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    Carnage at Catalina?

    Sorry, none report Anybody now if the Carnage is at Cat today? Going on Sunday and would like to get squid. Thanks
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Going tomorrow to Catalina out of Long Beach. What do guys recommend, front or back / east or west? Open to suggestions. Thanks fellas. Haven't been at all this year and I'm excited, but I know the wind has been rough the last few days. So your expertise is highly appreciated.
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    Bonita Survival Rate

    Hey Fellas, Why can mackerel survive all day in a bait tank, but all the bonita that I catch die quickly in the same tank? Is it exhaustion or water flow? Thanks
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    What's up fellas!? I have always wondered which boat is the fastest in San Diego and L.A. I know that speed isn't always the ticket, but figure that the more ground you cover the more fishing time you get in the right zones. What do you guys think? Please chime in.
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    What's Biting this Weekend?

    Going fishing Sunday with some buddies on a private boat. Should we fish the east side of Catalina channel (14 to 277) for paddies or west side by Lion's head? Info is greatly appreciated. Also, what's the wind report for that day, and what factor does it have on either of those spots? Thanks my...
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    Trolling Idea

    Yo Fellas, A lot of reports with bluefin having lock-jaw. Reports say that they are on the micro bait. Has anybody ever tried trolling a tiny colt sniper or mega bait style lure in the chovie pattern, maybe way back? It would be interesting to hear your results if you've done this. Thanks
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    6/29/18 at Cat

    Hello Fellas, Went out to Catalina on a friends invite. Left a little late around 6:30ish from HH. Picked umpsho skid from the carnage and started out at the Vs. No luck just one or two small calico. Made our way up north to just outside two harbors, and caught 1 calico and one small...
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    Suggestions for Catalina on Friday?

    What's up fellas, Got invited on a friends boat for a day at Catalina. What can we expect: conditions; fish, east vs west? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    There's an app for that?

    Hey fellas, Anybody use a fishing app that makes life easy for fish I.D. and mapping out mlpa zones or anything that improves your game. Looking for a free one for now. Thanks
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    Sup fellas, just came back from my trip and what a blast it was. My best friend and his son (my Godson) decided to scratch our fishing itch and dip south for some hot fishing. Point Loma was the pick and the New Lo-An had a trip that fit our schedule. Open charter only had 18 anglers, which...
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    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    Was up guys Looking to get a Bluefin set up for 80lbs. I'm not looking to break the bank on this purchase as I'm not gonna really target Bluefin much. Going on a 1.5 day trip on the 31st of July (New Lo-an) and need something in case we run into the big boys. Only "real" trip that I will do for...
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    Offshore Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    Monday the 24th: Hit the 209, 181, 289, and 277 for no fish. Beautiful condtions and lots of life. Plenty of patties between 209 and the 181. Unfortunately they were all empty. Water was almost 75 degrees at one point and a little green. We had good marks at the 209 under the birds. We tried...
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    Komodo 400 size with what rod for Iron?

    What's up fellas, gonna be getting a Komodo in the 400 size, maybe the 471. I'm thinking that it's gonna be my new light surface iron set up. What do you guys think, paddle handles or power handle? I'm also thinking of pairing it up with some of Okuma's. Either the SCTi-c-861XH (20-40lbs.) or...
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    Need Bait: Carnage Boat at Catalina?

    Waz up fellas, gonna be going out tonight or Monday morning to Cat and need to know if there are any bait boats out there. Could you give me some intel on how to reach them today via phone to see if they have any squid. Also do you think we can make squid tonight? Thanks
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    WTB Grundens Bibs

    What's up fellas? Anybody have a pair of bibs that aren't ripped? I'm 5' 7", yes don't laugh, and don't know if I need a medium or large. I'm in Downey so if anybody lives within 20 to 30 mins and wants to sell their bibs, let me know. Peace!!!
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    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    Went out with a buddy and slow trolled for a few hours. Plenty of fat mackerel and average sized bonito to go around. Had two strong knock downs. The first one didn't stick for too long, don't know what it could have been. Then my buddy gets a great strike that fights like a yellowtail. About...
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    WTB: Tuff Boots

    Was up gentlemen, need a pair of boots for a trip and just to have handy. I would like the Boot condition to be in from good to great conditons and with no bad odor lol. Question is that I'm a 9 1/2 in nike shoes so don't know if the boots run big or just right? Would I need a 10 or 9...
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    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    Was up fellas, going on an overnighter on the Thunderbird to SCI. Any insight as to what to expect or what gear I should take on the trip. Haven't gone overnight in a while so I'm a bit rusty. Will I need more emphasis on live bait setups, flatfalls or surface irons. open to ideas anything that...
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    Need help on Phenix Abyss rod choice!!!!

    Hey guys, gonna pull the trigger on a Phenix rod as a true Jig rod for surface iron :jig:. Would like to fish 30 or 40 pound line on it. I'm getting a good price on the Phenix line so please just your insight on Phenix Abyss rods. I've narrowed it down to these two selections. PSX-908 9'0" 15...
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    Overnighter recommendations

    What's up fellas? I'm trying to plan a last minute overnight out of dana or newport for Sunday night, any recommendations? All ideas welcomed. I'd like to get into some yellowtail or tuna. Preferably a boat that will take few passengers. Thanks.
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    Flying Fish at Belmont Shores?!

    What's up guys, don't know if this is the best place for this report, I thought this might pique your interest. Went fishing in Belmont Shores on the Veterans Pier and about 1/3 of the way in a little flying fished jumped out of the water and glided about 20 feet. Now, I've fished around this...
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    Inshore or offshore this Sunday?

    What's up fellas? Need some advice. Going out on a buddies boat this Sunday the 22nd, out of Long Beach, and with the rapid cool off we don't know whether or not to go catalina for tuna if they show up or stay inshore. Any info of what to expect or what to fish for in either area would be...
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    WTB: Affordable Trolling set up

    Was up fellow BDrs. Trying to start on the trolling game this season, but also trying to start on the cheaper side as to see if that's what i really want to invest in. Looking for a complete setup (rod and reel) or anything your are willing to sale. I have a shimano TLD20 single speed loaded...
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    Phenix Rods, which setups for this our Great Season?

    Tired of being an antique! Gonna invest some money to finally get some quality rods. Been hearing a lot on the Phenix line, so that's my choice for now. I've never fished one, but have held them and they are light. Thinking about getting 3 to 4 setups (jig stick, heavy gear, and live bait). The...
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    Offshore Sunday around the 277

    o our first fish at about 8:30am on the troll. In fact all the fish came on the troll. We threw bait at them but no followers. Kept moving and got hit on feathers. Overall fun trip. Total fish count: 2 yft 3 skipjack 2 small yellowtails
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    Who gives a hoo?

    Just in case you haven't seen this yet. Wahoo tacos!
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    need help before season ends!

    Well, my buddy and I have tried hooping LB harbor three times but no luck. Biggest problem last time was not knowing where it was legal to drop the hoops. Didn't want to tempt the patrol near by. Is there a keep out zone? Any help is appreciated. We were by queen's gate the last time. Thanks.
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    COLD shoulder at Newport

    Well we tried newport for the first time and we struck out big time. We hit the pipe and local hard bottom but no luck. Although, if you like Lizard fish then this is the spot. I have neva eva eva eva caught so many of them in my life. Weather was nice and there was a lot of sea life. That...
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    need some major help!

    Sorry to have to do this fellas but I need some help. Gonna go out on Friday for the first time rockcodding out of newport Bay. Season is about to end, and I have zero knowledge of this area. If I could get some general directions or tips i would truly appreciate it. I haven't posted in a...
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    Televised calico tournaments?

    Just wondering if any swba or sbs tournaments have been televised on Fox or espn? If not , I think the tournaments are big enough to attract viewers from across the nation. Maybe if the Prizes were greater more people would watch like the FLW tournaments. What are your thoughts on this? How...
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    Mobile mechanic?

    Waz up guys, looking for a mobile mechanic that can give me an estimate on tuning up a 45 hp johnson. The engine is a 1990 and is mounted on a boston whaler. Also looking add a bow mount trolling motor. If you guys know somebody please shoot me a pm or call me on 562-833-0366. Thanks
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    Mc Swimbaits?

    After two uneventful outings to the wall, besides the continuous lure snagging, I decided to find some new baits. MC Swimbaits with 5" slugs, power pro 65lb and 50lb flouro. Hopefully these will keep me in the rocks/kelp longer with more confidence.
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    Looking for a bow mount trolling motor, with mounting bracket, must be 40lb thrust or more . Minn Kota or other brand. Would like to use this on a 15ft. Boston whaler mounted on the bow. Mainly for bay fishing and wall. Looking for a very good deal on this;) Just got the boat and need to get...
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    Need some help!

    Help! ACTION: Trying to get back into fishing, but I'm completely confused with the ratings on the action of the rods (L, M, MH, H) and how they are applicable to spottie fishing and breakwall fishing. Is the shorter the rod the less Action necessary, and the longer the rod the heavier it should...