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  1. Deepsea Warrant

    opinions on Metaloid 12ii

    The 12ii is better suited for 60lb, that way you can get 500 yards and room for a short topshot.
  2. Deepsea Warrant

    Rod/Reel Combo's

    Everything spoken for. Thanks
  3. Deepsea Warrant

    Rod/Reel Combo's

    Calstar combo spoken for.
  4. Deepsea Warrant

    Rod/Reel Combo's

    Thanks for asking. Not sure how I left that out.
  5. Deepsea Warrant

    Rod/Reel Combo's

    1) Calstar GFDH 800H 8' with Pro Gear V40 $175 (pending) 2/ Seeker Black Steel G270-H 8' with Pro Gear V20 and Tiburon Clamp $175 Rods have been used but still have plenty of life. Reels been on a couple of trips. Braid and top shot like new. Located in Imperial Beach
  6. Deepsea Warrant

    Terminal Tackle Lot

    Selling as a lot $120 Weights 20oz (3) 16oz (5) 14oz (1) 12oz (5) 10oz (6) 8oz (13) Shrimp Flies 18 Glow Jig 8oz (4) two with grubs Hooks Aki Tiwst 3/0 (3) 4/0 (3) 5/0 (3) 7/0...
  7. Deepsea Warrant

    People who fish dark braid

    I remember when green was all we had and there was no more or no less tangles. Use what you like.
  8. Deepsea Warrant

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    One mans garbage is another mans treasure. Sure love me some "garbage".
  9. Deepsea Warrant

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    I would say SWAMI805 is correct. The difference being the wealthy in CA seem more focused on extravagant homes and cars rather then ocean going activities. I think this is a result of the colder pacific vice the warm South Atlantic and Southern Gulf. Just take a drive down to Tampa, Miami or...
  10. Deepsea Warrant

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    I would say Florida has way more year around fishing opportunity then CA. Especially given it has almost three times as much coast line so something is always biting.
  11. Deepsea Warrant

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    Having lived in both CA and Florida (home state) I would say it has allot to do with many factors but mainly cost. California is just an expensive place to live and fish. Most folks need to make a choice...home or boat. Hell, in the NW Panhandle where I live I can get both an extremely nice...
  12. Deepsea Warrant


    The Uku and Moelua are great eating. I grew up on Maui and we never ate the Kahala as they were usually contaminated with ciguatera. Got so bad DLNR would give out free test kits to help people from getting sick. Looks like everyone had a great time.
  13. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods for Sale

    Price reduced on remaining rods.
  14. Deepsea Warrant

    Channel Islands Trip

    Never fished the PI but have been on both the Mirage and the Endeavor. Both good boats with great crews.
  15. Deepsea Warrant

    Accurate Converted Jigmaster

    Old jigmaster that has an Accurate Kit installed. Reel works great. Handle is only thing that has minor rust. Located in Imperial Beach. $100 OBO
  16. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods for Sale

    Rods for Sale. Just sitting around collecting dust. All prices are OBO. Hard to get good picture but will text upon request. Located in South San Diego (Imperial Beach) Calstar 700H – Tip professionally repaired now 6’ 8” excellent condition SOLD Seeker Classic Series SC 6465 6 ½ 20- (30)...
  17. Deepsea Warrant

    Outcast Super Fat Cat

    Moving back to Florida so selling my Float Tube. Everything is in excellent shape and quality, nothing homemade. Comes with Airhead double action pump. The is a top of the line setup. Over $1000 invested. $550 Not looking to part out. - Outcast Super Fat Cat (2 years old in great shape)...
  18. Deepsea Warrant


    Don't forget distracted drivers using cell phones. I constantly see "adults" driving 70+ mph with their face berried in their cell phones. I think it is safe to say many of these are of the anti gun type. It is not about saving lives, it is about agendas.
  19. Deepsea Warrant

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    They never seem to run up hill and drop on the road next to the truck.
  20. Deepsea Warrant

    Red Snapper season off Mexico Beach

    Yep...counting the days until I return home to the NW Florida.
  21. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar, Phenix, Sabre, Okuma, Sabiki, Rods

    You have any plans to be in the San Diego area?
  22. Deepsea Warrant

    Tranx 400 throwing surface iron

    I use my 400 filled with 50lb and 15-20 lb flouro topshot. It is mounted on an 8 1/2' Okuma. It will cast surface irons farther than you would really need and will put the screws to anything in the 30lb class with ease.
  23. Deepsea Warrant

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    It boils down to knowing your gear. For those of us that have refined what we use and rarely switch the data is not all that eye opening. For those that experiment or change equipment, line and leader brands frequently it is pretty valuable.
  24. Deepsea Warrant


    I have put a pile of critters on the ground with those Grim Reapers. Fly like darts and blow through bone with the razor tip. GLWS.
  25. Deepsea Warrant

    archery gear

    Sounds good. Moving back to PM.
  26. Deepsea Warrant

    Muzzleloader Advice

    I started with Night back in the day but went to a TC Encore. The TC is a great muzzle loader with zero complaints. My buddy picked up a new CVA last season and I can tell you they are far from junk and may even surpass the TC in quality and function. I would highly recommend giving them a...
  27. Deepsea Warrant

    UC Avet Combo

    That's all the rig you need to tackle any of the local BFT. GLWS
  28. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar Grafighter 800H and Calcutta Explorer bag

    If you were closer I would take the bag.
  29. Deepsea Warrant

    Who bought me my coffee and breakfast sandwich?

    The ghost of fisherman past!
  30. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore 9/12 SCI Bluefin

    You showed how little I know with BFT fishing.
  31. Deepsea Warrant

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    Most sellers on here want funds sent F& protection if a purchase is made F&F.
  32. Deepsea Warrant

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    That sucks.
  33. Deepsea Warrant

    A little piece of bloodline...

    I have had my share of run in's with those little bastards. :appl:
  34. Deepsea Warrant

    Best 30 lb PCH bait rod?

    I fish 40-50 on my 701XH. 40lb seems the best fit but it handled 50lb pretty well.
  35. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Fishing at It's Best (video)

    Your friend is just taking a short break. One day you two will fish and hunt together again. Sending a prayer out for you and your friend.
  36. Deepsea Warrant

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    15# mono you will not even get to 150 yards.
  37. Deepsea Warrant

    Stradics Ci4

    Which reels are still available?
  38. Deepsea Warrant

    FG knot

    Never used the FG knot. Never needed to. RP never breaks and goes through the guides fine.
  39. Deepsea Warrant

    Calcutta Wheeled Tackle Box

    You plan on being in SD anytime soon?
  40. Deepsea Warrant

    Bed bugs on boats

    All bringing your own pillowcase, blanket or sleeping bag does is bring those things back to infest your house. Better to use the boat provided items. Don't forget to disinfect the clothes you slept in.
  41. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Here, let me quote him; "Braid can fk off." "As I said; there is no benefit to braid from my perspective..." "No doubt there are points where braid has its place, but on a sport boat... nah." "I run braid as I’m operating solo and I love fishing bass in the kelp. Pretty much my favorite to...
  42. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Right here out of San Diego.
  43. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    Looks like a ton of fun on the tranx's. Perfect setup for those schoolie size rockets.
  44. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Wide open 8/28

    Got a trip Friday, hope the bite stays hot.
  45. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Yep, that is the key word. Mono top shot. I personally use a top shot on all my outfits. I never go straight braid.
  46. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I wouldn't call braid a marketing trend. It is what has allowed folks to successfully land the BFT common now on 3/4 day boats and longer.
  47. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Sportie report-rare good behavior?

    I am with you on too much helps = no help. I get it though. Higher fish counts gets the customers. Especially with the BFT craze. Nice of you to hand the rods off, you may have made someone trips.
  48. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Not sure what part of Florida that is. I am from the NW Panhandle and braid (mono top shots) is pretty standard for those that bring their own gear. I will say the rental rods are 100% mono due to the cost and liability of using braid (seen some really bad cuts). You can get away with...
  49. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I apologize but I see no point in naming the boat because of one lost deckhand. I continue to fish the boat as the other crew members are hard working customer service oriented and are not overly "opinionated".
  50. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I am always open to offering advice as we all started somewhere. It seems a lot of folks nowadays don't want some old guy giving them advice. I always offer, if they are receptive I continue to help even passing off my rod to let them catch a fish or two. If they give that look, I say good...
  51. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I am 100% with you. I wait for all those those that cast while the boat is still sliding to hook up and tangle. Then I walk up the rail, cast, hook up and am free from the mess. I can usually catch another while they are still working the web. It is like watching the reruns of an old comedy...
  52. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I am in favor of braid. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. No angles no tangles applies.
  53. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I had a conversation with a disgruntled deck hand who says braid is to be blamed for the tangles on sport boats and should be banned, and that it really provides no advantages over straight mono. What do you guy's say? Are you ready to go back to straight mono?
  54. Deepsea Warrant


    Interesting facts according to the latest CDC report (2017). There were 39,773 deaths by firearms in 2017. - 6 out of 10 deaths by firearms are the results of suicides(23,854). - Of the remaining 15,919, 14,542 were murders perpetrated by criminals (how many of those do you actually think gun...
  55. Deepsea Warrant

    Ricky Carroll 6'0" Epoxy Surfboard

    Getting to old to ride my short boards. Selling a 6'0" Ricky Carroll HEMI Epoxy Quad/5 fin. For those that may not know who Ricky Carroll is he is a long time Florida shaper and 3x Master Shape Off champion. The guys shapes unreal boards. I ride this as a quad with center thumbster fin. The...
  56. Deepsea Warrant

    Metaloid 5nii drag

    Contact Okuma for suggestions. My 5nii is supper smooth with many quality yellowtail on it. I fish mine at 12-15lbs of drag.
  57. Deepsea Warrant


    Give up one kind of firearm and you will give up ALL firearms. That is the end goal. My 2 cents.
  58. Deepsea Warrant

    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    Metaloid 5ii has more drag at free spool and greater line capacity, other wise it is a wash.
  59. Deepsea Warrant

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    Browse the various landings trip schedules. You will see a bunch of 30+ pax trips listed as "limited load". Hell the Liberty list 50 as a "limited load". Not saying there are not any that are actually limited loads but that term is tossed around like a relative wanting to borrow money.
  60. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Endeavor August 17, 2019

    My favorite boat and crew. They always go above and beyond.
  61. Deepsea Warrant

    Can a Seeker G-270-7' handle YFT or BFT?

    Just wondering what the crew is there for and how they will earn your tip if not gaffing your fish? Not trying to be a smart ass just wanting to understand your point of view.
  62. Deepsea Warrant

    100 QT Marine Cooler

    Thanks for the heads up.
  63. Deepsea Warrant

    Hobie V2 Livewell

    That's about $100 off retail. Should go fast.
  64. Deepsea Warrant

    $130 Pro Gear V40

    I have one for surface iron and can say it is a great reel that cast's a mile and has a great drag. GLWS.
  65. Deepsea Warrant

    Camalu White Sea Bass

    Those are some brutes.
  66. Deepsea Warrant

    North bar butts and a biscuit. 9/3/19

    All the BFT reports get some folks going. I would rather get a boat full of those!
  67. Deepsea Warrant

    1.5 day on the Aztec August 19th

    She is a nice craft but 25 folks tuna fishing on her = combat fishing. If the vessel is certified for 30 pax and they drop one or two I guess that is considered a "light load" and 4 or 5 is an "ultra light". load. It is all a fictitious marketing ploy, kind of like MSRP.
  68. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore PB BFT Sunday August 4

    That put a grin on pop's face while he sports his slippers. Way to go. :cheers:
  69. Deepsea Warrant

    "Bluefin" Viper for Mike

    Dam fine work.
  70. Deepsea Warrant

    Rainshadow RCJB84xh

    I cannot believe that rod is not gone.
  71. Deepsea Warrant

    Tackle Shop Getting Closed Down By The City

    Yep, good ole greed at its base. "Fair market value" based on what standard? What a shame.
  72. Deepsea Warrant

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    Zero effect...I would be interested in the science or research behind that statement. I wouldn't call Florida a "tropical setup" (exception is the Keys). Our water temps dip into the low 50's during the winter with the day time temps well below CA winter temps . Agree Florida is not on the...
  73. Deepsea Warrant

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

    Back in the day your were said to have farmed a fish when you pull to hard and the hook pulled.
  74. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Aztec 3 Day, July 25-27 with BD Swag and BFT

    Always good things to say about the Aztec and her crew. Looks like a great trip.
  75. Deepsea Warrant

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Welcome to BD. :cheers:
  76. Deepsea Warrant

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    Them dogs are smart, great trick and tip,
  77. Deepsea Warrant

    Reef fishing/Jigging reel

    Andros single speed and Tesoro are a nice reels.
  78. Deepsea Warrant

    Catalina Friday tails

    Hard to beat a good day of fishing followed by a good burger, adult refreshments all shared with friends or family. That's what makes all the daily grind worth while.
  79. Deepsea Warrant

    Seeker Blue glass WT-7X

    Goes to show, less is more. Very nice.
  80. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Moo Cow

    I would say that is definitely a cow.
  81. Deepsea Warrant

    Coronados Full day 7/25

    If it isn't the dogs its the sharks, taxes are high all around. Way to stick it out.
  82. Deepsea Warrant

    6 Day to Gaudalupe or 7 Days the the Ridge / Alijos

    I have had great trips at both. Prior to my last trip I would have given the nod to G-lupe, but the last time I fished there most everyone just fed the sharks. If I remember right, the permits were around $300.
  83. Deepsea Warrant

    Torium 20 potential 50# reel?

    Seems a lot of folks gear up with what is the exception to the rule (100+ fish). Sure they are out there and you can hook one but if you look at the counts most seem to be in the 30-80lb range. For me, winching in the fish is not why I fish. I want the long blistering runs followed by the...
  84. Deepsea Warrant

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    It doesn't matter how strong the knot is proclaimed to be if you cannot tie it perfect every time in the heat of a wide open bite. Use whatever knot you can tie best as that is the one that will yield the best results.
  85. Deepsea Warrant

    Lost rod and reel at Coronados

    We lost a rockfish rig off Anacapa. Later that day making a drift in the same location we pulled it in. It does happen.
  86. Deepsea Warrant

    Metaloid Line Capacity

    Not 30 but I do have about 350 of 40 on mine.
  87. Deepsea Warrant

    Fish hook removal

    I have used the braid around the hook bend many times and it works great. Takes a second, no pain and your back to fishing.
  88. Deepsea Warrant

    Occasional spots open

    Prior boat owner that understands trip cost. Military so my schedule varies but most times can swing it with notice. Please add me to the list.
  89. Deepsea Warrant

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    Big things in little packages.
  90. Deepsea Warrant

    Stepping up in class (6 pack?)

    I am always open to a pool of guys more interested in a non drunk fest, slaughter everything insight mentality. Just a fun light load charter with like minded guys who know what they are doing.
  91. Deepsea Warrant

    Ranger 85 Charters San Diego and Oxnard for 2019

    Trip 4 looks interesting. Other than the BFT how has the fishing historically been in November?
  92. Deepsea Warrant

    Bluefin Poppers- A&A Custom Baits

    What do you think the weight on the 3.5" bait will be?
  93. Deepsea Warrant

    Looking for a solid 60-80lb Rod

    I am preferential to UC rods but have few Calstar rods as well. Other than what you listed the Calstar 770XH quickly comes to mind.
  94. Deepsea Warrant

    Pro Gear V40 brand new sell or for trade

    I have both the 20 and 40, cast great with very good drags. GLWS.
  95. Deepsea Warrant

    Aztec went looking at new area.

    Aztec seems to be a hot boat. Never had the pleasure.
  96. Deepsea Warrant

    7-11-19 Aboard the San Diego

    I could sure use one of those trips.
  97. Deepsea Warrant


    Calstar 800H and a Progear V40.
  98. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar GF-7400M for Richard

    I really like the color combo. Well done.
  99. Deepsea Warrant

    2 Speed For Bait Fishing BFT

    2nd the HX Raptor.
  100. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Wack-a-mole on the BFT 7/8 :)

    I agree with rustman, the 25lb outfit is the fun way to go. Two for seven is not bad day in my book.
  101. Deepsea Warrant

    Tell me what I'm looking at.

    Not sure how you sonar is set up but my guess is bait above the thermocline.
  102. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    I will take yellowfin on the popper over flylined or dropper rig bluefin. Nicely done!
  103. Deepsea Warrant

    WFO Seabass 4th of July on the Pacific Dawn, Ventura.

    It's been my experience with WSB you really do better with the Aki Twist hooks with a minimum size of 5/0 and a light drag.
  104. Deepsea Warrant

    Leupold VX3i 3.5-10x40 CDS

    I believe the CDS come with the Duplex reticle.
  105. Deepsea Warrant

    Anyone need anything from Florida? FL to CA

    Yea, some good ole Florida heat, humidity and most of all...a truck load of Southern Hospitality.
  106. Deepsea Warrant

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    Everything causes everything. If it's not on the list it will be.
  107. Deepsea Warrant

    Or TRADE Savage .308 w/ Leupold VX-3

    That's a deer and hog slayer. GLWS!
  108. Deepsea Warrant

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    Two over 50 in one day, yes, on surface iron, not even close. Heck of an accomplishment.
  109. Deepsea Warrant

    Prime BFT?

    It's all subjective.
  110. Deepsea Warrant

    67 jigs sold

    Sent you a PM if they are still available.
  111. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 6/26-6/30

    They can confiscate the boat and the Captain can lose his license. Folks that do that have little to no consideration for the potential cost to the boat owner nor the Captain.
  112. Deepsea Warrant

    First 30+ inch Speckled Trout

    I have caught numerous specs in the 27" but have never reached the 30" mark. Well done on that gator.
  113. Deepsea Warrant


    A little late but we had a two day charter on the Endeavor (26-26 June) but due to uncontrollable circumstances we lost a day. The Captain and crew made the best of the circumstances. A big shout out to a GREAT Captain and Crew and a well maintained vessel. Turned our short trip into what...
  114. Deepsea Warrant

    Boat rage

    Yep...alcohol has the tendency to bring out the best in folks.
  115. Deepsea Warrant

    June 21-29 Shogun 8-day PENN Fishing University trip report

    That sounds like a super fun trip.
  116. Deepsea Warrant


    Regardless of who on the boat damaged the rod it is not an Okuma warranty issue. No rod manufacture covers damage not related to a defect in manufacturing. Suck up the $15 and get it fixed.
  117. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Chivalry Isn't Dead- A Yellowtail Shootout Moment of Class

    These little glimpses of decency still provide hope for mankind.
  118. Deepsea Warrant

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Yes I do. But if it is a increase in "Federal" Excise Tax that is not their choice.
  119. Deepsea Warrant

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Tax tax and tax some more. When people complain just call it a "fee". Yep, keep voting liberal as all these social programs are "free" or is it FEE!
  120. Deepsea Warrant

    Spectra color?

    I have yet to see a single color not wrapped in the mess. Use whatever gives you the most confidence.
  121. Deepsea Warrant

    Oxnard Mirage 2 day trip

    Rock fish is a solid backup but I would think the focus would be WSB, YT and halibut. Hooks has historical fish counts. Look at the last couple years for July and that should give you a pretty good idea.
  122. Deepsea Warrant

    New Lo-Ann late report

    Lets see...everyone that paid WILL get on the boat, everyone's gear WILL get on the boat, everyone WILL get a bunk. This is not a limited space available, limited quantity, first come first serve, that I could understand. After all the boat is 60-90' long so what does 10' one way or another...
  123. Deepsea Warrant

    New Lo-Ann late report

    Good on Loyde. If getting on the boat first is the most important thing than most have already missed the boat.
  124. Deepsea Warrant

    I’ve heard of junk in the trunk.!!!!!!

    He looks a little pissed off.
  125. Deepsea Warrant

    Epic day on the San Diego

    Now that's a great trip.
  126. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma Metaloid vs Penn Fathom

    12ii is 4.7:1 which is a good all around ratio and is a very capable yoyo ratio. To put this in perspective, one of the all time best yoyo reels IMHO is the 113HN Baja Special and is only 4.3:1. I would not focus solely on the retrieve ration but also consider how much line the reel retrieves...
  127. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma Metaloid vs Penn Fathom

    I have the 12ii and it is a very capable reel. I have just under 500 yards of 65lb braid and a 100 yard 50lb topshot. The reel produces 27lb of drag at strike and 34 at full and has a full metal body. I have not caught anything over 80lb on it but it never even remotely felt under gunned. I...
  128. Deepsea Warrant

    Denatured alcohol banned in CA??

    Hmmmm. Vap shops are everywhere, people still smoke cigarettes in public places and tractor trucks crowd the highways but the focus is on denatured alcohol? "Eight of the country’s 10 most-polluted cities are in California. Los Angeles-Long Beach (including the Inland Empire) is the worst...
  129. Deepsea Warrant

    Help with a new 50lb set up

    Cannot speak to the Phenix rods but you do see a lot of folks fishing them. I do have personal experience with both the UC and Seeker rods. I am really liking the action and feel of the UC rods and they would be my first choice.
  130. Deepsea Warrant

    BFT hooks #2s???

    Mustad Demon 3x Circle hooks even though they look light are plenty strong.
  131. Deepsea Warrant

    WTS Muzzloaders!

    Those GreyHawks are great little rifles.
  132. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 5/27-5/30

    Looks like it was a good trip.
  133. Deepsea Warrant

    Hula Girl 775XXH for Michael

    That's a good looking cow killer.
  134. Deepsea Warrant

    Yellowtail MIA

    It's fishing. Don't let fish counts drive your decision. If barracuda and bass were your second choice to start then make a go of the YT and let the chips fall where they will.
  135. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore 1.5 Chief

    Looks good...way better than we did on the Condor.
  136. Deepsea Warrant

    Cool Weather

    The meteorologist field is the only field where you can be wrong 70% of the time and still keep your job. My grandfather once told me...if you want to know what the weather is doing, go outside and look for yourself.
  137. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Top shot or not

    Straight braid, braid to mono, straight mono, short or long top shot, flouro leader, they all work and all catch fish. It really boils down to what you prefer and what fits your equipment and style of fishing. None of them have any solid evidence that one is better than the other. It is all...
  138. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma Metaloid 12nii Capacity

    I believe I got 425 of 65 on the 12nii and 475 of 65 on the 12ii.
  139. Deepsea Warrant

    Fisherman's Landing Parking

    I cannot stand a thief.
  140. Deepsea Warrant

    Fisherman's Landing Parking

    Sounds like no issues. Much appreciated.
  141. Deepsea Warrant

    Fisherman's Landing Parking

    That is why I am a little concerned. I will have my coolers in the cab and they can be seen.
  142. Deepsea Warrant

    Fisherman's Landing Parking

    Anyone had any issues leaving your vehicle in the Fisherman's Landing parking lot during a multi day trip?
  143. Deepsea Warrant

    Rainshadow unknown

    Looks great.
  144. Deepsea Warrant

    Spaces available on the Barking Spiders 8 Day on the Royal Star

    RS is a great boat, should be a great trip.
  145. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore 05/15 on the Pac Queen

    Way to adjust and put a nice fish on the boat.
  146. Deepsea Warrant

    Ordered another Okuma rod

    I have been looking for the XXH on Amazon but cannot find anything over the 701XH. Do you have a link?
  147. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    I would have to agree the Kamodo would be a much better choice. If it was between the Metaloid LW and Calcutta 400 it would be Shimano hands down.
  148. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    I have never seen a Metaloid Level Wind.
  149. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    The Kamodo is a great little reel but I would say they are actually very close with the nod going to the 5LW. Both have SS gears and guts but the 5LW has helical cut 17-4 SS gearing. The drag goes to the Kamodo with 30lb vice 26lb (not 10lb) for the 5LW. Line capacity goes to the 5LW, bearing...
  150. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    Smallest I have is the 5ii. Sorry.
  151. Deepsea Warrant

    Any old guys remember her?

    Yep...great boat, great memories and many burnt thumbs.
  152. Deepsea Warrant

    Tackle Locker/Storage

    I still use my no frills Cabela's Advanced Angler bag. Holds way too much gear so of course I need to fill it up.
  153. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods/Reels/ HK USP tranx trinidad etc

    Sealine with a rod for $60...that is a deal.
  154. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore 185lb BF aboard Tribute - Video

    Hey my jig just stopped :ashamed: classic!
  155. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore PQ Heartbreaker

    It happens but that is one you will remember for a long time.
  156. Deepsea Warrant

    RP - John Collins 16 day trip report

    That YT that Roy is hoisting is a stud. Nice trip.
  157. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore American angler 5/11/19

    55lb fish on 25lb gear sounds fun. Well done.
  158. Deepsea Warrant

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    Half the people cannot even keep their bait in front of them.
  159. Deepsea Warrant

    Leaving California and Was Given a Good-Bye Gift..

    I have heard it does. Great inshore fishing for reds and sea trout.
  160. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Venice La

    Sure miss fishing the lumps and the Gulf for that matter. Nicely done!
  161. Deepsea Warrant

    Hey, San Diego BTF! ?

    Thunderbird came in off a 1.5 with one fish. I really don't put to much stock in fish counts as they are a snapshot in time and can change at any time (up or down). If you can go then go. Sure won't catch anything if you don't go.
  162. Deepsea Warrant

    Leaving California and Was Given a Good-Bye Gift..

    Texas bass fishing is world class. The Gulf also has world class tuna (black fin, YFT, BFT) not to mention awesome wahoo and billfish. Great choice and good luck.
  163. Deepsea Warrant

    Saltwater Halibut Hunt 5/8

    I was up there this week from San Diego and could not believe how nice the weather was. Weather was better in your area then here in SOCAL.
  164. Deepsea Warrant

    Catalina 5-9-19

    The tug is the drug...looks like a future junkie.
  165. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    I use one if I am not on the rail.
  166. Deepsea Warrant

    SoCal Yellowtail and Bluefin Bites Continue

    Great report with proper tackle info provided. Thanks,
  167. Deepsea Warrant

    Realisticaly, what can you comfortably pull up with 50# test?

    The Rator HX 5/2 will do the 80-150lb class fish with no issues and has the MC for casting light bait. That would be my reel of choice for fish in the 100lb class. The rods is where personal preference really matters as there are a bunch of great rods that will get the job done each with a...
  168. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Way to get it done. Show's you can pull hard on 30lb gear and have some fun. After all, is that not why most of us fish?
  169. Deepsea Warrant

    Cinco de Mayo Yellows

    You did much better than the big boys. Well done!
  170. Deepsea Warrant

    Okuma metaloid 5N

    That's a score on a great little reel.
  171. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore BFT Go Here Saturday

    That's the beauty of a private boat. You get a clean shot at fun size tuna on the fun size gear. Nicely done.
  172. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Grande Full Day Bluefin 5/3

    Not really...called lucky. You happen to get on a school that is willing to bite. Could be 30 miles out or 200 miles out.
  173. Deepsea Warrant

    Pacific Queen 05/10

    That's not good...I have a bunch of Seaguar Blue Label. I better pull it on a scale. Never had a problem but still worth a pull before my trip.
  174. Deepsea Warrant

    Belt for pliers and cutters.

    Given I have a bunch that is what I use.
  175. Deepsea Warrant

    can you get away with straight mono

    I have been married for over 30 years. Nothing can hurt me. :cheers:
  176. Deepsea Warrant

    Metaloid or Andros for speed jigging?

    I have both the 12ii and 12nii. Also picked them up at Charkbait for just over $200 each.
  177. Deepsea Warrant

    AA on the BFT

    Some tubs there!
  178. Deepsea Warrant

    Metaloid or Andros for speed jigging?

    Charkbait in SD had the Metaloid 5ii for $169. Price will remain the same as long as they still have inventory. I picked up both the 5ii and 5iin ($159). Great little reels.
  179. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Those are some nice grade fish.
  180. Deepsea Warrant


    The Raptor looks to nice to fish.
  181. Deepsea Warrant

    can you get away with straight mono

    As did you "drag queen".
  182. Deepsea Warrant

    60-80# BFT south of Coronados, Pac Queen

    Good to see the crew is gilling the fish. Really improves the quality. Nice last minute heroics by all.
  183. Deepsea Warrant

    can you get away with straight mono

    Sure you can still catch fish on straight mono and most of still times. And you can still hunt with a spear or get to work by horse. The question is why? Why spend $15 on a JRI jig when a $6 Salas will catch fish? Why not use only fiberglass rods and penn 3/0 or 4/0 reels. This...
  184. Deepsea Warrant

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Nice grade of yellows.
  185. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods??? How many

    Ouch...I have seen it happen but fortunatley I have not done it myself. I do think about it every time the rod gets passed around the bow and anchor line.
  186. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods??? How many

    For me a 1.5 usually means 3-4 but when you toss in the possibility of getting into BFT from 40 to over 100lbs that makes it a bit tougher.
  187. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods??? How many

    Really depends on how varied the bite is and what/how they are being caught. I have a 3 day coming up and will likely bring 6 rods.
  188. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Chief 4/29

    Great report Rich. Thanks
  189. Deepsea Warrant

    What size fish can I fish on fathom 40n and Sabre 30-80lb

    Many big fish caught on 1/0 Demon 3x circle hooks with heavy drag.
  190. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    Sounds like you are living right. What PCH rod was it, 801MH, H, or XH?
  191. Deepsea Warrant

    The best of late April fishing in FLORIDA

    Great report and I can say with 100% certainty the red snapper in the Gulf are in great shape despite what FMF states. I have done multiple tours of duty as an instructor at the Navy Dive School and spent countless hours diving the local PCB area and every single dive we are covered up in red...
  192. Deepsea Warrant

    What size fish can I fish on fathom 40n and Sabre 30-80lb

    If you a running 80lb for your top shot I would set my strike at 18lb+ as long as I still have free spool and see what the scale shows for full. The rule of thumb for drag is 25% of line rating but I usually go closer to 30%. Keep in mind 80lb is the top of the line class for that rod and at...
  193. Deepsea Warrant

    Memorial Day Multi-Day

    I booked on the Condor.
  194. Deepsea Warrant

    Good BFT on the Condor

    For fish under 60lbs I prefer the 8' rod as it just loads better, but when they push that 60lb mark that 7' or less is a must. Sounds like you hit a school of devil fish. It is strange how some schools just have more attitude.
  195. Deepsea Warrant

    Good BFT on the Condor

    Nice report and will keep the tips at the ready. I am on the memorial weekend 3 day and can't wait.
  196. Deepsea Warrant


    Sounds like it worked out and everyone had a great time.
  197. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore We found them!

    Definitely a beauty.
  198. Deepsea Warrant

    On the water report. 16 day RP trip

    That is no exaggeration either.
  199. Deepsea Warrant

    On the water report. 16 day RP trip

    Nothing more exciting then having those big yellows crash a surface iron. Really gets the old ticker going.
  200. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar btg690j custom

    That is a killer looking wrap. GLWS
  201. Deepsea Warrant

    Hunting in Florida

    That's why I call the NW Panhandle of Florida home.
  202. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Shogun 1.5 4/25

    Good things come to those that wait.
  203. Deepsea Warrant

    gone Bye bye

    Quality rods with a quality wrap. Great seller!
  204. Deepsea Warrant

    Joe Bonamassa goes Sport Fishing with his Dad

    One hell of a blues guitarist.
  205. Deepsea Warrant

    Any Okuma PCH reviews?

    I only have two of the PCH rods and when I checked them the guides and reel seat all were straight above the spline (conventional). Maybe I got lucky but no complaints here.
  206. Deepsea Warrant

    Any Okuma PCH reviews?

    I have the 701XH with my Metaloid 12iin and that is a great 40lb setup that can bump up to 50lb when needed. The parabolic action is super smooth and puts the hurt on the fish. I fish it with 12lbs of drag at strike and it quickly breaks their spirits. Have my eye on the 761H for my 5ii...
  207. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Condor had a good Easter weekend

    17 anglers and 17 over 200lbs...good lord.
  208. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Condor had a good Easter weekend

    Thanks for the report...I have a three day coming up on the bird and cannot wait.
  209. Deepsea Warrant

    Best knot mono to fluorocarbon

    The PR knot is usually for connecting mono or flouro to braid. John Collins came up with a knot (do not know the name) but I have used it for years with ZERO failures and it is simple to tie. It is at the 1:14 mark in the video.
  210. Deepsea Warrant

    We're Not in Cali Anymore

    CA is just a temp stop for me (military) then back to the Florida Panhandle to retire. Cannot wait. Trust me, you will never want to leave once you get settled. Sure miss sight fishing those Cobia.
  211. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Looks like a great trip. 72 and still able to pull on tuna is still something to be proud of. Well done.
  212. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    Yep...if it is not broke don't try and fix it. Never fished the Tomahawk but the boat sure seems fishy.
  213. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    Completely agree with that. My experience is "most" folks that shell out $2 or $3 thousand bucks for a trip know what they are doing and usually make good choices. Recommendations are good and usually well received. If it is obvious someone is struggling by all means the crew should come...
  214. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    Great report but one thing I contently read on here is "the Captain said no one can use"...I am not paying to ride the boat just to bolster the boats catch reports. I am paying to have fun regardless of the outcome. If I chose to dump 500 yards of "my" line, or break off every fish I hang so...
  215. Deepsea Warrant

    1983 20’ Shamrock Pilothouse, $16,000

    Great boats. I had the 24 walk around. GLWS
  216. Deepsea Warrant

    Fish processing prices?

    Brother I am with you. It is not the cost of the processing per say. It is the sum of the total cost of the trip. SoCal head boat fishing, just like hunting has, is quickly turning from a sport once dominated by the blue collar, everyday working folks into a high cost, luxury item out of the...
  217. Deepsea Warrant

    Offshore Tomahawk 4/16/19

    There are a bunch of great boats to choose from but it is service like this that makes the decision easy. Well done!
  218. Deepsea Warrant

    Tomahawk has LIMITS of Bluefin

    The automated fish count said schoolie tuna 25-75lb on mostly 40 and 50lb flouro. Most of the bites were on bait.
  219. Deepsea Warrant

    How long of a top shot?

    I almost always use about 50 yards of mono top shot attached via the RP knot to my braid. I have zero issues tossing jigs or bait. I much rather cut off mono rather than keep losing braid to folks that don't want to follow their bait or fish.
  220. Deepsea Warrant

    Here We Go... Everyone is into the Bluefin!

    I tend to go heavier on the drag and attempt to break their spirit early. The longer they are pinned the more chance of something going wrong.
  221. Deepsea Warrant

    Stay away from RTIC coolers

    I only have their roto molded cooler so I have not had any issues. Your experience could be an isolated issue or indicative of a lack of customer service. I have little time for companies that follow the later. Too many good ones out there.
  222. Deepsea Warrant

    Talica 20 or 25 on 760XH 30-80lb rod

    5-20 hit it on the head. Unless you plan on targeting BFT over the 150lb mark it makes more sense to rent. Using a rod that will handle 150lb+ will not serve you well in most other situations. The two you have will fit most applications. This is where the old saying "more is better" is not...
  223. Deepsea Warrant

    Memorial Day Multi-Day

    I am leaning towards the Condor. I am currently waiting to see if I get on the private BD 2.5 on the PV. If I don't get a confirmation by this weekend I am booking the Condor trip. As long as I get a shot at some YT I will be completely satisfied as BFT and rock fish would be a bonus.
  224. Deepsea Warrant

    Talica 20 or 25 on 760XH 30-80lb rod

    Your 760XH with a 10 or 12 loaded with 65lb braid and either 50 or 60lb topshot will work for fish getting close to the 150lb mark. When you get to and go over that point, like RideHPD stated you will be in trouble. Once you add a 10 or 12ii your two setups will cover anything from 25-60...
  225. Deepsea Warrant

    Memorial Day Multi-Day

    Condor states "passport required" and Tomahawk states "no passport required".
  226. Deepsea Warrant

    Memorial Day Multi-Day

    I was hoping someone that has been on both the Tomahawk and Condor has some history on which way they tend to go given time of year and conditions...straight to SCI or down towards Baja. That kind of sets the tone for what you target.
  227. Deepsea Warrant

    Memorial Day Multi-Day

    Thinking about a 2-3 day this Memorial weekend (Condor or Tomahawk). Really not sure I want a trip that is primarily focuses on chasing early season finicky BFT, not against it, just not my first choice. Would really prefer a not so crowded Baja YT trip. Should I be focusing on an overnight...
  228. Deepsea Warrant


    One of the best yoyo reels ever made. But not at $400
  229. Deepsea Warrant

    Rpt.-Wed. 04-03-19 Thunderbird Cod Fest.

    Looks like a pretty good trip. A see a good batch of fish tacos in those sacks.
  230. Deepsea Warrant

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    I guess it would depend on what "you" consider a cow tuna. I have caught dozens of YFT in the high 180's out of Venice LA (midnight lumps/Sackett banks) but never cracked the 200lb range. I believe the record YFT is in the 250lb range. I have also caught a few BFT over 200lb and I seen...
  231. Deepsea Warrant

    seaguar premeir,bluelabel and owner pro packs

    PM sent on the 1/0 Gorilla and #4 Flyline.
  232. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar Grafighter 800H's (2)

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  233. Deepsea Warrant

    Shortening a Rod...What's the effect?

    Without getting into the specifics. I picked up a rod (Calstar 700H) and come to find out the rods has been repaired with about 5" off the tip. How much should this raise the line rating and speed up the action?
  234. Deepsea Warrant

    Megabaits, Big Candy Bar Spoons, plastic tube lot

    I will take the last lot of Squish Jigs. Sent you a message.
  235. Deepsea Warrant

    Antireverse bearing in single speed Andros but not two speeds???

    Metaliod's have double dogs and ARB.
  236. Deepsea Warrant

    Light weight squish jigs

    If you can catch a 2oolb tuna on a 3" anchovie I would think a 160gr Squish Jig would do the job as well.
  237. Deepsea Warrant


    That is what sets a good company apart from a great company.
  238. Deepsea Warrant

    Rod and Reel UC

    That is a sweet set up. GLWS.
  239. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar 700H or 700XH for a 6 day trip on RP in September (Guadalupe)

    Hunting and fishing was once centered primarily around blue collar folks. Now the price to partake in either is quickly pushing most folks right out of these sports.
  240. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar 700H (30-80)

    That works for me. Moved conversation to PM. Ray
  241. Deepsea Warrant

    Calstar 700H (30-80)

    Do you venture down to San Diego/National City much?
  242. Deepsea Warrant

    United Composites RCE 700XH Price Drop

    Great rod. To bad you are not closer.
  243. Deepsea Warrant

    PCH model for Fathom 25NLD2

    If you have Amazon Prime you can get the 701xh for $144 delievered.
  244. Deepsea Warrant

    Reel For UC CP 70HF

    Metaloid 12ii. Charkbait has them for $219-$229.
  245. Deepsea Warrant

    60 lb rod?

    Charbait Tackle has the United Composite Elite RCE700 XXH C 50-80 for $300. That is a solid 60lb rod.
  246. Deepsea Warrant

    60 lb rod?

    I have a PCH701XH and would not have it as my primary 60lb rig. 50 all day but only 60lb in a pinch as the rod seems to lack the backbone to really pull hard enough to get into 60lb.
  247. Deepsea Warrant

    White tiger cbj70f

    How fad south you willing to meet?
  248. Deepsea Warrant


    Sounds like it will handle 50lb pretty good then. Thanks
  249. Deepsea Warrant


    The PCH-701XH is listed as a 30-60 but most rods in that class seem to be more of a solid 40lb but could handle 50 in a pinch. Wanting to fish 50lb with 60 in a pinch. Does anyone have any experience with the 701XH fishing 50lb?
  250. Deepsea Warrant

    brand new owner ringed hooks

    PM sent for a pack of 2/0 and #2's.
  251. Deepsea Warrant

    Older Shimano Stradics, etc

    Don't have the FG but I do have a 2500 FH. One of the older Stradics that allows back reeling.
  252. Deepsea Warrant

    Batson Rainshadow RCLB70M

    I wish it was the big brother for sale.
  253. Deepsea Warrant

    opinions on Metaloid 12ii

    I have 475 yards of 50lb braid with approx 75 yards of 40lb izor topshot on my M5-II. The reel is a do-it-all reel in that line class. My M12-II has 500 yards of 60lb braid with about the same topshot of 50lb izor. I use the 12 pretty much the same as most others, a good bottom and live bait...
  254. Deepsea Warrant

    Penn 500 Handle

    I have a couple Pro Gear reels and really like the handles, specifically the round knob type on my 40. Where did you buy them?
  255. Deepsea Warrant

    Penn 500 Handle

    Thanks gentlemen.
  256. Deepsea Warrant

    Penn 500 Handle

    I have an old favorite Jigmaster with a full accurate kit but still have the factory handle. It is getting a bit worn and I am looking to upgrade. Any suggestions on what out there that will add a bit of length for better leverage and speed? Thanks
  257. Deepsea Warrant

    Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    Great guy to deal with, goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.
  258. Deepsea Warrant

    Lead / Torpedo

    I will take one of the 16x8oz lots. Sent you a PM,
  259. Deepsea Warrant

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    I have never had any issues with 100lb+ tuna on my 20II and I have caught dozens. For that size tuna I never use a harness, straight out of the belt or off the rail. I definitely wouldn't target anything in the 200lb range but will see what the extra rigidity of the kit does to mine.
  260. Deepsea Warrant

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    A 20II speed without the upgrade will handle 100lb BFT so with the addition of the kit it would only be better.
  261. Deepsea Warrant

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Interested in the answers as well. I assume the rod clamp is included.
  262. Deepsea Warrant


    SCUMBAGS. Thanks for the heads up.
  263. Deepsea Warrant

    Irons and plastics $60

    If you decide you will ship let me know.
  264. Deepsea Warrant


    I remember the days when all we really had in two speed reels were Internationals and TLD's. Many 200+ YFT were landed with zero issues. The 30 will do you fine.
  265. Deepsea Warrant

    3 day trip rod and reel recommendations

    I have always used the Uni to Uni or Alright knot. Never tried the Seaguar but it looks really simple and fast. I may have to give that a try. Thanks.
  266. Deepsea Warrant

    ONE more tail

    Great info Gonzo25. I do remember the days when it was easy to fish Mex.
  267. Deepsea Warrant

    Nados 7/7/18

    I bet that TY was fun on that spinning set up.
  268. Deepsea Warrant

    7/6 - The Liberty

    That last pic has some really nice color to it.
  269. Deepsea Warrant

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Great report. Not to long.
  270. Deepsea Warrant


    I will give it a try. Thank you Sir.
  271. Deepsea Warrant


    Looking to add some heat shrink over my aging cork on my boat rods. Anyone have any info they want to share? Thanks,
  272. Deepsea Warrant

    free range axis gone wild these last 2 weekends

    Nice, I hunted Axis deer on Lanai in Hawaii. They are one tough animal and by far the tastiest of the deer family.