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  1. nick17yz

    Marla's 11/1/19

    Hahah. Open invite for you buddy!!
  2. nick17yz

    Marla's 11/1/19

    Nice LJ. I still feel like something was missing in story.
  3. nick17yz

    Long Range fishing without the ride

    Hahah. Yea Steve. It was still a hijack anyway u sugar coat it. Long range is dying off. The amount of boats going long, is diminishing. People in long range are gonna be looking for more options. This is the way to "long range" when sd boats dont go anymore. Ill close the thread if it...
  4. nick17yz

    Long Range fishing without the ride

    No one asked for your opinion. Im just trying to fill a few spots on a trip that is way better than long range for most people. Days fishing for cost, its a way better deal. 3 days is plenty of time to try for a trophy. It beats the alternative of being stuck on a boat for 2 weeks with some...
  5. nick17yz

    Few spots open for pv charter jan 6 on Constitution

    Hey guys, Posted in long range forum too. I have a few spots open on my jan 6 3.5 day charter on the constitution. I have a great group of anglers and the fishing is starting to get good down there. Cost is 1600. Lmk if your interested. Thanks Nick
  6. nick17yz

    Long Range fishing without the ride

    U bring a soft side cooler bag and the crew processes the fish and packs 45 lbs in the bag for you. It will stay close to frozen till u get home. Ive seen people carryon or check.
  7. nick17yz

    Long Range fishing without the ride

    Hey guys, Long time since ive posted. I have a few spots open on my Jan 6-10 Charter in Puerto Vallarta. Its 3 full days of fishing on the Constitution. There are a lot of good people on this trip. Last i checked, the plane tix were cheap. The cost is 1600 and its a 12 max person charter...
  8. nick17yz

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    The chef should get the biggest tip
  9. nick17yz


    It feels like something is missing from this story, but sounds good so far ..
  10. nick17yz

    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Thanks for the report. Glad you were able use some of the useful info in your post. You payed your dues and will get a good one for it. If they were easy to catch, it wouldn't be as fun.
  11. nick17yz


    I sold 12 spots. Its a 12 load trip plus me though. I would agree that 10 people would be nicer as far as everyone getting 2 bunks and the galley fitting everyone a little more comfy. Some of my guys loaded on the boat before we got there and hogged up a lot of the bunks. I wont let that...
  12. nick17yz

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    As a charter host I made sure all my people knew how much money to bring and what to expect. The kite rig was 25$ . The tanks of helium in mexico equate to about 12$ per balloon. He is using the big balloons. The balloons are like 3$ ea.Not the medium ones they use on other boats. There are...
  13. nick17yz

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Just got off the Constitution for the 1st time. I have to say not 1 person felt "nickel and dimed" and i think people need to get their facts straight before posting on social media. Anyone wanting true info, please pm me.
  14. nick17yz

    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    They're on the beach. They did lousy at the bank and island. Pulled a hail mary and saved the trip.
  15. nick17yz

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    I can neither confirm nor deny any of this
  16. nick17yz

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    Great Story Joe!! I will cherish all of our adventures together always. I look forward to our next one!! Your definitely a hell of a fisherman and great friend! Till next time.. The Kid , aka Sherlock, aka Roomie, aka X-roomie, aka Bros before Hoes #bluedreamatthebufferzone
  17. nick17yz

    Kids on a 3 day trip.

    Took my 7year,2 months old on a 5 day. Held his own and got compliments at the end of the trip. I'll never forget that trip. His best catch was a 23 lb yellow. Begging me to go nonstop now..
  18. nick17yz

    First big tuna trip, first cow

    great fishing with you Rick. You did great and got some nice ones to show. Thanks for the report and I hope to share the rail with you again some day..
  19. nick17yz

    12 Days to go!

    Any jackpot fish caught from your stateroom are automatically disqualified
  20. nick17yz

    12 Days to go!

    See u guys there. Ill have some nice giveaways and loaner seeker rods to go with Jacks loaner reels.
  21. nick17yz

    Road closure

    Heard road is clear and things are back to normal. Heading to san quintin in the morning
  22. nick17yz

    old man baboom in the bay

    Nice old man. It is a bass boat
  23. nick17yz

    old man stil got it

    Nice old man. Happy birthday! !
  24. nick17yz

    What's the best time for cows?

    Hop on my day after thanksgiving 15/12 day on the Shogun. It has the fly home option to save a few days and it is a big fish trip. We may get a few wahoo, but mainly a cow trip. I will have lots of giveaways and it is a limited load trip for a great price. Check out the Shogun website or...
  25. nick17yz

    BABOOM in San Quinten....

    Nice work pops!!
  26. nick17yz


    Watch out for the old man. Word is he's there with chato, chato, chato
  27. nick17yz

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    the rare moonfish!! A delicacy in those parts. Nice work on the Jello!!
  28. nick17yz

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Can't go wrong with the rooster. Wouldn't expect any big tuna on the 10 day, but you never know. The wahoo fishing is good at the moment and lots of smaller tuna offshore. I say go for it!!
  29. nick17yz

    Conflict At Clarion

    His report from last year should be there as well. The notebook A definite must read!!
  30. nick17yz

    Soft Steel Line

    The best line I've ever used. The smoothness and ease in tieing knots is awesome. I had great success with it last week. I used tac glue with 6 inches of insertion and 1 sato crimp with the 100 & 125 flouro. The stuff is the real deal and the retail price is a deal.
  31. nick17yz

    Conflict At Clarion

    Well done Joe!! By far the best fish story/report on BD ever! Cant wait till our next adventure. 4 months and counting... Your still my only vato!!
  32. nick17yz

    Conflict At Clarion

    Alec is a super cool dood. I would love to have him by my side in all my battles. He was snorkeled up and ready to dive in to save my fish that I let wrap the rudder. A real pleasure to have him on the bird along with the already all-star line up. Till next time fishing brothers!!
  33. nick17yz

    Conflict At Clarion

    We had a night jack tournament. Winner take all. 10 minutes to catch one. Top weight wins. I caught a 20 lber and Bob Peterson had a 25 lber! !
  34. nick17yz

    Conflict At Clarion

    Yea. Im sure you heard us. We were trying to make the best of the bait making by having night jack wars. Got rowdy
  35. nick17yz

    Down Low...

    Is this a countdown thread for a trip in 2017? ? Isnt that the "usual suspects" charter?? Is there a seafood buffet? Are we gonna catch giant yellowfin tuna? Can I bring my exercise bike?
  36. nick17yz

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    I think as hard as it is, we should go into these trips with average expectations. When your paying a premium or hearing hype, its hard to not think its going to be the best ever. The Intrepid is a beautiful boat and has a lot of nice features. The end of the day, we all just want to catch...
  37. nick17yz

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    As a chartermaster I will not enter the jp. When im a paying fisherman, I will. I am a gambler and I like some extra bonus for catching the biggest fish. Do I think it should go back to the crew? Thats a whole new thread that has been beat to death. What I have seen is when people dont win...
  38. nick17yz

    Cole not with the Shogun anymore?

    Aaron Barnhill and Bryan Winn were running the boat in may. Josh and Keatin were in the galley. They did outstanding and the food was amazing. I will be on the boat again next year!!
  39. nick17yz

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    They needed time for the seafood buffet. Never leave fish to find fish.
  40. nick17yz

    Which boat has the best DVD collection.....

    which boat has the biggest fuck tards?
  41. nick17yz

    Which boat has the best skipper?

    My favorite captains are the ones who talk to other captains and dont drive into hurricanes.
  42. nick17yz

    Will the real slim shady please stand up...

    Finkle is Einhorn
  43. nick17yz

    Excel May 15 day trip

    No sharks on my 15 day last May. Lots of big tuna and wahoo! I wasnt aware sharks prefer May over any other month.. hmmmm:rolleyes: I would love to share the rail with you David!
  44. nick17yz

    Crimp vs. Wind-on

    Sato crimps are great. I like being able to adjust my topshots to the line I use and the fishing I do. I like the idea of custom made by me, for me. If used correctly, the sato system is solid!! And goes through the guides with ease!!
  45. nick17yz

    2014 SOA 6 day report year 2

    Nice job Jones!! Thanks for the report and pics! Did you at least score some digits from that hotty? :elephant::boobies:
  46. nick17yz

    not a report but one is coming

    Good luck!! Make em pay
  47. nick17yz

    New years trips

    Sorry for the sideways pic.
  48. nick17yz

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    Why can't more posts be like LoretoJoe's??
  49. nick17yz


    seasons is the best of the best. nice job!!
  50. nick17yz

    Tropical Depression One-E may threaten Clarion next week

    excel is heading north now... Fu*k that hurricane!!!
  51. nick17yz

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I started this thread to get some insight on how you seasoned long rangers felt about the jackpot rules. Mainly what makes a fish qualify or not for placing. It has gone a whole new route about tipping and etiquette. I had 2 or 3 real answers to my question in over 130 replies. I know...
  52. nick17yz

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Good point . I think jackpots are great on the shorter trips. 10 day variety trips... etc. We had people protesting the jackpot because they said the angler passed the rod to the crew to fight. This trip was a 100$ per person jp. Maybe that made people a little crazy. I didn't enter because...
  53. nick17yz

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I have been thinking a lot about the jackpot bs that ive noticed on a few of my trips. I have been amazed with all the haters and comments made towards someones trophy catch. There are always a few old timers and a bunch of newbies on every long trip. Obviously they will not do as well in a...
  54. nick17yz

    Cow Round Up....

    Haha. Stand by while I look for my notebook. . ;)
  55. nick17yz

    Cow Round Up....

    Beer Bob is a outstanding person and fishermen. It was a pleasure to share the rail with him. Decent trip all together. Aaron is a great captain and the crew rocks. Food was amazing and always 4-5 star. The Shogun handles the swell great and fishes awesome. I did ok and averaged a fish or 2...
  56. nick17yz

    Shogun Accurate/Trokar/Seeker 15 day 4/25-5/10

    Trip is full!! 2 weeks and counting.
  57. nick17yz

    Ray Jarvis trip on the Intrepid

    They don't have kid sizes anyways soda.... haha
  58. nick17yz

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    I tell my wife im still growing too...
  59. nick17yz

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    I remember that time soda was trading cows for Lingcod. That was classic
  60. nick17yz

    Cow trout at Castaic

    I like the one about catching a supercow guarantee.
  61. nick17yz

    Shogun Accurate/Trokar/Seeker 15 day 4/25-5/10

    Here is the info. Only 15 people signed up so far! Low price of 4295$
  62. nick17yz

    Shogun Accurate/Trokar/Seeker 15 day 4/25-5/10

    Seeker Rods asked me to represent them as co-chartermaster with Gary from Accurate. I am super excited as this will be my first spring long trip. I've done several fall trips and have always wanted to see what the spring trips are about. I will have a pile of 2x4's with me so everyone can...
  63. nick17yz

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Don't worry. It will all be worth it when you leave a day early to have the seafood buffet...
  64. nick17yz

    best service in San Quintin?

    Kelly or his sons.. K & M is worth every penny. They have nice gear, the best boats and know where they're biting. Hit up his website or PM him here. I stay at Jardines. The nicest hotel there, 2 miles from the launch ramp. Great restaurant too. Wifi and showers are the best!!!
  65. nick17yz


    You have to try for them
  66. nick17yz

    Tunadwr is now Soda Pop on bloody decks

    Someone needs to make you a new pillow..
  67. nick17yz

    Tunadwr is now Soda Pop on bloody decks

    better than knucklehead!
  68. nick17yz

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Just found Justin beiber
  69. nick17yz

    Again...... Maximus

    bad ass video!!! thanks!!
  70. nick17yz

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    i had the salt trick done on me too. I understand it was a Rollo trick.. I like to turn the clickers on everyones reels that are left next to the bait tank or trash cans while wahoo trolling. When that troll jig strike happens, you will hear a harmony of screeching clickers.
  71. nick17yz

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    A fish report from the guy would be nice. David said he would do a report. This place is drama, not fishing.
  72. nick17yz

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    why hasnt Fishybuzz chimed in on this yet??
  73. nick17yz

    Long Range / Coastal Weather Update for the New Year!

    Thanks again Chris!! I am still on a cloud from that trip. My son has grown up so much in just a week. I look at him totally different now. I officially have a little fisherman...
  74. nick17yz

    Rooster fiver 12/26-31

    Amazing experience for me and my son! I might try to do a report, but my computer usually doesn't let me put pictures on bd. I used to be able to before the format changed. Great sharing the rail with you Steve!!
  75. nick17yz


    Im gonna start packing tomorrow. Im bringing the wahoo gear.. you never know;)
  76. nick17yz

    Couple of pictures to add to RR3 Accurate

    I want to be like Caleb when I grow up.. See you guys next year.
  77. nick17yz


    JAKE is super stoked. Look forward to fishing with you Dad! Bill. Its the 5 dayer at the end of the month.
  78. nick17yz

    Excel at the Bank

    Thats a little sketchy!! Thanks for the post Laurens!
  79. nick17yz

    Xmas/New Years 5 day

    Yup. I'm on the rooster 5 dayer. Bringing my son and my dad. 3 generations of fish killers. Or wannabees... Derek is running the trip. He said we'll be going to cedros. Could change between now and then. I'm thinking yellows, possibly a butt or bisket. I'm just looking forward to my...
  80. nick17yz

    Accurate/Red Rooster Trip

    Great finish Joe!! I'm starting the gay ass countdown thread. ... ok , I can't even be that gay Can't wait till our next adventure! Till next year brother. Mmmmmm. Cheesy poofs sound good right now...
  81. nick17yz

    Accurate/Red Rooster Trip

    Great stuff Joe!!! Felt like I was there... "The Kid"
  82. nick17yz

    I'm looking to buy an avet pro ex 4/02

    I have a 40/2 I can sell. Its blue and a 9.5/10. Pm me if you still need one
  83. nick17yz

    Saltydawg Rods Maximus Trip

    nice job Salty! is that Drew fishing with you guys? Thanks for the report!
  84. nick17yz


    ok , ok, love birds.. 12 days and you can be together...
  85. nick17yz

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle brief report

    I think what we really want to know is, how bitchen are those new Wahoodad Seeker rods??
  86. nick17yz

    RR3 - 8 Day Seaguar sponsored Oct 11-19, 2013

    great report!! congrats on your first skinny!! Awesome pics too!!
  87. nick17yz

    Calstar 760H, 7460H & reel case.

    Great deals!! See you next month braddah.
  88. nick17yz

    Intrepid is well

    I was misinformed about the damaged gear. A few rods got banged up and a handle broke on a tacklebox was what I heard after.
  89. nick17yz

    10/5 to 10/13/2013 - spirit of adventure

    Great report Alan!!! Thanks for sharing.
  90. nick17yz


    Nice job Duane!! Seasons knows how to get er done!!
  91. nick17yz

    Intrepid changes

    Make that 3 cows for him. He just landed a 207.
  92. nick17yz

    Intrepid changes

    All I know is they are on the cows. Wahoodad has a 243 & 222 on the first day!!
  93. nick17yz

    Maximus... Trip 1 of 5 of the Season!

    great report Erika! I will be down there with you guys one day. I can be a standby for any drop outs on your trips..
  94. nick17yz

    San Quintin 10/4-10/5

    awesome guys. It was nice meeting you at the dock. Glad you guys got on em!!!
  95. nick17yz

    WFO!!! TUNA- K&M, Seasons Duane Mellor,Lil Ceez,Nick "Tuna Toker" Rekrut , Capt Kelly

    On my way home in traffic. Cant stop thinking of the great times. Can't wait to get back down there soon. That was epic fishing! Thanks again Kelly for the best time.
  96. nick17yz


    Just finished our second day fishing off shore in San Quintin. Limits both days YFT 10-60lbers DORADO 10-25lbers YT 5-20lbers full report when i get home. fishing inshore tomorrow
  97. nick17yz


    nice work bruddah. I needs to gets me sum of dat!
  98. RedRooster Accurate Trip

    RedRooster Accurate Trip

  99. nick17yz

    Los Angeles Rod & Reel Club Tuna-Yellowtail and Calico Bass !!! K&M San Quintin

    Siiiiick! Miss you guys. Cant wait to get back down there.
  100. nick17yz

    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    nice job Jonesy!! Looks like a killer trip. Thanks for the great report and awesome pics!
  101. nick17yz

    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Great Report!!! Thanks for sharing your trip!
  102. nick17yz

    9-4 thru 9-12 Excel/Gallagher 8 day And Awayyyy We Go

    knock em dead Jamie! cant wait to get the play-by-play reports. Thanks!
  103. nick17yz

    Chief cuts trip short.... due to taking on water

    That sucks, but this kind of shit happens. Usually people don't look at the bright side and come on to bd to bash the boat. Thanks for the report and info on a new operation. This is a boat I would ride for sure. - - - Updated - - - That sucks, but this kind of shit happens. Usually people...
  104. nick17yz

    Makaira 20 or 30 sea on a3x5?

    I would fill the Mak 30 with 100lb jb and call it good. Its a great match up for the 3X5. This would be a perfect big bait rod/ kite rod/ balloon rod.
  105. nick17yz


    Way to go Duane! ! Never a bad time with seasons!
  106. nick17yz

    LR prices went up next year

    A lap dance used to cost 20 bucks... whats your point??
  107. nick17yz

    RRIII wi-fi

    i use whatsapp. It works great for messaging and pictures. i think its free for most phones. .99 cents for some.
  108. nick17yz

    Trip Report - NorCal Tuna Club 7 Day - Intrepid

    great report!! thanks
  109. nick17yz

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    Thanks for the report Laurens. Sounds like you did alright as I know you fished your ass off, like you always do.. Cant wait to share the rail with you in Nov!!
  110. nick17yz

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    nice job Steve!! Time to upgrade your avatar pic
  111. nick17yz


    my wife and kids always stay at the vag when the boat is coming in the next day.
  112. nick17yz

    Intrepid 15 day ... Oct. 4...Oct. 19........ Anyone on this trip?

    I think Tom is on that one..... BAHAHAHHHHAWWWWWAAAWAAAAA
  113. nick17yz

    Red Rooster 3

    From the RR3 Internet is working great. 21 tuna to 250& 3 skin today. Lots of rats released I love long range and Wi-Fi
  114. nick17yz

    Red Rooster 3

    i got a email from Laurens (caplr) last night. must be working. we'll see how it does further south.
  115. nick17yz

    Intrepid May 11 trip

    if you read the logs, you can probably figure out the behavior.... just saying
  116. nick17yz

    Intrepid Loftus Martin Short Report

    sorry to hear about the bad conditions. At least you do have the nice boat, great food, great people, awesome crew, nice weather, etc. Ive been on trips where you wish you could at least catch a shark if nothing else. It does get old though, real fast.. Like someone just said, these trips...
  117. nick17yz

    San Quintin

    super cows in SQ. break out the 130
  118. nick17yz

    Procedure for Clarion camp check-in?

    The captain will contact them via radio and set up a time. Sometimes you can fish a while and then check in. Everyone is required to hang out in the stern of the boat while the military board and check paperwork. They will check passports and names sometimes too. After some goodies and...
  119. nick17yz

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Nice Garret!! I saw your name on the website calling your fish a 199#er. I was thinking it should come in a hair over 2. Was it Gary G or Gary T with accurate on the trip? Thanks for the great pics and report!
  120. nick17yz


    It took you 2 weeks to come back?? You don't know me, I don't want to know you. These non report daily countdown post are stupid and annoying. If it wasn't for jeffs "fish report", I would have puked all over my keyboard reading all the dumb post s.
  121. nick17yz

    best hookup for JB 130# & 200#

    Basil for sure
  122. nick17yz

    Indy 16 Day: "Away we go"!

  123. nick17yz

    Royal Polaris Trip Report 4-13

    nice report Jeff!!!Awesome pics!! Nice going on the cow fish!!
  124. nick17yz

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    a actual fish report is very refreshing!! thank you!!
  125. nick17yz


    im sure your name is all over Tom's package..
  126. nick17yz

    Long Range Trip

    Great question. I make payments through out the year till my trip is paid. The few boats i've riddin require half payment till day of departure. On the day you leave you settle up the balance owed before boarding. You can even book a trip 2 years out and pay low payments. I pay 9$ a day for a...
  127. nick17yz

    Heading down to San Quintin in May

    Kelly is number 1 in my book. You wont be disapointed
  128. nick17yz

    8 cows and 1 Super on the RP First Morning

    More rail space for me.
  129. nick17yz

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Chads singing california girls to Fishy was the funniest I've seen
  130. nick17yz

    Q105 follow up

    Larry H Parker got me....
  131. nick17yz

    Grafighters, Super Seeker Cow Rods. Great Deal!!

    Los Angeles. San Fernando valley
  132. nick17yz

    Indy is in to some fish.

  133. nick17yz

    Grafighters, Super Seeker Cow Rods. Great Deal!!

    sale pending on the 765m and 760h
  134. nick17yz

    Grafighters, Super Seeker Cow Rods. Great Deal!!

    I am doing some spring cleaning and parting with some of my rods I dont need anymore. I cleaned all the rollers and greased them with cals greese today. 1. Calstar Westcoast WC-196-7 condition 7 out of 10 .......... ...........................................50$ 2. Calstar...
  135. nick17yz

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Just go collect some cans and buy a I Pod. Have your wifee load it up with your favorite music and be done. You spend over 2 months a year on a LR boat. I dont think cds will last at sea..
  136. nick17yz

    Help selecting a hollow core line

    cant go wrong with Jerry Brown.
  137. nick17yz

    Mak 20 or 30

    go with the 20. use the 50's for big bait/kite/ and balloon.. If you get spooled with 750 yds, you probably would have with 850....
  138. nick17yz

    Where are the Royal Star Clipperton Reports ??????????

    Not everyone kisses and tells..
  139. nick17yz

    BHP Tackle

    I bought a lot of jb from Basil. His buisness was running on generators after Sandy. He was still able to get my order to me in time for my trip. I dont know why i wait to the last minute to get line. Maybe because it cost me 500$
  140. nick17yz

    Rainbow Runners

    a few people were tagging them in november... Im sure someone eats them. Dont let your tags fall on the ground. I tagged a needle fish with someones lost tags..
  141. nick17yz

    Mak 20SEaII for 130#?

    X 3
  142. nick17yz


    the super seeker rods are made of military spec 120g graphite fiber and s type fiberglass. They are the only rod that combines those two materials. The nice thing about just buying the blanks is you can have a perfect size rod wrapped for you. If you like a little more action, you can leave...
  143. nick17yz

    Spooling up my new reel

    I wil agree with fishy and sacto on this one. Thats exactly what I do. That extra capacity can be crucial. I love my maks !!!
  144. nick17yz


    Steve, I'll be there 2 or 3 out of the 5 days. They do buy 2 get 1 on line and hooks. i buy all my stuff for next season now, and I save 100's. If you dont like fishing, then your not missing anything.. The show is so much more than getting deals on tackle and gear, which there are a lot...
  145. nick17yz

    Catching Flying Fish?

    Nick is damn good at getting em. He had 2 or 3 in a net at a time.
  146. nick17yz

    The Saltydawg Rail Dawg Special

    you would love me to come by and pull on your rod, wouldn't you?
  147. nick17yz

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    great video! love the porn music!!
  148. nick17yz


    party foul waiting to happen... Your my boy Gary!!
  149. nick17yz

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    I cant understand Jamie half the time either..
  150. nick17yz

    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    you can buy rods and reels cheaper than the beer at the show..
  151. nick17yz


    91 year old stormin Norman Moltar puts more rail time in than most. He is a little old school, but outfishes everyone. I thought he was going to keel over a few times at the rail, but he does just fine. Plan your trip and get ready for a great vacation at sea.
  152. nick17yz


    Nice work! Seasons knows how to get er done!
  153. nick17yz

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    awesome!! I wonder if those crashing tuna would hit the popper with no hooks? I loved popping for night jacks last november. That made me start looking at a set up just for that. I foul hooked one and it almost spooled me. Funnest night ever! Thanks for the play by play reports!!
  154. nick17yz

    roadtrip $$$

  155. nick17yz

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    haha. Thats what I should have said. Great answer!!!
  156. nick17yz

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    The boats I have riddin always offer a payment plan and are really easy going. I dont let that credit charge bother me. Save the cash, write a check, go fishing. You can save money paying cash for gear too. We live in a cash talks world...
  157. nick17yz

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    kick ass report. I'll be seeing you guys at the fh show.
  158. nick17yz

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    great report! Seeker is the best!!!
  159. nick17yz

    SEASONS *RAIN OUR SHINE* 1/26/2013

    thats not gay Hey Jamie, you guys gonna be set up at the hoe show? I need some new swag
  160. nick17yz

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    Once we finish making bait, we can go fishing..
  161. nick17yz

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    good luck guys! Is anyone testing a new stella 30000? Any hard core big game spin fisherman should probably own one.
  162. nick17yz

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    For Sale. Very fishy boat, rock bottom price. All offers accepted.
  163. nick17yz

    Contacts for fishing San Quintin

    K & M for sure. You wont be disapointed!
  164. nick17yz

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    turn the clicker on, on any wahoo rigs left next to the bait tank unattended. Then when you get that wahoo troll strike, get ready to laugh your ass off. It sounds like a swarm of bees in the stern..
  165. nick17yz

    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    I drive a chevy and fish okumas. I was a atd guy for the better part of my LR career. I dont like chevys because they cost twice as much as fords. (they dont) Its not just personal preference either. It comes down to what I can afford to buy and how it will perform. Accurate makes a...
  166. nick17yz

    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    Mak for sure.
  167. nick17yz

    Recommended places to stay Bahia San Quintin?

    jardenas de baja is super nice and super clean. great wifi too. 2 miles from the bay
  168. nick17yz

    to buy or not to buy

    I would wait on the reels. The loaner reels are pretty decent and are ready to go. by the time you invest in a reel and fill it with spectra, your in over 600 no matter what brand you get. The 2 boats I've fished let you put what ever topshot you like. They basically just have spectra filled...
  169. nick17yz

    10-12 Day Trips January 2013

    deep breath fishy.. i think your still playing the field when it comes to gear. people can always look in the report archives to see when the best fishing months are anyways. i just like to see you get all flustered:waglleybooty:
  170. nick17yz

    10-12 Day Trips January 2013

    It was a pretty general answer fishy. You did say it was your opinion though. You should have said jan 6th is the best time to go for big tuna and you have to be on the Intrepid to catch them. We all know thats what you were thinking..
  171. nick17yz

    10-12 Day Trips January 2013

    i would have to disagree with you on that one fishy
  172. nick17yz

    San Quintin Fishing

    Kelly is the man with some really nice boats. Go with him!
  173. nick17yz

    San Quintin Low Down

    I was thinking Leelo.
  174. nick17yz

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    toro tamer is easy to work with, but very thick in diameter. I almost went with it till i saw the diameter as i only use 20 sized reels for mega cows. tuffline xp was in the middle and jb was the thinest. This coupon makes things interesting...
  175. nick17yz

    Twas the night before...

    T'was the night before Christmas And all through the house Everybody felt shitty Even the mouse Mom at the toilet And dad smoking grass I'd just settled down For a nice piece of Ass When out on the lawn I heard such a clatter I sprung from my piece To see what's the matter Then out on the...
  176. nick17yz

    Twas the night before...

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and God it was neat The kids were both gone, and my wife was in heat The doors were all bolted, and the phone off the hook It was time for some nooky, by hook or by crook. Momma in her teddy, and I in the nude Had just hit the bedroom and reached for the lube...
  177. nick17yz

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    salty and gary walk in to a bar......
  178. nick17yz

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin

    Lets go bruddah. Im down like a mother fucker!!!
  179. nick17yz

    Intrepid Larry Brown 14 Day: 12/4-12/18 Report

    great report!! cool video
  180. nick17yz

    Nub / Nail Top Shot's

    shoot Gary Teraoka a message and you'll get a 10 page responce on everything nub/nail knot related. im a Sato guy to the bone, but i still enjoy talking with Gary about all his tests hes performed and different scenarios he creates
  181. nick17yz

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin

    awesome Kelly. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Im trying to round up a trip for next month. I'll be talking to you begining of the year.
  182. nick17yz

    Rail Rod for 50 size reel

    i think it really depends on your style of fishing.. A 3x5 might be ideal for one guy and not so ideal for you. Ive had this conversation with seeker and calstar reps about a rod being perfect for everybody. Not possible. "I" like the 2x4 and think its good up to 50 lbs of drag. I love the...
  183. nick17yz

    Your Perfect Quiver For a Cow Trip

    you can tell which speedos are fishys by the shit stains.
  184. nick17yz

    Makaira 30IISE

    i would fill the 30 with 100lb hollow. You get the extra capacity and the breaking streangth isnt that much moe on the 130. I wouldnt put 130 on anything less than a 50 size reel.. jb hollow is the thinest spectra in that class too.. fyi
  185. nick17yz

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    Theres always "the one". Thats why we go big. Big fish, little reels for life!!
  186. nick17yz

    No need for a big boat

    solid 317.5
  187. nick17yz

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    good luck Rob. Welcome to long range and be prepared to have the bug..
  188. nick17yz

    cow rod

    hey Donna, I think you are a half harness girl, half rail girl, if i remember correctly. I really like Garrets idea on a full leangth 6463 either 3x or 4x. Those rods in the factory wrapped blank are 6'3", but if you get a blank that hasnt been cut, you can get almost 7 feet out of it. I...
  189. nick17yz

    Check this out!

    thats sweet looking!!
  190. nick17yz

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    well said!! how about a little fish report though??
  191. nick17yz

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    "There's always a bigger fish" star wars episode 1
  192. nick17yz

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    i saw 445.0. It was a beast for sure. the pics of it next to my 6 year old son are awesome. It was nice to meet Jeff and Garret at the scale. CONGRATS to seeker for making a rod that catches 445 lbers like nobodies business.
  193. nick17yz

    super happy with my new okuma makairas

    15-20 ft topshots. I fished 100lb premier the whole time, sato crimped to a small piece of 130, inline spliced to the 100 hollow. the first cow was a suicide fish. I put a lot of presure on him and got him to gaff in 15 minutes. (215) the second one was a entirely different animal. he took...
  194. nick17yz

    super happy with my new okuma makairas

    Just got off a 13 day trip to clarion island. I used 2 makaira 20 sea's and a makaira 16 (loaner from the red rooster) They were all filled with 100lb jb hollow. I landed 2 cows with the mak 20's and multiple smaller fish from 10-80 lbs. I landed a 80 lber on the mak 16. These reels...
  195. nick17yz

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    -im going to disneyland -what happens in the grotto, stays in the grotto -unleash the fury
  196. nick17yz


    you asshole. :finger:
  197. nick17yz


    I think its going to weigh 469.4
  198. nick17yz


    We're all excited to know what that monster fish caught on the Excel is going to weigh. New world record??? Maybe.. Lets see who can get the closest or even guess the weight. Maybe the bd mods can hook up a shirt to the winner or something??
  199. nick17yz

    Unloading fish

    that motorized cart pusher was really cool a few weeks ago when we came in. The tweeker that invented that thing gets kudos from me!!
  200. nick17yz

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    That is a potential world record fish. If the 427 dosent qualify, it would put this fish as a contender. send that baby in the freezer and get ready for the press!!
  201. nick17yz


    way to go leonard!! I thought that was you. Congrats! welcome to the cow club!
  202. nick17yz

    5 400#'s?

    I believe we are going to start seeing more of these fish every year. The elite 400lb club! Cool pics!!
  203. nick17yz

    EXCEL 2012 16-Day HB, The Final Morning

    sounds like you'll have plenty to talk about on your ride home..
  204. nick17yz

    EXCEL 2012 16-Day HB, The Final Morning

    Congrats basil on a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for the play by play reports.
  205. nick17yz

    Not a dick measuring contest but.

    you aint shit till your in this club
  206. nick17yz

    Not a dick measuring contest but.

    just got my jacket 2 days ago. I thought it was cooler than the patches. The fish is the real trophy. The Intrepid gives out a cowbell award too. Accurate gives a nice trophy and so does izorline. I think seeker has a cool trophy also. My dick is tiny until I get my 400 lb club...
  207. nick17yz

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    f'n awesome!! congrats to the fisherman and Excel!!
  208. nick17yz

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Was Larry chasing you??
  209. nick17yz

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Next year i will hang with you guys in Cabo. I really need a rooster fish on my score card.. You and Dave were fun to hang with and definitly know how to kick some fish ass! Im not sure if I'll ever catch another atd 50. haha anyone looking for a cool report...
  210. nick17yz

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    We were wondering what was taking the guy so long to reel in a wahoo.. It was a sight to see those big tuna crashing behind the boat on the marauders. Opened my eyes to something new. You never know whats gonna happen on a LR trip till it does. I love fishing!
  211. nick17yz

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Magic Mike! Your the man!! Cant wait till next year bud. Those guys are awesome! The Jacks are a secret. shhhhh I had the 16 on a 2X4. It was a awesome reel. basically a 20 with a little less line capacity. HAHA I never thought i would go to the dark side. I dont care who you are...
  212. nick17yz

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Gorilla 5/0, 100lb seagaur premiere, 100 jb hollow 2 mak 20 sea's, mak 16 prototype seeker 2x4's, seeker 6463xxxh I was shoulder hooking when the birds were nice. Nose hooking with a 1 ounce weight for the heavy bird times. The big bait caught the most for everyone else. I used...
  213. nick17yz

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Red Rooster III Clarion Nov 8-21<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> Short Report: <o:p></o:p> Some big fish caught and some little ones. Lots of personal bests and rooster 200 lb club jackets to hand out. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> My fish count...
  214. nick17yz

    Clarion produces Cows...
  215. nick17yz

    Clarion produces Cows...

    you mean the one about the 190lber you got to the boat in 10 min
  216. nick17yz

    Clarion produces Cows...

    report will be up this week hopefully. I ended with 2 cows, a 130 lber, 2 hoo, and several tuna in the 5-60 lb range. A flurry of nice grade dorado came through too. I didnt keep any dodos as the rsw wasnt going till the 3rd day.
  217. nick17yz

    Clarion produces Cows...

    Just got back last night. We had some moments of great big fish, fishing. It was a little slow a lot of the time, but the place looks really fishy right now. We had some wind and swell most of the trip and things got really nice towards the end. Im pretty sure we have at least 17 cows to...
  218. nick17yz

    How are the sleeping cushions on the Excel?

    I think sloppy seas is a understatement...:shithappens:
  219. nick17yz


    cows are caught by people who put their time in at the rail. The kite can be great at times and get some bigguns too. Ive seen 3 kites flown at a time. it all depends on the wind and the way the boat is swinging/drifting. One time at the lower banks a few years ago, the kite was so hot we...
  220. nick17yz

    Maximus Salty Dawg trip report

    thanks for the write up fishy! Looks like you guys had a great trip. Congrats on the super!! You've definitly paid your dues and you deserve it! Knucklehead is a fun guy to fish with.. If you book a trip 2 times a year, chances are he will be on 1 of them. He fishes like 900 days a year...
  221. nick17yz

    353# cow on AA

  222. nick17yz

    Fly Back??

    sorry bud, what happens in cabo, stays in cabo..
  223. nick17yz

    Fly Back??

    Never too late to change a plan.. Beers and massages on me...
  224. nick17yz

    Premade wind on leaders

    2nd day air bruddah... and 500$ on spectra is hard to buy early...
  225. nick17yz

    Premade wind on leaders

    Basil is the man! I just ordered 2500 yards of jb hollow from him today. He had generators running his buisness because of the storm. He still got my package out today and i should have it by fri.
  226. nick17yz

    Fly Back??

    flight booked and room reserved. Im staying at the mar de cortez sun night and flying out on mon. Sounds like a good time to me!!! Thanks again for the info!
  227. nick17yz

    Fly Back??

    thanks guys! I am definitly flying now. I will buy the flight tomorrow. im still tossing around the idea of staying till monday and spending a day in cabo. I will sleep on it and decide in the morning. Nick
  228. nick17yz

    Fly Back??

    Im on the Rooster 10/13 er in 2 weeks and I was pretty sure I was going to ride back. Getting closer to the trip, I cant help but think about that long ride home. My roomie made a good point that the option was there for a reason. I live in la so its really not too far to get back to sd on...
  229. nick17yz

    Go Pro tips and set-ups.

    the audio works best with the skeleton back cover. just dont get it wet. Dont walk in the head to take a leak with it recording on your head strap. That was funny!! Good thing you got the lcd back pack. It makes it way easier to get the right angles and pictures.
  230. nick17yz

    first super!!!

    Thur. October 25, 2012: What a SUPER day we had here on the Intrepid! It started out right at daylight with Mark Shimozaki hooking into and landing a 252lb Yellow fin, then Steve Able hooked up and landed his first Cow Tuna coming in at 210lbs which he backed up later in the day with a...
  231. nick17yz

    jiggin skippys for bait

    I think i'll use a pl-68 with 130 in the dark for skippies.:2gunsfiring_v1: Do the skippies eat the jumbo makeral catchers (3 hook bait rigs with heavy line) we normally use at the islands?
  232. nick17yz

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    RIP Stan. It was nice to have met you and followed your reports in Asuncion.
  233. nick17yz

    MAXIMUS 3.5 Day

    great report!! nice feeeeeesh!
  234. nick17yz

    drag setting

    fishybuzz weighs 120 lbs and fisshes 60 lb drag. all about technique
  235. nick17yz

    Offshore 371 YFT

    happy kids!! dosent get much better!
  236. nick17yz

    ATD 12 for 10 day?

    Now your on something. The mak 20 is a little bigger , holds a little more line, and has killer out of the box freespool. You can buy a mak 20 and a 16 for the same price :hali_ruahahaha:
  237. nick17yz


    Dave, Im your long lost brother and i think you should take me on your trips with you..
  238. nick17yz

    RR III October 5-13, 8-Day

    Thanks for the fish report. I still dont understand how catching a bunch of fish on a high end reel excuses it from failures. I have spent a lot of money on reels, and to excuse something breaking on a trip dosent fly in my book. A reel might get a little noisy, have bad freespool, or...
  239. nick17yz

    Hurricane Paul

    reduced to a catagory 2 now. looks like is heading a little more inland too..
  240. nick17yz

    Hurricane Paul

    i got friends on that trip too.. (john kashiki memorial) They were pumped to get on that hoo bite right now.. sucks
  241. nick17yz

    Hurricane Paul its the risk we take at this time of the year.. shitty for sure
  242. nick17yz

    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    The boat gets back to sd at 12 days. its a 12 day with a fly home after 9 days
  243. nick17yz


  244. nick17yz


    <TABLE border=0 width=760><!-- Begin Copy & Paste with this Line--><TBODY><TR><TD align=left>Fri. October 12, 2012: AWESOME!!! What an incredible morning of Big Tuna fishing we all experienced today! With 20+ knots of wind and 6-8 ft. sea's and a westerly current our morning started off with...
  245. nick17yz

    Searcher 7 Day Trip Report - Great Fishing!

    great report!! thanks for sharing!
  246. nick17yz

    Start your engines!!

    Looks like the Intrepid got into some fish. As far as i know, thats the first cows of the season. Tues. October 9, 2012: A late arrival for us today as we didn't get here until lunch time, an immediate and very smooth check in with the local navy personnel and we were on our way out to...
  247. nick17yz

    Maximus Cow Slay Oct 4-7 Pic Heavy

    awesome!! way to go on the killer trip!! thanks for the report and pics!
  248. nick17yz

    code boats

    I wouldnt trust any cult groups.
  249. nick17yz

    Offshore Seasons Sportfishing *DONE AT 8:30 AM* Report 9/30/12

    atta boy bruddah!! seasons always kills it!!! thanks for the report!!
  250. nick17yz

    ROD FOR ATD 12

    i got 3 fish over 200 on a atd 12. biggest was 251. 4 more in the teenager size. mine was paired with a 1X3. I would prob put it on a 2X4 now though..
  251. nick17yz

    ten day 11-23 thur 12-3

    what greg said.. Bring a few lighter set ups for making bait, catching some yellowtail during the journey, maybe some bottom fish if you have time. I bring 3 big set ups that can be any variation of 100 or 130.. then a couple lighter set ups for the small shit. im a 5 rod guy on any trip...
  252. nick17yz

    INTREPID TRIP 19 --- 9/17-9/25 2012

    That was a report!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your trip. Great pics!!
  253. nick17yz

    Caution bringing rods and reels into San Jose del Cabo airport, & Los Barriles report

    ive been hasseled for too many rods crossing the border. Just depends what they feel like checking.. I got a warning too, but they said next time i would have to go back north if i had too many rods..
  254. nick17yz


    check out fishingvideos for daily reports rp website too looks like a great trip
  255. nick17yz

    RR III 11/8/12 rollcall

    Funny, how last year not one person rode the boat home... T what the ****?? dont tell me I'm the only clown riding home? That might suck? I think?
  256. nick17yz

    Offshore They are getting bigger and closer!!!

    nice!! Looks like some skippies in there? I havent seen any of those this year...
  257. nick17yz

    RR III 11/8/12 rollcall

    First trip on the Bird for me. I look forward to meeting new people/crew/captain... Im still a rook compared to you Donna. Are you flying home? I am going to make sure all our gear and fish make it back safely.
  258. nick17yz

    Latest Bait Condition for LR Fleet

    something about making bait and netting everything that swims is so much fun. last year at Clarion , while everyone was sleeping, I proceeded to net everything and throw it in the bait tank that had only water in it. A "few" beers later and that thing had about 20 different species of fish in...
  259. nick17yz


    could go either way. Just go, have fun, and remember the fish are a bonus. With a good attitude could come 150lb bluefin chewing the paint off the boat.. Good luck on your trip!
  260. nick17yz

    On the water After Action Repot: Excel 8 Day.

    cant wait to try out the Excel. Thanks for the report!!
  261. nick17yz

    Super seeker 2x4

  262. nick17yz

    Which boats don't offer loaner gear?

    Just go with Fishybuzz and use his stuff...
  263. nick17yz

    The Bachelor Party of a Lifetime!!

    That was bad ass!! Thanks for the report and ics. Congrats on getting married too..
  264. nick17yz

    10 day trip day after christmas

    Ive done this trip 2 times. The Intrepid made their 10 dayer a 11 dayer in the past because of the long travel to clarion. Fingers crossed, the lower banks go off this year, and we wont have to go the distance. It is a great trip though, with awesome weather. There is something about that time...
  265. nick17yz


    my first hoo was on straight 130 flouro.. needless to say, I made him my bitch. Nothing like a wahoo bycatch..
  266. nick17yz


    i cant wait till my nov 13 dayer with Andy. First time on the Bird..
  267. nick17yz

    Seaguar Good News!

    great news!! also, it will be easier to insert the line into the hollow without those tighter coils.
  268. nick17yz

    Offshore never again on the dolphin II

    BS without pics.. Thanks for the fish report
  269. nick17yz

    East Coast Fishing!!

    that video was siiiiiiiiick!! Thanks for sharing!
  270. nick17yz

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    boring!!! I would rather read fish reports right now.. the rooster is killing jumbo bluefin!!
  271. nick17yz

    Maximus checking in...

    awesome. Nice to see big fish in the reports.. finally!!
  272. nick17yz

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    sweet! see you in 2 weeks.
  273. nick17yz

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    sweet! see you in 2 weeks.
  274. nick17yz

    What's the weather like in cow town around our cold months?

    clothing optional on fishybuzz charters..
  275. nick17yz

    What's the weather like in cow town around our cold months?

    hot and tropical. dont worry about heavy clothing. i stopped taking pants 3 years ago to cut on bag weight. i never wore them..
  276. nick17yz

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    big fish also eat little fish..
  277. nick17yz

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    nice feeeeesh!!!!!
  278. nick17yz

    Los 3 Oscars,

    nice K dog. see you 2 weeks from thursday..
  279. nick17yz

    Offshore Seasons Sportfishing * ALBIES * BFT * DODO * REPORT PT 2

    Siiiick!! Nice job!! thanks for the report!
  280. nick17yz

    MR RICH ROSE,KRYS&GEORGE,AUG 30,31&sept1st

    very nice!! thanks for the report!
  281. nick17yz

    seaguar premier

    i heard from a little birdie this was in the works.. Thanks for the update!
  282. nick17yz

    Offshore 9/3 on the Blackjack...need I say more

    Duane is the man!! Cant wait to get on the BJ..
  283. nick17yz

    Please help me!! is your best bet. or hire a guide..
  284. nick17yz

    Offshore 1.5 day on the Dolphin 3 8/17

    great report and attitude! get em next time!!
  285. nick17yz

    Offshore K&M Tuna-Dodo-Yellowtail-White Seabass!!

    awesome Kelly!! see you in 3 weeks!
  286. nick17yz

    P.E.I. Giant in Sept

    great report and pictures Kil!! Thank you for sharing your trip. One day....
  287. nick17yz

    Trips are good if I get home.

    thanks for the link.. That gave me goosebumps.. Ive almost crapped my shorts a few times at bens rock when the wave starts to break. I was on a 26 foot boat and we had to start the engine and gun it to avoid the rogue wave flipping us.
  288. nick17yz

    Trips are good if I get home.

    Bens rock by san quintin can have some nasty breakers. Took out the fish n fool and only a woman survived by a life raft that floated to the surface an hour after the boat sank. she was rescued by helocopter 7+ hours later. closest land was 2.5 miles away. either san martin or san quintin...
  289. nick17yz

    Q105 Update?

    i know Linda Palm was accepting the money transfer to the rooster. all you had to do was show proof of deposit. i heard 1 or 2 people that this worked.
  290. nick17yz

    live from the Excel

  291. nick17yz

    10 day roommate question

    I usually put a porno in the dvd player and crazy glue the buttons. I get the room all to myself. Problem solved..
  292. nick17yz

    50 or no 50 late September

    i dont use a 50 on 13 dayers. i barely use a 30... im a glutton for punishment though..
  293. nick17yz

    Offshore Kelpin' with Blackjack Sportfishing

    killer Duane!! Thanks for the report!
  294. nick17yz

    K&M EPIC Croaker Fishing !!! Capt George

    you guys are killin it. those are trophys for sure!!
  295. nick17yz

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    expect to have a good time. bring 8 rods and 10 reels. plan for anything. You can't use the gear you left at home..
  296. nick17yz

    Border crossing

    awesome Curt!! thanks for the info. I'll be down there next month. 27th.
  297. nick17yz


    Yea Buddy!!!! K & M ROCKS!!! See you next month ! Thanks for the reports. I heard chato was down there. Did you guys see him?
  298. nick17yz

    Offshore *Season's offshore report

    cant go wrong with the seasons crew!! Thanks for the write up and killer trip guys! Nothin like meeting cool people that know how to kill fish!
  299. nick17yz

    Almost Cow time. Lets see your Cow pic

    heres a few cows.. 202 253 265 201 251
  300. nick17yz

    Intrepid 8/5-8/12

    Good report!! Every boat is going to have some things better then others. Sorry the fishing wasnt great, as that usually overrides a lot. I would be pissed too if the sponser changed without warning. I cancelled a trip due to losing wahoodad on a trip. I as a Intrepid customer can say that...
  301. nick17yz

    Red Rooster III Nov. 8-21. sucks to be on the standby

    if anything, book another trip and make sure its transferable. i think a spot will open up on the rooster trip. i can sell my spot for 4500:waglleybooty:
  302. nick17yz

    TANKER SEABASS....K&M San Quintin

    way to go K dog!!!
  303. nick17yz

    Offshore TANKER SEABASS....K&M San Quintin

    damn thats the shit!! this is turning into a good year! Thanks for the report!
  304. nick17yz

    SHOGUN follow-up, 8/16-19

    Oh yea.. Ok 1 more yehaw and im good.. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAAA WWWWWW!!!
  305. nick17yz

    SHOGUN follow-up, 8/16-19

    nice Joe!! you and me are going on the cattle drive in november.. Yeeeeeeeehaaaww!!
  306. nick17yz

    Red Rooster III Nov. 8-21. sucks to be on the standby

    dont worry david. someone will back out.
  307. nick17yz

    Top Gun 80 Charter Boat

    thanks for the report! i call bs without pics..
  308. nick17yz

    Offshore throwing artificials at Mahi

    you can catch dorado with a doritos wrapper.. true story
  309. nick17yz

    Offshore 1.5day charter 8/16-8/18

    great report!! i'm gonna get me sum on wednesday!
  310. nick17yz

    Intrepid or Independence

    2007 worth 650 million 2012 over 1.5 billion not too shabby:rofl:
  311. nick17yz


    very nice Juan!! Thanks for the report and see you next month.
  312. nick17yz

    Role call, Big Als Excel trip

    good luck salty! Make em pay!
  313. nick17yz

    Big San Quintin Yellowtail.....Tuna-Dorado..

    awesome. You guys are killing it!!
  314. nick17yz

    My adventure at Cedros Island

    Toads!!! Thanks for the report!
  315. nick17yz

    Red Rooster III 5-Day 8/11-8/16 (Tons of Pics)

    great report!! glad you had a killer trip. I cant wait for my first experiance on the bird in november!
  316. nick17yz


    The crew buys the beer and gets to split the profits at the end of the year for xmas bonus. If your not paying the 2 bucks for the beer, your basically stealing it from the crew. Unless something has changed recently, this is the way it is.
  317. nick17yz

    Intrepid or Independence

    that would be scott (fyremo) I was rolling when he told me the story. They dropped him off at the bait receiver and his tackle box dumped all over the deck when he got on the boat. he said there were over a 100 beers on his tab that day.. lol
  318. nick17yz

    Intrepid or Independence

    Beer is only free the last night after you square up your tab and tips with the capitain.. Free beer would put some boats out of buisness:rofl::hali_olutta:
  319. nick17yz


    No free beer on the Intrepid unless your marking someone elses number... Free sodas and coffee
  320. nick17yz

    which rods

    what rods dont you own fishy???? i fourth the 2X4 for a rail rod.
  321. nick17yz

    Offshore K&M San Quintin...Tuna & Toads

    nice work bro!! cant wait to get out there next month!!
  322. nick17yz

    Intrepid or Independence

    there are some stops. depends on weather. you can get 4 days in cow town and that can be a lot. The boat will fill quick with bigger fish. fill in the gaps with wahoo and head up the line.
  323. nick17yz

    Stacking braids

    In the porn industry you hear a lot about a lot:rofl:
  324. nick17yz

    Stacking braids

    olympic swimmers shave their balls to get more speed...
  325. nick17yz

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    Five Star Rocks!!!
  326. nick17yz

    Intrepid or Independence

    Fish the dec 26 Intrepid trip with me! Its a great trip that usually has quite a few newbies.. The funny thing is, the newbies do better than the vets. They listen, take advice, pay attention and have a good attitude. Shauna Barton is the chartermaster and always has a ton of swag and she is...
  327. nick17yz

    Stacking braids

    fishybuzz is really good at working with tight holes... I like the 200 hollow idea simply because i can have a new top shot inlined in about 3 minutes. less time splicing in topshots = more cow tunas Ive been corrected on my theory of 200 having more abrasion resistance than 130, and...
  328. nick17yz

    Stacking braids

    super abrasion resistant.. quick inline splice connections with 200lb too.. I like the idea..
  329. nick17yz

    On board photographers

    that was funny. Happened to drew on the new years trip. whole new meaning to "helmet cam":rofl:
  330. nick17yz

    6 Day Royal Star Aug 4th Humbolt Lumberjacks

    great report and pics!! That kid is awesome!! 3 more years and ill have my boy out there with me.
  331. nick17yz

    On board photographers

    Wahoodad always puts a killer video together on his charters. Personally i like the videos more than pics. I now go around the boat with my gopro a couple times a day and get some great action shots. Sometimes I end up with something totally unexpected to happen while candid filming....
  332. nick17yz

    Offshore SEASONS * ALBIES * BFT * DODO * YT * REPORT 8/13/2012

    nice job seasons!! thats how you represent!!!
  333. nick17yz

    Is there....Line question

    friends dont let friends use power pro..
  334. nick17yz

    LATE REPORT! KM skipper BIRD

    I'll take a xl next month Kelly. Thanks bud!!!
  335. nick17yz

    K&M 68water-dodo&slugs on 240

    Thats sick buddy!! cant wait to see you guys next month!!
  336. nick17yz

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    You had me at "birds and dolphin watching".. Can we hear more about that??
  337. nick17yz


    OK, since we are playing favorites, trying to kill time till all of our trips are here, lets talk about CM"s. I chose my first 4 long range trips (10+ dayers) on the charter master more so than the boat. We all know what to expect from the top boats in the fleet, but what about the guys or...
  338. nick17yz


    not to thread jack, but i believe the best captain is nothing without a great crew. The captain definitly sets the tone, but the crew is there to help you, feed you, and make you have a trip of a lifetime. I cant say the best captain yet until i haved fished with all of them. Mike Pritchard...
  339. nick17yz

    What length trip to bring wife for first time?

    10 day for sure. with her luck she will hook 10 cows and hand them off to you. the accommodations on a lr boat are the best of any. There wont be a bunch of assholes and there are more crew members to assist. If my wife wanted to go on a trip with me, i would definitly go 10 or 11 day. Los...
  340. nick17yz

    Offshore fishing was good pacific queen 2.5 day

    sounds like a great trip!! thanks for the report!
  341. nick17yz


    your suppose to keep the sticky out of the wheel house.. killer trip!! i hope to get out with you guys soon!!
  342. nick17yz

    Fortune Late Report

    great report Bob!! thanks for sharing your trip with us!
  343. nick17yz

    5 star new colors

  344. nick17yz

    60,50,40lb seabass and albacore

    Awesome!! thanks for the report!
  345. nick17yz

    Royal Star 7/8-7/15 - A Perfect Trifecta

    kick ass report!! thanks!
  346. nick17yz

    San Quintin 240 Slugs still chewin!

    sick!! cant wait to get out there. Are the squid those small humbolts like last year? those fucking things...
  347. nick17yz

    Offshore Dolphin 3

    I would contact the boat owner and capitan first, before posting this thread.. No business owner needs a bashing without defending themself or at least making it right.. Take the 500 and put a deposit on a long range trip. IMO
  348. nick17yz

    Offshore Dorado and wind! 8-5-12

    nice job!! thats some good eats! nice boat. thanks for the report!
  349. nick17yz

    What trip are you booked to go on this season?

    X2 + dec 26, 11 day on the Intrepid
  350. nick17yz

    RR3 Bluefin Jim 5-day 7/27-8/1 (Image Heavy)

    great report. Thanks for the pics!!!
  351. nick17yz


    great report!!! thanks for taking the time!!
  352. nick17yz

    Inaugural Ray Jarvis Memorial on the Intrepid July 14, 2012

    great report and pics! Thank You!
  353. nick17yz

    Ray Jarvis Tribute Intrepid style

    That was a great tribute!! RIP Ray!!
  354. nick17yz

    Seasons & K&M Sporfishing...yellows,wsb!

    Nice job guys. Wish I was there with you!!
  355. nick17yz

    RR3 4-Day Returned Today

    Great report!! I cant wait to be on the bird in november!! (first time)
  356. nick17yz


    that was a fun morning!! thanks Dad!! lets do it again next week!
  357. nick17yz

    From the horses mouth. Q105

    Shitty situation for you John. Good on you for even sharing this with the public. I am sure there is more going on then anyone can realize. Good luck to you and I hope to see you in long range soon! Thanks for the report.
  358. nick17yz

    Vagabond RiceBowl Charter with new RiceBowl Girl!

    only fishy would ask that...
  359. nick17yz


    an AR-15 would be a nice raffle item...
  360. nick17yz

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    nov 8th 13 day on the Rooster dec 26th 11 day on the Intrepid I want to be like David when I grow up!!
  361. nick17yz


    are you gonna build a campfire and sing Kumbaya... this sounds like that , "wanna go camping?" joke.....
  362. nick17yz

    Thinking outside the box

    dont forget the driving range on the top deck.. FOUR!!!!!!!!
  363. nick17yz

    Thinking outside the box

    its funny the things we look for in a trip.. I really like having a soda fountain. i dont want to drink a whole can of soda, so being able to just take a swig here and there is nice. nothing to do with fishing, but a selling point for me.. see you at the dock gurnman. last year...
  364. nick17yz

    Thinking outside the box

    thats gonna be a great trip. The funny thing is, no matter what the fish do, i always have a great trip. good people, good times, lots of laughs, and maybe a fish or ten.. i cant wait for fall/winter. My name is Nick, and i'm a cowaholic..
  365. nick17yz

    Thinking outside the box

    Laurens definitly has a history in the Bird archives. I cant wait to see what he does. im sure i'll leave the report up to you, roomie. what will it be this time? gangster theme? we can be the goodfellas going to cow town...
  366. nick17yz

    Thinking outside the box

    great feedback guys!! I am too a creature of habit and i do enjoy the finer things in life. The Excel will see a lot of me next year. I really like Mike Pritchard, and look forward to slaying some cows with him again!! I am a fisherman to the bone, so any boat would be fine with me. Ive been...
  367. nick17yz

    Thinking outside the box

    After a lot of thought ive decided that I dont know first hand what the rest of the long range fleet have to offer other than the Intrepid. With the change of charter masters and what not, ive decided to give the rest of the fleet a chance to wow me. Everyone has their boat and have been...
  368. nick17yz

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    awesome doooood!! see you sooner than later!!!!
  369. nick17yz

    Wahoodad and Willy Ray Jarvis Memorial Charter

    fishy will probably bring chicken feet for everyone and jim will show everyone how to catch fish.. wish i was there!!
  370. nick17yz

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    i hear chicken feet are a hit too...
  371. nick17yz

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    the crew love getting all sorts of snacks. they usually have a cabinet full of gummy candy, chocolate, jerky, etc.. they like a case of cigars, and new movies too. anything you offer the crew, will be much appreciated.
  372. nick17yz

    Goodies for the LR Crew

  373. nick17yz

    Gallos Gone Wild!

    that was a sick trip!! Must be because its where you guys got married.. Thanks for the pics and report!!!
  374. nick17yz

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    delicious.. (The popcorn that is)
  375. nick17yz


    1 knot of extra speed isnt gonna kill anybody. you end up in the zone at night most the time anyways and you have to get set. Just pick a boat, have a good time, and remember its your vacation. everything will fall into place. I would chose the trip on who the CM is and group of people more...
  376. nick17yz

    Red Rooster 3 - June Heat trip

    great report!! definitly a trip in my future.. that frigate flying out of the ear is pretty cool..
  377. nick17yz

    leaving early

    i wouldnt mind coming in early with my 450lb tuna. With all the reporters and people to deal with, i might need the last few days for the dock party..
  378. nick17yz

    All good things must come to pass

    Good luck in your new ventures. As soon as you CM a new trip, im on it! losing you as chartermaster is hard for me since you have been on everyone of my long range trips. I go where you go bruddah!!
  379. nick17yz

    California State Record Sculpin?

    thats a black sea bass you moron!! nice catch!!!
  380. nick17yz

    Excel report

    hope you froze it fast.. haha nice feeeeeeeesh!!!!
  381. nick17yz

    The Ghey Test...

    18 % does that mean i get to back door her?? thats why i have a strong urge to bury the brown eye..
  382. nick17yz

    email re: Q105

    satelite photos of malibu phil
  383. nick17yz

    email re: Q105

    lets get back on topic people..
  384. nick17yz

    Excel report

    Thats great Choater!! I knew you guys would get some. Tuna bite into the night sounds fun. Glad the sharks backed off you guys! Cant wait for the next update!
  385. nick17yz

    2 Open Spots on the INDY 11.25 Day 11/10/12

    i might be hoppin on this one..
  386. nick17yz

    Excel report

    the play-by-play is awesome Dave!!! Thanks!!
  387. nick17yz

    Looking for private charter for two

    seasons X5. Great captain, crew, boat, etc..
  388. nick17yz

    Excel report

    awesome Choater!! good luck tomorrow bud!!!
  389. nick17yz

    How far off to go to catch cows?

    People told Christopher Columbus the world was flat..
  390. nick17yz

    How Many trips for your first Cow?

    if you put in the rail time, it will happen. who really cares about cows anyways?? Its all about 400lbers now!!!
  391. nick17yz

    Independence Dec. 26th trip

    Mainly a big fish trip. If its anything like the last 2 years, i would definitly plan on wahoo as you wont be fishing the lower banks. Being a 12 day, you can almost garrantee going to clarion or HB. then hitting the ridge or rocks on the way back for a little trip break up. going there its...
  392. nick17yz

    Excess fish

    now thats funny!!
  393. nick17yz

    Excess fish

    this is like that whale wars show. I say KILL EM ALL!!!
  394. nick17yz

    K&M Eric Landesfeind "Calicos" Day 1

    those are PIGS!! Kelly always makes it happen in SQ
  395. nick17yz

    Excess fish

    its just an option fishy... why go to costco when you can trade for cans. i always trade one popsicle for tuna cans. i believe i got a case and a half for my 250 lber. those bigger tuna arent as good to eat as the smaller ones anyways. people like cans as gifts too. i had 7 big tuna on my...
  396. nick17yz

    San Quintin, anyone? Looking for advice

    Kelly is the man!! Hit him up for sure!
  397. nick17yz

    Another 21 Swords on the Booby Trap plus Mako eats a swordfish video..

    thats a sick video!! thanks for sharing!!
  398. nick17yz


    Nice white fish!!
  399. nick17yz

    No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

    great white and solid 25 lbs.... case closed!
  400. nick17yz


    Way to go amigo!! Thats how you getter done!!
  401. nick17yz

    Excess fish

    There are always people on the trip that would love any fish you want to give them. I always call family and friends to meet me at the dock too. The boat will also take the fish and give it to there friends and family. This is the last thing you should worry about. Go out, kill fish, and have...
  402. nick17yz

    200# cutoff for the RP....

    good luck knucklehead!! still hate you!!
  403. nick17yz

    Roll call Excel May 10.... 15 day.. Are you going?

    your killin me smalls!!!!
  404. nick17yz

    Wicked Tuna

    if you dont like, dont watch it. i love anything to do with fishing and especially tuna that big. I am hooked and im not affraid to say it. the west coast is the best coast, but we dont have a show with a cool name.. i would love to catch one of those giants without the rod holder before...
  405. nick17yz

    200# cutoff for the RP....

    i was jelous the first time you mentioned your trip. the 10th time is just mean...:finger:
  406. nick17yz

    What swallowed my dine!

    definitly a basking shark
  407. nick17yz

    Mexican Visa and Fuel Surcharge for 2012

    It is his job, Tako...
  408. nick17yz

    Panama Adventure via Intrepid

    awesome report Dave!! Did you take any underwater video?? Are those snapper good eating? I bet Paul can do wonders with those things..
  409. nick17yz

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    watch out for the short guy that drinks gourmet soda... good luck on your trip!!!!
  410. nick17yz

    favorite cow tuna blank?

    i'll put my 1x3 against your black hole technology all day... haha:rofl: with a company like seeker, you have to imagine a new rod coming out every season to try out. they are always trying to stay on top and make something bigger and better. seeker rocks!!
  411. nick17yz

    favorite cow tuna blank?

    i would say 3x5 for kite and chunk. For me, the 3x5 is too much rod and i like the 2x4 for everything. I also used a 1x3 the whole time on my last trip. I like a little challenge and the lighter set up.
  412. nick17yz

    One Day Aboard the Intrepid in Panama

    thats awesome!!! very cool day in Panama!! Thanks for sharing!
  413. nick17yz

    They're here

    i see the return of my bx 30 in the near future...
  414. nick17yz

    Mexican Visa and Fuel Surcharge for 2012

    X3 trips 24 and 27
  415. nick17yz

    Karata T

    nice bro!! funny story. hopefully next time yields bigger fish!! dude, that anchor is funny. you can probably use that to catch something..
  416. nick17yz

    219lb Cow on a "Snoopy Rod" on the Royal Star

    Just razzin you stevo.. Im internet cow fishing for 6 more months. ughhhhh. I pick on spinner fisherman and east coasters when i get bored. haha You dont see the guys on wicked tuna using snoopy rods... They look like 5x's or 3x5ers
  417. nick17yz

    219lb Cow on a "Snoopy Rod" on the Royal Star

    come on steve, i believe there is a east coast forum for all that nonsense:rofl::rofl: still a nice fish caught on the best coast!!!
  418. nick17yz

    favorite cow tuna blank?

    i like the idea of a 2x4x2
  419. nick17yz

    Hey Wahoodad - Intrepid Question

    i thought you kept them in your stateroom??:rofl::rofl:
  420. nick17yz

    favorite cow tuna blank?

    once you go 4X......
  421. nick17yz

    Hey Wahoodad!

    just admit it... those snapper kicked your ass!! haha
  422. nick17yz

    Hey Wahoodad - Intrepid Question

    i use the front rod holders at a angle and you can get a 8 footer in there without having to go top deck. i have a custom 2x4 that barely fits (that is 7'2") in the numbered spaces
  423. nick17yz

    favorite cow tuna blank?

  424. nick17yz

    Setting Up an AVET EXW30 For Cows?

    cant get as much 80 as 100 on your reel. X3 on the 100lb hollow . then step it to 130 hollow on the last 50-75 yds. then make all your topshots with 200lb hollow for 130 flouro and 130 hollow for 100 flouro. this is the only way "I" fish the heavy gear, till I figure out a better...
  425. nick17yz

    Some nice Tuna caught in Jan. on the Intrepid

    that tuna looks all of 400lbs next to you knucklehead.. lol. should have scaled next to a soda pop bottle.. haha
  426. nick17yz

    Trips leaving the day after Xmas - Tuna only?

    this trip always fills at the last minute. i would hope people would jump on sooner, but its been like this for some years now. I wouldnt mind if we went with 18 like the trip 2 years ago. Private staterooms, tons of rail space, extra seating at dinner and food. Either way, i hope the banks...
  427. nick17yz

    Trips leaving the day after Xmas - Tuna only?

    see you guys at the dock.. This is my favorite trip of the year. Get ready for some cow fish!!!
  428. nick17yz

    20 foot white likely a white not a Basking Shark

    we're gonna need a bigger forum ...
  429. nick17yz

    S P O T

    Are you talking about the "old man"??
  430. nick17yz

    BloodyHooker boat

    its ok if its your hooker?? Right!!
  431. nick17yz

    Lucky B- Big La Jolla Yellows 4.22

    TOADS!!! thanks for the report!!!
  432. nick17yz

    20' long, 2000 lb GW Shark caught......

    that set of jaws would be siiiiiiick on my wall !!! sad to see that beast die though. maybe thats why the 400lber tuna are showing up?? They arent getting eaten anymore..
  433. nick17yz

    Yellows at La Jolla

    Meooooowwwwww, HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Cats out of the bag.....
  434. nick17yz

    Does anyone know the history on this?

    I wish. Im having tuna withdrawls till nov and dec. 2 - 11 dayers and a trip to pv.. i see cows in my future!!
  435. nick17yz

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    nice job!! thanks for all the pics and report!!
  436. nick17yz

    Does anyone know the history on this?

    There it is!! I couldnt remember where i parked that thing...
  437. nick17yz

    K&M San Quintin

  438. nick17yz

    Good Long Range Charters

    damn, I like your style Fred!!
  439. nick17yz

    K&M San Quintin

    say the word and im there!!!
  440. nick17yz

    3rd Annual Saltydawg Rods 8 day

    oh man!! Knucklehead is going??? This trip seems to attract ALL the rif raff!!
  441. nick17yz

    Good Long Range Charters

    great point!! i plan on a maximus trip this oct!!!
  442. nick17yz

    Trolling out fits

    boat rig X 6
  443. nick17yz

    Potential new world record Yellowfin caught...

    i believe the 130 jb and 300lb leader void any chance at a world record... am I wrong? still a awesome catch and you would be at the top of bill Roekers(sp?) list of supers
  444. nick17yz

    Good Long Range Charters

    there are gonna be a lot of answers for you. None of them wrong, just mainly opinions. My opinion is to jump on the dec26 11 dayer on the intrepid. this trip is a perfect trip for newbies. im bringing a buddy this year as a first time cow hunter. The charter masters are great , how can you...
  445. nick17yz

    A very special picture...............

    Thats Really cool. My grandpa and dad got me hooked on fishing since i was 4. All those memories will last a lifetime. Thanks for the post!
  446. nick17yz

    Just heard on lets talk hookup, 400+lbs yft

    cant wait to see the pics! thanks for the report!
  447. nick17yz

    Travel time.

    most likely the ridge or alijos bank
  448. nick17yz

    3 dogs Kill Cows in PV.....

    siiiick. cant wait to get on that boat!!! thanks for the report!
  449. nick17yz

    lost check with LR boat

    i just bring a check down to the boat on departure day. this way if the check bounces, im already at cow town.
  450. nick17yz

    Gaff Cam

    sweet soundtrack!
  451. nick17yz

    Where's the Report?

    awwwwwwe, come on guys. we can tell what really happened now. we were heading south in some nice swell, beers in hand, when we motored right over a school of 150-200 lb bluefin. We scramble for our heavy gear when Spike throws the 10 footer at em.. He gets his ass handed to him by a nice...
  452. nick17yz

    Trips leaving the day after Xmas - Tuna only?

    The intrepid 26th trip is awesome. Great trip for newbies and the best charter masters in longrange. A definite chance at hoo, but mainly a trophy tuna trip.I hope to share the rail with you.
  453. nick17yz

    My Kids Say I matched the Flag....

    that fish is radioactive. i hope you didnt eat it...
  454. nick17yz

    Mustad's Giant Shark Hook Contest - Ending April 13, 2012

    i would take it with me into the mist of avalon on my majestic steed shooting flaming arrows...
  455. nick17yz

    Mustad's Giant Shark Hook Contest - Ending April 13, 2012

    i would hug it, kiss it, and keep it for my very own!!
  456. nick17yz


    im down! lets go!! Kelly is my boy. i'll drive, and i'll take you to Bar Brazil:boobies::hali_ruahahaha:
  457. nick17yz

    Were is kona mike

    way to go Kona!!! i know he uses a bullet cam attached to his hat. not a go pro, but still great video!!
  458. nick17yz

    San Quentin or castros camp

    SQ, follow the weather it can be windy there this time of the year.
  459. nick17yz

    Came across this BD worthy trailer!!! (I think)

    thats was sweet. thanks for sharing!!
  460. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    Turner Brown!!
  461. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    this is like 20 miles offshore. i hope its better by land..
  462. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    looks a little soupy <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=700><TBODY><TR><TD><TABLE border=0 width=560><TBODY><TR><TH scope=col>Marine Forecast for 30.25º N / 116.25º W "S.Q. off shore" Conditions suitable for most marine activities Caution. Small craft advisory...
  463. nick17yz

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    great pics!! thanks for the report!!
  464. nick17yz

    Dropper Loop Methods

    Are swivels completely retarded? i was thinking it would eliminate the bad knot and make the bait not get twisted.. Pros or Cons please..
  465. nick17yz

    Chef Javier

  466. nick17yz

    Chef Javier

    get well Javier!!!! thoughts and prayers with you amigo!!
  467. nick17yz


    im like steve on this one. I actually enjoy the whole process of getting to the landing and waiting to get on the boat. Its amazing the first impression you get on people that you will become closer with in the next 10+ days. The people i think are total douche bags, are actually cool by mid...
  468. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    dont threaten me like that.. then i'll leave lolita at the dock...
  469. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    im pretty sure this is a party charter, wth a chance of catching some fish.. im bringing a soundcast speaker, so get your ipod music in order!!
  470. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    what site are you using for the forcast? nevermind, i'll pm spike..
  471. nick17yz

    Were is kona mike

    X 100
  472. nick17yz

    Just to Get your juices flowing

    maybe not a Jauques Cousteau, but possibly a Hemmingway. I believe he carried a tommy gun when he went fishing??
  473. nick17yz

    Just to Get your juices flowing

    i love snook fishing!! just dont grab them by the gill plate... razor blades. if you dont get any in panama, just come out to florida with me.
  474. nick17yz

    Wind on leaders

    haha, then i get them from you..I cant milk my resources dry.
  475. nick17yz

    Wind on leaders

    hey bob, do you guys sell sato crimps? i hate buying them from the landing at 25$ a bag and i always wait till the last minute, so i cant order online. thanks
  476. nick17yz

    How Many Jigs?

    theres 20 tackle boxes on the racks to chose from. just bring a few and "borrow" the rest.
  477. nick17yz


    i have been on the last two nov 13-24 trips. i dont bring jeans anymore. its never that bad. sometimes its cold and rainy at the dock, but 700+ miles south its a different world.
  478. nick17yz

    14 day workout

    The closest thing I ever did compared to that was put an eyebolt in the celing of my bedroom and hung a ........ Oooops sorry, different kind of workout. Jamie BS without pics..
  479. nick17yz

    Catfishing in DC

  480. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    ITS THE FUCKING CATALINA WINE MIXER!! all we need is some uptown girl!!
  481. nick17yz

    Cow fishing 3 won't open

    i cant open it either. i went to the other forum to read it..
  482. nick17yz

    fishing/surfing were good this last week!

    thats awesome doooood!! I would love to get down there soon!!
  483. nick17yz

    14 day workout

    disregard all comments!! If you jack-off 2-3 times daily, you are more than ready to catch cows!!!
  484. nick17yz

    14 day workout

    Cardio 1st. Legs 2nd.. Just drink lots of water on your trip and remember to breath..
  485. nick17yz

    Contact Info for Vendors that help out with swag

    this is what makes a "good" charter master "great". this is the strictly fish charter isnt it? is it full? big props to 5 star and Seeker for stepping up to help out!!
  486. nick17yz

    Best trips for swag

    you would be amazed how fast you'll hear from it, if you put your credit card number in the bottle. its universal in all languages..:rofl:
  487. nick17yz

    Whole new meaning to "The Rocks"

    cool video. i think thats austrailia. they catch big marlin off those too. people die every year falling off the cliffs while fishing..
  488. nick17yz


    one of the best things about these trips, is having wives that support us in our passions. they dont even ask for anything big in return? kudos to Tree and all the wives(especially my own) that make this happen.. i look forward to the report, pics , and videos!!
  489. nick17yz

    Need some help Newbie to the long range trips

    buy 600 yds of 100 lb hollow and inline splice it to 130 to fill the reel.
  490. nick17yz

    Ensenada 3-5-2012-Pati w Yellows, Whitefish and Lings

    way to go on the yellow!!! thanks for the report!!
  491. nick17yz

    Never again will I donate my jackpot for free passes.

    maybe you shouldnt enter the raffle either??:finger:
  492. nick17yz

    Need some help Newbie to the long range trips

    you can borrow top of the line gear for free. you pay for topshots and hooks, call it done. maybe pick the dec 26 10 day and work it out with your job. usually there isnt much going on the week between xmas and new years. realistic sepending, said and done on a 10 day that time of the year...
  493. nick17yz

    Never again will I donate my jackpot for free passes.

    if a boat/crew dosnt make me happy, i will find another one. this is why i started fishing longrange and private. no need to bash them, the buisness will fail if they are shitty..
  494. nick17yz

    Best trips for swag

    im not sure if thats a compliment.. i havent been the same either:rofl:
  495. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    i'll gladly pay you tues for a fishing trip today..
  496. nick17yz

    Best trips for swag

    the swag and the fish are just a bonus in my book. fishing with people like wahoodad is a trip maker in itself. the amount of knowledge you will gain is priceless. i chose my trips by the people on them and the time that best fits my schedule. you can buy a lot of stuff with 4000$. the...
  497. nick17yz

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    buy a knife that will outlast your wife!
  498. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    lolita is a hard worker and dosent eat much. she is worth her weight in gold!!
  499. nick17yz

    Best trips for swag

    wahoodad trips are stupid swag trips.. stupid=good you might have to bring another bag to get all the stuff home.
  500. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    my buddy got the spot. according to the landing, we are full again. :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  501. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    your still in, right???
  502. nick17yz

    Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

    good call choater! hopefully the water warms up and the yellows show up. 2 more weeks of shit talking!!
  503. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    yea but, once you go dark box....
  504. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    who cares about rods? can we get back to the wine list??
  505. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    i have a german helmet cam too.
  506. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    how long does it have to be to be a jig stick?
  507. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    you meen, i dont have to bring the voluptuous mags?? oh well, there already packed....
  508. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    i was thinking more like 25 fathoms requires immediate hydration.:hali_olutta: 9 ft rock cod gear. its the new 7 ft!! i might be fishing the surface for breezers while you guys are going deep on the cock cod.. :rofl: how many hooks can we use, 15 or 20??
  509. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    i just sato crimped my cow cod set ups. drags set for 32 lbs.. those cod better not get in my face, i'll drop their asses!!
  510. nick17yz

    One spot open on Fortune 3 day

    my buddy is in. spot filled if still available..
  511. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    its the fucking catalina wine mixer!!!!
  512. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    where were you a month ago when i sold all my atds for 550 each?????
  513. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    im not sure the dawgs are the answer.... i wish they would stop production of the atd 6 and make a atd 20. jack and his son both gave me the yeah, yeah, yeah attitude. i am anxious to see the "new" bx reels in action..
  514. nick17yz

    Clipperton Adventure on the Star

    sounds like a great trip!! on my bucket list for sure! thanks for the report!!
  515. nick17yz

    10, 11 or 12 day long range trips

    the intrepid 11 dayer is a great trip!! ive done it twice and had a blast both times. if we go to clarion again, you would have a great chance at the hoo. with shauna barton and wahoodad as chartermasters, this trip is awesome! if you get half paid by july 1st, you will be in a special raffle...
  516. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    accurates make great paper weights!!
  517. nick17yz

    Old Yellar

    mosszilla!! thanks for the report!
  518. nick17yz

    Penn baja special

    accurates make great paper weights!!
  519. nick17yz

    Constitution/Colnett 3/3/12

    nice reds and cow!!
  520. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    rain gear???? thats just crazytalk!!
  521. nick17yz

    Fortune 3 day visa process

    what hoops said..
  522. nick17yz

    excell march 27 accurate trip

    bob douglas is on the trip. great guy, and builds a killer tackle box!!
  523. nick17yz

    pic of 115lb bat

    thats the biggest threadjack ive ever seen..
  524. nick17yz

    Catching a cow

    i didnt see his rod touch the rail, or the deckie touch it, or the 200lb leader, or the 10 ft gaff, or ........
  525. nick17yz

    Fortune March 16th 3 day trip attendees notice!

    she loves to blow... and she dosent mind getting wet..
  526. nick17yz

    Fortune March 16th 3 day trip attendees notice!

    i thought this was a drinking charter where we might get to fish a little bit? we better get some albacore:rofl:
  527. nick17yz

    Fortune March 16th 3 day trip attendees notice!

    the calico bass fishing is insane there pretty much year round. if there is bait and birds, there will probably be WSB. the locals get em randomly by accident pretty often. the sea bass in that area can be tankers too. 3 years ago, we killed it there.
  528. nick17yz

    Fortune March 16th 3 day trip attendees notice!

    yo pensaba los cocineros dranks mientras el sueño de pescador
  529. nick17yz

    Fortune March 16th 3 day trip attendees notice!

    whos in charge of the drink menu??
  530. nick17yz

    Stateroom TVs

    i put a porno in, crank the volume, hide the remote, and crazy glue the buttons on the tv and dvd player. problem solved!
  531. nick17yz

    clean your cuts!!

    Good to meet you spike. I got beat after I left yesterday. Now I have to go back and set ther bar higher.
  532. nick17yz

    N O M A D - Great Barrier Reef

    thats a siiick trip!!
  533. nick17yz

    K&M Surf: Reef-Point Slab-XXL we got it

    thats awesome!! living the dream!!
  534. nick17yz

    Catalina Lings 3/3

    great trip and report as always. happy birthday!!
  535. nick17yz

    Three Day Trip On The FORTUNE!!!

    what hoooops said!!
  536. 1st, 2nd, 3rd (split)

    1st, 2nd, 3rd (split)

  537. nick17yz


    nice job on the taco meat!!!
  538. nick17yz

    K&M San Quintin....Big Reds & Yellowtail

    nice work k dogg!!! miss being there baaaaaad! thanks for the report and pics!
  539. nick17yz

    clean your cuts!!

    it has to be someone elses though..
  540. nick17yz

    clean your cuts!!

    hahaha,, i've been waiting for the porno jokes. it was a "shrimp bucket"... aka.........
  541. nick17yz

    clean your cuts!!

    I just got back from florida yesterday after a week of fun in the sun, slaying the reds and snook. i was fishing with mostly live shrimp. On the red eye from florida I had tremendous pain coming from my left hand pinky finger. 12 hours later, my finger was like a sausage and had turned...
  542. nick17yz

    Boca Grande fishing guide

    tailhunters out of gasparilla marina
  543. nick17yz

    Larry Brown/ David Choate RR3 16ner

    great report, pics, and info as always mr choater!! i look forward to buggin you at the hoe show. are there gonna be swimsuit girls at the okuma booth this year???
  544. nick17yz

    Is there a light weight cow reel out there?

    i filled my atd 12 with 100 hollow (tuff line) then stepped it to 40 yds of 130 hollow. matched with a 1x3 which i felt was lacking a little backbone, but did just fine with 30-35 lbs of drag at the end of the fight.. i was fishing 130 flouro on my 12 last month and holding that set up all day...
  545. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    it was 265 on a brand new bx 2 30 i have a 251, 205, 220 on a atd 12.
  546. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    the reels are perfect for fish to 130 all day and night. IMO. we were fishing the lower banks 2 years ago,(11 dayer nov 13-24) and i was snake bit bad. the bite went from 25 fish the first day to 10 the 2nd and 3 the 3rd. it was the 4th day and we had only seen a few boils and no biters...
  547. nick17yz

    Moon & Stars Align at Gordo Banks

    great pics!!! thanks for sharing!
  548. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    X 2
  549. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    there are many instances of the ARB's failing in the bx reels. i had a 265 lber on for about an hour and the reel failed 45 min into the fight. the handle went full knuckle buster at deep color. i got the fish, but a lot could have gone bad. there was 2 other same situations i know about...
  550. nick17yz

    is this Accurate?

    ding ding
  551. nick17yz

    Glue only

    i have experamented with no glue or crimps before , and found the connection impossible to break free. add some crimps and glue and your definitly ready for a 2 hour battle. i would not trust the connection without crimps or glue for any length of time. nail knots and crimps WILL fail if not...
  552. nick17yz

    Monster Grouper at San Bruno, BCS

    thats what i thought... great catch either way!!!!!
  553. a baby

    a baby

  554. 1 of 6 biggins i caught

    1 of 6 biggins i caught

  555. another good one

    another good one

  556. 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    1st, 2nd, 3rd

  557. my first hoo

    my first hoo

  558. my 251 with death everywhere

    my 251 with death everywhere

  559. one of 3 cows this trip

    one of 3 cows this trip

  560. closer view of the 251

    closer view of the 251

  561. evening bite

    evening bite

  562. another nice one

    another nice one

  563. clarion 12/26-1/6 2012

    clarion 12/26-1/6 2012

  564. nick17yz

    Mike Rooney & Son....Yellowtail/San Quintin

    nice K dog!! go show birdman how its done!!! thanks for the report!!
  565. nick17yz

    YELLOWTAIL!!! K&M San Quintin

    not without me killer!!! we need to go back to the bakery!! haha
  566. nick17yz


    thats a prehistoric sea dildo!! nice job!
  567. nick17yz

    BDs CREW IN SQ !

    K & M kicks ass!!! you wont be sorry fishing with Kelly and Sons.. nicest charter boats in the sq fleet too!!
  568. nick17yz


    reverse trilene!!!
  569. nick17yz

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    bob is a super nice guy that can make the nicest boxes i have ever seen. he is one hell of a fisherman too!!
  570. nick17yz

    Lots of Swell !!! San Quintin

    thats rad!!!!
  571. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    the nina, the pinta, the santa maria. i'll do you in the bottom while your drinkin sangria. nachos and lemonheads, my dads boat. you wont go down cuz my dick can float. we sail round the world and go port to port. everytime i cum, i produce a quart. deadliest catch, without the crabs...
  572. nick17yz

    "No time for Swimming" Accurate Video

    thats depressing. thanks for sharing!!
  573. nick17yz

    how to handle a bait?

    i keep rubber gloves in my bag.. those spectra cuts can be a little rough on the tip... ooooouuuuuuuch!!
  574. nick17yz

    Tackle Shop/Expert

    i would get your gear in order and then use the expert advise from the vagabond crew to get your connections done. they have the world record tuna, and that says something. you will have a 1.5-2 day boat ride to learn and practice knots and connections. this is right from the guys that do...
  575. nick17yz

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    i wonder how much c-4 I can fit in this bad boy??
  576. nick17yz

    jimmy & the lingasours,in sq.

    nice lings!!!! thanks for the pics and report!
  577. nick17yz

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    i thought that was troutdale.. nice job!!
  578. nick17yz

    PV Cow Town

    thats epic!!!! thanks for the report!!
  579. nick17yz

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    way to go on the cows!!! thanks for the report!!
  580. nick17yz

    Accuarte ATD 12 Spectra Question

    100lb. you can fit more
  581. nick17yz

    Cow trip question

    isnt there a spinner forum for you people. what would happen if everyone brought a spinner on a cow trip???
  582. nick17yz

    K&M FEB Special 250.....yep!

    thats awesome!!!
  583. nick17yz

    Fortune March 16th 3 day trip attendees

    sounds good to me.
  584. nick17yz

    K&M Lincolns B-Day 3 day special !!!

    thats a great deal. have the yellows been chewing lately??? i would jump on this if i could..
  585. nick17yz

    New Okuma Mak.

    means "NO WORRIES"
  586. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    Why are you so sweaty? i was watching cops...
  587. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    you want to go do karate in the garage???
  588. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    im bringing a rubber for my tackle. never can be too carefull!!
  589. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    we're gonna need a bigger boat:hali_olutta:
  590. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    its the fucking catalina wine mixer!!! you have to call me dragon
  591. nick17yz

    Cow trip question

    if you have caught cows and just want some "fun", then do it. i wouldnt waist valuable cow time on a spinner when you only get so many chances at the "big one" IMO
  592. nick17yz

    Advice on a WAHOO stick

    i got a 251 on my 1X3. it definitly has the capability of handeling the bigger grade.
  593. nick17yz

    Maximus video/My 1st cow

    nice job fred!! congrats on the cow!!!!!
  594. nick17yz

    Bringing whole fish home

    the plate on the 911 actually says porn star..
  595. nick17yz


    cant wait to get out with you guys this summer!! see you at the ho show.. do you have any new shirts this year?
  596. nick17yz

    Perfect finish to a great month! Jan is in the books!

    nice job on the jurels Stan !!! thanks for the report and pics!!
  597. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    bump :hali_olutta:
  598. nick17yz

    Sea of Cortez Roosters w-pics

    great report and awesome pics!!!!
  599. nick17yz

    Maximus 2.5 day Rail Trip

    siiiiick.. sign me up!!!
  600. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    Its the fucking catalina wine mixer!!!
  601. nick17yz

    3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

    1 spot left.
  602. nick17yz

    Okuma new reels

    the 18 will have either a panda or a chicken foot engraved on the side. :rofl::rofl:
  603. nick17yz

    Okuma new reels

    i requested mine with the naked girl on the side. still waiting for that one..
  604. nick17yz

    430lb Yellowfin!!!!!!!!

    if you look closely, it has my name on the gil plate. im pressing charges. nice fish!!!!!
  605. nick17yz

    Okuma news

    mk15 and mk20 in black please.. Fred Hall show?
  606. nick17yz

    Has there ever been a "Long Range 101" thread?

    any wahoodad charter is "longrange 101" you can go on these trips knowing nothing and having nothing and catch cows. sometimes the people that have no info before a trip do the best. they havent been corrupted yet.. And they dont buy all the wrong stuff..
  607. nick17yz

    14 day Intrepid. All Guts All Glory

    great report Jaime!! thanks for all the good info. this is a trip i WILL jump on one year..
  608. nick17yz

    Richard Shary & Freinds..great rockcod!!!

    nice George!! thanks for the report!!
  609. nick17yz

    Intrepid 14 day trip

    nice fishy. i just sold my atds while you were out. im waiting for the new colors to build my arsenol. looks like you really made them pay this trip. its a trip i would love to jump on one year...
  610. nick17yz

    Intrepid 14 day trip

    nice job bill!! thanks for report!
  611. nick17yz


    X2 But the stories are a lot better on the way home...
  612. nick17yz

    More San Quintin Lings and our visa experience

    great post! thanks for the report!
  613. nick17yz

    FULL MOON cow fishing???

    there is no garrantee the cows will bite in either phase. the bait situation is better in a full moon, but the tuna may or may not care. Ive been on trips with the perfect "no moon" phase and got skunked. then fish with a big or full moon and killed it. i dont base my trip on moon phase...
  614. nick17yz

    Kings River Fatty

  615. nick17yz

    ATD 12t & ATD 30 fresh service!!!

    Both sold pending payment. Thanks
  616. nick17yz

    ATD 12t & ATD 30 fresh service!!!

    i will take some pictures in 10 minutes. they both were serviced by accurate this season. the 12 dec20th and the 30 nov 10th.
  617. nick17yz

    ATD 12t & ATD 30 fresh service!!!

    SOLD. thanks BD
  618. nick17yz

    Intrepid question

    you could have just turned down the volume on the smutt box...:rofl:
  619. nick17yz

    Kings River Fatty

    thats a fatty!!! nice fish bro!!
  620. nick17yz


    Thanks Choater!!! im getting ready to play some rage with my new cow bell.. haha Thanks everyone else for all the awesome comments!!!! The trip is still setting in. Im on cloud 9.. i have some more pics I would like to post, but they are positioned vertical and the site wont...
  621. nick17yz


    the pleasure was all mine Joe. cant wait till next time!!!
  622. nick17yz


    great to meet you Drew!! nice 1st cow doooood!! Cowpack only!!
  623. nick17yz


    thanks man!!
  624. nick17yz


    This was my first trip to clarion island. I was super excited to get to go somewhere historic and that has had great fishing lately. The 4 day travel was not so bad with all the cool people to hang with, play poker, talk fishing, etc... There was a raffle on the 3rd day that wahoodad and...
  625. nick17yz

    Intrepid December 26th departure time

    maybe fishy will be your roomie next time???
  626. nick17yz

    Intrepid December 26th departure time

    wish you were there too gary, im calling this trip, "cow redemption". hopfully it lives up to its name.
  627. nick17yz

    Oh, boy. Now we're all.........

    collecting cans and bottles is veryhard work too.. see you at the dock knucklehead.
  628. nick17yz

    Intrepid December 26th departure time

    my buddy walter is on that trip. good luck to you guys!!
  629. nick17yz

    Intrepid December 26th departure time

    if there's a sock outside the door, dont come in..:rofl:
  630. nick17yz

    Intrepid December 26th departure time

    are you on the intrepid or the excel? my pro staff is partial to what boat you fish..... hahaha
  631. nick17yz

    Intrepid December 26th departure time

    the guy in the snow jacket is steve. thats a easy way to know whos who. see you at the dock. dont worry about cold. the ac will be going full speed 2 days south of sd. i dont even bring a single pair of pants. brought them 3 trips and never wore em...
  632. nick17yz


    thats crazy doooood!! birdmans girl is a hotty too. nice!!! cant wait to get out there again soon!!
  633. nick17yz


    a really cool thing to do is also tip before the end of the trip. when you get on the boat and you have a box of cigars for the crew or maybe like tunadwr did, bring some fancy soda for the crew. they loved that. the tips arn't counted on the intrepid. they go into a big envelope and are...
  634. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    Thats a lot of soda pop.:rofl::hali_olutta:
  635. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    by the sound of all the compliments i am just hoping he is more than a relief cook. thats probably the proper name for it though..
  636. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    we will be seeing a lot of paul i think. javier was having some personal/family issues and paul stepped in. hesitant at first, i was more than happy with paul as the cook. amazing fresh baked breads and deserts!! goumet hot dogs and burgers!! fish tacos to die for!! etc....!!! i think...
  637. nick17yz

    LR Books

    the new bill roeker (sp?) book, "at the rail" has a lot of good info and awesome pics. the souther ca angler has some long range in it, but its more general on all fishing so cal and baja. i like david choates chapter in that one!! i need to check out "getting bit" also.
  638. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    ergo you bought me a falcon:rofl:
  639. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    faaaaaaaaaaack yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
  640. nick17yz

    Late Shogun 13 day report

    thats awesome dood! i cant wait to get out there in 2 weeks. we caught one of those squid looking things last month too. one of the guys said it was poisonous thanks for the report. what was your final fish count?
  641. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    Glad to hear it jeff!! Bring extra poker money. Haha See you at the dock
  642. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    haha. my bad. glad you guys are on this trip!! i am putting in the double order on the key lime pie now.
  643. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    10 days and we'll be in route to cow town!! it looks like this trip might fill last minute. reports have been good and im ready to rumble. i think there are a few more bloodydeckers who havent chimed in yet. im hoping to add to this group of photos.
  644. nick17yz

    Wow! That's a frickin BIG ONE!!!!!!!!

    catching coows is like sex in a way. it relieves a little tension for a couple hours.. then i want more. look at hoodad.. 40 cows and he still has to catch another. any tuna over a 100 lbs is a trophy in my book. the hundred pounders are like a good bj. super cow i would imagine is like...
  645. nick17yz

    Another Super Cow

    we all knew it was china man time.. 12 days and counting.. seems like forever. if i round down, 1 week baby!!!
  646. nick17yz

    Fresh dope from Clarion Buffer Zone

    looks like tom (2amguns) is getting what he wanted. wonder if theres any wahoo around still?? does it get any better??
  647. nick17yz

    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    awesome!!! cant wait to get me some in 2 weeks!!!!
  648. nick17yz

    The Baja that most will never see....

    thats sick dooood. thanks for the pics.
  649. nick17yz

    Another Super Cow

    hope you can make it happen. the poker games wont be the same without you..
  650. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    Well, we're down to 2 weeks of wait time left, and there are some spots still available on this trip. its going to be a great trip, as all the hoodad charters always are!! lots of giveaways from izorline and dave. (okuma,seeker,seagar,calstar, etc......) if your on the fence about this trip...
  651. nick17yz

    ATTENTION: December 26th Intrepid Anglers

    not possible to go back to back.. i would definitly NOT have a wife waiting for me at the dock... i have a feeling the bx30 WILL see another nice fish. im a glutton for punishment.
  652. nick17yz

    Intrepid day after Thanksgiving 11-day report

    that was a great report!!! thanks for all the great pics and excellent report!!!
  653. nick17yz

    ATTENTION: December 26th Intrepid Anglers

    trip is offically 11 days now!! see you clowns at the dock that are going on the 14er right after. really glad this worked out. big thanks to the intrepid for the extremely fair 150$ upgrade fee. no fuel surcharge, no permit surcharge. that barely covers the food i would guess.
  654. nick17yz

    tackle box

    where am i suppose to put my poles??? :rofl:
  655. nick17yz

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    i will be there. this was my first lr trip 2 years ago. cant wait!!
  656. nick17yz

    Where will the 9-13 day trips that are leaving go?

    why I love the hoodad charters!!!
  657. nick17yz

    Where will the 9-13 day trips that are leaving go?

    definitly a charter master/fisherman choice. i think the quality is at the lower banks, but there is no telling if they will chew before they swim away. some of the trips are adding a day to make the long run possible/practical.
  658. nick17yz


    :starwarskid5: maybe i'll help while your sleeping. hahaha
  659. nick17yz


    i like the higher gears too. my atd 12 is combined with a virgin 1x3. i hope to pop its cherry on the new years trip.
  660. nick17yz

    Royal Star 12/26

    just bring some of your gourmet soda pop to make it better:hali_olutta:
  661. nick17yz

    Royal Star 12/26

    as crazy as it sounds, its not bad. there are no boats coming in and the boats going out all have different times. parking usually isnt an issue either. i cant wait. i dont think your sleeping the next few days tom...
  662. nick17yz


    good point fishy.
  663. nick17yz

    Dec. 26 American Angler

    see you at the dock. except we're on different boats..
  664. nick17yz

    Tackle Boxes and Flying.

    you dont have to bring any porn mags. p.m. me for the secret stash on the boat somewhere....that would save me about 10 lbs of travel weight.