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    Help identify this fish?

    I heard someone call them gopher rockfish, anybody else hear that before?
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    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Deeper the water, bigger the fish?
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    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Springfield or Glock? Kind of new to the gun show. Mako is delicious 😋
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    Carnage at Catalina?

    Thanks brotha. Any intel on what side of the island (east or west) will have better chances for yellowtails. Asking for a friend :p
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    Carnage at Catalina?

    Sorry, none report Anybody now if the Carnage is at Cat today? Going on Sunday and would like to get squid. Thanks
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Sorry for the late response. Thursday was a bit slow, but we had a steady pick on smallish calicos. All you wanted bonito when you hit a school. No luck on the yellowtail and didn't see anyone having luck either. We might've missed the morning bite. We hooked up to one of the biggest calicos...
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Thanks fellas :-)
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    I've been hearing that lately. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe start on the east and work my way up?
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Going tomorrow to Catalina out of Long Beach. What do guys recommend, front or back / east or west? Open to suggestions. Thanks fellas. Haven't been at all this year and I'm excited, but I know the wind has been rough the last few days. So your expertise is highly appreciated.
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    Bait boat helped us hook some fish during slack tide

    Good tip. I learned that from an old timer who taught me that the oil island boats create the same conditions in Long Beach Harbor. Just wait for them to dock and start fishing. Sand bass city.
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    Offshore Super Cow 11/1/9

    More pics please! :rockin:
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    Easy Trigger - DP 11.02.19

    Trigger fish on the right. That being said, I have never caught or eaten a trigger. My calico fillets look like the ones on the left. Maybe I just need a new knife. Lol
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    Offshore Salty met Elvis...epic day

    So, Elvis really was a slobpig:. Good job guys.
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    Offshore T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Gnarly brotha. Good job!
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    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    Narration was pretty cool to boot.:rockin:
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    Inshore mako

    :eyepoppin chu crazy man!
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    Offshore 6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Awesome analysis! Thanks for taking the time to set this up. Always good to find new info.
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    Reds, Bass and Ospreys

    That's the brightest red I've ever seen! Good job.
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    Catalina yellowfail 6/16

    Ditto on the slow trolling. Worked for us on Thursday. Don't forget to have someone chum or brail live bait, I think this would have kept the school around the boat for more hookups.
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    San Diego Bay Shark Fishing (video)

    Sweet video. Tell us about your setup as an intro or outro.
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    Cory update Thursday

    Prayers heading your way brotha.
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    4/21 Easter Sunday 1/2 Day

    Cool looking jigs. Gonna copy your setup.
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    World Class Leopard Shark | San Diego Bay (Video)

    Beautiful shark! Nice release.
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    Birdschool Yellowtail. 4/5

    That's a thick bone! Congrats
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    Offshore Channel Island cod

    Now that's a stringer!
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    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Wow! Didn't know they got so big.
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    D P - 01.19.19

    This might sound crazy, but I have thought of driving up to Oregon or even Washington to look at arimas. They just have more to choose from. Good luck.
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    Corvina, summer 2018.

    Nice! Never seen them caught on a lure. Good job. I'm assuming it was inside the bay.
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    Oceanside 1-4-19 BFT

    First tuna of the year report! Congrats.
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    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    Put it on your (insert your dearest relative). Cause I'm planning some halibut fishing for Friday. This can reconfigure my plans.
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    Bonita Survival Rate

    Thanks to everyone. It answered my question. They must need that fast moving water.
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    Bonita Survival Rate

    Hey Fellas, Why can mackerel survive all day in a bait tank, but all the bonita that I catch die quickly in the same tank? Is it exhaustion or water flow? Thanks
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    Two hours to get dinner

    Nice report. Is that a stone or sunken ship?
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    I love craigslist...

    Cuban or Asian?
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    The meth did run deep on some of those boats! That yellow boat had it dialed in pretty good though.
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    Offshore Skipjack inside the 14

    Nice! Yellowfin should be close by. Thanks for report.
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    Need 2 for this Friday/ Saturday bluefin trip

    Hey bud thanks for the post. What's the cost look like for this trip? Might be interested. Thanks
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    Friendsgiving at tourmaline 11-10-18

    Very kind of you:urno1:
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    Nice video. Thanks broda
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    So why don't we see more jet engines in the fleet boats? Better yet why don't we see those giant catamarans turned into fishing boats? Thanks for your input.
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    Good stuff guys. Guess fuel economy dictates everything. That Catalina Express is mighty fast though. What's their story? How can they afford the expense?
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    Wow! That's explains everything. Thanks
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    How people get "hooked" on sportfishing :)

    Belmont pier and the Barge. I blame them!
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    What's up fellas!? I have always wondered which boat is the fastest in San Diego and L.A. I know that speed isn't always the ticket, but figure that the more ground you cover the more fishing time you get in the right zones. What do you guys think? Please chime in.
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    Offshore Dorado on the wild in sac

    Looks like you love helping your customers and get a kick when they land a fish. Good job skipper.
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    Offshore Dorado on the wild in sac

    Next level fishing stuff right there, I tell you what!
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    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Prayers sent his way!
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    My baby brother comes from Ireland...homeguard LJ YT

    Top of the morning to ya laddie! Good job, and now we have a future California fishing patron.
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    9/23 Dana Point local

    Big bones there buddy. Good job.
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    Catalina Calicos on wild in sac 101

    "I'll give you a nickle" that's classic. Should have told him I'll let you play fortnite, and I'm sure he would have reeled like crazy. Lol.
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    What's Biting this Weekend?

    Much appreciated! Thinking the same thing. Plan is from nachos to the 14 to the slide to 277 and back. How's that sound? Thanks brotha.
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    Father/Son Bloody Decks and Catalina Yellows 9/6/18

    Man! Pops looks strong for 81. God Bless
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    What's Biting this Weekend?

    Thanks brotha
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    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Good stuff.
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    What's Biting this Weekend?

    Was it something I said?:(
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    What's Biting this Weekend?

    Going fishing Sunday with some buddies on a private boat. Should we fish the east side of Catalina channel (14 to 277) for paddies or west side by Lion's head? Info is greatly appreciated. Also, what's the wind report for that day, and what factor does it have on either of those spots? Thanks my...
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    Offshore Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Dude, do you have inside info that no one has? Cause you never go home empty handed. (In heavy accent) "Your boat looks Chiny!"
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    local yellow tail helmet

    At least you tried brotha. Better luck next time.
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    8/25-8/26 Yellowtail and Dorado

    Good stuff brotha! Channel near Long Beach or Clemente?
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    8/11 Butts... late report

    Nice! J hook or circle? Looks like you used the J. How do you fish that slider? Does the hook set itself and you just wind, or do you have to set it?
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    First mako for fabian

    Nice torpeko dude! It's a Male so all is good. Enjoy the steaks.
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    Offshore 8/9/18 The bluefin are biting outside SCI

    "Didn't fit into anything" Maybe dressed, but that's no fun back at the ramp. Good job guys.
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    Mackeral Huntington Harbor ?

    Usually hit nachos and chum with catfood or canned tuna. Good luck.
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    Off the bottom

    You are blessed in so many levels:notworthy
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    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    I see legs coming out of its mouth:eek:
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    Offshore 1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    One part happy one part jealous. Can't make up my mind, but either way congrats.
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    Shark Week- small mako jumping

    Who needs Tarpon in Florida righhhhht!? Lol. Good job.
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    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Awesome intel! Thanks brotha. Do you stay at Cat, cause 4 days of fishing gets pricey? Morning bites or noon bites? Thanks
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    Offshore JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Second picture looks like a shark breaking the surface at a quick glance. That's why I haven't spearfished. I see sharks everywhere. Lol
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    La Jolla 7/21/18

    Nice catch and cook post. Where's the video? Lol. I once caught a ginormous tree fish but threw it back cause it looked freaky. How do tree fish taste?
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    Offshore Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    Welcome to Crazy Cali Country! Glad you got into them, especially since you had your own boat.
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    20 differences between sex and fishing...

    #22 Tuna doesn't mind if you say it smells like tuna!
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    Threshers are here

    Gonna be tough for the smokers to light up with wind and spray:smoking33::deadhorse:(. Thanks for the report. Oh, what was the weight on the sherk?
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    Backside Cat 7/7

    BAM! That's how it's done brotha. Nice looking yellers.
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    Catalina Island - General Overview

    Good on you for sharing intel. The spear guys are killing it right now. Thanks again bud.
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    Trolling Idea

    :slap: LOL
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    Trolling Idea

    All I know is that the spear guys aren't having this conversation. >:( lol
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    Trolling Idea

    Don't forget to post your findings. Thanks brotha!
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    Offshore Bluefin are starting bite just in time for the 4th!

    Got my blood boiling! Awesome write up.
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    Trolling Idea

    Congrats on the report of the month Corey! God bless America.
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Just used mine on Friday and it was a life saver.
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    Trolling Idea

    Had to look it up And And
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    Trolling Idea

    Winner winner chicken dinner! A mini dredge. I love it. Collective intelligence at its finest:appl:
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    Trolling Idea

    I hear ya brotha.
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    Trolling Idea

    I wonder if the smaller lures would even handle the weight of the big gals. Thanks for the input.
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    Trolling Idea

    Yo Fellas, A lot of reports with bluefin having lock-jaw. Reports say that they are on the micro bait. Has anybody ever tried trolling a tiny colt sniper or mega bait style lure in the chovie pattern, maybe way back? It would be interesting to hear your results if you've done this. Thanks
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    Catilina is about to erupt.

    We fished it on Friday for a "no go". Our buddy hooked something with a good fight but it spit the hook. He thought it felt like a barrier. No bites after that.
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    6/29/18 at Cat

    Could have been. I know a lot of people catch leopard sharks too. I guess we'll never know. That's the lore of fishing.:cheers:
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    6/29/18 at Cat

    Still had green water in most areas.
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    6/29/18 at Cat

    Hello Fellas, Went out to Catalina on a friends invite. Left a little late around 6:30ish from HH. Picked umpsho skid from the carnage and started out at the Vs. No luck just one or two small calico. Made our way up north to just outside two harbors, and caught 1 calico and one small...
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    Triton 6/27/2018

    Triton getting it done!
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    Triton 6/27/2018

    Awesome report. West or east end? Kind of crazy getting broken off by Cuda on 20 lbs. Any bird action?
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    Suggestions for Catalina on Friday?

    Yeah, he's basically thinking of hitting the front by Lions Head and Eagle Reef. But options are good. Thanks brotha.
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    Suggestions for Catalina on Friday?

    Only if I had a boat. Lol Thanks for the invite though.
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    Suggestions for Catalina on Friday?

    Thanks brotha! Good options. Backside might be a good. Hopefully not too bumpy tomorrow.
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    Suggestions for Catalina on Friday?

    One last shot. Lol. Someone any one:Bawling_e
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    Suggestions for Catalina on Friday?

    What's up fellas, Got invited on a friends boat for a day at Catalina. What can we expect: conditions; fish, east vs west? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    looking for Halibut help

    Between the oil islands has been known to be good for big butts.
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    Thought I wast just going fishing...

    I love the traditional approach of getting the father's blessing. He's a keeper by all accounts. Congrats.
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    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    Sweet thanks for the info.
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    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    Nice report! I had a question about the fish being safe for poke. I hear that you're supposed to freeze them until they are solid then thaw it out. Is there something you do to prep your fish. Also, please share what the name of the sauces and other garnishes. Thanks
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    There's an app for that?

    Thanks looks good. Do you pay the subscription?The fish I.D. feature could help a great deal. Any tricks or tips you may have are welcomed.
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    There's an app for that?

    Hey fellas, Anybody use a fishing app that makes life easy for fish I.D. and mapping out mlpa zones or anything that improves your game. Looking for a free one for now. Thanks
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    Offshore Aluminum Chariot Strikes Again!! Nados 6/21

    Awesome work guys. What's the make and model of your boat and how does it handle out there?
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    6/15 Catalina

    That first picture where you're thanking God was epic. Lol. Nice model yellow to boot. I use and old torium 16 narrow and I like it for light iron. Thanks for posting.
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    Tuna Science 6-10 2018 report (video)

    I hope you're right Hardcore. Wahoo wishing fishing!
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    6-3-18 Long Beach Harbor

    Live reports are coooool!
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    Madrugador 6/2/18

    Looks like fun. Ocean fishing is full of surprises. How was the mantis?
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    Mystery fish making bait..

    Or albacore season!
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    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Anybody ever had canned sardines before? I did when I was a kid. Straight out of the can on a saltine cracker. Not too bad and they're supposed to be really healthy too. Your smoked dines look even better. I remember reading a post not too long ago on BD talking about flying fish being great...
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    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    Wow! Was this at PEI? Mega cow tunas for sure.
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    I am Back......

    I called Dave one time to see if he could help us catch some white seabass at cat. He was very honest and explain that the water was too hot already (beginning of the Godzilla el Nino) and that he wouldn't recommend it. I thought that was pretty cool of him not taking me for a ride. So on that...
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    Spank Bank Buggin

    Good info. Lobster rolls in your future, or present. Lol Good job.
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    1/15 Izors and long beach breakwall

    Can someone clarify that 2nd rod nor applying in the ocean please. Thanks for the report.
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    Not just in Dana Pt.

    Nice repping for the LBC. GOOD JOB!
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    Long Beach/Huntington beach conditions

    Went out once after a rain and will never do that again. Tree trunks, sofa, and all around junk in the harbor. Kind of scary really, so slow is the key.
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    Boy this looks like fun

    I know that they sale these sand dab ganglion, but I thought to use them they had to be the only set up on the boat and sand dabs the only fish on board. Any clarification on the take of no limit dabs? Thanks
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    Thanks for the report. You should make a video of how you set up and troll the bounce ball technique.
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    Long beach break wall 10/21/17

    Without the scopolamine patches lol.
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    11/1 San Onofre bonito

    Great report and good info. Those bones look "Youge" as trump would say it. Bones are the pitbulls of southern cal. I've never caught a bone close to 5 lbs, but I can imagine that it would be a very exciting battle. Good job and the kid is ruined for life (in a good way).
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    Big ole halibut!

    Sweet! Can we get a peek at the set up you hooked it with?
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    Solo Swordfish

    I concur. I haven't read any post here using the deep drop method. Big accomplishment and Elvis has left the building. I smell featured report on BD. Congrats
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    Offshore With Liberty and 302 limits for all...10/14-15

    You got me at your title. Congrats!
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    Offshore 10/6-10/8 weekend offshore trip and fallen angler

    Amen brotha. Always be good with your plans for eternity and love your family. My condolences to his family and hope he went doing what he enjoyed.
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    Offshore New Lo-An Oct. 1st

    The new lo-an is the hot boat lately -for those in the know. Good job.
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    Offshore dana point

    Nice biscuit. Your face looks like it's on fire! That reminds I need to buy some sunscreen
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    Offshore Dorado & yellowfin US waters 9/17

    Sweet deal! Those kids are customers for life.
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    Rough day in the LBC

    Nice write up and good job for trying. Went out in similar conditions in a 48 footer once thinking "how bad could it be, were so close to home." Got sick as a dog.
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    Offshore Pic Heavy Bluefin!!

    Now that is some real common core math. Real world application. Lol awesome
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    8/26 Same Day Long Beach YellowtaIL Report

    Great intel and great report!
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    Redondo Half Day 8-18

    Got through it with no pictures. Good write up too. Oddly satisfying.
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    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    This gives a hole new meaning to "Fishers of men." Just kidding. Glad you braved it and didn't just leave. Good job and your new username should be Hero1. Lol
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    Offshore SCI 8/12... 1 for 1

    Two men crew gets on the chew. Your son could have been crushed! lol Great job.
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    On the hunt

    Nice pic of the dodo in the water.
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    Can you explain I little more? Rony Kovach used to advertise something that sounded like that.
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    That's my M.O. Somtimes the swell is just too close together.
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    Worst Catalina Trip Yet

    Sounds like a good enough shakedown trip. Good job and the starboard corner of your stern is your best friend coming back.
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    The man, the legend, the local bluefin tuna killer! A man that needs no introduction. Mr. C. Thanks brotha, I need some of your knowledge and follow you around.
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    Hey thanks for the advice. Actually, I use to where the patch which had never failed me, but the older I get the more the side effects I feel from it. Lots of drowsiness and severe dry mouth. Dramamine slightly less. I had just made the switch to Bonine and it did me good for the local trips...
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    Was up brotha?! You're a highly skilled angler, and young one at that. Pleasure fishing with you. You gotta put us on some of those cows lol.
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    Offshore Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    What a year you're having. Definitely one for the books. Great report again. You are on fuego!
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    Sup fellas, just came back from my trip and what a blast it was. My best friend and his son (my Godson) decided to scratch our fishing itch and dip south for some hot fishing. Point Loma was the pick and the New Lo-An had a trip that fit our schedule. Open charter only had 18 anglers, which...
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    Offshore Cat and Avalon Bank

    Great info brotha. You sure like to dabble in fishing and spearing. You should really record how fish react when your boat approaches paddies and how they hone in on to the bait. That would be some high view/subscriber content. Good job.
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    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    Thanks guys, didn't know you could rent heavy gear.
  145. B

    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    Was up guys Looking to get a Bluefin set up for 80lbs. I'm not looking to break the bank on this purchase as I'm not gonna really target Bluefin much. Going on a 1.5 day trip on the 31st of July (New Lo-an) and need something in case we run into the big boys. Only "real" trip that I will do for...
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    300+lb Bluefin Landed

  147. B

    Offshore Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    :shake: I hope they meet quotas quickly, I for one respectfully side step this issue as it tends to get a lot of :deadhorse. Lol.
  148. B

    Offshore Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    Solid effort as well, hopefully they will play in our backyard soon enough. I don't get it. Our water has been hotter than Ensenada water, you would think those dodos would at least be in San Diego by now. Maybe the water is too green.
  149. B

    Offshore Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    Monday the 24th: Hit the 209, 181, 289, and 277 for no fish. Beautiful condtions and lots of life. Plenty of patties between 209 and the 181. Unfortunately they were all empty. Water was almost 75 degrees at one point and a little green. We had good marks at the 209 under the birds. We tried...
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    Komodo 400 size with what rod for Iron?

    Thanks brotha. I've been hearing a lot of the cuatro for a while now.
  151. B

    Komodo 400 size with what rod for Iron?

    What's up fellas, gonna be getting a Komodo in the 400 size, maybe the 471. I'm thinking that it's gonna be my new light surface iron set up. What do you guys think, paddle handles or power handle? I'm also thinking of pairing it up with some of Okuma's. Either the SCTi-c-861XH (20-40lbs.) or...
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    Bass Fishing Newport

    That was rich. And the bass not too bad.
  153. B

    50 lb Halibuts on Video • Santa Rosa Island

    Great quality shots and editing. Thanks
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    Need Bait: Carnage Boat at Catalina?

    Thanks boss. any boat will do.
  155. B

    Need Bait: Carnage Boat at Catalina?

    Waz up fellas, gonna be going out tonight or Monday morning to Cat and need to know if there are any bait boats out there. Could you give me some intel on how to reach them today via phone to see if they have any squid. Also do you think we can make squid tonight? Thanks
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    Coronado Islands 7-12-17

    Unique cuisine there brotha. Care to share the recipe? good Job.
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    Offshore Great BFT bite yesterday 7-14

    Nice! You were in some kind of ZONE!
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    Bassin, bait and more bait #2015 Offshore Fishing Video

    Thank God you made it back! Man, good write up on that harrowing experience. Felt the wind on my face. Thanks for sharing. Remember hearing about some fellas that flipped over in a 16ft aluminum about a year or two ago near Long Beach. That's been stoping me from looking into an aluminum boat...
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    Bassin, bait and more bait #2015 Offshore Fishing Video

    Sweet! A side from the big fish, any bad experience in that tinny?
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    Offshore Sat 6/24

    Dude! It's Tim Tebow. :D
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    Offshore 2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    In the immortalized words of Joe Dirt, "Daaaang!" Good job.
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    Izors - 6/17

    Sweet report. Haven't had a sandy in a while. How are they compared to calicos?
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    June 15 Coronados

    All that from one fish!? Man thanks for the report. That poke and Grilled bonita looks awesome. Time to hunt GBT (giant bonita Tuna).
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    Offshore June 13- 14 @ 14 mile bank

    Spotting them so close to L.A. is a win in my book. At least you had a shot at them. I was about 10 miles inland at work, so yeah you had a good day. Thanks for the report.
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    SMB - Needed Food & Bass Reports

    That red with the bright neon background looks unreal. thanks for the report.
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    Offshore Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    Sick! Straight Wicked tuna it'll ruin ya!
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    Offshore June 5th 3/4 Day Report - San Diego

    Nice! And 3/4 with light load plus tuna to top it off? You my friend, started the week off on the right side of the bed or bunk. Peace!
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    Offshore Dana point fish report

    Thanks for the report. Can I ask you, is your boat aluminum? I've seen some great deals on them but never really put much thought into them. They must do great on gas. Anything you'd like to share on it? Also, sorry for that line break-heart break. The unknown fish might take some nights...
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    San Clemente 6/4/17

    Yo Andrew nice to see you post a report. Been on your charters before and your're a stand up dude. Glad you got into them and that boat on youtube looks sick!
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    Late report for Wednesday 5-31-17, Horse shoe

    This is what fishing the shoe must have been like when the kelp was still around. Great job.
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    Offshore June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    I love our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
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    Thresher Tagging Video

    Like the commentary.
  173. B

    Offshore Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    :appl::git:sweet video.
  174. B

    Offshore 9 mile 5/26/17

    Nice yeller. That's the second ray of the year on this forum -gonna be a good year.
  175. B


    Hey nice report. Nice sarape, a throwback to Clint Eastwood "the good the bad and the ugly"
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    Long Beach Report

    Good job Captain Dan!
  177. B

    Bassing PV and the Shoe 5-1 Plus Review of Shimano Tranx 300HG

    Great report. Question, thoughts on tranx vs lexa?
  178. B

    Offshore Fun day of fishing on the Malihini yesterday

    Bonita are no joke especially when they're that big. Nice pics, nice report, nice momma, nice, nice, nice......etc.
  179. B

    Offshore Catalina Berracuda

    No need for either type of boat captain to resort to drastic measures. A simple call on vhf with proper etiquette could resolve many issues without the iron slinging and flying expletives. Thanks for the report.
  180. B

    San Vicente

    Nice. You guys are always getting it done. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  181. B


    Wow! Dragging that many fish, or loaded on boat, either way gives me the Heebie-jeebies. The tiger taxman just waiting for the taking. Well don't let my fear of sharks dampen your success. Good hunting, congrats and big ups! Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  182. B

    Local Long Beach Saturday, SBI Monday Report

    Yay! The last one was very informative. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  183. B

    4/15 Bay Session

    Zack! Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  184. B

    Local Long Beach Saturday, SBI Monday Report

    Hey even the greats realize that it is after all fishing. Nothing guaranteed, but at least you diversify your fishing. I just end up grumpy and sun burned lol. Bu the way is your upcoming webinar free? I registered for the upcoming one but never really thought if it was free or not? Anyways...
  185. B

    Took some color from La Jolla

    Drooling. Good job. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  186. B

    Wife saves the day. 4/13

    True Romeo. Lol Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  187. B

    Offshore San Diego Offshore 4/11 report

    A few shorties won't hurt here and there. If you can get enough for a meal it's a win. Thanks for the report. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  188. B

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    They still do at seal beach on warmer years. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  189. B

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    [emoji38] [emoji122] Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  190. B

    Offshore Looking for some action

    San Diego long range forum. Its the third or fourth topic about "boat walk through". Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  191. B

    Offshore Looking for some action

    They just posted some videos on the different long range boats in that forum if you plan for multiday trips. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  192. B

    Offshore 4/10 San Diego 3/4

    Yikes! 3/4 to boot. Good job and thanks for same day post. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  193. B

    Long Beach local rockfish and sheephead Sunday 4/9

    Good job by the way. Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  194. B

    Long Beach local rockfish and sheephead Sunday 4/9

    Do you think that a reaction bait set up like slow pitch jigging can trick full bellies into biting? Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  195. B

    San V / Sessions

    Sweet! Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  196. B

    Fun with my son!

    Cool! Now you have leverage on what you want done at school and around the home lol.
  197. B

    Lexa 400 HD 8:1 With Shimano Teremar TMC-86MH rated 20-50lb

    How much for the reel only? Sent from my SCH-I605 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  198. B

    Long Beach Reds

    Nice adjustment. Can't always stick to the plan. Good job.
  199. B

    Offshore Intrepid 16 day

    Awesome pic. What's the weight? I say 230ish.
  200. B

    Offshore Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29

    Man I had to triple check the date just to make sure it wasn't a false hope report. Good job brotha.
  201. B

    Outrider 3/19/17

    Nice report. That copper looks like some nice fish tacos. Good size on him.
  202. B

    Back in the Saddle Again - Catalina Seabass - 3/18

    I forgot to ask, what happened to the blue shirt:confused:LOL
  203. B

    Back in the Saddle Again - Catalina Seabass - 3/18

    Wow, that first one is tanker status. Is this the first seabass report from Southern cal for 2017? Good on you brotha.
  204. B

    Biggest Bluefin of Last Year (for us)

    I smell a show a brewing.
  205. B

    TBird to San Clemente 3/11/17

    Nice haul. Lincod look fat!
  206. B

    Offshore 1st Offshore Fishing Trip

    "We are moving, we are moving!" Clap clap clap. Funny stuff. Welcome and now you are hooked for life. This passion is a thorn on the side that will be hard to shake.
  207. B

    Newport Beach local fishing 3/9

    You're making me hungry. Nice report.
  208. B

    Newport Beach local fishing 3/9

    I feel your pain/anxiety. Lol
  209. B

    Long Beach Fishing Report 03/08

    At-a-boy Dan! A tiara for the tigres and tiger stick king.8-)
  210. B

    Offshore Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    Phew! What a story. A little late, but it went down like aged scotch -better with time.
  211. B

    Almost Paradise – but colder! Catalina hooping report 01/16 and 01/17

    Thanks for the report. Those gremlins are reason I haven't bought a boat. I've already fed them some chicken after midnight and it wasn't pretty. -ex boat owner.
  212. B

    Santa Monica Bay - Lingcod Report - 12/12/16

    Haven't seen one like that in a while in southern California. killer day. good job fellas.
  213. B

    WTB Grundens Bibs

    What's up fellas? Anybody have a pair of bibs that aren't ripped? I'm 5' 7", yes don't laugh, and don't know if I need a medium or large. I'm in Downey so if anybody lives within 20 to 30 mins and wants to sell their bibs, let me know. Peace!!!
  214. B

    10/29 LJ Better Luck than Good

    Epic catch. Devine intervention indeed! That catch is the stuff cartoons are made of.
  215. B

    Offshore SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    With the amount of drama in this fun read, I'm pretty sure this was an "on the water report" and thus makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing.
  216. B

    Offshore Choppy out but the fish are biting!

    That looks like a leaping mullet in that picture. Nice pics and what a Mama!
  217. B

    for local la/long beach guys

    Thanks. Not many reports from the green buoy this year. At least the Cuda are showing up.
  218. B

    SD 10/1

    First! And I liked your commentary. Sweet Okuma setup. Are you sponsored or you're just a fan?
  219. B

    Offshore New Lo-An 10/01 First Class Operation

    Where do I sign up? talk about repeat business.
  220. B

    Offshore 9/19-9/20/16, DP to 209,312,181,182,43, corner, 289, avalon bank, to HH

    Thanks for the report, but don't forget about the consolation rock fish to take the skunk off. Bonito also bring some sort satisfaction on the light string. Peace out brotha!
  221. B

    Catalina Quality Yellows 9/18 Report With The Wife

    Great report! Great details and pics. You are truly Blessed.
  222. B

    San Diego 9/17

    Nice video. Thumbs up.
  223. B

    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    I've heard that seal lions prefer to chase the live fish versus dead. Any experience with this?
  224. B

    Eva Gives Up Another YT- 9-10

    Sweet deal. Good job.
  225. B

    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    And they were hungry!
  226. B

    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    I like your attitude. Can't catch if you don't fish, right? Nevertheless, conditions are a bit different from last year. Water is dirtier and no way have we seen a legit report of wahoo or marlin near the platforms.
  227. B

    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    Couple past reports from Huntington oil platforms and some from PV have caught Yellowtails. We still have this month to hope for the best before "La Niña" makes a strong move. Doesn't hurt to give it a go.
  228. B

    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    Went out with a buddy and slow trolled for a few hours. Plenty of fat mackerel and average sized bonito to go around. Had two strong knock downs. The first one didn't stick for too long, don't know what it could have been. Then my buddy gets a great strike that fights like a yellowtail. About...
  229. B

    Offshore SCI Friday

    Congrats. Would love to hear what it weighed.
  230. B

    East end yellows

    What the Furikake is Furikake?
  231. B

    East end yellows

    Recipe please.
  232. B

    EL Morro signs of life

    Never mind, you ment crystal cove. sorry
  233. B

    EL Morro signs of life

    Puerto Vallarta?
  234. B

    Offshore Make A Wish Fish

    140lbs? Yeah, I'll go with that. Nice fish.
  235. B

    Offshore Finally broke through...

    Bravo:appl: Good show mate!
  236. B

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    I've met him in person and he's a cool dude. Ran into him at sav-on tackle, his swap meet, and Disneyland. Always has time for a picture and quick conversation on fishing. Thanks for your comment, goes to show that BD guys have a heart And plenty of logic:appl:.
  237. B

    Offshore Big dorado and small yft.

    Way to get that bull by the horns!
  238. B

    Offshore Thank god for blind strikes

    Best alarm clock idea! In addition it would shout off the top of its lungs the type of fish is hooked, a species range of at least 20 game fish. Oh, nice blue on the troll by the way.
  239. B

    7/21 Catalina, late report

    What did he want 1 live bait for? He wanted a pet? Probably name it Wilson and keep it in a Styrofoam cup. Poor fella.
  240. B

    Looks like Billy's at it again!

    Billy "Vudu" Vu enchants the fish right into the boat. No gear needed, but of course he doesn't want to make us feel bad.
  241. B

    Offshore Pacific Queen, 8/9

    I remember that episode. I was like man that captain must be fuming. It was somewhere near corona del mar or crystal cove. As a younger fisherman I didn't see the problem with sharing gps spots from sport boats, not that I ever did. But as i have grown older and see a very competitive fishing...
  242. B

    Offshore Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    Awesome to see your report. You normally kill them, and didn't disappoint. Congrats.
  243. B

    WTB: Tuff Boots

    Thanks for the response and offer. Thinking that they may be a bit to big.
  244. B

    WTB: Tuff Boots

    Thanks brotha appreciate the info.
  245. B

    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    Do you know if the Tbird has fish hold with refrigeration?
  246. B

    WTB: Tuff Boots

    Was up gentlemen, need a pair of boots for a trip and just to have handy. I would like the Boot condition to be in from good to great conditons and with no bad odor lol. Question is that I'm a 9 1/2 in nike shoes so don't know if the boots run big or just right? Would I need a 10 or 9...
  247. B

    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    Thanks guys. It seems that anything can happen on this trip. Gonna extra just in case.
  248. B

    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    To fishstomp: And scream Godchila! Cotchila! thanks brotha
  249. B

    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    Was up fellas, going on an overnighter on the Thunderbird to SCI. Any insight as to what to expect or what gear I should take on the trip. Haven't gone overnight in a while so I'm a bit rusty. Will I need more emphasis on live bait setups, flatfalls or surface irons. open to ideas anything that...
  250. B

    Need help on Phenix Abyss rod choice!!!!

    Hey guys, gonna pull the trigger on a Phenix rod as a true Jig rod for surface iron :jig:. Would like to fish 30 or 40 pound line on it. I'm getting a good price on the Phenix line so please just your insight on Phenix Abyss rods. I've narrowed it down to these two selections. PSX-908 9'0" 15...
  251. B

    Offshore Bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, yellowtail. (Pic heavy)

    Points for the hot Cheetos in the Poke:-) Gonna have to try that.
  252. B

    Overnighter recommendations

    What's up fellas? I'm trying to plan a last minute overnight out of dana or newport for Sunday night, any recommendations? All ideas welcomed. I'd like to get into some yellowtail or tuna. Preferably a boat that will take few passengers. Thanks.
  253. B

    Cuda on the Shoe 7-21-16

    That's making lemonade my friend. Good job papa.
  254. B

    Offshore BFT EVERYWHERE 7/13

    Jolly good show mate!
  255. B

    Red Accurate - Daiwa - UC - Pro Gear

    Big Bump and shout out to CanIgofishing!. Cool person and transaction went seamless. Got the salties 20 two speed!
  256. B

    Offshore Pig Bluefin ToadsToadsonly style

    Great catch! Good crew as well.
  257. B


  258. B

    Offshore Triple Digit Bluefin Sunday 7/3 289 Area

    Dude you nailed that spread. Please run through the menu. My wife says I can go fishing if I provide a dinner like that.:appl:
  259. B

    Estero Kayak Challenge Fishing Tournament - Fisheye Channel

    That Red looked like a pig! Nice editing and tourney looked like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing.
  260. B

    Offshore 4th of July -- Dana Point dorado

    Props for the improptu.:git:
  261. B

    Offshore San Diego June 2016 (West Coast Style)

    The season has officially begun!
  262. B

    Oside report 7/1/2016

    Sweet deal. I like the forky participants.
  263. B

    Flying Fish at Belmont Shores?!

    True that. Bring back some balance to the ecosystem. Not that the sharks are a surprise close to shore , but in Belmont Shores? I know threshers are common in the harbor but was surpised that GWs would even tolerate the traffic.
  264. B

    Flying Fish at Belmont Shores?!

    What's up guys, don't know if this is the best place for this report, I thought this might pique your interest. Went fishing in Belmont Shores on the Veterans Pier and about 1/3 of the way in a little flying fished jumped out of the water and glided about 20 feet. Now, I've fished around this...
  265. B

    Offshore Trophies only 6/8

    Looked around on the web, and that looks like an amberjack. Same bulgy head, coloration, and shoulders. I'm no expert by any means, but you could of told me your were in mexico or florida, and i'd believe you. Definitely an exceptional day. Good job!
  266. B

    Offshore Manic BFT Monday

    Dude, I wanna hear how those Bonita fought! Crazy size. Congrats on your quary
  267. B

    Newport/HB Hard Bottom 2.13

    Short and sweet
  268. B

    Rpt.-02-10-16 Great Bass'n + A Cambria Wine Country Story!

    Winner winner chicken dinner great report. I remember my visit to the castle, thanks for sharing.
  269. B

    Hooping Long Beach harbor Lobster 1-16-16

    That thing is Lobzilla! How many small villages did it destroy. Thanks h for the pick. Did you use the lay flat hoop on the background?
  270. B

    Offshore YFT in DEC...

    Wow fast pace report. Almost fell off my seat. Love the info. "We wish you a tuna Christmas and a happy new Year!"
  271. B

    Offshore Yellowfin at Avalon Bank 11/29

    Awesome report. Can't catch if you don't huntShare Gif:
  272. B

    LA area report Izors, rigs, 150. 28NOV15

    Sea lion repellent "paintball gun or wrist rocket!" Just don't hit the eyes. Haven't done it yet, but itching to try it.
  273. B

    Offshore 23NOV15 YFT

    The wahoo man turned tuna man. Thanks for report. You can hear the sincerity and honesty behind them words. Blessing it truly is. Tight lines and Happy Thanksgiving.
  274. B

    Marlin at Newport Pier today

    Amazing! Looks like a Cabo pic. lucky you.
  275. B

    Inshore or offshore this Sunday?

    Hearing that in the channel close to the 209 is getting some tuna. Have you heard of anything closer to Long Beach? Thanks
  276. B

    Inshore or offshore this Sunday?

    What's up fellas? Need some advice. Going out on a buddies boat this Sunday the 22nd, out of Long Beach, and with the rapid cool off we don't know whether or not to go catalina for tuna if they show up or stay inshore. Any info of what to expect or what to fish for in either area would be...
  277. B

    2015 Recap Video and Thanksgiving

    Man, those are some lucky kids. You adopting? Good job Pops!
  278. B


    Did I catch any Opah this season? .........Nopah!
  279. B

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    Congrats to all from an ANGRY ANGLER! Use deductive reasoning. I'm better now.
  280. B

    Offshore 10-30 view from the rigs

    I think you can get a sweet little website going from them rigs. Daily temps, on the water pics of traffic, fish sightings. Hey, let me know, I might want to invest in that. Cool shots by the way.
  281. B


    Hopa dopa time to catch some opah!
  282. B

    Kids Catch Their Very First Fish at Legg Lake

    Good job Dan. You're a stand-up guy.
  283. B

    Offshore WAHOO on the Triton!!!!!!!!! 10/23

    Thanks for the info. Mid chanel too, awesome closer.
  284. B

    Offshore WAHOO on the Triton!!!!!!!!! 10/23

    Nice video! Around what time did it hit the lure?
  285. B

    Sat 10-17 Pt Loma Fishing Report

    X3 on the Black Skipjack
  286. B

    Kill, bleed, ice, repeat. Skippies at the rigs

    Good observation. Didn't even know there was another skippy around. Are these the ones they catch in Hawaii?
  287. B

    Offshore Double Wahoo Long Beach

    How far back were your jigs?
  288. B

    Epic Day - Bull Dorado and Wahoo off the Rigs! 10/17/15

    My goodness that is awesome. It's like a dream that us anglers don't want to wake up from. Good job and viva el nino!
  289. B

    Offshore 2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    Too cool! Season isn't over. Make it a circuit tournament. One at dana and one in long beach.
  290. B

    Offshore Great day with double the excitement!! Hoo + black

    Stoked for you. You've had a great season.
  291. B

    Skipjack Question

    Heard they make fantastic poke. Good luck.
  292. B

    Offshore 2 Hoo Day 10/16

    Solid fish. Good job. Did you guys catch both wahoos by boxing the area?
  293. B

    Long Beach HOOOOOOO!!!!

    Love it! Going crazy here!
  294. B

    Long Beach Long & Skinny

    Nice. Fished Sunday and trolled that area for nothing. glad you got one. Was that north or south of the oil rigs?
  295. B

    Offshore Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    SWeet! good jobs gents. What part of the island east or west?
  296. B

    Offshore No Love At The So. 9; Sat 10-10

    Looks like you found the mother of all paddys. Nice try anyways. Good luck next time.
  297. B

    Has any one looked on FishDope?

    Nice. Learning more and more.
  298. B

    Has any one looked on FishDope?

    Sst temps can very greatly as it could be a measure on the very top layer of the water maybe 1 or two feet. Those temps dissipate quickly drop in a day or two. That's what I've heard, but who knows? Couple of Whoos and marlin taken in that area.
  299. B

    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Awesome day. What was your speed? Those pics are sick!
  300. B

    Offshore YT Oside 10/3

    For a second there did you think you had a wahoo? Bet that got your blood pumping. Nice catch!
  301. B

    Calico Bass Fishing & Rescue - VIDEO

    LOL! Sorry, glad you are ok, but that dive in slow motion looks something out of "Paul Blart, Mall Cop". Again, this should have a huge response like your last video. Good job on the save -You definitely have more courage than me.
  302. B

    Offshore Solo Wahoo 10/3/15

    Excellent report! What was the temp in that area?
  303. B

    Fish report 14 mile/209/Shoe 10-3-15

    Cat food is super effective. Thanks for report. Seems to be slowing down alot.
  304. B

    Offshore Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Sweet vid. You guys looked like you were having fun and loving every moment of it on video -cue the close up. How did the lures swim at that speed? Did they sink or stay on the surface? I have never trolled the bonitas before.
  305. B

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Kind of like prison rules. Shank the shark, lol.
  306. B

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Did that thing jump? That would be scary. What's up with all the holes on the shark?
  307. B

    Offshore Wahoo Report 9-26

    Watch a video on YouTube where a fisherman catches and dances opa ganam style throughout the video. Somewhere in Florida. He then explains that the parasites in the wahoos belly actually has a part in the digestion which helps the wahoo. Don't know how much of that is true but if it's on...
  308. B

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    Wow! Dude you got to give the specs on bait and setup. That is crazy!
  309. B

    Offshore WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    awesome! That rod setup looks like fun. You gotta post pics of the YFT on 2lb. test. Congrats.
  310. B

    Offshore Mcgyver strikes again, WAHOO!

    You da man! My guess is 50-60 lbs.
  311. B

    Big blue!!!

  312. B

    Elephant Rock- first White Seabass and a potential world record Starry Flounder

    Sick! That flounder looks like a reptile from jurassic park.
  313. B

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Wahooooooo! Fish of a life time. congrats.:appl:
  314. B

    9/18 7 miles out of DP

    Nice haul! How does that tail bleeding work out for you?
  315. B

    Offshore 9/18 Wide open 302

    That last picture looks like an angry dodo. Nice job.
  316. B


    "Skipjack signals end of season." Please say it ain't so! I haven't even really gotten my sea legs.
  317. B

    Helena Wahoo 9/17?

    How far out were they fishing? That is killer, and an extra one to boot!
  318. B

    091215 Blanked Again - Still Rewarded

    Nice video. Better luck next time. What was that fin out off of the water, marlin or shark?
  319. B

    WTB: Affordable Trolling set up

    Thanks for all the replies. Sorry I didn't reply sooner-very busy. Ended up getting a good deal from Mike Garrahan. Very pleased with the rod and penn 114H. Mike you are a great guy to deal with. Thanks and hope you keep me in mind when you decide to clear some your old favorites. For the rest...
  320. B

    Never expected this...haha

    Awesome job. Smoked marlin tacos are the business right now!
  321. B

    Catalina West End

    Tough fishing. But I bet the moral was high, just waiting for the screaming sound of the real. Better luck next time.
  322. B

    WTB: Affordable Trolling set up

    Didn't really think of the worst case scenario. I guess a set up over 40 would probably be better, as a just in caser. Thanks for the replies and I'd like to see some pics if you happen to have then handy. Thanks.
  323. B

    WTB: Affordable Trolling set up

    Was up fellow BDrs. Trying to start on the trolling game this season, but also trying to start on the cheaper side as to see if that's what i really want to invest in. Looking for a complete setup (rod and reel) or anything your are willing to sale. I have a shimano TLD20 single speed loaded...
  324. B

    Offshore Dana Point Yellowfin Tuna Report 9/4 (Video)

    grease like conditions. nice bounty.
  325. B

    Offshore La Jolla Canyun WFO - 9/4/15 - YFT, Dodo, marlin (blue???)

    That thing looks HUGE! Something straight out of a movie:eek:
  326. B

    Offshore YFT

    NO HOMO! but its dreamy in a fisherman kind of way.LOL
  327. B

    Squidco Front Page!

    Whoa whoa whoa ! Love it.
  328. B

    Does "trip planning" include help with actually catching fish?

    Murphy's law. But ay least you caught something.
  329. B

    Tuna Fever!

    When's the release?
  330. B

    Yellowtail Fishing Report For Long Beach

    Saw your Tito ortiz interview. Pretty cool if you did a show together.
  331. B

    Incredible edit - Get Pumped

    Would like to see more pictures on that pig yellow!
  332. B

    Swimbaits for Tuna

    I remember the deckhands on sporties used to cast out purple or gray/blue on the slide. That meant that they casted out after a troll hit. This was years ago and the life of swimbait was short. Nowadays there are some longer lasting materials that can take a beating.
  333. B

    Fishing in a barrel. It's called the 105. LBC

    Slow troll is the ticket! Good job bro. Killen it!
  334. B

    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    My condolences to you and your family. Don't mean to jack thread, but I hope that we fishermen who really appreciate God's creation can be in good terms with the man upstairs. This life is like a roller coaster. It has high points, dips, and spirals that bring a world of joy and hurt. Although...
  335. B

    Loss of a brother - Jason R. Doerr

    RIP. May God help the family get through this great loss and Red Beard in his midts.
  336. B

    Shark fishing near long beach?

    Good video on YouTube about this inside the breakwall.
  337. B

    Shark fishing near long beach?

    Find bait ball on meter and drop down a mack.
  338. B

    Offshore RPT...8/13 277/Mackerel Bank

    What line size were you guys killing them with? Good job by the way. You gotcha some eating to do.
  339. B

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Way to go on your CC (California Cow)! Happy cows come from California:D
  340. B

    Offshore Sunday 8/2

    Sweet deal. You should add that video anyways, you were in the right zone so you can take some credit, right?:D
  341. B

    Late Report for July 27th through 30th from Alamitos Bay

    Thanks for the report Mr. Lemony Snickets, lol. Wonder why your line snapped so much? Were the drags set right? Were they monster yellows/tuna? Something doesn't sound right with that much open water for the yellowtails to do that. Very interestingo_O
  342. B

    Offshore Tuna Shut Down Good Dorado Bite - 8/1

    Tuna, the new Bonita. Lol nice job. You are having quite the season.
  343. B

    Offshore Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    Man, your camera work looks cool. That go Pro almost looks 3D. Little Wicked Tunies. lol. Good job.
  344. B

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey 2 1/2 day. 7/28-7/31

    nice report. Waz up with the zip ties on the fish? Sorry for the ignorance but I haven't been on a cattle boat in a while
  345. B


    :eek:Whoa! Wowie wow wowow! Congrats gents, don't forget to invite for the Sashimi party. 8-)
  346. B

    Not Mine, Looks decent for the price

    Looks like frankenboat. Lol!
  347. B

    Offshore Sauerfish YT and Dodo limits.... And a Whale Shark...???

    Did that shark bring it's own tropical fish? Nice pic and epic, truly epic session you had there buddy.
  348. B

    Tails are back near the 150

    making me hungry. Nice!
  349. B

    Tails are back near the 150

    Great job on the tails, good size too. How do you eat your cuda? About that tuna head: Does tuna also have a meaty collar? Could have been a lot of wasted meat. Looks like its a warning from some fish mobsters.
  350. B

    Big San Pedro Mahi - 7/26

    Heard of yellowtail tuna, but a Dorado wahoo is a first for me. Maybe a dorahoo? Either way great picture, love the circus tent stripes on that thing. You are the man. So now you need to close the year with a marlin at the 150. Good job.
  351. B

    7/25 Catalina Yellows and Dorado

    Great day and even better menu. Good job!
  352. B

    Phenix Rods, which setups for this our Great Season?

    Thanks botha, appreciate the input.
  353. B

    Phenix Rods, which setups for this our Great Season?

    Thanks for your input.
  354. B

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Awesome job an well written! So what's the next goal 12 pounder, marlin, tuna? Lol, either way God bless.
  355. B

    Phenix Rods, which setups for this our Great Season?

    Tired of being an antique! Gonna invest some money to finally get some quality rods. Been hearing a lot on the Phenix line, so that's my choice for now. I've never fished one, but have held them and they are light. Thinking about getting 3 to 4 setups (jig stick, heavy gear, and live bait). The...
  356. B


    $140.00 for all?
  357. B

    Diawa Grandwave 40shv

    What size line does it have on?
  358. B

    Nice Bluefin

    Brave man. I don't like the dark too much on a boat. Thank God he was safe on his solo trip. What gear was he using?
  359. B

    Friday from moorpark to dana point killed it

    Nice! Question, is it better to gut fish out at sea or gut them back at the dock? Always wondered about that. Good job.
  360. B


    Angler: "go get get go go go!" :eek2: Captain: "go where?" angler: ":cussing:get away from the fish!" Captain : ":rofl:" angler: " we lost him barf" Classic! this had me rolling for a while. Glad you guys were safe, but if fear was ever personified, you my friend take the...
  361. B

    Offshore Tuna Bloody Tuna 7-17 ( video )

    Good question. Maybe just feels better to go old school and jam the hook in?
  362. B

    Offshore Tuna Bloody Tuna 7-17 ( video )

    Great videos. What did the pig bluefin come on 40 or 60#?
  363. B

    SOLD--Makaira rod-Used MK-C-801H REDUCED

    Let me know if the sale doesn't go through. Would like to take a look at it.
  364. B

    Offshore Friday bluefin report

    You got a pretty cool job sir. Good job.
  365. B

    Fs or trade calstar 870-CGW 15-40lb

    What price are you willing to let it go?
  366. B

    Drone footage of BFT 1-2 miles off Crystal Cove

    I think that is a great idea for a spotter plain within the vicinity of your boat. How far can that thing fly? By the way, that looked killer.
  367. B

    Saturday skunk, a lesson learned, and fish id (new image)

    Died quickly? Maybe exhaustion? That happened to me as well. I put them in the tank a they quickly died, but never really put much thought as to why.
  368. B

    7/12 North and West of the 270

    Are you out on your livingston!?
  369. B

    Offshore Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail ( Video )

    I smell guide service in your near future. Great stuff! Thanks for your vids.
  370. B

    7/12 North and West of the 270

    Tough. sorry for your luck but at least you gave it a go. Long run, hope you didn't waste too much gas.
  371. B

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    Best part besides the 15lb line is the family part. Great job and it's true, you have made many people envious.
  372. B

    07/08/2015 CATALINA MASSACRE

    How do you like your metalloid reel? Nice session.
  373. B

    I sucked last week please help!!

    Might want to invest on fishdope or get the service of a guide. They can help set your boat over structure properly and take you to productive spots. They can even plan a route for you to fish close to your launch destination. I'm planning on doing that, not catching gets old quick.
  374. B

    How not to catch Halibut

    Oh, know I get it. Thanks for clarification.
  375. B

    How not to catch Halibut

    Nice vid. What's that thing over the bait? A floaty?
  376. B

    For Sale: Custom Calstar Grafighter 850M and Accurate 270

    Pics and what deal can you make for both?
  377. B

    Sharks n Hali n BSB oh my!

    I take it back, first one could be a white shark.
  378. B

    Sharks n Hali n BSB oh my!

    Not an expert but the tails kind of look like mako to me.
  379. B

    Monday at the 150

    that my friend is called winning:appl: My buddy and I have broke even twice and that was feat all in itself. Show your boat time.
  380. B

    Monday at the 150

    Seven tries! You must love going through the whole two best days of a boat owner's life proverb. Good job on the yellow. P.s. I wish I had that problem.
  381. B

    Friday/sat 26/27

    nice fish!
  382. B

    Friday/sat 26/27

    WE gotta see the bonito, those are hard to find pics of when they're that heavy.
  383. B

    Offshore A day to remember! Hat trick.

    You should rename your team to Team Catchinum. Awesome Report. Some guys have all the luck:(
  384. B

    Offshore A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Rusty Harpoon! It's all the rage in Japan. LoL
  385. B

    DP 6/28

    Look at the cutie woodie litoe twesha. Nice catch and release.
  386. B

    newport bay halibut drift tips?

    Brains I smell braaaaaains!
  387. B


    No, your cutting board is also cool as in I like it. Lol!
  388. B

    Sunday snap off....

    Marlin maybe? Just a stretch but previous report had one.
  389. B


    Awsome work and your cutting board is cool too.
  390. B


    Not good at phenix rods, but which one would be your all around rod for jig and live bait fishing? And what reel would you pair it up with (something in the lower to mid range)?
  391. B

    Accurate 270

    $150 and I'll go pick it up, Lol. No, but seriously, I can pick it up Friday.
  392. B

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    on a dacron hand line, while wearing cut of jean shorts, crocs, and wearing Musk for Men. oh, shirt optional:gay:
  393. B

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    The phone is your friend, cause everybody has their side of the story. Cameras can drastically change that. Good job on the feesh!
  394. B

    Did it again on the Machete!

    Please elaborate on your fishing setup. Great job by the way>:( (begrudgingly, snarl, enviously).
  395. B

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    I grew up watching Dan Hernandez. Met him at sav on tackle and he was real cool. Thanks for the show and good job on the hamachi.
  396. B

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  397. B

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Getting ready for when Great White Shark are off the endangered species list.
  398. B

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    When a fisherman really needs a reminder to plan a fishing trip when the in laws are coming, he doesn't use a string on the finger.
  399. B

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits TIME! to catch some fish. In this corner hailing out of HB, he is a combatant with with fire on his shorts and yellowtail in his eyes. He is the Huntington Beach bad boy Tito Ortiz! In the opposite corner, a denizen of the deep, a true brawler in its own...
  400. B

    Long Beach Yellows 5/23

    "Was on my way to work when I ran into some yellowtail." What a great road you travel. I usually run into potholes on my way to work. Good job.
  401. B

    5-10 BIG BUT

    To trap hook or not to trap, that is the question. Details on the bait set up please. Good job, oh, now you can add a halibut plate to the post mother's day celebration.
  402. B


    Time for the Poncho to make a come back.
  403. B

    Tip of the month

    One of each. Why not? If the this year is to be the one of all ages, then...
  404. B

    Marlin at SCI

    That's an arabic marllililililin! MARLIN jihad. E="keenfish, post: 3712358, member: 608"]My nephew caught this Blue Marlin in a pond outside Baghdad while fishing for Grass Carp Back in 2008. True story....
  405. B

    heavy metal

    How long was the fight?
  406. B

    Today's weather / water conditions?

    Better suggestion, bd should have a live radio stream from channel 64 to here whats happening on the water with at least a few members addressing weather and fishing conditions. this would be an ideal on the minute update from different regions.
  407. B

    SMB Water Temp...

    release the Kraken!
  408. B

    Long Beach 3-7-15. No keeper lobster but...

    No, you were right. Your pop culture vernacular was correct, "it was off the hook," is the right expression. I was just trying a play on words. Darn it, my jokes always bomb.
  409. B

    Rockfish and Long Liner :-(

    You just grew two feet taller. You the man.
  410. B

    Long Beach 3-7-15. No keeper lobster but...

    but when we left it plain with just the jig head and plastic body the action was off the hook!! Correction! You mean on the hook. Good job.
  411. B

    The San Diego 2/21/15

    Talk about the first set up you used at the beginning of the video.
  412. B


    Bought some shrimp flies from Walmart. Pros or cons to them vs regular dropper loop?
  413. B


    Damiki back drop jigs look SICK.
  414. B


    Please take pics and report back Sargeant! And that's an order! Lol just messing! Really though high speed reels, braid, and a noodle like rods seem very sporty. Let us know how it compares to cali's seekers and calstar dominance.
  415. B


    Dropper loop with squid, although I have been hearing about this micro jigging on Youtube that looks fun. This is also refered to as slow pitch jigging. It consists of two main types of lures, the fluttering falling (flat fall) lure and a octopus looking one (basically the lucanus lures). Also...
  416. B

    Fishing Trip from heck, not quite from hell, but close

    That was me as a boat owner. Funny thing is that I sold the boat and I don't seem to have those problems anymore. But, I can't wait till I buy my next one. Problems only fishermen understand. Glad you made it back and had some dinner to boot. Good job!
  417. B

    Sheephead Released ---Dads PB

    Awesome. They are good eats by the way, but glad you chose to let it reproduce.
  418. B

    Great start to the New Year...

    Great display of character. Good job.
  419. B

    tip of the month

    Never thought of that. Good stuff.
  420. B


    M & J Seafood A bit out of your way, but they are a big warehouse and cary boxes of eat you need. Now hook me up with some bugs please lol! Seafood Wholesaler 6859 Walthall Way, Paramount, CA 90723 (562) 529-2786
  421. B

    Stoked on Fishing. Fishing Catalina

    Good job hoss. Pound those fish into submission!
  422. B

    12-29-30-14 catalina

    Did you punch that thing into submission? Look like a prize fighter from the 1800s LOL! Good job, heck of a lot better than me.
  423. B

    epic year

    That sea bass is insane! Talk about shoulders.
  424. B

    Boxed Out 12.29.14

    Haha, funny stuff!
  425. B

    Boxed Out 12.29.14

    Good job, but what is that picture of? is that some type of handle or something?:confused:
  426. B


    Nice Christmas tree santa! Santa Claus came to town alright.
  427. B

    Sat 12/20 Huntington Oil Rigs

    Nice, and on twelve pound test to boot. Awesome.
  428. B

    Dec 11 Box Canyon something something

    Whoa mama! that thing is massive. More please.
  429. B

    large weird looking rock cod

    Them rock cods are known to rock your world!
  430. B

    Dec 11 Box Canyon something something

    Could you wrangle up some of those pics? I've been trying to see some of those brusier bonitos.
  431. B

    Dec 11 Box Canyon something something

    One of the biggest Bonita this year. Good job.
  432. B

    Catalina 12/6

    How about you give us the BD tour.
  433. B

    Catalina 12/6

    Paint ball or airsoft guns, we need to arm ourselves! Awesome job on that yeller.
  434. B

    Bonito...a kid's best friend

    Super recipes! Now if you could post a video just to keep the imagination going, and you'll get my vote for post of the month. :cheers:
  435. B

    Bonito...a kid's best friend

    Please give us your poke recipe. I made my first poke from yellowfin this year and I was hooked. I wouldn't mind trying Bonito poke, already drooling! Good job by the way.
  436. B

    Post thanksgiving Hamachi

    Ta bueno! I like the way the angler doesn't celebrate till the catch is secured in the fish hold. Nice going.
  437. B

    2014 Epic Summer

    That dorado jumping in the intro was my favorite scene. I remember that sea bass post, that was amazing.
  438. B

    Post thanksgiving Hamachi

    Jealous! Good job
  439. B

    made the best of it.

    Potbelly fish! Nice.
  440. B

    Lobster Mania 11/29/14

    Follow the red brick road Dorothy. Killer day! I have yet to catch one.
  441. B

    11/28 hooping in lb

    We're you across the sea launch closer to land? Last time we went some guys on a skiff told us we weren't allowed in that area. So we dropped on the outside against the main channel wall. Didn't catch NUFFIN!
  442. B

    Thanksgiving Tuna - 11/26

    This smells like report of the month to me!
  443. B

    Rpt.-Wed.-11-26-14 SCI Lings, Reds and Coppers!

    Not enough yellow on it, I think?
  444. B

    Bones and Bugs

    Nice vermilion extra reds. Looks like a blast. Please share on how you had the Bonita, or were they lobster bait?
  445. B


    Nice job. I think some anecdotal stories about Mr. Pottsy are in order now, he looks very fishy.
  446. B

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    Paddle boarder/ lion tamer, total disregard for gear, landing a pig yellow and almost gaffing your own leg = fisherman's idea of a great day. good job son!
  447. B

    Offshore Marlin Fishing 11/8

    Dude this report really sucks! CAUSE it makes me green with envy. a hoo and a lin under your belt, could this make you the new "most interesting man in the world?" Great whites don't attack his rubber boat for fear of a root canal. Sea lions don't steal his fish because they are too busy...
  448. B

    SMB Grand Slam...Sort of

    Need to oil the hinges on that barndoor, cause its making a lot of noise! Nice catch! I'm guessing 35lbs.
  449. B

    The 4 B's and some Y's

    What a great report and not a single cuss word. Good job brotha!
  450. B

    Gail Force/Triton Hoop Report

    LOLI new Triron in high school and he loved to hoop. He always had a hoop report, talking about "I got a triple double" and "A foul and one -get off me SON!" Yup Triron was funny that way.LOL
  451. B

    Sporty Local YT in the LBC

    Speak on the tackle please. Also, nice yeller.
  452. B

    TidyBowl Boat Strikes Again

    Captain Bellbottoms! Could be in Anchorman 3.
  453. B

    Hog yeller on the Sun..

    Jiminy Crickets! That is.
  454. B

    Redondo/King Harbor Yellowtail,Bonita, and Lobster

    Report from another site says it's good right now especially for Bonita even small yellowtail.
  455. B

    Hog yeller on the Sun..

    It caught fire from a flying ember from the Yosemite fire. Poor fish never had chance. If your careful you might still see a fish stick or fish sandwich floating around. Of course some warm water fish came around due to a spike in water temperature, resulting in wahoo and blue marlin catches...
  456. B

    Dep's Slideswimmer 175

    With a price tag like that I could take my wife out to dinner, have stake and lobster and still have money left over for a lobster report card and fishing license for next year. Let's here your best "with a price tag like that..." line and see if we win something. :)
  457. B

    I Win!! . . .my catch is smallest ever!

    Lucky lure set up. Caught 5 at a time on it years back out of dana.
  458. B


    Lobster, that is. Don't you quote me gonzo
  459. B

    Love em and ling em....

    You will have LINGering memories of your trip. Said the fortune cookie that Ling Ling gave you.
  460. B


    WATCHA TALKING ABOUT STANKY! some like'm small. Different strokes for different folks.
  461. B

    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    The pectoral fin looks short? Bluefin trying to look like a yellowfin.
  462. B

    Spring/Summer 2014 Recap

    Looks good and good PR.
  463. B

    A smile says it all..

    Stick to the basics, it always works.
  464. B

    Hog Yellows 8 miles from Long Beach

    Sweet! Heard they were biting on the dropper loop. Did you see them on your meter, top or bottom?
  465. B

    Hoopin' Baits

    Frozen with hot sauce marinade, or some scent? That should impregnate the smell reel good. 2 cents.
  466. B


    Tacos or fish and chips? Or both? I go for the latter. Good job!
  467. B

    one in the box at box

    More chins than a Chinese phone book. Sorry just had to do it.
  468. B

    one in the box at box

    Little Hernandez. Lol. Nice catch by the way. Dropper loop, flyline?
  469. B

    Over night on the Pacific Queen

    Roll of the dice. Better luck next time.
  470. B

    Great YT fishing. La Jolla to the Border

    You trying to build a log house with those? Good job. I have never gotten a big grade yt like that. Means I need more fishing.
  471. B


    Water cooling a bit check on fish dope for San Diego spots. Anyways, "Can you dig it!" That's my fail attempt at being hip. Cool report.
  472. B

    9/21/14 north of 302

    Ah snap! Is what the line said. Ah snap! Is what this jealous reader has to say. Good job on the feesh.
  473. B


    Dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodoooo! to the beat of the pink panther. so close to home yet so far away. Gonna give them a go maybe on Sunday
  474. B


    Do do do do Do!
  475. B

    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    John Collins looks sweet. LOVE THE size! Gonna try next time out.
  476. B

    Yellows catalina

    Those are some crazy bongs you got there. Smoking that yellow stuff i see.
  477. B

    What Catalina Offshore is all about - Brought to you by Tommy Gomes

    That lobster got his shots in and drew first blood!
  478. B

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    Wohoo! Nice job on 12lb. In that environment did it swim down to the rocks or out to sea?
  479. B

    Throws some D's on that %$#@!

    Details please! Awesomeness right there.
  480. B

    La jolla rock fish 09/15

    Good looking fish there! That copper cod looks like a great taco.
  481. B

    From Slow to Steady

    made poke for the first time was delicious. Congrats on your bounty.
  482. B

    Catalina Yellowtail GoPro Vid. (The right kind!)

    Dropper loop? Good job. Just found out how to cut the collar out. Can't wait to get a sizable fish.
  483. B

    Offshore not bad!

    Osama binfishin! The real fish jihad.
  484. B

    Are the La OC boats trolling?

    Got many species on different colored feathers. Using old rock cod reels with dacron line, and the bite was fair to great once we were in the zone. Key is to find them and find them hungry!
  485. B

    Offshore Sunday around the 277

    I completely forgot about that. For some reason being the first time to actually catch something on feathers made us stick to the plan. but you are right, I have caught tuna on slow trolled sardines.
  486. B

    La Jolla Slow Troll!

    Yellowtail collars=good eats.
  487. B

    Offshore Sunday around the 277

    o our first fish at about 8:30am on the troll. In fact all the fish came on the troll. We threw bait at them but no followers. Kept moving and got hit on feathers. Overall fun trip. Total fish count: 2 yft 3 skipjack 2 small yellowtails
  488. B

    La Jolla 9-6-14

    how did you have your bonito? Good job by the way.
  489. B

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    BD's version of Pole Dancing
  490. B

    Offshore Native Sun 3/4 day went long...

    Wow those fish look like they have been chromed on the bottom, almost like a mirror. What a beautiful fish. Good job
  491. B

    Who gives a hoo?

    Bonito sashimi, yum!
  492. B

    Who gives a hoo?

    Any fish on that 60 mile troll? At least a bone at 10 miles out and i would yahoo, even if it wasn't a wahoo. Sorry had to do it. :D
  493. B

    Anyone know what this fish is?

    Predator! the ocean version.
  494. B

    Who gives a hoo?

    Just in case you haven't seen this yet. Wahoo tacos!
  495. B

    8/20 cat yellows

    Bounced on 8lb. Line?! Nice.
  496. B

    Boat on the rocks, Catalina 8-5-14

    Glad he's ok
  497. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    When shark fishing, I take the battle to their front yard.
  498. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    Retired Russian sub for sale.
  499. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    Our new model is 100% fireproof.
  500. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    How you like my low rider? It gets all the chicks wet!
  501. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    The new cartel sub. Out poaching Mexican bluefin tuna -catch me if you can!
  502. B

    Fisherman Blamed For Manhattan Beach Great White Attack

    Getting in the water is a risk period. The swimmer was at risk of drowning, getting struck by a boat, or even attacked by a shark. Those are the inherent risks of swimming in the ocean or surf. I'm glad that the swimmer is ok, and worried at how nonchalant the fisherman was when the shark was...
  503. B

    Saltwater Bass Boats

    Aluminum vs fiberglass.
  504. B


    Great therapy video. Nice job.
  505. B

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

    So sick -needs to be quarantined! Good job
  506. B

    big ling

    Good job by the way.
  507. B

    big ling

    Is that an olive rock cod to your right?
  508. B

    BLACKJACK (3-7-14)

    Wow! Some good eats.
  509. B

    need help before season ends!

    Saw your report, nice job. Any pointers.
  510. B

    need help before season ends!

    Not yet rain. Rain cancelled last weeks plans. Planning for this weekend.
  511. B

    need help before season ends!

    Just limit your intake. Once or twice a month doesn't seem dangerous. Right?
  512. B

    need help before season ends!

    The website has a map. It has cna areas that are in blue, but it also has a blue line that follows the walls almost outlining them. Are those areas off limits?
  513. B

    Halibut are biting..

    Nice skills. Bounce balling?
  514. B

    Dave and I went fishing yesterday, dave caught a fish.....

    Thick momma. She looks like she was having a bubble bath. That is pretty deep. Good job.
  515. B

    LB Hoopin 2-20-2014 & 2-21-2014

    Monster inc. Good job!
  516. B

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    Could have been scary worse. Glad it wasn't. Thanks for reminding us that the devil is in the smallest details! You could always leave the gaff in and maybe start a new trend for fellow BDers. Ear hoops will be a thing of the past.:D seriously though, glad you're ok.
  517. B

    need help before season ends!

    Thanks guys. So it is ok to go into the shipping harbor, where the shipping tankers are, but not to set up where they dock? I'll try to give it a go. Trayscool, thanks buddy!
  518. B

    need help before season ends!

    Well, my buddy and I have tried hooping LB harbor three times but no luck. Biggest problem last time was not knowing where it was legal to drop the hoops. Didn't want to tempt the patrol near by. Is there a keep out zone? Any help is appreciated. We were by queen's gate the last time. Thanks.
  519. B

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    How about a crossover/hybrid tournament. Teams compete freshwater water one day saltwater the next. New BD format that will revolutionize Bass Fishing!
  520. B

    UW video from Dec. and Jan

    Midshipman I think
  521. B

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Just a few thoughts 1. Tutorial videos from expert fishermen from local tournaments (meaning guys who post here but have high success rate). 2. Monthly meet and great/fish, with subsequent video of event. 3. Complete underwater video and information on ecosystems from popular fishing sights (a...
  522. B

    Nothing New...

    Address or link?
  523. B

    Yak run, and a little herping..

    I don't kill fish, I harvest fish! Guess that's the new buzz word that keeps them happy. Did she take her shoes off and walk barefooted? Wouldn't surprise.
  524. B

    Yak run, and a little herping..

    Almost got bit once by those rattlers. Ever since then I don't rust any type of animal. And my pant leg trusts no bladder! Good way to get out there. P.S. environmentalist made me feel bad about catching and releasing because of that silly dog add. So now I keep a few fish so they don't say I...
  525. B

    Almost Gave Up

    Sweet, gonna try catalina this weekend. Never tried it there, so should be fun. Nice work on the chow.
  526. B

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    Lord, let our fellow fishing brethren make a speedy recovery and comfort their families during these difficult times. Place your healing hands on them, and through your grace lord let them come home to their families. In the name of Jesus, amen.
  527. B


    Makes sense, since the cattle boats chum with a lot of live bait. I have always skimped on the bait, guess I'm gonna have to save my pennies.
  528. B

    Izors Halibut 1-18-14

    How far are you drifting of the rocks? Nice bag. Taco city!
  529. B

    Which Rod for Revo Inshore?

    Any experiences with the volatile rods?
  530. B

    Calico Fishin Video

    Ain't that the truth. But at least it's a bit of exercise.
  531. B

    Anyone concerned about Fukushima out there?

    Any scientist here that would like to donate some time and do some research and come to a BD concensus on the issue?
  532. B

    Largemouth on Trout on Vans

    These things are sweet! Talk about love for the sport.
  533. B

    BIG Jellowtails AND NEW PB'S AT THE ISLANDS!!!

    Nice job ponchorelli, can't wait for the next episode of C.H.I.P.S (California Hopping Islands in the Pacific Show). That's the best I can do. Stay tuned.
  534. B

    Great White Shark Photographs 1970's/80's

    That article states that a tiger shark can grow to be 25 ft. long! Be careful to believe everything you read.
  535. B

    So-Cal Shark fisherman to the rescue

    Thank God someone was out there. This is why we need more fishermen in the water, Free Coast Guard Work! And they try to so hard to keep us from fishing.
  536. B

    Dorado fishing

    usually past he 14 mile bank and just south of the Catalina, if your out of L.A. or North O.C. They follow the warm currents, so you might have to see a sea temp chart reading from N.O.A.A. before you head out there.
  537. B

    Crabs for Carl

    How long did it take for the crabs to show up? How long are you supposed to give it before pulling the nets? Cool vids by the way.
  538. B

    Win Tickets to the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show - Jan 23-26, 2014

    1. We can't fish the ocean everyday, but some just can't part with it. Bloody Decks -not for ordinary angler :urno1: 2. Breaking news, Megalodan has just been caught by one intrepid fisherman!
  539. B

    COLD shoulder at Newport

    Well at least the lizards were game. I gotta admit they are voracious eaters. 6 inchers eating the 2/O hooks has to gain them some respect.
  540. B


    Great zarape you got there. Did it keep the cold off? Good job on the fish.
  541. B

    COLD shoulder at Newport

    Well we tried newport for the first time and we struck out big time. We hit the pipe and local hard bottom but no luck. Although, if you like Lizard fish then this is the spot. I have neva eva eva eva caught so many of them in my life. Weather was nice and there was a lot of sea life. That...
  542. B

    need some major help!

    You the man Werfless!
  543. B

    need some major help!

    Thanks brotha, I really want to stock my freezer. Already planning for fish and chips.
  544. B

    need some major help!

    Thanks boss. Problem is that the boat is already docked in Newport and we only have a few hours to fish. But I will definitely make that suggestion. Do you know of anything closer? Thanks for your input.
  545. B

    need some major help!

    Sorry to have to do this fellas but I need some help. Gonna go out on Friday for the first time rockcodding out of newport Bay. Season is about to end, and I have zero knowledge of this area. If I could get some general directions or tips i would truly appreciate it. I haven't posted in a...
  546. B

    It's official, the Long Beach fishing ban has been eliminated.

    Hooray, He the MAN! How about those MLPA zones?
  547. B

    PV Plastic Lings - 12/22

    Nice set up. What reel is that? Kudos on the impromptu fishing.
  548. B

    New Build: Custom Greenough 21 by Anderson Boats

    Man you know your stuff! I see how those extension help out. Crazy question but do you think that you could add a mini Tuna tower complete with steering on these guys? Southern Cali guy here, so you see a lot of boats with towers. In the future I could see myself investing in a small boat for...
  549. B

    New Build: Custom Greenough 21 by Anderson Boats

    Those boats look sick! How are those things with weight distribution? Once read a thread here that had a power skiff with a pilot house and it took a swell sideways and tipped over. How do these guys feel?
  550. B

    Fall 2013 Lip Rippin

    Great job! I've always wanted to try tubing or yaking, seems so stealthy. Best option for us land based anglers. Might not be SCI but just as fun.
  551. B

    Thanksgiving lobster run!

    Silly question but how can you differentiate between male and female. Nice score by the way.
  552. B

    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    Mr. Vince needs to start his own chartering service. Every one of his post is a cookie cutter masterpiece of success. Oh and good job by the way.
  553. B

    new video, "nothing but bass, nothing but blue skies

    Well done sir. I even appreciate the type of net you are using, less damage to fish.
  554. B

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    I say lets get another barge going. I remember the Annie B was the thing back in it's. Huge mackerel and bonita could be caught sold back at the pier, great business for a pair of 12 year olds.
  555. B

    lots of work = no fish

    Nice job on that sandra she's an oinkster.
  556. B

    Happy birthday, Marines

    We salute you.
  557. B

    Fishdope Update for 11-5-2013

    Any awards courtesy of fishdope?
  558. B


    What application is this good for? What kind of fishing do you do? I know your a big bass guy.
  559. B


    The deal sounds great. Just a couple of beers will put hurtin on your wallet. Fishing, hooping, info, and all you can eat? Party over here!
  560. B

    So that happened Saturday morning HB Pier

    Hope they don't go to waste, but overall looks like a great day on the pier. And yes I am jealous.
  561. B

    RadioSilenceFishing: T H E R A P Y S E S S I O N S

    Would love to see but video had been blocked. Any ideas?
  562. B

    Just got my Phenix M1 Inshore Series

    Wha's the specs on it? H or MH? Congrats by the way. Seams like those lexas are making a splash.
  563. B


    Shark food?
  564. B

    Mako and Yellowtail at the nine, go get ya some. 7/14

    When's dinner? Good job on keeping a juvenile and not a breeder.
  565. B

    Super moon = Super Seabass

    My arms feel sore just looking at that thing! Nice job.
  566. B

    SD Bay Mixed Bag

    Bet your heart was racing. Good job on the keepa!
  567. B

    Baja Bassin

    Tijuana or rosarito? Nice catching by the way.
  568. B

    SBB Luau at the LAB Loking,..

    Sweet deal! I never catch anything there.
  569. B

    Cedros Bassing & more 6/14-6/17

    Ye, yeah!
  570. B


    Some guys switch out to two bigger hooks instead of three. I know some fresh water guys do this to have the lure sink slowly. Also, heard of surf guys using this set up for halibut. Could be wrong application but thought it could be helpful. Good luck.
  571. B


    Nice stuff. Keep it up. Can't wait to see your saltwater videos.
  572. B

    Southern Oman & The Quest for The Monster 60kg GT!

    Them fish is scary! Awesome catch guys, even better pictures.
  573. B

    Spring run striper on the delta

    camera view is awesome.
  574. B

    SLAYING Calico Bass Video

  575. B

    catalina new pb calico

    Giant boccacio, just kidding. Must of felt nice pulling on a little freight train. Congrats!
  576. B

    The Ike gone off roading

    He was hoping the tide would come back quick, till he remembered he was on a lake. Yikes!
  577. B

    Calico Bass Fishing Video and Pics

    Nice vid Kid!
  578. B

    R A D I O S I L E N C E F I S H I N G: JACK

    "Woke up under the water," that's just nasty. Glad you made it and still fishing.
  579. B

    2 to 3 pound BSP Video

    Fried perch sounds good about now. 25lb. Mono that goes against everything I've learn about perching. But I guess it makes sense.
  580. B

    Punching for saltwater bass

  581. B

    Team Basstic - Cloud Bass and Calicos - Winter Scouting Session.

    Volatile rods= Captin Jimmy DKR!
  582. B

    Waxing Gibbous

    Which lake?
  583. B

    Team Basstic - Cloud Bass and Calicos - Winter Scouting Session.

    X2, good to see you guys in action.
  584. B

    A little Winter fix

    Winter fix?! That right there sums up an entire year fix for me. Awesome. Mexico or San clemens?
  585. B

    Offshore The Producer WFO!!!! Video from Sept finally

    Nice, that looks like a bass rod from turners. Nice set up looks like you muscled them in.
  586. B

    Offshore Massive Boners, Reds and Lings Pac Voyager, Colnett, 2/16

    Bad to the bone! Biggest bonito I've ever hooked into was about 4 pounds and swore it was a little yellow tail. Friends all laughed when they saw the fish that railed me for a second. Hey it caught me by surprise is all.
  587. B

    Show me your BASS...

    lagoon slug! Nice fish, what did it fall for?
  588. B

    Check my First Youtube Video!

    Careful, there's a show called Bully Beat-down.
  589. B

    Catalina 02-16-13

    Hey, at least you made 5 fish. That right there is competitive fishing standards from what I hear. Congrats!
  590. B

    Offshore Massive Boners, Reds and Lings Pac Voyager, Colnett, 2/16

    Them bones rattle me bones! They are some tough fighting fish. Pound 4 pound, who wins yellowfin or Bones?
  591. B

    Check my First Youtube Video!

    These kids will blow up the bass scene exponentially. Let's not put them down, rather let's help them love the sport, as they will fight the good fight to keep our fishery strong.
  592. B

    Bay Boats

    hydrasport, edgewater, triton?
  593. B

    SWBA Round 1 Ballast Point Brewing

    You gotta start posting up some tutorial videos Mannnnn! Smokey style
  594. B

    it's fun to slay mission bay

    pretty slick vid.
  595. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    Gonna try to set up my skiff for bay tournaments this summer. Guess I gotta start putting in some time on the water. Truly grass roots and passion for the sport is what these anglers are. I see it, know it, and hopefully gonna be a part of it!
  596. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    Very inspirational! Makes me wanna go right now. I guess the operative word here is passion. Don't get me wrong greenhornfisher, I in no way want to belittle the tournament. On the contrary I would love to see these guys be recognized for all work they put in, and if they could get a little...
  597. B

    Long Beach Night

    Oh snap! That last fish is freaky. Can there be a hybrid fish between sandras and calis?
  598. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    Nope! wish I could though. My tiny whaler barely makes it to the wall, and that's when it's running.:nopity:That's why I would definitely enter a drawing like that. Expert guides and guaranteed mayhem :hali_olutta:.
  599. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    The SWBA should raffle a San Clemente trip with the winners of the tournament. I'm sure tons of new fans would come out of the wood works.
  600. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    Penn25 is an American hero. We salute you!
  601. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    I've seen the youtube vids, which are kick butt, but would love to see those giant tournament platforms. But maybe soon.
  602. B

    New revo inshore not going in gear?

    Take it back and get it replaced.
  603. B

    Televised calico tournaments?

    Just wondering if any swba or sbs tournaments have been televised on Fox or espn? If not , I think the tournaments are big enough to attract viewers from across the nation. Maybe if the Prizes were greater more people would watch like the FLW tournaments. What are your thoughts on this? How...
  604. B

    January Bassin' Recap *Lots of Pictures*

    Darn youngsters! Good job on persistence.
  605. B

    WAR Crew Killin it

    Is that a saltwater series or still freshwater? That reel looks sweet!
  606. B

    Island transplants?

    Hear hear, we are amongst royalty. Answer of answers. Now where can I find those giant wall calicos. I don't have the luxury of reaching SC, but G's data gives me hope.
  607. B

    WAR Crew Killin it

    One of the finest videos I've seen on calico fishing. Great video quality and quality fish. That Lingcod looked like a wuz on that bass gear. What was that other silver Mr. Reynolds was using?
  608. B

    Island transplants?

    Any info if calicos migrate back to their birth place? Prob not. Good point on if they stayed in the Bay we would see way more 5lb calicos in reports. Unless the bucket brigade and the sea lions are catching them all.
  609. B

    1/25 Rainy Ninja Session in LB

    Nice ninja star you used there! Have you used that color in the day time?
  610. B

    Island transplants?

    Yeah, but who wouldn't want to reproduce in Flordia (South Beach):boobies:
  611. B

    Island transplants?

    True That!
  612. B

    SBS-Great Day

    Gonna hold you up on that one day:hali_olutta:
  613. B

    Island transplants?

    Captain G once made reference to this. You might want to look through some of his post. If i recall he stated that the bass won't reproduce or something like that, or some weird thing like that.
  614. B

    SBS-Great Day

    Love the way you plug in your sponsors, even in your videos. Makes a man want to drive all the way down there just to taste that mystical Ballast Point elixir.
  615. B

    Fishing PV 1/20-1/21 *Video*

    That last toad is proof that catch and release is working. Good job fellas.
  616. B

    2013 SWBA California Offshore Challenge - Team Basstic - Redemption!

    You guys look miserable in that last picture. Congrats on the top 5!
  617. B

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    1. First, we line them up, then we knock them down. Bowling in Antarctica, funny; having the best reel on the market -priceless. The new Boss from Accurate. 3. "Hey, this new Boss from Accurate reels in everything," said the happy seal. 4. Penguins: " Hey seal, we got you the new Boss from...
  618. B

    1983 17.5 crestliner

    Sweet deal. Let sell my 15' boston whaler first and maybe we can talk.
  619. B


    I got hooked faster than the grumps.
  620. B


    Great title on your thread!
  621. B

    Finding Lures in Spotty Lips??!?!?!

    They same them in their personal "Take that!" collection.
  622. B

    LB harbor closures

    $100 is hard for me right now but $20 I can do. Let's start a rally, 60 people at $20. sounds reasonable. But I want a sticker or something at the end of this that reads "I believe in the right to an attorney when I go fishing!"
  623. B


    Gasp, loud gulp, and a change of pants! Insanely Great video. Can I go next time? Please!
  624. B

    Best SW trolling motor on a budget?

    There was one on sale on this forum not too long ago, scroll down the list.
  625. B

    Baja Bass

    you got down crazy ese. Nice fishee. last month for good fishing
  626. B

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    Hot girl: I'll trade you my fresh fish for your hot can. You: sounds good but, uhm, I'll pass. Hot Can, people will do anything to get their hands on it.
  627. B

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    Hot can, another way to warm up your hands.
  628. B

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    Hot Can, provides the same hot feeling even when she's not around.
  629. B

    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    never seen calicos boiling before, that's a first for me. That cedros is beginning to look very tempting.
  630. B


    Sick! Hot area, tons of calicos, and all for yourselves... senores welcome to Mexico.
  631. B

    SMB 8/18-19 Mola Y bass

    Were those molas waiting for some free handouts?
  632. B

    Giant Trevally Heaven

    That's a huge spotty
  633. B

    FS Minn Kota Ritide sf80

    sweet deal
  634. B

    Offshore 8/17 Bluefin Tuna

    How close can you get to those things?
  635. B

    Offshore 8/17 Monster Dodo

    how did the curado handle it? was your boy at all nervous about the fish spitting the hook, or did it power through it? Good job on that Fighting Irish.
  636. B

    in the harbor

    Nice report, plus with numbers like that you'll definitely make a lot of friends here. My best is 1 spotty on a good day. Oh, by the way welcome aboard.
  637. B

    (Video) Back to my roots, Bay Bass, not green ones...

    It's videos like these that pull me back when I feel that all is lost. Fishing can be so challenging for some, yet easy for others, I want to be the others so bad! Good job on the dots.
  638. B

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    You Love Boobies, I Love Boobies, We All Love Boobies! Let's Do our part and help screen for breast cancer... Be a friend and lend a hand! Bubba Blade proud supporter of women's health
  639. B

    11th hour reprieve...

    That last fish is trying to flip you off with its tail, bloodydecks style. Great catch
  640. B

    parasite in halibut

    dammit, why did you have to add the picture of the WORM! Now i'm off to a new hobby
  641. B

    A Few Biggens

    Dammit, that 9 pounder had my name all over it. Nice bag, bet you'll do good in a tourney
  642. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Chevy trucks, so dependable you'll try to substitute everything with them.
  643. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Fishing, a healthy sport for all the members of the family.
  644. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    That's nothing, you should see how far we take the seadoos in.
  645. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Don't worry it's a Chevy, Chuy can fix it.
  646. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

  647. B

    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Killer trip, good job. Sooo jealous!
  648. B

    I think I caught somebody's pet

    Question, how do rig up for blue gill? Carolina rig with an inflated worm? Thanks and Nice catch on that Oscar. Where do they come from?
  649. B

    Calico Bass Seminar - Sav on Tackle - June 21st

    That's my tackle barrio!
  650. B

    SBS Long Beach Night Event June 23rd

    This message is Evan approved! Peeks my interest. Yo Evan been waiting for some new videos.
  651. B

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    Thats the biggest sand bass I've ever seen. Almost as big as the sea bass. Killer outing, congrats!
  652. B

    Shimano TranX

    johndtuttle said "In before some old crusty fuck says "I learned on a squidder and it's all you need! Harumpf!" FUUUUUny!
  653. B

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Sorry for the loss, but at least you didn't lose more gear like I did on a yak. Think of it as fair trade, you can expect tons of fish for that exchange.:hali_olutta:
  654. B

    It's all about timing it

    This just made my Day! I guess when you get older you can get away with a lot more, just play the forgetful card. Rich!
  655. B

    Bonefish, Belikin and warm Belizean Breezes...

    Just one word -awesome!
  656. B

    Cat 5.20.12

    Do you take that 15' whaler to cat? I got one but I won't take it out past the first oil rig. Nice to know it's possible.
  657. B

    finally some action!

    awesome power scissors.
  658. B

    No more fishing out of Berth 55,..

    many great memories from that place. But plans could always change with this volatile economy.
  659. B

    TranX 500Hg Reviews

    look at the video on youtube, it looks pretty good. It seemed to handle the tuna pretty well and it casts far too.
  660. B

    Loreto to La Paz -La Paz fishing Report

    Nice cabrillas, never had them but I'm sure they taste like sea bass, in other words -great.
  661. B

    Dana Makos

    Mako is the business on the grill. good catch
  662. B

    45 minute Halibut trip!

    Nice job, I like the way your little girl is like "My daddy caught that!
  663. B

    Cat 5.20.12

    Hey what size is that whaler? They both look sweet!
  664. B

    Some fish caught on my baits

    Ah SNAP! killer pics. I'm gonna follow your boat some day;)
  665. B

    Solid bite in SD bay. 05-13-2012

    Nice shot, is that the okuma reel?
  666. B

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Preserve, Preserve, Preserve! But when in doubt, keep the smaller ones. A fish taco once in a while is cool, it sometimes makes the fishing all that much better. For me though, after killing tuna and not being able to eat all of it, just to watch it go to waste, I started catch and release and...
  667. B

    San Diego Bay for bass and a butt

    Is dat der da bubba blade? Nice by-catch, I usually snag plastic bags.
  668. B


    Wow:0 Iron action, haven't tried it yet, but now its an itch I have to scratch. Good job and awesome fish. California waters are alive and kickin.
  669. B

    Steady Calico fishing

    Hey that first bass kind of looks like Milton Berle! Just sayingLOL
  670. B

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    Sav-on tackle is a cool place. The guys are patient and try to answer all your questions. every time I go there I feel like a seminar is going to breakout.
  671. B

    SWBA Video

    awe-inspiring fellows, good job.
  672. B

    Lobster baits

    Lil Ceez, nuff said!
  673. B

    Lobster baits

    That last one looked like it was cooked. Didn't that fish know the season was over!?