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    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    The cost to legitimately run one of these operations is considerable. I know, I co-own one with my Son. ( The boat, property tax, Coastwise documentation, commercial passenger insurance, (more for high horsepower, fast boats), Port and Landing fees, maintenance every...

    Electric reel help


    Offshore BFT front side of Clemente

    They're eating Anchovie. We were there, caught them and looked in their stomachs. All Anchovie.

    Boat Fire Kona Kai

    Tiara caught on fire, caught the cat on fire then broke loose and damaged two other boats before sinking. two fairways down from my boat. Gnarly.

    Etec G2 experiences

    Whatever you do, do not buy a Stainless Marine bracket. We had one and the hatches leaked filling the bracket with water. Armstrong all the way. Also, bracket height is key, too low and you'll have issues maintaining a reasonable cruise speed on that boat, trust me I know. Yamaha 250's all...

    Cabo 226 Cuddycon Repower

    What HP is it rated for?

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    I'm in agreement with releasing the bird unharmed. Pure ignorance and frustration on the part of the Deckie. That said, how many of you would gladly bust a cap in a seal (without legal ramifications of course) with your 25 pound Yellowtail and favorite surface iron in his mouth? As much as it...

    Fishing the Coronados 2019

    Use the Search function, this topic is covered very well. Short of that, Mex. fishing license, FMM, bracelet, Passport, proof of Insurance, radio operators license, etc... All of this is subject to the interpretation of the person requesting it.

    Boat transport with shrink wrap

    You don't need to shrink wrap. You can use adhesive plastic that they use in the auto industry on the leading edges of the hull and console if necessary. I used it to transport my yellowfin from Sarasota Florida to SD and it worked awesome. Peeled right off. It's thick enough to stave off...
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    2017 Yellowfin 26' Hybrid

    Yes Sir! Built specifically for Southern California and used to chase Bluefin and Yellowtail surface schools and fish Calicos and Cods at the outer islands. Great bait capacity and lots of rod storage for the long rods.
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    Boat accident...hope everyone is ok

    Allegedly one fatality. Happened by the Whistler buoy.
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    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Step up, trip XTO 425's. Do it! :)
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    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Quality polarized sunglasses are to sunglasses what Gyros are to binoculars. Night and day difference.
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    2004 Cabo 35 flybridge

    Sweet rig! Getting tough to find clean Cabos. Curt Agee is an honest, truthful Broker who's represented the Cabo brand for many years. GLWS.
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    Bluewater 48 gal tank question

    Call Randy at Bluewater. My guess would be 3/4".
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    Redo of Combing Pads and Eisenglass In San Diego

    Murphy's Canvas in Point Loma, Athena's Upholstery - Shelter Island Boatyard for traditional bolsters.
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    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Wait, you paid 30.00 to have 2 Skipjack and a Bonito filleted?
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    Offshore 6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Great job. Way to stay with it. Good things come to those who put the time in on the salt.
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    Mackerel Slammer

    Yep, every year to some degree. You can never have enough Macks in September/October.
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    Mackerel Slammer

    Roger that... 50.00 OBO
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    Mackerel Slammer

    No Sir, Floats in your slip or where ever and houses Macks for Marlin season.
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    Mackerel Slammer

    50 gallon Mackerel Slammer. Just needs a few floats or a foam noodle. Works great and easy to clean. Make offer.
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    Quicksilver/Mercury 6.6 gal. Fuel Tanks

    2 - 6.6 gallon fuel tanks. Removed from a 15ft Whaler. Probably 10 years old, but is good condition. New they sell for 100.00. 20.00 each.
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    1985 Crystaliner 29, 52K

    Sweet boat. GLWS
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    Customs windows and repair

    Would like the contact info as well.
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    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    Try Sportfishing Television(Killer editing), "the Obsession of Carter Andrews", and Bigwater Adventures (funny Host). Pretty good shows along with Local Knowledge IMO.
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Me too, but think of the revenue that would be generated with 50,000 plus launches a year.
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Good point. They're definitely in no rush to complete the project.
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    No link. I work for a company that owns a marina and deals with the SD Port Authority. Was told a fee was being considered. It seems difficult to imagine they would block all of the existing entrances and create a main toll gate, but I guess it's possible.
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Allegedly already in the works. 14.00.
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Get ready for a launch fee...
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    Overnight trips on personal fishing rigs

    There are so many factors associated with your ability to stay at sea and fish effectively. How much bait can you hold? How big are your fish holds? Ice maker? Fuel capacity? What does your Genny burn an hour? What do you burn at cruise? Unless you have significant bait capacity, multiple...
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    Fuck the anchor

    It's not the anchor. If you frequent areas that are known for anchor loss or anchor in rocky areas try rigging your anchor like this with a breaking trip line. Fasten the rode directly to the anchor's crown or tripping ring. Run the chain along the shank, and secure it to the tip of the shank...
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    Weather for 3/4 day on Sat...

    Sonar fish and flat falls....
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    Seakeeper 2

    Game changer, but big $.
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    New build power, do I really need twin 300's

    You have to think about the weight you will be carrying and your average sea state. larger displacement motors will keep your boat on plane with loads and work less. Nothing worse than an underpowered boat. Also, think exit strategy, you rarely hear someone complain about a boat that is...
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    Xm radio setup

    Sirius, but we never use it. Much better weather apps. available if that's what your after. Pandora or Spotify for music if in range, or a playlist.
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    4/20 stupid fishing

    One of the best posts of the year. LMAO!
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Go to Cole's Carpet on Moreno Blvd. They have every kind of carpet imaginable and work with Sanchez if you end up using him.
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Here's one, will get more when I'm down there. They did 3 staterooms, hallway and runners in the salon.
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    It's not if you let the Pro's do it. I'll get you some pics mañana.
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    Cupholders/Plier Storage

    Cool little suction cup drink holders and fishing tool storage. PM for location to pick up.
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    To get a t top or not.

    My concern would be rod storage. Does your boat have vertical holders along the console? or horizontal ones under the gunnel? Lean post with holders? If yes, the T-top will encroach if you have 3-4 guys fishing Calicos or Yellows with 9-10ft jig sticks. I had a 26ft boat built in 2017 with...
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Correction: It was 1,645.00. Sanchez Carpet Inc. 619-588-5253
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Sanchez has done a few boast for me and are reasonable considering they bind the carpet and apply a moisture resistant backing with a foam base. Tony and Nancy are great to work with and have a great reputation. They just did my Cabo 48 for around 1300.00 including salon and galley runners...
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    NEED a reliable sat phone

    X2 on Inmarsat, 1000.00 plus annual minutes pkg. Two Meter Ant. Shakespeare HS2774 6.5'. 2 meter radio - Icom IC2300H. Just put both on my Cabo and they work great.
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    Setting up a kite reel

    High speed reel is best if possible. Helmet to reel in 600 yards of line after you're bit.
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    Boat name for my new Mako

    Dixon Cider
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    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    6 years, 2100 hours, Marlin, Wahoo, countless Tuna, and plenty of Bluefin over 200. Never lost one to a 30" setback and twin OB's. As stated, boat handling is key.
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    2012 Davis Rock Harbor 25 Short Cabin SOLD

    Best trailer boat we ever owned. Sad to see her go.
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    Free Stuff

    Everything is gone except the Rupp kit.
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    Icom MXA-5000 AIS Receiver

    Brand New, never installed Icom MXA-5000 AIS Receiver. New they are 260.00. 125.00 takes it. PM please
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    Cannon Uni Troll SS Downrigger

    Complete with gimbal mount, needs terminal connection. New both are over 450.00. 250.00 takes the combo. PM please.
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    Free Stuff

    Rupp Outrigger Bushing Kit - It's a lifesaver if you service and clean your own Rupp riggers. Brand new Viking Deck Hatch, 11" Outside diameter. Black. Cup Holders with suction cups , Coozies, small belt. New drink holder Flat line clip PM for pick up
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    Where To Store Fishing Rods???

    Make some horizontal rod holders. They are actually pretty easy to make with minimal wood working skills. We have wall and Ceiling mounts, all in the garage.
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    2006 61' Viking $995,000 - SOLD!

    Nick - i have the Captain, Crew, and means: Stroke that check Brother!
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    Markolone or strataglass

    I've put it on a new Riviera 40,48, and am looking at a Cabo 48 that has it installed now. All have shown the crazing and degradation after 3 years. Murphy's Canvas did the Rivieras and Basin Marine arranged the install on the Cabo 48. They were 7-10K enclosures. Ask Marshall Murphy about...
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    Markolone or strataglass

    Do not use Makrolon unless you are willing to replace it every few years. It fractures internally and looks spider cracked after a year or so: There are some new options you can use.
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    FMM needed if just "passing thru..."?

    You'll need an FMM, although the Mex. Navy has been conspicuously absent lately.
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    "The numbers for that spot are..."

    Lat/Lons are measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds. Most people manipulate the minutes in a plus or minus code. Finding your own fish is much more rewarding and will save you a lot of fuel. Websites like Fishdope can put you in the area and you can refine your skills by learning how to...
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    Kona: December 2017

    Just got back from Kona yesterday. Look up Top Shape Sportfishing. It's a super clean 43 Cabo with a Sea Keeper, great tackle and new electronics. Captain Al and his second John are top notch and will put you on fish. We had 3 bites and caught one Blue the day we went and it's the slower...
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    who sells non ethanol fuel

    Google non ethanol fuels near me. Not sure if its accurate, but Pearsons may have it. Rec 90 was 3.59 in Key West last weekend at the Marina.
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    Yamaha Kicker for Rock Harbor?

    Harold can give you the low down. I believe he can tell you how to rig it with a tie bar so you can use your wheel to steer. Do you have a gas motor? If so, you can plumb right to your kicker as well.
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    Rod Recommendations For Kite Fishing

    Whatever you want to fight the fish on. If you have a rail or gunnel that can support the rail rod, the more leverage the better. You're gonna pray for a two speed and a HD rod if you hook something over 150.
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    262 # bluefin

    Any pics of the fish? I wanna see that slug!
  66. TAPOUT

    A couple questions

    Agree 100% on the forage availability. We've caught popper, iron, and kite fish this year. They'll bite if you're lucky enough to find them fired up or you drag your Yummee through the right area. Lunar phase plays a role as well.
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    Offshore Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    Nice work. You're right, they are truly a gift.
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    What to replace my junk Phenix rods with?

    Nick, Calstar wrapped by Salty Dog. Spend the extra $ on Gucci guides and reel seats and you are golden.
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    Offshore Round Two

  70. TAPOUT

    What's your go to wax for the boat??

    Marine 31 is the bomb. All of their products are easy to use and the results are amazing.
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    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Thanks. She has served us well so far.
  72. TAPOUT

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Or.... find a marina with sub 30' slips and have your bottom cleaned every 2-3 weeks. No trailers, kooks, waiting... etc. It's a beautiful thing.
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    53' Elliott $150,000

    More photos please. Hours?
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    Your Top 5 GOTO Trolling Lures for SoCal

    Assuming open ocean YFT, Mahi, YT... May to July/August Aug-Nov. - Marlin lures in the spread. Small Blk/Purple, Mean Joe, or Pink/wht. Jet heads on the riggers. Natural 4-6" Cedar Plug short corner. Broomtail Zuch Zuke - corner. Frigate or blue/silver 6-8" jet on the stinger. Trolling...
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    Davidson Boats?

    Call Harold, he has the dope. Whoever gets the molds needs to retain Harold until their operations are fluid. I know initially he was willing to do that, but he's busier than ever just servicing boats in Paso.
  76. TAPOUT

    All new gear

    Shimano/Calstars wrapped by Salty Dog. The Talicas are legit.
  77. TAPOUT

    Davidson Boats?

    Roger that!
  78. TAPOUT

    Davidson Boats?

    The Davis brand can still be resurrected by someone with the passion, vision and capital. Harold says the molds exist, minus the 26 and original 30. I know Harold would be happy to help the right person.
  79. TAPOUT

    Davidson Boats?

    Question is... Who has the molds?
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    Who knows of a GOOD local mobile mechanic?

    Bob Aronson - 760-310-7802. Great Yamaha mechanic.
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    Chingon or Cfab - Steve deGroote. Both big $$$.
  82. TAPOUT

    What is the best helm chair?

    Llebroc billfish series. $$$, but sweet. I have two on my Yellowfin and am getting one for the Davis.
  83. TAPOUT

    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    Built for the Pacific Northwest. Does anyone know what it weighs? Gotta be 7-8K dry.
  84. TAPOUT

    Local Knowledge

    Hey Nick - I've been working my way down from Tavernier to Summerland. There are so many factors to consider. Definitely on the water with a lift. Chartered a Yellowfin 39 out of Hawks Cay as well. Bad to the bone! :)
  85. TAPOUT

    Local Knowledge

    Decided to book a few days with Rush Maltz out of Odyssea Charters in Key West while I continue my search for a property in the Keys. When they say "local knowledge" they aren't kidding! Unfortunately we couldn't fish the first 4 days of the trip because of wind, so we were only able to fish...
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    Icom MXA-5000 AIS Receiver

    New in box. Decided not to install on my Yellowfin. Purchased at Shelter Island Electronics. New they range from 238.00 to 299.00. 180.00 OBO.
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    Time of year, age and price of boats with limited finance options, boats not priced congruent with the market. Take your pick. Definitely some nice boats on here though.
  88. TAPOUT

    San Diego lodging

    If you're making the considerable effort to tow a 29 Grady from Washington, you may want to consider continuing on to Ensenada. You can stay at the Marina Coral Hotel or stay on your boat in their slips. That would put you 45 miles away from a potential epic Yellowtail bite, great bottom...
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    EPIRB ?

  90. TAPOUT

    EPIRB ?

    Get an Aqualink PLB. 406MHZ. You can register it to yourself and take it with you on any boat. Google it for best buy. ACR Aqualink.
  91. TAPOUT

    SD Bay Macs?

    There were some decent schools of them off of IB last week. 40-50ft. of water.
  92. TAPOUT

    lingo help

    Dude... Caps Lock.
  93. TAPOUT

    Puerta Vallarta tomorrow what to expect?

    ^ Solid advice.
  94. TAPOUT

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Adapt, adjust, and improvise. We do it every year there is a gloom and doom scenario presented.
  95. TAPOUT

    Looking for a good big bean bag chair for the tower! Anyone ?

    We have an Ocean Tamer and it works good as well. Shipping from the East Coast is a bitch though.
  96. TAPOUT

    WTB Boat Lift

    Looking to buy a 7500-8000b. boat lift. Please PM if you know of anything. Thank you.
  97. TAPOUT

    Need Yamaha mechanic in SD

    Try: Bob Aronson - 760-310-7802
  98. TAPOUT

    Bait pump selection

    Oberdorfer 170M, stainless steel shaft, bronze impeller, easily serviced, and very quiet. We have them on both boats and love them. Spendy, but worth it.
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    "Well Known Member"

    "Well Known Member"
  101. TAPOUT

    Ocean Fishing shows (let's start a list)

    Sport Fishing TV, right before Local Knowledge on the Destination Channel. All East Coast stuff, but very well done.
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    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    If you like the boat, take it to a Dealer of your choice and have them check the motor. Based on their feedback and a complete survey, you can present a realistic offer to the Seller. As stated, Whaler resale values are very good. GL.
  103. TAPOUT

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    You sure you want a CC with two kids and a wife? Of the manufacturers you cited, Robalo is probably the best quality. As far as motors, look at who can service your motor that is reasonably close to you. Makes a big difference in the long run.
  104. TAPOUT

    Radoncraft by Davis - SOLD

    26 Explorer? Sweet ride! GLWS.
  105. TAPOUT

    2004 DAVIS BAHIA 25' ONLY 200 hours on NEW engine and outdrive

    You are welcome to post LEGITIMATE questions regarding someones boat or helpful information regarding the boat. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF. If you don't like the price, condition or anything else, KEEP YOUR YAP SHUT. Thank you. They never learn.
  106. TAPOUT

    Update on My G2 Update

    Nice work Big Bad Bill. Some history in those rides.
  107. TAPOUT

    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    High production boat plus reasonable pricing means more people as a percentage will own one, many times being their first boat so they have a big learning curve. Ignorance, cluelessness, and a sense of entitlement means "dick moves" happen. Last weekend, a few boats well known to this site...
  108. TAPOUT

    Yamaha 350 HELP PLEASE.....

    Yep, having a Yellowfin built right now with the new F350C. Most torque there is and a 5 year warranty. Can't wait.
  109. TAPOUT

    Yamaha 350 HELP PLEASE.....

    So true Shad. And as you know, many have a broken compass.
  110. TAPOUT

    Yamaha 350 HELP PLEASE.....

    Had the same thing happen to one of my Offshore's. The culprit was the High Pressure Fuel pump. It.s located on the Port side of the motor inside the VST, right under the flywheel on a 4.2. They should be able to hook the motor up to their diagnostic tool to determine the problem as well...
  111. TAPOUT

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Great job. A lot of people barely know how to operate a boat, much less perform a rescue. (Just go to any ramp on a busy weekend and watch the shit show). Most people probably don't know it's their legal obligation to render assistance if within a reasonable distance. With todays electronics...
  112. TAPOUT

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    Congrats on the choice. Did you calculate the cost of the XD100 oil you are going to burn with twin 300's?
  113. TAPOUT

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    Thanks Nick. That's the 3rd Whaler we've sold to a Buyer in the Santa Barbara area. Very nice guy. The boat surveyed for 31K for the Buyer without the trailer and there were two legit Buyers behind him, so I'm sure you can guess what it sold for.
  114. TAPOUT

    Eisenglass Help

  115. TAPOUT

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    Wait until Yamaha has the 3 year YES incentive in the Fall and go with F300's. They are Yamaha's best motor in the 6 cyl. configuration, and servicing infrastructure is probably the best as well.
  116. TAPOUT

    Big bluefin on the iron

    That would work, but you have to deal with the knot/leader. Since it's a reaction bite you can probably get away with not using expensive 100lb. flouro. We spool up 150 yards of Izor 50 XXX which probably tests out at a breaking strength of 70b. To date, only one fish out of 11 has gotten to the...
  117. TAPOUT

    Big bluefin on the iron

    Got a 125 on a 100 mag and DC 20. Almost killed me. Went back the next day with a 800XH and a TAC 16 and caught a 110 in 12 minutes. The TAC will still cast a long way if you click the lever two notches off of free spool. Forget irons right now, it's all about the Big Poppers....
  118. TAPOUT

    Looking for someone to punch holes in my boat

    Jesus Orozco - 619-246-0101. He does a lot of installs for Randy at Bluewater. He's done our Davis and Whaler and he's reasonable on the cost.
  119. TAPOUT

    Offshore Feels like prom night!! Just like in 83, No Tuna Pie

    Don't cut the line! We got a 110 and a 130 on a double popper hook up on Thursday. Just have to watch your angles and hope for the best.
  120. TAPOUT

    Need a rod holder for an Ulua

    Try Precision Marine in Costa Mesa. They are big $ but will probably work.
  121. TAPOUT

    Rhino lining as decking?

    Tons of applications for that stuff. They use it a lot in Florida. Sarasota Line-X. Check it out.
  122. TAPOUT

    Boston whaler 19 Outrage $25.500

    I see that now that he added a pic of the tank.
  123. TAPOUT

    Boston whaler 19 Outrage $25.500

    What is the length, is there a trailer, and where is the bait tank located? Thanks.
  124. TAPOUT

    Surface Iron Analysis

    There are so many variables to the equation.... retrieve speed, sea conditions, type of forage present, etc... One out of twenty jigs swims great off the shelf. When you find one, cherish it, re-tie after every fish, and don't worry about the loss of paint. I like the Tady 45 in mint, detroit...
  125. TAPOUT

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    There's not one listed, but thanks for asking.
  126. TAPOUT

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    Update: Boat being professionally compounded, polished and waxed this weekend. This boat is fast, stable and efficient. She's decked over 60 Yellowtail and a handful of Bluefin since Feb. 1st. Nothing better for our "run and gun" surface iron fishing than this rig. She sips fuel, and is easy...
  127. TAPOUT


    There were a few people looking for a boat like yours on You may want to list it there.
  128. TAPOUT

    It's here.....

    Tahiti Surf Skiff. Made in Naples, Florida.
  129. TAPOUT

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    Just got back from Cheeca. Fished with Bamboo Charters for a mixed back of Grouper, Hogs, Spanish Macks, Snapper etc... Killer operation and super chill guides. Ask for Keith or Matt.
  130. TAPOUT

    Best tow from East Coast

    Shad - I'm transporting a new 26 ft. boat and trailer from Sarasota, Florida in September and getting quotes from 5.500.00 to 7,000.00. Can you pass on the information of who does it for the rates you listed? Most companies are saying around 2.00 a mile. Thanks.
  131. TAPOUT

    Sardine Population Continues to Collapse

    Cycles...... or the fishing apocalypse. Every year we get the "sky is falling" from something or someone. Bluefin closed, no bait, MLPA, DFG regs changing, rockfish populations have collapsed..... and then, we have bait, we improvise, we catch fish and we repeat with a new set of obstructions...
  132. TAPOUT

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Install

    Looks sweet!
  133. TAPOUT

    Poor Shark

  134. TAPOUT

    LK Raw. Watch this NOW!

    Epic editing and production. Kudos Ali. Excellent content .
  135. TAPOUT

    For Sale: 60 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    The table is made by Garelik. has them.
  136. TAPOUT

    WTB 60-80 gallon fiberglass oval bait tank

    I have a 60 gallon oval with 3 Precision rod holders for sale. 600.00. It was custom made for my Davis. Extra glass layup, LED light. Excellent condition. Revco Riviera white. PM if interested.
  137. TAPOUT

    Marine Survey - what can it tell me?

    Percussion tests for voids, moisture meter for internal moisture, boroscope camera to look into small areas not easily seen. Ask to see one of his completed surveys. That will tell you how comprehensive he is.
  138. TAPOUT

    tower or no tower

    Jason - Having a tower is key IMO. I can't even count how many times we spot things with the Gyros we would likely not have seen from the pilot house. Our tower is heavy as hell but there are techniques that enable two guys to raise and lower it. Also, it's value will be predicated on the...
  139. TAPOUT

    Bottom Paint Removal-So Cal Recomm. Needed

    I had all the bottom paint removed from my Whaler by Shelter Island Boatyard. They have a new product they are using. Ask for Scott or Wayne. BTW, I starting doing it myself and it's not a fun job. Well worth the money IMO. Good luck.
  140. TAPOUT

    What's been the goto wahoo trolling lure this year

    Purple/black 8 3/8" Marauder.
  141. TAPOUT

    Coronado Islands - What to Know?

    Bingo.... Plan to yo-yo iron for YT if you get to the islands, SKR, or rock pile, and troll Marauders between spots. Good luck.
  142. TAPOUT

    water rot in transom.

    Shelter Island Boatyard does a great job, but are spendy. Depending on the degree of intrusion, it could cost up to 5k for a full composite replacement.
  143. TAPOUT

    27 ft Seasport Alaskan Pilot House with commercial Sonar!

    Nick - Snatch it up! Nothing like owning 3 boats! :)
  144. TAPOUT

    Offshore 11/7 390 report

    Any time you catch and release a Striped Marlin on November 7th, it's a good day. Well done.
  145. TAPOUT

    2011 Boulton 22 ft

    Go to Forums, then scroll down to Washington, Pacific Northwest Classified and Oregon Fishing.
  146. TAPOUT

    2011 Boulton 22 ft

    Put this ad in the Oregon and Washington section here if you haven't already. I sold my Bro's North River in a week doing that. GLWS.
  147. TAPOUT

    Offshore Boo hoo!

    We've caught a handful of Wahoo and hooked 1 Blue this year, but lately we're 0-4 on our last few trips. As we all know, it's super low odds fishing, but we have to try. It could be another 15 years before they are here again in such volume. I'll fish until the last Wahoo and Blue Marlin are...
  148. TAPOUT

    Lost all my fish, freezer down !!!!

    I have more YFT if you want some. Let me know.
  149. TAPOUT

    Offshore Hoo's your daddy!

    Doesn't get any better than that!
  150. TAPOUT

    Offshore Hoo's your daddy!

    And you're staying in Avalon? Not fair! Congrats, now go get a Blue!
  151. TAPOUT

    Offshore Blue Marlin 10/3/15

    Nice release. Well done.
  152. TAPOUT

    Boston Whaler 21' Outrage FOR SALE

    One of the best Center Consoles ever made, and at a fair price. GLWS.
  153. TAPOUT

    WTB 3/8" poly braided line for lobster rigging

    Home Depot and Lowe's have it. Don't buy the dark line, it's hard to see at night.
  154. TAPOUT

    Offshore 390 Yellowfin, Dorado, and Yellowtail

    It's about 46nm to the high spot. Way to stretch it out and find your own fish.
  155. TAPOUT

    Anyone heard of catch and release

    Just curious..... What do they get these days to smoke a pound of fish?
  156. TAPOUT

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Any pics with the C-Fab half tower?
  157. TAPOUT

    Offshore Patties chaser

    Cheddar Ruffles are delicious.
  158. TAPOUT

    Boat Trailer Jacks

    The ones that work and last are the ones that get rinsed and lubed after a day on the water. It's just never a priority and so they corrode quickly. Trust me, I've learned the hard way.
  159. TAPOUT

    For Sale: 2005 25' Davis Rock Harbor long cabin--diesel

    I only asked once when no price was listed. Not sure why it kept coming up. Anyway, that boat looks real nice and the price is more than reasonable. GLWS.
  160. TAPOUT

    9mm Ammo

    970 rounds of 124 grn, FMJ, remanned ammo from Military Ballistics Industries. 150.00 PM if interested.
  161. TAPOUT

    Mexican Navy Boats at the 302 Today?

    ^All true, and that's why I'll be fishing in US waters slaying up the abundance of Bluefin, Yellowfin, Dorado, and Yellowtail that we have been so fortunate to have. And when it's absolutely necessary to enter Mexican waters, whether it's the Flats or the 1010, I'll have a License, FMM...
  162. TAPOUT

    Wtb Davis Cortez 22wa

    Many more 25's out there if your budget allows.
  163. TAPOUT

    Offshore 8/14 Oceanside report

    [QUOTE="mike82, post: 3873693, member: What the fucking fuck! Quote of the year right there! Hilarious. Nice job on the Tunas.
  164. TAPOUT

    Range question

    The rule for safe travel is 33/33/33. 33% of your fuel to get there, 33% to return, and 33% for safety in case you encounter weather etc... Not many adhere to this and will burn close to 50% of their fuel to reach their destination. That said, you would need to know what fuel economy your...
  165. TAPOUT

    Mexican Authorities to Get Much Stricter

    You would need an FMM.
  166. TAPOUT

    Buying east coast

    Thanks. I'll check them out.
  167. TAPOUT

    Buying east coast

    Can you tell me the name of the company that transported the Cabo 35? Did it have a tower?
  168. TAPOUT

    Mexican Authorities to Get Much Stricter

    So that would mean no FMM is needed at the Coronados. I wouldn't test that theory unless you want a free tow to Ensenada. As far as the 302 is concerned, we adhere to the 12 mile rule from the Coronados, although the laws are always subject to the interpretation of the Mexican Navy personnel...
  169. TAPOUT

    Offshore Pacific dawn ventura sucks balls

    The PERIOD is your friend.
  170. TAPOUT

    PSS Dripless Shaft Seals

    What Ali said. Ask for Wayne or Scott.
  171. TAPOUT

    Kaenon Sunglasses and Saltwater

    Just lost my Kaenon UPD's after 4 years. The wife and I have had 4 pairs over the last 10 years. The lenses will craze and become cloudy over time. They were originally designed for sailing. I moved on to the Costa Brine with the 580g lenses. As a rule, the frames are large so make sure you...
  172. TAPOUT

    I wonder how the offshore weather is today?

    We fished the Carlsbad area today from gray till noon. Light wind, no swell, rain, distant lightning, and limits of YFT to 32 ls. outstanding day of fishing along side 50 other boats.
  173. TAPOUT

    Scoops in a 55 gallon Bait tank?

    We have a 58 on the Davis. 2 scoops is perfect.
  174. TAPOUT

    Scoops in a 55 gallon Bait tank?

    We have a 58 on the Davis. 2 scoops is perfect.
  175. TAPOUT

    Offshore Thurs 9th and Sat the 11th. Couple of fun days of fishing.

    Saw you guys heading in Saturday evening. Way to get 'em.
  176. TAPOUT

    Offshore July 11-12 Report

    Day 1 - Fished the 425 and 371 area Saturday for 7 YFT to 23lbs. All fish came on the Jigs, X-Rap (Purple) and jet heads in Orange and Yellow and Black and Purple. Tons of life but stingy fish to say the least. We fished from daybreak to 5:00pm and called it quits. Day 2 - Decided to reverse...
  177. TAPOUT

    Caterpillar Mechanic Needed

    Call Ernie at Dependable Marine. You're going to want Certified Cat Mechanics to do the inspections on those motors. Make sure to have the oil tested. Bunker is very good. He surveyed the boat I sold in May.
  178. TAPOUT

    30 yft on a 3 day

    The water rolled over at the Nados in the last few days. The San Diego went from 211 YT one day to 33 the next. Ryan is now running offshore for the remainder of the season. Saturday most overnights and 3/4 day boats did poorly. We fished all Saturday for 6 YFT and yesterday had limits that...
  179. TAPOUT

    WTB 21'-25' Boston Whaler Outrage

    I have a 1994 Whaler 21 Outrage (like the Justice hull) with a 2012 250 E-Tec. It Runs excellent and requires less maintenance than a 4 stroke. 30 kts and over 3 nm to the gallon. Have always owned 4 strokes, but am very impressed with the E-Tec. 25K may be a little light for your list of...
  180. TAPOUT

    Offshore fishing the nine with my hoe...

    Nice job. Always great fishing with your Boy.
  181. TAPOUT

    New boat 27ft. World cat Or mono deep 28 to 33V

    I owned a Worldcat 27TE. Nice layout, great ride into it, not so much running quarter or down swell at speed. My problem with it was at troll speed uphill it would sneeze and at drift it would rock a lot. I believe the problem was the 8'6" beam on a 27 foot boat. Not enough distance between...
  182. TAPOUT

    Rust spots in gel coat

    CLR - Calcium, Lime, and Rust. FSR - Fiberglass Stain Remover. FSR - Just as cheap and works on lots of things on a boat.
  183. TAPOUT

    Rust spots in gel coat

    FSR is what you want. Westmarine or Marine Exchange. It's in a gel form and works great on anything.
  184. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    SOLD Pending delivery.
  185. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    Sorry, let me see if I can get them for you.
  186. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    Still for sale. Salmon, rockfish, lakes and rivers. This is the perfect Norcal, Oregon, or Washinton boat. Like New condition at a fraction of the replacement value. PM for additional information.
  187. TAPOUT

    Any takers out there today?

    We fished the Islands and Rockpile for some Yellows, but the weather was helmut. Wind out of the North and tight duration. The 9 had to suck.
  188. TAPOUT

    Offshore Where did I go wrong

    It was a down day on the Tuna, but the Yellows were WFO at the Islands. Make sure you fish the surface iron and Colt Snipers for the Tuna when they're under the birds. They've been very productive this year.
  189. TAPOUT

    WHERE CAN I BUY...........

    Sea Witch in Vista probably has it. Call and ask for Ivan. Or, call Andy at SIM. It will take 3-5 days to get the part. No sales tax.
  190. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    Yes. It is in Sacramento.
  191. TAPOUT

    Offshore Good day out of DP 6/21

    Which is a TOAD in reality....
  192. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    Hey Guys, I'm selling this boat if anyone has an interest. The boat is made for NorCal, Oregon, and Washington. Check it out; Thanks
  193. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    Hey Guys, I'm selling this boat if anyone has an interest. The boat is made for NorCal, Oregon, and Washington. Check it out; Thanks
  194. TAPOUT

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    2006 North River 19 Mariner - Very lightly used boat in excellent condition. 2006 Yamaha F90TXR 4-stroke - Aproximately 300 hours. 2006 EZ Loader trailer - Single axle - "Like New" condition Raymarine A6 Color GPS/Fish Finder Icom 302 VHF Radio (2) Canon Downriggers Full Cover Bimini Top -...
  195. TAPOUT

    Offshore Good day out of DP 6/21

    Exactly why a lot of people don't report on this site any more. Most of the prevalent "experts" haven't reported on a trip in years. Great job on the Yellows and Swordy.
  196. TAPOUT

    Offshore Chasing bluefin

    The circle hook may not play a role in getting bit, but it will make a big difference in your land ratio on these toothy critters. If fished correctly, (no hook set, just wind), the fish will most often be hooked in the corner of the mouth. I wouldn't want to risk losing the fish of a lifetime...
  197. TAPOUT

    Offshore Chasing bluefin

    Give it time. Make sure to use fluorocarbon leaders and circle hooks. Last Saturday we had the same thing happen, but ended up with 12 from 30 to 62. We caught both BFT and YFT. They should kick into gear now that the full moon has passed.
  198. TAPOUT

    Offshore Opah at the 43

    Nice job! That's a fish of a lifetime. Sending you RB's contact information today.
  199. TAPOUT

    WTB Parker, Whaler Outrage, Kencraft, 23-25 CC

    I purchased a boat last year, thanks.
  200. TAPOUT


    I use the Cetol in the original teak color. it works pretty good.
  201. TAPOUT


    Mike - We sold the Riviera 47 a few weeks ago, (It will be the new "Thumper"), and the Davis was built to Mothership with it. We are scaling down to a 35-40 Cabo as my Son is now a Senor in College and will likely be employed away from SD. You are right, someone is going to get an...
  202. TAPOUT


    It varies depending on sea state and load. At a 6kts troll 3.1 mpg, at 27kts 2.0 mpg, at 48 mph, 1.1mpg which is too fast in 99% of all conditions.
  203. TAPOUT


    Clearly you didn't read this: You are welcome to post LEGITIMATE questions regarding someones boat or helpful information regarding the boat. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF. If you don't like the price, condition or anything else, KEEP YOUR YAP SHUT. Thank you. Ali,Jan 8, 2010Report
  204. TAPOUT


    Thanks for the nice comments guys. We sold our Riviera last month and plan to sell the Davis if it makes sense. We will then be looking for something in the 35-37 foot range.
  205. TAPOUT


  206. TAPOUT

    Looking for a good boat in Cabo

    If you want to step up on the boat: "Tailchaser Too" with Captain Lalo. Last june we caught 13 Marlin in two days. He and his son slay big time and work hard. He fishes a Cabo 35 F/B out of Picante.
  207. TAPOUT

    Davis boat

    PM sent.
  208. TAPOUT

    Proper Boat Shopping Protocol

    Regardless of price a survey should be completed by a professional. Make sure they have a moisture meter and boroscope (sp) so he can look in areas for standing water and corrosion. Also, get a readout of the engine run a life, maintenance history, and definitely do compression checks on all...
  209. TAPOUT

    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    C9's or Cummins 540's are the right motors. Are you the original owner and do you have the service records?
  210. TAPOUT

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    Google SIM Yamaha, ask for Andy Munao. Great prices, reasonable shipping, no sales tax.
  211. TAPOUT

    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Toggle the arrow right to the display that shows the hours please. C7 pr C9's? Thanks.
  212. TAPOUT

    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Are you the original owner? Do you have a pic of the total hours on the Cat displays? Can you verify C7 or C9? I am currently in the market for a Cabo Express.
  213. TAPOUT

    Dumb question...Where do you stow your bait tank net?

    Lay it on top of the tank with the net ring over the stand pipe while fishing, and put it inside the empty tank when done.
  214. TAPOUT

    24' Boston Whaler Outrage

    Who did your cushions? I need mine re-done as well. Sweet ride!
  215. TAPOUT

    Marina Fuel Prices

    load up. That's a deal.
  216. TAPOUT

    Are Rivieras any good????

    Thanks. I'm considering selling the last Davis ever built and consolidating to a 2004-2006 Cabo 40 express. I'm not in any rush though.
  217. TAPOUT

    Are Rivieras any good????

    And in an ironic twist of fate, She sold today. A bittersweet day indeed. She was a hell of a boat that slayed the fish.
  218. TAPOUT

    Are Rivieras any good????

    I've owned a 2005 and 2007 Riviera. Both ordered New from the factory in Coomera, Australia. My 47 has an LOA of 49.3 and weighs 43,000 pounds which provides stability and much better fuel efficiency, is rigged to fish the West Coast and has been unbelievable for the last 8 years (1490 hours)...
  219. TAPOUT

    Delta Marine 47' with twin 330hp Cummins

    Anyone know if it's still for sale?
  220. TAPOUT

    *SOLD * SOLD * Bait Tank 90 Gallons Split Like New

    Do you know when it was originally made? Any pics of the lids and underside would be helpful. Thanks.
  221. TAPOUT

    Boat in bottom paint

    Get it painted. It will stain, all of the thru hulls will corrode if metallic, and you risk blistering, water intrusion etc.... The paint if applied correctly will have an epoxy barrier coat underneath the paint to protect the hull. Shelter Island Boat Yard will charge 60.00 a foot to do a...
  222. TAPOUT


    What they said. There's very little sport in dragging one backwards, plus you can fish a lighter set up and enjoy the show when one goes airborne!
  223. TAPOUT

    Cold Water has come

    Cold water No sardines No Mexican Bluefin MLPA's Meanwhile amidst the continual gloom and doom,,,,, The fishing is and will be some of the best we've seen since the last El Nino in the mid 90's. Go fishing.
  224. TAPOUT

    Yamaha 225 4 stroke

    We have an Etech 250 (Gen 1) on our outrage and it performs very well. We also have twin Yamaha 225 4.2 ltr Offshores on the Davis and they have been superb. I have a Yamaha connection if you are interested. PM me.
  225. TAPOUT

    What is the best wax for Gel Coat

    Which one will not produce swirls using a machine? I need to do the Outrage this weekend.
  226. TAPOUT

    What is the best wax for Gel Coat

    Go to Great products that are simple to use. Also, Colonite 925 Fleet Wax is awesome, but labor intensive as it must be applied by hand.
  227. TAPOUT

    Fishing Mexican Waters 2015

    In a nut shell.... a Visa from the website with a manifest for all aboard. Use your receipt for the Visas as proof if you don't get the email confirmation. A government iD, either a Driver's License or Passport, and a Mexican Fishing License. Also, some will request a peek at your...
  228. TAPOUT

    Mexican FMM question

    There are fish at the Rock pile but they are skittish as hell. We fished 3 days last week and watched the San Diego kill it while the privates had a tough time. Right now it's side scan and a lot of bait to consistently do well. As far as the FMM goes, you need one for everyone on board, a...
  229. TAPOUT

    22 outrage

    Awesome boat name. Well done.
  230. TAPOUT

    SeaLand vacuflush repair around Huntington?

    You probably need to replace your duck bill valves. Nastiest job you will ever do. I serviced the whole system in my boat this year. PM me if you need help.
  231. TAPOUT

    Mint - Boston Whaler 19 Outrage - SOLD

    In all but the worst conditions it would be fine. Great boat!
  232. TAPOUT

    Bottom Paint Recomendations

    Shelter Island Boatyard. Ask for Wayne or Scott. They're not cheap, but do excellent work.
  233. TAPOUT


    You personally heard Harold Davis talk negatively about Davidson Boats?
  234. TAPOUT

    Odd Inquiry...Etiquette on a Sponsored LR Trip

    We fish the Avet sponsored trip on the Indy. We have nothing but Shimano. They are all real nice guys and could care less. The one cool thing they do is breakdown, clean, and replace drag washers on anyone's Avets on the trip down. Not sure if that's the norm, but I think it's a nice benefit.
  235. TAPOUT

    99 team Riviera 36' tournament Edition partnership

    This boat is fishy! I've fished it many times. Huge cockpit and gets bit very well!
  236. TAPOUT


    Find a Davis or Radon in your price range and call it a day. If you are going to slip the boat, I'd advise against outdrives.
  237. TAPOUT

    need tower work done, recommendations?

    Not an easy job if it wasn't initially designed to fold. Whoever does it will have to cut the support structure, add a pivot point, and create some supportive capacity once it is in the down position. Then there's the issue with cable and wire runs if you have a control box or antennas. There...
  238. TAPOUT

    GoPro Camera Pole

    We use the aluminum telescoping gold window washer pole from Ace hardware. Works like a champ. Attach a GoPro pole mount to the end and your good to go. Go on Lucky B TV on Youtube and check out the Indy trip. The pole was used there to video Dolphin off the bow and tuna under the boat.
  239. TAPOUT

    Offshore Cortes Bank 1/22-23

    Try a belly hooked sardine with a ringed hook and 25 flouro. We've found that the hook finds the corner of their mouth more often. Look on the bright side.... You caught Tuna in January!
  240. TAPOUT

    Bait Tank Installer Needed

    Thanks for the info. I already have an existing thru hull from the wash down. I have to decide where the drain will be located. Have you seen them plumbed through the transom above the water line?
  241. TAPOUT

    Bait Tank Installer Needed

    Does anyone know of a reputable, reasonable person in the SD area that could install a bait tank in my 21 Outrage? I have some holes to poke in the hull and don't feel comfortable doing it myself. Thanks.
  242. TAPOUT

    Fraser Optics Bylite Gyro Binoculars

    I've been thinking about getting a pair myself. Where did you buy yours?
  243. TAPOUT

    Boat Lettering - Removal/Install

    Thanks, The boat has a 16 ft beam and no swim step, so I have no interest in doing it myself, plus I want custom lettering done. I also, need glass work done in the slip, so maybe I could have him look at that?
  244. TAPOUT

    Boat Lettering - Removal/Install

    Thanks guys.
  245. TAPOUT

    Boat Lettering - Removal/Install

    I'm plugging away at maintenance items during this short down time and need to re-do the lettering on our Sportfisher. I've used Shelter Island Sign and Sign Graphix in the past, any others to consider? Thanks.
  246. TAPOUT

    Electronics help!

    You can't go wrong with Simrad. Cutting edge technology and user friendly. You can buy them at Shelter Island Marine Electronics. Ask for Ed Hanscom.
  247. TAPOUT

    21' Boston Whaler Guardian re-build

    CT - Pretty sure that's a Justice. Looks awesome! Did you have it painted or re-glassed? Thinking about doing some work on ours.
  248. TAPOUT

    Gelcoat Repair - San Diego

    Thanks guys.
  249. TAPOUT

    Gelcoat Repair - San Diego

    I need gelcoat work done in the SD area. I need someone who can do top notch work and is reliable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  250. TAPOUT


    How old is it?
  251. TAPOUT

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    You drinking the 10 or 18? Good stuff right there. :)
  252. TAPOUT

    Underwater lights

    Seavision SV10's or the new SV19 DC lights. Two on the transom, one straight down. White for making bait.
  253. TAPOUT

    21' Boston Whaler Guardian re-build

    I believe that's where the throttle/shifter will go. Nice boat CT!
  254. TAPOUT

    Yamaha Longevity

    There are so many variables, the question is difficult to answer. A well maintained motor will last thousands of hours with a little luck and regular maintenance. Service history is key when purchasing a used motor. Good luck.
  255. TAPOUT

    Looking for any feedback on the Mikelson 43

    The common rail motors are much quieter, are more fuel efficient, and represent a leap in technology. They are electronically fuel injected, and computer controlled which means less smoke and nauseating diesel smell. What is your price range? The M43 may not be your only option.
  256. TAPOUT

    Looking for any feedback on the Mikelson 43

    Common rail motors are key. If you fish Marlin, hopefully it has controls aft in the flybridge or a mini tower on the roof. The motors are under the cockpit floor, so there's less sound in the salon, galley, and staterooms while under way. They are built in Taiwan, but are owned by a local...
  257. TAPOUT

    Who to use for Yamaha repower?

    Call Andy at SIM Yamaha. He can sell you everything and is negotiable. Seawitch or West Coast Marine can install everything.
  258. TAPOUT

    Honda or Yamaha

    Get the Honda BF25. It's the max HP motor you can put on a Gregor 15. It's also 155 pounds versus the Yamaha T25 which is 201. Honda has great customer service. I have a Honda 25 on my tender, and it has run perfect for many years.
  259. TAPOUT

    Offshore Another Dodo Report - 371 Friday

    Great report. Way to hang in there late in the season. My Son went Thursday for a similar result in the same area. Going 100+ South next weekend for a shot at Hoo. Might be the last trip of the year, so we have to make the effort.
  260. TAPOUT

    Historic Bite: Blue Marlin Reports

    He didn't say, but said it was on 50 pound and the line just parted. Maybe Charmin Grouper can tell us?
  261. TAPOUT

    Historic Bite: Blue Marlin Reports

    A boat hooked an estimated 300 pound Blue on the N. Nine on Sunday when we were out. Fought it for 8 plus hours and it eventually broke the line. Skipper said the whole crew was exhausted. They are here in reasonable numbers.
  262. TAPOUT

    2002 Boston Whaler Outrage 230

    So true. Searched for a mid 90's 21 Outrage for a long time and finally found one. Built like a tank and will last another 20 years. Hard to beat the configuration of the interior IMO.
  263. TAPOUT

    Offshore Just Another Marlin Report

    Great job! We've been enjoying the epic bite as well. Love Bart's 1656.
  264. TAPOUT

    Thoughts on buying a boat out of state?

    I paid 2,200 to ship a BW Outrage 21 on a trailer from Wisconsin to SD. Took 3 days in January. Used a Certified Surveyor of my own choice, not the Sellers. Received over 200 photos including ones taken with a boroscope around the fuel tank, moisture readings, etc... The boat was exactly as...
  265. TAPOUT

    Offshore 10-5 Aztec, what went wrong?

    What happened was you went fishing in October. This year one paddy can make or break a trip. We fished both days this weekend, and the fog on Sunday was horrible. Coming in to SD bay at 4:30 there was 1/10 mile if visibility. I've never seen that in the 20 years fishing off of SD. I...
  266. TAPOUT

    Offshore East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    juvenile Mola. Caught two Stripers that had them in their mouths yesterday. Lots of them on the Kidney Bank.
  267. TAPOUT

    Thoughts on buying a boat out of state?

    Not a problem if the buyer is legit. I bought a Whaler out of Michigan and my friend bought one out of Virginia this year. My survey company sent me 120 pics, moisture test, etc... so I had a good idea of what I was buying. I have a shipping guy out of Iowa that can be trusted. PM me if needed.
  268. TAPOUT

    Offshore Epic Marlin Fishing - Tues

    What type of hook are you using, and are you using a double? We run a stiff rigged Jobu and have lost very few fish this year. The 1656 is a bigger jig for SoCal. Try a Coggins peanut in blue/whit/silver. Melton's has them. It's got 3 fish already this year. Great rigger bait.
  269. TAPOUT

    Offshore Is this you?

    Could't agree more. Video and photos of the belligerent and clueless.
  270. TAPOUT

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    Fuel costs are usually about 1.00 more a gallon. Bottom Cleaning will be around 45.00. Zincs, and potential damage from electrolysis on thru hulls, trim tabs, etc not grounded or zinced correctly. Depending on the type of bottom paint you use, and who preps and applies it, it will last around...
  271. TAPOUT

    Offshore Sept 2 YF,YT, Dorado, Bonito, Marlin 302 - 226

    This year bait for chum has made all the difference. Load that bait tank up brother!
  272. TAPOUT

    Mexican Fishing Permits

    I thought he was referring to Shelter Island.
  273. TAPOUT

    Mexican Fishing Permits

    You still could have been in Mexican waters. Most boats are fishing the Corner, 302, 230 area. I know, i've fished there 6 times in the last 10 days. With decent vis, you can see the point. Also, the Captains have to pre pay for the permits if they want to fish Mexico as an option. How were...
  274. TAPOUT

    $5.00 fuel in January 2015

    Did it too. Waste of time.
  275. TAPOUT

    $5.00 fuel in January 2015

    Cali at its finest.... At least some day we'll have a multi billion dollar bullet train to nowhere. We'll all figure how to keep fishing. One way or another.
  276. TAPOUT

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    Can't you have an enclosure made that will cut most of the wind? Remember, you'll have to re-rig everything, new seats, rocket launchers, etc... but I hear you about being cold. It sucks.
  277. TAPOUT

    What boat do I want?

    They have a nice casting deck that will accommodate a few people, plus the cooler seat for the kids. We have had a newer Montauk 19 and 15, and the older Outrage eats their lunch. We were going to get a Guardian, but they are too narrow and the front deck is funky. The Outrage if similar to...
  278. TAPOUT

    Spanish Macs or Chovies for YFT?

    Pacific Greenback, not Spanish. The 6-8" are deadly.
  279. TAPOUT

    What boat do I want?

    We bought a 1994 Whaler Outrage 21 to fish the bays and take occasional trips to SCI. You could mount a trolling motor if desired, but we mainly fish Calicos and really wouldn't use it except for dock fishing spotties. The Whalers of that vintage are built very well and won't break the bank...
  280. TAPOUT

    Spanish Macs or Chovies for YFT?

    Cat food - sabiki - kelp line - patience = Pacific Mackerel. Plus a scoop of Anchovies. Also, lots of Tuna being caught on the metal jigs.
  281. TAPOUT

    Bow bait tank on a 26 Skipjack

    Make sure you get the right pump. Depending on where the thru hull is on your boat, it will have to push the water forward and up to the tank. Once, you are moving, the inertia places more pressure on the pump's ability to move water and can literally stop flow in some cases. I would call...
  282. TAPOUT

    Flood lights

    Look at Vision X LED lights. Born from off road racing, and expanded into the marine lighting arena. Great components, superior quality and super powerful. You can get them with different angles. We have two 1500 lumen lights for the cockpit and two 900 lumen side lights for bugging in the...
  283. TAPOUT

    BFT In US then to Mexico

    I believe it's all about possession, so I would say no. If they get stopped, good luck convincing them that they didn't catch them in Mexican waters. It's only a matter of time before they make an example of someone.
  284. TAPOUT

    Question about trolling

    All Orange topped clone, some have a little yellow underskirt. We have found that Rapala's and other lipped baits are like surface irons. Some just swim better than others. We take the hook off the front for several reasons; We think it swims better, lessens chance of injury on the deck, fish...
  285. TAPOUT

    Question about trolling

    Get a zucchini broom tail and a Mexican Flag Zuker. Also, a small carrot top jig. Put the cedar plug on the port corner with a rubber band flat line about 2 boat lengths back. Take the front hook off the rapala, sharpen the back hook, put it down the middle. Put the carrot top on the...
  286. TAPOUT

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Unfortunately this is probably only the beginning of what will be continued regulations to thwart Sport Fishing in Northern Baja. This is being done because the Government perceives that our take of BFT impacts them economically. Our collective contribution via licenses, and permits is minimal...
  287. TAPOUT

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Pretty sure the regulation applies to sport caught BFT too. Hopefully the lack of seiner pressure will allow some of them to migrate into US waters.
  288. TAPOUT

    Distance on Single Engine?

    We run 58nm from Dana to Clemente and usually put 130-150nm on the boat fishing and then returning. We do it in a Outrage 21 with an Etec 250. The boat has a 120 gallon tank and the motor gets 3nm/gal at 27mph. That allows us to adhere to the 33% rule which is what should be done for long...
  289. TAPOUT

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Pride of ownership right there. GLWS.
  290. TAPOUT

    Which Reel do you like better?

    We have a few Talicas and love them. You can never go wrong with Shimano IMO.
  291. TAPOUT

    Center Console Dome Light

    Go to They have a decent selection of lights. Absolutely go LED as it uses a fraction of the power.
  292. TAPOUT

    Furuno Side Scan Sonar question

    Congratulations, you now have the technology and advantage to find fish when most cannot. I have a friend who had the same unit on his Cabo 48. One problem he had was getting an accurate reading when the boat was pitching in rough seas. If I were you, I would call Furuno and get as much...
  293. TAPOUT

    transom repair

    Just had my transom redone on my Outrage. Had it done in composite with a stainless plate from Chingon. 5K at Shelter Island Boat Yard. It's bullet proof, but expensive. Once you open it up, you have to remove any compromised wood, glass, etc… Mine cracked from a previous poorly done...
  294. TAPOUT

    Slip in San Diego?

    That's great to hear! Most of the guys that work there fish, and they have a bunch of 25-35' slips available. Come down to L dock this Summer and say hi. Lucky B and Triple Play.
  295. TAPOUT

    Pros and Cons on Windlass...Free-Fall vs Power-Down

    X2. Free fall all the way.
  296. TAPOUT

    Slip in San Diego?

    Try Sunroad. Super clean, great parking and security, nice updated pool, spa, and party area with BBQ's. And…. right next to Island Prime and C-Level lounge. Ask for Adam Vevus and tell him you're a BD'er, and he will hook you up.
  297. TAPOUT

    Late June Cabo Trip

    It depends on your budget, but Lalo on the Tail Chaser Too is the real deal. We caught 8 Marlin in two days with him last month. Bait is 2-3 dollars each and he has Ballyhoo rigged for the stinger and drop back. He usually brings his Son and Nephew who are both young, experienced, and anxious...
  298. TAPOUT

    WTB Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    Just got off the phone with Harold. He has a repowered Long Cabin on his site and is currently listing another real nice Long Cabin that is priced well. He says most of the guys that have the Short Cabins are hanging on to them because they can't get another one. He said to give him a call if...
  299. TAPOUT

    WTB Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    Smart Man. Good luck with the search. I have to call Harold tomorrow, so I'll ask if he is aware of anything, but I'm sure you've already contacted him. I know Nate, who owned the Long Run was selling his boat a while back. Don't know if he ever did.
  300. TAPOUT

    Tell me about Farallon Boats (the newer ones)

    Thanks. We went through every aspect of it to make it as modernized as possible, much to Harold's chagrin in some cases. Good luck with your search.
  301. TAPOUT

    Tell me about Farallon Boats (the newer ones)

    You should talk to Harold. He knows the Farallon brand well, and can tell you the pros and cons. I was considering one before Harold built me the last Short cabin. How much did they want for the 2007?
  302. TAPOUT

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    I have a Flybridge Sportfisher and a smaller trailer boat. Two completely different worlds as it relates to cost, maintenance, lifestyle etc… Considering your age, health, and marital status, I'd opt for a nice Pilot House in the 150K range and save the rest for the occasional long range trip...
  303. TAPOUT

    Looking for advice on AP

    We run Simrad AP's on all of our boats. We have never had a problem with control heads, virtual feedback systems, integrations etc… delete the pump and go with an Accusteer heavy duty auto pilot pump rated for your steering and power. They're more money, but well worth it IMO.
  304. TAPOUT

    need somebody to installl a flir system- I have the unit

    Call Brian at Revolution Marine. He's the Rivi expert locally and will probably be the most efficient. Tell him Erik from Triple Play referred you and to give you the Ellsworth Marine deal.
  305. TAPOUT

    2008 yellowfin 42

    Go to or THT has hundreds of posts on the Yellowfin boats. They are high end, big money center consoles found mostly in the Gulf and Southeast Atlantic waters.
  306. TAPOUT

    Furuno or Simrad

    I have had 5-6 Furuno systems over the last 10 years. Currently have a VX2 black box system in my sport fisher with all the whistles and bells. It has been flawless. I had a 3D system in out 27 Worldcat that was very problematic. Once again, all the good stuff, but had issues, and had to be...
  307. TAPOUT

    Shipping from East Coast

    Fishhunter33, It was on the trailer with a t-top. I can give you the number of the guy that hauled mine if you would like. Uship takes a nice chuck when you use them.
  308. TAPOUT

    Grady 209

    I had a mid 90's 209 with the Sea-V2 hull and it was awesome! Excellent ride, and very fuel efficient with an OX66 Yamaha 2 stroke. Slap a I4 200 Yamaha on it and you're good to go. (If you are looking at a new one.)
  309. TAPOUT

    Shipping from East Coast

    I had a Boston Whaler Outrage 21 shipped from Two Rivers Wisconsin for 2300.00 Took the guy 3.0 days. Super easy and luckily, no problems. I used Uship. I have his contact information if you want it. He goes anywhere in the US.
  310. TAPOUT


    I have had 4 Mercurys and all have been problematic. Not to say you might get a good one. I had twin Suzuki 175's and they were awesome besides the paint on the cowlings crazing. We currently have Yamahas and they have been flawless. What brand binnacle and gauges are on it now?
  311. TAPOUT

    lowrance hds7 for sale

    I pm'd him last week and he never replied. I think he had it listed for 1000.00.
  312. TAPOUT

    Flir-MD-625 with JCU Bundled- any reviews from anybody

    I guess the first question is what do you want the unit for? If you are like me, and are always concerned about someone falling overboard while traveling at night, then the hand held unit for half the price is an option. I know many people who have put them on their boats and spent upwards of...
  313. TAPOUT

    Atlantic Towers T-Top (New Condition)

    Sorry, I sold it at 10:00am today.
  314. TAPOUT

    Custom Boats

    Love the dash and design. Is that a fish hold in the cockpit?
  315. TAPOUT

    Atlantic Towers T-Top (New Condition)

    Atlantic Towers T-Top for sale. Black Sunbrella trampoline top. 4 rocket launchers. Fully adjustable legs fit console widths of up to 55", offset base pads allow legs to fit tightly to the sides of the console. Will fit most boats 16' to 25'. Was on a Whaler Outrage 21. Sells new for 1700.00...
  316. TAPOUT

    Davis cortez half cab vs pilothouse for northern cal.

    I've purchased a 22 Cortez Pilot House and a 25 Rock Harbor from Harold. I like the Pilot house because it is quiet, warm, and functional. It really depends on your intended use. Try to get a ride on both of them. As far as price goes, you can throw away NADA. The Davis boats were limited...
  317. TAPOUT

    WTB davis cortez 22'

    Call Harold at 805-227-1170. He is the best source and knows of boats not listed on the market.
  318. TAPOUT

    WTB Parker, Whaler Outrage, Kencraft, 23-25 CC

    I'm specifically looking for a Center Console. Looks like a reallly nice boat though.
  319. TAPOUT

    WTB Parker, Whaler Outrage, Kencraft, 23-25 CC

    My Guardian search came up empty so I'm expanding my search to the other manufacturers. I'm looking for utility, and solid construction. Cash buyer.
  320. TAPOUT

    WTB Boston Whaler Guardian 22 or 25

    Looking to purchase a 22-25 Guardian. Would prefer the most basic layout possible, but will consider anything. Not afraid of a project boat or re-power. I monitor the Government sights, but nothing is available right now. Cash buyer.
  321. TAPOUT

    216 Cabo Cuddycon w/ Suzuki 140 4 Stroke - Clearwater, FL - $13,000

    You can probably get it shipped for around 2,400-2600.00. Go to Uship and let them bid on it.
  322. TAPOUT

    More New Boat Pics - 2004 31 Tiara Open

    Nice boat! Go with the larger tank if you can. I bet you wont regret it.
  323. TAPOUT

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    X-2. Know the law or pay the price. Remember, they need to generate revenue.
  324. TAPOUT

    Offshore late post. It was perfect weather and good fishing but we had ou share of issues! lol

    Michael, Take this guy up on his offer. He has Jose's boat and knows the area real well from what I'm told. Could be an epic trip.
  325. TAPOUT

    Offshore 1 Paddy 3 Species Killer Day

    Nothing better than that. Great job.
  326. TAPOUT

    Replacing water impeller on a Honda 50 Outboard

    I just replaced the impeller on my Honda BF30 last week. 4 bolts, disconnect the shift rod, remove the impeller housing, slide off the old impeller, install new impeller taking into consideration the direction it will spin, and reverse the process. Make sure to use anti-cease grease on the...
  327. TAPOUT

    Impeller / water pump replacement Evinrude 150

    It's easier with 2 people. find out what position the throttle needs to be in before you start. (On a Merc it's in forward gear). Get the whole impeller kit and use anti seize on the bolts. It's a pretty simple process; remove lower unit, remove impeller housing, replace impeller, and all...
  328. TAPOUT

    Mother's Day Flurry

    After working on our Sportfisher all day replacing bait tank pumps, my son suggested we take the Davis to the Coronados for a half day trip. After speaking to some of his compadres, he suggested that the fish would be active right as the tide was at full flood. We arrived at the 5 minute kelp...
  329. TAPOUT

    Which boat?

    I bought a 19 Montauk new in 2008. Great utility boat with lots of room in the bow for fishing and a great boat to bug out of. They are spendy, and the ELP 115 Merc blew up after 290 hours. It was covered under the warranty. Other than that, it was a great boat.
  330. TAPOUT

    WTB 22' Whaler

    You just can't help yourself can you? Does it make you feel better to continue to make these comments? You have no idea how he makes or spends his money. If you feel the need to impart your financial wisdom and fiscal conservancy on he or I, do it via a PM instead of on a public forum...
  331. TAPOUT


    Steiner Commander - Non Compass, Fraser Volpe- Stabilized
  332. TAPOUT

    Whats with these yellows....

    You're good with a Mexican Fishing License and your Passport. Doesn't hurt to have current boat reg. and/ or documentation and your CDL either.
  333. TAPOUT

    Tower control box

    Whoever does the tower should have a source. Are you going to rig it with steering and controls?
  334. TAPOUT

    What Bait Pump Size for 115 Gallon Offshore Tank

    If the pick up for the transom tank is from Riviera, I wouldn't bother putting another hole in the boat. They locate the thru hull in an area that provides clean water. Smart choice on the tank size.
  335. TAPOUT

    What Bait Pump Size for 115 Gallon Offshore Tank

    I've owned a 37 and currently have a a 47G2 Riviera. A OS115 is going to eat up a lot of cockpit in that boat. Look at the tank in my avatar, and my boat has a 16'2" beam. I run a custom 90 Bill made for me from Offshore. It can hold 3 scoops well for multi day trips, You should have a...
  336. TAPOUT

    What Engine Room and Bilge Paint to use

    Bilge coat. West Marine.
  337. TAPOUT

    WTB Davis Bahia

    Call Harold or go see him since you're in Paso. 805-227-1170. He knows what's available now and who's thinking about selling.
  338. TAPOUT

    Remove bottom paint

    Soda blasting.
  339. TAPOUT

    Catalina Mooring and Hotel

    Don't rent the tent cabins at two harbors. They suck and are along walk to the pier. The Banning lodge is nice and the cafe is real good IMO. We launch out of Dana landing to go to Avalon. Avalon has a lot more to do than TH.
  340. TAPOUT

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    I might have to come visit you Jeffy. :)
  341. TAPOUT

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    All Don Radon derived hulls are good in following seas. They were designed to get commercial Ab/Urchin divers home in big seas, with heavy loads. Can't speak to the Farallon. It has a sharper bow entry versus the others. I've owned 2 Davis boats and they are built like tanks. If you are...
  342. TAPOUT

    Mikelson Nomad

    No down steering.
  343. TAPOUT


    If only they liked Seal sashimi.....
  344. TAPOUT

    Fish Memorial, No Joke

    That sign will be on my dock box a day after they put it up.
  345. TAPOUT

    Simrad NSE & NSS Combo

    We have an NSE12 and 8 in the pilot house and an NSS 7 in the tower on our Davis. They have been flawless to date . CHIRP is a must also.... IMO.
  346. TAPOUT

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    For me it's not just the fishing and hunting opportunities. It's primarily the political environment and the slow erosion of our ability to save money for retirement, cost of living, and taxes. I believe the accelerated regulation of our rights to do the things we enjoy, increased taxation...
  347. TAPOUT

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    I'd like to recon the area. Where would you suggest I go to charter a few fishing trips and check out the area East of Houston? Thanks.
  348. TAPOUT

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    I would probably have to be relatively close to Houston, where would you suggest to live that is say 10-15 miles from the ocean and has access to the gulf? Great information by the way.
  349. TAPOUT

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    After living my entire life in Cali, I am considering Texas. No state income tax, 6.25 sales tax, conservative values, and of course their support of the 2nd amendment. Going to sell my boats and get a Freeman 40 and fish the rigs in peace! It's only going to get worse in California. Then in...
  350. TAPOUT


    1090 7-9.
  351. TAPOUT

    Pacific Yacht Towers...and stuff....boat bling!!

    That's ok, I bought a bait tank and all the accessories some where else.
  352. TAPOUT

    Pacific Yacht Towers...and stuff....boat bling!!

    I see bait tanks. Do you have any 20-26 gallon tanks? I need one for my Whaler 15. Thanks.
  353. TAPOUT

    Who sells Kodiak Bait Tanks in SD?

    Can someone tell me where I can get a good deal on a Kodiak PF22 for my Whaler 15? Does anyone have one used they want to sell? Please let me know. Thanks.
  354. TAPOUT

    Life Raft, how long do they last?

    Take it to Oceans West in SD. They will have to deploy it to determine viability. Is it in a valise or fiberglass canister?
  355. TAPOUT

    Another Try 10/25

    Buy plastic jars with screw on lids on the web. They are about 3.00 ea, and work great.
  356. TAPOUT


  357. TAPOUT

    Offshore Fri/Sat Oct 12/13

    Nice report. Was the Mexican Navy boat hailing the Sporfishers in english on channel 72?
  358. TAPOUT

    Cortes Bank Lobster opener

    Great read. Glad you recovered from the incident. Many do not.
  359. TAPOUT

    Offshore Fat Albert-core S of the 390

    I carry a pair of bolt cutters for that very reason. Glad it all worked out. Nice Albert!
  360. TAPOUT

    Offshore 09-21 1010 Knuckel

    Hey Lee, Don't you have a DC pump too? We may be putting a Mag Bay trip together in the future if you are interested. Hope all is well.
  361. TAPOUT

    Integrated LED Hard Top Lights

    Not yet.
  362. TAPOUT

    Integrated LED Hard Top Lights

    Does anyone know where I could get a set of sealed LED Navigation lights (they must fit into the forward corners of the hard top) to replace my originals that were fabricated in Australia? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  363. TAPOUT

    Offshore Offshore Colonet and San Martin Island YFT, BFT, YT, Dorado

    You didn't pay the fuel bill.:hali_parkutuli:
  364. TAPOUT

    PARKER 17' center console (1996)

    He pm'd me and said it was sold.
  365. TAPOUT

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Where did you get the inserts? C-Fab shorted us by 6 and I can't find the tulip style inserts. The boat looks awesome!
  366. TAPOUT

    Tuna Spotter

    That's a game changer! sign me up too.
  367. TAPOUT

    Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

    It's a Utility 15. Utility 15 c.1991-c.1997 This was a grey gelcoat version of the base 15-foot hull, with a molded side console minus windscreen and "Star-board" seats in grey.
  368. TAPOUT

    Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

    He wants 8K now. I've been corresponding with him all day. He doesn't seem like a bad dude, Just too much.
  369. TAPOUT

    Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

    Thanks. I have a line on a couple other options, I just liked the idea of 4500.00.
  370. TAPOUT

    Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

    WombatV - Check your personal email.
  371. TAPOUT

    Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

    Bajabills, where did you see the Whaler for 4500.00? I'd be interested if it is still available.
  372. TAPOUT

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Is that a slammer in the deck behind the well?
  373. TAPOUT

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    The i2 Systems lights by Apeiron are awesome, we have lots of them on the Davis and Rivi. Where did you get your bait tank? Are you going to put a lean pad on it? Absolutely stunning boat, you're going to love the Yamaha motor. SDS prop?
  374. TAPOUT

    Lucky B- Big La Jolla Yellows 4.22

    Why don't you keep your BS comments to yourself. This is the second time you've had a stupid remark on one of his posts.
  375. TAPOUT

    Looking for a bow rail for my 2008 Triumph 170cc or someone who can help me make one

    Try this guy: He made all the rails for Harold Davis at Davis Boats. He's in San Luis Obispo.
  376. TAPOUT

    Weekend in the Bay 2/17-19/12

    We fished throughout the weekend in San Diego Bay and enjoyed some steady fishing on a mix of Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Halibut, and Cabezon. All fish were caught on plastics at a variety of depths between twelve and forty feet up and down the Bay. Check out our page for future reports...
  377. TAPOUT

    Check Out "Lucky B Sportfishing"

    Check out "Lucky B Sportfishing" on Facebook! Stay tuned with future reports and episodes from the vessel and team of "Lucky B". Erik
  378. TAPOUT

    "Friends of Rollo" Davis Bahia 25

    Trim the motor up and adjust the trim tabs and you should be able to replicate what Harold did.
  379. TAPOUT

    WTB 17-19 Parker or Whaler CC

    I need to find something on the West coast, so I included Parker. Are you suggesting the 17 Whaler is in another class than the Parker 18? One reason I haven't pursued a few Whaler leads is the Mercury OB. I had my ELP115 replaced completely after 420 hours on my 19 Montauk. I have more...
  380. TAPOUT

    WTB 17-19 Parker or Whaler CC

    I bought a 19 Montauk new in 2007 and sold it for 23,500.00 in 2009. I'm thinking I gave it away. Thanks for the leads.
  381. TAPOUT

    WTB 17-19 Parker or Whaler CC

    I'm looking for something a bit newer. The Whaler has a trailer.
  382. TAPOUT

    WTB 17-19 Parker or Whaler CC

    I am currently in the market for a small Center Console, preferably Whaler or Parker, with a four stroke OB or possible Etec. Bottom paint ok, prefer Yamaha power, but am open. T-top not important. PM if you want to sell your boat. Thanks
  383. TAPOUT

    Bamf 25' Excursion sneak peek

    What are the dimensions of the dash and where do you house the batteries? Thanks.
  384. TAPOUT

    2007 World Cat 270 TE

    That boat looks familiar. LOL
  385. TAPOUT

    LED Deck & Underwater light for bayrunner

    I have a pair of the Coastal Night Lights on my World Cat and they have worked great. They attract a lot of bait also, including squid. Get the white lights, not the Blue.
  386. TAPOUT

    Catalina Fishing/Diving Report 11/5-7

    Where did you see the White? I'm going there for a week to fish and dive and would like to know. Thanks
  387. TAPOUT

    Offshore 3 Day on The Triple Play

    Kevan - She whipped all of our asses as expected. It's all good as long as we're catching fish. Fuel was 2.46 a gallon if your were staying there, otherwise 2.46 plus a 15% tax. Now that I look at the video, she turned down wearing a belt either. Sheesh!
  388. TAPOUT

    Offshore 3 Day on The Triple Play

    My wife kicked all of our asses using 20lb. and a small hook. Each day the fish moved up in the water column until Monday when we metered many right near the surface. Probably due to the weather coming down.
  389. TAPOUT

    Offshore 3 Day on The Triple Play

    Decided to give the Upper 500 - Hidden Bank deal a try since this year has been very tough. Left San Diego at 3:00pm and bombed down to Coral to put on 800 gallons of fuel. Headed out at 4:00am and ran right into some nasty seas. Made it out to our numbers by 7:00 and put the trollers in...
  390. TAPOUT

    Where to get Bean Bags in SD?

    Can someone tell me where to get bean bag chairs in SD? I need a couple of them for the boat and can only find the place in Florida that wants 91.00 to ship two of them. Any help would be appreciated.
  391. TAPOUT

    Roller Guide lube?

    What is the best lube to use for squeaky roller guides?
  392. TAPOUT

    Cedros-Benitos Trip

    Bill, What week are you going? Think they'd let you bring 300 gallons of diesel so I don't have to go to Turtle?:rofl:
  393. TAPOUT

    Cedros-Benitos Trip

    Thought I'd post this here as well as in the offshore underway section; This year we've decided to go to Cedros and Benitos Island during the new moon phase in either June or August. If anyone is interested in buddy boating down, let me know. I'm flexible on which month as long as it is during...
  394. TAPOUT

    Planning Cedros - Benitos Trip

    This year we've decided to go to Cedros and Benitos Island during the new moon phase in either June or August. If anyone is interested in buddy boating down, let me know. I'm flexible on which month as long as it is during my son's summer vacation. We're planning on fueling in Ensenada and...
  395. TAPOUT

    WTB Trailer for 11' RIB

    I'm looking for a small trailer for my 11' dinghy. Not real picky as long as it is functional. PM if you have anything. Thanks
  396. TAPOUT

    Buying a new fishing boat?

    Ali, After owning the WC27TE for nine months, I'm going to start looking at either the Yellowfin 32-36, or a custom mid 30's express. There are some decent deals back East. Alot of the big brokerages have trade inventory they will dump for cost which will be similar to a repo boat without...
  397. TAPOUT

    Offshore Triple Play 5, Marlin 4 - Catalina

    His back was hurting and he wanted to get it in quickly for a healthy release.
  398. TAPOUT

    Offshore Triple Play 5, Marlin 4 - Catalina

    Headed up to Catalina on Friday to fish the Marlin on the East end. Arrived around 11:00 to an armada fishing a few tournaments. Moved a little off to the West trolling my 5 top jigs and got a double on the EAL Petro and the Coggins blue/white. Unbelievably, we got both fish and quickly...
  399. TAPOUT

    Offshore Finally!

    Fished the 9 Friday night in our World Cat until dark trying to catch a Marlin, but it wasn't to be. Got up Saturday morning and headed back out in the Riviera determined to get my boy his first Stripey. Put the jigs in at 7:00 and the high tide came and went with no action. At 12:15 we were...
  400. TAPOUT

    Hotel coral question

    I know it costs me 80.00 a night for a 55ft slip, and diesel is 1.99/gallon last I checked. I would imagine gas is similar. Bait availability is spotty and you can make some in the bay.
  401. TAPOUT

    Offshore Albies and BF

    Didn't you say "shhhhhhhhh!"? Nice job on the pm action.
  402. TAPOUT

    Offshore 7-23 BFT/ALB/YT

    We were approached by two fully armed inboard rafts with 6 guys outfitted with night vision and lots of artillery. They said there were going to conduct a live fire exercise. Very impressive and made me feel good! These guys could have opened a can of serious whoop ass on any one and they were...
  403. TAPOUT

    Offshore 7-23 BFT/ALB/YT

    Left PL at 5:00 got 2 scoops of killer bait (only 2 died in 14 hrs.), Stopped in front of the tanks and loaded up on Mackies. Went to the North Nine and started looking for Marlin. First paddy of the day produced a 22lb YT. Trolled up and down the Nine, saw a few Jumpers, lots of dry paddies...
  404. TAPOUT

    Offshore Ensenada Lower 500 Albacore 6-28-09

    We fished out of Coral the 25 through the 27th and the bait lived fine while in the Marina basin. Get the boy Scopace tablets. They are a prescription drug but are the best thing on the market for preventing and stopping the effects of motion sickness. Guaranteed.
  405. TAPOUT

    Onsolow Bay Boatworks - 27' Center Console

    Who would do the warranty work if it needed it? What is the warranty on the hull and other components? Also, is the beam measured amidship?
  406. TAPOUT

    ? on buying new electronics is usually the lowest and they are legit. Phanton Marine in Point Loma will usually match most prices, they have for me in the past. Ask for Ed.
  407. TAPOUT

    Which Center Console?

    I know the Everglades well. I steered a friend of mine in that direction last summer and he bought one. They are very solidly built and ride nice. They are also very proud of them and the inventory is small on the West coast. I am a complete advocate of spending my dollars locally. After...
  408. TAPOUT

    Which Center Console?

    Defiance; Great information, thanks. I've lived in Cali my whole life and since I started fishing I've owned/used a Trophy, Stiper, Marlin, Gradywhite, Davis, Boston Whaler, Ranger, and Bayrunner, then there's the sportfishers. If I want to stay dry and warm, I'll take my Riviera out, but I...
  409. TAPOUT

    Which Center Console?

    Thanks for the replies Gents. I picked those brands initially because there is a twin engine option, they have 8'6-9' beams and I like the layouts of them. I was just interested if anyone had knowledge of the brands. I'm looking for 50 plus mph, stability and dry ride. Fuel economy is not a...
  410. TAPOUT

    Which Center Console?

    After fishing two years on our Montauk 19, I really like being able to run to the Islands, kelp beds, and not burn 80 gallons of fuel. I'm thinking about getting a 23-24 ft center console and I've narrowed it down to the following manufacturers; Regulator, Sailfish, Cape Horn. Does anyone own...
  411. TAPOUT

    Price Dropped

    Do you know if that is just for this trip? The website still says 235.00.
  412. TAPOUT

    Dana Point Parking

    Thank you.
  413. TAPOUT

    Dana Point Parking

    If I launch my boat out of Dana Point, is there a place I can park my truck and trailer for 2-3 days? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  414. TAPOUT

    Offshore 100% amazing season fin-ally!

    Bring me some Tuna, and I doubt you're done. Nice job homo.
  415. TAPOUT

    Offshore Go Here

    Lee, the skipper shouldn't have to fillet the fish! You're having a great season.
  416. TAPOUT

    Offshore Great day...go get um 7-31-08

    Call me, I'm going tomorrow if you want to go.
  417. TAPOUT

    fuel cost at hotel coral??

    As of last weekend, 2.50/gal.
  418. TAPOUT

    Offshore Saltypup gets a slam

    Nice job Bill, way to break him in right! He chewed the ticker? Stud!
  419. TAPOUT

    Riviera Maya -Cozumel area Q

    I am staying at the El Cid-Riviera Maya for a week and want to know what dive charters and areas I should consider. I would like to do a cenote dive also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  420. TAPOUT

    Riviera Maya - Cozumel area Fishing Q

    Does anyone have knowledge of this area? I will be there from July 12th to the 19th and would like to fish a few times if possible. Also any advice on dive charters would be great too.
  421. TAPOUT

    6-23 report aboard the San Diego

    Finally a fish report in the "Fish Report" section. Thank you.
  422. TAPOUT

    Offshore Tail 295

    I fueled Friday at the Coral. I had a reservation and still had to wait 8 hours to get 1000 gallons of diesel. Currently, there is so much demand that they can't keep up. If you go down there, call before. It was 2.47/gallon.
  423. TAPOUT

    Boat Electronics Installer needed

    I need some electronics installed in my Whaler. Any BD hook ups?
  424. TAPOUT

    Pads/Mets Tix

    I'm sorry, Friday night.
  425. TAPOUT

    Pads/Mets Tix

    Have 4 tickets for 6/6 in Section 207 (Toyota Terrace Reserved) with parking pass. Face value 250.00 plus pass. First 100.00 takes 'em. PM if interested. Sold
  426. TAPOUT

    Cubs/Mets Tix

    Have 4 tix for Tuesday night 6-3 Pads/Cubs - Section 112 (field box) row 19, seats 15,16,17,18. face value 200.00. 75.00 for all. PM. Also 2 tix for Saturday night 6-7 Pads/Mets - Section 215 (Toyota Terrace Reserved) row 5, sets 14,15. face value 94.00. 40.00 for all. PM. All are Sold
  427. TAPOUT

    Cali's on crank

    Looks like you guys were off the kelp line aways, were they suspended in open water?
  428. TAPOUT

    May 9,10,11 Padres pkg. CHEAP!

    If anyone is interested I have 2 pair of tickets for each game. May 9th - Section 106, row 20, seat 7&8 May 10th - Section 113, row 19, seat 17&18 May 11th - Section 215 row 5, seat 14&15 Two days Field Box, one day Toyota Terrace. All very good seats. Face value of all tickets is 308.00...
  429. TAPOUT

    More Pads Tix

    I have tix for the Rockies series. Two tix May 10th @7:05 Section 113, row 19, Face value 57.00 each. 60.00 for both. Two tix May 11th @1:05 Section 215, row 5, Face value 47.00 each. 50.00 for both. or.... 100.00 for all of them and you can torture yourselves for two days. PM if...
  430. TAPOUT

    Padres Tickets for Sunday 4/27 D-Backs

    I have 4 tickets in section 111(Field Box), row 8, seat 1-4, plus an 11th st. parking pass for 100.00. These seats are unbelievable. They are right next to the Padre dugout so you can yell at them.:rofl: You can pick the tickets/pass up at Pacific Honda in Kearny Mesa. They Sold in 1 minute!
  431. TAPOUT

    Free diving wetsuit

    Can someone recommend a good freediving wetsuit for 65+ degree water? I have a new 8/7 Aqualung Solafx for scuba but want a camo wetsuit for warmer waters and freediving in the Summer. What color camo and is Apnea a good choice? if so, what is their website?
  432. TAPOUT

    Suunto Cobra Computer

    Finally figured it out. Needed the new software download fron the Suunto website. The dive logs are bitchin!
  433. TAPOUT


    Got a 220# this time last year, I'll by off LJ this weekend and will report after.
  434. TAPOUT

    Suunto Cobra Computer

    Ok guys, I really need help. Today I bought the PC patch for my Cobra dive computer and followed all of the directions loading the software and USB drivers. After too many failed attempts, the POS computer keeps saying "Device not found"! I have the dive computer set to the TR PC mode as I...
  435. TAPOUT

    GPS/Fishfinder Advice Needed

    look at the new GARMIN 5 series stuff. They've always had great fixing GPS' and the fishfinders are solid. Many very cool features too.
  436. TAPOUT

    YT at the nads

    Water was 53 degrees at 65 ft at North Coronado last Saturday, dogs were so thick they pulled one of my kids fins off during our accent! Good luck getting a YT to the boat.
  437. TAPOUT

    Weekend SD Bay Butt Fish'n

    Fished SD Bay from Island Prime to the mouth for a steady pick of 18-27" butts on Saturday and Sunday. Second drift produced this pig for my kid. DFG pulled me over on the way in and said it was "short". They were cool though. Used a flouro rig and a Sardine. It's on in the bay!
  438. TAPOUT

    T-Top for my Whaler

    Who knows where I can get a killer deal on an aluminum T-Top for my Whaler Montauk? Any BD hookups??
  439. TAPOUT

    legal Sized Lobsters

    Guys, I did 8 dives last weekend to around 50 feet, all in the green tank to the college area. I found all of the sqeaker shorts I wanted but can't seem to find a legal. Am I too shallow? I'm a new diver and don't feel comfortable with night diving yet, but is that the answer? Any advice...
  440. TAPOUT

    Need a Plumber

    I don't think the toilets need to be replaced. Thanks Jason and Jim for the referrals, that's what I was looking for.
  441. TAPOUT

    Need a Plumber

    I don't think if I'll be able to avoid the ridicule, but I'm down to the last of five toilets that doesn't leak or make weird sounds. I don't know the first thing about toilets or plumbing and need someone to come fix at least four of them. Any BD hook ups out there in the SD/Ramona area...
  442. TAPOUT

    Los Suenos

    The ocean was flat by our standards every day we went out, sometimes flat and NO wind! We ran up to Cabo Blanco on the second day and really did well there, you were right! Jeremy, the little boy in the picture is a Costa Rican kid whose father manages the fuel dock at Los Suenos. We took him...
  443. TAPOUT

    Los Suenos

    Fished Los Suenos last week with Marvin and Juan Carlos on "The Bite". I can now see why that boat is a contender for the billfish series this year. We raised 20 Sails and caught 17 by 2 in the afternoon. We would have caught more, but spent some time trying to catch a big Blue that kept...
  444. TAPOUT

    Los Suenos area fish report?

    Can anyone tell me how the bite is in the Los Suenos area? Thanks.
  445. TAPOUT

    Tamarindo, Costa Rica report- Marlin going off!!

    Would your report include the Los Suenos area also? I am going to be there Friday and stay for a week. How far are you from there?
  446. TAPOUT


    Thanks guys. Bill, I need stuff for my kid, and the XL BC you sold me is a bit large.(waist 38-43) I'm going to use it now, but I may get a different one later and use that one as a back up or give it to my brother who is bigger. Thanks
  447. TAPOUT


    Can someone give me some advice on what reg/bcd I should be looking at if I want to get lobsters and spear fish? Sorry for all the questions, but you guys have really helped me so far, so back to the source... Thanks
  448. TAPOUT

    Wetsuit advice for my boy

    Thanks for all of the great information guys. I'll definitely take your advice on the hooded vest, gloves, diet etc... Once we're dialed in, we'll be taking our boat to the Coranados, Clemente, and Catalina on a regular basis, (when not chasing fish). If someone is interested in going and can...
  449. TAPOUT

    Wetsuit advice for my boy

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Pappa J, he's 5'4. I remember you being a bit bigger than that.LOL Thanks for the generous offer though. I'm aware of the additional issues with buoyancy control in the dry suit, so I think the hooded vest and a 7mm rental should suffice. Thanks for the help.
  450. TAPOUT

    Wetsuit advice for my boy

    My son and I are in our last week of PADI certification and have 4 dives at the shores this weekend. He is 13 and very lean. He is concerned that he is going to be very cold during his dives, and so am I. Do you guys have any advice on what I can do short term to help him deal with this? The...
  451. TAPOUT


    Fred, How is the new Shark lure line coming along? I'm ready to start gearing up for the '08 Mako and Thresher season! Are they available yet?
  452. TAPOUT

    Salmon head hookup?

    Thanks guys, Ranch 99 charges 1.99/lb for heads the last time I bought them there. It was painful, but I had no choice. Just ordered a 50 pound box from Maggie at Chesapeake Seafood for 48 cents a pound. Thanks for the info!
  453. TAPOUT

    Salmon head hookup?

    Guys, Where is the best place to get Salmon heads other that Ranch 99 market? I thought I read about a place by Seaforth? Thanks
  454. TAPOUT

    Charter Advice

    Staying a week at Los Suenos Feb 15 to the 23rd, any advice on boat/captains to look for? Fishing 2-3 days depending on the bite. Thanks.
  455. TAPOUT

    Wetsuit Question

    I've decided to start diving and would appreciate any advice regarding wetsuit choices. I've been told 7mm for the SD area. What brands should I be considering? I'm not afraid to pay for quality. Thanks for any advice.
  456. TAPOUT

    Lobster bait Question

    Howie, how's the bait tank working? Are you staying inside the bay? I've been doing about the same. Last time we wiffed. Do you know if the seal pressure is as bad outside?, say around the green tanks area?
  457. TAPOUT

    Lobster bait Question

    Can someone tell me if it is legal to use fish such as Bonito and Salmon for baits? I see that people are using them, and I would like to also, but I thought fish with size limits were a No-No. Other than Mackies, what are other good baits? Thanks
  458. TAPOUT

    Bottom critters slaying once again 11-16-07

    What is that with the two rod holders behind you?
  459. TAPOUT

    Fishing San Diego Bay

    Next time you want Mackeral, Get a net bag (laundrey type) from the dollar store, two cans of cat food, and get in front of the green tanks along the kelp line. All you want in 15-20 minutes. My son and I have been successful all year in this zone, and it's close to the bugging zones.
  460. TAPOUT

    late February fishing in Kona

    Can someone tell me how the fishing is in late February? (historically). I'm going to be there anyway and figured I'd fish a few days. Also any referrals on solid charters would be appreciated. Thanks
  461. TAPOUT

    Buying a new boat

    You ok Jeffy? Sorry I haven't called you back, freak'in busy! Hope all is well. And you're right, the Whaler is pristine and a LOBSTER KILLING mofo!
  462. TAPOUT

    Buying a new boat

    I have a 2007 Boston Whaler 19 Montauk I bought in March and rarely use. It might be close to what your looking for. PM me if you're interested.
  463. TAPOUT

    Bar Magic and sale ends this week!

    I'll test that bad boy! Is the Outlaw out of production? Please let me know when the "Grave Digger" is on the market. Thanks
  464. TAPOUT

    Bar Magic and sale ends this week!

    Fred, Are you going to produce any shark lures in the near future? I used to have an "Outlaw" I think it was called, but it got all chewed up. Would love to buy some more. Killer on the downrigger. Thanks
  465. TAPOUT

    Lobster Questions

    fishrtrembling; you going on the weekend to Cat? I might be interested in buddy boating. Saltyred; Que? Kevan; I'll be down there in a while. Thanks
  466. TAPOUT

    Lobster Questions

    I'm planning on taking my kid Lobster fishing this year for the first time. I don't have a clue on what to do. Can someone advise me on what I need to buy and a general idea on how to do it and where there are good areas, not your spots. I know Catalina is good if you know where to go. I...
  467. TAPOUT

    4 days too early was a good thing

    I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks for the referral to Chelita.
  468. TAPOUT

    4 days too early was a good thing

    Headed to PV on 8-12. When I got there it was alot nicer than I thought it was going to be. Not a million tourists. Chartered the "Chelita" for 8-14 and was picked up in Nuevo Vallarta and driven to the boat at 4:30 in the morning. (pretty cool). We headed out to Corbetena and made skippies...
  469. TAPOUT

    PV Weather Question

    Thanks guys, I feel better now. Photo Ho, what did you catch there?
  470. TAPOUT

    PV Weather Question

    I am arriving Saturday, the 11th and staying a week. I looked at the weather report and it says scattered thunderstorms every day. Is this typical or the remnants of the storm? Basically, is the freaking sun going to make an appearance? I know no one has a crystal ball, just need some local...
  471. TAPOUT

    Castros info

    Mex. 1 to the turn off that has a sign. It's past Santa Thomas. L-o-n-g dirt road until you see the ocean. Right turn down the road a mile or so to Castros. You need a license before you get there. Bring cash if you have to buy fuel at the Pemex stations. Fill up before the border if...
  472. TAPOUT

    8/6 Nado's report

    Nice report. Good call on the islands. Lots of Barracuda from the flats to the point also.
  473. TAPOUT

    Offshore albie, YFT, Marlin 8-4

    Fished an area East of the 390 today. Caught all of our fish on the porpoise schools. (even the Albacore). Pretty tough fishing but very nice conditions. Hooked a Marlin just below the 302, but it came unbuttoned not once, but twice on the drop back bait. All in all, nice day on the pond...
  474. TAPOUT

    Ensenada Offshore and Beyond

    Leaving Thursday evening to fish South of Ensenada and beyond. Will be at Coral Saturday night. Channel 72, 68. Looking for the bigger BFT, YT, and possibly YFT. Will post updates if my wireless card works that far South.
  475. TAPOUT

    Offshore 7/23 albie rpt

    Couldn't take it could you? Nice toads. Doing a three day on my boat at the end of the week. What do you think is 70nm past Ensenada? Figured I'd ask since you and Kevan were on the money last time.
  476. TAPOUT

    Downriggers and tuna?

  477. TAPOUT

    Downriggers and tuna?

    biggestT; try a floss loop 15-20ft up the main line, take a flat line clip,(roller troller with 8-10in of wire and a swivel) and attach the clip to the downrigger line and the swivel to the floss loop. When you get a strike, the clip releases off the DR line and stays with the main line. You...
  478. TAPOUT

    Downriggers and tuna?

    I use one with a Z-Wing and they work. Also, planers work and they are pretty cheap,(35.00), and will get your bait down about 25ft. If you get the downrigger, switch out the cable to Spectra which provides even less resistance in the water. If you're going to mount the base plate to the...
  479. TAPOUT

    August PV Trip

    I didn't realize where I posted. Thanks for the information. Ironically, Notorious is next to my boat at Sunroad Marina in SD. Think I'll bypass that weekend though. Maybe the week before. Once again, thanks for the 411.
  480. TAPOUT

    August PV Trip

    Guys, I'm heading down to PV for a week in August (last minute deal). In the past, has the inshore or offshore fishing been good at this time? I know nobody has a "crystal ball", just I'm trying to get an idea of what to fish for. Also, who should I attempt to charter with? Thanks for any...
  481. TAPOUT

    Offshore Albies, BFT, and NO traffic!

    Geez Jeff, that's some geeky calculation, but you're right. That's the speed I get putting those giant Veems in gear! As far as the count goes, we caught 6 on July fourth and only had one guy on this trip that wanted fish. We figured 10-11 would be enough, so we shook off some troll fish and...
  482. TAPOUT

    Offshore Albies, BFT, and NO traffic!

    Headed out at 4:00am from SI on a course South of the 182. Hit the spot about 6:30 and 30 minutes later we had our first jig strike. After that, it was singles, doubles, and bait fish steady for 4 hours. We stayed 5 miles South of the Armada until 10:45. At 38/38 we got a BFT on the cedar...
  483. TAPOUT

    Offshore Son's First

    At home having a Blue Crab fest. You guys been fishing?
  484. TAPOUT

    Offshore Son's First

    Kevan, He wouldn't eat the heart. Should have followed your and Bill's advice and went South right away. Could have saved some diesel. He plays shortstop and pitches for the California Lookouts Red 13U. USSSA and Triple Crown. We just got back from a D1 tournament in Omaha last week. Got...
  485. TAPOUT

    Offshore Son's First

    Kid's was on bait. That's the factory Aussie tank it's ok, The good one is in the cockpit. Good luck.
  486. TAPOUT

    Offshore Son's First

    After 50 weeks of travel ball, the kid gets a break for a month and we're going to take advantage of the weekends off. Started at the San Salvador Knoll with a YT on the shotgun line. Bit a purple haze swim bait. Trolled for a few hours for nothing and made our way South East to about 6 miles...
  487. TAPOUT

    Offshore 04 July 07 390ish

    Heard you out there yeaterday. We started at gray light at the San Salvador and didn't get an Albi until 10:30am, East of the 390. We got a triple South of the 371 at 11:00am. Coming in at 3:00pm we heard alot of radio fish. I think they're biting all day.
  488. TAPOUT

    Offshore E-FLY=ALBIES 7/02

    Perfect report.
  489. TAPOUT

    Offshore Monday 7/2 390/EFly Albies w/Geno

    Vince, How was the weather? PM me the scoop, going July 4th. You and Bo want to go? Let me know.
  490. TAPOUT

    South Coronado Flat 6-30

    Decided to pass on the Albacore quest. Probably made a mistake. Anyway, hit the South kelp at 6:00am. Wide open for about an hour on nice Calicos. Cruised to the middle grounds and slow trolled for nothing. Hit the flats at around 8:30 and it was WFO on Sandies to 6lbs. and all the log...
  491. TAPOUT

    Offshore Sunday 6/24 Albies

    Perfect report. Thanks.
  492. TAPOUT

    Downriggers in Mexico?

    Can someone tell me if downriggers are legal in Mexico? I thought I read that they were not. Also, when you guys slow troll baits do you prefer a "J" or Circle hook? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  493. TAPOUT

    Starting a new business and I need some help...

    I can help with the web design. Triple Play in L7.
  494. TAPOUT

    Heading to Cat 4-6

    Will be heading to Catalina around 4:30am Friday from SD. Will be fishing West end first. Spending 4-6 days on the WSB's hopefully. Will be on 68. Anyone else heading over? Where have the squid boats been located lately?
  495. TAPOUT

    Offshore Report of 3 fish

    Bill, 959 gallons @ 3.25 is only 3,116.75 to fill her up. At 200.00 a guy we only need 15 guys!:rofl: Actually, it gets 1:1 until about 10 knots and an albie trip is covered by 4 guys. At 32 knots she's burning 250.00 an hour!
  496. TAPOUT

    Offshore Report of 3 fish

    Vince, 2.25mpg??? try .50 mpg! now ad that up. Bo says you're gay and he can kick your ass!:rofl:
  497. TAPOUT

    Pacific Honda

    We are located in Kearny Mesa. 163, Balboa exit. 4671 Convoy st. Can't miss the tower. Bigwaverider, got your pm, will respond when I get to work today.
  498. TAPOUT

    Pacific Honda

    Thanks for the props on the store Turdroller! You just got a free trip on Triple Play anytime you want. Let me know when you want to go. Thanks for the business! I'll hook you up when you need it serviced too.
  499. TAPOUT

    April Catalina Trip

    Jason, I'll let you know. Hey, I still have your drill from the shark trip. You gotta come down when the T's go off in LaJolla this year and I'll give it to you.
  500. TAPOUT

    April Catalina Trip

    Heading to Catalina early on 4/6 and staying till 4/11. Will be fishing the whole time. Will be on 68. Advice on the better spots for Calicos for the kid to catch?
  501. TAPOUT

    Bottom fishing Sat 12/23

    It's not too late for you both to hitch a ride. I hear Lee is hell of a cook, we could upgrade to eggs benedict and I've got 5 gaffs!:rofl:
  502. TAPOUT

    Bottom fishing Sat 12/23

    Bill, I'll be on 72 if you want some pancakes and eggs around 9:00:rofl:
  503. TAPOUT

    Tues 19th Rockpile & S.9

    Bill, I'll see you out there. Can't wait any longer. Must burn fuel...:)
  504. TAPOUT

    SCI Mooring availability/ Spots

    Bill, You running south at that time with Ross? Thought about Colnett, just thought it would be nicer at one of the Islands and I could try to get some bugs.
  505. TAPOUT

    SCI Mooring availability/ Spots

    Thank you Balboa 29, great website. I'm assuming the days in green are the ones to avoid? Thanks J Graham for the info, I'll try not to be stupid. Sounds like the best bet is to anchor at Catalina. Dear Gaffmaster, Please PM number if you would be so kind. Feel free to throw in any...
  506. TAPOUT

    SCI Mooring availability/ Spots

    Can anyone tell me how to get information on SCI mooring areas and how to verify the Navy will NOT be bombing the place when I intend to go? Planning a Dec 28th to Dec 30th Cod/bug fest. Any buddy boaters interested? Thanks in advance. Erik
  507. TAPOUT

    Two Things

    Bill, The boats is unbelievable. Have only put about 90 hours on her since late August. I definitely set her up to kill fish, all Furuno black box and LCD screens in the bridge. Let's do a trip soon. Cod? Jason, Yep I pulled the trigger. My other boat was sweet, and this one is just a...
  508. TAPOUT

    Two Things

    1. Who can tell me how to place photos at the bottom of my posts. Ones that stay with any of my posts? 2. Who has a real nice bay boat and knows SD bay fishing for Bass, and would be interested in taking/teaching me and my son some techniques and spots so that we can have some consistant...
  509. TAPOUT

    Did you know??????

    Kevan will sell what you need, not what the list says. He's got great knowledge and all BDer's should support Noah's if they can. plus, he's next to a gun store and a strip club!:)
  510. TAPOUT

    Shogun 10-Day 10/13-10/23

    Lenda-a-fish, you're on the money with the cook. Threw the utensils at me too. Bruce is well respected and I was stoked to fish with him. Never gave me the time of day, and answered every question I asked with one word answers. The deckies, Ethan, Jessie, shawn or Sean were very cool after a...
  511. TAPOUT

    Shogun 10-Day 10/13-10/23

    Nice job! Very accurate depiction of what took place. You took it easier on them than I thought you would. Nice constraint. The Indy has a trip in early November '07, 28 people, 2950.00. Could be a good plan. I think this experience shows that some in the San Diego sportfishing industry...
  512. TAPOUT

    another fish processing question

    Gave him 800lbs of fish and picked it up the next day once my hoo thawed. All ther fish is wrapped and vac. sealed. For 80.00, it seems like a deal to me. Go team "Bitter"!
  513. TAPOUT

    Fish Processeing and 5 day.

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm leaving Friday morning on the Shogun for a 10 day and will tell the others about his services. It's up to them whether or not they choose to use him. Sounds like a great deal to me.
  514. TAPOUT

    Fish Processeing and 5 day.

    Anyone got the phone number for World Famous Smoked fish Co.? Doing a 10 day leaving the 13th and would like to use them when I return. Thanks.
  515. TAPOUT

    Finally Bought One!!!

    Great choice, If you bought it used, make sure you call up to Davis boats in Paso Robles and talk to Harold davis. He's a class act and backs his boats 100%. I've owned one, and it was a great experience. They raise fish big time! Awesome resale value also. Enjoy!
  516. TAPOUT

    Big Kahuna's PV Lesson 3- Vaconas (7/29)

    Awesome job Mark! Your quest has been fullfilled, now.... the 500 pound Black Marlin. I'm about 35% through the commisioning process on my boat, can't wait to get her out on the water. If you need any deckhands down there, let me know.:)
  517. TAPOUT

    Big Kahuna's PV Lesson 2- Run & Gun (7/3)

    Thanks for the information. I'll be looking forward to your posts.
  518. TAPOUT

    Big Kahuna's PV Lesson 2- Run & Gun (7/3)

    Mark, How was the trip down from SD? Looks like the tax law 1100 isn't going to change, so I'll probably be down there by Fall. Boat it due to arrive on the 15th.
  519. TAPOUT

    November Cabo/PV Trip

    I'm going down with the boys from Ellsworth on October 12th. There will be 10 to 15 Rivieras in the fleet. We're going to fish Mag bay and then some of us are going on to the Bisbee. I'm sure you'd be welcome to join the group. There's alot of safety in numbers! Plus, we're all Riviera...
  520. TAPOUT

    Thresher Prep and cleaning

    Surfdoc, Who processed your fish? Can you give me the number? Thanks
  521. TAPOUT

    Need a slip in San Diego

    The Company I work for owns Sunroad Marina. It's probably one of the nicest marinas in SD. It is the MOST expensive, but they probably have availability. They have all the amenities, pool, jacuzzi, gazebo, store, great security, cement docks, etc.. Give it a look.
  522. TAPOUT

    Codding on the Finger

    Don't think I have'nt considered that option. The problem is that the bite's too good and you're done fishing in ten minutes. That's no fun!:rofl: Plus, I'm not used to cleaning fish that big.:)
  523. TAPOUT

    Codding on the Finger

    Leaving Sunday at 4'ish to fish the finger bank 40 miles south. Will be on 68. Went there this time last year and slaughtered them! Will post results.
  524. TAPOUT

    Offshore Exploritory (no) Albacore Run Rpt

    At 50ft. and 50,000 pounds loaded, that would be one hell of a trailer!:rofl: We'll be going along with the Ellsworth boys on their annual trip.:)
  525. TAPOUT

    Offshore Exploritory (no) Albacore Run Rpt

    Hmmm... Bill and Kevan and a shit load of micro deans???? Sounds familiar. Could've taken the Rivi, but oh yeah, we're gonna wait for the 47G2! On the way, bird-dar and CCTV cams everywhere! Mag. Bay in September!:)
  526. TAPOUT

    Albacore info

    Sounds like a plan, if the bite's on.
  527. TAPOUT

    Albacore info

    Geezuz Bill they have'nt poured the mold yet! It's due in late July. My current dinghy will have to do.:rofl: By the way, I made the deal so get ready..she's got 1000 miles range!:)
  528. TAPOUT

    Albacore info

    Bill, Maybe we should spank those longfin before my baby sells! they're working 2 deals on her right now! I see a 47G2 in the future.:) I think she can make it 130.:rofl:
  529. TAPOUT

    2006 customs sticker

    I tried to renew my customs sticker and the site locked me out. Anyone know how to get that sticker without useing the POS site? I need some CODS!
  530. TAPOUT


    If your interested, I have a GLoomis CBR 843/7' medium action- 8-14lb rated crankbait series rod. (Factory wrapped) warranty applies. Pristine condition. I also have 5 or 6 more Gloomis rods and matching Shimano curado reels if interested. (No flippin-stick though.) Sold my Ranger a few months...
  531. TAPOUT

    Huatulco - Take Two

    Go on Expedia and it will show you most of the popular hotels. Hotel Huatulco is 45.00/night and looked ok from the road. There are also a couple of hotels right by the Marina in town that looked ok. One of them is called the hotel Canadian or something like that. As far as flights go, you...
  532. TAPOUT

    Huatulco - Take Two

    Spent the Thanksgiving week in Huatulco, Mexico. It is 250 miles north of Guatemala. It is a beautiful place, very clean, few people, like Cabo 20 years ago. You can rent a panga by the hour, 30.00, Jungle tour. 35.00, Jet ski on new skis for 35.00/ half hour, whitewater raft, and of course...
  533. TAPOUT

    Nov 3rd PL bass and snakes

    Yep, Who you going with?
  534. TAPOUT

    Nados, LJ, 9 mile 11-5,11-6

    Will be doing the "freezer filler trip" this weekend hitting the high spots for taco meat. Will be on 72. Saltydawg, kick me down your LJ cod #'s:)
  535. TAPOUT

    Nov 3rd PL bass and snakes

    Kurt, I'll be out Saturday also, save a few turdrollers for me!:) Will be on 72.
  536. TAPOUT

    Alaskan fishing

    Isn't Craig right above Waterfall? I remember some guys taking a boat up there one night to try and get laid.:) I'll check it out. Thanks guys, for all the info.
  537. TAPOUT

    Lizard Island Australia

    If your staying on the Island, or "Reelchase" is 55 ft. boat, so big$., Capt. Darren Haydon has 2 40 ft. boats. or contact the people at Lizard Island resort and they can hook you up. Hope your going with alot of...
  538. TAPOUT

    Alaskan fishing

    Planning a trip in July or August to fish in Alaska with wife and boy. I've been to Waterfall 3x and its great but now they want about 16k with airfaire for three! Anyone know some good spots that offer the same amenities? I'm not afraid to spend money, but I was thinking I could save a few...
  539. TAPOUT

    Cars and Trucks

    Razorback, That sounds like a great idea. Who do I talk to? How about links to our websites? Definitely would like to hook up as many BD'ers as possible. Thanks, Erik
  540. TAPOUT

    Huatalco, Mexico

    Those articles got me pumped! I hope it's that good. Are you the guy that runs those Mag bay trips?
  541. TAPOUT

    Cars and Trucks

    Doughnut, Thanks for the props on Pac Honda. What do you do in the biz? Do you own your own deal? We're currently expanding the roster in preparation for the Superstore opening in late November. Just hired "Katana" from the board. Always looking for "franchise" guys if you know of anyone...
  542. TAPOUT

    Looking for Sheridan

    What's a Clastar? Are you coming back? Or are you still :jo: Doug.
  543. TAPOUT

    Offshore Still some YFT Left?

    OK, I'm crapped.... Shrimp, tiny, mini.... I guess I'll go Bass Fishing. Hey Tailchaser, Funny thing is I sold my Davis 4 years later for the same price I bought it for, less the containment loop and baitwell. (Couldn't stand the plastic one on the step). I used to laugh every time the water...
  544. TAPOUT

    Offshore Still some YFT Left?

    Thanks. How do you like your Davis? Harold built me one in "97, and I loved it. It's one ofthe best trailer boats on the market and Harold really takes care of you.
  545. TAPOUT

    Offshore Still some YFT Left?

    I was listening to Let's Talk Hook up" yesterday, and the skipper of the Bright and Morning star said they did real well on the smaller model YFT's @ 85-115 down. Anybody been down there in the last few days? Thinking of giving it another shot this Thursday, 10-13. Also heard there are still...
  546. TAPOUT

    Huatalco, Mexico

    Thanks for the info. There are some sportfishing operations down there now. One charters a Bertram 31 for 400.00/day. Seems reasonable to me. I'm staying at Hotel Quinta Real. It looks real nice, but who knows. (Google it Jeffy). I'm wondering if there is a similar bite to PV? There are a...
  547. TAPOUT

    Huatalco, Mexico

    Anybody been down to this area? Looks pretty good to me. Going in late November with family, want to get out and fish a few times. Any info would be helpful.
  548. TAPOUT

    Offshore OK...MAW 9-24-05 Team No Limits/Noah's/BD...

    Well spoken and written Kevan. Nice teamwork and result. Awesome effort! Was it rougher than when we went?:rofl:
  549. TAPOUT

    LJ Afternoon 9-24

    Never hurts to rack up some points with the wife. The water was a little off color, with some areas of red tide between PL and LJ. Heard of some guys catching YT's. Had a couple "clicker screamers" that put me in the weeds real fast. [email protected]$*ing dogs everywhere. Hopefully I'll see you out there...
  550. TAPOUT

    LJ Afternoon 9-24

    While putting another 850.00 worth of fuel in my boat at Pearson's yesterday, I decided to run up to LJ with wife and kid. Got there at 2:00 and positioned myself in front of hotel in 80 ft of water. First bait out got crushed by a 5 lb cali and it was on from there! Tons of bait, lots of...
  551. TAPOUT

    Cars and Trucks

    I've never heard of that being done. I know the Prius is a very popular car for Toyota. I'm not quite sure how the batteries would increase the mileage that significantly. The electric motor is integrated with the gas to provide power when the computer tells it to, so I guess I don't...
  552. TAPOUT

    Cortez Bound

    Heading out Friday night with Saltydawg, Seebogo, and Shinerunner and possibly one more, for the area around the Cortez thats been holding. (Weather permitting). Will be on 72 after 7:00pm. Erik on "Full Pop"
  553. TAPOUT

    Labor Day @ Coral?

    Considering heading down to the Coral for the weekend. Will base out of the Coral and day trip trip further south if warranted. Anyone else going down there this weekend? Should be pretty good with the moon phase and all. Erik on "FullPop"
  554. TAPOUT

    Mako fishing with Inside Sportfishing 8-24

    Jason, May go on Sunday. Nor sure yet, kid's last day of vacation. Found some blood for 8.50/gal. Trying to get him to your price, but I don't think he's game. I'll let you know. Looks to me like he had a skirted bait. Mex flag?
  555. TAPOUT

    Mako fishing with Inside Sportfishing 8-24

    Were you fishing a skirted bait on a balloon rig?
  556. TAPOUT

    Making Mackies

    Katana, Hook a brutha up! Working on my special Mako sauce and need the ingredient. let me know ASAP if possible. I work in KM. Convoy and engineer. Thanks to everyone else for the advice. That's why this board is the best! Erik
  557. TAPOUT

    Making Mackies

    Where is the best place to make Mackies out of San Diego Bay? Time, chum, sabikis? Need to make a bunch for a trip South. Appreciate any info.
  558. TAPOUT


    Your busted. ;) let's go sharking! How do I get the cow blood? Let me know, I'm going to buy a chest freezer this week. Let me know. I'd like to go this weekend or soon. Erik
  559. TAPOUT

    Cars and Trucks

    Any of you guys interested in specific quotes need to PM me with the specifics. Yes, I will be around in two years, I've been there 8 so far. And.... There's no such thing as FULL POP anymore on a car. Now what I paid for the boat?..... well, who knows. I've had four boats named Full Pop...
  560. TAPOUT

    Cars and Trucks

    Absolutely, What do you have?
  561. TAPOUT

    Cars and Trucks

    Contact Adam Harris @ Pacific Honda 858-694-1000, and Jeff Thompson @ Kearny Mesa Ford. Both are Bloody deckers.
  562. TAPOUT

    Offshore 7/24 no fish report

    Great fishing with you guys. Unfortunate results!! We'll get them next time. Erik
  563. TAPOUT

    Fishing Sunday

    We'll be fishing Sunday leaving Sat. night. Possibly looking to go toward the Mushroom Bank area. (Nice temp Break). Will be on 72. Bringing a hired gun named "Saltydawg" :cross: look out Feesh! here we come! Erik on "Full Pop"
  564. TAPOUT

    Offshore Radio Fish Report 7-20

    It's that kind of info that makes this board great. Thanks
  565. TAPOUT

    Sunday Albi/BFT - Need 2 Hos

    Leaving Sat. Night. Normal crew not available this weekend. This boat has everything, just need to bring a couple of bait sticks. Normal "split costs" deal. PM if interested. This new Rivy is a bad mutha!
  566. TAPOUT

    Loreto July 1-9th, 2005

    I used to fish that area often. Great to see it's still productive. Did you check out Punta Chivato? I'm curious to see what's become of that area. Tortuga Island has some toad yellows and sometimes big tuna around it. Nice job on the report, always cool when your chick is into it also.
  567. TAPOUT


    I was reading your other post and was thinking about PM'ing you with the same idea. Does he have good equipment or do I need to bring stuff. I usually just bring the big jets for the tuna, and some favorite marlin lures. Let me know when you're planning to go during the week and we can set it...
  568. TAPOUT


    Guys, I'm doing the annual kid/wife Cabo week and want to get some fishing in. I've been going down there for the fifteen years and have never established any relationships with one particular sportfishing company. For around 500.00/day, who's the bomb, and more importantly, who sucks! If...
  569. TAPOUT

    Nados and such 7/8

    If you get bored there's a WFO turdroller bite 5 miles toward the beach in the lee of the south island. Clocked about 30 of them on Saturday with Bo from the Samurai. Fat bastards too! Swim baits or bait, it didn't matter.
  570. TAPOUT


    Why is it that when I scroll over to the green "rep power" square, it says everyone has a " small epenis"? What the heck is a "epenis"? Who's the edick that did this? And I know this post doesn't below here, but it was the quickest way to get my answer.
  571. TAPOUT

    need 1 for 7/3 tuna run

    REEL TROUBLE - Change your avatar, every time I see it I want to cuff my carrot! :jo: Damn, what a vixen!! :)
  572. TAPOUT

    need 1 for 7/3 tuna run

    I wouldn't want to try to explain to the Mexican Navy why the owner of the boat was not there. Be careful.
  573. TAPOUT

    Weather reports

    Guys, Check out "" When you get there, click on North America on the globe spinning in the upper left corner, then on So. Cal, then on the red dot above and out of Ensenada. Primo info! I'm not a member, but this is a bitch'n site. May have to join if this weather persists.
  574. TAPOUT

    diesel vs gas

    What A-hole with a 37 are you refering to?
  575. TAPOUT

    Offshore Dumper Saturday 6/17...A lesson learned.

    I would put the blame more on the sea state than your skippering. If you were on a 195-202 like most of us were, it put you almost in the trough of 4-6 ft. seas with 2-3ft. of wind chop at minimal duration. They called for a small craft where we were. We were rock'n rolling in my Riviera...
  576. TAPOUT

    Offshore Watoosee 6/17-18

    We were out there too taking water over the tower in my Riviera! Didn't get bit till 2:44pm!!! BFT though, that saved the day. We'll get 'em next time.
  577. TAPOUT

    USMC HO needs a ride

    KC Kevin you have a PM
  578. TAPOUT

    Sat 6/18

    We're leaving at 9pm also. Will be on 72. Will call with any good #'s. Erik on the "Fullpop".
  579. TAPOUT

    Not going to be left behind

    Lee, I'll be fishing Saturday until dark, so hail me on 72 and I'll tell you whatever I know. Erik
  580. TAPOUT

    Offshore Albacore no report!

    Pearson's closes at 7:00pm. I've had that happen to me and it sucks. You'll get 'em next time.
  581. TAPOUT

    Offshore Saturday Banda Bank

    Bill, I can't do father's day weekend, but the weekend after, or July 4th weekend possibly? Let me know. Erik
  582. TAPOUT

    Offshore Saturday Banda Bank

    Hey Rick, That sounds like a great time. Travel ball is over so maybe I'll head down Saturday night. Any interest in a Buddy boat trip to San Martin Island in the next few weeks? Let me know. Erik
  583. TAPOUT

    Fishing the Rock

    We released all but one fish that died. So chill out bro. The water was shallow.
  584. TAPOUT

    Fishing the Rock

    Get a Life. Tapout
  585. TAPOUT

    Offshore SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    With your experience and time on the water, you're more than welcome to fish with us when we go. Normal deal, split expenses, but she's new, comfortable, and ready to kill! Going to the Bahamas for a week, be back on the 6th of June. Anytime after that, PM me if you're interested. Erik on...
  586. TAPOUT

    Offshore Was He a BD'er?

    Sdangler, I read your 5-3 post. I was a long way from Biminitwist when he called ME in. That's a bullshit comment Sherrita made. I respect people's distance when they're on a paddy.
  587. TAPOUT

    Fishing Weds. 5-11 & Sat. 5-14

    I'll be out 5-14, leaving Friday night if it makes sense. Can't help but wonder what on that tempbreak out by the Butterfly. Anyone know if it's worth the trip out West?
  588. TAPOUT

    Offshore Was He a BD'er?

    Thanks Bloofin. What's this about a shit list?
  589. TAPOUT

    Offshore Was He a BD'er?

    Lee, She's slipped at Sunroad Marina. I'm one of the last Rivieras left there. By the way, my fuel price is down to 2.23 plus tax at Pearsons. Has there been any relief in MB?
  590. TAPOUT

    Offshore 5/8 302 yellows

    I figured it was you guys when I saw the pic. You can bet I'll return the favor if given the chance. Very cool of you guys. As it was, that was our only action of the day. Hopefully we'll see you out there soon. Erik
  591. TAPOUT

    Offshore 5/8 302 yellows

    Were you the guys that called me into that bite off of the paddy yesterday? I was in the Riviera with my boy and wife.
  592. TAPOUT

    Offshore YT Limits for "No Limits"

    I heard you and Gooeyduck talking on the radio about fish @ 200-300ft on the iron. Did you catch anything doing that? I was metering the same thing up on the 302, probably should have given it a shot. Nice job on the forkies!
  593. TAPOUT

    Offshore Was He a BD'er?

    Got a late start Sunday morning. Left SI @ 6:45 and headed to the 302 on some numbers I got yesterday. Came up on a paddy on the SW end of the bank. Soaked some dines for nada. (I was trying to put my boy on his first forkie.) About 500 yards away a tan Blackman 26 hails me and says he'd...
  594. TAPOUT

    Offshore 20+ Yellowtail

    Way to smoke the forkies. Got a new Riviera myself right after you bought yours. Did a 37 and wish I'd gone bigger. Oh, well just means I'll being talking to Tom sooner. Next time you go let me know and we'll buddy boat. Going March 14th on an Albie hunt if your interested. Erik on the...
  595. TAPOUT

    Fuji Seat and Hypalon

    Who knows how much a Fuji real seat and Hypalon foregrip and butt costs, and who does it cheaply, quickly and well! Please advise.
  596. TAPOUT


    Make sure not to erase the track lines in your plotter that shows you never went into Mexican waters. (save it from when you went to the 43 or something.) Most plotters have the capability to change colors of the track lines. Erase the one from the day you go, leaving the other colored one...
  597. TAPOUT

    Offshore Albies, 4-14-05

    Your'e right Lee! This guy's FOS! I'm not sure that's even a Luhrs? Do they have that goofy box on the transom? I don't think so. If homeboy doesn't know that name of the boat he was on, the report is BS! People need to be careful and accurate with their reports with fuel costs at 3.00/gal!