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  1. radman

    Spot lock trolling motors,any advice?

    I am wanting to instal a spot lock trolling motor on the front of my 18ft Stringari.I have seen reviews for MinnKota and Garmin,does anyone have any real hands on with either of them,and if so,which ones?A buddy of mine in Texas has trolling motor for fishing redfish,and he has a 36volt Lithium...
  2. radman

    Offshore Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    I rarely have time to go look for tuna anymore,but today worked out,so we decided to go,1 of my boys went,and a longtime fishing buddy.We launched before light,and when we got to the bait barge,it was obvious they had both sides for bait,but no one could figure it out,and it was a 45 minute...
  3. radman

    Fishing with kids in sd bay

    When I bought my Stringari from Dan the fishman years ago,I had a 2 small boys who were more interested in throwing his rocks in his driveway than the boat.Since then,I also had a little girl.She never showed much interest in fishing until recently.We were going to heat to islands today,but due...
  4. radman

    Is fishing any good?

    Sorry for this not being a report,just got my boat ready and the kids are wanting to go out,but reports are scarce and red tide looks horrible.I need to weigh the missing work at my shop in a time like this vs. waiting a few more weeks for water to clear up.Anything along the coast or SD bay?Thanks!
  5. radman

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Out of my 2 boys,8 and 10 yrs old,the 8 yr old started off slow,but he is now my main fishing buddy.The 10 yr old wanted to stay home,becuase "Rockfish are too deep,and I like halibut fishing better"So me and my 8 yr old took off ,along with one of my techs from my auto shop,who has only fished...
  6. radman

    SD Bay lobster 10-12....wet,crazy sob

    We picked a great nite for our first lobster trip this year,had a nice carne asada diner,then came the RAIN AND BIG SIZE HAIL...It was pretty sketchy for a while,we could not see 50 ft in front of us,my 8 yr old got a little more scared than I would have liked.IIt cleared up enough to get back...
  7. radman

    Mlk Rockfish from Mexico

    We decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and take the boys fishing in Mexican Waters. My nine-year-old woke up with a bad fever so the seven-year-old did what any good brother would do and said let's go without him. We didn't even launch the boat until almost 10 a.m. and we're back to the...
  8. radman

    Descanso Rockfish/yellowtail trip

    All our family has had the flu since the kids got out for Christmas break,and yesterday was the first day we felt good enough to go fishing,but the bait pump was out on the boat,and the boat just was not ready,so made reservations,against my better judment,to go on the premier.We got down to the...
  9. radman

    My Boys are growing up too fast!-Lobster pics

    It just seems like yesterday that they were just along for the ride,and now being 7 and 9 years old,they do most of the work!We have not been out much,just do to life(Baseball,new house,work,etc.)but we decided to go out Monday(kids out for Columbus day) and again Friday nite.Monday we fished...
  10. radman

    Awesome weather,kids are catching fish,10 22 on the water

    Awesome weather,excellent bass fishing.Probably 40 fish so far
  11. radman

    10-15-Lobstering so easy a 3,6,and 8 year old can do it!Also,found net.

    Our day started out by hitting squidco,where my 6 year old told joey he wanted 36lb test on his Okuma 2 speed,that he snagged in the bay a month or so ago.That was a good laugh!So,I let my 8 year old drive the boat all night,watching the simrad structure scan to set nets on the edge of...
  12. radman

    Lack of lobster reports

    It sure seems like there are not many reports in the first few days.Usually everyone is showing off the bugs!We fished Saturday in the bay,and went outside the point last nite,which I usually only do about twice a season.Weather was not super good,with a big swell.It is good to see that the...
  13. radman

    Found lobster hoop San Diego bay

    We found 1 hoop Saturday afternoon---obviously lost from opening nite.It is not a conical style,so describe it and the item used to float it,with no name or number,and get it back.Also,I got checked by Fish and wildlife,and they said a few killed it,others was slow.Typical.
  14. radman

    Even little girl got lobster!

    Great nite in the bay,limits for 4 by 11pm...My kids are animals,5 yr old cut all the bait,7 yr old filled the tubes and zip tied them to net,and all 3 of them pulled the nets all nite.Got checked by DFG at the ramp,all was cool.Said that it was hit or miss for people.
  15. radman

    WTB Yamaha 115 4 stroke or Suzuki df140 long shaft

    Just checking to see if anyone has anything for sale.Must be in real nice condition.
  16. radman

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    When we got back from fishing today,my kids were taking the bait out of the bait tank,and putting it in the ice chest,and one of the seals breached the side of our boat and took a mackerel right out of his hand.Could have taken his hand off!He was not leaning over the side or anything,the seal...
  17. radman


    We left SI at 4:30 am,and decided to drive across the lower 9,and keep heading s/w.We saw the zoo as we got out there,and put the trollers in about 15 from the point,and got a YF pretty quick off the purple rapala.About 2 hrs later,we found a kelp with a lot of life,but only a few small yt on...
  18. radman

    18Ft Aluminum w/ Suzuki DF70 4 stroke---5500.00

    This has been my very reliable boat for about 3 years now.A friend of mine put the DF70 on it when it was 1999.The boat is a 1986 Bluefin.The boat is riveted,so it does seep water over the coarse of a few hours,but the bilge pump empties it in 10 seconds or so.It has a Si-tek color fish...
  19. radman

    Mission Bay report--the kid does it again!--6-30

    My 4 yr old outfished everyone(again).Mission bay-34 inch Hali.Caught on his favorite rod,Calico special w/ Revo Toro and 50lb red spectra,on a reverse dropper loop.He lost a bigger one at the net earlier!Lots of Spotties too.
  20. radman

    SD bay 4/14

    I was planning on taking my 2 and 4 yr old boys out around the whistler for some rockfish,but we kinda got a late start,and I am glad we did.When we arrived at the launch,the wind was goin pretty good,and it was on the cold side,plus another little boat told us that they couldn`t make it past...
  21. radman

    PL-Whistler 3-15

    I did not take the camera today,but we fished the Whistler area with my 2 and 4 year old sons today.Lot`s of fog,lots of bait in the water,and lots of Dolphin.I was headed to a spot I fish and about a mile from it,in 66 ft of water,Loaded with baby and adult dolphin,and bait,there were all kinds...
  22. radman

    Presidents day O`side fishing

    Wish I had a good report,but it was VERY Sterile out there today.We started off down off Ponto,for 1 baby calico,then headed North and ended up all the way at the barn.Fished many spots in between.Got 2 more baby Calicos at the Barn,and headed back home...I was not going to buy bait today,but...
  23. radman

    Anyone fish the bay today?

    It was pretty sterile for us.Lots of rain and a few small fish.Be interesting to see how tommorow is.
  24. radman

    Sd bay and PLk Saturday

    I took my 2 and 4 yr old boys,along with a buddy today.We got an early start,just to get to the launch and find out that my batteries were dead...The kids usually play in the boat when they go to my shop,so they left the Running lights on!No prob,just switched out the truck battery,and away we...
  25. radman

    SD bay am session

    I took my 10 year old nephew to fish the bay this morning,with a slow Outgoing tide,we still managed some nice fish.A 20 inch sand bass,a 19 inch,and 2- 17 inch made for some fun,along with probably 20 spotties,and a couple calicos,all on plastic,all befor 9am.But the funny part was when we were...
  26. radman

    Dixon Lake turkey Trout

    Me and my my bro,my nephew and my kids got up at 5 this morning to hit up the stockers @ Dixon.I can`t believe that there were about 15 cars ahead of us,and another 20 or so behind when they opened...all the guys "Running" down to buy guess I used to do that too when I was a...
  27. radman

    Bay fishing/lobstering--11/16

    I did something today I have been wanting to do for a long time.Me and a buddy launched the boat at SI launch ramp at 2am,with plans to lobster for a few hours,then fish all day!There was exactly 1 trailer in the lot!We had the nets set around 3am,and got no lobster love,but lots of crabs.As we...
  28. radman

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    So I punched in fishing in the for sale section on Craigslist,and this ad is on there....could this actually be real? san diego craigslist > north SD county > for sale / wanted > general for sale - by owner please flag with care: [?] miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost...
  29. radman

    O-Side rockfish

  30. radman

    O-Side rockfish

    I had to meet someone in oceanside this morning,so I decided to take the boat and bottom fish too.Pretty chopped up swell,but managed to fish ok.We could have caught 100 of the endangered Salmon Groupers.We kept moving to try and get away from them,but no matter how deep(250-350ft)it was Grouper...
  31. radman

    A little farther inshore report!

    I know this should be under the "Freshwater" page,but i usually post here.I have not had a whole lot of time to do anything,due to WORK,so I took my kids to Jennings today!We put the boat on the lake around 10am(Sleep in day!)and had 10 fish by 12pm!I had 3 rod out,and my 3 year old`s rod got...
  32. radman

    Weird nite on the water-2-6

    Me and a buddy went lobstering last nite.We got in the water just before dark,nets ready and baited.We went to a spot,and started dropping nets on the edge of the chanell,when the harbor police came up on us lights flashing,like we were bigtime criminals.They told us that we were not supposed to...
  33. radman

    No Donkey this time!

    Well,since I confessed to the dumb move of mis-measuring the bugs last tuesday,and some of you even questioned me about it,I could not get it off my mind,so I headed back out last nite(Fri) to try again.This is the 3rd time ever to fish for lobsters.It turned out to be a pretty good move to...
  34. radman

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    I don`t have too many trips out for lobster under my belt,but I have all the gear,so I got a wild hair last nite,and got some leftover chovies and sardines from the Freezer,and took off to Sd one could go,so i was solo.First net went in around 7,and the seals were hammerin the bait pretty...
  35. radman

    anyone find a net in SD bay last nite(10-23?

    I lost one hoop last nite in the bay.The report sucks,as we got about 10 barely shorts,about 50 crabs,and the lost net.Pm me if you found one and I can identify it.
  36. radman

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    I went out to SD bay with a buddy last nite and we got 2 legals,and about 40 crabs.That is real combat style fishing!There must have been 500 buoys in the area we were in!We each took 1 lobster,and I kept about 10 crabs.We only got 3 or 4 shorts,so it wasn`t really too good.My question is,are...
  37. radman

    Lobster ride-I have the boat!

    I have the boat,you need to have the know how.Either hooping or diving.I don`t dive,but you can!Must be experienced,as I have very limited lobster time.(Boat runs good though!)Anywhere in San Diego or oceanside is good for me.The boat is a 17 ft Aluminum w/70hp 4 stroke.Send me a Pm if you need...
  38. radman

    3/4 Charter on the Pride-Boarded by Mex. navy

    One of my buddies chartered the Pride for a 3/4 day trip today.First off,it is a first class operation on there,as Greg,Dave,and Nate were the absolute best attitude deck hands and skipper I have ever fished with.The water was green,and cold,and even the Rockfish didn`t want to eat very...
  39. radman

    Not really!!8-20-11-La Jolla

    After many weeks of not being able to fish,me and my 3 yr old son got away saturday AM to go fishing.We launched out of mission bay,and by the time we got to the southern part of La Jolla,my son was as white,or green,as a ghost.I asked him if he was OK,and he of course said yes,then he threw...
  40. radman

    SD Bay,Whistler,and PL Kelp 6-18

    Well,we had an awesome day Saturday!I took my 2 yr old son with me and my buddy to fish local.My son is definitally just like me,neither one of us could fall asleep on Friday nite!I think we crashed at 12 or so,and had the alarm set for 3:45.He wokde right up with me and was ready to go!We...
  41. radman

    Salton Sea and the kids fishing report

    With a beautifull day of weather on Saturday,I decided to have a boys trip to the Salted lake.We left at 4:30 am and started fishing around 7.It was a little bit slow at first,then it went wide,wide open around 8:30 or so.It is soooo cool to see my 2 year old son cast out his rod,actually hook...
  42. radman

    SD Bay Fri-4-15

    What a tough day on the bay today.Since Low tide was early AM,and high was 7:40 am or so,I figured a 7 am launch would be good to catch the outgoing.The day was beautifull,but the fishing was the worst I have seen in the bay all year.The tide really started moving around 10 am,but nothing really...
  43. radman

    Fishing in Mexican waters this summer

    Is anyone worried about the Mexican Navy and the way they are seeming to have a bigger presense this year?I know a bunch will sarcasticly say"They just doing they`re job.And Make sure you have your permits,etc"But seriously,and encounter in a foreign country is un-comfortable at the least,and it...
  44. radman

    Check out these teeth!

    We went out of Shelter island today to make sure the boat is running good.We left at about 7:30,and headed south,but it was pretty low vis.We found out way around and fished the IB kelp for a while for nothing at all except wind,chilly,and pretty decent swell,so we headed in the bay.Only got a...
  45. radman

    Anyone know what happened at SI today?

    Pretty much all the news says so far. 2 Dead After Boat Crash In Shelter Island 2 Confirmed Dead, 7 Taken To Area Hospitals
  46. radman

    Offshore Does anyone fish the 60 mi bank for Rockcod?

    I know boats used to go there,but is it off limits,or is it in Mexican waters?
  47. radman

    Best value on Fish Finder

    Ok,last question for a have you guys found to be a good color finder for under 600.00?Finder/gps would be best.Thanks.
  48. radman

    Best way to clean rust from stainless?

    Anyone got any good cleaners?I just bought another boat that has been sitting,and it has a stainless top with some rust stain on it,and I want to clean it up.Thanks.
  49. radman

    What color spectra do you use?

    This might be in the wrong area,but I am going to spool up some spectra,and there seems to be Green,white,yellow,and red,maybe more.what difference does it make,or does it?I used white years ago,but there are choices now!!!
  50. radman

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    So,I usually buy Fishtrap tails,but I was running a little low,so went to Turners,and the didn`t have a big selection,so I bought a few packs of BigHammer.When I goy home,I started to open them,and I see on the back that they are made in China.I would much rather buy from a local manufacture,so...
  51. radman

    So,who all is fishing the Sd Baybass tournament?

    So who all is signed on?It is weird how the economy has affected this tourney.I remember a few years ago,if you didn`t send the aplication a day or so after you recieved it,you didn`t get in.Now they have to keep sending out reminders to enter,and last year a buddy of mine signed up the day of...