. Dave met me at my place Friday at 4 PM, little to no traffic leaving Santa Clarita. Got up to Bishop in...
  85. PaDDy Killer'

    Skipjack 262 Vs. Blackman 26 ride quality.

    Both cut through the waves killer with there big deep V hulls. At drift they can be a little on the rolly side. All boats have there trade off's....
  86. PaDDy Killer'


    I was thinking a fish mount...
  87. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore bracket corrosion prep
  88. PaDDy Killer'

    Deckhand For Your Personal Boat

    Wish there were more young men with your attitude wanting to work nowadays. Good luck!
  89. PaDDy Killer'

    Techno Stabi w/o Tower - Worth It?

    As others have said they are worth the money. We throw a couple bean bags on the roof, works for us for now.
  90. PaDDy Killer'

    97 Ford Cobra SOLD

    Bump for a nice ride!
  91. PaDDy Killer'

    Shimano Talica vs Accurate Valiant

    You can't really go wrong with either one.
  92. PaDDy Killer'

    Fish Taco White Sauce

    I'm going to give your white sauce a try :supergay:
  93. PaDDy Killer'

    CIH and Ventura opening with crazy rules

    Great it's open but lame as shit regarding the rules.
  94. PaDDy Killer'

    DFF3D Screen Shots MacGyvering

    Following this as I have had mine now three trips out and still messing with it. Think it will be tits once dialed in.
  95. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Ventura and Channel Island boat ramps ?

    Oxnard and Ventura are shooting for Friday with hours of 6am to 6pm. Santa Barbra is waiting on word from City Council this afternoon. Hopefully all open up this weekend, weather not looking too good tho.
  96. PaDDy Killer'

    [email protected] POP-UPS....

    No doubt/ annoying.
  97. PaDDy Killer'

    Traxxas X-Maxx 1/5 Scale Huge RC Monster Truck

    Dam! My bday is coming up and I put this on my list to my lady...
  98. PaDDy Killer'


    What a racist..
  99. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina, Circled the island, 03-14-20

    Nice boat! My striper was so good to me, hope yours is good to you.
  100. PaDDy Killer'

    Yakima trailer hitch kayak rack

    Yakima trailer hitch kayak rack $150 818-470-9468
  101. PaDDy Killer'

    2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    Killer boat Ed. Post some pic's of the interior so guys can sell there wives on this thing. You may consider changing the wording of the add up a little bit too. You obviously have an open wallet when it comes to the boat, show it off in the pictures and add.
  102. PaDDy Killer'

    Repower My buddy bought an engine similar to the link above for his 23' Mako and has been running flawless for 3 years. He had a 225 Johnson and his fuel mileage just about doubled with...
  103. PaDDy Killer'

    2003 striper 2600

    Good looking boat
  104. PaDDy Killer'

    Colonet end of January

    On our trip (Shogun) it was the best part as they were actually biting. Just go prepared for anything.
  105. PaDDy Killer'

    Colonet end of January

    Bring a 20lb-30lb setup as last year we ran into bluefin on the shogun. Lots of guys had 40lb and heavier gear expecting just a bottom fishing trip and could not get bit on the heavy stuff. Yellows on the high spots so a 50 lb yoyo setup for sure.
  106. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker 2520 XLD

    Not really as twins have more prop bite then a big single off the back and seem to get better fuel mileage and top end speed.
  107. PaDDy Killer'

    2001 Silverado 6.0L $5000

    I had the same truck as this and sold it with over 265k. Those 6.0l are work horses.
  108. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker 2520 XLD

    I agree. I am right on the same numbers as you are getting with my 25' twin 150 setup. Looks like the 25' Parkers with single screw just don't have enough prop bite. My boat jumps to plane with 90 gallons of bait, 20 rods, 3 guys & 150 lbs of ice. Here is a pic mid channel to santa cruise with a...
  109. PaDDy Killer'

    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    I have a Montauk with a 90 Mercury and have no complaints with it. Plenty of power and does not seam heavy in the back.
  110. PaDDy Killer'

    Cyber Monday Deal- 100 lb. -200 lb. Pink Floro

    Turners has a good deal going on there 25 yard leaders. I used the pink 130 on my bombs and went 5 for 5 before replacing leader. Good stuff for $20 bucks...
  111. PaDDy Killer'

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    Out of those two Skipjack for the win. As many have mentioned they are two completely different boats. Overnights a Skipjack is killer inside. The Parker is nice as the clean up and maintenance of the outboard is easy. Outdrives and diesel parts are expensive on the skipjack but should last with...
  112. PaDDy Killer'

    Shore Based Fishing spots in Los Angeles and Orange County?

    King harbors short pier is probably going to be your best bet to actually catch fish from a pier. Even better would be to fish the beaches if you are restricted only to fishing on land. A light spinning outfit with a berkley grub carolina rigged on 6lb works good on the surf perch and what not.
  113. PaDDy Killer'

    26' sea swirl striper wa

    Sick Striper, you really get a lot more fishing room on your boat then my old 2601 with the euro transom. Very nice!
  114. PaDDy Killer'

    Furuno Navnet 3d MFD12, DFF1 and Airmar B164 for sale

    I don't think the dff1 does 3D. You have to have the DFF3D and transducer.
  115. PaDDy Killer'

    plans for redoing my boat

    I don't have a butt plug but if I did I would take it out too before heading out with my brother and nephew, lol. Bummer on flooding the boat without the drain plug in. I have done it twice but caught it before issues. You might check out thehulltruth as there are a lot of builds on there.
  116. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz West End 10/13 (Lots of "Shorts")

    Thanks for the report. Those big sole are good eats.
  117. PaDDy Killer'

    90 Gallon-120 Gallon Bait Tank

    Looking for a good condition bait tank, 90 gallon minimum.
  118. PaDDy Killer'

    Diesel Skipjack 28' price reduction: $20k

    Diesel Skipjack pilot house for 20k! Come on people, this is a kickass boat.
  119. PaDDy Killer'

    Car rental advice in Cabo

    Whatever you do don't go to You Save Rentals. I had a very bad experience in Cabo 6 years back.
  120. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Kicking ass on the light spinning gear & kick ass boat. What engines and year is the boat? I just went in partners with my brothers on a '97 31' cabo express in ventura with Cats.
  121. PaDDy Killer'

    Suggestions for a fishing vacation

    I like the Ranch but gets old for me after a few days. I stay in los barriles as the town is cool and not stuck eating the ranch food the whole stay. Martin Verdoogo's is a great place to stay.
  122. PaDDy Killer'

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    Get your feet wet by fishing local and learning the boats fuel burn, electronics and its handling abilities. Once your more confident and have a good weather window no reason not t head off shore. I don't know if its a self bailing deck or not but make sure your bilges are up to size and in...
  123. PaDDy Killer'

    9/28 One or two to chase YFT, San Diego

    4 or 5 crew on a 21' chasing tuna?
  124. PaDDy Killer'

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    Great report Ray, it was a blast sharing the rail with you and Stephanie again. Hope to do it again next year. Bill really kicked ass this trip and the timing couldn't be better. Keep kicking ass out there Ray-And doing it in style!
  125. PaDDy Killer'

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    I like no bracket. My boat rides better then my buddies 2530 with bracket. Let alone fighting a tuna around his motors. Big swell his motors are deep in the water. I know he got water intrusion from his rigging cables into his motor due to faulty install by dealer who of course didn't stand...
  126. PaDDy Killer'

    MDR launch fee raised

    And no public bathrooms anymore I assume due to the homeless. LA county sucks balls.
  127. PaDDy Killer'

    150HP Repower Advice

    Go Yamaha, they have more hp then the 150 advertised. I think I saw somewhere around 165 hp.
  128. PaDDy Killer'

    Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    My buddy had a similar sized Topaz boat with twin BB Chevy's that got 1 to 1 at cruise. Big block and small block twin gassers in any boat is going to be crap fuel mileage. Pay high upfront cost on a diesel boat and save later or cheap up front cost of a gas boat and pay at the pump.
  129. PaDDy Killer'

    Grady white 28 sailfish

    How about some cabin pics? I am not interested in it but love boat porn. And porn I guess...
  130. PaDDy Killer'

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    I have a 20 gallon kodiak tank on mine, works perfect for a half scoop of bait for the day.
  131. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore It’s not gay if your out of the bay!

    Nice going! Did your buddy get lucky too sliding inside of you?:gay:
  132. PaDDy Killer'

    I have returned. Here is my report...

    Great report & sick ride!
  133. PaDDy Killer'

    Fujinon techno-stabi

    I just bought mine new on ebay for $950 with warranty...
  134. PaDDy Killer'

    Trolling Rod Storage?

    Looking for down below storage above the V birth. I am not sure if I can screw screws into the ceiling of the v birth and still hold the rods. I don't want to thru bolt anything for possible leaks.
  135. PaDDy Killer'

    Fish processing prices?

    I have always had good customer service and quality finished product at Fishermans Processing. They load me full of ice for my drive through LA at no charge and have comfy couches to pass out on.
  136. PaDDy Killer'


    Killer report! Glad to see many pigs decked. Were you guys flying real flying fish off the kites, yummys or double trouble rig?
  137. PaDDy Killer'

    ARC shad dip net

    Great deal! I payed over $250 for mine.
  138. PaDDy Killer'

    Skipjack 25' Diesel

    Nice skipjack and priced right!
  139. PaDDy Killer'

    23’ prolinecuddy 16,000

    The tower with steering is sick! Lot of boat for 16k. I have seen low hour Yamaha 225 for 6k on CL that would be sick on this.
  140. PaDDy Killer'

    please delete thank you

    I just boat a new set on ebay with protective lenses for $950 shipped.
  141. PaDDy Killer'

    2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    Sooooo Sick! But I assume the price is disgusting high not to post up.
  142. PaDDy Killer'

    Mammoth Lakes

    Beautiful rainbow right there! Thanks for the report.
  143. PaDDy Killer'

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    Great boats, heavy fiberglass layup and a big deep V cuts through the swell and chop with ease. The trade off is a little rolley at drift but there is always going to be a trade off. Sea trail one and see if its for you.
  144. PaDDy Killer'

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    I hope there is some Gopro footage out there of the landing?
  145. PaDDy Killer'

    Friday, Saturday & Beyond

    Great effort, and sick ride with those twin 300's!
  146. PaDDy Killer'

    Trolling Rod Storage?

    How are you guys storing your trolling rods? I have shit laying all over the v birth and need some organization.
  147. PaDDy Killer'

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Boats are sooo fun sometimes... Good luck with the project.
  148. PaDDy Killer'

    Cat 17th and 18th

    Catching bigger and more fish then pops...Priceless!
  149. PaDDy Killer'

    SBI WSB 7/19-20

    Nice pair of seabass Greg! I'm sure you will get those yellows here soon enough and miss the wsb biting. Hope to hook up soon out there with ya.
  150. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 7/13 7/14 DP 289 Pyramid Head 43 and home to Newport Beach

    Anchored up but we ended up dragging off in the middle of the night. Ended up 3 miles off the bank. I need more chain on this boat. Our buddy on a 24' skippy had no issue staying on the hook out there.
  151. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 7/13 7/14 DP 289 Pyramid Head 43 and home to Newport Beach

    You had as much success as we did for two days of traveling all around. We spent the night on the 43, went south to 302 back up north to 181-182, ...desert out there.
  152. PaDDy Killer'

    Bechers WSB 6/22, 6/23

    No name on the boat yet. I have a funky filet table that came out wrong that you can spot my boat for now. I am trying to get it fixed this week but stainless guy canceled. We scratched at the squid Friday night making maybe 20 pieces running out of bait early sat. Sat night we finally got a...
  153. PaDDy Killer'

    Bechers WSB 6/22, 6/23

    Kickass Greg. We were out there too. Made the bumpy run across Friday afternoon. Picked up 4 wsb and a nice halibut. Had a hard time floating the squid Friday night but Sat night got them good.
  154. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz 6/15 6/16

    Nice going on the WSB Greg. How did the weather end up treating you overnight? Looked a little bumpy.
  155. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa WSB question and pre-report

    I have the west coast rails that are factory. But yeah, if I'm out there swing bye or vice versa. Awesome you got out this weekend. Se ya out there..
  156. PaDDy Killer'

    Yellow Banks WSB June 12

    That's awesome getting them dead sticking the tube baits!
  157. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa WSB question and pre-report

    I think I saw you out there now thinking of it seeing you have a 2310. We got the hali's in 50'-60' right outside the anchorage.
  158. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa WSB question and pre-report

    WSB at yellowbanks on the red crab, get a few of those hookup baits if you don't have already. Anchovies at the receiver so bring some small hooks and light line. We got two legal hali's 25" & 34" at yellowbanks and farmed 1 wsb at the boat.
  159. PaDDy Killer'

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Nice going and killer gaff shot.
  160. PaDDy Killer'

    Car insurance broker

    Try my fiance at Krouse Insurance 818-407-5300. Has my boats, shop and condo all set up.
  161. PaDDy Killer'

    Wanted 26' or 23' Seaswirl WA

    Go outboard unless you like less reliability and more maintenance cost.
  162. PaDDy Killer'

    2001 F350 7.3 crew cab 4X4 SOLD

    Smoking Deal! EBAY that bad boy and it will probably bring more then your asking price.
  163. PaDDy Killer'

    Boccaccio rock fish

    The fillets have worms in them. Toss them back.
  164. PaDDy Killer'

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    He could have easily secured the motor to the boat. Must be nice to have so much cash to cut 30k to the ocean floor & give zero fucking about the marine environment. Right on Captain!
  165. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel Island Harbor to Two Harbors

    Yes, not bad leaving channel islands to Cat but coming back up hill can be a bitch. Leave Cat before the afternoon wind comes up. And obviously pick your days.
  166. PaDDy Killer'

    Crowley Lake DFW Proposed Reg Changes

    Comment sent. Thanks for the heads up on this!
  167. PaDDy Killer'

    Need to Re Power

    A buddy of mine repowered his 23 Mako with a ebay 2007 Yamaha 225 h.p.with around 500 hours for $7000. Almost 3 years and 300 hrs and it's been great. Maybe take a look there. And being a 4 stroke his boat just sips the fuel. Nice combo on his boat.
  168. PaDDy Killer'

    New drone

    Video quality looks nice. What drone did you get?
  169. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat Capsize

    Those black bouys and others used in commercial fishing are harder then shit to see. Driving with the sun in your face you simply can't see them soon enough. I light the shit out of my hoops, yet I see commercial bouys in front/ near of busy ports blacked out all the time. The commercial guys...
  170. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Monica Bay 1/29

    Looks like a nice day on the water. I think I saw you while I was heading home on the 5. Nice rig.
  171. PaDDy Killer'

    2 Day Freezer Special on the Shogun

    I'm sure it will fill. It's a great price at $475. The beam on that boat is the shit! Good Luck!
  172. PaDDy Killer'

    2 Day Freezer Special on the Shogun

    I would bring it all! I did this trip last year and ended up with limits if bft. We chased them for half the trip, many didn't have there lighter 20lb setups for the finicky bft and was a challenge getting a sardine out on heavy gear.
  173. PaDDy Killer'

    2530 inboard to out board conversion engine box replacement with deck hatch ideas

    My buddy Eric has the same boat and the dog box. He cut the bottom of the box making it a little lower overall but really needs to get it off the deck completely.
  174. PaDDy Killer'

    My Parker 2320 Build

    Boats looking great. Your installs are like mine, not the prettiest but they get done and work.
  175. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    Got a bunch of work done yesterday before this rain storm. Furuno mounting bracket finally showed up after being back ordered almost two months, we wired the led deck lights, cut and installed the thru hull exit, ran the hose lines for the bait tank, attempted to bled the steering but need the...
  176. PaDDy Killer'

    Suggestions for lures for So Cal

    Rapala deep divers in mackerel & sardine and Halico max 130's are a good start.
  177. PaDDy Killer'

    Jammed Reel Seat - Phenix 809XHJ

    To slow the quick drifts you might want to try a small collapsible drift shoot.
  178. PaDDy Killer'

    fishing yacht joyride?

    No doubt about that...
  179. PaDDy Killer'

    Multi-part question: Gricelda's, shorefishing, how much fish can fly home...CABO

    I have had good luck with Alaska airlines taking more then the 50 lb total limit without overcharge. With a $20 donation to the ticket/ baggage handler and your golden. Never an issue and usually get around 70 lbs. in the cooler.
  180. PaDDy Killer'

    6.5 grendel, anyone shoot this?

    Thanks for the heads up on the 03FFL, I just completed mine. Here is the link-
  181. PaDDy Killer'

    I had a great inshore fishing year

    Killed em'! Ibet '19 will be even better for you, tight lines.
  182. PaDDy Killer'


    Hold on to her till spring and get what you want for her. You have beautiful boat for sure that will make someone happy.
  183. PaDDy Killer'

    Legal mag lock devices for ARs

    I put the hellfighter's on my .300 blackout and ar-10. I had a double feed issue on the ar-10 after 50 rounds last weekend. IDK if it's the gun or hellfighter as I am new to shooting and I built the ar's from 80%.
  184. PaDDy Killer'

    Mans Best Friend!! Let's see yours

    My little velcro
  185. PaDDy Killer'

    I know I'd been scared

    Fuuuuccck that!
  186. PaDDy Killer'

    Need Help with Garmin xHD18 and GPS Map720

    Sounds like you need an update if all the plugs are connected securely. When I connected my XHD to my Garmin 4208 I needed an update as it would not recognize the radar.
  187. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Since it's for your boat BonerLover
  188. PaDDy Killer'

    Priced to Sell, Your Score - $12000

    Original owner on a '72 boat....BAD ASS! That's longer then most marriages last. Good luck with the sale.
  189. PaDDy Killer'

    Duck gun

    One of these with a few lasers and your golden!
  190. PaDDy Killer'

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    I think the best bet is to seal the aluminum the best you can. Maybe a rubber like material over the aluminum? I don't see a way to keep the under decks of an aluminum boat dry without calking everything. Even then with flexing of a boat it might not work.
  191. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    Thanks! I believe she holds 179 gallons of fuel? I know the newer ones '13 and up have similar tanks but epa shit you loose 10% or so. She is a '10 none of that stuff on her.
  192. PaDDy Killer'

    RP 10 Day - Report

    Great report! And even cooler Marciano was on the trip with you guys. My favorite tuna captain on wicked tuna.
  193. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker rod holders

    $100 for all 4.
  194. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    Got the boat back from the stainless guy. Not to happy with the way things came out. I'm hoping him and I can work it out in a bit. He seemed very frustrated with this project and I am equally upset as I sent pic's of how I wanted things made. I wanted the bait table to not protrude out into the...
  195. PaDDy Killer'

    Furuno Navnet VX2, Radar & DFF1

    Good working condition Furuno Navnet GPS 10.4", works excellent, 36 mile radar, all new in 2010, DFF1 fish finder box $1400
  196. PaDDy Killer'

    Cheap Vegas Flights $80 Round Trip

    Sound too good to be true?!
  197. PaDDy Killer'

    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    I use my tranx 400 and 300. I also have two small stella's I use. Nice thing for me with the spinner's is I can fishing two rods efficiently.
  198. PaDDy Killer'

    Mounting Offshore fiberglass bait tank.

    On my last boat I wired the led bait tank light to the bait pump. I am going to do the same on my next install. Keeps it simple.
  199. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore YFT Thanksgiving

    Kick ass going the distance! How much fuel do you carry and what was your burn?
  200. PaDDy Killer'

    Mounting Offshore fiberglass bait tank.

    Thanks, just picked up two 3x3 pieces.
  201. PaDDy Killer'

    Mounting Offshore fiberglass bait tank.

    Where locally can you buy fiberglass angle? I was going to mount my bluesea 75 on a 2x4 piece of redwood but I like the fiberglass idea better.
  202. PaDDy Killer'

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    Thanks for the heads up on this. My lady is picking up a few for me today. One for me and a few for Christmas gifts.
  203. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    I mostly fish out of Oxnard fishing the channel islands. I would like to chase the big bft at sci with this boat. I did on the striper, and it did it but was uncomfortable and hard to refuel on the water due to fuel access hose location. I think the extra beam will help with stability and I like...
  204. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    Deep V Getting some stainless work now, I' am adding a bait board that will go over the engines and tilt up when not in use, with a stainless bar around the motors. I am not used to the open transom and want something there. I just got one of Randy's 75 gallon bait tank with rod holders...
  205. PaDDy Killer'

    Asylum Seekers In Tijuana

    Let them in! I'm sure they are sorry and didn't mean it. We need more diversity in this country don't you know?
  206. PaDDy Killer'

    New to me 2010 2520

    Sold the Striper after 10 years and over 1000 hrs of great times. Hope to have this pig longer. I will post in this thread as I update the boat through winter as I outfit her. Twin 150's and 700 hrs. Any known issues with Yamaha 150's?
  207. PaDDy Killer'

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Bummer! That's hardly any hours?
  208. PaDDy Killer'

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    This is another reason why I have a few 80% builds. Don't be left gunless!
  209. PaDDy Killer'

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Livewell

    Smoking deal! The accessories on the tank alone cost more.
  210. PaDDy Killer'

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Nice going Ray!
  211. PaDDy Killer'

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Bullshit. The new entitled generation. How about the sport boats operation? Having a non refundable deposit stops them from loosing there ass daily to flakes. The butterflies you felt in your tummy before the trip was not food poisoning, it was missing mommy.
  212. PaDDy Killer'

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    This topic has been beaten to death but what the hell. Tip for me has nothing do do with the fishing killer or skunk, all with how hard the crew is working. 20% if there doing what they should be doing and down from there.
  213. PaDDy Killer'

    SkipJack 20 Open in San Diego***SOLD

    Nice add! Clean boat free of clutter, looks better then most guys selling there dirty boats.
  214. PaDDy Killer'

    23’ IMP with Pilot House and Half Tower $11k

    Can see a lot of pride in ownership all over the boat, good luck with the sale.
  215. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Mustang 1.5 day BBF Trip - Cortez - Fished Nov 7, 2018

    Never hold back! Kill em' when you can! Slip the smaller ones in your buddies sack, lol.
  216. PaDDy Killer'

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    Run from an inboard outdrive! My Dad's old 28' skipjack was a constant issue with twin diesel Volvo's and 280 drives. Run, Run, Run!!! Go outboard or direct drive. Outboard was designed for one use...Push a boat through water. Having delt with both all my life I feel confident saying you will...
  217. PaDDy Killer'

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    My Dads (sold) skipjack 28' twin diesel. Miss her..
  218. PaDDy Killer'

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    Nice boat but this time of year the market starts getting soft on boats. I would not drop in anymore and just a hang in there...
  219. PaDDy Killer'

    4X4 Vans need info

    I had a Quigley 4x4 conversion 2000 Chevy Express. Quigley only does the conversions to new vans. Last I heard it was around 20k.
  220. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat Pictures

    Miss her already and has not even been a week! I think it's only shitty junk boats that make it the happiest day to get rid of a boat...
  221. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz Island 10/20-10/21

    Thanks for the report. Mirrors our lobster opener at anacapa. Nothing but starfish and junk, not even a crab lol. My buddy did get a 33" wsb in chinese Saturday morning on a dine. Other then some bonita it was quite for him too.
  222. PaDDy Killer'

    Island rod

    Tranx 500 and your choice of 8' jig stick.
  223. PaDDy Killer'

    Catching Wahoo and Skipjack tuna

    That's some spooky shit on the sandbar at night. Good for you for helping out.
  224. PaDDy Killer'

    walk around hull input

    20'-23' and thinking Clemente trips I would see if you can bump the size up to 25'-27' make a big difference. All about fuel capacity. In your budget take a look at the Striper boats. Hold a lot of fuel for the size. My last trip on my boat we burned 135 gallons fishing clemente tuna. Flying the...
  225. PaDDy Killer'

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    Fuck!! Sorry to hear that. Make a police report.
  226. PaDDy Killer'

    Another cabrillo beach skunk

    IDK if you have a fish finder or not but if so try and find structure and fish off of it. Any kelp stingers or eel grass fish the sand outside of it. Take a sabiki rig and try and make some bait, halibut love smelt or perch when mackerel and sardine are not biting. IDK what pound line you are...
  227. PaDDy Killer'

    How bad did u do? Lobster opener...

    Struck out at Anacapa while my brother killed it in SMB.
  228. PaDDy Killer'

    Help With Live Well Install Parker 2320 ownwers.

    I'm about to do this same project on a Parker 2520 I just picked up. I'm waiting for Randy to finish my 75 gallon tank. You do have to cut through that bulkhead to run the intake and exhaust hose. Randy said just cut at the top and that's what I plan on doing. IDK if the boats current access...
  229. PaDDy Killer'

    Bait tank pump size?

    You might have some kelp or junk in your current impeller. 14 Min. fill up is not right with that pump.
  230. PaDDy Killer'

    Fishing 09/17-09/21 Catalina...

    Fun! I want to do something like this in about a month. Did you guys get a slip in the harbor? No battery issue running the bait tank all night?
  231. PaDDy Killer'

    Best Skip Jigs + best technique

    Didn't matter earlier this month on the Intrepid what jig it was. I was throwing poppers, snipers, tady 6x, Orca, just wind as fast as possible and don't let it sink. I was thumbing the spool to take excess slack before the jig hit the water. Jig didn't go as far but didn't matter.
  232. PaDDy Killer'

    Two week trip South as far as Mag Oct 27 return Nov 10th

    Very fun and fishy trip! I wish I could make it this year and kill the skin like we do. Playing lotto so I can hopefully make it this trip, lol. Think I went the last 4 trips down and every time we killed it.
  233. PaDDy Killer'

    Just fished the chief

    Change boats asap! Nothing seems to have changed for the better on that boat. Did a freezer special back in the BG90 days and the entire bottom bunks were soaked from the grey water in the bilge. Another time they ran out of fresh water. Run!
  234. PaDDy Killer'

    What should I re-power with?

    I have a Mercury 90 four stroke that is more then plenty on my 17' whaler. If it were me I would go four stroke Yamaha all day. Mostly the fact of having to buy oil. At least every other year fishing there is a guy on the radio out of oil on the fishing grounds. Four stroke oil changes are easy...
  235. PaDDy Killer'

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2601 40k

    I bought them when I first bough the boat. A guy on the Striper forum was making them custom and I picked up a few at the time.
  236. PaDDy Killer'

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2601 40k

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2601, Yamaha 225 four stroke, Garmin 4208, gsd 22 black box, through hull transducer with fading block, Garmin XHD radar, Furuno 620 fish finder with 600 watt through hull transducer, 2 vhf radios, am/fm/cd radio, Remote spot/flood light, Raymarine autopilot with remote...
  237. PaDDy Killer'

    Angler Choice 8 Day Intrepid 8-27 - 9/4

    It was great sharing the rail with you and look forward to it next year!
  238. PaDDy Killer'

    Angler Choice 8 Day Intrepid 8-27 - 9/4

    Short and sweet as work is backed up. Headed out on the Anglers Choice limited load with a great group of guys with Bill running the boat. Made some macks at the receiver and plan was to shoot to the rocks. Two days later we are there and the Excel was already on it. Spent a few hours there...
  239. PaDDy Killer'

    MDR bait receiver

    Bait is usually decent but make sure to tell the guy to make a few smaller passes to equal a scoop if he can comprehend that.
  240. PaDDy Killer'


    I'm sure they will let him out on bail and he will go to court when called upon, lol!
  241. PaDDy Killer'

    Looking for some advise on a re power

    Outboards all the way! My take on an outboard vs inboard is one was designed for a truck and converted or marinized for a boat. While an outboard serves just one purpose of being on a boat. After my dads 20 years of ownership of his twin diesel skipjack I will never own any diesel boat with an...
  242. PaDDy Killer'

    Intrepid Fish Report

    Me too! I'm on that trip with my buddy Mark. Getting Excited!!!
  243. PaDDy Killer'

    What is this part off my Yamaha 225?

    Good call, I was just going to order one. Thanks
  244. PaDDy Killer'

    What is this part off my Yamaha 225?

    It is split at the end. Sure does look a lot like #22 in the pic. IDK how it came off and ended up on the ground? Maybe it just slips on from the outside of the motor and rotted out. My boat is stored at my parents so it will be a min till I can see.
  245. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone good with outboards on the West Side of LA?

    Check Youtube, that's where I learned to do my whaler and striper outboards. I literately would pause the video as I go along with the video. Good luck!
  246. PaDDy Killer'

    What is this part off my Yamaha 225?

    Yesterday while finishing my 100 hrs service (1100 hrs) I saw this rubber piece on the ground. I looked around but did not see where it goes and looks like wherever it came from it needs to be replaced as it looks kind of beat. Any idea?
  247. PaDDy Killer'

    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    I have west marine offshore inflatable life jackets. They go on sale a few times a season. The offshore versions have around 35 pounds of flotation while the inshore have around 25 pounds.
  248. PaDDy Killer'

    1978 Mako 21CC, Yamaha F200 four stroke

    Nice boat and a killer price! The engine alone is easy 7k.
  249. PaDDy Killer'

    Smelt for YT?

    Caught a yellow off the east end of cat slow trolling a live smelt. That's all we were making that day. I have caught halibut like others have on dropper loops off the yak.
  250. PaDDy Killer'

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Oh what shitty bait we had..
  251. PaDDy Killer'

    Little bit of a deal on SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    I picked up a large SKB 7200 tackle box for my upcoming 8 day on the intrepid at the end of September at for $255 and comes with a $75 gift certificate and free shipping/ no tax. I used the $75 gift certificate for the non included rod holders and a ar-10 pmag.
  252. PaDDy Killer'

    Where to buy OTI 40-60 Tuna Sniper or Oceanxtreme?

    Looking to pickup a dedicated popping rod and narrowed it to the OTI but can not find them in stock anywhere. I am also open to a clean used one.
  253. PaDDy Killer'

    Lake Tahoe fishing charters for August ??

    Thanks! I'll give him a call this evening.
  254. PaDDy Killer'

    Ford Excursion Diesel 7.3 or 6.0

    My Dad has a 2003 Excursion with the 7.3L 4x4 and around 160k miles, he is interested in selling. It is fully loaded larriet with a 5" lift on 35"'s, pm me if you might be interested.
  255. PaDDy Killer'

    Lake Tahoe fishing charters for August ??

    I'm heading up to Lake Tahoe for my first time Aug. 2-5th with my lady and and another couple. Were staying at the Hard Rock and would like to charter a boat for a day hopefully two. Any charter recommendations you guys may have will be great. Also any shore fishing around? Tackle...
  256. PaDDy Killer'

    50% hike in prices at MDR bait dock?

    The guy there is terrible loading bait. One pass=one scoop of bait. He just crushes all the bait to shit every time he loads a boat. He knows it, I called him out on it last year loading my tanks. Lazy...
  257. PaDDy Killer'

    Grady White 228G w/ Yam F250

    Nice boat and priced too sell, good luck!
  258. PaDDy Killer'

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    Usually the farther they drive the more they want it.
  259. PaDDy Killer'

    What to fish for in SMB this weekend

    If I was going out I would troll for threshers. I have done ok on them in the past even getting them in April on the kayak a few times off Escondido beach. I usually troll rapalas far enough off the kelp not to get into any kelp stingers. I once got a halibut doing that off topanga. I wish I...
  260. PaDDy Killer'

    PV at its best... Marla's 3/9-3/13 Short version

    Badass! Its on my fishing bucket list...
  261. PaDDy Killer'

    Cabrillo dry boat storage break ins

    How any storage place in this day and age have no security cameras is RETARDED!! If it was my boat I would be looking for somewhere with decent security. I mean this is a sanctuary state now...
  262. PaDDy Killer'

    Getting a new motor. Any idea wheres the best place?

    Find a local guy!!! I used one of those mail order transmission companies that build the baddest trans around supposedly. Long story short I lost 6 months down and 4k. Ended up using a guy in pamona and worked great. Local is the way to go. Shipping and labor if shit don't work is no fun.
  263. PaDDy Killer'

    Shit Hole

    There's enough cheap labor in this state/ country. Hard enough trying to live a middle class as is.
  264. PaDDy Killer'

    Lobster Fishing on the hook at Catalina?

    Don't see why not.
  265. PaDDy Killer'

    Medical insurance in Mexico, tourist.

    Kaiser took care of my medical bill after rolling the rental car on the way back to cabo airport. Just keep all your receipts. Like another poster I was also payed back in a week.
  266. PaDDy Killer'

    Is this a warning light? Yamaha outboard...

    Thanks! I forwarded this all to Eric. Your the Yamaha Man!!
  267. PaDDy Killer'

    Is this a warning light? Yamaha outboard...

    Thanks Mike! I will pass the info to my buddy. I was figuring as long as no alarm is buzzing he's ok.
  268. PaDDy Killer'

    Is this a warning light? Yamaha outboard...

    My buddy (Eric) has twin Yamaha 150's 2015 on his Parker 2530, coming back from the islands last weekend an alarm went off. He shut everything off and restarted and no alarm, boat ran fine. He says his mph does not read on the Yamaha gauge and has this triangle flashing. He sent a pic to the...
  269. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    Thanks Brandon. I had a great time sharing the rail with you. We were fortunate to have a great group of anglers on our trip. Tight lines..
  270. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    I pinched it during the trip, my butt is picky to where it drops it bombs! Now I'm all off my shit cycle. TMI, lol?
  271. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    Headed down south solo Saturday afternoon for a ultra limited load (12) on the Pride. I got to the landing way to early but enjoyed some cold ones as other boats and fisherman came back from the days trip. The Pride didn't end up getting to the dock from the days previous trip till 9:15. I asked...
  272. PaDDy Killer'

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    No or vary rare deals in SoCal on ANY boats. You have to go out of state. I saw a few nice Parkers on Boat Trader last night. The price difference to travel is worth it. A 2016 in Socal $102k another 2016 2320 out of state $75k with electrics. Retarded California prices, everything is higher...
  273. PaDDy Killer'

    Another way to navigate

    I would think faster with 1400 hp?
  274. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina Sat-Sun

    Thank God you were up when the anchor splice failed...
  275. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone Fish North Fork Big Pine area?

    Going up in 3 weeks with my finance and puppy. She loves hiking and booked a cabin up there (Glacier Lodge). It's cool she picked a place where I can hopefully catch some fish as I hate taking time off without wetting a line. I don't fly fish, I know there's 5 lakes. I think we are planning to...
  276. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Yea, we saw those boats out there fishing marlin off the bank. We also saw the plank boat mid channel with the harpoon ready. Guess there's some swordfish hanging around the islands.
  277. PaDDy Killer'

    Crispy, Flavorful, Panko Style Yellowtail Tuna Tacos!

    Sounds killer, going to give it a try. Way less boring then mine, lol.
  278. PaDDy Killer'

    Hamilton Cove - Bonito report

    Killer view! Love Catalina, thanks for sharing.
  279. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Im not sure where or what there tactics were to get the fish today.
  280. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Headed out of channel Islands Harbor around 6 o'clock. Got a scoop of beat up sardines that didn't last the day despite splitting up a scoop between two tanks. Weather was like a lake crossing. Went to the arch where a friend got a few Friday. Not much current, seals pestering us bad, leaving us...
  281. PaDDy Killer'

    Looking for fishing/leisure boat, help...

    One of the reasons I got my Striper, plumbed head, microwave, stove, coffee maker down below and a removable bench in back.
  282. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat Help with non skid stains

    I have good luck with magic erasers. The non skid trashes them but they work well.
  283. PaDDy Killer'

    Possible range?

    I would guess your fuel consumption to be around 1.5 to 2.0 at cruse on plane. I personally will never own a boat again without a fuel flow meter. I never look at my fuel gauge as it is not as accurate. And splitting up the tab at the end of the day is much easier...
  284. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Islander 8/22 a windy report

    Kudos to the captain going the extra mile and your positive attitude on a not so productive trip. You'll slay them next time.
  285. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina 8/23

    Yea, very similar day for sure as we also burned 40 gallons lol! Maybe I will get some redemption tomorrow at Channel islands.
  286. PaDDy Killer'

    Mag Bay or Cabo San Lucas?

    East cape for me but Mag Bay between the two.
  287. PaDDy Killer'

    Bringing fish back from Baja??

    I have never had an issue bring fillets back over the boarder. I used to use a place in Los Barrilles and another in Cabo. Smoke 1/4 of the catch and vacuum bag the rest. I did always keep the receipt just in case of questioning. I think the border patrol will green light you without issue...
  288. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    Simple solution-Buy your own boat. Sound like the captain did all he could to get you on the fish. The fish there breeze through those spots. That's why he was moving (7 times) to find them. Maybe next year try TroutDale -
  289. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina 8/23

    Launched out by the Queen Mary around 6 am with my buddy Bam Bam Billy and my other buddy Sansu (Rich). Got a very generous scoop of bait from Nacho, smaller 4"-5" sardine that lasted all day. Headed over to the condo's first thing. Wide open bonita, and good sized ones. The sporties start...
  290. PaDDy Killer'

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Sweet boat for the price. Shit it would make a great harbor stabbing cabin, lol. Good luck with the sale.
  291. PaDDy Killer'

    Thinking of going all Braid next year.

    For fishing a sport boat I would stick to mono top shots and spectra 50-100 yards below it. As others have mentioned a small top shot of floro to all spectra can add losses of fish to your count. A few of my calstar's with talica's 10 and 12 I had to remove spectra and add a 50 yard top shot of...
  292. PaDDy Killer'

    2002 GMC 2500HD Duramax Diesel

    That's one clean truck! Pride of ownership right there, good luck with the sale.
  293. PaDDy Killer'

    What gear am I lacking my Parker 2320 ?

    Curado 300 and a Tranx 400
  294. PaDDy Killer'

    Boston whaler 285 conquest

    I know there was a hull design change I think in 2008? I have not been on one but hear the older hull pounds. I would imagine the trade off is a very stable boat at drift.
  295. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Dana Landing on 8/15 (Mission to 226 to 302 to 182 to lower 9 and back home

    Thanks for the report. I am trying to figure out a game plan for tomorrow and this helps. Nice poppers, those look like they will kill!
  296. PaDDy Killer'

    BoatUS insurance rate hike.

    Mine went up from too $440 to $789 with boat u.s. I was told the same about the clownifornia tax. Got a quote from Guico and it was slightly higher then boat u.s.
  297. PaDDy Killer'

    Eisenglass vs Strataglass

    Go staraglass as it is clearer. I am very happy with mine. The nice thing is I leave it up all the time, towing too. I have zippers in mine so I can open windows for cool air.
  298. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina same day report 8/13

    He's Hooked! Look at that smile... Good going Dad!
  299. PaDDy Killer'

    Skirted ballyhoo in local SoCal waters

    I have also wondered about this.
  300. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat wont plane

    Call the old owner. Maybe he has some new info on the boat now that your check cleared,lol.
  301. PaDDy Killer'

    On the hunt

    Great report. Love the trawler. I have always had a love for one. One day...
  302. PaDDy Killer'

    Rigging a yummy flyer with mono or floro?

    I have a few yummys flyers to hopefully fly next week if weather allows. Is mono ok? I assume the leader is out of the water flown from the kite so there not line shy?
  303. PaDDy Killer'

    1993 Chevy Suburban K2500 (4x4) Tow vehicle

    Your way high at 5k on a 93' even with a newer motor. I sold my 97' 4x4 2500 454 Burb three years ago for $3000. Had around 150k. Clean x-fire dept. Still took a few weeks to dump. AC worked tits.
  304. PaDDy Killer'

    Advise about dealing with insurance for a boat claim.

    Any pic's of the damaged boat?
  305. PaDDy Killer'

    Newbie to Crimping?

    Get a few of these for your troll rigs. Also can get Knot to Kinky for live bait fishing. No need for crimps with that leader.
  306. PaDDy Killer'

    3.5 Day

    It's a no no to filet fish in Mexican waters.
  307. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Dorado 8/3

    Nice going getting the kids on the fish! Get them addicted while there young like my old man did.
  308. PaDDy Killer'

    Worst Catalina Trip Yet

    Aww... with a title of "worst catalina trip" I was thinking I would see a sinking boat or maybe a boat with a busted transom while captain holds throttle cables lol. Dam..
  309. PaDDy Killer'

    Almost sank me boat

    Pull the plugs and spray some WD-40 in all the cylinders. Remove all fuel, add oil and spin the motor. Make sure there is no water in the carb or fuel system. You do not wan to bend a rod as water does not compress. Make sure you spin the motor with no spark plugs in the heads. Drain the oil. If...
  310. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa rosa?

    Great fishing when the weather allows. Weather forecast I saw called for 10-15mph. Not to bad at all for up there. Keep an eye where you are fishing as there are a few closures you want to stay out of. There were some seabass a few weeks ago Rhodes reef. Beachers bay might be a nice place to...
  311. PaDDy Killer'

    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    Around 150 hours a year on the Striper and 100 hrs a year on the Whaler.
  312. PaDDy Killer'

    Fish Identification? Golden Spotted Sand Bass or Spotted Cabrilla?

    Looks like a lingcod banged a sandbass.
  313. PaDDy Killer'

    Grady vs Whaler

    Grady will ride better in a head sea then the whaler will any day with the heavy V hull. Whaler will ride great in a following sea and drift very stable. Whaler will probably plain at a slower speed and get better fuel burn with the hull design. Like another poster said, check out the power of...
  314. PaDDy Killer'

    82 Skipjack, Fuel issue?

    IDK about the fuel pump being the issue? You would think if the fuel pump was the issue it could not feed the motor at higher rpm as it is doing. Maybe a vacuum leak? Bad fuel line?
  315. PaDDy Killer'

    Spinning Gear? I left and what happened???

    Both conventional and spinners have there places in fishing.
  316. PaDDy Killer'

    Yesterday boating trip

    Typical Seaswirl owners. If their not running over someones paddy or flying into the harbor at excessive speeds there causing some sort of problem.
  317. PaDDy Killer'

    Fishing for opinions on SeaSwirl Striper boats.

    I have a 2601 that I am very happy with. I also have a 2008 17' whaler. Striper is a great boat for the $$$. 160 gallon of fuel I have had the boat out to the Cortez bank on a 3 day. I bought what I could afford and have never had a regret in the 9 years of ownership. Taking her out tomorrow to...
  318. PaDDy Killer'

    Shogun 5 Day

    Sounds like a badass captain going the extra mileeeessss to put the customers on fish. While 200 rpm's doesn't sound like much all of us who have/know boats and peeps who don't should know that's a ton more fuel out of your efficient range. Kudos to captain and crew. And all that way without...
  319. PaDDy Killer'

    Island Tuna-and I dont mean Coranados!

    Nice going John! Way to feed them the Steel.
  320. PaDDy Killer'

    Luhrs boat quality?

    That's good to hear that you have been happy with them to keep buying them. Like me with my Chevy and Gmc trucks. I have a Striper so no caddie or anything but it kills fish. What my dad and I can both agree on the luhrs is the stairs to the fly ridge are killer. What kind of cruise and gph do...
  321. PaDDy Killer'

    Luhrs boat quality?

    Shad if you know of any sportfishers let me know. As you know my brother and the whaler, he added rails and t top and a 16' 115 Yamaha just showed up at the shop today. To much $$$ in that little boat already. My other brother (we all work together) has an itch for a boat now too. Time to...
  322. PaDDy Killer'

    Luhrs boat quality?

    My old man is looking to get a affordable 35'-40' sportfisher in the 150k price range without getting too old. What are your thoughts on Luhrs quality? I Have only seen them on the water. They look well laid out from what I can see. We don't expect the quality of a hatters or Cabo but can't...
  323. PaDDy Killer'

    Need spinning reel gloves

    Fishing tape..
  324. PaDDy Killer'


    Great price especially with twin four strokes. Send her out for a detail and ask more.
  325. PaDDy Killer'

    Cedros Calico Setup

    Similar setup I used there. But the yellows will freight train you on it. I got one yellow on my setup but they are so dam hard to stop in the kelp.
  326. PaDDy Killer'

    lifes a beach

  327. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa 5-19

    Nice going!
  328. PaDDy Killer'

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    If I was fishing from a charter boat I would use 40-50 lb. I use 30lb-40lb on my surface iron. I also loose a few fish a year when using 30lb but I like using light gear, I feel its more sporty.
  329. PaDDy Killer'

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    I think the calico bass fishery here in SoCal is great. I am happy the limits have been reduced to 5 from 10. But the sandbass fishery is terrible. All the years of them being raped day and night on there spawning grounds has shown the damage. I hope that they bounce back in the next few years.
  330. PaDDy Killer'


    Oxnard harbor is an excellent harbor to launch from. They recently repaved the ramp and they do have freshwater wash down. I have never had issues at that harbor with theft (knocking on wood). Small machine to pay for the day/days out you will be gone. On your way out of the harbor you can...
  331. PaDDy Killer'

    2005 Striper 2101 Alaskan (clean and custom!)

    You can definitely see pride of ownership through the boat. Good luck with the sale.
  332. PaDDy Killer'

    Bait Tanks

    I have a self contained bait tank that has a pre filter that sucks the scales and also makes air bubbles and flow. It sucks ass in the ocean. Holds shad ok at the lake. The scales on sardines and chovies just choke them out in a self contained tank. Also the airorator (sp) when used in saltwater...
  333. PaDDy Killer'

    Bait Tanks

    Fully plumbed is the only way to go for a bait tank. Shit my kayak has a plumbed bait tank. Fishing and time is not cheap, we have a huge luxury here in Socal having bait readily available most the time. Take advantage of that and setup a small bait tank. I have tried the self contained bait...
  334. PaDDy Killer'

    Shimano Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    Clickers on Tranx and curado 300's!!!! Bring more of the Japanese jigging rods/ equipment here!
  335. PaDDy Killer'

    28' Skipjack control cable lengths?

    Dam! I wish I remembered for sure. 14' rigs a bell but not positive as it was two years ago I replaced them before selling the boat.
  336. PaDDy Killer'

    Non skid deck

    +2 kiwi grip
  337. PaDDy Killer'

    17' BW montauk re power

    I have a Merc 90 4 stroke on my 17' Moutauk that it came with factory. No issues. But if I was going new I would go Yamaha. But I am a whore for Yamaha, best outboard imo.
  338. PaDDy Killer'

    Driving boat down to long Beach to launch..need a extra person

    I didn't know it was your first time out with a new rig. I still would not drive all the way to long beach for a shake down run. Weather permitting take the boat out of Oxnard or Ventura and stay local. Make sure you have vessel assist as is is cheap AAA of the water. Hopefully you never need it...
  339. PaDDy Killer'

    Underwater Light Color

    Green for fishing. Blue for the dock to impress yourself.
  340. PaDDy Killer'

    Mead 4/15

    Nice going! Tube jigs kick ass. My go to lure in the fresh.
  341. PaDDy Killer'

    How often do you change your Braid fishing line?

    I am no expert but for me it depends on the condition of the spectra, not the age. Once my spectra starts to fade and I have a few years out of it I will flip it on the spool. The spectra spooled on the bottom is like new condition once its on top. This works for me, I have reels with power pro...
  342. PaDDy Killer'

    Driving boat down to long Beach to launch..need a extra person

    Take your boat to the channel islands for better fishing and fish that don't glow in the dark. Just check the weather. Last week I saw two 15' boats out there. Lake like conditions tho...
  343. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel islands 4-15

    Got a late start Sat launching out of Oxnard a little after 630. Normally I don't fish the weekends but with the weather forecast why not. Ramp was not too bad. Pin head anchovies at the receiver so we skipped the bait and had 5 lbs of squash. Stopped at Gina to try and make a few macks but no...
  344. PaDDy Killer'

    11' Boston Whaler

    Bad ass lobster killing machine!! Always felt safe on it at the local reefs.
  345. PaDDy Killer'

    Rosa Saturday report

    Sounds like our day last Wednesday at Rosa. We fish Rhoads reef, got limits but not the wide open stuff we usually get there.
  346. PaDDy Killer'

    Found a boat on the street

    Those crappy stripers with even crappier trailers. What a dick leaving his pos in the street. Probably trying to scam his insurance company.
  347. PaDDy Killer'

    2008 Chevy Silverado LTZ 2500HD 4x4 6.6L Diesel

    One of my clients just wrecked his 08' Chevy DMAX HD with 400k trouble free miles. They will go the miles if properly maintained. Good luck on the sale.
  348. PaDDy Killer'

    feedback on standard manufacturing DP-12??

    Yes, I would consider it dependable. No feed issues. I have about 1500 rounds through it without any issues. And have not cleaned it at all. According to the instructions it does not need to be cleaned till 10k rounds through it.
  349. PaDDy Killer'

    feedback on standard manufacturing DP-12??

    I have it. Its fun as hell to shoot. 16 shots in about 4 seconds. Only draw back is its heavy. Oak tree gun club has them at there shooting range. Try it before you buy it. Or meet me there and try mine, I'm a member there...
  350. PaDDy Killer'

    2008 Chevy Silverado LTZ 2500HD 4x4 6.6L Diesel

    That's the best part about it!
  351. PaDDy Killer'

    Flushing engines

    I use Salt Away. Run the mixture in for about 30 seconds and let it soak for 5 min and then a few min of fresh water and done!
  352. PaDDy Killer'

    Changed gear oil, does this look right?

    I don't see any issue with it. When water does get in it looks milky.
  353. PaDDy Killer'

    Are Billfish Protected on LR Trips?

    Why keep marlin meat on a long range trip when you can fill your freezers with wahoo and tuna?
  354. PaDDy Killer'

    How to troll for stripers? Pyramid/Castaic

    Alabama rigs or known as umbrella rigs work good for meat fishing. Kind of boring as the fish only fight if they are on the larger size. I also troll spoons, croc's, bigger kastmasters, bucktail jigs. If you mark a bunch of fish anchor up and bait and wait does well. Fresh chovies or lug worms...
  355. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore SBI to SCI. Two weeks of local marlin fishing 9/7-9/17

    You guys killed it out there!! Thanks for sharing.
  356. PaDDy Killer'

    805 Yellows

    Thursday I got two on macks and my buddy got one on the jumbo sardine. Quality has been unreal this season. Hard to point the boat for tuna with these so accessible.
  357. PaDDy Killer'

    Steaming A Sportfisher From Cabo to San Diego: Looking for Insight

    Get a fuel bladder and secure it to the deck. As soon as you have room in the main fuel tanks transfer the fuel to the main tanks to get the weight down below. Like others have said Mag Bay, Turtle and back to ensanada. Take plenty of fuel/water separators. (Two years ago leaving turtle we got...
  358. PaDDy Killer'

    Thru hull LED light - Killer deal

    Badass! Wish I had a generator on my boat, I would be all over these. Good luck with the install, thanks for sharing the killer deal.
  359. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    I ended up having my buddies mobile mechanic come bye. He got it freed up with his lucky mallot. He beat the sides down in front of the prop side to side for quite some time before dropping down. For whatever reason I didn't put enough grease on the shaft when I did the water pump last. Thanks...
  360. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    Its a 2007. I've seen a few youtube videos including those. I am thinking the shaft was not greased or not enough and is stuck. It wont even drop a little.
  361. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    I have no idea how to disconnect the lower shift rod. I don'r see anywhere externally to do so. Here are some pic's but I just don't see it. Any backyard mechanics in ths SFV around? I'm done working on this today as I just want to beat it to death till it bleeds oil.
  362. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    Im' going to try and disconnect the rod right now. And putting it in forward gear as Chris mentioned. I really appreciate the help guys, this little job sure is getting the best of my patience.
  363. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    Thanks guys, I cant find anything holding it put. I assume the linkage to disconect is one with the pins? I think I might have to come back to this tomorrow as my frustration is getting the better of me and I am messing up the housing as seen in last pic.
  364. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    On disconnecting the shift rod. Do you mean under the hood of the motor? I see on the port side the shift and throttle rods?
  365. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    I have not disconnected the shift rod. Its a Mercury motor. Seems similar to my Yamaha. I will look into that. I have tried putting it in gear and moving the prop. It does move back and forth, not much. No bolts behind the anodes that I could see. 2008 Mercury 90 four stroke
  366. PaDDy Killer'

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    Trying to put a new water pump in and can't get the lower to separate even a little. Removed the 5 bolts from the lower and been pounding it with a mallet and still no luck. Tried shifting in and out of gear, nothing. WD-40 everywhere I could, nada. I looked for any bolts still holding it...
  367. PaDDy Killer'

    805's has been good to us 8-11

    Flyline and on the small slider. No troll fish for us this last trip.
  368. PaDDy Killer'

    805's has been good to us 8-11

    I haven't posted most my trips as Western and fd has got the Oxnard bite covered well. But one thing I have noticed is there has been a great bite for the afternoon yellows. Yesterday we launched at 5:00 with a generous scoop of squid. Fished the west front of capa for a few smaller yellows in...
  369. PaDDy Killer'

    Towing with Isenglass up?

    I do with the new Staraglass I had done on the boat last year. I would have not with the old isenglass I had. Too soft.
  370. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Great report, sorry to hear about the loss but hopefully next time. I am not sure if we can legally use the harpoon like sticks they use on wicked tuna but seems solo it would be easier?
  371. PaDDy Killer'

    7/4/16 Montaña de Oro State Park

    Great report John! Ling King told me it was killer fishing up there for you guys. I wish my lazy ass would have gone too. Looks like a sweet spot to launch from too.
  372. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    Thanks for sharing the run down on what has been working for you. :cheers:
  373. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina bait and overnight bait tank

    If you don't have a battery selector switch on your boat put one on and run the bait tank on one battery for the night. I tried the floating bait motel at Catalina bc my bait pump is loud but the seals wasted it before I could save the bait. I will probably make a plastic bait motel next time so...
  374. PaDDy Killer'

    Capa yellows and wsb 6-8

    Got an early start around 4 am out of Oxnard hoping they had some squid for sale. Lucky us they had about a dozen or so scoops left, a little beat and spawned out but we'll take it! Smooth ride across arriving close to grey light. Current was ripping making dropping the hook a bit of a...
  375. PaDDy Killer'

    Catalina 6/3/16

    Thanks for the report. Sucks about the ticket.
  376. PaDDy Killer'

    two new guys, half moon bay - 5/24/2016

    Nice job on the bottom critters
  377. PaDDy Killer'

    End of Sports Chalet

    I will miss them. They gave me my first job hiring me at 16 to work in the fishing department. It was a great experience, meeting a lot of my current friends working there.
  378. PaDDy Killer'

    input on striper boats

    No wet feet on the 2601's. I always forget to bring my deck boots on my buddies boats as I never use them on my boat. You are more then welcome to check out my boat.
  379. PaDDy Killer'

    Migel Island 5/8/16

    My buddy and I were also wondering what is the best ride was on our way out if it gets shitty. We got beat up crossing back two trips ago from migel in the washing machine conditions in the channel back to SB.
  380. PaDDy Killer'

    Bad back boating help

    Try getting some anti fatigue pads under your feet. It helps a ton on my whaler. I got a two pack from costco that works great.
  381. PaDDy Killer'

    Migel Island 5/8/16

    Good old LouDOG!! Love that guy, my white trash counterpart.
  382. PaDDy Killer'

    input on striper boats

    I love my striper. I have had it 8 years with no major issues. Just typical boat shit. I bought what I could afford and take out on my own or with my girlfriend so on my own. I purchased mine at 25 and have no regrets. I have buddies with Mako's, Parkers, and skipjack and don't feel any safer on...
  383. PaDDy Killer'

    Downriggers Big Bear Lake

    I love using my downriggers there. I mostly use them for staking my lures so I don't put them more then 10' or so unless its summer. It's not necessary as the fish are not deep this time of year. I will be in bear this weekend using my downriggers.
  384. PaDDy Killer'

    Flotation bracket question

    Being a 26' striper I don't think you will have a issue with just swapping from the old 225 to the 300. I have a 225 4 stroke now and plan to repower with the 300 in a few years with no modification.
  385. PaDDy Killer'

    Migel Island 5/8/16

    Headed out on my buddies Mako. Late launch out of Santa Barbra and headed to some stones on the front side of Migel. Bumpy run uphill but were still able to 20 knots out. Stopped on our first set of stones and the lings were just hammering the jigs. Must be in spawn mode as there mates were...
  386. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone know of a used Yamaha outboard dealer?

    My buddy got a 2004 225 four stroke on ebay with 400 hrs and the exhaust update, shipped from Maryland for 7k total. We have put about 20 hrs since install with no issues. Its been great. The seller has 100% feedback and lots of engine sales. I would look on ebay and look at the feedback history...
  387. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    Your the MAN for letting that breeder/seal muncher live!!!! Too many people just want a pic of a monster shark. Same guys then cry that the seals ate there yellows.
  388. PaDDy Killer'

    25 Bahia Davidson(Davis) $68,000

    The way the add reads it does not come with a motor guys. Sweet boat for someone with too much cash. Rigged with electronics someone will be north of 100k.
  389. PaDDy Killer'

    Custom boat covers- Lets see them!!

    If you guys have any pic's of your boat with a cover please post them up. I'm having a cover made for my boat by my auto upholstery guy and would like to give him some visual ideas. He did a killer job on my Whaler but that was easy. I would like the next cover to go over my radar and VHF...
  390. PaDDy Killer'

    1994 21 Boston whaler outrage 20.5K

    Beautiful boat. Definitely can see the pride in ownership over the years. Good luck with the sale.
  391. PaDDy Killer'

    MDR Halibut Derby

    We fished the Halibut Derby for the first time. All we got all weekend were shorts (5) . They really should call it a fish derby instead since it seems they take anything as a contender( yellows, bass, wsb, rockfish). We just wanted a legal to get some shots with miss halibut. My buddies and I...
  392. PaDDy Killer'

    what bait/ lure is good for trout

    Super doopers work well. Also small Kastmasters should be in any freshwater tackle box. But that lake they like the dough baits. Short leader, 2lb leader small egg sinker above the swivel. If you really want to catch QUALITY trout drive up to big bear. I killed it hard there early last week.
  393. PaDDy Killer'

    Boat hull repair help?

    If I was keeping the boat with no plans of selling I would fix it myself. Fiber glassing is not that difficult. But the finish work is the tricky part. I would hate to sell the boat and possibly scare off a potential buyer with my not so clean finish work or gelcoat matching. I don't know you or...
  394. PaDDy Killer'

    MDRA and the MDR Halibut Derby

    I will be fishing it with a few friends
  395. PaDDy Killer'

    Outboard Storage

    Being a two stroke there is no issue with laying it on its side. I always like to run my fuel out of my carbs on my outboards if they will be stored for an unknown amount of time.
  396. PaDDy Killer'

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby April 9&10

    $85 to enter. Here is the link to the derby-
  397. PaDDy Killer'

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby April 9&10

    Anyone else doing the halibut derby?
  398. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    The boat came out killer!! Thanks for the referral!! I am gong to post some detailed pic's once I get the boat back from West Coast Marine. They are doing a 1k hour service and the upholstery work on the tower. His work came out great and price are very reasonable. I had him add 8 tulip rod...
  399. PaDDy Killer'

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    I agree as many are not accurate. I have found that my Yamaha fuel flow meter to be extremely accurate. As it reading 95.9 gallons burned and 95.5 pumped at the end of a trip. I am very impressed with the accuracy. It's definitely one of the best investments I installed on the boat.
  400. PaDDy Killer'

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    You might want to invest in a fuel flow meter additionally to having a properly working fuel sender. It will tell you exactly how much fuel you burn. Great for splitting up the fuel cost after a trip and knowing exactly what you have left to burn through.
  401. PaDDy Killer'

    Gas mileage

    A four blade will be your best bet for saving fuel and getting and maintaining a slower planing speed. You may also look into a perma trim plate for your motor. It was a large improvement on my boat.
  402. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I shoot off the 14 or 5 freeway?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I will just load up Sunday and go for a drive. Probably try the going off the 58. I will let you guys know if I get arrested lol.
  403. PaDDy Killer'

    Best day for Fred Hall show?

    Both those days.
  404. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I shoot off the 14 or 5 freeway?

    I recently moved to Santa Clarita and got into the gun thing. I got a membership to Oaktree gun club not far from my house. While that is fun I would like to blast some stuff in the desert. I would be responsible and clean up all my spent casings and trash. I would just like to know a general...
  405. PaDDy Killer'

    1974 28' Tollycraft Fly Bridge

    Badass platform! Good luck with the build.
  406. PaDDy Killer'

    Gas mileage

    I'm not sure what pitch his old prop was as he sold the motor in December and we re-powered the boat with a ebay 2003 Yamaha 225 last month. What I can tell you is his fuel burn numbers are now double of the old Johnson. If you can swing it anyway go four stroke. Cost half as much to run and...
  407. PaDDy Killer'

    Teach Me the Secret Handshake !!!!!!

    Pic's please! We never get tired of looking at boat porn here. Being a 2003 Yamaha 225 they are known for exhaust corrosion. Check out the sticky about it on this site. Good luck and let the Benjamin's burn!
  408. PaDDy Killer'

    Recarpet Crestliner bass boat

    I would seal it for extra protection but probably is not necessary.
  409. PaDDy Killer'

    Recarpet Crestliner bass boat

    We took the carpet out of my buddies Bass Tracker and put non skid deck on. I like it better then the carpet.
  410. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    Those came out Kiiller!! I could not get to Dan personally last week due to work and he had an opening in his scheduled so I had my boat delivered to him Wednesday!!!:rockin: His pricing is reasonable enough I have decided to add a small belly hoop up top.
  411. PaDDy Killer'


    I will get you some as soon as I get the boat back this weekend from the rail guy up north.
  412. PaDDy Killer'


    I would get Staraglass. I got it on my striper, so much nicer then the factory crap. Its like being in a pilot house to some degree. I can also tow with it on. I had mine done this time last year. The place that did it was in Dana but I can't recommend them.
  413. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    Dan is the MAN!! Thanks for the recommendations guys. He's going to take good care of my girl!
  414. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    Thanks guys. I will give them a call tomorrow.
  415. PaDDy Killer'

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    Do you guys got any recommendation's for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area. I need a bow rail made. I have tried countless shops down south and have left messages and emails with no call backs. Unbelievably bad customer service. So looking to do business north now.
  416. PaDDy Killer'

    New shimano lucanus jigs

    They kill bottom critter! Do not set the hook when bit, just wind. I sometimes use a little squid tipped on mine, very little not to foul the hooks, or I use UniButter. Bounce it off the bottom working it like a octopus moving across the bottom. Use spectra with a small 4' mono top shot. Do not...
  417. PaDDy Killer'

    Calstar 7400 xh too much for Talica 16ii?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I do like the Phenix rods as my brother has an arsenal of them but I have a decent Calstar collection going on.
  418. PaDDy Killer'

    Honda 225 vs. 250

    You have a bigger issue going on if 13p blade is the only way your motor will get to 6k rpms on your size of boat.
  419. PaDDy Killer'

    Calstar 7400 xh too much for Talica 16ii?

    My girlfriend wanted to know what I would like for Christmas and I just so happen to need a rod to match up to the Talica 16ii that I foolishly impulsed bought on ebay. For more money then some used ones on here, and a month out for delivery! Ok, rant over! I plan on using 65lb or 80lb spectra...
  420. PaDDy Killer'

    Honda 225 vs. 250

    My 26' Striper weights about the same as your boat. 160 gallons of fuel, 75 gallon bait tank, and four fat asses and what not. I have a 225 yamaha four stroke. I had the same problems as you. First I installed a Permatrim plate, then I ditched the three blade aluminum prop to a four blad...
  421. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 11/27 tuna

    Way to go DAD!! Badass, that's exactly how my Dad got me and my brothers hooked on fishing!! Memories for years right there.
  422. PaDDy Killer'

    wtb: Shimano talica 8 ii

    Looking for a mint Talica 8 two speed.
  423. PaDDy Killer'

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    This thread is stupid and I hate it. Wahoo are gay fish sought after guys who like fish dicks.
  424. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Rosa lings, rockfish and special guests

    Nice going on the mixed bag of bottom critters. Love fishing Rosa.
  425. PaDDy Killer'

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    First come first serve over there. I know at Two harbors you can reserve a mooring. Any holiday weekend at Cat I would try at least getting there a day in advanced.
  426. PaDDy Killer'

    Tony Reyes trip in May?

    I am looking to book something different and affordable for me and a few of my friends. I have head of Tony Reyes trips forever and looked them up. He is booked most next year. The beginning of May has some openings. Is that too early in the season to head down? Any idea on what kind of weather...
  427. PaDDy Killer'

    water rot in transom.

    There's also a do it yourself ways of fixing it. If it's not a big area you may want to take a look at that. Check out I've done some fiberglass work with the help of their website. I would give it a try. Worst case scenario you end up sending it to a professional.
  428. PaDDy Killer'

    Shimano What rod for Saragosa 8000 or 10000?

    Thanks for all the replies guys. You guys echoed what I was thinking. I ordered the Trevala TVS 60H and the Saragosa 10000.
  429. PaDDy Killer'

    Shimano What rod for Saragosa 8000 or 10000?

    I am looking to use this for primary yo yo setup for yellows. I currently have a older 6000 FE model I use for mostly rockfishing but have landed everything from wsb to bluefin on it just to shut my buddies up about coffee grinders. For whatever reason I like the the spinner for dropping quick...
  430. PaDDy Killer'

    Friday hate mission

    Hate it when the weather man is that far off.
  431. PaDDy Killer'

    2008 Trophy Pro 2152 w/ alaska package

    Dam wish my POS's were as clean as your pos
  432. PaDDy Killer'

    Seal gets an e-ticket

    Bad ass!!
  433. PaDDy Killer'

    Gas mileage

    Sounds like you are around 2.5 mpg. That's about right with a two stroke on that size of boat. My buddy with a 22 ft mako and 225 Johnson gets 1.5-1.75.
  434. PaDDy Killer'

    Rapala, Mirro lure and daisy chain

    If the ballyhood lures are still available I will take both
  435. PaDDy Killer'

    Bow Rail

    Thanks. Any recommendations on a reasonable stainless guy?
  436. PaDDy Killer'

    Bow Rail

    I am curious why you would want Aluminum railing over stainless? Is it because of cost? I only ask because my railing on my boat was recently bent and need's to replace. PYT does aluminum and is almost half the price of stainless. Another railing manufacture said aluminum is a waste of money and...
  437. PaDDy Killer'

    Coffee grinder suggestions?

    Shimano Baitrunner 4500
  438. PaDDy Killer'

    Trophy 2052 PilotHouse Build

    Excellent work Fatboy. You got some skills!!
  439. PaDDy Killer'

    Driving to Ensenada Tips

    MAKE SURE YOU BRING PESOS DOWN WITH YOU!!! Sorry for yelling but it will save you a lots as they always go to the 10 to 1 on the exchange. Last I checked the peso was weak like 15 to 1.
  440. PaDDy Killer'

    La Paz vs San Quintin

    La Paz! Or better yet los barriles.
  441. PaDDy Killer'

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Does not matter if they were on or off. If they want to extort you for money there they will.
  442. PaDDy Killer'

    What Boat Should I Get?

    Best boat advice I was ever given by my Dad was "Buy the newest boat you can afford"
  443. PaDDy Killer'

    Ensenada Mordida

    I got pulled over leaving loreto with a toy huller behind me for running a ghost stop sign. Cop took my license and wanted me to follow him. He turned off hwy1 on a shitty dirt road and I decided I was not going to follow him especially with my trailer. I kept heading north, he pulls me over...
  444. PaDDy Killer'


    I want to mount one of those to my boat. Do they make a through hull version? It would definitely help my friends gaff my fish.
  445. PaDDy Killer'

    Headed to Anacapa 10/2 anyone going?

    Wind has been blowing good the last few days. Small craft the last few days.
  446. PaDDy Killer'

    Marlin a long time goal

    Congrats on the local marlin. I bumped into you last month in mdr testing my dads 28' skipjack pilotshouse (sold) :). Good to see you got your boat all dialed in. We gave it a shot Sat for one hookup on the backside. Nice going! Good looking boats there.
  447. PaDDy Killer'

    Big Bear TroutfesT

    I fished it last year for the first time. Lots of small fish were planted for the last one. We caught plenty of rats, was hard to get through to the bigger ones. Even tho I didn't win a raffle prize I saw people go up two and three times winning. The raffle was great.
  448. PaDDy Killer'

    ONNO Kayak Paddles for sale

    I payed $230 for mine last year and took about two months for delivery. That's a smoking price.
  449. PaDDy Killer'

    What is the best drag setting percentage?

    Dumb question- Do you test your drag pressure with the rod bent like your fighting a fish?
  450. PaDDy Killer'

    Found: Anchor at Catalina

    That's really cool. I lost one two years ago on the frontside by two harbors. I just can't remember and doubt its what u found. 40' of chain or so and danforth anchor. think 15 lbs.
  451. PaDDy Killer'

    GPS Chart Plotter Recommendations

    I love my Garmin over my new Lowrance or my Dads Raymarine. So easy to use. No instructions needed on the Garmins.
  452. PaDDy Killer'

    Financing a boat??

    I was in the same position at 25 years old now 32. I got a 25k loan for my boat. My credit was ok, my interest was 9%. That's high but I didn't care as I was going to pay it off fast. My third payment in I made a 5k payment towards the boat after selling my aluminum Lund. Few more payments in my...
  453. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone use a Sears 12ft fiberglass for a dingy?

    I would do it if you hate your family. Here is a pic of a family I picked up out of the water in long beach last month. They tipped it over and it went turtle up. Good thing too as they had no life jackets. I would have not seen them if I didn't see there gas can floating 100' from them. Buy a...
  454. PaDDy Killer'

    Making your own ice

    These look good. Idk how much weight in ice they make. I think I will pick up two.
  455. PaDDy Killer'

    Gear Found Dana- Lost 2 weeks ago

    Dana Harbor at the launch ramp.
  456. PaDDy Killer'

    Gear Found Dana- Lost 2 weeks ago

    Gear Found- Lost 2 weeks ago--Yesterday while grabbing the tool box out of the boat to replace the bait pump I forgot my brother and buddy found a wetsuit, knife, weight belt and another thing left on the dock at Dana left in the AM. They stuck it in the hatch and we all forgot about it. Please...
  457. PaDDy Killer'

    Late report 8-11 150 area & Found gear in Dana 2 weeks ago

    I was not going to report this but thought it would help find the who lost there gear. Launched out of Cabrillo around 6 am. Picked up a crappy scoop of bait and headed out. Stopped on a meter mark all by our self. Open the bait tank lid and my bait pump took a crap. Great, there goes $40 in...
  458. PaDDy Killer'

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    This is the season to remember...
  459. PaDDy Killer'

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    Don't double dose, it will knock you out. Take one or the other. Also ginger or ginger gum really helps my gf.
  460. PaDDy Killer'

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    Make some mac's and go around back to faransworth bank. Check out the can's and the vee's on your way over. Fish the dropper loop and sliding sinker at faransworth bank. I want to head to the island this weekend but can't get a room (bringing the gf). Are you camping?
  461. PaDDy Killer'

    New in box Shimano Two speed

    New in box Shimano Two speed. TLD-2 SPEED 30A. $275. I payed $327 three months ago at Sport Chalet.
  462. PaDDy Killer'

    New in box Shimano TLD 30 2 speed

    New in box Shimano TLD 30 2 speed. $280
  463. PaDDy Killer'

    Furuno 1623 Radar

    Furuno 1623 Radar, works perfect. Went to an all in one unit. $600
  464. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa Marlin

    Wow! Excellent work!
  465. PaDDy Killer'

    Dana 7/28 & Catalina 7/29

    Left the SFV at midnight with my brother Lucas and buddy Eric. Got down to Dana with no issues. Launched around 4 and picked up a mix of mackerel and sardine. Headed out on a 215 heading and did the paddy hopping thing one the sun rose. Found a couple dorado off one paddy that wanted to play...
  466. PaDDy Killer'

    One of the Joys of Boat Ownership

    Just sent mine out today and it only went down $10 from last year
  467. PaDDy Killer'

    Big Yellowtail at it again - Coronados

    Nice fish! Deff looks 30lb or bigger.
  468. PaDDy Killer'

    So, For Another 1k I can get 10 more hp. Worth It?

    I'm not sure the year of your boat but a lot of older boats hp ratings are ratings for lighter two stroke motors. Four strokes weigh a bit more then the older two strokes. Keep that in mind when looking. I would see what the weight was of the existing motor on the boat. If your like me and load...
  469. PaDDy Killer'

    Anacapa and beyond

    Thanks for the look. I am hoping to try the same next week.
  470. PaDDy Killer'

    Most Fail Proof Bait Pump/System

    Go with a Shurflow bait sentry. They work killer. Mine has been going over 11 years in my boat with zero issues. I have a brand new one in my boat the last 3 years thinking it would have crapped out by now.
  471. PaDDy Killer'

    Won't start...

    Sure sounds like the neutral safety switch. Maybe try and get the boat to do it again on the trailer. Put the muffs on it and put it in and out of gear trying to duplicate the problem. Also buy a owners manual as it will show you exactly where the starter solenoid is. It probably is not to...
  472. PaDDy Killer'

    Stay Afloat Saves the Day

    I bought some of that at the Fred Hull show about 5 years ago. I should see if its still good. Good it saved the day.
  473. PaDDy Killer'

    Crime Scene!

    You Murderer!! Nice going.
  474. PaDDy Killer'

    caught and released shark off San Mateo point, can you ID?

    Baby mako! Been seeing them a lot this year, seems almost every fishing trip they are around. I hate releasing those mako's with rapalas right there. Those little bastards have no fear and try and bite. But I hate seals with a passion and untill the dfw starts culling the seals I release all...
  475. PaDDy Killer'

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    The boat should have never let that fish be brought aboard. I don't really blame the angler as many anglers don't know the fine details of the dfw regs. And I am not saying its ok for anglers not to know the regs, they should. As a private boater I stay on top of all reg changes. If I was not I...
  476. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    One injector gave me the hardest time to remove. I ended up having to crank the motor to pop it out.
  477. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Getting on the horn with Dumas now.
  478. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    Thanks Wayne. He had some for some AQ 42 series. On a side note I ran into your buddy with a badass 22' whaler in mdr. Nice ride.
  479. PaDDy Killer'

    PRICE REDUCED Custom Trolling rods f/s or trade

    Not sure I need more tackle but I'll offer $350
  480. PaDDy Killer'

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Thanks for that. I think that's what I will end up doing. I just don't have the time. Even tho Will's is differently tricked out.
  481. PaDDy Killer'

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    Looking online I can't find anything. I have two bad injectors that I need asap.
  482. PaDDy Killer'


    Nice B Day fish there. Nice going.
  483. PaDDy Killer'

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Holy crap, thank God everything that he had a firm grip on the balloon.
  484. PaDDy Killer'

    Radoncraft 18

    Badass boat! But bigger props getting your kids in on the action and lending a hand.
  485. PaDDy Killer'

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Its a kick ass boat. You need to customize mine out!
  486. PaDDy Killer'

    transducers, stern mount vs. through hull?

    I have had all on my boat, stern transducer, flush mount and fairing block. No contest in clarity that the faring block wins hands down. With the transom transducers you start loosing bottom and getting all sorts of noise interference after 10-12 mph depending on unit, with the faring block I...
  487. PaDDy Killer'

    Possible Opportunity

    This is a great opportunity for someone. I'm not getting all the negativity on here. Good luck finding someone. I wish you posted this up a few years ago, I would be all over this. Sounds like fun to me. But I'm nuts, I get excited buying batteries to install in my boat, lol.
  488. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Way to go Dad! That's what being a good Dad is all about.
  489. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 9 mile BFT 7/1/15

    Nice going!! Great to see everyone playing nice and getting rewarded nicely. You say you got the one on a drop shot? Like a dropper loop?
  490. PaDDy Killer'

    Am trip to the rockpile

    Kick ass!! Nice going.
  491. PaDDy Killer'


    I had to replay him going in about ten times lol. Thanks for the laugh.
  492. PaDDy Killer'

    Monday on the Triton

    kick ass report. Way to get your buddy into this addiction. Not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing lol! Nice going.
  493. PaDDy Killer'

    Portable Bait Tank

    They work great in freshwater keeping shad alive all day. If you want to use it in the salt you are going to have to do very frequent water changes. I would not recommend for permanent use in salt. Its ok on occasion but a pain to maintain through out the day. And do not over crowd the tank.
  494. PaDDy Killer'

    Best Way To Use My Whaler As a Ski Boat?

    Bridle from stern cleat to stern cleat. Maybe use some pool floats around the rope so they don't sink?
  495. PaDDy Killer'

    Wtb sabiki rod

    I have one also. $60 with reel. Reel is a bass pro baitcaster. Rod breaks in two for storage.
  496. PaDDy Killer'

    Summer Boat Storage

    I live in the SFV too- woodland hills. I just slipped my boat earlier this year in Oxnard with vintage marina. Love it up there. Very fishy islands. If I was not there Long beach would be my next place. Dana is a little farther for me wanting to go. Especially if you want to just check up or...
  497. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz 6/25

    You are correct. I do that when they are thick like yesterday. It's the only way to keep a bait down. But no one wanted my 12" mac. I know the fish there would have no issue eating the big mac's we soaked.
  498. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Bluefin from a kayak?? Attempt No. 1

    I like the idea and balls to you guys giving it a shot. Like one of the other posters said put a flag like ones used for quads and dirt bikes on to make you visible. Be cool to get a buddy boat to give you a hand. I bet if you post on here before you go out there would be a few bder's keeping...
  499. PaDDy Killer'

    Santa Cruz 6/25

    Headed out of Oxnard at 5am. Stopped and picked up a scoop of chovies at cisco's in case we could not make squid. Headed to chinese in hopes the squid were still around. Jigged a tank full rather quickly and set up on the bottom. Saw one boat land a yellow and not much else. The mackerel is...
  500. PaDDy Killer'

    They're snapping at SCI - Fortune 6/19 - pics heavy

    Great report! Good to see the guy in good spirit after loosing a yellow to a dog. Looks like a day at Cedros with all the calico/yellows.
  501. PaDDy Killer'

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    Nice going Dan!! Don't worry about the haters. There just jealous of your office!
  502. PaDDy Killer'

    wed 6/17 we got em 10 miles off the beach

    Excellent job! Bloody f'ing deck right there!!!
  503. PaDDy Killer'

    Yellowtail Fish Wars LA (Video)

    If your not scratching your balls you don't have any ! Too funny HC. Nice scoring one with the crowds. Amazing the fish will bite with all the pressure they been receiving. I sure wish the bluefin were this stupid.
  504. PaDDy Killer'

    Two PB's in 24 hrs yellowtail and halibut

    Halibut is bomb! Nice going.
  505. PaDDy Killer'

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Badass Will, that looks killer and much better then the setup I was building to make it removable. I might be interested in picking up that template. I really appreciate the offer and thanks for taking the time to post the pics. Don't laugh to hard at mine, lol.
  506. PaDDy Killer'

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Great mods! Can you please post more photos of how you set up your trolling motor? My brother and I went half on a 2008 17' Montauk last year and are slowly dialing it in. We just bought a trolling motor for it but am a little clueless on the install. I saw another 17' that he mounted a...
  507. PaDDy Killer'

    Anyone using squid at the 150? 6-11-15

    Squid did not work at all for us on Wednesday. Don't waste your money. We fished it hard all day. The yellows we got only wanted the fin bait. The stomachs had a few red crabs, jumbo sardines, and a few small bait fish.
  508. PaDDy Killer'

    How Many Boats Were @ the 150 6/11/15?

    Dam wish I was at the party!
  509. PaDDy Killer'

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    Excellent job on a loaded cattle boat! You kicked some yellowtail ass!!
  510. PaDDy Killer'

    6/11 Santa Cruz Tail

    Thanks for the report
  511. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore South 9 mile bank 6-11-15

    Nice going! You guys will get them next time!
  512. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Fish Report for 6/11/2015

    Thanks for the report. That is a pig of a bonita!
  513. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 06/12/2015 No YFT today :-(

    Good job! Much better report!
  514. PaDDy Killer'

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    I never leave the dock without my fleshlight. Just make sure you stash it well. Otherwise everyone will be in your honey hole when your at the rail.
  515. PaDDy Killer'

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    I never leave the dock without my fleshlight. Just make sure you stash it well. Otherwise everyone will be in your honey hole when your at the rail.
  516. PaDDy Killer'


    Excellent job on the releases!! Thank you, I don't care for sharks much but I hate seals. I Hate them!!
  517. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    Excellent useless post. If you want to just post a pic with no info and want to get happy comments that tickle your insides try FaceBook. Or contact BD and become a sponsor of the website and at least help support this forum. Don't be a cheap ass, become a sponsor!
  518. PaDDy Killer'

    150 today

    Kick ass! I think I saw you guys out there yesterday. Bumpy but didn't stop the fish!
  519. PaDDy Killer'

    Yellows at the 150

    We got bit Sunday on straight 40lb mono with a sliding sinker. Same way I will be fishing tomorrow. And a dropper loop of course ;)
  520. PaDDy Killer'

    Yellows still biting in the LBC / Weather report warning

    Nice going! Any you are correct about the wind forecasts lately.
  521. PaDDy Killer'

    The 150 spot 6-7-15

    Thanks! Got to have it finished soon. 3/4 oz sliding sinker. I was tied straight to 40lb no floro.
  522. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 14, 277, san clemente 6/6/15

    Better luck next time! Thanks for the detailed report.
  523. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore 6/7 went long on Miss Fitz

    Good effort! You will kill em' next time, Thanks for the report.
  524. PaDDy Killer'

    Trolling through the 150...

    Had two of my liners end up catching a guy trolling a rapala through the boats. I was cool about it, just another clueless boater on the water. Most guys around us were totally cool doing the drift and wait thing. I am betting vessel assist had a busy weekend out there.
  525. PaDDy Killer'

    The 150 spot 6-7-15

    Headed out of Cabrillo at 7 am. I thought the parking lot was was going to be a mess of boats but to our surprise it was not bad at all. Picked up some horse sized dines and were on our way. Nice smooth trip out with overcast conditions later burning off. Got to the party and did a little...
  526. PaDDy Killer'

    The new Dodge Boat - Best way to waste $50k

    That would work if the guy in the boat laughing was on it quick enough.
  527. PaDDy Killer'


    Badass!! I have been thinking to switching from J hooks to circle hooks for fishing offshore. I'm done thinking about it!!
  528. PaDDy Killer'

    Robalo WA winter projects

    Looks killer! The motor looks way better then factory. Nice work!
  529. PaDDy Killer'

    1984 28' Skipjack twin diesel pilot house

    The engines were new for the re-power. I don't know who did the re-power off hand as it was 11 years ago, my old man should as he had to write that fat check, lol. It was in Long Beach. The boat is very roomy down below. Its great for fishing 3 comfortable. We want to get something my mom and...
  530. PaDDy Killer'

    1984 28' Skipjack twin diesel pilot house

    1984 28' Skipjack Sportfisherman, twin AD41P turbo diesels, re-powered in 2004, Volvo duraprop 280 drives, 439 hours, 2 vhf's, Raymarine SL72 radar, Raymarine L1250 gps/FF, thru-hull transducer, two fuel tanks, 150 gal and 45 gallon, 2 bait tanks, bottom paint with the intent to slip but never...
  531. PaDDy Killer'

    I have a simple SkipJack question

    Just did it on my Dad's Skipjack. I replaced the cables using Telefex cables, worked great. Pull out your old cables and you will see they are labeled. Oh ya, have fun!
  532. PaDDy Killer'

    Garmin hd or Xhd?

    Went with the 18 XHD as it has a few more features the the previous model.
  533. PaDDy Killer'

    Garmin hd or Xhd?

    I am looking to combine radar into my Garmin 4208. There are two models of Garmin the h.d. or the xhd model. About $500 dollar price difference between the two.
  534. PaDDy Killer'

    Dead Battery

    My Outboards on both my Striper and my Whaler will not move with the battery switch in the off position.
  535. PaDDy Killer'

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    Try KiwiGrip. I just did it on my non skid that was wearing low and it came out great. No problems at all walking bear foot on it at Catalina this weekend. Very easy to do.
  536. PaDDy Killer'

    Any boat brokers you recommend in Oxnard/Ventura?

    Yes. My Dad has a 28' twin six cly,. diesel pilot house we have had the last 17 years. He wants to get something a little bigger that's more comfortable for him and my mom. We also have a 23' Seaway that we want to sell.
  537. PaDDy Killer'

    Any boat brokers you recommend in Oxnard/Ventura?

    Thanks, I will give him a call tomorrow.
  538. PaDDy Killer'

    Any boat brokers you recommend in Oxnard/Ventura?

    If you guys got a place that's trustworthy please let me know.
  539. PaDDy Killer'

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Almost there!! Keep up the good work Wayne, it looks killer.
  540. PaDDy Killer'

    Theft from Newport Dunes dry storage. ** Hit again**

    Sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully your insurgence steps up and takes care of you on this. And to the fuck tard or tards who stole your stuff lets hope they sink in the deep blue with no rescue.
  541. PaDDy Killer'

    Help Please...adding fluid trim/tilt

    I would sand that motor down primer and paint it if its working without issues. I am sure a new one is a pretty penny.
  542. PaDDy Killer'

    Non-Long range fishing related question: Maruader

    Just an FYI Halco's are $5 off at the local Turner's outdoorsman here in the SFV. Not sure if its like that at all of them but it's only today 4/22.
  543. PaDDy Killer'

    BFT email from NOAA

    Yes there will be! Looks like I'm cleaning at home this year to avoid any confusion.
  544. PaDDy Killer'

    lowrance elite 7?

    Just ordered one yesterday for my whaler here- Hope it works out ok.
  545. PaDDy Killer'

    boat batteries

    I love the three Group 31 Trojans in my boat. I think they were a little over $200.
  546. PaDDy Killer'

    Eisenglass referal

    I have an appointment in two weeks to take my boat to Arrow custom covers. I think there yard is in Dana Point. Had a booth at the Fred Hall show. We will see how the work comes out on my striper.
  547. PaDDy Killer'

    Help Please...adding fluid trim/tilt

    The red circle is your fill plug. Turn the tilt screw a half a turn or so, it does not take much. Lift the motor up and put the safety bar on the motor down. Loosen the plug and fill.
  548. PaDDy Killer'

    ONNO Kayak Paddles for sale

    Excellent price! If I didn't already have one I would be all over this.
  549. PaDDy Killer'

    For Sale: Camo RIDE 135 Kayak

    I have never seen a kayak with a wearable keel on the bottom. That's a great idea, good luck on the sale.
  550. PaDDy Killer'

    Fastest place to buy trailer parts

    Thanks for the replies guys. I told a friend about this post and he mentioned Pacific trailers. I gave them a call they have free shipping and a discount code of 5% when I called so worked out ok.
  551. PaDDy Killer'

    Fastest place to buy trailer parts

    Just received a big order for my trailer rebuild and all the parts are not correct. Problem is my tilt on my Yammi blew a seal bad two weeks ago and my motor is half in half out of the water. These parts took over a week to show and don't have the time to wait again.
  552. PaDDy Killer'

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    Check the pickup tube on the tank. I know the hose will rot out over time.
  553. PaDDy Killer'

    Rad weekend. Rad friends. Rad fishing... RAD

    Fatty!! That looks like a great Sunday. Thanks for sharing.
  554. PaDDy Killer'

    In Pursuit of Mossback 3/16

    Great report and pics. Those are some very nice sized yellowtail tuna.
  555. PaDDy Killer'

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Excellent buy!! Congrats on the new sled. I think you got a lot of boat for the $$$. Perfect timing too.
  556. PaDDy Killer'

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    I hit there my first time launching there. Now I just leave from cabrillo.
  557. PaDDy Killer'

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Dam Wayne looks killer! Let me know when you want to fish, I just slipped my boat in Oxnard Sunday.
  558. PaDDy Killer'

    Any advice from you guys who slip your trailer able boat is appreciated and a few questions

    Thanks so much for the tips. I am going to double check my pumps to make sure they work with batteries off. I do have shore power on my boat but you guys recommend not connecting it? Great tip on the dehumidifier and the head. Just ordered a dehumidifier off amazon.
  559. PaDDy Killer'

    Any advice from you guys who slip your trailer able boat is appreciated and a few questions

    Oh also my boat came with bottom paint from the original owner. Over the years I have repainted it just for cosmetic appearence. I use some west marine anti fouling paint. Nothing to expensive if I remember. I assume I should still be good with this? Maybe just scuff and add more?
  560. PaDDy Killer'

    Any advice from you guys who slip your trailer able boat is appreciated and a few questions

    My truck is dying on me, I been lazy using my boat the last year using the truck as excuse. I love the Oxnard area so yesterday me and the girlfriend went to Oxnard checking out slips and I leased a slip at Vintage Marina. My boat is in good shape as I stay on it well. All through hulls in good...
  561. PaDDy Killer'

    Police Revenge-Video

    It was funny!
  562. PaDDy Killer'

    Adding a hydrofoil or whale tail

    Permatrim!!!! My boat acted so much better after I installed it. Slower plaining speed, better trim from the boat. All I can say is I wish I did it when I first got the boat. I load the crap out same as you and it helped big. Also like others have said going to a four blade prop will help. You...
  563. PaDDy Killer'


    I have never fished them but my buddy Rich can't stop talking about how great they are for the price. I will be looking into them soon.
  564. PaDDy Killer'

    Inexpensive Fish Finder Suggestions

    Garmin 541 or 545 would be killer. Fishfinder and gps.
  565. PaDDy Killer'

    Structure Scan, Insight, Navionics...what is all this and do I need it?

    It works in saltwater as I have it on my 17' whaler. Its cool driving along the break wall and seeing how far the rocks in some spots come out. I use my whaler for freshwater 90% of the time and it works killer. I only take the whaler out in the salt to hoop but it seems to read just as clear as...
  566. PaDDy Killer'

    Sewer Lobsters

    My favorite part of hooping is when the hoop comes up. Thanks for the video, got me pumped up to get my ass back out there.
  567. PaDDy Killer'

    Hooping Ventura

    New boat and hooping right off the bat is probably not the best idea. If it was me and I needed to hoop I would try some reefs that are not exposed. If your gps has a chip in it there should be some reefs you can give it a shot. I have some spots but as it goes they are not going to be shared...
  568. PaDDy Killer'

    Large Boat Problem crossing at Tijuana

    I'm curious too. I was on Todd's boat the Predator. You might remember me as the good looking guy on the boat lol!! [email protected]
  569. PaDDy Killer'

    Turtule bay fuel

    Haha! And at no extra charge.
  570. PaDDy Killer'

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Bass ass bracket. Boat is coming along nicely Wayne.
  571. PaDDy Killer'

    Galvanized vs Aluminum trailers

    I have a triple axle aluminum trailer for my striper and have never had it float. Countless launches, stays on the ramp floor. I say go aluminum. Lighter, better fuel mileage towing and no rust. Look at a galvanized trailer that's ten years old. There is prob rust streaks.
  572. PaDDy Killer'

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    We got a bunch of football yft on out ride north from turtle bay about 25 mils off San Martin island Thursday.
  573. PaDDy Killer'

    Turtule bay fuel

    He is still there
  574. PaDDy Killer'

    Ye Olde "Fake Bird-School" trick....

    Not a good move! There is enough plastic in our ocean as it is. I'm no tree huger but I also don't like to see animals suffer.
  575. PaDDy Killer'

    93' SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House

    I don't yet. Its temporarily on a 21' Pacific trailer. I just purchased a 26' Pacific galvanized trailer with a 10k g.v.w.. I am going to try and make the switch next week.
  576. PaDDy Killer'

    93' SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House

    lol! I don't function well getting home late from hooping
  577. PaDDy Killer'

    93' SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House

    '93 SEAWAY Center Console Pilot House 23', New Volvo 350 V-8, 2 hrs, Volvo Duraprop, stainless steel blades, heavy duty glass over ply construction, no rot or soft spots, running lights, deck lights, aluminum fuel tank, no leaks or rust, Galvanized Pacific trailer, excellent condition. Two axle...
  578. PaDDy Killer'


    Valley prop is probably going to give you the best price too! Great people to deal with.
  579. PaDDy Killer'

    What's a solid 26ft WA fishing boat, used 2000+ less than 50k?

    I love my Striper. Good on gas with a Yamaha four stroke and plenty of fuel with 160 gallon tank. Fit and finish is ok. But I bought a boat I could afford so I ended up out of the Parker/ Radon group and am perfectly fine with that.
  580. PaDDy Killer'

    Turtle bay/ Mag bay two weeks in nov

    If you need one more I can pull it off with my schedule. I have been down to cabo on a 40' a few years back. I know the routine. I am a private boater and can wrench and do night shifts and what not. I have all the gear and don't smoke.
  581. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Lobster Hunting Fail!

    Awesome video and editing.
  582. PaDDy Killer'

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Looks good Wayne. Get Brian to give you a hand, lol!
  583. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Just make sure you go on an overnighter lol
  584. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Love Pat's boat and operation. Have only had good experiences fishing wsb/rockfish trips on his boat. With that said he should have informed the passengers of his game plan. A lot of us can only afford to take a trip or two a season because of cash or time and need to fill the freezer on those...
  585. PaDDy Killer'

    MPG and RPM on an 18.5 Striper - F115

    Of course aluminum boats will get better fuel economy then a glass boat. But I would rather spend the fuel and not get beat to shit on the ocean.
  586. PaDDy Killer'

    MPG and RPM on an 18.5 Striper - F115

    Put a permatrim hydrofoil on it. Also a four blade stainless steel prop and you will see a big difference. I did and use less rpm. My best fuel mileage is 6-7 knots or 16-17 knots. Basically not plowing water at a slow speed and the slowest I can maintain staying on plane.
  587. PaDDy Killer'

    Dirt Bike Hack

    He's got two bitches on the boat...They love boats and bikes lol.
  588. PaDDy Killer'

    SMB and an inshore report

    Had a friend tell me his buddy got three yft 3 miles off the redondo canyon. It should only get better with time.
  589. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore big patty

    Take a second before you call this guy a liar and look at the pic in his rear view mirror. Or better yet look at the water color.
  590. PaDDy Killer'

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Fucking bullshit...leaving on a 3.5 day Thursday. All I was looking forward to is hooking up on some bft. Don't care about rat yellows or yellowfin. Fuuckk! Close the border!!
  591. PaDDy Killer'

    9 mile bank on an 18 foot parker

    Yep. Get to know your boat better. Pick your days right, know your fuel burn and venture offshore when you are comfortable.
  592. PaDDy Killer'

    Alternative 4 Stroke Oil?

    Mobil 1 synthetic
  593. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    Excellent job guys!! Were they all troll fish or a mix of bait fish and troll?
  594. PaDDy Killer'

    What outdrive do I have?

    Thanks guys just got done ordering from Thanks for the website Kerry.
  595. PaDDy Killer'

    What outdrive do I have?

    I am almost certain its a Volvo but do not know the model so I can order zinks.
  596. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore Blue Horizon 6/4

    Hope they killed it. My brother is on the trip and I want tuna!
  597. PaDDy Killer'

    Need help finding a limited load three or four day trip

    Looking for a limited load three or four day trip. Was going on a 5.5 to Cedros in July but fell through. Anything you guys got in mind would be great. There's four of us in our group and we want to spend more to get on a limited load trip.
  598. PaDDy Killer'

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Great report! You may be old but you still got it!
  599. PaDDy Killer'

    Gettin back Into it

    I just got back into it also. I started with a scrambler xt, got a Malibu pro explorer and loved the stability and length. Ended up selling it and getting a Malibu Xtreme and hated the plowing through waves it did and sucked now having to put it on a rack on top of my truck. It was so long, sold...
  600. PaDDy Killer'


    I'm living in the wrong state. Badass job!
  601. PaDDy Killer'

    June Big Bear Trout Derby

    I might be fishing it. Already got my entry for the May trout derby! I might have an extra spot but not sure till later.
  602. PaDDy Killer'

    How big of a kicker?

    8 hp high thrust yamaha. You can troll with it too. Has a huge prop for its size.
  603. PaDDy Killer'

    Big Bear Lake Rainy Rainbows Pics and Vid

    Nice report! Love that lake, just signed up for next months tourny!
  604. PaDDy Killer'


    I want to get into it as well. Big bear lake is a great lake to do it at. Going up this summer with a bow. AMS retriever is suppose to be the good one to mount on your bow. Still looking at a bow.
  605. PaDDy Killer'

    Channel Islands 3-23

    Took my girlfriend, her friend and my buddy Dave out of Oxnard for a little mixed bag of fish. We left Oxnard at 7 am to very nice conditions. Skipped the chovies at the bait receiver and picked up 5 pounds of squish. Headed to the not so secrete spot and picked away at rock fish, sculpin...
  606. PaDDy Killer'

    Yacht broker?

    Thanks guys. Just got off the phone with Mike. Going to send him some pic's and make arrangements to get the boat to him.
  607. PaDDy Killer'

    Yacht broker?

    We want to sell my old mans 28' twin six cyl. skipjack. What yacht broker have any of you used that you recommend? I know a few went south with the economy selling boats and not collecting anything from the broker.
  608. PaDDy Killer'

    San Miguel Island 3-16

    With a killer weather forecast I decided it was t