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  1. mattsfishn

    San Diego Tackle Traders Got Hit Again.

    What is the 1 cunt carrying around, it looks to be about 4'-5' and white in color? Seems like he grabbed it and liked it so much he carried it around.
  2. mattsfishn

    Overnighter and fish processing?

    Their is no "while you wait" option for overnight boats. On a side note, I'd leave it all. The way they process allows for sushi quality fish, no need to take 1 or 2 home.
  3. mattsfishn

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Hey Tom. I do not see where you mentioned seeing an escape hatch. I'm honestly not sure if its required since you stated both stairwells led directly outside, not directly into the interior(galley/salon)of the boat. I don't know the regulations. Im curious if all boats require an escape hatch or...
  4. mattsfishn

    Youth Rod/Fighting Belt near Escondido/San Marcos?

    I'd lend you one if I had one. I saw the other post saying you'll be on the grande with 50 close friends Haha. I've often seen one laying around where the crew keeps their rods/reels, pretty sure they'd lend it to an upcoming tuna killing kid, if you asked them. Worth a shot. Good luck tomorrow!!
  5. mattsfishn

    Bluefin processing

    Thanks for replies guys. I did the bin in the past but its been a few years and I heard it was no longer an option.
  6. mattsfishn

    Bluefin processing

    You mean differently than the boat?
  7. mattsfishn

    Bluefin processing

    Thanks for the reply. They aren't open at that time otherwise i would. From July through October they're open from 7-10pm. Otherwise its 10am-2pm hours in June. According to their website.
  8. mattsfishn

    Bluefin processing

    If lucky enough to catch one of these bigger model bluefin #80-#100, on specifically a 3/4 day or overnight trip and want to have it professionally processed what should you do? To be more clear, this is for short trips(3/4day) where you end up lucky and boat a #100 fish and get back to your...
  9. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Thanks for the reply Doug. That's sound advice. He's the reason I fish, and yet we've never shared a rail in the ocean. So That day, no matter, will be phenomenal, and if we actually catch fish that'll be the icing on the cake.
  10. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Although he's in great shape for 74, I couldnt do that to my old man! But that would be the ultimate, him hooking a yellow on a yak! I'm guessing he's never even been in a kayak lol.
  11. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  12. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    So, I missed stating some important facts. 1. I'm looking to charter a boat for a 3/4 day type trip....5-5 or at least 8 hours. 2. We do not have passports. 3. I'm looking to fish something other than the bay. Yellowtail being the ideal target. I know conditions and no passport probably means...
  13. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    I'd love to do that tourney, looks super fun,but I don't have a boat. Can you charter one to fish it?
  14. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Well, good question. I'd like to fish yt, but we both don't have passports to fish Coronado. I'm open to fish anything really, except maybe the bay.
  15. mattsfishn

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Actually, I'm looking for ideas to fish on the Saturday after turkey day! My old man will be in town and I wanna get him out fishing. Any ideas are appreciated, I'm not going to do the party boat thing. I checked with seasonssportfishing and they're not fishing that weekend. I'm running out of...
  16. mattsfishn

    Camping Van?

    I have a 2003 Dodge Pleasure Way lexor mp, camper van. It's actually a class b motorhome, but, drives and parks just like a van. 619-916-8834 Matt (text for pics) There isn't a bell or whistle it doesn't have, only about 3 others for sale across the country, very unique!
  17. mattsfishn

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    I cant view the previous video, but theres another on here of a, I think, BD member shooting his 50 and it bouncing back, grazing a kid. Crazy ass shit! Anyways, my vote is get the 50, seems like someone else said, everyones advice seems tailored around hunting or practicality. You want it for...
  18. mattsfishn

    Offshore Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    Absolutely epic and congrats! I too would be interested in hearing about how you had the popper rigged. It looks to be on a short leader with a swivel?? Did you rig it yourself or was it something you bought pre-rigged?
  19. mattsfishn

    Anyone in Oc that can replace a guide for me?

    Thread jack, for north county SD. I too am looking to have a guide replaced (ceramic at the tip) any suggestions? I put up a post on chit chat and am told its kinda diy ish. I'd rather leave it to a pro, if I can find someone close, great. If not I will go anywhere in SD if I can get a same day...
  20. mattsfishn

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    The Capt. was named John (bass,boss), actually I don't exactly remember, with the second being an old salt ,named Jim. Buzz was not on the trip. The operation ,as a whole, was exactly what I wish for in every trip I go on. Sadly not all operations run the same, the cliché " you get what you pay...
  21. mattsfishn

    Rod repair

    The ceramic on the last guide (tip) is cracked, I'm looking for somewhere in north county. Suggestions please. Hoping it's not a long turnaround, fingers crossed! Thanks in advance.
  22. mattsfishn

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    Great trip, and as advertised. I didn't catch a single fish, lost a small yellow at the boat. I just want to say the trip was advertised as "targeting big bluefin", and that's exactly what we did. With more than enough stops on paddys as they came, we spent the majority of the time chasing those...
  23. mattsfishn

    Rolling the Surf Zone

    That's incredible. Thank you for sharing!
  24. mattsfishn

    Offshore Spencer Tracy, Zane Grey, and THAT Blue Marlin on the New Lo-An

    I too was on that trip Auggie..(I think) it was the same trip. Let see the vid. It's marked as private. Nice tale, btw.
  25. mattsfishn

    Crazy stuff

  26. mattsfishn

    Fish Processing - 2 day trip

    Did 5 star start this option again? A while back ,they stopped the late night dropoff due to some issues they were having.
  27. mattsfishn

    Big Bear TroutfesT

    Well shit! Now I'm getting a little fired up! May just have to give this a go, I'm needing a little break from the grind. Thanks for the replies gents.
  28. mattsfishn

    Big Bear TroutfesT

    Good to hear. Perfect weather is a bonus. Actually that was one of my next questions. Wondering about the weather window typical for the fist week of October. I'm guessing a midday/late wind is probably expected?
  29. mattsfishn

    Big Bear TroutfesT

    Nothing? Anyone know if the bite has been any good there lately?
  30. mattsfishn

    Big Bear TroutfesT

    Anyone here fishing it? How bout in the past? I'm thinking about giving it a shot, although I haven't fished trout in years. Quite possibly just donating my $75 , but you never know. Fishing the shore probably hasn't produced a lot of past winners, but im boatless unless I rent. Maybe one day...
  31. mattsfishn

    Rainbow Avatar

    That's whore shit!!
  32. mattsfishn

    Processing Your Catch/Tuna

    Just an FYI. I recently went on a overnight trip and tried to get ahold of a processor, any one, to handle my fish. I've used fishermans before, but they didn't immediately answer their phone. I quickly dialed up five star, and was greeted with a recording that they no longer have the after...
  33. mattsfishn

    Mission Bay Ski hours????

    I've done zero Internet research, but have been working a remodel right next to the catamaran for 8 months or so. It's directly on the water and I see most goings on (ski wise) in the early am everyday. Except for today, it's always glass and usually only 1-2 boats. Haven't ever paid attention...
  34. mattsfishn

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    ...all the while, guy in red is giving the fisherlady a titty twister?
  35. mattsfishn


    Damn, don't know you but, truly sorry for your loss Mike. Keep your head up, for those around you that need it.
  36. mattsfishn

    Local SD gunsmith?

    I'll make the third north county suggestion(seems odd to me that all three have been NC). North county firearms is the only one I've used. I've never been in to check out Ambrose, I'll have to now. Duncan's, didn't have a good vibe, for me anyways, when I went in for some things regarding old...
  37. mattsfishn

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    It was said twice now, but I'll just say it again. Coming in on any trip that returns late p.m. is always a bummer for me. I equate that with having to fillet at home, which I suck at, doesn't last near as long and ultimately gets freezer burn. With a shit ton of practice I'd probably get better...
  38. mattsfishn

    CINCO de Mayo con Dave Hansen

    I went to this meeting and the speaker was a fucking riot. I laughed the entire time, and equally as funny was the few guys mumbling under their breath "geez, is this guy ever going to shut up", I could've listened for another hour. Funny dude for sure!. A select few certainly didn't look amused...
  39. mattsfishn

    Music on Cattle boats

    Eclipse plays music. I haven't been on a huge amount of boats though ( maybe 7). I actually like it, although I thought I wouldn't before fishing that boat. I remember thinking, who the fuck wants to listen to music out here, most of the reason I'm out here is, to get away. Turns out it isn't...
  40. mattsfishn

    Avet drag grease question.

    This seems so damn logical its pissing me off,lol (thanks for explaining the kiss method, in language that makes sense). I bought 2 new avets last year and was told never to grease. I fished those reels for a total of about 7 days overall, and always just rinsed well after every trip. I haven't...
  41. mattsfishn

    Pan Seared Pacific Amberjack with a White Whine Reduction and Sauteed Spinach

    Damn, that looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing! "Sear" time is about how long? I know there is differing factors, size, heat, just curious how long you seared. 3 mins?
  42. mattsfishn

    Calstar 800h

    Thanks for all the replies! Anybody else with this rod(or having fished it) care to chime in?
  43. mattsfishn

    Calstar 800h

    Do you own one or have you fished it? Essentially that's what my setup is exactly, only right know the torium would go on the seeker. I guess I'm wondering with my current gear, am I better served with the torium on my seeker, torium on the 800h or is it much simpler? If I like throwing iron a...
  44. mattsfishn

    Calstar 800h

    You use this as your #40 bait stick, or something different? Whats it's sole purpose for you, or does it have other pairings that you'll try, given a certain condition on the water, and assuming you don't have ten rods specific for nearly all applications? Do you like it, is it a go to setup...
  45. mattsfishn

    Calstar 800h

    Im looking for answers for its preferred uses and a good pairing reel for those applications. Any and all ideas are welcome. I mainly fish 1-3 day local trips for tuna and wondering how this rod will fit in my arsenal. I currently have Psw 700xh(bought from a fellow member,thanks junkyarded )...
  46. mattsfishn

    American angler

    Got it. Thanks for the explanation , I was just curious. To the op, sorry bout the hijack! I've never fished long range, YET, so I can't comment about the AA. Definitely seems with the comments though that it is a top notch operation and worthy of looking at for my first go at LR.
  47. mattsfishn

    American angler

    I still don't get it. 2 boats bow to stern, while one is feverishly loading buckets of water on board. Thanks for the reply bigfish!
  48. mattsfishn

    American angler

    What exactly is the crew doing with the five gallon buckets at about 8minutes in?
  49. mattsfishn

    Which ties do u use to secure your rods?

    Turners rod strap, and they suuuuuck. Do not buy! They started falling apart after one trip. The felt which ultimately holds the Velcro became detached and rolled up to the diameter of string once wrapped a couple times. Other than that they're great......Do Not Buy!
  50. mattsfishn

    Offshore GOT OUT FISHED BY THE LADIES!!! Eclipse Labor Day 1.5

    Great report Gabe, too bad to hear about the capt. comments. Anyways, nice group of peeps to fish with. John runs a nice charter and I'll fish it anytime I get the chance, if they'll have me. Thanks for the hookup on the bag storage, as you know, real estate is rough in those single bunks. Nice...
  51. mattsfishn

    20th Annual Labor Day trip on the Eclipse

    You're right...there is such a thing as a stupid question!,,
  52. mattsfishn

    Offshore All Day Trip Report on the Black Pearl - 8/30/14

    I always think don't knock it until you try it, but these posts and others make me think twice. I live in N.county and eventually want to try helgrens after always driving south. After some other bad posts about the BP, especially the captain, I bailed on a day trip a couple weeks back, this...
  53. mattsfishn

    20th Annual Labor Day trip on the Eclipse

    Did somebody say booze and strippers? Fuck the booze, they sell that on the boat! Now this talk about panties, what kinda charter is this?
  54. mattsfishn

    Offshore Rpt.-08-24-14 A 2 day trip on the Eclipse!

    Great report and nice fishing with you Cory! That goes for the rest of you fellers too!
  55. mattsfishn

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    Gary, I've only used a processor once and it was fishermans processing. After finishing up a 2.5 day on the Eclipse last Memorial Day, I noticed a brochure in the galley. When they came to ask if I wanted them to cut my fish or leave them whole, I asked about the brochure. They suggested...
  56. mattsfishn

    Stolen rod and reel

    Sorry about your rig. That is beyond fucked up! It was beautiful in the pics, couldn't imagine how good it looked in person. As far as insinuating who did it, it was pretty blatant who you both were pointing the finger at. You posted on the ho list the name of the guy you took fishing, next day...
  57. mattsfishn

    Offshore Josie Lynn 6-pack on Sunday 7/27

    Great report Gary! The burqa waged war on the dodo. Nice fishing with you guys!
  58. mattsfishn

    Josie Lynn open party 6 pack 7/27

    4:30?? That's cuttin it close, I guess we'll be waiting on you then!!:D:-)
  59. mattsfishn


    You have a brother in sd that cans? :D I'd be all over this!
  60. mattsfishn

    Josie Lynn open party 6 pack 7/27

    Just curious if all 6 guys are aware of the 5am departure?
  61. mattsfishn

    Josie Lynn open party 6 pack 7/27

    Boogity Boogity. Let's go fishing! Capt. said we're leaving @5. :lux:
  62. mattsfishn

    Caught my first tuna, how do I eat it?

    Some great suggestions here.
  63. mattsfishn

    Offshore Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    That is so flipping rad. Nice job!
  64. mattsfishn


    Question about switching out the hooks on these, everyone seems to say its a must. How do guys go about this, I seem to remember a guy saying he welded on his own?? Since they have a split ring can I just purchase a single treble hook, if so, what size say for a 3.5/4oz.bait?
  65. mattsfishn

    Help Setting Gear for First 2.5 Day Trip

    I don't know much about much, but you don't need the sabiki rig, there will be no making bait. I do know you'll have a kick ass time and be spoiled in the process. I just did my first 2.5 day ever, on the Eclipse. That fucking boat, both Capt. and crew, is top notch!
  66. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    Thanks! May or may not work,someone feel free to help me out with just displaying the pic.
  67. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    I fully agree! I was just pulling daiwa guys chain.
  68. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    I'm sending it in to Shimano. It never "broke" ,or at least never failed to do its job. Ive learned a valuable lesson here, in that I should have been on top of its maintenance. That being said, it was on plenty of fish before this #60 bluefin and it never failed. After 8 yrs. with zero...
  69. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    Thanks for the reply. What reel is considered your goto reel?
  70. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    I know you can't answer for repair costs, but what would an upgrade consist of? Cost?
  71. mattsfishn

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    Recently pulled in a #58 bluefin with my torium20. It was loaded with straight #30 Izorline mono,took almost an hour. During the fight, both deckhands noticed something sounded wrong with my reel. First , 30 minutes in, when at the bow with no one else around, I cranked a half-turn at a time...
  72. mattsfishn

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Little late ,but better than never. Memorial 2.5 day was a success all the way around. I don't get out much ,but now when I do, it'll be on the eclipse. Top notch operation from their office help to cook,deck and captain! We left the dock at 7 sharp, tied up our gear, and had a hint of what was...
  73. mattsfishn

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Will definitely bring hook options and some weight. It's been about ten years since I've been on a deck looking like that. Then again haven't fished much since, either. Can't catch em if you don't go!!
  74. mattsfishn

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Thanks for the quick replies. #30/40 is exactly what I was thinking. 2/0 hook sound about right?
  75. mattsfishn

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    First post, ever,(joined '05). First 2.5 day, ever. Haven't fished in forever and I'm jacked the F up about going on the Eclipse tonight!!! I met Capt. Mark 2yrs ago at Fred hall and been dying to ride his boat since. That time is here. Question: have only 2 reels (w/crappy rods) torium20 and...