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  1. backlashjack

    Royal Star Albacore

    I thought Albacore came from a can. I'm confused now.
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    Offshore A different day

    Went to the 371, a bit south almost to upper hidden, out west of 371, up towards 302 on Saturday. Dragged around a dtx minnow and a cedar plug for nada. Saw lots of birds, porpoise, some whales, a big sunfish, no tuna. But, the water looked clean, lots of life. It's gonna happen soon.8-)
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    Food recs for offshore

    A big bowl of dicks. Get fishing
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    Offshore Deep drop surprise

    Mmmmmmm. Yummy. Congratulations, enjoy. Such a delicious fish you want to gorge on it, just go for it, blow that toilet up
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    I've had them slurp down a bomb on 130 and got snipped clean. Same thing with 200, but brought in the skin with frayed, shredded leader. Im partial to tge heavier line now, but not afraid of tying straight to 50 (unless its my last Capt jimmy bomb).
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    Cow Reels

    Better have a T-Rex hook. You don't need that much drag. More pulled hooks. Any 30 sized reel has enough drag, add spectra and topshot, enough capacity. Use a bigger reel for more capacity. Drag pressure doesn't really change much at strike. Tuna isn't a structure fish, where's it gonna go? To...
  7. backlashjack

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    I've fished several of the LR boats. After spending the last 2 years doing the PB thing, I can tell you they are all awesome. Albeit, I'm partial to the big X Tight lines, have fun
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    Stick baits and poppers

    Fast and faster
  9. backlashjack

    Shogun crew possible OD.

    It does put a little spin on the term "drift boat" ya gotta admit
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    Offshore What island is this?

    That's Margarita Island. If you look closely you can see the casino and little bordello right next to it
  11. backlashjack

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    I have no clue why you're fishing alone. I'd be happy to boat ho with you just for the commentory. Watched video again, ROTFLMAO. You got my vote, run for governor
  12. backlashjack

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    That's what I thought when I met you, lol.
  13. backlashjack

    Offshore Tips on Long Range

    Duh, The "hottie" deserves it if she bends over and flashes you some nip.
  14. backlashjack

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    Soooo tool............I love it, keep it up. But next time, gaff that fukin goldfish
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    Offshore The San Diego Thursday offshore trip

    Way to go little man! Congrats on 1st tuna. Eat the heart?
  16. backlashjack

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Little baby dick Blue Sharks think they're quite tasty too........... bastards
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    Offshore Terrible offshore fishing

    Damnnnn, sucks to be you. You should probably post those numbers so no one else makes the mistake of going there
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    I know... Let's allocate $750,000,000.00 for undocumented immigrants (AKA Illegal Aliens) for their stimulus. Nevermind, Gavin Newsome already did that. 750M, SMH!
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    His just weighs a lot more than yours. Be safe out there!
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    Bluewater bait tank

    Still for sale. Sizes per Mfgr BW38-O 17.5" 27.5" 30" 38 2 Scoop Oval
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    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    Budweiser, horizon, standing, air, balance. Toke or 2 if you can. Focus
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    CA Ocean Recreational Fishing Open May 1st?!

    Gonna be a shit show when it all opens for sure. .... can't wait
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    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    I think I mistook the humpback for a hunch back and did that camel doggy style My bad guys 😭. Sorry
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    Offshore Stolen Boat San Diego

    All thieves should be hung by the neck until dead.
  25. backlashjack

    Offshore Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    Has a thread ever been hijacked this bad ever?
  26. backlashjack

    Offshore BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    They were there yesterday. My buddy Tyler got this. Taped out to 74lbs
  27. backlashjack

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    Not many anglers in NYC with their own private boats. I couldn't think of a better way to practice social distancing than being on the water with someone you live with.
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    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    Hi everyone . Hope your holidays are joyful. I got one of my sons a JX Raptor for Xmas. We have not picked a stick yet, I got plenty to use until he gets what he wants. The reel seems (IMO) a bit overkill on drag, but hey, stop it or break it in structure, right?I know this is the LR forum...
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    Offshore Handlining a yellowfin

    Yeah? What did you catch that day? Hater! Looked line a fun "shit show" if I've ever seen one, lol.
  30. backlashjack

    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    Oh, Great!!! Now who am I supposed to sell all the "shorts" I've been poaching to?
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    Offshore 11-16 offshore report

    I was there yesterday with my son and his friend on my son's shamrock. We had a straight tuna murderthon. Limits for 3 before noon. All really decent grade YFT. 30# to 40+#. Used 25lb and #2 circle hooks.
  32. backlashjack

    Offshore 11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    I won't pull on a big fish drunk as a monkey, lol.... LIAR!!! Hahaha Huh, oh. I'm up to almost 1800 posts, I better go clean the fish blood from my keyboard
  33. backlashjack

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    That shits toy! Trash. Just takes a little bit longer. I've had 3 dump trailers stolen. All were locked. I had one with a bad assed "U: bolt/ball, a master lock through the latch on top of the hitch. A monster chain wrapped around the axles to a light standard with an even bigger, badder lock...
  34. backlashjack

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    The Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act is a big crock of shit (at least in regards to sea lions). Imagine if they had just one day a year when it was open season on the dogs. I'd be bringing rifles and shotties like a tackle whore taking rods on a 10 day. Total carnage... And I guarantee I...
  35. backlashjack

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    It's a federal crime to even harass one. Like a 28k fine n up to a year (federal prison).
  36. backlashjack

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    All Fkn thieves need to die horrific deaths
  37. backlashjack


    Dang, no Cedros either. Hmmm
  38. backlashjack


    Just picked up a few reels from Okuma after getting them serviced. Grabbed a 2020 Okuma product book. Didn't see Andros or Metaloid reels. Did they abandon those reels? I hope not
  39. backlashjack

    A few observations on wahoo...

    I went little over a month ago. Had great Wahoo fishing. I got my 2 largest on bait. Actually my first time fishing bait for hoo (shoulder can only fish jig so long anymore). Got a PB 58# hoo. Yee haw. JP
  40. backlashjack

    Requesting Help: Salty Dawg owner Whereabouts?

    Damnnnnn. Harsh. Hope Bill is ok, really enjoyed fishing with him
  41. backlashjack

    Offshore Submarine

    Ya, saw it out there (no flag in MX water), then again on our way in rocking flags as it headed towards the point. BTW, we did very well on YFT
  42. backlashjack

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    Good way to get in a whole lot of rail time. I doubt any of the boats are doing that on a 8 day unless there's big chubasco's just stacked up on top of each other down south. Personally, I'd rather get giant Bluefin and lots of YFT &YT, than get my ass kicked for nothing. Food for thought...15...
  43. backlashjack

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    I guess I should stop peeing off the stern, they might like nightcrawlers too.
  44. backlashjack

    Sunline Flouro WTF $$$?

    I used a bunch of mono on my last 10 day just because. Would you believe I actually caught a lot of fish!?!?!? Even got the jackpot, imagine that. .....well, I did use some BW 150# FC for my wahoo jigs.
  45. backlashjack

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    Every sport boat on every trip I have ever been on has gone over where the escape hatch's are, extinguishers, etc. during the safety meeting. I may look and act like an idiot some times, however, I always know my way out, where the life rings are, vests and extinguishers are. Then, after the...
  46. backlashjack

    Flat Fall Rigging

    You huck it into a foamer and reel like hell, hoping to foul a fish.
  47. backlashjack

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Beer is not just for breakfast anymore
  48. backlashjack

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Hey Sody! Your bad ass soda's got way too much sugar for your buddy. I don't know if he drinks, but, not to get drunk, drink a - cool, not ice cold - Budweiser (at a reasonable pace), eat some pretzels/crackers/chips. Keep him on deck (bow if not too radical), stare at the horizon and try to go...
  49. backlashjack

    Fish processing prices?

    Don't eat yellow snow, plant your corn early, look before you cross the road. How many "tips" you want?
  50. backlashjack

    Newbie Questions and advice

    Doesn't really matter what knot you use, just learn to tie it well. You can basically do everything from tying terminal tackle to making a spectra / mono connection to mono / fluoro connection with a uni. It's my go to fly fishing knot as I can't see the line for shit anymore, but can tie a uni...
  51. backlashjack

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

    Well.... First off, you gotta get yourself a custom made "Farmer" headband and use a cricket for bait (I think Scobey was on the previous trip and they jumped out of his tackle box). Or... you can grease up your stubby sausage fingers with sunblock and cast a perfectly good 700m attached to a...
  52. backlashjack

    Rate my rods....

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW700XH with an Avet MXJ Raptor....for #30 bait (#50 Spectra and #30 fluoro topshot) Great reel for up to 50 lb (lotsa drag available), I'd use that reel for 30# all day. Stiff rod, isn't that like a 50# stick? You wont need to worry about bottoming out on 30 lb.
  53. backlashjack

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Nice report. Glad to see everyone had a good time. Congrats
  54. backlashjack

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    You bet it WAS salvageable. Got the call from our friend (who we were supposed to buddy boat with the following day) that his boat is beached at the Coronado's, went thru hell. Sea Tow sucks (wouldn't help him because he "beached" it - gotta be at sea, not on Mexican soil), would bring him a...
  55. backlashjack

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    WTG Dad! I have 5 sons. I've enjoyed watching them light up when they hook a fish for years. Nothing beats that feeling and they NEVER forget
  56. backlashjack

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Does anyone know what the penalty would be for not having the bracelet? Or, even worse, photocopying an old bracelet and changing the date (I may have heard of someone doing this). Was down there this weekend and the mex navy was there jamming people up for their paperwork. The big problem I...
  57. backlashjack

    Wahoo on bait

    I've only caught 1 hoo on bait. 100# FC at Clarion w/ circle hook. It wasn't really what I was targeting, but it was tasty. :D I prefer bombs & jigs (I'm just a glutten for punishment). Watched Justin Fleck just kill it on bait on a trip he was passenger on (but what would he know about fishing...
  58. backlashjack

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    It is 3.5# per number. That line is really intended as a "main line", I have used it as leader material with no problems. The #10 is a great at bait fishing, it does make the BW 35# look like 50 though. I think it's probably accurate on the listed breaking strength. I've had skin bite right...
  59. backlashjack

    Super Cow Bluefin

    Beast Mode! Congrats
  60. backlashjack

    Split ring plier

    I picked up some Diawa split pliers a few years ago. Very happy with them.
  61. backlashjack

    How to make wahoo bomb heads bite resistant?

    I paint mine with bright nail polish. I find that the skirt gets way more hammered / swapped out before I worry about the head. Plus, a fresh tooth gouge on lead will be shiny for a little while, doubt that would hurt it much.
  62. backlashjack

    Current bait Situation

    I'll take whatever size the fish are keyed into
  63. backlashjack

    New Braided line finger protection.

    I agree. I won't use the flex tape unless I basically need sutures. And then, maybe
  64. backlashjack

    Pound for pound

    Just imagine the size YFT you'd catch using a 300lb. skippy for bait, LOL
  65. backlashjack

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    No problems with that array of hooks fouling each other?
  66. backlashjack

    Soda pop

    A stand up guy if there ever was one. A true ambassador to our sport / addiction.
  67. backlashjack

    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    I'm a big fan of blue and white. Don't leave home without it (various sizes & shapes, obviously). However, I haven't seen anyone mention a good old Raider jig... I have literally caught BFT, YFT, Albacore (what's that), YT, Wahoo, Dodo's, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Ling Cod, Vermillion and...
  68. backlashjack

    What lures for 7 day Guadalupe Island trip?

    I get a lot of bites at the Lupe while vertical jigging. More presentations = more looks = more bites. Plus they sink soooo much faster than a yo-yo iron, heavy or not
  69. backlashjack

    wahoo fly?

    Why yes, they can! They have to have their landing gear up with full flaps. Rudder control is excessive which tends to make them yaw a bit, especially with the miniature elevators they have mounted. Their motor has plenty of thrust but their superior hydrodynamics don't perform as...
  70. backlashjack

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    I'm just a glutton for punishment. I just "gotta" grind a jig or bomb. Even when they are landing way more on bait. :zelfmoord
  71. backlashjack

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    What! None o'you MF'rs ate dog before? Where you been? Probably smoked some Labrador though.
  72. backlashjack

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    OMG. I'm not even sure where to start. If you know me, we'll just leave it at that, LOL.
  73. backlashjack

    BFT and the damage done

    It comes in a tube that is much larger. You pull the spiral chingadera out of the middle and it shrinks down. Neat stuff.
  74. backlashjack

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    40K for too many fish. SMH. They would have been eaten. The real problem facing over fishing comes from commercial fishing from other countries around the world. The earth is covered by over 70%+ of water people. SDLR isn't the "real" problem. Michael Vick tortured dogs to death, he made...
  75. backlashjack

    Marijuana on LR boats

    I've been asked to toss it overboard... and I did. Not a big deal as I still had "friends" that had some. I've also been on boats where you could only smoke it on the upper deck or wheelhouse (with cappy of course). I honestly don't remember any trip EVER that didn't have someone smoking the MJ...
  76. backlashjack

    Bringing the candy to PV

    Oh hell, God knows I've brought down worse stuff than squid (when I was younger and dumber, of course), just not the opposite direction. I wouldn't say anything about it. Hope you get a monster.
  77. backlashjack

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    When you have pork loin one night and the next day you have pulled pork sliders at lunch, where do you think that meat came from? Leftover They make plenty extra for several reasons
  78. backlashjack

    7 day dilemma: 8 rods minus 1

    Get rid of the overpriced, fancy pants SKB tube and make your own from some 10" ABS. Duct tape a strap on it, paint (stencil) "Shouldered Fired Anti-aircraft Missile" across the side, get thru TSA and you're golden. The hillbilly way works. Then you can take a bass rod too.
  79. backlashjack

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    Oatmeal, salad, fish, bourbon, scotch, beer
  80. backlashjack

    First big game reel, why not an Avet?

    There's really nothing wrong with any of the new reels made by any of the manufacturers. They all have their own features, attributes and areas that could use improvement. Some are heavier (Penn), some seem to need more maintenance (Accurate), some have incredible freespool (Okuma), some are...
  81. backlashjack

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    I got significantly more bites when I stopped using wire for my bombs and started using 200# Blackwater FC
  82. backlashjack

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Easy there. It's not always like that out there.
  83. backlashjack

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Got some buddies on that trip. Hope they slay 'em.
  84. backlashjack

    Does Braid Color Matter with Short Fluoro Leaders?

    I can't find my favorite (yellow) spectra anymore. I think it's discontinued in that color, I've only seen it in green recently and NO GREEN FOR ME (unless it's the sticky icky, lol). I really liked the Diawa Samurai in 70 lb.. It's super silky smooth - 8 strand - casts very well - easy to pick...
  85. backlashjack

    Does Braid Color Matter with Short Fluoro Leaders?

    I've count countless fish with Hi-Vis yellow braid tied to about 3 ft. of fluoro. Fish have small brains.
  86. backlashjack

    Favorite spectra

    My favorite spectra is white or yellow, going out straight (90 degrees), tight to the bait and not tangled around my line or fish.
  87. backlashjack

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    I bring wayyyyyyyy tooooo much shit EVERYTIME. I tried to put some stuff in a smaller box than my big dawg SKB for local trips, but I just made that one too heavy also. I have a problem. I need professional help. ......... ya, help lifting and carrying my tackle box, lol
  88. backlashjack

    June 5 day

    You never know. I went to the ridge on a 5 day once.... Just sayin'
  89. backlashjack

    Hurry up and Wait

    They have you wait there so you can drink some breakfast beers at Mitch's..... duh!
  90. backlashjack

    Best Casting Mono??

    Old, opaque, brittle. ... yeah, that sound s about right It's a matter of preferance on what feel you like. Stiffer or softer. I like the Izor-rope XXX and CXX by PLine. But anything fresh will do.
  91. backlashjack

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Love that "welcome aboard" bat
  92. backlashjack

    Lupe AAR (After Action Report)

    I started fishing the Lupe around 12 years ago. There were Great White Sharks there then. But, iIs it just me or is there a hell of a lot more Great White Sharks there now? I don't remember it being quite so bad before. It's probably the Discovery Channels fault
  93. backlashjack

    Offshore Shady overnight trip

    Damnnnn. I'm gong out on on that boat tonight with my 8 y/o son. I'll be in the JP. Guess I should bring some extra weights, huh? ... Sometimes the want to go fishing over weighs the want to go on the boat of your choice. There are many other boats I'd prefer over the Producer, however, one of...
  94. backlashjack

    Offshore Limit style fishin on the Tribute

    Bounce your dinks and release them. Catch 'em again after they're off the teat 7# - 10# YT... NFW
  95. backlashjack

    donkey? is it the right term

    I think I hooked that fish a couple years ago. Did it have a scar on its lip?
  96. backlashjack

    Rodless Again

  97. backlashjack

    Talica 10ii vs Avet SX 6/4 Raptor vs Okumo Andros 5Aii

    For years those were my sentiments exactly. YOU DON'T NEED A 2 SPEED FOR 30#.... Until... That was until I hooked a 75# YFT on 30# FC leader. I had a Avet JX 6/4 on a 40# rod. THAT FISH WHOOPED MY ASS FOR OVER 45 MIN... I finally had to go into low gear, full drag (with additional thumbing)...
  98. backlashjack

    Cedros Sickness!

  99. backlashjack

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    From the kite deck - "Put down your Margarita Jackson and wind, you're bit" - K.O. I had fun fishing with him, very approachable and pleasant.
  100. backlashjack

    What's your favorite 30# fly line sardine set up?

    Calstar GFX 800ML with an Andros 5n. 50 lb. spectra to a small piece of FC
  101. backlashjack

    What is your favorite 80-100# set up?

    My favorite 80# - 100# set up is one with a fish equally as large or larger hanging from it. Actually I,m kind of partial to my ATD12 & 770xh
  102. backlashjack

    Truck Stolen SD overflow

    That's it. I'm calling President Trump now. Maybe he can build a wall at the landing(s)
  103. backlashjack

    Jig box in American black walnut for Jessie Lugo

    Bad ass, beautiful craftsmanship
  104. backlashjack


    So what is the scientifically designated name for Charmin Grouper? I always like to release them.
  105. backlashjack

    Flourocarbon for YFT at Guadalupe

    Need to tie some to my Cajun Red mono
  106. backlashjack


    Got my largest on a surface iron I let sink for about 15-20 seconds. 55# Grouper. Yummy cheeks
  107. backlashjack

    How do you guys fish Shimano Flat Fall?

    Only thing I've ever managed to hook with a flat fall is a whitefish, a few rock fish and my wallet
  108. backlashjack

    Cedros closure.

    We all know what happens when you "ASS U ME"
  109. backlashjack

    How many outfits for 4 days?

    25, 40, 60 w/ full spectra backing All you really need. Bring some heavy fluoro 100# for bite / abrasion on the big un's if you're so fortunate to get one to bite. Or just bring 7. It's YOUR trip, you can decide on how much shit you want to take / break down. I used to bring the kitchen sink...
  110. backlashjack

    A Sight To Behold

    They make the BEST fish soup I've ever had
  111. backlashjack

    Excel 5-day.

    I've gone to the ridge on a 5 day once. It paid off. Got limits, YFT & YT, plus one lost 'lil BFT that trip. Just wish we had more time. Fished very hard. Not complaining. Coming back we saw fish we would have loved to stop on, but no time.
  112. backlashjack

    Making Bait

    Making bait is fun when they're chewing, When it's tough and the weather is up it's nopt quite as much fun, but you still gotta do your duty. However, it gets kind of sketchy with 30+ half asleep anglers walking back and forth with sabikis dangling. I rock some clear safety glasses (little bit...
  113. backlashjack

    Cedros closure.

    Without all the pressure from the LR boats I imagine Cedros is gonna get some big homeguards. And you know those panga skippers aren't going to make the drive to Benitos. I've seen some HOG YT at Benitos, I would think that island will become quite bountiful.
  114. backlashjack

    Cedros and Skiff Trips

    Can't imagine what you would need a skiff for offshore short of chasing down your rig with a backup.
  115. backlashjack

    Excel update! June 3

    I'm on the next trip. 7 day. It'd be nice to nab some big BFT & YT.... maybe get my Opah tag punched
  116. backlashjack

    Best 7Foot Rod for throwing Surface iron

    The best 7 foot rod for throwing surface irons is 2 feet longer.
  117. backlashjack

    Does anyone have a Layout for the Tribute

    Huge staterooms with king size beds. It' a perfect 1.5 day'r IMO. You'll only spend time down there while horizontal. Good boat & crew, that's what really matters.
  118. backlashjack

    Favorite Hook Knot

    I can tie a San Diego drunk, at night on a moving boat, with my eyes closed, while balancing a beer on top of my head. That's how I roll.
  119. backlashjack

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Oh sure! Just when I was getting really entertained. And I just made my 23rd batch of popcorn, dammit. You're such a buzzkill.
  120. backlashjack

    Okuma Updating the Makaira Series?

    I'm down for some chicken feet. As long as I'm on the water that is. Bring it on Fishy!
  121. backlashjack

    Excel Bluefin

    Very nice feesh indeed. Impressive catch
  122. backlashjack


    I wish. I don't think I'm going Really LONG again until next season. Got a spring 7 day next month and my annual 9 day in Sept. Going tomorrow 3/4 day out of SD with my son-in-law (his 1st time - should be fun). Can't wait to share a rail with you again... Good times. Hope you have a great...
  123. backlashjack

    What to bring on 4 day excel trip.

    Don't forget the stationary exercise bike or olive oil.
  124. backlashjack


    Donna, I thought I had you converted to hot coffee and TP for cleaning your eyeglasses. Lens cleaner, lens schleamer. Best "extra" item I've brought is a portable foot massage machine. People were lined up for their turn on that bad boy. OMG is that nice after balancing all day on a moving...
  125. backlashjack

    Okuma Updating the Makaira Series?

    Mak 9 with high (5.5/1) gear 1st & chrome J.O.M.
  126. backlashjack

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Don't eat yellow snow! Now there's a tip for ya.
  127. backlashjack

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    Yeah, something gets lost in translation when you crank "RICH AS FUCK" by L'il Wayne.
  128. backlashjack

    Need advice for my next setup

    Go big or go home. 40N if you wanna yo-yo. You'll rip their faces off.
  129. backlashjack

    Latest From Shogun At Guadalupe

    Fishin' ain't necessarily catchin'. Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail. It sucks to be a nail.
  130. backlashjack

    What's the 411 on tuna regulations

    I'm Poppin' Tags
  131. backlashjack

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    Color, schmoller... It's all in the swim
  132. backlashjack

    Has anyone been on the Pacific Star out of Seaforth sport fishing?

    Broke my LR cherry on the PacStar, 5.5 day'r to Lupe. Unforgettable experience. I couldn't even guess how many times I've fished with Mike Bullard now. He has always had great chefs in the galley. I've never felt a bad vibe on the boat. Super cool guy to fish with. Love the classic rock from the...
  133. backlashjack

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Unless a POTUS is assassinated with spectra
  134. backlashjack

    AVET LX G2 or Andros 12 SII

    Did you get a pecker upgrade too Mike, LOL
  135. backlashjack

    AVET LX G2 or Andros 12 SII

    For double duty, I'd go with a HXJ Raptor
  136. backlashjack

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    It was a Mak 15. Not sure if he had a heavier leader attached to his 60 lb. or just got very lucky that it wasn't rubbed off. Either way, I'd say he was pretty lucky. Private boat too, so he had the capability of chasing down a fish.
  137. backlashjack

    Red Rooster III WiFi

    I always let my clients know in advance that I will be at sea for X amount of days and I will have access to email, however, it is spotty and unreliable. I check emails every day or two, and respond as briefly as I can. I make a call if I have to. But, most my clients understand that we all need...
  138. backlashjack

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    Not that I would go after big dawgs with a mak 15. But....... dude caught a 430#'r with one I'll take luck over skill anytime
  139. backlashjack

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    You should get it. Let us know how it worked (or didn't)
  140. backlashjack

    New Breakthrough Sabiki Rig - Tangleless!

    I use a piece of a pool noodle floatie thingamajingy. They also work nice for keeping your rods from beating against each other when they're bundled up. Cheap cheap
  141. backlashjack

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    I thought a Brown Trout and a Wahoo got busy when I caught this little guy.
  142. backlashjack

    What kind of jig is this?

    Thomas Buoyant
  143. backlashjack

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    More Important.............. How many Wahoo Jigs for a 15/16 day'r???
  144. backlashjack

    "That Guy" roll call

    you're so "That Guy".... Everyone knows you need at least 14+... duh!
  145. backlashjack

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    Many a Yellowtail have fallen prey to a yo-yo mated to a 700H. I'll fish it with buttoned down 50lb. I do use a short FC leader and extra tight drag. Just keep on grinding. It goes bendo and does work.
  146. backlashjack

    "That Guy" roll call

    I love "That Guy"! Always look forward to one. Keeps it interesting. Gives you a target when you want to be hatin" on someone. Just think how boring it would be if there wasn't at least one Bozo. You just gotta learn to recognize him, Try to avoid him when you go out. And let him know "MOVE THE...
  147. backlashjack

    "That Guy" roll call

    Dam... I thot we wuz on a fishin four'm. did'nt no their wuz gonna be a spellen test afterwurdz :zelfmoord
  148. backlashjack

    "That Guy" roll call

    I'm thinking of someone else with the same name and an old avatar/BD handle that got banned ???Rodman28???
  149. backlashjack

    Fishermans Processing or Five Star jerky?

    I've had them all. They're all good. I think Fishermans is the most "true jerky", however, I patronize 5 Star for personal reasons
  150. backlashjack

    Sport boat records ?

    IGFA rules are "whack". It's ok to back down on a fish with a 130 stuffed in a gunwale but don't use the rail...... redonkulous
  151. backlashjack

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Well done! :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl:
  152. backlashjack


    60, 40, 25
  153. backlashjack

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Excellent write up. Outstanding!
  154. backlashjack

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    From what I just read all I have to say is...................... THIS SUCKS
  155. backlashjack

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    A wise man once said, " you can't catch a fish if you don't have a hook in the water"
  156. backlashjack

    Extra Cash??

    $100 p/day for beer, tip, gambling, T-shirt, etc. and you should be fine. Half that is minimum tip IMO.... unless you don't think they deserve it, and if that's the case. Try doing what they do for 14 hours+ a day
  157. backlashjack

    Tom with a nice skinnie

    That Wahoo is a beast
  158. backlashjack

    Would you bring a bass rod?

    x2 My Curado / Terez combo has caught countless schoolie tuna and 20lb. class YT... Oh yeah, you can throw plastics with it for bass too
  159. backlashjack

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    I don't saw people off... I just mow them down, lol
  160. backlashjack

    Cow fishing Season timing

    I hear the bank Really Goes Off in mid August. Wide effen open! You don't even need tackle, you can just jump in and grab one by the tail. I can't wait to book that trip. :zelfmoord
  161. backlashjack

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Don't forget $$$. Cash is King! The boats usually have the necessary tackle at reasonable prices. If you need something, good chance it's already on the boat. I wouldn't get too crazy at Cabela's, the previous advice of getting what you need down here is priceless. ...And welcome to BD!
  162. backlashjack

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    The drag curve seems a bit steep for my preference. I like to "ease it in"
  163. backlashjack

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    Dedicate one to heavy jig and one to bait... or It doesn't hurt to have a bomb on one rig and a raider on another in Wahoo country... or 6x blue & white on one and a 6xJr in scrambled egg on the other. The possibilities are endless. I'd keep it, it's already a "lucky reel".
  164. backlashjack

    Last PT on my distal biceps .... Soon I will fish again

    Hope to see you back on the water soon Dave.
  165. backlashjack

    3 1/2 trip with Capt Danny Osuna out of PV starts from Dec 3

    Some "Bendo" rods in those pics
  166. backlashjack

    Offshore Tanner on the Tribute 11-19

    I went on the Tribute this weekend (after turkey day). We got 1............................................. rough day & a half
  167. backlashjack

    MAXCUATRO - what do you think?

    I bet it breaks right at the specified lb. rating. Seems like an IGFA line. Super thin. Cut the hell out of my finger with it. You can certainly get additional capacity with it.
  168. backlashjack

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Looks like a vert jig I got from Kilsong
  169. backlashjack

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Hammers and nails. Poor Jaime got a full keg of nails
  170. backlashjack

    New Rail Boss with Rail Dawg grip

    I call BS without pics
  171. backlashjack

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    bass rod - just in case 1 -30# to 40# setup (probably won't get used) 2 - 50# setups 1 - 60# - 80# setup 1 - 80# to 100# setup 2 - 100# setups 2 - 130# to 150# setups 1 - 150# to 170# setup 1 - 200# setup plenty of weights, hooks, bombs and raiders
  172. backlashjack

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Woof, woof! :smoking33:.... Ooops :banned: Not worth it
  173. backlashjack

    Starting 'em off

    I'm pretty sure the sneer was for me. I had him move to better lighting for the shot and he wanted to be back at the rail. LOL
  174. backlashjack

    Starting 'em off

    I know this isn't the "right" forum, but it's where I lurk around. And I just was so stoked and proud that I had to share. I took my 7 year old out on his first "deep sea fishing adventure" yesterday. He landed 14 fish (released most) on a 1/2 day (compared to me only landing one, lol - busy...
  175. backlashjack

    Which reel for surface jigs

    My TN40N is one of two reels that I'll never get rid of.
  176. backlashjack

    Which reel for surface jigs

    Kinda partial to my TN30DC. Too bad they don't make the DC anymore. I don't mind having the reel a bit wider (30 vs 20) for surface iron, I don't have to wind so fast that it's a problem evening out the spool. And I do like additional capacity
  177. backlashjack

    Thoughts on line color

    Yeah! Tight, tight, tight! Uh, whatever. Blue, yellow, pink, whatever man. Just keep bringing me that. -Tuco Salmanca
  178. backlashjack

    Connections: Fluoro to Mono

    Surgeon and Seaguar both work well, but you should be tying similar / same diameter lines. If you're tying a heavier leader to a lighter line you need to use the uni to uni (ie; 60# FC to 30# mono). I like the uni to uni for everything.
  179. backlashjack

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    Glad to hear you're recovering well. Cancer is no joke. I had a carotid endarterectomy 2 days after getting off a 9 day a couple years ago. Got a bitchen scar on my neck now, I guess I won't need a neck tattoo now to look cool. Gotta prioritize, fishing first right???
  180. backlashjack

    Ideal length to cast your bait from the boat

    Stuff a lit cherry bomb in a dead mac and toss it to the seals
  181. backlashjack

    Are Billfish Protected on LR Trips?

    Not if you know how to FOLLOW YOUR LINE. They are by-catch, not the targeted species. The LR boats don't want to sit for 45 minutes while you fight a marlin after the school has moved. If they are still on biting fish, go ahead and reel 'em in and get pic of a clean release.... That is if...
  182. backlashjack

    Are Billfish Protected on LR Trips?

    Grilled Marlin belly is absolutely delicious. I enjoy fighting them. Their acrobatics get me pumped. I'll keep one if its gonna die, otherwise I release. Now a broadbill swordfish.... That sucker is gettin' the business end of a gaff.
  183. backlashjack


    Glad to see you guys had a fruitful and safe trip
  184. backlashjack

    Trinidad TN20a

    Rick, you should probably get rid of the TN20a (just send it to me) and get the 30. JMHO
  185. backlashjack

    heads up, for us old guys

    F*@k that! No thanks, I'll pass. Eastern medicine is no joke. Fixed my carpal tunnel (temporarily, need to return again), totally fixed my Sciatic nerve problem, but, I had a ruptured Achilles tendon fixed with it - albeit, it was painful therapy, however, I didn't miss any work and didn't get...
  186. backlashjack

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    Things that make you go, Hmmmmm.
  187. backlashjack

    What lures for 7 day Guadalupe Island trip?

    Wind in your face or back to the current if on the hook. Otherwise you'll be under the boat and have to maneuver around to the other side once bit. Butterfly jigs do work very well when fished properly.
  188. backlashjack

    Bananas on long range boats>

    Run a wire through it, attach a hook & 4 oz. sliding sinker and troll with it. The one's that aren't totally ripe work the best as the yellow and green look like a small do-do in the propwash. Hoook Upp! Or you could just eat it and not believe in superstitions and wives tales, we got enough...
  189. backlashjack

    Halco Max 130

    They're just a fad. You should send yours to me. You'll just be wasting your time fishing them.
  190. backlashjack

    Fishing is on fire!!!! Reports from some of the boats

    Damnnnn. They're all just killing it.
  191. backlashjack


    Hell, I switched processors. happy b-day sweetie
  192. backlashjack

    whats your game plann?

    On my last LR trip I leaned that the Cuban yo-yo makes a decent dropper loop rig. Forget the thousands of dollars I've spent on tackle... All I ever really needed was a $5.00 hand line rig. WTG Geis!
  193. backlashjack

    Find what is missing in this picture

    Toes are overrated
  194. backlashjack

    2nd Note In a Bottle Found

    He doesn't have anymore trash. He threw it overboard LOL
  195. backlashjack

    2nd Note In a Bottle Found

    Litterbug JK, that's kinda cool
  196. backlashjack

    Excel or Intrepid??

    I've fished both more than once. The Intrepid rides very well, but so does the Excel. The Intrepid is very quiet, actually too quiet. I have missed a stop as I was laying in my bunk resting, never heard the engines cut down... damnit. I have always come back with more fish on the Excel. The...
  197. backlashjack

    Trinidad 14A. What 20-30 rod?

    Calstar GFX 800 ML
  198. backlashjack

    Opinion on New Lo-an boat

    Great platform, exceptional for the smaller size vessel it is. Markus is absolutely one of the "fishiest" skippers you will ever fish with.
  199. backlashjack

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Stand up. Keep standing with the wind in your face. Try to not use your hands to balance, get your "sea legs" working. Focus on the horizon or land (fixed object). Drink a Budweiser, not soda, have a cracker. Stay out of the galley and bunk room. Don't sit or lay down. You will get better. This...
  200. backlashjack

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    Way to go kid! Keep it up.
  201. backlashjack

    Rigs for a 10 Day

    Cuban hand line
  202. backlashjack

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    Catch and release, pop tags for others, buy a freezer. There is usually an answer to most problems.
  203. backlashjack

    The soda has popped

    WTF, that sucks. Sorry to hear about your injury. Get well soon
  204. backlashjack

    AFW wire for wahoo bait leaders

    I watched Justin Fleck just kill it on bait last year fishing Wahoo on the Big Al. He had a long (2 ft. leader of 7strand), I think 90# (it was way thicker than 60#) . About an ounce sliding egg. He out caught the jig guys (some talented guys too) and didn't beat the crap out of himself winding...
  205. backlashjack

    Drag checking scales and technique

    I like to "warm up" my drag before I check it by engaging it slightly, stopping the spool and winding like hell. I'll use a spring scale (that I check / calibrate prior to the trip), and I set it with a bend in the rod like you were fighting a fish and it was peeling off line. This is what I do...
  206. backlashjack


    Be ready for hot, be ready for cool, be ready for rain, and most importantly... be ready to fish
  207. backlashjack

    Shogun - Drinks and Ice

    Sheeeeitt. WWSPD? Soda Pop brings a frikken dock cart full to the brim with gourmet soda's.
  208. backlashjack

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    Why can't you call your cell phone with the sat phone and remotely check your voicemail inbox? Or leave a custom message that you're out of country and don't have access to voicemail but can check your email. Or just deep six that bitch and enjoy the silence.
  209. backlashjack

    1st trip: borrow or buy?

    Buy 1 good set up, every time you look at it you'll be reminded of that 1st trip. Rent the rest from the boat. An Okuma Andros12 2 speed with a Calstar 700H will fish 40# & 50#. Fill with spectra, tie on what lb. leader you want to use. It'll be a great "all around" type rig and won't break the...
  210. backlashjack

    Mono for Big Tuna?

    Depends on if you're using a broom handle rod or a newer graphite rod that has a faster action, softer tip. I prefer a straight FC tie to spectra. Doesn't hurt to bring some mono though, especially if the seas are high.
  211. backlashjack

    Wahoo at Guadalupe

    Raider jigs catch literally "everything". A bomb, not so much... but they sure catch the skin. cast wisely
  212. backlashjack


    Typo or Knot, (pun intended) I'm knot a huge fan of a Palomar not used on line over 40#. I would prefer a jamb style not ( like a SanD or Uni) As far as connections for mono to fluoro, the surgeon and uni to uni are my go to guys, especially the uni to uni if you're tying heavier FC to your...
  213. backlashjack

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    And he had time for a smoke break or two
  214. backlashjack

    Inline kite fishing or trolling possibilities?

    Inline???? I thought you meant "online". I wanted see how to catch a fish from my computer.
  215. backlashjack

    Best jig slinging reel ... Realistically

    I have a Gen1 TRQ 300. Thing's a frikken brick. It casts very well though
  216. backlashjack

    Wire for Wahoo?

    Who caught who? The Hoo, that's who. good shit there LOL
  217. backlashjack

    Question re United Comp. CX vs CP

    Ya, I got the 7 ft. model. Beautiful Wahoo skin wrap by Saltydawg. I matched it with a BX-30N
  218. backlashjack

    Newbie question about Bonitas/Mauraders?

    I couldn't agree more. Spend some dough on captain Jimmy bombs and raider jigs instead. As far as your "slide" question, If you don't get picked up on your trolling rotation when someone gets a 'hook up". Put your reel in free spool and slide it back for a few seconds and then wind like hell...
  219. backlashjack

    Question re United Comp. CX vs CP

    My Raptor feels like a stout 60# rod that you can get away fishing 80# with if you need it to. It wouldn't be my first choice for an 80# stick. I like my Calstar 770 XH for 80#. I usually fish 60# BW FC on my raptor (which is like Premier 80#) and I'm not afraid to pull like hell with the drag...
  220. backlashjack

    Offshore New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    So stoked for you and the the little guy. can't wait to get my 6 y/o out.
  221. backlashjack

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    Yep yep, I'll just have someone toss them to me from my boat bag and wedge them in instead of dykes. Good idea, thanks fishy. LOL
  222. backlashjack

    Guadalupe Early November or Late December?

    I believe the sharks main staple at the island are the sea lions
  223. backlashjack

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    I've never been spooled, still waiting. GFL fish! I have had to thumb the spool just to keep it from backlashing (I suppose I could've used my clicker) while I quickly went into free spool and tightened up the drag, then went slowly back to strike, past strike, into full, and put a fat bend in...
  224. backlashjack

    Remember albacore?

  225. backlashjack

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    A school of Dodo's on flotsam will sometimes hold a couple nice Hoo down deep (in the right waters). Iv'e sank a Raider down and got them. It's not fishing a jig for flatheads if you're targeting skin, right? LOL. The Dorado is just bycatch then. If for some reason you do this and "accidentally"...
  226. backlashjack

    Catchey Spinner Jets

    170# to 200# FC
  227. backlashjack

    Springer knot vs Spangler knot

    The dawgs better beware at that Island. The tax man is lives there. But, the good news is, if the pinchi perros del mar are on you, then the white sharks are busy elsewhere.
  228. backlashjack

    Video #2 - Royal Polaris - NorCal Guadalupe Trip

    Too bad you guys didn't have a good trip. It's so depressing seeing all the anglers totally bummed out with big frowns on their faces. Thanks for sharing. I'm jealous.
  229. backlashjack

    best wind-on loop for "The Lupe"

    Yes, I agree, inline is a bit stealthier, however, I really don't think the loop connection is going to affect much of anything. You will have doubled lines either way. Who unravels a L2L connection? Just cut it off above the connection and pull the cats paw out. I agree, I would just tie a...
  230. backlashjack

    Offshore Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    Damn, those aren't neckties. Nice grade
  231. backlashjack

    Offshore 209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    It'd be so nice to catch a thief in the act and use him for chum.
  232. backlashjack

    Offshore Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    You're ruined now. The old man in the boat sure wished he had the kid with him when he got the grander
  233. backlashjack

    Best rust preventative for saltwater

    Scobey, what's all these questions regarding lubricant? I swore i saw a tube of KY jelly in your tackle box. What's that for?
  234. backlashjack

    best wind-on loop for "The Lupe"

    The HX has max 21lbs. of drag at strike, which, IMO is a 60# reel max. You could use the 80# FC for additional abrasion resistance and always button it down past strike, I don't see a need for spectra above 80# on the HX, however, the 80# hollow has a thicker diameter than the 100, so the 100...
  235. backlashjack

    LR question -- kind of

    Shit happens... Was on a 15 day on the Intrepid when the RO went kablewey, didn't have the back up parts needed (strange). The coffee was AWFUL, SALTY, YUCK! The Excel met up with us on our way back and hooked us up with the new parts needed to fix the water. I sort of do the same thing but I...
  236. backlashjack

    Need some input: MAK 50 or 30..........or 20

    I believe the 30 (30W) and the 50 (50N) both have roughly the same capacity - although, I could be wrong. The 50 is obviously a winch, but so is a 30. You can always chase the fish down in a PB. It would be easier to travel with the 30. Both should get the job done just fine, flip a coin, lot's...
  237. backlashjack

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    Worst case scenario you can always use good old "trusty rusty's" (Mustad 9174). They have caught more fish than all the other hooks combined. And they won't put in the poor house. You can always tie a uni or SD jam and leave a loop for ringed action.
  238. backlashjack

    Question about hoos..

    Never seen one go airborne after being hooked, but I'm sure stranger things have happened. I've seen one grab a bomb that was wound up and hanging off the stern for a few seconds (like the deckies tell you to do) and fly over the corner (and 3 other lines). It was a pretty spectacular sight - I...
  239. backlashjack

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    Just don't forget to eat the heart
  240. backlashjack 8 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    I hate to use this cliche... but EPIC!!!!
  241. backlashjack

    Where are big dodos

    Big guys outside the school, skin down under in the deeep
  242. backlashjack

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    damnnnn fine fish there. green with envy. congrat's
  243. backlashjack

    First Aid Kits

    Never pee'd the bed, but, I've woken up to "HEY!!!" ... Turned right instead of left during a stupor. LOL. Almost pissed right on a guy, hahahahahaha The first night on the boat can be pretty scary with me aboard, just don't be the first door down the hallway on the right. If so, lock that shit up.
  244. backlashjack

    75 lb Yellowtail

    That's a "wall hanger" for sure. :eek2: :worship: :eek2:
  245. backlashjack

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    Santa is alive and well. He's just not at the North Pole right now. He's in Cabo, drinking tequila and fishing for cows.
  246. backlashjack

    5 day new years special

    Could be a freezer trip, could be the Lupe or bust. You'll find out once the capt. tells his game plan at the safety meeting. Either way you're fishing. Enjoy
  247. backlashjack

    Going on a 5 day

    flyline to maybe a couple hundo deep, depending on target species
  248. backlashjack

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    If that would be the case then we would have to lose the cliche, "fish story" BTW, the fish in my avatar went 197.... guess I'm not part of the "cool kids club". I was stoked though.
  249. backlashjack

    Wire Crimping set

    I like the Malin crimps. The 7Strand crimps are a bit thicker and do not crimp as easily. I've never had a failure with the Malin crimps but have pulled wire through a 7 strand crimp. BTW, I don't have a bitchen' Nicopress tool, just a decent crimper that you gotta squeeze hard and use your "man...
  250. backlashjack

    Terminal tackle for Sept - Oct 10 dayer

    I like the offset on the Owner Offshore "J" hooks, fish 'em like circles
  251. backlashjack

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    My SKB box has so much lead, it would take the boat capsizing to move that heavy bastard. I sometimes get worried that my SKB box might sink the ship. 100lbs. +
  252. backlashjack

    First Aid Kits

    Keflex 500mg - check Augmentin 875mg - check Ibuprophen 800mg - check (sea skittles) Norco 10mg - check (long range lucky charms) Soma 325mg - check Xanax 1 mg - check Ex-lax - check Immodium - check BP, Cholesterol, Plavix & ASA - check HAND SANATIZER & NEOSPORIN - A must NitroSTAT - hope we...
  253. backlashjack

    This was my first LR trip.

    My LR cherry got busted on a 5.5 day on the Pacific Star 11 years ago (I'm not counting a couple of 3.5 day Albacore trips I'd previously been on). I had done a lot of baja fishing and local trips for years. Driving there I think back and remember, WOW! We have to drive a whole day to get to the...
  254. backlashjack

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    I haven't finished my coffee yet and I'm already reaching for the popcorn.
  255. backlashjack

    "Kinky" Wahoo Leaders

    I got some of that not2kinky wire stuff. Put it away in the garage. Went out there late at night and it was wearing a latex mask with a red ball gag, nipple clips and was whipping itself in the ass with riding crop while wearing a Nazi SS hat. Shit looked pretty kinky to me - false advertising
  256. backlashjack

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Congrat's on a great trip. Thanks for the report
  257. backlashjack


    I always make my framers hang the exterior jambs. I love the 16d sinkers and waffle marks.
  258. backlashjack


    Surgeon or Seaguar knot for lines of similar / same diameter. Uni to uni for tying a heavier leader to a lighter line.... or you could just go uni to uni for all of the above.
  259. backlashjack

    Speaking of Opah...

    Still waiting on my Opah "patch". Bucket list
  260. backlashjack

    Fishing rod reccomedations

    Match the rod to what lb. test you intend on using. And match the rod to any specific angling (ie; long rod for surface jigs, stiffer tip for heavy jig, lighter tip for flinging out a bait, etc.). Best advice is..... wait for it................wait for it...................wait for it...
  261. backlashjack

    Speaking of Opah...

    I believe one of those hawgs is the new IGFA all tackle record.... but I'm no expert on the world records, I could be wrong - I've been wrong twice before (third marriage and all, ya know)
  262. backlashjack

    Need advice booking first ever LR trip!

    I gotta disagree with ya there John. All the LR boats that I've been on, safety has always been paramount. Spent 2 days hiding in Mag Bay one year on a 8 day due to a hurricane.
  263. backlashjack

    30# Rig

    I always take a 25# - 30# rig. I like my Andros 5N mated to a Calstar GFX 800ML. I've caught YFT to over 70#'s with it. (I was wishing that fish was on 50# with a 2 speed though, but it did make it to the RSW, so it's all good.) :)
  264. backlashjack

    RP - Quality X2 @ Guadalupe

    Only as big enough to get away with
  265. backlashjack

    Ascension Dreaming

    bucket list just got bigger
  266. backlashjack

    Shimano jigs?

    About 2 bucks, give or take.
  267. backlashjack

    Royal Star 4 day - july 15 - what to expect

    Question: can i use my talica 12 or torium 30 with 80 lb? Can i drop 80 fluoro on 80 lb spectra? Yes. You'll get enough pressure buttoned down. The heavy leader is mostly for abrasion resistance
  268. backlashjack

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    So, I'm a bit confused. Why all the additional drag pressure for the spinner? Conventional reels recommend 25% - 33% of line rating. God knows Iv'e buttoned down on fish (never been spooled) with conventional gear and I've also pulled hooks putting too much pressure on a fish. But, according to...
  269. backlashjack

    8 days on the Excel-the wait is over!

    Good luck, have a safe trip, enjoy it as they grow up quick
  270. backlashjack

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    That's why we have mass amounts of spectra now
  271. backlashjack

    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Excellent report / read. Nice pics too. Congrat's on busting your Wahoo cherry. 10 in a day is stellar! :cheers:
  272. backlashjack


    80# solid
  273. backlashjack

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    WOW! Looks like it could sink the Bismark. Nice hoo
  274. backlashjack


    Those BFT's were some "beats". Congrats on a great trip. Thanks for the report
  275. backlashjack

    Shimano jigs?

    Waxwing... They swim incredible, look awesome, but won't outperform a good swimming Tady 45 or Salas 7X, and won't cast quite as far either. They are not conducive to being beat on the deck by a thrashing fish, you will bust off the fin(s) and that will be that with a $20.00 jig. (Spend $20.00...
  276. backlashjack

    Day after Thanksgiving Trips?

    We know what you meant Jeff. No worries LOL
  277. backlashjack

    Need 3 D WIDE BOOTS

    wool socks
  278. backlashjack

    Fishing the RonZ

    Guy from NY brought some last month on my 7 day. He was killing it with them.
  279. backlashjack

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    Who gives shit what the IGFA thinks anyway? They want to DX you for using the rail, but it's ok to back down on a fish in a chair using a 130. Gimme a break. I realize they are a good foundation that helps marine life, but, they really need to re-think their rules. Ok, sorry, rant over
  280. backlashjack

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    Scobey plants cricket seeds on the boat. I've seen the cricket infestation after he leaves the boat. It's like a scene from The 8th Plague, LOL
  281. backlashjack

    New to the forum but not to Tuna and Wahoo

    Welcome Stephen! Hope you enjoy BD. Great pics BTW. Just please don't start another coffee grinder thread, as I'm all out of popcorn. LOL
  282. backlashjack

    Red Rooster going to PV.

    sounds like a weiner. I wanna go
  283. backlashjack

    Rod and Reel Combo for Flat fall Jigs

    I can't catch a cold with a Flat Fall. The differance between my flat fall jigs and the rest of my jigs are TEETH MARKS. IMO, they catch anglers. LOL
  284. backlashjack

    Another Newbie Question about Rod Ratings..

    In regards to rods and P.E. line spcifications, I would go with the lower of the 2 readings and then even subtract 10 pounds. Meaning; a rod rated for PE6 - PE8 line I would probably fish 50# line on it max. Then again, I probably wouldn't buy a rod without pulling on it first.
  285. backlashjack

    Smokin great spring 8-day on the Rooster

    Sounds stellar. Big fat processing bill, lol, gotta love it. Did Lisi win the beer Olympics?
  286. backlashjack

    Lexa 400 or Tranx?

    You really can't go wrong with Shimano
  287. backlashjack

    Hoping they come back...

    Nice work. Very nice indeed. :rockin:
  288. backlashjack

    SoCal Bluefin Leader lb test Recommendations

    You need to have your drone drop the bait right on the foamer. Charge those batteries guys
  289. backlashjack

    Need to replace reel

    Ya know, the largest YFT ever caught was recently caught using a Makaira 15 on 60# mono with a 100# leader. A 470 lb. tuna on a reel that size is kind of mind boggling. But, if dropper loop fishing is what you're going to do with it, why carry around a cinder block for a reel.
  290. backlashjack

    Crew treats?

    They go through socks and T-shirts like crazy. MDMA is also a big hit
  291. backlashjack

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    My friends all laugh at me and won't let me play in any Reindeer games because I have my handle on the "wrong" side. Just feels funky to me grinding hard with my left hand (that may have sounded wrong), rod doesn't feel right under my right armpit either. Funny thing is, I have no problems...
  292. backlashjack

    Five Star customer service

    I used to use 5 Star for all my processing. I have used all 3 at one time or another. For the last several years I have been using Fisherman's. I just got off a 7 day with a butt load of big YT, there was a long line at Fisherman's (no Rosie though - bummer) and nothing really going on at the 5...
  293. backlashjack

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    I've loaded first and last on that beast. It really doesn't matter that much. They have an amazing amount of room for your tackle. I have been on it with 31 other tackle whores and it all worked out just fine, I think they can hold close to 500 rods:eyepoppin.Having a top shelf rack for a SKB...
  294. backlashjack

    Newell Graphites?

    I have a couple of Newells I'd be willing to part with. I'm not a huge fan of them, I know that a lot of you like them though. I do like how well they cast, but I too have had dog problems and I swear one was about to catch on fire after 3 back to back big YT's (actually, not that big, like 22lb...
  295. backlashjack

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    I'll be getting off the Big Al when your trip leaves......... so you're fucked. I'm gonna catch all the fish and drink all the beer.
  296. backlashjack

    Best drag setting and how to do it

    25% is fine for tuna. 33% is also fine. For yellowtail and wahoo I like the drag a bit higher (for different reasons). Best advice I can give you is to leave your drag scale at home, set your drag by feel, then ask a deck hand to check your drags - that's why they're there - they do this on the...
  297. backlashjack

    What bait and yo-yo rod??

    60# hollow JB breaks around 90#. You'll never put 90 lbs. of pressure on a fish. Capacity, capacity, capacity - let the big dawgs run
  298. backlashjack

    Newell Graphites?

    I thought my Newell was gonna catch on fire when I hooked 3 back to back angry yellows at Cedros a few years ago. Could've lit a cig with it. lol. I have since switched to Okuma Cortez for an inexpensive jig reel
  299. backlashjack

    What knot for a ring or swivel to braid.

    Hollow - loop at the end. Solid - 10 wrap uni
  300. backlashjack

    Leaving on Shogun 8 day 6/11

    I'm leaving that same day. same issues, taking the garage
  301. backlashjack

    long rod storage on the chief

    Just lay it down on the deck. I'm sure no one will mind.
  302. backlashjack

    First trip on the Searcher June 23rd-26th - Questions?

    I'm leaving saturday on a 7 day on the big X. I wouldn't even consider going out without my 60 # & 80-100 lb setups (BX30N w/ UC Raptor & ATD12 w/ 770XH) There are some big fish in the ocean. Best to be prepared for anything, you never know when your gonna slide up on a foamer of 150lb+ BFT...
  303. backlashjack

    Offshore Ever pull on the same fish twice?

    I've caught and re-caught split-finned tuna before, I've released some split-finned tuna as well. Caught the same shark 6 times in one day at the lower banks. It looked like it had a rough day at the tattoo / piercing parlor. I wanted to kill that son-of-a-bitch. Caught a YT at Cedros one...
  304. backlashjack

    Offshore OPAH on the WET-O's

    Badassss! :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: :worship:
  305. backlashjack

    Offshore Baby blue shark near the tuna pens

    Put it in my aquarium with all my Garibaldi.
  306. backlashjack

    Offshore 0 for 50 on the San Diego

    That's so sketch. You notice how few people call out "going out" or "low bridge" when they cast, or better yet, they don't watch their jig all the way through? I holler it out, so loud that I sometimes frighten other anglers. But, I haven't pierced anyone yet (except myself with a fly rod...
  307. backlashjack

    Offshore bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Feakin' HOG! 150 gilled and gutted maybe. That things a beast! WTG!!!
  308. backlashjack

    Offshore First Bue Fin Ever

    Nice grade. Congrats
  309. backlashjack

    Offshore And it keeps getting better.....big bluefin on the spinning reel.

    Nice work! I would however bump that leader up to 100# so it doesn't end up looking like your chewed up tire. WTG
  310. backlashjack

    Offshore Personal Best BFT on Flying Squirell 6/5

    Awesome report and pic's. Congrats on the PB!
  311. backlashjack

    Offshore 0 for 50 on the San Diego

    Some days you're the "hammer". Some days you're the "nail". That's why we call it "fishing", not "catching". 50 anglers throwing poppers simultaneously sounds like a cluster f*#k. "you'll put your eye out!"
  312. backlashjack

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    You're supposed to cover the white boots with BD stickers
  313. backlashjack

    Flylining with a Spinner

    Seems like a big PITA. With a conventional reel I'm always back peddling my spool to keep in touch with my bait and also to get them to swim. If the bait comes back a bit you would have to take up that slack. I'll stick to poppers and heavy jigs with my coffee grinder.
  314. backlashjack

    Andros 12 2 speed

    They need to make an Andros 12N - 2 speed. They'll sell faster than you can stock the shelves with them
  315. backlashjack

    Bluefin close to San Diego

    I heard the seiners made their quota now. No more wrapping. This should help.
  316. backlashjack

    Wire for Wahoo?

    I'll gladly risk the jig for the bite. Wired won't do you a bit of good if you can't get the fish to eat it. Wahoo have great vision. They will eat a wired jig, however, more bites happen on non-wired jigs. For Wahoo fishing I recommend bringing way more jigs than you think you'll need (I lost...
  317. backlashjack

    Bluefin close to San Diego

    Don't be hatin'. Ya gotta admit, it's pretty damn awesome. I'd be happy to sit on bad ass BFT like that on a LR boat. Less driving = more fishing
  318. backlashjack

    Floro or Mono for yellow tail

    Nothing wrong with fresh mono. FC has some advantages. Flip a coin.
  319. backlashjack

    rigging metal jigs for tuna

    Colt Snipers have a siwash already. You can swap it out if you think you're gonna straighten it out. Butterfly takes assist hooks. The size and length of your assist hooks (usually 2) depends upon the size jig you are using (Shimano has some guidelines on what size rings, hooks etc. for what...
  320. backlashjack

    Sharks and Long Range Fishing

    Someone needs to hook a couple of those big Lupe White Sharks with those monster hooks they catch them with and slow troll them over to the Coronados for a clean release. That'll thin out those pesky sea dogs.
  321. backlashjack

    San Diego Long Range Schedule for the next 9 months

    I had no idea you invested in Crayloa
  322. backlashjack

    Bluefin, Wahoo, Yellowtail and Yellowfin Early Season 2016

    I heard the Indy also had good fishing on Grouper. Spring.... The new fall variety tip... Gotta love it!
  323. backlashjack

    Shoulder Hooking Sardines?

    I like the Offshore Owner hooks for J hooks. I like that the point is offset. Bit pricey though. Those seem to catch the corner when fished like a circle. FWIW, I was on a 1.5 day last year and hooked 5 BFT, I had 3 chew off using circle hooks - maybe next time I won't let them poop the hook...
  324. backlashjack

    The Bigger Bluefin...

    You da man Garry, you da man!
  325. backlashjack

    nine foot rod suggestion

    It licks the stamp and SENDS IT! Will cast the lighter jigs as well.
  326. backlashjack

    $3 Wahoo wired bait leader keeper idea

    Does it come in flesh tone? Can you keep it keestered while at the rail in case you get "hoo'ed"? How much KY should I bring on my next trip?
  327. backlashjack


    Sheeeeit! Western Outdoor Liar is more like it. Can't tell you how many times a see a pic of a 35lb. or 40lb. YT that's maybe 22lbs. to 25lbs. max. Big 'ole hamburger helper hands out front. hahaha
  328. backlashjack


    That's soooooooooo bad assed. Wonder how thick those bellys were? Mmmmm
  329. backlashjack

    catching skippies?

    50lb.??? Oh heck, I'll just hand line 'em in.
  330. backlashjack

    catching skippies?

    Question??? What lb. test should I "bounce" them with?
  331. backlashjack


    I don't use FB. I have an account, but I don't log in or check it. I hate the FB pop up on boats FB sites that wants me to log in or sign up, it's very annoying. Super annoying! I never minded clicking on those links before that recent pop-up. I realize social media is the now, however, I don't...
  332. backlashjack

    The Bigger Bluefin...

    Going on a June 7 day here in just over a week and I am totally pumped. I'll take a 60# & a 80 lb. to 100 lb. set up. But that's for if they're big cow size BFT foaming away (we dream of that, don't we). I'll target those 75 - 120 lb. class BFT with 40# or 50#. My PB BFT is a 78 Lb. model that I...
  333. backlashjack

    San Diego Long Range Schedule for the next 9 months

    Bad azz Garry. Good work. Thanks
  334. backlashjack

    nine foot rod suggestion

    Love my GG690J
  335. backlashjack

    Bluefin, Wahoo, Yellowtail and Yellowfin Early Season 2016

    I caught up with Captain Justin Fleck of the Excel as he was offloading their last long trip of the season down at Fisherman’s Landing. Excited about my upcoming early season Excel 8 day trip I asked what he thought about the options for late May and early June this year. To my surprise he lit...
  336. backlashjack

    RR3 7/14 - 7/18

  337. backlashjack

    Blackhole Challenger and Cape Cod Special Popping rods

    You gotta bring your "bow pass" with your passport. Otherwise, go fish bait off the stern. LOL
  338. backlashjack

    any tips for june heat?

    A tip???? That's what you give the crew. Go enjoy
  339. backlashjack

    Most comprehensive Long Range info?

    Some guy posted a spread sheet a few years ago with all the boats trips, color coded to length of trip. Calendar. It was awesome. I wish someone would spend the time and do it again.
  340. backlashjack

    Showtime on the Star

    As usual, a totally captivating report. Couldn't stop reading. Was 'winding" me in. Thanks for the great read Joe!
  341. backlashjack

    Threadfin sculpin------NOT

    I assume they have venomous spines as well, like the local "sculpin"
  342. backlashjack

    Guadalupe wahoo??

    August 8 day......... I wouldn't go out without my "Wahoo bag"
  343. backlashjack

    Tuna off the drone!

    Yeah, until you crash it into the drink. Oops, my bad. You should have known better than to listen to me and let me fly it. LOL Not too sure how it would hold up in a marine environment over a period of time. It would be pretty cool though so you could see your fish blow up over and over again...
  344. backlashjack

    rubber fishing rod clips?

    And I thought zip ties were only for restraining my victims. Nice info, TY
  345. backlashjack

    Constitution Oct 4th to 9th 2016 5 Day

    What's a Dark King? is that like a Sofa King? I may have done that to my car when I put on too much window tint. Did one of these guys below get a bad spray tan I don't know about?
  346. backlashjack

    First Trip on the RP part 3 wrap up

    Glad you got to get out Rick. Thanks for the report. Sharks suck ass. I've been robbed by them plenty. On a positive note, if you consider all the shark pulling you got to do, you can say you caught a "ton" of fish. Albeit, not the target species.
  347. backlashjack

    A Happy Passover!

    Politics and religion......... Oh, snap!
  348. backlashjack

    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    You just don't want to pack it too full. Save room for new T-shirts, swag, other peoples reel bags, etc.
  349. backlashjack

    Excel Sportfishing, three day trip report and pictures

    Beer.... Helping people overcome sea sickness, making them dance better and getting them laid for over 150 years.
  350. backlashjack

    RP had an interesting trip

    I got tangled with Wes Cerney once and Bill Cavanaugh was unraveling it. I told him "just cut the hook, I'll re-tie", NBD. He says that's ok, I got it. He had his finger in a spectra loop, getting my hook through, when all of a sudden Wes gets picked up. He is very lucky he didn't lose 1/2 his...
  351. backlashjack

    80 lb bait stick

    I'm kinda partial to my 770XH & ATD 12 for this 80# application. I can bump it up to 100# if need be. I also have a DPX30N with a UC Raptor that should do 80#, but it feels more like a bad assed 60# stick IMO.
  352. backlashjack

    Surface Iron for bluefin

    Sign me up! I'm totally down with getting my ass kicked twice.
  353. backlashjack

    AFW Hi-Seas Platinum question

    What's mono? Is that like Albacore?
  354. backlashjack

    Most Useful Freebies?

    I got a rod bag that zips up, kinda like a gun case for rods... it's pretty cool and I use it every trip now, thanks Loftus & Martin. On another trip I got a couple of big clips, like potato chip bag clip but bigger. Inexpensive. I use that on every trip to help my towel dry out faster. I just...
  355. backlashjack

    Shimano Torium 20HGA Star Drag for Wahoo

    Should work like a charm.
  356. backlashjack

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    hand sanitizer, sunblock, shades, tip money
  357. backlashjack

    Has anyone had this sort of problem room mate on a trip ?

    I should've taken it easy on the olive oil, but hell, it was on sale as Costco. Sorry I wrecked your trip. :shakin:
  358. backlashjack

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    June 7 day September 9 day Local boats during the span and possibly before as well October 10 day January 15 day
  359. backlashjack

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    Too rich for my blood
  360. backlashjack

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    Stellar report! best I've read since I don't know when. Sounds like awesome fun
  361. backlashjack

    Selecting the right jig or artificial

  362. backlashjack

    Combined hobbies

    Serious talent, beautiful craftmanship
  363. backlashjack

    Xtream Braid

    I'll rock the hell out of some yellow spectra. If you get in a tangle, it's easier to differentiate the lines. However, most my rigs have white. .... Now that green shit.......... whole different story, that's a tangle waiting to happen
  364. backlashjack

    Xtream Braid

    Isn't that how many it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  365. backlashjack

    Mono to Fluro

    Surgeon knot for similar / same line diameters. Uni to uni if tying different line diameter (as in heavier leader)
  366. backlashjack

    ...and so it begins

    Fresh One! The hook has been set. Very cool Garry
  367. backlashjack

    Last Minute Prepping Tradition.

    You guys are all overthinking this shit. The last thing I want to do before I leave is get LAID.
  368. backlashjack

    Wahoo bomb rod

    Take 'em both. They both should work just dandy for the bomb. That way you can have a couple different colors going if one isn't getting bit.
  369. backlashjack

    Best 50 lb. bait rod?

    My personal best on 50# was a 200+ lb. sea lion. Safely released of course. :rolleyes: With a SS6470H you can pull really hard.
  370. backlashjack

    kite reel

    I like to wear my harness when on the kite. It frees up my drinking hand
  371. backlashjack

    Grouper Fishing

    I prefer to catch mine with a surface iron tied to fresh 40lb Izor-rope.
  372. backlashjack

    Hollow to flouro connection

    Go Toby! LOL
  373. backlashjack

    Hollow to flouro connection

    Use a Toby Pena and don't worry about all that inline spice hooplah. And Enjoy
  374. backlashjack

    60 lb. IZOR breaking strength

    4 WRAPS WITH 60#
  375. backlashjack

    Hollow to flouro connection

    What lb. hollow are you talking about? For what application / target species?
  376. backlashjack

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    I think that ticket already got punched before this.
  377. backlashjack

    60 lb. IZOR breaking strength

    I was at the Fred Hall and thought I'd give it a try on the knot tying at the Izorline booth. (60#) I tied 3 knots. A double San Diego that broke at the knot at 93.2 lb's (I thought that was pretty good, however, it did break at the knot. Then I tried another knot I've played with for a few...
  378. backlashjack

    Wahoo Night Bite?

    They have exceptional vision from what I've been told, so it makes sense they would eat in the dark. I'm down for a cluster fuck night bite though.
  379. backlashjack

    Spooling up

    Fishy, you gotta act like you're having way too much fun spooling it up and then Tom Sawyer one of your buddies to wind, wind, wind. Let them know they're doing a "bang up" job and buy them a beer. Works for me. LOL
  380. backlashjack

    Middle shelf tackle bag

    I carry a pocket pack of hooks, a sliding egg and a rubber banded torpedo with me while fishing. A small bag of my MANY jigs I bring fits just about anywhere on the rack. Once my rods are set up, there's no need to have my tackle box in an alpha position (although that's not a bad place to be)...
  381. backlashjack

    Middle shelf tackle bag

    Lots of spots. Just ask a crew member where it will be out of the way. They'll most likely bring it up and tie it down in a good place for you while you grab a cold beer. They are there to help and get tips for their exceptional service.
  382. backlashjack

    Middle shelf tackle bag

    Take a couple of bungie cords and make it happen. Tuna cord also works if you forget your bungie cords.
  383. backlashjack

    PowerPro MaxCuattro-Results? Opinions?

    I have an Andros 5N packed with the yellow 50lb. It's super thin, feels like 30lb. You certainly get some extra capacity. I fish it with 25lb. to 30lb. line for that setup. It casts fine enough. I wouldn't max it out with a 50lb. topshot on their 50# spectra though. Not sure, but it's probably...
  384. backlashjack

    Middle shelf tackle bag

    There's always the upper deck, but, shhhhhh. It's a secret.
  385. backlashjack

    Fisherman's Canning

    They'll can up your catch. It's not cheap, but, damn it's good.
  386. backlashjack

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    I don't think I have enough room left in my tackle box for my micrometer
  387. backlashjack

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader

    Probably works just fine. I couldn't guess how many feesh I caught before I ever used FC. I usually spend the "extra" dough for Seaguar, but I'd give it a try. Who has it? FC is taxed hard, IMO they want way too much $$ for FC - jeez, price out some of the heavy stuff, you damn near have to get...
  388. backlashjack

    Wahoo Bomb Heads

    I don't get too OCD on it. I just attach a 8/0 siwash to one side of a 6oz. torpedo. Wrap it with some flashy mylar and attach an old trout jig to the hook, like a Thomas Bouyant or similar. Wire it up or 200# Mono / FC and it does fine. side note: put the spinning jig on the hook before you...
  389. backlashjack

    tale of three lost fish at Hurricane

    Some days you're the hammer. Some days you're the nail. We call it fishing instead of catching for a reason. Glad to see you got to go and have fun. You'll prolly get a "super" next trip
  390. backlashjack

    Bait on long range

    Pisses you off when it's tough bait making and a perfect size greenie falls off and hits the deck. makes you want to stomp him out
  391. backlashjack

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    I've used all 3. IMO one of them is a "not again", the other two are great. Rosie at Fisherman's always hooks me up. I call for my ride, unload, sort fish, breakfast at Mitch's. My ride shows up, load gear and my fish is ready to go. Less than 2 hours later it's getting dried off and put in the...
  392. backlashjack

    Bait on long range

    Japanese sushi chef's
  393. backlashjack

    Jigging Master Rods for trips

    Jigging Master kills it! I have never seen a setup that kicks a fish's ass quite so well. Hook a nice YT on a PE5 setup and you'll feel like a "big bully" picking on a little fish. Reel speed is fast enough to get bit, yet slow enough to jig for hours. Match the right size jig to your blank and...
  394. backlashjack

    The Long Range Character thread.

    Oh No! Not the Tea Bag! Say it ain't so. LMFAO
  395. backlashjack

    2 Super Cows on EXCEL today...

    Way to go Jimbo!
  396. backlashjack

    The Long Range Character thread.

    Threadjack impending............... get out the popcorn
  397. backlashjack

    Which reel should I use for trolling and which for dropper loop.

    Leave the TLD at home. Use the Ti30 for both applications.
  398. backlashjack

    Trokar Hooks for Wahoo

    "dart" - to straighten out a hook so that it resembles a "dart" not a hook anymore.
  399. backlashjack

    The Long Range Character thread.

    I remember that BS. Tyler and I were about to change his name to 2shiners or 2teeth. I'm very glad I put that fake dog turd in his tackle box and douched it down with "Liquid Ass". He also got his handles soaked in liquid ass too, he couldn't figure out what or where that terrible stench was...
  400. backlashjack

    Trokar Hooks for Wahoo

    Those Trokar hooks are VERY sharp. Not sure what the TK7 or TK8 hooks are. But if you are using them for bait, I don't see any reason you would dart a bait hook on a Wahoo. Jig hook on the other hand is totally different as you have your drag buttoned down for jig fishing the Skin. I got some...
  401. backlashjack

    long range t-shirt question

    You just gotta chum a little with some crack rocks, put a skirt on a crack pipe, drag it behind a '64 Impala at 8 knots and.... HOOK UP!
  402. backlashjack

    long range t-shirt question

    I just go shirtless so I can show off my rippling biceps, cannon ball shoulders and six pack abs.... Oh, nevermind, that was 30 years ago. LOL
  403. backlashjack

    long range t-shirt question

    An old crusty Tee from another LR operation will get you a shiny new T-shirt on the big X... You gotta deep 6 the old ratty one though. Lol
  404. backlashjack

    Getting Out Of The Harbor?

    Big wind and even bigger swells. Get sea sick in the harbor. barf I heard 15 to 18 meter swells...WTF
  405. backlashjack

    How I Plan to Rig and Fish...

    Sounds like you got it covered.... Just add water
  406. backlashjack

    10 Day Advice

    Your Oct trip will be variety - it's all out there; YFT, YT, Wahoo, Grouper, Pargo, Dorado, inshore species and a possible shot at cows on the lower banks. 10 day Dec, I would think it's a "big fish" trip. Lower banks can be good stuff, however, depending on the water, you may be getting...
  407. backlashjack

    When you snag the bottom

    Says who? Not the Nevada State Gaming Comission
  408. backlashjack

    Anybody been on a 6 day trip and went on to the rocks/ridge?

    Yes, brief stop at the rocks on a 6 day once, even bombed down to the ridge on a 5 day one time.
  409. backlashjack

    Trip Cancel

    Damn, this thread got jacked hard! Thought this was about fishing, not economics. And BTW, who makes minimum wage and fishes LR? :zelfmoordIs there a secret "Obama LR fund" I'm not aware of or don't qualify for? I hate to see any boat cancel. That means they're not making money. This is our...
  410. backlashjack

    Can't make up my mind Guadalupe 80/100lb reel

    Use your mak 20. Less tackle = more trips or just flip a coin, both are good reels IMO
  411. backlashjack

    Offshore JRI / GETSOME Vagabond 3day report.

    Nice work! That pic of the "burg" just made me hungry
  412. backlashjack

    Tuna Spikes

    Slammed with work so I had to actually "jump off" the upcoming long trip - yeah, I know, I'm a little bitch. I guess it's better than the soup line though. I hope you guys just kill it.
  413. backlashjack

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/26

    Those yellers were some hawgz! Great pic's. Congrat's on a successful trip. Let the decks run red with blood
  414. backlashjack

    Intrepid into a big Wahoo score

    Lots of smiling faces there. There is nothing quite like the excitement of a hot Wahoo bite. Congrats to the Intrepid and her anglers.
  415. backlashjack

    A close call for some anglers fishing

    "should've seen the one that got away"....... That was sketchy
  416. backlashjack

    Calstar 770 xh for 80

    Ya know, the guy that got the 445 on the X used a 60lb. stick on a 50W..... of course he had help during his smoke break though.
  417. backlashjack

    Tuna Spikes

    Those are SICK! I would have a hard time choosing, they all look bitchen
  418. backlashjack

    Calstar 770 xh for 80

    Does a bear shit in the woods? Does the pope wear a funny hat? Is a frog's ass water tight? Hell Ya! Perfect
  419. backlashjack

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid w/ Mak 10 sea

    Get both, that way you "have" to get another reel (mak8)
  420. backlashjack

    Dropper loop knot

    Spider Hitch is my go to. To answer your questions; yes, yes, yes. You can tie to the loop, make a big loop and cut it and tie to the short end or long end for a reverse drooper looper and with heavy line you could tie the hook onto a long tag end and use the loop to hold the weight (not how I...
  421. backlashjack

    Help with 60-80-100?

    With 27 lbs. of drag available at strike with max drag at 34 lbs. the Mak15 should be able to handle 80lb., but, IMO, that's pushing it, I feel the Mak15 is more of a 60# reel. The Mak 16 is totally a 80 - 100 lb. reel. For what you have listed I think that's your best option (reel to rod...
  422. backlashjack

    Talica 16ii or 20ii with what rod

    Fishy got a super on a mak16. Sounds like enough power for your 5 day needs, even out of PV apparently
  423. backlashjack

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    Pin a hot bait on. Walk over to the rail. And drop it in, I guarantee you will be in the Pacific (SDLR). I have seen too many people stun, lose or foul a 'dine trying to get a few extra feet off their cast. I can get a butt hooked 'dine to motor with a gentle underhand lob.
  424. backlashjack

    Spinner for cow Tuna

    I went to the "Darkside" this year and bought a spinning rig (Saragosa - poor man's Stella). Horses in schoolie tuna. I had a larger 50lb model that put a bit of a fight on. IMO they kick the fishes ass faster, but, they also will kick your ass faster. Got a Hoo with it though, so I was pretty...
  425. backlashjack

    Here's you're sign....

    I've had the "Alpha" tackle spots and have used the upper deck. I'll take either. I just need to be able to open my SKB. When I set up on top deck I usually carry a pack of hooks in my pocket and maybe a sliding egg and a a small torpedo on a band. easy peasy lemon squeezy
  426. backlashjack

    Here's you're sign....

    I can put my 8 ft. sticks vertical on the EXCEL. My 9 footers gotta lean up at the bow
  427. backlashjack

    Here's you're sign....

    Even if you bring 17 sticks, you can only use one at a time. Not rocket science. Boats aren't that large that a few extra steps will make or break you. Give me any number or none at all... I'll still wet a line
  428. backlashjack

    Seaguar premier Q's

    Couldn't even begin to tell you how many fish I've landed with Seaguar premier. If you have 40, then fish it like 40. Set your drag, or better yet, have a deckie check your drag after you set it and let them know what line you're using. I prefer it over the other FC's out there.
  429. backlashjack

    Yellowfin topwater strike at Clarion

    BahWHOOOSHHH! Bad ass
  430. backlashjack

    What do you think of this as a Wahoo Bomb?

    8.5 inches isn't too long.... that sounded wrong
  431. backlashjack

    Good Problem

    That 50 will take a shitload of 130. Depending upon what you intend to use it for (line size / diameter) you could step it up to some 200 spliced in. 80 hollow is thicker than 100 hollow (JB anyways). I would use 80 solid - try to break it, GFL. Plus solid sinks better than hollow. What do you...
  432. backlashjack

    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    You'll be stoked if you go on the EXCEL. All of the boats are great, she's just my favorite. They have top of the line Okuma / Seeker rental gear packages to fit your needs for any length of trip. Leave the Senator and Ugly Stik at home.
  433. backlashjack

    Power pro vs Jerry Brown vs Cortland hollow core spectra

    16 strand is WAYYYYY easier to insert into. It is a bit thicker though (see above post). Mak20, I would use the JB100 and top it off (50 - 70 ft. or so) with a 16 carrier 100# of your choosing (BTW, Cortland C-16 is very easy to work with).
  434. backlashjack

    Okuma Excel 15 day trip

    Big "X" is gettin' sum now! ttt
  435. backlashjack


    Dang Girl! What they been feeding you? Wheaties for sure. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  436. backlashjack

    Footwear recommendations

    I got myself some of these for Cyber Monday
  437. backlashjack

    What is the reason for a 130 topshot

    I would go with more than a 5 foot leader. You want a leader at least as long as the biggest fish you intend on catching. I wouldn't want the tail of a 250# monster beating against my spectra... be a bummer if the spectra parted ways
  438. backlashjack

    How relevant is rod length ?

    I love the long stick on 25# - 40#, I can weave my way around other anglers easier to avoid tangles. Wouldn't want to do much more than that though, takes a big toll on the lower back. Big fish, gimme a 7 ft. rail rod.
  439. backlashjack

    The Intrepid Angler of the Year Award.... CATCH -A-THREE RIDE FOR FREE is BACK!!

    That 288 looks like a 400 next to you Soda Pop. Lol
  440. backlashjack

    Spectra Color (Again?)

    It's super, super thin. 50 is like 30 or thinner. You'll get way more yards on the spool. I'm sure it's an IGFA rated line, I wouldn't over pull on it.
  441. backlashjack

    Spectra Color (Again?)

    black lines matter......... nevermind, wrong cliche. JK. I like white or yellow. I got some metered line on a rig and not thrilled with it. Won't break out the green stuff unless I see someone I want to saw off.
  442. backlashjack

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    Who needs bait anyways? :jig:
  443. backlashjack

    8 day on AA 11/1-11/9. We caught one of these...

    Bitchen looking Bonita
  444. backlashjack

    Reel For Wahoo Iron?

    Avet HXJ
  445. backlashjack

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    Yeah? How about a pissy ex-wife with an automatic weapon
  446. backlashjack

    Little Dab'll Do Ya? (Tac Glue)

    Yeah. But can you fix a broken denture with it?
  447. backlashjack

    What long range boats do private charters?

    Any operation will, providing they have a slot or possibly an open charter that only has a couple anglers signed up. Willie Nelson said it best:
  448. backlashjack

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    EVERYONE needs to keep their head on a swivel when in Wahoo grounds. You never know when one might just scream up the rail, and go around the anchor. I don't want to be 'that guy" that just sawed off the anchor with my spectra. I'll holler (loud), but you gotta move or get mowed in that...
  449. backlashjack

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    I agree with Fishy.... I'm a tackle whore though, so, I'd probably swap out one of the 100# outfits to have a popper set up in there too... Lol... i would keep the 60# on the HX though, it'll be a go to yo-yo rig with those big shouldered yellers they got there,
  450. backlashjack

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    I've been known to buy people beer and mark it on my buddy's number
  451. backlashjack

    Shogun offload.....sick

  452. backlashjack

    Just curious

    I rig some up at the bait receiver. Some more as we travel. Little bit more if we keep traveling. Gotta spread it out yet still be ready. I take way too much shit anyways (like most LR's). I could easily get away with 3 set ups on a 8 day, but I take 4x that much. As for trolling marauders, the...
  453. backlashjack

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    They have some MONSTER Calico bass there... Was thinking I could get close in to the rocks and get a shot at a world record in my float tube and a bass rod. I hear the big ones taste delicious.
  454. backlashjack

    Beer meets fishing!

    I'm gettin' thirstier by the minute
  455. backlashjack

    Water temp on the ridge

    That depends on what species you're targeting.
  456. backlashjack

    Small fish...

    Hi Donna, I got my big one on a raider jig, short topshot of 60Lb. FC with doubled line on a TN40N and SS 6470H. Got about half of my hoo on bombs and the other on raiders with the tape removed. And, heck yeah, let's go fishing, i'll share a rail with you anytime my lady.
  457. backlashjack

    Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo Bombs

    Crimped at the top too, with a swivel or ring. But really now that I've thought about it more... Why not tie directly to the top loop of the big FC?? I think that's how I'm gonna do it next time. Bottom crimp gets a sleeve (toothy critters biting right in that general vicinity)
  458. backlashjack

    Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo Bombs

    Was at the stones about a week ago. These bad boys put in some work. They were really getting bit well with 200# FC (crimped), much better than wire. I don't think I'll ever wire up a bomb again. And there is no better bomb than Cappy Jimbo's, hands down.
  459. backlashjack

    Small fish...

    Just got back from a 9 day. Big Al Tuna Tourney The tuna on the ridge were 10 - 25 lbs. (most in the 10 lb. range - especially if fishing poppers). I killed two little guys and released over 10x that. Yellows were holding deep and were not on the chew... I never fished so hard for so few YT...
  460. backlashjack

    FAVORITE 10 DAY TRIP (Boat/Date/Why)

    Big Al Tuna Tourney Leaving oh'dark thirty tomorrow morning Gonna tear it up for 9 days with some of the best people you'll ever meet. Daily jackpots, onshore JP, paramutals, liars poker, an NINETY NINE! Look out Mr. Skin, I'm a commin fer ya.
  461. backlashjack


    Where's the cocktail girls?
  462. backlashjack

    Wahoo thoughts

    Better to have the jig hanging out it's mouth than caught up in its butthole
  463. backlashjack

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    That picture says.... "God lives here".... beautiful Some men go to church and think about fishing, some go fishing and think about God.
  464. backlashjack

    This Wahoo just did not make it to gaff

    Totally bad ass pic there
  465. backlashjack

    Full speed wahoo at Benitos

    I have around 40 raider jigs and catchy tackle/6X/Jr. wahoo irons and about 20+ bombs.... Hope I don't run out.
  466. backlashjack

    Full speed wahoo at Benitos

    I'll see what I can do, but no
  467. backlashjack

    seeker super seeker live bait or jig and bait rod??

    Calstar 770xh or SS 1x3... Both good 80# rods
  468. backlashjack

    Full speed wahoo at Benitos

    Oh Snap! I leave Friday on the Big Al 9 day. I'm gonna FUCK SHIT UP!
  469. backlashjack

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Soak it in cider
  470. backlashjack

    For those of you going fishing soon

    Before O.J. was a convicted felon
  471. backlashjack

    blackening out solid rings

    Owner makes black rings
  472. backlashjack

    JRI Vagabond 8 Day October

    Leaving next Friday on the Big Al 9 day. Been so busy with work I haven't gone through my terminal tackle. I usually carry a small tackle store so I'm not too worried. Plus I'll just jack one of my buddies jigs if I just gotta have it, lol. Looking forward to grinding on some skin.
  473. backlashjack

    How do you cook your fish?

    This thread just gave me the munchies
  474. backlashjack

    defrosting processed fish

    I just have Rosie insert a stick in the end before Fisherman's packages it. Then I have a tunasickle.
  475. backlashjack

    best time of year for LR fishing

    October is definitely a great time to go. The Hoo should be thick. However, you still run the risk of a hurricane keeping you in closer to the beach. August is great too, you never know what the ocean may offer up to you... I've seen many Wahoo landed in August. My advise... Just go fishing...
  476. backlashjack

    For Sale: Fighting Chair, Quad Rod holders, kodiak bait tank from boat just purchased

    He's not allowed to. "No first posts on BD selling stuff." Ya first gotta ask questions like; Who is your fav cap'n, fav boat? What Lb. test do I need to bounce a skipjack? etc.
  477. backlashjack

    Ever wonder why the bluefin don't bite?

    What are you talking about? They always bite with reckless abandon. Especially the big hawgs :D
  478. backlashjack

    what reel for a 6480 jig stick?

    I'm fond of all my Trinidad's... However, I purchased an Okuma Cortez for right around a hundo and it's a great reel. It can cast a country mile. It has a warranty. I can outcast my TN30DC with it, go figure
  479. backlashjack

    Jigs' lures and Fall flats.

    Flat fall jigs definitely catch fishermen.......... Only fish I've hooked on mine are a couple small starrys & white fish Flatside vertical.... now those baby's put in WORK
  480. backlashjack

    Neat addition to my gear

    I love getting blown in my state room
  481. backlashjack

    wahoo iron for 10 day end of sept

    No sense in bothering. I'm on the trip before yours and we are not going to leave any wahoo left in the ocean
  482. backlashjack

    5 Day Report 8/13-8/18 with Video

    happy killing. nice job
  483. backlashjack

    Haven't seen

    I think he's up fishing the Channel Islands. Laying waste to the big ghosts
  484. backlashjack


    #8 split to #7.5 solid
  485. backlashjack


    nice work there, congrats
  486. backlashjack

    Night fishing???

    If you're night fishing, make sure you use green spectra. that way when you start sawing people off you have something to blame. Lol
  487. backlashjack


    Oh no! There goes Tokyo. Here comes Godzilla!
  488. backlashjack


    Sweet ass... nice fish porn too. Sounded like a fun trip, congrats on the catch
  489. backlashjack

    Tackle Recommendations?

    I got wrecked by a good one last weekend on 30lb. And I've landed 85lb. BFT on 30# line I had a few chew offs too (with circle hooks) 1.5 day trip
  490. backlashjack

    Knots for heavy fluorocarbon

    SD jam or a uni, both cinched back to leave a loop. Just make sure it's a knot your comfortable tying and trust.
  491. backlashjack

    Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo Bombs

    Did his prices go up? Could have sworn they were cheaper last year. They're all good, hard choice to make there. I've done well with the dorado colors and the bloody runner.
  492. backlashjack

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    Gloves are for jigging, not bait fishing. Keep your hands as clean and dry as you can. Use hand sanitizer frequently, your line cuts shouldn't fester up that way.
  493. backlashjack

    Parking Cost at Point Loma Landing Lot?

    Good luck on finding a spot. That's one loaded up lot
  494. backlashjack


    "Credit card surcharges in California - Not Legal"
  495. backlashjack

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    If you really want to save some money try this bad boy out. Guaranteed lots of fun.
  496. backlashjack

    6 bft from 120-175 lbs on New Lo Ann today

    Going out this weekend on a 1.5 day. Ya, I'm taking a "just in case" set up for sure.
  497. backlashjack

    Getting back in it!!

    Flip a coin, you probably can't go wrong with either. August may provide more opportunities at more variety
  498. backlashjack

    bust a move

    Long range shore fishing at its best
  499. backlashjack

    Getting back in it!!

    I have limited out on YT every time I have fished with Justin Fleck. EVERY TIME. If you're thinking about the EXCEL, do it, you will not be disappointed.
  500. backlashjack

    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    The EXCEL carries mass quantities of Ballast Point. So that's not an issue for me. Just make sure when you're drinking your fancy beer you stick out your pinky.
  501. backlashjack

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    I really don't care where I fish. Put me on them and just let me do my thing. Yank & crank baby, yank & crank!
  502. backlashjack

    Blue fin in Mexican water

    P.W.T. close minded simps. scared & ignorant I'm sure most all Germans find the swastika offensive and embarrassing. True human growth begins with accepting and understanding your mistakes. But then again, I don't like to see people flying anything other than Old Glory in this country. If...
  503. backlashjack

    Will bite come on in July?

    I predict easy limits of WFO fishing. The hull will be bare paint
  504. backlashjack

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    I got a big pocket puffer just thinking about hooking a big one. Great info there
  505. backlashjack

    Window Leader Jig

    Good luck on getting a cricket to swim naturally with that heavy of leader Jon
  506. backlashjack

    Yo Yo Rig

    It'll work. No need for a long cast with a yo-yo. Wind in face, toss overboard, drop down, wind like hell.... fresh one!
  507. backlashjack

    Heavy Leader for Tuna

    50# or even 40# FC should be just dandy. IMO 150# will adversely effect the action of the jig. Step it up to 60# if your worried about losing a jig. Myself I'll risk the jig for the bite.
  508. backlashjack

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    You can always donate your excess Wahoo to me :drool:
  509. backlashjack

    Mak 8 ??

    The only issue I have with my Mak8 is it free spools sooooo good. You really have to lob a bait out there gently, don't cast too hard unless you want a professional overrun. I'm not talking about a birdnest mess, just enough to stop the reel temporarily before the bait hits the water, either...
  510. backlashjack

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    I'll never forget on one of my first LR trips Justin Fleck telling everyone to slam their baits on the deck, then cast out. Didn't make a bit of sense to me as I have always tried to get that "hot" bait... But I did what the captain said. I asked him after our frenzied bite as to why, and he...
  511. backlashjack

    Berkley Big Game, Momoi, P-Line, Ande or Jinkai leader material

    You can always try my method......... Eeeny, meeny, miny, mo :shakin: No, really though, I like the feel of the Jinkai
  512. backlashjack

    2015 of adventure charter

    Saw you guys at Benitos when we stopped for some galley grub on our way down to the Ridge on the big X. Waved hi
  513. backlashjack

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    You sir, are a gentleman & a scholar. A true ambassador of sport fishing.
  514. backlashjack

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    3rd place???? You must have handed off a larger model then I'm sure. Congrats on a fun and safe trip
  515. backlashjack

    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    best bang for the buck???? Avet HXJ (not the raptor model -it is more money and the regular one can fish up to 60# line) Lots of choices out there. An Accurate 600NN is totally bad ass for this style of jig fishing, but Accurates are never "the best bang for your buck" I use a Shimano TN40N...
  516. backlashjack


    Try the Okuma Cortez. Don't let the cheap price fool you. Sometimes you actually get MORE than what you paid for. Mine actually can out cast my TN300DC, embarrassing.
  517. backlashjack

    first wahoo on the royal star

    Nice, can't wait till next week
  518. backlashjack

    Must have setups for SD fishing?

    Yoyo 50 Surface iron 40 Bait 25 to 30 Bass 20
  519. backlashjack

    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    I'd be more than happy to make my mark on your tag Mr Buzz Franchise fee of one Tecate
  520. backlashjack

    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    The "slim beauty" has the spectra doubled with 3 tag ends of spectra...
  521. backlashjack

    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    So if I'm understanding this correctly, the difference is, the "Pena" has an overhand knot for the stopper knot & the "Sands" has a 3 wrap uni for the stopper? If that's the case I've been tying a "Sands' and calling it a "Pena" for years now. I do however drop down to a 2 turn uni on line that...
  522. backlashjack

    Tackle Box for Day Trips and more...

    Purdy n sturdy
  523. backlashjack

    Round 2 of spring trips at sea.

    EXCEL got some skin at the ridge (, looks like good grade YFT & YT also. Saw another boat in the background in one of the pic's. I'm ready to catch some Hoo and release it into my belly.
  524. backlashjack

    What is the recommendations for a 50lb class reel

    Mak 10 if you plan on bait only. A Shimano Talica II 12 would be excellent for double duty as yo-yo / bait (as would an Avet HX). All 3 are very reliable
  525. backlashjack

    Zombie Rockfishing for Cows part 2

    So if Bill Poole or Frank Lopreste boarded his boat at the bait barge, after buying ANOTHER load of bait to fish for Bluefin in US waters due to the Hurricane that altered your 16 day trip. Would you be saying this? They could have called it a trip, fished another day down lower, skipped the...
  526. backlashjack

    Zombie Rockfishing for Cows part 2

    Most boats reserve the right to overbook by one if I'm not mistaken, right?
  527. backlashjack

    YO-YO rod

  528. backlashjack

    Parking for longer trips - back to back?

    I'm spoiled.... I have one of my employees drop me off and pick me up.:cool:
  529. backlashjack

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    Shimano stuff is IMO the most dependable gear on the water. You cannot go wrong with Shimano. Accurate is overpriced junk. It works great right after it's been serviced or brand new, but they are temperamental little bitches. You will be spending at least $50 per year on maintenance and service...
  530. backlashjack

    Flat Fall Questions

    Get a bunch, then match the hatch
  531. backlashjack

    My Own Rod & Reel

    I agree, you would be better off with 1 25#-30# rig and one that can handle #40# to 50#. You absolutely do not need 2 speed for the 25#-30# application. An Avet MXJ with spectra backing on a Calstar 800ML (or 700M) will be a "go to" rig for that application and I believe you can pick up an Avet...
  532. backlashjack

    A couple questions

    Someone beat me to the "enter" button BTW, never seen anyone wash their clothes off the back of the boat, just people peeing off the back of the boat (or trolling)
  533. backlashjack

    A couple questions

    If you are fishing in California waters you need an ocean enhancement on your California fishing license.
  534. backlashjack

    Okuma Andros 12 ......... 2 speed

    I'm waiting for the "narrow" version
  535. backlashjack

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    "Maybe they take the west route and the HB will open up by sunday due to the inside track" Gotta hope for the best :D
  536. backlashjack

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    That's why we should carry shotguns in our rod bundle... Pull.. BOOM! Fresh one!
  537. backlashjack

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Huge bottle of olive oil
  538. backlashjack

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    Unless I'm using my surface iron that has about 100 yds of mono, all I use is anywhere from 3 to 25 feet of FC. Most my rigs start out with about 12 to 15 feet of FC and get changed out after it gets down to about 3 feet, however, I do like to have enough FC to cover the length of the target...
  539. backlashjack

    What line do you prefer?

    My favorite line is "tight"
  540. backlashjack

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    OK.... I'm officially Jonezing out now... Soon Jackson, soon, just be patient. :D
  541. backlashjack

    Making your own Top Shots

    I like the 16 carrier hollow for making my big feesh top shots. It's soooo easy to insert into. No needle, just a blunt rounded tip fed into the hollow, I seldom even need to expand it before insertion. It's more expensive line (ie: Toro Tamer), but for top shots it's perfect, I just wouldn't...
  542. backlashjack

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    What about areas like PV or Cabo? Are they viable options with these storms pounding it out right now?
  543. backlashjack

    Nose hooking sardine for tuna flylining

    With smaller hooks. LOL
  544. backlashjack

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    WTF?!? How in the world did you come up with that on this thread? I think you got some slack line that needs to be wound in. OK, personally I don't like to share my trip dates on an open forum as I have a family at home while I'm gone. However, I love to hear about others trips, upcoming trips...
  545. backlashjack

    One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure

    He shoots, and scores! GOAL!!
  546. backlashjack

    Being properly prepared for your First Long Range Trip

    Evelyn Reed ripped me off. Can u tell that again?
  547. backlashjack

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Are we allowed to take BFT in US and then fish Mexico? How would and enforcement agency verify where it comes from?
  548. backlashjack

    Trinadad 20A

    Avet HXJ..... No need for the "raptor", 22lbs. at strike is plenty for 'hoo. Then again, you can NEVER go wrong with Shimano products. I'm partial to my TN40N for 'hoo, but good luck getting one of those anymore (but, they can be found).
  549. backlashjack

    Harnesses for big tuna revisited

    I take my harness with me on "big fish" trips............ along with a bunch of other shit that never gets used.:D I do like the feel of control I have in that position over the rail position though, just hate walking around with that plate. I do use it on the kite though (because I'm a lazy...
  550. backlashjack

    Hola from the Okuma/Wahoodad/Excel 15 day

    Sometimes it's hard to post reports when you're busy helping anglers / tanglers and/or gaffing, tagging & dropping fish. Factory Boat!
  551. backlashjack

    8 day trip the first week of June?

    Don't forget your wallet this time Hustler...LOL
  552. backlashjack

    Help on finding the "right" popping rod

    Well, no responses but I got the Shimano TZS78XHSR. Feels good, can't wait to pull on a fish with it. Packed the reel with about 450 yds of the #50 Power Pro Maxcuatro. :-)
  553. backlashjack


    Bucket list fish for me....... keep trying Jackson
  554. backlashjack

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    Ya bring it, bring enough to share though. I know the deckies like it when I bring a couple cases of vitamin water (and let them have as much as they want)
  555. backlashjack

    Who is headed out for a week in mid June?

    7 day EXCEL......... coming up soon, very soon.... not soon enough
  556. backlashjack

    Kids on a 3 day trip.

    Just give him a warm Budweiser if he gets seasick
  557. backlashjack

    Was EL NINO last year or this year??

    I wonder what the "Fishing Weatherman" has to say about this topic
  558. backlashjack

    Was EL NINO last year or this year??

    2014 never ended
  559. backlashjack

    Some Observations...

    What's underwear?
  560. backlashjack


    you can actually make all of these connection with a uni (or two) tie that shit in the dark, blindfolded and drunk
  561. backlashjack

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    Yellowtail Tuna... Is that a new species? Sounds rare, should be protected by the MLPA.
  562. backlashjack

    Popper, Jigs and Hooks

    What do you plan on throwing poppers with?
  563. backlashjack

    Making top shots for Giant Tuna ahead of time

    I use those twisties for produce bags to keep my FC loop together and my spectra loop together. put the leader in a ziplock along with a piece of paper telling me what FC & spectra was used and how much. I use FC for most everything except the big "man" baits, I use 200# Izor rope for that.
  564. backlashjack


    Wow! That's what I dream about.
  565. backlashjack

    Showdown At Shimada

    What a great read! Impressive
  566. backlashjack

    Phenix abyss psx 909 or calstar gg90j

    I have a gg90J mated to a TN300DC. i use it with 40#. It throws a Tady AA or A-1 just about as well as it does a Tady 45. Plenty of backbone. It is 9 ft. and any long rod will work you, however, it isn't as hard on you as some other 9 ft. rods I have used. The rail is your friend.
  567. backlashjack

    Help on finding the "right" popping rod

    Hi, I just got a Saragosa 8000. Was going to fill it up with #65 Power Pro Maxcuatro (it's apparently 25% thinner - should get around 300 yards on a full spool). I'll probably have a 50Lb. leader of FC on it, maybe more for additional abrasion resistance. Plan on using it with Shimano Orca...
  568. backlashjack

    Spring , Summer LR predictions

    Oh yeah, and limits of Wahoo too.
  569. backlashjack

    Spring , Summer LR predictions

    Well, with the closure on BFT fishing in mexico I have a feeling it won't be a big deal as we are destined to have a great year on Albacore. Lots of big Dorado. Wide open cow fishing in early fall at the lower banks (2005 again). Big YFT at the ridge. Mossback monster Yellowtail. It's gonna be...
  570. backlashjack

    First big tuna trip, first cow

    Congrats! Great report. Now for the super
  571. backlashjack

    Late report… SCI 4/23

    Went to SCI this weekend on a 2 day. Got our asses kicked. 1 YFT that ate a rockfish setup. Other than that a bunch of baby dick rock fish and all the Bocaccio you could want
  572. backlashjack

    Offshore NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    Ya well, what about Japan??? They consume 90% of the BFT take worldwide. Shut them down and watch the species repopulate.
  573. backlashjack

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    Surface iron - inshore - mint, mint & white Surface iron - offshore - sardine, rainbow sardine, wounded sardine Yoyo - blue & white if you want a bite, scrambled egg, dorado all work good for lings - 300 gram to 400 gram flatside vertical jig with a treble on the bottom
  574. backlashjack

    Glove advice needed

    I agree, no gloves for bait fishing. Maybe if you need some after hoking a larger model have a crewman assist you in putting them on, unless your adrenaline is up & you DGAF at that point and just want that fish (with out letting anyone else put their hands on your rod). However, I like to...
  575. backlashjack

    5 Day Gear Check

    You're good to go. 7' Makaira 30-80, 113HN?, 40/50# (use with 50 - Yoyo rig, will see lots of usage) Enjoy!
  576. backlashjack

    Boat Gear?

    Less $ on tackle = more $ for trips
  577. backlashjack

    How about wahoo trolling

    At the stones one year I got hood's twice in a row fishing for tuna. Changed out to a wire leader and caught a 40lb. YFT. Go figure
  578. backlashjack

    When good bait is hard to come by

    I "F"-ing HATE thieves. If you want one of my jigs all you have to do is ask. Hell, ill give it to you (but I might just mark a beer down on your number, lol).
  579. backlashjack

    How about wahoo trolling

    Only if you're worried about losing it.........Otherwise go with 300# or 400# mono / FC Wire would get less bites IMO
  580. backlashjack

    Hand Feeding Largers

    Shootin' fish in a barrel. Big fish. Bigger barrel. Looks like fun. I'd rather get one on the plug though
  581. backlashjack

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    44,000 BFT breeders left (5% of where it should be). Scary low. Verge of extinction. Japan consumes 90% of the BFT taken worldwide. That's a lot, I don't know how many metric tons that equals, but I assure you it's a ridiculous amount. I'd be happy to stop fishing BFT if Japan would also. I just...
  582. backlashjack

    Offshore CHIEF 2-1/2 day report 4-10-12

    I would have released that BFT also............. Right into the galley
  583. backlashjack

    June Heat ------ Red Rooster ----- 15 Day ---- May 30- June 14

    Sharks bite! no pun intended........well maybe
  584. backlashjack

    How about wahoo trolling

    Why am I not surprised? you da man Sodapop
  585. backlashjack

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    Same ocean. IMO, restricting us sport fishermen will have no impact compared to the seiners It's not just Mexico, there are many other countries wrapping tons
  586. backlashjack

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    What!?! I call BS on that. Line fishing sport anglers taking more tuna than giant seiners wrapping up entire schools, ya right! What are you smoking? Puff, puff, pass. Granted, I don't like to see declining numbers of BFT, but let's focus on who really takes the fish from the sea. Commercial...
  587. backlashjack

    Tady jig hooks

    I think they're mfg'd by VMC. They're fine, they work. If it aint broke....well, you know the rest. I believe they are a 3X. I usually end up swapping out hooks for 4X after they get too mangled / straightened by hard pulling fish and/or more likely a pair of duck bills from a deckhand trying to...
  588. backlashjack

    Excel stateroom layout

    10 ... my personal fav, 15 & 18 are pretty cool too
  589. backlashjack

    RR3 #200 lb. Club Jacket. Got one for sale. Maybe you lost or wore yours out.

    Sent a message to my buddy Tyler. His got jacked
  590. backlashjack


    Break out the jigs
  591. backlashjack

    12 Days to go!

    Friends don't let friends fish 80 ;-)
  592. backlashjack

    Sea Lion Pulls Man Overboard in SD

    But sea lions are sooooo cute... at least that what my wife says
  593. backlashjack

    Small reels vs big Reels

    My largest BFT was 78Lbs. and came in on 30# string. 50# & 60# is for the yo-yo yellers. You should be fine. Enjoy
  594. backlashjack

    7-10 Day Heavy Rig (80-100#)

    Better to have and not need then need and not have
  595. backlashjack

    Excel 8 day July 16th Anyone else on this trip?

    X2 Pick up some Raider jigs (or Hopkins, bright 6X, catchy tackle, etc.), more than you think. Some Ti wire for bait fishing Hoo (40lb is more than good, you could even drop down for something stealthier) Plenty of 6X & 6xJr. (2 ea of blue/white, dorado, scrambled egg) I didn't see a 30#...
  596. backlashjack

    Who is "That Guy"

  597. backlashjack

    spring 8 day or fall 8 ?

    I have caught YT, YFT, BFT, Wahoo, dodo, halibut on a spring trip. (Not a bad variety at all) I have caught YT, YFT, Wahoo, dodo, Pargo, grouper on a fall trip. I have had to hide from Hurricanes on fall trips. I predict this to be a good spring (warm water), therefore, if I had to choose...
  598. backlashjack

    More Water Wolf Kite & Troll Videos

    That Wahoo was in full spazz mode... Awesome
  599. backlashjack

    United Composite 50 - 60lb blank recomenation

    I have a Raptor and it puts in work with 60#, casts a jig well too. I think it may be fine with 80#, but would prolly bottom out on a big dawg. Great 60# action though, just like a sore pecker, you can't beat it.
  600. backlashjack

    Mak or Talica 10

    My Mak 8 is butter... No it's bettah than buttah. Holds plenty of 50lb spectra, more than enough to get the job done with 40lb FC topshot. Weighs almost nada. narrow spool, big crank
  601. backlashjack

    Toy box

    Need to drill some holes in it so the crickets can get some fresh air.
  602. backlashjack

    FS: Accurate Boss Magnum 665H

    TTT.......... make offer.
  603. backlashjack

    Excel Yellowfin Tuna Videos

    Super SICK Vid Garry! :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: :worship:
  604. backlashjack

    Old Newb seeks 2.5 day advice.

    Free parking, no. Safe parking, maybe.
  605. backlashjack

    Guadalupe Permits

    I got wrecked at that spot on buttoned down 50lb. with a vertical jig. Sure miss that island. I can only imagine how huge the homeguards are getting now without the pressure they used to have.
  606. backlashjack

    Rod & Reel Rigs for 14+ day trip

    Where's the Curado bait caster? I don't leave home without it. Can be lots of fun with other smaller exotics, or you just might plug the boat early and hit Calico's or Sierras on the way back up.
  607. backlashjack

    What can be used to prevent sliding egg sinker sliding down to the hook?

    I don't use anything. I usually keep a long tag on my knots as the other side of the knot has a 300yd tag end. The egg is never by the hook when flylining, only on the retrieve. Been my secret weapon of choice for many moons. Not crazy about the toothpick, as the bait has to drag around the egg...
  608. backlashjack

    3 day mid March.

    Just got back yesterday from the EXCEl 3 day. Got limits of YT for me and both my sons. Plus some very nice reds. It was just like long range fishing.... only shorter
  609. backlashjack

    Anyone Use The Cush-It Rod Butt Cushion

    No, but I used to use some Kush.
  610. backlashjack

    Heavy Duty Sabiki

    50lb. mono, tie 1 to 2 hooks on. Pin on a small piece of a busted rubber balloon or a piece off a trash bag that will flutter in the water. It hammers 'em. Learned it from the X deckies. Save your money for tips and beer.
  611. backlashjack

    Dolphin motel

    Just crash out in the Body Shop parking lot after you've had too much to drink. If you go home with glitter on your clothes, just tell your wife its fish scales.
  612. backlashjack

    JRI "Intruder"

    Just when I thought there was no room left in my tackle box... Guess I'll have to make some more room.
  613. backlashjack

    3 day EXCEL

    I don't think they'll be able to fish Cortez / Tanner banks if we have rock fish in the holds, the water gets too deep out there and there would be no way to prove that the rockfish were caught legally to the DFW. At least the last time I fished that area in December, they didn't let us keep...
  614. backlashjack

    3 day EXCEL

    I'm departing 2/26
  615. backlashjack

    3 day EXCEL

    Going out next weekend on the big X for a 3 dayer. I was wondering if anyone has heard how the fishing for yellers has been at Punta Colnett, San Martin? Water temps? I'm assuming this would be our "range" for a trip of this length.
  616. backlashjack

    Short Report: Royal Star 14 Day

    Nice work... Congrats on the big one
  617. backlashjack


    Safety........ They're a blast to catch on a popper, but most crews don't want any jigs going out for Dodo's... they just spazz out too much when on deck and a deckhand with a jig in his leg is a deckhand down during a crucial bite, plus it hurts like hell. Now dropping below them with a raider...
  618. backlashjack

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    Was fishing with some guy that was apparently some kind of royalty.......... Everyone kept calling him "the King"
  619. backlashjack

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    4/0 to 6/0 ringed Super Mutu's do the job. Circle hook will almost always put the hook right in the corner of their mouth, right where you want it. Size the hook accordingly to the bait. You can also go ringless and make a loop with your line for the ring (IMO a little bit stealthier)
  620. backlashjack

    Who is "That Guy"

    How else do you expect to keep your stationary bike from tipping over in high seas? duh
  621. backlashjack

    Who is "That Guy"

    "That guy" winds in a slack line that another angler hasn't a clue about because he is not in touch with his bait, ties a beer can to it, zip ties a 25lb. sand bag to the slack line and tosses it overboard, making the angler that isn't paying attention think he has a "big one" on, sits back and...
  622. backlashjack

    FS: Accurate Boss Magnum 665H

    Price drop....... Asking $220... stout reel...... send PM if interested
  623. backlashjack

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    My son got a ticket from DFW for his trailing nymph (#22 size hook) having a barb not mashed down at Crowley Lake last year. It was like $250.00.... And we release everything we catch at Crowley... and know how to properly release without harming the fish. The previous day it was legal. JMO...
  624. backlashjack

    Excel Has Easy Limits Of Wahoo at The Rocks

    Nothing quite like "wide open" Wahoo. I hear from a reliable source that Justin said it was the "best" Wahoo fishing he has ever seen... and I'm certain he has seen plenty. Green with envy.
  625. backlashjack

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    Don't be a hater Carl. Why would you wish ill fortune upon others?
  626. backlashjack


    I was thinking about using my ATD 12 as my night time PL68 weapon of choice. I haven't caught any big tuna on the jig yet but from what most people tell me, it seems that once the fish gets out of range of the boat lights it mellows out a little bit. So it makes sense to me that most of your...
  627. backlashjack

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    If you had the fish processed, then divide the poundage of whole fish by 3 (1/3 of the whole fish is what is fillet). Take that number and multiply by what fresh YT fillets are going for (I think it's like $12.00 to $14.00 per pound). Your fish processor will give you a slip (receipt) that shows...
  628. backlashjack

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    You can always go without a ring and tie a san diego or a uni and leave a loop at the end (don't cinch down against the hook) and that is going to create a ring that is almost invisible and much lighter than steel or Ti.
  629. backlashjack

    5 day vs 7 day gear wise?

    You're set like cement. Even though you probably don't need anything heavier than 40#, it's the one time you don't have a heavy set up that you find a school of foaming 150Lb. BFT chewing the paint off the boat, so always be prepared (Boy Scout motto)
  630. backlashjack

    Small tackle rod

  631. backlashjack

    UC Cow rod preference - Viper, Invictus or Gladiator?

    I have the Viper mounted to a Mak 20. Took it on my last 15 day. That thing really kicks the shit out of sharks. lol
  632. backlashjack

    recent problem with IPAD on long range boat

    You caught shit tons of Wahoo and are worried about facebook? Good thing your rods and reels worked, huh?
  633. backlashjack

    Intrepid broke again

    It's Obama's fault
  634. backlashjack

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    Accurate BX30N filled w/100 lb. spectra just in case a BIG FAT TUNA eats your jig
  635. backlashjack

    Cow Drag

    Set the drag at 1/3 the line test at strike for 100# & 130# line. Don't go into strike until after the first run. Make a mark with a sharpie on the reel where the drag is at 23lbs to 24 lbs (about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up depending on your curve), slide your drag lever to the sharpie mark for...
  636. backlashjack

    How Many Wind On Leaders

    You should be fine. If you run out, the crew or another angler will get you hooked up. Basil makes great leaders, but it's not rocket science. Enjoy.
  637. backlashjack

    50# Set Up

    700H if you're sold on the Grafighter, or a Super Seeker 6470H. Both will work just fine. But with the SS 6470H you should be able to step it up to 60Lb. if you want. However, the 6470H is heavier