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  1. TheBoyScout

    Anyone have an SS75M sitting around?

    Let me know whatcha got
  2. TheBoyScout

    Through hull on aluminum center console help

    Does anyone have experience mounting a thru hull on their bayrunner? the distance between my strakes on the bottom of the hull is 3 and 1/4 inch. it looks like the SS175 series might be too big since the strakes will interfere with the transducer. The SS75 series are 3 and 1/8. I might have...
  3. TheBoyScout

    Want to buy Simrad B175HW thru hull

    Let know what you got, looking for a 12 degree tilted element
  4. TheBoyScout

    How do I clean my fuel tank?

    I just replaced all fuel lines and filters to my outboard because it was dirty and fuel pump went bad. I checked what the inside of the tank looked like through the fuel sending unit and i can see flaking varnish at the bottom of the tank. I siphoned out all of the fuel and now am looking for a...
  5. TheBoyScout

    Evinrude Etec Surging problem

    Hey guys I recently bought a boat that came with a 2007 150 evinrude etec. Ive taken it out 3x now and it started surging more and more frequently. It would have great power then all of a sudden drop RPMS then back up and down, it even died once. While running, the primer bulb would go flat...
  6. TheBoyScout

    2007 Evinrude 150 ETEC 390 hours 7k obo

    Thinking about repowering my boat with a new 4 stroke 390 hours, long shaft, comes with controls and harness All service records available Will post pictures soon Send me DMs with offers 7k or best offer
  7. TheBoyScout

    WTB Cuddy Cabin 21-24'

    Looking for a nice cuddy cabin, preferably with 4 stroke outboard with enclosed transom. Send me what ya got 7609174208
  8. TheBoyScout

    Want Seaswirl Striper

    Preferably with alaskan package and outboard, or 23' striper CC. looking for a 21' or 23'. Text me what ya got! 7609174208
  9. TheBoyScout

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Long story short I bought a boat with another person. We had disagreements about our visions for the boats and he claimed that he owns the boat because we dont have a contract. Everything Ive read and consulting with an attorney they said because we are both registered owners on the title that I...
  10. TheBoyScout

    2004 Bayrunner Baja 21'

    23k or best offer Electronics: -Simrad GO9XSE headunit -Simrad TotalScan transducer -Simrad autopilot system fully integrated NMEA Network -fully integrated NMEA 2000 network -Standard Horizon VHF (8’ antenna, sun cover) -5000 Lumen running light bow pulpit -2 2000 lumen deck lights -2...
  11. TheBoyScout

    Lobster Buoy Light setup, show me what ya got!

    Okay guys I have been searching far and wide for good lobster buoy light setups and the best ones ive seen is putting a weight on one side of the float then drilling a hole for a lightstick on top. I am always losing the chem lights and the LED ones just end up breaking. I know some brand are...
  12. TheBoyScout

    Spark plug opinion

    Tell me what ya think! Cylinder 1-4 left to right
  13. TheBoyScout

    Can anyone help me cut a fairing block?

    I ordered a fairing block for my transducer and will need help cutting it. Does anyone have a band saw they wouldnt mind firing up for me? Can throw some cash in
  14. TheBoyScout

    Raymarine Thru Hull Downvision CPT 110

    Transducer for sale, make me an offer. Has a thru hull fitting
  15. TheBoyScout

    Fujinon Techno Stabies Help

    Hey guys I have the fujinon 14x40 stabies and am having an issue, here are the symptoms: -Sometimes will not turn on -Stabilization will only work for about 30 seconds then die -getting a red light sometimes -will not stabilize when I press the power button twice but just tries to keep focusing...
  16. TheBoyScout

    How do you paint an aluminum boat?

    The paint on the inside of my aluminum boat is fading and I would like to put a new top coat on the gunwales and interior. Do I need to sand and primer or can I just paint over my current paint. The current paint is factor paint. Thanks!
  17. TheBoyScout

    Klamath Bayrunner Baja 21' w/ Yamaha F150

    I have a bayrunner baja for sale or trade. I am looking to trade for a cuddy cabin over 21'. Preferably a striper with alaskan package or similar. Send me what you have depending on how nice it is I could also throw in some cash or vice versa. Electronics: -Simrad GO9XSE headunit -Simrad...
  18. TheBoyScout

    Strange sonar marks offshore near 371

    Anyone know what this looks like? I threw bait and no response and saw strange bubbles coming up from below the boat. At one point the mark came up to 15 ft bellow the boat and just sat there. Mammal fish?
  19. TheBoyScout

    TotalScan transducer placement and opinion

    I am sick of not being able to read my fishfinder when I’m going faster than 4 knots. I would like to be able to read at cruising speed (21 knots) or at least on plan (16 knots). Is anyone out there able to mark at speed with their Totalscan transducer? Also I just moved the transducer from...
  20. TheBoyScout

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    Someone said the mayor plans on shutting down boat ramps in SD county?? Nooooo
  21. TheBoyScout

    Anyone using a Totalscan fairing block?

    I need to read at faster speeds so I want to get a thru hull. I want to buy this...
  22. TheBoyScout

    Will Raymarine Transducer work on Simrad GO9?

    There was a thru hull xducer already installed in my boat when I got it. I want to get a thru hull for my Simrad but then was wondering, maybe I can use the Raymarine Xducer that is already installed? Specifically it is a Raymarine Downvision r70258 model. Is it possible to hook this xducer to...
  23. TheBoyScout

    XtraTuff Boots size 11

    Brand new never used For sale $80 Text 7609174208
  24. TheBoyScout

    Fujinon TechnoStabi 14x40

    Let me know what you have
  25. TheBoyScout

    Looking for someone who can build gaffs in exchange for a fishing trip

    You heard me! Build me some nice gaffs and I will take you out. No cost out of your pocket and you don't even have to clean after! You would be riding on a badass super fishy 21' Bayrunner Baja. DM me lets work something out
  26. TheBoyScout

    Yamaha F150 Lower Unit

    In perfect working order except for it will not shift into reverse. Works just fine going forward. Best offer
  27. TheBoyScout

    Adjustable T Top

    Only used 1 season, has custom surf board rack on top with 2 2000 Lumen LED lights front and back $800 first come first serve call/text 7609174208
  28. TheBoyScout

    Yamaha OEM Prop 14 1/2 X 17 Propeller

    Basically new, only a year old. Pulled off of my yamaha F150 Asking $150 or best offer call/text 760-917-4208
  29. TheBoyScout

    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    When I took my outboard to the yamaha mechanic he told my my outboard was peeing cold and needed a new thermostat. So I changed it myself and sure enough the old thermostat was very corroded and had junk all over it. After I replaced it the pee stream still didnt warm up. Every outboard Ive ever...
  30. TheBoyScout

    Lowrance Autopilot Questions

    Is anyone running the lowrance autopilot for hydraulic steering? How do you like it? Limitations and frustrations? Any tips on install? Specifically baystar hydraulic steering Planning on installing in my boat and syncing it up to my Simrad GO9 XSE. (Yes Lowrance autopilot will work with...
  31. TheBoyScout

    Want to buy Fujinon Techno Stabies 14x40

    got cash in hand, will take this post down when I’ve bought some. Text me 7609174208
  32. TheBoyScout

    Yamaha OEM Prop 14 1/2 X 17 Propeller for 14 1/2 x15 prop

    want to trade for a smaller prop or straight sell $100 call text 7609174208
  33. TheBoyScout

    C-Map Insight Pro sucks!!!

    do not purchase or rely on this mapping software. Navionics is leapyears ahead of cmaps. I was fishing La Jolla and had no contour lines to work off of. It was horrible
  34. TheBoyScout

    Stabilized Binoculars

    Text me what you have, looking for some fujinon stabies 7609174208
  35. TheBoyScout

    Lowrance Autopilot system

    Interested in putting an autopilot system in my boat preferably lowrance since it seems like the cheapest way to go. Let me know what you have 7609174208
  36. TheBoyScout

    Boat Trailer for 16-21 ft boat $300

    just pulled it off of my 21’ center console, very sturdy needs some work though, that’s why I post for so cheap. I could definitely do the work and get more money but I don’t have time Will need: -new lights -new tire -new fenders -new license plate $300 Priced to sell fast Call/text Ray...
  37. TheBoyScout

    Help! How to prop a boat? Bayrunner Baja 21 Owners

    So I've been looking at all the yamaha performance bulletins for my 2013 F150 and many of these heavier boats get almost 5 MPG! Right now I am only getting 3.5 mpg. I know it is not a fuel issue because i just had the whole fuel system done (injectors cleaned, new high pressure filters, VST...
  38. TheBoyScout

    WTB yamaha propeller 14 1/2 x 15

    If you have one let me know, I would like to buy 7609174208
  39. TheBoyScout

    Want to trade talica 12ii for tranx 500

    either trade straight up for tranx 500 or 350$ obo
  40. TheBoyScout

    Talica 12ii Lever Drag

    Good condition Little boat rash Filled with 65 lb spectra Recently serviced call/text for pics 7609174208 $400 OBO
  41. TheBoyScout

    WTB Trailer for 21' CC, single or double axle

    Need a trailer for my 21' Bayrunner Baja. Text me what you got! 7609174208
  42. TheBoyScout

    Offshore Short Report 6/30, 7/4 and Good Popper Bite Video

    Hey guys this took place last saturday. Got to the zone and a single tern bird a mile away caught my eye I turned towards it and we saw a nice foamer, boom my friend gets a hook up on bigger grade bluefin. My other friend also gets picked up on the first cast but his hook breaks off! Stupid...
  43. TheBoyScout

    Recommendations for inexpensive autopilot system

    I know there are some stand alone systems that dont require a GPS unit and I am interested in one of these or if it a whole system that may include GPS/Sonar/Autopilot for a good price. I am looking for an inexpensive option for my bayrunner baja with a Yamaha 150 that has hydraulic steering
  44. TheBoyScout

    WTB Leaning Post

    Show me what you got and the price 7609174208
  45. TheBoyScout

    2013 Yamaha 150 HP Manual Needed

    Hello is there anyone out there that would be willing to share their e version of their manual or maybe sell their 150 hp manual? I have the the F150XLA
  46. TheBoyScout

    Full Bayrunner Rebuild

    So basically I am a sucker for bayrunners! I love how cheap they are to run for a full day of fishing. I am currently selling my 18' bayrunner for my ultimate goal which was getting a Bayrunner Baja 21'. I'd like to say I am mechanically inclined but I definitely want some feedback and opinions...
  47. TheBoyScout

    WTB 100-150 HP 4 Stroke Extra Long Shaft (25") Outboard

    Preferably looking for a Yamaha 4 Stroke but will consider other makes also. Low hours please (less than 1000) Call/Text Ray @ 7609174208 Thanks!
  48. TheBoyScout

    Your opinion on a good budget sea worthy boat!

    I currently have an 18' aluminum boat that I love. I love it because it is cheaper than hell to tow and run. I have gone down as far as the 425 from mission bay and totaled over 100 miles on a trip. What I don't like are the low side rails and I wouldn't feel comfortable taking it out in...
  49. TheBoyScout

    Need help checking for weather and conditions?

    So I already know about using NDBC ( and checking swells and winds. So my questions are: What swell directions and heights and periods are ideal conditions, good conditions, fair conditions, and bad conditions? (I have an 18 ft center console) I currently use Fish...
  50. TheBoyScout

    Offshore North 9 10/1

    Wow the weather turned to crap! Had 2 buddies wanting to go and hit some yellowfin on my 18 ft tin can (bayrunner). We got some decent bait from MB then left the bay and only putted along at 8 knots all the way to the N9. By this point one of my buddies was already blowing chunks. We saw a bird...
  51. TheBoyScout

    How to read Temp maps and Chloro Maps, help please

    I have a general idea of what to do by looking at temperature changes and where clear water relates to that map. But how much value do you give to this method when trying to find pelagics? Any tips help
  52. TheBoyScout

    30 Gallon Bait tank

    Good condition No cracks 200$ or best offer 7609174208
  53. TheBoyScout

    8/8 Surface Iron Action, No Bait

    Hey guys launched out of oside. Decided not to get bait cause there was a ton of bait puddling on saturday so i thought i would be a cheap ass and just catch my bait especially since I am usually a kayak fisherman doing it anyways. Anyways we started heading southwest and saw no bait, just my...
  54. TheBoyScout

    16ft Bayrunner

  55. TheBoyScout

    15 hp 4 stroke Yamaha longshaft

    Great engine low hours, no longer need it Text me 7609174208
  56. TheBoyScout

    WTB 40,50,60 hp 4 stroke outboard

    i have a few smaller trolling motors (6 and 15 hp) to trade or cash to buy either a 40, 50, 60 hp 4 stroke motor. Not looking for a 2 stroke, want it to replace my 2 stroke Text me 7609174208
  57. TheBoyScout

    Yamaha 15 HP 4 Stroke Kicker

    Awesome little kicker, just collecting dust. Serviced before being put away. It has the long shaft I believe. Asking $2000 or best offer. It's a 2001 I believe. Text/call me 7609174208
  58. TheBoyScout

    Transducer and Fishfinder Settings Recommendation for Inshore fishing

    Hello guys, I am the new owner of a Lowrance Elite 7Ti with TotalScan transducer. I am wondering what the best settings are for running sonar. I can run either 200 khz, 83 khz, medium/high chirp and I think thats it. I am kinda confused if chirp is better than traditional broadband 83khz or 200...
  59. TheBoyScout

    Weekend forecast and trip

    Do you guys think the overnight boats will cancel trips to tanner bank this weekend? I'm scheduled for an over night on the new loann but winds look like they will be up and maybe some rain? Do these conditions effect the bluefin bite? Thanks
  60. TheBoyScout

    Anyone on the new loann?

    Any reports from being on the new loann? What time did you guys leave the fish last night, did you guys have live squid? And what time did you get there yesterday morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  61. TheBoyScout

    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    Caught a nice 20 lb YT slow trolling past a kelp patty about 3 mi off oside harbor. Hey guys I have to come clean about something. I am a kayaker not a boater. But!!! I wanna go offshore where all you boaters are catching them tuna! So I am planning on going 10 mi offshore out of Oceanside or...
  62. TheBoyScout

    Advice on Torium 16 and 20

    Hey guys I've had a horrible stroke of bad luck lately lol. On my torium 20 the handle is harder to turn and I hear a faint squeaking, also the freespool is very slow to release line and I checked the spool speed knob. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is? On my 16 the rod clamp...
  63. TheBoyScout

    WTB Calstar 765L

    Please text at 760-917-4208 north county SD
  64. TheBoyScout

    Newbie got 2 today!

    So I woke up this morning wondering if I should head out today cause of my tight schedule but I decided YOLO. So I woke my ass up and drove an hour down to San Diego to get on the New Seaforth. I sat in the cabin and outside listening to an audiobook when we roll up on a school of fish a couple...
  65. TheBoyScout

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    Well guys, I lost my yellowtail virginity and its awesome! I went out of the New Seaforth's AM trip. While we were browsing around trying to mark yellowtail I overhear some guy talking about BloodyDecks and thought nothing of it. I finally go to grab my rod off the rack and when I come back he...
  66. TheBoyScout

    Yoyo Iron recommendations?

    Hey guys, Newbie here. I'm planning on heading out tomorrow in search of the elusive yellowtail. I currently have these irons and just want your opinions on them. I'm planning on going to the store later and picking up some blue and white salas or tadys. Please give me your opinions on the irons...
  67. TheBoyScout

    New Seaforth 1-22-15

    I believe the entire day there were about 22 yellows caught. About 16 in the morning and and 6 in the afternoon. I went on both the am and pm trip. The morning was beautiful but we were having trouble locating the yellowtail until we found the first batch and it was immediate bendo for 10 guys...
  68. TheBoyScout

    Okay last Newbie question for a while, I promise!

    I notice every time I am on a party boat people congregate to the back of the boat. Should I try to get a spot in the back, or is it kind of a myth that people feed me that its best to be in the back. Any tips on fishing the front or sides of the boat? Thanks again! Hopefully I can slay some...
  69. TheBoyScout

    Okay another Newbie question, how to yoyo?

    Can anyone shed some light on the art of YoYo fishing for yellowtail or various other fish species? Thanks! Appreciate the patience. I bought a bunch of salas 6x for tomorrows adventure. Speed, water column depth, different movements.
  70. TheBoyScout

    Okay Newbie here

    Hey guys I just started deep sea fishing this year and have been hooked on yellowtail. I'm seeing all these reports on box canyon and yellowtail. Can anyone give me the coordinates to box canyon? I can't seem to find any information on it. If any of you guys know how to fish box canyon maybe you...
  71. TheBoyScout

    Fishing the 9 mile...

    Whats up guys I'm a new boat owner and wanna break my boat in to get some big fish, how is the 9 mile bank usually fished? From what I've heard you have to find a kelp pattie and then fish sardines off near it? is this correct?
  72. TheBoyScout

    Help :(

    I really need some basic help on where to go for yellowtail. I can't seem to find them to save my life. I usually launch out of dana landing. Partly because I'm a new boat owner, grrr. Help anyone?