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  1. timedjohnson

    Jack Plate a good investment?

    My boat came with a powered jackplate - I switched to a manual jackplate when I put on the new motor to keep the fine tunability and setback. I don't think there's much utility to a powered jack plate out here since we don't really have shallow water requirements (once you have the basic motor...
  2. 4 blade 19" pitch stainless prop - Chad Hill Propellers $275 OBO

    4 blade 19" pitch stainless prop - Chad Hill Propellers $275 OBO

    14-5/8" diameter. Came off a 200 blackmax - was slighly overpropped for new motor (and old motor I believe). I was at 43 mph at about 5000 rpm for reference on a 26' narrow light boat. Mercury hub included. No dings perfect condition. In Venice/Marina del rey. PM or respond if interested...
  3. timedjohnson

    Mercury 225 Help

    My new 200 was doing something similar - even sputtered and died once - upon inspection my racor filter assembly was leaking a little fuel - turns out the metal head of the assembly was pretty corroded and not getting a good seal. I replaced the whole thing and seems to have fixed the issue so...
  4. timedjohnson

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    And if you have to you can get a manual jackplate for not too much to give you more adjustability. Got on one mine (to replace a powered jackplate that crapped out).
  5. timedjohnson

    Yamaha f250 prop.

    I've got a 14 5/8" x 19 pitch four blade stainless available. Chad Hill propellers. Pushed my 26' boat with a 200 hp to ~40 mph at 4900 RPMS so may work for you. Would need a new hub since it came off a mercury
  6. timedjohnson

    4 blade 19” stainless Chad hill propeller $275 OBO

    Came off a 200 blackmax - was slighly overpropped for new motor (and old motor I believe). I was at 43 mph at about 5000 rpm for reference on a 26' narrow light boat.
  7. timedjohnson

    SMB - PV 1/14

    tried again Sunday - weird but the sniper got all the bites again - the little guy got a few. Have a great week.
  8. timedjohnson

    SMB - PV 1/14

    Took the day off yesterday to take advantage of the awesome weather and burn some gas. Gave my wife a break - got the kids breakfasted up and ready for "school" then headed out. Headed down to the north end of PV in 85'-110' good marks- tried plastics, some frozen squid I had picked up and...
  9. timedjohnson

    Suzuki Df140/150

    This is right on - I was getting between 2.5 and 3 MPG at 30 with 200 blackmax. Looks like I'll be around 5.5 MPG with the 4 stroke at 30. Even more crazy is idle up to plowing speeds - way more than double the economy. At this rate the new motor will pay for itself in 10 - 20 years lol
  10. timedjohnson

    Suzuki Df140/150

    Did you look at mercurys at all? 150 is only slightly heavier than Suzuki 140. I just had a 200 put on my rig and power/economy are unbelievable.
  11. timedjohnson

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    Not sure why I clicked on this but at least I learned a new acronym (IBP). As far as I know (which isn't a whole lot) earthquakes impart lateral load just like viento. Anyway for the original question one option may be to look in the desert states for an old, dry, quality travel trailer...
  12. timedjohnson

    Functional Trailer for 26' x 8'

    Thanks for the replies! Got a possible solution but still looking. Let me know if anyone has anything
  13. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Bump if anyone needs a kicker this thing runs strong and is pretty light
  14. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/30 and 11/1 back at it!

    Thanks guys - first game this year I didn’t watch a minute - I guess I should go fishing more often!
  15. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/30 and 11/1 back at it!

    My old blackmax outboard finally had to be put out of it's misery - got a new 200 put on so I'm back in action after a few month's downtime. Took off from work a little early friday to get some more hours on the motor and was met with this: Couldn't see across the channel or even the no...
  16. timedjohnson

    Mercury 300 V8 Re-power

    I had C and C marine in Marina del rey put on a V6 200 on mine - working on a few final adjustments but so far I'm extremely happy. I'll do a little write up when it's all done. Extremely quiet - It's showing close to 5 mpg at 30 mph but my boat's really light. GPH at low rpms is crazy (But...
  17. timedjohnson

    Functional Trailer for 26' x 8'

    Trailer is completely shot - looking for a functional replacement. Current setup is about 23' from bow stop to end of bunks. Boat is 8' wide and about 4200 lbs. I just need to get from storage to ramp which is about 100 yards so I don't really need functioning brakes, just something that's...
  18. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Lowered price. I can deliver in la/north oc
  19. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Big motor sold - 9.9 available
  20. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Try this one more time - Boat is at the shop getting new motor put on - The 200 should be available to pick up tomorrow or wednesday - they're doing a compression check on it for my own morality. Small motor available now
  21. timedjohnson

    25' Trailer $1,200

    Is this still around?
  22. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Hopefully new motor arrives this week - let me know if any interest
  23. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Still trying to find the niche - new motor is supposed to be here in the next week or two,
  24. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    Labor day bump for these niche motors
  25. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    And the 9.9 has a new prop which is included.
  26. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    To add prop not included on the 200
  27. timedjohnson

    Sold 1996 9.9 mariner long shaft $700

    1996 mariner 9.9 long shaft 2 stroke premix runs perfect $700 obo. 6 gallon older gas tank and fuel line as well - new prop. This motor was used every trip out to idle in and out of the harbor. It pushed my 26' to 7 mph burning very little gas.
  28. timedjohnson

    Offshore San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Marina Del Rey even got some?
  29. timedjohnson

    More of a biology question

    More than once i've seen schools of rays swimming on the surface miles out.
  30. timedjohnson

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    Believe it or not it’s within limits for both tongue weight and gcwr. Plus my typical tow is 100 yards!
  31. timedjohnson

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    Agree for this area this keeps you dry, plenty of shade and easy to run solo. Fairly safe to walk around as well.
  32. timedjohnson

    Info on new Mercury 225 four stroke?

    I'm interested to hear as well. Looking to replace the old black max one of these days
  33. timedjohnson

    Purchased 250

    What year and hours on this one?
  34. timedjohnson

    Livingston 13 vs 14 Functional Comparison

    Look hard for a 15.5 -
  35. timedjohnson

    15.5 Livingston

    I had one of those for about 10 years bought new from Tradewind inflatables around 1998 - had a nissan 90 and could get up over 40 with just me in there. The thing was awesome! Sold it for a few grand less than I got it for to someone on the east coast who had it shipped out.
  36. timedjohnson

    Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

    I used to go quite a bit in Long Beach - just inside the breakwall and over by Queen Mary was usually calm enough - watch out for crew boat wakes. Lots of fun. Have been a few times in smb but I think my wife donated the gear during a move
  37. timedjohnson

    Where do take your Merc 2 stroke?

    This times 2
  38. timedjohnson

    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    Excellent work getting the kids out on the water - i think we all need to concentrate our efforts on this as much as possible!
  39. timedjohnson

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    I had a livingston 15.5' for a long time - if you can find one it's the biggest small boat ever made - took it all over the place. 15.5' x 7.5'
  40. timedjohnson

    SMB 5/11

    Thanks guys definitely good to get back out. The old mercury has it's share of issues but will suffice until I'm through peak childcare (couple more months) ! :) Those kids will suck you dry!
  41. timedjohnson

    SMB 5/11

    Bass are bass but I was excited to get back out so here it goes - Been dealing with some trailer issues for the last month or two - finally got it worked out and received permission for a quick solo trip on Saturday. The old mercury fired right up after 6 weeks off and we headed south for a bit...
  42. timedjohnson

    1994 24’ Paragon walk around

    I’ve had what I believe is a 1996 version for around ten years. Fun boats i’ll trade you motors !!
  43. timedjohnson

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    College at SLO one of the houses we were able to rent came with a free exercise bike. Being space conscious we went ahead and put it on the roof where it still saw some use on occasion after a rack or two of Pabst genuine draft or lucky lager . It’s probably still there after 20+ years if anyone...
  44. timedjohnson

    Tow rig ??

    I'm a huge dork Kman - I did lots of homework prior to picking up this little diesel - believe it or not I'm well under on both tongue weight and overall. It's a really light 26' boat plus my typical tow is about 75 yards :-) Tim
  45. timedjohnson

    Tow rig ??

    These are rated up to 7200 lbs - awd and 4 wheel electric parking brake is key. I had to move down from 2500 dodge due to new garage constraints - wouldn't want to do anything but short local pulls with this little guy.
  46. timedjohnson

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    I saw the fishing with John guy walking around main street in santa monica a few months ago - I sang the song and he cracked up. Remember FishMasters - used to run when i was in college at Cal Poly
  47. timedjohnson

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Where'd you end up getting the bracket? Nice work so far. Tim
  48. timedjohnson

    SMB Lings and Bass 2/25

    I do - I've been thinking of dropping something newer on there but can't justify it since the old merc is still running strong. Thanks everyone for the responses - looks like this weekend should be nice. Tim
  49. timedjohnson

    SMB Lings and Bass 2/25

    Not too many reports lately so why not. My boat was lonely from inaction due to weather and travel so I decided to do a quick trip saturday. Water was pretty cold - ~56 degrees but nice conditions. Lots of birds and bait around and some intriguing marks on the meter. Headed south a bit in...
  50. timedjohnson

    SMB and LBC Bass Etc.

    That's pretty funny. Glad you guys were there to help out and glad you had a good day as well. See you out there and happy holidays! Tim
  51. timedjohnson

    SMB and LBC Bass Etc.

    Headed out on Saturday on my boat for a few hours - excellent weather colder water not too much action. Got a few calicos on the plastics in the south end of the bay then tried the short banks for a stray yellow but no love. Smooth Sailing. Headed down south and took my brother in law and...
  52. timedjohnson

    SMB Memorial Day Bass and Lings

    Yep santa monica bay. All on plastics mainly green and orange mc swimbaits with a few on the red swimbaits and a few on the white slug. Catch up one of these days Martin! Tim
  53. timedjohnson

    SMB Memorial Day Bass and Lings

    Made it out for a few hours monday morning and headed south a bit. Smooth conditions, good current and 64 degree water. 60-80 feet and the bass/lings were wide open. Jackpot sandy: Smaller ling cod joined in: all on the larger Viejo swimbaits. Good times - about 10 or so sandos to 5...
  54. timedjohnson

    SM 5/1 - May Day Bass w/ Red Drum

    Nice Job and glad to see the family's doing well. I thought I saw you guys bobbing around out there - I was out for my standard couple hours allotment and got a couple bass as well. My little guy really likes "Deedash's" boat - he should be slaying some soon! See you out there! Tim
  55. timedjohnson

    I had a 12 gallon moeller portable plastic tank in the console and a spare 12 gallon that I...

    I had a 12 gallon moeller portable plastic tank in the console and a spare 12 gallon that I never used. I think it was a 32 gal plastic oval kodiak tank under the seat that fit pretty tight but good.That boat was awesome. Let me know if you've got any other questions. What motor do you have...
  56. timedjohnson

    SMB 12/13 - Big Swells and Big Bass

    Not too many reports lately so why not - Wanted to run some gas through the rig since I have been and will be out of town quite a bit so I headed out yesterday for a few hours. Due to the large swell (I'd say 6-8') I stayed close by and hit some of the local stones. Nice view: Water has...
  57. timedjohnson

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    200 black max. Surprisingly gets a little over three mpg if I don't use tabs
  58. timedjohnson

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Here's mine. It's been good to me. 48 mph with just me in there.
  59. timedjohnson

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    I've had a 26 for the last 5 or 6 years. Been good but it is a little tippy due to narrow beam. Very fast and good mileage even with an old merc 200
  60. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/10 - Hot as hell, bullets

    Clean water started maybe 3 or so miles out. I'd never caught or seen one of those bullets until the last couple weeks -- pretty cool looking feesh. Families doing great J - hope yours is as well. Hopefully you'll see the little guy out there one of these days!. Not very many SMB reports...
  61. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/10 - Hot as hell, bullets

    Made it out Saturday for a few hours late morning. Cruised straight out to where the water got nice and started looking around. Found a couple decent looking patties but only managed a few pretty small yellows on flat fall and generic colt sniper type jigs. Found these guys boiling up a...
  62. timedjohnson

    Marina Del Rey YT 9/18

    Very nice - thanks for the smb info!
  63. timedjohnson

    SMB trip w/Lil' Evan Scribner...

    Great! My little guy is almost one - can't wait to get him out beyond just a cruise. Got to love the tandem swim bait setup. See you guys out there. Tim
  64. timedjohnson

    New Outdrive Test Run and 2 Invited Guests!!! (not a 150 report :) )

    Glad the new out drive is working out and nice find!
  65. timedjohnson

    SMB Bass 5/9/15

    Haven't seen too many Santa Monica Bay reports in a while and haven't posted for a while so here it goes. Headed out for a quick solo mission saturday at peak low tide. I haven't been out the past few months as much as usual due to work, travel with the little guy while he's still free and...
  66. timedjohnson

    BackYard Yellow!!! MDR (fri n sat)

    Nice work Justin! Hopefully try again this weekend. Tim
  67. timedjohnson

    SMB Bonito 8/16/14

    Thanks guys - my wife is a bruin, beaver and cardinal and I'm Cal Poly SLO so Bruin it is for our home team - I will have to pick up some SLO gear for the youngster soon! Hopefully get a chance to slip out again this weekend - we'll see what happens. Tim
  68. timedjohnson

    SMB Bonito 8/16/14

    I was allowed a few hours out this weekend. Nice looking conditions on Saturday - checked out the bay for a few hours and located acres of breaking bonito 8-10 miles out near redondo canyon. Was hoping for more but had a lot of fun anyway. Tried the trick of leaving one hooked up and it...
  69. timedjohnson


    Excellent! I'll see you guys out there soon! Tim
  70. timedjohnson

    SMB and an inshore report

    Looks like a fun times! I didn't get much but it was a nice day. see you out there. Tim
  71. timedjohnson

    SMB 7/12-13 - Bass, Bones, Lings, etc

    Thanks guys good times. Still waiting on the kid - should be any minute now. A bit nerve wracking. Tim
  72. timedjohnson

    SMB 7/12-13 - Bass, Bones, Lings, etc

    Headed out for a couple hours solo trip each day over the weekend (still on call - due date was yesterday). Started off Saturday with a flat on the trailer - fix a flat hooked me up on that one for now. Kind of strange conditions on Saturday - decently strong south breeze with water back down...
  73. timedjohnson

    SMB Bassin over the weekend

    Thanks guys - great times for sure. The custom embroidery on the ripper's upholstery is too good. Tim
  74. timedjohnson

    Both - they're all over the place. Palisades, Venice reefs, pipe, etc

    Both - they're all over the place. Palisades, Venice reefs, pipe, etc
  75. timedjohnson

    SMB Bassin over the weekend

    Hit the bay all three days for a few hours each day. Bass were pretty much everywhere in flurries - both suspended and on the bottom. Super warm water - up to 75 in spots - so nice I had to take a dip. Got between 10 and 20 mixed calicos and sandies each day with some sculpin, rockfish and...
  76. timedjohnson

    Sexy Cbass/Sexy Mermaid/A love story...

    Good Job Justin! Budapest is an awesome place to visit. See you out there. Tim
  77. timedjohnson

    Rpt.-Sun.-06-29-14 Wide Open Calico Bass fishing!

    Excellent! You guys must have had a healthy supply of plastics! That boga comes in handy on the high volume days. Thanks for the report. Tim
  78. timedjohnson

    SM - Big Bass!, Blue Shark & My Father's Day Catch!!!

    Great! you guys kill me with the krocodile. I admit I picked up a few but haven't given it a whirl yet. See you out there. Tim
  79. timedjohnson

    MDR Report 6/7-6/8

    Excellent! I thought I could detect a shit eating grin passing by on my way out! Tim
  80. timedjohnson

    SMB 6/1 - Lings with the Bro

    Thanks guys - definitely fired up and looking forward to it! Tim
  81. timedjohnson

    SMB 6/1 - Lings with the Bro

    My brother was in town so we decided to take a shot at some lings - ended up having a decent pick although nothing too large. Water has warmed - 69 degrees in some places which may have slowed things down a bit while they adjust. All fish on the large swimbaits 70-90' of water mid bay. On...
  82. timedjohnson

    SMB 5/25 - bass n lings with padre y madre

    Thanks Guys - Yeah my dad used to blow chunks (or upswallow as he calls it) almost every time he would go out. It's a good sign that he didn't this time. He does need to refine his hookset technique but good times all around. Have an excellent short week. Tim
  83. timedjohnson

    SMB 5/25 - bass n lings with padre y madre

    Finally got my parents out on the pond - it's been a while - luckily it was really nice conditions - light breeze - small swell - 66 degree water - swimbaits and frozen squid on lead heads in 60-90' of water mid bay. Headed out: My mom struck first with no clemency on a solid 5.75 lb...
  84. timedjohnson

    SM - Bass w/ Side Of Red & Brown

    Nice Brown and good size on the bass! That's it - I've got to try some of the Kroc's metal action. I was under a time crunch on sunday but still made out with a decent quantity - pure sand bass for some reason. See you guys out there. Tim
  85. timedjohnson

    Help with outboard troubles - 1996 Merc 2 strk 115hp 2+2

    Have you cleaned the carbs and had them linked and syncd? I had similar issues on mine a few years back and this took care of the issue
  86. timedjohnson

    Mobile Trailer Guy Marina Del Rey

    I think Wallstrong Trailers may do mobile work if you don't want to get on it. Also in the past I've dumped the boat, got a slip and towed just the trailer over there with one wheel strapped up (Bent axle)
  87. timedjohnson

    SMB Calicos, etc 5/10 Wind 5/11

    Damn I did not know that - thought it was around 6. This thing was by far the largest I've seen and that scale is pretty legit. Tim
  88. timedjohnson

    SMB Calicos, etc 5/10 Wind 5/11

    Headed out Saturday for a couple hours on the bay. Pretty nice conditions other than ~6' swells - light wind, ~64 degree water. Threw mainly larger swimbaits for slow results at first in about 60-80' of water. Things started looking up around 9 or 10 and then the suspended calicos went crazy...
  89. timedjohnson

    Metal Mania (feat. Smite the Spoon) 3/23 w-pics

    You guys really smote em! Might have to give the knock off croc a shot. Nice job. Tim
  90. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/23 Variety

    Thanks! It's a true grab bag when you go with the light line and small hooks - never know what's coming up from the depths (if you can get it out of the stones in the first place!) Tim
  91. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/23 Variety

    One of the more productive days in the bay I've had. Went on a solo mission from about 7:30 to noon in the southern half of the bay 60-100' of water. First cast on a brown/green MC viejo - decent ling: about 8 lbs - sent back to fatten up a bit. For about the next hour is was wide open on...
  92. timedjohnson

    Santa Monica Bay Rpt. 3/16 w-pics

    Nice work - thanks for the report and motivation to be creative! Looked to be a great day. Tim
  93. timedjohnson

    Santa Monica Bay fishing adventures Jan./Feb. 2014 w-pics

    Excellent Variety! There's a lot of fun to be had in the Bay for sure. See you out there. Tim
  94. timedjohnson

    SMB 2/16 Bass and Lings

    I've been on vacation for a while but had a couple hours before having to fly out again on sunday. Grabbed the boat and tried my luck. Made it out by 7:30 to catch the last of the incoming tide. South end of the bay 70-90' - 7" MC viejo mainly. Started off with an almost legal ling: Bass...
  95. timedjohnson

    SMB 12/15 - Misc.

    Spent a few hours in the bay yesterday - wasn't expecting a whole lot with an outgoing tide and pretty cold water (~58 degrees). Headed out in spectacular conditions. Got to love those Carlos Santana Winds: Hit a few spots to the south for a couple bass and misc including this new PB on...
  96. timedjohnson

    SMB 11/9 & 11/10

    Excellent. Yeah Bob's on ocean park. Awesome butcher - they definitely know what they're doing. First shutout on the bass in a while but I'm not complaining.
  97. timedjohnson

    SMB 11/9 & 11/10

    Fun weekend - most of the action was down south fairly early and slowed down after about 9. Got two or three lings each morning to 8 lbs on the large green and black viejo around 70-90'. Representative ling: Found a kelp paddy with around 10 or 12 Mola hanging around. Every few minutes...
  98. timedjohnson

    Your Dream Fishing Boat?

    I like the TrueWorld Marine 28' walkaround and the Everglades 32' express quite a bit. However being a little more practical I think I'd go for a slightly larger cat version of what I've got with slightly more creature comforts: Light, simple, easily trailerable, easy to single hand, easy to...
  99. timedjohnson

    Our New Boat: 31 Tiara Open

    Looks good! See you back out there. Tim
  100. timedjohnson

    SMB 9/21-22 More bass and

    Biggest Cabazon I've seen in person! ~ 11 lbs probably 20" wide from pectoral fin to pectoral fin. Pure skill - I had put the rod in the holder to grab something (perhaps a beverage) - turned back around and major bendage. Fought tough for a few minutes then was like pulling up a 5...
  101. timedjohnson

    SMB 9/14-15 Bass, Lings and

    Thanks guys - clamp is a boga. Excellent gift I got - further protects the sensitive digits. Good on the toothy guys (easier on them than grabbing under gills I think) plus has a legit scale. See you out there! Tim
  102. timedjohnson

    SMB 9/14-15 Bass, Lings and

    I don't know if I'd take it that far but it was a cheap date! Under 10 gallons for the weekend. See you out there. Tim
  103. timedjohnson

    SMB 9/14-15 Bass, Lings and

    Two days in the bay - awesome weather (fog rolled in thick both days around 11 or so). Water between 66 and 68. Rolling out Saturday Morning - headed south: Pretty much the best bass action I've had since the last major spawn (years ago??) - they were suspended a few feet off the bottom...
  104. timedjohnson

    Copper Clean Up - 9/1 w/pics

    Looks good and congratulations on the new powerplant! Tim
  105. timedjohnson

    SMB plus a cruise for the weekend

    Really nice out there this past weekend (with the exception of dense fog on monday morning). Started out decently early on Saturday with my buddy and his boys. We originally planned on Catalina but found some good looking paddies around Redondo Knoll - lots of bait but couldn't get anything...
  106. timedjohnson

    Excessive smoke from a 2 stroke leaving oil slick merc efi 200?????

    Could be a bad check valve off the oil tank -- mine drains oil out of the on motor tank if I leave the motor tilted up and gets hard to start and major smoke at startup - I've been told the cause is the check valve. For now I leave it tilted down when storing and it's not an issue. I'm getting...
  107. timedjohnson

    SMB 8/3/13

    Saw you guys poking around down south - I had a similar experience. Looks like a sweet setup. Another go tomorrow ! Tim
  108. timedjohnson

    SMB 7/20-7/21 Mixed Bag

    Damn good luck Justin - hopefully see you out there soon. Got Taylor Dayne at the marina on August 3! Alright! Tim
  109. timedjohnson

    SMB 7/20-7/21 Mixed Bag

    Nice couple of days in the bay over the weekend. Water cooled off a bit from 2 weeks ago - 67-68 for the most part. Saturday headed up north to Point Dume and back for a few misc bass and cod. Lots of bait around but not much else as far as I could see. Got a slip at Burton Chace park and...
  110. timedjohnson

    MDR kicked out a few caspers this am

    Extremely bitchin boat and nice job. Tim
  111. timedjohnson

    Parking in Marina del Rey for week in August

    Never had any issues at MDR - been going there for 15+ years 3 or 4 times a month minimum (tape is the key). Agree with the above though - the ride over from long beach is way shorter (15 miles less ~ depending on destination) and can be better wind direction wise. Tim
  112. timedjohnson

    MDR Bait and Buddhist

    I've seen the monks there many times but never realized this is what was going on - interesting.
  113. timedjohnson

    South SMB to PV 6/9

    Headed down south on Sunday to check out PV. Water had cooled off a bit from last week down to 65-66 due to the winds mid week. Really nice ride down - stopped by Hyperion for a quick flurry of 3 sandies and 2 calicos. Golden nose Hyperion Calico: Did a few drifts off PV Point between...
  114. timedjohnson

    SMB 6/1-6/2 Promising

    Thanks- see you guys out there. If that current break holds there's plenty of well cured free chum to be had if you're headed north.
  115. timedjohnson

    SMB 6/1-6/2 Promising

    Checked out pretty much the entire bay saturday and sunday. Decent bass action both days (5 or 6 each day) and a few others. Water temperature was as high as 69 degrees in some spots. Quite a bit of fin bait both north and south. I thought I saw some barracuda down south on Saturday and...
  116. timedjohnson

    Santa Monica Bay Bassin' 4/20 w-pics

    Very nice! Had a tough go on sunday - 2 bass in 3 hrs. Hopefully starting to warm up! Tim
  117. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/31 Scratch some Bass

    Of course it's running awesome Miguel! (both motors)! See you guys out there. Tim
  118. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/31 Scratch some Bass

    Yeah I swapped out the fuse today and good to go- close to 12 volts. The old fuse wasn't blown but was very slightly corroded. Have a few spares now. Get 'em next weekend!
  119. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/31 Scratch some Bass

    Quick solo Easter mission yesterday. Conditions were looking good - nice incoming tide and pretty glassy. My depthfinder wasn't powering up - HDS 5 - hopefully a bad fuse although I was getting 10 volts at the plug. Anyway decided to press on - went old school and used google maps to locate...
  120. timedjohnson

    Santa Monica Bay frustrations

    I had decent luck last week on the bass - find the stones and note the tides. White slug was the hot ticket. Tim
  121. timedjohnson

    SMB Cods

    Quick Work! Might give it a shot on Sunday. Tim
  122. timedjohnson

    What brand tires are you running on your truck???

    Michelin E range LTX. They came stock on my rig - got 110 k on the first set. I have 85 k on the second set and they're still going strong. Pretty unbelievable. Not too aggressive tread though. Tim
  123. timedjohnson

    Marina Del Rey Critterfest 3/2 w-pics

    Awesome! That is a fatty trigger Tim
  124. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/2 & 3/3 Slow Bassin

    Hit up the surf friday and saturday evenings - epic bite on the micros! Still - can't complain. :hali_olutta:
  125. timedjohnson

    SMB 3/2 & 3/3 Slow Bassin

    Headed out Saturday and Sunday for a few hours each day. Awesome weather obviously on Saturday and a little bumpy Sunday but not too bad. Pretty slow overall - may have been the lack of much tide action. It was slow but everything I caught was decent size - no bass under 3 lbs. Saturday...
  126. timedjohnson

    Weather Probably seen this but If you click on the little graph icons it gives you a graph of the conditions over the last couple of days. Also breaks out swell vs wind waves scrolling down a bit. It's kind of interesting to check out the...
  127. timedjohnson

    Squid in MDR/Santa Monica

    I second this. Not as much as in the weeks prior as far as I could tell but still out there.
  128. timedjohnson

    SMB Rpt. 2/2 w-pics

    Nice Trigger! - saw you guys headed out. Got some scattered bass and came back in early so I witnessed the interesting weather from home. Looks to be some good fun - I've been attempting to crack the trigger code but we'll see. It's alot easier in mexico. Have a good week. Tim
  129. timedjohnson

    SMB 1/19 Glassy

    Headed up to the north end of the bay on saturday for a late morning solo session. Really nice out there - pretty slow on the bass but I got a few customers on plastic. Headed back in around 1 to pick up my wife - she brought some Freebirds - Clutch. We headed back up to the...
  130. timedjohnson

    Offshore SMB 1/19 Glassy

    Wrong Forum - corrected Tim
  131. timedjohnson

    SMB Reds

    Nice. Can't beat free squid!
  132. timedjohnson

    SMB 11/3&4 - nice and slow

    Hit up the north end of santa monica bay saturday and sunday mornings. Beautiful weather and slow fishing. Picked 5 or 6 bass each day before high tiide mostly calicos on the bighammer. Representative Sample (3.5 lbs - My wife got me one of the fancy fish gripper/scale things to further...
  133. timedjohnson

    SMB Cods 10-30

    Excellent Martin! I like the basstrix
  134. timedjohnson

    Remember the movie "Perfect Storm" based off of a true storm? This one could be worse

    There's a kitchen equipment company named cleveland who makes steam ovens that are called out as cleveland steamers. I have to work very hard not to crack up when I see them on drawings or they come up in discussion. I've had to explain my suppressed snickering a few times.
  135. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/14 more bass

    I guess I haven't kept a bass of either species for quite a while but that's just me. Live and let live, happy hour somewhere, carpe diem, laissez faire, Placet cuique suum, etc. Good times either way. If my dad goes out (which has been a while) we're bringing back some meat!
  136. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/14 more bass

    After some research it looks like the SuRi is a a tender tender for a larger yacht - its a former flat bottom crab boat so it has less draft than the big boat which allows access to more harbors. Crazy. Cool looking tub.
  137. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/14 more bass

    Went out with wife on Sunday morning for a quick trip. All the bass we wanted again on 5" BH until the tide turned around 9. I got broke off by something large with teeth - maybe ling cod? Beautiful weather - might have to schedule an afternoon meeting during the week if the weather holds up...
  138. timedjohnson

    SMB 10/7 Lots of Bass

    After a few fruitless (and expensive) but fun offshore research missions I decided to get back to the basics. I guess the bass missed me - pretty much all I wanted to catch. They liked the big hammer sexy smelt the best on this day. 14 or so mixed bass in about an hour and a half. Beautiful...
  139. timedjohnson

    SMB 8/18-19 Mola Y bass

    Went out both days this weekend around the bay. Throwing plastics mainly - 10-12 mixed bass on Saturday and four or five sunday with a barely short ling cod mixed in. Water looks really good - anywhere from 70-74 (even broke out the old sponge and trunked it sat afternoon!). Representative...
  140. timedjohnson

    SMB 'Cudas 7/22.....

    Nice job! I was there around 11 and couldn't get them to go.
  141. timedjohnson

    2 Days in SMB - 7/21 - 7/22

    Solo mission on Saturday and took out my buddy and his kids on Sunday. Water is warming up - anywhere from 71 down to 66. Good action on the bass up north on Saturday - ended up with 9 or 10 calicos, a couple sandbass and a cabazon (I think - if so it's a first for me). All on swimbaits and...
  142. timedjohnson

    Bajapaddyhopper Bite-Fest!! 6/30 w-pics

    Awesome job! I could only scratch up a few today. That sweatshirt is legendary
  143. timedjohnson

    MDR Launch Ramp Ticket

    Tape is key. I wonder where Mitch went - haven't seen him there in a while?
  144. timedjohnson

    Honda Outboard service

    Kenny sold me my 16' livingston back in '99 (had it for 11 years). My first trip out I got a flat at the ramp. One of the lugs came loose and I couldn't get the nut off - he drove up to LBC immediately with tools and got me fixed up. Awesome guy.
  145. timedjohnson

    Up and down SMB 5/5 & 5/6

    Thanks guys - not spectacular but a good weekend for sure.
  146. timedjohnson

    Up and down SMB 5/5 & 5/6

    Finally got some good time out on the boat over the weekend. I'll have to say - the solunar charts were right on this weekend. I got some good flurries right around the "minor" windows. Water's definitely warming up - around 64-65. I checked out both north and south - both seemed pretty...
  147. timedjohnson

    Newbie needs advice

    When you're getting the motor checked out have them pull the thermostats and see how they look. This can tell a lot about upkeep history.
  148. timedjohnson

    This weekend's weather 3/16-3/19....NASTY!!!!

    Perfect weather window to go check out some spring training in Phoenix!
  149. timedjohnson

    How do you protect your kicker from theft?

    I got a camouflage motor cover -- you can't steal what you can't see! I just go with padlock and insurance. I was thinking of getting a really beat up cowling to discourage interest as well.
  150. timedjohnson

    MDR - Rockfish Limts For 3 W/ A Side Or Crawlers!

    Looks to be some good times and good food! This weekend's looking good as well. May have to schedule some "meetings" for friday. Tim
  151. timedjohnson

    SMB Bass, Smuggler Boat 3/4

    It's the impound dock I think. That panga's been there for at least 5 or 6 weeks. There's a couple others - one by the launch ramp and one by the sheriff's station. That ETEC would be perfect for somebody (including me!)
  152. timedjohnson

    SMB Bass, Smuggler Boat 3/4

    Made it out for a few hours yesterday in beautiful conditions. I started off with a good flurry of bass on the plastics up in the northern end. Representative model: Maybe a half dozen or so then went out to scout some rockfish spots. Nothing picture worthy but added a few new rocks to the...
  153. timedjohnson

    Fishing Television Help

    If I were you I'd go high brow like fishmasters (public access tv central coast mid 90's). I met these guys once or twice when I was in school - pretty funny. I also got the dvd box set for Fishing with John. The Tom Waits episode is good...
  154. timedjohnson

    Size of kicker needed?

    I've got a 9.9 on mine (26' but a little lighter than yours) and I can get to 7 mph with no wind, 5-6 mph with wind. I use it every time in and out of the marina (half throttle - 4-5 mph, consumption in quarts per hour). Saves gas $$, loading up and hours on the main (200 2 stroke) plus I know...
  155. timedjohnson

    Best One Liners Before Casting

    Shit in yer flat hat Ass suckin buttermilk I don't know what they mean but one old timer would use these and it would crack me up
  156. timedjohnson

    SMB 01/29.....

    Nice job - think I may have seen you guys out there. I couldn't get much going saturday or sunday - a couple small bass both days and 2 more mantis shrimp on saturday. Crazy little bastards.
  157. timedjohnson

    MDR - A Beautiful Day On The water

    Really great pics - looks like you guys had a good time. Interestingly enough I caught 2 of the mantis shrimp a few weeks back - wasn't sure if I could keep them or not so I threw them back. They were good size and looked tasty!
  158. timedjohnson

    Your Favorite Set-up

    For me the most fun is my curado 200e7 with a 8'-0" teramar and 30lb braid. Very light and still stands a chance against the larger stuff (caught a couple seabass last summer on this setup). Best for me all around (especially for the money) is a sealine 20 series with 8' saltist with 50 lb...
  159. timedjohnson

    What kind of Diesel Truck do you own and pros/cons?

    Good point on the weight fee - - I had selective amnesia on that one. I think it's about 400/yr. Edit - It's around 270 for the 2500
  160. timedjohnson

    What kind of Diesel Truck do you own and pros/cons?

    I've got an 04.5 dodge 2500 4x4 with 170k miles. Plus Category: 16-20 mpg (my brother had a 1500 4x4 and he got 10-12) I love diesels 95,000 miles on stock set of tires (second set is going strong) Towing changes mileage only a little bit All powertrain components are beefy - nothing...
  161. timedjohnson

    BD - A Front For The Russian Mafia?

    Perfect. One of the best. He'll flip you......... he'll flip you for real.
  162. timedjohnson

    Fuel Mizer Baja Skiff

    Really cool - that hull looks like a lot like a scaled down version of mine.
  163. timedjohnson

    Tohatsu 2 Stroke Outboard Motors

    I had a nissan 90 for 12 years (1998-2010). Impeller and spark plug changes only and also sold it running. Awesome motor and good value.
  164. timedjohnson

    SMB Rockin'&Rattlin'.....

    Good job - think I may have seen you guys out there. Beautiful day for sure.
  165. timedjohnson

    MDR - Another Great B-Day Trip W/ Red Drum!

    You guys put in some work - nice job! You looked wore out even from 200 yards away. I picked up some smaller sheepshead on the camo worms but that's about it.
  166. timedjohnson

    Want a Parker?....Don't open this post!

    Cool boat. I was looking at used boats for around 5 years and I think the NADA is extremely useful. Just take the $$ it gives you and figure that's roughly what the boat is worth plus or minus 200%
  167. timedjohnson

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    Nice job on finding them again - no more gulp?
  168. timedjohnson

    Long Beach Super Crawl + Malibu BIG BUGS + SMB Wreck

    This is awesome! Surgical strikes!
  169. timedjohnson

    Late Post - SMB Mola, Bat Rays 10/29

    I went out Saturday for a little bit - had to save time for USC Stanford tailgate - to see how the boat's running (awesome by the way - thanks M&K marine). Clean water and excellent marks up by the artificial reef area but not too much in the way of fish (2 non picture worthy sand bass). Went...
  170. timedjohnson

    SM - Friday Bass On The Chew!

    Good job and excellent weather for sure. I got about 10 times as many fish from the beach friday night than from the boat saturday morning (20+ : 2) but that's the way it goes sometimes.
  171. timedjohnson

    Mercury Shop/Mechanic

    Hopefully taking it in tomorrow or early next week - any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Tim
  172. timedjohnson

    Mercury Shop/Mechanic

    Looks like I've come up against some mechanical issues on my '96 blackmax that are beyond my level of expertise. I've found the following shops somewhat nearby: Regency Boats (closest) M & K marine (Hawthorne) The Anchor (Reseda) Anyone have any experience with any of the above or have any...
  173. timedjohnson

    SM - Sunday Fun on the Drum!

    Really nice fishes, crustaceans and weather for sure!
  174. timedjohnson

    Spitfire MDR 10/13

    Nice job and that water looks awesome! Doesn't look like it will hold for the weekend but if it does it may be time to pack in the waterskis.
  175. timedjohnson

    El Segundo - Sunday Bass Session

    Thanks guys. I wasn't expecting too much so it was a nice surprise to have a decent outing. I haven't tried the slugs too much - looks like a good thing for the arsenal. I only saw market sized squid. I also saw something new to me - clumps of what looked kind of like wild rice but red...
  176. timedjohnson

    El Segundo - Sunday Bass Session

    Went on a quick solo mission yesterday with hopes of getting back in time to catch the end of the early games. Pretty nice conditions - I think the water was around 64. Tons of bait, diving birds, dolphin, etc. All the boiling bait right around the boat made it sound like I was in a downpour...
  177. timedjohnson

    Next Ride??

    I was on vacation in Croatia a couple weeks ago and saw this. Pretty bad ass - thought it had to be military but I didn't see any guns and the uniforms worn didn't look to militaristic. Anyone know what it is? I've never seen anything like it. Also as a side note I watched these guys...
  178. timedjohnson

    Nates fish

    Really cool video. I've hooked a few of those on light line but never actually brought one up. I can now see why your partner (nate) sports one of these - maybe you should pick one up as well for future thresher missions. Kidding (who am I to talk with the glove even for miniscule...
  179. timedjohnson

    2003 Dodge/Cummins needs a water pump

    I don't know which side of outside the orange curtain you're on but if it's north and you don't want to do it yourself I've had good luck with Diesel Tune in Downey. They did mine last year (I've got an 04)- can't remember exactly how much but it wasn't bad. They're able to get parts direct...
  180. timedjohnson

    Fish ID please

    I caught one of those last week near LAX - I thought it was a greenling but it looks like sarcasm is correct. Very strange looking - the open mouth diameter was almost as long as the fish!
  181. timedjohnson

    3 boys and their dads whack some fish on the Looper!!

    Very nice! I didn't have quite as much luck but the conditions were awesome. Good to finally meet you in person Martin.
  182. timedjohnson

    Davis Cortez 22 vs. Blackman Billfisher 26 vs Blackman Outerbanks 26 vs Bertram 28

    One of these will be on my list when the time comes. Perfect compromise in a lot of ways. Trueworld marine 28
  183. timedjohnson

    SMB Funfest Rpt. 8/6 w-pics

    Way to go guys. They're definitely out there.
  184. timedjohnson

    SMB - Grab Bag 8/6 & 8/7

    I think it may be the same guy that owns that massive sailboat - they had similar flags. Crazy. They definitely have a good time - I've seen the sailboat cruising towards catalina with multitudes of chicas hanging out on deck.
  185. timedjohnson

    SMB - Grab Bag 8/6 & 8/7

    Went out Saturday and Sunday for some good times both times off Hyperion. Saturday saw tons of bass on the sonar but they weren't biting all that good. I got 4 or 5 and my buddies got a few each. One was over six pounds. Back out sunday with one of my buddies and his kids. Headed south...
  186. timedjohnson

    SMB Cods and Bass with y Son7-4

    Looks like a lot of fun - good going! Hopefully get out there tomorrow. Tim
  187. timedjohnson

    A Morning in the Rocks

    I was at cal poly from '93-97 - went out of san simeon a few times but never tried the rocks. Awesome looking ling.
  188. timedjohnson

    SMB - Fun Weekend late report

    Forgot to add - all fish on the christmas tree big hammer (even the barracuda)
  189. timedjohnson

    SMB - Fun Weekend late report

    Started off with some happy hour surf fish session on Friday - got a yellowfin croaker and 3 perch. Good start to the weekend. I'm getting into this surf fishing deal. Headed out Saturday morning with whitecaps by 8:30 - sacrificed some plastics to the barracuda down by hyperion - couple...
  190. timedjohnson

    Frozen/Fresh Dead Squid

    Checked 99 ranch again at lunch they got a new shipment both never frozen and frozen. Went back to pick some up after work and only frozen left. They look good though. 5 bucks a kilo. Should be a good weekend.
  191. timedjohnson

    Frozen/Fresh Dead Squid

    Thanks guys - I'll check them out. Tried a 99 ranch yesterday and surpisingly no squid but lots of octopus. Santa Monica Seafood has some but theirs must be kobe squid or something. They do have a pretty good deal on tuna for poki though.
  192. timedjohnson

    Frozen/Fresh Dead Squid

    It seems like none of the grocery stores have the frozen squid anymore - anyone know a good place to get frozen or fresh dead squid on the westside? Thanks Tim
  193. timedjohnson

    Clobbering Cloudies SMB 7/24 w-pics

    Once again nice work! I couldn't really get them going sunday - just a handful. All the wakes on a sunday afternoon mixed with the wind chop must make it a little damp for you guys.
  194. timedjohnson

    Mercury 200 outboard

    a new cap/sensor did the trick for me. I hooked up the new cap wiring, started the motor, waited for the oil tank to almost overflow then put the cap on.
  195. timedjohnson

    4 stroke outboard...what to check for?

    Pull the thermostat. If it looks like the one on the right maintenance deferral may be an issue
  196. timedjohnson

    Teramar TMC-X80M 10-20

    Sport chalet had them for around $100 a few weeks ago.
  197. timedjohnson

    Palos Verdes Bass Action

    Nice work - I think I saw you guys out there saturday. I didn't get chit but was only down there for a little while. BBQ looks fantastic.
  198. timedjohnson

    Catalina - Giant Black Seabass

    Got a call and went out of Dana point on Thursday night. Fished the backside of catalina - Pretty slow on the seabass - 6 guys got 3 total (2 shorts). I had just bought a curado/teramar combo but didn't bring it but one of the guys had brought a couple and let me use one. Worked out sweet...
  199. timedjohnson

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    What did people used to do prior to this phenomenon now known as the internets?
  200. timedjohnson

    MDR 5/24/11 WFO Cuda and Migratory Sand Bass

    Nice Job! I got a few on Sunday afternoon - the only thing I could get them on was plastics so I sacrificed a few and had a lot of fun on the bass rod. By the way I wear gloves all the time for a variety of reasons. Eff the haters go raiders.
  201. timedjohnson

    New Yellowfin tattoo (realistic)

    One time me and my buddy got drunk and hit up the closest tattoo place we could find. He got the short end of the stick - a 2D yellowfin tuna with "Born to Fish" written under it. This one looks quite a bit better.
  202. timedjohnson

    MDR Launch Ramp Ticket

    The guy that you pay on the weekends warned me more than once about this. Tape is a great idea which is why he highly recommends it. He's also a nearly eternal optimist and has a bad ass trans-am. I think I will pack some tape from now on. One thing I still don't quite understand is why you...
  203. timedjohnson

    Pacific Voyager, 5/1/11, Someone took an Upperdecker along the Baja Coast

    I busted an upper decker at woodstocks in San Luis once because they raised the happy hour pitchers by 50 cents. They put chains around the tanks for a while after that. Nice work on the trip - you never know til you try!
  204. timedjohnson

    Trailer wheel bearing %^&$%^#$ washer is stuck

    I had a similar issue (although mine was the washer) - turned out to be a bent spindle. New axle and a chance to go to disc brakes was my fix.
  205. timedjohnson

    Long Beach Calico action

    Nice work and awesome boat! I was going to try to get my little nephews out for some action but got caught up in that Georgia golf tournament deal. Way to go!
  206. timedjohnson

    prop shaft wobble ?

    I hear you - I banked the cost of worst case scenario (lower unit replacement) so that's the gamble I'm taking. Plus catastrophic failure would make it easier to justify to myself replacement with and opti or Etec which is what I really want!:hali_olutta: It will be interesting to see what you...
  207. timedjohnson

    prop shaft wobble ?

    Interesting coincidence - I've got a 200 black max with a very slightly bent propshaft. Luckily we noticed it during the inspection prior to buying so they knocked the price of the boat down by the cost of a rebuilt lower unit installed. The previous owner didn't remember hitting anything...
  208. timedjohnson

    Bass at Hyperion

    Yeah - some shit, trash, oil, probably a little residual DDT and now plutonium. Tasty
  209. timedjohnson

    Bass at Hyperion

    I was getting stir crazy at work with the weather so my "flight" at LAX left today instead of tomorrow morning. Wide open on Sandies (and one calico) off hyperion. Water was up to 65 degrees - even saw some people waterskiing on a italian style wood cruiser, no wet suits just some gay ass rash...
  210. timedjohnson

    Wallstrong Trailer - nice work

    Thought I would share a good experience with these guys - I had a bearing go out and the hub was stuck on the spindle. I was afraid the spindle was bent/damaged which turned out to be true. Just prior to this happening I was going to take the trailer in anyway for new bunks. I also had been...
  211. timedjohnson

    Millions of dead Anchovy and Sardines

    There is lots of bait in Marina Del Rey the last few days - saw a bunch of dolphins inside the marina yesterday as well which I haven't seen too often. Also still some funky currents at the mouth of the jetty. Also rough as hell the last few days. Not that any of this matters.
  212. timedjohnson

    SM - Critterin'

    I was loading up as you guys were heading out (had a few issues of my own that day). Glad you made it back ok. I've never got a triggerfish up here - might have to test out some tactics I picked up down in bahia de kino.
  213. timedjohnson

    Loading my boat???

    My trailer setup is not quite ideal yet plus jumping off or climbing on the bow is an accident waiting to happen on mine so this is the method I've found works best for me. Also has the least chance of property damage or bodily harm. Don't forget trim tabs up all the way as well!
  214. timedjohnson

    Optimax outboard Trim not working

    Could be relays - don't know if newer merc's have the same setup as mine (1997) Mine stopped working last week - it would go down but not up. I swapped the relays on the back of the motor and it would go up but not down. Got two new relays for $15 ea and works like a champ now.
  215. timedjohnson

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    If you keep this up I may have to contact your BA! Joking. Have a good weekend!
  216. timedjohnson

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    No problem. I don't mind spot taking or thread jacking at all. Also my mom doesn't know any rockpiles in the bay but the few times I've taken her out she's killed it. I just noticed this: :_diarrhea_: what the hell is that? Blumpie animation? Anyway hopefully be out again this weekend.
  217. timedjohnson

    Got My 2011 License

    I forgot my license once in a fairly long while and fished anyway - one of those times I got checked by DFG for the first time ever up in santa monica bay. The guy was nice about it - he gave me fishing without a license present vs fishing with no license. According to the warden at the...
  218. timedjohnson

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    It does suck. It's kind of fun (maybe not so much fun) trying to re-find the old ones - get's rid of that sense of complacency. I'm definitely getting a backup going. Didn't think I'd ever push delete all then also confirm it but that's what I did. I guess I'm not as smart as I look. I...
  219. timedjohnson


    For the money I like the daiwa coastal series.
  220. timedjohnson

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    No pics - phone was dead and didn't bring camera. Went up to the artificial reef area and conveniently deleted all my waypoints while trying to clear my track on the HDS. Suck! Found four or five of the spots by dead reckoning (didn't have a gps on the old boat). First spot was two nice...
  221. timedjohnson

    Best handheld VHF radio?

    Find whichever one you like best at west marine - find the best price with google shopping, print out the price and take it back to west marine - they'll match.
  222. timedjohnson

    Mayday MDR

    That's funny - I saw that thing on the post fishing booze cruise over the weekend. How do I get a bunk on the lower level? Surprised more of those don't go down. Edit - I guess it's not that funny - someone's house sank. Just kind of funny how it's sitting pretty close to level partially...
  223. timedjohnson

    Getting my boat back, where should I go?

    Last check there was a small craft advisory for today and tomorrow.
  224. timedjohnson

    SM W/ The Drummer & The Robber

    Damn could you guys post up a "got the skunk" at least once every 3-5 years? It would do wonders for my self esteem. Nice work. Always good to get out no matter the outcome. Last weekend I realized right when I cleared the jetty my tackle bag was at home. Had a good time trolling the one...
  225. timedjohnson

    Rigging a Pursuit 2470 WA for the PNW

    If you do get a bracket pay another $100 or so and go with the most expensive Garelick with the foam on the handle and the spring assist. I've got one on my boat and it's pretty sweet. My bro in law on the other hand has the cheaper one and its hernia inducing.
  226. timedjohnson

    what radar should i buy on a 26 ft boat?

    You could get a Lowrance HDS (Smaller One) and add radar for close to 2k total. Has anyone tried this combo?
  227. timedjohnson

    Sabiki Rods?

  228. timedjohnson

    22' Bayrunner BR-22 Walk aroud cuddy

    That was my dream for a long time (the boat). I remember that exact brochure. Sweet rig.
  229. timedjohnson

    Sat night Hoopin' and Divin'

    kodiak is best. Fiberglass shards increase the absorption rate. Anntaa minulle ruhot. Erinomainen kalamojakka! Kiitos! (I'm half finnish)
  230. timedjohnson

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    2500 dodge cummins w/ 26' boat but fairly light for it's size. In my opinion some of the advantages of heavy duty/4X4 are as follows: Decent Gas (Fuel) mileage with diesel Will last a long time (have 175k on my '04 still feels solid as new) If you want to move up boat wise or tow a bobcat...
  231. timedjohnson

    Opening night! 19 bugs out of King Harbor..

    That is one hell of a nice stove. Excellent work as well.
  232. timedjohnson

    SM - Quality Bass, Nice Sunset & A Rainbow w/ Red Drum

    Very nice work. I drive down Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica on the way home from work and every day this week I was wishing I could be out there. Looks like you could have done some wakeboarding out there every afternoon this week.
  233. timedjohnson

    Awesome Weather Decent Bass SMB

    Thanks Guys - It's a tough life but someone's got to keep at it. I didn't see any mola mola this time but a guy at the boat storage said he hooked one on a piece of bread! I wouldn't even think to try to hook one of those bad boys.
  234. timedjohnson

    Awesome Weather Decent Bass SMB

    Headed out saturday and sunday for some santa monica bay bass - pretty much the same story both days. Close to one fish (all sand bass except for one) per cast until high tide then a slow pick after that. Caught and sent back one of the bigger Calico's I've had in a while. Santa monica...
  235. timedjohnson

    I wanna buy a reel for my son, which one

    I'll 4th the sealine - I picked up another few for around 80 bucks on the internets. Not too much more than a jigmaster. Good point on the levelwind however.
  236. timedjohnson

    Boston Whaler Montauk w/Pilot house NICE!!!!

    I'll vouch for the motor - I had a '97 for 12 years and it ran like a champ - 3 impeller changes, new spark plugs a few times - that's it. One of the last of the straight up motors made.
  237. timedjohnson

    Decent in Santa Monica Bay

    I'll take it - I always get those little cuts that get infected, etc. Plus I need to keep lefty supple.
  238. timedjohnson

    Decent in Santa Monica Bay

    Went out for a couple hours yesterday - first up around topanga area for nothing but a shovel nose shark. I saw a couple of these guys (mola mola?) cruising around. It seems like I've seen one almost every week. One was about 4' across and the other was huge - maybe over 6'. I pissed...
  239. timedjohnson

    What age did you start fishing?

    2 or 3 yrs old lake fishing for me (bluegill, perch, crappie, walleye, bass, northerns) in minnesota. The first thing my dad would do to initiate each of the kids (5 total) would be to push us off the dock without a life jacket on; let us panic for a little bit then pull us out. Once you...
  240. timedjohnson

    if you were purchacing offshore boat

    Agree - I was thinking of getting one curtain I could put on either side for long trips back with a beam wind.
  241. timedjohnson

    if you were purchacing offshore boat

    I didn't think so when I got one but I've become convinced the half pilot house is the way to go for socal. Just enough weather protection, huge deck, no small door to go in/out all the time, can socialize with people in the back on harbor cruises, no isinglass (SP?) to maintain/replace, etc.
  242. timedjohnson

    Fishing Pictures anyone use this

    Check out one of the companies that send them off to India - way cheaper than I thought and did an excellent job. Plus you only pay for what you want and they fix red eye, etc. I calculated the time investment to scan myself (actually my wife!) and rolled with it. I think it was called...
  243. timedjohnson

    SMB Bassin' & Critters 8/7 w-pics

    I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with timing as well.
  244. timedjohnson

    What size truck for boat

    Totally agree - if I would have bought my 4th truck 1st i would have saved major cash in sales tax alone. I've now had the Dodge 2500 cummins for 6 years and 160k miles. Original tires lasted to 115k (even the tire guy couldn't believe it), one power seat motor, one water pump and gets the...
  245. timedjohnson

    08.01.10 BBFC Slaying Bonies on The Pursuit

    That sailboat (yacht) has been moored in marina del rey for the last few months. It's crazy up close. The tender is equally sick. Excellent report
  246. timedjohnson

    Saturday 7/31 Izor's and the Pipe.

    Nice work - haven't seen one that big in a while. I caught an 11+ way back in high school but nothing even close since then
  247. timedjohnson

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    One of my buddies in college swore by it. I never got a chance to experience the phenomenon. As I enjoy my current marital status I don't know if I ever will. Sorry for the off topic by the way - couldn't help myself
  248. timedjohnson

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    I think you can make 200 an hour giving blumpies. Now that's some serious scratch
  249. timedjohnson

    Painted Lead Heads - Worth it

    Eyeballs are a whole other question
  250. timedjohnson

    Painted Lead Heads - Worth it

    I've done some informal testing between painted and non painted swim bait lead heads - nothing conclusive. Any opinions on whether the painted are worth the extra scratch?
  251. timedjohnson

    150 mercury Optimax (new)

    Eventually will be looking to replace a 1997 200 hp merc - let me know if you have anything in the 200-250 range
  252. timedjohnson

    is 4x4 necessary

    I don't think I'll ever forget that strange vertigo like feeling of something moving that shouldn't be. I was at MDR ramp mid week by myself. Went to step out of the truck and the ground was moving. Realized what was going on, remembered parking brake is on back wheel only, jumped back in and...
  253. timedjohnson

    is 4x4 necessary

    Another plus is in park if in 4 wheel drive all 4 wheels are locked if your back wheels are in the algae. Learned that the hard way with my old 2x truck. Almost lost it.
  254. timedjohnson

    SMB 6/1 Big Bass & Quantity Too W/ Red Drum!

    Crazy - I'm going to have to give that a shot. I saw a guy at the ramp on sunday that had 3 legal halibut. Partially restored mako (I think) that I see out there all the time usually fishing inside the jetty. That's where he said he got them. Also crazy
  255. timedjohnson


    Mixed feelings on this one - In the old days I would keep everything legal (and almost always eat within a few days) and it was great. I would smell up the entire house with the fry daddy and it was all good. Now for the most part I only keep fish when my dad's fishing with me (we're...
  256. timedjohnson

    Wanted fishing boat ~5K

    I'm thinking about upgrading and selling mine - 1998 livingston with a 90hp nissan runs like a top. let me know if anyone's interested. Probably 5k
  257. timedjohnson

    Dana Wharf Squid Trip 1/30

    Orange County fishermen angle for unusual catch: Giant squid | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times Nothing but a bunch of barbarian fishermen and women! These are intelligent creatures! Seriously does PETA pay a bunch of jackholes to sit around and google search for any stories about hunting/fishing...
  258. timedjohnson

    Livingston Bait Tank Problem

    With just me it can get 45. The conditions necessary for that are fairly rare even in santa monica bay. It tends to want to get airborne over 35. Awesome boats esp. for their size
  259. timedjohnson

    Caught fishing without a license.

    I got nabbed off of marina del rey - knew I forgot my license but figured I'd only been stopped once in 10 years. It was going to be $960 (I guess it could be as bad as poaching where they can confiscate your gear). They couldn't figure out which court I was supposed to go to so after...
  260. timedjohnson

    Livingston Bait Tank Problem

    Mine's mounted under the seat - I've got the 15.5 though. Don't know what's up with the click to view full size. Oh well.
  261. timedjohnson

    Santa Monica Bonito and a Shark Sighting

    I saw the same thing on sunday off venice pier - shark about 5' out of the water. Caught as many bonito as I wanted with betta bait on the bass rod. Fun but biggest was prob 3 lbs