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    for all the guys who are fishing overnighters +: cheap sleeping bags

    since a lot if not all the boats are telling you that you have to bring your own sleeping bag.
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    Marine Fire Extinguisher 8.99

    for 9 bucks it sounds like a good idea to keep on your boats...
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    fish processing: smoking and jerky

    Hi Guys, Anyone use sportsmen seafood aka Mario's ever try to have their tuna smoked or made into jerky? work the additional cost? does it last longer than fillets? thanks!
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    Avet MXJ trade or sale

    Avet MXJ blem? (i'm going to say it is a blem since its 2 tone) just got it in a trade Filled with 25lb mono is what i was told and the mono looks pretty fresh. reel reels and looks fine (as shown in pics) Looking for (plus cash) trades big bait caster? not sure what else to be frank but any...
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    BNIB Penn Spinfisher V Spinning 6500

    Penn Spinfisher V Spinning 6500 sized reel brand new in the box, havent even put line on it since i dont have time to fish. 90bucks obo? located in SGV and the IE.
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    cheap ozark 6 inch fillet knife $3.5 for 2

    before anyone tells me how blah blah blah i am i realize it's not a bubbah blade but some of the guys just need a simple knife that can be considered a throw away to leave on their boat or to do random things with. maybe just look at this as a bait cutting knife...
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    Caivo jigs are on sale

    Just grabbed a bunch of surface irons .The heavier ones are 4 for 20 and 5 for 20 for the smaller sizes . Grabbed 300 and 250g glow in the dark flatfalls with a single hook welded ring for 10 bucks. The store is in long beach. I think he also has some lucky craft style lures for 5 for 20.
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    Brand new Penn fathom 40nld2

    Brand new ready to fish $220 rosemead or Riverside or anywhere in between. Brand spanking new in the box. You can catch triple digit bluefin or go catch mackeral :)
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    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    Bnib fathom 40nld2. The plastic sticker hasn't even been opened. 220 picked up. Located either in rosemead or Riverside.
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    WTS/T BNIB Saltiga 40 2 speed

    After getting some advice on BD i dont think this reel fits what i'm looking for. BNIB interested in MAK16 or Fanthom 40ld2 new or used can +- cash etc
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    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    with 40 lb of drag can this reel be equivalent of fishing a fanthom 40? 80 lb braid on the reel okay?
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    bait at 3am saturday (LB)

    my buddy wants to leave out of LB around 3am this saturday. where should they go get bait? nacho is getting his stuff fixed at pierpoint? plus he will just yell at 3am anyhow. cabrio isnt picking up their phone right now. anyone have any ideas? thanksssss
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    Silver Avet JX 6/3 2 speed- price drop

    $240 pickup in SGV or IE never caught a fish that needed to shift down to the 2nd gear everything works fine changing out my avets and going another route.
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    WTS Calstar 700ML 700H Seeker 6470 and 80h Terez

    i have the following rods for sale Calstar Factory 700ml 2-3 inches off the tip so it's more like a 30-40 lb rod now alps tip $120 calstar custom (red and black) 700h SOLD rust on one guide doesnt affect anything Seeker Black Steel 6470 $170 New waxwing terez 80h Spinning 180 pics below
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    WTB xwrap sgv

    Hi guys where can I get some wrap for two rods in the sgv? I just feel like wrapping up the cork. How do I measure the diameter I need and what's the best way to heat it up with no heat gun? Hair dryer okay?
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    Shimano Terez waxwing spinner help

    Just picked up a new waxwing terra TZSW-80HEG The reel seat is too small for all the reels I have. From lethal 100, okuma 65 size and penn fierce 6000. Any tips on what reels fits the best but to be frank don't really want another spinner for the rod. Also anyway to modify the reel seat? Just...
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    Saltist bg 35h

    Saltist 35bg Filled with 65pp braid which i can take off if you dont want it. you can see how it is cosmetically in the pics below works great. pick up in riverside or rosemead $130 obo
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    Blue Avet MXJ MC

    Sold has some boat rash as shown below. 10/10 mechanically and has 65 PP braid.
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    FS Silver Daiwa 20h

    Filled with 50lb red pp. you guys know how bad @ss Red is right? Located in SGV/Riverside $120 works fine with a little boat rash. pretty sure i got the box too
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    FoodSaver has the V2254 on warehouse sale for $39.99 + tax. FoodSaver has the V2254 on warehouse sale for $39.99 + tax. Colors available are blue and yellow. MSRP $139.99. Comes with 50 - pre-cut quart and 20 - pre-cut heat-seal bags. Price drops to...
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    comfy deck shoes while fishing

    Hi Guys, we all have seen the normal shoes/boots that everyone wears. so while at a kid's bday party i saw a friends kid wear some chucks looking "plastic" shoes so i asked him what brand. Well i got myself a pair. they are made of the same stuff as crocks but look a lot better. :) pretty...
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    Fishing Face Shield Pack (8 Pack) $23.99 shipped shipping isnt the fastest but it gets to you. dont expect pelegic quality too. please see my previous post for reviews etc... i saw the...
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    5 fishing mask for $20 shipped

    Hope this helps some of you guys
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    fishing sat sun or Monday?

    Anyone need a guy? Experienced ho willing to go from sd to Ventura. Have references and pay my fair share
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    experienced Ho for this weekend 8/29 30

    Hi Guys, i know the drill and can help out with everything involved (launch your boat, clean, fish, pay) please let me know if you guys need a ho for the weekend. i cant go weekdays due to a new job. i got a few captains that can be a reference for me. thanks, Luke
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    Offshore 88 dana

    Boat go with Ryangay on his Oklahoma fishing boat. Bait tank broke the day before but chunking was working so we chunked and chuncked. Got bit a few times farmed a few and farmed one with a gaft shot in the head that flipped at the perfect time. but weended up with three fay ytf with chunks in...
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    wtt 300ej for lexa 400

    Looking to trade a Shimano Curado 300EJ for Lexa 400. 8/10 looks 10/10 function filled with braid. + or - cash on my end depending on condition. Pm me an email or cell for pics Travel from la to the ie everyday
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    Anyone need a ho Thursday June 25?

    Experienced ho with references. Don't drink don't smoke love to fish. Can help you launch clean and share costs interested in la oc or sd. Please pm me. Thanks
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    anyone need an experienced HO 6/23?

    anyone want someone to boat ho next Tuesday it would be great if you lmk. I can clean, launch run etc.
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    WTS Gloomis and Okuma rods

    1) Okuma Catalina CT-C-701ML 12-25lb (fished once on a 1/2 day out of MDR) 10/10 condition still @60 2) Okuma Catalina CT-C-801MH 20-40 lb (new tip is still taped up from factory unused) Deckhand- i did mount a rod to try it. $70 3) Gloomis g2 bbr 996 8ft mag heavy 25-40 lb (green not the...
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    Wtt Shimano Gloomis Okuma rods

    1) Shimano Terez Green 6'6" xh for terez heavy or xh 7 to 7'6 2) Okuma Catalina CT-C-701ML 12-25lb (fished once on a 1/2 day out of MDR) 10/10 condition still 3) Okuma Catalina CT-C-801MH 20-40 lb (new tip is still taped up from factory unused) Deckhand- i did mount a rod to try it. 4)...
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    WTB spinning rod

    looking for a 7.5 to 8 foot 40-50 lb spinning rod to pair with a lethal 100. located in SGV
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    torium 20

    Got a torium 20 for sale. few scratches here and there that are typical of toriums. I just realize I don't use it much and like my avets more and its a bit too big for me a palm the way I like. 120 bucks SGV in LA county. lmk ill get some pics up later in the day.
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    ho needing a ride on sep 21 if you have room

    Second wedding of the month and can't go sat again :( if anyone has room for this Sunday please let me know. Fish frequently and I know the boat ho drill. Feel free to pm me
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    Anyone going Sunday sept 14th need a ho?

    Fishing buds going out sat but I have a wedding lmk if anyone needs a ho on Sunday. Experienced ho and know the drill.
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    Aug 25 to Aug 29 need a ho?

    experienced ho ready to kill fish. needs some sort of heads to take the day off. coming from LA. got my own stuff. know the drill. fish as a team
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    anyone need a ho? or thurs (8/21) or wed (8/27)?

    experienced ho ready to kill fish. coming out of LA so I need some sort of heads up. I know the drill and I respect people's properties. please pm me
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    Shimano shimano lifetime rod waranty going away 8/1?

    just to confirm there are a lot of rumors going around. are the rods that currently have a life time warranty no longer going to have a life time warranty? for example if I buy a teramar today I get a life time but on 8/2 I get a one year? how will shimano know when I got it? what type of...
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    please help a retired USAF Chief find his Mom

    I worked with Bob in another life but he is a die hard patriot and have given a lot to our country. Please help and share his story if you can. If not tight lines and smooth seas.
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    Adding braid question

    I have fished my jx2 speed with around 100 feet of 40 mono top shot on top of 65lb braid and have come to realize that I like a shorter top shot. so should I add more braid or should I replace all of the braid? if add more braid what's the best way to connect it? mod Albright?
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    what is this infraction thing?

    PM sent.
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    WTT: Gloomis BBR966C 8ft mag heavy 25-40 lb gloomis bbr 996 (green not the blue one) i have used it to catch peligics, rockfish etc. rod tip has been replaced before trying to trade for a 7 ft 40lb graphite tuna rod...
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    thumbs up for okuma

    i recently went out with a couple of BD guys and was was using a okuma cortez10 to throw irons (fairly new reel) since the mag helps me get it out far. On the third throw the freespool engages and doesn't disengage oh wells there goes that setup. called up okuma when i got back, told them the...
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    anyone going out this weekend have room for 2?

    we will help with costs, clean etc. thanks
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    new boat out of lb berth 55

    Anyone know anything about this boat? Saw some crappy fish counts but that doesn't make sense since they would have went under months ago...
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    any reports for cortez banks?

    Saw a report boats out of san pedro have gotten some tuna. Anyone else know anything?
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    WTT Okuma Catalina rods and also have a citica

    CT-C-701ML 12-25lb (fished once on a 1/2 day out of MDR) 10/10 condition still and CT-C-801MH 20-40 lb (new tip is still taped up from factory unused) Deckhand- i did mount a rod to try it. both are graphite composite rods looking for 7 foot 30 or 40 lb graphite rods. i can add cash on...
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    need 1.5 day for two in mid to late sept weekends

    Buddy can only go weekends :(
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    Shimano gloomis rods warranty trade at shimano irvine?

    Hey guys rod tip guide broke. Does shimano in irvine take walkins for gloomis rods? I dI'd a search and have read conflicting reports of wa only.
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    wtb 700 h mh m or equivalent

    Wtb in los angeles and maybe ill be in oc once in a while.
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    wtb 7ft 40lb rod

    Hi guys looking for a graphite or graphite compsite 7 foot 40 lb rod in the la area. Please let me know what you have.
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    wtb 7ft 30lb rod

    Hi guys looking for a graphite or graphite compsite 7 foot 40 lb rod in the la area. Please let me know what you have.
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    wtb 7ft 30lb rod

    Anyone got a 7 footer that would match a torium20 or trini20? Lmk I'm in los angeles sgv
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    Shimano TN20

    Hi Guys, i see a lot of posts on here for the tn20 as a 30 and also a lot as a 40 lb reel. should i use this as a 30 or 40 lb rig for a 2.5 day trip? thanks, luke
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    how do i fix this? advice

    Hi Guys, One of my guides on a 700h is a bit lose at where the x is. It is where the circle meets the guide legs i just get this rewrapped or should i just put some superglue or jb weld it? you wouldnt be able to tell unless you push it a certain way. i think it might have been the...
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    bnib daiwa aird baitcaster

    Brand new daiwa aird baitcaster for$65 or trade for 7 foot 40lb rod and ill put in cash depending on the rod. In la but I will be in sd wed to friday this week. Daiwa® Aird Baitcast Reels | Bass Pro Shops Also open to a clarus 8'6 or 9 foot spinning.
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    wtb 7ft 40lb rod

    I'm in la but will be in sd this wednesday to friday. Looking for a 7 foot 40 lb rod like but not limited to 700mh or 700h. Lmk. - - - Updated - - - Paired with a jx 6/3 for those wondering.
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    rod for jx 6/3 for a 2.5 day

    Hi guys my biggest reel is a jx two speed. Is this big enough for a two day? What's a decent rod for it? A 700mh or h? Thsnks
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    question in regards to limits

    Hi Guys im a newbie so please so easy my question is how do limits work? 2.5 day trips get a 2 day limit? 1.5 days get a 1 day limit? and 10 fish per day 5 of any species and dorados are 2 counts as 5? thanks! luke
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    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    short and sweet: avoid this boat long and boring:Things were not looking up at 70+ on the boat but oh wells i wanted to get out on the water. but the crowd was not the problem! i called the landing to ask them how they did on friday they said no yellows but they killed it on the other...
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    Corvalus for VC rockfishing?

    Hi Guys, going out this Saturday to do some rockfishing in ventura. friend is even a bigger newbie than me..soooo im going to bring a saltist20 and a penn500 for him would a corvalus300 be okay to use? got 150 yards of 50 pp on it. thoughts? also is a jx6/3 too much reel for rock fishing...
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    clarus 8'6 or longer two piece spining

    Hi guys looking for a spining two piece clarus for the surf. Im in la and once in a while in oc. Thanks
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    Okuma Catalina

    i just got the following rods CT-C-701ML 12-25lb and CT-C-801MH jig stick 20-40 lb think these rods can handle tuna on a day or 2 day trip out of sd?
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    Okuma Catalina for tuna?

    i just got the following rods CT-C-701ML 12-25lb and CT-C-801MH 20-40 lb thinking about using the 7 footer with a saltist 20 and an avet mx for the 8 footer think thats a good setup for tuna on a day or 2 day trip out of sd?
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    ammo for fishing gear

    Hi Guys, I'm new to fishing and would like to get on a tuna trip this summer. I have 223 762 9mm 45acp 22lr for trade for tuna gear. i'm a bit interested in the avet MX sizes and torium 20s. let me know., i'm in LA county. Thanks!
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    help identifing some rods

    anyone know what brands these rods are? one says varmac on it. any idea on value?
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    Daiwa Saltist 20h good enough for Socal tuna?

    Hi Guys. i got a silver 20h recently and was told by some baitshops it's not good enough for tuna. any tips? maybe i should just sell it and get a basic avet sx/mx? looks like the sx has faily close specs to the 20h so why would my 20h not be good enough? just wondering if 50lb braided with...