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  1. c-goat

    Offshore Memorial Day Yellowfin

    Thats worthy of a salute.:cheers:
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    This is unreal

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    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    I can honestly see a large percentage of this websites members forming a comparitively small but well organised militia. I can also imagine the ham radio or VHF ;) chatter bout how that bloody deck militia took California back and how easy we made it look.SHIT,we got our own navy.
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    Offshore Chivalry Isn't Dead- A Yellowtail Shootout Moment of Class

    We were seated right next to their table.When MC said the coast guard caused them to be late for weigh in they said who ever wins should give up their check.This was a moment before they realised they had one. Either way this was way cool man.
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    2019 Yellowtail Shootout Tournament Results

    Still waiting for total fish count.My buddys are wondering how we did.I told them top 20 for sure.
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    Coronado Island Report - This past weekend?

    We fished nados for the tourney.We had all 8 of our YT by 9 am. Lost 2 to the lions.Then it shut down for the rest of the day atleast for us.All on lee side in front of the house.Saw the boat seekeeper hooking up also,it was just the 2 of us. Sorry for late reply,i just came across this posting.
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    Albacore 2019

    Water offshore is super clean and cold,check out the SST,s and chloros.
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    Two Douchebags Hunting!

    I see a nice bath robe and a set of matching bedroom slippers. I am such a troll...god help me.:banned:
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    3 year old pro

    Just came across this video.Pretty cool.The excitement in this kids voice is a reminder of why i fish.
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    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    Life is only getting shorter.Aim high,pull trigger my friend.
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    Offshore 4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    Damn! Its not too late to throw in a couple pics of dead fish...was it really that bad?
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    What Else Can They Smash Into

    Capt:Howe Lowe! Is tide ok? Howe lowe: Hai-Hai! Obviously a mix up in translation.:imdumb:
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    Local Knowledge S3 E12 "It's Been Real" Full Episode

    Boat builders climbing over each other for you to use their boat.:appl::cheers:
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    Very important to use marine grade wire....tinned.You already knew that though.Just wanted to make sure.
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    El Niño officially announced

    Its acting rabid except its foaming at the tail.
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    BD Stickers/Merch

    My girlfriend listens to slayer and has a bloody decks tramp stamp.:loverz: Just kidding im still single.Feel free to PM me girls.
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    San Elijo lagoon project

    Unless someone is in charge of keeping a tally Im calling BS on that many legals. Can we start a petition to bring back the flamingos,Im talking about the pink ones.
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    Dipping Shad ( Video )

    Cory,if you made your videos 3 minutes or less I would probably watch them.After 30 seconds my A.D.D. starts to kick in. Im not trying to criticize just trying to help you out...I dunno,maybe its just me.
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    Funny Boat Names

    You most definitley DO NOT want to name you boat would never catch anything.:rofl:
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    481 YFT Casa De Campo

    Im Im pretty sure it came up to eat the buoy and choked on it.
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    481 YFT Casa De Campo

    Thats the biggest skinny yellowfin Ive ever seen.
  22. c-goat

    Saluki and Tues upgrading?

    buddy deckers?
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    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    I cant imagine being any of those at the helm and having to answer questions and own up to someone dieing.
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    My girls first yellowfin

    Nice boots....
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    Offshore 302 area 7/28

    3 out of 5 of the paddies around the 302 had fish on them.It was either the full moon or our baby sardines that just couldnt entice a bite.We ended up spearing 3 yellows,one of which was a nice stout husky little 25lber.The fish really are there.
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    SoCal Barracudas!!

    What do you mean mean by kill them but not eat them.I hope they kill them and give them to those who like to eat I had KFB for breakfast this morning and I will have cold KFB for lunch tomorrow.I call it KFB beacause the way I cook it it comes out tasting like chicken,kentucky fried chicken to...
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    NADOS 6/14 fishing the skiff

    Grilled YT fish tacos....FUCKEEN AWESOME man.
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    Mossberg terminates contract with Dick's Sporting Goods

    If the name fits wear it.
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    LOUIE-LUI II Gets Wet at the Coronado's

    Clean up on aisle coronado.LOL
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    Aint no caveman mickey mouse shit.

    Back in the day using a huge sack of black powder we(by we I mean U.S.) could hit a target in el Cajon from coronado island...25 miles away.Today we can hit a target in disney land from coronado island...125 miles away. The future is now...for the time being.:Beat_Them
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    What is your dream gun?

    my dream gun is an ultra light weight in my hand hair standing straight up at full charge 50 mega farad 750 grain dart slinging double scuba tank looking thing on my back destructive device.Everytime i pull the trigger I fall out of bed and wake up on the ground.LOL...just kidding...I never wake...
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    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Fell mob kill switch(fell marine).This is what I use,inexpensive life insurance. If you fish solo and dont take precaution you are being foolish.
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    anybody ever heard of or done business with this place?

    I just got off a long distance call with the manager Joe King. He said "why no one believe"? They think joking because my name joe king.You go look in hong kong phone book,many many many Joe king. You go look picture website I am business man vety professional. I have great deal on outbore mota...
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    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    Im totally behind the sheps on this one.The population of these vaquita are hovering around 30.At what number does the countdown to extinction begin?
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    Oldest rifle you own

    You have an old picture of him holding the rifle wearing buffalo hide chaps...hmmm.Im assuming you prefer not to show said picture due to buffalo hide chaps being assless.:rofl:
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    Simple question

    I keep a pillow under my glock heard right.
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    Simple question

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    Old Doggie

    Im sure your brothers nickname for you is Dick Cheney......or just Dick. Dogs are the greatest.
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    3 weeks until douchebag-magedon

    Powder is going to be next,I hate to predict that.Its like the Boston marathon thing slipped under the radar.
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    Caution, it causes cancer!!

    Silicosis is a big OSHA thing right now in the construction industry.Some jobs I work on will not allow roto hammering of concrete decks with out vac attachment.
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    Australia trip of a lifetime with Nomad Sportfishing

    I take the big middle finger back.I respect a hard working work hard,I can tell.....I love you man:drunk
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    Smoke out at Channel Islands ?

    Heres a screen shot from space yesterday...friday.
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    Props to the Bug Boys 12.9.17

    I know exactly that of which you be spillin. Back in the 80,s when they tore down and rebuilt the ingraham st.bridge they hauled it out to the which is now known as the super secret"SPOT" off mission beach.Im not one to divulge of said "super secret spots' but....if you are good at cyphering it...
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    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Thanks.It looks a lot bigger in the pic.It looks like its about 5 feet tall and a 1000 lbs.
  45. c-goat

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    What are the dimensions What are the dimensions,what gauge steel,how much does it way and how do you load it? Ill kick off the bidding with $300.00
  46. c-goat

    New Yamaha Outboards @ 50% discounts - TGTBT?

    I just did a repower.After I sold my motor I did a little searching to see if I could come up with a good deal.I came across these Asian suppliers.Ill be damned if I send 13 grand to someone named Joe King in Taiwan.
  47. c-goat

    New Yamaha Outboards @ 50% discounts - TGTBT?

    Did you notice the name of the legal representative on the first link.Its some young guy named Joe King.
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    Funny Boat Names

    This last summer I heard on the VHF the name tuna canoe.Made me smile.
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    Put my outboard up for sale on craigslist 2 weeks ago.Half hour later got a call,a guy said hell be there in an hour.3 hours later my motors across the border and I have 30 one hundred dollar bills in my hand.It was as simple and painless as that...nobody got murdered.:2gunsfiring_v1:
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    New Yamaha Outboards @ 50% discounts - TGTBT?

    Here you motah...sank you come again.
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    Transom Saver for 1978 Whaler 13

    Absolutley! That motor is doing alot of bouncy bouncy going down the road. Not exactly the transom but...
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    WTB 100-150 HP 4 Stroke Extra Long Shaft (25") Outboard

    Im selling a 2007 f150 with 2250 hrs.25 inch shaft counter rotation.The motor is good for another 2-3000 hours.Its still on my boat if you want to hear it run do a compression check etc.The lower is brand new 20 hours.3 year unlimited warranty on it. I was told it is worth a solid $3500.00 motor...
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    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    The worst is hooking and fighting a fish and the whole time your drifting towards a sporty anchored up and im not wearing a hard hat.:jig::imdumb:
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    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    I actually saw someone get off the bus,unlock and open the gate for the bus.i dont see a problem with that.
  55. c-goat

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    I was working on the kona kai remodel-addition this summer.I would drive down the street and take my didnt look like theyd made much progress.
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    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    Do you kick her back?
  57. c-goat

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    Sounds like a ponzu scheme.
  58. c-goat

    Who like's the Aztec ?

    Right now its pretty much hero or zero....kinda like playing bingo.
  59. c-goat

    Be Careful Out There

    WOW! I agree with Mikey there is really no excuse for this.When Im heading out in darkness I will not let anyone else drive.I will watch the radar screen like my life depended on it especially right off the coast...mexican pangas do not use nav. lights.
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    Big ole halibut!

    That is nice.
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    Black Marlin...?

    Its hard to say. 2 months ago my buddy hooked an estimated 125 lber plus striper off a paddy we were getting dorado on.We chased it for about a mile... a couple good jumps...pretty exciting.It was on 20lb test.
  62. c-goat

    Giant Trevallies

    Am I the only one thinking kite-bowfishing.:nopity:Its a violin,not a bow....I know.
  63. c-goat

    Snotty Ocean ... is it just me?

    Its all about timing.I dont have the luxury,like many of us, to take off and go fishing when the weather is great.Im pretty much restricted to fishing the weekends. It sucks when the weather is great during the week because i know it doesnt last forever.Altough,2 years ago the weather was...
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    Offshore Decent day offshore 10/5

    Nice dorado...damn.
  65. c-goat

    Offshore Decent day offshore 10/5

    We were there saturday god damnit! So help me god....beleive you me,that paddy...that big ,huge house sized paddy was not there saturday.:confused:
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    Offshore KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    Just saw this post in chit-chat.Didnt realize boat was named Beverly Jean.I remember seeing this boat saturday the 30th around 5pm ish...people sitting in chairs chillin...bottle of the hard stuff on the bait tank etc.I clearly remember thinking to myself,man...why werent these people out...
  67. c-goat

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    After a lengthy discussion with me amigo Jaime Bondo about this thread we have come up with a con-s(piracy)clusion slash theory. 1.Who,where and why did perp tie up with(on starboard side)with another boat. 2.Answer-Who,Tijuana dope dealer(so much meth in TJ its like El Cajon in 1983)...
  68. c-goat

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    Sounds like an inshore job to me...whatever. Good clean pics of the perp...Im confident he will be caught.:smash:
  69. c-goat

    Freedive fins for sal

    Why make fins in camo?Oh yea...orca print has yet to catch on...wait for it...
  70. c-goat

    Whole Grilled Yellowtail @ Fisherman’s Belly

    Correction...Its life "WAS"like a box of chocolates....or "is"it?
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    Offshore Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Nice! Whilst in my backyard hammering away constructing shit I heard on FD live VHF the 209 was looking good for the yellowfin. I used to listen to music on the radio while working....whats wrong with me,do I need help?LOL FYI Im waiting on a new lower for my boat and thats why I wasnt out fishing.
  72. c-goat

    Are certain areas in Marinas off limits to fish?

    Off the docks yes,usually posted on public boat ramp docks,not sure of private. In a float tube around the docks, knew that already.
  73. c-goat

    Replacing prop hub question

    Propellars of san diego in spring valley can press new hub for ya.
  74. c-goat

    Shout out to "PASSPORT" Sportfishing rescue mission.

    The owner recently purchased this boat to add to his charter business.Maiden voyage,brand new sets of rod and reels.
  75. c-goat

    Where in east San Diego county can I teach my son to shoot an air rifle?

    Go to the end of mast past Santana high.I take my dog running there every now and then.Plenty of space there for a pellet gun.You only need 50 yards or so...correct? Not sure about legality...its a pellet gun though,didnt know there were laws.......officer. Just park your car and walk around the...
  76. c-goat

    number 26 is an idiot

    They left the tag on the fish on purpose because it says "EXCEL".It gives the fish that official stamp of excellence. Trust me, I know how Asians think.
  77. c-goat

    Reminder: Change your fuel filter with pictures

    I change mine every year.
  78. c-goat

    Has your Tranx 500 done this!!? Video

    High fiving before the fish hits the deck? What are they posing for a Bill Roecker calendar?:)
  79. c-goat

    Fighting a Jumping DoDo

    If there is a little slack in the line when they jump they can flick that hook out...Its happened to me in the past.
  80. c-goat

    Ass holes on the 209 on a whaler on july 6 2017

    Does your dad love nascar drink Pabst blue ribbon and or use meth?
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    Someone could use a bigger boat.
  82. c-goat

    Lower 9 Bonito Bonanza

    I hope you kept a couple bonita for the smoker. Smoked bonita chopped up real fine and mixed in with whipped cream cheese and spread on a triscuit....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY thats some cracker!
  83. c-goat

    7-15-17. La Jolla Exotics!

    This year? Its been awhile since a dorado has been caught in La Jolla...4 or 5 years. I could be wrong.
  84. c-goat

    Offshore Prowler Overnight 6/24-6/25

    Thats why they call it the F-word and not the C-word.
  85. c-goat

    shimano saragosa 20000 spin

    Brand new never used.Shimano saragosa 20000 filled with 100lb spectra. I bought this for a tuna popper setup and I felt the reel is a little on the big side so I got a 10000. $300.00 bucks and its yours.
  86. c-goat

    Offshore Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Someone needs a bigger boat.WTG slayers.
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    I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out why i couldnt upload video when I relaized it was an april fools joke.I couldnt delete this thread cuz that option is no longer in thread tools.
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    Sorry it was an april fools joke...FUCK! LOL
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  90. c-goat


  91. c-goat


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    Commander Sinking

    Break out the WD-40
  93. c-goat

    Fishing Tip and Swimming Lessom

  94. c-goat

    OMG... Insane collection!

    This guy is breaking the law big time.No where did I see a single no smoking sign.
  95. c-goat

    Offshore Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    Hearing that tuna thump onto the deck after an epic battle is always such a rush and victorious feeling of accomplishment.YEEEAH!
  96. c-goat

    Plug for the Liberty

    I see a discounted trip on the horizon...
  97. c-goat

    Who knows of a GOOD local mobile mechanic?

    Craig lives right around the corner from you,you know him.He worked at the boat store for a few years.He can do your impellar.You know where he lives right?Go down to chippewa turn right.Hes a few houses down on the left,just a hop and a skip away. Call him 858-790-2664
  98. c-goat

    Are These Yellowtail Big Enough to Keep?

    They only look small next to those two huge big fat fuckers...just kidding,they dont look small.:)
  99. c-goat

    Beer, Fishing and doing the right thing.

    This is an excellent idea.I always get hungry after a few beers.
  100. c-goat

    Offshore Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29

    3/4 day boats catching BF in March...and even paddy YT too?
  101. c-goat

    Offshore Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    Theyre probably just camera shy.
  102. c-goat

    Offshore Thresher catch 3-19-17

    I used to put my nose up to shark meat due to its lack luster flavor.I would compare it to tofu,real bland ...but it is protein.I have since done an about face.Wrapped in foil with some garlic seasoning and butter on the grill it actually will have a lobsteresque like flavor. Another plus to...
  103. c-goat

    Guess where I would rather be

    I was working on coranado island all summer with a view of the coronados and San Diego bay.Something about the ocean...I know you "know" that feeling.
  104. c-goat

    Giving paddy #'s over the radio.

    I despise my VHF radio if im out running around looking for paddies, especially on weekends.I work my ass off all week and the last thing i want to do on my precious day off is to listen to a bunch of idiots on the radio.I will have my stereo on serius xm listening to ozzys boneyard or classic...
  105. c-goat

    New Del Mar 3/12 AM - wide open smiles!

    Good times...good memories.
  106. c-goat

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    Anything goes on a PIER...IOD!
  107. c-goat


    LOL.Half the reason I started this thread was because I was bored...sittin around...drinkin and thinkin about fishing. Can I get a show of hands please?Who is here right now thinkin and drinkin about fishing...:cheers...
  108. c-goat

    Shore fishing mazatlan mexico?

    Got drone?
  109. c-goat

    Found a boat on the street

    Heres my take. Striper was heading north on telegraph 40 mph in right lane. Car headed west on santa fe in left lane doing 45 mph ran red light nailed rear passenger side fender on trailer...damage on starboard side of boat is in the shape of said fender. Driver headed west did not see red light...
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    lets say any albacore caught south of 33.00 line.
  111. c-goat

    Tackle shop bitch...

    The stickers make em kick.
  112. c-goat


    If only 1 albacore is caught this year,it is what it is.If someone picked that date...winner winner chicken dinner.
  113. c-goat


    I thought it would be fun.There might be just one rogue tuna caught this year...who knows?If you guessed that date...goody bag full of cool shit.
  114. c-goat


    Please explain.
  115. c-goat


    Lets keep it local.Seaforth and Pt Loma landings.
  116. c-goat


    Show me your pics LOL
  117. c-goat


    What are the limits on these sculpin again.:hali_olutta:
  118. c-goat


    That is so fukin hilarious man.
  119. c-goat


    I say we start an albacore pool. Anyone who posts a prediction of the first albacore of 2017 is the grand prize winner. Anyone who posts a prediction must say what they will donate as a prize. Whos in? I will donate a cedar plug. My date for first albacore will thinking before july...
  120. c-goat

    Offshore Colonet YT 2/11

    Low wind...high sun...clean air...we live for. Low wind...high sun...clean water...they die for. Simple as that. Not looking really need to fish???
  121. c-goat

    Offshore BFT

    OC fairgrounds? Thats a long ass way to drive after consuming 3 beers...or 2...or even none.
  122. c-goat

    1973 Bertram 31

    Thats a whole lotta boat for 40k. Too bad gas isnt 50 cents a gallon like it was in 1973 huh?
  123. c-goat

    Lobster Ceviche...

    Looks tasty.I dont see diced cucumber in there though.
  124. c-goat

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    Correction:I just checked and Im not 100% positive EDM sells the DTC in semi auto.Either way stick with bolt action...or full auto.:smash:
  125. c-goat

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    Google it.Its basically the same round as the BMG.Just slightly differenet case.Contact Tom he will answer all your questions and is local...oceanside. I also have lost respect for Arnold.Lets just say hes not a pussy grabber unless its his housekeepers.
  126. c-goat

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    50 Cal DTC ammo cost me less than $1.00 a peice when loading FMJ.I load and shoot hornady amax which comes out to about $2.25 a pop.Im suprised at the accuracy of my gun and I will never get tired of shooting it.I just reloaded 100 rounds 2 weeks ago and am anxious to go shoot it...its a beast...
  127. c-goat

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    EDM arms sells California legal 50 cal DTC in semi auto.I personally would go with the bolt action.It can be quite the investment.Its next to near impossible to find off the shelf 50 cal DTC. ammo.You will need to buy resizing dies and loading equipment specific for the 50 DTC. 50 BMG was...
  128. c-goat

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    I cant recall the last time I fished for halibut....OH YEAH! Last year LOl.
  129. c-goat

    Baby yellowtail killers

    If Im having a tough day of fishing and all we have to keep from getting skunked are 5lb yellowtail guess what?Im eating the tastiest smoked fish fillets that 80 gallons of fuel can buy....or the price of a sport boat ticket.Its all fair game amigo.
  130. c-goat

    NIB WTF?

    NIB.Black Sabbath. Your love for me has just got to be reel....ohhh yea! Ozzzzzzzzie.:git:
  131. c-goat

    Offshore Shake down and eviction notice...

    It is what it is...FISHING! When the fish are this close to home expect some competition.How many times this year have you seen sporties hooked up and holding the school?Answer...way too many LOL. A few months ago just north of the 425 we counted over 20 seiners just sitting and waiting it out...
  132. c-goat

    Offshore New boat - 1st tuna of the year 10/23

    WTG on poppin that cherry.I too am working on a bigger boat...not in a hurry though.My 22 ft defiance is getting the same mileage as a single screw deisel in the 26 ft range believe it or not. Ive got 1 last batch of jerky marinating right now... going in the dehydrator tomorrow night.Knowing...
  133. c-goat

    Friday night bugging - Quality over Quantity

    kinda slow?Whatcha talkin bout willis...that there is a good night.
  134. c-goat

    Offshore SCI Friday

    Are you kidding me? Someone get this guy a samuri sword to hang on his office wall already.:)
  135. c-goat

    Offshore MADRUGADOR finally gets a cow.

    I would have just cut the belly out for smoking and tossed the rest over board. Just kidding.BF sushi is good but those big bellys are like greasy slabs of delicious fish bacon...Mmm.
  136. c-goat

    Offshore Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    Thats nice.I just got me a kite the other day.Not sure if Ill even get a chance to use it this season.
  137. c-goat

    kodiak 225 stainless calipers

    I have a set of kodiak 225 ss brake calipers.Calipers were in working order when removed.Your mounting bracket on your axle need to be 2-3/4 inch center to center.You can call or text me @619-438-2854
  138. c-goat

    Repeal the latest gun laws

    Ares armor in national city.If your close by stop in and sign the petitions.
  139. c-goat

    Surveys at the launch ramp

    When someone knocks at my door telling me they are so and so trying to sell me about this that and the other thing I always say"sorry,I dont want to waste your time".They will always reply with"oh,your not wasting my time".Then I reply with"well,your wasting my time". I believe there is nothing...
  140. c-goat

    Offshore Big mistake 8/20

    Its not the kill its the thrill of the chase.When it gets too easy is when it gets boring. Just my opinion.
  141. c-goat

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    You need to terminate the crack before welding.You drill a small hole at both ends of the crack and then you weld it.A welder told me that,makes sense to me.
  142. c-goat

    Mako Bit Bluefin???

    It happens.
  143. c-goat

    Bluefish Tuna...?

  144. c-goat

    Offshore Big Yellowfin Moving In Locally

    Wow,nice grade fish...really nice.
  145. c-goat

    New record BFT 269.7

    Bragging rights for sure,thats awesome. Looks like it was a tail shot.
  146. c-goat

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    Heres my explanation. BF came up earlier than expected and the seiners dropped the ball,theyre only fisherman...just like us.
  147. c-goat

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    A couple weeks ago a local sport boat with 19 angers caught 4 BF tuna.2 in the 75lb range and 2 in the 150 lb range. Not a good average. The next day they had,i forget,about the same amount of skunked. A lot of 3 quarter day people dont normally target huge fukin I...
  148. c-goat

    Offshore 16 miles out from mission bay

    Last name patron...what was the question.........fuck you LOL.
  149. c-goat

    Offshore 16 miles out from mission bay

    You are quite curvacious when it comes to the learning dope will help set you straight. translation:dont be such a girl...get the fish dope.
  150. c-goat

    He's Got My Vote

    Ill bet the title of his speech was "second amendment for dummys" considering who his audience consists of. the chuck woolery one is also good.
  151. c-goat

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    After doing a little research i think your right.Those rakes look like whitey.It could very well have been.
  152. c-goat

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    BTW lots of foamers in the afternoon just 6 miles west of south nine.
  153. c-goat


    There was lots of foamers and then there were the FOAMERS...big,explosive foamers.
  154. c-goat

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    Beleive it or not mike I wasnt lol. All you need is a peice of iron to win a war.
  155. c-goat

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    I fought this beast for 3 hours on 30lb p-line xx. until it finally lost its spirit and had succumb to the man. 15 feet away on the surface from 2 gaffs and BOOM!. The largest mako I have ever seen in my life took one bite.One mouthfull and half my easily 150 lb class tuna was gone. There was...
  156. c-goat

    thank you uncle Ted

  157. c-goat

    thank you uncle Ted

  158. c-goat


    I still want one of these but im just a little leery on the quality.I would like to know how one would consider something to be "marine grade" and is this considered marine grade.Electronics are not expensive.Marine grade electronics on the other hand are not. I dont want to be saying to myself...
  159. c-goat

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    I just watched that episode last night.Best episode so far.Funny though that fish looks a lot bigger in these pics than it did in the show.
  160. c-goat

    Xtra tuffs

    Ive had a pair of viking mariner kadett boots for over 12 years.They are super comfortable.Its more like wearing a tennis shoe than a work boot.Also they are lower cut so you dont have to roll them down. Im actually working on breaking in a pair of extra tuff chumrunner deck far they...
  161. c-goat

    Offshore 4-30 Report from the outside ridge to the inside ridge (video)

    Its kinda like watching a lit fuse disappear into a stick of dynamite and nothing happens. Before you know it..... BOOM goes the...
  162. c-goat

    osprey attack

    Im calling bird shit w/o pics.Not that I dont beleive you,I just wanted to be the first to call birdshit.
  163. c-goat

    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    Riffe makes the best bait,easy pickins.Uni is goat crack. Incredibly fresh tasting ceviche those things make.
  164. c-goat

    Man vs Seal and seal lost!!!!!

    Winning does not suck.
  165. c-goat

    Lapping Scope Rings?

    When you lap a set of rings you realize just how imperfect the rings really are.You want even contact around scope,no pinchy tight spots.
  166. c-goat

    otter off La Jolla

    Theyre just down here for spring break.
  167. c-goat

    La Jolla 3/25 Ghost story

    Sometimes its not the kill but the thrill of the chase.
  168. c-goat

    How long is Specta good for?

    I dont beleive any has gone bad since its inception.That being said I would say forever...for now.
  169. c-goat

    Nipple Clamp-Funny

    You call that negative consequences...I call that foreplay.;)
  170. c-goat

    Offshore Swimming?

  171. c-goat

    Albacore charter in Washington

    Rumor has it that albies are going to make a breif showing in so. cal.this season. A little better next year. 2018 is supossed to peak with real good fishin. Ive got my fingers crossed.
  172. c-goat

    Killed the BUGS

    Im calling bullshit without...uhhh...without.....fuckit im calling bullshit just because LOL.
  173. c-goat

    Calico Bass footage from last year (late post)

    Needs more cowbell...rock-n-roll:devil:
  174. c-goat

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    Did a little editing for you. The smiley face helps denote sarcasm.
  175. c-goat

    Canning tuna??

    Lids go on finger tight.
  176. c-goat

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    Check around the thrift stores.Sometimes they have old water bed!
  177. c-goat

    Ares armor 80% rudius 1911 design flaw

    I couldnt tell you.What are the differences between them.I got the frame and grip about 6 months ago.I assume its gen 2.Does your sear spring have the ability to move side to side in your grip? Make sure to scuff up area where jb weld is going to be real good.Ive shot about 150 rounds since...
  178. c-goat

    2/7/ late report birdrock-off MB

    Sounds like themezca is on the mezcal.
  179. c-goat

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Saw the article in the sports section of todays paper,that is one big sea bass.
  180. c-goat

    commander bobtail build

    I forgot to mention for special tools besides slide lapping tool one will need a plunger tube staking tool.Brownells part #080-001-000WB. The 1911 frame the holes for plunger tube were all ready pre-chamfered on the inside.The stealth kit you have to take a dremel with a small "ball...
  181. c-goat

    Episode 2 Teaser.

    Dont tease me bro! LOL I could watch another hour of just teaser clips...I like it
  182. c-goat

    Rockpile/150 1/28

    Sheepsheads just have a fresh smell to I right?
  183. c-goat

    commander bobtail build

    Check out stealth arms or run about 1K not including jigs,tools etc.One could go out and buy a beautiful kimber for less than building an 80%....but thats no fun.:)
  184. c-goat

    commander bobtail build

    Its a little more challenging of a build than an AR...simple if your good with your hands. with the 1911 80% you need to cut the slide rail in the frame and the barrel seat.Although with the kit the barrel seat was already cut but you had to file down the deck using their...
  185. c-goat

    commander bobtail build

    I just wanted to take a minute to show off my latest creation. Its a commander bobtail in 416 stainless. My favorite build thus far.Super proud.It came out perfect.I spent way too much time(hours and hours)getting the slide to frame fit to perfection....absolutely zero play...
  186. c-goat

    Bow-fishermen threatened

    Damn asians and their crazy
  187. c-goat

    Drone Threatened

    If that guy had hit that drone he could have been charged with a dronicide. I think it would have been cool if that drone had a paintball gun attached to it for defensive purposes such as we just witnessed...that would be so awesome.
  188. c-goat

    local knowledge review

    I loved it.:appl: I was impressed...alis a pro. Talk about taking it to the next! What was the date this was filmed? Is there going to be more? Imagine doing that show with fishin chicks,talk about ratings.
  189. c-goat

    Ares armor 80% rudius 1911 design flaw

    I got a reply on tuesday asking what parts I used but thats irrelevant.I put another sear spring in and it will slip off also. In my reply I sent them these same pics.
  190. c-goat

    Ares armor 80% rudius 1911 design flaw

    Here is a pic of the gun.Frame will be painted black when 100 %finished.
  191. c-goat

    Ares armor 80% rudius 1911 design flaw

    Last saturday I took my newly completed rudius 1911 to the indoor range.This is my second 1911 build.The first build was a stealth arms aluminum frame,came out bitchen. The rudius build came out tits.The first couple hundred rounds or so I was stoked, it was shooting slightly tighter than the...
  192. c-goat

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    Apparently you have never had sheepshead ceviche.:)
  193. c-goat


    Count me in.
  194. c-goat

    Pics of dead fish

    I wonder where that monkeys other hand is LOL
  195. c-goat

    What's on your phone?

  196. c-goat

    Offshore 43...

    Dude,check your calender....its the middle of december for crying out loud LOL
  197. c-goat

    Offshore Yellowfin and Dorado 12/6 @ 371

    Decmber 6 local offshore yellowfin.Thats gotta be a record of some sort...unheard of.
  198. c-goat


    Congrats to all who placed:appl: See yall next year:) Thanks Mike!
  199. c-goat


    Getting up at 4 Am a day after gorging on a buffet of endless plate fulls of end of season harvest goodness to fish for halibut SUCKS ASS! Congrats to all who placed:appl: See yall next year:) Thanks Mike!
  200. c-goat


    Getting up at 4 Am a day after gorging on a buffet of endless plate fulls of end of season harvest goodness to fish for halibut SUCKS ASS! Congrats to all who placed:appl: See yall next year:) Thanks Mike!
  201. c-goat


    Getting up at 4 Am a day after gorging on a buffet of endless plate fulls of end of season harvest goodness to fish for halibut SUCKS ASS! Congrats to all who placed:appl: See yall next year:) Thanks Mike!
  202. c-goat


    Getting up at 4 Am a day after gorging on a buffet of endless plate fulls of end of season harvest goodness to fish for halibut SUCKS ASS! Congrats to all who placed:appl: See yall next year:) Thanks Mike!
  203. c-goat


    Getting up at 4 Am a day after gorging on a buffet of endless plate fulls of end of season harvest goodness to fish for halibut SUCKS ASS! Congrats to all who placed:appl: See yall next year:) Thanks Mike!
  204. c-goat

    Turners Outdoorsman West Covina

    Im sure turners will take care of you.when they do make sure to let us know ok....thanks.
  205. c-goat

    Turners Outdoorsman West Covina

    Sounds to me like the fat lady is singing.....sorry!:( Turners is not perfect....maybe thats why I like turners.I would be willing to bet the satisfied customers out weigh the "bad experience" customers.I personally don't take time to write good customer service reviews.Just how the internet...
  206. c-goat

    AR-15 for sale

    did you forget to mention that it is a lefty?;)
  207. c-goat

    Scope removal for storage ARGUMENT...

    What do thier neighbors look like and can you see them(her)through the kitchen window while doing the dishes?;):boobies:
  208. c-goat

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

  209. c-goat

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    :beerbang: A picture perfect sunday October 18 2015 4 days of trolling.
  210. c-goat


    Checks in the mail Mike. Ill get anglers to sign entry morning of.
  211. c-goat


    If you had a keg of beer most would stick around till it was dry....just sayin.:cheers:
  212. c-goat

    Offshore 11/7 390 report

    Wow,thats crazy!was that today because it was absolutlely beautiful weather out there today.Easy limits of quality dorado off a bloated dead seal....saved the day.between 390 and upper hidden...don't have numbers right go drinky now,full report in morning :)
  213. c-goat

    Ruger 10/22

    100 bucks says jim returned(returns) LOL.
  214. c-goat

    Offshore What every Maruader needs...

    I would compare your trip to training intensely for years to go to the Olympics and then coming home with the gold :urno1:
  215. c-goat

    Offshore What every Maruader needs...

    Winner-winner wahoo dinner!
  216. c-goat

    Offshore What every Maruader needs...

    Sorry if this is slightly off topic but I just wanted to share my favorite cedar plug.Black and purple always in the spread,always gets hit.
  217. c-goat

    Lake Havasu

    More pics of your fishing trip would be a major bonus.You know,something we can all beat off to......or is it just me?:D
  218. c-goat

    Offshore Mission Bay Wash Out

    Out on the water tomorrow weather should be really nice.So nice it would be a shame not to be out there. Gonna spend the day relaxing out there tomorrow,a hoo would just be a bonus.........Hookup!
  219. c-goat

    Finally got it. 9th Inning Wahoo 10/26/2015

    "The rush of emotions over a fish".:devil:
  220. c-goat

    Fish I.D. Drawing a Blank

    Looks like some kind of taco fish :)
  221. c-goat

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    It was a sleeper that had been accidentally run over.This is quite evident by the visible clipping here and here and by the obvious scarring near the right side gill plate here. They could not bear to just let this floater go to waste so they hoisted it aboard......BTW all fish has been donated...
  222. c-goat

    Coconut crusted Wahoo

    You could coat wahoo in dog shit and it would still taste good.Gotta use fresh dog shit......of course.:) Seriuosly though,wahoo is soo tasty.Its not too dense,not too light and flaky and the flavor is mellow not overbearing. You could do a lot with this fish. Its my new favorite fish to eat.
  223. c-goat

    I hear the fat lady singing. ..

    That was just her farting and belching at the same time....its quite the catchy tune LOL.:ele: It aint over till its over.
  224. c-goat


    You got that look on your face like,man why didn't I put in for that jacpot? Tell me you won jackpot.:cheers:
  225. c-goat

    Change out your line

    Over time Ive become border line OCD when it comes to fresh line.If you invest in the big bulk spools its cheaper in the long run. No more heart breaking moments for me.
  226. c-goat

    Offshore SWORDFISH! 10/24

    You got my vote for catch of the year 2015.:urno1:
  227. c-goat

    Leave your hose @ Oceanside wash down

    white with a blue stripe?
  228. c-goat

    Offshore 10/23 Went Fishing & Caught A Fish

    It is in fact thee best tasting fish I have ever eaten. I would have not bought but traded you $75 ,to reimburse you for fuel of course... for that fish.
  229. c-goat

    Offshore My 11 year old son hooked up and lost his first wahoo tonight

    If after losing that fish he has trouble sleeping at night tell him congratulations you are a full blown fisherman for life.....blood in blood out LOL.
  230. c-goat

    Offshore Another blank at the 9

    Sunrise to sunset. If you want the whoo its your best bet.:)
  231. c-goat

    Offshore 10/25, Smoked Wahoo on the Water, "FIRE in the Sky"

    That really is a cool feels good to be alive sunrise pic.....wahoooo!
  232. c-goat

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    Wow! Tell me honestly,is that video all one dive-one night?
  233. c-goat

    FMM and and credit card fraud

    The other day I realized I had become a victim of theft from my bank account.They cleaned me out.The only transactions Ive done in the past month where I had to use my debit card or give my credit card info online was the air water machine in front of 7-eleven on mast in santee,it usese debit...
  234. c-goat

    Catalina Wahoo 10-22-15

    The best fish tacos Ive ever eaten in my life last Tuesday...wahoo! Best fish for smoking IMO also.
  235. c-goat

    Offshore 2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    Remember way back when they used to call it "El Nino"? Now its just typical fall fishing.....just a thought :rolleyes:
  236. c-goat

    Wahoooo day 4 got mine BABY!

    You know what mike?Its been awhile since i got a hardore adrenaline rush like today....Ive wanted this fish soo bad......stoked!:)
  237. c-goat

    Wahoooo day 4 got mine BABY!

    Sunday 10-18-15 Finally,hours and hours and hours and hours of trolling for this exotic log of a tasty fish.....just got done grillin and fillin my belly.:) 4th solo trip out,got one,can finally relax now.:) South 9 32 over 21 400 feet deep.75 degree water.8 miles north of where water was 72.9...
  238. c-goat

    Offshore Two Wahoo 10/17 at the 9 on the line

    One wahoo congrats,two guys suck! LOL JK Im stoked for ya.
  239. c-goat

    first wahoo...............second and third wahoo

    High fiver to all on boat.:appl:
  240. c-goat

    Offshore Coronado Island Wahoo video on the Legend

    Holy shit thats awesome......what do you fish for the other 2 days of the trip LOL.
  241. c-goat

    Lobster from pier?

    Ive seen people catching on OB pier.....did I say catching?I meant poaching LOL.
  242. c-goat

    What is going on off Torrey Pines State Beach?

    Private party,invite only LOL
  243. c-goat


    Can you please count me in on this,thanks.
  244. c-goat

    Lewmar Profish 1000 question

    Mine lasted about 4 years before i had to replace it.As you can see from the pic it failed at the motor mount(lower right) which may have been my bad.When you get to the chain you dont want to be going WFO and have the chain catch and lock it up. When i got the new one I pulled the cover off and...
  245. c-goat

    Offshore 49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Way to go mike! ill be on the water tomorrow for my third solo troll rod only for wahoo trip.
  246. c-goat


    sniff-sniff can you smell that?Thats the smell of bullshit LOL.
  247. c-goat

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    I would not make a good boyfriend.....I am soo jealous.:)
  248. c-goat


    Come on man! That would probably be equivalent to using bluegill to catch humungous fat lunker spawning bass.Not cool man,not cool at all.This is something I could never ever ever EVER do...
  249. c-goat

    Offshore Wahoo 9 mile

    I lost a halco 4 weeks ago and Im still bummed.I want a wahoo just as bad the next guy.
  250. c-goat

    That "Guy" / Googan Page

    Whats the point. Shit,I park right the fuck up on a paddy cuz I own that mother fucker you got a problem with that. when no one else is around if i may add.:) If I ever got caught doing anything stupid and somebody posted it I would kick their holy than thou ass,cuz I get fucked up and do...
  251. c-goat

    Offshore Wahoo at the 9

    I remember seeing you out there today.I didnt get mine.Thats ok though,it was such a beautiful bitchen day weather wise on the ocean today. Congrats on the double.
  252. c-goat

    steering fluid disapearing????

    Recently ive had to start adding steering fluid on a regular basis. I have no leaks that I could find.So,where is it going?
  253. c-goat

    Offshore Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    Dude,we trolled for ever and ever for a hoo today(9-27).Got nothing but dorado and got dam peanuts LOL.BTW dorado was the biggest hen Ive ever caught,looked like a bull.
  254. c-goat

    Offshore Saturday 26th Wahoo N9mile

    73.3 water??you sure that wasnt atleast 75 to 76.2 water? BTW,report...I "liked" it.
  255. c-goat

    Offshore Breaking in the new gaff!

    I wont tell anyone.:)
  256. c-goat

    Day at the Docks raffle disappointment

    Did your son give back the everlasting gob-stopper....he should have LOL gottareadthesmallprintitsrightthereinblackandwhiteone1unoovernighttripperiod
  257. c-goat

    Why keep such small fish

    I liken it to pier fishing.A lot of people like to catch and eat fish.It is what it is....catching,a $port boats bread and butter.
  258. c-goat

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    one hoo,two hoo,good job WTG.
  259. c-goat

    Offshore Wahoo on the 226

    Man,thats a whole lotta rosie.........aka fat hoo:D
  260. c-goat

    You wanna see two PUNKS?!?!

    LOL With a pair of scissors im assuming.
  261. c-goat

    Extinction of the yellowtail tuna

    They may be right.yellowtail tuna are on the decline.Its been a long,long ,looong time since ive caught a yellowtail tuna.Wait a second,i take that back.....make that never.
  262. c-goat

    imagine the fishing back then.

    That is so cool. Speaking of pollution,mid 70,s, I can still remember those pink plastic tampon things on the shore of OB next to the pier. Dozens of those things would litter the high tide mark.The sewage treatment plant(green tanks)didnt filter that shit out back then i guess.
  263. c-goat

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    When grilled it has an off color non appetizing flavor.
  264. c-goat

    Offshore epic trip copout 9/06/15

    Nice titties :eek: Im calling BS without more pics:imdumb:
  265. c-goat

    Marlin Monday GetAway Video

    I live for those wise.Cool video too.
  266. c-goat

    Offshore 9/5 Opah off LA Jolla

    Them lips remind me of taylor swift for some odd reason.:)
  267. c-goat

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Heres a pic from the producer friday fish saturday overnighter.9-5-15
  268. c-goat

    Offshore La Jolla Canyun WFO - 9/4/15 - YFT, Dodo, marlin (blue???)

    The wow factor is up there....WOW!That would be a cool sight.
  269. c-goat

    150 DODO it's true. Skipjack to boot!

    That dorado looks huge in the first pic compared to the last pic.Just goes to show ya.
  270. c-goat

    Offshore Short Bill Spearfish

    It looks like it would taste like barracuda.I love cajun fried cuda mmh!
  271. c-goat

    Offshore Crying Shame off the 182

    I just talked to Dan McCallister.He wants to know your address so he can send you a property tax bill....just tell him you dont own that paddy....per se. :)
  272. c-goat

    disposal of leftover fish

    Sounds like someone has a pet cat named muffy.Im not one to name names but lets just say it rymes with scary and he lives in dong screech LOL. just kidding....cats make very nice pets.:)
  273. c-goat

    Wahoo reportedly caught north of Santa Barbara island

    I would love to know the path that wahoo took from points south to where it was caught.
  274. c-goat

    Boat/RV Trailer Racing

    They used to do that at cajon speedway.....the good ole days.:)
  275. c-goat

    5.56 ammo question

    The eyes in my smiley faces are around 5 inches apart....just sayin.
  276. c-goat

    Offshore If I hear "chunk" one more time...

    Im calling BS without video LOL.
  277. c-goat

    Offshore Started a flotilla today!

    Just talked to the mad hueys.They said really noice mate !?:)
  278. c-goat

    Offshore Started a flotilla today!

    Life is good .......unless your a fish. :devil: ...:goldfish:
  279. c-goat

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    I would like to take a moment and apologize to all fisherman who dont catch fish from this day feeling a little guilty right pretty sure i killed all the tuna :( sorry.
  280. c-goat

    Radio Wahoo??

    come on man!to beleive that shit you have to be Very High.....Freqeuntly.LOL
  281. c-goat

    Offshore How to gaff a fish

    Gaff backwards spells homo......just kidding,it doesnt. disclaimer:i have nothing against homos.What you all do in the bedroom is none of my business.What happens in your boat stays in your boat.
  282. c-goat

    Offshore Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    It happens to the best of us(fisherman). Im still in a depression over last weekend.Not quite a skunk trip...if you want to call 1 yt not getting skunked. Its fishing man,last weekend really gave me a reality check.
  283. c-goat

    Offshore Guess who's back!!

    When guys stare at your boots do you give them the"hey im up here" thing.:D
  284. c-goat

    Offshore O'side sunday. "that guy"

    too soon?.....get it LOL
  285. c-goat

    Offshore O'side sunday. "that guy"

    I dunno...his expression looks more like he just got a wiff of bruce jenners vagina LOL................too soon?
  286. c-goat

    Just did some more smokin!

    Shit, Ill bet its a lot of peoples best local season,all the landings for sure.
  287. c-goat

    Right Boat, Wrong Captain

    What does this boats name rhyme with.:)
  288. c-goat

    hand job

    Im listening.
  289. c-goat

    Offshore 8/9 - 5 miles streight out off Oceanside ran out off fishhold space.

    I noticed your fish are still whole.I like to gut all fish before we head in.Just makes cleaning a lot less messy.
  290. c-goat

    Offshore 8/9 - 5 miles streight out off Oceanside ran out off fishhold space.

    We got 10 nice quality YF 20 miles straight out of MB sunday.One paddy 2 drifts and we were done by 930.Had to cut heads off to make room.I was fishing 20 lb but they were biting 30 and 40lb mono.
  291. c-goat

    Offshore How to deal with divers

    Last year I was diving a paddy and watched my buddy hook and fight a yellowtail.It wanted soo bad to get wrapped up in the paddy but it didnt want to come near trick to diving a paddy is to totally ignore the fish,absolutely no eye contact and turn away from the fish and act as if theyre...
  292. c-goat

    Pier Fisherman Hits Drone

    That guy casts like a girl LOL. @32 seconds...not kidding LOL.
  293. c-goat

    Paul Hebert of 'Wicked Tuna' facing fraud charges.

    I too like marciano.Him and his first mate...true class acts.The rest is drama for TV...drama + reality equates to more viewers,more viewers....I dont need to explain this $hit do I.:)
  294. c-goat

    Paul Hebert of 'Wicked Tuna' facing fraud charges.

    If true this mother frauder owes me....hold on a second...carry the 2...divide by last years W2 federal witholding,carry the 9,minus my deductions...duh,duh,duh....Ok,he owes me around 35 cents.I expect full payment from this completely disabled wicked douche. im not kidding,if found guilty I...
  295. c-goat

    Boaters overboard in dana point

    I dont think they ever found those kids that went missing off florida recently.Its always a bummer,but it happens. It could have been me 30 years ago,i used to be stupid,now that Im much older Im just dumb...not stupid,just dumb.:imdumb:
  296. c-goat

    Offshore Took a shot at the big boys

    We cuaght a shit ton of those small doritos sunday.Mmm,mmm,mmmm.Good god those are great fave.
  297. c-goat

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Cool....almost wicked cool.:)
  298. c-goat

    Mexican Authorities to Get Much Stricter

    Stop raping this country...please!
  299. c-goat

    Mexican Authorities to Get Much Stricter

    Not a problem,paper works all in I look like a tunnel digging rapist?
  300. c-goat

    Offshore We call it CATCHING!! 8.21.15

    Hmm,cool report.Kinda reminds me of that Paul Simon song "kodachrome"for some reason.IDK why,but Im calling PS with pics LOL "Live for days like this"can totally relate my friend.:)
  301. c-goat

    Make Your Own Yeti Cooler

    Way too clean of a job to be on meth. Measure with a micrometer,mark with a keel and cut it with an axe(tweaker MO).:starwarskid5:
  302. c-goat

    Make Your Own Yeti Cooler

    Kinda reminds me of that time "bad dog" showed me his improved kill bag at the hotel coral a few (many)years ago.Bragged about how he kept ice in it for four days.Also bragged about how many cars in ensenada had "bad dog" stickers on their cars.:hali_blablalba:
  303. c-goat

    Line size- local giants!

    What is everyone doing with 100 + pounds of junkfish? Thats the big question. My opinion and my opinion only.Please dont go jumping on my shit cuz id rather be chasing big barracuda LOL
  304. c-goat

    Multiple Lightning Bolts Ventura Pier

    Thats Ok by me......still likening pic LOL. AWESOME!
  305. c-goat

    Kaenon Sunglasses and Saltwater

    I had a pair where the lenses got all pitted up from what i beleive was the salt water sitting on them while stored away.Sent them in and came back with new lenses free of charge.
  306. c-goat

    One of the Joys of Boat Ownership

    Dan Mcallister can suck my dick!:finger:
  307. c-goat

    Sushi Rice Advice?

    200 bucks for a rice cooker!?Dude are you high?:eek: Cal rose rice in a $15 rice cooker.2 scoops rice and 3 scoops water click and walk away.
  308. c-goat

    Multiple Lightning Bolts Ventura Pier

    Me likening pic.:)
  309. c-goat

    Offshore Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Catching big tuna does not suck at all whats so ever.
  310. c-goat

    Rust spots in gel coat

    CLR worked.put in spray bottle sprayed on and let it sit for almost an hour till rust just disapperaed,no scrubbing or buffing. After the rust spots were gone I could still feel the metal specks stuck to the gel coat.I figured the rust would come back if I didnt get those out so i took some 3M...
  311. c-goat

    Tuna jerky perfected

    Its an excalibur dehydrator.The model with 9 trays and 2 dials on top.
  312. c-goat

    Tuna jerky perfected

    Need: 25 LB yellow or blue fin. 1/2 bottle large teryaki sauce 1/3 bottle liquid smoke full bottle veri veri teryaki half bag brown sugar Marinate overnight or longer.Just before putting in dehydrator sprinkle real lightly with hot shot.Ill let it dry for about 8 to 10 hours. This is how I do...
  313. c-goat

    Rust spots in gel coat

    Wow,thanks guys.Im going to run down to the store and try the CLR.If that doesnt work ill have to make a trip to west marine. Ill update later today.
  314. c-goat

    Rust spots in gel coat

    I recently had to take a cut off grinder to some seized up bolts on top of my boat.What I didnt realize is all the sparks that went flying everywhere ended up turning into rust spots everywhere.They look to be stained pretty deeply into gel coat. Before I go buying gel coat rubbing compound,I...
  315. c-goat

    Offshore I have a helmet on my head.

    Thanks for the report. I thought we sucked only getting 3 Yf today.Lots and lots of life 5 miles NW of 425.We saw more fish breaking the surface doing aerials than Ive seen in a while.Hard to get them to go when they are focused in on those saurys. Once the fish have eaten its all over,all 3...
  316. c-goat

    Patch Monkey stuff with my friend - Catalina

    Is that chumlee?LOL Whats up in the third pic...guys ass is hangin in the wind.
  317. c-goat

    Nados saturday 6-20-2015

    Fished the islands saturday.It was slow fishing.Not a whole lot going on,borderline lifeless 68 degree clean water. Mid morning we headed offshore SW towards 425 only to find water getting cooler.Pointed it dead south towards upper hidden,same thing...water temp now dipping down to 66 :(...
  318. c-goat

    A cool dude!

    Awhile back I was hanging out in my neighbor slash friend of mines garage.Up on his wall above his work bench he had a picture of a friend of his holding a nice size bass with a poem next to it.After reading this poem i said to him"wow,thats a pretty fuckin cool poem". My friend went on to...
  319. c-goat

    How Does Everyone Store Their Irons?

    In one of my boat lockers I lined it with 1 inch foam.Just a quick easy way to store.Although most of my surface irons are in my carry on tackle bag and my yo-yo,s are in a plano box below this is an easy way to stash misc. treble hooked lures. Im sure one could line inside of cabinets and...
  320. c-goat

    large halibut

    Beautiful halibut.
  321. c-goat

    Gearing up for the 100-200lb BFT in SoCal right now.....

    Ill stick to YT and dorados for now thank you very much.:)
  322. c-goat

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    Quotah!We dont need no stinkin quotah.
  323. c-goat

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    Mexicans dont have big brother.
  324. c-goat

    BFT Limits

    1 fat 20 pound blue fin a year and Im good.Any more than that goes to waste...just me I guess.
  325. c-goat

    Yellowtail Shootout Raffle Rod #2

    Sweet! I was the lucky winner of #1:urno1: Thank you Bill.
  326. c-goat

    Yellowtail Shootout Raffle Rod #2

    Sweet! I was the lucky winner of #1:urno1: Thank you Bill.
  327. c-goat

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Would it be considerd being a dick if BS is called with out pics. Maybe we can tone it down a bit by just suggesting if one is willing to take a polygraph exam so as not to sound so abrasive. :)
  328. c-goat

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Definitely tops yellow tail in mission bay.
  329. c-goat

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  330. c-goat

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    SHIMANO,dont be that guy...just dont!
  331. c-goat

    Tuna meat lesion?

    My dog just saw this pic and threw up LOL JK.
  332. c-goat

    Weird Just Got Stranger

    WTF? What the fukishima?
  333. c-goat

    So what ever happened to the albacore?

    Even though its an el nino year I have this feeling that that warm water off the NW is gonna nudge the albis south this year. I predict good albi fishing soon.:) South of the 43 in 04
  334. c-goat

    What am I doing wrong with this knot?

    Its the braid thats breaking at the knot?Is that possible?
  335. c-goat

    Offshore Kinda ashamed

    Are you a member of PETA,am I missing something here?
  336. c-goat

    2015 Mexican commercial BFT limit reached

    Reached their quota? With the quality of BF evryone is seeing and catching north of the border one would think they havent even been fishing. I have a bad feeling they are going to do a number on the yellowfin....fuckin seiners LOL.R.I.P WC.
  337. c-goat

    Line Color

    Some clear mono will actually glow like a long thin flourescent bulb underwater,on a sunny bright day....i forget what its called,but i have actually seen this with my own eyes.Thats why a floro leader is always a good idea,that light gets terminated at the knot,on top of the fact that its...
  338. c-goat

    Hurricane effects

    Very non-typical weather were seeing last couple of years.Makes it hard to predict.We have august style hurricanes in early june...WTF?
  339. c-goat

    Offshore Tribute Tuna

    If I were 100% asian I would probably be closing the curtains and locking all the doors right now.... LOl Thank you for pics!
  340. c-goat

    Offshore Dominator report and an idea!!!!! Hmmmm

    Im seriously surprised this hasnt been done yet.
  341. c-goat

    Offshore Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    Its not always the kill...its the thrill of the chase.:)
  342. c-goat

    Pretty cool picture!!!

    I cant believe how clear that water is.
  343. c-goat

    Offshore So, this happened yesterday.

    Nice tuna,damn! Luckily tom brady didn't get a hold of that.LOL
  344. c-goat

    Offshore Found those mysterious bluefin yesterday

    All that ice in the hold says you were prepared for a successful day.Way to go.
  345. c-goat

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Im guessing your just like me.I miss BOTD ,it was my appetizer before going over to the real deal main course favorite jackin-off site.:cheers::boobies::ashamed:
  346. c-goat

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Define "salute"
  347. c-goat

    When to "Salute", and when not to "Salute." plus Poll

    I don't need to use my finger anymore.I have a Nathan K5 where my spare used to be....not kidding.:)
  348. c-goat

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Thank you satan!
  349. c-goat

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Thank you satan!
  350. c-goat

    Calico or Sandies on restaurant menus

    I was in a seafood restaurant in enesenada about ten years ago.They had a live aquarium filled with sandbass that you could actually pick your meal.....fancy shmancy:)
  351. c-goat

    Got "Ben"

    I went to war with those fat bastards about a year ago....I won!Pic is of an old war relic.I used to see those fuckers running across the fence and feces around my dogs food bowl. Im actually feeling a little guilty because I might have chased them your direction.When they see their...
  352. c-goat

    need italian translator

    Im not sure,correct me if im wrong, but I believe this is an Italian cookbook titled "to serve lamb."
  353. c-goat

    Found dive gear

    Cool. Hope he realizes how lucky he is.
  354. c-goat

    sandcrab question

    Supposed to be pretty good eatin too.Google Andrew zimmern sand crabs.
  355. c-goat

    Found dive gear

    Gear get claimed?
  356. c-goat

    Isn’t it a Right to Fish the Oceans of this Planet without Permission?

    Fishing license money goes towards the fuel they use in their boats that they use to drive around and check to see if we have a fishing license.
  357. c-goat

    Sea Lion Morons

    Not wrong...pretty much on-point.
  358. c-goat

    Sea Lion Morons

    Her face is most definitely come-on-able.:)
  359. c-goat

    Bait Barge Tipping

    FUCKIN-A-DITTO that! We made bait last year due to the shitty bait due to the shortage,it totally sucks because it takes away from fish time.BD YT tourney last year,perfect example.Making bait while we should have been fishing is like the blues brothers elevator scene,Ya know what I mean?
  360. c-goat

    Bait Barge Tipping

    On my boat we split cost of bait.We always factor in an extra 10 bucks whether its a half scoop or 2 scoops even if its shitty bait and the bait dude is being stingy like the MB guys LOL. Time is money,making bait takes way too much time,especially at 2 or 3 am.Me likey preciuos sleep:)
  361. c-goat

    Sea Lion Morons

    If you look beyond the immediate,that being the starving die off of thousands of seals, the big WHY question is still unanswered. Wahoo off Newport,no sardines,warm clean water offshore is it all interconnected?Its gotta be somehow.
  362. c-goat

    Tsunami yellowtail

    Those look like Mexican yellowtail to me.Id have to grill one up to be absolutely sure.:)
  363. c-goat

    Jesus and a drunk blonde.........

    Almost forgot ....:) have a nice day.
  364. c-goat


    Honesty is the longevity of life....fuck me,im drunk LOL.
  365. c-goat


    More human than human....Shladapity Daph!:slap: Note to self: That was funny. Self:I was being serious.
  366. c-goat


    Life is funny......shladapht! Im serious!
  367. c-goat

    Jesus and a drunk blonde.........

    Religion and politics are not allowed at this motha fuker do as you say and please of a kick ass mother fuckin website.....some one make me a mother fuckin moderator so that I can keep these god damn rule breaking mother fuckin clowns that they are in-line. obey the fuckin rules....geeez!
  368. c-goat

    Whusssup bloody dicks!

    Ooops!Wrong website...typo,my bad.
  369. c-goat

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    Im looking for a boat 20 to 25 foot range....another question that could make your head spin :)
  370. c-goat

    Smallest but safest size/type boat for fishing the local banks?

    Dude! Its all dependant on weather conditions.I used to have an 18 foot striper that I would fish as far south as the 390 and butterfly banks(damn I miss albacore)good distance for an 18 foot boat...anyhow,I can remember taking that boat out in not so favorable conditions,15 to 20 knot winds,3...
  371. c-goat

    Defiance admiral 220 ex owners, care to share?

    Ive owned my defiance 220 ex for 7 years now and Im very happy with it. My only negative would be the transom bracket.The boat that I had test drove from the dealer had an Armstrong bracket and mine had an aluminum bracket,Im assuming fabbed in-house. I had to modify it slightly.See pic.The...
  372. c-goat

    San Diego 3/4 day - April 3rd

    I see dead jacks.....lots and lots!
  373. c-goat

    Accident waiting to happen!

    :beerbang:Holding up a red plastic cup to say hi to the harbor police is NOT a good idea. :rofl:
  374. c-goat

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    You most definitely need to leave a review on yelp.Let people know that you got charged for work that was never done and to steer clear from this rip off shop. I get really pissed off just reading about these fuckin crooked ass POS,s.
  375. c-goat

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    Proof positive NOT,I repeat NOT rebuilt!The proof is in the pudding.Charging for work that was NEVER done...MAJOR rip off shop....fuck this guy and his business.
  376. c-goat

    NorCal Albi 5 way hookup video from sept 2014

    Thanks for keeping the dream alive LOL.
  377. c-goat

    What do I need for blue fin?

    Cal rose rice,soy sauce and wasabi.:)
  378. c-goat

    a must try snack food

    If anyone has never had dried cuttlefish,or squid jerky you are missing out.This stuff is so tasty. I ordered this stuff off amazon and it was pretty fresh and chewy,in the past Ive gotten other brands from the Asian market that wasn't so fresh.
  379. c-goat

    Kill bag reviews?

    I bought my reliable kill bag from a guy here on BD about 10 years ago.Im not sure if he was the owner just starting out but I got a good deal on it.Still use it to this day.Last year the zipper started to come undone at the seam.I took it to a local car upholstery place and got it sewed back...
  380. c-goat

    Ever heard of this capella group?

    The dude with the white hair im pretty sure is hitlers wet dream.....first name Adolph.
  381. c-goat

    Crazy Shark Decoy

    The sharks were like, what the fuck???
  382. c-goat


    Do you have boobs and a vagina? If so cost is negotiable depending on size of boobs.:)
  383. c-goat

    anybody seen sniper yet...what did you thinkk?

    SIKES! Rock and roll!:devil:
  384. c-goat


    Iron with a little strip of ..........uh,squid:)
  385. c-goat


    just kidding:) Both!
  386. c-goat


    Rockfish,what is my favorite way to fish for them? Come on dude! Is this a trick question or what? with your girlfriend :)
  387. c-goat

    San Diego Fishing Chicks (we had 9 women on the boat this day)

    A boat full of down wit dat! :) :)
  388. c-goat

    Psycho Clown.

    Totally remember that clown dude and his posts.Bet he was quite entertaining on the sport boats.Major bummer.
  389. c-goat

    One of the best I've seen in a while

  390. c-goat

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    its Friday Im drunk....fuck yall LOL.
  391. c-goat

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    The reason Im laughing so hard right now is because I really think that abdiver7777 has his live web cam on right now LOL.
  392. c-goat

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha:Im LAUGHING OUT LOUD right now.:hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha:
  393. c-goat

    Guy Catches Fish On LEGO!

    Guy loses leg catching THAT would be a whoa...I mean Arrgh!:)
  394. c-goat

    Cuttlefish Lure Out Of Straw

    Talk about topshelf handmade....NOT just hand poured lures.LOL. Its been awhile since I had me some of that shredded cuttlefish jerky.Ohh my god that stuff is soo good,ill chew that stuff till my jaw gets sore,no kidding. Note to self:Convoy st. tomorrow afternoon,woo chee...
  395. c-goat

    Late report.......North Island and 9 mile bank, Prez Day

    375 feet seems deep for sheepshead. Im starting to get a little rockfish itchy. Cheers!
  396. c-goat

    Longest lurker, first post

    Just know that by now LOL.
  397. c-goat

    Longest lurker, first post

    Sorry! I am forced to call BS on these pics.First off that scale is NOT IGFA certified.Also,I cant see the full length of the WSB in both pics.Im willing to bet you had some one lay on their back on the sand and pull down on the tail of that,the lengths people go to.
  398. c-goat

    Kelp paddy fishing in February ?????

    Early in the season paddys are usually void of much bait.When I say early season Im talking about 3 or 4 months from now. At this point in time Im not sure if last season ever ended or when this years going to start.Im thinking the whole pacific coast has shifted north 50 to 100 miles....early...
  399. c-goat

    New Dorado painting

    looks like its trying to dodge a spear coming at it.
  400. c-goat

    Longest lurker, first post

    Some fisherman(slash BD members) NEVER come out of the closet.LOL See ya sooner than later buddy.;)
  401. c-goat

    What Have I Been Missing!

    Looks like you've been missing school? :)
  402. c-goat

    More large, weird looking rockcod....

    Im sitting here wondering where I was on dec.29 when you posted this! Better late than never I guess:)Good job on the 38lber.
  403. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm, lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  404. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm, lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  405. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm, lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  406. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm, lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  407. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm,lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  408. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm,lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  409. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm,lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  410. c-goat

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Hmmm,lack of recent calibration sticker on that scale has got me wondering. JK:) Way to smoke em A-Rod!
  411. c-goat

    End of the line....

    ....then again,what a great wheelie bar....wonder if that bow could last 8 miles?
  412. c-goat

    End of the line....

    My hull has a lifetime guarantee,what that means....I don't know yet LOL. The transom of a boat is the beefiest and most heavy part of the boat.As long as 50% of the weight of that boat is forward of that rear axle that truck wont be doing any wheelies down the road.Looking at the pic it looks...
  413. c-goat

    01110110010101100111011011 1001101000101

    Do I need to translate? Hackers suck! I think that's what it says LOL.
  414. c-goat

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    Right on man,congrats! My first yellowtail was caught on the new seaforth also,am trip off pt loma.I believe it cost my dad $9.00 for me at that time.It was a little firecracker,not nearly as nice as yours.
  415. c-goat

    270 Slug

    My stomach just growled at me LOL. Good job on winter harvest.
  416. c-goat

    Rainy day

    Some quality jack right there.
  417. c-goat

    Pismo Clams

    the land of oz ;)
  418. c-goat

    check out my homeguard

    If I was married my kitchen wouldn't be half this awesome LOLI just finished remodel recently.Stainless backsplash tiles are definitely NOT a womans touch:).
  419. c-goat

    check out my homeguard

    Cool detail shot.
  420. c-goat

    Awesome Welding Art

    Super cool,but not super cheap$$.
  421. c-goat

    Guy Harvey Posted This On Their FB Today

    Isnt this how we got aids...geez!Oh wait...that was monkeys lol.
  422. c-goat

    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    Im calling BS with pic.
  423. c-goat

    check out my homeguard

    Hers a rough pic to give an idea of the process involved.Drywall mud is shaved while still moist.Painted,then painted again and rubbed out to expose high spots.
  424. c-goat

    check out my homeguard

    Heres a rough pic to give an idea of the process involved.Drywall mud is shaved down while still not quite fully dry.Painted,then painted again and rubbed out to expose high spots.A 3 day process.
  425. c-goat

    check out my homeguard

    Just finished up my little art project,the kelp.I think it came out pretty cool.Yellowtail mount is 54 inches long BTW. Picked up mount from BD member Doug aka fishshirts,thanks Doug.
  426. c-goat

    Quick Rockpile Trip Sat 1/10

    What its all about right there.
  427. c-goat

    RIP Jeff Logandro

    Dear Jason and Ali.... What do you think about starting a forum where fisherman who have past on can have a place to be memorialized by friends and family. I think that would be cool.Someone like surfdoc,who was way freakin cool of a dude,and I can say that about the guy and I barely even knew...
  428. c-goat

    Inshore Surf Bite in HB- GREAT ACTION

    Ive seen undersize halibut come flying out of the water chasing those smelt in the surf zone. Nudge-nudge,wink-wink.
  429. c-goat

    Coronado islands 1-4-2015

    Bonita,great for the smoker.
  430. c-goat

    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    :) I respect the beast,for I am the victor!
  431. c-goat

    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    A victory well worth celebrating,hell yea! Final score:Man 1 Beast zeeeeero!LOL
  432. c-goat

    Sheephead Released ---Dads PB

    Solid 15 lber for sure. If anyone has ever had sheephead ceviche,then they know what the best ceviche fish none.
  433. c-goat


    10 day wait never really bothered me. Bullet button and 10 round limit shows how retarded and borderline tyranical politicians can be.
  434. c-goat

    Check out my new webpage

    I can here the crickets from here LOL. Good luck feller.
  435. c-goat

    Tip Of The Month - January

    Inshore I would say big baits.Offshore rule of thumb is match the hatch.
  436. c-goat

    selling a few guns

    A little pricey considering the condition. If you took the guns apart sanded and oiled them it would make them much more presentable.
  437. c-goat

    Hunters, Watch Out Where You Are Shooting

    Talk about slaying reindeer LOL
  438. c-goat


    Lucky for him it was just a shovel nose.If it had been a mud marlin this would have been considered assault and batray BOOM LOL
  439. c-goat


    Just dropped check and entry off at post office mail box a few minutes ago.
  440. c-goat

    Offshore 14 days starting now!

    Now that's a vacation I could really use.
  441. c-goat

    Do you Follow any of these Rules?-Mad Huey

    Whats with the negativity guys? These guys are all about having a good time.Nothing wrong with that mate.
  442. c-goat

    If you were leaving San Diego

    Go up to Mt. Soledad on a clear sunny day,do a 360 degree look and ask yourself that question. Just the thought of leaving San Diego makes me home sick. Im here to stay.
  443. c-goat

    Big Pappa made a Big Mistake coming into Mission Bay Jetty (or trying to)

    Heres my take.The guy thought he was in the jetty.He got pre-occupied with trying to keep the boat from being pushed up against the rocks by the waves.As soon as he thinks hes got it in control right at about the 40 sec. mark you can see him looking back at the surf thinking all is good.The...
  444. c-goat

    Should You Still Tip if They Gaff in the Back?

    I heard it was an accident LOL
  445. c-goat

    Coronado wahoo

    Im not calling BS. Coffee doesn't get any blacker than this.A photo would be like throwing in a dash of sugar and a splash of cream.
  446. c-goat

    Lost my prop. And i know exactly where. Anybody want to help?

    Illegal to dive SD bay.I don't think that means freedive though.Good luck,visibility in the bay sucks.
  447. c-goat

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Damn! Looks you came across a nice butt hole and just hammered away at it. LOL That also was a lame joke but I aint gonna apologize for it.:)
  448. c-goat

    granite installers

    Thanks for the tip frank.I planned on being in the mira mar area Saturday anyway.
  449. c-goat

    Best Season Ever!

    Natural born slayer.
  450. c-goat

    Coronado wahoo

    Ill be honest with you.This report is kinda bland.But, I will say your avatar makes up for the lack of a photo.
  451. c-goat

    granite installers

    Anyone install granite counter tops.Talk to me.
  452. c-goat

    Offshore Season is over? 10/25

    I was done fishing 3 weeks ago.I don't have an unlimited fishing budget like some of you rich ass mo-fos.LOL Actually my fishing budget has gone towards a long over due kitchen remodel. I Broke out some frozen dorado friday night for dinner.I threw the leftover in the microwave tonight,a little...
  453. c-goat

    who lost a gaff in LJ?

    Ohh shit! That gaff has commercial sport boat written all over it,and the worst part about that is that there are probably witnesses LOL.
  454. c-goat

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    I don't know what was paid and how much bait was received so Im not gonna make any judgement.I feel maybe you didn't get hooked up as you may have in the past.An honest scoop really is not that much. I have found that MB scoops are a little lighter than SD scoops.This doesn't mean that MB is...
  455. c-goat

    Don't even try to fish this guy's paddy...

    I did a little editing....your welcome :) :)
  456. c-goat

    Don't even try to fish this guy's paddy...

    I would like to see a screen shot of your gps route showing where this guy was claiming his paddy.If there was over 15 degrees of variation in your trail leading to this paddy,which would prove that you were boat hopping and not looking for your own paddy, then I would have to say sorry Charlie...
  457. c-goat

    Scope Mounting Kit

    Also another tip. Do not mismatch your rings.This goes especially for after lapping.As soon as I take one set apart I will make a mark on both undersides that mate. A"v" on one set and an "x" on the other or one dot and two dots from a spring loaded center punch will suffice.
  458. c-goat

    What would you do?

    Slap a BD sticker on it and call it good.
  459. c-goat

    What would you do?

    kinda reminds me of that game jenga.Each time someone takes a piss in that bag it could be the straw that broke the camels to speak. Gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em.
  460. c-goat

    Bug diving Oceanside jetty/harbor?

    If I were you I wouldn't ask.I would just check it out.You never know it could very well become your new "secret"spot.
  461. c-goat

    Offshore CONDOR-WAHOO, DORADO (Limits) n Yfin

    Im dusting my boat weekend wahoo city!:)congrats on your wahoo!Every fisherman I know wants a wahoo right now. I hope when I retire im still going give me hope.
  462. c-goat

    Offshore Prowler a BUST 10-18-14

    Asleep in the crows nest.Anywhere else you get caught sleeping on the job you get fired.If the capt was soley dependent on this crew member to find that paddy,well then there ya go,the fish count speaks for itself.
  463. c-goat

    Offshore N 9 to 182 to 302 - Seemed empty

    I appreciate these reports,thanks.
  464. c-goat

    Big Guns....

    God bless America....and the right to bare naked arms LOL.
  465. c-goat

    Video of Dolphin (Flipper-type) Jumps Into Boat

    As soon as that dolphin made it back into the water you know all his buddys were hi-fivin him.
  466. c-goat

    Offshore quick dodo run...

    Dorados the f-in bomb digity on the gee-rizzle foshizzle.
  467. c-goat

    Offshore Thanks to the guys that call out numbers

    Usually,but not always,a radio fish bite will have slowed or shut down a few minutes after called out.I try an keep the vhf down just so I don't here of others finding that paddy with fish on it,its so distracting to me I will lose a little focus on our own quest to find fish.
  468. c-goat

    Video of Dolphin (Flipper-type) Jumps Into Boat

    That dolphin was laying there thinking to itself "mayday!?...dude I got lungs,relax".
  469. c-goat

    Offshore KNOCK! KNOCK! HOO'S THERE ?

    This year 2014 is the year of the wahoo...crazy.
  470. c-goat

    Offshore Gone Daddy Gone...the dodos gone

    Ive stayed home the last few weekends.There are fish out there still,justb have to do some hunting.
  471. c-goat

    Offshore DFG - WAHOO Filing

    Bragging,posting and showing off pics of trophy catches and making others envious,its the bread and butter of this website LOL P.S.I am truly envious of your wahoo Dave.Congratulations!
  472. c-goat

    Spotting Scope

    Price dropped to $100.00 :)
  473. c-goat

    Scope Mounting Kit

    VERY IMPORTANT! A brand new scopes rings should be honed or lapped to ensure even contact.Hone till about 80-90 percent of rings are bare metal.I have the wheeler engineering kit,comes with everything you need.Im sure there are probably kits of a lot higher quality that a professional gunsmith...
  474. c-goat

    Spotting Scope

    I actually have the same exact scope.Ill let it go for $120.00 After Jason sells his of course. Cosmetically 7 Im thinking because of marks on left side.Comes with hard case and soft case just like in Jasons pic.It does NOT include tripod.I paid $195.00 for this spotter,with the tripod of which...
  475. c-goat

    Offshore DFG - WAHOO Filing

    Note to self:You need to focus more on diving....lets go shoot a record #51 wahoo. Self:Fuck yea!Put down that beer and lets go diving...lazy fucker. :/
  476. c-goat

    Offshore DFG - WAHOO Filing

    Are you saying that if you shot a #51 wahoo and the state record was #50 that the paper work would STILL be to involved to get your name in the books.....DUDE! Im calling BULLSHIT!
  477. c-goat

    Spotting Scope

    Cant go wrong w/bushnell. legend ultra hd(angle) would be a good choice for an upgrade ;)
  478. c-goat

    Offshore Yellowfin at the 302

    Wow,some quality tuna still hanging around.
  479. c-goat

    10/12 43 LB YELLOW at SAN CLEMENTE Isl aboard the El Dorado!!

    Nice! That fishes belly is so sucked up.If it had been eating squid for a month prior to being caught it would have been a fat toad of a fifty pounder for sure.
  480. c-goat

    Bird Shit on 13' Inflatable

    febreeze it!
  481. c-goat

    Offshore Tribute 10/12 went long

    Dorado is numero uno according to my taste buds.Its the only vacuum packed fish in my freezer....
  482. c-goat

    Offshore New Lame-Anne

    Wow,since when is "generic" a slur LOL Alien1:damn,this planet is sooo generic. Alien2:I agree,nothing but dickwads.
  483. c-goat

    Offshore New Lame-Anne

    If the name of the boat had been El Desperado it probably would never had made a ripple on here.These actions would have been befitting for a boat named El Desperado in my own personal opininion.
  484. c-goat

    People who run P.E.T.A.

    If Pamela Anderson wasn't a peta whack job she might be kinda hot....I think shes super ugly for this reason,her ugly insides just outshine her exterior shell of a dingy broad.
  485. c-goat

    Fish Cleaning ! Out of Control

    When we get home we break out the cleaning tables,cold beer and the que.
  486. c-goat

    Offshore Local Dorado

    Nice dorado.Were they all that size?
  487. c-goat

    current ripping north

    Yea,Ive seen ripping,it wasn't ripping.A slow walking pace would be the exact speed of which it flowed.
  488. c-goat

    New fish I dont know what it is

    What did you catch it on?Oh wait,I bet you just snuck up on it LOL
  489. c-goat

    YT Fillets, vaccum sealed and frozen FRESH

    The thought of thawed Yt for ceviche just doesn't sound appetizing to me.I froze some sheepshead one time and tried to make ceviche with it later.It wasn't quite as appealing as fresh.
  490. c-goat

    So what is way out there?

    What where and why are the migratory patterns of all the all the tunas and other misc pelagics? Its mind boggling.
  491. c-goat

    current ripping north

    Has anyone,especially surfers, noticed the current along our coast?Normally this time of year its flowing south.In the middle of summer its always flowing north.Right now its ripping north. Just my observation....what it means,I have no idea.
  492. c-goat

    Offshore They are still here!!

    It is sketchy,definitley not wide open,typical for October,but...we might be in for a second wind.
  493. c-goat

    Offshore Just Another Marlin Report

    I clicked "like" like three times.:)
  494. c-goat

    Offshore Limits YFT

    This report kinda sucked...
  495. c-goat

    Great marketing!

    I want to apologize for that reply about sound not being able to travel in the vaccum of space BS thing....I didn't mean for it be such a "buzz" kill. LOL
  496. c-goat

    Offshore 10-5 Aztec, what went wrong?

    Dude,that sunrise is priceless....
  497. c-goat

    Offshore 10-5 Aztec, what went wrong?

    This should be a sticky for all those to read before posting theyre cruddy fishing trip.Well said Greg,if it were me I would have ended with This is FISHING get a clue DAMNIT!
  498. c-goat

    Offshore hooping at its finest!!!

    This report totally reminds me of that episode of gilligans island where Gilligan walked up and surprised the skipper jerking off while spying on mary ann and ginger taking a shower under that waterfall....naked. I so want to believe.:)
  499. c-goat

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    That first pic of the boat on the water looks like it was taken on the set of the Truman show.
  500. c-goat

    Pink Dildos floating all around the west end back side~!

    Theyre ribbed for "her" pleasure.Just turn it inside never know the difference LOL.
  501. c-goat

    Offshore Lobster Hunting Fail!

    LOL Dude,laugh out loud is an understatement.The sound effects just takes it over the top.
  502. c-goat

    Offshore 10-5 Aztec, what went wrong?

    I had 2 fishing trips this year where we didn't do awesome.One trip we burned 91 gallons strictly paddy hopping....for 1 single dorado.Another we got a couple Yf and some small yt. My buddys all know that this is fishing.I would hate the thought of being blamed for not getting fish on the boat...
  503. c-goat

    Dramatic Snake-Video

    I don't know why I find that so funny.
  504. c-goat

    Turner's Outdoorsman Weekly Sale

    Ive had glock mags on back order for months.Went down there yesterday...scored.
  505. c-goat

    Offshore marlin , dorado , yellowfin 371 , 302

    I would sooo ban douche bags like yourself.Stop posting on this internet thing LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Why are you even here?
  506. c-goat

    Great marketing!

    Im calling BS.That commercial is soo fake. Everbody knows sound cant travel in the vacuum of space.:)
  507. c-goat

    Opah in Santa Monica Bay

    Oprah looks way too chewy for me...
  508. c-goat

    How to eliminate VHF radio madness

    Today I heard a guy tell his buddy to "drop down to that other channel we talked about".His buddy came back with "what was that channel again"? LOL
  509. c-goat

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    What you need is an accurate measuring device. Heres what I use while diving.I like to set it about .001 on the high side just to be absolutely sure :) accurate lobster gauge.
  510. c-goat

    Who needs a plane.........

    That thing cant be fishable in the slightest of chop. Definitely Taiwanese engineering.
  511. c-goat

    Offshore Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    Ya makes it really difficult to sell a fishing rod with a guys name all over it LOL. JK. I know...posts like this leave me with a warm happy feeling inside too.
  512. c-goat

    15 LB Lobster posted in the OC Register

    I would invest in the biggest salt water tank and keep larry as a pet.I would feed it nothing but fresh squid and sardines and larry would love me and wag his tail everytime I walk in to the room. Aside from the wagging tail thing im serious.Who would not love to keep a big ass lobster like...
  513. c-goat

    Diver down

    Five deaths....holy fuck! I was on the water the night this guy drowned in MB.We were diving in 35 feet. We were on the bottom for less than 2 minutes before we decided to abort our dive due to un-ideal conditions....for a night dive that is. Trust me ,Ive been itching to dive for a week...
  514. c-goat

    Diver down

    When I heard about the guy in MB I thought for sure inexperienced diver.I know the sorrow his friends feel man.
  515. c-goat

    Offshore Today.

    Your being wayyyy too modest......hi-five or sumpin.
  516. c-goat

    Offshore Today.

    Your being wayyyy too modest.
  517. c-goat

    Bug Limits two nights in a row!

    I only have 2 left....from last year.:)
  518. c-goat

    9-27 Corona Del Mar Mixed Bag

    Just realized your up north orange county.Thought you were local.
  519. c-goat

    Offshore 9/28 302 Mission Accomplished

    I just learned something,good info.
  520. c-goat

    Offshore Anyone know what this floating blob is?

    I wonder if this has anything to do with that ufo sighting a few weeks ago.
  521. c-goat

    9-27 Corona Del Mar Mixed Bag

    10 to15 foot vis?Are you serious dude.There was 3-5 swell at close intervals Saturday.I would have dove for lobsters if it had been half way decent. Next few days and into the wekend its gonna get awesome conditions though....I hope.
  522. c-goat

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    If he can fit a ticket between the gauge and your lobster you get to keep that ticket. Just an FYI that ticket is about .003(three thousandths) of an inch.
  523. c-goat

    Offshore BS fish count reports

    Oh sorry,back to the topic of this thread.....YES! Without a doubt the landings LIE! I know this for a fact.
  524. c-goat

    Offshore BS fish count reports

    One fish,two fish...three fish,four fish...fifty eight fish,fifty nine fish...:)
  525. c-goat

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Every time I see a post like this it just makes me feel so lucky and grateful. I work my ass off all week so I can pay bills and make a boat payment every month.I don't miss fishing on sport boats one not a real people person.
  526. c-goat

    PT Loma YT 9/26

    I see sashimi,ceviche,fish tacos and a
  527. c-goat

    Lobster opener prediction - Slow?

    A few years ago when it was cold all summer the commercial lobstering was real crappy due to the lobsters not molting.Im assuming with the warm water weve had and maintained for a good period that we should have a good season.
  528. c-goat

    Offshore the fat lady got kicked in the head

    was there an orange balloon on that paddy?:)
  529. c-goat

    Offshore Playboy dorado!

    Definitely not fresh...
  530. c-goat

    Thieves in action

    Scott actually had some good face shots of the wire theif.Santee sheriff used his pic to id this guy as the same guy that got caught at aherns rental yard scott told me.
  531. c-goat

    Best Prank Ever?? Maybe

    A great reminder of why I remain single...and happy. All woman are possessed...except for you my little know who you are.;)
  532. c-goat

    Offshore Another wahoo and more blue marlin

    We found a paddy loaded with hundreds and hundreds of dorado and yellowfin down there for easy limits.The day late dollar short ,I was referring to the blue marlin.I did not see a single boat down there after 9 am all day.I wish I had been listening to the vhf more.I would have been doing some...
  533. c-goat

    Thieves in action

    Without license plate or a face shot your outta luck. Ive got multiple videos of cords getting stolen out of my work truck.The most recent these mother fuckers broke the driver side window to get at a $300 Milwaukee right angle drill with about 10 $30 dollar wood boring bits in it.Santee sheriff...
  534. c-goat

    Prowler scores a local wahoo!

    No shear luck here.....LOL.
  535. c-goat

    Offshore Is this you?

    There used to be a forum called butt boaters.I always thought it was pretty ugly....kinda like making fun of retards.How is that fun?
  536. c-goat

    Offshore Is this you?

    Last Saturday while trolling south I saw a group of about 6 or 7 boats about a mile east of our path.I made a hard left and trolled in that direction.15 minutes later I see a sport boat backed right up onto a paddy,a very nice paddy.I think it was from Ensenada...pretty sure.I saw one rod bendo...
  537. c-goat

    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    I think the only reason there is not a sport boat review forum at Bd is beacause of shear terror in the form of a letter written by a lawyer that can only be read and translated by another lawyer....those soul fuckers aint cheap.
  538. c-goat

    Offshore Fallin' for Dorado, hidden bank,9-20

    I fished the hidden Saturday.I think I heard you talking about the overboard incident on the radio. Didn't see ya down there...then again I didn't see a single boat all day long :)
  539. c-goat

    Offshore Great Day Fishing on my Buddy Chad's Boat The Madrugador 9/20/2014

    just talking to my fishin buddys....burnt out on tuna and gonna shoot,or wanna shoot a wahoo.
  540. c-goat

    Offshore Great Day Fishing on my Buddy Chad's Boat The Madrugador 9/20/2014

    At this point in the season,with how good she has treated us, its not the kill,its the thrill of the I right? Bitchin beer drinking weather,good friends....or fishing buddys and coming home with dorado,yellowfin....nothing but quality table fare.....did I mention wahoo....were...
  541. c-goat

    Offshore Great Day Fishing on my Buddy Chad's Boat The Madrugador 9/20/2014

    Son-of-a-bitch! Are you telling me I traveled 60 miles to plug my boat?
  542. c-goat

    Offshore Blue Marlin Release (Certified ID at Marlin Club ILTT)

    Right the mutha fuk on man.....this is bloody decks ...Im drunk and I can say that LOL I Love this place...and Jason and Ali.
  543. c-goat

    Offshore Another wahoo and more blue marlin

    I trolled the shit out of the hidden Saturday.....a day late and a dollar short.
  544. c-goat

    Offshore Another wahoo and more blue marlin

    I bet he caught that on my old striper too.....wooHoo!
  545. c-goat

    Offshore Another wahoo and more blue marlin

    Are you kidding me.....Wow?! Yea, Bob is a cool dude.Hes got a few PCS articles under his name.His dad started make a wish I believe.I sold him my old striper....he got a smoking deal :)
  546. c-goat

    Offshore sept 20-2014 hidden bank

    P.S. Thank you fish dope. They did report that from the hidden down to the upper 500 that lots of paddys were loaded with dorado and yellowfin.This was a major factor that drove me further south with the confidence that I would find success. The paddy we found today had the biggest school of...
  547. c-goat

    Offshore sept 20-2014 hidden bank

    Game plan:start at upper hidden work our way south. Started out slow for us.Trolled our way south for a few hours.Paddys seem to be hard to come by. Trolled and trolled south. 4th paddy of the day just a few miles south of hidden and approx. 60 miles from the point 10:30 AM...BINGO! All the...
  548. c-goat

    Offshore Not a bad morning-Local Wahoo

    The beginning of the end is upon us....WAHOO!
  549. c-goat

    Offshore 9/19/14 371, 230, 302

    I heard the weather was crap also. Thanks for the report dude.
  550. c-goat

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Small yellows are perfect size for smoking.
  551. c-goat

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    The soundtrack on that swordfish video is so on point. FYI paddyman1 is talking about not FD.
  552. c-goat

    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    Nice yellow. I too question the weight...its probably the way your holding it.
  553. c-goat

    If you are Looking for a Boat

    That is so freakin slick.
  554. c-goat

    Found Inflatable

    I lost mine last it grey?
  555. c-goat

    Offshore Bull Dodo 9-14-14

    Seeing large dorado doing aerials,what an awesome sight....woohoo!
  556. c-goat

    Offshore Limits Before 9am Today!

    Awesome.Ill look for that paddy next week :)
  557. c-goat

    Offshore 9/14 - Sunday. Quick report

    Appreciate the report.
  558. c-goat

    Portable air conditioner?

    The portable units produce heat in the room that you are trying to cool.A small percent of the cooling goes toward said heat....equals inefficiency.Get a small window unit.
  559. c-goat

    What's the wind going to be like tomorrow....

    Definitley white caps in the afternoon 20 knot gusts.
  560. c-goat

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    You guys are being way to nice....making those Mods work way too hard LOL
  561. c-goat

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    I take that back,I am having an anxiety attack.LOL
  562. c-goat

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    Jason,what does it cost for the average joe to go up in a plane and take pics like that.I know a lot of people here ,including myself would love to do that.
  563. c-goat

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    Im almost having an anxiety attack because im not fishing this weekend....DAMN!
  564. c-goat

    Whale Shark Hauled to Fish Market

    Its a fillet pride parade LOL
  565. c-goat

    Hippo takes down a Croc-Video

    Hippos look way to chewy for me....said one croc to that croc.
  566. c-goat

    Ice Bucket Challenge Major Fail

    Its all fun and games till someone gets stabbed by an the eye.
  567. c-goat

    Sewer Fishing

    Ill bet it tastes like bass.
  568. c-goat


    Its quite obvious you are not a comic book reader....boom, where in the hell you get boom. Shlaadaph! Not implying you've been bitch slapped by a fish ,but you've heard that noise....NO?
  569. c-goat

    Rescue this BEAUTIFUL pup

    your friend is heartless.....
  570. c-goat

    Who gives a hoo?

    Arent you that wahoo dude? Imagine that fame....pretty cool.
  571. c-goat

    Offshore awesome YFT 9/6!!!!!!!

    Is 300 jars of tuna enough? My fishing buddy has that....ive got about half that,gave a few cases away to family members.
  572. c-goat

    Offshore When full speed tuna fishing gets old......

    Insane amounts of tuna getting slayed up in the northern sector this year.
  573. c-goat

    Offshore 9/4/14 video added

    I thought I was the only with a bloody decks .com tank top.Mine is blue though. Dear Ali, can you please bring tank tops back.I will buy them all. Sincerely c-goat.
  574. c-goat

    Offshore GOT OUT FISHED BY THE LADIES!!! Eclipse Labor Day 1.5

    Watching pretty girls catch fish...major plus on a boat full of fisher-men.
  575. c-goat

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    Dear caroline,I have more than enough secret juice to go around.If you need any feel free to PM me your address and I will be more than happy to send some fresh vials your way...ill pay for shipping even;)
  576. c-goat

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    Bingo! I think we just figured out what that secret juice is.
  577. c-goat

    Freediving fins vs scuba fins

    If your talking about the split fins for scuba...very ineficient for free diving.
  578. c-goat

    Offshore Wahoo WERE at the 226 on 8/30

    Nice story.You should send that to readers digest.
  579. c-goat

    Jig Strike and RSW???

    BAM!End of that thread LOL
  580. c-goat

    Sport Boat Loses all your Fish? What do I do

    Your statute of limitation ended when you drove away from the landing....well leave it at that.
  581. c-goat

    mini seal bomb firecracker

    Anyone ever use these.Gonna keep them on my boat and try them out next time im around those furry bastards.
  582. c-goat

    Offshore YFT until Paddy Crashers 8/30

    Insane fishing up north in close to shore.This doesn't surprise me. A few weekends ago we were on a paddy with no one in sight for miles around.Here comes a huge sportfisher,it was an older 80,s model.You could see the captain way up high in the wheel house look back at us as he trolled between...
  583. c-goat

    Offshore Thank you coast guard

    I keep a pack of those assorted cone shaped dowels and a small tub of that toilet gasket wax stuff on board .I feel everyone should have these low cost items stashed on the boat. I also have an acr epirb just incase loss of radio or in an immediate emergency in a life threatening situation.Once...
  584. c-goat

    Catalina Best in Over a Decade!

    I have to say,all the cool pics more than makes up for the late report:) Those are some quality halibut may I add.
  585. c-goat

    Offshore 8/31 yft limit at 226 by 930

    Im not calling BS with out pics cuz I wouldnt post a pic of the little rat footballs we got Saturday either. Good job on the limits anyhow.
  586. c-goat

    Offshore Local Marlin.

    Grabbing a gaff too early will jinx your fish everytime...
  587. c-goat

    Pressure Cooker

    You want to go with the all American 921. You can fit 26 half pint skinnys with 8 half pint stubbys on top for a total of 31 jars.Also you can fit 2 of these side by side on your average small stove top.
  588. c-goat

    Offshore Anybody in o'side or dana w/ a boat and a Flying Gaff desperate

    2005 ....I was still in a diaper rolling in my 18 foot striper
  589. c-goat

    Offshore 50.1lb WAHOO ON THE JOKER 8/30

    Remember when that dude caught that wahoo 10 years ago.Thats what people will be still be saying 10 years from now. Unless of course if due to global warming wahoo become a normal seasonal catch people will be saying,remember 10 years ago when that dude caught that wahoo ,that was the beginning...
  590. c-goat

    Offshore 8/28 plugged the boat at the corner

    Im not gonna call BS....just throwing that out there.:)
  591. c-goat

    Creature ID - Midway between

  592. c-goat

    Offshore 425 area august 26

    Another side note:I know where the fish are, Im just trying to stay away from all you fuckers,you know who you are....see yall out there this weekend LOL
  593. c-goat

    Offshore 425 area august 26

    Just a side note,I burned 91 gallons of gas and im gonna give another shot this weekend....and the next...and the next LOL.
  594. c-goat

    Offshore 425 area august 26

    We(the 3 of us) tried to avoid the crowds last Saturday and find our own fish.Weather and ocean conditions were so nice I figured we could just full throttle all over the map,up in the tower and find "that" paddy. We did not score on the tuna,as a matter of fact we almost got skunked if it were...
  595. c-goat

    Offshore YFT @ 43 8/24/14

    They've been stuck around for what seems like forever.I feel like they cant get the push they need to get over that hump they call pt. conception.
  596. c-goat

    anyone spear dorado this year 2014

    Nice bull man!
  597. c-goat

    Turner's El Cajon

    I used to frequent anglers edge in lakeside.I was in there recently to re-up my mex. lic..its now east county bait and tackle of which I was told the dude that owns dana landing is the new owner....dude,get a clue.A lot of salt water fishermen live out east.
  598. c-goat

    Turner's El Cajon

    I just happened to be in there on the tenth day since their grand opening,you shoulda seen all the guns getting picked,turners sells a lot of guns.
  599. c-goat

    using owners flyliner hooks

    Never seen these hooks pre-tied.I use the owner flyliner ringers in one-ohs and 2.
  600. c-goat

    anyone spear dorado this year 2014

    I remeb I remember seeing your boat at the islands 2 or 3 years ago.I still crank the iron maiden when Im out fishing.Name was written down the whole side of your boat ,if I recall correctly.
  601. c-goat

    anyone spear dorado this year 2014

    Bummer you didn't take pics...huh?
  602. c-goat

    anyone spear dorado this year 2014

    Seeing a school of dorado that didn't want to eat below a paddy a few years ago is what inspired me to get a speargun. I can remember that day clearly,it doesn't seem like that long ago.We had just started venturing offshore that season. Before this our trips consisted of fishing the Coronado...
  603. c-goat

    Anyone missing a couple reels?

    What comes around ,goes around....that wasn't funny ,laugh out loud funny....just a quirky giggle.:/
  604. c-goat

    Boat accident Right of way infringed upon

    You are such a wayniac...I like you....we should hang out some time LOL.
  605. c-goat

    Offshore Sat 8/16 Persistence and Afternoon bite paid off!

    Damnit! We were looking for that paddy all day....we ended up with 5 tuna and whos counting 5 lb rat yt anyhow.Uphill NW ride was very doable if you had a snorkel and mask...or a pilothouse:)We still had water lapping at our toes,need to break out silicone this week,work on that factory weather...
  606. c-goat

    anyone spear dorado this year 2014

    I saw a nice bull Saturday under a paddy.Stayed out of range just at the edge of visibility. Trust me,if Id shot it Id be showing off pics of it.
  607. c-goat

    Offshore navigation hazard towards 371

    Sometimes radar is all you got.A few years ago in October we were coming back north in pea soup fog.We were still 40 mile from Pt loma.You could not see 5 feet in front of you.It was like we were in a submarine....just staring at the radar.SD bay was even socked in.Ill never forget that night.
  608. c-goat

    Offshore navigation hazard towards 371

    How much of it was sticking up above water? I was wondering if it would show up on radar....gotta keep an eye on that radar while traveling when its straight black out,you just never know.
  609. c-goat

    Offshore *Birthday fishing BD Tuna Jihad Style! 8/9/2014*

    Nice mahi specimen...Man,I would kill(spear through the head) for one of those dorado for favorite grillin fish right there.
  610. c-goat

    Offshore 425-371-8-10-14

    Fished just a few miles SW of 425.Lots and lots of lazily jumping tuna under fluttering terns in this area. We managed 10 nice 18 to 20 lb YF and limits of YT for the three of us.We could not avoid the YT. We would have gotten easy limits early on if we only had some better bait....just could...
  611. c-goat

    Offshore 8/7 - YFT Limits - Corner Area

    Good tips! This year is going to be a record breaker for sure.Im not coming home tomorrow without limits...again.
  612. c-goat

    Offshore 8/8/14 Just got out of the Spotter Plane

    Just an FYI,jerking off in the back seat of a plane does NOT make you a member of the mile high club.LOL
  613. c-goat

    Offshore YFT slaughter @ 371

    How do say nice in aussie? Job well done fellers.
  614. c-goat

    Yellowtail Bite in La Jolla.

    You are one hard core bloody dicker LOL.
  615. c-goat

    8-5 lots of yft and a new PB

    Way to do it to it...lefty. Lets see how long it takes the mods to move this.:)
  616. c-goat

    Offshore Already got limits. TODAY 8/7

    Agreed,lots and lots of fish out there right now just hanging out. Sport boats gotta be breakin records for Yf tuna this year.
  617. c-goat

    Offshore Bloody Decks..a Tuna Jihad and a Happy Wife

    Holy mutha fukin grey light of a blood bath. Praise allah....I mean Ali.
  618. c-goat

    I "Flipped" Out

    Am I the only one that has seen a rod renter with a spinner catch a JP fish on a sport boat? Nothing wrong with a spinning reel.I caught my first YT(firecracker)on the new seaforth off Pt Loma when I was 12.It was an orange eagle claw rod w/silver spin reel combo from K-mart.
  619. c-goat

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    I like the tennis ball way....good idea.
  620. c-goat

    Offshore tunafishin with the "ski's"

    You are the king dude.:)
  621. c-goat

    Late August YFT recomendations please

    Just checked my crystal ball,august is 4 weeks so this may take a minute.......... All I could see was a link to BD and what looks like a thread in the chi chat section...wait a looks just like this figure LOL.
  622. c-goat

    Offshore Got 'em good 8/2 - close to home and away from the fleet

    Oh man....the lack of ice in your kill bag brings sadness to my heart. Please tell me you pulled the ice out for purposes of capturing photographic images.:)
  623. c-goat

    Offshore Aug. 02. Just got in..LIMITS

    Man,you make it sound so easy.We didn't limit out for three till after you were done writing this report.We only had 7 in the box before we found the right paddy,all to ourselves just above and east of 371 it was a steady pick in the rain.I would have posted a report but I have no pics. The...
  624. c-goat

    Offshore BFT Bluefin Tuna in Santa Monica Bay

    P.S.Success is a beach house....duh!
  625. c-goat

    Offshore BFT Bluefin Tuna in Santa Monica Bay

    This is a true story! My sister gets her hair cut by this lady whos daughters best friends mom went to high school with this lady.She pointed out the fact that in high school she was voted most likely to I don't doubt this at all....what so ever.
  626. c-goat

    On-Line VHF Marine Radio Streaming Service?

    Believe it or not ive been sitting here for the last few hours respooling,rigging rods etc listening to the vhf archives for today 8-1-2014.FD It really sounded like it was really good fishing out there again today for some. A guy is talking about a #25 dorado he just caught just a few miles...
  627. c-goat

    Pinhead in JP

  628. c-goat

    fishdope question

    BS W/O pics.
  629. c-goat

    Offshore 1st timer scores!!

    The smile on the second pic says it all.
  630. c-goat

    Offshore Chief 1-1/2 day 7-27-14 report

    Life is good,then there are those days...awesome!
  631. c-goat

    Offshore Sick BFT ? Radioactive ?

    A few years ago when the BF were getting caught in the surf in Ib the first thing that came to my mind was that they were released due to mass infection or disease.Im pretty sure it was an accident due to rough stormy weather though. If you think about it though,keeping all those tuna penned up...
  632. c-goat

    Offshore 7/28/2014 ..........

    Nice healty looking fish.
  633. c-goat

    Offshore We were due...

    Pics of a #35 Lb. class yellowfin would really make me congratulate ya.Im gonna go get an ice cold beer,ill be back in a while....;)
  634. c-goat

    Offshore hard work

    I want to say nice dorado,but man....prom queen to crack whore in the span of minutes.
  635. c-goat

    Offshore Sunday Grand Slam

    It seems every trip I accidentally drift right into the paddy,especially if Im hooked up and no ones at the helm. This is the very reason I hate fishing with others on a paddy.I don't want anyone to know how much of a kook I really am LOL.Kook happens,get over it.
  636. c-goat

    Offshore 209 Marlin in the Spread

    Right arm dude! I got some rice in the cooker right now.Blu-fin sushi for dinner again.:) If I got my blood tested Im almost certain theyd find elevated levels of mercury...whatever.
  637. c-goat

    Offshore Fishtrap Dodo

    Nice mahi. Yellowtail will actually stay right underneath a paddy in a tight orbit where as ive noticed when diving that dorado like to do a big wide elliptical orbit around a you see em -now you don' you see em- now you don't.
  638. c-goat

    Offshore 7-26-14 fished between 43 and 182 for a 1st Tuna and 2 personal best

    Nice dorado man! I take my dark meat and make dog food with it.Ill just throw it in a big pan w/ a little oil ,cook it up,chop it and mix it with rice. Last batch I got 4 or 5 pans worth....lasted my dog over a week.She loves that stuff.
  639. c-goat

    If I had only known…..

    Ted Nugent for pres. and chuck woolery for VP. God bless common(not commie)sense.
  640. c-goat

    Did a lil shopping

    I thought I was bad.Dude,you need help.:)
  641. c-goat

    Lock up your guns.........

    LOL. Woman love that bullet button...I mean button bullet.
  642. c-goat

    Offshore "Holy Shit" CREEPY !!!!

    I would think it was creepy or even downright scary only if I saw "made in china" on the side.
  643. c-goat

    Offshore Almost 302 YT BFT YFT 7 23

    10-4 roger Lincoln we got a boat north bound running for the border....thirty two twenty seven over one seventeen twenty six Looks like we got positive on the fin....over! Book em Danno!
  644. c-goat

    Offshore Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    BUMP! Just making sure you get your full 15 minutes bro.:)
  645. c-goat

    Dan's Youth Foundation on KTLA

    That's cool Dan.
  646. c-goat

    snack ideas

    Box of triscuit,bag of pepperonis and a pack of sliced habanero pepperjack cheese.Make little finger sandwiches. or 8 pcs el pollo loco chicken...that stuff is good cold.
  647. c-goat

    Offshore big patty

    I remember seeing a paddy looked just like that a few years ago....If anyone has seen that paddy recently and comes forward I wont call BS.......Until then though:)
  648. c-goat

    Offshore 7/22 Birthday 1/2 Skunk.

    The reality of and learn man.
  649. c-goat

    Ballsy day fishing offshore from Dana 7/19

    In a bass boat ta boot. My neighbor has a bass boat...he paid as much as I did for my 22 foot pilothouse....I just don't get it.
  650. c-goat

    today was good

    I have to agree...a good day.
  651. c-goat

    question about wetsuite?

    If your freediving paddys a wetsuit isn't necessary right now.
  652. c-goat

    before you throw out all your tuna gear.....

    Don't even need a rod....break out them thar jumper cables....and a pabst.
  653. c-goat

    Got pulled overboard by a big shark

    Imagine if that was an inexperienced noob on that rod.Its obvious this guy new to freespool the second he started over the rail.
  654. c-goat

    Offshore Got to fly my flags today

    Nice chubby BF on that deck....hatch cover.
  655. c-goat

    Offshore 7/20 was different but still a good day

    Excellent day of fishing in my book.
  656. c-goat

    Offshore South 9 7/20

    It would be nice to fish weekdays.Im assuming the crowds aren't half bad. I wish I had that luxury.
  657. c-goat

    Mexicos Blue fin issue, From Capts Perspective

    Spearing a wahoo is on my bucket list.Not being able to keep BF tuna from mexico doesn't even bother me.
  658. c-goat

    Offshore Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    I fought a 200lb mola for what seemed an eternity.
  659. c-goat

    Offshore "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    I bet your gonna be high for a couple days off that adrenaline. Congratulations on an unbelievable local catch!
  660. c-goat

    Offshore Wayyyyyy to many private boaters seriously.

    I had a friend ask me why I stayed home today when the bite is going off and local.LOL
  661. c-goat

    What do you think of this Invention?

    Pretty cool.But can it travel time?
  662. c-goat

    Drones just keep getting better

    Pretty cool.But can it travel time?
  663. c-goat

    Offshore Malihini got em limits by 9:30

    That's awesome fishing right there.I picture lots of beer and high fives on the ride...short ride,home.
  664. c-goat

    Washington is Killing Albacore.

    In about a month youll be seeing some yellowtail.
  665. c-goat

    Offshore Navy Almost Sink my boat with a torpedo ( Video )

    Youd be amazed at the radar they've (Raytheon)developed. You know how a fly sees?Same principal.Google RACR.