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  1. crawdadguy

    sorry it quickly sold

    sorry it quickly sold
  2. crawdadguy

    Another what the heck is this post

  3. crawdadguy

    Top Five Salmon Lures?

    rotary salmon killer green with a herring/sardine
  4. crawdadguy

    Suzuki Df140/150

    love that bay boat sweet!
  5. crawdadguy

    Inshore oceanside buoy question

    I think it is an artificial reef there are several between the pier and harbor
  6. crawdadguy

    Easy on the wallet 60 lb 7' rod ?

    get the Graftech rods when they are on sale at Turner's
  7. crawdadguy

    Is 73 rods to much?

    Is 73 too many ...IMO yes (and you did ask) Do we ever think about what will happen to all of it after we pass? Goodwill? Trash? I too a man in his 60's had way too much stuff. About 10 years ago ... Instead of keeping stuff I 'll never or rarely use, I sell/give them away thus clearing out...
  8. crawdadguy

    Striped Bass in long beach??

    I caught one in Newport back bay years ago7 lbs
  9. crawdadguy

    Over night on the pacific Dawn

    been on that boat last year classy vessel good bunk layout
  10. Mancave Dorado mount

    Mancave Dorado mount

    Over 5 foot long great for tiki bar/mancave $75 vista area redecorating PM me w/ # to text
  11. crawdadguy

    Are you tired of Race related issues?

    MyNomad I do agree with those above statements. It may shock you but I am lifetime Republican and voted for Trump 2x. I do fight those things you mention and put my neck out on a constant basis. I am not ashamed to be outspoken in meetings and stand up to idiocy. I proudly say the pledge...
  12. crawdadguy

    MyNomad see comment below

    MyNomad see comment below
  13. crawdadguy

    Your loathing of teachers is obvious...just keep in check that your opinions about them are just...

    Your loathing of teachers is obvious...just keep in check that your opinions about them are just your opinions. Your pension comment was not accurate. IMO.. Your "private sector " stress is evident through your posts. Are we now in a pissing match about job stress? Isn't that an individual...
  14. crawdadguy

    saying these things like stress free job and a good pension after 20-25 years? Obviously you...

    saying these things like stress free job and a good pension after 20-25 years? Obviously you don't do that for a living
  15. crawdadguy

    Bait Tank Issue

    I run a kodiak 22 gallon with a 500 pump no issues
  16. crawdadguy

    Bedding deck hatches

    try alcohol
  17. crawdadguy

    Kencor 4ft trout rod

    i got a a kencor SP4-2v 4' rated 1-6 pm me It has a shimano tx500FA on it as well
  18. crawdadguy

    3/1 Island Spirit

    those chili peppers are one of the tastiest fish in rockfish family IMO
  19. crawdadguy

    What’s your favorite nados boat

    I loved the liberty with 32 anglers...hated the Liberty with 62 anglers
  20. crawdadguy

    Best lake in sd to fish

    right now....El Cap or otay
  21. crawdadguy

    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    I just went on the Pacific Dawn out of Ventura Landing...Very Impressed super clean boAT
  22. crawdadguy

    Steering cable stuck at outboard end

    you will need to sand the inside of the tube when you get it out it has rust spots in it.
  23. crawdadguy

    A little Swordfish vid

    smart mackerel swimming fast back to the boat!
  24. crawdadguy

    Tady 9/0 from 80's

    Hey I was cleaning at my parents house and found 2 old boxes of mine tucked in the garage (given up for lost decades ago) lots of interesting old stuff...I'll bore you with that later... anyway found some old jigs including this Tady 9/0. I think the color was called angry squid? It weighs...
  25. crawdadguy

    Honda 50 trim HELP

    rent an engine hoist for a day $30
  26. crawdadguy

    1974 homemade boat

    scrape/sand grind off all the loose material that's a good start
  27. crawdadguy

    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    yeah something is amiss
  28. crawdadguy

    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    I have the same engine Honda 150 I have a few ?? How was the flow when you fished? If it was that weak I'd be nervous... Those engines are tough to get enough water using muffs...keep the water on full and squeeze those muffs on.
  29. crawdadguy

    Moving back to SD

    try a dual console helm is forward large fish area in back
  30. crawdadguy

    Need any suggestions for fishing in St George, Utah

    there is a cool store called sportsman's warehouse loaded w/ gear fun place to check out. There is a visitor center there indoor covering lots of dino footprints cool as well sorry these are alternatives to fishing
  31. crawdadguy

    Komodo handle choices

    Looking to get komodo 463. There seems to be 3 different handle choices paddle, knob w/counterweight, power knob only. What are the positives / negatives of each?...plan on using it as a bait reel #25 or #30 lb top shots opinions ? Thanks
  32. crawdadguy

    Calstar 610 black $125

    my favorite #40 and jig stick GLWS
  33. crawdadguy

    Dead Trailer

    took mine to a scrapyard told them they could have it...never asked me for a title then a giant magnet picked it up and threw it on a pile
  34. crawdadguy

    wanted Electric downriggers

    got a buddy moved up to Sactown looking to buy electric dowriggers Hes down this week in Sandiego so what do you got? Pm me leave phone # and lets get er done!
  35. crawdadguy

    LJ 8-30

    Can you show a pic of the descending device?
  36. crawdadguy

    Any Hydra- Sport owners?

    American Pickers lol
  37. crawdadguy

    8-19 LaJolla Yellowtail

    inspiring report
  38. crawdadguy

    WTB Rail Rod 60-130 #

    Have you checked out the graftechs from turners about 200$ they go on sale 20% off about 5x a year
  39. crawdadguy

    Help Boat Shopping- 20'-24' Dual Console Boat- Striper, Robalo, Grady-White, Cobia? West Coast

    I love mY 20 ft dual console striper w/150 does get spray like most boats, but we can all stand behind the windshield...has 1 back to back seat that is a guaranteed nap starter while trolling .... has big stern area for bait tank and 2 big dudes, I fish in the front cheap to take...
  40. crawdadguy

    Worth getting a surveyor before purchase for this boat?

    at least take it to a honda shop and hook it up to the computer...they will tell you hours, hours at different rpm's compression test look at lower end oil. I did that w/ my boat that has a 2006 Honda 150
  41. crawdadguy

    Deckhand salary?

    The Navy has better pay and benefits
  42. crawdadguy

    Rule vs Kodiak Transom Mount Pump

    love those pumps
  43. crawdadguy

    San Diego Butts 8/9

    were you bounce balling? You said troll have to perfect that style good work!
  44. crawdadguy

    Sinker rig

  45. crawdadguy

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    price point?
  46. crawdadguy

    Need a 20" shaft

    amusing how you turn a joke in a personal attack... I wish you well I guess you never watched the office
  47. crawdadguy

    Need a 20" shaft

    need 20 " shaft? that's what she said
  48. crawdadguy

    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    I really enjoyed that, Once a fish bites the others attack as well. can you mount a weapon on that for sea lions?
  49. crawdadguy

    need carpet installer in No. SD co. for side job

    leave me a # thx
  50. crawdadguy

    Vintage Sea Stike surface jigs

    I still have some and they have a great kick
  51. crawdadguy

    Buying tackle in 1960's

    Yes it was the grant boys
  52. crawdadguy

    First Boat Guidelines

    Here's a few tips... *Take your time and look around a lot. The economic conditions are ripening for some good deals. Rushing causes buyer's remorse. Good deals are out there all the time be patient. *Sea trial /mechanic checks save a lot of heartbreak. *Don't buy a boat you cant afford to...
  53. crawdadguy

    What freshwater Mono-filament are you using?

    I fish a lot for big bass and I find Stren hi impact in green to be great Cheap 6-7$ at wal mart for 1/4 lb spool limp no memory good abrasion (I fish rockpiles >
  54. crawdadguy

    Moss landing vs santa cruz for salmon

    I hav e been on the Kahuna out of moss landing and it was good! they knew their shit
  55. crawdadguy

    15# Calico Stick Recommendations

    agree with the 196-8
  56. crawdadguy

    good cond penn 6/0 $45 OBO

    Ready to fish no issues drag serviced last year and not used since filled with fresh #50 mono
  57. crawdadguy

    DIY Tuna Tail Mounts

    cool looking nice
  58. crawdadguy

    Steering wheel fit

    that looks much better
  59. crawdadguy

    I have a buddy who lives in anaheim will pick it up for me tomorrrow if you still have it dave...

    I have a buddy who lives in anaheim will pick it up for me tomorrrow if you still have it dave 760-518-8439
  60. crawdadguy

    Determining battery needs

    Get a group 27 keep it charged And start charging it as soon as you are home
  61. crawdadguy

    I guess I'm a Penn guy

    I’m hooked too Wildbunch bragged about the fathoms and I respect his opinion so Now I have 2 fathom 2 speeds I fathom ii star drag and a squall levelwind Great values and solid reels tunanorths advice was key as well!! Go Penn
  62. crawdadguy

    Kodiak 22 gallon bait tank

    Ive had mine for years works great even with a full scoop powered by a 500rule on the transom
  63. crawdadguy

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    where was the ad from?
  64. crawdadguy

    Fathom 25n 2 speed line capacity

    where was that ad from?
  65. crawdadguy

    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    that is very impressive:worship:
  66. crawdadguy

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    just put some 5200 on it and go fishing
  67. crawdadguy

    40 hp Honda mechanic recommendations

    oceanside marine center in Oside harbor
  68. crawdadguy

    WTB Fred Archer books

    I'll look in my library this week feel free to PM me
  69. crawdadguy

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    go to the fish hatchery outside of Juneau..there is usually hundreds of salmon there and people use a weighted treble cuz snagging in ocean is a cheap rod at walmart in town usually chums bur at times silvers or kings
  70. crawdadguy

    Suspicious rod/reel for sale at Shelter Island

    I appreciate the effort
  71. crawdadguy

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    My top 3 black/purple Bunker (looks like a sardine) spotted minnow
  72. crawdadguy

    SD bay day with my boy

    thanks for the memories That was me as a dad 20 yrs ago we still fish together
  73. crawdadguy

    Dana Point Action?

    I've had tough days in the area you are fishing this year. Poor current green dirty water. You are normal
  74. crawdadguy

    Tady 45 / Jax jig

    I think the color name is angry squid
  75. crawdadguy

    Anybody use live crawfish for Saltwater bass?

    caught some big sandies on them
  76. crawdadguy

    BFT or not?

    wicked tuna i hear the beeps
  77. crawdadguy

    Dead Bait...

  78. crawdadguy

    A Few Oldies

    thanks for the memories
  79. crawdadguy

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

  80. crawdadguy

    Fishing pole guides

    tale to the Longfin in orange if they are AFTCO YOU CAN BUY REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLINE
  81. crawdadguy

    Fuel sender question

    senders go out frequently part of boating
  82. crawdadguy

    Corrosion Inhibitors

    wd 40 keep it out out the starter
  83. crawdadguy

    going to be in NZ for 3 weeks in december Guides?

    any suggestions for fishing guides...going to be in N and S island love to get a huge trout or ??I fish fresh? salt or a chap to take me out?
  84. crawdadguy

    Any ID on these old harbaits I found at the flea market?

    the orange one is a rapala shad rap in golden shiner pattern..the trout looking one is Rebel minnow the fifth one looks like a yozuri jerkbait in perch color(green/black striped)
  85. crawdadguy

    Weather coming!

    I do well in the rain low pressure = good bite
  86. crawdadguy

    Best Mackeral Sabiki

    the ones that you put small squid pieces on are the best
  87. crawdadguy

    How bout them Pats

    chrissy everett...I dare you to call me that again... Jim Rome classic
  88. crawdadguy

    How bout them Pats

  89. crawdadguy

    Suzuki 30hp 2 stroke (cabrea)

    I run an older 40 hp suzuki from the 90's this place is one of the biggest suzuki parts dealer in the USA try them
  90. crawdadguy

    10 lb Huddleston Bass!!

    well done sir I am impressed:worship:
  91. crawdadguy

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    fisherman sold out for more overpriced boutique stores
  92. crawdadguy

    12/16 Dana Point Report

    lots of Garibaldi on that screen :goldfish::goldfish::goldfish::goldfish::goldfish:
  93. crawdadguy

    Juneau Area Fishing Questions

    go to the hatchery where they bunch up outside of it...locals snag salmon (legal there) I went there on a cruise checked it out and a local said if I bought a license he'd lend me a rod...I did just that and snagged a king and 6 chums it was great fun and great fights in 2 hours cost was nominal
  94. crawdadguy

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    not to mention the local homeless who set up camp in the boats in the public lot
  95. crawdadguy

    Clean your pee hole!

    ive had spiders in mine before
  96. crawdadguy


    pellet gun
  97. crawdadguy

    2006 Honda 90 Power loss issue

    carb or injected?
  98. crawdadguy

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

  99. crawdadguy

    Bongos fishing charter anyone fish this boat

    Ive seen it on the water it is fast!
  100. crawdadguy

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    folding 5' plastic table at WM was $32
  101. crawdadguy

    Double Anchoring: What's Your Technique?

    that sounds about right but I only double anchor structure fishing in freshwater
  102. crawdadguy

    9 Mile & Point Loma

    Hasn't anyone stocked that area? We need some hurricanes down south to push up some new fish.
  103. crawdadguy

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    thank You for a real report...It was like that last week as well.
  104. crawdadguy

    Honda VS Evinrude

    I own a 2006 honda 150 never had an issue (besides the paint) They are big but mine has been super reliable
  105. crawdadguy

    DP to 267 its a desert - 7/29

    ramp gypsies ...that is funny ...and true
  106. crawdadguy

    UFO jigs. 18 total

    the UFO #5 blue and white is one of my go to lures for yoyo yellowtail
  107. crawdadguy

    Honda Mechanic in SD

    in North county Oceanside Marine Centre is a honda dealer with Honda service located next to harbor police in Oside Harbor
  108. crawdadguy

    Salmon in July

    I am very impressed with the fish and the boat haul up there
  109. crawdadguy

    Trickle charger

    yes....extends battery life
  110. crawdadguy

    1960s Glasspar Seafair Sedan

    my old glasspar had the vin on the dash '67 sportsman model
  111. crawdadguy

    Shimano Getting reels serviced at headquarters

    I have taken reels many times to the headquarters in Irvine. no appointment needed.....just call first to see if open then go to service office ...something small...the fix right then or you can have reels shipped home or pick up when done...AAA service there at Shimano
  112. crawdadguy

    No fish in o side harbor. So off to alaska

    thats a long cast from oside
  113. crawdadguy

    Blind luck seabass

    which xrap? Kudos
  114. crawdadguy

    Mystery fish making bait..

    I blame global warming
  115. crawdadguy

    Catalina Dog Fight

    Nice halibut took the fin bait within 15 minutes of dropping the anchor....only 15 pounds or so but provided dinner for the group. That is a great fish in my book any day
  116. crawdadguy

    5:25 Back Bay new boat!

    cool dad with a cooler boat
  117. crawdadguy

    Juneau Fishing

    start outside the hatchery...lots of chum and a few kings I was there for an hour on a cruise break and got a few
  118. crawdadguy

    Ranger Dave

    I think they used to rent small boats off it as i went as a kid
  119. crawdadguy

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    just dont spray it in the starter when spraying off OB.It does keep it looking new
  120. crawdadguy

    Parker AZ 4/6 & 4/7

    nice grade bronzebacks
  121. crawdadguy

    brand new 5'7" surfboard

    Brand new high quality soft surfboard 5'7" manufacturer Greco model... Hosanna $90 50% off cost...leash and fins included located in Vista area PM me with phone # to text
  122. crawdadguy

    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    the beer we snuck in
  123. crawdadguy

    OCT Jigs?

    I got one as a gift (blue) cant wait to try it
  124. crawdadguy

    Personal Best Northern Pike

    that is very impressive:appl::appl::appl:
  125. crawdadguy

    Boat name for my new Mako

  126. crawdadguy

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    contact Biggest T He knows Blackmans well and is currently converting a boat from diesel to twin outboards now
  127. crawdadguy

    Gps/fish finder for fresh and salt

    The new lowrance hook series gives you a 7" screen and gps with chirp for 399
  128. crawdadguy

    Offshore 12-19.... close but no cigar

    buy the best antenna you can for it
  129. crawdadguy

    Looking at a project Mark Twin runabout

    move on deal out there every day
  130. crawdadguy

    Electric Car Question

    the difference is the colbalt mining by kids is happening now... I guess only american black lives matter
  131. crawdadguy

    Dana pride

    it's big... pretty fast...big bait tanks lots of seating go for it
  132. crawdadguy

    Deal fell through because seller would not allow a sea trial

    I offer $150 non refundable deposit for a sea trial that has worked for me the boat buying has been better with sea trials than without you must test under load to really see the flaws
  133. crawdadguy

    Offshore Mission bay tail/dodo hunt 8/1

    yes it was there all in US waters about 15 mi straight out of MB Scott you always get first option to go with me You help with boat off help wash up always have $$.. you are prompt glad you were there today
  134. crawdadguy

    Dana Point 7/30

    what material is the multicolor gray on your deck?
  135. crawdadguy

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    Bonito...we hammered them wed, there
  136. crawdadguy

    Offshore Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    the deep boils were Kathy Griffin's crocodile tears falling from the sky
  137. crawdadguy

    Mead 4/15

    hitting for the cycle ...well done!:jig:
  138. crawdadguy

    Lake Skinner Presidents Day 2017

    the water level is 2 feet from full pool water temps 56-58 degrees
  139. crawdadguy

    Canvas Boat Cover Repair

    PM 26 grumpy he just had his fixed at a good value
  140. crawdadguy

    Cool pic of N. MB Jetty

    nice job on that photo
  141. crawdadguy

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    the 610 rocks i love it
  142. crawdadguy

    Fucking finally

    respects... now go enjoy more secure boating
  143. crawdadguy

    Yo Ho Ho iron info

    I still have a couple... from the late 80's small company pretty similar to the iron man jigs that came out later ... the one on the right is the lura 1or 2 the left and center look like size 3 typical lures for the "3 B's" /albacore mine are mostly chrome/blue never used the green yellow
  144. crawdadguy

    bell housing crack?

    jb weld
  145. crawdadguy

    Striper 1851

    bring bonine
  146. crawdadguy

    Winter camping spots needed - family friendly

    Lake Hemet....palomar mountain state park
  147. crawdadguy

    advice wanted: 2008 suzuki 225 hp outboard -- water intrusion/compression

    move on ....why start with headaches
  148. crawdadguy

    Williamson Chain Gangs - $20 Lot

    I love those rigs for marlin trolling
  149. crawdadguy

    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    excellent report...nice day
  150. crawdadguy

    Hmmm... tough choice..

    [Wonder if that's the stogie he gave to Yasser Arafat? or???whats her name?
  151. crawdadguy

    Water in lower unit oil?

    fill it with new oil go fishing local then check fluid
  152. crawdadguy

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Joe, that fillet you gave me was huge! Thx for the hook up:starwarskid5:
  153. crawdadguy

    What Happened to "Stoked on Fishing"?

    I love this show seems real and authentic
  154. crawdadguy

    A Victory for all So Cal Fisherman

    I know it has been a tough season for some (me too) ...Here is a little bit of inspiration to keep us going...found our friend sunbathing 5 mi inside the 182
  155. crawdadguy

    San Quintin, Baja Mexico - Compromise or Fishing Ban?

    here is my compromise as soon as every non legal residents pay their" FFM" daily to live in the US like we have to to enter Mexico we will stop fishing the "high Spot"
  156. crawdadguy

    Beware of pay wash down machines at Dana Point, Etc.

    Chuck, no the Grumpy didn't dump you joe is having engine problems...I have been sedating him and taking him out on mine in fact we go again Wednesday Im sure it is tough to invite someone out to have motor grief
  157. crawdadguy

    Seabass in the Kelp tips?

    the kelp cutter rig is the way to go #65 braid/#50 floro
  158. crawdadguy

    Oceanside harbor/launch ramp

    me like south shore!
  159. crawdadguy

    Offshore 7/12 skunko report

    I fished off Oside today it was a washing machine slow
  160. crawdadguy

    Does Oceanside still sell bait?

    $30 half $50 full ......very reliable
  161. crawdadguy

    oceanside harbor camping

    get there by noon on a friday but not this friday
  162. crawdadguy

    Friday 6/24 Oside inside /outside report

    Just giving the weekend warriors some intel for the weekend. Great bait...large sardine/ mackeral mix or small dine / mini mac mix..since I have split tanks I took some of each. Large swell across harbor mouth,,,just wait and shoot out between sets...headed offf cbad 5-6 mi 70 degree water...
  163. crawdadguy

    Slow Trolling Bait

    what pescador paul said
  164. crawdadguy

    Rapala size

    last year the xrap 15 was my gem
  165. crawdadguy

    Inventor of the back-up-sensor

    R u gay? no beastiality ?? yes but more in the testical envy category
  166. crawdadguy

    1/2 Day Halibut on the DD

  167. crawdadguy

    18' Dory

    nice jog down memory lane with the Newport dory thing...i too sat as a lad staring at the "sea trout" and rockfish being wrapped in rolled newspaper cool boat great name!! Beatles lyric...#9...#9...#9
  168. crawdadguy

    Bluefin on the troll ?

    rapala xrap 15 the spotted minnow...shhhh
  169. crawdadguy

    Wahoo Gaff

    great skills:appl::appl:
  170. crawdadguy

    Good Times on the River

    good times mad props what area of the river?
  171. crawdadguy

    What do you do with old fishing line-recycle?

    I toss it in my recycle can
  172. crawdadguy

    Downrigger Identification

    scotty is still open I thought...... a small operation out of canada I own one.just... wanna buy it cheap? I have 1-2 bases too and it has a cable it will work with a 8lb weight
  173. crawdadguy

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Q ...Fuel gauge not accurate? A...they rarely are... a very fickle part of the vessel in my experiences
  174. crawdadguy

    Perris 3/17

    been a tough year there
  175. crawdadguy

    Sun 3/13 - Long Beach

    may that be the first of many great fishing days on the whaler:git:
  176. crawdadguy

    Line set up

    #25 lb
  177. crawdadguy

    Metaloid 12 II Question

    what happened with the avets?
  178. crawdadguy

    Underwater video of yellowtsil in shallow water!

  179. crawdadguy

    Catalina Island from my Drone

    I enjoyed that ...make more
  180. crawdadguy

    2 Stroke - Gas/Oil mix what to do?

    put a shot of Stal-bil in every 4-8 weeks
  181. crawdadguy

    Where would you have your outboard painted?

    order the paint from the outboard company and do it yourself...dont forget the clear coat
  182. crawdadguy

    SD Bay 1-23

    i'm impressed that tourney has big talent
  183. crawdadguy

    Fiberglass Resin/3m 5200 question

    it will leave a void...remove it and glass/resin where it was
  184. crawdadguy


    yes ...I fish Lake Gregory with it and it does well.... vary the depths ...I usually follow it with A dave davis rigged with a needlefish or flor orange small rapala ...this works well at big bear....or DVL
  185. crawdadguy

    some christmas projects

    very nice ...mad skills....may i ask how you accelerated the rust on metal?
  186. crawdadguy

    How to get rid of a old hull

    i did one like you did...... sawz-all and the work dumpster... nice work
  187. crawdadguy

    What the Hell is this????

  188. crawdadguy

    Offshore 23hr Bomber Misson to Mission Bay_11.22

    thx going tomorrow hope they have bait nice ones!
  189. crawdadguy

    Striped bass Oceanside pier on Saturday 11-14?

    i caught a 8lb striper in newport harbor before
  190. crawdadguy

    looking for a who

    love having our personal photographer on board...we were only a clicker away ,,,no pic of fish Nugent asleep?
  191. crawdadguy

    OSIDE.......Shwing and a miss 10/25/15

    chucky, I was out there with fish Nugent and got blanked off box cyn
  192. crawdadguy

    Place to buy trailer tires?

    wal mart .com research trlr tires several to choose from free ship to store
  193. crawdadguy

    Kunnan rods ???

    I still troll with 2 kunnan rods love em
  194. crawdadguy

    slow trolling deans

    I use this technique a have to go a super slow speed so only do this when you are in a fishy area like around a paddy that has fish but they are spooky...nose hook is good but I prefer hooking in the "neck" of the bait...put lines out about 25-50 yards out... ringed hooks help...
  195. crawdadguy

    Offshore Saturday 10-10 upper 9

    I got bait there also yesterday 50% baby spanish macs
  196. crawdadguy

    Punish me...

    excellent bait at mission bay today sat...but only bullet tuna(frigate mackeral) caught
  197. crawdadguy

    What would you Repower with , Suzuki 70, Mercury 75, Evinrude 75

    use it till it dies then buy a another used rig youll never get your $ out of it by repower
  198. crawdadguy

    Best chance at catching this weekend

    find a boat to osborne bank
  199. crawdadguy

    Which buffer to buy?

    shur hold dual action polisher...
  200. crawdadguy

    WTB- McMahon Clips

    couldn't you make them using shrink wrap , parts and cable?
  201. crawdadguy

    Offshore Oceanside 9/29 and bad bait

    got awesome bait from oside sat at 510am 3-5in sardines lasted all day...however no fish in the desert
  202. crawdadguy

    Calstar Rods For Sale 800M and 610C

    those 610 sticks are awesome too bad I have one good luck with sale
  203. crawdadguy

    Best Location?

  204. crawdadguy

    Troll bite

    xrap 15's and small daisy chain pink has caught a few for me
  205. crawdadguy

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    i agree with rivertake great chunking bait caught yft last week on them
  206. crawdadguy

    Duoprop Performance In Kelp

    my advice ....don't second guess the boat owner who is risking his asset and he who pays the repairs
  207. crawdadguy

    Offshore 9/6 20 miles of ocean side

    Yesterday we fished (sunday) 7 mi off Moonlight beach Cbad/ Encinitas border found a patty and drifted caught 14 small YFT and 2 yellows and a skippy done by 11:00am water was 72-73 degrees it was good karma as we could only buy a half scoop of bait as were told by bait company chunked up the...
  208. crawdadguy

    vhf radio checks

    MY ADVICE BUY THE Best antennae you can afford...west marine carries 3 levels the $77 is the cheapest ...skip that one and buy the middle or high end one it is worth it
  209. crawdadguy

    Will tuna eat Calico bass?

    any pics of the dorado?:puff::puff::puff:
  210. crawdadguy

    KAD 43 throttle problem

    talk to biggest T
  211. crawdadguy

    Bait Tank Purchase

    I have 2 bait tanks on my boat... they have their own separate pumps and systems the 15 gallon has a 350pump and the 22gln has a 500 pump
  212. crawdadguy

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    come to oceanside.....been catching el nino's guest fish since june 1-2 times a week...not in great #'s but how many 25 tuna do you need has beenb a PBers' bite for sure
  213. crawdadguy

    Rpt.-Wed.-08-05-15 A slow day as expected with plenty of wind.

    hey corey...the bite was on at oside yesterday WED as we caught several YFT drifting and chunking 8 mi did get windy about 1:00 also got the best sized deans all summer yesterday at oside sorry you missed it
  214. crawdadguy

    Wanted: Two young studs

    BIG BOY AND GOO(THE ODOR) Is this their weekend with daddy?
  215. crawdadguy

    SoCal Offshore Trolling on Private Boat - Ringed or Roller Guides?

    you'll be fine with either go get em
  216. crawdadguy

    Paul Hebert of 'Wicked Tuna' facing fraud charges.

    thats a wicked Pissah
  217. crawdadguy

    Offshore Living the Dream 7.30.15

    I thought the weather is always bad in O'side and the fish left the area :confused::rolleyes:...I forwarded this thread to jalimi where's his invite... good job gettin some..... got to love the private boats el nino...I did my last trip on 11 gallons hooo hoo:jig::rockin:
  218. crawdadguy

    coronado launch ramp?

    yes hes right glorietta
  219. crawdadguy


    dick...still funny
  220. crawdadguy

    Tuna Jigs

    I think dennis braid made something like that
  221. crawdadguy

    Need a new 20 gallon bait tank Any recomendations?

    bottom line had it get a kodiak 22 ...nuff said:jig:
  222. crawdadguy

    Anyone have a screen grab of tuna?

    wicked tuna thAT IS
  223. crawdadguy

    oside report 7/23/thurs

    I'll give you a brief report from today just the facts. bait...large sardines big but strong...and the fish bit them 10 boat bait line at 540am water inside 5 mile 74.4 at 10 miles 70.5...but fish were in both Paddies holding yellows of all sizes...saw a marlin on a paddy...even a yellowfin or 2...
  224. crawdadguy

    Looking at $8,000 repair or new 175 HP outboard

    not sure a 2 stroke black max with a rebuilt power head would be worth 8,000 ....go a different direction a month back I think someone was selling a used 4 stroke 250 for under 10 g
  225. crawdadguy

    bluefin bait?

    I have caught a few recently off Oside troll under terns wiggle baits like xraps 15/20's or halcos long drifts with bait
  226. crawdadguy

    just a stupid observation??

    I agree as above took my prospective boat to dealer and hooked the outboard up to computer...well worth the $$ for piece of mind...a sea trial is a must as well
  227. crawdadguy

    Braid on old school stainless guides ?

    fish braid on my sabre 610 and 670l no'll be good
  228. crawdadguy

    Shimano Triton 50W and Seeker xxh 5'6" pole SOLD

    good cheap reel for someone to slow troll macs for big BFT I own 2 very beefy
  229. crawdadguy

    2006 250 E-TEC, SOLD

    pm 26 grumpy he needs this
  230. crawdadguy

    Converting East Coast Bait Tanks?

    1/2 in pvc pipe with holes drilled in it end cap on bottom...90 elbow on top it isnt the best but it will work this year cheap fix
  231. crawdadguy

    33 24.700 117 38.500 June 22 2015

    did you run over that tuna on the ramp? hows your tire... Where's my care package? need a home loan I know a guy with 20 years in the corporate world and 30 yrs in the jaccuzzi lets midweek tuna on my small boat soon
  232. crawdadguy

    Boat cover snap replacement kit

    the west marine one works like stated above
  233. crawdadguy

    rod holders

    bass pro or cabelas have a few like that or very similar..heavy duty
  234. crawdadguy

    1963 Glasspar Seafair Sunliner

    owned one like that for over 20 yrs...good times
  235. crawdadguy

    Proper Bait Tank Size for a Whaler Outrage 18

    kodiak makes 22 gln model...seems right
  236. crawdadguy

    6/1 Dana Point

    props for a well detailed report :jig:
  237. crawdadguy

    Got my first boat back!!

    old school sears...nice..... air cooled if i remember
  238. crawdadguy

    Nice low cost rod holders

    thanks for the tip i need a couple
  239. crawdadguy

    hypalon repair or???

    I have a few rods where the hypalon is loosing the smooth-ish finish. what are my repair choices without a whole rewrap? I saw a product that is like the grip on teramar rods...seems to heat shrink wrap over old hypalon. opinions and who does this in no sandiego or OC areas thank you
  240. crawdadguy

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    Calstar 670L
  241. crawdadguy

    Yoyo lures fs 6x jr6x and a butterfly

    My last trip out... did you catch the rock at box canyon??? I caught 2 of them there... bitch to pull up a big one i caught
  242. crawdadguy

    Yellowtail Bycatch

  243. crawdadguy

    Jigs... The Final Grind

    offset hips are nice ...but an offset top ring hole makes it swim even better
  244. crawdadguy

    Help with vhf low battery warning

    [QUOTE="26grumpy Now I feel like I cheated WM out of a new vhf. No you don't:nopity::nopity::nopity: now figure it out then fix mine
  245. crawdadguy

    Lowrance HDS 9 touch or Elite 9 with Chirp

    th HDS is easier to navigate...more direct buttons w/o going int menus...go hds
  246. crawdadguy

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-11-15 Izor's, Shoe, PV, 150

    nice work to love the mid week outings...BTW was that LAL or Don Rickles in the eyes are bad keep on truckin
  247. crawdadguy

    Lake Henshaw???

    very low right now
  248. crawdadguy

    O'side macs?for halibut tomorrow.

    pull up to kelp bed... chum and they will come barn...
  249. crawdadguy

    Good Day.

  250. crawdadguy

    Oops I did it again !

    :rockin::jig: well done
  251. crawdadguy

    Dialed up the A-Team 1.7.15

    grumpy I had more kids rods for you but gilligoogan added them to his quiver
  252. crawdadguy

    January 5th Yellows

    on sardines macs or iron?
  253. crawdadguy

    organizing jigs

    I hung an old silverware rack from a dishwasher attached to the garage wall for my jigs...I then only pack the iron i need for each tackle box currently holds my 6X's for box cyn I hope this helps for me
  254. crawdadguy

    Yt and WSB at the 150

    wow impressive
  255. crawdadguy

    Laguna MLPA Articles

    600 pound fish????I call BS without pics
  256. crawdadguy

    17 Montauk

  257. crawdadguy

    Questions: Trailer Bunks

    I used Home depot in/out no problems after 4 seasons
  258. crawdadguy

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    caught yellows at box cyn with 65 braid and 50 floro tophot and also #40 straight mono
  259. crawdadguy

    2310 Parker O my!

    really nice...well done
  260. crawdadguy

    Flush mount or on bracket on dash?

    bracket because you'll twist your neck looking down
  261. crawdadguy

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    great work...I was out there that day too but never got bit
  262. crawdadguy

    Berkley nanofil ?

    run from it
  263. crawdadguy

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    bass pro...pacific coast B/T...turners,,,local tackle stores if I'm in the area
  264. crawdadguy

    where can i fish this weekend in the phoenix area

    lake close...then east there is a string of lakes outside mesa roosevelt, apache google those
  265. crawdadguy

    What line should I put on my Tyrnos 12ii?

    green power pro 65lb. then add a 50lb. floro leader
  266. crawdadguy

    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    red ear sunfish...da winner
  267. crawdadguy

    Oceanside Dodos on the Ducky

    ]WE found the right kelp, "rubber ducky" moved in 10ft off the kelp without asking or radio comm., another comes in and drifts into the kelp, then all the others came... Bite shut down pretty quick. We had it wide open mahi for the first 20 mins. But that's fishing! Glad you guys got in on the...
  268. crawdadguy

    Yellowtail Rapala Size

    xrap 20 in bunker(color)
  269. crawdadguy

    Box Canyon yellow 10/5

    yellowtail marlin at box canyon it really happened right by the sum fun
  270. crawdadguy

    Box Canyon yellow 10/5

    nice we got one there too and a marlin go figure
  271. crawdadguy


    tell jim he really did a nice job with that bait tank upgrade....Karp raves about it
  272. crawdadguy

    Anyone pulling YFT...

    got some at 302 today sat rough trip home
  273. crawdadguy

    Offshore Video from 209 YFT 9.3.14

    was that video shot the shelf or at the " its a no brainer " bank? bump for his best day of a long season
  274. crawdadguy

    Offshore Oceanside 95 ride on 9-6-14

    my buddy was on that trip...he said the only negative was the giant bait
  275. crawdadguy

    Offshore Good Plunker @ 33/50 9.3.14

    you're my hero..... did gillagoogan hold the spinning rod upside down?
  276. crawdadguy

    bait dieing, need help with bait tank.

    IMHO ...your pump/tank r fine... due to demand.bait is less cured this time of year ...just put 1 scoop
  277. crawdadguy

    Fillet fish on private boat

    keep the fillets whole dont cut them
  278. crawdadguy

    Bait keeps dying

    I have a small tank and use a rule 360 I have gone out 1x week lately no isues
  279. crawdadguy


    a few weeks back we caught tuna 3-5mi off oside they were puking up small squid...(and jammed full of em)
  280. crawdadguy

    Shimano Gold Trini 40 & TLD 30 II Speed!!!

    where are you located? I'll take the tld if it is in working condition thanks dave pm sent
  281. crawdadguy

    do tld 5 and 10 have value?

    I have one of each and may sell one these... used to be hot in good cond what is there value?
  282. crawdadguy

    aging hypalon isssue/fix

    one of my trolling rod's hypalon if beginning to wear...the smooth finish is wearing off leaving more of an open cell foam...short of a there products or ideas to help? thanks
  283. crawdadguy

    fighting harness

    kidney/ lower back fighting belt $30 pm me w/ number to txt paypal.ship ok
  284. crawdadguy

    Lots of Odds & Ends

    how much to ship fishing light to zip 92084? thx pm me
  285. crawdadguy

    cheap 4/0 penn $30

    see add in general fishing crap Thx
  286. crawdadguy

    Tuna on the Tunacious

    was that waters former boat ..Ive been on that nice!!!
  287. crawdadguy

    Offshore 07/19 - 9 mile and 182 areas, nada for us

    we also fished yesterday in your area...we found a paddy on the 182 loaded with boats that produced a yft plunker bite saw some fish caught we landed 2 yft #20 class
  288. crawdadguy

    Oceanside to the 209

    both... the hot lure was a zuccini zuker...sardines thrown to foamers worked as well
  289. crawdadguy

    Oceanside to the 209

    nice work...never made it to the 209 but i fished 3-5 off oside yesterday for bluefin, yellowfin and bonito...mid week is awesome
  290. crawdadguy

    First time boat builder.

    mad skills:jig:
  291. crawdadguy

    Wtb: 8 foot chovy rod

    I have a factory wrapped Seeker Black Steel 196-8'...graphite composite with a whippy tip that's awesome for tossing choves - $110 Go with this set-up :jig: you wont regret it
  292. crawdadguy

    4/11/14 Oceanside 95 Overnight report

    nice report I had a couple of good trips on the O95 back in the day
  293. crawdadguy

    installing new fishfinder/ transom mount transducer

    I put the hds 5 on my boat you will love it:rockin::jig:
  294. crawdadguy

    Disposing old gasoline?

    i pour it in the ground squirrel holes
  295. crawdadguy

    bait tank advice

    rule 500
  296. crawdadguy

    Fred Hall and a little trip

  297. crawdadguy

    Water impeller pee stream weak?

    :eek::confused: you said you never would tell...could you could have mentioned that ultimately it fixed another I have to start my miniseries called "THE REAL GRUMPY 26" :starwarskid5::starwarskid5: iF i COULD SEE YOUR VIDEO i COULD COMPARE THE FLOW TO MY hONDA
  298. crawdadguy

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    I bought a used boat a few years back...brought it to a honda dealer they hooked it up to a meter and told me total hours how many hours at each rpm range systems check ect..
  299. crawdadguy


    you can order them from alpine bait or from Barnacle bills in lemon grove...the perris store is spotty this year...I catch mine
  300. crawdadguy

    Pacific Trailer Bunk Board Replacement

    what he said!!
  301. crawdadguy

    Trolling motor instal Boston Whaler

    turned out nice...those work well pitchin in kelp holes go get em?
  302. crawdadguy

    Beach Lurking

    in upside down land he would say "can you see it boys.?. A dolphin....I know a dolphin" and where are your coke bottle cartoon lenses of your youth? YOU KNOW ...would be the answer thanks for the trip see ya nxt year!
  303. crawdadguy

    BAit Tank Pump ReLocated

    I think you got it..those pumps have to be at waterline or below
  304. crawdadguy

    battery charger for inboard?

    I use a BPS 2 bank trickle charges the batteries used it for years
  305. crawdadguy

    i need mackerel

    tie a chum bag off any large kelp bed ....squid strips ...youll get em
  306. crawdadguy

    O'side 8/22/13

    thx for report..the bass bite for me has been WFO but lots of smalls
  307. crawdadguy

    dead seal

    while heading to the barn kelp I saw this floating off in the distance as we approached this rotting carcass, the air became very pungent the boys wanted to pop it with a gaff but i used my middle aged wisdom to know better after failed attempts to pop it from a distance using various missles...
  308. crawdadguy

    suicidal micro bass sat 8-10 at the barn

    thx for the 411 im taking 2 kids out there tomorrow
  309. crawdadguy

    Offshore Patty Hopping SD 8/2

    lookin good ...did you point them to dana great catch
  310. crawdadguy

    La Pangita!

    hook up that engine and start fishing
  311. crawdadguy


    take me uncle Joe....theo and the tatto love boys june 2013
  312. crawdadguy

    Paddy Yellow in the O.C. 5.20.13

    cabin painting kharma...glad I could help
  313. crawdadguy

    Poll: Which one is San Pedro Bait Co. Squid?

    do I have to pull out my photo expose of "the real Grumpy" for BD?
  314. crawdadguy

    Poll: Which one is San Pedro Bait Co. Squid?

    remember that bait table when it is time to replace my impeller
  315. crawdadguy

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    mad skills my man
  316. crawdadguy

    Penn 6/0 Black

    I have a very good condition old school red 114-H penn 6/0 with the chrome brass spool it is yours for $30 i'm in North co SD pm me if interested i can also send a pick of it
  317. crawdadguy

    Wellcraft v20 fisherman sea drive conversion

    you could make hatches out of starboard or teak nice dealio
  318. crawdadguy

    DIY Bait tank

    you have mad skills... nice job
  319. crawdadguy

    Dana Halibut 2.13.13

    LIKE<label for="rb_iconid_14"></label><label for="rb_iconid_14"></label><label for="rb_iconid_14"></label>
  320. crawdadguy

    Dana Halibut 2.6.13 The Window Opened

    great fish but didn't it kill you to give half of it to gilligoogan?
  321. crawdadguy

    Grey Butt Hare 1.16.13

    Im shocked that your first mate Gilligoogan showed up
  322. crawdadguy

    boat decking ext ply coated good marine ply since that boat/center will be wet...and you spent the money on deisel...use the best
  323. crawdadguy

    Install a bow roller

    get it as close to the bow as possible point it forward I suggest a backing plate with nylon inset nuts
  324. crawdadguy

    Piece O Crap Old Bent Butt Rod

    I got an old #130 class rod all rollers not a bent butt wrapping is all good PM me and i'll send pics i live in No. County
  325. crawdadguy

    Waas disabled or enabled

    i use a garmin handheld on the lakes...had some issues with it locking up called the service techs they had me disable WAAS now no issues
  326. crawdadguy

    My Ride- Boston Whaler 25

    cool rig...youll love that honda I have a 150hp so far bulletproof
  327. crawdadguy

    Slow day at the Oside pier

    I saw a huge sargo caught off shelter isle pier today
  328. crawdadguy

    Fuel Gauge Sender Unit

    here's my advice remove the old one. usually 4-8 screws and 2 wires bring to west marine buy a new one(match hole pattern) replace... clean off terminals good to go
  329. crawdadguy

    Latest Batch

    great skills man
  330. crawdadguy

    Install bait tank of 1988 17' Bayliner Trophy

    I use the transom mount pump works great
  331. crawdadguy

    Where can I get the best deal on trailer tires.

    go to wal mart get a price then go to pep boys they will beat that price
  332. crawdadguy

    Zone Offense 9.27.12

    meat hoarder ...surrender dorothy you on fire
  333. crawdadguy

    G loomis, Calcutta, Trinidad, Grafighters

    I have interest in the calcutta 400te what is your bottom price and what is the condition age? I live in Fallbrook pm me dave
  334. crawdadguy

    Lowrance LMS 350 A Head Unit

    I got one for you see pm
  335. crawdadguy

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    I thought the limit of released dorado was 10.....good work fella
  336. crawdadguy

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    Now Joe was that Your marlin or Daddy's marlin (JALIMI)??? PS before you release another eating fish because your freezer is full...think of your bros whose freezers r empty...(like saturdays customers)
  337. crawdadguy

    21FT Mako Center Console

    lake perris launch alright
  338. crawdadguy

    Dorado 8/23

    nice job........ overcame adversity with the bait and bendo
  339. crawdadguy

    Buying a used outboard?

    run...don't look back
  340. crawdadguy

    Offshore Dorado, the lst paddy and uh-oh

    did you troll on the way in?
  341. crawdadguy

    Bait tank woe's

    I did notice that the water temp @ mission Bay was in the 60's most of my bait rolled usually doesn't
  342. crawdadguy

    Cod Father Sighting 8.16.12

    I call BS without pepperonis
  343. crawdadguy

    The Defense Department

    Why is Terri Cit. (Baby Buff) opening Kyle's gift? Where was the Hobbitts wife? ps I think I saw mustard...
  344. crawdadguy

    Poll Question: Ever catch a tagged Calico or Sandbass ?

    I did catch a tagged sand bass about 15 yrs ago in marina del rey i sent it in and they gave me a you want to wear it?
  345. crawdadguy

    They Ate It All.....

    nice work there guys...I'll be ready to join you next week...I'll bring the wrist rocket to fend off the chum line invaders...PS did that guys gel coat really scratch off that much paint off your jig? PS you do fish too much...without the hobbit
  346. crawdadguy

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    good times... you're my own private Hansen
  347. crawdadguy

    Stain on my Gel Coat

    try some rubbing compound
  348. crawdadguy

    Glasspar boats

    i had a 17 glasspar for 25 years loved it
  349. crawdadguy

    Lake Hodges 5-30-12

    nice goin...sorry i had to work
  350. crawdadguy


    m&m plastics in san marcos
  351. crawdadguy

    Bounce Balling Rod/Blank?

    670l or 610
  352. crawdadguy

    Rule 5oo bildge pump

    like he said you bought the automatic can use a rule bilge pump but buy the 2 wire kind
  353. crawdadguy

    042212-Went searching for yellows and ended up in PL kelp

    Looks like a lot of fun...and that kelp looks like it got thick
  354. crawdadguy

    Lake Tahoe

    I've gone with Leonard O'Malley a few times. You fish from a 22 Radon, mono with downriggers We always had good luck with him....He's out of Zepher Cove ...I'll look for his #
  355. crawdadguy

    Wellcraft 17'

    run away from that one
  356. crawdadguy

    Dana Point or SD Bay

    what about oside harbor?
  357. crawdadguy

    reseal hydraulic steering?

    you can fix it yourself...they are pretty basic systems...or have a friend who is a good mechanic do it (thanks 26Grumpy)
  358. crawdadguy

    battery charger

    i also have an on board charger...just plug it in when you get home and unplug it when you for discharging...deep cycles don't like that for long battery life keep it charged
  359. crawdadguy

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    wow what a clean job.....Ive enjoyed the makeover
  360. crawdadguy

    trolling lead core

    I bought a setup from cabelas it was their small line counter reel and a wuppin stick rod about $50 works great with 100 yds of #18 lb lead core for trout trolling...the reel model is Cabelas depth master 2 line counter series reel the reel model is DM-20a
  361. crawdadguy

    81 crestliner

    cool skiff
  362. crawdadguy

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    It was a 1965 or 67 17 1/2 ft. glasspar sportsman Yeah I did the work but you seem to have a high level of craftmanship than i did
  363. crawdadguy

    Another Radon?

    love that name... cool boat
  364. crawdadguy

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    lookin good..not trying to jack the thread just showing you a Glasspar I owned for 25 years and used it the whole time... an inside view Thanks i went through a few remodels on that boat...thanks for the memories
  365. crawdadguy

    1984 Valco Repower

    more security is cheap...vessel assist
  366. crawdadguy

    Fuel Mizer Baja Skiff

    I used to live in Sta. Rosalia over the summers for about 10 yrs. That would have been a dream vessel to have to go to Isla tortuga
  367. crawdadguy

    Catalina Lings 3/3

    very nice...I'm impressed
  368. crawdadguy

    D.V.L. NEW RECORD...caught on tape.

    pure madness there...musta been a batttle
  369. crawdadguy

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    I know what hard work you are will be worth the effort
  370. crawdadguy

    Hodges Today

    good work get a job
  371. crawdadguy

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    sounds fun I had a 67 glasspar sportsman for over 20 years Good thread
  372. crawdadguy

    1975 Aquasport 19'6" project

    good luck with the journey..enjoy it
  373. crawdadguy

    Trailer brakes

    I did it last month I went with Kodiak cad rotors and SS brakes . Feel free to PM me if you have ??? I ordered from Pacific tlrl in Chino they were awesome and free shipping
  374. crawdadguy

    Fishing with D-Train at Irvine

    nice job dad
  375. crawdadguy


    Da Budda
  376. crawdadguy

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    looks like a killer will love the 4 stroke and the fuel economy
  377. crawdadguy

    Toad Big Bait bass X 4

    love the dedication...
  378. crawdadguy

    monster muskie swallows huge sheephead

    that was cool
  379. crawdadguy

    My 2011 fishing Salt Noob

    glad you are having fun my advice is to add things slowly and buy quality and it will last for years
  380. crawdadguy

    It's Christmas eve... Butt

    that is so strong
  381. crawdadguy

    Lowrance LMS 350A

    this is a working fishfinder/gps plotter it will contain all parts including transducer,gps module,paddlewheel, and carrying case easy to use with smart buttons paypal shipping ok or meet local and I'll hook it up to a battery for you $165 Pm me with cell ## crawdadguy
  382. crawdadguy

    cabo surf fishing

    swim baits scampis and small crocs get em
  383. crawdadguy

    Shimano Trinidad aftermarket clamp screws?

    try callin shimano in irvine
  384. crawdadguy

    Tohatsu 2 Stroke Outboard Motors

    I had a 90 Nissan for 18 years worked great and sold it running... I agree with not many dealers but wasn't much of an issue
  385. crawdadguy

    bow mounted trolling motor

    If you added a pic or 2 of the deck you could get clearer advice Ive done it ...just depends on the boat
  386. crawdadguy

    Trailer lenght= Brakes

    I think it is by weight
  387. crawdadguy

    Lowrance HDS 5 or 7

    it came in the pre thanksgiving flyer in the mail...I just tossed it before seeing your post it was $10o off and $100 rebate total $200
  388. crawdadguy

    Fuel Mizer Baja Skiff

    looks like you'll be busy but it will pay off in the end..enjoy the project
  389. crawdadguy

    opinions on Seafoam

    thanks for the tips...I bought a can at Wal mart today and will work on the engine tomorrow
  390. crawdadguy

    Lowrance HDS 5 or 7

    they have $200 off on the 5 with lake insight @ bass pro shop next week
  391. crawdadguy

    opinions on Seafoam

    My 40hp is having minor issues after sitting 5mos. prob fuel related..what are the opinions on this product price??? how to use??? where to buy thanks
  392. crawdadguy

    27 foot design-build

    you have skills
  393. crawdadguy

    Lurker No Longer

    nice come back
  394. crawdadguy

    Krillin' and Chillin' 11.2.11

    do they make a krill in GULP?
  395. crawdadguy

    Stainless staples for Upolstery?

    I bought mine at Home depot last year,,have you checked online I found some there but went the HD route
  396. crawdadguy

    Dana Point: Red Flag Advisory

    Jalimi said..."Must be nice to have all that free time" that [email protected] is putting all the hours on my boat" You know I pay for most of it" ps Where's my care package
  397. crawdadguy

    diawa 9/0 penn6/0 wooden tackle box

    diawa 9oo pending to Buddhahead........ 6/0 sill avail
  398. crawdadguy

    Privately Funded Research Project

    please turn in those numbers so we can add that spot to the closures smegal is pissed and wants his care package
  399. crawdadguy

    wooden tackle box

    wooden tackle box has a lot of life left in her dimensions 11"w 22"L 13"H lots of storage $ twenty bucks I live in North SD county PM me
  400. crawdadguy

    diawa 9/0 penn6/0 wooden tackle box

    cleaning out so I have #1.... a diawa sealine series 900 9/0 loaded with 80lb line .... working condition... $30 #2 penn 6/0 I'll even throw in the rockcod handle too working condition $25 wooden tackle box see fishing gear forum PM me I live in No. SD county I hope someone...
  401. crawdadguy

    A Six Day Walk in the Sea

    Its OK that Crawdad guy has whale worries... I only fear whales that try to make love to my boat while shark fishing good times
  402. crawdadguy

    Teramar, Sealine, Cardiff

    . Thanks for the smooth transaction, Dave! You too Jon it is nice to deal with people like you who are on time and cool We are using it tomorrow on calicos in the Oside red tide Thanks the stuff was a good value
  403. crawdadguy

    Drum brake flushing.

    it will postpone the eventual rusting
  404. crawdadguy

    Anyone ever seen these before?

    they used ones like that on a show they were fishing for muskie
  405. crawdadguy

    oside conditions sunday

    took my boat out sunday...10-15 knot winds all day red tide has surrounded Oside harbor area..... at the barn kelp off color green water 67 degrees slow pick on small calicos/macs slow day
  406. crawdadguy

    Captain Dave has a question

    I use the for me
  407. crawdadguy

    What's the application of my Fenwick Pacificstiks?

    the top one -trolling stick or shark rod the bottom #25-30 bait stick spin rod 15-20 lb
  408. crawdadguy

    Red White and Poo

    Red tide??? use the pumpout station next time...whites??? tie better knots Captin joe $50 dolla a trip
  409. crawdadguy

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    Thanks for your concern Biggest T...I will send them to church with my mother to be blessed with holy water:madfire: that was a good fish... I did get my po mans rigger back on time with no issues...sorry others did not
  410. crawdadguy

    First time with Ethenol E10 issues, Yamaha F150

    I'm pretty sure you have injector issues
  411. crawdadguy

    Which One is the Real Barn-eee ?

    Lets hope the economy turns around so you and Rob can GET Working and quit raping our coast... on second thought Grumpy who was that with you not Rob...I never saw any nipples what up with dat?
  412. crawdadguy

    Are Curado 300E's any good ?

    Capin Joe.....................the suicide watch is over.......see ya at the garage sale....PS how many lunkers do i have to put you on before i see that spot? my hero!!!! "WITH YOUR TALENT YOU COULD WALK ON ANYWHERE...SCOUTS WERE WATCHING"
  413. crawdadguy


    the budda' works great... use it ...
  414. crawdadguy

    Transom mounted bait pump

    I use one (live bait larry) and it works great
  415. crawdadguy

    Friday at La Jolla

    took my good friend Grumpy out in my boat to la jolla... Prior to this I met up with Mr Tommy Gomes who hooked me up with some Uni goop...For those not in the know that is basically chopped up sea urchin to my scoop of extra large dines with hopes of slow trolling them in the PM for...
  416. crawdadguy

    Best Boat Varnish for Wood

    how many coats? and how long would you let it dry before applying the next coat...I'm not sure how much time I have in between fishing venture. I agree on the 8 coats lightly sand between it will last a long time
  417. crawdadguy

    Whaler 22' Guardian Build

    keep it up lookin good
  418. crawdadguy

    Best Boat Varnish for Wood

    the key is multiple coats...the more the better...for longevity
  419. crawdadguy


    sent you a PM
  420. crawdadguy

    Mom catches Skate

    looked calm out there...go mom
  421. crawdadguy

    Wharf Rats

  422. crawdadguy

    Honda O/B Overheat

    My boat has a Honda 150 as well the same thing happened to me @ La Jolla last year...alarm and shut down when running through a kelp paddy...cleaned it out no problem since...i would feel good the system works
  423. crawdadguy

    It Happened

  424. crawdadguy

    South Coast Condition Report 7.14.11

    the Earl is awesome so is the Grumpy
  425. crawdadguy

    Bait tank issues... HELP !! :D

    He is correct...replace the pump
  426. crawdadguy

    4 stroke outboard...what to check for?

    I brought my prospect boat to a mechanic and they hooked it up to the computer told me hours...compression... hours at different rpm was good peace of mind and i bought the boat pending this check
  427. crawdadguy

    Should I glass a center console?

    glass it...much more marine friendly
  428. crawdadguy

    drifting for halibut

    I use the clicker...when they bite..freespool (no click) let them run a bit
  429. crawdadguy

    Shake That Thing Off

    I miss Rob's pepperoni slices...why did you photoshop a shirt on him?
  430. crawdadguy

    Tres Generaciones - Clear Lake

    good post
  431. crawdadguy

    New additions

    I had one of those straight 6 motors merc 115 for years had lots of good times enjoy it
  432. crawdadguy

    Dana halibut 7/2/11

    good dad good kharma
  433. crawdadguy

    It's been a looong time...

    welcome back to the game...but by all your recent reports it was like you never left boat redos are fun
  434. crawdadguy

    San Quintin Inshore Slam....K&M

    epic toadness...well done Impressive
  435. crawdadguy

    A Butt'n a Tug

    that was a hell of a day!!! great gaff shot always a good time on the Grumpy...I hope the issue is fixed...Here's another shot of the day SMEGAL!!!!!
  436. crawdadguy

    Jig Stick, Kelp Cutter

    pm me i may have a 9' kencor graphite jig stick ...I use a accurate side plate /framed jigmaster on it
  437. crawdadguy

    Power pro????

    use #65 or #80 lb test
  438. crawdadguy

    Hanna gets Coaming Pad Upgrade

    lookin sweet...nice work
  439. crawdadguy

    help w repair my kodiak bait tank...

    Simi valley...I took a day trip from SD and visited the ronald reagan museum while I was there.
  440. crawdadguy

    automatic bilge???

    I had one on the vessel I bought last would keep going on/off even on a dry boat draining battery...switched it back to a float switch no more problem
  441. crawdadguy

    South Coast Condition Report 6.9.11

    Final count: 30 + Calico on sardine, gulp, plastics, no shorts to 3#'s 97% released 5 Sewer inspectors - :shithappens: 100% released 1.5 gazillion sweet little candy macks. 1 Bat 1 Horn Nose (I told him not to leave his squish on the bottom) 0 Gayness you forgot 1 late partner 1...
  442. crawdadguy

    best bait pump?

    I'd stick with the kodiak...Mine is 8yrs old and still tickin
  443. crawdadguy

    Ketchikan terminal fishing area

    I did that a few years ago...i got on a bus ...taken to a marina put on a boat w/3 other guys and trolled(w/ a guide) for wfo pink (Humpies) salmon taking turns while the guide cleaned fish i cast a croc and caught a 11lb silver (coho) it was fun...saw lots of bald eagles
  444. crawdadguy

    1998 Evinrude FICHT 150's

    buddy had one that blew and fixed many times only to repower.... my advice.... RUN
  445. crawdadguy

    Dana Point Condition Report 5.13

    when Rob goes shirtless you won't have to dull the background
  446. crawdadguy


    I ordered/got some Po man's riggers...easy to deal with...nice lookin product...great hassles...
  447. crawdadguy

    help w repair my kodiak bait tank...

    I brought mine to Live bait Larry and he heat spun on a new one
  448. crawdadguy

    Ever lost a rod and reel from a rod holder

    in my many years of fishing...I have or seen ####a rod get pulled out of a rod holder... #### rods get bounced out of a rocket launcher and fly into the drink ##### rods get yanked overboard leaving in in gear.. ##### rods cast into the water by the user.... #####rods lost on the baja...
  449. crawdadguy

    Impeller/Thermostat question-25hp Mariner

    i agree that some engines don't respond well to muffs...Grumpy 26 changed my impeller and water pump on my 97 40hp suzuki and with muffs the overheat alarm came on then we put it in a trashcan full of water and the lake no issues.
  450. crawdadguy

    "LOW-TEK".....NO MORE

    sweeeet...looks like fun!!!
  451. crawdadguy

    To all Pickup Truck Owners

    I also have a snugtop tonneau cover on my GMC truck with a 6 1/2 ft bed I love it over other trucks I've had with shells I can fit 8ft. rods in it diagonally and the important thing is my wife and I can take it off in 5 min (without her complaining) very secure with locking everything is also...
  452. crawdadguy

    Bait tank fitting repair

    if it is poly...I took it to Live bait larry and he fixed mine
  453. crawdadguy

    motorguide or minn kota?

    minn Kota
  454. crawdadguy

    Striper additions, and new ideas. Lots of pics !!

    amazing...if you are bored...come to so cal and work on mine
  455. crawdadguy

    Lowrance LMS-350A

    I think I have that on my boat but will upgrade to a new one but it won't be for a few months shoot me a PM some time
  456. crawdadguy

    To survey, or not to survey?

    i bought a 21 ft boat last year...was a bit nervous... brought it in for a survey/check out at a marine yard...gave me peace of mind ...worth the $240
  457. crawdadguy

    175 EdgeWater

    looking sweet...wishing you the halibut luck you had on the old one
  458. crawdadguy

    Stupid move!

    :worship: that was funny
  459. crawdadguy

    few general Qs

    go with the glue carpet on the sides / floor
  460. crawdadguy

    What are your off-season boat projects

    install new fishfinder HDS 5 :2gunsfiring_v1: remove replace compass new fuel line.... filter set up fuel :evilimu: rewax water pump oil change maybe replace fuel sender convince Grumpy 26 to help me:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  461. crawdadguy

    First post! Newport Yak Report 1-17-11

    glad you got out...the water looked pretty...
  462. crawdadguy

    Oside Fattie Report 1/8

    happy new year to you
  463. crawdadguy

    Fg cloth/ FG and tape

    there is a place in san Marcos...think it is called HM plastics they gort it all..if the name isn't right let me know it is near my work
  464. crawdadguy

    25 Grumpy including two new top tens 12.23.10

    truly epic Bro. quite a will you show me your REAL Seabass spot????
  465. crawdadguy

    Regained faith in West Marine

    I always look for the lowest internet ad then do there...they step up
  466. crawdadguy

    Who would have known?

    a spot simply known as "Tits". Congrats to the Crawdad Guy for keeping it real, and bagging another DD largemouth bass. Thanks Capt.G the 18th had all the right mix...waxing one on the lake.. incoming.warm low pressure...classic... still trolling too but 26 G hogs the spreader
  467. crawdadguy

    First bass :)

    It's a start
  468. crawdadguy

    Trolling motor

    it will work i have seen it done you'll be fine
  469. crawdadguy

    What Pump for 22gal Kodiak

    i always get a full scoop with good results
  470. crawdadguy

    Lowrance 83/200 Transducer

    is that a transom mount? what hds unit did it come from?...could you explain the frequencies 83/200 crawdadguy
  471. crawdadguy

    What Pump for 22gal Kodiak

    I use a rule 500 on that tank on my boat
  472. crawdadguy

    NFIO 12/11 but Shitbird outdid himself!!!

    Where can i look at your bounce ball setup...I need an xmas gift
  473. crawdadguy

    boat trlr for sale

    I think it is call the number at the bottom
  474. crawdadguy

    boat trlr for sale

    It had a 26' Rouge cruiser on it 10,000 lbs..He said it could easily be modified for a 24-28 ft. boat...My buddy bought it for a 26' diesel Champion but the boat deal fell through...give him a call
  475. crawdadguy

    Got a new toy.

    let me be the first to say SWEET... now go out there and catch something
  476. crawdadguy

    new Tuna boat "AIR TIME"

    you look so proud...enjoy it
  477. crawdadguy

    upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari

    looks really cool and i like the hull color too!
  478. crawdadguy

    A Full-Sized Woody SCI 11.18.10

    top 5 reasons I 'll never get to fish with you and Rob *****I can't spike my hair or wear a visor because I'M BALD *****I work during the week *****I've never been invited ***** I can't tie a good uni to uni knot ****** I kill and eat Ling cod looks fun where are my fillets? Love, Dave
  479. crawdadguy

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    looks like the rest of our nose and no wiggle left
  480. crawdadguy

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    just like they say...small bait... small fish
  481. crawdadguy

    boat trlr for sale

    SOLD SOLD a buddy of mine has this... 26' EZ loader painted tandem axle trailer New brakes on both tires...8600# load carrying capacity SOLD SOLD
  482. crawdadguy

    Wheeler to Mateo 11.16.10

    looks like fun but shouldn't you be setting out some crawdad traps?...
  483. crawdadguy

    Hoopnet Tragedy at Santa Monica

    The real tragedy is the story behind the story with Lewis leaving behind a wonderful wife and school age children. Prayers to you brother Lewis, may your dance with fish be eternal. I too was friends of the 2 guys..I have fished with Lewis Many times on charters over the years...this...
  484. crawdadguy

    Annual OBM Maintenance? 1997 40 HP Suzuki...

    I think i have that engine on my bass boat,,,my maintenance (yearly) includes lower unit oil/new plugs (every couple of years includes a impeller and decarb) is it a 2 cylinder engine? they are very low a shop.... impeller $300 lube/plugs $100
  485. crawdadguy

    Have You Ever.....

    can you pull crawdad traps? almost time to get busy
  486. crawdadguy

    QUESTION! Best Hand Held GPS for SOCAL? (XMAS is coming...!)

    I use the garmin GPSmap76.. really nice and easy to use....that is an older model but the new madel is color and under $200 at west marine on sale
  487. crawdadguy

    Outboard vs inboard

    go 4 stroke OB and relax
  488. crawdadguy

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    I have a GMC 1/2 ton 5300 engine and tow a Seaswirl 21 ft Dual console problems lots of power
  489. crawdadguy

    What's This? SCI video 9.25

    nice catch on the reds...don't fear the green meat it is good
  490. crawdadguy

    Offshore Seeing Red Again 9.17.10 video

    Thanks for changing your eco friendly release attitude and sharing the was delicious...thank rob for his fillet are making yourself have a good season well done
  491. crawdadguy

    Questions on Bass Boats Seats

    the plastic frames are fine...I had some that were 12 years old on my ocean boat...if you go to Bass Pro Shops in RNCHO C. they have them there to look at or buy
  492. crawdadguy

    Skiff T-Boned in the Kelp 1 Confirmed Dead

    And then there's the part about a crusty old salt standing behind the helm who's had the pleasure of skippering a few big ones to the boat over the last 3 decades......he only put it in the wrong gear at the worst possible time twice and drove over the line a few times.. THE REAL Grumpy...
  493. crawdadguy

    Calstar 610, Pro Gear 650, Calcutta 300TE on the 610 lets make it happen
  494. crawdadguy

    SCI Bad Case of the Grumps 8.19.10

    I know... the minute you finally ride on my boat you'll realize what you could have.... without Jailimi nice ling now get to work
  495. crawdadguy

    SCI, 43, 181, 209 - 8/18

    thanks you saved me gas $$$
  496. crawdadguy

    Dana Point: Gulped Again 8.12.10

    If you finally decide to take me to the REAL seabass spot... I'll go
  497. crawdadguy

    Dana Point: Freight Trained 8.5.10

    why can't ladyfingers hold a bass without gloves...does he drop a lot of stuff too?
  498. crawdadguy

    Glasspar Boats

    I owned one for 25 years...good times...a tank
  499. crawdadguy

    Pimp my Sea Ray Laguna

    looks nice and clean..go with the 4 stroke now you won't regret it
  500. crawdadguy

    Dana Point: Freight Trained 8.5.10

    that sardine colored Gulp jerk shad is bass as always
  501. crawdadguy

    Mazatlan fishing

    I took a mex cruise in Dec and stopped there for a day...I chartered a 40ft.boat for $300 that included all the tackle..they trolled split tailed mullet we caught tuna ...dorado..had a sail come unbuttoned and had a hookup with a 200lb plus was an old boat...the rods were penn...
  502. crawdadguy

    115hp Mercury Alarm Issue

    I had an engine with an alarm going was peeing fine as well...but I changed the water pump and it stopped...the alarm means something...
  503. crawdadguy

    looking for sd county merc mechanic

    thanks I think he brought it somewhere but I'll give him the info for a future time
  504. crawdadguy

    looking for sd county merc mechanic

    I have a buddy who has an 150 merc with fuel leak is late 90"s-early 2000 2stroke looking for a repair shop (or mobile) in north SD county any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  505. crawdadguy

    classic 17 1/2 ft Glasspar

    Sold to lou...thanks Bro
  506. crawdadguy

    gas tank treatment

    a buddy of mine bought a bass boat with gas that had been in there for 2 years...he drained the tank and is installing a 10 micron filter/water separator.. my ??? are what are your suggestions for cleaning out the tank?/ additives or what...what is the best way to clean it out without removing...
  507. crawdadguy

    classic 17 1/2 ft Glasspar

    it is a good running boat and I want someone to enjoy it like I have...I like your Osprey a buddy of mine has that 26 pilothouse with a stand up head..sweet ride
  508. crawdadguy

    classic 17 1/2 ft Glasspar

    Boat is sold 17 1/2 ft. runabout comes with an awesome heavy duty Galv. trlr. powered with a Nissan 90hp oil inj. with PT/T runs well very economical...comes with marine radio, gas tanks, battery,bait tank, cover ...this boat is ready to fish NOW...within the last month it has a new...
  509. crawdadguy

    cuda bite is on

    blue/chrome single hook surface iron...good times
  510. crawdadguy


    those were my favorite trolling feathers in muleje... caught cabrilla dorado sails and tuna on them...too bad I own many