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    Pelueger Sea King two speed reel

    I have a new Pelueger Sea King two speed reel. I think it is 3:1/8:1. Comes with an extra spool. The cover of the box is torn. I don't imagine one will fish with this reel. This is more of a one of a kind oldie collector item. I have no idea how much to ask for. Send me a reasonable offer.
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    Custom Rod Thread Art by Dale Clemens

    First one pm me gets it for free. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pick up welcome. Shipping on your dime. GONE
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    Left over reels

    Daiwa Sealine SL20SH in excellent condition. Filled with 30# solid braid. SOLD 4. Daiwa Sealine SG50H. It has an after market Accurate gold frame(no longer made) Super freespool. Comes with box. $115 Actual shipping cost on buyer's dime Pick up available. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area
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    Diamond jigs / Hex bars

    I have some new and used Diamond Jigs 3x 2oz 1x 3oz 2x 4oz There are actually two, but the photo only showed one. 6x 6oz 7x 8oz 2x 10oz Hex bars: They are new 2x 10oz 1x 14 oz SOLD Shipping will be $7.2 USPS priority small box. Pick up is welcome. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area
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    Grunden Hercules Bib / Pants

    1. I have a brand new Grunden Hercules Bib Pants. Brand new is around $125. Size small. I am 5'7" and 180# and it fits me fine to give you some idea. $75, Shipping will be $14 via usps priority mail. SOLD 2. New Grunden light weight foul weather pants. Size small. SOLD Actually shipping cost...
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    Lead / Torpedo

    I have 5 lots of torpedo leads available. 1. 10x 16oz $27 shipped SOLD, Thank Justin 2. 16x 8oz $24 shipped SOLD, Thanks Ray 3. 16x 8oz $24 shipped SOLD, Thanks Steve 4. 16x 8oz $24 shipped SOLD, Thanks Chris 5. 7x 12oz SOLD, Thanks Ray 3x 10oz 3x 8 oz 1x 6oz $25 shipped...
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    Shimano Torium 16 and 14

    I have two virtually new Shimano reels available. 1. Torium 16 filled with 50# solid white spectra. Comes with its original paper work, tool, and box. $120 2. Torium 14 filled with 50/30? solid white spectra. Comes with its original paper work, tool, and box. $120 Actual shipping cost on...
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    Berkeley Line winder

    I have a used but in good condition fishing line winder made by Berkeley. It has operated by a foot paddle with forward and reverse function. It has a digital line counter operates by a 9 volt battery. I added a layer of 38" plywood on the base so it is very stable and sturdy. No shipping...
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    Left over misc. jigs, hooks

    1. 32 Owner Mutu 3/0 ringed circle hooks $17 2. 31 Owner Mutu 4/0 ringed circle hooks $17 3. Misc wahoo bomb making materials, 3x 4oz heads, misc. beads, misc. high quality swivels, hooks. $25 4. Diamond bar jigs, 16ozs, 14 ozs, and 12 ozs. $70 We used these jigs successfully jigging for...
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    Fishing rod Power Wrapper stand

    I have a left over rod wrapper holder available. $35 shipped in CONUS
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    Trigger reel clamp

    This type is reel clamp is great for casting lures, esp. throwing jigs and bombs for wahoos. It provides a very secure way of holding on your rod/reel. I don't think this is made anymore. The dimension is 1 5/8" between the two center holes. Someone suggested I took a side shot of the clamp...
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    Fishing shorts

    1. Aftco fishing shorts... 1X Sage color, size 34 $15 SOLD 2. Fishworks fishing shorts...2X Beige color, All size 32 $15 each SOLD 3. GuyHarvey fishing shorts... 1X Black All size 34 $15 each All the shorts are used, but in excellent condition. No rips or tear. Buyer pays actual...
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    Reel Deal

    I have a Reel Deal transmission that piggybacks on old Penns. $50 shipped
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    Reel Deal

    I have a Reel Deal transmission that piggybacks on old Penns. $50 shipped
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    Rod building materials

    I have a bunch of rod building materials available for sale Reelseats, rod guides, brushes, butt caps, cork tape, $525 shipped conus.
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    Calstar blanks

    i have the following blanks. I like to sell them all as a lot. $365 shipped in CONUS 765XL 765ML 760M BT665L BT665XXH
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    Bushnell Medalist Laser Range Finder

    I have an almost new Bushnell Medalist Laser Range Finder with "pinseeker technology" for golfing. I got it new and used it for one round. I decided it is not for me. It uses a regular 9 volt battery. Retail new was $250 $160 plus $8 shipping. SOLD It will come with the original fanny pack...
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    Mustad Demon Circle Hooks/Ultra Point

    I have the following hooks left. These are NO longer made. These are THE hooks for picky bluefin bites and for albacore(if they ever come back) They are light and they will end up in the corner of the fish mouth every time. 4/0 ringed 25x 3/0 ringed 146x 3/0 no rings 20x 2/0 ringed 20x 2/0...
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    Misc. Owners hooks

    1. Owner Ringed Flyliner 1/0. Two packages of 7 hooks each. Total of 14 hooks 2. Owner Ringed Flyliner 2/0. One package of 6 hooks each. Total of 6 hooks 3. Owner Ringed Gorilla Live Bait 1/0. Total of 19 hooks 4. Owner Ringed Gorilla Live Bait 2/0 Total of 2 hooks 5. Owner Ringed...
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    Mustad 20/0 DT circle hooks

    I have 6 Mustad 20/0 DT circle hooks These can be used for making kite rigs. $22 shipped.
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    Grudens light weather pants

    I have two size small( I am 5'7" with a 32.5 waist) Grundens light weather pants. I believe they are new. Comes with a Grunden belt. Leg bottoms have velcro for securing around boot. They were $50 each when I purchased them. They are great as they are light and do not restrict any...
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    Grudens light weather pants

    opps double post Both pairs are SOLD
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    Cabelas storage pouch

    I have two Cabelas storage pouch. Each has pockets on both sides of the package and twelve storage bags. Very nice and compact. Perfect to store hooks, leaders, terminal tackles like sleeves, crimps, swivels, and misc. stuff. $15 each and shipping is on buyer.
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    Surface Irons lot

    2x Salas YoYoI blue/white 1x Harker 5 green/yellow 1x Tady single hook 1x blue/white no name 1x white no name $40 shipped
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    Heavy Jig lot

    2x Salas PDQ glow in the dark 1x Salas PDQ purple/black 2x YOYO 1 1x Tady 15 2x PL68 glow in the dark 1x YoHoHo / black/white 1x Roddybuilt / birdshit 1x solid brass / no name 1x Sumo 6 / scramble egg 3x Tady BCT $100 shipped
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    3M Cold Shrink 8428-12

    I have 4 3m cold shrink #8428-12 available. These are 12" long, but can be stretched to about 16"-17" to fit the entire foregrip. $60 plus shipping. SOLD
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    Pelagic High Performance Offshore Gear Jacket / Pants

    I have a set of Pelagic High Performance Offshore Gear jacket and matching pants. 100% nylon shell with breathable lining. The pants is brand new, never worn. I think I took the jacket on one trip, but never use it. Pelagic no longer makes this High Performance Offshore Gear jacket and...
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    Rods for sale

    1. 7465XH w/ Fuji silicon nitrite guides. Alps reel seat. In excellent condition. Acid wrapped $190 SOLD 2. 765L w/ stainless steel guides. Aftco reel seat. In good condition. Has 7" of fish butt wrap. $150 PENDING 3. 765ML w/ Fuji silicon carbide guides. Aftco reel seat. In good...
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    Shimano Large Reel Bag

    Used but in excellent condition large shimano reel bag. $60 No shipping Pick up only I am in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area May be possible to be picked up in Los Angeles at the end of June
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    16oz torpedo sinkers

    I have 30 16oz torpedo sinkers I am selling them in three separate lots of 10 each. $26 for each lot, 10 sinkers each. SOLD
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    16oz torpedo sinkers

    I have 30 16oz torpedo sinkers I am selling them in three separate lots of 10 each. $26 for each lot, 10 sinkers each.
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    Accurate Ball handle

    Two Accurate Ball handles $35 shipped for both CONUS SOLD
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    Accurate 870 drag discs

    I have 6 Accurate Boss drag discs. See photo. Ignore the Penn international drag discs. $20 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Penn international drag discs

    Three Penn International 30 HT100 drag discs Two Penn International 50 HT100 drag discs $56 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Trinidad 40N reel clamp

    Trinidad 40N reel clamp and studs $15 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Carbontex drag washers

    One carbontex drag washer for Trinidad / Torium 16 / 20 /30 $12 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Openeye sidewash hooks

    VMC openeye sidewash hooks 25x Unknown openeye sidewash hooks 15x These will be great placement for jigs. $12 shipped CONUS
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    Owners hooks

    Mutu ringed circle hooks 3/0 11x 4/0 14x Offshore ringed bait hook 6/0 7x 7/0 6x $27 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Tufline XP solid spectra

    Tufline XP 1200yds solid yellow 100# spectra. $120 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Knives Jigs

    10 Knives jigs $56 shipped within CONUS SOLD
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    Misc. reel clamps

    I have 13 various reel clamps See photo $20 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Japan whale bone jigs

    1. Original box of 3.5" whale bone jigs. There are only 8 jigs in the box. Two of the jigs have some discoloration on the hooks. SOLD 2. Original box of 3" whale bone jigs. There are only 4 jigs in the box. $80 shipped. If you are looking at these you know what they are worth. I have...
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    Cowbells Wahoo trolling lures

    1. Two junior cowbells, one in red/silver, one in green/silver. These are 16oz and 9" long. $40 each shipped 2. One large 32oz cowbell. $55 shipped ALL SOLD
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    Line winder

    I have a slightly used Propower Line Winder for sale. I had it for a bit over one year for home use only. It is fully functionally. It has a built in adjustable brake so you can adjust the resistant when spooling different line. Go to: to see all the fine details on...
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    carbontex drag washer

    1. carbontex drag washer set for Shimano Torium / Trinidad 16 /20/30 2. carbontex drag washer set for Shimano Trinidad 40 /40N / 50 Both for $25 shipped SOLD
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    Makaira reel arm/handle

    I have two Makaira 50 size reel arm/handles and one makaira 8-15 size arm/handle All for $45 shipped SOLD
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    Tiburon reel clamps

    I have two Tiburon reel clamps, and one no name reel clamp for sale Tiburon reel clamps: $30 shipped each No name reel clamp: $20 shipped One of the Tiburon reel clamps is sold
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    More Fluorocarbon leaders

    1. Two 30yds spools of Yozuri Pink in 60# . $12 each shipped SOLD 2. One 30 yds spool of Yozuri Clear in 40#. $12 shipped SOLD 3. One 30 yds spool of Yozuri HD Carbon clear in 100#. $18 shipped SOLD 4. Two 25yds spools of ProChallenger(made in Japan) clear in 50#. $10 each shipped SOLD...
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    Seaguar Threadlock Hollow spectra

    1. 2500 yds of yellow 130# hollow spectra. I used maybe 50yds of it to top of a reel. Basil sells this for $379 plus shipping. $320 shipped 2. 950 yds of a 2500 yd spool of white 100# hollow spectra. Basil sells 1000yds for $210 plus shipping $180 shipped. sale pending
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    Fluorocarbon leaders

    1. 3X Yozuri Pink 100# in 100yds coil $106 each shipped. SOLD 2. 2X Seaguar Blue label 100# in 30M coil $45 each shipped. SOLD 3. 1X Seaguar Blue label 130# in 30M coil $45 shipped. SOLD 3. 2x Penn Professional fluorocarbon 250# in 25yds coils $50 each shipped 4. Blackwater 25# in 50M $15...
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    Daiwa Saltiga 40

    Great reel. It is super smooth for yo-yoing and casting. Excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. Has box. $280 plus $13(usps med .flat rate box) Sold
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    Shimano Torium 20

    Solid reel mechanically and cosmetically. Has the Calsheet drag plate, cabodex drag washers. Dogs had been changed(from trinidad A). Has the special reel clamp with the trigger ring that provides a very secured grip when casting. Has 50#spectra topped with 50# mono. $140 plus $13(usps med. flat...
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    Shimano Torium 30

    Solid reel mechanically and cosmetically. Has the Calsheet drag plate, cabodex drag washers. Dogs had been changed(from trinidad A) Has 50#spectra topped with 50# mono. $130 plus $13(usps med. flat rate box) SOLD
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    Daiwa Saltiga 35

    Excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Filled with 65# solid spectra. Has box $360 plus $13(usps medium flat rate box) SOLD
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    Daiwa Saltiga 50

    Excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Filled with 65# solid spectra $360 plus $13(usps medium flat rate box) SOLD
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    Makaiar 15

    Excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Filled with 65# solid spectra. $350 plus $13(usps med. flat rate box) SOLD
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    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Used but in excellent mechanical condition. Some boat rash. $120 plus shipping($13 standard USPS med. flat rate box) SOLD
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    7591 hooks

    ALL FOR $160 SHIPPED ON WHAT ARE LEFT BELOW. 5/1/2015 1. 15X 7691 11/0 in DT $37.5 2. 12X VMC Souther Tuna hooks 10/0 $24 3. 14X 7691 10/0 in Stainess $51.8 4. 9X 7691 10/0 in DT $22.5 5. 6X 7691 9/0 in Stainess SOLD 6. 4X 7691 12/0 in DT $10 7. 12X / 4 pkg of 3 each 10/0 Owners ringed...
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    Surface Irons

    Small lot of surface irons 1. Tady 4/0 single hook(old school) 2. Two Yo Yo 1 in Blue/white 3. Hacker 5 4. Two no name jigs $33 shipped
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    Misc. jigs

    A lot of 12 jigs 1. Tady 4/0 2. Salas 6x in blue/white 3. two PL 68 glow in the dark 4. Salas yoyo 4 5. Salas 1x100 6. Sumo 6 in Scramble Egg 7. two Roddy Built(heavy) 8. Yo Ho Ho Luna 2 9. Solid Brass Jig(heavy) 10. Salas 6x jr $70 shipped
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    Catchy Magnum Spinner Trolling lures

    All new and all rigged ready to fish. $50 shipped / each That's all are left. ALL SOLD
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    Tady 45

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    Tady 45

    Selling two lots of 10 each Tady 45 surface irons. All new Each lot of 10 will be $60 shipped SOLD
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    Sea Striker

    4 black chrome sea striker $20 plus $6 shipping grand total is $26 SOLD
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    Salas 6xjr

    two gold six chrome two silver with blue edges A total $10 jigs. $50 plus $6 shipping. Grand total is $56 SOLD
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    18 small raiders, 15 in gold color and 3 in silver 5 large raiders, all in gold color $204 plus $13 shipping, Grand total is $217 This is about half of what it retails for. ALL SOLD
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    Surface Iron lot

    one Tady 4/0 two Tady C 6 Tady 45 2 Salas Baby 6x total of 11 jigs $55 plus $6 shipping grand total $61 SOLD
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    Salas 6x

    Two Chrome 4 painted Total of 6 jigs for $24 plus $6 shipping Grand total is $30 SOLD
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    Tady /Salas small surface irons

    A total of 13 jigs. 10 Tadys @ $3 each and the Salas @ $5 each Total is $45 plus $6 shipping Grand total is $51 8 Tady AA 2 Tady A1 3 Salas 6xjr light SOLD
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    Small Old School Jigs

    A total of 21 jigs $3.00 each for a total of $63 plus $6 shipping Grand total $69 three UFO5 three 1x100 six YoHoHo five 2x200 one Hacker #4 one Hacker 6H one OP 105 SOLD
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    Misc. old surface irons

    6 Roddy Built 1 Salas 7x 1 Salas 6x 3 Candybars 2 no name a total of 13 Jigs $6.5 each for a total of $84.5. Shipping is $6 Total for this lot is $90.5 SOLD
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    Sumo 6 and Sumo jr

    This will be sold as a lot. 17 Sumo Jr and 7 Sumo 6 $5 each for the Sumo Jr, and $6 for the Sumo 6 Total is $127 for the jigs and they will need to be shipped in a medium size USPS flat rate box $13. Jigs plus shipping will be $140 17 Sumo Jr one birdshit one blue/white two scramble egg three...
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    Salas 6xjr

    This will be sold as a lot. Just too confusing to accommodate one jig here and there. A total of 19 jigs. $5.50 each for a total of $104.5 pluse $6 shipping. four white / green edges one mint one birdshit four tar baby two white(one not in photo) six zucchini one white / green/black...
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    Salas 6xjr

    This will be sold as a lot. Just too confusing to accommodate one jig here and there. A total of 19 jigs. $5.50 each for a total of $104.5 pluse $6 shipping. four white / green edges one mint one birdshit four tar baby two white(one not in photo) six zucchini one white / green/black...
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    Salas 6x heavy

    Salas 6x heavy New ones = $6.50 Used ones = $5.75 shipping will depend on how many you purchase All there is left are three chrome, one lime green, and one brown as of 9:25pm 4/6
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    Salax 6x jr heavy

    Salas 6Xjr in various sizes. Almost all are new. retails for $8.50 Selling them for $6 each for the new ones and $5 for the used ones Shipping cost will depend on how many you purchase. All the blue/white, scramble egg, purple, mac, bird poop, green(lower right) are gone All SOLD
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    wahoo bombs

    A total of 19 wahoo bombs. 8 Burn's, all but on are rigged. Misc. bombs $100 shipped SOLD
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    Reels for sale

    Prices lowered on a few reels. 1. Penn 70VS with a converted 1:1 low gear. Filled to the brim with 130# spectra. Has an aftermarket Tiburon large handle. Has box. $600 This reel will make an excellent kite reel. Has the line capacity, and the low gear for the big ones. SOLD 2. Penn 30S...
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    Tuna feathers

    Total of 40 tuna feathers. Almost all are new. Various sizes. $150 shipped CONUS
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    Marauder for sale. Some are the Yozuris and two are the original marauder made by Mako(no longer made) Most are new and few are used but in excellent condition. The large Marauders 10" will be $30 each The 8" marauders will be $20 each. The two original Marauder made by Mako will be $55 each...
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    I have 8 large raiders, a few are used but the rest are new. I have 13 smaller raiders, again, a few are used but the rest are new. 21 jigs all together. $200 shipped CONUS
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    TNT light jigs

    I have 6 TNT light jigs painted in glow in the dark paint. These are used for jigging for large YFTs. $75 shipped CONUS SOLD
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    I have 14 of the smaller hopkins, and 16 of the larger hopkins. Most of them are brand new. Some are painted black. That is 30 jigs $180 shipped CONUS
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    Shimano Leader pouches

    4 Shimano leader pouches. Each has 10 plastic zip lock bags except for one which has 8 . Buy all four and I will throw in the smaller leader pouch. $60 plus $10 shipping SOLD
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    Shimano Tranx 500PG

    Excellent condition used on one trip. Caught one 20# YFT. Packed with 65# solid spectra. Has box and paper. The Tibruon reel clamp is not included. No trades Will be at Fisherman's Landing on 18th around noon. Can meet potential buyer. $350 SOLD
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    FS - Penn Torque 40 LD 2-sp

    Something came up and I am going to sell my BNIB Penn Torque 40LD 2-sp. I spooled it with line, but I am going to remove the line for the sale. $450 FIRM plus shipping . That was how much I paid for it. Or, I can meet buyer in SD on 3/17 at Fisherman's Landing for the transaction. I will be...
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    Penn International Drag washers

    Sorry, double post
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    Penn International Drag washers

    1. New Penn International 20T drag washer $20 shipped 2. New Penn International 12T drag washer $15 shipped 3. Slightly used Penn Internationl 16S drag washer $15 shipped
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    Lures and Jigs

    1. Three Megabait trolling lures. Two are new and one is used. Two are rigged. They are 9.5" long. $50 shipped 2. Ten Tady lures. All new. Five are Tady C in bird shit color, and five are Tady 45 in black and white. These are all surface irons. $70 shipped 3. Ten Hopkins...
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    Long rods for sale

    1. BTG 90J - New tuna cord deckhand wrap. 12 stainless braced guides plus tip. Triple wrapped. Purple based wrap with double black over wrap with trim. Photos 1356-1359 $SOLD 2. BTG 690J - Used but in excellent condition. 12 black stainless braced guides plus tip(acid wrapped) Triple...
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    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    I have an upcoming trip in March. Now the fuel price is hovering around $2.50/gallon and the posted trip prices on most boats are based on $3.50 to $4.00 per gallon. Do any of you think we the anglers should get a reduction on the cost of the trip because of the reduction in fuel prices? Not...
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    Shiman TLD 30 2-speed

    Selling this reel for a friend. Shimano TLD 30 two speed reel in excellent condition. Freespools forever. Has an aftermarket Tiburon handle. It has green Power Pro spectra but not sure how much and the line class. Great for tuna, or shark fishing both as a trolling and live bait reel. $160...
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    Penn International 20 2-sp

    I have a used Penn International 20 2-speed reel that are sleeved and blueprinted to fish 100# line. It has a new drag plate installed. It has the Cal heavy duty base(not made anymore), Tiburon arm/handle, an aluminum rod clamp with trigger finger. This reel is spooled with NEW 520yds of...
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    Rods for sale

    I need to thin out some of my rods. 1. Used Calstar 760L 12.5"/14" R/F hypalon, has purple Aftco aluminum reel seat /gimbal, stainless steel braced guides. Wrapped in calstar teal with double purple wrap. Has a nice fish butt wrap. SOLD 2. Used Old school Sabre Grafast(composite) 665H 30-80#...
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    Wood Tackle Box

    I built this box for a friend a while back. He did not use it during his possession. Now, he can't do long range fishing anymore and he gave it back to me. I have no use for it so it is up for sale. The box is made of oak plywood with mahogony trims. It has many coats of oilbased...
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    Lacrosse Boot Rant - update

    This all started when my Lacrosse boot developed a separation between the body and the sole of the boot after only been worn on three fishing trips. I contacted Lacrosse and was told the boot was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. On his own, a BDer' Holi-e-mackeral contacted...
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    WTB - Penn 50S / 50T(2-sp)

    Looking for fair to good condition 50S or 50T(2-sp). No line, blueprinting, nor sleeve necessary.
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    WTB - Penn Torque 40N 2-sp 40

    Looking for a Penn Torque 40N 2-sp. New or used(in good condition)
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    Trinidad 40N / 40

    I have a used but in excellent condition converted Trinidad 40N from a Trinidad 40. Shimano no longer makes the TN40N, nor the TN40N frame and spool. It cost $155 plus shipping when I purchased the TN40N spool and frame. I have the origingal TN40 box, paper, and tool. This sale will inclued...
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    Lacrosse boot rant

    Purchased a pair of the green Lacrosse boot based on the recommendations from this board in 12/2012. It was the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn. Worn it on three trips, two 16-day and one 7-day. I discovered a separation between the body of the boot from the sole along the side...
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    Tiburon SST8

    Used but in excellent condition smart shift 8. Just had a complete service. It has 65# solid Tuflinexp solid spectra. Enough room for about 75yds of 50# mono. Set up as a wahoo reel. It has a John Baker clamp. Comes with paper and harness lugs, and a soft case. $425 shipped CONUS SOLD...
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    Trinidad 30

    Almost new condition Trinidad 30. Never used only went on one trip. Comes with box and paper, and an aftermarket rod clamp(lost the stock clamp). Has the Calsheet drag plate and carbotex drag washers. Has the Trinidad DC dog.(I think) $275 shipped CONUS SOLD Paypal - gift only
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    Trinidad 20

    Trinidad 20 in excellent condition. Virtually new. Never used just brought along on one trip. Has the larger Cal drag plate and Cabotex drag washers. Also has the Trinidad DC dogs upgrade. Cosmetically / Mechanically 10/10 Has box and paper. Shipping is on buyer's dime. $300 shipped...
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    Help- Makaira 16

    I am currently returning from my 16- day trip. One of my two brand new Makaira 16 reels seized while I was fishing. No fish has been caught on this reel. I was winding in and the reel seized. I had no problem with the reel when line was put on. The reel has great free spool and has great...
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    FS - Shimano Stella 20000SW

    Brand new Shimano Stella 20000SW with box and all the parts, paper, and pouch that come with the reel. $800 shipped CONUS Paypal accepted as "gift" Can deliver to buyer in Los Angeles and San Diego(the landing) on March 24th.
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    what toy(s) is everyone getting at FH?

    I am planning to attend the Fred Hall on Saturday. My shopping list includes a big spool of Threadlock 130#, an Avet HXJ raptor, and some fluorocarbon leaders. Also, looking forward to see old friends and pay off my bill for my up coming 16-day on the Indy. Should be good times........ Jeff
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    Hypalons, cork rings, and cork handles

    I have a bunch of hypalons. Around 100 pieces. One bag of cork rings. A bunch of cork handles. $130 for the whole lot. Shipping on buyer's dime. I will be in the LA and San Diego Area on March 24 morning and can meet buyer. Black: 7x 12" tapered 11/16" ID 2x 13.5" straight 9/16"ID 1x 13"...
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    SKB rod belt.

    Almost new SKB rod belt $40 I will be down at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach on Sat. I will be in the LA and San Diego area on the 24th of March I can meet buyer on both of those days.
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    New Truline D8

    Let's try this again. I posted this a while back and got a few buyers that flaked out. I have a newly wrapped D8. 7'5" long. Fuji turbo guides. I will be coming down on the March 24th for my 16-day tirp. I can arrange to meet buyer in the LA and San Diego Area. $200/ OBO
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    Avet HXW Raptor SOLD

    Avet HXW Raptor in excellent condition. Used on one trip. Has box. $400 firm + shipping
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    Penn 50VSW

    Used 50VSW with 700 yds of new Tufline 130# spectra. Reel is set up with 35# of drag at strike, 25# between freespool and strike and 45# at full. With the current drag setting, the reel freespools a tad over two minutes. Small area of corrosion at the base of the clicker button. A few minor...
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    Misc. reels for sale

    Selling some reels for a friend who recently passed away. 1. Shimano Torium 30 excellent mechanically. No clamp. Some boat rash. Just been serviced. SOLD 2. Barely used TLD 25 in excellent condition. $80 SOLD 3. Penn Senator 4/0 in good condition. Some pittings on the spool. Otherwise in...
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    Avet 50SDS topless

    I have an Avet 50SDS topless reel for sale. Excellent condition with box. Purchased from someone on BD a while back. Fished a few trips. Well maintained. $355 shipped CONUS. SOLD
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    WTB - Tiburon SST 50

    XXX deleted
  116. S

    Different perspective on wind-ons

    I have read the latest development in making top shots by pre-stretching the mono/fluoro to prevent any creeping. Let me make this very clear on my intention of this thread is by NO means bashing on those who constantly seek a better mouse trap. I just thought I would share my humble opinion...
  117. S

    Indy 7/27-8/03 7-day

    Any BDers going beside me, Harddrive, and Rodless?
  118. S

    Trinidad 40

    Used Trinidad 40 in excellent shape. Has brand new Cabotex drag washers installed. Has box, paper, and tool. Few cosmetic blemishes. $310 Shipping will be on buyer. I will be in Los Angeles on July 26 after 10:00am I will be in San Diego on the morning of July 27 at Point Loma for a 7-day...
  119. S

    Truline D-8

    Newly wrapped Truline D-8, 7'5" long Fuji Hardloy Turbo guides. 10 Guides and tip top. Cork tape handle. 3M-cold shrink section over a two pieces of metal over the cork tape for reel seat area. Turk head/matching purple/black No shipping. Pick up welcome. I am located in the San Francisco...
  120. S

    Value on a few Truline blanks

    I have a D8 blank I believe it was wrapped at one point and cleanly stripped. It was cut to 7' 4.5" Also I have an unknown 11.5' turline which was also wrapped at one point and was cleanly stripped. Any inputs would be appreciated
  121. S

    Value on a few truline blanks

    I have a D8 blank I believe it was wrapped at one point and cleanly stripped. Also I have an unknown 11.5' turline which was also wrapped at one point and was cleanly stripped. Any inputs would be appreciated JL
  122. S

    Shimano Capacity on the Tranx PG

    Shimano claims that the Tranx will hold 420yds of 50# Power Pro. Well, I just spooled my Tranx with Power Pro 50# line. I only got around 180 yds. I packed it as tight as I could on the winder and filled it to the brim. No where what Shimano claims. What gives? Jeff
  123. S

    What rod would you pair with a Tranx for surface iron?

    For those who have a Tranx which rod do you pair it with for sruface iron?
  124. S

    Mirrolures and Rapalas

    1. 5 Rapala Magnum CD-14BM SS MAG in Golden green mackerel $6 each 2. 1 Rapala Magnum CD-14BM SS MAG in Blue Mackerel $6 3. 5 Mirrolure 112MR in Blue Mackerel $6 each 4. 1 Mirrolure 112MR in Green Mackerel $6 5. 1 Mirrolure 113MR in Blue Mackerel $10 6. 1 Rapala Magnum CD-18 BM...
  125. S

    MAKAIRA 20

    2. A used Makaira 20. This reel was sent to Okuma last Summer for the upgrades. Essentially this reel now has the same features as the newer 20SEa. The upgrades were open bearings, lower low gears, larger handle and a longer arm. The reel is pack with JB 130# hollow spectra. Has box, tool...
  126. S


    1. Accurate B-270M - Basically a new reel that was spooled with 65# yellow Tufline XP spectra with a short 30# topshot. Has box, paper and pouch. $250 Firm Shipping is on the seller. I will be in the LA area on the 30th and in the San Diego Area on the 31st for my 16-day trip. I can...
  127. S

    Westcoast Marketing 16-Day

    Any BDers going on this upcoming 16-Day on board the Indy? 12 days and counting.:D
  128. S

    Penn International 50TW/2-sp, modified

    Used but in excellent condition Penn International 50TW that was converted to a 2-speed by Cal and was at one time blueprinted by Cofe. The reel is loaded with 200#TuflineXP solid yellow spectra connected by about 30yds of new white Jerry Brown hollow 200# spectra. A new 130# topshot(loop to...
  129. S

    Fishing reels on a plane

    Anyone knows if a fishing reel can be carried on a plane?
  130. S

    Harness Plugs

    I need a set of harness plugs for my Makaira10. Tried to contact Okuma and no response. Any idea of how to get a hold of someone in Okuma? Jeff
  131. S

    Xtra Tuff Boots (Made in the USA)

    I have two pairs of used but in excellent condition Xtra Tuff Boots. One is size 8, and the other is size 7. Made in the USA. $40 each. SOLD I will be in the Fred Hall Show on the 19th. I will also be at Point Loma landing on the 31st of March(pm) Pick up welcome. I am in the San...
  132. S


    Seems there are more 300+#s caught this season. Let's hope they keep growing for the next 46 days. :hali_olutta:
  133. S

    Phenix 700 3xh

    Phenix Hybrid 700 3XH. It was taken on one 16-day trip last year. Did not use. It is acid wrapped with 8 Fuji Silicon Nitrite CHBNG guides (25,20,16,16,16,12,12,12), and a Fuji Silicon Nitrite Tiptop. Reel seat is Aftco Silver. Rear grip is black hypalon 13.75"(15 7/8" from the bottom of the...
  134. S

    Calstar 770XXH

    Calstar 770xxh. I loaned this rod to someone local for his 16-day trip a few months ago. It is wrapped with 8 Fuji Silicon Nitrite BHBNG guides (25,20,16,16,16,12,12,12), and a Fuji Silicon Nitrite Tiptop. Reel seat is Pacbay black in color. Rear grip is black hypalon 13 5/8"(15 7/8" from the...
  135. S

    Rods and Reel for sale

    1. Shimano TLD20 with the works from Tiburon. It has the Tiburon topless frame, T-bar handle, and larger drag plate. Reel is in excellent condition. Loaded with 100 /80? # TuflineXP solid yellow spectra. $250 SOLD 2. Phenix Hybrid 700 3XH. It was taken on one 16-day trip last year. Did...
  136. S

    Catchy Tackle Trolling lures / wahoo / tuna / marlin

    Big Game, Very Big Game - Marlin, BIG Wahoo... The biggest Catchy's offer a unique spinner design, they also offer an excellent premium skirt material too. These big game spinner blade lures feature Newell Skirts, a heavier material for longer lived use when inhaled and chomped by the big...
  137. S

    ATD 50 topless

    An excellent condition ATD50 topless. Has the optional 4:1 high gear for those who want to use it for jigging. It also has a sleeve for additional freespool. Has a longer arm for additional leverage. The stock arm is included with an Alan Tani handle. Original stock box included(matches the...
  138. S

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    Thur. December 13, 2012 We finished up with a shot at some Wahoo and then a nice evening hit on big fish. There were 3 more fish at the 200-220lb range and several others in the 175-196lb class. We did have a few losses this evening including one big-un that dumped CM Larry Browns Avet...
  139. S

    Tiburon Smart Shift 8

    Anyone out there has one with a fair price available?
  140. S

    Penn Fluorocarbon

    Does anyone know the specifications on the Penn Professional Fluorocarbon leaders that come in the 25yds coils? I recently got some 150# 25yds coils of Penn Fluorocarbon with has 1.17mm in diameter. Is this correct? That is rather thin. Any ideas? JL
  141. S

    Stella 20k

    new or used in good condition.
  142. S

    The Facts

    Moderator: I understand you had to close the other thread. Well, let me start another thread with just the facts. I have seen some changes Five Star as a business had to make since Fisherman's Processing started. Five Star used to use the slush bins and now they are not allowed. Only...
  143. S

    Accurate 270

    Accurate 270 reel in excellent condition. Ratio is 4.6:1. The T-handle was replaced with a round wiffle ball handle. Spooled with 65# yellow power pro and about 40yds of 30# softsteel mono. $200 plus shipping
  144. S

    Accurate ATD 12, price reduced

    I thought I would list this reel alone since I sold the ATD 30. Also, I reduced the price as well. ATD 12 - Original owner, used for one 16 day trip. Had one or two 50-60# YFTs on the reel. This ATD 12 has the ATD30 gears and arm. 4:1high/1.7:1/low gear. Excellent condition...
  145. S

    Accurate reels

    ATD 30 is SOLD ATD 12 - Original owner, used for one 16 day trip. Had one or two 50-60# YFTs on the reel. This ATD 12 has the ATD30 gears and arm. 4:1high/1.7:1/low gear. Excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically with box. A minor corrosion on the spool and on one of the reel...
  146. S

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    Five Star never fails to amaze me the extend of the excellent customer service it provides. I recently had my fish processed by Five Star. A mistake was made by them. I e-mailed Sarah and questioned about the bill. She returned my e-mail in a timely fashion. She apologized and offered me a...
  147. S

    Makaira 10

    Anyone out there has one in good condition for sale?
  148. S

    Progear Oceanus 30, Accurate BX2-600

    1. Progear Oceanus 30 - Used but in excellent condition. Mostly on a boat ride. comes with box and schematic. $275.00 SOLD 2. Accurate BX2-600 - Used but in excellent condition. I don't think it has ever caught a fish. Comes with box, wrench and lube. $425 SOLD Shipping $12.00 USPS...
  149. S

    2 more days!

    Anyone going on the upcoming Excel 7-day leaving this Sunday 7/29? It is getting difficult to concentrate at work with all the positive fishing reports. JL
  150. S

    Newell c229-5

    Used Newell c-229-5 with box in excellent condition. SOLD I will be at the Landing in SD this Sunday morning for a 7-day trip. I can meet there. Cash only, or I can ship in CONUS for $6.
  151. S


    1. Newell P229-F in new condition. SOLD 2. Newell C229-5 with box in excellent condition. $100.00 Shipping on your dime. Pickup welcome. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  152. S

    Old school Penn reels

    1. Penn 150(used) in excellent condition with Newell bars. $40 2. Penn 505HS(new) with Black Accurate Frame and Accurate power arm/handle. Comes with stock box. $80 SOLD 3. Penn 2/0 in excellent condition with a lighter aluminum spool. $70 4. Penn 1/0 in almost new condition. No...
  153. S

    Okuma - Great service!

    Okuma just returned my two Makaira 30ses and one Makaira 20 that I sent to them two weeks ago. Got the upgraded arm, handle, spool bearings, and the lower gear. Can't wait to put them to use. Kudos to Okuma for standing behind its product by doing the right things for its customers...
  154. S

    Accurate reels

    1. Boss B2-665N two speed reel in excellent condition. Loaded with 80# yellow Tufline XP solid spectra and an Alan Tani handle. $350 shipped w/in CONUS SOLD 2. Boss B2-870 two speed reel in excellent condition. Loaded with 80# yellow Tufline XP solid spectra. $340 shipped w/in CONUS SOLD...
  155. S

    Class of 2016 ! US Airforce Academy

    I know this really doesn't belong here. But I have made many friends on this board over the years. I thought I would share this great news with everyone as a very proud father. My son Nicholas just received an appointment at the US Airforce Academy, Class of 2016. He has worked very hard...
  156. S

    Penn 50TW 2-sp / Newell 533

    1. Penn 50TW - 2-sped by Cal. Has sleeve and set up to fish 130#. Has 550yds of 200# Tufline XP spectra. Has an aftermarket Big T-Bar arm/handle by Tiburon. Aftermarket clamp. Just replaced the drag with a brand new Penn drag plate. This will be a great back up, troll, or kite reel. A...
  157. S

    Whale Bone Jigs

    Anyone has any idea where I can get some information on the worth of these whale bone jigs. I have 4 size 3 Thin type-single hook jigs. Made by Compae/product of Japan with box. I have 3 -3.5" whale bone jigs /thin type single hook with box, engraved "Made in Japan" on the back of jigs. All...
  158. S

    Penn 50VSX

    I got this reel a few months ago for my 16-day. Ended up not needing it. It is in almost new condition. I can not say it is new because I had put line on it and them removed it. Also, I degreased the spool bearings and re-configured the drag to 29# at strike and still has free spool. It...
  159. S

    Avet HXW raptor

    Anyone out there wants to part with this reel? Color is not important, but it has to have the new lower low gear.
  160. S

    good news

    A friend of mine just found out there will be no fuel surcharge on the RS leaving on the next trip.
  161. S

    Large SKB box

    I have a used large SKB box for sale. It is modded with PVC rocket launchers. The openings are larger than the stock ones to accommodate larger diameter rear grips. It is also elevated to enable the lid to open when placed on the tackle racks on all LR boats. Also, two wires are attached to...
  162. S

    Repeat of 2005?

    Could the recent catches at the Lower Banks be the beginning of what happened in 2005? JL
  163. S

    Accurate 50ATD

    I have an Accurate 50ATD(non-topless) reel in good condition. There are a few boat rash on the left side plate, reel seat foot, and a few small corrosion spots on the spool. (see pictures). Mechanically, it is excellently maintained. I will come with the original box with matched serial...
  164. S


    1. 10 Tady 45 in black/white new. $5.50 each 2. Sumo 6 7.5 oz 3Xblue/white, 2Xchrome/glow in the dark, 2Xchrome/blue/glow in the dark. $5.50 each shipping on your dime
  165. S

    Makaira 20 upgrade

    I used my Makaira 20 this past January on my 16-day trip. It was loaded with 130# JB and 100# topshot. Unfortunately, I was only able to land a few 110-120# YFTs with this reel. This reel has silky smooth drag and gearing. The only thing I think this reel could be improved on is to have a...
  166. S

    Tip size?

    Does anyone know the tip size on the new Phenix Hybrid 7004xH? JL
  167. S

    ATD 12 ??

    Can a ATD12 be ordered with either a ATD30 or a ATD50 arm? Is a lower gear available for a ATD12? JL
  168. S

    Penn 50 with Topless Baker Frame

    Penn 50 with Topless Baker Frame. Two speeded by Calsheet. Blueprinted and sleeved. Great freespool with 28# at strike. It has a T-Bar handle. This reel has the optional 4:1 high gear for jigging. This reel will NOT have line on when sold. This reel has NO lugs. I simply plugged the...
  169. S

    Rods / Blanks FS, Calstar , Super Seeker

    1. Super Seeker 2 X 4 that has 16.75" hypalon foregrip, 15.5" from butt cap to bottom of reel seat, Alps black aluminum reel seat. The foregrip is covered by 3M heat shrink, same a switfty without the inlays. $175 (this has NO guides)SOLD 2. Super Seeker CJBF70XH 17.25" hypalon foregrip, 14...
  170. S

    Baker Topless 50 Frame

    Baker Topless 50 Frame. This frame is new, I mounted it on my 50, but I did not like the color match. This frame is for the OLD Penn 50 with bars, NOT for the 50T nor the 50S. It includes the mounting studs and a clamp. There are some scratches on the bottom of the bearing cup. I caused the...
  171. S

    Penn 30SW 2-sp

    Excellent condition. Packed with 130# Tufline solid spectra. This has been my back up reel. Used it a few times for dropper loop. It has a sleeve and blueprinted to fish 100#. $325 I will be at the Long Beach show tomorrow if interested. Shipping will be on buyer's dime.
  172. S

    Accurate B2-Extreme 50

    Excellent condition with 600yds of TuflineXP 130# solid spectra. Has box. Used one trip. $475.00 SOLD Will be at the Long Beach show tomorrow if interested. Or shipping will be on buyer's dime.
  173. S

    Newell 533 5.5:1

    Newell no letter 533 5.5:1 Used, but in EXCELLENT condition. HT100 drags. Spectra backing with 50# Izor leader(at least 75yds). Classic wahoo and YT surface iron reel. $110 Shipping on buyer Pick up welcome. Live up in San Francisco Bay Area
  174. S

    Baker 50 topless frame

    Anyone has one? Jeff
  175. S

    Reels FS

    1. Accurate B2Extreme-30. Used. Caught two fish over the last two years. Filled with 500yds of TuflineXP solid spectra. Perfect for 120-175# tunas. Casts like the smaller Boss reels. Cosmetic 9/10. Reel is well cared for. $450 PENDING 3. Newell 533 w/ 5:1 gear. Used. has stainess steel ball...
  176. S

    WTB Avet 50 SDS topless w/ 4:1 high gear

    Looking for an Avet 50SDS topless w/ 4:1 high gear. Either trade or cash. I probably have something you are looking for. Please let me know. JL
  177. S

    WTB- surface iron rod

    Looking for one, or two surface iron rod(s). Brands not important. Must have a line rating for 50#. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  178. S

    Reels for sale

    1. Saltist 40: Basically a new reel. Took it on one trip last year,but did not use. Has 65# spectra and about 100yds of 50# Izor Premium on top. $125 SOLD, THANKS WILLIE FROM TX. 2. Tiburon SST 16: Excellent condition. Packed with 450yds of 80# TuflineXP spectra. $ 420 3. Tiburon SST 8...