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  1. dockrat88

    Seeker wrapped Shikari

    dockrat88 submitted a new listing: Seeker wrapped Shikari - Seeker wrapped Shikari Learn more about this listing...
  2. dockrat88

    Misc irons

    Box of 16 misc surface irons and 1 yo-yo. $ 70 SOLD
  3. dockrat88

    Phenix & Saltist

    Diawa Saltist - BG 30H. Exterior 9/10 Internals 8/10. $100. Custom wrapped 8’6 20-40lb Phenix. Shrink tube handle, Fuji reel seat and Alps XN guides. $125 obo. 310 500-7872 for quicker response
  4. dockrat88

    Seeker PH D8

    Custom wrapped Seeker PH D8 20-40. Bought this off another member last year and decided to go another route. Looking to get what I paid for it which is 180
  5. dockrat88

    Teramar & Crucial

    1st gen Shimano Teramar 80MH. Like new condition. 115 obo. New with tags Shimano Crucial 711ml.This is from when Shimano was offering the lifetime warranty. $110 obo.
  6. dockrat88

    Newell 322, Lexa 300, Cardiff 300A

    Newell no letter 322-5. Exterior is great condition. Internals in good condition as well. $190 obo Shimano Cardiff 300A. Exterior has some rash, interior is solid. Upgraded double paddle handle. $65 obo- SOLD Diawa Lexa 300. Upgraded power handle. Comes with additional double paddle power...
  7. dockrat88

    Shimano Calcutta TE 200gt

    Used but like new Shimano Calcutta te 200gt. Very minimal usage shown on exterior. Internals super smooth. Asking 200 obo. 310 500-7872 for quicker response
  8. dockrat88

    Calcutta 400b!

    Shimano 400b in good condition. 3/4 full of braid. $100. 310 500-7872 for quicker response
  9. dockrat88

    Golden Trinidad 16

    Gold Trinidad 16. Exterior has a few nicks. Internals are A1. Full of new 65lb power pro. 325 obo. 310 500-7872 for quicker response
  10. dockrat88

    Like new Newell 332

    Barely used S-332-5. Can pass for new. Asking 170 obo. (310) 500-7872 for quick response
  11. dockrat88

    Fathom 25n speedmaster 12ii

    Looking for a fathom 25n both single and 2 speed and a shimano speedmaster 12ii
  12. dockrat88

    Gold trini 14 clamp

    Need the clamp that goes around the base of the reel seat
  13. dockrat88

    M1 spinning rod

    Looking for 1st gen M1 medium or medium heavy spinning rods.
  14. dockrat88

    Gold trini 12

    Looking for gold trini 12. thanks
  15. dockrat88

    Shikari calstar

    Shikari blue glass 7040 - 250 calstar 800xl 150 calstar 800 ml 125 text 310 500-7872 for pics and a quicker response
  16. dockrat88

    Calstar shikari gusa

    Kids expenses has me unloading a few things Custom wrapped calstar 800ml. One guide needs replacing 150 custom wrapped calstar 800xl good condition hasn’t been used in a while 150 shikari 909 blue custom wrapped rod on blue blank 200 Shikari green 7050. Rod had been used once with no fish...
  17. dockrat88

    Sabre 585

    Anybody know anything about this rod? Never heard of it and can’t find anything on it
  18. dockrat88

    8ft Shikari

    8ft 1 1/2 in rod. Bought from another bder a few months ago and never got around to using it. Looking to get what I paid which is 80.
  19. dockrat88

    Lexa 300 5/11/19

    Reel was just serviced by Diawa and hasn’t been used since. See pics for exterior condition. Asking 80. Text (310)500-7872 for quicker response
  20. dockrat88

    76 teramar and unknown rod and Sabre

    Barely used 7’6 m teramar. Have had the rod for years and only used handful of times. Sat in garage majority of time. 75 Sold Unknown 8’ft 12-20 blank. Possibly could have been a 7ft rod and extended to 8ft. Perfect bass rod. 30 7ft 15-25 Sabre. Deckhand handle black over black recent rewrap...
  21. dockrat88

    Calcutta. 200TE GT price drop

    Calcutta 200te Gt. Cosmetically the reel has some scratches from use. Internals are smooth and good working condition. Asking 175 obo
  22. dockrat88

    Sabre 20/25

    7ft 20/25lb Sabre rod. $50 obo
  23. dockrat88

    Pac bay and CUI blanks

    Looking so someplace that has these in stock so I can pull on a few to find the right action i am looking for.
  24. dockrat88

    Seeker spinning rod

    New custom wrapped seeker spinning rod. Can’t remember what blank it is but the rod is 7’1 and I would say is rated 12-20. $75.00
  25. dockrat88

    Drop shot or shaky head rods

    Looking for a rod to match with a 1000 and 2500 sized spinning reels. Hoping for an older crucial or cumara but open to what ya got.
  26. dockrat88

    Crucial Spinning rod

    Looking for some of the older eva handle crucial spinning rods.
  27. dockrat88

    Shimano Crucial Spinning

    I know its a long shot, but anyone have any idea where i can find one of the older eva handle crucial spinning rods?
  28. dockrat88

    Shimano VBS Brakes

    Last night while casting the sideplate on my curado 200dpv opened and all of the brakes flew off. I was able to find 3 of them but unfortunately I am still missing 3. Are replacement brakes available? I tried to find some online today but was unsuccessful.
  29. dockrat88

    AKC German Shepherd

    1 year old male sable. He is up to date on all shots. Comes from top Czech working lines. Will make great family and protection dog. • is great with kids • has basic obedience training • has some into protection training • leash trained • sire on site Asking 1100 obo • huge paws • high drive
  30. dockrat88

    Stove washer dryer

    Have a frigidaire 4 burner stove that's in great condition 175 GE washer and dryer. Used and in good condition 400 for the pair
  31. dockrat88

    Rods and a couple reels need gone ASAP

    Rods 1. Silaflex PT70. Wrapped black over white white. Great condition $150 2. 8ft Conolon wrapped black over black. Perfect 10-20lb rod. Great condition $115 3. Custom calstar 800ML. Wrapped grey over blue by Pete at Just Fishing. One guide needs replacing $130 4. Truline TNT. It's the good...
  32. dockrat88


    There was recently a thread where a member was selling a crucial swimbait rod. I can't seem to find it. If you are the seller, please DM me as I am interested in buying the rod. Thanks
  33. dockrat88

    Remington 700

    Have a Remington 700 with 2 stocks (varmint and tactical). Upgraded timney trigger. Roughly a little more than a 100 rds have been fired. Asking 675 obo.
  34. dockrat88

    Calcutta 200te

    Have a used but not abused calcutta 200te for sale. Reel has some rash but nothing major. Reel is in good working order and has fresh 15lb izor xxx on it. Asking 200 obo.
  35. dockrat88

    Super seeker cjbf90m

    Solid condition. One of the guides needs to be replaced. Asking 185. I can text pics
  36. dockrat88

    Calcutta 201 te

    Looking to sell a Shimano Calcutta 201 te in 8/10 condition. Asking 170 obo. For pics please text
  37. dockrat88

    Red D8

    Have a D8 that is missing roughly 1 1/2ft from the tip. Currently has roller guides and used as a 60lb troll rod. Fishes 50/60 with no problem. Asking 100. I can text pics 310 500-7872
  38. dockrat88

    wahoo special

    Looking for a pro gear wahoo special.. condition isn't really an issue
  39. dockrat88

    Wtb trini 16n

    Looking for Trinidad 16n. Not worried about cosmetic condition long as it's in working condition.
  40. dockrat88

    TLD 20

    Looking for TLD 20. Cosmetic condition isn't an issue long as internals are in good working order.
  41. dockrat88

    Sea Adventure 80 8/12-8/15

    Is anyone on this trip?
  42. dockrat88

    WTB Tiagra 12 or 16

    looking for a Tiagra 12 or 16, condition isn't an issue, just looking not to break the bank
  43. dockrat88


    Looking for an aftermarket clamp for a trinidad
  44. dockrat88

    Shimano Stripped hole

    Just recent bought a used torium 16 and went I went to mount it I found out that the hole on the frame of the reel for the clamp is stripped. Any idea how to fix?
  45. dockrat88

    trinidad 16n

    looking for gold 16n cosmetic isn't a factor long as its mechanically in good condition.
  46. dockrat88

    Teramar TMCX90MHBRA

    Has anyone tried these out yet? Thinking about matching to 300te
  47. dockrat88

    Chief or Top Gun 80

    Lets hear the honest reviews of these two boats. I know the Chief is new but the crew is from the Indian. I am planning a 3.5 day and these two have dates and space available that seem to work for me, so I need some opinions.
  48. dockrat88

    Reel for 90f

    Have a super seeker 90f that needs a reel. It'll be used primarily for seabass and light iron. I was thinking about Trinidad 16 or 16n but the fathom 25n has caught my eye. Open to any suggestions for anything else
  49. dockrat88

    take or leave home

    Going on a 2.5 day Sunday on the Sea Adventure 80. Seems like everything has been on bait. Think it would be a waste to bring my jig stick?
  50. dockrat88

    gold trini handle

    Looking for gold trinidad 20 handle. Leaving on a 2.5 day on Sunday so local pick up is preferred.
  51. dockrat88

    wiffle ball

    Where would i but wiffle ball knobs to put on my newells and where can i have them put on at?
  52. dockrat88

    trinidad or torium 16

    looking for trinidad 16 (not a narrow) or torium 16..
  53. dockrat88


    looking for a super seeker 90f..preferably without a reel seat..
  54. dockrat88

    trinidad 16

    looking for gold tn 16..
  55. dockrat88

    silaflex, conolon, sabre,harnell

    looking for silaflex, conolon, sabre and harnell jig sticks
  56. dockrat88

    trinidad 20

    looking for a gold trinidad 20... not worried about cosmetic condition as long as it's in good working condition.
  57. dockrat88

    long rod

    looking for a jig stick between 9 and 10 ft to fish with 30 or 40..have anything for sale please let me know. thanks
  58. dockrat88

    Offshore what to expect

    thinking of taking a 3.5 day trip in early November. i knoe things change from season to season but typically what could i expect?
  59. dockrat88

    Sabre tackle box special

    Looking for a Sabre tackle box special. If you have one or know where I can find one please send pm or call/text 310 500 7872. Tha ms
  60. dockrat88

    seeker pin head rods

    has anybody tried these new rods from seeker? Was thinking about getting the D8 model since they're based off of the old saber and truline blanks.
  61. dockrat88


    Looking for a shikari 808. please pm if you have one you're looking to get rid of.
  62. dockrat88

    sabre 540

    looking for a sabre 540 either a blank or wrapped rod. If you have one that you're interested in selling, please email me [email protected]
  63. dockrat88

    sabre 520

    looking for a sabre 540 either a blank or wrapped rod. If you have one that you're interested in selling, please email me [email protected]
  64. dockrat88

    WTB 300 te

    looking for a 300 te. Don't really care about boat rash or anything. please pm me if you have one you're looking to get rid of
  65. dockrat88

    Group Fishing

    :Exploding_Smiley:As some of you know I enjoy fishing naked. I'm recently single and was wondering if there were any men or women that would be interested in doing this together. I know it sounds like a joke, but it really isn't. Once you're out there with the wind hitting your naked body it...